Napoli – Arsenal: Predicted line-up

Just the predicted line up from me BKers:

ars v nap

Theo for speed on the wing and jack for defensive cover on the other. Two ‘DM’s in the pivot and the rest pick themselves.


Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  1. Rick walker says:

    Not even close…nice try though

  2. Milo says:

    I really do think Aaron Ramsey needs a rest!!! Nacho for Gibbs works for me too. I like both players equally, though. They differ from each other and offer different strengths. Jenkinson needs to step up to the plate in an attacking sense. I think it has to do with confidence in his ability to recover, which baffles me, as he is a great athlete!!! Get your ass up the line boy, and when you do, look up for once!!! hahahahahahaha πŸ˜€ That’s about as much criticism as you’ll hear from me regarding any of our players πŸ˜€

  3. davydavy says:

    Nice line-up! Having the pace of Theo on the break will make Napoli think very carefully about attacking us without conceding themselves, although I must admit I’m nervous about leaving Aaron Ramsey out when Sagna is also out. I think we’ll win this one quite well, so looking to keep things tight for the first half hour to avoid an early slip-up. Good luck team!

  4. Gerry says:

    So, what do we read into the team selection then?

    Keeping Rambo fresh for Man City? Wilshere to do the last 20 minutes? Monreal to protect the lead .. if we have one? Walcott to add spice if we are chasing? Mmmnnn?

    I hope AW has got it right?

  5. Gerry says:

    I was up at 3.0am this morning, and with very little rest in between, I will be lucky to keep my ears to the audio?

    They are not releasing the full match until Saturday!

    So it is an early night from me.
    I’ll be putting the scarf on any minute now … to prevent injuries in the warm up πŸ˜€
    Night all … zzzz

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Midfielders rather than wingers on the wings, to keep it tight, Gerry.

    Davydavy agreed re your scenarios.

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Catch you later. πŸ™‚

  8. Dylan says:


  9. Fozzie B says:

    Night Gerry, sweet Ozil dreams! πŸ˜€

    Napoli: Rafael, Maggio, Fernandez, Albiol, Armero, Dzemaili, Behrami, CallejΓ³n, Pandev, Mertens, HiguaΓ­n

    Substitutes: Colombo, Uvini, Britos, Insigne, Cannavaro, Inler, Zapata

    Arsenal: SzczΔ™sny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, RosickΓ½, Arteta, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud

    Substitutes: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Bendtner

  10. Evening Latin Libido Liquorice Lickers πŸ˜†

    Come on Totes !….you can do better than a predicted line up ……just wait a little while longer and copy the real one !. Alternatively, you could have fondled Giroud`s Hampton and got a better selection as it`s on it in braille !….VCC is the first person known to be able to read braille using his tongue !. hahaha
    Obviously hope we win, but I`d rather beat City on Saturday and wished we would have fielded Gerrys U19`s !. hahaha

  11. Dylan says:

    Rosicky needs to work hard today. Getting to the touch line against Armero (Napoli left back) will be key. He’s probably the weakest of their defenders. If we can’t get a goal quick, put money on Walcott on for Rosicky to take advantage of Armero.

  12. Suck my Nipples, Naples……COYG !

  13. Hey fellas…Had to get my ski in before the match… Lots of experience in the line-up. Gibbs and Sir Chez our young guys? Definitely not quite what I expected… Higuain but no Hamsek today for Napoli. If we can get a goal I can’t seen them in with a chance…

    Go on…

  14. geoffchase says:


    Moving offices at work, so home today (earthquake repairs) and kids at school so I can watch on “their” large tv!

    Scratchy start, both sodes pressing hard… Ozil, Santi, TR are an interesting group across mids..

    Cheers — jgc

  15. alcide says:

    1-1 in marseille…

  16. geoffchase says:

    First real chance to arsenal… We seem, at least for now, to be settling better..

  17. alcide says:

    2 yellows in 3 minutes for Payet, one for simulation… OM are playing with 10 players now…

  18. alcide says:

    Good , intensive pressing from Napoli, but they’re spending a lot of energy in it. If we hold on for a bit more, they will pay for it, and our bench is inspiring…

  19. 17highburyterrace says:

    2nd period going… Besides Scszesny being a little questionable with the clearance we otherwise appear very solid in MF and getting back. Flamini and Koscielny look particularly strong. Agreed Alcide about their pressing…. Nonetheless, a goal would be nice to settle things completely…

  20. macko says:

    Giroud 20 ” on 100m lol

  21. 17highburyterrace says:

    Napoli upping the pressure since they subbed Pandez for Insigne…Need to settle down…Crowd noise is impressive…A little more possession (and maybe that goal)…Certainly we shouldn’t be depending on 10 man Marseilles…

