Time to show Suarez what he missed out on: Liverpool pre-view

Arsenal vs Liverpool Pre-Match


Come on liverpool edit

Both teams have had a great start to the season but also have been handed a kind fixture list until now. Time for Arsenal to show the competition why we belong at the top of the table. A resurgent Liverpool? I don’t think so: time to shut them down at the Emirates on Saturday.

Let’s get in to it shall we:

Missing in Action:

Diaby sick bay

Arsenal: Podolski (Hamstring) – back in training, Ox (Knee), Diaby (Knee), Sanogo (back), and Walcott (abdominal). Not too sure what’s going on with Flamini (groin). There have not been any noises coming from the medical department, is he unavailable? Are we just supposed to presume that he is? Or was he sent to a different medical centre to Diaby…one that actually heals injuries quickly?

Liverpool: Coutinho returns to the squad, left back Enrique Iglesias is in doubt for this one because of a knee injury.

Predicted Line-up:

Arsenal v Liverpool Oct 13

Szczesny, BFG, Giroud, and Ozil should return to the starting line-up. Arteta returns following a one-match suspension and should line-up next to Ramsey if Flamini is injured. I’m not too sure if Santi is ready to go again. If he is then he should play out on the left, if not I’d give Wilsher/Rosicky a go. Gnabry should start on the right and could cause problems if Enrique doesn’t get up for this fixture.

Previous Encounters:

Arsenal v Liverpool 2-2

A ripper from Walcott saw Arsenal come from 2 goals down to share the spoils against Liverpool. It was a rather dull encounter but after Henderson scored on the 60′ mark we shot to life and scored two goals in 3′. Both of their goals were a complete joke and as lucky as they come!!!


Allah Theo, Allah!!!

Liverpool v Arsenal 0-2

Two new signings bring two goals away at Anfield. Santi and Podolski started their Arsenal careers with a bang. Deserved the win after we controlled the midfield all game.


EPL Form Guide:               Arsenal:   : WWDWW         Liverpool: WDWWL

We slipped up midweek against Chelsea but our EPL form has been solid, yet unspectacular. Time to kick in to gear again and stop a premiership contender in their tracks.

Although they lost points to Newcastle they’re on a good run of form. Suarez was blistering against West Brom in their last fixture, netting a hat trick. A win will see them jump above Arsenal on the table.

Arsenal Archive

This week I’ve dipped into the Arsenal Archive and pulled out this video clip. It’s the famous 4-2 victory against Liverpool during our ‘invincibles’ season. in the week preceding this game we had been beaten in the FA Cup semifinal by Manchester United and the Champions League quarterfinal by Chelsea. A patched-up Arsenal twice went behind to Sami Hyypia and Michael Owen goals, but stormed back, inspired by Thierry Henry, as he scored a hat trick to seal the win and preserve the unblemished record. Brilliant clip!!!


One to Watch:

Recent transfer target ‘El Pistolero’ Luis Suarez. His suspension has been served and boy has he hit the ground running! In no time at all he’s netted 6 times this season after just 4 games. I know I’m being greedy when I say this…but Jesus I’d love to see him in our team! Suarez really would slot in nicely up top with Giroud wouldn’t he? ‘El Pistolero’ means ‘the gunner’…he was a perfect fit. Oh well what could have been huh, let’s just hope he’s firing blanks this weekend.

This week’s one to watch has to be Ozil. Truly great players stand up in the big fixtures and I have no doubt Ozil will do just that. 2 goals and 3 assists make Ozil a very dangerous player for Liverpool to match up against. It’s also interesting to note that he’s currently got a 88% shooting accuracy and we’ve all seen just how long he needs to pick his target.

goal stats

Key-Match up:

Giroud vs the Liverpool CB’s

Our midweek game showed just how important Ollie is to our side. He’s stepped up a gear this season and his self-belief is coming along in leaps and bounds. 7 goals 4 assists and an average of 5.1 aerial duels won per game makes Giroud a handful wherever the ball is. Who he’ll line up against is anyone’s guess. Skrtel, Sakho, Agger or Toure, or all four as has happened on one occasion this year. Whoever it is will have to keep close watch on Giroud.

Pre-Match Finger:

kid finger

This week’s finger goes to Foy for sending off Mikel Arteta’s. Fair enough a decision was needed in real time, but why not throw out the ridiculous one match suspension? Sort it out rules committee! How can a bunch of grown men on a football site be left scratching their heads after the game when asked what Arteta’s outcome would be?! Because the rules are a joke at times. That decision changed the game. Thankfully for us we still came out on top! Video replays people…we need them!!!!


‘Ask the opposition’ returns again this week.

It is designed to get some friendly banter from our opposition fans and get their insight for the match ahead.  This week the answers were kindly provided by Paul Tomkins from tomkinstimes.com (@paul_tomkins). Let’s see what he’s written for us this week:

1. What do you think is the secret behind your success this season?

Credit has to go to Rodgers and the transfer committee, for the work they did, and to John Henry and co. for keeping Suarez, when I thought he’d played his last game for us. Who knows, another one pound fifty and we might have buckled?!

We’ve not had the toughest first nine games, with just United a big test so far, and they look uninspired this season. But Sturridge, and now Suarez as well, have been absolutely sensational. With Mignolet making the saves that Reina had stopped making, we have racked up points due to the keeper and the strikers. What’s in between hasn’t been as good as last season, with some of the possession game sacrificed, but the tactics are getting the best out of the front two, and they are clinical at the moment.

The next 10 games are very difficult on paper. So after game 19 – the halfway point – we should have a better idea. I don’t see us as challengers for the title but we are capable of the top four if the front two stay fit. Lose both of those to injury and there’s not a lot in the reserve. Our first XI is the strongest it’s been since 2009, and the average age is good, so we should have a brighter future. The fact that we’ve done well without Suarez in over half the games, and with Coutinho out, suggests we are getting better.

2. Suarez…is all forgiven?

I think so, although he was just doing to us what he did to Ajax to move to us in the first place. Some footballers are like that, and you accept it. He is not the loyal kind, but he is someone who works his nuts off in every match. I think he loves LFC, just like he loved Ajax, but he is also fiercely ambitious. My view is that we just enjoy him while we have him and then reinvest the fee wisely when he inevitably leaves. Hopefully he’ll move overseas, when that times comes, and for a lot more money than was on offer in the summer. And hopefully he won’t bite anyone in the meantime.

3. Are you happy with how your transfer window went?

I think so. Mignolet is doing extremely well, and Sahko looks a beast. Aspas had a great preseason and then looked hopeless when the season started, but it’s too early to write him off – although he’s the one disappointment so far. Cissokho looks like a sensible loan, and Luis Alberto has that Barcelona pedigree. Tiago Ilori has a very bright future, and Victor Moses is another astute loan, although after a bright start he’s looked a bit lost in his last couple of starts. Still, he’s clearly a good player.

And of course, there’s Kolo Toure. He’s really surprised me. I really rated him at Arsenal but assumed he was a fat-arsed has-been – but he’s not, and he’s impossible not to love. A great character, and still a very good footballer.

4. What position/ player is your weakest link?

We’ve had problems at left-back, and hopefully Cissokho will prove a solution. Enrique is a mix of brilliance and awfulness, and while he’s quite endearing, he can be too frustrating, so that’s the main area.

And some fans are moaning about Lucas again, but I remain a fan. He missed a lot of football, and it can take a long while to get back to the old levels. He reads the game so well, but once he’s beaten he’s beaten as he doesn’t have the recovery pace.

5. What position is Arsenal’s weak link?

It’s hard to say for sure, as I don’t see you play as often as I see Liverpool. I’m not overly impressed with Szczęsny, although he may be playing better now, and is still quite young for a keeper.

I don’t think you have the strongest centre-backs around, although I used to be a big Vermaelen fan – not sure what happened with him? But again, I may be wrong, as I only see the occasional game or highlights on TV, and Mertesacker and Koscielny may be much better than I realise. I do actually quite like Koscielny but he’s one of those who seems to make a few high-profile mistakes.

6. Which Arsenal player would you love to have in your team and why?

Probably Ozil, although we aren’t short of attacking quality. He’s not what we need, but then I thought he wasn’t what you needed either. Turns out that he’s so good he improved Arsenal all the same, even though you seem to have a few similar types. You’re a bit like us – better going forward than defending.

7. Ozil or Suarez?

I’d say Suarez, but then I would, wouldn’t I? As an individual he’s phenomenal, and now that the team seems better suited to his style he is looking obscenely good. But of course, he’ll probably want out in the summer. They’re both great players, and that’s not me being diplomatic.

8. What is your match prediction?

No idea! I’d expect a lot of good attacking play from both sides. The higher-scoring games have tended to happen at Anfield in more recent years – 6-3, 4-2, 4-4, but it could be one of those evenings!


I’ll admit it; I’m a touch worried about this fixture. Sturridge and Suarez have been on fire and have the speed to really trouble the BFG. Both teams love to attack so this one could turn into a good old fashioned shootout. We have to press them all over the pitch so they don’t have too much time on the ball! If we can do that and not get hit on the counter I think we’ll win this one 2-1.

What is your prediction?

Suarez or Ozil who would you prefer?

What position is our weakest link at the moment?

What tactic would you employ to beat Liverpool?

Written by: Oz Gunner

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279 Responses to Time to show Suarez what he missed out on: Liverpool pre-view

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Brilliant pre-match Oz. I have a good feeling about this one and it is just the sort of game we need, but we need to concentrate at the the back and especially Arteta and Ramsey have a big job to do tomorrow.

    I reckon we play with Jack on the left, Ozil in the middle and Santi on the right and OG up-front. Let’s win the midfield battle and pass them to bits as soon as we regained the ball. I predict a goal by Gibbs tomorrow and a narrow but deserved win. CoYG!! 🙂

    Back in a bit.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    The second Henry goal in the 4-2 win is just so great. Ball just sticks to his body… brilliant!

