Flamini for Arteta, Gnabry for Rosicky, Walcott on bench? Match Preview.

Arsenal vs Manchester United Pre-Match


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This week we take a trip to Old Trafford to face our bitter rivals. It’s a little unusual this time around though because instead of sir red nose it’s David Moyes at the helm. Early days have been rough for him (as you’d expect). He has big shoes to fill and he’s slowly dragging United back up the ladder. A loss for United will see them languishing 11 points off the lead. A position they have not been in for a very long time.

A win against United would boost our confidence through the roof and really act as a springboard for the long season ahead. Wins against Pool, BD, and Man U in a week would make a serious statement to the rest of the competition!

Let’s get in to it shall we:

Missing in Action:

Diaby sick bay

Arsenal: Podolski (Hamstring) – back in training and aims to be back in December, Ox (Knee), Diaby (Knee), and Sanogo (back). Wilshere, Flamini, and Walcott face fitness tests.

Man United: Fletcher (chronic bowel condition), Welbeck (Knee). Reports have suggested that Rafael (foot/ankle), Evans (back) and Carrick (calf/shin) could all return this week. Almost a full squad for United…no excuses.

Predicted Line-up:

starting line-up (12) (1)

Flamini to return in place of Arteta and Serge to step in for Rosicky. It’s probably too attacking away from home but I’d like to see us put them on the back foot quickly and score early. The likely scenario is Rosicky to play in Gnabry’s place just like he did midweek. An additional question mark is will Flamini be alright to go? If he is will he partner the ever reliable Zorro? Walcott and Wilshere will make the bench.

Previous Encounters:

Arsenal v Man U 1-1

A beautiful run by Walcott saw Arsenal go ahead in the 2nd minute. It was undone by a poor back pass by Sagna, followed by an overzealous challenge inside the box as he looked to make amends. The penalty was despatched by the treacherous rat.


Man U v Arsenal 2-1

Vermaelen gifted BSR a goal in the 3rd minute. Somehow Evra scored with a header. Jack was sent off (The only Arsenal player on the day who decided to show up). Santi scored a conciliation goal at the end.


EPL Form Guide:               Arsenal:   : WWWDW         Man U: WWDWL

Two massive wins in a row against Liverpool and German heavyweights Borussia Dortmund see us riding on cloud 9 at the moment. It’s been 252 days since our last loss.

Manchester United currently sit in 8th position…yep 8th! I’ve wanted to see them languish into mid table mediocrity for quite some time. It may not last but for now it’s better than porn. They were held goalless midweek by Real Sociedad, they blasted away Fulham either, and Chicharito saved them at home against Stoke. They’ve started to lift but by no means do they look convincing.

In saying that, Man U (away) still remains our toughest fixture this season…regardless of either teams form.

Arsenal Archive (1)

This week I’ve dipped into the Arsenal Archive and pulled out this video clip. It’s the famous Ruud Van nistelrooy incident in the 2003/04 season. I absolutely loved at how the team bandied together and gave him a mouth full when the final whistle blew. Keown’s jump and hit (probably still enraged after Red Arse picked him up and hugged him), Lauren’s and Parlours Push, and the rest of the team giving him a spray. God I’d love for the boys to do the same to Brave Sir Robin this weekend. Have a look:


One to Watch:

This week’s one to watch is Rooney. All Summer long he was linked with a move away from the Fergie-less United. It’s no revelation he stuck around, we’ve seen it take place before when he wanted more money. I’ve always hated him! Ever since he scored that outrageous goal during his Everton days I knew more despair was to come. It did come…in the form of a dive across Sol Campbell’s leg in the match that snapped our unbeaten run (. He’s scored 10 goals against Arsenal which is more than any other team…aren’t we lucky!!! He’s like a balder, whiter version of Drogba (I’m not sure which one dives more though). Hopefully Flamini can leave a few marks on both him and BSR. As Arseblog mentioned the other day, it’s only fair BSR and Rooney share the same fate as General Zod. Being trapped in the Phantom Zone as they waft through space forever is a fitting end after all the anguish/anger they’ve caused us over the years.

phantom zone

Arsenal’s one to watch is none other than “the enforcer” Mathieu Flamini. He’s tough, uncompromising, and fights to the very end! For years we’ve been torn apart by United on the counter. Flamini will have to marshal the zone in front of the back four and protect it with his life. The good thing about Flamini is…he knows no other! You know what you are going to get when he steps out onto the pitch. Let’s hope he’s fit enough to start.

Key-Match up:

BFG + Kozzer vs Rooney + Brave Sir Robin

grassy knoll

Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny check list:

  • ·        Luis Suarez—–
  • ·        Daniel Sturridge—-
  • ·        Robert Lewandowski—-
  • ·        Marco Reus—–
  • Brave Sir Robin
  • Wayne Rooney

They’ve kept four big hitters quiet, now it’s time to close out another two. Rooney started off the year slow (no surprise given the controversy throughout the summer), but he’s stepped up in recent weeks and started to form a good relationship with BSR. Together they’ve scored 11 goals in the league this season (same number scored by Giroud and Ramsey) so our defensive duo must maintain their form if we are to win at Old Trafford. With the help of Sagna, Gibbs, Flamini, and Szcz I think they will. 3 clean sheets in a week…you got it!

Pre-Match Finger:

kid finger

This week’s finger goes to none other than Ashley Young.

Dive Harder, Dive Hard 2 with Ashley Young-796633

The premier league was relieved to see the back of serial diver Christiano Ronaldo. However, in his place grew another diver in the form of former Aston Villa winger Ashley Young (I guess you can say he’s still a Villain (eh! eh! eh! Okay I apologise for that one). At Man United he’s become the new Ole Gunnar Solskjær, but instead of coming off the bench to score he comes on -> is touched by an opposition player (sometimes not even) and delivers a bewildering blur of twists and turns resulting in a split legged face plant -> whistle -> penalty (and sometimes a red card). The catalogue he’s developed over the last few years is truly astonishing. In a game that can be won or lost by the smallest of margins he is rightfully on the receiving end of the media’s blowtorch. Thankfully his dive against Real Sociedad during the week didn’t win them the match. Justice was served when Brave Sir Robin missed the penalty and Man United shared the points. It’s a real shame, as once upon a time he was considered a real talent. Now he’s resigned to forging a career in the England synchronised diving team. My finger is out to you Ashley…time to pull yours out too (just not this week and not for United).

I’m glad the ref in our game against BD didn’t fall for similar tactics employed by Robert Lewandowski. It was sickening how often he dived throughout the match. I’m still laughing about the foul Arteta was called for after he won the ball from Lewandowski. Amazing how Kozza can be absolutely poll-axed in the box and receive nothing, yet these blouses can get rewarded when they go to ground after a pass of wind.

Pre-Match Pat on the back:

pat on the back

This week’s pat on the back is going to Arsenal’s Running Man Tomas Rosicky.

Running man

His importance to the team cannot be mentioned enough. When others are puffed out and out on their feet Rosicky is there! Terry is mesmerised by his hair flapping about as he runs, whereas we are fascinated by his determination and commitment to the cause. I had him as our MoTM against BD for obvious reasons. He chases, he passes, he tackles, he attacks…he really does do it all. He may not be able to play every game but when he does he definitely makes it count. The press is very important in today’s game and I think he’s the best in the team at implementing the strategy. He’s definitely got a lot more juice in his legs, and I hope he’s rewarded with a premiership medal at season’s end for his continual hard work. Well done Rosicky.

Ask the opposition Man U

‘Ask the opposition’ returns again this week. It is designed to get some friendly banter from our opposition fans and get their insight for the match ahead.  This week the answers were kindly provided by Dale O’Donnell from http://strettynews.com (@StrettyNews). Let’s see what he’s written for us this week:

1. What do you attribute to your slow start to the season?

It’s a transitional period. David Moyes came in and was willing to try different things. He had to do it at some stage and there was always going to be consequences, as you can see from the points we’ve already dropped. There has been signs of negative football and that must be altered. Attacking football is a key aspect to Manchester United.

2. How is Moyes travelling? He has big shoes to fill, will he make the grade?

Massive shoes to fill but he must be his own man and do things the way he feels is right. You don’t change a club like United, it will change you. Expectations are risen dramatically since his reign at Everton. Personally, I’ve got behind him from day one despite not being my initial choice. Moyes is a football man and he deserves time.

3. Your thoughts on Ashley Young being labelled a diver?.

Thoughts? It’s embarrassing. Young arrived and has yet to show any real consistency. Both Fergie and Moyes have said they’ve spoken to him about it but he still does it. And he’s still mediocre.

4. Are you happy with how your transfer window went?

Not particularly, but Moyes did name his targets. It was not his job to negotiate, so anyone hanging the blame over his head has not got a clue what they’re talking about.

5. What position/ player is your weakest link?

That has to be our midfield, but I’m not going to single out any player because it often depends on the combination. Carrick performs well regardless of who he is alongside. However, we still have fans that don’t appreciate the job he does for us.

6. What position is Arsenal’s weak link?

I don’t rate Szczęsny at all. He’s been at Arsenal since 2009, so he’s had the time to do it.

