Arteta and Santi are Back, Ramsey roars on: Match Review

Match Review: Questions have been answered


Liverpool came to the Emirates on Saturday looking to capitalize on Arsenal’s midweek slip up against Chelsea. Arsenal would have to respond to that midweek loss well because the winner of this game would go top of the league.

Wenger played a strong lineup, but had to field a relatively weak bench due to injuries to Jack and Serge, among others out for the longer term.

Arsenal started the game strong and looked in the mood to really make this a horrible day for Liverpool. The ref was pretty fair from the beginning and did not fall for the SAS diving, so credit to him.

Every week Liverpool’s formation makes less sense and weakens them down the flanks even further. This week Liverpool played a very central heavy formation perhaps hoping to break up our midfield passing, but all they succeeded in doing was giving us too much space on the wings.

This would first become evident in the 19th minute. Arteta played Sagna through down the right hand side. He outran the out of position Cissokho and swung a cross into the middle. It was behind Giroud, but Santi had made a run behind him and headed the ball after a bounce. The ball hit the post, but Santi followed up and sliced it calmly into the net. Our little number 19 scored his first goal of the season against Liverpool just as he did last season.

Arsenal remained dominant for the rest of the first half. Arteta was fantastic at breaking up play in the absence of Flamini. Giroud got a few chances throughout the game, but he just could not put the game to bed.

After half time Liverpool were forced to change formation to have any hope of winning.

Their chance to do so would just about die in the 60th minute. Ozil gave Ramsey a nice little chip to the top of the box. Aaron calmly trapped the ball and let it bounce a few times. And as any player full of confidence would do, just let rip on the half volley. The ball dipped and swerved and made its way in just under the crossbar. The goal itself was incredible, but sadly will probably be overshadowed by Begovic’s goal.

The confidence this team has, is embodied in Ramsey. We are prepared to take chances offensively now because we now have no fear of our defense not being good enough when we lose possession. This has led to some incredible passing and play this season and it’ll only get better as the season goes on.

After this goal no one really looked like scoring. We put on Monreal to shore up our defense on the left, but soon after Gibbs went off with a slight knock and Vermaelen came on at left back. Jenkinson came on at the end to maintain our clean sheet and it worked. Liverpool came close a few times at the end, but we were ready and organized at the back and kept our 2-0 lead.

At the final whistle Arsenal went five points clear at the top of the league and showed the rest of the league that we mean business. Many had questioned if we could play our game and win against big teams and questioned if we can do it every week, and this win showed that we can. This month will be big and if we get wins against Liverpool, Dortmund, United, etc, we will really show everyone that we are starting a new era where Arsenal will return to dominance. I maintain that City is our biggest competition in the league, after seeing them run rampant in a 7-0 win against Norwich earlier in the day. Our games against them will probably be the biggest of the season.

Overall, the team was fantastic today with standout performances from Szczesny, Arteta, Cazorla, and Koscielny. Giroud probably could’ve had a few goals, but overall the score line is a pretty good representation of the game.

For now I’ll leave you with some questions:

  1. What did you think of the game?
  2. What kind of message did this game send to the rest of the league?
  3. Who do you think our toughest competition is for the league title?
  4. Who was your man of the match?


Thanks for reading! 😀

Written by: Dylan.

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104 Responses to Arteta and Santi are Back, Ramsey roars on: Match Review

  1. Antonio says:

    To make a real statement of intent so they know we mean business lets get 6points from our next two games…and they will pucker up.

  2. alcide says:

    … And Spurs draw with Everton 🙂 TOTL, 5 points clear!

  3. James Bond says:

    top notch @ Dylan

    forget everything else, how do you think Suarez must be feeling, when the fans were singing “you should have signed for a big club ” – and when he saw Giroud fail to score on bread n butter chances for a striker ? ones that he would have been more likely to finish off or least hit the target with ?

    yep – he must be livid – they were well n truly outclassed even though Sczny tried his level best to gift them a goal and keep them interested … – re Sczny, he’s signed a 4 year contract extension with arsenal apparently – from 40 k per week to 80 k 🙄

    anyhow, it was a world class performance from KOC and Arteta in particular, i thought Koc frustrated bitey rather well but because Suarez is the best player in England for me – he came mightly close twice on getting out of this game for LiverFOOL.

    with Suarez at liverFOOL, they have a decent chance at finishing top 4, whereas if Suarez joins Arsenal in January then we become genuine title contenders in the CL.

    that’s too much suarez already, so i will get back to your questions :

    1: we should have scored a few more goals, Ramsey scored a spectacular goal but he needs to keep things simple, as he tries to do too much ” Fancy” sometimes for me.

    2: that we are where we are due to our consistency and team play, not due to Ozil.

    3: Who do you think our toughest competition is for the league title? >>> INJURIES

    4: Arteta for me , especially the manner in which he set us up for the first goal, Brilliant.

  4. Dylan says:

    Hahaha JB re-the injury as our biggest competition comment. 😀 To be fair, we have been hit very hard by injuries already and are still doing well. Another big change from years past to show we are ready to compete?

  5. It is I, the voice of reason !. hahaha

    Lovely stuff Dylandinho !. 🙂

    1) Love it and hate it when we don’t win !.

    2) That we are proper contenders, stay free of any more injuries and we could well win it !.

    3) Apart from usual suspects, I have to 2nd JB !.

    4) I`ve only seen highlights, so I cant say !.

    Two great goals, but I preferred Santi`s, the audacity of playing a one-two with the post and then rocketing it back in was piss takingly good !. Ramsey`s was great but he had so much time before he shot that he was seen having a chat with Koscielny, whilst Koscielny adjusted his pocket to accommodate both Suarez and Sturridge !.

    Great day, shame the Spuds gained a point though !.

  6. geoffchase says:

    Hi Dylan,

    Great summary. Was lucky enuff to see it here in the US around work. Responses:

    1. Team defense made them look average. The few times Bitey got some service you can see his magic (but I still don’t want him! 🙂 ) … Anyway, great mid defense and positioning denied SAS any easy service and forced Pool to win without them.. Wasn’t going to happen.

    Offensively, where teams stack the middle against Ozil and OG et al, we now have Santi back, and soon Theo, to show we can go around as we are learning to do more and more. That in turn opens the middle again if you’ve a credible threat down the sides. So, it shows we are growing together and will become more dangerous.

    Overall, we Napoli’ed them! 🙂 .. Next we Pool BD? 🙂

    2. Look out! Per above we are getting better and more multi faceted in attack and defense is gelling more which will make it easier to have a strong foundation.

