Manchester City v Arsenal: Predicted Line-Up and Preview

 ManchesterCity v Arsenal


4th v 1st

Will Koz score again?! :)

Will Koz score again?! 🙂

The Home View:

They seem to be our mirror image in some respects. Check this out;

Unsure of best GK, although it probably will not be Hart. Pantilimon has kept 3 clean sheets at home in their last three starts.

Had trouble in getting a settled back four, but their likely set up will be;

Zabaleta, Kompany, Demicheles, and Kolarov.

However, in midfield they have the return of Silva for Navas?, Fernandinho, Toure, and a choice of Nasri, who was rested, or playing Milner who had a good midweek. More defensive with Milner, more creative with Silva?

Their strike force is the best in the Premiership;

Aguero, Negredo … and have Dzeko waiting in the wings.

Of those who played midweek. The back four bar Kompany, all played, although Zabaleta from the 16th minute( for those wishing Richards on us in the TW?). In midfield and strikers, Toure was suspended, Silva played 73 mins, after returning from injury, when Negredo took over. Aguero and Nasri missed out, although the former was on the bench.

Unlike Arsene Wenger, allegedly, I do think it focuses the mind of players and fans alike to see where the opposition are strong, as well as their weaknesses. Without doubt their strength is in attack, which luckily for us, our defence, or defending, has been one of our strong points. So if we can nullify their best bits, we need an attack that punishes their weaker defence?

So I predict our line up will be as follows:

Ars v Man City

Bench; Fab, Verm, Monreal, Arteta, Rosicky, Cazorla, Podolski,

However, Gibbs could be replaced by Monreal if Silva returns, and Navas drops out. If Sagna is fit then Jenks may drop out altogether?

So if it is a battle of the midfields, how do we fare?

Flamini will have to organise it well to keep out Toure and Silva from controlling things deep, and I can see Nasri having fun against Jenkinson, as he has been in great form recently. So it will require both Wilshere and Walcott doing a fair bit of tracking back, given that Kolarov likes to get forward a lot too? Likewise on the other side, Navas will keep Gibbs busy, as Per and Kos will have their hands full with Negredo and Aguero, but his pace will be essential if he is pressing forwards, and so keeping Zabaleta back.

Let us not kid ourselves; this is going to be a tough game to win for the above reasons … The reasons to be fearful?

The reasons to be cheerful are in what we have going forwards. If they are all pumped up on some of HT’s expresso, because a fast start is essential. We can worry about fatigue late on, and it tends to be less if you are winning? The good thing here is, we know we are up against a strong side, particularly at their home ground, so they should be keyed up for it. And with Rosicky, Cazorla and Podolski we will have a strong bench to provide fresh legs when it starts getting tough.

Quick movement and pace with Walcott from the start will be key. I would love to see Rosicky in there too, but I think we may have to save him for the last 30 minutes, and a start against Chelsea.

Ozil is going to have to dance around Fernandinho while Wilshere can drag Toure all across the pitch, but importantly, keep him pressed back. But where we should do well is with Giro getting one on one with Demichelis, while Ramsey can get Kompany making late tackles. I think we must be due a game where we play against 10 men? All of this sub play should see Walcott being able to cut inside and leave Kolarov cursing.

I do not see much point of us going there thinking our defence is strong enough to cope with their attack for long periods. Whatever happens, we will be ToTL, so let us go for it without fear. This game is only half time remember. We should recover any dropped points on our patch, so the important thing is to try and impose our game on them. They cannot do much without the ball, so make them work hard to get it. We can afford to put all our effort into this game because we have a tidy 9 day break before we play the Chavs, so get out there with all gun(ner)s blazing.

We are The Arsenal!

 Written by: Gerry.

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525 Responses to Manchester City v Arsenal: Predicted Line-Up and Preview

  1. James Bond says:

    nice one Gerry.

    i would personally like Nacho to start – bearing in mind, Nacho is a big match player and exactly what we need for tomorrow and against a bigger opposition away from home.

    also, i think that Theo might be on the bench with either Rosicky or Santi starting.

    much like you, i also think we are not going there to do a Naples – attack is the best form of defense.

    bring it on,

    0-1 Arsenal.

    PS: i’m hearing Sagna has traveled ? great news , if true.

  2. Gerry says:

    I got my broadband back just time. Thank you for the build up Totes, I told them it it was rubbish 😆

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry 🙂

    Fantastic pre-match: to the point and you caught the essence. The battles between the ‘departments’ of defence, midfield and attack promise to be epic tomorrow and so is the battle of the shapes of the teams. I reckon we need to avoid doing what we did against the Mancs and sit too deep, leaving Ozil and Giroud too isolated. At the same time, we need to play compact with lots of pressing and it might be a frentic, nervy start to the game tomorrow.

    Fully agreed with line up, although it might be Cazorla for Theo. It would be good to see Theo start tomorrow and give the Oilers something to think about, and I am pretty sure he will. This is a big game for Ozil and Giroud but also for Ramsey and Wilshere. The Mancs have to win really and will be edgy whilst we can play with inner calm and out high levels of energy.

    I reckon we will win. 🙂

  4. Thanks Gezzer, a bit more depth than the previous lazy Bastardos predicted line-up ! hahaha ……not sure about their strike force being the best in the Prem` . Rooney and Rancid Vile Prick are better and maybe Suarez and Sturridge imo !.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening BondJam 🙂

    Just wanted to say I thought Szczesny was crap on Wednesday. He really annoyed me with his display and he was in no man’s land for the second Napoli goal. Let’s hope he will be focussed for 96 minutes tomorrow.

  6. Gerry says:

    Yes, I have seen he passed his fitness test, but whether he starts is another matter. I wrote this yesterday when it looked more hopeful of Theo starting.