7. Which Arsenal player would you love to have in your team and why?

Ozil, hands down. What he has done for Arsenal so far this season does not surprise me one bit. It’s what happens when you add world class to your squad. Look at us last season with Van Persie. Remember him? Without your former captain, I doubt we would have won the league.

8. What is your match prediction?

We are at home, so I’m going for 1-1.


It’s hard to not get carried away and say we are going to win it easy, especially considering the way we’ve handled our opposition this week. The truth is we’ve played two very tough games in a row. Hopefully our physios have been working overtime and the players doing everything they can to recover 100%. In saying that it’s a massive game, if you can’t lift and find another gear in this game you don’t belong at Arsenal. I’d love to see us win at Old Trafford because it’s been a truly miserable place to play over the years; therefore, I’m torn between a 1-1 draw or a 0-2 victory. Frick it…0-2 to the good guys.

What is your prediction?

What starting line-up would you choose?

De Gea or Szczesny?

What position is their weakest link at the moment?

What tactic would you employ to beat Man U?

What will be the top 4 at season’s end?

coaches bikes

Written by: Oz Gunner

228 thoughts on “Flamini for Arteta, Gnabry for Rosicky, Walcott on bench? Match Preview.

  • Hi Oz, the genius!! 🙂

    Yet another absolutely brilliant pre-match. Stunning stuff, sir, but no surprise to any of us,

    I do not know where you find your opposition spokesmen but a very reasoned and balanced opinion, so well done to him too.

  • Super Post Ozzer – every time you come up with something new and refreshing and your pre-matches are always multi-dimensional. Back later. 🙂

  • Hi good post, but I have to ask, how can AW drop anyone who has started the last two games? Arteta will start. Maybe Flamini will come in to give TR7 a rest, moving Ramsay out to the right

  • Excellent pre-match! 😀
    What is your prediction?
    3-1 to the Arsenal!
    What starting line-up would you choose?
    Only change from midweek would be Flamini for Arteta.
    De Gea or Szczesny?
    What position is their weakest link at the moment?
    Centre back.
    What tactic would you employ to beat Man U?
    Our normal play style.
    What will be the top 4 at season’s end?

  • I love you Oz and the tiny patter of little Monster feet on the golden beaches of Skippyland dressed in red and white is a dream for Cockie !………luckily enough and although I have my hand up his rectum…..I`m not that kind of guy !. hahaha

    Simply the best !.

    I am scared to crumbs with this one and logically ( have you noticed how logical I have been of late ! ) I should accept a draw, but will only accept a win, `coz as Total say`s…”I`m a greedy bastard !”.

    Questions :

    1) Same team for me. The only change would be Flamini if fit for Zorro, although I can see Daft Wenger playing both and shifting Ramsey out on the right .

    2) The PiG for me !.

    3) Their arrogance !.

    4) Baseball Bat or Arsenal Slippers !.

    5) 4 of 6 ( not related to Star Trek Voyager`s seven of nine who I thought was fcuking gorgeous for a Borg and dreamt of doing a six of nine with her ! ) of the usual suspects , too early…..you don’t win the league or get top 4 in November ! .

  • TA,

    I would hope that we play the same team and very similar tactics to the Dortmund game.

    Of course that will depend on injuries, although that cuts two ways as we might have a stronger subs bench if our injured heroes like Flamini and Theo are available.

    Nothing is certain in life and so too in football, but I am not resigned to the Ferguson inspired diving/breakaway/ref threatening Manure performance of past seasons – so we have every chance of winning. 🙂

  • Oz

    I like your line up and I think you might be right that Arteta will start on the bench for this one. On the other hand, playing Flamini and Arteta in the double DM is very powerful too, especially against the Mancs… Gnabry might be a bit too adventurous for this sort of game, but you could be right.

    I reckon, if all are fit to play we will see the following line-up:

    Back five as per your suggestion

    then in midfield:

    Ramsey Arteta Flamini Wilshere
    ————-Ozil ———————

    IF Rosicky is fit and has recovered enough, I can see him start instead of Wilshere or Ramsey. I can also see Arsene leaving Arteta out and play Ramsey instead. He could also start with Cazorla, but I reckon he will start on the bench to come on for impact later on.

    We will need to be solid, tight and not too adventurous in the beginning, as the Mancs love space and counter attacking at OT. Let’s force them to make play and then counter attack very effectively. They need to win to close the gap and it is indeed wonderful to see them in this position for once. 🙂

  • You are horrible, Cockie, with all that attempted seduction of Oz.

    What’s with all this ‘I love you Oz’? He is a good boy and will see through your blue furred hide.

    Boo to Blue!!

  • Oz great post it has to be at least a 9/10 or 10,
    Massive match tomorrow, Cockie i to feel a little nervous about the game, but i believe we will at least draw 1 of the big things that wories me is as Wenger highlighted today is the ref and him needing a strong and fare performance.
    Oz i would like to stand side by side with the boy giving the pre-match finger to Young and give another middle finger to rvp in lower cases as he is not worthy of of capitals. On that note i am vey keen to watch how our returning leader Flemini deals with rvp lower case, Flem has rejoined and clearly does love the club how will he look upon the traitor i really hope he gives him some rough treatment, i will be very annoyed if he is given a matey matey treatment and not confronted with utter hatered . He is a manc now and must be treated like the worse of them 🙂

  • Hi Red Monster.

    ” Boo to Blue !! “……a bit pot/kettle me thinks…….it`s not me wandering around the US of A (U(seless) Sofa) via Route 69 making Blue Movies before running back to Lil`ol England to escape the mass paternity suits !…..save the aggro and stick a cork in the Dic…tionary !.

    Hope all is well, you Ledge !.

  • I just hope someone Savilesques the little boy inside Boy Wonder……..preferably Giroud…….up his rectum out his gob !. Not bitter or twisted at all !. hahaha

  • I just recieved a phone call from a manc going to the game tomorrow saying i will get you a programme from the champions as a gift after they beat us again, il will send him your pics Cockie 😉 lol

  • Lee Dixon says it’s freezing there in Norwich… What says ToTL?…

    Good job as per usual, Oz… Gnabry to start but not Arteta? Not sure about that one…

    Like I was saying yesterday I think we’re likely to see the same 11 as the last 2 except Flamini in for Rosicky. Santi must play…and he and Ozil are so nice as “unseen” defenders and guys who can start the break instantly. We can really control the match from the back in this manner and slowly push things into their half before quick attacks. Ramsey, of course, has flourished closer to the goal… Interesting to see the United supporter slagging off Szscesney, much like our own 007… De Gea seems a good keeper but sometimes I wonder about him at set pieces. Are we due for a set piece goal?…It seems that way to me…

    Like I also said, I’m worried about the young referee in a match where you’ve already got so much talk from the likes of Rooney and Giggs. It will be a tight and testy affair as United will be desperate for a win and I’m concerned if it becomes 12 v 11. If Oliver does a good job we’ll be fine. Solid defense, keeping a bit possession and then patience and execution when the chances come… Those are the keys tomorrow…

    Up the Arse!

  • wow – another master piece from the one the only, Oz the gooner from down under , bloody marvelous

    allow me to begin by saying, as much as i don’t rate Sczny , i would just say Fcuk off to De Gea or anyone else, yep, even though i don’t rate him, he’s still our own and i can’t have anyone from West Brom’s Rival’s in place of Sczny, ha – hopefully he repays my faith by keeping a clean sheet !

    quite the team you have chosen and put out, but hang on, we are the away team so for that reason, i’m going to slot Flamini and have the Flamteta duo back, Santi be the one who takes the bench for me as i would play Rosicky (always said, he’s the first name on the team sheet for me these days).

    if we play Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini then it’s already very one dimensional sort of – hence you need someone who can speed up the play and move it forward with brisk pace on the counter, for that reason, Santi makes the bench, even though he is a different type of player but if you watched the pre-season, you will notice the understanding of Giroud and Rosicky to be the best one, after the understanding of Girould and Walcott .

    besides, Rosicky’s pressing is a nuisance, and he has that PRESENCE factor that our team needs at the moment, with the likes of Arteta And Flamini bossing the midfield, it will give him time to stay further forward and help Ozil out a tad more on the right, win the ball back quickly and be on our merry way.

    predictions time, hmmmm

    since i like Man utd very much, i am gonna say 0-8 in an ideal world but since this worlds not ideal, i’m gonna go for a 0-2 to Arsenal, as long as we keep all 11 on the pitch.

    another prediction i’m gonna make is that Everton, i mean Man utd are going to play like stoke and foul and man handle us a lot, play rugby with our players is what i’m hinting at, this is where the ref needs to be a neutral and give it as he see’s it.

    sorted !

  • a minor thingy i wanted to share with everyone, i managed to put £50 or £60 quid on the game, don’t know how it happened but i got carried away and spread the same bet over 4 websites.

    i thought i was done with me being adventurous then i visited Arsenal.com and they were offering 8/1 on an Arsenal win, arghhhh

    come on lads, make me richie rich and make AW very proud, let’s show everyone how good we really are and it’s not a fluke, that we happen to find ourselves as the rightful leaders going into yet another international break

  • Gazidis: “Olivier Giroud won’t be able to go on all alone until the end of the season. We need to buy (sky sports via L`equipe)


  • can all the grumpy and unhappy strikers , please stand up – please stand up (Cavani’s, Falcao’s, Hernandez’s , Rooney’s, Suarez’s, Van persie’s ) ahem AhemZ.

