Ten games in: ToTL, and the best is yet to come!

Will Arsenal improve further once Pod and Theo return?
Will Arsenal improve further once Pod and Theo return?

First of all (of course) I’d like to begin by congratulating the team on an awesome performance against the other in form premier league team in the league. I’ll single out Arteta, Cazorla, Sagna and Ramsey for special praise for Saturday’s performance. They went about their duties in spectacular fashion. It’s good to see that Sagna is getting back to his best AND has learnt to put in a decent cross. Ozil had a quiet game yesterday but still managed an assist thanks to Rambo’s screamer. That’s the mark of a world class player.

Anyway, my focus isn’t just on yesterday’s game. We have reached the ten game mark of the season and there is plenty to be discussed so I’ll get on with it. Firstly, the premier league table speaks volumes on the leaps and bounds that Arsenal has overcome this season. We look a class above everyone else, especially in the league. Top of the table with a 5 point cushion is very significant in a league where competition is cut throat. Of course we have tougher fixtures coming up against Chelsea and ManCity but so far so good. Also, this season has marked the return of our swagger. We play such beautiful football that I could be stuck in the middle of the ocean and still find a way to watch our games.

We still haven’t hit top gear yet as we still don’t show consistently the dominance we should, considering the talent we have in our ranks. This is a good thing because we will still get better. I also think we don’t score nearly as many goals as we can but like I’ve just said, all in good time. There have been a lot of improvements in our team but the one that has impressed me most (and I attribute it to our form) is our spirit. These days Arsenal is a big team, pure and simple. Our ability to win on off days, hold on to a lead, secure points against the run of play and quickly recover from losses has reassured me that, barring a spectacular injury crisis, we are very much title contenders. The win at palace and the recovery at Liverpool are prime examples.

Again I’d like to remind you all, fans and rivals alike,that we are playing this way yet we still haven’t had a full strength side all season. We still have Theo, Podolski and the Ox who are yet to return to the side. I expect the former two to greatly improve our goal output once they return to full body and match fitness. I also expect to see much more from some of our players such as Theo and the Ox.

Another great positive we have on our side this season is the fact that we no longer are dependent on one player. In previous seasons we’ve had players like Van Persie, Cesc and Thierry Henry, whose performances kept us above the surface. Now we have Giroud, Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere, Podolski, who have all shown that they have the ability to win us games. It’s almost like with every game, a new hero steps forward.

Aside from all this though there are concerns that have risen in these first ten games that I feel must be addressed. My biggest concern as per now is the fear of some players suffering burn out. The players in particular are Giroud, Ramsey, Koscielny and less so, Ozil. As Bendtner showed against Chelsea, Giroud has no able deputy, especially with Walcott and Poldi still out. He has played virtually every game for us and an injury to him now would be monumental. Ramsey and Koscielny too have been piled with games because of their influence. Once this tricky run of fixtures is over, Wenger really should give them breathers.

My final concern lies within our football. We have been playing well but I feel the team doesn’t do enough when not inΒ possession. Our pressing has improved, I must say, but still isn’t up to par. When we lose the ball in midfield we let the opposition run at us too easily, especially in Flamini’s absentia. There are players I have to commend for their tireless work rate off the ball and these are Giroud, Ramsey, Rosicky and Flamini. When we lose the ball, they are always the first to dive into challenges in a bid to win the ball back and I really rate them for that.

However, pressing can’t be the job of a few individuals but a team effort. There are players who are a bit lazy when we lose possession. Ozil and Cazorla mainly. Wilshere too is developing this but I suspect it has to do with his injury. These two players will rarely chase down the ball even if it is they who lost it in the first place. I sometimes find myself screaming at the TV when they casually escort our opposition players into our danger area.

This has proven very costly because whenever we’ve met teams that are ready to hustle, we struggle. Against Dortmund, we could only conjure some few minutes of possession in the second half, and for a team whose credentials are being questioned at every turn, this is just not good enough. It is something Arsene has pointed out twice so far so I’m hoping he is working tirelessly to improve.