  3. Arsenal_VCC says:

    A shame that Gnabry cannot play tomorrow 😦 Would have been nice to have some width up front. Given that, I suppose it will be a toss-up between Jack & Rosicky as to who starts. Looking forward to the win 🙂

  4. James Bond says:

    it’s been a while @ OZ – as usual, it’s a brilliant pre-match, gracias amigo ! (tough luck vs the indian’s at cricket though, you got no chance playing like that vs us in The Ashes 😉

    back to business then ehhh,

    Sadly, no Gnabry and Flamini will be back in training next week, outside chance vs Man utd (Wenger will take this chance and play him as he’s not in the French team).

    Suarez or Ozil ? – how about both at the emirates in a couple of months time ehhh 🙂

    weakest position at the moment? – Wingers due to injuries.

    Tactics for tomorrow ? – give Santi the free role, with Ozil drifting in to the right with Wilshere on the RW , as Ramsey and Arteta play through the center ….

    against their 3-5-2 our 4-5-1 will work wonders, our Full backs will have a lot of fun tomorrow provided our wingers track back and help (this is where Flamini is being missed as i don’t really rate both Santi and JW to have defence as their priority ) .

    predictions ehhh ?

    3-0 to the mighty gooners

    1 red card for liverpool.

    3 valuable points.

    thank you very much – start the engine time

  5. James Bond says:


    how you doing ? i love those agony aunt advices of yours and subtle one liners at the end of the umf league posts – keep them coming and thank you for creating and running the UMF league, it’s bloody genius !

    to your post and point re- Rosicky and JW – i reckon JW will start as Rosicky will be starting against Dortmund .

    rightfully so as well, since JW can deliver the goods tomorrow and get back into some decent form, for me he’s still at 45%…and Santi at 65% – i expect both Jw and Santi to be closer to 90%.

  6. geoffchase says:

    Oz et al,

    Hi, great as always.. mythoughts:

    2. Ozil, no bitey.. I think we have a great team spirit and he wont help. There are other poential choices next summer that would do as well for us.

    3. There are no weak links, only weak tactics or response. If forced, the bench isnt all up to date yet… i.e. injuries

    4. Tactics. We need to win in transition and be aggressive there. For that reason, I favor TR over JW to start. Elsewise, if we are aggressive that way and “tight” we will deny service to Suarez and Sturridge, and thus win well.


    1. If we transition well, 3-1 or 2-0 or even 3-0 arent possible. They will come out and try to play us straight up. Deny service and clog the middle well and we should tear them apart. I see Napoli part 2 if we stay together..

    cheers — jgc

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘Tactics. We need to win in transition and be aggressive there. For that reason, I favor TR over JW to start.’

    You are still at it, JGC. 🙂

    Jack is our second most aggressive player in the team, no?

  8. AB says:

    A nail-biter this one for me. We have the team to win of that I’m sure. But Suarez will do something tomorrow – he may get sent off, or he may be on fire; but I can’t see him being quiet whatever. I do worry about our CBs against Suarez and Sturridge, and without Flam we can’t expect not to have chances at the back. The question for me is what level of confidence we will approach the game with – will we be right up for it and in their faces, or will we be cautious following the disappointments of recent games? But its harder to be in their faces when we don’t have much in the way of midfield physical presence. Nor at the moment do we have the pace down the wings. What we tend to do then is play pretty possession triangles, but without really threatening, whilst the stadium gets anxious….

    An early goal for the boys to settle the nerves, and ensure that the Pool come out to us and create space is what the doctor orders. But I don’t see us keeping a clean sheet tomorrow, so we will be needing more than one in my view. Settled nerves, avoiding inhibition, and no bloody stupid mistakes at the back, and we should beat the team against us tomorrow. My punt is for 2:1 to us, but there could well be more goals than that; whatever, we need to avoid the type of sucker punch we took from Dortmund.


  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Jambon, Rosicky is likely to start against Dortmund.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Good analysis AB. We need to play compact and at a high tempo, so we can surprise them with incisive passing when we win the ball back. Let’s frustrate the Muncher and get his teeth do the talking hahaha 😀

  11. Naija gunner says:

    This is a match where defence is needed even more than attack. I suggest rosicky starts in RW and wilshire in LW and Ozil behind Giroud. It might be counter productive to play two players who are not good defensively (ozil and carzola) in the middle against liverpool. Rosicky can spread passes and make some great tackles when needed. He can also track back to cover for Ramsey any time he surged front to get a goal or two.

  12. Thanks Ozzielicious

    Your Pre-Matches are a unique formula which have no rival….simply the best !. I`m curious to how you do it, but I`ll leave it that as I was once picked up a boomerang and threw it wondering how it worked …..then it hit me !.

    A must win game imo and no excuses please of being fatigued if we lose or draw, Daft Wenger, as you wont get any sympathy from me after stupidly playing at one stage most of our 1st choice against the Chavs…..yep, I wont let it go bastards ! hahaha

    You rightly say that the Bin Dippers have had a relatively easy start, so basically the same as us !.

    Prediction ?. Cant see us beating them for some reason !.

    Suarez or Ozil ?. Cant pick !. Ask me after the game !.

    Weak link ?. No proper winger and please please please someone sort out our naivety at being caught dead against the counter attack, you don’t leave Arteta as the last line of defense, Zimbie could out run him with his zimmerframe !. These school boy errors are a fcuking joke !.

    Tactic to beat them ?. Should have bought Suarez !.

  13. VCC says:

    cheers JB. …I’m good, and you?

    Oz. You are, as Tina Turner sings = “Simply the Best”

    Will be interesting to see if we can prove the doubters wrong and get three points tomorrow.

  14. Lose and that will be 3 home defeats in a row !. Has that ever happened at the Emirates ?. Not much of a fortress !. 😦

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Limp Cockie, time to take some Viagra buddy! 🙂

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Good points Naija 🙂

    Not sure whether Arsene will leave out Santi, though, and Rosicky is likely to be rested and played against Dortmund.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    When you watch this video you will realise we were lucky to get Ozil instead of El Muncho:

  18. AB says:

    Its telling isn’t it that the only debate we have about the starting 11 is whether Jack or Rosicky will start; unless someone has a warm-up injury tomorrow there isn’t really a lot of alternative everywhere else. We should feel confident that we have a settled 11, and a better one on paper than the opposition, but the lack of anything to fall back on from the bench is a concern – not to mention that we won’t have any more (Pod just possibly) to choose from in Germany.

    I am always moved to pessimism for games like these, whilst objectively I should have every reason to feel confident; I guess its the fear of us losing to an average team, and what that might reveal about our prospects for the whole season that makes this game so significant.

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed AB, I guess we should be happy with having all our defenders available and both Giroud and Ozil as well. But it would be very nice to have more choice on the wings as the likes of Theo, Pod and Ox are being missed at the moment…

  20. James Bond says:

    i’m not sure why we are comparing Ozil vs Suarez (from the previous article) and that we should have bought Suarez , instead ?

    excuse me, but we tried based on “The strong nudges and indications” by……… yep, anyhow, based on the heads up and assurances, we went in with an usual bid, thinking that Suarez is already a deal done, little did we know – spanish lawyers aren’t as clever as british lawyers or ones that are employed by LiverPOOL – hence we were mislead and conned .

    the only reason why we are spoiled for choices in MF is due to what Ozil offers us – about bloody time we started scoring from set pieces again, ehhh – the king of assists needs to get back to his best !

    PS: i’m good, VCC, gonna end up in the top 3 of the UMF league – you have been warned 🙂

  21. James Bond says:

    anyhow, Dortmund won 6-1 today, funny how most countries in Europe take provisions for CL fixtures and give their teams a chance to recover better for the CL games, as opposed to the FA & PL.

    no worries, hopefully we won’t get any injuries tomorrow and win convincingly as well.

  22. James Bond says:

    last but not least, Gerry might like this one

    i looked at the training pictures on our website and surprisingly, there was not one single photo that revealed the “cards” or players back in training and so on and so forth.

    which leads me to believe, that we are keeping up a few surprises up our sleeve for Dortmund ? hmmmmmmmmmm

  23. oz gunner says:

    Cheers for the comments gents, always appreciated!

    Spewing about the loss of flam and serge!

    @ AB

    I agree, it’s a big game so Suarez will be involved somehow. I think it’ll most likely be a dive in the penalty box like last time. He’ll probably dive over the outstretched legs of BFG.

    @ TA

    Without serge i agree that’ll be the lineup. I love that second goal too, i’d say it was one of my faves but he scored so many rippers.

    @ BJ

    I’d love for your prediction to happen and both Suarez and Ozil at Arsenal would be bloody unreal. After seeing TA’s clip it does put a dampen on it a bit.

    @ JGC

    I agree, I love Jack but I don’t think anyone presses better than Rosicky in our squad. He buzzes around non-stop and does it expertly.

    @ Cockie

    haha cheers. Bloody hell a lot of negativity coming from you. I fear you wont leave the safety of the back of your couch for days. JGC-damus has predicted victory, therefore, we’ve got this!!!

    @ Vickie

    thank you. Hope all is well. BJ is right, you’re a legend for spending all the time to create and run the UMF league!

  24. JM says:

    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ramsey, Arteta, Oezil, Cazorla, Monreal, Giroud.
    Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Rosicky, Miyaichi, Park.

    Width(as well as double protection) and overlapping from our left flank; Creativity and cutting in from our right flank.

  25. Gerry says:

    OZ – Great preview as expected from you. I find it amusing that your Liverpool guest has the same view on this match as many gunners fans? First big test after an easy run of fixtures, and the match/points means a lot to both sides.

    I cannot say I share the confidence in a great result, except possibly in one area – Henderson 😆

    The £20m player who wasn’t worth half that, but thinks he is so great he’s a £40m in his mind? He will play today, but if it is behind the strikers, then we have a chance ha ha.
    Unfortunately they have alternatives. I expect Coutino to start, but they have Allen back too.

    Their 1-3-4-1-2 line up is why we will struggle today, imo. Giroud is not going to get much joy up front. I suspect Henderson will partner Gerrard in the middle of the 4, which means we will have to play around them, not through them?

    JM – That would be my line up too. Having Gibbs or Monreal to stop their play down the right will be needed, as well as giving us width on at least one wing. Sagna will be busy with Sissoko on the right side. Mind, there should be space in behind which Ryo might exploit late on when Rosicky comes on for Santi?