  • Oz et al,

    Great as always and in response

    0. 2-0 maybe 1-0 to us… Look TA, I’m calling the clean sheet. Any ManU goals will be pens and poor reffing…

    1. I’d stay same as BD and bring back Flams hamstring slowly as either starter for 30-60 over TR or Arteta depending on who’s tired. Same for JW if fit in last 30 for TR. We have the depth there to be good and be slow in recovery

    2. Scz… Since we don’t have Lloris, it isn’t a question concerning PL keepers

    3. ManU have DMI – dysfunctional midfield-itis…

    4. Same as ever in football with our midfield. On defense… Great transition followed by denial of service, DoS, by ensuring Rooney and RvJ get little ball anywhere useful. Given their DMI it’s possible if we stay alert. On attack… As usual focus on Ozil, and if they focus on him, expect to see him run away and allow Santi his running! 🙂

    I expect at least 40-50% likely that ManU play negatively and try to sit back and cancel our midfield.. Ie I think Moyes won’t escape being conservative in this game and will focus too much on stopping us, and not enough on playing their game…

    Them’s my thoughts!

    Cheers — jgc

  • JB

    How close to zero would our odds be in January for Benteke do you think? I’m not sure all the other SQ etc are going to be available, WC or not, or a great fit (eg Bitey)..

    Cheers — jgc

  • there is a “healthy” chance of a striker whose name begins with B joining Arsenal , if things go well.

    can’t say more than that for now.

  • Hope you’re right jgc!

    You forgot the third possibility: a defensive mistake/blunder by our boys. Am hoping for a win and take a draw now.

  • that’s our away record by the way !

    we need to keep things tight and then bring on TR and Gnabry on the 70th minute, if it’s still 0-0 , provided if TR is on the bench, otherwise Santi or JW will suffice.

    i’m on JGC- Damus with this one, i don’t see Man utd scoring unless it’s down to the ref or a poor decision –

  • Hope you are right, JB.

    I spoke to my mate Elliot this evening who was in Dortmund on Wednesday, and he was very impressed with Arteta’s allround display. Maybe he should start with Flamini in the double DM pivot and we move Ramsey to the right, with either Rosicky or Jack on the left, Ozil in the middle and Grioud up-front. Bring on three out of Vermaelen, Jack/Rosicky, Cazorla and Monreal in the second half and the team will get refreshed there and then…. We have some team available tomorrow, as long as BFG and Giroud don’t get injured.

  • Hi JB and TA

    I’d likely go similar to BD game and bring on Gnabry or JW for impact or for JW even last 35-40. I’d go across mids with Santi right now. But, of TR is tired we could start JW for say 40-65 and bring in TR or Gnabry later.

    For Flamini, hamstrings and groins are tricky. I’d go easy if I could in brining him back. Thus, Ramteta for now with Flamini rotating in…

    But as normal we will see!

    TA, yes, we could blunder, but why call it ahead of time? 🙂 .. We will mutter about it all the same. To be fair, both RvJ and Rooney are both highly effective at punishing mistakes. So let’s not let them have any ball… Or mistakes! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • so you like me , want the Flamteta combo and in favour of Santi being benched @ TA ?

    yes @ JGC

    for that reason alone, i want us to play Flamteta, bear in mind that we have 2 weeks off after this and i get the feeling that AW really really wants to win at old toilet hence has rested Flamini for the dortmund one as a precaution , meaning he will be fresh and eager for tomorrow

    i’m very certain that Flamini will play tomorrow along with Arteta to keep both RVP and Rooney in check

    my biggest fear is conceding corners and free-kicks near the area.

    and like 17HT points out, when was the last time we scored from set pieces, ehhh

  • Thanks gents (still have to work on getting a female on BK), your kind words are much appreciated as always.

    @ RA

    Hope all is well. Normally I write to 2/3 blogs and see who gets back to me. Those who do are always happy to help out and all appear to be pretty switched on. I have some regulars now so it’ll be easier to call upon them when needed in the future.

    @ TA

    thank you for letting me write for this great blog. Always a pleasure.

    @ T

    I agree it is hard to drop anyone given our last two games, but I think in this match flamini would offer more and Ramsey can’t be dropped at the moment. Therefore, the likeliest option is Arteta. I also worry about players playing too often and increasing their risk of injury.

    @ Dylan

    cheers. It feels strange that Man United’s weakness are their centre backs. Rio and Vidic were power houses once upon a time, now rio is past it and Vidic hasn’t kicked on after his knee injury. Smalling is always injured, Evans is a liability at times, and jones hasn’t really kicked on either. I agree with your top 4.

    @ Cockie

    hahaha you are unrivaled. brilliant.

    @ Jajadejairo

    cheers. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Drop in more often.

    @ TA

    I do like the flamteta partnership but I think we should attack United. Ramsey is at his best next to the defensive midfielder and I hate to see him pushed out wide to accommodate another defensively minded player. Santi can get away with it but two central players out wide is a bit much for me.

    I went with Gnabry because Arsene likes to pull a rabbit out of his hat against United (not that it’s a big rabbit this time around because Gnabry has been playing well). Look at his past history: Playing Song at CB, Szcz debuting, Le Coq, Ox.
    I just think he’s an X-factor that makes things happen. If he can run at Evra and drag a few players around he’ll work wonders. Plus he is very good at helping out defensively.

    Agree the counter attack. Under Fergie we saw it all too often. I still remember a few seasons back when he played his B team in a cup match. They used the same tactic with the fabio brothers on the wing and they tore us to shreds.

  • Oz, seems to be in a very bullish mood and is of the view then when one is down, we should ensure they go further down below

    it’s a nice mantra , however, one problem though – Fergie no longer there, hence i don’t see us or them pulling any last minute surprises as let’s face it, we are playing Everton tomorrow really – watch out for Jones taking out our entire midfield with his tackles , you have been warned !

    PS: where are all the man utd Fans when you need them ehh ? can we release this post again with a different title ? Man utd the underdogs vs The Champions to be ?


  • @ Proud

    I agree, no mate stuff (they would know better after the treatment Santos copped). I hope flamini sends him into next week. The diving stuff is getting a bit out of hand now. Ramires yesterday was shocking. But what can you do when these stupid refs reward it and escape punishment themselves? If it happens at old toilet I’ll see red for a week. I might even use the death ray JGC helped me build and blow up Manchester.

    @ Cockie

    It’s alright to still be bitter and twisted. My last words when i expire will most likely be “F*ck you robin van judas”

    @ 17

    well said. I’m worried about a 12 v 11 also. A young ref at old toilet…not good. Especially when you have rooney and young diving at all costs.

    Agreed. Santi and Ozil must play. Our counters look lethal with them playing together…look out when theo comes backs…jesus!

    @ BJ

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m shocked to read your thoughts on Szcz…I thought you’d swap him for Almunia haha. He’ll win you over BJ don’t you worry. He’s starting to string some fine performances together. I’d love to see Rosicky again. The man is very underrated. He definitely saved our bacon in the latter half of the 11/12 season. He can do it all. I just wish he had his thunder shot still.

    @ JGC

    I think you are right. Moyes will have them sitting back and soaking it all up. He did it against us when he was at Everton. Those boring matches that ended up 0-1 where only one chance could win you the game. I expect to see Rooney helping out a lot defensively. The good thing about that is he gets agro at times and could make a shocking tackle. Then again the last Man U player to be sent off at OT was in 1817.

  • me swapping Sczny for Alumina ? that sounds more like you wanting to swap Steven Smith for Mike Hussey, ha

  • @ BJ

    you are right it is Everton vs Man U. It’ll be Fellani clattering in left, right and centre. Hope he gets carded again like he did in midweek.

    I’m just still on cloud 9 after the BD game. I’ve got the “quick they’re retreating run at them” approach. Mean while they are probably sitting in their bunkers waiting to pick us off. Cooler heads prevail and that’s why you lot always talk more sense than me.

    I’m shocked as well. Normally United fans like to get involved in every blog. I just think now that they are struggling they’re holding back their smugness. It won’t last long though

  • hahaha don’t get me started. I think I could get a gig in the Aussie team at the moment (my mates older brother played for Western Australia and won the dennis lillee fast ball competition – 150 km/h delivery). One day when we went to the nets he bowled a slow ball and I clobbered it straight down the ground (most likely a 6). After about 5mins of bragging and show boating he went back for a long run up and bouncered me. Next ball – yorker and clean bowled. The moral of the story is…why am I writing pre-matches when I could be whacking England bowlers all over the park?!

    Off to claim my full English. Back later

  • Hi all..
    Oz.. you wrote your post like Ozil do in the field.. awsome.. hehe..

    I think MU will start a quick ball.. with an open game.. cause they need to win.. they know that they will never win in Emirates this season.. and they also knew that our team were never lost away.. so the only way they must do is Attack..
    But that’s what We need.. We are good in counter Attacking and very solid in defence.. but Attacking is the best defence.. hehehe.. so go Attacking.. haha..

