Karim Benzema Vs Robert Lewandowski: who is best for Arsenal?

Let me open with a disclaimer. This article is not based on any news, be it rumor or fact. All I did here was have a look at the two best strikers that could be available in January and knowing we are in need there, I chose to analyze the two best options and what they’d bring to Arsenal. I reiterate we aren’t linked with them in any way (and if we are, I am not aware) so this article is purely a ‘what if’ scenario.

That said, it’s very rare to find top quality strikers available in ANY transfer market, let alone a January one. In this one, there are two; Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski. Same age but very different styles of play. Let me begin with Benzema.

I’ve been a long time fan of Benzema, since he played for Lyon and scored both home and away against Man Utd. Benzema AT HIS BEST is a striker few (if any) defenders can handle. This is because he has it all. Pace, dribbling skill, fantastic ball control, power, aerial ability, intelligence, a commendable degree of ambidexterity, team play, passing and finally, finishing. When he played for Lyon, he looked like he was (at 19 years old) a player set for world domination. His first season at Real Madrid showed signs of that continued promise but since then he never really hit those heights again.

Don’t get me wrong he always returns 15+ goals a season which is not too bad but for a player with his capability, it really should be double that. To be fair to him, he plays for Real Madrid which has CR7 as their main man. Add that to the fact that history has shown much like Chelsea, some players just don’t do well there ( ask Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben and company) and maybe it is just a case of being in the wrong team. That said, its is difficult to ignore his glaring inconsistency while there. He will score 5 goals in 3 games then go on a 5 game goal drought.

Also, over the years he has suffered attitude problems but this looks to be a thing of the past. Therein lies the problem for me. Ideally, he would fit seamlessly into our side but he is an unknown quantity (as per now). Thing is he is still not yet in his prime so Arsene can turn him into a world beater like he did Henry. And believe me, all the qualities are there. In fact given the midfield we have, it could take him very little time to adapt.

Then there’s Lewandowski. He is a very different kettle of fish to Benzema. Lewandowski reminds me of Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Except he is better at holding up play. Lewie is not the fastest of players but he is ruthlessly lethal. In fact if I didn’t know better I’d think that rather than normal training, Klopp locks him in a room where he undergoes non stop target practice. Lewandowski does not suffer goal droughts simply because his intelligence levels are sky high. He guarantees 30+ goals every season.

My issue with Lewie is that he is a poacher, pure and simple. He has scored roughly 90 something goals the past 3 seasons but there are a fistful (if any) spectacular goals because what he does best is finish off moves. If you look at Arsenal’s recent history, there aren’t any poachers save for Eduardo so would he fit in? But then again, with the midfield we have, do we really need anything more? Besides Lewie is still 25, so he still has room to learn new tricks..

Anyway I put this question out to you. Which of the two (given the choice) would you rather see playing at Arsenal and why?


Written by: Marcus

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  • Nice one, Marcus. πŸ™‚

    I would not want a striker of that sort of calibre to come and disrupt everything in January, but if I had to choose it would be Lewandowski. Nothing wrong with Benzema either though.

    Off to bed now, more from me tomorrow.

  • no one Marcus,

    and great job with the new banner @ TA – am loving it

    none of them for me @ Marcus

    i prefer a Suarez / Rooney / Hernandez / Aguero type of striker as opposed to the cheat aka Lewandowski

    Benzema for 20 million is not bad though…so if you were to ask me for one of your 2 choices, then it ha to be Benzema – simply because AW has been a long term admirer and Ozil knows his game , plus the french factor

  • It’s a really good question Marcus,
    I that is both a good chance of having and 2 top choices and 2 next to perfect type of players for our club. As such I am not sure which is best. Based on recent form then Robert Lew is probably the guy I would have given the choice I suppose. Would Real let us take Benz after we have recently brought Ozil you would hope so , we would be able to pay them the cash in full and Wenger is always respectful about his transfer deals with other clubs. He is wasted at Real and if he wants play in the world club and make an impact then a move and regular football is vital. That said then where better could he go then play under the best French manager of all time? It would be an absolute perfect move for him at just the right time. Not to mention playing regular with Sagna, Giroud, KOS, if I were him and i knew Wenger wanted him I would make it happen. But as you mentioned he had attitude problems , that can be gotten over. My problem is as I see it lately he is there main striker and is not sitting on the bench and even if Ron is the main man with all the stars giving him service then he should be hitting 25 goals plus a season at minimum . So that said Lewendolski is my first choice but I would so happy to take either that if it happens I would probably be sectioned for being to happy and put in a straight jacket and locked away in a glass box . There would walking around tapping the glass and shaking there heads in disbelief that there is man that is just to happy. “The jigsaw is complete ” rocking back and forth all day smiling and laughing. Ha ha ha ha ha

  • But and it is a big but, who ever striker we do get, none of them going to just take it of Giroud some of us said this before the season started and now it gone to a whole new level. That is how well he is doing for me IMO

  • proudgooner…..I feel you’ve already booked your place in the glass box : )

    Wenger usually goes for a player that has the following:

    a) Can play in two or more positions effectively,
    b) Is underused and undervalued at his selling Club,
    c) Is at a bargain price, or is a good value for money spent,
    d) Does NOT have ego problems and is a team player,
    e) Ideally is French, German or Spanish but Polish would do as well,
    f) Has a proven pedigree in the CL and a big European league,
    g) Will fit into the style of play AFC and Wenger prefer so can play as a loan striker or behind the striker if needed.