    I would agree about Nacho if Navas is on the bench. As AW is unlikely to know that , it makes sense to start with Gibb?

    I think AW will hope to use Santi to replace Ozil late on, as he is also better in the ‘free’ around the middle.

    Sagna wasn’t in the still photos,byt he was definitely running around with them in the movie version.Mind, so was Eisfeld and Gnabry?

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Oi! Flaminihampton 🙂

  8. James Bond says:

    Aguero and Negredo are by far the best in the PL @ TCM , in my opinion

    the level of understanding they have is 2nd to none, it’s almost telepathic to a point, where you feel they have been playing together for years and years – it’s remarkable considering they have only played together for a few months – let’s hope it all goes missing tomorrow.

    Rooney and Shrek = i want to be the main man and i am the true king of old trafford , hoopla

    suarez and sturridge = keep passing me suarez and let me score goals you greedy and selfish bashtard, my name is sturridge and i want the ball to my feet because i am a selfish selfish player

  9. Gerry says:

    TCM – Sorry, about the strike force, they have scored more goals – especially at home.

  10. James Bond says:

    Good evening, skipper

    i’m glad that you agree with me, honestly , he is like that a lot , it’s only when we lose such things get highlighted but when we win and the opposition fail to punish us, his mistakes are well shielded…Napoli could have scored the first goal much much sooner, he did the same as the 2nd goal, being in no man’s land , only for the opponent to see his shot go over the bar

    terrible decision making and he had an absolute shocker, let’s hope he makes up for it tomorrow though, as i have already accepted him being our number.1 for the rest of the season.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Yep JB, he is not there yet. I wonder whether he has some sort of OCD, as he performs worst when he has nothing to do…and then tries to ‘entertain himself’ to fight off his boredom…?

  12. James Bond says:

    even , If Navas starts then who better than Nacho to keep him quiet @ Gerry ?

    re- Eisfield and Gnabry, we do play the spuds in 3 weeks or so, hence it’s good for the young lads to be training with the 1st team as much as possible and as early as possible.

  13. Gerry says:

    I watched the Lique 1 review earlier, and I saw the ideal training session for Jenks.

    One player plays the ball to the other, the receiver, e.g. Jenks stand behind a pole in the ground – No not Chezzer – and he has to return with the right foot on the right side of the pole, left foot on the other. The other guy just keeps putting it back alternately. Should be mandatory!

  14. Gerry says:

    JB – Players with a lot less pace than Navas have made Nacho look silly?

  15. Gerry says:

    Re E & G, I have been saying that for weeks, but they need some play time when they are on the bench?

  16. James Bond says:

    OMG – Skipper, is that really you ?

    we are so on the same page and wave length right now , re-Sczny, it took you sometime getting where i am though but better late than never.

    he’s still not mature enough, i have watched goalies younger than him , who put in a more assured and mature performance, he has played over a 100 games for Arsenal already, it is quite bluntly put – NOT GOOD ENOUGH

    he needs to do plenty better and on a more consistent basis, boredom or no boredom, he certainly has a talent for giving some gooners with a weak heart – heart failure.

    mind you, that episode off Higuain, it wasn’t the first time it has happened , yet he still refuses to learn

    anyhow, before RA , Gerry, 17HT and the rest come out gunning for my head over not backing our own player and giving him the stick, i’ll just finish this off by saying, i hope he doesn’t cost us important matches as I keep fearing.

    he cost us the CL last 16 against BM and he nearly cost us the CL knockout stages on wednesday.

  17. Gerry says:

    The mirror are saying Sagna is about to sign a new two year deal – You see, Jenks does have his uses after all 😆

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    JB 🙂

    I am happy with him as our goallie but agree he is not there yet, and he really annoyed me on Wednesday. Koz and BFG working their socks off for the draw and Wojciech acting like he has a Jamaican mozzy in his underpants…. 🙂

  19. If Navas plays, then Nacho will look like Fat Frank running in slo-mo !.
    I`ve been on a spud site under a pseudonym of “In Our Shadow” just for a laugh !. Anyone else want to comment ?. hahaha

  20. Gerry says:

    I love the the way you put you case against Chezzer. You say Per and Kos cover up his mistakes?

    Logic tell me every save he makes, he is covering up for the defenders?

  21. AFC says:

    Gerry, great pre-view and fantastic news about Sagna. 🙂

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    That would be great news Gerry. I love Sagna. Purely on a platonic basis, unlike the man without taboo from Lake Tahoe hahahaha 🙂

  23. James Bond says:

    not, players with more strength and physical presence make Nacho look silly, not the ones with pace as Nacho’s positioning is brilliant to counter that – this is what Per and Nacho have in common, great positional presence and sense

    in Nacho’s case, he also happens to be brilliant, going forward and bombing forward – the best crosser and passer from the flanks in my opinion into the box as well.

    Eisfield was injured and we are blessed in that position for now, although, there may have been a case to Rotate Santi with Eisfield, had he not been injured ?

    Gnabry, he is being looked after well and being developed , same like the OX.

  24. Gerry says:

    Thanks AFC – I wasn’t at my best, and previews do take time to get the feel of them?

  25. AFC says:

    CM, forget Spurs we got bigger things to worry about.

    Gerry, if City play with ‘2’ up front our tight midfield ‘5’ could outnumber their midfield. If we can take Yaya out the game we win the midfield battle? I just cannot see Theo starting. I want him to but I can see him on the bench again. If he is on the bench I’ll want Wenger to explain why he hasn’t been playing. Surely a recovery from an injury like Theo’s can’t take long? If he isn’t match fit then Gnabry should be on the bench.

    I going with 1 nil to Arsenal.

