Arsenal v MU: Afterthoughts and a bit of perspective

“If the diver always thought of the shark, he would never lay hands on the pearl” 


I have read the comments from fellow, well respected bloggers and I can see why they are disappointed about the way Arsenal played today. It is a fair comment that Arsenal started a bit too conservative and did not do enough from an attacking sense in the first half. It is also true we did not see enough from our experienced, attacking players, notably Cazorla and Ozil, and that we left it too late with taking the game by the scruff of the neck.

All fair comments.

We lacked a bit of courage this afternoon and we probably paid for it.

However, I thought we played well from a tactical point of view and it was really good to put the Mancs under pressure for a sustained period in the second half. How many seasons in a row did we play embarrassingly bad at Old Toilet in recent times?  The one big thing to take from this game is that we were never inferior to the Mancs at Old Toilet, and this has not been the case for a long, long time. In the long run, this is perhaps the most important lesson to draw from today’s game.

The only thing we were missing was a bit of luck as we deserved a point from this game.

I thought we did well to sit back and restrict them from attacking our box, and I could see us gradually coming out of that defensive fortress to steal a goal (or two). It worked against Dortmund, and with so many injuries in attack it seemed the right approach. Out of nothing, we conceded a goal from a set piece and I will not forget how the swine celebrated his goal. The man has no character, no style and no humility and today he showed us all why Wenger had to let him go when he was approached by him with a ‘must do list’ if he wanted him to stay. Today, he came out as the winner but in the long run he will be the loser; no doubt about that. And it will always be Van Judas for me 😈

After the goal, we gradually took the initiative and the second half was ours in terms of possession, pressure and chances. We just missed that bit of composure, cutting edge and luck on the day, but that just happens sometimes. The attack is still gelling together as both Ozil and Carzorla are finding their feet in our team. The former because he is new and is having to play a different sort of football as he was used to; the latter because he has been out for a while and needs to settle back in the team – and work things out with Ozil. And it is still showing up in these sorts of games.

I could become very critical of both Ozil and Cazorla, but I know they are very good footballers who give their all, so why not give them the benefit of the doubt today?

Did we deserve to lose? Not in my opinion.

We could analyse it to bits, and I am sure we will do so over the next few days, but ultimately we lost because we were a little bit less lucky than the Mancs, and we just have to move on to the next game. That is what champions-in-the-making do: they take a set back on the chin and swiftly move on.

Arsenal are top of the league, with a gap between us and the Chavs, Mancs and Northern Oilers of at least four points. If you would have given me this position twenty days ago, just after the last inter-lull, I would have Suarezed your hand off. If you would have offered me a win against Liverpool, a win away to Dortmund and a narrow loss against the Mancs eight days ago, I would have taken it as well.

But that does not mean that today’s mini setback does not hurt a bit. I would have loved to beat the horrible Mancs comprehensively and for Flamini to do a ‘Keown’ in front of Van Judas today. I would have loved to create an 11 point gap between us and them today. It was not to be. However, our time will come, and I saw enough in the second half to suggest we are champions material this season.

If we beat Southampton in two weeks and the Mancs lose away to Newcastle the gap between us and them is eight points again, and the natural order of things will be restored once more. Let’s keep the faith and move on; and show a bit more courage next time.



53 thoughts on “Arsenal v MU: Afterthoughts and a bit of perspective

  • The tactics were obvious keep utd quiet then steal a goal or two. However, Ramsey got caught out on the corner he saw van Persie move and went forward and left space at front post. Not a disaster and we played well. Stats wise we were more possession more shots better passing overall united won most duels. Thought we should have gone with gnarbry from start and with team suffering from sickness and two members sent home before match was less than ideal. That said, I thought. Verm had an outstanding game alongside kos just a shame international break is upon us again it is always annoying but with the pod and theo due back soon we could be in real good nick.

  • Totally agree TA. A glum day, but no cause to throw everything out for all that. We are still top, and playing consistently well. Manure never looked the better side today – even though we were tired and hugely depleted in our first 11. But look at the last week – 2 wins out of 3 tough games; I would have taken that! And if we swapped those wins for any other combination? Well we would not be both top of the league and top of our CL group.

    What sticks in the throat is that it was against Manure, and Judas scored the winning goal – totally agree about the celebration; is is no better than something you scrape off your shoe. But ultimately its just 3 points – the same number that Spuds and Shitty dropped today. We lost, but hardly badly, and the other results of the weekend have mostly been brilliant for us.

    Lets not forget how far we have come this season, what great promise our squad has, what new steel we have showed this season, and what players we have to return to our team after the inter lull. As before, we are still in the place every other PL team would like to be, and we have got there showing consistency. The last 8 days have been fantastic, however disappointed we are feeling today.


  • Welcome Richard 🙂

    Agreed the interlull is not ideal as it would be good to have a game next weekend to pick up momentum again.

    I thought Gnabry did well when he came on and maybe he should have started the game, but that is at best hindsight now.

  • Hello! 🙂

    I agree with you, TA. We are still in control and maybe this international break will do good for us.

    My conclusions from today’s game:

    1.If someone doesn’t appreciate Mertesacker when he is on the pitch, he/she should have realized Per’s worth when he is absent. We lost two out of four matches during The Dirty Dozen-Days (that’s how we at called it) and in both of them our central defenders were Koscielny and Vermaelen. If we need an addition that can’t wait, it’s a cover for Mertesacker – a central defender with high organizing skills and positioning.