    JB – Forget about Dortmund. If we keep the score respectable there we will do well?
    Hat-trick Lewandowski was clinical, Reus and Mikitariyan fantastic. Commentators words – ‘Great in transition’ – (that just for jgc 😀 )

    We need to play this game, and get our 6 points from the remaining two CL games.

    So, to your questions OZ:

    1:- Prediction? 1-3 to ‘Pool … I am doing my best here to hope my public prediction gets overturned, okay!
    Sadly, it is how I feel it will turn out. Nothing to do with our ‘mentality’, team spirit, and the Giro ethic of hard work. Much more to do with the handicap of our double pivot without Flamini. It emasculates Ramsey in attack, and neither he or Arteta gives what the Flame does in defence and/or transition to attack?
    TA – Your Gibbs goal may well be right?

    2:- Ozil or Suarez? Ozil – It isn’t a choice. You get SQ when it is on the table. One was, one wasn’t
    JB – Yes, both would have been brilliant!

    3:- Weakest position? DM – lack of.

    4, Plan of attack? Quick forward passing. Good movement off the ball. Clinical finishing. High press. Quickly regain defensive shape. Concentration – 1 to 11 for 95 mins.

    Can we do it with the likely AW line-up? No! Your title might be reversed?
    ‘Saurez to show us what WE missed’?

    Here is a link that you may have missed as to why:


  26. Gerry says:

    Here is a snippet I posted behind a non-existent ‘New Post’ alert on Thursday …

    Add to the fact we are at home, so there may be a reluctance to add an extra defender … but then we come back to the Tuesday match. We don’t know if Hayden/Yennaris are up to playing at this level – except we could possibly use the Monreal/Gibbs double header?

    I am of the view that Ramsey, Santi, and Ozil need to be higher up the with one other player doing the Flamini role of being ‘available’ when we defend, AND to get it to the those three asap?

    Arteta struggles at times to trust them not to lose it, and thus gives the impression of slowing the play down, albeit, keeping possession. Plus, without a reliable defensive partner he lies deeper anyway.

    That and the above link is why I think we will struggle today. I cannot see it being 0-0, but i think they are more likely to score more. Only a supreme show from Sir Ches will keep us in the game.

    At least we can get 3 points off United next week, so all is not lost?

  27. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Oz.. nice post bro..

    1. It will be a great show.. I hope 4-2 but I think 3-2 is enough.. hehehe..

    2. What do you mean..?? Suarez or Ozil for what..??
    I choose Cazorla.. hehehe..

    3. I don’t think our team are just fine..
    Just don’t force to play Vermalen-Kosc together.. and Ramsey-Willshere also.. than everything will be just fine.. hahaha..
    That’s what happened again Chelsea.. but I don’t feel sorry about that.. COC were never be my priority at all..

    4. No need any special tactic.. 4-2-3-1 is already gunners blood.. just play that.. and We will win..

    Go Gunners.. VCC.. We are the Champion..

  28. jnyc says:

    Awesome pre match oz. Lets show em we are the real deal.

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Match day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Still feeling very positive about this one, but getting a bit nervous now.

    Gerry, although I prefer Arteta and Flame to be in the pivot for games like these, I reckon a disciplined/conservative Ramsey can also be very effective. Just think back about the Bayern away game last year…

    I reckon Ozil will have to come for the ball a lot and then combine with Giroud, Santi and Jack to create something in a flash from relatively deep, and both Sagna and Gibbs will play a very important role in terms of adding speed/thrust.

    Our defence is fully intact and all our recent goal scorers are fit and ready. Big test for Arteta but I reckon the sending off will have done him good in terms of time to rest and refocus on this game. And with Evertonian blood still running through his veins a bit, we can count on an even more motivated captain today. 2-1 to the good guys and ToTL. 😛

  30. James Bond says:

    Jack wilshere is injured again ???

  31. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey boys…Fooled by the time change…I really didn’t want to have to watch the entire Toon-Chelsea match…

    As Oz-ways, really enjoyable match preview, and I’ve also enjoyed the wide variation in optimism/pessimism around this fixture from the regulars. This match, for me, feels huge in terms of our continuing struggle to make our home stadium a comfortable and happy (if not intimidating…) place. 3 home losses in a row and we’re right back to opening day, or worse, the misery of the Bayern home 1-3 from last Winter (on the heels of going out of the FA cup to Blackburn)… We’ve seen moments of light, but we need a result and a performance today to believe that things will be different during the dark season this time around…

    Cockie and Gerry represent the pessimistic view. Our squad is paper thin and the first 11 picks itself (Wilshere plays, Sicky rests for Dortmund, I think). On the plus side, ‘Pool’s formation should encourage us with possession. The first goal is huge and if they get it we’re really up against a wall of 7 or 8. If, however, we can get the breakthrough, it could be “what was all the fuss?” Martin Atkinson is the ref and unlikely to give pens that aren’t (a good thing) but he isn’t afraid to do the red card like we got last week–if we’re chasing a result and a falling player on the break…

    Bond, of course, represents the optimists and I’m with him today. Set pieces could make a difference and I’ve never been completely impressed by Skrtl and (or?) Agger. Sakho, Cissokho and (even) Kolo Toure can make plays but they can also get moved around and screened off. Per at the front post creates havoc, while he and Giroud and our tall keeper can do a job when we have to push balls across our own by-line.

    In open play it’s our 5 #10s vs Gerrard, Henderson, Lucas and two fullbacks ahead of three CBs. A fun one for the tactictians. The headline (“big story”) is about Suarez and our cheeky bid and supposed tapping up over the Summer, well resisted by the owners who just won the baseball. In truth, I think the bigger story for Pool has been Sturridge. He’s (mostly) taken his chances AND he’s found a pass or two this season. In truth, it’s a 180 turnaround from his work at Chelsea and as Pool petered out last Spring. In his current form he’s a shoo-in to lead the line for England in Brazil (and with his form, maybe go the hopes of the Nat’l squad)…Suarez is a good outlet, IF Sturridge can lift his eyes, much as Rooney could be…

    Finally, I don’t think we had too many options but I believe we may have learned a thing or two on Tuesday about trying to break down the stubborn lines Chelsea presented. Today’s result is MUCH more important, but that experience may have been better than resting and (merely) training while sending out the kids to try and prevent a cricket score. My hope today is for a couple of goals and a clean sheet…plus, nobody hurt…

    Fingers crossed…

  32. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wilshere out (not even gonna make the bench, it appears…) means the first 11 REALLY pick themselves (and then we’ve really got nothing if we’re chasing the result)…

    Theo, Poldolski and Flam to be rushed back for the other matches this week?

  33. geoffchase says:

    TA, Gerry, JB, Oz et al

    TA: i like JWs talent, and perhaps Oz said it better. On defense he needs to be more disciplined about *how* he defends.

    JW seems to think defense is about taking the ball. It’s not really, it’s about controlling where the opposition can take the ball (easily) and thus letting them give it to you by forcing them to take high risk approaches.

    Thus, when JW misses he takes himself out and adds pressure to others. He defends well but not in a team way. TR is more disciplined this way… IMO, it’s easily corrected in practice, as, unlike offensive skills, it’s a state of mind that he has to want to change.

    Same things can apply at times to TV in some ways.

    TA: nice vid, hence I don’t think Suarez is an arsenal player, end of story.

    A good dive tomorrow could turn the game tho, and he IS capable. Equally, I saw the Manchu game in TV and he was being well frustrated there, so a brain explosion is also possible.

    Gerry and JB: we can’t be the same, as I’m more optimistic. Pool are good so we DO have to play well, of course, but if we do, we can win.

    All wil be known soon. I’m working then, so sadly will miss out until it’s on the player…

    Cheers — jgc

  34. geoffchase says:

    TA et al,

    In support of my comments on defense above, see this for Gerry’s link:

    “Flamini brings those twin intangible virtues of grit and intensity. But it’s an intelligent marriage of the two. According to @whoscored Flamini has made only 7 fouls this season for his four yellow cards. He’s no headless chicken. He understands when to foul. He actually averages only 1.6 tackles per game, which is much less than Ramsey (4.4) and Arteta (2.6) and about the same as Ozil (1.5)…”

    Knowing when to tackle is what I’d say. And when to be reckless. The low tackle number shows how it’s less about caking ball then denying space and forcing risk into the other side.

    Cheers — jgc

  35. James Bond says:

    i did raise the point earlier on with the training ground photos and AW not revealing or letting anyone find out about a few surprises, i actually thought he was having a few “good surprises” up his sleeve, never did i think it was going to be bad news


  36. James Bond says:

    thanks for sharing that link @ Gerry – it’s worth a read , certainly and good points

    seems like you got your wish granted, it will need to be TR @ JGC

    so next time when you don’t get the usual training photos, just assume that there are injuries in the team

    but no worries, young Zelalem is back !

  37. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wilshere out today but is it a real one (long termer) or a Weng-jury? Bond, what’s the word on Yaya Sanogo?…

    As much as I don’t really want to watch the 2nd half of Toon-Chavs, I’m really loathe to try and decipher our injury “news.” You tend to be a little over-optimistic on that front, but, thin as we are, a little optimism might be a tonic…

    JGC, fine point about what defense (defence?) is actually all about…

  38. James Bond says:

    Oz, you should watch George Bailey’s run out against India , one of the most bizarre run outs, i have ever seen

  39. geoffchase says:


    I don’t wish for it, it’s just a preference at this point in time… The bench is getting thin again, bugger…

    Off for early morning run by the bay..

    Cheers — jgc

  40. James Bond says:

    Sanogo, Walcott, Flamini and Poldoski, officially pencilled in for old toilet return

    but yaya may have to play in the reserves to build up fitness levels.

  41. geoffchase says:

    Thanks 17 and for others,

    I’d note that when defending is done right like that, it is really really interesting to note the defenders and team get no credit. Instead pundits say things like

    “FC XYZ made many poor choices in the attacking half, and thus FC ABC were not stressed in their easy win…”

    Fans are harsher yet! But, IMO, it’s often very good TEAM defense…

    Shows how we often only view the game as primarily one sided (attack), rather than a more balanced two sided appreciation.

