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Safe Handsny ;)
Safe Handsny πŸ˜‰

Really good game tomorrow and aren’t we lucky Hull have just beaten Pool: the boys will be extra focused now and when Arsenal are focused we are at our best.

This is the time to push on and grab every three points we can get, and Hull at home offers a good opportunity to make it 34 points after 14 games. The rest will have to keep up otherwise the gap will grow quickly. Let’s hope for another fine defensive performance, a midfield that dances its way to the goal and another selfless and oh-so-effective performance by Le Handsome.

Predicted Line-Up:

Ars v Hull

It looks like Sagna will get a rest due to a slight hamstring injury, and I reckon Rambo will be rested for the Everton game. Jack to sit next to the Flame and Rosicky to play RM. Nacho to get another game and the rest picks itself right now (Cazorla needs to keep playing now to find his best form).

Some will say, Theo will/must start and they could be right. I have a feeling he’ll start on the bench and will get 30 minutes, but would love to see him start.

On the other hand, Wenger might surprise us and rest OG and replace him with Theo tomorrow. I really hope he will not do that but wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case.

Anyway, let’s hope for another committed and fine performance and three points to the good guys. Time to push on and upwards and put some real pressure on Maureen and his Southern Oilers (our main competitor for the title).

Up the Arse – OGAAT – Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners! πŸ˜›

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  • nice one @ TA

    quite agree with your line up actually, however , i can see Theo starting tomorrow and the total players that come in be as follows :

    Jenks—– Nacho—— Rosicky—-Theo , at whose expense, i can’t tell you that right now as it’s a tough one to be honest but i reckon that Ozil might be on the bench with one of Rosicky or Santy through the middle.

    Prediction ? well, it’s a tough one because hull just kicked liverFool’s bottom 3-1 and could have been 4-1 easily , so i am gonna go for a 4-0 to the gooners !!!

    PS: what’s happened to the blog ? has someone hacked it ? ? ?

  • You could be right, JB.

    I think it is one change too many for tomorrow, possibly two. I reckon Arsene will keep his spine unchanged till the 70th minute… but just a hunch, not more.

    I was trying things out with the blog and I thought I had cancelled it but I actually confirmed the change…. and there was no going back. Happy now though. πŸ™‚

    Night all.

  • TA

    I am with you and JB, but I think Theo and TR will split the game somehow. Cant say which will start. Good game to rest AR and Arteta as well as the outer backs.

    Predictions and predilections (the latter just so CM can contribute)…

    a. Hull were more lucky then good vs Pool and should be way up confidence wise because of it. Which, in their case means too high..


    b. I will go with another 3-0 to the Arsenal, Ozil assists 2 more, 1 to Theo!

    cheerios — jgc

  • yes, ideally you wouldn’t want to change your winning combo , however, this is what i’m thinking and i’m kinda hoping that AW is on the same wave length as well…

    we play Hull tomorrow, then we play Everton Sunday , Napoli Wednesday and Man city Saturday before we get a little breather thanks to the COC fixtures penciled in.

    so, we rest the likes of Ozil, Sagna ( i think he is being fully rested by AW hence the bit of an injury) , Gibbs , Ozil and possibly one of Ramsey or Wilshere

    what this does is that it allows Rosicky to start tomorrow, then be back on the bench for either Theo/JW /Santi or Ozil and enables him to start in Naples.

    Theo needs more minutes, hence needs to start and can play on either wing, preferably start up front with Gnabry on the right and Rosicky in behind him with Santi on the right ? if not, then Giroud up front with Rosicky behind him and Theo on the right and we keep Santi on the left –

    it’s an interesting one this, but one that i’m hoping AW get’s spot on and we can be least 2-0 at HT this allows the Gnabry’s and TV’s to get a good run in as well in the 2nd half.

  • ah, and nice changes @ TA , i thought you let your daughter change the layout πŸ™‚ it’s kinda different, will take getting used to, ha

    JGC-DAMUS , you gotta teach me how to be politically correct most of the time as i mostly see you side with both parties in a discussion (yeah, i read the comment from last post as well) , ha

    i don’t mind a 3-0 but 4-0 sounds so much better considering we only had a 3-0 last weekend, so another 3-0 is kinda boring, no ? πŸ‘Ώ

  • Ozil needs rest so does kos my line up would be
    Nr.1 sczesny

    Theo needs play a lotmore. Sometimes i feel our play is one dimensional
    A little injection of pace would show a different arsenal attack

    Despite losing to MU many failed to notice that TV5 had a great game at the back. He can definetly prove his worth in this Team.

    We have big games coming up includes Man$city , Chelski , Everton and Napoli so squad rotation is must.

    Lets win them all COYG !!!

  • TA,
    I was going to name a similar team that has been playing all season but i must say i do like the team you would choose a lot. It has some what changed the team i would play as a result.
    Jenks…………………bfg…………………….kos…………………nacho nacho man!
    but as always in Arsene i trust!
    Not playing Rambo is something he just may not be able to do and maybe neither should he..? I think OG has to have a rest either start just for a half or on the bench from the start.
    I predict a 4-0

  • Call me crazy, but I think we could drop points here, especially if Arsene doesn’t pick the right combination of players!!!