In conclusion, I have to say that we have every reason to be positive. If we can navigate these two months without too many nasty surprises and in January bring in a Lewandowski or two, then the title will be ours to lose. For now, all we can do is take it a game at a time, keep the focus and showcase our premium brand of football that makes every match day worth the wait.

Come On You Gunners!!!!


Written by: Marcus

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  • Thanks Kenyan master of the balanced review! πŸ™‚

    Agreed with all your points and it is good to keep our feet firmly on the ground. It is a long way to go and the media will love to put the knife in as soon as we lose a game again. Let’s stick to OGAAT and enjoy the moment. 10 games 25 points is a fabulous start. Now let’s focus on game 11 this weekend and play our heart out. That is all we want.

    But before that we have a little matter to settle in das Ruhrgebiet. Let’s sharpen the canon and blow die Gelb-Schwarzen to pulp on Wednesday. πŸ™‚

  • Yes Marcus … A great analysis of where we are at and where we could reach to…. Exciting times to be a gunner!!! Hopefully Poldi can give OG a breather or better still we pick up an SQ ST for backup and rotation with OG πŸ˜€
    I think Rambo needs to cut out the fancy stuff when he is near either box as we will get punished on defence and miss out on offense!!
    Wenger should just give him free license to blast shots on target if he’s in the area!! Just go for it Rambo!
    Elmo is back and he loves taking shots on wherever he is and if Rambo did similarly he could really take off!!
    The interweaving play is beautiful to watch and I know it’s a tough order but I hope they can play with the same freedom and handle Dortmund hussle…. Then it’s flusssshhhh!!! πŸ˜† what’s that my precious?? It’s Moyes ring piece getting flushed down
    Old Toilet!!! Haha!! πŸ˜†

  • Good packaging, good delivery. I agree wholly with this appraisal of our team so far. I only need add that some of our goals seem to arrive three or four passes/touches late; or sadly fail to arrive however certain a goal it ought to be. Our strikers are most times goal-shy, and prefer to be robbed of the ball than buying it. One tends to ask if there’s a law at the Emirates forbidding shots at goal from close range? Do we really have to dribble the ball into the opponent’s net? I think the manger has to review this policy for its obnoxious unproductivity.
    Another area that needs to be addressed is the danger to which we often expose our defence after dispossessing the opponent in our box – we tend to move sluggishly and many times get robbed of the ball to put more pressure on our defence. Such lapse led to BVB’s first goal on Tuesday last week.
    Directly flowing from the foregoing is our need to hit the opponent on the counter. This last noticeably happened when TW14 played. A good number of goals can be recorded if we take full advantage of fast strikers in the team. I make bold to say that such situation will present itself in the CL on Wednesday, as our opponents will be apprehensive of being paid back in their own coins (as we did against Bayern Munich last season) and their desire for goals will most likely lead to their throwing caution to the winds, giving us room for counter-attacks.
    Finally, I can agree no less that we need quality additions to our strike force and we shouldn’t allow the opportunity of the January window to elude us, regardless of our pole position in the league or the wide gap (hopefully) between us and our closest challengers.
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  • Wenger signing Ozil has had more of an effect in the players’ minds than on the pitch. I am not saying that Ozil has not been influential in games (he is one of the most intelligent players I have ever seen), but that’s what a marquee signing does to a club. Now the Arsenal players play with a belief about themselves. They have been reinvigorated and rejuvenated.

    Moreover, its good to see that Wenger didn’t succumb to pressure from the outside world. He stuck to his footballing philosophy and bought a player which only enhances Arsenal’s playing style. Ozil has brought panache and elegance to a team that already possessed these attributes. And with the likes of Flamini, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla & Wilshere, Arsenal’s midfield (despite their lack of physicality) looks formidable enough to outplay and outclass any EPL team with their free-flowing & creative nature of football.

    Some might argue that Arsenal still need a world-class replacement for van Persie, but Olivier Giroud is on fire!! Arsenal’s new talisman has been in top form this season, with 5 goals and 4 assist. Plus with Walcott as well as Podolski slowly regaining fitness, Arsenal will have enough attacking options at their disposal.