    Now I’m off — jgc 🙂

  42. James Bond says:

    Toon are doing a fine job so far, keep it tight for another 30 minutes and this could go either way, i reckon

    a draw be perfecto though !

    yeah, fair point @ JGC – maybe it’s a blessing in disguise ? maybe it’s a false alert and he is fit enough to be on the bench or even start, we don’t know yet for sure as yesterday JW was giving interviews to Sky sports and was upbeat.

    see you later then !

  43. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cheers Bond…

    Avatar changed, thinking Ozil might be up for this one today…Even if the runner (Mo Farah) is off the avatar, have a nice one, JGC… Oh, by the way, our match today is on NBC proper, but you’re working?!? While I support a measure of ambition, I think I may have to argue against your priorities…

    😉 😆

  44. 17highburyterrace says:

    Uh oh, here come the Chelsea CoC players or maybe they’re just in rotation (Mata off, Willian on)…Torres off, Eto’o on… No Ben Arfa yet for Toon…

    Still lots (too much?) of time remaining…

  45. James Bond says:


  46. 17highburyterrace says:

    Super set piece from (our target) Cabaye…Goufran heads in… 1-nil Toon

  47. 17highburyterrace says:

    Overpriced at 18 million, is it wrong that I still like Cabaye? (Maybe in Jan.?) To me he seems feistier and more mobile than Arteta…Not a bad right foot, as well…

  48. James Bond says:

    wow krul

    so cureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel , ahahhaahhahahahahahaha

  49. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hazard left foot not as good as Mata’s right (against us on Tues)… Getting late here… 🙂

  50. 17highburyterrace says:

    2-nil Remy… 😆

  51. James Bond says:



  52. James Bond says:

    5 minutes of extra time ? bit too much, no @ 17HT ? what you reckon

  53. 17highburyterrace says:

    No worries, Bond… Are these the pitfalls of having a squad that is TOO deep? November can be cruel…

    No doubt we could use a few more bodies, however…

  54. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks jgc,

    I respect your take on Jack’s defending and I will have a close look again….TBC 😛

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow super result at St James’ park and totally deserved as well. Tiote was brilliant and Anita was a good like for like replacement. Also liked Cabaye and Sisoko today and their right back ain’t bad either, especially going forward. A win today and we have a five point gap with the Chavs and the Dippers…. CoYG!! 🙂

  56. Red Arse says:


    I must have told you over and over again that you are a very talented writer and you force me to do so all over again, 🙂 🙂 That is another top class Post.

    You have used your intellectual talents to good effect too. Loved it.

    [Incdentally, how did you get on with your research/dissertation?
    I was mighty impressed with it after reading it, as you know, and it would be pleasing if you got the recognition it deserved — although I am sure you did!!] 🙂

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    Bon midi Reddairs! 🙂

    How is life treating you and are you back in the UK now?

  58. TotalArsenal says:

    Catch you later FFGs 🙂

  59. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Total… I love the avatar. It illustrates some of the fight young (politically incorrect?…Smoking…) Jack brings to the project, but I think he’s got some elements of his game to iron out, including what jgc is talking about. I think he can work from deeper (and wider) spots but maybe he’s not the best call (i.e., automatic first 11) in the tight matches. What’s the story on his “injury” today? We need bodies so I hope it’s a ruse (i.e., a “Weng-jury”)… On that note, and given your experience in business matters, how do I go about getting a copyright (trademark?) on that one?…

    Go on you cottagers….

  60. 17highburyterrace says:


    Anybody got Begovic in their FFP team? He just scored vs So’ton…Must be worth a few points, no?…

  61. Red Arse says:

    Hi Master Clog, 🙂

    Not sorted out where I am going to be yet. Still sorting out work.

    I have read the Posts everyday and enjoyed them, but that Oz is a bit special!!! 🙂

    Hope you are well and your consultancy work is good.

  62. James Bond says:

    a crazy goal frenzy of the weekend already ? a sign of things to come perhaps, ehhh

    Hi RA 🙂

    where is Ra today 😀

    only joshing – good to see you, and as ever, whenever you make an appearance i have to say ” Today’s gonna be a good good day”.

  63. James Bond says:

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, talking to BT Sport: “I didn’t like it. I think we deserved to lose. We had a couple of good chances to score the equaliser but they were in the game more than us, they fought more than us and they were much more committed than us. They were the best team on the pitch, if someone had to win, I think it was Newcastle not us.

    “The game was quite easy to play in the first half but we were not sharp, we were not intense with the ball. So we let the game go, waiting for a chance to score a goal or a chance to concede and lose it and that is exactly what I was telling the players at half-time.”

    Thoughts on Chelsea and the Premier League, 10 games in: “I don’t need to lose a match to be aware of [how competitive the league is]. It is something I know and pass on to my players every game, I know exactly how it is. The race is there for everybody. If Arsenal win today they open the gap. I didn’t like my team today.

    love him or late him, the guy is mostly candid about most things, yep, we will win today , Jose – and we will open up a lovely 5 point gap for sure 😉

  64. Fozzie B says:

    Fantastic as always Ozzie fella!! Can’t stay as working … COYRRG’S !!! Lets get that 5 point gap today!! 😀

  65. geoffchase says:


    I love picking Chelsea et al in UMF… If they win I’m ok but if they don’t, well since I’ve no ambition and UMF is so much just for fun, well, I’m still ok! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  66. geoffchase says:


    I’m at a conference working with a European colleague on the inevitable money search etc.. Not sure where to findit, but the hotel has a sports bar, so if it’s open… Maybe.. I can double prioritize! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  67. 17highburyterrace says:

    Geezus…A few matches already over…so I was watching Hull–Sunderland and saw two straight reds! Cattermole stupid and as much by reputation as by deed…(It was bad, but El-Mohamady sold it well–Isn’t Cattermole Bendtner’s car-roof dancing partner?…) The other one was A LOT worse…Dossena with a true ankle breaker…

    So that’s a third match over…

    So’ton, however, back level at windy Stoke…

    Good luck finding some money, professor, and getting an eye on the match… 😀

    Where’s RA 😆 We’re not in Kansas anymore? (As they say or at least as one would hope…)

  68. JM says:

    Starting line-up:
    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Rosicky, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Giroud

    Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Jenkinson, Hayden, Akpom, Bendtner

  69. JM says:

    Hayden and Akpom are drafted in from our reserves. We are down to almost the minimum in our 1st team.

    Which 3 players from our subs will go into battle during match? (Monreal, Vermaelen and 1 other among the rest likely).

  70. James Bond says:

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS – Arsenal v Liverpool (1730 GMT)
    A surprise in the Liverpool side as Jon Flanagan starts in place of Glen Johnson. For Arsenal, Tomas Rosicky starts.

  71. James Bond says:

    our starting 11 are one of the best in the PL, they are good enough to finish the job today @ JM

    not fussed about the subs today, to be honest.

  72. JM says:

    3-4-1-2 it is for Liverpool.

    Mignolet, Toure, Sakho, Cissokho, Skrtel, Flanagan, Gerrard, Henderson, Leiva, Suarez, Sturridge

    Subs: Jones, Agger, Kelly, Coutinho, Moses, Allen, Sterling.

    A trio of lightning quick impact subs in Liverpool’s bench.

  73. 17highburyterrace says:

    Basically we’ve only got Bendtner (and Akpom) if we need to chase a result. Of course Nacho has come pretty close to scoring in his last two appearances…

    They lose something going forward w/o Johnson…

    Go on, etc., etc.

  74. 17highburyterrace says:

    Love the optimism (as always) 007… Nobody hurt today would seem a priority, along with the 3pts, of course…

    Coutinho must not be fit…What’s happened to Aspas?

  75. James Bond says:

    man for man we are better than the scouse – 2 players, their goalie + Suarez

    other than that, it’s party time.

    coutinho, not match fit , only just returned from injury, will come on in the 2nd half i reckon

  76. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hi all,

    Nice to see that City really had a difficult time with Norwich today!


  77. JM says:

    Lights out for Norwich at the Etihad, smashed into smitherings 0-7 by City and Pantilimon took over the No.1 shirt from Hart …. very likely on a permanent basis.

    North London vs Merseyside Part 1 today.

    Merseyside vs North London Part 2 tomorrow.

  78. James Bond says:

    how you doing @ HH

    still under the Mrs. Thumbs even after 2 months :O:

    good to see you buddy!

  79. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, all is going well mate, thanks for asking :). How about yourself?

    Between the missus, my new promotion at the consulting firm and renovations at the new house, I’ve been completely tied up and my time for watching Arsenal live has been reduced to highlights for the most part…even though my favourite player in the world now plays for Arsenal! Trying to make a concerted effort to watch today though (fingers crossed nothing comes up…)

  80. James Bond says:

    i’m enjoying the lovely sunshine in U.K (what i mean is the dreaded weather), ha

    oh, you really got a lot going on at the minute mate, i hope it all gets done fairly soon quickly and you can get back to us on a part time basis, at least 😉

    congrats at the new house, job promotion and everything good that is happening – your missus is bringing you a lot of good fortune 🙂

    what’s your prediction for today then, give us a score line ?

  81. Rohan says:

    Hey guys, can’t wait for the match today!!! Love the fact that Newcastle dropped points. If we win we can move 5 points clear so lets hope for the best.

  82. Rohan says:

    *Chelsea dropped points at newcastle

  83. James Bond says:

    yep, even a draw may not be a bad result for Liverpool today but i reckon we are good enough to bag all 3.

    3-0 to the mighty gooners !!!

  84. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, to be honest I think it’ll be a high scoring game either ending in a draw or a last minute win for the good guys. Both teams have conceded goals lately and both have experienced a loss in the past few weeks, but are also coming off victories in the past PL games.

    And I appreciate the kind words mate! Life is getting in the way of football for the time being, but in the best way possible!!! I will make sure to join you wonderful gents when I get the chance and around the Christmas period should be more conducive to blogging with you guys a bit more.