    I have a doctor’s appointment for an ear infection that I have right when the match begins, so maybe it is because I cannot watch it, that I feel apprehension??? Hahahahahaha, it’s not like I could control anything even if I was watching the match, I know that, it’s just that it makes me feel better in some strange way.

  • It’s not that I don’t have confidence in our players, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to be cohesive, if you haven’t played many matches together.

  • With Ramsey scoring goals for fun,expect Hull to do a job on him. Similarly expect Mesut to be closely marked.That ‘s where Wenger strategy comes in.
    Football is a team game and to rely on Ramsey and Giroud is naΓ―ve. Stifle these two and the gunners could be struggling.But I believe Wenger is aware of this and will make sure the gunners can go to win unlike previous years.

  • TA – Short and to the point. No need for too much elaboration as we all know 3 points are at stake?

    I noted Wenger’s comments yesterday when he said the physically demanding areas were full backs, less so, centre backs. Then said their concentration levels were high, so mental fatigue is what he looks out for. He also went on to say that he would rotate according to the opposition.

    I wonder?

    Anyway, we have to accept, I think, that OGAAT cannot be sustained when we 4 important games in 11 days? That is not say you don’t pick a team to win each game as it arrives. To my way of thinking, the team that plays tonight, will be the base of the team that plays in Napoli. So for that reason, I do think the back five will be last Wednesday’s 5, except Jenks for Sagna, so although only BF(-errous)G is the only one from Saturday, the change is not that drastic. It is more about involving TV5 too.

    The defensive pairing does worry me more, for two reasons. One, Jenks will need support 24/7.
    Two, we need to be sure of stooping Hull scoring. So I see the return of Famteta, With Arteta doing the shepherding on our right flank, leaving le Flambeau to get forwards when he can.

    Four spots left: Giroud starts? although it makes sense to rest him here to be sharp for Everton.
    Walcott from the bench again, as space will open up for him later. I just hope he gets more than 4 minutes? That would leave the magic trio of Cazorla, Ozil and Wilshere to continue their improvement in fluid interchanges. Their rotation will come by way of subs. Probably Rosicky and Walcott for Giro and Wilshere. Where the 3rd one comes in will depend on injury and the score, but at some point, preferably 2 goals up, no injuries, Gnabry for Ozil, and have Cazorla run the centre show?

    The Bench: Fab; Gibbs; Hayden; Ramsey; Gnabry; Walcott, Rosicky.

    The Everton line up reverts back to ‘normal’. The Napoli might see Wilshere rested(bench) and Walcott starts, Man City, well whoever is left standing I guess?

    OGAAT, but with a touch of foresight?

    In case you just see squad pictures, just for you πŸ˜€ ;

    Jenks ———Per————TV5—– Nacho




    Forecast, don’t do them, but like Cardiff, doing back to back good results it tough on promoted sides … but Bruce’s boys know how to defend, so go for a HT-damus, early, and late. Anything else will be a bonus or a disaster, okay

  • ‘stooping’ is posh for ‘stopping. like this in reverse … ‘..Wear the fox hat’, said the posh lady when was told we were going to play Hull ….

    Despite missing the odd typo, I can read the script better with black on white. The yellow gets a bit glaring after a while. Just a thought.

  • Well I’m going for a 4-0 too…. And a double brace for either of the lads. COYG!!!!

  • Hey fellas…I’m on my kid’s netbook which, I guess, can access the internet from the cell phone towers… Unfortunately, he’ll be taking it to school when he goes…

    Indeed, I’m extremely curious how AW will rotate for this one and my best guess is that Ollie might take a breather and remain as a threat off the bench. I also think that the Flamini off the bench approach–which worked so nicely at Cardiff–might be employed. That would mean a starting MF group of Arteta, Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshere and Cazorla. The only issue is that there would be zero in the way of targets if Scsz needs to punt upfield as he usually aims at either Giroud or Sagna. Not a big issue, IMO, but an issue nonetheless

    OK, let’s see if this works before I get carried away…

  • That seemed to work, so on I go…

    I’ve left Rosicky out of the MF 5 but he too could get a run. In his last outing vs Marseilles I thought he was not very effective. That team parked the bus and Sicky missed a lot of passes, especially balls in the air trying to bypass their lines. He’s better against more aggressive, pressing defenses, IMO. Has anybody else noticed this (or agree/disagree)?…

    On that note, has anybody really scouted Hull Tigers (as the new owner wants to call them)?…
    I meant to watch all the matches on Sunday including Hull-‘Pool but it didn’t happen. Just curious. I’ve always been pretty impressed by the Egyptian guy (El Mohamady) but, in truth, I don’t know much about their team…

    Let me know sooner than later, i.e., before my kid takes the netbook away from me… πŸ˜€

  • HT – I only have a passing interest in Hull, as in FFF, but from there you can see that they had trouble scoring, but were defensively sound. With Steve Bruce being ex- Man Utd you can guarantee they will do there best to derail our title aspirations.