    Kos fortunate to be able to get back on Callejon there…

  22. alcide says:

    But doing a fantastic job otherwise… Rambo for Santi… More defensive stability and still offensive potential…

  23. proudgooner says:

    monreal and theo should come on for Rosicky and Ozil imo
    ozil to have a break and theo to use his pace to stretch them, monreal to sure up our defence

  24. alcide says:


  25. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ah geez, they score and now we’re down to 10…

  26. alcide says:

    That was stupid…second yellow for Arteta

  27. alcide says:

    Well OM held up against BD so far… We need to do the same

  28. macko says:

    Jenkinson is a dream for all team πŸ™‚

  29. 17highburyterrace says:

    BVB have scored…We need a goal or we go through 2nd…

  30. alcide says:

    BD scores…we’re second now :/

  31. AFC says:

    Hi guys,

    What a group this is. We need a goal to avoid drawing the big boys next round.

  32. AB says:

    Its the same every year! Heroics to get through, drop points in the last game, go second and draw a top team in the 16. For once maybe a bit of luck for us??? I fear not

  33. alcide says:

    2-0… Going to be a fun minute to play…

  34. AFC says:

    Shit we’ve conceded another, we need to hang on.

  35. alcide says:

    Or not… Well we go second then… Tired legs today, doesn’t bode well for the weekend I must say.

  36. AFC says:

    Alcide, if they score another goal we’re out!

  37. 17highburyterrace says:

    2 nil…Geezus… But the whistle goes…

    That was not good and going through 2nd means Barca, RM, Bayern, Atletico or PSG, I think…

  38. AFC says:

    Thank God we’re through. We will now draw either Barca, Real, Bayern, PSG.

  39. AFC says:

    17, you named the last possible team we could draw. All draws will be tough. 😦

  40. alcide says:

    Interesting, Γ–zil is third in distance run, behind Flamini and Jenks… You do see him track back constantly,musing speed when needed.

  41. Fozzie B says:

    Oh well lets hope we get a change next round! We must be due RM or PSG eh πŸ˜† while those ponys manure and chelvski will probably draw weaklings, makes me sick!!

  42. alcide says:

    Yep AFC, when I posted whistle had been blown already…

  43. macko says:

    I find Olivier Giroud really sucks Jenkinson just as he did not have their place in the Arsenal team, you can get me out every excuse in the world as being bad is only possible when you play a team like ours! !
    Coaching and my taste too bad for this kind of game that have had to be called at any price to win when I look at our games I tremble for the game against City ..

  44. 17highburyterrace says:

    Agreed with Alcide…No real attacking push today doesn’t bode well for the ManCity match. The second yellow seemed a dive but also a challenge he didn’t need to make. Subbing Arteta might’ve been a thought…

  45. AFC says:

    17ht, I think AW will turn this around. I cannot see a D, L, L, L from the Everton, Napoli, City, Chelsea fixtures.

  46. macko says:

    I do not understand what Arsene Wenger see in Giroud he did not see in Wallcott or Bendtner or even Akpom?? Please explain me the same for Gibbs with nacho I not understand the choices made ​​by our coach?

  47. AFC says:

    Very strange how we seem to get tough groups and the likes of United’s are pretty easy…

  48. proudgooner says:

    i am not to bothered we are though, so you might have got 1 easy draw then next round its as hard as.
    knock out 1 of the big boys in the next round first simple

  49. proudgooner says:

    Good point, we had the hardest group ever got 12 points and only finish second no shame i dont think

  50. AFC says:

    Macko, Giroud is needed to hold up the ball and bring our talented midfielders into play, Akpom not ready, Giroud CURRENTLY better than Bendtner. Fitter, better workrate and has hardly played in this new look Arsenal team.

    Walcott should work in theory due to our free flowing, fluid game but might not work in reality.

  51. alcide says:

    Well the goals came from central play, Per slower to turn around than Higuain (good finish though), and Per caught by Callejon on the second goal too…

  52. AFC says:

    Macko, Giroud is needed to hold up the ball and bring our talented midfielders into play, Akpom not ready, Giroud CURRENTLY better than Bendtner. Fitter, better workrate and Bendtner has hardly played in this new look Arsenal team.

    Walcott should work in theory due to our free flowing, fluid game but might not work in reality.

    Not quite sure why Nacho didn’t play. Maybe AW is saving him for City and Chelsea.

  53. AFC says:

    PG, agreed. No shame in finishing second but to concede two goals against Napoli and nearly go out…

  54. alcide says:

    I do feel we lack a bit of speed in these types of games where fullbacks play conservatively, and only Γ–zil has consistent pace, I can see how OG is key to contest high balls from Szcesny, but Theo would be a constant threat.