    2.Bendtner is useless. He reminds me a lot of Andre Santos from the last season.

    3.Gnabry should have spent more time on the pitch. He injected pace and width to our team so Sagna could make those dangerous crosses. If Rosicky was out, it was either Wilshere or Gnabry that should have taken his spot though I understand why Wenger went with the more experienced team (just check what he said after Dortmund about young players).

    4.Flamini and Arteta aren’t the best combination for the double-pivot-role, at least not against opponents like Manchester United. One of them should be paired with Ramsey or Wilshere in order to get more dynamic midfield and enable our creative department (Cazorla, Rosicky, Özil) to shine.

    5.Rosicky is indispensible in the matches like the one we played today. At some point, movements of our players with the ball reminded me of those in PES when the arrows on the Gamepad are broken. Rosicky offers precise and direct play forward, something that we didn’t have today (it’s connected a bit with my point Number Four).

    6.I can’t wait for Walcott, Chambo and Podolski to return. We need them ASAP.

  • Hi all..
    TA.. I don’t think We deserve to win.. but We also don’t deserve to lose.. hehe..

    I must say it again and again..
    Don’t play Flamini – Arteta together.. the same as Wilshere and Ramsey.. and Kosc-Verm..
    But I must say.. Wenger was forced by some injured players.. if only Mertesacker and Rosicky were there..

    Firsthalf We let them take control.. but We made them park the bus in secondhalf..
    Just a little bit unlucky.. We can made it draw..

    But this was a very hard week for every big team.. only Liverpool survived.. hehe.. All lost or drew to middle team.. and that incluced us.. I mean We were beaten by middle team.. hehehe.. you know what I mean.. hahaha..

    Next will be Soton.. a great team so far.. and it will be another good test for our team..
    I think Soton will not play their best again us.. cause they may afraid to lose their stars/youngster to us.. again.. hehe..
    No.. no.. because Walcott and Ox may return to teach their youngster a good lesson.. haha..

    Keep the spirit high.. Go Gunners..

  • We took a punch that floored us temporarily but we got back up and battled to the end. the EPL is like a boxing match and it isn’t over until the knock-out occurs or the last round is rung to a close so this is a minor hick in our road to the title. At least the Spuds, Cheatski and Shitty also lost….so in a sense we didn’t get the worst results overall. I am actuallymore concerned about Southampton as their form is spectacular so far and they are a greater danger to a poor Arsenal performance than United were. hopefully we will field our strongest team after the break and they will play like they should against a better opponent than United were today.

  • What did u tell you about giroud the guy is a donkey hasn’t scored against any big team in the premier league he’s a backup striker at best and that’s pushing it he’s not a goal scorer if it wernt for Ramsey this season we would be nowhere.

    Ozil is no fabregas cesc is 10 times the playa he is.

  • It is always disappointing to lose to Manure but I agree with everyone, at the end of the day, it is just 1 game and the good news is the other big teams (apart from Liverpool) also dropped points AND most importantly we are still TOP of the league!

    In the past, I would have been more worried considering how the team cope with a defeat. I recall not too long ago, we can play really well, then lose a big game and have our confidence shattered and struggle for the next 5 or 6 games before gradually turning the corner. This season, I think I have seen enough to suggest the team is much more resolute this year. We lost to Villa at home at the start of the season and bounced back magnificently, we lost to Dortmund at home and bounced back magnificently. So I see no reason to doubt that the team will bounce back from this latest setback after the enforced international week break.

    And yesterday’s match, it is not as if we got hammered by Manure like we did a couple of seasons back. We weren’t at our best yet, statistically we are better than them in almost every department. We had more possession, we had more shots, we had more corners. In a big game, luck plays a big part. Manure were lucky to score on a set piece as I am convinced that had the BFG played, he would have cut off that ball before it got to van Judas. And that is really the closest Manure had come to scoring apart from some half chances that they got with Smalling coming probably closest.

    But on the other end, we had some chances of our own too and you can say we are probably a little unlucky not to at least test De Gea more. The 2 crosses for Sagna were incredible and a touch on either one would have got us back into the game so I do feel that we had our chance and in the second half, we are definitely the better team on the pitch. For that reason, we have many reasons to be optimistic.

    The commentators and even Moyes said that this is probably the best performance by Manure in the season. For me, this is definitely far from one of our decent performance. Yet, we were for a large part of the game the better side and on a different day, I fancy us at least getting a draw if not a win!

    At the end of the day, we are still top of the table, we still have a 5 points lead over Manure, regardless of what that balding fat no. 10 of theirs think (being top of the league come January… yeah right!). We have got a decent results from our 3 big games. The performance the boys have put in so far this season offers a lot to be optimistic about. We have a home game next when hopefully 3 (or more) of our key players will be available and more hopefully the treatment room will start getting empty in the next month or so before we get to January when we can hopefully strengthen a bit more with a big name striker and another DM. So Gooners, stay positive and I really hope that every Gooners who can make it to the next home match will cheer and support the team and give them the boost that they need to carry on fighting and continue to prove to all the doubters out there that the position we are in now is no fluke and is not because we have a “soft” fixture so far!