    Side note, 6 goals given up in last 9 post AVB games = good enough

    3. Ourselves. Over confidence or loss of cohesion. We’ve a very good team, even now with injuries, but we are most dangerous vs Oilers and others with arguably better squads due to the added bonus of cohesion, team offense and defense not individuals, which makes us stand out… And above

    4. Arteta, he’s really come on in bringing his best game to the defensive and foundation offensive side of the game. The fact you didn’t see SAS much yesterday is largely him leading the defense that shut off their service.. And major contribs from AR and Koz and BFG. So maybe team defense is MotM?

    Cheers — jgc

  7. James Bond says:

    by the way, there is a reason why i keep “mentioning Suarez” , more to follow in 7 weeks time to be precise 😉 winks @ 17HT.

  8. geoffchase says:


    Will spurs last if they can’t score? Their D at 5 goals in 10 games is amazing but only 9 scored with 2-3 from the spot!?

    IMO, they may be the poster child for over spending if it doesn’t pick up!

    Cheers — jgc

  9. James Bond says:


    well, the key is that we’re no longer relying on one man or a couple of people, like before…people keep fearing the worst with Giroud and his injury, well, even if we lost Giroud, we would still be doing well as someone else comes in and takes their opportunity – how can you not when you have the best midfield in England and maybe one of the top 3 in the world, currently ?

    we have been winning games without any traditional wingers , speaks volumes on how strong our midfield is at the moment and more importantly the way our players have formed this understanding, is absolutely breath taking to watch

    i said it before, Santi will be at his best for Dortmund away – watch this space when he bamboozles them on wednesday as most of their players zoom in on Ozil.

    Ozil, by the way got himself another Assist for the Ramsey goal, if i’m not mistaken ?

  10. T says:

    @JB- Giroud had a one on one he put into the side netting and a shot on target from a pass slightly ahead that he was stretching to get to. Maybe you were at the loo wheb Suarez shot wide instrad of passing to Sturridge? Girouds all around game and work ethic were top class yesterday. he brings a lot more than goals to the team

  11. James Bond says:

    the way i see it , it’s between Spuds, LiverFOOL, Everton and Man utd for the 4th spot @ JGC

    they have won 3 matches due to dodgy penalties given be the ref and they nearly had another one today.

    it’s only a matter of time before they get rid of Holtby , Defoe and adebayor – they are after Benteke and i’m not sure , if the lad will want to join them, when he could do so much better.

    saying that, i still expect spuds to slow our main competitors down for us, like Chelsea , man city for example, no worries.

  12. geoffchase says:


    But you gotta admit their D is solid and keeping them in it… Agreed with what you said.

    And per your prior comment, I too note we are getting more and more multi faceted, most every game, which makes it harder and harder to defend us! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  13. James Bond says:

    are you surprised how solid their D is considering they have one of the best keepers in the PL ? the lad got a really bad kick today , was nearly subbed as Brad . F was about to step in and he fought with everyone to come back and stay for the greater good of the team as he wanted more aggressive subs coming on .

    there’s a reason why their D is so good and the reason is their goalie primarily, very commanding and assured plus top notch distribution – i reckon .

    how nice would it be for Rosicky to score a goal on Wednesday ? he was very harshly and unfairly denied one 10 days ago, when his shot looked certain to go in until that clearance off the line.

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Dylan

    Some courtesy first: thanks for a very fine match report and for freeing up time to write one in a busy weekend for you. 🙂

    As always, you focus on the main events really well, and if we read back your report in 12 months time, I am sure we will relive the game again. Cheers buddy. 🙂

    We are such a force when we keep it compact in the middle, play at a high tempo, chase down the opposition and pass the ball round with fluidity. I reckon, the boys have learned a lot from their encounter with Dortmund ten days ago, it seems, and the beautiful thing is that if we stick to this formation and starting 10/11, we can carry our performance against Pool through during our next encounter against Dortmund and then the Mancs. We just got to keep it compact and not allow our opposition time and space in front of our D or on the wing, and we have a good chance to get two results in the next seven days.

    This team and formation can go places, and I would like to highlight the FBs Gibbs and Sagna especially: they gave us width and trust and allowed our midfielders to dance their way to the goal.

  15. Red Arse says:

    Great Post Dylan,

    It is a long time since I have enjoyed a match as much as that!

    The scousers did press hard at times, a bit like Cockie asking VCC for a date really!!

    The fact is we never looked troubled, well except when Chezzer played one touch wall football in the goal area with Sturridge. 🙂

    My MoTM has to be shared. It impossible to split Kozzer, Arteteteta, and Rambo.

  16. Fozzie B says:

    Good evening OGAAT orafice oglers!! 😆
    Wow, wow, wow!!! First of all thanks to Ozzie again for a sumptuous prematch apertif and now to Dylan for a fine after dinner mint!! 😀
    As for the main course … Well it’s like that great dinner we had with Napoli!! Personally I prefer pasta over scouse shoelaces but hey victory was soooo sweet!! 😀

  17. Fozzie B says:

    As you can tell I’ve changed avatars to welcome back Santi… Our own little Elmo… Don’t you just want to pick him up and knuckle that cute head of hair?? The dynamic of the team has changed again! 😀
    Elmo is getting the rust out of his engine or the paella from his pie hole and can’t you just imagine when we get poldi and theo back! 😀

  18. Arsenal_VCC says:

    Good to read your report Dylan. For me the best comments to summarize the game were Ozil’s “Arsenal is playing football at Formula 1 speed” and Rio’s “Arsenal are playing playground football” 🙂 Long may this last. What has been really impressive is how they are compensating for the various injuries. I see the Chavs as being the biggest threat – Jose just seems to have a streak going against Wenger – hope it ends when we meet them next.

    The MOTM for me was Arteta. He just seemed to be everywhere and was really playing a lot more forward passes (instead of sideways or backwards) compared to last year. Maybe a reflection of the options in front of him I suppose. Now teams have a dilemma don’t they? Do you focus on Ozil / Santi / Ramsey / Giroud / …Suuweeet 🙂

  19. Fozzie B says:

    To answer your questions D
    What did you think of the game?
    I was stunned to be honest! Passing fast and slick and tempo!
    It’s true if we had ratatouille we would have more goals! Stunned that SAS were kept quiet. We did ok but truth is I think ratatouille and porridge were off their oats 😀

    What kind of message did this game send to the rest of the league?
    We can turn it on and dominate and we will cocknotize you all with our interweaving dialect boners!!

    Who do you think our toughest competition is for the league title?
    Chelvski have the wool over us mentally at the mo but city have the super attacking talent. But first Kermit chalvski! 😀

    Who was your man of the match?
    Zorro!! He has his sharpness back and is incisive forward and on d … Keep that up and he is irreplaceable!!

  20. TotalArsenal says:


    Fully agreed! Giroud is the best all round striker in the PL right now with a perfect balance between goals, assists and supporting the team in all possible aspects of attacking play.