  55. alcide says:

    We basically did not even try an counter attacks

  56. Macko says:

    AFC plz you saw the game?? every release Szczesny on Giroud are systematically made ​​to the opponent!! 90% of the balls are lost through lack of technical …..
    It’s loins worst center forward Arsenal never had!! and it saddens me.
    Now if he plays well for you ben we do not have the same vision of soccer ball I think!
    I’m too little to be demanding but when we first PL must not have a poor game …..

  57. AFC says:

    Macko, I’m not saying Giroud is good enough to be our number one striker but he is good enough to play for Arsenal. If we compare him to the strikers at City, Chelsea and United RVP, Rooney, Aguero are better, but he is on par with Hernandez, Dzeko, Negrado and better than Jovetic, Ba, Torres and Eto’o.

  58. AFC says:

    Macko, I would also say there are not many STs available who are better than Giroud. Maybe Benzema and Ballotelli but that is it?

  59. Macko says:

    I would give anything to Negredo or Torres, but you’re right we do not have better for the moment ….
    We must recruit emergency right rear also to replace Sagna, Jenkinson worth nothing at all ……

  60. AFC says:

    Macko, I’ll give you Negrado as he is a goal scorer. Remember that Negrado does play next to Aguero but him he play well on his own up front in our system? Torres is worse than Giroud and has been poor for years. I’d try to bring in Ballotelli or even Dzeko as his contract expires next summer. That way we’d have another option.

  61. AFC says:

    I too would sign a RB and rotate Sagna in a RB and CB role. Abate for me.

  62. macko says:

    What a disappointment anyway! find themselves relegated to 2nd place while Arsene had a team to win! Frankly the team fielded was not very optimized face and especially to Naples, I understand not much better value it would win it and lose it would mathematically city was more appropriate!!

  63. macko says:

    What a disappointment anyway! find themselves relegated to the 2nd spot while Arsene have said that he want to a team to win! Quite frankly the team fielded was not very optimized especially against Napoli, I understand not good, it would have been better to win this game and lose against city, mathematically it was more judicious!!

  64. macko says:

    Good night my friends english gunners πŸ™‚

  65. AB says:

    Yes, a disappointing end to the night. But who would not have taken 2nd and 12 points from this group when the draw was made? I would have. So let’s look at the performance over the whole group stage rather than just tonight. I do wish we had a bit more recovery time now, as I think we will get a real measure of this squad from their performance now against City. Will they be inhibited and anxious on the back of this loss and the disappointment of not coming top of the group? Or will they have a point to prove and give us a top performance that would be capable of knocking City out of their stride? Either way, I fear fatigue will play a part, as our rotation has been pretty much the minimum possible, whereas City will be fresh without doubt. I don’t want to see either fear or naivety in our play – a disciplined back line and a mobile, fluid attack. A really key game for me this next one. Heads up gooners!

  66. Milo says:

    Macko, we might be first in the Premier League, but remember, being first NOW doesn’t mean much, if anything at all.

  67. Milo says:

    I’d rather be five points clear than in relegation or even second place, obviously, but you have to remember how much can change and how long a season it really is!!!

  68. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    For me.. playing Flam-teta were always a wrong decision..
    If Wenger want to rest Rambo.. than play Wilshere..
    Giroud need to rest.. playing him again City is a better solution than Napoli.. Bedtner had an experience with Italian style.. why don’t play him..
    But.. Don’t worry too much about lastnight game..
    Yes We lost.. but We still in the Competition..
    COYG.. Juve lost.. Munchen also.. Dortmund almost the same fate as Napoli.. they don’t win easily lastnight.. hehe..

    And no easy team in CL.. Leverkusen was down 5-0 by MU.. but will you sure that they will be an easy team.. Milan.. Galatasaray.. Olympiacos.. all aren’t easy to handle..
    Now let’s focus on City.. Whoever our rival for CL.. We can beat them.. including Madrid and Barca.. why not..?? We proved it before.. and We will do it again..

    Go Gunners..

  69. Fozzie B says:

    Good morning all, I have decided to retreat to my man cave for the next couple of weeks to get comfort!! Luckily it’s in Jamaica … So I can wear my Gooner tea cosy and receive erbal medication if necessary!! πŸ˜†
    Going to be a tough couple of weeks!! Catch you all soon πŸ˜€

  70. TotalArsenal says:

    Have a great holiday, Fozzer πŸ™‚

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Gooners πŸ™‚

    Tedious, disappointing night of football. Feel sorry furor Koz, BFG and Flamini who gave their all for at least a draw. We held out with ease and then still let our guard down.

    I guess the team subconsciously used the game to take a breather before a round of big games. It is understandable but not very professional and Wenger should take some blame in this.