  26. James Bond says:

    he best sign da ting with Per, Pronto @ Gerry – brilliant news

    ahahahahhahahahahha @ Jamaican Mozzy

  27. Gerry says:

    Are you suggesting Nacho should position himself on the byline then .. ha ha

  28. AFC says:

    On the Gibbs and Monreal debate, I think Monreal is the better defender and is more experienced which is why I would play him in all our CL matches. Gibbs might be better for EPL matches as he is quicker and has more EPL experience which can be unique to Monreal more continental reserved experience.

  29. Gerry says:

    AFC – I think Theo had that flu bug when he came on as sub last time? I cannot think he can be that short of fitness as he has been back in training for at least 3 weeks now. Perhaps AW is trying to spring him as a ‘surprise’?

  30. James Bond says:

    city will play with 2 up front, that’s how Pellegrini plays – 4-4-2

    he nearly out classed and out foxed , Dortmund in last season’s CL – he is the 2nd best manager in the EPL (due to my hate for Jose and bias) of course.

    @ AFC

    so rest assured, even if Negredo and Dzeko are injured (unlikely) he will put Jovetic up there with Ageuro, that’s his preferred style

  31. AFC says:

    * can be unique to compared to Monreal’s more continental reserved style.

  32. James Bond says:

    no, I suggest us keeping possession and the ball retention going , we do that much much better with both Santi and Nacho at LW and LB – that’s one way of taking out Navas out of the equation altogether, starve him and make him come to you, run him rigid

    Theo, i think it may have to do with “personal issues” instead of his own health , like the flu bug ? maybe his Missus wasn’t well and so on, hence he was given a few extra days off, i don’t know but can’t think of another reason really , what ever the case might be, he is raring to go by the sounds of it !

    @ Gerry

  33. AFC says:

    Gerry, I hope so. 🙂

    JB, sometimes I wish Wenger would surprise teams and play two up front. Imagine Bendtner and Giroud up front, Theo and Gnabry on the wings and us playing long ball.

  34. Gerry says:

    Jovetic has only just returned to training, but might make the bench.

    I think if we can cut the supply of balls coming in from wide we will be winning half the battle?

  35. James Bond says:


    that’s the thing though, Nacho is really under-rated going forward and offensively as well, people assume that Gibbs is better than him ? based on what i ask ? does he provide more assists, goal scoring opportunities, killer passes , crosses or what ?

    it’s all peoples perception and impression based on gibbs’s pace, Nacho , if not better than gibb’s offensively than is certainly not worse either .

    he offers us more control and brings that calm effect to the team.

    he’s unfairly being benched when it should be the other way around.

  36. Fozzie B says:

    Nice post Gerry and I really hope Sag plays as Corp Jenks frankly needs a Pole up his backside as you have suggested!! No disrespect to the kid because he is a trier and has a great attitude but we need our best back four tomorrow and for me that means Gibbs also gets a breather and Moneal comes in.
    I think it will be Flamshere in the pivot with Rambo back out right and Santi puffin left.
    I would prefer Walcott to start for an x factory but maybe he will be better off the bench. I don’t want Zorro to start because I think he’s off his chops but I as he’s captain maybe he will? Such a shame Poldis not ready! 😀

  37. James Bond says:

    if we had signed Suarez, then you may well have seen Wenger revert to a 4-4-2 , but sadly, we don’t have the right players for it just yet, Theo / Poldi can do well but not ideal for a 4-4-2 .

    Jovetic, might be made to sit out of training and with the injury excuse, as one of my mates who is a man city supporter told me that he was fit for longer periods of the season and yet couldn’t make the bench , this was after he had been training regularly ? i don’t know or couldn’t care less as he isn’t out player but yeah, their right side might be a problem as well if Pablo.Z is having less to defend, hence it’s important for us to keep possession on that side and occupy that side a bit more.

  38. Gerry says:

    JB – if the game is hanging on one goal I can see Monreal coming on to shore things up. I am not sure about Santi’s passing game at the moment, which is why I cannot see him starting.

    Walcott should be full of himself now he is going to be a ‘Daddy’ – I can see the ‘cradle rock’ celebration next time he scores, could be tomorrow?

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    We want this Theo back in the team (even RA will agree 🙂 )

  40. Gerry says:

    Which reminds me – Tomorrow is nearly here, so I shall be sliding away shortly?

  41. AFC says:

    Gerry, I hope so. 🙂

    JB, sometimes I wish Wenger would surprise teams and play two up front. Imagine Bendtner and Giroud up front, Theo and Gnabry on the wings and us playing long ball.

    JB, I can see where you are coming from about Gibbs. Baines offers free kicks, corners, assists…

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Bonne Nuit Gerry and thanks again for getting us all fired up with a fine pre-match. 🙂

  43. Gerry says:

    Yep That Theo should definitely start!

  44. Gerry says:

    Night all. Thanks TA – See you all bright eyed to tomorrow then.

  45. Fozzie B says:

    Nice article for those Gooner spouses out there

    Plus fantastic cat of the week not to be missed!!haha 😆

  46. Fozzie B says:

    Greedy Badger out for a month! 😀

    Moyes doing some soul searching below!


  47. Fozzie B says:

    Interesting stat on Chezzer …
    Arsenal’s Wojciech Szczesny has made the most saves per goal conceded (SpC) with 4.36. Maybe our defense is being made to look better than it is by Chezzer!!??
    Stats seem to prove it eh?