    Putting Arteta and Flamini along together will never make us win.. hehe.. Draw maybe but not win..
    I think this what will happen.. Flamteta will play for firsthalf.. then Rosicky will come to replace Arteta or Flamini for secondhalf..
    All of them can play fulltime.. because none of them will play for international break.. so they can have a good rest after tonight game..

    I like to see us win big like 4-1.. but 2-0 will be just fine.. hahaha..
    With Chelsea got another draw.. then nothing to woories about this result.. so go Attack..

    Szcesney is a very different guy now.. he will shine..

    End of season is a long way to go.. maybe Soton will do some great games.. and come to big four.. hahaha..
    As long as We play in the high spirit.. We will win the tittle.. and winning tonight will make MU out of the race.. hehe.. 7 points to chelsea and 11 points to MU.. I will got a party.. hahaha..

  • i reckon you still are whacking our bowlers all over the park but on your Ps3 or Xbox ; )

    you know things are not right when you have a cheat i mean ex- great in Shane warne having a go at his former skipper and then finding nothing wrong with our team except our captain cook .

    since i’m in a good mood, i reckon this ones gonna be another 4-0 (With you being saved by the weather or dodgy umpires)

    back to footy, yep, i can see what you mean with ” attack being the best form of defense” – but this is a 90 minute game for me and if we go at HT 0-0 then we have them right where we want them, i don’t mind an early goal from us though !

  • Watch out for Young and the like to go down in the box.
    If the ref has affirm grip .Arsenal will win,hands down.

  • A cheat???? warney never!!! He’s a legend of the game! He’s anti-australia now because of his pommy girlfriend. Which is okay because we’ve all seen bedazzled and know how sexy she can be.

    An early goal is a must just to open up the game. I’d take our chances over any team in the world if we score an early goal because if it opens up it plays into our hands.

    @ Nizam

    I hope the ref has full control of this one. Another potentially great game cannot be ruined by questionable decisions.

  • Hi Oz et al,

    Well, Henry thinks they’ll come out at us, Nizam makes an excellent point of noting that even of we don’t meet them head on, or at all, some will still fall over so the ref may be the game (like vs AV in game 1), and You and I think they’ll fall back.

    Well, that should cover all bases, yes!?

    Cheers — jgc

  • (1) Start entering the match with the will to win. (Play to win)
    (2) Observe the match ongoing proceedings smartly, if “circumstances” and “decisions” beyond team’s control are/are not in flavour. (Be street-smart)
    (3) Do not lose the match when winning is “found to be unattainable”, in normal or otherwise conditions. (Keep focus, persevere to the end)

    AC Milan Invincibles (1991-1992) – P34 W22 D12 L0
    Arsenal Invincibles (2003-2004) – P38 W26 D12 L0 (Drew x2 against Man Utd in League)
    Juventus Invincibles (2010-2011) – P38 W23 D15 L0

    Barcelona Conquerors (2009-2010) – P38 W31 D6 L1 (4 titles win: La Liga, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, Supercopa de Espana)
    Bayern Munchen Conquerors (2012-2013) – P34 W29 D4 L1 (4 titles win: Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal, DFL-Supercup, Champions League)

  • This article is amazing, mature and exceptional, I wish I would find such pieces of art every time I openned a sports blog!!

  • oz g- Yes their is definitely something unique about your previews Top post, again!

    I like to pay attention to what the opposition guest has to say, and, as always, great respect to them for sharing views.

    If his 1-1 prediction comes from the head not the heart, then their ‘must not lose’ attitude may well the general feeling in the Moyes’s camp?

    I also note he rates Carrick, probably in a similar way we do with Arteta, except more static glue to the casual observer? But interestingly he is a doubtful starter, so it will be their team sheet that will reveal how they intend to play? With Welbeck out you can expect Young to start. Kagawa is doubtful, picking up an injury in their midweek game? So already their creative ability is limited? The young guy is talented, but Jones will likely take one place in midfield. I can see Rooney having to drop deep, and get frustrated. Which does make them very vulnerable, but do not discount them at set pieces?

    It might be good for the dressing room to see another video? No, not the 8-2, but the one where they cynically kicked the sh*t out of Reyes, amongst others, and got away with it!
    (Sums why I hate the cheating scumbags more than any other!)

    This referee may not have a particular bias towards Man U, but has, in the past, shown poor decision making against Arsenal(Referees Decisions/UA) in the past, so I applaud Arsene for ‘doing a fergie’ before the match.

    Questions, questions …

    1,- Don’t do them as a rule, and the rule sticks here.

    2,- Line up? Too tricky to be right for the wrong reasons?
    First can I say to people who pooh pooh fatigue as a factor. Physically, 4 days off and light training, and most will be okay, cuts and bruises not withstanding. The mental fatigue of playing 3 games in quick succession, where concentration was required at a high level in the previous two games is much harder to judge. Apart from it being very individual thing, it can also kick in very soon after playing again with high concentration is needed the next time? That is when mistakes are made, or the appearance of playing ‘flat’ after such a build up coming into the game?

    My first instinct after the Dortmund game was we would need to freshen up the team. The problem is do we risk the momentum that comes from those astonishing games, even though the adrenalin that carried us to victory will not be with us at the start of this game?

    Moyes is a very astute manager, and despite his team’s weaknesses, he will know that if they score early it will be extra hard for us to pick our game up given the above? So I think they will attack from the off and try and kill the game off in the first half. So I go with my first instincts. Changes!:

    Trusting the back 5 to be okay, Koscielny being the only doubt on the physical side …

    Change 1; Unless there is any doubt about Flamini aggravating his injury, he starts. Remember, it was a 4 weeks out, then not so serious, and a bench fur this game, now a potential starter? So his healing process is good, and he should be the best, and professional enough, to judge if can play? In place of Ramsey, who I would move forwards to the CAM, and Ozil to the right. These are only ‘notional’ positions give our fluid threesome, leaving Santi on the left.

    Out, but on the bench Rosicky. Very reluctantly, I admit. I would rather he come on for the last half hour, probably with Gnabry if we are level, and go for the win with fresh legs.

    If a second change is made through any doubt about Arteta, go with Gnabry from the start.

    It flies in the face of logic that you play a ‘tired side’ for a second half blitz, but we are talking mental fatigue here. Once the game gets going and the adrenalin kicks in with the occasion of it all, they will come ‘alive’ again …. But we need to still be in the game. Hence the more defensive set up at the start?

    From my view, it will be Arteta that will be playing on auto-pilot, so expect simple passes, just keeping possession, playing it safe. Flamini will share the defensive work, as will Ramsey and co if we get caught on the counter. But despite that, Arteta will be doing a useful job of just nullifying their threat. And we have the attacking bonus of Ramsey high up the pitch.

    Subs; Rosicky for Santi; Gnabry for Arteta(if we are chasing the win); If Yennaris is in the squad for Atreta(if we are winning at the time): If not, then the usual Monreal, again for Arteta. Arteta will fade late on I think?.

    Q 3 – What? How dare you ask the question … Oh, I see. To get JB to rise to the bait 😀

    Q 4 – Midfield most likely. Evans for Vidic would have made their defense the easy answer?

    Q 5 November, silly boy. Ask again in April

    I think of Giggs saying ‘We are not the underdogs’ a bit like a rabbit spotting a weasel coming his way ….

  • Morning Moundsville Mound Munchers 😆

    For me, the game which is only second to shafting the Spuds !. It`s either going to be a Big Boner Sunday or a Shrivelled Shrimp Sunday !……….hands up who wants a Boner !. hahahaha

    Just an opinion, but on all headlines, if you want to attract more hits etc`, to me it`s down to the headline !. I think a headline of say…….” The Fall of Man U Vs The Rise of Arsenal ! “…….. would probably get the glory hunters out of the woodwork, although ……..” The Man U Filthy Cheating Bastard Scumbags Vs The Saintly Gooners ” !…..would probably do the trick as well !.
    Off for a 6 mile run with my Glory Hunting neighbour ( originally a Plymouth bred supporter who has turned to the darkside ! ), what shall we talk about ?.

  • CM

    You should talk about his lack of staying power and how it reflects his inability to commit, truly commit, to anything worthwhile, and is thus the reason he’s resorted to cheap flings with tawdry tarts..

    After that you can ask yourselves whether I’m talking football or not! 🙂 😛

    Cheers — jgc

  • @ Henry

    Soton have done really well haven’t they?! 4-1…i like it, what a dream that’d be!!!

    @ Gerry

    cheers, and thank you for the great comment. Always a pleasure to read your post like summaries.

