Is there a better midfield in the PL than Arsenal’s?


If you think that our goals last season were almost entirely scored by four players – beautifully spread out between them – and three of them have hardly played any football this season, there is every reason to believe we can at least continue – if not improve further – our two goals a game average. Last season we did not score many goals from the mid-mids: Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey and Arteta (except for his well taken penalties) seldom or never got the ball over the all important line.

But this season, we finally are getting goals from our central midfielders and this is a great sign of good things to come.  Ramsey has been in red and white hot form, and Jack and Ozil have also scored a few goals already. And yet, the midfield is not fully clicking as we would like them to do; and so there is plenty of scope for further improvement.

With the likes of Rosicky, who unfortunately is less successful in finding the net, Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere, we have four footballers who can play in various positions and be both finisher and creator whenever they feel like it. The more they will play together the better they will become as an attacking unit, and once they hit top form they will become unplayable.

Add Ox, Pod and Theo to the mix and it becomes even more interesting. The idea that we have three to four footballers who can score goals regularly and pick a defence splitting pass at any moment in the game, is simply fantastic. On Tuesday we saw some fantastic through-balls from Wilshere, Rosicky and Ozil, and it was good to see Jack in fine form again.

Jack in 'the hole' was a big surprise but he looked  rusty once again, unfortunately!

Nice fag Jack?! 🙂

Some are wondering what has changed in Jack and the answer is nothing, other than simply hitting form; or maybe his body is finally starting to feel good again. One thing is certain for me: it has nothing, niente, nada, rien, niks, nichts, to do with a change in attitude by ‘Jack the lad’. Being a huge fan of SJW, I have studied his behaviour and persona a bit, and I am convinced he is the total professional who gives his all in every game!

With Jack hitting form now and Theo returning to the first team, there is further opportunity for Ozil to get settled into the team and learn to master the art of being the advanced central midfielder in our 4-2-1-3 formation. This still seems to be a bit of a new challenge for him, especially when we play the stronger teams and we tend to sit back more. But I am sure Wenger will work with him on this, and his fellow midfielders will help out as well.

As you know, I am a big fan of treating every game as a cup match – OGAAT OGAAT! – and we should not look further than the next game against Cardiff. But I am also looking forward tremendously to us playing the Southern and Northern Oilers next month and to see how our midfield holds up against theirs.

If, with a bit of luck, we can keep our team fit for a while, and can play with our strongest midfield and defence and OG is available in those games, I reckon we can beat them both.

If we win those midfield battles, or are at least equal to  the Oilers’ midfields, I reckon we will win the league: December will tell us a lot, imo.

Will that finally shut up ‘those in the know’ – the Hansens, the Shearers and other perfect cures for insomnia – about Arsenal’s chances to win the title? Aah who cares, you should only rate an opinion of someone you rate as a person, and the rest is water of a duck’s arse stuff.

Let’s OGAATly play Cardiff on Saturday and work our socks off for another three points; that will bring us to 31 points and will put pressure on our desperate chasers to stay in touch with us (all playing on Sunday).

pat on the back

Let’s do it for Pat and show him our love and let’s help him beat that bastard called Cancer – Victoria Concordia Crescet! Pat we are thinking of you!

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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75 Responses to Is there a better midfield in the PL than Arsenal’s?

  1. Milo says:

    Glad you mentioned Pat Rice and his battle against Cancer in this article!!! Class man by all accounts. I hope he can make a full recovery!!!

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Well said, Milo! 🙂

    How is life treating you at the moment?

  3. AB says:

    Good stuff TA. No, I wouldn’t swap our midfield unit for any other in the league – though I’m Chelski fans would feel the same about theirs. And we have more range and options through ours, as well as the outright flair.

    I’m less confident than you about the oiler games; though I am less concerned than interested in these games. You are right, winning these would transform our outlook and the perceptions of others. But losing them, provided we stay solid on our other games, does not rule us out from the PL – certainly not if the others maintain their current levels of consistency. I still assume that City and Chelski will sort out some of their more variable play, and I’m sure Manure will come back strongly too. My benchmark ambition for the season is to stay competitive throughout; if we do that and continue to build our squad then trophies will follow before too long.