  85. James Bond says:

    hopefully, it’s a high scoring one in our favour @ HH

    looking forward to getting you back on a more regular basis !

    both Poldi and JW at the game (so can’t be that bad of an injury ehh)


  86. oz gunner says:

    Game time!!! Hope this is going to be a cracker. Wouldn’t mind seeing Arsenal smash them like city did to Norwich 🙂

    Thanks for all those who took the time to read the post and comment. As always I’m chuffed with the kind words.

    @ RA

    glad to see you back and I hope all is well. Can’t thank you and TA enough for having a read of the discussion for me (couldn’t have been easy for you both 🙂 ). Ended up with first class honours and won a travel award with distinction to the Australasian Society of Human Biology so pretty happy (hope they don’t ask for a refund after they see my presentation 🙂 )

    Thank you again.

    @ HH

    glad your life is booming at the moment!

    @ Gerry

    i definitely share your feeling when it comes to Henderson. I’m still fuming he scored against us last time. He reminds me of a poor mans wilshere.

  87. oz gunner says:

    two good plays by Zorro

  88. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey boys…HH, where are your priorities?…(Same as JGC) Oz is another Antipodean Professor?…

    Game is moving quick! Sicky tough angle and Mingo does enough… Mert levelled on the first corner of the match…

    Lee Dixon doing commentary is fun…

  89. oz gunner says:

    God i wish we had more game time out of Rosicky throughout his Arsenal career. I love how he goes about it!

  90. 17highburyterrace says:

    We need to win this match to punish Pool for those away shirts…

    Agreed about Mikel looking well up for it early….

  91. James Bond says:

    wtf was that

    so much space for henderson ? ? ?

  92. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha…Letting Henderson run turned out to be the correct tactic there…

    Awfully crowded on our right side as we try to find a way through…

  93. oz gunner says:

    hahahaha Henderson. Poor poor defending there

    @ 17

    I hope one day. If it ever happened the world may implode

  94. oz gunner says:

    I’m glad to see lucus back fit again but at the same time I wish he left Liverpool. First mascherano and then him…they’ve had a good run of defensive midfielders

  95. James Bond says:

    sczny, what was that ?

  96. 17highburyterrace says:

    Could come down to a keeper error…Sir Chez fists = Mingo’s first couple of kicks…

  97. oz gunner says:

    Santi what a finish. You were right ‘hehe henry’

  98. Highbury Harmony says:


  99. 17highburyterrace says:

    Te Amo Santi

  100. James Bond says:


  101. 17highburyterrace says:

    Does he get credit for his own assist?…. 😀

  102. Highbury Harmony says:

    We look fucking incredible out there!!

  103. oz gunner says:

    rosicky beautiful slide. He’s working very hard!!! love it

  104. 17highburyterrace says:

    We’re all over them here…

    Credit to Arteta for the run and inch perfect ball for Sagna to cross….

  105. oz gunner says:

    We sure do HH, hope we grab another as a reward

  106. Highbury Harmony says:

    Our passing around the box is just so fluid and Arsenal like. Giroud, Rosicky, Ramsey, Santi and Ozil are just fantastic to watch.

  107. Highbury Harmony says:

    I love these flicks and one touches. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong about Giroud and Ramsey, I am loving watching them play and combine with others.

    There should be a yellow to Henderson for shooting the ball after the whistle.

  108. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sagna with the professional foul on la mordita…Ref bungled the advantage there…

  109. James Bond says:

    how is that a yellow for sagna yet he let Toure get off scot free when he done the same on Rosicky ?

  110. alcide says:

    Damn Suarez, always dangerous.

  111. oz gunner says:

    great save there, even if it was offside

  112. 17highburyterrace says:

    Geezus…Flag up, I guess, but I thought Sir Chez just saved our bacon…

  113. alcide says:

    A bit nonchalant on that free kick, good job Szczesny!

  114. oz gunner says:

    brilliant build up play again. It’s orgasmic!!!

  115. alcide says:

    Oooooph nice going, that could have gone in

  116. 17highburyterrace says:

    Turn by ozil there was lurrvvvly…Sturridge w/ a dribbler…

  117. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ramsey wanted it on his right…Kolo, unlike the Norwich guy, keeps his feet…

  118. oz gunner says:

    That Ramsey pass felt like deja vu from last week

  119. Highbury Harmony says:

    Nice dive Sturridge…loser

  120. oz gunner says:

    diving idiot!!! poor from Kozzer. Stupid commentators…Kozzer would beat him 9 times out of 10

  121. oz gunner says:

    bloody suarez…waves for the medic when he loses it -> liverpool win it back he shoots up like nothing happened. It’s a disgrace

  122. henrychan says:

    Yes Oz..
    Santi is back..
    He will give an assist too.. Giroud I think..

  123. 17highburyterrace says:

    Their pushing…crucial time in the match…A 2nd would be soooo sweet…

    Diving seems a strategy which is tougher to pull off away from home…

  124. 17highburyterrace says:

    They’re pushing, I meant 🙄 but we’re killing the period off with possession…gonna want that 2nd goal before too long, however….

  125. James Bond says:

    let them come out in the first 15 of the 2nd half and hit them on the counter attack

    Ozil will be at his best on counters, provided if Giroud runs behind defenders along with Rosicky

    loving Rosicky, what a fcuking legend

    Sagna needs to be a tad careful though !

    more of the same in the 2nd half but let them come out a little more so we can have more space for counter attacks !

  126. Highbury Harmony says:

    Yeah JB, I think Ozil’s effectiveness is a little more limited in the slow build up plays in the opponent’s half when he’s standing still (marked heavily). He has the speed, skill and ability to think the game at such a high level that he’s better in motion when defenses are scrambling.

  127. alcide says:

    Yep 17ht, without a second, it’s going to be a painful match to see though with Suarez and Sturridge… They will be dangerous until the end.

  128. Highbury Harmony says:

    The rumours around our continued interest in Suarez are somewhat unfounded imo. At this point, I think we only need a quality back-up ST to push OG for the starting berth. Or, we can convert Poldi to a full-time ST and use him as a super sub or LW type player.

    Does our attack suffer or become more potent with Theo back in the line-up? With more mids out wide, it encourages more creativity and beautiful goals.

  129. James Bond says:

    yep @ HH

    Ozil is missing Poldi and Theo like mad, i am certain once both our wingers are back, Ozil will be delivering the goods again !

  130. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, let’s not forget AOC either!

  131. 17highburyterrace says:

    Agreed HH about Suarez (as I keep telling Bond)…The Red Sox guy understands about selling to rivals (unlike the WalMart guy re: RvP)…

    Do you think Ozil would be more effective against bulked up/parked defenses if we had more typical wide men instead of all these #10s?

    Inneresting: Coutinho for Cissokho (who did pretty well, except on the goal, I thought)…

  132. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, I think Ozil would benefit from more speed in general on the flanks. Just think back to Ozil’s first game when he found Walcott on two occasions on the quick break, only to have him botch both chances.

    However, as I mused earlier, how would it affect the beautiful link-up play we’ve been witnessing in the past few weeks around the opponent’s box? We’ve become less predictable in our build-up play than in the past.

  133. oz gunner says:

    wow that was lucky!!!

  134. oz gunner says:

    limping…shoots off like a rocket. Someone knock him out i’ve had a gut full of him

  135. Highbury Harmony says:

    Liverpool look much more potent offensively with Coutinho in the line-up.

  136. 17highburyterrace says:

    Suarez making trouble (between injuries of course) Looked offside on the chance that came to Henderson…

  137. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, my issue is with Theo’s passing and touches around the box in the build-up play. However, it’s always beneficial to have another shoot-first player in our line-up and his speed makes him a constant threat to opposing teams, relieving some of the pressure off of our more creative players like Santi and Ozil.

  138. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oh god OG, put that in the wide open goal!!

  139. oz gunner says:

    Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kolo shows he still loves Arsenal

  140. alcide says:

    OG so close…

  141. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ramsey has to shoot that! Argghh

  142. 17highburyterrace says:

    I hear you HH, Theo is far from the complete player…Good to see Arteta and Santi at full pace today… Gibbs struggling a bit on the other side, however…(IMO)…offensively at least, good defense…

    Giroud Chip wide!!!!

  143. Highbury Harmony says:

    I don’t like these wasted opportunities

  144. oz gunner says:

    As much as I love Ramsey he needs to tone down the fancy stuff a bit sometimes. A shot looked the better option there

  145. Highbury Harmony says:

    Santi has definitely been our best player today. Everywhere on the pitch and making things happen offensively, while still running back and fulfilling his defensive duties.

  146. 17highburyterrace says:

    What was that AR? These could haunt us…

    Gotta bury those chances!

  147. 17highburyterrace says:

    Toe poke not enough to beat Mingo…Argh…

  148. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ozil hasn’t been involved enough today. Get in Ramsey!!

  149. oz gunner says:

    yep…i knew i couldn’t be mad at him for long!!!!!!!!!

  150. alcide says:

    Omg Rambo!

  151. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ozil–thinking too far ahead?…


  152. oz gunner says:

    the welsh wizard strikes again!!!

  153. alcide says:

    Defenders gave him way too much time 🙂

  154. oz gunner says:

    6 goals, 3 assists in his last 7 games…jesus christ

  155. Highbury Harmony says:

    And the statistical emergence of Jack too recently, Oz. Too bad he has ankle problems right now!

  156. Highbury Harmony says:

    Arsene looks sharp with the cardigan today

  157. James Bond says:

    take off giroud and bring on Bendtner or Akpom

  158. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, we need OG on those set pieces in our end!

  159. oz gunner says:

    not yet BJ, remember what happened against them last time.
    Bendy at 75 maybe.

    Santi to rest for Nacho??? He’s had a pearler but he’s just come back

  160. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, no zippers (yet) this season for AW… 😆

  161. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz, I would take Ozil off first. He hasn’t looked up to par today and we’ll need him vs. Dortmund midweek (we need everyone technically).