    But the next couple of games should tell us whether Arsenal are ready to end their 8-year trophy drought. They take on Borussia Dortmund away in a Champions League tie on Wednesday. And then the clash against United at OT has been set as a marker for their title aspirations. If they can come out with positive results from these two games, then the road should be smooth for the current table toppers.


  • very Good write up. it’s well decorated with fact and very interesting to read. pls keep it up. more grease today ur elbow…

  • very Good write up. it’s well decorated with fact and very interesting to read. pls keep it up. more grease to ur elbow…

  • As ever a joy to read Marcus.

    I read somewhere and you fcukers will have to find it yourselves as I cant remember where I read it , but anyway, it was that Dortmund ran 10k further than us in our meeting at the Emirates !, they ( and a few select others…BM ) are a shining light of how to press, we are no way up to their standard in this department, it`s a long way off !.
    Take my logical theory on the “burn out” dilemma, just prioritise the EPL and our only logical problem left will be of injuries, I`m afraid I cant to anything about that.

    Cocrates the logical voice of reason has spoken !. Daft Wenger, take heed the Philosophy Monsters projections of the one point plan to title success….Prioritise one trophy !.

    Suck that BK Bastardos !. hahaha

  • Good post Marcus.

    I think I would tend towards being more appreciative of where we are but at the same time wary in that we have had a softish start to the league season. Something good is brewing but it’s still early days…

    Like PW (above) says, we added a great TEAM player in Ozil and he makes all the other attackers around him better. I also think he’s a perfectly fine defender even if he doesn’t fly in with tackles. The last thing we need is for him to get himself hurt. His adjustment to the violence of the English game (IMO) has been spectacular. He gestures to the refs but he doesn’t embellish (dive). He also stays very cool amidst the under-skilled defenders and their reducing play. Touch wood that he can keep it up and stay out of trouble.

    I don’t know if you’ve been reading the comments here lately, but the professor, jgc (geoff chase) has been writing beautifully about the under-appreciated elements of team defense. We must play in this manner as we have some regulars who do not possess great recovery speed (Mertesacker and Arteta in particular, Nacho and Flamini to a lesser extent). Small forward players (Cazorla, Wilshere) IMO, should not risk themselves in 50-50s unless, perhaps, they’re goal savers. This is how Ramsey got his leg broken and he and Rosicky need to be careful too. Right now we’re down to a first 11 that absolutely picks itself…Flying tackles (and chasing lost causes…) are exciting (for some) but don’t really help the team (nor impress me much)…

    It will be excellent when Theo and Lu-Lu (-Lu Lucas Poldolski, as the song goes…) and the Ox join back with the squad and we must also hope that young Jack’s injury/time off is more preventative and cautious than serious and long term. I’m also hopeful that Sanogo can contribute a bit this season. Hopefully he’s ready to go when the FA cup rolls around…

    The big thing to appreciate, I think, is the mental strength and cohesion of the team. It’s a cliche of course (“Mental Strengff, as AW says it…) but the group did the job making up the 7 points last Spring on Spurs and they’re keeping it together this season as well–despite the huge set-back (and boos) from opening day. It only gets tougher as the season wears on and they’ve shown great resilience in coming back with good results after the lesser disappointments like the draw at WBA or the losses at home vs Dortmund and Chelsea in the other competitions… It should be noted that our leadership is (extremely) collective. Our Captain only gets starts in the league cup matches yet doesn’t (seem to) pout! Some might (if they haven’t slagged off the man too heavily in the past…) think about giving the manager a tiny slice of the credit…

    Finally, yes, I believe we need a bigger squad of quality players to compete on multiple fronts. Fingers crossed for no big injuries and good contribution from returning guys and maybe even a younger player or two. Even if everybody were to become healthy we still might enjoy an injection of real quality if it was available in the transfer window.