    We’ll be back for City – don’t worry about that! πŸ™‚

  72. Fozzie B says:

    Don’t worry Totes, at least I will have plenty of blogging time and I don’t have to mind animal as its someone’s turn. He well and truly took it out of me these last few weeks. Warning …Progress reports may involve puppet nudity!!! Haha πŸ˜†
    I automatically had written off the Shitty game but after their great performance and our poor one, to me this game could be season defining!!
    Ollie looks so tired!! I really hope their mental toughness can take get them something. If we conquer here it will be the best accomplishment to date this year IMO
    COYRRG’s!! πŸ˜€

  73. Gerry says:

    I have not seen it, and will not until Saturday. Being second means its all set up for a magnetic ball to get us RM – Ozil’s homecoming. Oh yes, it will be an away tie for sure.

    But that is done and dusted.


    If nobody else is offering, and TA is still busy to do a pre-view, so I will do a bit of prelim work on it today. But if you are keen, then TA could do with it. Okay?

  74. VCC says:

    Happy Holidays Fozzie. Take care.

  75. ‘Morning boys… Yeah, that one seemed kinda bad and AW’s comment about not knowing whether to attack or defend rings pretty true. It was all a little weird with us down to 10 men and them up a goal and both teams hoping that Marseilles could hold their result. They came close, but there was, ultimately, no cigar…

    Finishing second means that we will draw quality, which, I think, is fine. It’s time to see what we’re actually made of rather than hoping for results elsewhere. Frankly, we’ve shown good concentration to be where we are domestically but we’ve yet to take on the really big clubs in a convincing manner. Reversing our home defeat to Dortmund showed great promise and beating Spurs and Liverpool at home showed nerve. (Those victories came with clean sheets so we have a platform at the back…) Still, however, we’ve lost (at home) to Chelsea (Cap One Cup) and Dortmund (and Aston Villa) and–in tough stadia, where we could not score–to ManU and Napoli. We’ve really proven nothing–or we’ve proven that we’re a team capable of any result at any time…City away and Chelsea home (and then more nerve tests until the New year…) *could* give us a platform for meaningful matches in the 2nd half of the season including whoever we draw in the CL…It’s all to play for, as they say…

    Regarding our players… I too am not sure about playing Flamini and Arteta together. I love Santi but I’m starting to wonder about using him and Rosicky and Ozil at the same time. None of those guys are really getting forward and how often can we expect them on the end of real chances? There’s decent interplay but we’re not able to really control possession. Flamini seems to be the one getting forward the most. Surely that can’t be “the plan”… Also, how can we go from playing our future (Wilshere and Ramsey together) to leaving them both out?… We seem to have tons of options in MF, but if none of them truly step up (and into the scoring as Ramsey has…), esp. in the tougher matches, then what have we really got?…

    At the two ends of the pitch, I cannot agree with our French friend (Macko) in deriding Giroud but I will acknowledge that he is a limited, if extremely hardworking, player. Certainly he cuts a lonely (if not hopeless…) figure as we defend and hope for a break, often with long balls aimed his way from Szscesny. Even if he gets his head to them, he’s got nobody to aim them at… How long can we live on the idea of Theo (and Poldolski and Sanogo…) if they don’t play (or only make cameos)? Reinforcements in January would seem absolutely necessary…but the talk has been in the opposite direction. At the back, Kos has been immense and Szsc and Per look fine. Gibbs and Nacho have their qualities but Jenkinson (beyond the glory of his first minutes and the assist to Bendtner vs Hull)…has looked a real weak link. We need Sagna back ASAP. Better forwards will get on the end of those fizzed crosses… Jenks also shouldn’t need help each and every time a player turns back to the middle with the ball…

    So, IMO, (thanks for reading πŸ˜€ …) there are personnel issues but first there are big games and tests of character and team spirit. If the players and the team step up we CAN pass those tests. Maybe AW was rotating and hoping for the best and we’re healthier (deeper) than the past few matches would indicate. If not… Count me as concerned…

  76. RA says:

    What a long winded and rubbishy Post, TA. πŸ™‚

    I thought the game was OK really, until they put Insigne on the wing and rather exposed the Corp.

    It was very entertaining too, especially the bit where Chezzer showed his ball juggling skills and his dexterity at bouncing the ball off an opponents head. He was going to show us a similar trick without his trousers on, but Per said he would kick his arse if he did.

    Our man Arteta showed his skill too while walking around the pitch – well he may have been running but it is hard to tell with him!