    Every game we have played has built up my sense of pride in this team, their cohesion, drive, resilience and downright potential. I’d like to see Wenger sign his contract before too much longer, as he remains the lynchpin above all.


  4. Milo says:

    Well, my Mom died of a heart attack, suddenly, and I haven’t been on here for quite some time. My Dad is totally blind, so I am taking care of him. I want to go back to school for music performance…That might have to wait or be put off altogether. My Dad won’t here of it, but it will be hard to do everything and go to school too. I FINALLY washed the dishes today after 4 days of not having much to eat off of. My twin brother helps us a lot, but he has two young children AND a wife/girlfriend to look after/tend to. He doesn’t live with us right now.

    Music is going very well though, and I just got my first paying gig this past week playing Handel’s Messiah. It went great!!! My Dad sung in the choir and everything. He remembered the part 35 years after he had sung it!!! Pretty cool!!!

    Gotta go!!! I have looked at this site everyday, it’s just that I didn’t want to comment on much. Pat Rice battling cancer has inspired me to, though!!! 😀

    I’ll talk later!!!

    Have a good one man 😀

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo, so sorry to hear your mum passed away suddenly. I will send you an email this weekend. For now, stay strong buddy and try to find a good balance between the care for your father and your own needs.

  6. dhakka09 says:

    …….and you inspired me to comment on here for the first time, Milo; though I always read and appreciate this blog from a distance. You are a fine-hearted Arsenal man who is as much a part of Arsenal-community fabric as anything I love about this classy club. Good luck with everything in life. A fine post too, TA 🙂

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    “Every game we have played has built up my sense of pride in this team, their cohesion, drive, resilience and downright potential.”

    Love it.

    AB – good points about our ability to bounce back even if we get beaten by the oilers. If we beat at least one of them it would make our players grow even more but it is not a necessity to win the league.

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Welcome dhakka09 🙂

    Nice one.

  9. proudgooner says:

    Great article TA,
    I agree totally with what you said, i love our midfield and would not chamge it for any PL teams in fact only a few clubs in europe have a shout for better or on par imo.
    The same well not the same or as impressive. I dont know how to put it, but i also really rate our defence now. I prefer it to uniteds pool, spuds only Chelsea and city have as good or better.
    But back to the midfield , the depth to it is as deep as loch ness. some were worried when Song left i was not so as i really like Arteta but fairly so, great business by AW what was it £15-20 million. Then snaps up Flem for a free ha ha ha yes a FREE i tell ya 🙂 then sugar daddies it up with £40,000,000 Luxery buy of Ozil the assist king of the planet as far as im concerned and the up steps Rambo scoring for fun and Jack looking ;like he is going to do the same and wow . Our midfield is just awesome ha ha ha love it. Wenger genius!

  10. James Bond says:

    i am so so very sorry to hear that, Milo 😦

    i have often been leaving you comments or mentioning you – i hoped things were ok with you but sadly, now we know the reason for your absence.

    no words can make you feel better or bring your mum back, however, rest assured, you are a fine young man, one that she must be really proud off.

    keep your chin up, don’t stop fighting and battling – you’re a top young lad, and a very caring and loving son, keep going buddy and stay strong !

    hope you get plenty more gigs, music is something that helped me a lot during my time of need , grieving and solitude !

    nice one @ Dhakka09 and welcome to BK.

  11. proudgooner says:

    Sending my syphathy to you and your family for the lost. Your a good taking care of your dad too, as TA said make sure you do stuff for yourself to, most music people feel best when they are doing that so do it mate.

  12. proudgooner says:

    Have you guys, well i know you have but Wenger is looking so happy at the moment cracking jokes and every thing. I have never seen him more comfortable and happy. The 7 odd year of losing your best player every season was so hard on us fans , but i always thought it was harder on Wenger.
    All his hard work training them just toi watch the leave, them days are gone now. Time for Wenger to sign and be rewarded for his loyalty and hard work. The players should give everything for him and i mean everything, they seem to as well. We got a great team

  13. James Bond says:

    nice one @ TA

    all agreed.

    and the frightening bit is that the bloke who was our top scorer last season, hasn’t played much at all this season

    soon as Theo gets back to normal, expect plenty of more goals from left, right and center !!!

    yes @ PG

    our team spirit is great and it shows, players are loyal to AW and AW is loyal to his players, it’s a great asset to have , something which is clearly visible when you compare it with chelsea and spuds.