    Therefore Benzema seems to fill all of the above ahead of Lewandowski.

  • Don’t rate Benzima really for the money that…. Lewandowski for 10m well that would be good. Llorente or Costa(most preferable)..they would be best buys …. Cavani may even be on the move in the Summer…… Chelsea bound probably…..

  • Marcus et al,

    Either is fine, but I think a replacement for Arteta (longer term) is the goal, a 22-24 year old up and coming mid to DM organiser type.. Or more fireworks, Flamini mark 2.0.

    I do agree we are needing a strike backup in January and think a solid player, agreeing with TA here, that fits well, can score, but doesnt break up our flow/harmony would be fine. And less dosh until Summer… Thus, I think we are looking at your Michu caliber players without the tag recently applied to him… Not sure who that might be, but I suspect neither will be available..

    Longer term, since this is about wishlists, per my above a replacement ARteta / Flamini type. AFter that a striker and maybe some defenders this summer depending on who stays/goes.

    Regarding JW from last post and before, and to clarify for TA who is upset with me… IMO, JW fit and coming into some maturity of play is going to be dominant in the same “dynamic” role TR is playing now. But way better. Waaay better…

    To my mind, given his injury record and how many years it can take to really really recover, see AR for example, the rise and retention of TR is a blessing for him. One I hope AW uses to bring him along well. He;s something like 22, and what we (or at least me) really want, is what he will be at 25-30. Great now, awesome later if he lasts.

    TR and others will allow him to come along slower and last/improve … So goes my thinking. Without TR we would be pushing him harder and I think the risk is too high. Witness AR who had years in JWs (and others) shadow’s to “hide” and develop at his own pace… JWs future is brighter if he isnt run down to hard.

    So, my take.. we get neither of these two in January. Maybe in summer? I like Suarez of JBs choices, but cant tolerate all that comes with him, so no there for me. If I could choose one I thought was realistic and achievable (personalities of managers aside), I’d be looking at Lukaku or Benteke, or similar..

    cheers — jgc

  • I’d be THRILLED with either of them… Too good to be true, surely?
    Then again, I’m still not convinced the Ozil transfer really happened! πŸ™‚

  • @james bond.. at first read it sounded like you meant you wanted a non cheating striker like Suarez and not a cheat like lewandowski πŸ™‚

    As good a player as Suarez is when not diving, biting, playing as temporary extra goal keeper or otherwise being a nuisance, I’d still back him to win a ‘cheat-off’ against lewandowski!

  • Hi Jgc πŸ™‚

    You may wanna read a few comments from the last article πŸ˜‰ they might be of some interest to you!

  • I am of the strongest conviction that Robert Lawandoski is the right attacker for arsenal. Trust .

  • I don’t understand why people asking for a striker when we have poldi? He is better finisher than Benzema. his shot on target ratio is much better. I would rather see him leading our attack

  • I can’t get too excited about Lewandowski, unfortunately. Very few creative, attractive goals. I watched his goal reel from last season and quickly got bored about the sameness of it all. Maybe that’s precisely what we need, but I am unconvinced.

    Benzema offers more variety and entertainment to my mind, and perhaps a new club will inject the passion that he seemed to have years ago, but may not be showing more recently.

  • No to either one. But having read your blog I’d have to go with lewandowski. He would offer us the same as what giroud gives but more goals I would think. I don’t believe benzema is for sale in Jan being he is Madrid’s only experienced forward and there’s been too much about him that’s put me off him.

    I would much rather us get Luis Muriel from Udinese. He could also play in CL, is young and will only become top class.

  • Interesting opinions. TA, Giroud has cemented his place in our team. There’s no replacing him. But he is in dire need of some help. When Giroud is rested, we need a player who can come in a deliver, not bendtner.

  • Hi Marcus, I have just approved ten new commenters. Well done for writing a thought provoking post.

    I prefer a Benteke sort of signing in January, rather than a big established one.

  • Marcus – Like some above, my first thought was ‘Neither’, from your headline … but then I read how you phrased the question. Well done!

    For and against:

    Benzema, for all the qualities that Benzema has, I just don’t believe the Premiership is where he will flourish. Others can argue his skills will overcome all that, I don’t .

    Lewandowski, he does and can score in the crowded, tough tackling Bundesliga, and we know to our cost, he can score here.

    Does that make the choice any easier? Yes and no.

    Benzema is a team player, and could play with Giroud, and lead the line, in a different way without him. That makes him the better choice ……. except for my doubts above?

    Lewandowski is a main striker. No way can I see him playing alongside Giroud, unless Giro dropped to a CAM role … which would be interesting in a Fellaini sort of way? But with our creative talent behind him he would score goals … lots of goals. So he is the choice, but from before we signed Giroud? The team dynamic is now so intertwined with Giro’s style and work ethic, beyond scoring goals, so there is little point of signing Lewi for the occasional appearance, no matter how cheap, if Β£10m is cheap?

    So the answer is still neither.