    Joking aside, that tie is now history – we got through and now there will be a delicious match up with another top team. What’s not to like? πŸ™‚

  77. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey RA…Agreed with your assessment–and glad you appreciate long-windedness… πŸ˜‰ Are you suggesting that the (current) arm-band wearer (Arteta) be dropped? AW has done it before so you’d think he could do it again…

    What was weird was that Rafa didn’t start Insigne considering they needed the three goals. Also, considering a single goal would’ve probably been plenty for us, why didn’t we start with a little more attacking or at least “stretching,” i.e., Theo Walcott, in our line-up? I’ve been expecting our big signing from last January for weeks now, but all we see are late cameos. Surgery, illness, lack of confidence? Seems to me that we’re struggling in making chances and not really controlling possession going with the various iterations of the 5 man MF AND lack threat on the counter. If Theo’s truly not fit what about giving Gnabry another shot at it? It worked for Swansea away… Maybe the real call being made ais bout trying to give Corporal Jenks a little more cover than Theo/Serge offer?

    Big test Saturday noontime and the result will corroborate (or damn) the selection…

  78. Gerry says:

    Morning all, I have just been looking at the fixture list up to the 18th January.

    It is interesting. If I were AW I would request the board order a four day break in say, Tenerife. Nice warm place to relax and get away from it all, for players, wags, and their families.

    I would book it so they fly out Sunday, straight after the Man City game. The schools are all but broken up for their Christmas holidays, so that should be no problem. It is just before the main holiday rush starts, so they may be lucky and get some decent accommodation, and if they fly back late Wednesday, they can have light training Thursday, then get down to serious business for the Chelsea match the following Monday? Everybody mentally refreshed, and hopefully physically restored?

    After that game we have a 3 day break before we play away, but that is a local derby with West Ham. Then 3 days later, when many of our rivals have a two day break, we have the long trip up to Newcastle, but may be with a different referee we can hold on to a 4-nil half time lead?. That is on a Sunday, and the following Wednesday we are at home to Cardiff, and on that same day Spurs are away at Manchester, with the late evening kick off, and it is Spurs who we play at home the following Saturday in the FA Cup :0 , with the early evening kick off. Amazingly we do not play until the week on Monday for a potentially tricky match against Villa, but back home on Saturday for a home derby game against Fulham.

    I would say that looks like a pretty good run. The trip to Newcastle on Boxing Day kind of messes up any Christmas party plans, but irrespective of the results this weekend, us v City and ‘Pool v Spurs, the latter are away to Man City as we travel to the frozen north πŸ˜€

    Book that holiday!

  79. VCC says:

    sound advice Gerry….I think we will be under the cosh tomorrow. 😦

  80. Fozzie B says:

    Morning OGAATING Oiler orafice ogglers!!
    Greetings from sunny Jamaica where the first words my bus driver said after welcome was “would you like some green?” Such hospitable folk out here! πŸ˜†
    Thanks for the widgets Vickers.
    Great article this one … A real creative masterpiece!

  81. Fozzie B says:

    *Thanks for the well wishes Vickers

    And also I have encountered a Japanese/Jamaican mosquito who I have nicknamed MarleyKaze!! He has major munchies from smoking too much erb and dive bombs me like a true kamikaze without any fear of dieing!! Haha!! πŸ˜€
    The bastardo avoided all my attempts to nail him! And now he is my holiday pet!! I quite like the bastardo now with his little red eyes and rising sun bandana!! πŸ˜†

  82. Fozzie B says:

    Speaking of blood suckers, JB the accountant where art thou? And chemical loving furry s? It’s the silly season I guess. Hey the fact I’ve made a blood sucker my holiday pet bodes well for conquering Count Pelegrini tomorrow right? πŸ˜€
    Or maybe it’s the other way round and this bastardo is showing me off to all his mates as his new furry pet all the way from NZ? πŸ˜†
    … Doh!!!! I think I’ve been owned!!! πŸ˜†

  83. VCC says:

    Hi FozzieB. Glad you arrived safely. Will you be able to catch the game live out there? And are there many Gooners in that neck of the woods.

  84. Fozzie B says:

    Hey Vickers, am trying my best to find a box tomorrow!! Will be 7:45 local time which isn’t too bad as I’ll still have time for my rum and cornflakes for brekky!! MarleyKaze is trying to hook me up as well!!
    When I say hook me up … I mean literally hook me up!!! .. .. To a drip so he can get a maximum hit from my adrenaline hitting my bloodstream!! Haha πŸ˜€
    I can’t get too mad at him though .. Its very hard to get angry at those smiling bloodshot eyes …. peaking out from under that rising sun bandana … :D.
    He’s such a cute little bugger!!! πŸ˜†
    Actually he’s a bit wobbly on his pins Vickers much like your kind self!!
    A little zimmer with rising sun tassles hanging off would suit him in his retirement!!