  14. proudgooner says:

    Totally, in interviews Arsene always says about how great the players ae there attitude etc but of course he never says anything about himself and very rarely do the players say anything about him. So it is important and alway good to remind our selves just what he does and how much he has given.
    So on top of the best midfield i would like to say with out any doubt imo we have the best manager in the league for sure now fergie has gone. There is no 1 i would rather have.

  15. James Bond says:

    oh no, players always show him plenty of respect as well, all of them do – JW went as far as saying, that it wouldn’t be ARsenal without AW and he may not be even at arsenal

    re- your balotalli wish – AFC wanted Balotelli over at arsenal from a very long time, he like you is a big fan of his.

  16. Gerry says:

    Can I just add to some of the above, linking three personal situations together.

    Milo – I am sorry that your story is part of this trilogy, but very pleased that you felt at ease to share it with people you have never met, knowing they will support you through sincere kind words. Particularly those from those on this blog.

    I cannot add much to what has been already said. Tragedy often defines the character of the people they become. You are a fine example of the very best, as you put your own career on hold to care for another, and managing your grief at the same time …
    I wish you all the very best, may the future hold some just rewards for your efforts now.

    I watched a recording last night, where the young detective who was fond of classical music, was told to ‘go home, put on his favourite record, turn the volume up very loud, and let the music wash away what hurt the world outside throws at you’
    I think you as both musician and lover of classical music will appreciate that as sound advice?

    Pat Rice – Long time loyal servant to Arsenal, and to Arsene Wenger. Now he has to do battle against that random disease that touches nearly everybody in some way or another.
    He will need the regular support of those around him, that will hopefully see him through the darkest times. We can only wish him the very best from a distance, and hope he can turn things around.

    Walter, from Untold Arsenal, has been forced to give up the splendid work on Referees decisions because his wife is very ill, with a disease yet to be identified. I include him in this same ‘family group’, because above all else in his work, he to is a loyal Arsenal supporter.

    That then is the link, but it is not the end.

    For Milo, outside of current circumstances, he has his music and a passion for Arsenal. So as Arsenal continue on their quest for bigger and better things, so his spirits may be lifted to keep on to a brighter future?

    For Pat, the club has been a large part of his life and I am sure he will put his every ounce of courage and determination to be around come May 2014. And with that, a life beyond.

    For Walter, he started something that now has a life of its own. So even while he takes up a more personal challenge, he too, can rest assured that he has done his bit …

    All united by The Arsenal. These stories do remind us that football is a only game …

    Best wishes to all.

  17. Gerry says:

    TA – Such a fine post I cannot argue about much of it.

    I agree, our best balanced midfield is probably a match for any when playing at their best.

    The spread of goal scorers is indeed a bonus, and a bigger one if Jack adds to that on a regular basis.

    Where I do disagree is where you say he has not changed.

    There was a difference in his play on field and in his body language afterwards, on Tuesday.

    Two months ago, if he had come off the pitch having scored his first brace of goals since his junior days, he would have been beaming smiles that transmitted ‘How clever I am’.
    Absolutely none of that on Tuesday night?

    It was all matter of fact stuff.

    The stories that he wants to follow Aaron’s route to goal scoring sensation may well have a core of truth? Keeping your head down, work at it, and eventually, when you relax in the game, the good stuff will follow?

    On Tuesday, he did seem more relaxed. Now whether you call that hitting form. Being more confident, or just back to his best? No matter, it was different, in my eyes at least.

    Now I want him to continue in that vein. I don’t want him to try and beat every player in front of him and end up in a blind alley. I want that movement around the pitch that fits in with other team mates, not just being where it suits him.

    If he can do that, then finally I do think we will see the player he always threatened to be before injuries struck?

    Just one final thought on that. Thinking of his praise for Ozil, and him being the ideal replacement for Cesc … Cesc Fabregas, the player he most regretted leaving, and probably the player he has been trying to be ever since. The player that carries the team?

    Just maybe, he can now be himself?