    If I were to make a prediction, it would be Benzema will end up at PSG where he will do amazingly well alongside Zlat. In turn it will allow Cavani to move to pastures new …?

  • Hi all..
    Marcus my bro.. If the alternative only between Lewandowski and Benzema.. that of course Lewandowski.. period. But Wenger would not praise Diego Costa several times for nothing.. hehehe..

    But I hope for Vela to return.. as well as Fabregas.. It will be very fantastic if we can get them both.. They have the Gunners-DNA.. and will be as great as Flamini’s return.. hahahaha..

    I like to guide you all to see for Eredevisie for a while..
    There’s three Islandia striker.. Alfred Fimbeegason (Heerenveen / 24), Kolbeinn SigthΓ³rsson (Ajax / 23) and Aron Johannsson (Al Alkmaar / 22), all in top five..
    But Alfred is the topscorer.. 11 goals and 3 assist from 10 games.. and we may get him for only 5 millions.. hehehe..

    Sad news for Walcott.. I hope to see him again MU.. Missed him a lot.. hehehehe..
    I don’t think Gnabry will fit.. Maybe Miyaichi will play to replace Rosicky in the first half..
    But Rosicky is on fire also.. and look like very fresh.. hehehe.. Our most senior player, but full energy like other.. big respect for him.. hope he will find his best once in a while and be our motm..

    Go Gunners.. We are the Champion..

  • No! I did not say who I preferred. Having seen what my bullish compliments about KZ4 recently, and his next showing, I shall be very reluctant to go on record about anybody hereon.


  • TA – Expect mail shortly.

    Interlull post, and I don’t mention Jack Wilshere once: πŸ˜‰

  • TCM – Don’t count on it. I’ve had that when nothing happened after pressing send, do it a second time and get message ‘ You are posting too quickly, slow down’ …

    But they scrub both messages!

  • Nice Marcus, very nice.

    Have we not disagreed about Benzema before?

    I would not take either of these players, though of course they are both top notch.

    I want someone distinctly different to Giroud, who can play both up front, just behind, and even wide.

    Not to much to ask is it? Ok, Suarez is an orrible bastard, hell bent on killing Clint Eastwood in those spaghetti western movies, and after the shooting spying on Eastwoods Mrs as she takes a bath, but hes the villian we need.

  • I got distracted …

    Meanwhile, in the real world, when SQ players do come available, we are mentioned in the same breath as the ‘oilers’ as likely beneficiaries. In Ozil’s case, it was not a question of whether we needed a creative midfielder, but purely that one of the best in the world was about to fall into our laps? We may not be so lucky again, but you can bet your life that AW will want SQ that adds to our team, irrespective of who we have already.

    @ 23.30 Domhuail’s criteria list is absolutely the place to start. Top comment, you should write more often?

  • MK,

    are you by any chance calling Suarez a “CHEAT” ?


    PS: πŸ˜‰

  • for the avoidance of doubt, i don’t consider Lewandowski to be SQ.

    so both Flamini and JW are fit and raring to go for the reds ?

    AW kept his team updates short and to the point, i wonder why he’s done that AGAIN ? eagerly awaiting the training ground photos.

  • The lads will have had Thursday, today, Saturday and will have the best part of Sunday off, so no “fatigue” crap please !. Being TOTL, the “confidence” factor should out weigh the so called ” fatigueness” !. Lets fcuk these muvver fcukers or will we bottle it against our first real EPL test !. hahaha

  • Oh and thanks Marvellous Marcus for the post. Any SQ player will do for me…..how about making a sneaky bid for RVP ?…..there is a buy back clause which involves so many boys in side him that it will blow the Catholic Church and Savile out of the water !. hahaha

  • i think it’s time you had your special conversation with AW again @ TCM

    there shouldn’t be the “Jaded” excuse this time i reckon, and i have just read that Wales only play ONE friendly that happens to be in wales on the 16th, which means that Ramsey will get a much deserved breather as well, super !

  • ahahahahahhahahahahaahhahahaahahahhahahahah

    you legend you @ Glics


    find of the month !!!


  • Evening glory hole go getters!!! πŸ˜†
    Thanks Marcus! For me lewandowski all day long… High goal to game ratio and a natural greedy badger replacement. I wouldn’t say no to Bezene either … After all he is favoured over higuain at RM.
    Le Prof will use his magic French touch to get him working on all cylinders!! But I worry about the dynamics of having number one bd two France strikers in the same team as Benzene has history with attitude and he might really put OG off his oats!! Will read all your fine comments later after work…. πŸ˜†

  • Marcus, nice post…My only objection is that you don’t seem to want to play with us in the comments these days… πŸ˜‰

    Put me with those who aren’t particularly interested in either… Lewandowski seems well committed elsewhere and Benzema will only move if RM do something crazy like swooping for Suarez or Falcao…If that were to happen AND we could get Benzema on the cheap, it could be interesting having the two French strikers (and the future French manager…) all working together… The odds seem too long to even bother thinking about it…

    If we must think about January–and I truly don’t believe we need to–given the big match staring us in the face plus our returning players (who will all be, as they say, like new signings…), I think we need to be thinking longer term. In other words, young players who might be trying to find a spot to showcase themselves for their National teams ahead of the world cup. If we’re talking strikers, where’s Pato these days? If we’re talking DM, Lars Bender beating down the best in England is a possibility, but probably only if Flamini or Arteta are hurt. In truth, I’m talking out of my arse and my hope is that the appropriate people at the club know what they’re doing…