    For that reason I think we need Giroud’s strength in defense, as well as for the out ball you mention. It also makes sense to give Ramsey a break, and use Flamini ‘Presence!’ in front of the back 4.

    They are my thoughts?

  • Yeah Gerry, the more I think about it the more I believe Giroud will have to play…Gotta have a target for Sir Chez to kick to…so with Sagna out….

    Also, on your link…Isn’t AW a little tired of trying to deal with “bad” boys?…If a player can’t immediately improve the team AND surmount his personal issues, I’m not sure the manager has the time any longer nor the inclination to deal with players he might have to sell on/. One for the future? I think we may be strong enough that the bar is now awfully high. Maybe if Sanogo’s injury troubles are career threatening. Shorter term (i.e., in Jan…) a lot would seem to hinge on him and Poldolski being available… The article mentions Benteke…He’s struggled since he got hurt. Maybe a cheeky bid in January if we really feel the need to spell Ollie?

    I dunno, one game at a time and thinking about Sagna and “hamstring” makes me think about Poldolski and the same injury and hope that this one is something AW has made up just to give Jenks a run out…

  • Hull tend to play with a 5-3-2 and that changes into a 6-3-1 or a 4-3-3 (depending on the match situation )

    i am fully expecting them to park the bus and play with a 5-3-2 , which means we have to play a 4-3-3 – by that it will be wise to rule out the Flamteta combo and use maybe Flamini + AR/JW .

    the egyptian guy should have scored the 4th goal for hull on saturday @ 17HT – he’s a decent player

    sorry to hear about your internet (computer) troubles.

  • Cheers Bond…Unfortunately my computer “work” just isn’t important enough to justify rushing out and buying a new modem when a free one is on its way…I guess my work as a skint takes precedence… πŸ˜€

    Interesting about a 5 man back line–a bit like Liverpool’s approach?

    And now that I’ve lured the secret agent to the table…I have to ask…What sayeth the sauce?… I keep thinking that January is gonna be all about “new contracts” for guys like Per and Bac. But maybe Jenks gets the run today–while Bac “hurts” his hammy–as part of the “negotiations? Anyhow, insights (w/o the torturous element…) are appreciated…I think… πŸ˜‰

  • no, liverpool reverted to a 3-5-2 and applied the wigan way.

    steve bruce likes his 5-3-2 formation, he used that one for most part vs Liverpool in a home game and changed it to a 4-3-3 for the last 15-20 minutes.

    not had a word lately, the last i heard was what i shared with you, i.e. Podolski travelling to Naples e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c which is yet to materialize !

    Per is happy to sign on the dotted line, Sagna is a bit more complicated but hopefully, should work out okay in the end , fingers crossed !

    do keep an eye out on Micah Richards situation as well at man city, if you may.

    your work on bk is far more justifying than anything else to warrant a new computer, in my opinion πŸ™‚ if you ever needed a justification then it shouldn’t be too hard to justify πŸ˜‰

  • JB – I think I will take the Groucho Marx view on Micah Richards …

    ‘Never buy somebody from a top club if they are willing to sell him to you. They will know more about him, so there is probably a black hole where you deposit the cash?’

    Before injuries he would have been fine .. and they would want to keep him?

    I think there may be better targets out there?

  • i’m glad AW doesn’t share the same view or else we wouldn’t have landed Ozil.

    not sure if it’s about willing to sell someone who has 18 months on the contract left and wants to force a move out, then i don’t see a harm in that.

    let’s not forget that sagna has had fair share of injury time as well, from the top of my head he has sat out 24 months out of 60 approximately ?

    let’s hear the better targets then , if you got names ? (use coded words because we know how the names you mention find their ways to the blogs mysteriously the next day, ha ).

  • if we win, we keep the momentum going, however we if lose or drop points, our lead could be down to as low as 1

    what i’m trying to say here is that – Gerry, please remember to wear your lucky scarf !

    and i will keep the bitch twitchy bit tamed in 17HT’s absence (you shall be missed 17HT, if you are unable to log on.

    hoping to see all the Aussies here later !

  • shocker = Bendtner starts



    Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Rosicky, Cazorla, Ozil, Bendtner

    Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud.

  • Lets see how he does first JB i think he may do quite well he has no excuss with Ozil and crew supliling him . Though i am not so sure about our 4-0 predictions now, but il stand by mine.

  • who saw that one coming ?

    totally gobsmacked right now


    fingers crossed @ PG

    i hope he puts on a fine display and is sold to Hull in january πŸ™‚

  • The bench is impressive and strong, i hope NB has found some form , i was just saying on this blog that there is no reason NB cant all of a sudden find top form has he done it in training? i really hope so for us , the club and himself.