  162. 17highburyterrace says:

    I like the Nacho in idea…As long as Giroud doesn’t scare us with the timewasting (injury faking) he seems pretty stout…

  163. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hard to believe this game is still not even 70 mins old

  164. Highbury Harmony says:

    Wow, Liverpool going very, very offensive

  165. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, we’re not home yet…Moses hurt us with Wigan on the counter a few years back as I recall…

    Ramsey is back…That pass there shows he can “corner” as in his pre-injury days…

  166. oz gunner says:

    true HH, i’d be happy with either taking a spell

  167. Highbury Harmony says:

    If Ramsey comes off, that makes sense as we’re down Jack and Flamini and absolutely need him rested for the CL midweek game.

  168. Highbury Harmony says:

    Rosa off, Nacho on. Good substitution.

  169. James Bond says:

    AW – can we have 2 subs please to freshen up things

    Nacho be great, thank you

  170. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sturridge can’t get the open header on target…let off there…

    So, Rambo goal is our first from outside the box this season?…

    Sicky takes the sub for Nacho

  171. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, who else can we realistically put on? Vermaelen as a later sub, but at this point there’s no DM to sub in to help us defensively…

  172. oz gunner says:

    not to jinx anything but if totts and everton draw we are 5 points clear!

  173. oz gunner says:

    a corner come off it. jesus my heart!

  174. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wow, that was close as Suarez took it off Sturridge’s boot…

  175. oz gunner says:

    @ HH

    maybe hayden? bit risky though

  176. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz, I don’t trust any inexperienced players at this point or even ones not completely in form.

  177. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ozil a little off his balance today…

    What a move by Gibbs…Pass just behind Giroud? Uh oh, Gibbs hurt?

  178. alcide says:

    I hope Gibbs is ok…

  179. Highbury Harmony says:

    I guess we all saw this coming, Gibbs on great form and ultimately the typical injury bug hits him.

  180. oz gunner says:

    gibbs doesn’t go down you idiots, he isn’t suarez!!! the commentators are a joke, a bookable offence???

    please don’t be the curse of gibbs. He’s been fantastic this season

  181. Highbury Harmony says:

    Verm has a huge piece of chaw in his mouth right now LOL. How does one play football with that?

  182. 17highburyterrace says:

    The only sub would be Verm in as a 5th (central) CB…Instead he comes in at LB for Gibbs…

  183. oz gunner says:

    why wasn’t frimpong on the bench?

  184. Highbury Harmony says:

    Is Frimpong still on Arsenal? (jk)

  185. 17highburyterrace says:

    When AW lets you eat, you gotta eat…If only Kolo had followed that protocol he wouldn’t have needed the diet pills… 😀

  186. oz gunner says:

    @ HH

    haha, if he couldn’t make the bench with our injuries it’s obvious he won’t be for long. such a shame

  187. oz gunner says:


  188. alcide says:

    Good job again Szeczny…

  189. 17highburyterrace says:

    Frimpong not on the bench because he’s not English/White…Or maybe it’s something else?…

    Verm got turned a minute ago but quick enough to get his head on the ball…

    Still time on the clock and maybe we should take a 3rd…

    Sir Chez nicely off his line there…And again! Corner now…

  190. 17highburyterrace says:

    Jenks for Santi…

  191. henrychan says:

    We play 3 CB with Sagna..
    We will win

  192. 17highburyterrace says:

    Arteta has done really well today, but maybe the Pool formation gives him a little extra time and space?…

    Jenks not moving into space as a true winger would…

    Ozil outmuscled by Suarez…We must’ve bought the wrong guy… 😉

  193. alcide says:

    Lol Szeczny!

  194. oz gunner says:

    a minute to forget that’s for sure

  195. alcide says:

    Wasn’t that offside?

  196. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, by that logic Sagna would never start or be in the line-up at all.

  197. alcide says:

    Come on, a clean sheet would feel even better!

  198. Highbury Harmony says:

    Poor foul by Jenkinson. Moses was running with the ball, Jenks could have just caught up to him.

  199. oz gunner says:

    wow that was some good play by ozil, just missed the finish, otherwise a world class play

  200. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz, to be fair to Ozil, Mignolet played it really well and came out and closed down all angles at goal.

  201. alcide says:

    Great move, Ö hits mignolet though

  202. 17highburyterrace says:

    I was joking, eh, HH (thus the winky face…) You’re not trying to cyber bully me again, are you?

    Ozil face blocked by Mingo!

  203. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, there was no wink face in that comment!

  204. oz gunner says:

    not trying to slight ozil HH, from that angle it’d take an almighty effort and migno is quality. Just wish he pulled off some out of this world chip

  205. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, I figured it’d be remiss of my duties if I didn’t cyber bully you in my cameo appearance on BK.

    Great win, enjoy the day you fellow Gooners!!

  206. Highbury Harmony says:

    Definitely Oz, was just adding to your point 😉

  207. oz gunner says:

    liverpool pfft…bunch of pretenders 🙂

    It’s safe to come out cockie and gerry 🙂

  208. alcide says:

    2-0, good game, TOTl! What are commentators saying (I’m on a Spanish stream hehehe)

  209. 17highburyterrace says:

    I’d try and respond but between your wife and your boss(es) you’re probably well covered, HH… 😉

    Full time, Ozil can finally get to his nap… 😀


  210. oz gunner says:

    haha HH, it wouldn’t be BK without a few snipes here and there from you 🙂

    hope everything continues to go well in the life of HH

  211. henrychan says:

    If only the assist to Giroud end with a goal.. then Santi will be the motm.. but for me he is.. hehehe..

    We are the Champion my friend..
    5 point clear.. mantap..
    Go Gunners..

  212. oz gunner says:

    enjoy your night all.

    @ Alex and Prince

    soft as mud the both of you. 🙂

  213. xavier says:

    Thats 25 points from a possible 30 guys. We do it like this for the next 10, and the next 10 and the next 8 … loool you get my point. We gon win the league, but for now..OGAAT

  214. 17highburyterrace says:

    Lee Dixon didn’t like our defensive hiccups down the stretch there, but he will likely be pleased with the scoreline and the clean-sheet. Take away the dives from Sturridge and Suarez and they start quarelling like (old) married people…

    Coutinho looked bright enough to start but another very selfish player…

    Santi and Arteta moving freely, for me, was the difference. Ramsey in his current form cannot be allowed time on the ball either…

    Dortmund and United will be tougher, but we’ve got nothing to lose, really…Nice that we kept the clean sheet but hopefully the defenders clean things up just that little bit… A good send off, for sure…

  215. 17highburyterrace says:

    Alex might be dealing with a Bella baby…I’ll give him a pass… Prince–maybe broke his screen in the mid-week vs Chelsea?…

    Stay on em, Oz…. 😆

  216. James Bond says:

    Gerry – you should be ashamed of yourself for doubting The Visionary – especially when he puts it down in writing 😉 never seek guarantees again !

    and make sure to wear that lucky scarf of yours again this wednesday 😀

  217. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys 🙂

    What a fine performance from the men against boys! 😛

    We kept it tight, never allowed them time on the ball and when we had it we did a lot more with it AND created the better chances throughout the game. I reckon my little theory re Santi needing to play on Tuesday to make him sharper had some merit after all 😉

  218. TotalArsenal says:


    I will email you soon buddy! 🙂


    I remain of the opinion that a fit Wilshere will play in the first eleven every time. The gravatar emphasises why! 🙂

    Having said that, Rosicky was fabulous today.

  219. James Bond says:

    disagreed @ TA

    a fit JW is extremely unlikely to play PROVIDED we have the likes of Flamini, TW and Poldi back.

    no chance in this current 11 for JW as a starter, not on his current form.

    Arsenal have looked loads better this season WITHOUT JW in the starting 11.

    let’s try to be objective sometimes, as i am with Sczny 😉

  220. James Bond says:


    i had set ourselves a 25 point target after 10 games, i’m glad that we have achieved that , when plenty of people thought i was going insane (real life friends).

    we keep it going on.

    top of the fcuking league, right where we belong

  221. James Bond says:

    gibbs has a calf injury (muscle)

    out for 3 weeks i reckon.

  222. Gerry says:

    OZ – I wasn’t hiding. I’ve been cheering them on with the audio. It sounded Like Liverpool huffed and puffed, but little else? I will watch the match when it is available.

    Great win to start November with. I still reckon next week will not be that difficult.

    But that will depend on the line up. Today was improved by having Rosicky there.

    When Wilshere gets up to that level, you may get your wish TA?

    Catch you all tomorrow.

  223. James Bond says:

    and what was that about LiverFOOL being more fresh and only playing 1 game at a time and us having no chance ?

    they would do well to finish above Everton AGAIN this season,

    how Suarez wishes he was at Arsenal, i reckon he would have scored a hat-trick for sure, if he had as many chances as Giroud.

  224. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambon – Wenger will pick Wilshere every time because he is that talented. It is not up to you and me buddy, although I am with Wenger on this one 😉

  225. TotalArsenal says:

    the difference is, Gerry, that Rosicky can only play like this once a week normally. I love the guy as much as you do, but we cannot get too dependent on him and the utility role fits him best.

  226. TotalArsenal says:

    Let me put it differently: if he stuck with Ramsey because he could see the potential then he will definitely stick with Jack, and that is why he will play a great many games this season (providing he is fit).

  227. James Bond says:

    yes and no, TA

    if you haven’t noticed then let me break it down for you – Wenger has started listening to me a tad more than you 😀

    first we gotta fix his ankle, it’s beginning to get on my nerves now and pretty soon i might need one of his ankle screws for keeping my head in tact !

  228. TotalArsenal says:

    Evidence the first statement! 😀

  229. James Bond says:

    erm, no

    he stuck with Ramsey cause we didn’t have the likes of Ozil, flamini – JW was injured for the best parts of the season as well , so that’s 3 MF’s missing , which allowed Ramsey to get a good run in.

    i don’t see JW starting many games , when he’s fit and if we have most of our players return from injury.

    course, it’s my opinion.

  230. James Bond says:

    the proof is in the pudding @ TA.

    is Dylan, going to be doing the post- match 😀

  231. TotalArsenal says:

    You are wrong there JB. Let’s make a bet: Jack will start at least 15 of the the remaining 28 PL games: yes or no?