  21. Fozzie B says:

    That formula one football by Ozil is awesome!! I hope he’s only used that comment with us!! I know these guys use media companies to tweet!

    @Sammy the eagle JGC- your right about Jacks lack of defensive positioning and when that cog clicks in then he will take it to the next level 😀

    @JB pleeeeeaaaasee elaborate!! Do you think ratatouille is still a go?

    @Cockie I too am a supreme optimist in real life! but enjoy the closet much like you enjoy your sofa!! 😆 That’s why it’s taken me so long to get out because with the Arsenal it’s different!!
    But the fact I’ve come out is a good omen!!
    Incidentally the closet door sprung off its hinges yesterday from the force of my gunner boner!! 😆
    One of the door slats hit chav Kermit between the eyeballs whilst he was having his wicked way with Mrs P!!
    He lost his boner immediately and Maureen proceeded to lose against the jeordies!! 😆
    So you BK brethren can kiss my furry Fozzy B backside that we have a 5 point cushion!! Hahaha!!!! 😆

  22. Fozzie B says:

    @ Totes I think you too are right my pink clogged, pink tutu wearing brethren …. Le Prof will play Jack as much as he possibly can with his ankle… Because he knows what he will become!! Even more than Rambo!! Touch forehead as I speak!! 😀
    Arsene has always said he is prepared to lose games to accelerate the growth of his players and he will always stick to that philosophy!! 😀
    Short term pain for long term gain!!
    It is why all these talents come to the Arsenal!! 😀

  23. Thanks Fozzer. I shall buy you a bottle of WKD Blue Nun !. An award winning special vintage made from the jizz of my fluffy blue Cockie and made to ferment in a porno nuns pussy for what seems like an eternity of 10 mins !. Better than that green frogs spawn stuff from Mrs P`s pussy !. A wine connoiseurs mother of all tasting sessions ! hahaha

  24. James Bond says:


    there was no side pass on – there was only one option at the time, which Suarez took – don’t make too much of “Sturridge the selfish strikers shenanigans ” he loves throwing in a tantrum.

    he shot wide, yes but that was the correct decision – he also hit the bar

    do take things into context instead of “nip tuck” – re- read what i said as a whole instead of giving thinking about the “loo” whilst reading my comment.

    give Suarez our creators and MF and he will score you 35 + goals EASY –

    i have never questioned Giroud’s work rate, ethic or attitude nor was my comment about that.

    however, his finishing leaves a lot to be desired.

  25. Fozzie B says:

    Hahaha!!! ….. This is about the time that Sammy the Eagle lets out a big huff because the furry ones are on the loose!!
    Thank you Cockie for your finest vintage and you are most welcome to my next party!! And please bring your magic cookies!! The blue and the all sorts!! 😆
    Beaker has taken my blood sample after the game and is using it for his next super batch also for the party!!haha 😆
    If we beat Dortmund and manure the effects will triple in our bloodstream and we will no longer need our sofa and closet! 😆

  26. James Bond says:


  27. Fozzie B says:

    JB aka Tarzan the visionary!! Elaborate on your 7 week ratatouille comment …. Pleeeeeassse 😀
    Don’t make me don my cap for a donation to the muppet fraternity!! 😆

  28. James Bond says:


    what did i tell you a few days ago when you were beginning to have doubts ?

    i told you, we will win and i gave it to you in writing – and what happened after that ? you waited 2 days and you saw what i said to you “come true” – moral of the story ?

    good things come to those who wait – this time the wait is a bit longer than 2 days though

    that is all i am at liberty to say right now.

  29. Fozzie B says:

    I’ll take that as a yes for ratatouille then my Greystoke man of mystery brethren from another mother!! 😀

  30. T says:

    JB. I think if Suarez got his head up quicker the pass was on, just my opinion. I also don’t think shooting wide is ever the correct decision. My point was that Suarez misses chances too. I fully agree with you that Suarez would be a great asset and could very well get 30+ per season with us. I also think he would have more of a chance of doing that playing beside Giroud with his excellent hold up play, intelligence, vision, desire and work rate.

    Also, instead of paying £60 million on someone who cannot really be trusted ethically, and someone who has spent a good percentage of his time in England banned, does anyone else think that spending the cash on Lewandowski’s wages would be a better idea. I know he is widely rumoured to be off to Munich but just throwing it out there.

  31. jnyc says:

    Dylan great job as always. A pleasure to read and respond to ur posts.
    Arteta couldnt have been better.

    one thing i want to mention —- when rosicky is fit and available, he really should be used ahead of wilshere, whether on the wing or midfield. Jack needs to be handled lightly anyway. But tomas is like our secret weapon, he adds so much in all aspects, and great workrate also– its like he is making up for the time he has been injured by sheer quality of minutes he plays.

    JB, i will always remember that u called the Ozil deal BEFORE ANYONE, ANYWHERE. U didnt name him , but u had the info for sure and gave us the hint. So i will always respect your info and sources. Keep the tantalizing news coming.

  32. Fozzie B says:

    @T for me lewandowski has always been the best “like for like” replacement for RVJ for sure!!

  33. Fozzie B says:

    Yes Jonny New York, Tarzan is the master of suspense and his sauces are second to none!! Once I rubbed them into Mrs P she got extra crispy!! And I got a crackling time afterwards!! 😆

  34. James Bond says:

    you can take it anyway you want @ FB 😉


    no, i disagree with the head up and pass to sturidge – KOC was covering him rather well and the pass may well have been blocked knowing how good Koc is

    when you are in a one on one, the ball won back quickly and opposition off guard then you go for the kill and pull the trigger –

    every striker misses chances – agreed

    however, Suarez is a striker that can create something out of nothing and again fully agreed that both Giroud and Suarez could be the best strikers in the EPL ahead of Rooney + The traitor or Suarez + Sturridge

    no, it won’t be as much as £60 million , if such was the case then he would have signed a contract extension offered to him and still is on the table, he’s not done that to get liverpool more money..i.e. Bender.

    and no, Lewandowski won’t do for me really, too much in common like Giroud and i rate Giroud to be better than Lewandowski… we need a dynamite of a striker, someone to play and get the best out of Giroud as well… my ideal strikers be someone like a Suarez/Aguero/Tevez/Hernandez / Benteke / Lukaku type

    it seems that BM and RM may well fight for Aguero , sooner rather than later with BM having Lewandowski as their back up plan but still, it’s too early to say that as RM also have a keen interest in Falcao

    it’s all my opinions and preferences though, nothing wrong with you wanting Lewandowski at the emirates and i’m sure you’re not the only one !