    Now all I hope is that all our players come back healthy from the international break which frankly, I am sure a lot of us Gooners don’t really care about especially those redundant useless friendlies that is created more to make money than anything else!


    (P/S: The one thing that annoy me the MOST from yesterday’s game was that of all the Manure players, it has to be that scum who scored the winning goal (was telling a mate that if Manure did score, I won’t want to see van Judas, Rooney or Evra on the scoresheet). His celebration after only made it worse and a part of me started thinking about the incident a few seasons ago when Adebayor threw a kick at him in mid air only to miss him. At that time, I was pxxxed off by Ade for doing it, now I hate Ade even more for missing his kick! I know it’s wrong, but sometimes I just can’t help it!)

  • Cheers for the post match review TA!

    I must say that after watching today’s match, it’s somewhat clear that we lacked the attackers up front who could think on Ozil’s level. His combination with Giroud when he played the ball back into the middle of the box, after a one-two, should have been an easy goal for OG. It didn’t help that Santi was basically invisible as well after his amazing game the week prior.

    It’s also clear that we struggle more when teams press us more and that we need Rosicky to help keep our attack direct and forward. He can think the game on a level close to Ozil and we really missed that today.

    Ramsey has to be more decisive in the box too as he had some brilliant opportunities to strike the ball on first touch, but instead delayed and hoped the defender would bite on a fake but instead they held their ground.

    Bendtner, well we won’t even being with him…

    Oh well, at least it wasn’t a blow out and I genuinely thought for the first time in a while that we were evenly matched (and this was us on a bad day!).

  • Not sure why everyone is going on about Flamini & Arteta in the double pivot. It was necessary at a tough away ground and important to bottle up the space in front of our back 4 where in the past we’ve been sliced to shred. It was always the idea to keep it tight and don;t lose at worst. The goal was a sickener and of course even more sickening by the sight of that c*nt scoring. If there were any lingering feelings for RVP, they,re gone. He’s a big miss but he’s an even bigger c*nt.

    We weren’t brave enough in our passing and movement in the final 1/3rd and showed some exasperating composure when we got into useful positions.

    Cazorla & Ozil just didn’t do enough and Ramsey tried to do too much.

    Was pleased with the performance of Vermaelen, though you have to wonder whether the goal would have been scored had Mertesacker been on the pitch.

    Gnabry came on and wasn’t phased by the pressure and added some attacking impetus.

    IMO, aside from the loss of 3 pts to those horrible twats, the team can take many positives back home with them. However, we needed to do more and want it more in the final 1/3rd and our BIG players were outgunned by their big players. Ozil & Cazorla needed to have had more influence on the game.

    Lets hope our injury concerns ease over the next few weeks and those that can get a rest over the interlull. Long to see Theo, Podolski et al back and the back of Bendter.

    Brush this one off, learn from it and beat Southampton

    Reinforcements in January anyone.

    Oh and we still lead the table

  • Morning all and welcome to new bloggers 🙂

    Good to see Admir back as well.

    Don’t know about you, but I woke up not feeling that bad at all. I have moved on already. 🙂

  • TA – Yes, calm and reasoned afterthoughts. That is what is needed.

    The trouble is, the team had built up so much expectation, this result was more than some could handle.

    When I fully described, accurately as it happened, the way the mental fatigue would work, and indeed, defying the ‘logic’ that it would disappear in the 2nd half, it is still not registering how much effort our small squad has put in to get us 5 point clear in the league, and pole position in the CL?

    Why did we not think our team would be so well positioned by November?

    I asked that simply to get the message across that they have been playing at their peak, not every game physically, but the concentration levels, even when things were going wrong. It has been immense. None more so than the two games coming into this one.

    When I wrote my piece I thought we could still win, and with the strategy employed. But that was before the bug took away Mertersacker and Rosicky. The two key elements in my (and AW’s?) thinking. Per for his calm, organising approach, to keep them from scoring. Rosicky to join with Gnabry to provide the freshness for the last half hour when we could have really punished them?

    How much different the story, and the response would have been if they had played?

    Henry, Henry, you are just so wrong about the Flamteta partnership. I could just say ‘Napoli’, and leave it at that?
    It was another key element of sitting out the storm. Arteta was right on the edge in the last game. I felt he was always going to struggle to repeat the herioics of that game. MOTM for many, remember? The strategy was to have Rambo to be the extra defender in the first half, while Flamini did the thinking and organising … and perhaps, no, most likely, with Per doing the same in the back 4, they would have had that clean sheet? Then they could launch Ramsey into full attack mode. That being the case, I don’t think you would keep to your above conclusion?

    THMT recalled another defeat at OT, and how it thrilled him they got so close, and proved it the following season with the league and Cup double. We are so much ahead of ourselves in terms of expectation, that it has distorted what a great effort this small group of players have been putting in?

    Of course it is disappointing, the way the game went as much as the result, apparently. I have yet to see that, but whatever it was like, I will not rant. To suggest our previous two results were flukes ….

    No I better not go there.

    If you still do not believe in the ‘mental fatigue’ factor, I suggest you take a look at Dortmund’s game after Wednesday? The second best team in Euope, I recall being said? The physically fittest team too, that always run 10 or 15 more kilometers more per game than the opposition .. Yet they failed to beat mid table Wolfsburg?