  • Giroud had to be rested no doubt about that at all, i would have gone for Theo, but NB should be fitter . I really have a feeling he might do very well tonight.
    I want to see him run his nuts off and work as hard as possible. πŸ™‚

  • Evening BK Helmet Hoverers πŸ˜†

    It`s my 37th wedding sentence….sorry…..anniversary today , still no sign of parole !. hahaha
    On that day, I was made to miss Arsenal Vs Newcastle, but I got a telegram from Arsenal, which was a nice touch !. Probably told you all before, but after a knees up in a pub in the East End, me and my new bride made our way home and got in just before MOTD was about to come on.
    A tricky first wedding night conundrum !……the wife in bed and Arsenal`s 5-3 victory just about to start on MOTD !. What was a man to do ?.
    I gave her the best two minutes of her life and raced naked to the living room and couldn`t lose my boner as SuperMac scored a Hat-trick !. hahaha

    I shall now go and hide behind the sofa with even more dread than normal with the news Bendy is leading the attack !.

  • Congratulation Cockie and mrs Cockie , il crack open a beer to you and the match

  • Yep HH, a nice header from a superb cross following a fantastic passing sequence πŸ™‚ All that in 2 minutes!

  • Evening gents, only saw last 10 minutes and a replay of the Bendtner goal. So important we got that early goal, and yes, a pity we did not score a second one.

    Got to keep focus and build towards the second goal.

    Really nice to see Jenkinson getting an assist and Bendy scoring – good for their confidence. Bendy almost had an assist as well but Ozil is not the best header of the ball.

  • Yep TA, the quality of our passing is barcaesque at times… The quality of the goals attest to that…

  • yes PG πŸ™‚

    Good win for the boys and that is the beauty of an early goal. And Arsenal are warned once more the Toffees winning at Old Toilet…. Focus OGAAT πŸ™‚

  • bugger! could have been so good, with a Spuds draw or loss, and Chelski drawing… Hey ho, at least we won and Manure lost. A good night

  • a very good night – it was important to win and keep the gap with the Chavs. They want us to slip up now and we are just showing our steel. Well done boys! πŸ™‚

    What is the little boy saying now van Judas? πŸ˜†

  • Agreed TA, a very good night. Wishes for even better only come though being spoiled by how solid the boys have been this season. And rotation to boot, so hope we can keep it up against Everton now too.


  • Exactly AB – we have fresh legs to come against Everton and that should make a difference. It was a gamble that paid off and glad to see we coped without Giroud today.

  • Thanks PG and Totes !.

    How times have changed, back then in `76, most people only had one TV. Like most, I`ve got one in every room now !. A 40″ in the bedroom means I cant multi-task tonight and I`ll be the one shouting ….yes yes yes get in there !…although the missus might refer to the goal line technology to see if it was in ! hahaha

  • now we got Everton, Napoli,, man city and Chelsea. i think we will do well what they must do is try to make sure we dont lose any of those games , the first 2 we should get the results. I really want us to beat the oilers but we must not lose. πŸ™‚
    I would love to see Judas face right now

  • ha ha ha ha Cockie sounds like a blissful marrige inded the missis lets you watch football while your in bed πŸ™‚
    I was only a twinkle in my parents eyes then i didnt pop out til 79.

  • True TA,
    Both on the early goal and the warning by Everton. It all seems to be going our way doesn’t it . Tonight is another clear waring too that imo the oilers are clearly are biggest threat. City are scoring a lot of goals a solid defence against them is going to be sooo important.
    But as you say OGAAT and that will be the toffee’s at home, with the fresh legs of some important players, it was also great to see we can be very good with or without OG , all good !

  • We need 4 points minimum in the next 3 PL games. I know we would all like more, but if we stay consistent against sides outside the top 6, as we are at present, then we can afford to drop points against the Oilers – as neither is showing the kind of consistency that we are. First we need to try and take 3 off Everton; it won’t be simple, but we should have faith in the boys.

  • That Phil Beardsley own goal was very suspicious , it looked like he did it on purpose.

  • Love Jenkinson’s assist!!! πŸ˜€ I was talking about him on another site last week, a youth site, and people were saying that Bellerin would be a shoe-in to replace Jenkinson, as he is much better than him going forward. That is what was said by others, NOT me. Bellerin IS a bit better than Jenkinson in an attacking sense, but he’s not quite as good defensively as Carl is right now. I didn’t get to see the match, so I don’t know how Jenkinson coped with any threat down his wing, but judging by the amount of possession we had, and how few shots on target and attempted Hull had, I assume he did at least alright. People were saying the exact same things about Ramsey last season, that he would be a squad player at best, and look at what has happened!!! πŸ˜€ I hope Carl can do the same, if he gets the chance. That might be the key…He has to get a run of games going and then we’ll see if he can take over from Sagna.

    I shouldn’t have doubted our ability to pick up all three points from this match!!! I have confidence that we CAN beat Everton.

  • AB.. Don’t worry.. We will win again Everton..
    Remember Soton.. Cardiff.. and Hull.. They all won again big clubs before us.. So that some prediction though we will lost.. but we WIN.. cause We Are The Champion.. my friend.. We do.. hehehe..

    I don’t want to talk about City first.. we must face Everton and Napoli first.. and we never know any injure may come for both team..
    But.. hey.. Bedtner is back.. hahahaha.. and Jenkinson getting more mature..
    Nacho.. no need to worry about him.. he is as good as Gibbs.. And we have a very strong midfielders.. They only thing to worry is if Mertesacker or Koscielny is injure.. hope not..