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Gerry 🙂

    Three stories of hardship very well linked up. You have a very good way of addressing personal issues with warmth and consideration. Top stuff.

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    IMO Jack is always very mature when interviewed and nothing changed there. I also want him to keep trying to break defensive holds around us and keep expressing himself. There is so much talent in this boy and he knows exactly what he wants….. No Ramsey needed for that. But I guess we just see different things in him/ his attitude, and that is cool with me. 🙂

  20. oz gunner says:

    Morning all.

    Sorry to hear about your loss Milo. You’re a top bloke and I hope good things come to you and your family. Stay strong mate.

  21. The Cockie Monster says:

    I`m genuinely in tears Milo. My heart goes out to you.

  22. VCC says:

    Hi Milo……..I would just like to add my condolences to you and your family on the sad loss of your Mother. Hard times indeed, try and stay strong. Good bless.

  23. VCC says:

    Nice article Total, but I have to disagree with your opinions on why Jack seems to have turned a corner recently.

    IMO, he has seen the return to fitness of most our players and thought , hey, I’ve got to pull my socks up here or I’m going to be left behind, and be lucky to make the bench with the talent at Arsene’s disposal.


  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Fair enough VCC – it is all down to how we look at people and I am totally convinced Jack does not need such external factors to motivate him – he has it all in side of him: a total professional who loves playing football and wants to get the very best out of himself. And I am keen to readdress the balance as you are not the only one who feels this way about Jack’s refound form. 😉

    How are you doing anyway?

  25. ArvGoon says:

    Only the Southern Oilers could match up to us otherwise, we’re miles ahead in terms of midfield. Best wishes to Pat Rice also, wish him a speedy recovery.

  26. allezkev says:

    Excellent post Total…
    Worth waiting for… 😉

    I luv our midfield, so much movement, passing, tackling, goals, the whole package.
    Theo back, Podolski in a few weeks, Ox in January, this team has so much more to give. It has a winning mentality, and seems a happy group.
    Winning breeds confidence/morale, breeds winning…

  27. Gerry says:

    TA – I got your reply – Later the better, yes?

    VCC – Although I too disagree with TA’s view, I also disagree with yours. I think you put too much on conscious thinking, and to that extent I agree with TA in, it is not the Jack way of doing things. He has always been aware of his own talent.

    However, on the point of the raise in the talent pool in the squad, I think that has had an impact.

    For me, it is the first time since Cesc left, that Arsenal’s destiny was not so intertwined with Jack Wilshere, and his form. So if one dipped, the other did too. The fans contributed to that with thoughts like ‘Ah, but when Jack gets fully fit we will really be on fire’. That is hardly the case anymore, although a bonus without doubt.

    Whereas you see that as him ‘pulling his socks’ because of what he sees around him. I see an internal growth, of maturity forming, where he can bring himself along as his fitness returns without the burden of AFC hanging on his shoulders. He is now free to be Jack Wilshere.

    See what the Prof and HT thinks?

  28. oz gunner says:

    Great post TA.

    In answer to your question I don’t think there is at the moment. The amazing thing is (as you stated) is it hasn’t really clicked into top gear yet. Ramsey has stepped up in a big way, Ozil is world class (even though he hasn’t clicked 100% he’s still a cut above most), Santi will find form again, rosicky is rosicky (always know what you’re going to get with him), Arsene persevered with Jack and it’s paying off, Flamini is a warrior, arteta keeps things ticking away nicely, and we haven’t even called upon theo, ox, and diaby yet! We aren’t reliant on one player anymore. The opposition can’t sit on Santi and cut out our creativity. There are too many key players to contain at once. I love it!!!

  29. Top stuff Total Bastardo !. 😆

    I have said all along that there`s nothing to choose between the so called top teams strength/squad wise, it just boils down to our unique injury record. So for us to be top ( albeit having the easier start imo ) considering our injuries is a good sign as to what to hopefully expect if we ever have a full fighting fit squad !.
    In going with what I`ve just said, I think our, City and Chavs midfield are on a par !. Manscum are not as strong, but by just being who they are, they have years of the “presence” factor, which more than makes up for their deficiencies as Wenger indicated by our loss to them, we feared their “presence” instead of just playing the numbers in front of us !.
    A player of the quality of ….Suarez, Aguero, Reus etc and a beastly DM will almost certainly bring a trophy imo , but I`m more than glad that we are now competing, were in with a chance !.
    As for Jacky boy. I never once doubted his talent, I have only had concerns about his injuries and fitness. If he has no ankle concerns, then it`s only about fitness. I still think he has a laboured running style that makes him look like he`s running in slo-mo, if only he could have some of Ramsey`s stamina DNA !.