    Yes TA, a bit of perspective is definitely called for. Thank you

  • Good post Total, as always…

    I agree with you that we did not have the best of games, particularly from our star players Ozil, Cazorla plus Ramsey. In the 1st half we were pretty poor in my opinion. Too many misplaced passes that directly went to Manure players. I expected the three mentioned players to show their class, and perhaps overrun the Manure midfield. Special mention for Rooney who I think was out to make a statement against us. He worked his socks off, and I hope our best players saw what it means to carry a team during big games.

    Anyway, a bit of reality check because we can not win everything put in front of us and interllul does not come at a much better time. I am happy we are still table-toppers, and the spirit of Gonners continues.

  • Morning TA,all

    Excellent write-up TA..really good read

    I’ll start with the celebration from van puke face…unlike most, i LOVED it and here’s why..last season when he scored against us, it was like he had pity for us, the ‘lowly’ club he left for better pastures and vindicated by him scoring and NOT celebrating..BUT now, the tides in English football have changed and for the first time in a while, we are genuine title contenders..we know it and puke-face knows it..he just HAD to do it to shove it down our arses as he knew the away section would have butchered him had we gotten our result..too bad..but him celebrating not only shows what a jackass cunt and low-life person he is, but shows us he knows it was one he had to score AND win to even have a sniff at us at the top of the table..he knows we are in it to win it and i bet it irks him, the sight of us sailing high irks him..the ‘lowly-descending’ club with ‘average’ players like Rambo,topping the league AND playing the FINEST football in the land, oh how it haunts him!!

    Onto the game..the only conclusion i drew from the match is how much we have missed our wide players..we simply lacked pace(Theo), width(Theo) and directness(Theo)..oh how i’ve missed our speed demon!!

    I also thought we missed Rozy’s drive and pressing high up the pitch to pin the mancs in their own half..simply put, no one in our squad does it quite like him..hoping he misses the pointless internationals to get some much needed rest and have him back raring to go

    I hear people saying Ozil had a blinder but i quite disagree..i was looking at his movement yesterday and noted how he was picking simply put ‘intelligent positions’ across the pitch to lose his markerS..but he just wasn’t receiving the ball..we know he won’t dominate the center of the pack like Cesc but pick out intelligent positions by pulling people out of position and allow himself and teammates to exploit on this..wasn’t his most influential game but i was impressed with what i saw..the return of Theo and i believe we will see imo the MOST devastating combination yet..SAS who???????????

    I though Kozzer and Verm had a descent game and glad to see the captain even ‘attempt’ a free kick..good to see he’s up to it when called upon

    What this team has achieved is imo amazing..stretched to its core, playing three times in a week and putting in top-draw performances..couldn’t ask for more and the return of the likes of Theo and Ipod will boost us even further..for those saying we have not been tested yet, take a look at other results from top teams and see how they dropped points against ‘lesser’ can only beat what’s in-front of you and that’s what we’ve done..collect points from ANYONE we play

    I see the ‘pundits and experts’ are at it again..pathetic lot!! will be won AND lost in the course of the season but when its us who lose, its a ‘crisis’..WOW!!!

  • Morning Rod Dipping Arse Anglers 😆

    Must admit, if we had lost to the Spuds, I would still be physically sick and not talking to anyone !.
    Yes, calm and reasoned thoughts indeed from someone who must be raging inside at the mere mention of schhh you know who !.
    Per was maybe missed, but Rosicky just as much, his high tempo energetic pressing game is always a delight. I did call it yesterday that a Flameta axis and Rambo would mean a game plan of snatch and grab. I would have preferred just one of Arteta/Flamini and Rambo b2b with Gnabry stretching with width, but this is where the Fergie factor is still prevalent, such was his success that he has left a legacy of teams fearing Man U whoever the manager is….Moyes…it could have been Mickey Mouse !. Wenger has admitted we were nervous !, why ?, because the fear factor, too much respect, we should have taken the game to them !.
    We are still lacking squad depth…..yes we look strong name wise on paper, but remember the perennial Arsenal injury factor…we don’t do full fit squads !. January is a must buy month if we are to press on for this season, otherwise the summer window will be immensely important to take us to the next level… level !, aren`t we at the next level already by being top I hear you say !. You know my feeling`s, we are only top because of a comfortable early fixture list, it will not be sustained, this is not a slant on our team, just me being feet firmly on the ground, top 4 will be more than I expected.
    We may have played a bit better than usual yesterday against our nemesis, but we still lost. Playing better against the Chavs and City will also be superficial if we don’t beat them. To win the EPL, we must beat them, the same 2/18 points per last season will not win us anything !.

    Still it wasn`t as bad as losing to the Spuds……..unless your VCC that is, the crying has probably rusted his zimmerframe !. hahaha

  • Good morning English, I think as pointed out Thiérry our problem comes from our striker, Giroud very good back to goal but he a lack of technical on his ball receiving we must still admit that despite his combativeness he nevertheless serious deficiencies in relation to other Premier League striker like Suarez, Van Judas of shit etc etc …..
    I think we need recruited a new urgently striker for having a good combination between our attacking midfielders and Théo Wallcott.
    after reviewing the the highlights of the yesterday’s game I realize that United played very physical and that into second half begins we have them dominate despite the both matches we have done earlier in the week there’s really positive and I believe that with our full team we can play for the title 😉
    Go Gunners

  • Spot on Match report Total….