    I didn’t know kagawa was injured, that’s good news for us. Amazing that a team that lacks so much creativity always plays with him on the bench.
    Carrick is definitely our Arteta. He goes about his business quietly and effectively

  • Match Day: bring it on! 🙂

    Ozzer, your post has been read by 24000 bloggers already! And your top picture has been clicked on about 1500 times. As Brian puts it above, you is an artist, and that for an Aussie! 😆

  • new reader… great read! very entertaining!
    i would go for the most attacking line up possible to kick off – arteta or flam whoever is fresher with ramsey alongside then front 4 of ozil rosicky cazorla and giroud. Try and get the first goal, hopefully will be leading coming the last 30 mins then make defensive changes (as that is all our bench consists of at the moment) similar to what we done at Dortmund to see it out.
    3 wins from those 3 fixtures?!?! dreamy…
    1-2 or 0-2 win
    szcesney on this seasons form
    there midfield and defense is struggling for form this season, they will struggle if we get our passing game going and can see it being a similar match to what we faced against liverpool.
    Top 4 – Arsenal – Manchester City – Chelsea – Liverpool

  • Yes Totes, I love Ozzers first picture, but how did he manage to put Arsene`s head on my body ?.

    jgc…..I would, but he freaks me out running in his Chancellor Palpatine hooded cloak !.

  • Having just read Oz masterpiece i am moved to recall a game in the 96/97 season.

    It was one i watched on the big screen at Highbury, Utd 1 Arsenal 0. They were the Champions and on our part, Arsene had just arrived.

    Yes, we lost, but it was the first time in many a year that we played better than them.

    i was “thrilled” with the defeat. Something was brewing at Arsenal. I witnessed for the first time real evidence of Arsenes revolution, and had heard rumours that Danny Fizzman was to provide cash for team strengthening.

    Next season, we of course won the Double.

    What ever the result today, in the medium to longer term it will make no difference.

    Our time is coming again.

  • Thanks Oz, I really should apply an HT word count thingy 😆

    I am not sure that if either Carrick or Kagawa are unavailable today, but that was reported earlier.

    I think they will have two defensive midfielders, along with Giggs, and the young one (I can never remember his name) behind the twin strikers, and using Smalling and Evra to overlap? That is why I think Gnabry will get at start, just to keep Evra quiet and offer a bit of support for Sagna?

    If there is any doubt about Flamini then it will show in the our subs? Hayden rather than Yennaris I would guess, but they both may be there in the absence of Walcott? We are not quite at the point of being spoiled for choice are we?

    Anyway, I shall no doubt be listen to the audio of the ‘Player, and get to watch it midweek?

    I have yet to see the Dortmund game!

  • I have as much chance of a start as Gnabry lol, not a chance he will play!

    If Flamini starts then Santi or Rosicky will drop out. Arteta, Ramsey and Ozil will all definitely start

  • Welcome AA, panggawa and Gooner Kev 🙂

    AA, all agreed and I like the attacking line up!

    Panggawa, all games are equally important but I can see where you are coming from. We will make a big announcement today if we are to beat the Mancs.

  • welcome to the club @ TA (feels good doesn’t it ?

    come on Sunderland, do us all proud, take a point or 3 of Man $hitty

    yep, Shane warn aka The cheat, The one who took drugs, and then blamed “his mother” for giving him slimming pills and the one who allegedly gave information to the bookies / spot fixers in a test match series in 1994 –

    nah, i don’t think they are an item anymore, they broke up me read @ Oz

    those were magic deliveries, i witnessed 2 out of the 3 live , as 2 were against our very own , Gatting and Straussy – Straussy was his bunny no doubt, the same way the entire Australian team has been our bunny from the last so many years 😀 @ JGC

  • Re- the Neville brothers of the past and Gary Neville of now, i can only say – respect to the guy for turning out to be such a great and reasonably unbiased commentator .

    i really changed my opinion on him when we were playing Ac Milan in the champions league and had to win by a 4 goal margin at the Emirates, the ref was a plonker, blowing whistles and breaking up play for no reason , he wasn’t happy about it and at one point he said ” The ref is an idiot, he’s a moron, not having none of that, he wants to be the center of attention this idiot ”

    and i was like woooo – exactly my sentiments, good on him for being a Manc and saying it how it is.


  • Yes TA. Gary Neville comes over all charming on Sky but he dont fool me. Deciever and Charlaton

    Let him who has wisdom know the number of the beast. and that number is “2” Neville

    This reminds me of a women i once dated. The rumours were that she practiced witchcraft, but i didnt care, she was wild in bed.

    She had a young son. I once asked him about his dad and he replied that he had “disapeared”. This made me feel uneasy, but alarm bells really started to ring when everytime we had an argument, the next day i would have an unseemly boil appear on my face

    By the end i was near the end of my tether, but what clinched it was after a run of bad luck and horrendous boils, i spotted the young lad playing with an action man figure. On closer inspection i realised the bloody thing looked exactly like me

    “What the effing hell is this”? i screamed, grabbing my mini me from the kid

    “Its Commando action man Terry”

    “How can it be, its wearing the same clothes as me, leather trousers, white shoes, and has a bloody receding hair line”

    Anyway, I legged it out of there taking mini me with me. I have him tucked away in my safe at work, cant take any chances.

  • ‘Morning boys…

    I guess I’m well up for the football today given that I saw most of the (ridiculously early…) Totts match… No troubles with the espresso machine, however… 😀 Too bad about the Spurs result… Plenty of depth up there in far North London but maybe not enough true quality. It must be said, however, that Freidel (in for concussed Lloris?…) blew his one big moment while Krul played a blinder defending the other goal…

    The match preview is top of the NewNow list for hits. Are people are coming to know the glory of Oz’s work or is it the “controversial” headline? As I said yesterday the idea that Gnabry will start seems fanciful. Flamini in, Rosicky to the bench, seems obvious… Gerry makes good points about rotation, including that one…

    This fixture a year ago was (very) depressing. The early mistake by Vermaelen and easy finish from RvP were overshadowed by smiling Santos asking for the little boy’s shirt. All match long Rooney marked Arteta out of the match and our offense couldn’t get going. Wasn’t Santi called for a very soft pen (handball, maybe?…) for their 2nd?… The bottom line was they easily pressed us into submission. I’ll be watching to see if the United forwards are willing to work so hard again and if their whole team (new manager, after all…) will try a similar pressing game. Given our much improved line-up and confidence, such a strategy would seem to play into our hands…

    Like all tough matches it will likely come down to tight margins and/or decisions. Still I’m hoping we can control the match in MF and maybe edge the possession and shot stats as well as the “goals scored” tally…

    Sunderland-ManCity first… 🙄 (Plenty of rotation, esp. at the back for City…Richards, DiMechelis, Lescott, Kolorav, ahead of Panti = a whole new defense, no?… Fernandinho and Silva out too…)

  • Sunderland up a goal…Bardsley from a tough angle… No 7-nil this week… 😀

  • Sunderland playing really well 17. Theres no doubt that in this calender year we cope better against the lesser teams than any other side in the premiership.

    If we get decent results against the big sides, we wont just win the title, we will piss it.

  • JB – A little word on the betting front, if I may.

    You appear to have gone from ‘just a bit of fun’ to serious gambler overnight?

    I have an account with Betfair. I often get the promotion things that tell me I could get a top up of £50 if I recommend them to someone else. When they do a survey, asking the same question, I say NO. They follow this with Why not?

    You my friend, are the reason I don’t ever recommend bookies to anyone. Why?
    Because I know my betting can be small or a bit bigger, but only within my means, and it stops when I am without means. I do not know for certain if other people have the same control.

    Take your bet today. Arsenal are the bet to be had at the odds given, but only because in the long run, those odds that are ‘judged’ to be over-priced will show a profit. What in effect you are doing with your £60 bet is really committing to a sequence of bets over 5 or 6 bets of an equal nature, where you should, but not guaranteed, show a profit? You could have a losing run of bets that could put you at a loss of over £200, then recover in the final two.
    Alternatively, you could win today, and the next time, but then lose a few times while you thought you had it sussed?

    That is how they lure you in. Also why there recent concern over so many people having gambling debts that have got out of control has been in the news. They blame the ‘aggressive’ advertising, like the Ray Winstone one at Bet 365 .. ‘Do it Now!’

    My advice, don’t get suckered in by a little success. Get back to occasional ‘fun bets’. You may lose on those overall, but at least you remain in control of what you are doing?

    I learnt my lesson in 1965. I was losing so much money approaching the Derby in June of that year, so when I calculated that at the same rate to the end of the season .. I would have lost more money than I could earn in my job! I stopped. Duly selected the winner of said Derby, Charlottetown, but did not mind not having a bet on it.

    Last season I made an amazing profit of over £500 with simple £2 minimum bets on Betfair.
    This season, once my ratings got further behind and the horses I had rated were not winning, I stopped – last August to be exac,t spending so much time writing on this site,btw – I think I was down about £40.

    That is what you need to do. Know when to stop?

    The main reason I am saying this is that other people reading this site might also think it is a good idea to get into it. The old saying of ‘You never see a poor bookie’ is backed up by the number of losing punters ..

    There endeth this Sunday morning sermon 😀

    Enjoy the game!

  • Hahaha Stretch, an action doll with numerous little syrups for every occasion !. I bet you took it`s little trousers off to reveal a little stretchable Hampton !.