    The bottom line for me is that while it’s tempting to cut and paste names into positions we *should* (fingers crossed) be in a better spot in terms of healthy bodies come the new year. I’d like to see Poldolski AND Walcott get some opportunities and I have high hopes for Sanago if he can surmount his injury issues. I’m concerned about Vermaelen as it’s a big fall from being Captain and linked with the big teams (with perennially weak defenses…aka Barca…) to being a CoC player and final substitute in matches we’re winning. Could he be moving and might there be an opportunity to pick up a young (and improving) CB in his stead? Keep the team intact–sign Sagna on a multi-year contract, for example…, look for (longer term) opportunities in the market and (if needed) buy somebody (like we did with Nacho, last Jan) to plug a hole. In fact, thinking about Jan… this is what I’m more interested in:



  • Evening guys, Cockie and Fuzbum πŸ™‚

    Interesting comments today and good to see how much appreciation there is now for OG.

    The combination of goals, assists AND being the attacking pivot\lighthouse is Giroud’s strength, and I invite anyone to name me a better option right now for all he brings to the team.

    Gerry, (and 17HT), looking fwd to it! πŸ™‚

  • Hey Total…

    OG is doing very nicely and he’s got a good balance of striker selfishness and the realization that others around him can finish just as well (if not better) than he can. Anybody we buy needs to have a similar mentality. As such, I would be wary of mercenary types and others who’ve failed to put their teams’ objectives above their own. Lewandowski, with his pre-contract “agreement,” with Bayern (AND his agent shopping him elsewhere) would fail on this account…

    I’ve watched a bit of Real Madrid football but it wasn’t enough to allow me to see how incredible Ozil would be in our team. From what I’ve seen, despite all the frustration he causes, Benzema, I think, could really do a job for us. Do I think Madrid will sell him our way and risk becoming our “feeder” club. Absolutely not…

    As such, both guys are total non-starters (for me) so it’s all theory…The same goes for “big” English clubs selling guys our way. This is why, after all the endless talk, we did not get Suarez, Rooney (nor even Demba Ba)… We won’t be getting any of them in January, either… (AAH WTF DIK?…)

    Watching Dortmund the other day I noted that we’re still, often times, a typical English, “Route One” team. People are lauding Scszeney for his 3 straight clean sheets and the several decent saves he made along the way. His kicking has also improved, the one-touch off Sturridge in the Pool match notwithstanding. Giroud is his best target even if (little) Sagna gets his head to just as many balls. When Theo returns those long kicks to the right and beyond the center circle will have defenses soiling themselves…

    Bendtner, bigger than Giroud but even less mobile, is not a natural target guy, though he might be better with the ball at his feet. His (much vaunted…) confidence probably went off track about 2 or 3 years ago. Would a truly confident striker have laid that ball back out of the box (to Ramsey?) in the CoC? Can Yaya Sanogo step in if Giroud needs a breather or if one of his fake injuries isn’t? ( πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† ) Hard to say having only seen him a little with the U-21 French team… Poldolski isn’t that bad over on his side when he’s fit. Has he ever (in his time at Arsenal) really been fit? Maybe this next round will be his chance, tweets from the gym indicating a certain eagerness… Is it possible that Wenger is holding him out until he’s *really* ready. After all it’s now about ten weeks since he pulled that hamstring…

    The ideal striker (for us) would want to have some size, workrate, pace and an appreciation for a pass to go with finishing ability. Giroud only lacks that burst of pace, though many have questioned the finishing, as well. The two often go hand in hand….

    For now we play with the cards in our hand. Let’s give Theo and Poldi a real run (Yaya and Nicky B, too…) between now and the window and then see where we stand and what might be on offer…

    As well, there’s a big match Sunday, I’m pretty sure…

  • Hey.. I’m just thinking of something here… and its a little out of topic but i just want to hear your thoughts on it.

    Van persie leaving Arsenal at the time he did. I mean, He left right after podolski and Giroud signed. Any possibility he was scared of the competition? I mean, Here he was, Alpha Dog and all and suddenly he has 2 Good strikers competing for his turf… Isn’t that enough for him to think ‘I dont even wanna be here’?

    Just a thought…

  • Xavier – I think you are not fully aware as to what make most of us angry at the little turd inside him. He was in touch with Man U as early as the previous January! He was always going to leave, and his little ‘ultimatum to Arsene to sign player had no bearing on it, let alone the p[ayer we did get as a result.

  • Cockie M,
    I agree with you though i would not go for them 2 as my first choice, i am looking for our next Ian Wright style striker.
    But to be honest i am not going to give this topic much more thought because the last TW was a complete nightmare and the next 1 is still months away. I dare say the media will whind us up enough about who we will sign then.
    I trust Wenger to find great players normally at a bargin,

  • 17 HT – Okay big boy, what are your pressing thoughts on the big match?

    Play the same 11?

    If not who do you rest up?

    It would not surprise me if the little boy inside him want to go to the toilet all Sunday afternoon, and his sore ankle will oblige?