    The culture is aspirational so we’re obsessed with buying players, but January remains two full months away. Until then we play with the cards in our hand. At that point we can assess needs with a (slightly) clearer head… Maybe… Given that the trigger actually WAS pulled (buying Ozil…) the links will be mind numbing–or mind tickling, if you enjoy that sort of thing. January is generally a spot for readjusting the squad for the run-in (Nacho is a great example…), but (as James Bond pointed out in the previous thread) this year could be different as players may be somewhat desperate for playing time ahead of the World Cup. I firmly believe we should plan for the long haul as well as the short. In other words, no Arshavins, please…

    OK, enough said, thanks for reading… πŸ˜€

  • Hi Marcus et al

    Great post. Glad to see someone else who appreciates the fine art of team defense! πŸ™‚

    The only problem with team defense is that if one part is off then it can unravel quite quickly. Equally, when it’s on, eg vs Napoli and Pool, it’s very very dominant … Thus, for us it’s a matter of how to achieve ever greater consistency in doing it.

    On attack, what I think we are seeing is a function of increasing options. Long ago I noted that the team that scores most wins, but goals come from opportunities, thus, opportunity creators (eg Ozil) are the most valuable elements, even over top strikers!

    Thus, what I think is as Santi comes back and then Theo we add two new and very different options (pace vs craft if you will). JW adds a more direct power vs the pace and craft of Santi. With the B2B like emergence of AR that’s another.

    The main result? No team can afford to focus on any one or two elements. IMO last game some thought Ozil was quiet, but:

    A. He got an assist

    B. He was double teamed and followed everywhere.

    Too bad, the others got it done and you’re still beat! Thus, we are continuing to develop a multi faceted attack that will be very hard to stop every element of…

    To me, that is the real sign of an emerging dominant offense. Think ManU 3-4 years ago with many options all in form, versus now when they look really one dimensional with the same one striker we used to have! πŸ™‚

    Just some thoughts … Cheers — jgc

  • Great post bro Marcus..

    As I said several times.. our team is great.. and will continuing winning something.. just if we never lost in our first game we might not lose any single game at PL.. hehehe.. COC is not our priority.. forget it..

    As long as We don’t play Ramsey-Wilshere as our double pivot and Kosc-Verm as our double CB.. the team balance will just fine.

    Just play the same team again Dortmund (minus Gibbs) and We will win.. and We are very strong in our yellow shirt.. only draw one to WBA.. cmiiw..
    We have a great spirit away.. and this yellow shirt really mean something.. big energy.. hehehe..
    3-1.. to make Klopp understand.. that Classic Orcestra is better than rock and roll.. hahaha..

  • I dunno Henry…Dortmund wear yellow. I think they might make us wear the red w/white sleeves…

  • Fozzie B,

    Thanks…I hope we can take 3 points off BVB in Germany. It’s an up hill task, I know but I think we can..

  • Marcus – Great post, and one that has provoked some great inputs as well. Top class!

    No ‘Buts’ or ‘Howevers’ from me either, so you must be on to something? πŸ˜†

    There is no doubt that the collective spirit within the squad, even those not playing, is something that you cannot measure or put a price on, because it is invaluable?
    Long may it last.

    Ozil has found it refreshing after his Madrid experience, and why his presence only enhances the team without any hint of ‘I am you star man’ about him. Something we should be careful, or at least AW should, with the clamour for this and that player come January?

    Sticking with the here and now, I could argue that the teams we have played so far, and when we played our best, we have had our best 11 out there? It is very easy to say this playing will gives us this or this one will give us that, but it also means you take somebody out of the side to accommodate them. That can very quickly take away from our ‘rotational fluidity’ that has been so successful?

    No matter who you put in from the last starting 11, or the best combination of that 11 and the one against Napoli, it might not have the desired result?

    Even the Monreal for Gibbs, the least problematic, we lose something. Move on to Walcott? For Rosicky, we gain, but we lose. Podolski? Give Giro a rest? We gain, but lose massively. It is nice having the players in the background, but we have seen already that a top international player like Thomas Vermaelin replaces Koscielny and the defensive chemistry gets lost.

    This is where Arsene is going to have to be at his very best. From front to back, the dynamics change. Strangely, after one game, the one player who should fit like a glove is now derided as a pariah. Wrongly imo. Nicky B had a poor game against Chelsea, agreed. But if he had the support that Giro got, and resulted in us scoring the first goal against Liverpool, it could have been different? His confidence could have risen if even with just an assist. I will still argue he is our best like-for-like player we have in the squad. But he needs to have some of his the former swagger to match up. Whether he gets the chance is another matter. He was on the bench along with Akpom, so his time may still come?