  48. Malaysian gunner says:

    I believe win/lose/draw,Wenger needs to buy a striker. If not the chance to win the epl could slip away.If I remember correctly,he bought Petit to play with /beside PV. The rest is history.
    Similarly like wise a new striker could be the catalyst.
    Everyone is assuming the match will be decided by the players. The ref is equally important if not more important.There have been a number of blunders by these guys. It won’t surprise me if a gunner were to be hauled down in the box and no spot kick is given.At the same time a Blue who goes down in Arsenal’s box and the ref points to the spot without hesitation.

  49. Fozzie B says:

    Haha Cockie!! I just powerblasted my phone with my rum punch and Markeykaze powergobbed half his blood bank when I read your trolling on that link! Was quite a few gooners mashing the spuds for Xmas dinner!!
    Had to laugh to at one of the spuds reply though as well!!
    For the benefit of the BK Brethren again … Cockie is “in our shadow”
    #23 spurs guvnor 2013-12-13 23:34
    Quoting In Our Shadow:
    True jordangooner……..there is also the hazard of “Ugly Bastard Syndrome ! “….an infectious disease that has transmitted from N17 swampthings to their players !…….Sandro, Jermain Deformed, Walker Dead !….I think you get my gist !. hahaha

    Lol. Meetesacker is one handsome bastard, the way he looks like Shaggy makes me want to bum bum, tgen tgere is Giroud and his gorgeous concord nose, Cazorla tall dark n handsome, Rosicsky and his stunningly big forehead and gorgeous hair, Ozil with the most stunning bog frog eyes ever the list is endless. I think their gorgeous but sone might thibk its the result of incest which to be fair Wenger is a big heliever in.

  50. Fozzie B says:

    Spud was on the ink when he wrote with that spelling!! Nearly Poitín!! (Irish moonshine made from potatoes and can cause blindness … Pronounced po-cheen)
    Quite a nice drop actually!! Haha 😆

  51. Gerry says:

    Fozzie B – I do wish you had hit the rum earlier, while JB was still around. That link @23.54 was priceless. Thank you thank you thank you. Enjoy your hols.

    So much for Szczesney ‘ cost us more game than he has saved us’.? It is stupid, over the top generalisations that may sound good because very few can get to check the facts, but when they are revealed, you actually look quite ridiculous @JB

    Shame on you for giving him any encouragement TA

  52. Malaysian gunner says:

    The time for talking is over. Beat MC and open the nine point gap.
    Easier said than done. It’s not mission impossible.

  53. Gerry says:

    Despite all the chatter yesterday, it looks like Hart will be missing, as I thought.

    Walcott is also reported as ‘back to full fitness’ – I never thought making babies too so much out of you 😆

    If we are going on an attack blitz, then I can only see Arteta coming off the bench. We need that speed out of defense, so fingers crossed for Sagna late fitness test, as he provides another out ball, as HT reflected on the Napoli match – early kick off means I will delay my viewing until tomorrow, when I can do a compare and contrast.

    It is quite clear that City are taking our title challenge seriously the way they are talking. I am just hoping that their players, beneath it all, are so quietly confident that they will win that they don’t push too hard, thinking the result will just come to them. It may be too late by then?

    Malaysian Gunner mentioned the ref’s influence? Well I checked on ‘Untold’, and whilst Martin Akinson has got most of his major decisions right in the three matches he has been in charge, the minor judgment calls have gone against us. I also think he does not respond too well to being crowded by protesting players, so a delicate line will have to be taken with the niggly stuff?

    Another thing, we have a few players who will soon be on the dreaded 4 yellows mark, so we do not want a one game ban popping up anytime soon.

  54. Gerry says:

    I offer this link to those that question the value of Giroud:

    Try and keep the mouse cursor off the screen though, the top advert can be very intrusive.

    The definition of a striker is quite revealing too. However, it will be interesting if we do lure anybody to join in January whether they will actually fit that description?

  55. Gerry says:

    Right that is my morning shift done with. Got shopping and dogs to walk if I am to get back to review the racing before kick off.

    Back later …

  56. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Gerry 🙂

    Shame on you for wanting only one view, I say!

    I saw Szczesny having an attitude and focus problem against Napoli and it had to be said. No?

  57. Gerry says:

    TA – I only knocked for giving JB comfort. I may yet join in the criticism of Szcz when I get to see the match, In the meantime I have to rely on others.
    Here is a link that may be of help:

    He seems to think the problem you saw was in the whole team?

    If I had been writing his article you would have had the two thousand words 😀

    I’ll be back before kick off

  58. James Bond says:

    ah, hold your horses

    I am not one who follows only stats blindly , the link FB has put up, may or may not include the routine saves he’s made, as from memory, there have games where hardly there have been 4 shots on target let alone 4 saves he’s had to make – i’m also assuming that the 4 saves per game ratio also include routine saves, aimed straight at him or corner pick ups ?

    either way, let us not get our knickers in a twist since stats can at times be awfully misleading, I’m sure, we can find stats that tell us that NB is a world class striker since he has scored so many goals for Denmark or how Arteta is vital for this Arsenal team, even though he has been the weak link e.t.c. e.t.c

    yes, i will look plenty ridiculous, if i looked out of my window and saw heavy drizzle and then reported that it’s nice and sunny outside – no sir, I write it as i see it.

    what most of you may not have noticed was that, Sczny yet again almost made our CL possible from an impossible situation, not only was he in no man’s land for the 2nd goal, he did that almost twice in the first half, first one being when he was lobbed easily and the 2nd time, he wanted to come out but PER showed him his hand and weaved him to tell him to stay in goal (almost as if to tell him, wtf are you doing, stay there, I got this covered) – but anyhow I think the problem stems from the fact that Gerry hardly watches most matches in real time as he is on the radio and then waits for the matches after the storm has settled so to speak, so he looks for the positives and isn’t as riled up about some of the short comings or performances –

    also, i don’t think Gerry quite fathoms my point of criticism of Sczny – he is not a world class goalie or one that instills confidence in the team or in goal for me, as he mostly has a moment of madness, or blunder in him …a big club like us , needs a goal keeper who brings calm and presence , one we can rely on – sadly, he’s not there yet and refuses to learn from his mistakes – i bet the stats website don’t show how he threw the ball and it hit one of the liverpool or southampton players before getting a rebound ala what he did on wednesday again with Higuain

    these are not little things, these are things that your back 5 and team look at for confidence.