    According to a Man U guy on the Asreblog podcast, their young player that got stamped on – not hard enough as he will be playing Sunday – Januzaj, is their best attacking player at the moment?

    I like the bloke taking on Lawro’s forecast has our result down as a 2-8 πŸ˜† I wonder where he got that result from? It would be a bittersweet moment though πŸ˜€

    The way the shrek is talking up the game he will play, he might know that he has got the main role back again?

  • Xavier,
    Van Judus and his agent wanted 1 last big pay off transfer as he was turning grey fast as and was top goal scorer in the PL . He completely done his blow snot out of his nose thing he does straight in Wenger and all the fans faces after we stuck by him though 8 years of injuries. Plus after Wenger pursuded him to play centre forward he did not even think he could the man does not know the meaning of loyalty .

  • Gerry,
    The match has been delayed because the Wimbledon players coach is stuck in traffic sky sports just said

  • just registered with coral (thanks to the punter) and on william hill .

    thanks to Gerry for pointing out what i was missing out on, from now on , i use 3 sites for betting, ha

    had a good week last week so could afford to place bets on 3 different sites for the same games.

    Arsenal winning away gets me 65 on a 20 quid.

    and the hull match draw with the saints gets me nearly 20 quid on a 5’ver


    there was more competition at Man utd than at Arsenal.

    Poldoski was always going to be a replacement for Arshaving (LW) and AW wenger made sure of that by playing him there from the outset and even before we had signed him, he was made aware that he be playing out wide.

  • Its time to forget and forgive Van Persie lads

    For him it was the right move. It was obvious that when he departed we had come through the main transition of the Highbury move and would start yhe process of building a team to take on all comers,

    However, he was 29 and the clock was ticking

    Trust me on this. A few years back I had a lovely women on the side. Beautiful, intelligent, kind, the lot really. if i wasnt such a bastard i could have fallen for her.

    Anyway, near the end she changed. she was in her early thirties and all of a sudden the thought of kids turned her into a nightmare. She demanded i leave the wife and shack up with her. It was obvious she was desperate for a kid and my sneakiness has tai=ught me never to trust a women in that mind frame.

    I fizzeled her out, that way forcing her to lose feeling for me and more importantly not going to see my wife.

    Basicly, Van Persie was a Bitch, but he couldnt help himself, he wanted glory and could no longer wait

    I am not bitter at all. Persie will collect a few medals at utd, but was a man out of time. Arsenal, his true love, will go on and clean up leagues and champions leagues whilst he as the twilight of his carrer and beyond

    It all quite sad really. Theres plenty of women out there that when i see them, they think “if only i could have married Terry”.

    Thats how Van Persie thinks about Arsenal

  • Forgive TA, you know its the right thing to do.

    Little boys inside him wanted the trophies. He was 29 and could no longer wait, thus left his truth love for a skanky second best just to satisfy his hormones, perfectly understandable.

    Its not like you to hold a grudge TA. Your a very intelligent guy with a tremondous amount of empathy.

    Forgive TA, forgive.

  • ah, registered another account on paddy power because if Arsenal win then they give you 8/1 on new accounts, so on a 10’er that’s 80 in return.

    not bad, come on boys, make me rich πŸ˜€

  • Think its my first time posting on here. I must say I generally love the blog; informed, thought provoking and of a high quality, with reasoned and sensible comments. What’s not to like eh?

    As for tonight’s question: I know wenger likes to turn players careers around and I could be wrong but Benzema always strikes me as a fluffer since his initial arrival onto the scene. just too inconsistent. I don’t think he’s worth 30 mill or whatever Real are peddling him for. To be honest I think they are trying to big him up so that he can be used to get Suarez from Liverpool at a cheaper price in a player plus cash deal.

    As for Lewandoski (or however its spelt), I’ve seen his record and its impressive. I must admit I’ve only ever seen him properly in the euro’s in an average Poland team and thought he was poor in that tournament, he missed a sitter against someone and his first touch was awful. I obviously saw the ‘4 goal game’ in the champions league last year and he was extra good and then I saw him home and away against us and thought he didn’t feature in the first match (and then popped up to score) and was a real torn in our side in the second, (even if he spent a lot of the time diving to try get arteta sent off). I felt his close control in the away game was magnificent (in stark contrast to his euro’s showing). Having said that he didn’t score in the second game. I watched the second game on RTE and they described him as a striker with an incredible ability to find himself in goal scoring positions but also noted that he’s not as clinical as his numbers would seem to indicate. I must admit that was what I seemed to assess from the times that I have watched him.

    In conclusion. Of the 2 I’d have Lewandoski based on his current numbers and his ability to be in the right place at the right time (an admirable trait in a striker) he still has 3-4 years before he hits his peak and could become unreal.

    However if I had carte Blanche it would be Costa or Suarez for me. Although Both come with volatile natures, which is obviously a risk. Suarez would be an excellent support striker in a 2 up top set up with Giroud but could also lead the line against some teams (although he seems like he has his heart set on Real and I wouldn’t want him unsettling the team) Costa offers something similar but I think he’s less temperamental and is developing at an unbelievable pace. He’s scoring more than either messi or ronaldo at present and is extremely strong and could also play in support but would be better at leading the line than Suarez. Plus Wenger seems to love him.