    I would say that whilst we have these 11 players who are working well together, the likes of Theo need to come from the bench first, rather than drop straight in. Indeed, if we lose Giro at any time against Dortmund. I would be happier with Bendtner on, to keep the continuity, but may be add Akpom as well, as a foil. Only then think of Walcott for his crosses? Timing is everything, and the one thing ahead of the Man U game, we don’t want is to over play Rosicky, so an exciting double change on the hour mark, might be Akpom and Podolsk/Theo, if either of those are fit for a run out?

    This means the ‘team’ has to adapt quickly to their different styles, both need ball to feet. No point of lobbing high balls up the middle with Hummels and co ready to pounce. But it would provide a threat where I believe they are weakest?

    If I were to get ahead of the preview post for a moment, the Dortmund strength is their doubling up down both flanks. This is where Reus can be most dangerous, as he can switch sides with ease. Unfortunately, it just so happens that we look to be down to our bare bones in the fullback department? Jenks still looks a risky proposition even doubling up with Sagna, so I hope that Gnabry is fit as he provides some extra cover, as well as an attacking threat? The other side is much more exposed with Santi supporting Monreal? To me this is where we are in real difficulty. If we assign either Ramsey or Arteta to double up on that side, the other half is going to have to be more defensive? Which is why Rosicky will be the one in front of the twin DM pivot … for as long as we can risk him?

    As a long shot, I might suggest a ‘wengury’ to Ozil, not because TCM has commanded it, but it would allow Hayden to drop in alongside Arteta and then free the attacking part of our game to flow as it has been? Risky, but ….

    We know AW likes minimum changes, which is usually just two. This would be a ‘forced’ change (Gibbs), a ‘tactical forced change’ (Ozil), and one other, perhaps (Rosicky) for Gnabry later on. Their threat down the middle is only as good as the supply, but I expect Kos to do ‘a Suarez’ on Lewandowski. Mert will have to take care of the big so and so if they play the pair of them?

    Sorry Marcus if I have moved your starting point to the next immediate threat, but I am trying to highlight that just having quality players waiting in the wings does not automatically make them starters. They have to be appropriate for the game in hand?

  • Hello Marcus,all

    You’ve pretty much summed up everything with our squad..the GOOD and the NOT so good..but as you say, we are a work in progress

    At the start of each season, the 10th game is ALWAYS set as the benchmark to see how well a team can perform in a season. Seeing where we are ToTL with a good 5 point lead, all i can say is WELL DONE 2 the team..when the fixture list was released earlier before the season started, i had set 26 points from the opening 10 games so i’m glad with what i’m seeing

    What has really stood out for me so far is the EXCEPTIONAL team spirit..these guys really are playing for each other and the team-bond seems stronger than ever..even Oooozil is in awe of it

    The brand of football played so far has been summed up PERFECTLY by Oooozil..’Formula 1 football’..just a delight!..so easy on the eye and breathtaking in its simplicity..long may it continue!!..and when things are not clicking, we can still grind them results

    The STANDOUT performers for me so far have to be Rambo, Giroud and Gibbo..the defense has been decently solid and other players like Santi, Arteta,Sagna and the Big Pole are starting to find their feet

    The imminent returns of Theo and the Ipod will really push us on and allow the overplayed players some breathing space..so after 10 games, i really can’t ask for more,maybe to improve on our pressing but so far so good,all is well in this Oooozil-inspired team

    And can i finish by saying i bloody LOVE Sagna..the image of him BARKING as Coutinho falls back is something to behold..a true warrior and leader in our team..for heaven’s sake sign him up Arsene!!!!!!!!

  • Excellentation Marcus

    A brilliant and well balanced post Sir

    I concur with your sentiments. what is important to me is improvement, both on and off the pitch.

    As expected, we have now turned the corner and are marching forwards. The race to glory is a long one and i take along term view. In other words, even if we nothing this year it dosent matter, it was never about this season.

    What does matter is that we get ourselves in a position were trophies are “expected”, and this is what the Club is developing. The time is coming when Arsenal will take there rightful place amongst Europe’s elite

    If we win the league this year I will be filled with the joyous fruit of life. If we don’t, I will settle for a banana.