  30. Been for a 4 miler !. Different to what 17ht runs around, but this is the countryside I run around !. Different but both are beautiful !.

  31. Ooh la la……..I was playing a game of one-on-one footie with Ludivine and she was on top at one stage, but I managed to “Snatch” victory by coming from behind !. hahaha

  32. Which leads me to……..I read on newsnow that Rachel Riley`s ( of Countdown and now competing on ” Strictly ” ) marriage is over after just 14 months !. Poor girl just cant get over me ! . hahaha
    I had an idea for a show, where she would dress up as a Dominatrix and would whip my boner until I jizzed my lot whilst dancing !.
    Now let me think of a catchy title…..mmm….how about……….Strictly Come Dancing !.

  33. allezkev says:

    Busy today and just caught up on earlier comments.
    So sorry to read your sad news Milo.
    May I add my condolences to those already expressed.
    Top comments Gerry btw.

  34. James Bond says:

    nice nice . nice

    👿 good find @ TCM!!!

  35. James Bond says:

    i know it’s a bit early, but i reckon for naples , we should start both Arteta and Flamini – the name is tailour made for both of them to take control and let them come out at us and we can finish them off on the counter with Theo on the win and Ozil playing through the center

  36. James Bond says:

    *game not name

    can’t wait for the cardiff preview (if we are doing one , that is , stares at Oz 😉 ).

  37. OGAAT Tarzan !.

    I bet an Oz Pre-Match stirs the Loin Cloth !.


  38. Gerry says:

    I am reliably informed that TA is doing the preview for tomorrow.

    I wonder what rubbish we will have to put up in the meantime?

  39. James Bond says:

    ahahahhahaahahahaahaa @ behave yourself Gics

    seems like, it’s the 3 of us @ Gerry

    yikes , rubbish reminds me of the BOING league, need to take out a few players who got injured, argh.

  40. How much crap you want Gezzer….I`m full of it !. Although coming from Cornwall, it is Award Winning crap !. It seems a lifetime ago since Total first asked me on AA…..”Why is everything in Cornwall Award Winning ? ” . So hence the …” Award Winning ” in joke phrase you may have noticed I use occasionally ! . hahaha

  41. Gerry says:

    JB – I know that feeling. I’ve had a couple of -4 points just to field a team!

  42. Gerry says:

    I quite like Award winning Pasties?

  43. I cant help it, but I do love that Tarzan clip I continuously put up, it does bring a smile to my face, simple but effective !. I must be easily pleased !. hahaha

  44. Brays Farm Butchers Shop in Launceston do a lovely Beef Madras Pasty !. Mmmmm

  45. Gerry says:

    The butcher at the eastern end of the high street here does the fancy ones too. Smell great when they are fresh out of the oven.

  46. James Bond says:

    kill me.

  47. Gerry says:

    Did anyone see that, well I’ll rephrase that, did either of you see that ‘Panoramic View’ thing that this American company are trying to get managers and coaches interested in?

  48. Gerry says:

    Hungry JB?

  49. Hold on, whilst I put some Cyanide ( or Arsenic, you have a choice ) up Cheetahs Arse !. hahaha

    What town is that Gezzer ?.

  50. No !, what`s that about Gezzer ?. Anything to do with a panoramic view of when 007 swings from a vine outside his bedroom window and forgets about the new lamp post in the way !. hahaha

  51. Gerry says:

    ILf- ND

  52. Know it well. The wife`s auntie lived there before she passed away recently, her ashes are spread over a Camellia named after her which we bought, near to The Love Shack !.

  53. Gerry says:

    The panoramic view is of the whole pitch. You can interact with the screen by pointing up players, either in close up individually or in a group.