  232. 17highburyterrace says:

    A very nice victory and I think their formation made it easier for us to play with all our attacking MFs. Arteta was sharp from the get go and Santi finally seemed up to speed. Very cheeky, claiming the fantasy points with his own assist off the post… 🙂 That they had to change it up at half time speaks volumes…

    Total, the fight (or “mongrel”) in Wilshere is a precious commodity esp. given that our (main man) Ozil can appear so laid back. At this point in his career, however, it may be more valuable against the lesser teams who can only combat our superior technical abilities with “fight” of their own…He will be captain sooner than later, I would imagine… This “injury,” I hope is maybe just a precautionary thingamabob. Same 11 (including Gibbs, we hope…) for Dortmund and United, though, Nacho works for me too…

    While our thinness (lack of squad depth) made seeing the match out a bit of a chore, we were unplayable at times today and just that little extra bit of finishing quality would have made it a really big scoreline. (Obviously we should have bought Negredo, Soldado, Dzeko, Rooney, Suarez, Eto’o and Willian…Didn’t Gazidis say money was no object, or something? As it was Gerrard, Lucas and Henderson did very (very) little… While both of the “money” guys (Ozil and Suarez) were just that little bit off and it was the bad Sturridge (diving, one footed, selfish) who showed up today… Coutinho gave them a lift so I wouldn’t write Pool off quite yet for top 4, however…

    Not sure what we can hope for in midweek at Dortmund, but hopefully United (who do they play in the CL?) have issues of their own so that we can give them a good match next weekend. Overall, a precious three points and something definite to build upon…

    OK, ‘nuf said, gotta run…

  233. James Bond says:

    Napoli are playing well against Catania at the moment, with Higuain fully fit and in the team, they certainly do like a very good team !

  234. James Bond says:

    TA ,

    we have already been betting before and we both know how it ends 😉 you’re yet to win a single bet, ha

    put something on the line and i might think about it 😉

  235. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oooh, not good if true about Gibbs…

    Can’t we all just get along?…(in the words of the late Rodney King…)

    I’m gonna side with both JB AND Total on the Wilshere question… Jack definitely should start a lot of games if he’s fit; the upside must be explored. The tighter ones, however, on current form would suggest a bench spot. He’s our 6th number 10 in the squad at the moment (Didn’t Arteta wear that number at Everton?…) and others seem more capable (experience + fitness…) of playing from different starting positions… Give the kid a break…quitting nicotine is tougher than smack, or so I’m told… Two young kids at home is tough as well… 😆

  236. James Bond says:

    who do you leave out of the side , if JW is fully fit and if the likes of Flamini, Ramsey, Arteta, Santi, Poldoski, Theo Walcott, Ozil are all fully fit as well @ 17HT

    i didn’t include Rosicky , as i don’t want this to get subjective – even though i disagree with TA on this one as well, we should use Rosicky as much as we can especially knowing that he is never far off from being injured “again”.

  237. The Cockie Monster says:

    I cant pretend I`m not disappointed as I did say early in the season that only 28 points from 10 games would be acceptable from such an easy start !.
    If Gibbs has a calf injury, then it could be a long one, I have been struggling 2 years with one ! every run without a setback is a bonus, then again I am more than twice his age !.
    Another ankle injury for Jack !….Should he have played a full game versus the Chavs ?….tut tut….silly selection !.
    I see the Prince of Darkness ( no, not our Prince, he`s only the Prince of Darkness when he nailguns his cock to the floor ! ) said in an interview that Jack has to manage his ankle !. That is not good news !, I had said a long time ago, that his career will be cut short by this problem, having to manage the problem at such a young age, a stop start stop start routine will make it hard for him to ever be fully fit and looking at his stature and running style, I will be surprised if we ever see a prolonged period of the real Jack, just an opinion and hope I`m light years off with it !.
    Other than that…….a great result and cant wait to watch it on “Player” !.
    Some may ( Oz has ) have noticed my pessimistic views. It`s only with The Arsenal, anything else and I`m the reverse. Basically, I don’t big us up too much as I don’t want to put the mockers or jinx on us !. Just my way of dealing with it !.
    It`s alright for Stretch to big us up and every week he says we are going to win 5-0, so where the fcuk are the 5 nil`s bastard ?….we`re still waiting !. hahaha

  238. PS
    We are now down to 3 points worse off from last years corresponding fixtures !. Get a win at Old Toilet to wipe the slate clean !. This is where we need Stretch to get his shit forecasting right for once !.

  239. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, I trust the manager to pick the players and I expect lots of Wenguries as the season moves along… but in general I believe you play a 4-4-1-1 with Theo OR Ramsey as the 2nd 1 starting wide right… The MF then is Arteta OR Flamini (but not both, unless we are really playing just for a point…) Ozil and Santi against the very best teams.

    Of course that assumes Giroud is fit. If he goes down it becomes a 4-6-0 or a 442 (maybe with Lulu and Theo up top). We need a couple of bodies back toot sweet (where’s Macko today?…) Overall, I think we have a lot of flexibility IF people are actually healthy and up to speed. We’re cutting it very tight at the moment, but maybe there’s an element of rotation (Jack’s injury, what’s the time on that one?…) to lower expectations down to a healthier level… We all saw what a deep (and fully fit, raring to go…) squad like Chelsea’s are capable of… 😀

    Today’s match = same scoreline as Tuesday’s. 3 points in the league against a good team is bigger than continuing in the league cup. Just as Tuesday wasn’t as definitive as it might have seemed, today’s match shouldn’t be seen that way either. Give Pool a ref who likes the divers and a couple of other bounces and they’re fine…Still, no need to get as grouchy as Oscar, er, Cockie, there… 😉 😆

  240. James Bond says:

    we are also sitting pretty at the top of the table with a nice 5 point advantage, ensuring we go into another international lull as no.1 – we are better off than we have been in the last 5 years, so if you are going to compare it with historical data, Glics – then let us also remember the last time we were in such a position it was 2007.

    for now – Dortmund awaits.

  241. James Bond says:

    JW is not a long term injury and it might just be one of them “convenient” ones before the England friendlies – but i note how i don’t see JW in your starting 11 @ 17HT

    forget what AW selects, we are entirely talking about our own preferences right now, ha

    but i see what you did right there – politically you’re correct !


  242. Hahaha 17…I was actually thinking of Oscar the Grouch as I was writing, thinking maybe I should change the avatar, but Cockie suits me better !. hahaha

    2007……was that when Injuries fcuked us up in the long run….Eduardo ?…….Injuries will be our Achilles Heal !………and possible fatigue if the Prince of Darkness doesn`t follow my plan !. hahaha

  243. James Bond says:

    HELL YEAH !!!

  244. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, I’m only talking about the very toughest teams. He should play (start, maybe) against the teams that will rely on “spirit” to get a result against us… I’m pretty sure Wenger will see to it that, at no time, will we have all our MF options available… If you include Ox-Cham and Theo (if not Lu-Lu…) we’ve essentially got a group of 9 MFs (!!) And only the two holding mids, Arteta and Flamini, aren’t likely to make their national teams (!)… Against the better teams or when we really don’t want to lose (for me) those two might both have to play…That means 7 guys fighting for the remaining 3 spots (!)

    Cockie, I’m headed out for a run myself and have struggled with calf issues since my time in London (2006) when I first tore one (or was it only a cramp?…) pushing up a little hill alongside one of the weirs on the Regent’s Canal…It’s all in the belly (core strength, as we call it over here), though, of course, we need the professor (jgc) to weigh in with the real science/experience… I’m already in a good mood, but when we suck (I mean actually, really suck, not merely “only beat Pool by 2″…) the running is good for my mood. Sounds to me like you might need something stronger, maybe getting with Miss Piggy for a bit of Nom nom, for example, to turn that frown upside down…


  245. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘I cant pretend I`m not disappointed as I did say early in the season that only 28 points from 10 games would be acceptable from such an easy start !.’

    That because you are a greedy bastard hahaha 😛

  246. James Bond says:


  247. AB says:

    Anyone noticed how key Arteta has become again to our team? When he was out injured and Flam was getting all the headlines people were writing him off and discussing who should take his place. He is back and showing again how important he is to our team. Having both Arteta and Flam fit and available for rotation, and sometimes playing in tandem, will be critical to where we end the season. As mentioned above, how ironic that these are our non-international players!? They are the heart beat of our team.

    A really top day to be a gooner. Fills me with pride, and optimism for the season ahead. As ever, its the injury position that is my major cause of concern. A small squad will be great for us if we can manage the injuries. A big if. But wtf, I’m enjoying a large glass tonight! Up the gunners!!!!


    Just got back. What a great game

    Great stuff Oz. You truley are a master of the pre match. It really gets under my skin, just like i would like to get under yours. hahaha

    Took my Liverpool surporting client with me and lost control when Ramsey scored his peach.”Have that you plastic, and ime upping my bloody fee. You need to compensate me for Suarez ugliness”

    Utd next. Ime going to go out on a limb here and say we will get a result. Probably 5-0

  249. James Bond says:



    AB, good shout son. Arteta was brilliant today. Man of the match and if i wasnt betrothed to Aaron i would hook up with Mikel

  251. Hahaha Thanks Totes.

    I dangled the carrot and was waiting to see who was going to be the first one to bite on that first sentence !. hahaha

  252. You call that a hill, 17 !. Going over a canal bridge !. hahaha

  253. There`s an automatic stirring in my loins……it must be close to Motd !.
    Tonight however, it shall be called Botd ! (Boner of the day ). Cant sit here talking to you lot with a raging boner !. Unlike 007, who with the news that Szczesny has a new 4 year contract will levitate his lap top !. hahaha

  254. geoffchase says:

    All but esp TA and JB and CM and 17, … Which is All

    On JW: as I said before, he doesn’t defend or play for the team on defense well. TR showed that today hugely!! I got to watch while “working” …. TR was massive in cutting off service towards Suarez et al and when he got it TR cut off many of his passes.

    JW doesn’t have that yet. He should apprentice with Flamini (see earlier stats) and TR as he’s a weird combination of them both with more ball skills. I will yell this one last time.. THERE IS NO REASON JW CANT DOMINATE BUT HE IS TRYING TOO HARD AND UNDERACHIEVING AS A RESULT. IMO, he’s beginning to put himself towards the also ran category if he continues as is, and it is simply ill discipline on the defensive side where all he has to do is simply play the team game and do less.. IMO, of course.