    In future I fully expect us all to taste the delicious but forbidden fruit of paradise as we win league upon league and dine on Champions League glory

    A bit of lustful sin thrown in would be nice to

  • nice one @ Marcus – agreed.

    Gnabry is fully fit and travels, as well as Eisfield

    Gibbs trained which means he is fit as well but left at home…reason ? as below

    England Squad announced on thursday hence the likes of Wilshere, Theo, Gibbs will be shielded by AW i reckon – yep , all a ploy by AW so that none of the Arsenal players are involved this time ? if it works, then it’s a master stroke – allows the trio to rest and recoup and train better.

    very excited to have Gnabry back for tomorrow !

  • it wasn’t 10 k extra @ Glics

    stop making them all sound like Mo Farah, it was more like 1 k –

    good mini post as usual @ 17HT

    Gerry, makes a valid point about like for like in Giroud for Bendtner , however, confidence is an essential that seems to be missing from bendtner’s game at the moment, he plays as if he doesn’t believe in himself nor belong there – i just hope he scores a few goals before January so we can least get at least 1 million from his sale…


    next 2 games won’t tell us anything about the trophy drought as such, they will only be a yardstick to compare our performances – by xmas we will know where we well and truly stand – it’s a marathon and not a quick sprint for me.

    one things for sure though, what ever happens, we have finally got our belief back which wasn’t there from the last 3 years, at least – now there is a genuine aura about us and swagger as well

    coming back to Gerry, thanks for the Marseille update and them not being able to last the whole 90 minutes, is sounds like they may throw in the towel already and focus on their results in ligue 1 as opposed to the CL , as i doubt if they be making the Europa league with all 3 top teams currently on 6 points.

    it’s imperative that we don’t lose tomorrow

  • They will press us so hard, we will have the shiniest kit in Germany !. We are going to get hammered, so we might as well play our kids and save the 1st team for the more important game against Manscum in Cockie Monsters priority competition !.
    More sense from the most logical BKer !. hahaha

  • Marcus great read thank you,
    I always used to say to rival fans you wait to Rambo starts scoring he won’t be able to stop, i am so happy for Rambo that man has already had a football career that could be a story line in a movie. He is still young and for me he is the best player in the league at present if he does not win the prem’s player of the month then it’s a joke, but i am sure he will.
    But all that said i would just like to say that every single player has just been excellent , they have all played there part in this strong run , Wenger tells us there is still a lot of improvement to come and i can barely remember a players form dropping or getting worse under Wengers watch, bring out the best in them he does heu heu (that was my Yoda impression)
    As you said also the thought of Theo, Podolski, the OX and lets not forget our new young French International striker Sanogo is very exciting . You just get the feeling that they will be coming back at the perfect time all freah, as we have been on a great run and managed with out them only to come back when a break is needed. Maybe these injuries really were a blessing in disquise this time i like to think so. πŸ™‚

  • proudgooner……if I could pull girls half as pretty as Stretch pulls….I would be a very happy man. πŸ˜‰

  • Stretch doesn`t pull the girls….he hypnotises them with his Β£20k teeth, whilst his syrup slips off his head up their skirts and in for the kill !.
    Why did we beat Reading in that game he so generously got us tickets for ?….nothing to do with our great football, no, the floodlights were reflecting off Stretches teeth into the goalies eyes for all 4 goals !. If we are to beat Dortmund, Stretch needs to be there !. Stretches secret weapon of mass reflection !. hahaha

  • We’ll certainly need something special tomorrow night GLICster. BUT, I’m with you matey. I would send out a weakened team so we can field our strongest fittest side on Sunday.

    It’s not fair…todays society. My Daughter received a call 2 weeks ago from her best friend (Manc supporter)~ telling her she had two tickets from directors at her company and would my Daughter like to accompany her to the game this Sunday.

    Free entry into a box…..free drinks and food…….and to top it all an evenings dinner on the company too…..how’s your luck.

    I tried to bribe her friend but she weren’t having any of it. I’m gutted. 😦

  • Man utd are a one man team and no it’s not Van Pu$$y i’m talking about – it’s Rooney.