    Come on lads, we are still TOTL. The first half was poor, but I thought Wenger would play it low key in the first half and hit them in the second. It almost paid off, and if Bendtner was as committed to his football instead of his ego we might just have sneaked a draw with a few good scoring opportunities late on. This is why Wenger must buy a Striker back up/partner for Girout.

    I’m personally not too down after that defeat, I see enough to suggest we will not be embarrassed by that scum any more. We more than held our own at their Toilet imo.

  • Gerry.. We maybe have a different way seeing our team..
    For me Attacking is the most powerfull thing to defence.. hehe..
    Although it were not tested by many games.. but do We have a good result when both Flamteta are our double pivot..?? I don’t think so..
    Just as Wilshere and Ramsey together.. We don’t get better with both of them..
    I don’t say they were a bad players.. no.. they are great.. but just don’t match as a double pivot..

    I don’t know why Rosicky and Mertesacker weren’t played.. maybe they got injured.. Wenger will never change his winning team for no reason..
    I wish Walcott was there.. Ramsey can’t do the winger’s job.. He is better as an attacking DM.. hehehe..

  • Henry, I will get back to you on some of the other points, but if you do not know why Mert and Rosicky were not playing, I cannot think you have seen much of the game either?

    They were both sent back home, away from the players who did play because they were ill.
    AW had no say in the matter?

    I don’t disagree with you on Ramsey playing on the wing, but with our ‘fluid’ midfield trio, I expected him to be there sometime, but not all the time.

    I don’t even disagree with you that Ramsey can play the B2B role. My view is that he is ‘better’ when he is attacking from higher up the pitch, and having the freedom to play that role. We differ on that, no problem.

    The Flamteta pairing is always going to be better in some games away from home, when the home side carries a strong attacking threat. This match was one such occasion, imo. But to be successful it needed the two missing ingredients.

    Playing Rosicky from the outset would have carried big risks had he been fit anyway, given his history. I am just hopeful that he misses the international games and we have for the next round of games. He might easily picked up an injury that would have cost us later on.

    Gnabry was indeed an option,but I think it depended on how much they could rely on Flamini’s fitness, with Arteta also not likely to last the game. Then you might have had JW and Rambo defending the last half hour, rather than attacking as we did?

    I will watch the match later and see how Giroud as a whole, rather than just not scoring?

  • I agree that we were set up to be conservative – and try to grab the win late. The result was still close.
    We ARE in a great position. The next job is a team Southhampton, that we must play our best against to defeat. Too bad we have to wait two weeks. but also a blessing if our guys arent overused in internationals, and time for one or two attackers to come back.
    it is pretty remarkable where we are considering all the injuries up front.

  • Excellent post TA, bang on the money.

    I share your confidence. In fact, yesterdays performance has left me some what elated.

    I also agree with Gerry about exceeding expectations.

    At the start of this season I believed the circumstances surrounding the Club would result in our first title challenge for a while, but thought that our time to start winning it would commence from next year.

    However, I underestimated the effect of transition on our rivals via the manager merry go round. You and others warned me about that TA, and now I see you were right.

    Not only do I think we can do it, I think we will do it this season.

    Great times ahead.

  • nice one @ TA

    i think i said pretty much everything i wanted to say in the heat of the moment last night, however – i still have to do my 3 negatives and 3 positives from last night , so here they come

    first 3 negatives :

    1 : one of the worst half half performances by the team – i put it down to mentality , playing with a “pussy mentality” instead of playing like lions ? AW, also agrees with the mentality bit but used “Nervousness” – and i agree with him, it’s a mental block, which AW can not to much about based on the 2nd half performances which was closer to us playing our way (the lions way) – we need to overcome our mental clog, block or whatever it is , considering we have silenced much much bigger crowds than at Old Toilet before – let’s play every match with the belief that we can win it, regardless of the opposition – do you see the likes of Barca or Dortmund change their style of play if they visit the bigger teams ? nope – why should we ?

    3: Bendtner – how can you allow that guy to be anywhere near the team when just 24 hours prior he had a proper cheap shot at Arsenal ? i feel so sorry for Park, he’s twice the man the 5 times the player NB can ever be, even when he’s no where near the Arsenal squad – the guys a top class MORON for being ungrateful, moaning like a biatch and having a go at Arsenal in the manner which he did – i hope AW does never have to use him again , even though he may have wanted him to score a few goals to get us a decent amount of money out of him .

    5: first time in the season, we failed to score a goal in the EPL , not due to lack of chances but lack of composure and decisiveness !

    not really a negative but my initial observation in regards to Ozil and Santi partnership, i did raise the point that both might find it a tad hard to gel at first and we shouldn’t assume they would fit like a glove from the very beginning – and it showed yesterday , both had a game to forget and i see Thierry say that Cesc is 10 times the player ? you sir, are incorrect and don’t know what you are talking about, both in regards to Ozil and Giroud to be bluntly put.

    3 positives :

    1: in 8 days, we have played the likes of Suarez/Sturridge – Reus/ Lewandowski and Rooney/The traitor – we have only conceded 1 goal – WOW.