    We can rest Flamini again Everton.. and play Arteta who know them well..
    And Flamini for Napoli cause he also know Italian style verywell.. and Bedtner also.. cause He played for Juventus a year ago..

    Our real enemy is Chelsea.. Lucky them.. they only will face Stoke and Palace and Bucarest in UCL.. but they must play again Sunderland in COC.. but 6 days rest will be enough for them..
    We have 10 days rest.. that mean we can play all our best team again City and Chelsea..

    Go Gunners..

  • @ TA.. I like this blog’s new face..
    but I don’t know why.. It just hard to open in my smartphone.. hehehehe..

  • BTW.. Anyone knows why Arsenal – Chelsea will play in 24 Desember not 22 Des..??
    Both of them don’t play any games between it..??

  • Morning all, I have just finished watching the match, and it looked very impressive. Always in control and everyone worked hard to keep the clean sheet.

    The commentators said of the first twenty minutes that it looked like they were just trying new moves. I thought they were refining their off ball movement to perfection. not only the movement across the pitch – the ‘fluidity’ – but also the in out movement too.

    Much was made of the 7 changes from Saturday. Was Arsene being reckless? But to my mind, I think there were only three changes from the previous mid-week match, and one of those was a forced change.

    Jenks had a very good game going forwards, and a lovely assist with his run and cross for the first goal. However what will always remain a weakness is his lack of confidence in using his left foot. Not so much a problem going forward, as his trusty right foot can play the ball in the two options open to him – down the line , or inside. – Facing the other way when tracking back to defend is another matter. On two occasions he had to turn down a simple option, and instead played the ball out. One when Hull were pressing, he had the ball at his feet going towards Szcz, half expecting him to collect – the simple option of playing a left foot ball beyond, but in front of Mertersacker to clear, or pass the ball out of danger – the other, ball on right foot into touch. The second time was similar, only nearer the touchline. Being harried by an attacker, because of this weakness his one foot option was to put it into touch.

    This is me being critical, not abusive. He should be working on this every spare minute, because he is young enough to develop it, rather than rely on the outside of his right foot for variation. The second incident above also showed that the opposition know this, as they just block off any attempt for him to turn to his left. Better sides may punish us from the loss of possession?

    NB23 did not get booed on his appearance, and the splendid goal and all round effort meant he got applaud off too .. as it should be.
    I have repeated several times, he is our most like for like sub for Giro, and on that performance, and even a bit sharper, we should not have to worry about THAT key injury?

    So, with another clean we remain 4 points ahead, but even further ahead of Man Utd. The Everton game will be trickier. But our passing game is a match for anyone, if they can keep it going for longer. or at least, not get sloppy with the passing?

    All good stuff, let us see who lines up for both sides on when we play again, before we get too carried away with ourselves. But, yes, the lads did us proud last night.

  • Morning All. Interesting comments on Jenkinson, Gerry. No doubt a smart operator like Martinez will target that weakness of CJ…
    Both Ashley Cole and more recently Gibbs, had to work on the defensive side of their games, early in their careers, both, if I recall correctly, were criticized for their defending, so I’m sure Jenkinson can work on these areas of his game, and probably does.
    The mistake he made in the League Cup, no doubt, is still on his mind, hence his decision to put the ball into touch rather than risk another cock-up.

  • Convincing win over Hull City which was made even better by the fact that we rested Giroud, Sagna and Gibbs. πŸ™‚

    I suggested to rest Giroud for this game so he can get the rest he needs for the games against Everton, Napoli, City and Chelsea and I got my wish. Very risky though but the risk paid off and Bendtner proves he has some quality when he puts his mind to it and plays well.

    On Sunday against Everton, I would like to see Ozil and Ramsey if possible get a rest. Ozil could be rested quite easily because we have the likes of Rosicky, Wilshere and Walcott who can all come into the ‘3’ behind Giroud. However it will be harder to rest Ramsey with only Flamini/Arteta as possible options and maybe Wilshere at a push. Very risky to risk Ramsey but if it works it would have been worth it.

    So my team for Everton would be as follows:

    Szez, Sagna (if fit), Mert, Kos, Gibbs, Flamini, Arteta, Santi, Rosicky, Wilshere, Giroud.

  • Walcott after 60 mins if we need an injection of pace, Bendtner for Giroud if we are winning comfortably, and Verm/Monreal if the lead is slim and we need to keep the clean sheet.

  • Hello Gooners,
    I just thought i would give Nacho Monreal a mention, i thought he had a very good game. though its fair to say Hull are not the hardest team to cope with defence wise i thought he looked very sharp and quick , he seemed to have 2 yards more of pace then some of there attacking players. This is 1 of our safest positions in Gibbs and Monreal, i think Wenger should rotate them more often.

  • Agreed PG on Gibbs and Naco. I’d play Gibbs against Everton on Sunday and then Nacho against Napoli mid-week.