    he is a shaky goalie and has been from a very long time – sure he has a good game 1 in 6 and now it might be down to 1 in 4, but that is not good enough.

    there is nothing wrong with TA or anyone else joining me because fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with being “objective” and saying it how we see it

    I hope we sign Casillas in January, get rid of Fabianski because Casillas will certainly help improve Scnzy and make him world class in 12 to 18 month – if the rumour is to be believed then Casillas is very willing to join his pals in London.

    anyhow time for the game, here we go


    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Wilshere, Ozil, Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey

    Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Arteta, Rosicky, Cazorla, Gnabry, Bendtner

  59. James Bond says:

    great decision to play Nacho ahead of Gibbs or is Gibbs injured or sick , since he’s not on the bench ? hmmmmmmm

    that’s a very attack minded bench we have , i likes !

    this is possibly the strongest starting 11 we have currently on form – you could argue about the Wilshere/Santi/Poldi one though but i think Wilshere will have a good game today !

  60. Gerry says:

    Team news is – No Navas, Monreal starts

  61. James Bond says:

    by the way, our bench is stronger than City’s


  62. Fozzie B says:

    Morning Oily Oraface Organisers!! 😀
    Any link for the Fozzie B pretty please? 😀

  63. Fozzie B says:

    Thanks JB!! Hope you have your lucky loin cloth on!!

  64. alexgunners says:

    Good evening guys.

    Ready for a tough one? This game i believe will really show where we stand

  65. James Bond says:

    hopefully, that’s you sorted !

  66. James Bond says:

    Good afternoon, Alex

    how you doing ?

    yep, bring it on i says !!!


  67. James Bond says:

    come on Fozzie, let’s do this and show these oiler’s how it’s done ehhh ?

    predictions lads ?

    i have gone for a 0-1

    all the experts on BT predicting a 3-1 to man city LOL

    where is 17HT, the espresso calling yet, no ?

  68. alexgunners says:

    Hi JB,
    All is well this end, just very busy juggling a new home life and end of year rush with work.

    How about you?

  69. Dylan says:

    Yes! This is the line up I wanted, except Gibbs instead of Nacho. But I’m ok with that change. And finally my Gnabry is on the bench! 🙂

  70. James Bond says:

    ah, kill me – Michael Owen is the commentator , should I just must it then ? i’m tempted…

  71. James Bond says:

    so far so good @ Alex, been travelling a bit lately, just like the Arsenal so naturally a bit of fatigue creeping in 😉

    so here we go, come on you gooooooooooooooners !!!

  72. alexgunners says:


  73. James Bond says:

    not a good start, free kick to city near the box….

  74. Dylan says:

    Should be a goal kick!

  75. James Bond says:

    this is going to be a 12 vs 11

    should have been a goal kick but corner given..

    all city so far.

  76. Dylan says:

    This lineup will win us this game is we focus.

  77. ‘Morning boys…Crazy early here but my wife is up for the match so a second coffee had to be pulled…pinned back in our own half to start, it appears…

  78. alexgunners says:

    good vision by Ramsey pity the pass wasn’t perfect

  79. Dylan says:

    Theo vs Demichiles will always go to Theo in a foot race. Play that through all all day Rambo.

  80. James Bond says:

    that pass from NACHO to GIROUD – beautiful, just what i keep repeating, he is the best passer /crosser from LB we have and possibly the best in the EPL , Giroud should have done better there

  81. James Bond says:

    dang it

    1-0 Man city, Aguero

  82. alexgunners says:

    F@#$ing poor defending

  83. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oops…Looked like Kos lost el Kun…

  84. James Bond says:

    never mind, plenty of time left to come from behind and win this – that’s the only thing we haven’t done this season, win when we are 1-0 down.

  85. Dylan says:

    Almost seems like Walcott is playing Striker alongside Giroud.

  86. I’d take a draw, James…Lots of sloppy passing (Jack, esp.) Sagna almost hit Theo with the cross but that’s only gonna work a time or two all season…Got to get Ozil involved (and keep them from scoring a 2nd)…

  87. Dylan says:

    Should be a yellow for Negredo.

  88. alexgunners says:


  89. 17highburyterrace says:

    I like that Lemonpants didn’t catch the FK straight at him…a cheap goal to level things might be just what the doctor ordered…

    WE’LL TAKE IT!!!!

  90. James Bond says:

    get in



  91. Dylan says:

    Beautiful finish.

  92. James Bond says:

    we will win @ 17HT – keep believing, we can do this !!!

  93. 17highburyterrace says:

    Deflected, I think, Dylan…Theo hit it right down the center but DiMichelis headed just enough to flatfoot Lemonpants…

    City however playing the much better football overall… Negredo spurning several chances…

  94. James Bond says:

    poor from nacho and poor defending, negredo should have scored there.


  95. alexgunners says:

    We are not settled at the back

  96. Dylan says:

    No deflection 17HT. Oh come on he’s surely not offside!

  97. James Bond says:

    poor poor defending

    2-1 – negredo

  98. alexgunners says:

    WTF is going on.the left hand side is absolute shit

  99. Dylan says:

    If Nacho was offside on our last drive, Zabeleta is off here.