    0-0 ht

    3-1 man city

  • GOAL – Juventus 1-2 Real Madrid – Gareth Bale (60 mins)
    Yeah, I think he’s settling in OK now!

    Wonderful goal from a wonderful player as Gareth Bale puts Real Madrid ahead. It’s a move of devastating simplicity. a put over the top being controlled by one magic touch from Cristiano Ronaldo, who lays the ball to his right and Bale. He has plenty to do but does it easily, breezing past a tackle to hammer in a low right-footed shot at the near post.

    like i said before, 100 million ? – worth every penny.

  • Jurgen Klopp has confirmed defender Mats Hummels is in line to miss the Champions League tie.

    brilliant !

  • JB,
    What did you make of Giroud not getting rape enough when he was a teenager in his interview ha ha ha

  • he’s making up for all the lost “Praise and Appreciation” now – where is HH, when you need him, ehhh ? πŸ˜‰

    predictions for tomorrow @ The Punter

  • ha ha ha ha very true JB very true mate. My prediction for tomorrow is , wiat for it! drum roll brrrrrrrrrrrbrrrrrrrrrrrrrbrrrrrrr 3-1 to us ha ha ha

  • interesting that prediction, i think it’s the first time you’re making such a bold prediction πŸ˜‰

    i’m gonna go with a 2-0 (easy)

  • First goal scorer and i will put this bet on tomorrow Cazorla to score first 3-1 to Arsena.
    I also think in tomorrows match will be the first time we really start to see Ozil and Santi clicking together , i would love an Ozil to Cazorla asist
    JB ,
    Please remind me to place the bet..

  • Yep i cant remember going for a 3-1 before but i am sure i must have done once or maybe twice before, , your punt is a good one it could also be 2-1 but i will stick my neck out for the 3-1er

  • fair enough

    it will be a 2-0 for me, a perfectly controlled game with Rosicky more involved along with Ozil and Santi – Ramsey may steal the show though (how boring).

  • Santi must start left wing again , i think against strong team we cant afford to let our LB & RB bombing up the wings all night leaving our defence exposed . That is something i really don’t like very much even on corners when sometimes 3 defenders go up for a corner. If i had my way it would be only 1 against counter attacking teams like Dortmund KOS and the BFG taking it in turns and maybe 1 in 3 both go up for it with strict instructions that as soon as the attack breaks down they must sprint straight back. I mean seriously how many times or how offten do we score from corners any way.??

  • we mustn’t be discouraged by that –

    but since they are the home team, let them come out , we will get them on the counter attack, what they did to us – don’t forget, we often do to other teams as well

    we will score from a corner tomorrow i reckon πŸ™‚

  • We must be due to score from 1 JB, that is another area we can and should improve on.
    Fingers crossed mate

  • Must admit Vic`s…….you may hate Manscum , but they take hospitality to the next level !. Someone I know was given free drinks, free food, all ManU kits, badges etc`, free women, a car, holidays, an offshore account, one to one chats with SAF, train with the players and even get to Referee the games !.

  • Il take them both Cockie Monster, i like both names
    Does anyone know how Gervinho is getting on? is he playing well? scoring?

  • CM,
    I bet Fergie missed that bit out in his book, i can just see him going into the refs dressing room at half time with an envelope with Β£20,000 in it. He became to powerful, thank f*** his gone,

  • JB and PG

    Jgc-damus is with JB and I think we will field strong side.. We often play top teams best away in CL.. 2-0, arsenal. … One for AR assisted by Ozil or Santi.. Yeah, the latter part ain’t hard. Second involves OG..

    Cheers — jgc

  • Afternoon Tumbleweed Trannies !. πŸ˜†

    Anyone see that general piece of news on Arsenal Newsnow ?.

    Well, a Liverpool drug dealer Curtis ” Cocky ” Warren ( no relation and I only deals drugs in Lesbania, where it`s legal ! ) has been ordered to pay Β£198M !!! or spend a further 10 years in Prison !. Hahaha Criminal scousers are worth more than their football club !. He will be popular in Prison……” You`ll never wank alone ! “

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