  35. Fozzie B says:

    I hear you on a more mobile, fluid striker JB … It’s what I always craved!! Ratatouille with no baggage would be awesome! 😀

  36. James Bond says:


    agreed re- Rosicky, i just hope that he retires from international football altogether, that will go down extremely well for his career with Arsenal and show AW that he wants to make up for all the lost time due to injuries in his younger days, the guy is class and still has plenty of gas left in the tank , i reckon – one of my favourite players for sure, his attitude on the pitch and work rate is immense , always gives a 110% for the team.

    cheers mate, thanks for the kind words – this is the only play where i hang out and post, so if i am not going to share what i have then who else am i going to be sharing it with ? course it’s not always a 100% spot on info due to various reasons but it’s not bad either – if we continue “progressing” the same way then i can assure you, it will be a very promising January because we want to snap up 1 or 2 before the world cup as after the world cup, their prices may sky rocket.

  37. Fozzie B says:

    Hey Cockie .. You and Santi ho way back eh?? 😆

  38. Fozzie B says:


  39. Fozzie B says:

    Or “ho-ing” at a very young age being the pimps you are haha!! 😆

  40. James Bond says:


    what do you want me to do ? sponsor Ratatouille to go see a decent Dentist and get his front teeth pulled out ? – does that constitute as ” no baggage ” for you 🙂

  41. James Bond says:

    *only place


    whatever happened to going back to the “Yoga” class ? or was it a different class ? seems like you had a bad experience there hence you didn’t mention it again, ha

  42. Fozzie B says:

    Tarzan I will take ratatouille gratefully with a full pair of nashers!! I would always take that risk! Better than a Diaby risk every day of the week!! 😀 I just mean it would be a whole heap easier without the baggage!
    At the end of the day we will always be a stepping stone for him to get to RM IMO. So a 2 year window whilst Sanogo sharpens is all I can see… Which is fine with me because in sure we can recoup the buying fee!! 😀

  43. Fozzie B says:

    Yoga is awesome JB .. Especially when your naked .. Has all sorts of surprises ….
    Crouching Tiger never felt so good!! 😆

  44. James Bond says:

    so you mean , he may do a RVP on us with the only difference being that he will spend more time playing for us and help win us trophies instead of spending time on the treatment table and then fcuking off like RVP ?

    no worries, he can do that if he wants, by which time as you rightly point out the likes of Yaya and Akpom be ready .

    anyway, it’s all premature to talk right now and discuss, so hold your horses for another 7-8 weeks or least until the international break, ha

    ahahahahahhahahaaha @ all sorts of surprises

  45. Fozzie B says:

    Do you mean spin class JB?? yeah that is just as awesome Mrs P said!! I’ve asked for one in one tuition!! 😀

  46. Fozzie B says:

    Exactly JB and we will get our money back anyway!! I reckon he has to of learnt something in the last few years and I hope we reap those rewards!! 😀

  47. James Bond says:

    that is it, spin class, thought i was getting it wrong with the yoga class, ha

  48. I remember saying……” I`d rather have Ozil than Higuain and Di Maria ! “. Surely the Monster takes credit !. I will take the Laser to Tarzans Loin Cloth and make it crumble !. hahaha

  49. Tarzan after I Lasered his cock !. hahaha

  50. James Bond says:


  51. Fozzie B says:

    All hail Cockie vision!! It’s like TV but with lesbanians and special bake cookies for the all round 3T (for trannies) experience!!

  52. Fozzie B says:

    Tarzan you look liberated after Cockies laser treatment!! 😆 Cockie bring out the laser so we can find out more about the tranny window!! 😆

  53. Ahh Fozzer, those were the days when young Cockie was so innocent jumping around in sacks…..then he turned into a Monster and now only jumps into the sack with the BK WAGS !. Omm nom nom nom

  54. Tarzan the acCOUNTant gets his info when on trips to Tranniesylvannia !.

  55. James Bond, 007, Tarzan and now The Count !………We have History !.

  56. Fozzie B says:

    Awesome Cockie!! And at the end of the clip there is a picture of you in the nude!! Like Glic Hitchcock!! 😆

  57. Fozzie B says:

    Maybe JB has Man City connections to Count Pelegrini!! Aguero it Dzeko please Tarzan !! 😀

  58. alexgunners says:


    Great report.
    We do need to continue to show our class and win against the other BIG teams. Liverpool (tick), Spuds (they’re kidding if they think they are a big team), now bring on ManUre on the weekend and get a positive result. In past seasons we have struggled to get a result against them. They are starting to gel, so who better to peg them further down than US.

    Massive game from the boys. OG is a man possessed. Holds the ball, passes it well and scores as well. Zorro, a well controlled performance. Rambo continues to impress. Ozil a little quiet but we have to be realistic and realise that he will not be the standout player at every game. SZCZ is improving but his lapses in concentration concern me. Per and Kos a match made in heaven.

    Overall a great performance.

    Dylan to answer your questions
    1) See above
    2) We are no pushovers, come and get us
    3)Toughest competition will be Man$hitty and Ch3l$ki – if either continue to gel as a team, they will be hard to stop.
    4)MOTM – Zorro

  59. Alcide says:


    Thanks for the great report, as usual!

    What did you think of the game?
    I must say I was in a similar state as Gerry… I did watch the game however, but very quickly felt we would prevail (although I was always wary of Suarez and Sturridge, especially the former – he doesn’t need much to score). Anyway I felt we were quite reasonably in control, and played some great, quick football without opening ourselves unduly. I am glad Arteta reminded us how fantastic he can be in his DM role, he shielded the back 4 and organised possession brilliantly. In certain situations, Flamini may be better and more efficient, but Mikel has his own qualities and can shine in many situations.

    I thought Liverpool didn’t manage to press us enough to stifle our game, Dortmund might be another story, but still, a reassuring performance. It’s a pity Gibbs will probably be out for a few, but I must say Nacho’s recent performances were very reassuring, he seems ready, and I value him as least as much as Gibbs. Speaking of fullbacks, is it me or is Sagna back to his Reliable self (capital R, please)? Excellent performance from our CBs, too, Kos and Per neutralized the SaS quite effectively. Our midfield was collectively excellent, I’m particularly thrilled that Santi seems to be almost back at his best.

    What kind of message did this game send to the rest of the league?
    5 points clear, playing well, thoroughly dominated the second in the league, they are paying attention alright. And if they keep dismissing us, good. Let’s get 3 points in ManU in the meantime.

    Who do you think our toughest competition is for the league title?
    City is the only team that impressed me so far. Chelsea would be next – they have quality and depth and should be there towards the end of the season if the loud One manages to keep them as focused in the EPL as they are in Cups.

    Who was your man of the match?
    Arteta! He was key last year and I’m happy that (I remember this statistic from last season, not sure the numbers are correct but it was shocking – something like we had won 90% of our games with him, and only 30% when he didn’t play).