    3: The way the traitor celebrated his goal and post match celebrations as if, he had won the world cup or CL final – it shows AW that he is “not an Arsenal player” he disrespected everyone at Arsenal and in a way, it’s a great thing that he showed his true class and colours – cause it riled me up so much, i’m sure it did most of you as well , which means that the players must have watched it and they would have been ooooo what the fcuk ? no more matey matey with him now and no more RVP in our dressing room at the Emirates, let’s treat him the same way as we do Adebayor, Nasri e.t.c why should we treat him any different ? but yeah, the way he celebrated it showed that he won against the biggest team in England and the champions in the making –

    5: i’m going to be controversial now – Flamini, the yellow card is a blessing in disguise as this means he has to sit out against the Saints , honestly, i like the Flamteta combo but against teams that want to play football (Saints), i don’t want Flamini keeping the likes of Jack Wilshere/ Rosicky out of the starting 11 – i do understand that there were a few last minute changes to the squad but i am not talking about yesterday’s game, i’m talking about the future and ask yourself this – would you much rather one of Arteta / Flamini play together and keep out the likes of JW/TR/TW ?

    last but not least, i’ll try to restrict myself solely to content based discussion which means “no side kicks” from me, hence apologies in advance if i don’t indulge in that.

  • also, special mention goes out to TV5 – even though they scored a goal from the corner he conceded, he has a very good game, actually the best game he’s had in a while, so keep it up Thomas !

    not so sure about the Free-kick though, whose idea was it to let him take that ? let me guess, the captains 🙂

  • Hello All,

    Although I am disappointed with the loss, I am actually upbeat about out team. This loss to Man U was nothing but a blip in my opinion. The way we pinned them in their own half of the pitch in the second half was great to watch and a huge positive. That tells me with a bit of luck, we could have beating them even though we were lousy in the first half.

    I must say, I am not a fan of zonal marking at all! I mean, why give teams a running start to jump up (while we remain static and rooted to the ground) during set pieces? Especially with our tall BFG not on the pitch!!!? I was actually more pissed at the way the traitor celebrated his goal than the way we conceded it. I so badly wanted Sagna or Flamini to send him off the pitch to go get some more horse placenta, wherever he got it from last time. What a FUCK FACE! It just makes me so mad that we treating him so well and nursed him back to health like a baby all those injury-ridden years, paid him his full salary while he sitting around eating horse placenta and cow shit, and the minute he started getting healthy and playing better, he bailed out on us for more money… Fucking slut!

    I know Wenger doesn’t want to make an excuse for our poor display yesterday but I have an excuse. Man U fans got so scared of us playing off their own pitch that they poisoned our players, hahaha… Well guess what, Man U? We won’t be eating at any restaurant the night before the return trip and we will give you a deserving spank, hahahaha… Just kidding of course! I know it was a flu bug. This only emphasized to me at least, how important Rocisky and Mertesacker are to this team.

    Anyway, too bad there was nobody on the receiving end of Sagna’s beautifully delicious crosses otherwise we would have won. It makes you wonder the quality of our attackers. You can’t always expect the ball to be perfectly played to your feet. You have to make the extra effort yourself and get in there. I don ‘t even know why we keep bringing Bendtner on. He was useless once again. Can’t wait until Theo, Ox, and Pdolski return do I don’t have to see him lumbering aimlessly on the pitch for Arsenal ever again. Gnabry on the other hand did great.

    We are still ToTL and that is all that matters. We just need to start on another unbeaten run again and show everyone we mean business this season, starting with Southhampton.

    Keep the faith Gooners and let this minor blip go. We will rebound and return hungrier and stronger after the international break.

    Have a great week all!

  • JB – I’ve just watched the game, and it didn’t bear much resemblance to comments made.

    Mind you, I do indulge in a fair bit more tolerance for the circumstances. If I thought they hadn’t put a real shift in over the whole game, then yes I would be more critical.

    The first half I thought was pretty even. Yes, they scored, but aside from the goal they were not much of a threat. We did not create a lot then either. There were a number of loose passes that meant the defensive side of things took priority, albeit some of it from our own making.

    The goal itself was from a set piece, which is something we have done a lot better with this season. But the ball in was one of those high dipping ones. RVP had the advantage of knowing where it was going to be aimed and was the first to get to it. Such was the pace and height, Gibbs had little or no chance of heading it clear. It was a good goal for them. They do happen. For once Giroud was late in jumping for it, but that again can be put down to the quality of the cross?

    Second half we had to risk things more, and get more bodies forward and it paid off. Quicker passing, players available, and plenty of forward movement, but United are an experienced side and they made it very difficult to get clear cut chances. On another day we may easily have had a couple of goals from those Sagna’s crosses, but those days are more likely when the whole team are are fully fit?

    I really thought NB23 must have had an absolute stinker of a game from comments made yesterday, but I see now it is more down to how his Danish interview, presumably in Danish, and how it has been reported by our ever so friendly media here. Perhaps you would like to share the actual comments he made? From what I read, it is exactly what he said two months ago, and that was he was disappointed to to have his move blocked at the last minute, and he still wants to leave?

    As for the positives, I think there were quite a few.

    Koscielny and Vermaelin, particularly the latter, have worked on their communication and organising the defense.By far the best I can remember the pair playing together.

    The tremendous shift that both full backs put in. Sagna in particular in the second half.

    The impact that JW had when he came on. Likewise the late entry of Gnabry, definftely not a weak link at 18 and coming off the bench?

    The effort Arteta put in, as he and Gnabry both had been affected by the bug, but declared themselves fit o play. Ozil went down with it after the game, but again he came alive when more players got involved with the attacks in the second half.