  100. 17highburyterrace says:

    All screwed up defending on the left…And Kos looks hurt…

  101. Dylan says:

    Wonderful, now Kos is hurt.

  102. Dylan says:

    For gods sake could much more go wrong?

  103. James Bond says:

    koc injured, looks bad –

    from bad to worse

  104. 17highburyterrace says:

    Kos done for the year, I fear… Captain Verm to get his chance…

  105. alexgunners says:

    Not looking good for Kos at all

  106. Dylan says:

    Verminator will return today. I feel a goal from a free kick for him and a header in the 90th minute to win the game! 😉

  107. 17highburyterrace says:

    The way he stood up and then knew his knee was gone is worrisome…
    Theo loses it on the break…

  108. 17highburyterrace says:

    Header from the corner awfully close…Nacho nowhere close as the first guy (again)…I like him in attack but looking limited as a defensive athlete…Another bad offside call against us…

  109. alexgunners says:

    Does this linesman understand the offside rule. What a wanker

  110. James Bond says:

    like i said before this ones going to be a 12 vs 11

    2 poor poor off side decisions given – WRONGLY

  111. Dylan says:

    Reports saying Kos has a cut on the knee. That’s survivable.

  112. alexgunners says:

    why do we continually allow them to walk into our box??

  113. James Bond says:

    half time can’t come soon enough.

    we can still win this one, in the 2nd half.

  114. 17highburyterrace says:

    Very disjointed at set-pieces and between the lines defensively and Kos being hurt has both short and longterm implications… Most certainly it doesn’t help having perfectly fine attacks stopped with bad flags… Still, only a goal down…

  115. alexgunners says:

    JB, Agreed, as long as we have some composure at the back. Theres no point in scoring 1 more if we look like we are going to concede 2

  116. James Bond says:

    Nacho has been well below par today, looks a bit rattled ? but he has provided a few delicious balls going forward

    where is Giroud ? where are Ramsey and Wilshere ?

    we are missing Rosicky so so much, the way he presses and attacks, that is something that wilshere is unable to do ….

    maybe bring him on on the 65th minute mark for Wilshere ? will be a good sub that.

    we are a bit tentative but there are plenty of more goals in this game, i can assure you of that – for what team ? remains to be seen.

  117. James Bond says:

    BBC Radio 5 live
    Manchester City 2-1 Arsenal
    BBC Radio 5 live Sport reports that the Arsenal media team say Laurent Koscielny has suffered a “laceration”, a deep cut, rather than a more serious knee injury.

  118. James Bond says:

    it will be an open game @ Alex – we knew that from the beginning

    and what we also know is that Arsenal are a 2nd half team, or have been mostly – hence , i am not too fussed at the moment – it will be a bitch twitchy if we keep losing until the 81st minute though !

    i expect the lads to score a few , when was the last time we scored from a set piece ourselves ?;)

  119. alexgunners says:

    I know its an open game but today we seem a little rattled. Doesn’t seem to be the same Arsenal team we have become used to. We somehow need to show more steel in these big games.

    I believe that we need to come out fighting rather than letting them dictate terms. I do not accept our defender letting players walk the ball into our box without challenging them

  120. James Bond says:

    yeah @ Dylan

    doesn’t look as bad as feared 🙂

  121. James Bond says:

    agreed @ Alex

    hence my scream for Rosicky , it’s better Arteta isn’t playing or else it may have been worse, since we are giving sloppy passes away, their 2nd goal was all down to a simple clearance or pass gone wrong by Ramsey i think ? they get a throw in and punish us when it should be us, pressing them in their own half and mounting a counter attack

    JW is an enigma this season, i don’t know how he can be so inconsistent ? saying that, he will come out and score in the 2nd half 😀

  122. 17highburyterrace says:

    More coffee (!) and I’m back…

    That’s good news about Kos’ knee…

    What I don’t get is why we don’t have Santi in there…He’s the guy who can help Nacho out on the left AND find Theo with cross-field passes too… With Arteta sat, it appears Ramsey’s been instructed to sit deeper. Flams is getting more forward than AR is though he did start the break that led to our goal…

    Anyhow, I hope we can figure it out at the break…Dylan, disagree about the deflection for our goal but I agree that it would be sweet if Verm could help out at our scoring end…

  123. 17highburyterrace says:

    2nd half on…El Kun hurt? Looked like Rambo was pressing higher up after the kick off…

  124. James Bond says:

    calf injury to Aguero – get in !

  125. Dylan says:

    This ref understands nothing about fouls.

  126. alexgunners says:

    Once again WTF are we doing??????????

  127. 17highburyterrace says:


  128. Dylan says:

    What on earth is this nightmare.

  129. James Bond says:


    3-1 ? are you kidding me….

  130. 17highburyterrace says:

    Flams slipped? It looked like a fine pass from Ozil…

  131. 17highburyterrace says:

    Uh…looked like Ollie might’ve done (a lot) better there…

  132. James Bond says:

    poor poor poor defending

    but what was sczy doing so far off his line ? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  133. alexgunners says:

    3 goals to them, 3 mistakes by us

    Its just not good enough

  134. Dylan says:

    It’s not Szcz’s fault JB. It’s all on Flamini.

  135. James Bond says:

    Giroud should have scored there…hmmmmmm

  136. Dylan says:

    Giroud. Off. Now.

  137. James Bond says:

    Giroud…Giroud Giroud…i give up.

  138. 17highburyterrace says:

    C’mon Ollie, WTF…Theo looked good at the far post….

    Agreed Dylan…The finish by Fernandinho was quality…

  139. alexgunners says:

    Giroud should have scored there

  140. Dylan says:

    He’s horrendous today! I want him off now!

  141. 17highburyterrace says:

    Not far off, but still off…(for OG…)
    At least we’re making chances….