    Let’s now see if we can bother BD on their turf. We’ll need a superb performance, but if we don’t concede too easily/too soon, I think we can.

  60. Gerry says:

    Okay you gloating bastardos! (That’s from me and glc/TMC), I’ve had to wait another day before I could watch the match, so here is my post match comments
    I made a point of not reading any review of the match , including today’s post –

    TA, I am sure it is one of your best but I will come back to it later –

    In my defence of a pessimistic pre-match comment, I was afraid that Wenger would play his ‘favourite son’, Jack Wilshere, albeit, to keep Rosicky fresh for Dortmund. That said, and with the best will in the world, on current form, having just watched the match, I cannot see any position where he would have added to the team? Sorry TA, your ideal starting eleven will have to wait?
    So for the reason’s I gave at the time, I could not see us, on the evidence of recent matches without Flamini, how we were going to create opportunities.

    My second line of defence, which was not thinking directly about the personnel, but rather the way we should play, I will just remind you all of my answer to the Oz’s 4th question:

    4, Plan of attack? Quick forward passing. Good movement off the ball. Clinical finishing. High press. Quickly regain defensive shape. Concentration – 1 to 11 for 95 mins.

    Fortunately, Arsene was thinking along the same lines?

    Quick forwards passing? Tick. with Rosicky playing a big part of that..

    Good movement off the ball? Tick, again Rosicky with his off-the-ball positioning. But he was not alone, Ramsey and Cazorla, and the ever so hard working Giroud did really well.

    Clinical finishing? May be a half tick, as they could/should have had five goals – I had to chuckle at the commentators when they said Cazorla was the first to react for his goal? Baloney! He was falling forwards after his header hit the bar, and had only just regained his balance when the ball bounced into his path. Take nothing away from him, the finish was sublime, but in truth had very little adjustment to make with the ball falling at his feet like that? – Ramsey, Giroud, Santi, and Rosicky all had chances, but at least they were created?

    High press? Another Tick. Certainly in the early stages, and it paid off.

    Quick to regain defensive shape? Biggest tick of all. Total commitment from all. Arteta had one of his best games. but it is hard to find any who did not put a shift in for the team. Ozil may not have sparkled like he has done previously, and looked a tad like he needed a break – I could insert ‘Tuesday?’ here, but that is history now. – He did need to be marked, which gave others freedom to play when we did break clear?

    Concentration 1 to 11 for 95 minutes? So nearly a full tick. Just odd moments here and there where players could have been punished on another day?
    The Henderson clear run into the penalty area was one .. but I did say he was overrated 😀
    The otherwise perfect Szczesny, playing a one-two off Sturridge? Mmmmnnn. I bet that had JB out of his comfy chair? 😆
    However, balance those instances against the overall performance I think it would be churlish to be too harsh?

    My MOTM in a game where the were many outstanding performances is hard, but I give it to Koscielny for diligent tracking and blocking much of what Suarez had to offer.

    Oh yes, I should explain my scoreline prediction of 1-3 to ‘Pool. I have an unfortunate history of making public statements in the horse racing world that goes right back to an example 50 years ago. My brother made a selection for a big race, when he was barely interested in racing. Me on the other hand, right bang in there with the form book fully absorbed. So confident was I, I did a pre-race gloat naming the full 1 to 7 finishing order in this 7 runner field … Needless to say his horse won …but worse, my finishing order was COMPLETELY the wrong way round!

    So, as a rule, I don’t do predictions. This 1-3 was one where I thought fate might just make me look prat again, and it duly obliged. It was deliberate, and now you know why? 😆 😆

    I will now read the post and comments …

    So, I should

  61. Gerry says:

    Hy Dylan, sorry for the above error, I forgot you use what little free time you have at the weekend to do this, and yes, you have it spot on. As TA said, you capture the essence of the game so well that many moons later, a re-read will bring back memories with complete clarity. Top man!

    My first comment though, is this question of a ‘weak bench’? I was really chuffed to see Akpom and Hayden names there. They would have done a fine job if we were in difficulty, but also there to gain experience if it had been comfortable. I want to see that happen more often.

    Not our place to criticise their formation. I think Rodgers does it to suit personnel, rather than the AW approach of get the personnel to fit the formation? Neither is completely wrong if it works.

    As for the game, you have it all. I put my take on it in the above post.

    I answered your question 1 also. It was a great match for us.

    Question 2 – I don’t think the situation has changed re other teams. They have to get past our points total. So they will take beating us very seriously indeed.

    Question 3 – I named Man City at the start of the season, and I still think they have the best squad to survive the end of season battles.

    Question 4 – I said in my piece Kos from a group of other contenders. If he failed in any one of his duels we could have been facing an uphill task. This was a one-to-one battle which he clearly came out on top.

    Final note, which may be confirmed on Monday, Gibbs injury may not be too bad. I was relieved when I saw it was not an ankle or thigh injury, i.e ones he has had before, but it looks like a slight calf strain. Running and crossing ant the end of a hard game is just the time to tweak something. He will not be in the Dortmund line up, imo, but a possible for Man U, if not the Interlull will come to his aid?

  62. Gerry says:

    Alcide – yes the Dortmund game will be different to our Bayern experience. they need the win as well, and our performance mean they will not take us lightly/

    On another note did you see that Kurt Zouma may be facing a 12 match ban when he broke another players leg in two places yesterday?

    Not quite on the ‘Stoke’ level. He went to play the ball on the touchline, got it, but his momentum meant his knee caught the guys leg. When you have a player of his size sliding in there is a leg, or even a concrete post that would not suffer damage. Very sad for both parties? In all my time watching him I have not seen him make a reckless challenge, which is no consolation to the guy facing 12 months out of the game?

  63. Alcide says:


    Yes, I saw it. Lots of discussion about it in French media… “it was a clean tackle” vs. “excessive commitment, dangerous tackle”. I personally think it was a “bad” tackle, jumping into ball and feet (vs. sliding) and almost cissors action. No way he was getting the ball cleanly. No bad intentions however, and I don’t recall him making rash challenges either.

  64. Gerry says:

    Hi Alcide, Thanks for the update. I only had the one view of it, as BT Sport were only going to show it once.

    I got the impression that, yes he did slide in, but his momentum was so great a collision was inevitable? That being the case, it was dangerous play?

    I am glad you can confirm that it is not his usual game. Even the guest on BT said, although it is a cliche to say he is not that sort of player, in his case it is true. Unlike Shawcross, who did have ‘previous’, if you catch the English idiom – previous history.

    The guest also recalled it was the same referee 2 years ago when the teams met and it was a St Etienne player who was injured.