  • I’m baaa-aaaack…

    Indeed sad news about Mandela, and it was a shame (I thought) that his health prevented stadium appearances in the WC in 2010…I guess the groups get drawn here in a bit for the next one…

    ToTL, the new background and black on white print are nice but I (really) miss the “leave a comment” toggle…Scrolling through all the comments can take some time, esp. on the UMF thread…

    Anyways, not much to add to the Hull comments except to say that none of us (I’m pretty sure) suggested Bendtner and he effectively ended the match after 90 seconds. Of course Jenkinson’s cross demanded the goal much as Ramsey’s pass demanded a quality cross. Fantastic any way you slice it…

    After that it was pretty near complete domination and control even if the chances aren’t always perfectly crafted and/or taken. The movement is beautiful and the shape, composure and pressing on defense is strong. Opposing teams know they have to execute at very high levels if they want a chance at scoring…

    So, now we must wait until Sunday…Do we get an Oz preview? It’s a very tough 3 matches in 6 days but I’m excited…

  • Geez, nobody saying anything at all… The non-squeaky wheel requires no grease, I guess?… Didn’t anybody miss me?…

    WC draw on the telly (in Spanish) and I need to call my satellite provider today to renegotiate my “package.” Maybe this will get cockie on for a comment or two… Snow coming tonight so I’ve got to work on my quiver (of skis), if nobody will play here. Maybe everybody is too busy waxing theirs…

    We’ll have our hands full with Lukaku and the Everton FBs but how do they deal with us and who will make the starting 11?

  • Looks like it’s group D for death and group E for easy…

    And England pull group D…Ouch!

  • HT17 – I have kept off the airways today, and like others no doubt, a respectful silence over the loss of Nelson Mandela seemed appropriate, even if it was going to happen sooner or later.

    The match not happening until Sunday, and nobody offering a post since Tuesday’s one, with TA still committed elsewhere all add to the lack of talk.

    Under 18’s Youth Cup tonight will be my viewing, hopefully TCM will put the link up shortly?

    The squad looks to be tested a bit further, as Sagna may be kept out until the Man City game. I hope Jenks has been working on a few things?

    There was a hastily withdrawn headline about an Arsenal defender ‘agreeing’ to move in January.

    TV5 or Bacary Sagna? But as it was withdrawn straightaway, I guess we will never know?

  • Re the scrolling down, I do the thing You have to on the UMF – tap the first message then hit ‘End’

  • I could have sworn I saw Szcz in the audience of the Snooker tournament this afternoon?

  • I think the WC draw could open up for us … if we can get a result against Italy? I don’t expect much change out of Uraguay, so it might come down to who does best against Joel Campbell’s team? That is provided they haven’t already stuffed the other two before they get to us … ?

  • Oops, now there is talk of Wilshere, Rosicky, missing on Sunday, as well as Flamini.

    No is the time to remind AW the value of having played Hayden at some point before now?

  • When you have finish you 4 miler HT, It would be nice to hear from you?

    The link I gave on that striker the other day seems to have gathered pace a little? I think he is the sort of player would like to fine tune. Rather than Bendtner, who I am very pleased can fill in for Giro from time to time. What we actually want is somebody who can play alongside Giro .. Which is why Reus was at the top of most people’s list? This guy looks very similar, if he can step up to EPL level. Mind, if the French version joins in the summer as well as ‘Shalke boy’, with Theo we will be awash with pacy AM/SS players like we were with midfielders … until this week that is?

    Another thought on the WC HT, your ‘second team’, Mexico got a bad draw to overcome, and the USA look like being the ‘whipping boys’ in their group?

  • Hey Gerry…My thought is that if Hayden couldn’t get a run out vs Chelsea in the COC AW doesn’t think of him as ready…. Also based on what you say about the 3Ws (Warious Wenjuries and Willnesses…) we’ve still got plenty of options in MF… I picture a starting group of Arteta, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla and Walcott…All guns on board, as it were…

    That WC group isn’t so good for England… (France got the best looking one, but that was also true last time around)… Italy flamed out in 2010 but I wouldn’t expect a repeat and Uraguay have to be considered a top 5 or 6 in the tournament…

    Where’s Bond? Working it out with his travel agent now that the matches are set?

  • Yes,but,no,but yes …There does not look like a lot of cover for the back 5/6 imo?

    If Ramsey strides on and possession is lost, Arteta will be covering Jenk’s back, Cazorla will be working hard on the other side … Ozil in the middle, but also upfield?

    Not the were times when Hayden was on the bench to do the odd 20 minutes or so, under the guidance one the other other two?

  • The youth line up looks like an attacking line up, if the defence can do a better job than against Sunderland. It looks like a 4-4-2, with Akpom and Iwobi at the head of things. Strong midfield too, with Mailand-Niles, Zelalem, and Crowley.

    Looks like the goals will rain down, with the young guns coming out on top of an 8 goal thriller?