  85. James Bond says:

    here i am @ Fozzie B – good to see you back and hope you’re having a fab time on your holidays !

    i’m a bit gutted on our very poor display in Naples – it just goes to show my earlier belief and thought, as to us being 3 players short still, in order to being a major threat in Europe and England – ( Sczny, Arteta and a quality striker who we don’t need to “hold up” play and instead get the ball and get on with it, instead of slowing it down).

    anyhow – Sczny will be ok, as we have the likes of Per and Koc to cover up for his mistakes and shield him to an extent but I hope everyone here who has given me stick for my initial objective assessments over Sczny, now beings to see the point – every top team in Europe , has a PROVEN and world class goalie (not one with potential to be one) one who happens to be there and has proven his worth – and they also have a SQ striker …

    but that’s stating the obvious, so I will spare everyone the usual and instead concentrate on Arteta, sadly, i was being very optimistic when i said that Arteta has another 18 months in him, it seems that he may have another 6 months before he is a bit part player ? i don’t know but he is certainly a week link and plays in a position where sadly, he doesn’t have the luxury of PEr and Koc shielding him like Sczny does nor the luxury of an attack minded MF who score goals to shield Giroud.

    this is one area we need to address – PRONTO (January), as Flamini is injury prone – Enter Sami Khedira/ Gundogan/ Bender / Pogba e.t.c

    thank you very much.

  86. RA says:

    Someone said, elsewhere, that Giro has been particularly poor in the last two games, Bond Baby, but then went on to point out that the Arsenal midfield were pretty much struggling against both Everton and Napoli which meant OG was not given any support.

    It is also the case that our superb defense this season owes a lot to his terrific aerial ability at corners and free kicks, and not letting the oppo score wins as many games as scoring goals.

    Sorry, I cannot agree with you, Bondjella.

    With regards to Chezzer he has been fantastic this season and has saved us on a number of occasions. OK, he was playing silly buggers with his bouncing the ball off Higuain, but he had it all under control and just wanted to give you something to moan about. πŸ™‚

    Perhaps you need to get yourself a mosquito friend like Fozzie has, and if you had someone to play with you perhaps you would feel like a more mellow fellow. πŸ™‚

  87. Fozzie B says:

    There he comes swinging through the trees!! Looking over his shoulder at the Neopolitan Neanderthals hot on his heels!! πŸ˜€
    Couldn’t agree with you more JB on a Pogba/Khedira/Lars Bender type being a priority at least in summer!
    Shame Corp Jenks was found out against Naps, right back is key for me to regardless of weather Sagna stays or not.
    I hear Sagna is back for Sat! That’s the best bit if news all week because I think now le prof will unleash Walcott for more game time!
    I keep hoping Santi is going to turn the corner which I believe he will but just wish it happened a sooner. πŸ˜€

  88. Gerry says:

    Hi HB – Sticking to the same old theme I see?

    I have to wait until morning to see the match, so I will not debate these points at the moment.

    I did put in a preview for the match tomorrow, but Total did say he was trying to tie up his project, and that may be taking more time than he first thought.

    It is not a masterpiece, I warn you now. Just something I thought might fill in, just in case anybody else had written one.

    So if you want to chat amongst yourselves until something appears, feel free.

    As much as I like discussing transfer things, I rather not do it prior to a match which could be the complete opposite of the one you are so disappointed with. Not to mention the targets πŸ™‚

  89. Fozzie B says:

    Haha Redders!! Thank you for acknowledging my friendly yet most lethal mosquito known to man, namely MarleyKaze!! πŸ˜†
    Who would have thought in paradise such a lethal yet loveable mozzy could exist!! He is already asking me about some Cookies I have which I only have a tiny nibble before putting them away for later!!
    I said if we have a good game tomorrow I will rack up the crumbs into the fattest lines he has ever seen!! That got him all misty eyed … And clearing his snout like there’s no tomorrow!! Hahaha πŸ˜†
    (Ps you will see I used Cookies TM … That’s Cockies trademark recipe) πŸ˜†

  90. The Cockie Monster says:

    Evening Deepthroat Chugging Polers !. πŸ˜†
    Yes, have a great holiday Fozzer, lets hope the Rastas are not Jamming in you !. `Coz, apparently …..Jamaica has 5 men to every woman !. So you being a complete orange/ginger furry bear will be a sort of thinking Rastas crumpet !. A dreaded dreadlock holiday !. hahaha

    I agree JB, apart from the Szczesny bit, imo he`s as good as anything on offer !
    Cant see us getting anything tomorrow, we haven`t beat one from Manu/City/Chavs since 2011.
    Arsene loves the “Mental Strength” saying, but it`s something we lack against these teams. There seems to be a psychological barrier against these three !. No points against them, will be our downfall….well two games on the bounce to prove me wrong, lucky for Fozzie , he will be as high as a kite, surfing a deadlocked Hampton without a care in the world !. hahaha
    What`s the odds on there being “Fatigue” excuses by 2:45pm tomorrow !. Played a strong midweek team and still lost !. I told him to play Gezzers U19`s !. Use Monsters radical logic and the Title could be ours….too late….our “Fatigued” team will be slaughtered !…..were doooooomed !. Whens the next flight to Jamaica ?. hahaha