  142. James Bond says:

    yes, AW , that is why we need to buy a STRIKER in january.

    he could have scored 3 goals in the last 3 minutes, Giroud – how many he scores ? your guess is as good as mine.

  143. Dylan says:

    Theo to striker, Gnabry on the wing. Simple changes, do it early Wenger.

  144. alexgunners says:

    Dylan good call, subs now to change the game a bit

  145. James Bond says:

    we need a goal by the 70th minute and then one at the 80th and the last one in the 88th

    that was a penalty not given .

  146. alexgunners says:

    handball you yellow maggot

  147. 17highburyterrace says:

    Theo a little over pumped on the FK…
    Bit of a handball on Zabaleta… City look iffy trying to defend…

  148. Dylan says:

    Here’s the shift of momentum boys. Keep this up!

  149. James Bond says:

    yes, it was Flamini’s fault, for 2 goals but what is Sczny doing to save his team, i ask ?

    he could have done better for the 3rd one, i reckon.

  150. 17highburyterrace says:

    So, Jesus of Navas is in for El Kun…

    At this point we need to press for a goal as 4-1 is the same as 3-1…

  151. Dylan says:

    World classssssss!!!!!!!

  152. alexgunners says:


  153. 17highburyterrace says:

    THEO!!! Nice finish…

  154. James Bond says:

    get fcuking in



  155. alexgunners says:

    Get fucked that little bitch Na$ri was never getting to that

  156. Dylan says:

    Diving $amir.

  157. Dylan says:


  158. alexgunners says:

    fuck me

  159. 17highburyterrace says:

    Well that should do it….Fuck 4-2

  160. Dylan says:

    Santi on for Jack, Gnabry on for Giroud. Do it now!!!!!

  161. James Bond says:

    fk me


    this goal was down to the ref, that was never a foul and free kick for man city, in a million years

    fk fk fk fk

  162. alexgunners says:

    really bad offside decisions

  163. 17highburyterrace says:

    Another bad flag!! Nice right footed finish from Ollie after the whistle

  164. James Bond says:

    again off side when it was tight – and giroud shoots in the back of the net but doesn’t count

    fking cunts these ref’s

  165. 17highburyterrace says:

    Not bad from Jack…Both teams too open defensively…

  166. Dylan says:


  167. Dylan says:


  168. James Bond says:

    right, we need 2 or 3 goals, 20 minutes to go

    we need both Rosicky and Santi/Gnabry


    take off Flamini, by all means and let Ramsey and wilshere sort out the midfield,

  169. 17highburyterrace says:

    Gnabry coming on? Still think that Santi’s long passes could help here…

  170. James Bond says:

    brilliant, well done for listening to me @ AW 😉

    we can still win this !!!

  171. Dylan says:

    Rosicky is useless. We need Santi. Keep Rosicky on the bench.

  172. 17highburyterrace says:

    Lucky to avoid the 5th…great work from Jesus to keep it in, couldn’t finish around Sir Chez…

  173. James Bond says:

    the fcuking cunts aka refs

    nacho was clearly fouled there, get fkin out of here , this is dirty

  174. 17highburyterrace says:

    Useless seems a little harsh, Dylan…

    Final sub will be Nicky B…

  175. Dylan says:

    Ah I’m just mad 17HT. He’s not useless but he has been horrible the last few times he played. Come on Nicky B!

  176. James Bond says:

    bitch twitchy time, we need a goal in the next 3 minutes.

  177. 17highburyterrace says:

    No problem, Dylan…

    Yaya looking like the guy who still wants it… We’re looking pretty tired here… Both teams still pushing, however…(and unable to defend…)

  178. Dylan says:

    What is this ref???

  179. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sorry Bond, but I think we’re past bitch twitch time…Squad’s too thin…too many mistakes…City defense certainly doesn’t look the part, longer term and Kos not crippled = the good news…

  180. Dylan says:


  181. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nasri sux… We’re lucky to avoid a 5th through our old guy…

    Oops…There it is…. 5-2

  182. Dylan says:

    Come on! He’s on!

  183. 17highburyterrace says:

    Offsides on Bendy goal…Another bad flag (or at least very close)…

  184. alexgunners says:

    fuck me, JW has had an absolutely shit game. No heart and too many complaints.

    We have been made to look 2nd rate to a Man$hitty team which is not that great. We have felt the pressure from the start and we just can’t deal with it. Time to re-group and stop the complacency. Get on with it and lets win some f#$@ing games

  185. macko says:

    hello, we giroud and you Wilshere is not winning the world cup lol

  186. James Bond says:

    Laurent Koscielny is back on the Arsenal substitutes’ bench to ease fears that he may have suffered a serious injury. Remember, the central defender was carried off the pitch on a stretcher in the first half.

  187. Dylan says:

    Gnabry needs to play more games.

  188. 17highburyterrace says:

    The scoreline is ugly but I don’t feel all *that* discouraged…(to be continued)…

    MERT!!! 5-3

  189. 17highburyterrace says:

    UH OH…Pen…

    Serge with the bad giveaway…

  190. Dylan says:

    Woo. Per. If we had that stupid penalty, a right call on Bendtners goal, it would be 5-5! Ref costs us another game. Not a penalty! He’s going down a step before he reaches Szcz!

  191. 17highburyterrace says:


  192. AFC says:

    This is a joke, same old same old. Now I can see why people won’t take us seriously.

  193. Dylan says:

    No one to blame but the ref.

  194. James Bond says:

    is Sczny the worst goal keeper in the EPL earning the highest wages every week ? YES, without a doubt.

    we were owned today not by man city by the fucking ref’s and poor poor defending + goal keeping.

    everything that had to go against us, DID.

    if i was AW right now, i would take the whole squad to dubai for a couple of days, just to relax mentally.