    From the person that does not do predictions πŸ˜†

  • No run today…It’s cold and there’s enough snow on the trails to shut me out… skiing of some sort or other should begin tomorrow…

    IMO, Mexico cannot make it to the 2nd round unless they figure out the Vela issue… The US group looks tough as well…Already I’m concerned about our Germans being injured by the Americans (Our version of football is pretty rough…) Hopefully the group is already settled by then…

    I love the faith in the kids, Gerry, but we (or I should say “I”) don’t get all the information that the manager does…Additionally (obviously), I have trouble believing “injuries” unless I witness them. (Ramsey’s for example, I pretty sure, actually occurred…) Your points about Jenks one-footedness are very well described. If anybody in our MF knows how to move and provide an outlet, however, it’s Arteta. Hopefully Ozil is on a similar wavelength, too… My guess is that Sagna and Flamini are both available for the Napoli match with maybe the latter on the bench for Sunday…

  • Nope. Sagna not being considered for Sunday. Groin strain can vary, but Flamini might be lucky to get back to for Man City??

  • God will put his arm around Nelson Mandela and simply say…..” I am so proud of you son ! “.

    Shame the FA Youth Cup match wasn`t in Torquay , I could have drove there and watched it !.
    I`ve got my fingers crossed for a 3rd round FA Cup tie no further than Yeovil. Plymouth would be best, then Exeter and Torquay !.

  • HT – Back to Sunday for a moment. There could be a case for all the (available) CBs to used.

    TV5 to cover behind Gibbs; Mert to take care of Lukau in the middle; Kos to cover Jenks.

    That would leave Arteta and Ramsey to block the middle, but only Caz and Messil to feed Giro, until Walcott comes on?

    I know we need to win this one, and both sides will be a bit ‘leggy’ after the midweek games, but we don’t want to lose our momentum while so many are out?

    Just a thought

  • Gerry, thanks for the tip about the “end” button…

    Why Walcott only off the bench? The “injuries” mean that I see him in from the start, with Gnabry (and Bendtner) on the bench if something were to happen and we needed goals. I’m not sure what you’re saying about the CBs… (Surely you’re not suggesting that we’ll be switching to a 5 man back line?…) My take is that both Kos and Verm are better as left sided CBs. As such, cool headed Per is backing up the Jenks-Arteta right sided first line of defense with Kos sweeping over from the left in desperate situations…

    Sounds like the kids are handing out a real azz-whooping…

  • sorry lads, been occupied with the snooker lately and yes, if this keeps going the way it is then i would be able to afford a trip to brazil before the semi’s for sure, only loss suffered in this years uk championship was on Mark Allen but wasn’t as big, and Roberterson (the aussie) is delivering the goods, if this keeps going the way it is , then am off sooner rather than later – not happy about the draw though, the Italian’s must be wetting themselves as will be the Uruguayian’s , ha

    we are going to the last 16, whether anyone likes it or not πŸ˜€

    Sagna (sign da ting already) will ya – is being rested for Naples and man city, super !

    Flamini can play RB , if need be and he can do more than a decent job there as well, so we are not short of options at RB, if truth be told but Jenks deserves another game –

  • Sorry Cockie, I’m by the fire today moving ski gear around and waxing happily… Storm’s a brewing…and we’re supposed to get a foot overnight…Unfortunately it’ll be over the 3 inches from the other day and otherwise rocks…

    Yeah, where is the Fozz, not to mention poor Glic?…

  • no worries @ TCM – you didn’t mug me, you begged me dry cleaners for it and they let you have it πŸ˜‰

  • HT – Not quite, but remember both our back like to bomb forward. An d no, Per definitely Centre CB. Kos switiches left when the TV plays, and in his sweeper role he has been across in our RB corner in the last two games. My thought was to keep the two backs wide, and the DM’s cover the mid to side. But when Ramsey makes the Extra man Arteta will have to be switched on.

    I was quite confident about our last two games, but this has grim look about it. For a start, without Wilshere and Rosicky, who drives the bus forwards pace? Walcott maybe out wide, but they have ‘clogger Barry’ to deal with that threat?

    It is going to be hard to win without these player, but just may be one will be fit enough to put in the early minutes?

  • Hey Bond…Yeah both matches seem tough but not impossible so get yourself over there…Careful with Costa Rica, too… Even if it all goes wrong, the beaches should be lovely…

  • Yes, the kids suffered the other night. First time Zelalem got a bad review? Hence the extra oomph

  • Gerry, I still don’t get what you’re suggesting. Surely the back line is Gibbs-Kos-Per-Jenks (from left to right) and the MF is Arteta, Ramsey, Santi, Ozil, Theo. If we’re trying to close out the match we bring on Nacho and Verm and Flamini, if fit. If we’re chasing it’s Bendtner/Gnabry (as at ManU)… Or maybe you’re talking about what you would do if you were manager?…

    I feel very good about this match, but AAWTFDIK?…

  • I watch snooker sometimes and some other sports, but football is the only one which I care enough about to get stressed !. I didn`t listen to talkSPORT today or the last few days because they were interrupting all football chat with fcuking Cricket chat !……..snoring boring yawn !. πŸ‘Ώ

  • both the beaches and the Bit— twitches πŸ˜‰ the only obstacle is the home ministry not letting me go on my own, or else it would have been all done and dusted since the prices are sky rocketing …

    anyhow, joel cambell and Costa Rica both play with a lot of flair and flavour , definitely the under dogs ….least they won’t settle for draws or play boring like the Italians , hence i’m confidence as long as we have the likes of Gibbs, Wilshere, Theo and Ox there – that’s plenty of pace and a rich core of midfield with plenty of understanding to play the arsenal game, chuck in the player you don’t like up front – it’s delicious.

    i guess, what i’m trying to say is that – SACK ROY already, if he doesn’t make use of the Arsenal players.