    I hope it does not blight either player’s future? The ups and downs in football never cease to amaze. Brilliant against PSG last week, now this? It will certainly dampen any speculation with a move anywhere I would think. Not least if only to see how he comes through it when he does return?

    I wonder if Macko has any better view of it he might care to share?

  65. Gerry says:

    JB – talking of transfers. Didn’t you answer the reason why Pool won’t sell Suarez in January when you said ‘… without him they battle for 4th place’?

    Unless they are doing ‘swapsies with RM,then I cannot see it happening? think I’d rather spend that sort of cash an a double swoop at Dortmund (G&R), but I don’t see that happening in January either.

    it is worth remembering, a lot of stories this side of the TW are dangling out there to distract from our real targets?

  66. James Bond says:

    now i know how poor VCC must feel after 2 Muppet’s tag team against him, ha

    nice one as usual @ Gerry

    however, you failed to address the most important point of all – yep, you expressing doubts after i had put it down in writing ? how could you do that – it’s criminal

    make sure to wear the lucky scarf on wednesday though 😉

    ooh no, young ZK what have you done ? but sounds like he didn’t intended any malice and was overly eager ? sounds very unfortunate though, hope the other player comes back sooner and stronger than ever

    how are Marseille been doing recently @ Alcide ? (you may wanna write a pre- match before the marseille game ) i loved your last one !!!

  67. The Cockie Monster says:

    Afternoon Jizzlarious Jizz Jousters !. 😆

    I was only saying the same sort of thing last week and you bastardos turned on me ( don’t bite the hand that feeds you cookies, Arse Banditos ! )………….make EPL the priority . The difference ?…….This article is by a respected journalist and I`m just a van driver…albeit a fcuking genius one !. hahaha

    Cockie….the voice of reason and logic !.

  68. James Bond says:

    no, i said with him they battle for top 4 at best, without him they can least R.I.P – they have been looking for alternatives mind you , since the summer.

    and the RM swoop you are hinting at, the player in Question KB – will he want to join a non playing team in Europe with no proven squad depth as such ? i doubt it.

    yes, 99% are rubbish mostly, i reported this just before the last international break that our PR department is going back to work, not sure if you read it or remember it but i did hint at it…- it’s going to pick up a notch more during this international break.

    interesting that Dortmund hint, Gundogan will need to overcome his long term injury and then get back, for now that goes on the back burner , although the Reus one is very hot , indeed – £35 million release clause which can be activated anytime before 2015 vs a similar type of player but more younger starting with a D .

    both remain possibilities with one thing in common – Podolski.

  69. Reus has a release clause of £35M !!!…….well what the fcuk are we waiting for ?…..get in there now !. That’s one player that will stop HH drinking from the Furry Cup and get him back on BK !. hahaha

  70. Anyone see that general news item on Arsenal newsnow ( top of right hand column ).
    Tesco`s are installing ad-targeting face recognition scanners at 450 of its petrol stations, this technology will look at a person and judge it`s sex, age etc` and then show the customer an advert which it feels will interest them !.
    Can you imagine the different adverts and alerts it will show certain BKers !.

    It scans VCC……” Hey old bastard, you can pick up a Tesco`s colostomy bag for life in store ! ”

    It scans TMHT……..” We have made it easy for you pervy bastard, the porno mags are on the top shelf next to the 1st addition of Arsene`s French Letter Memoirs ! “.

    It scans Total…….” Code 1….Dutch Drug dealer alert !!! “.

    It scans Fozzie………” Please go straight to customer services, where you will be accompanied to the padded room ! “

  71. Gerry says:

    TCM – What pray, does the Tesco scan say to you?

    ‘Aisle 7 Pole dancers – Nice ladies from Poland … we always have two padded rooms available for disappointed customers’ : D

  72. Gerry says:

    JB – you make point even stronger? Unless he got inserted a proper legally binding release clause that if they are not in the top 5 on January 21, then he can go? Otherwise he stays until summer at the very least?

    Re Reus – I don’t think that he will want to come in January if they top the Group? Be a fool to really, and they would not want to see him go. OTH, Lewandowski they would like big cash for him to get him out of Germany?

  73. Gerry says:

    JB – I take it you think he (Podolski) may have already agreed to go back to Germany, or somewhere???

  74. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey fellas…That footie yesterday knocked me out as if I was Lloris, so I’m a day late here…Bond, note the new (old) avatar in response to you and your saucy stuff…(Also, sorry to interrupt the “breaking transfer news” with my long post. Please ignore if it offends…)

    Kudos to our resident honor student (Dylan) for the match report. Personally, I miss you in the “Game Day Chat” but maybe you’re playing in matches of your own and have to watch them on tape? You’ve definitely hit the important points and laid it out nicely. I think I might need to get my boy (11) reading your stuff so he’s got something to aim for with his schoolwork…

    The ‘Pool match reminded me (somewhat) of the other excellent 2-nil we got against Napoli. Both teams are good but we’re better and we handled them well with possession and (reasonably) calm defense. Arteta excelled in that match too (as I recall) and both featured the ever buzzing Rosicky and (more) confident play from Ramsey. Ozil was a little less sharp for this 2-nil, but with Santi looking at full pace there were periods where they were chasing our shadows. Lovely…

    Better yet was (as jgc noted) our transition play. We pressed extremely well when we lost the ball and, with a couple of exceptions, early on, we were able to keep our defensive shape and play the team defense. Bacary Sagna was the man on both of those plays…recovering just enough to put Henderson off his shot (after his open run towards goal…) and making the tackle, er, professional foul on Suarez on their cleanest break. As such, I will give him MOTM. We also had those strange giveaways at the end that might’ve hurt us but (hopefully) will serve to intensify our concentration for these even tougher matches staring us in the face…

    Am I wrong (about Dortmund and United, away) or would two draws not be very nice results? A draw in Germany would put a lot of pressure on Napoli to get a result there as well, correct? A draw at OT, keeps them down even if others might gain a couple. BOTH matches are huge tests to see if our boys can put on a professional display in a hostile arena. If we play our best and maintain that focus, I’m quite confident. If there’s self-doubt, Dortmund could give us a strong handling…(and United could sneak a good result, and feel themselves back on track…)

    As the manager suggests, it’s all about coming out of one match and into the next and building the proverbial “collective belief.” We’re down to a squad which picks itself so we have to play as a cohesive unit, defend first (ideally using possession as our friend…) and hopefully make chances (and goals) from that platform. Fingers crossed and I guess I’m jumping the gun. It’s only Monday morning…On the other hand, at least I’m not talking about Jan 2014… 🙄 😉 😆

    So, looking back, Pool was a great match and a fine springboard for the next one. I find myself very amused by all the commentary. I understand the guys (Gerry…) who open themselves to negative predictions to protect from potential disappointment. Better than hiding behind couches (as we call them, or in garbage cans… 😉 ) and then emerging to curse that we didn’t score as many as ManCity… At least you guys watched the match and discussed it a bit before turning to the transfer talk…