    Just got in from a day at the stores for my son to tell me the Spuds lost !…….quite an unexpected pre-match Boner is always welcome !. hahaha

  • Mannone playing the keeper-sweeper and Sunderland holding on against the (well-paid…) Citizens… Plenty of time to go but it’s got all the makings of “over-rotation” from one of the silly money teams…Sometimes it’s tough to brush off the rust, pull out the splinters, etc., etc., and give your best against a team of triers…

    Interesting cautionary tale there, Gerry…But, if you’re suggesting that Bond is (ever) wrong, you’re turning MY entire world upside-down… 😆 Nowhere to watch the match today?…

  • Half time and an update from OT…. Sounds like a virus is hurting us and Merte/Teta are doubts… RvP may have done a bit too much pulling on his groin, as well. Maybe Cockie can assess just how serious that might be… 😀

    Actually, now they’re saying PM4 and Rosciky have been “sent home”…. Lordy…

  • Good afternoon Manscum manhood marauders!! 😀
    Thank you Ozmeister… An absolute beautiful masterpiece fitting for this massive occasion!!
    Big day today!! Flamteta for me today with Rambo on the right and Elmo on the left. Rocky to come on as impact sub I just can’t see him doing the minutes today as much as I would love for it to happen! 😀
    I would prefer if we could stick to the winning team, bring Flame on 60 minute mark and move Rambo to right. Montreal sub with Elmo and Gibbs taking Elmos spot.
    But I hope Gnabry gets a chance.
    Very, very nervous about the ref today!!
    COYRRG’s!!! 😀

  • So much for my avatar featuring our tallest and shortest players… Could be time to switch it up…

    At Sunderland…Javi Garcia, having survived a (completely unpunished Seb Larsson…) leg breaker, gets subbed for Jesus Navas…

  • No piss taking ToTL, just reporting what they’re saying from the half time of Sunderland-City… A virus amongst Arsenal players… We might have to dig a bit deeper today…Team news should be out shortly…

  • thanks for that Gerry, much appreciated and i’m with you a 110%, i got carried away after a “good week” – won’t happen again !!! cheers for sharing the experiences as well, i’m grateful to you for telling it how it is 🙂

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS – Man Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)
    Phil Jones and Shinji Kagawa play in midfield for Manchester United while Robin van Persie is fine to play up front.

    Man Utd XI: De Gea; Smalling, Vidic, Evans, Evra; Valencia, Jones, Carrick, Kagawa; Rooney, van Persie

  • Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky were sent home because of illness in the Arsenal camp…


  • that’s a massive massive blow but looking at the bright side, TV5 can rectify his mistake and come out as a hero ?

  • Sorry I’ve been quiet lately!! Been on a bender with Animal!! Cockie I’ve been enjoying the Savillesque comments on the greedy badger and Stretches womanising is legendary!! Mini Hampton on mini action man!! That’s a good omen for today!! Hahaha 😆

  • Phil Jones and Shinji Kagawa play in midfield for Manchester United while Robin van Persie is fine to play up front. Thomas Vermaelen starts for Arsenal as Per Mertesacker is under the weather.

    Man Utd XI: De Gea; Smalling, Vidic, Evans, Evra; Valencia, Jones, Carrick, Kagawa; Rooney, van Persie

    Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud.

  • Hi Fozzie 🙂

    Gerry, i hope you’re wearing your lucky scarf today ?

    not a bad team except that one BFG change, yikes

  • This becomes an awfully big match for the Captain, TV5, then, esp. after the early mistake in the same fixture a year ago…

    Maybe the manager believes in our guy (he must’ve to have given him the armband)…Could it be a “Weng-virus” — risking a “best line-up” to foster a deeper squad? …

  • Daaaaaammmm no BFG is massive!! MOTM who neutralised Dortmund out! We are going to be a lot more nervous going forward now!!
    Rocky I didn’t think could do the minutes so I can live that but BFG is massive!
    We have to win this game to exorcize the old toilet demons!!

  • I think I’ll leave the avatar up…Let’s win this for our big (sick) German…

    Kos seemed a bit out of sorts in the Chelsea match playing on the right side of central defense. Of course, Sagna over on that side could be an upgrade to Jenkinson…

    Mannone still keeping the clean sheet up in Sunderland…

  • no, i don’t think Wenger would do that @ 17HT

    the weather in U.K has gone really cold and there’s a bug going round, every 2nd person i meet is down with a cold or a flu at present.

    no worries, time for TV5 to stand up and be counted.

  • Hey JB 😀
    My furry ears are still tingling about your mention of Benteke for Jan …. That would be a great addition and he’s so young … Imagine what he could do under le prof…
    I’ve got that right eh JB? 😀

  • i see , what you are trying to do there @ Fozzie B – smooth very smooth but i remain tight lipped !

    our bench really looks bland without Rosicky and Per out of the squad, but suppose we had it worse on wednesday , didn’t we ?

  • James, I’m mostly joking about Weng-juries (and illnesses…) but, if Vermaelen can put in a good shift there is certainly an upside to the situation. It’s still early (season) and we will be top of the table going into this Int’l break…As the season wears on, depth becomes more important. Given that we’ve really only got 3 CBs (w/o sacrificing our starting RB…) we need ALL of them ready to perform at the highest level…

    Anyhow, looking forward to this one–give me a solid performance today and (I believe) the result will follow…

    Go On….

    (75th min, still 1-nil…)

  • yep , thank goody goodness for the return of Flamini or else the loss of Per may have been even more massive, i’m still easy, gonna win 0-2 !

  • agreed @ 17HT

    and look at the bright side, kagawa is playing on the WING, hopefully

    so that takes him out of the game, hopefully

    let’s keep things tight until the 70th minute and let them come out and play as they are the home team, are they not ?

  • Bollox, Sicky gives us that high tempo we need, playing both Flamini and Arteta suggest we are there for a smash and grab act !. If I had Vicky`s colostomy bag it would be over flowing by now !. I need something to calm me down, I`m like a walking vibrator !. Were doomeddddddddddddddddddddddd !. I can see the excuses already……” the mental strength was not enough, all our squad had sickness ! “.
    I shall now take leave into the comforting snatch of Bacary`s bitch !.

  • Agreed about the bench…1st goal seems key…Our BFG at the front post hasn’t really been working at corners, so maybe TV5 gives us a little extra there….

    Moyes leaves his “big” signing on the bench…Inneresting, I think….

  • a draw might not be a bad result , dare i say – don’t care about the money now, ha

  • Alcoholic Bastardo !…..I thought you were Tea Total !.

    Ahh, good of Bacary to leave me a Condom !……..it`s a used one !…….never mind waste not want not !……it fits as well !…………on my fcuking fist !.

  • All my avatars are lucky, ToTL….This one reminds me of Terry AND VCC, however…

    Bond, with that line-up Kagawa will be coming central plenty…He’s almost as bad a diver as Ash Young, so Kos will have to stay disciplined and not too tackly…

    I’m surprised the kid, Jan-U-Jai, didn’t get the call. United lineup seems awfully conservative, but maybe ours does too…

    90th min at Sunderland, still 1-nil…

  • Verminator will have to exorcise his own demons here at old toilet!!
    I can’t believe no BFG!! Shrek and RVJ will be cocky now for sure! Damit!! 😀

  • sunderland yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    both spuds and city looooooooooooooooooooose

    heeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

  • Wow… All done in Sunderland…City shouldn’t feel too bad–they outscored their oppenents 7-1 over the past two matches…. 😀

    Top 3 going into this break will be Arsenal, Liverpool and So’ton

    We need to work the Smalling, Evans (right) side of their defense….

  • Given the other results a draw looks better and better for both teams… I like our chances today… Playing Smalling and Jones seem like they’re concerned about set pieces. TV5 seems a far better player than both (Evans, too…) Hard to believe that the Fro can’t start ahead of Jones? Is he hurt or unfit or something?

    Big match for the Captain…

    Hey Dylan…

    Where are my Aussies?…

  • Ok lads hit them hard in the first 20!! Score first!! Catch you guys on the other side!! COYRRG’s!! 😀

  • JB – I should have worn my lucky scarf before they tucked into their Vindaloo!

    It is on now … and Johnny Evans is playing. HA HA!

  • 1 ARSENAL FC 11 28
    2 LIVERPOOL FC 11 23
    3 SOUTHAMPTON FC 11 22
    4 CHELSEA FC 11 21
    5 EVERTON FC 11 20
    6 TOTTENHAM 11 20
    7 MAN CITY 11 19
    8 MAN UNITED 11 17

    Just sayin…

  • Tough call there on Giroud, after the triangle to move us up the right flank…Maybe a make-up for the call on RvP?

  • Rooney touches are off so far…

    Iffy challenge by Ramsey on Jones before that…Careful, eh…

  • That’s going to make things very difficult.

    Come on when did that wanker ever score a corner for us?!!!


  • Poor delivery from Ozil on the FK…

    Yellow now for Sagna. Obviously we need to get into the match and make some chances, but we should be wary of pressing up too much, too early…

  • They’re marking Giroud out very well so maybe we need to look for other options…Jones more or less shadowing Ozil?…Ramsey working hard but nothing coming off for him…

  • santi isn’t having a good time of it either. looking devoid of any creativity. Rooney penalty claim…i’m shocked

  • Whoa, very iffy defending from Giroud…I’ve seen them given for less, as they say…

    Ramsey and Ollie need to be further forward where such things can’t hurt us…

    Ozil static and unable to contribute thus far…

    Sir Chez knocked out on the (non) corner?…

  • shouldn’t continue, must be seeing stars.