    Not least we made United work hard for their win, and restricted another pair of top strikers to little more that that one chance. I fancy us to do more than that in the return leg. Or more to the point, we didn’t fold like some of our critics expected us to?

    I was more pleasantly surprised that even when we were not at our best, we certainly made them look less like the champions, but more like hopeful also rans.

    I must be easily pleased I guess 😀

    I am not sure your comment on Diaby does you any favours. The guy is fighting for his career. Just because he is hoping to be fit enough to play, does not mean he will get much opportunity. At the moment, Wilshere is largely been kept out of the team while he regains his fitness? I think Diaby has bigger problems, and a bit of support would go a long way?

  • Gerry,

    you had the luxury of reading all the comments, knowing the result and so on, hence its only natural for you to look for the positives after reading all the negatives and so on – it’s human nature.

    i do recall how you were very disappointed after we had drawn 1-1 with WBA or one of the games, we failed to take 3 points, if memory serves.

    Re- NB , the gist of it was , they (arsenal) didn’t need me, i was out with an injury for one year, no pre-season with them, and then i have 3 clubs wanting me and they (arsenal ) needed me, blocked my move and suddenly i have a personal trainer or dietitian ( excuse me, but your suppose to be a top football professional who earns £55 k p/w), shouldn’t you be looking out for yourself and have all those things in place, anyway ? considering you just said that you had been out for a year with injury and no pre-season ? it was a lot of ungratefulness and moaning, instead of being grateful – that’s how i saw it and it was released a day before a big game.

    Re- Diaby – i’m not sure what him hoping to be fit in December has got anything to do with him getting chances got to do, it was positive news for me, he still hasn’t given up and is still targeting a return to the team ASAP, hence instead of march the december comment – truth be told, we need him, his height alone adds to this team in midfield along with his technical abilities and box to box runs, when fully fit.

    in short, it’s a positive if we can get him up n running after december as January is a busy month, and usually end of January and start of Feb, it’s where we sort of go down hill before picking ourselves up at the end of Feb

    for now, every little helps, even the news of BFG not joining the Germany squad because he’s ill, helps us more in the longer term as he has a good chance of a much deserved rest.

    on the optimistic side, our run ended but i have worked something out –

    we played 10 games, we lost the first one and then we drew against WBA = 25 from 30

    we start our 10 games cycle again, we lost the 1st one (11th match) and now we go on another run to accumulate the next 25 points from 30.

    sorted !

  • ahahahahhahahahahahahahah

    truth be told, i’m looking forward to getting diaby back and giving him one last chance , now or never sort of thing really

    you and me were discussing the traitor and keeping him , yesterday @ Glics

    look at Bendtner, AW made him say and you go on newnow and you will find plenty of headlines which say ” NB Rues summer blocked move ” – when the players hearts not in it, it’s just not in it, even if you are top of the league in both champions league and PL table.

    good riddance to bad rubbish that traitor sale , i says

    i just hope we don’t invite him back to our dressing room or let him eat our “Quality food” , fuck him as Gin092 puts it.

  • Hi Guys

    Coming to the party late in the day I have the benefit of bits of info emanating from the home of football.

    It has become obvious as the day wore on that the illness bug affected a number of the team more than we were led to believe at first.

    All the above comments have merit but we all know that when we are feeling ‘off’ even in a sedentary occupation, it can knock you for six, so with the best will in the world it would have had a detrimental affect on the physicallity of those team members touched by the bug. And I do not mean Cockie!!! 🙂

  • Hi Reddickulous 😆

    Yes it seems a lot of our players were under the weather, so I for one apologise for any slant I may opinionated against a “weakened” team put out by Arsene !.
    I did say I didn`t want any “fatigue” excuses, but illness is a different kettle of fish, just a shame Manscum were not the one`s under the weather and suffering a defeat !.

  • Sorted on the Diaby thing, Coming on the back of your previous comments, I mistook the ‘surprise,surprise’ bit as sarcasm?

    Glad you support his rehabilitation too 😀

    I think he needs to have a good loan period, probably in France, where he can get his career back on track. I am not sure the EPL is the ideal place to have known frailties?

    On a completely different subject.

    I watched a game last night where a returning player came to watch his former team play the big local derby match. Not only did he get a heroes welcome. He was allowed on to the pitch just before kicked off, to tumultuous applause, and have a photo moment taking the kick off.
    He also wore glasses. Not many would risk their image I think?
    Oh, the player ?

    Pierre Emerick Aubamayang at St Etienne.

    The difference of a genuine nice guy leaving the club and its supporters on good terms … as opposed to our ex?

    Really touching, and he duly took his place in the stands to watch the game. Sadly, Lyon took the lead early on and looked like they might run away with it. But like Arsenal, St E came out in the second half all guns blazing. Got a very deserved equaliser. Continued to press for the winner, and came desperately close to getting it. Late on Lyon brought on one timed target Gourcuff who steadied the Lyon ship. Then in the 92 minute and 20 seconds of 3 minutes of injury time, Gourcuff tricked his way to the byline, put in a delicate cross that was headed deep into the Etienne goal.

    Great game to watch, for the neutral, or me, with interest in both camps, and although KZ4 duly got a 10 match ban, they did not seem to miss him.Not the outcome PEA would have wanted for sure?