    So splash the cash Arsene!! Costa for me (but if it has to be Lewandoski I won’t be upset)

  • @ gerry PG Terry
    Okay first, I didn’t kno he was already in contact with manU in the january before. That’s a sneaky ‘bitch’ move. (Is it okay to hope for a broken leg now?)

    Umm.. was just thinking bout it earlier. Nothing to it. I do hate seeing him in that dreadful united jersey. Nah..scratch that.. I hate seeing him anywhere. It was that last blog ish he did that did it for me. Couldn’t believe he did that. Still can’t.

    well.. The Arsenal to win n sunday and shut the shrek up eh? Good. I agree too. Lol.


  • I hate him so much because I liked him so much, Terry! It is the same as how those poor women feel you dumped so unceremoniously over the years! Hahaha πŸ™‚

  • you’ve been a tad too late in that “hoping” bit @ Xavier

    some of us have been in AW’s ear encouraging him to play Frimpong and let him break his leg or 2 even if he gets a red card, no worries

    but as you know, AW listens to only the voice in his head πŸ˜€

  • irony irony time folks,

    Javier Hernandez could leave Manchester United in search of first-team football and head to Arsenal, believes Rene Meulensteen.

    the same guy who could RVP over to man utd, right ?


  • Very fine first comment, Benny the G, and welcome to Bergkampesque! πŸ™‚

    What I like about Lewandowski is that, like Giroud, he is a team player and can play well with his back to the goal. His anticipation and positioning are second to none and he can score against anybody (unlike van Judas who fluffs his lines in the big games).

  • Totally agree about Lewandoski’s back to goal skills I was extremely impressed with them against us even though KOS and Mert did great against him. Does anyone think we have any chance of signing him? Would love if he was our ‘secret Ozil mark II’ signing in January but I suspect with his recent comments and diving display against us that its still off to Bayern in the Summer with him. And we need someone in January to stop us for over relying in Giriud and finding us failing due to 1 position’s back up. (I love Giroud but have no issue with the back up being better and making him compete for his place, but as I suggested previously if it was someone who could compete and also play alongside then I’d be even happier)

  • The weather’s great out here, ToTL…We had a little snow (5″ but it’s gone at lake level). Even the trails are clear except in the darkest spots…

    Gerry seems to be calling me out about who to play against ManU. Team picks itself, I think, i.e., same 11. I guess the latest is that Flamini is available. If so, maybe he comes in at Rosicky’s expense. It’s not ideal, except that it is… πŸ˜€

    Obviously we’ll not be able to get by on such a short squad once the international breaks are done and I would like more experienced attackers on the bench. Still, this group, no matter what happens on Sunday, has been incredible. Perhaps they deserve a chance to go out on top…

    After the break the group must expand and competition for places will happen. It’s a shame that Theo won’t be available as a sub for Sunday, but avoiding the call up is maybe worth it…

    Given that we get no breaks in our CL “group of death,” the “festive period” (FA Cup 3rd round…) is the time when the younger guys will likely be called upon once again. It’s great when those guys have opportunities (if they *take* them…) and Gnabry was a real star in the Swansea match. I’m glad, however, that we’re not going into the United match with an 18 year old as our most in form attacker (quoting the Arsecast)…

    I’m expecting a tough match and maybe a special appearance from Fergie (sharing a laugh with the ref before the match, shaking his fist and spitting out his gum at him as he leaves his box in the 85th minute… On that note, who IS the ref?…) United will be desperate for the result and it could be a huge turnaround for them (and Moyes). We must do what we can to prevent it…

  • Thanks for the welcome James Bond (never thought I’d have to type that) and TA.

    I think we can do Utd. But I thought that last year too. I thought their squad was very poor and don’t know how they won the league. This year I realise its because of the Fergie influence and I think we can do them although I think Moyes in his traditional setup will be extra defensive so as not lose.

    On Sunday night we could be 11 points clear of Utd having beaten Liverpool, Dortmund and United in ‘the week that we were to be shown up as pretenders’ YES!!!! COME ON YOU GUNNERS !!!!

  • interesting how you hint at playing Flamini and benching Rosicky @ 17HT

    i much rather bench Santi, move Ramsey on the left and keep Rosicky on the right, if we are changing the starting 11.

  • Here’s hoping Flamini is only brought on to sure up our 3-0 victory and rest weary legs πŸ˜‰

  • you never know @ BG

    Flamini could be played to give Arteta a breather ?

    anyway, i’m going to be very cautious and predict a 0-8 for the good guys, it’s only because i respect man utd way too much.

  • @ JB if the Flam is fit then he should be but I think over the season he’s going to be the more important DM and font want a rush back of him and a reoccurrence of the Crystal Palance injury.

  • agreed @ BG

    now let’s all be very very afraid and scared, the dinosaur aka Giggs has warned Arsenal that this sunday our run of victories and march will be coming to a halt , yikes.