    And then there are the optimists…Like I said, the new (old) avatar is for you Bond. Did Hannibal hit post and shoot wide in this one with a wink and a nod towards Arsene and his impending transfer our way? Consider me completely skeptical about ANY idea that might happen. To me the word out of the owner’s mouth sounded definitive and I just don’t see him getting sold to another English club. It’s a shame, of course, because he’s (clearly) put all his “issues” behind him and his talent is prodigious. His toe poke–off Sturridge’s boot–to hit the post–is a move Rosicky, at his absolute peak, maybe could have dreamed up… Still, he’s better off in Spain where people have more appreciation for an artful dive. We’ve got a very nice thing going with players who play for each other and I’m not quite sure Luis fits that mold (mould?). In January I’d be more than chuffed at another 3 way with Real Madrid, letting them take Suarez while we employ both halves of the French Strike force. I’m talking Benzema, of course, (Liverpool get money to buy another load of Downings, Carrolls, Hendersons, Aspas, etc., etc. )… Hell, if Sanago gets healthy and comes good, it could maybe be 3 3rds of the French strike force…

    Anyhow, I think I’ve reached my word limit…Big week ahead…

  75. hahaha Gerry… you will not be surprised to hear…..I`m already banned from Tesco`s so it`s irrelevant !.

  76. Gerry says:

    17HT – I was also confused about what day of the week it was. i was in Sunday morning mode, having just watched the Saturday match, and writing about it. I just kep getting the message that it would be available overseas 24 hours later. Something to do with my operating system being imported from America – Quite legal and above board I hasten to add – that put me on a barred list.

    You are right on the draw at Dortmund It actually suits them better though, as they could finish with the same points as us, but go top by virtue of the previous 1-2 result. If we could manage a win,then not only does a Dortmund win against Napoli put them out of it by the time we play them, assuming a home win against Marsielles.. Although Dortmund would have to better the 2-1 loss they suffered at Napoli.

    Re Marsielles. They are still not lasting 90 minutes JB. Not scoring too many lately either. They will be out of it if the lose to Napoli this week, That might make our home tie withem a tad easier, although not that we can take that for granted.

  77. 17highburyterrace says:

    IMO, not knowing what day of the week it is = good living, Gerry… 😀

    The Wednesday match, I think, is a real opportunity…If we set out to “play for the draw,” i.e., defense first, holding possession when we can and playing “keep away”…I think we might be able to nick a goal or two. We’ll need to beat them at their own game (pressing, team defense…) and take their supporters out of it. Tall task, no doubt, but with the current 11, I think it’s possible…(Scoring first is key, of course…)

    Did winning vs Liverpool allow AW to extend Jack’s “injury” so as to allow him to rest for these two matches plus whatever friendlies England must play? The kid needs pressure-free outings (and no interviews…) to work on his game so he can rotate in a bit more comfortably…

    But there I go again, talking about matches and players already at the club… Apologies…

    😳 😉 🙄 …

  78. alcide says:


    OM since 1st October:

    Loss (a) – Dortmund
    Loss (h) – PSG
    Loss (a) – Nice
    Loss (h) – Napoli
    Loss (h) – Reims
    Draw (a) – Rennes

    Well I suppose they have been are improving recently 🙂

    Surprisingly, Valbuena vowed to (and believes they can) “do something” in Napoli. He’s a fighter this one. I will gladly do a pre-match, but only if work allows…

  79. Gerry says:

    Sorry about the delay. I feed the dogs earlier now. Or more accurately, I have to feed the wild birds earlier, as the disappear 2 0r 3 hours before dusk, and the former expect to be fed at the same time.

    On the draw thing. Should Napoli beat Dortmund, then we go through top of the group after winning the last two, whether we lose or draw in Dortmund..

    Mind, Napoli have a similar problem to us this week. They play Marsielles at home, then play second placed Juventus on Sunday. Dortmund are the lucky ones, as their big Bayern game is not until the 23rd November, although that might be around the same time they play Napoli?

    Yes Alcide, apparently they(Marsielles) did quite well to get a draw against Rennes, But they were hoping to beat Nice away, and Reims at home was a bit of a shocker?

  80. Gerry says:

    Did anybody see the midway seg on the ‘Player where they showed an interview with BOO54? = Ormonde Ottewill
    It is probably available on the home page somewhere.

    He is 17 and has been with the club for 10 years. Like Nico Yennaris before him, he was an Arsenal fan before he signed. Now he is mixing it with the main squad. He is showing a lot of promise now, so yet another who we can look out for in the early Cup rounds?

    Jorge Bird did a nice piece on Hayden too, and reckons he will be out there in Dortmund, but only on the bench unless thing change re injuries?

  81. VCC says:

    Cockie, I don’t frequent Tesco, for that very reason, they are unkind to me.

    I use ASDA…….All….Shoppers…..Dig….Arsenal. 😉

  82. James Bond says:


    ah, yes, a nice Avatar indeed but not as nice when you had a bombshell next to your chest Ahem AhemZ ; )

    agreed, 2 draws might not be the end of the world , sure – however, we play plenty better away and i expect us to least draw if not win on wednesday but anything less than 3 points and a proper goal feast in Old toilet is not acceptable at all – we need to keep man utd and van pu$$y in their right full place.


    nice one buddy, i really believe that they can least get a draw against Napoli in wednesday, fingers crossed for them ! 🙂

  83. James Bond says:


    you never know how such things develop, sometimes it’s a rapid change and an overnight thing and sometimes it’s more well planned in advanced and a much smoother process i.e. pre- contract.

    but agreed with your logical responses.

  84. 17highburyterrace says:

    So, Bond, I will take down the avatar (and find something more enjoyable for you) when you cease on the Suarez…

    Here’s how I see it. Yes, of course, Luis (la mordita) wants out of Liverpool, but Red Sox owner, John Henry, has gone on record that he was never for sale to Arsenal. He gets it… Selling to a rival tells your supporters that you value money over being able to compete. That AW/Kroenke/Gazidis sold RvP (and to a lesser extent Nasri…) to the Mancs was a body blow and supporters are still twitchy… Maybe it will turn out to have been smart, in hindsight, if we can beat those f**kers…

    Unless your sauce can give me a copy of the “release clause” in the contract AND evidence that (somehow) Luis prefers London to Madrid AND that Henry is willing to sell, it would seem to make a mockery of your secret agent abilities and make you merely, “Such a tease, James,” as the saying goes…

    “Just saying”… as people say, over here…when they’re attempting extra levels of obnoxiousness, on the internet… 😉

    Every man has his price and maybe Henry and Stan are buddies and he wants to “spread the wealth” after the beardies, er, Red Sox, won the world series, but I just don’t see it… Seems like a sucker-ploy (or subterfuge?…) for those “fans” who live only for the transfer news… You’re not one of *them,* are you?…


  85. James Bond says:

    9 out of 10 players prefer a move to RM – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that RM also PREFER to have that player at the Bernabeu.