    Just thought I’d share that with you

  • Our ex !…….fcuk him…..well that’s what SAF did, probably the reason that the little boy inside RVP`s rectum has leprosy and Wayne Rooney has more mushrooms growing in his hair than hair !, due to the shit transplanted rectum hair from RVP !. Not the sort of image to gain any more high profile sponsors !.

  • oh, thanks for sharing that RA – i owe the players an apology then, don’t it for my constant none stop rants for yesterday 🙂 anyone can get sick, i guess the lesson here to be learnt is that not to eat or drink at old toilet or anything offered in Manchester.


    it was more like pleasant “surprise surprise” as you know that we are all expecting him back by march but December, Jan or anything sooner than March is a massive lift , not so sure about a loan move though, as his contract runs out next summer maybe ?

    nice, thanks for sharing that one.

    allow me to share something with you as well,




    had one thing in common yesterday, ALL 3 TEAMS LOST

    and quite astonishingly, Marseille won 2-1

    so quite ironically, the teams that usually end up winning every week lost yesterday and the team that struggles to win, has won yesterday

  • also, a similar thing happened earlier in the season re- returning players to the older clubs— liverpool’s Sakho went back to PSG for one of the games, and i remember, he got a standing ovation and so much love from the PSG crowd, i think the player also shed a few tears or 2 ?

    was very nice to see.

  • i know they were @ Gerry

    but how often do you see the likes of Arsenal, Dortmund and Naples lose in the same week ?

    thought it was an interesting thing to point out , that from our CL group, the power houses all lost in the domestic league

    i wonder, how much was it down to us playing on a wednesday as opposed to a tuesday ?

  • Yep, I remember every ex Coventry player that was in their only FA Cup winning side (against Sp8rs …’There’s only one Gary Mabbut’ – scored the OG winner. ha ha) always got a big cheer. Dave Bennett came back with Sheffield Wednesday and got cheered for every touch of the ball … and ‘Wednesday were winning by 4 goals!
    Mind D.Bennett was a bit special. He broke his leg scoring a winning goal that help keep City in Division 1.

    The game I watched on Friday against Wimbledon in the FA Cup would have pleased Arsene Wenger … 11 of the 18 players in the Coventry squad were from their academy?

    Because of the situation with their ground it is the only way they can survive. But it was a nice thought when the commentator said that half the team had been playing together since they were 9 years old?

  • I think you (JB) may have posted something about this a while back. My thoughts are that when BM activated Goetze`s release clause I said why didn`t Arsenal offer more, but was told ( whether this a German sort of thing ) that BM activated it so they get their man full stop !. I`m sure ( correct me if I`m wrong ) it was also done before the TW if I remember correctly as it was before the CL Final. So why don’t we activate the Reus one ?. Is there anything stopping us ?. Over to our German correspondent….Herr Mankini Transplant Removal .

  • That too JB?

    On my WBA grievance, it was on team selection … an opportunity missed, etc. Not the way the players played.

  • Sound like they got a pre-agreement signed, CM? The caused a lot of bad feeling because of the way they (BM) went about it.

    Not only that, Reus seems to want to stay with BD, unlike Goetze?

  • i know what you mean @ Gerry and it’s really nice to see when you get respect from the fans and it shows them that you didn’t leave for the Money and desert a club that needed you the most, in their time of need.


    yes, i pointed it out a while ago that release clause existed (with you being shell shocked) and i also said that both Reus and Draxler are targets with one thing in common – Lukas Podolski.

    but it’s good to finally see the confirmation about the release clause , at least 🙂

    fair enough @ Gerry

    i just hate losing and i hate losing to the scums with no class even more – i’m a bad loser and no, money absolutely has nothing to do with it, as we both know, in the world of betting, you win some and you lose a lot – such is life

    the boys made me a lot of fun money and they also lose me some, but if i was to choose between losing money and Arsenal winning, it will always be Arsenal winning !!!

  • Interesting JB !……..obviously the wages, salaries, outgoings etc` are different @ all BKers, but I wonder how much ( if any ) would each BKer be able to afford to pay each week if it meant Arsenal winning ?……………I`m prepared to dig up my MiL every week and kill her again if it means a win !…..other than that, being a part-time worker and more asset rich than cash rich, I would pay the most £20 per week and that means feeding my family….water !. Whereas a blood sucking bastard accountant as yourself would probably be able to afford more !. hahaha

  • Thanks TCM – All I can say is – I was there!

    It is funny watching it again. It brings back many happy times.

    Lloyd McGrath, who passed the ball to Mabbut to score that magnificent looping header, was our Flamini. Whenever anybody fouled one of our players .. a very sinister cry went out. Not loud, just sinister … Lloyd is gonna get you … Lloyd is gonna get you

    Those were the days? Ha ha

  • many would argue that they do that anyway, by finding the time to follow their team, no matter where they are in the world – to support their team and then attending matches or being season holders.

    so in essence, time is money = we already are paying, one way or the other, no ?

  • ah, double post – i got a message the the server was down due to maintenance work and hence i posted the 21:25 and now my original message shows up, ha

    off now, see you later gents.

  • oh before i go,



    both down with the virus and not called up by Germany (happy days)

    TV5 calf problem (bugger)

    NB (also down with the virus and not joined Denmark).

    safe to assume that both Per and Ozil will be playing the 2nd game vs England, though.

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