  • Hey Benny, Welcome….When will you be doing your first post for the blog… πŸ˜€

    We’re all hoping for the best, but it won’t be easy…

    Like I said, the big question is 11 v 11 or will it be 12? Like 007 says, the ref will be 28 year old Michael Oliver… My thought is that this is not a good thing given the size of the crowd and the stakes at hand… He did a good job in his last Arsenal match, the 1-nil home win over Spurs, however… Maybe the less experienced ref creates a selection problem for Moyes. Do you start the 18 yr old kid, or the “wily” veteran, Ashley Young? πŸ™„ 😯 …

    Sorry Bond, much as I love Rosicky and thought he did wonderfully against his former club, I just love Santi that little bit more and think that he’s nearly caught up in terms of fitness. Having only gone a little more than an hour on Weds he might be that tiny notch fresher than Sicky who played the whole of what must’ve been an extra emotional match for him…

    Uh oh, if I’m benching him, I might have to drop his WAG as my avatar… πŸ˜‰ …

  • Benny G

    I reckon he will go to Bayern too and I would not want to see either him or Giroud sit on the bench a lot. We need a quality addition who is happy to be nr.2 for a while, either very experienced or getting there…

  • Welcome Benny and thanks for highlighting my reasoned and sensible comments !. Send some money via Total and you will receive an official Cockie Stalker Badge !. hahaha

  • your love for Spain has nothing to do with the Santi selection πŸ™‚ only joking, but no worries, i do like Santi just as much and he did score a goal last time when we were at old toilet, so yep, fond memories for him indeed.

    i was thinking of doing a repeat of the Napoli formula , hence you see no Santi and we pressing them high up the pitch but i forgot one tiny detail – it’s an away game, so we gotta keep things tight and play from the back on the counter, so i will give you Santi and bench Rosicky for Flamini.

  • ah, re Avatar then Gibbs’s Gf isn’t half bad either as well as Arteta’s (she’s the hottest after Sagna’s i reckon

    just a suggestion for your next avatar, ha

  • Thanks for the header/banner compliments. I have copied the picture from the fantastic blog ‘Invinciblog’ (see blogrole), and I am hoping they are okay with it! πŸ˜•

  • if they are not okay with it, then we will let Glics and Fozzie, troll them until they are OKAY with it @ TA πŸ™‚

    PS: do we not have any graphics guys on this blog ? young ones in particular @ Dylan – AFC and co ? if not, then i will speak to a guy who knows a guy that could do us banners in the future @ TA.

  • ahahahhahahahahahahahahaha @ TCM

    that was cruel considering he’s a Gunner from the inside πŸ˜‰


    fair enough !

  • Well all, incl TA, 17, JB, Fozzie, et al…

    She’ll be interesting days, says I as I sit awaiting plane to Christchurch having shown kids Sydney for the morning in way back to Aotearoa (that soft sob you hear is Fozzie)…

    I think TR is in top form and I’d go with same starters as BD with later legs to Flams and Theo if available. JW will heal with time I think and TR can help cover that directness and dynamism, for now..

    For the weekend, well to 17 and JB, if you’re betting streaks, I called 1-0 I think already and perhaps 2-0 or more if we continue our form. One to ManU if RvJ dives well enuff, but I’ll call Koz et al to sell him his shorts back at end of game. Regarding streaks well as 17 can attest, 1-0 Arsenal on Weds and 26-20 Stanford at #5 over #2 Oregon… πŸ˜€

    S’all I know — jgc

  • Good Morning all … Arsenal time that is,

    Some interesting comments there on the Lewi v Benzy. Most favour the former?

    I think he has made his mind up where he is going, but it will not be us? When he says he wants a ‘fresh challenge’ I just don’t see that matching with a move to Bayern? He will have the same fans/teams/grounds every time. The only challenge is to win over one set of fans, deal with the ones he’s left behind, and as Bayern are setting records all over the place, winning with them is hardly a challenge is it?

    No, I think his head has been turned, possibly by money? PSG is probably not the move on reflection. Nobody, even Cavani, is going to displace Zlatan?

    What big team is desperate for a striker with no baggage …. Real Madrid? With Bale and CR doing it out wide should give him lots of space in the middle. The challenge will be to get past the ego that is CR?

    That would stuff Suarez’s dream move too?

    The other alternative could be Chesea With all their midfielders he would be spoiled for choice as to what ball to put in the back of the net? Seeing as Maureen was quick to let Lukaku go, he could see the error of his ways, but this way does not have to admit it?

    All this only applies to a January move. If he announces that he is going to Bayern he will stay at BD until the end of the season?.

    That is my bit until the preview comes through later ..

  • Gerry, good considererations for Lewandowski’s next destination. The Chavs are missing a Giroud kind of striker who allows the midfielders to play off him, and the Pole would fit in well there, so that could be an option indeed.

  • Morning all. Good post Marcus. Lewandowski for me by a long distance. Unfortunately his antics midweek have soured my perception of him a touch.

    In a perfect world i just hope bendy pulls his finger out and becomes great backup to the worlds greatest striker GIROUD!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • The chavs don’t need anybody. They have Lukaku who will be primed and ready. I’m nervous at what he could become for them. It’s too soon to see drogba mk 2

  • OG – The thing about Lukaku, and I agree on his potential and I wish we could have had him at the time, but it is does not matter to them. They want an instant player who will tilt the title race back in their favour THIS season.

  • that is true Gerry. I just think if you add him to the service he’d receive at Chelsea and he would explode. 17 goals at West Brom last season is very impressive

  • OG – The other thing is, I don’t think it was a Maureen signing, so if he gets his man in, he will get the credit.