  91. James Bond says:

    sticking to the same old because some things never change @ Gerry – must show you how consistent i am and how unconvinced i remain still, regarding Sczny , Arteta and to an extent Giroud as well….looking forward to your preview and will save my thoughts for the PR .


    that’s fine, you can disagree with me, as do many folks on here but let’s be honest here, the MF we have , any decent striker can deliver the goods, a lot of people go on admiring his defensive work, well if you look around, all IF not most World class strikers do that, look at Suarez, he is a bloody nuisance, Rooney, Cavani e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c not only is their defensive work admirable but they also have the numbers that matter the most.

    Sczny – every single game, he has had a moment of madness (immaturity) or error in him, he has lost us more games than he has won us and that has not changed since the start of the season nor from the last 3 and a bit years.

    it’s not about me being mellow – it’s about me being objective and saying how it is, 2 players are a must since i know Sczny won’t be replaced after he was rewarded for his immaturity by getting a new bumper deal , thanks to the super KOC and Per Partnership- i do feel for poor Fabianski sometimes. (so the 2 players, holding MF and a SQ striker ) – sorted.

    time to make a few tough decisions for AW – does he drop gibbs for Nacho ( i would) and then Arteta hmmmm .


    ha ha πŸ™‚

    ah, RB is not a problem as such for me, we have gibbs and nacho – shift nacho on the RB position – sorted, or move Flamini at RB – sorted !

    Sagna has passed the fitness test, even though i couldn’t see him in the training photos ? so it’s good news ? (fingers crossed)

  92. James Bond says:

    you know what @ TCM

    i think we will win tomorrow.

  93. Still trying to work out whether being top is more stressful than chasing for a for a 4th trophy !. As I somehow cant help feeling we will blow it somewhere along the line !. January is going to be interesting as to whether Dafty can buy some SQ to maintain a lead at the top or to try and catch up with whoever is probably on top !. My predicted Arsenal downfall started with 2 points dropped against Everton !. On the plus side, think how ecstatic I will be tomorrow if we don’t actually lose !. hahaha

  94. If we win tomorrow, JB…….I will join you in the trees !.

  95. AFC says:

    JB, if I am honest I cannot see us getting a Suarez type small goal poacher ST. Why? Because we have Walcott and Podolski who fit that mold and Wenger seems reluctant to play either (when fit) unless Giroud is injured. I think Wenger will go for another big, strong CF. Guess who I want. This is the guy who set up the goal which led to his team winning the EPL on goal difference.

  96. AFC says:

    JB, I’d take Song back. We could get him for around 8 mill if reports are right and Barca want to let him go. Imagine Ramsey and Song in the middle of the park. Two box to box midfielders taking it in turns to attack and defend. Could be Vieira and Petit mark ll?

  97. AFC says:

    CM, I want us to win but I am a bit worried. I think it’s time we actually beat City and Chelsea. Durham is right. Arsenal are a big club and one of the big boys and we should be aiming high.

  98. James Bond says:

    our bad result and no show in naples will see us through tomorrow @ TCM – regardless of the weak links, we also have plenty of quality that cover up the leaks and cracks, this is one last game coming before a German style winter break before we play chelsea – I reckon our players will want to die on the pitch tomorrow ala Giroud style – not so sure about you joining me in the trees though, ha

    Hi AFC !

    we could have song back yes, i am not against him coming back, sure – but the trouble is, has Song actually improved in 18 months at barca or has he got worse ? we got Flamini back because he actually was learning and getting playing time , when he was not injured ? i’m not so sure about Song to be honest and he also had plenty of moments of madness in him – on the positive side, he is still young and maybe he has matured now ?

    some great news, guess what ? RVP is injured and out for a month – about bloody time i says, why couldn’t he be injured most of last season as well ? consistency is such a hard thing to replicate, he was injured at Arsenal for 7 years, he should have continued that an year ago as well – i guess, better late than never, ehhhh

  99. RA says:


    I have no problem with your opinions either as that is what makes the blog, of course, πŸ™‚

    Given the choice of a Ferrari over a Jaguar I would go for the former, where I was disagreeing with you was that in choosing one over the other you seemed to be rubbishing the other.

    If I had the choice of Suarez or Aguerro instead of Giro, I would not be honest if I denied they were both better, defence duties or not. But we should respect Giro and recognise his worth, and the difficulties he has faced with a misfiring midfield, and you have already said you were hoping for Pogba or similar. Why? Presumably because out current player(s) are not quite good enough which is exactly what I was referring to and does not help Giro.