    I suppose they’ll assess him more at the break

  • Yellow for Jones…attack him now, I say…

    Giroud ball skills letting him down…

  • Uh oh, Flam given yellow…Santi running in quicksand…Gotta find Messy in the center…

  • Agreed there Oz…We shouldn’t get too down, however… First goal was always going to be tough (if we didn’t get it)…

    Better there from Ramsey…Gotta find a way to get Ozil into the match and we probably will need Wilshere (for Flams) soon after the hour mark…

  • I’d take off flamini (bit worried about the yellow), move Ramsey next to Arteta and bring on Serge to create something and run at Evra.


  • that was one of the worst first half performances of the season.

    our entire midfield has gone missing

    we need to change it to a 4-3-3 in the 2nd half, take off one of Santi or Ozil and bring on Gnabry, run behind them lads

    enough of playing nice and giving them respect

    GIBBS you plonker, it was an easy off the line clearing had you used your head !

  • yeah, take off Flamini – better option and bring on Gnabry to change it to a proper 4-3-3 , agreed with OZ

  • agreed BJ, completely disjointed performance. No fluidity and no link between giroud and the defence.

    It’s united at OT…no excuses for not pulling your finger out

  • I dunno, I think it’s a bit of an overreaction…We conceded from a corner…Did either team make any other real chances?…

    That said, we now have to chase the match…Ramsey, for me is better further forward. Wilshere for Flamini at the hour mark, Gnabry Ramsey or Santi if they continue to play without effect…

    Tough to get down on Gibbs at the post…His open play, however, leaves something to be desired. Given that we haven’t any attackers beyond Jack and Serge, we’ll probably need to try Nacho as well…

    Cleverly in (not Fellaini?) Vidic out…

  • Decent chance for Ramsey with Flams and Ozil picking out the right pass…We might need our more talented guys taking on some defenders and making things happen individually…

  • Ozil, wasting possession after pulling Evra out of position…C’mon fellas!

  • Another United corner…No goal, nobody knocked out…Much Better!

    C’mon boys…Our corner now after De Gea takes it over the line?

    Ozil side netting!

  • Ramsey, please…

    We’re doing better but I think we’ll need to try a little Jack sooner than later…

    Rooney…Let off…

  • Payback with Ollie’s elbow on Smalling after he’d hacked down Gibbs…

    We need guys getting a little closer so we can move it quicker…

    FK on the right well defended…We’re seeing more of the ball at least…

    That’s a corner, no?

  • RvP sooo much quicker than Arteta…Rooney spurns the chance…

    Just can’t get anything into their box…

    This is where an alternative/addition to Giroud would be a treat…

  • That seemed like a nice ball for Ozil…Didn’t want to get clonked, I guess…

    Ugh, Messy perfect bringing the ball down but can’t find the pass on the break…

  • Can’t agree with you there, Oz…playing below his standard is still better than we could expect from the bench options…

    Great Ball from Sagna and then some cool defending at our end…

  • no excuses for not wanting to get a hit on the head though. If you earn a small fortune each week you should give everything. it was soft as mud!

  • The old man from the mountain (Giggs) while we have to use Bendtner…

    Yeah, I’m feeling we’re lacking depth today…

  • Still disagree Oz…He’d be earning that 150K/week from the hospital, which isn’t what we bought him for…

    I guess, I’m too soft for this game… 😳

  • More set piece botched defending…Smalling won’t dive for it either…so we are let off…

    Here comes Serge…

  • that school boy error nearly cost us another goal

    this is fantastic

    where is gnabry ?

  • Don’t miss much for facial injuries though. can always buy a new nose. in the end no one went for it.

    fucking shoot!!!!!!!!!!! stop this dinky touch shit!!!!!!

  • Sir Chez, gimme a fucking break…

    Looked good for Giroud and then a decent turn but partly blocked…Corner…

  • haha Oz…Tougher for pretty boys like me…Without my face, (plus the 6 pack abs…) I’m nothing…

  • Getting late here…Bendtner not very aggressive with the ball at his feet…Where’s the confidence?…

  • that’s what you get for playing like pussy’s in the first half when you should have been playing with a lions heart – fully deserved

    start the engine time

  • two rippers from sagna unrewarded.

    Pathetic display from some.

    BSR…scores…of course.

    Work in 2.5 hours…brilliant.

    night all

  • agreed BJ. As I said before, if you can’t turn up pumped and ready against United…you should go home with BFG and Rosicky.

  • i have had enough of this pussy mentality , and fancy stuff in the box, just fucking shoot on sight you over paid over hyped and confused players, more action less fucking drama and head in hands moments

    so so angry and gutted right now, the worst 1st half team performance i have ever seen, no spine, no class, no personality and no champions mentality – toothless

  • agreed, none of these players have the champions mentality, i really thought today Ozil would stand up and be counted but he and both Santi were pathetic to say the least.

    now let everyone laugh at us, give them more fuel

    even though we are sitting at the top of the league, i doubt if most teams would see us as genuine contenders, there is no presence or aura when we play the “bigger teams” in England

    long may live the “pussy mentality”.

  • Piss poor performance today. What was Wenger THINKING bringing on the big oaf? On the other hand, Gnabry made an instant impact and, for me, deserves another start.
    Painful to see so many chances squandered by simply not pulling the trigger.
    Ozil’s individual performance was baffling and it seems like his effectiveness is dropping game to game. Feeling very sour.. he needs to pick it up.

  • ok bad result, but i give us all some optimistic points,the lads were clerly tired and had a lot of players missing.
    If you look at all our top rivals fixture list coming up they are all very difficult and it could be a time to take advantage like we have done so far this season apart from a Chelsea and City match coming up.
    The other is we get a break now and finally we will defo get Theo and Podolski and Sanogo all back and we need them now badly. The bad result today is just a blip hopefully

  • Not having sen the match I guess your instant criticism are valid? … But the last time Mert went down with an iffy gut, Ozil was also ill, but just less so ..

    Just saying …

    as people say when they are just saying.

  • OG and JB – as I said before if they were mentally shot from the two previous games, it would show up in the first half, not the second.

    Blame the the fact that these players are playing every game.

    No sod it! Blame the COC game for not trying out other options!

  • Bond, I think you’re out of line here and will put it down to frustration. Calling people pussies, is heavily frowned upon…over here, at least…

    Yeah, we’re a technical team with technical players but to say that we weren’t up for it is ridiculous. They got the result…The difference was a set piece…Maybe we shouldn’t have sold them Van Pussy, eh?…Yeah, let’s sell Ozil and Santi, the f**king pussies… Are Rosicky and Mertesacker pussies for getting ill?…You’re talking like a guy who just lost a lot of money…

    I’m not overly gutted. We need attacking alternatives and this Int’l break is coming at the right time… How many saves did Sir Chez have to make?…

    Give United credit, they worked hard and defended just well enough once they got the lead. With just Ollie in there (he’s a pussy too, right?) our options are limited. Unfortunately, I fear, Poldolski and Theo are pussies too…Look how long they’ve been out with these little injuries. WERE DOOMED!!! The best chances probably came from Sagna crosses…He’s gotta be a pussy too, after all WE LOST…

    Kagawa (a technical player if there ever was one…(and van Pussy) did good work to set up those Rooney chances, which he absolutely fluffed. He played hard, however…He must have a dick, eh? Give Jack and AR16 (what a pussy move that was, when he got his leg broken…) a few years and maybe they’ll do likewise…

    Anyhow, have a great break, tell us who we’re gonna buy, etc., etc., but please, be sure to have your sauce check their parts before we do so…

  • Shame the lads didn’t turn up first half. BFG would have stopped that goal and we really should have scored from those gorgeous Sagna crosses!! 1-1 would have been fair but we only have ourselves to blame.
    Positive for me was Jackys impact, Wenger’s attacking subs – Jacky, my little pony, Gnabry … We’re all good.
    Missed Rocky though and think Rambo is better back with Flame.
    Isn’t that the first time Gollum has beaten us ever eh? 😦

  • agree with you 007, the team is far too slow, Théo we are desperately short, I do not understand why not having done enter Gnarby rather and not having put Nacho rather and not having put bendtner…..
    Giroud its level today was pitiful 90% the balloons back on him automatically giving again the opponent I hope that in January there will have competition for this position because thence it is not possible !!!! Chamak the poor has not had as many chances as him with competition from the other manure alias Robin van shit ….
    the match has exhausted me and I hope that after the break we will we resume.
    to give credit to our team we must say that we have played very difficult 2 match before 😉

  • When I say good subs I mean good timing … And 3 attackers chasing.
    The guys failed today mentally and physically but they were not far off. I don’t know why but I was more gutted losing to Chalvski at home… Solely for the Maureen psyschological effect … I wanted us to win today to beat the Manure hoodoo … We didn’t but I still think that we are no longer scared of Manure … I have karma there …
    Flame out for Southampton next…
    Lucky results went for us!! Chavs, citeh spurs lost 😀

  • nothing to do with losing money @ 17HT

    before kick off, i said i would gladly take a draw after hearing about the “bug” and both PER and Rosicky.

    it is what it is, we went there with a defensive mindset and didn’t turn up in the first half , AT ALL

    we made it all too easy for Man utd –

    i stand by my words, we played like pussy’s when we should be playing like lions, even with the injuries we had – there was enough pace and width on the bench in the form of Gnabry.

    the whole team minus Sagna played without belief and wanting to get something out of it – forget how many saves Sczny had to make, tell me how many saves did Dea gea had to make in the first half ?

    there lies your answer.

    who in their right mind sends Bendtner before Gnabry ? (considering the guy just had a 2 page moan at Arsenal for holding him back, yesterday ?

    absolutely pathetic, that’s 45 minutes of football that you want to show to all these players 24/7 until they become sick and you still keep showing them that until they learn how to press and close down their opponents , if they can do that in the 2nd half then what stops them from doing that in the first half ?