    However, before TA bars me, he is also very right that TR cannot play more than1x per week without major risk. That said, I think it’s 90% we see him vs BD and not vs ManU..

    On Tactics: well, I too said we could Napoli Liverpool if we managed aggressively to cut service to Suarez and force balls sideways. For vast majority of game, that was true. Outcome? 2-0 and coulda been 3-0…. Football is a simple game made hard by opponents who’d try to do their thing too!

    In general: within 15 minutes I had already read how Arsenal had an easy win over Pool who may be pretenders as they didn’t press Arsenal hard. Count another one, per my thoughts above, who didn’t realise Arsenal cut them off from service and played excellent defense. Defense that isn’t flashy doesn’t count but it’s part of winning games… But, flashy defense, credit to Koz on 1-3 occasions means your team defense has already failed or been beaten somewhere…

    Just my 2p, with gratitude again to 17 for letting me know it was on regular TV! And my colleague for working in my room while the game was on…

    Cheers — jgc

  255. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie, why don’t you put you’re Gervinhoesque brain to some good use and analyse MU, MC, Chelsea’s ten games this season and last season, and make a comparison with ours… you might find that we actually have done better than them…. you can only win the games you are asked to play….

  256. geoffchase says:


    Well you gotta figure that the AV game was half the ref so we could really be 26.5 from 30. Real question might be, how many saw all of Chelsea, City and ManU on or below 20?!?!?!?

    Cheers — jgc

  257. TotalArsenal says:

    Geoff, Jack’s defending is not a problem at all imo. THE area in which he needs to find form again is in his final ball: the magic through ball/ killer pass. When he had to go against Dortmund we lost out defensively and I will say again it cost us a point at least.

    Agreed though that he can still learn a lot.

  258. TotalArsenal says:

    Also, over the last ten years, how many times did we get all points at Fulham and Sunderland, and three points at Swansea is also not easy.

  259. AB says:

    A final thought before I log off for the night; its been in my mind for a few weeks now. Our very own Aaron Ramsey has been reminding me of someone of late. For those of you with the odd grey hair, the player he is starting to grow into (I hope at least) is one Bryan Robson….. He will never be a deft touch player like Ozil, but he will run the mid-field, always be there where the action is, and be the player you want the ball laying back to on the edge of the area. High standards to aim for, and of course a real leader to boot. Our Aaron is only a young kid, but the prospects are huge – our very own Robson for the next 10 years? I’d take that like a shot.

    Night all!

  260. geoffchase says:


    I guess we disagree. His final ball etc will come, but he’s a half goal a game liability on (team) defense at times because he does his On my way! thing rather than working within the unit. It starts with he never defends from in front of a player when he can try from behind. That’s just ill discipline or trying too hard. His mindset needs to change..

    Just my opinion — jgc

  261. TotalArsenal says:

    Okay Geoff, we have to agree to disagree and park this one for a while. Calling him a half goal liability is not on imo, but it is your opinion and let’s move on. 🙂

  262. James Bond says:

    i think what the missing piece in the JW and TR comparison above is this :

    JW : doesn’t hustle and bustle , in short doesn’t hustle , bustle and be a nuisance for the opposition defenders (in the oppositions half) as much as Rosicky is, as he is hustling them and wants to win the ball back ASAP to break down their movement from starting or their team setting up

    where as JW at times is neither here nor there – caught between 2 minds ?

    did i get it right ?

    correct me, if i am wrong @ JGC ?

    on the other hand, TA want’s JW to do what Cesc Fabregas was doing for us ?

    again, correct me if i’m wrong.

    yep, i’m keeping it short and to the point 🙂

  263. James Bond says:

    *where as JW at times is neither here nor there – caught between 2 minds ? hence the over eagerness and that is what costs him at times to do more which often ends up being less and seen to be more damaging to the team as a whole !

  264. James Bond says:

    i feel that this ones a great discussion to be had in front of a wider audience and in a proper post/ article during the international breaks ?

  265. James Bond says:


    he also reminds me of Pirlo, does Ramsey – so maybe in Ramsey, we have found our own Pirlo ? 🙂

    he’s the best player in Wales as well, how long before Real Madrid come knocking our door after realizing what they signed for 100 million isn’t the best player in Wales , ha

  266. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good stuff here on Wilshere and there’s no denying the talent at hand…Give the kid a break, he just needs to mature a bit, stay fit and keep his head down. Geoff and TA (defense and offense, respectively) have valid points about playing the team game and not pushing (always) to be the main man. It’s tough when you’re supposed to be the savior (saviour?) of both English football AND Arsenal. Now, with Ozil’s arrival, the pressure should be lifted, at least at the club. Ramsey, most certainly, has laid a marker down, however and raised expectation…

    Patience, etc., etc. and let’s not forget extenuating circumstances…The difference between he and Rosicky might be that pack a day and coming home to a toddler and a newborn rather than this… http://tinyurl.com/Rosicky-s-WAG

    On the plus side, three points were taken today AND it sounds like Bond is ramping up to his first post… 😀

  267. oz gunner says:

    hahaha cockie, you’re definitely only a pessimist when it comes to Arsenal, and that’s fair enough. When you’ve been a ladies man your whole life who can you not be an optimist about everything else!

    Terry your ‘5-0’ predictions still have me in fits of laughter, i love it!

    @ 17

    has alex’s mrs had bella has she?

    @ Alex

    if so, congratulations are in order, hope everything went well and you’re all safe and sound at home.

  268. oz gunner says:

    still buzzing about the win! I love the execution of Santi’s goal. You just knew with his level of technique that it was going in! Too often you see plays kick that in to row Z because they were off balanced and rushed the kick. Not Santi!


  269. geoffchase says:

    TA and JB

    Let me be more explicit. JW is an awesome defensive tackler and aggressive … But … His defensive positioning is not nearly there. Maybe that’s experience, or time in one position, or …?

    But, IMO, defensive positioning is more of defense than tackling. Tackling is what you do when either you’ve no choice left or, better, the attacker has no better choice but to attack you in a preferred position.

    Today, Koz largely owned Suarez one on one. Because of good positioning, barring one unfortunance, and because of good positioning by all others out there leaving Suarez little choice but a bad opportunity one on one.

    Team defensive positioning and aggressive fronting can dominate games. TR has the experience to do this very well, but, as noted, not the legs or younger age.

    That is arsenals main problem in those positions really! Theo is not much different in some ways and is a defensive liability when it is so. AOC somewhat the same. The common factor is youth/experience.

    I get up about it because you cannot train talent and instinct like those three have, but, you CAN TRAIN defensive positioning and structure. I’m a huge AW fan but we seem to fall a bit shorter here..

    Where JW plays right now is key in that defensive type of scheme. It’s aggressiveness should suit him personally too. Equally, AR seems to have made the leap. Thus, frustrating, as it should be the easiest part of his game in some ways.

    Clearer TA?

    Cheers — jgc

  270. alexgunners says:

    Good Evening Fine Fellow BK’ers.


    Still waiting on Bella. She has gone into extra time and we are hoping to avoid penalties (induced). All good thanks mate. Have been so busy and missing all that’s going on here on our fabulous site.
    Too busy with work and finalising jobs but enjoying the experience and also enjoying the Mighty Arsenal.

    Great JOB by the boys and i look forward to a great win at Old Toilet next weekend.

    Hope all of you are well

  271. Morning Jack`s Jizz Junkies ! 😆

    Alex baby, hope the Doctor`s not Howard Webb as it could be a long Fergie Time !.

    I was listening to talkSPORT on Friday and they said Ryan Gigg`s and Gary Neville were opening a restaurant and wanted listeners to text in some lighthearted names for main courses, I went one better imo and text in that they should have a theme that all the waiters dress up and wear masks of the Manscum legend`s who have been instrumental in the great success of the club, legends such as……..Howard Webb, Mike Riley, Graham Poll…………..That was one of my clean one`s and the bastards never read it out !.

    So we are 5, 6 and 8 points ahead of our main rivals ( at least 3 if you count the Spuds, depending on todays result ! ) and with 28 games to go !. Yes it`s great, but as you know, I have my feet firmly on the ground, think of me as BK`s DM ! hahaha.
    If a 28 game season started today, would we take a 5 point handicap start….oh yes !. We are in the driving seat, it`s ours to lose and yes, when we have a full strength team out, we are a match for any of them. My main concern is our historical Achilles heal……injuries and with now Gibbs and Jack joining the growing ranks, it is a concern !.
    I still think where our rivals have the edge, is not so much in squad strength but their LACK of injuries !. Time will tell, but we really do need a slice of luck in that department !.
    It brings me to my logical theory of the other day that we should rest our delicate bastards for the CL Dortmund game and just concentrate on the Manscum game. As I have previously said, our rivals are in managerial transition this season, we need to take this one season advantage.
    You it makes sense…..the BK sensible one has spoken !. hahaha

    I bet 007 was having a religious moment on MOTD last night…..the second coming in his pants….when Szczesny gave the ball away !. Not as bad as the keeper he said was better than Szcz`……..Boruc, that’s going to take some beating and I`m not talking about Bonds 007 inches !. hahaha

  272. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Enough about Jack now. I despair when I read some of the comments about him but life’s too short and I am getting bored with it.

    We agreed to disagree and I will put my prediction that Jack will start at least 15 from the remaining 28 PL games under the relevant page.

    Alex, all the best to you and wife and I hope your baby girl will arrive happy and healthy soon.

    Alcide, Sagna was a beast yesterday. 🙂

  273. VCC says:

    alcide 09:58……I love to see that in some of our players, it’s something we have been lacking in recent years.

    Alex…….Good luck with your baby.

  274. TotalArsenal says:

    Dylan is writing the MR for us. He is busy this weekend but still hoping to finish it today.

  275. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post 🙂

    Dylan’s fine MR is awaiting you! 🙂

  276. Fozzie B says:

    All hail Cockie vision!! It’s like TV but with lesbanians and special bake cookies for the all round 3T (for trannies) experience!! 😆

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