    I understand that you have reservations about Chezzer and that’s OK, but to imply Flappy would be a better bet strains credulity. But from reading the comments over a period of time I guess you are pretty good at that as I read the other bloggers comments. πŸ™‚

    Look, before taking the plunge, see if Fozzie will let you borrow MarleyKaze, and if that goes well you can ask Marley if he has a red eyed friend for you. Failing which I am certain that Cockie would happily take you down to the cellar of Glic’s love shack — and perhaps you can release TMHT and his thirsty goats. πŸ™‚

  100. James Bond says:

    also, why is everyone getting scared about us facing a “big team” in the CL ? hold and excuse me, but WE ARE A BIG CLUB OURSELVES – other teams need to be fearing us and hoping they don’t land us in the draw on monday.

    bring on Barca, bring on RM and bring on BM – anyone else we get , will not be to our standard and billing.

    yes, i’m in a bullish mood and tomorrow the boys will prove it !

  101. Fozzie B says:

    Yes Cockie, your right about these locals being a frisky bunch!! Too much erb and all that!! Earlier on the beach today, I went for a swim with Mrs P … (To get the best pork scratchings is a refined process!! Haha)
    When I came off the beach I went for a shower and as I came back saw 2 security guards smiling as they walked past Mrs P.
    I asked her what happened, And apparently they said “it’s hot today!”
    Mrs P goes “oh yes it is hot isn’t it”
    They reply “we’re not talking bout the weather!!” Haha πŸ˜†
    Man combine those lines with that cool accent and I’ve got no chance!! …
    I’ll just have to say yes!! πŸ˜†
    PS I have my “mental strength” Dafr Wenger condoms with me for the next 2 weeks …. May I implore all gooners earth wide to unite with me in their use. It is only then that the Dialect Gooners can be restored to their boner winning ways!! Exterminate !! Exterminate!! Haha πŸ˜†

  102. RA says:

    Hi AFC,

    I may have missed it as I am not always able to read all the BK Posts and comments, but you are one of the top Post writers and hopefully you will produce another between now and Xmas so I can have a read. πŸ™‚

    Hopefully I will be back tomorrow — sorry, JB. πŸ™‚

  103. AFC says:

    RA, long time no see. I haven’t written a post recently and I doubt I will be able to until after Christmas. However if Balotelli or Song join I will put everything on hold as they are two of my favourite players.

  104. James Bond says:

    ha ha @ RA

    i’m sorry if i came across as being harsh, dismissive or brash but that is it, we can always agree to disagree on such matters relating to our beloved Arsenal πŸ™‚ you’re still one of my favourite bloggers and it’s a shame that you go AWOL for longer periods !

    coming back to the discussion, yes, it’s not G’s fault that he is a limited striker in comparison and we tried to bring in Suarez , so we could have a partnership that is better than Aguero and Negredo –

    however, my point was for those who reckon we are doomed without Giroud – that is not the case in my opinion, we could actually do better without him by changing our formation slightly – this is the luxury we can afford due to the players we have currently available.

    Re- Fabianksi – the poor lad was the one who started our fight back against BM this year and started the run before he got injured and Sczny got his place back – he was hard done and it was harsh for him not to get the starting place back IMO .

  105. RA says:

    AFC, πŸ™‚

    I will hold you to that – stranger things have happened.


  106. RA says:


    I did not think anything of the sort. You are always perfectly polite.

    It was simply the case that I chose to tease you while my friend Total Arsenal is not around to keep good order! πŸ™‚

    Really got to go.

    See you.

  107. James Bond says:

    and no, both Theo and Poldi aren’t exactly match fit or were match fit hence the reluctance to play them @ AFC

    saying that, we have become far too predictable and we need to change things up a little bit by injecting some place which means Rosicky on the bench for tomorrow and Theo starts…

    all year i have been wanting a super-sub and in Rosicky, Ox and Poldi we have 3 fab super-subs !

    ahahahahhahahahahahahahah @ FB

  108. James Bond says:

    fair enough, do try to come back for tomorrow as whenever you are around, I get that “good good good” feeling , along with Gerry wearing that lucky scarf of his, ha – see you later then

    and i don’t really see Mario . B leaving Italy anytime soon, especially in a world cup year with AC Milan through to the knock out stages of the CL @ AFC

    song, can do a job though as he’s versatile , so i don’t mind him .

  109. James Bond says:

    if this happens, then much like AFC has said – i will write my maiden post for BK – sign him up Wenger , an absolute must πŸ™‚

  110. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post πŸ™‚

    Gerry has produced a fine pre-match for tomorrow’s epic encounter. Geniet!

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