    RM, tend to do things very publicly due to the system in place and (votes) for the president, which means that they usually make their pursuit of most top notch players very public before going in for him – this is usually being 6 months to 18 months before they manage to get a top level signing done… may i remind you of Modric, Bale, Ronaldo e.t.c e.t.c

    where is the concrete Suarez interest from RM, i ask ? there is concrete and open interest in FALCAO (ironically it was made public after i hinted at it) , ha – anyhow what we do know is that who RM want, they mostly and always end up getting.

    but i will “cease” on the suarez just because i want a more “enjoyable” avatar from you is all what i’m saying 😉

    a gentlemen’s agreement – let’s shake hands on it and if you double cross me then i’m gonna begin talking about Rooney, next , ha !


    Great stuff Dylan

    I really enjoyed the game. Took a Liverpool surporting client with me. Bit irititating, but at half time let him know i would have to increase his Fee to compensate me for Suarez’s upsetting facial features. Great result and more money for me. Fantastic

    MOTM, Arteta for me, He stretched (nice) every sinew to repel and protect our defence from the scary skill and pace of Suarez and Sturidge

    Who are our challangers? Not Liverpool or Totnumb, thats for sure.

    What does this tell us? Well, apart from confirming Suarez is an ugly Barst, not much. We know were a top side, now we have to go prove it by beating the likes of Dortmund and Utd.

  87. James Bond says:

    2nded but i don’t really see Man utd as our competition either to be honest @ Terry

    city and chelsea , be it.

    we will do well against Everton i mean Man utd in disguise.


    I wont write Utd off just yet Bondy. They have a very big squad, lots of good players, and a massive Club

    Would take a draw next week, but if we beat them they will be right up shit creek

  89. 17highburyterrace says:

    You’ve got me cornered, James… Please, please, not the Shrek, not the Shrek…. 😯

    You have reasonable logic going about Falcao (is he cup tied in Europe?…) rather than Suarez to RM. Nothing *really* crazy has happened in the Jan window since the whole Torres to Chelsea (Carroll to Liverpool…) madness several years back… And I can’t really recall much action with the Spanish teams either… I guess we went for Arshavin (and broke our transfer record…) in a Jan window 🙄 …. To me, it would seem super-wild to do anything within the league and the prices would tend to be exorbitant. Overall, a lot more Roman-ish that Arsene-ish…

    I like the happy news (optimism) on all fronts, but, I, like Tomas Rosicky, get enough teasing at home… The new avatar is why he still hasn’t completely retired from Int’l football… 😀

    Agreed with Terry that the league is too wide open to make any early calls. United are slowly getting their defense together which will make them much tougher… In fact, what’s strange is that the three clubs ahead of us (last season) all have had some defensive lapses. Totts, Everton and even Pool (by playing 5 at the back…) have seemed more solid in that part of the pitch. It’s early yet…

    Baines in January (to his old manager for way too much money)?… Now, that’s one I can picture…

  90. James Bond says:


    your 5-0 prediction has to come true at some point, so why not this sunday, ehhh ? 😉

    no, Falcao is not cup tied @ 17HT

    Zaha + 7 million = Baines.

    you forget a vital point though, this January is very different to most January’s gone by – there happens to be a world cup in summer, no ? so you would want to make your moves nice and early, even if it means on a pre-contract.

    cheers for the avatar, now that’s more like it 🙂 Muchas Gracias !!!

  91. geoffchase says:


    Spurs have been very solid at the back. Especially for a team who spent 100M on attack! 🙂

    I’d say we have the attack to get thru most anything and it’s gelling more and more, and becoming more multi faceted and dangerous, especially with Santi back. Theo will add another string to the attack with pace.

    Re Gibbs injury, we are lucky, I think, to have Nacho. A rare place where the backup is also world class… TV is another option and his aggressiveness going forward might suit there for short term as well.

    As for January, we will see. I expect AW to be pragmatic, and aggressive only if something really bright and unexpected appears.

    Cheers — jgc

  92. geoffchase says:


    Delayed response, but all agreed on the Lloris Effect at Spurs..

    Cheers — jgc

  93. geoffchase says:


    Maybe ManU isn’t a “Destination!” anymore? 🙂

    Cheers — jgc


    Bondy, in my mind even when we lose i still think we won by 5 hahaha

    I would settle for a point Bondy. Its a tough place to go, terrible refs etc, saying all that whilst i expect a really close game, we will probably edge it. Something like 5-0.

  95. James Bond says:

    indeed @ JGC

    it’s like Hugo is playing as their 5th Defender + Goalie – he’s the one that got away at 10 million or there abouts for me really.


    he won’t go to UTD, there are only 3 clubs in the world where his style of play be more suited and he would fit in like a “Glove”

    Barca – unlikely , as they have Neymar now.

    BM – likely, but very unlikely due to the bad blood now i guess and i doubt if , he would want to go there

    Arsenal – hmmmmmmmmmm , who wouldn’t want to play behind Ozil, ehhh ?

  96. James Bond says:

    ahahahhahahahahahaha @ TMHT

    you’re a legend !


  97. Using my superior Monster brain, I shall now try and put it into layman`s terms how that logic dictates why we will buy an SQ player in January !…………………………because I fcuking said so !.

    Alright alright, it`s simple……if we are still TOTL in January, then a wiseman will buy SQ to make sure we stay there !.
    If we are not top and in a dogfight for CL qualification in January, then a wiseman will buy SQ to get us top 4 !.

    Cockcrates has spoken !.

  98. Agreed 007…..he cant surely go to BM……..Goetze, Lewandowski and Reus to your biggest rivals !. No….even Dortmund have to draw the line somewhere !.

  99. Remember Bishop Bashers, no bashing of the bishop this week, save it for Sunday and we will all spontaneous human eruption if we win at THOR !…..The Home Of Referees ! . If no win, at least the BK WAGS will drown from semen asphyxiation and you can collect the insurance money !. hahaha

  100. Fozzie B says:

    Evening gooner dialect army!! 😀
    Tarzan you’ve set up the January transfer window very, very nicely. 😀 Feeling good for Wednesday as the last time we were in Germany we beat Bayern! I think it we can roll them at home. Manure will be tough I fear but imagine the buzz the lads will have if they can roll Bayern!! 😀

  101. Fozzie B says:

    Doh! Borussia!! 😀

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