    Whoever,is in control, and it could be the players themselves, can Identify poor positioning, not normally caught by the usual camera shots, if it is away from the ball.

  54. Gerry says:

    Got to disappear a minute – dogs out

  55. Sounds interesting Gezzer ( well to me, although it may have drawn the last breath from JB ! ). I`m sure if it helps in anyway with identifying players positioning, habits good / bad or any other practices etc`, then I`m sure Arsene will take note, casting his expert eye over it !.

  56. Gerry says:

    It is big in the MLS apparently – I see if I can dig it out of the NewsNow link

  57. Although, if Big Sam uses it, he will lose site of a white ball amongst the stars !.

  58. Gerry says:

    I’ve found it. The video demo is about 2 thirds of the way down

  59. Gerry says:

    Well I think I will sneak off for a bit, I want to see what the bundesliga match with Wolfsburg v Hannover is like.

    Looks like you’ll be on your ownsome while JB sorts out some food or the FFF League?

  60. James Bond says:

    i was already starving and the very mention of freshly baked pasties, made me imagine the very smell of it , ha

    had to settle for a pizza in the end – argh.

    that’s interesting @ Gerry, not sure if it will be allowed in football though ? it’s like playing with 12 players on the pitch , no ? with the manager having the oversight and being able to suggest things there and then in live match play , as opposed to getting the hair dryer out or chucking the boot at half time ?

    it will only complicate things, but i think they have something like that in baseball or one of the american sports though ? i could be wrong.

    so Rosicky sits out for tomorrow and in comes Santi ? or we play rest both Rosicky and JW to bring Santi and Theo back in ?

  61. James Bond says:

    thanks for the link @ Gerry – was typing my comment as you posted a couple of more comments

    i did predict at the start of the season that the hammers might be getting relegated and that means, they might well hammer big fat sam @ Glics

    don’t know, but i really don’t like big FAT sam, for some reason ? maybe he plays the most boring brand of football ? after Tony Pubis ?

  62. Just watched the demo and all I can say is.., proves that being at a match you see more than watching from a TV !. That’s the same view you get from the half-way line at the Emirates !. Just proves you cant beat a live game !.

  63. Gerry says:

    Questions for tomorrow morning when the review comes out?

  64. James Bond says:

    agreed @ Glics

    it’s like one of them days, when i thought Ramsey was disappointed, so i vented off my frustrations and wrote all sorts …only for Terry to return and tell me off, saying that he had been watching the match at the emirates and Ramsey worked his socks off and so on – i mean, who could argue with the a man, who hooked me up with Mr.Shah down bounds green for my every need , you are a legend TMHT – but where is that post you owe us ? 🙄

  65. Gerry says:

    Wolfs v Hamburg (not Hannover) – Djourou does not look any better there either?

    1-1 at the moment. and Marsielles are 1-0 up against Monpelier

  66. James Bond says:

    enjoy the bundesliga, hopefully DJ is playing .

    i hear he seems to be settling in rather well there .

    alrighty then, i’m off as well, will be back later.

    adios amigos

  67. James Bond says:

    and no sooner did i post that, i stand correct as Gerry reports the mediocre DJ is back to his usual self, ha

    he wasn’t a bad 4th choice CB in my opinion.

    you go Marseille !

  68. James Bond says:


    and hamburg play with a 5-4-1 formation, still they concede a lot of goals ? interesting.

  69. That`s what I love about the Ems, JB, a great view all over !.
    Me, Stretch and Vic`s went against Reading and we could see everything, that’s why I didn`t like slagging Gervinho off, the fore head fcuker ran his socks off , great work rate which may have gone unnoticed on TV. It also in the past gave great insight to the nonstamina , lazy bastardo Arshavin !. hahaha
    I still don’t understand why the manager doesn`t sit higher up in the stadium as he will see a more “panoramic view “, which will make it easier for him to make tactical decisions not just for us but also how to counter the opposition !.

  70. James Bond says:


    i’m hearing the likes of Arshavin and Gervino are doing rather well, lately

    better late than never i guess

    time to get rid of bendtner next !

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Gerry asks pertinent questions…. have your say! 🙂

  72. I hear Fat Sam`s interested in Bendy, how much do you think it will cost us to make them take him ?.

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