  • Flamini is fine, otherwise AW would have said so today @ Glics

    i don’t mind cricket, snooker, F1 , Tennis e.t.c e.t.c keeps me going through the lull or when there is no footy πŸ˜‰

    we’re not doing as well as hoped down under in cricket though, maybe the aussies have drugged us like what the mancs did to us a few weeks ago with that virus πŸ˜€

  • 20:16 was for you @ 17HT

    glad to have you back, and i hope TA is doing well , he’s been plenty busy lately at work, which means, he’ll have a smashing xmas !

    concerned about Fozzie with a B though , where are you mate ?

  • Then our strongest side available for me !. Personally, the Pod is not a first choice for me, so I haven`t missed him !. I miss the Ox more than Pod and felt before the injury that this was his breakout year !. He was more regular for England than Arsenal !. Shows, strength in depth if we ever get them all fit !. Still need a Suarez/Aguero type player though imo.

  • he can still have a fab year , the OX, but yes, i agree with you, we have missed him as not only do i see him as our super sub but also a player who can play RW, LW and even slot in Midfield and drive the game forward when we need it !

    Roy and his Assistant Neville , really do rate OX and the LW in our national set up is there to be taken since i don’t really rate Danny welbeck as much as i do the OX.

    agreed with Suarez type player….

    if Giroud and Suarez were playing together, then no one would be talking about Aguero and Negredo not just in England but across Europe as well, in my opinion.

    all the Suarez talk has started , a ploy to get the most money out of him – he’s a goner (GOONER) in january πŸ˜‰ i wish —- ehhhhh

  • Trouble is JB, now Suarez is scoring for fun, his fee has rocketed and looks like someone will have to pay Β£70m for him !……maybe we should have offered Β£50m and a penny !.

    I heard about the Ox long before Arsenal got him, a co-worker is a Southampton nut and just goes to away games, he gave me the run down on Ox, so I was well pleased when we bought him !.

  • Ox has it all….power, pace, strength, skill, shooting, the pass !. If he can acquire Ramsey`s engine, then he would have the world at his feet !. He will be like a new signing in January !. hahaha

  • agreed, his price has rocketed and may rocket even more if he manages to have a decent world cup –

    we were in for both Cavani and Suarez , we made bid for both this year and couldn’t get them, will we try again in January ? not long till we find out but the good news is that we can do a swap deal and let Liverpool have NB for Suarez and they should pay us 50 mills on top πŸ˜‰

    yeah, but the lad has been really unlucky with the injuries and niggles – let’s hope he manages to stay fit after he returns !

  • bear in mind, his price can also go down , if he decides to bite or dive again πŸ˜‰ get’s a longer ban , no ?

    let’s hope he does that then ehhhh, ha

    off to spend some quality time with the mrs then, i was only allowed 1 hour today on the computer – laters alligator’s

  • Manscum and the Toffees had 460 and 438 passes each the other night…..Arsenal had 802 !. We need to make more it count bearing in mind Aston Villa only had 23% possession on Wednesday and 3 shots on target yet won 3-2 !.

  • Only the 5 goals then. The Under 21s are off to Naples too. Their line up will tell us who is likely to be on our bench there, if any?

  • Gezzer. The youth/U21 football is weird in the manner that, one minute they look strong, the next it can all change as players go out on loan !. The U21`s will not have Yennaris, Bellerin or Miguel…..Bellerin is a definite loss to the U21 side !……….also. I think Hayden is banned, wasn`t he sent off against Marseille ?.

  • lol… It sounds like Missus Bond has the restraining gear out with the secret agent man…And he’s thinking about biting and diving… Careful there, 007 or you might get quite a yank around the collar… πŸ˜€

    Reading the “injury” news I see no mention of Flamini nor Jack and that Theo was “sick”… Sounds like all three could make the starting 11 for Sunday…

  • Thanks for your patience over the last few days BKers, and for keeping the blog going with super fine comments.

    The project I am working on should enter a break after 16th December, and then I will be able to pick up the blogging again. In the meantime, please keep sending me posts if you feel you have something to write about. πŸ™‚

  • Henrychan,
    Great trip down memory lane, thanks for that.
    Well it is all looking really good at the moment, the reason i say that is because on the injury front they seem to be all fighting fit and not getting injured. Everyone is nearly back the main players still out OX and Sanogo Podolski is back in training so this to me means we will only be getting stronger and adding strikers to out formidable team πŸ™‚
    So on that note bring on Everton – Napoli – Chelsea and City we are ready for them!

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