  • how can you be mentally tired, exhausted or fatigued when you’re on such a high , after beating liverpool, dortmund and so on ?

    i saw Roony put in a shift on tuesday, and he was up for every single ball again today – there was a fire in his belly and a hunger to win – it’s called CHAMPIONS MENTALITY

    i hope AW is giving them all a big hug and wiping their tears when they are on their way back, this is not good enough and not acceptable from a team that is capable of playing with a lions heart yet plays as pathetic as it did in the first half – shocking.

    flame out for the saints game might not be such a bad things @ Fozzie

    i hope both Theo and Poldi are available so we can go back to playing a 4-3-3 and use our pace to get behind the defense, it was far too easy today for utd.

  • I`m ok with it as long as no body talks fatigue shit !. Me and Gerry both talked the merits of not playing 1st teamers in the Mickie Mouse Cup !.
    Lost to a bigger and stronger mentality/presence club and theses facts back it up.
    The Bastards have won 13 out of a possible 21 EPL titles…….runners up x 5……3rd x 3…..never outside the top 3 !. So basically you betting boys….come above The Bastards and you`re probably champs !. Have to start beating them, Chavs and City first though, that’s still only 2/21 points from the last 7 meetings with them teams !.

  • Fcuk !……2 weeks of depression until we meet a team who run Manscum ragged at Old Toilet !…….I`ll need a bigger sofa for that game !.
    Why do we keep dropping points from the teams below us ?.

  • nah, i’m not gonna talk of the fatigue shit either @ TCM

    these are top level professionals, this is their bread and butter, i don’t buy any of the “jaded” excuses either.

    as long as the players are hurting on their long journey back and start another run of 15 away wins and a draw, all be well – but it’s just the mentality that concerns me massively

    these are the same players who went to places like BM and Dortmund and won – was it a fluke ? it would appear so, if they can’t win against the likes of Chelsea , Man city and Man utd.

    i really do hope i’m wrong and the lads can pick themselves up, go on a bit of a run and still be at the top come xmas time

    i guess i’m more riled up cause RVP scored and the way he celebrated, as if to say, oh hello boys, same old Arsenal – we be swapping positions soon, don’t you worry.

    Gibbs needs to stop playing FIFA14 and needs to start spending more time on his defending from set pieces.

  • We could not handle Van Pussy and Shrek today. Such a shame we did not take advantage of the weakest defence the Mancs have had against us for years.

    Not too much doom and gloom, we are still TOTL

  • don’t worry Gerry, after you’ve watched the game and first half, i might be in a better and optimistic mood to listen to your rants as well.

    apologies for the rant but honestly, the first half performance was an utter disgrace.

  • It`s OK JB…..Wenger has said physically we were OK, just nervous as it was a big game and we haven`t won there for a while, but like you I don’t buy any of the fatigue shit either. Three and a half days rest was plenty !.
    I shall however get my bit in that we should have never sold our best player to our biggest rivals…..I know, I still cant move on from that, it may have been financially a success, but also footballing transfer lunacy and as fans it`s the football part we are only interested in, not how much our bank balance is !.

  • Dear oh dear oh dear. When are some of you guys going to see the bigger picture?

    We have just lost a game to the champions in a very hard fought brusing game

    Cockies spot on about Utd. They are the benchmark, and we are almost there

    Compared to recent encounters I am absolutly delighted with the performance. For the last 3 years i have seen us outclassed both tacticly and individualy and now we more than matched them. In the 2nd half the bastards parked the bus for fucks sake.

    If we keep this form up we have every chance of winning the league. Next year and beyond we will be even better.

    If been one of the best and competitive teams in Europe in a year or two not enough for you, then i suggest you ask yourself why?

  • Hi Guys and Muppets,

    I’m really gutted with this result as I really think this team is so much better than this, but who knows how many of the players are really sick, and the luck just doesn’t run with us at OT. This was always going to be a big ask at the end of a long week and losing Per and TR7 made it worse.
    My thoughts are that Ollie G looks exhausted and agree we really need Theo and Poldi back asap, we are too predictable at the moment, I think AW may have used Serge earlier, but he was also sick…..
    I think the Saints will pay the price for this, as the players themselves won’t be happy!.

  • Stretch…….have you still got the Action Man doll ?……stick a little RVP shirt on it and chuck a brick on it, then with luck that Satellite falling from space will hit him smack in the face !. Or stick it up the missus and he will go blind !. hahaha

  • but what can you do, when you have a player turn up at your house, repeatedly and ask for a transfer move himself ? considering you have been a father figure to the player and he wants this bad ? do you risk keeping an unhappy player and then letting him go eventually or you try to find a compromise and do what’s best for both the club in the long term ?

    it’s a tricky one Glics

    Terry, in the PL – 90% teams park the bus, that’s not really a reason for us not getting a point out of it really, yes, on our 2nd half performance, we showed our personality and lions mentality but our first half performance was so bad, that it made me wonder and question .

    i’m curious to see what AW has to say on the official website , after match thoughts – if he uses the “jaded ” excuse then i’m going to join Glic in whatever punishment he wants to dish out AW.

    7 years and we haven’t won at old toilet, for fcuk sake

  • Cockie, Bondy

    Piatence lads. We are closing in on the Mancs.

    We will evolve and improve, no doubt about that

    In fact, never mind the future,we have every chance of winning the title this year. the last week has proved that

    Cant risk taking that Action Man figure out of the safe Cockie. Sometimes, whilst holding a crucifix, i just sit and stare at it. I could never touch the thing. If i attempt to remove the leather trousers i might cause an injury. hahaha

  • i always look at our next 4 matches and here they are :





    all 4 are winnable matches, so let’s go on a run again and if we can match our last run, then we would be doing well, i don’t know who we play after HULL and i don’t care, that’s 15 points , we gotta bank (12 in the PL and 3 CL) – SORTED.

    i was so wishing that it was RVP at the end of that clash from Flamini and De Gea and not Vidic , is that bad ? 😀

  • With my foreskin foresight of last season this is what would have happened. RVP would have been made to stay, we possibly would have won the EPL, he then would have stayed this season as SAF had retired and after a coffee and Dutch baked cake ( drugs ) chat with Wenger about the signing of Ozil, would have been celebrating for us today instead of The Bastards !. Not tricky at all !. hahaha

  • Now listen here 007, you may be an accountant and me just a van driver, but I make that 12 points available from 4 matches….. not 15 !……….lucky I only had 4 ringed Donuts on my abacus cockie, but what sort of use is a fcuking accountant who cant count !. hahaha

  • what could have been and may have been, is not @ Glics

    we gotta stop living in the past , long may live the king the king is DEAD.

    our next 4 matches give us an opportunity to build more of a lead at the top, we currently have a 2 point cushion, no reason why we can’t get it back to 5 points by the time we have won against HULL.

    i guess, we don’t have to win against the big teams as draws may suffice since our mentality shows that we play not to win and not the other way around vs the big guns.

  • ahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha

    cut me some slack, i wanted to feel a bit better by gaining 12 points from 3 EPL games – 9 it is then

    + 3 from Marseille

    still acceptable.

    gets us going again, doesn’t it ?

  • PS

    I should mention that “cant count ” is an anagram of accountant and that the plural accountants anagram of ” a cunt on cats ” should not be used as we are having pussy problems with 17ht !. hahaha

  • ahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahaha

    i guess i was out of line with that “pussy mentality” bit – but such is life. we went there with the aim of not losing the game and not winning it and it showed in abundance in our first half.

    anyhow, thanks for cheering me up a bit @ TCM – don’t worry you will have Fozzie here soon, cheering you up 🙂

    until next time, it’s adios amigos

  • Some disturbing news on newsnow ! ( up the top ) coincidently both in Russia.
    First an artist has nailed his testicles to a Red Square cobblestone in protest at Russia`s crackdown on political rights !. What is it with fcuking artists ?….cutting off ears etc`….am I missing something here ( he surely is ! )….he`s an artist….wouldn`t it be easier and less painful to draw/paint a pair of testicles nailed to a cobblestone !. It would have been nicer to say his act of defiance was the dogs bollocks !.

    Also, The King and Queen of the Netherlands have been pelted with tomato`s in Moscow !. Idiots, don’t they know…..they like to be pelted with drugs !.

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