    Perhaps he just does just does not like Lukaku. He shipped him out so quick and for the full season? Or may JT did not like him, and you know how M likes his cliques?

  • Gentelman, i do not think that its becuase Mourino dosnt rate Lukaku

    There is an element of learning his trade, after all, hes a bit young to lead the line for a powerful Club like Abramovitch

    No, the main issue is that Mourinos position is weakened at Abramovitch FC, by Abramovitch himself.

    His appointment was on condition that Abramovitch play a style of football that Abramovitch could boast to his cronies about. Abramovitch does not want a return of Drogba for Abramovitch

    Not been a greedy or egotistical man, Abramovitch wants Abramovitch to play Arsenal style football and win the league every year

    Mourinio has accepted the job on these conditions. For this alone, we will finish above Abramovitch this season, and for Jose, like all Abramovitch managers, the clock is ticking.

  • I couldnt decide before this article, can’t decide now. Great arguments. Both are excellent players and I’d be over the moon with either. πŸ™‚

  • JB, I’m not really an artist, but I should capable of making a banner if people would like. πŸ˜‰ It wouldn’t be great however. πŸ˜‰
    Where is everyone, it’s very quiet today?

  • Hi Dylan, here are y excuses ..

    I’m watching the horse racing.

    There is no early kick off

    And the great preview has yet to arrive ..

  • Afternoon gents and Hi Dylan,

    i kinda had a feeling that you might know about such things for some reason πŸ˜‰


    i have already placed Β£50 quid on Arsenal spread across 4 sites , i got into “Adventurous” mode last evening , so let’s hope the winning streak continues, ha – then i have a bit riding on the southamption vs hull one (draw come on both of yous, draw)

    does all the travel mean that you’re going to be returning to more familiar time zones and back to your work place, sooner rather than later ?

    the blog has missed your input and regular contributions besides i think you and me are the only ones who want us to add a DM to plan for Arteta’s aging legs !

    right then, kick off time it is

    can west brom further pile on the misery on Chelsea, i feel they can ! but will they ? we find out in the next 90 minutes or so!

    where’s 17HT ? he’s usually glued to the footy on a saturday afternoon (morning for him).

  • so both JW and Flamini have trained.

    i’m in a way glad that JW has been selected by Roy, JW needs minutes on the pitch and he needs to be playing as much as possible for England to regain his confidence and sharpness.

    and the saints score – booo

  • liverFOOL 2-0 up already against Fulham

    the writing on the wall for the Martin Jol , one feels

  • GOAL – Liverpool 3-0 Fulham – Luis Suarez
    Steven Gerrard is again given all sorts of time in midfield, he switches the ball out to Jordan Henderson who flicks it through to Luis Suarez, and he makes no mistake.

    Can you sack a manager at half-time?

    the saints also ripping Hull apart , 3-0

  • Hey Bond (et al)…The timer on the espresso machine was off this morning so I’m just waking up… Ugh… just saw Eto’o on a put-back which should have been cleared by WBA…That So’ton – Hull draw call isn’t looking too good for you, James…

    Pool are all over Fulham but otherwise everything else is goal-less…South London traffic delayed the start at CP?

  • yeah, what a poacher this fella Eto’0 is, another lucky goal, argh

    never mind the hull draw, i usually place 2 bets and my winning ratio is 1:1, so i much rather lose today and win tomorrow (it’s a positive sign) ha

  • Crazy miss on an open header by CP player Dikgacoi who heads it away from goal…and now Chamakh heads wide…

    Nice play this morning (goal and assist so far…) by Benzema in Madrid…Already 4-nil over Sociedad at HT…

  • Suarez scores yet another goal, 2 and counting

    all i want for xmas issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ; ) yeah yeah, i know about our deal @ 17HT

    no worries

  • Hull pull one back, 3-1

    come on boys, score another 2 and you have done alright πŸ˜‰

  • WBA have leveled it at Stamford Bridge…

    Ronaldo has scored two (one a pen) and assisted on Benzema’s goal. Bale assisted for a Khedira goal. Looked like serious one-way traffic from the half-time highlights…

    It’s all too much footy on the telly and I think I’ll stay put on the Chelsea match and then do the extra 15 mins in South London…

    Suarez already on a brace (plus an assist) I think…

  • the decision to leave out Ca$hley cole is beginning to look like a master stroke, ha

  • Sounds like more sitters missed by CP and Benteke for Villa…But Bacuna scores on (another) FK!…

    Chelsea out of subs but Hazard down hurt?…

  • Jose has never lost at the bridge, could today just be that day ?

    am gonna read the fab Ozie post later, don’t wanna ruin it with my comments just yet, ha

  • what a frantic frantic game, loving it loving it loving it !!!

    almost there, come on WBA!!!

  • PENALTY FOR CHELSEA! – Chelsea 1-2 West Brom
    Penalty in stoppage time! Ramires collides with Steven Reid! Ramires was already going down there…

    fucking cheats , twat of a ref

  • Still two points dropped by Chavs but what a ridiculous pen to give…Brings the league into disrepute…Very poor, I think…

    Everton with not very long to avoid dropping points of their own across the river…

  • WBA were robbed and rightfully so, they nearly started a mass brawl with chelsea players

    i’m gutted for WBA

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