  195. Xavier says:

    I’m actually speechless. I don’t even feel too bad. I’m just here wondering how they outplayed our midfield.

  196. alexgunners says:

    Piss poor effort and work rate today.
    I don’t want to sound too f#$@ing negative but we have some work to get the motivation and team working as one again

  197. Xavier says:

    Yeah. I kinda agree about the Dubai trip @jb. They need to chill a bit. The team.

  198. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, a loss, a silly scoreline and now a long wait for the Chelsea match (which now becomes a must-win…)

    Mistakes were made (as they say) but the real issue is that we don’t seem able to control a match with our MF. Not playing Arteta and Santi was a bold move and maybe made the match an end to end affair… Who are our best MFs and who should play? That is the question…

    Theo was good, I thought but the reliance on OG and Ramsey for goals seems done…Ozil must be discouraged that his pass out of defense led to the killer (3rd) goal…

  199. Dylan says:

    Only word to describe it is nightmare.

  200. alexgunners says:

    good night to all

  201. 17highburyterrace says:

    We’ve got nothing if we can’t play it out of our own half, but it’s not that difficult a thing to correct…

    There will be plenty of over-reaction and I guess it starts here…

  202. James Bond says:

    i hope AW benches Giroud and Sczny, if not both then at least Giroud –

    time to get the Pod back ehhhh

  203. 17highburyterrace says:

    See you Alex, kisses for Bella, eh…

    Just getting light out here…

  204. macko says:

    Rarely seen our team disrupt like that, with a horrible Giroud, a completely exceed Wilshere and a lack of conviction incredible!
    The output of Flamini no player has returned to his position Ramsey and Wilshere this mocks the world leaving the team completely discovery in the middle finally no comment …
    I hope there’ll sanctions and large head will deflate it because we saw the true face of a team that overestimated …
    Very good match Wallcott and Monreal, good return of Vermaelen and Bentner.
    I have even more words so it was a rule and not the output of Koz that change anything either ……

  205. James Bond says:

    Manchester City 6-3 Arsenal
    There was an interesting confrontation after the final whistle. Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker was shown angrily pointing a finger at club and international team-mate Mesut Ozil.

    Is this the start of Arsenal’s title hopes falling apart?

    oh what happened there ?i switched my stream off

  206. Fozzie B says:

    Well, well, well.. Result as expected but like 17h I’m not so deflated. We didn’t roll over energy wise like we did against Manure.
    In these big games you need some decisions to go your way and we didn’t get them.
    That could have been a couple of goals back.
    We didn’t give up to the end and I’m more confident now for Chelvski than before after we have a break.
    I’m proud of the boys and their fighting spirit, the score line was flattering.
    They have the best finishers in the league.
    Also that sneaky free kick that Nasri won after it went 3-2 was the turning point of the whole game … Refs played like flutes!
    Man City now have the Manure lucky ref charm bracelet!!

  207. 17highburyterrace says:

    Scsz and Giroud? Bond, he might want to step down and hand the whistle to Bouldy as those are the two ends of his team and he’s staked himself to them… Wenger out, I think is what you’re saying…

  208. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ah, it just wouldn’t be a defeat with Macko (the Wacko) and google translate…

    I’m with Fozzie here. Between the refs, linesmen and our own lack of cynicism (or being too naive) we let it go end to end and lost out… I think we need to figure out our best mid-field and we’ll be OK…

  209. Fozzie B says:

    Oilers 7 on target (including pen)
    Arsensk 6 on target

  210. AFC says:

    JB, I think we can win the title BUT it is there for AW to lose. He has had the financial backing and didn’t get it right in the summer, and if he doesn’t add in January and claims we are good enough to win the EPL and we don’t surely he must be hel accountable.

  211. 17highburyterrace says:

    without, I meant… re: macko…

    Obviously we’ve got some issues but now we’ve got a break to work them out and a real test vs Chelsea. Supporters should feel free, however, to place blame wherever they please…

    For me the “early” season is now concluded and we’re right there…2nd in the CL group of death and ToTL…I would’ve bitten your hand off… I do believe we need to figure out our best 11 or 14 or at least our MF and how we hope to play the game. It’s all in flux and we’re opportunists rather than a team which can (really) control matches… For me the future is (still) a lot brighter than it appeared at say, the close of last season…

  212. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC says Wenger out? Inneresting…

  213. Fozzie B says:

    Oh dear just saw the Per v Ozil…. Not good!! Apparently Ozil didn’t say thanks to the away support!! The fact Ozil just kept walking and back chatted Per I did not see coming!
    Have to hope the hug and make up!
    Ultimately they must all be so buggered!!
    Wenger gave a good humble post match, well done to him!

  214. Fozzie B says:

    Like I said I’m more optimistic for Chelvski than before which I would not have put money on before the game withs 6-3 score line!
    If we play with that spirit against Chelvski we will
    win I have no doubt 😀

  215. 17highburyterrace says:

    I really don’t want to get into any post-match fights, but isn’t the issue not so much the depth of the squad but that we don’t know who to play. Today we left out our “best player last season” Santi Cazorla and the guy who (past two years) we’ve struggled the most without (Mikel Arteta). AW was hoping for an open game, and we got it…

    Also, Nacho had quite a torrid time at LB but Gibbs didn’t even make the bench. Whassup with that?…

    What was strange, for me, is that this match is the one I thought we would hope to draw; Napoli seemed the easier win, yet our selection seemed the opposite…

  216. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey, Fozzie…Yeah, for the first time I’m concerned about Ozil…Prolly just heat of the moment, but when guys are leaving you stranded at the back AND you make the pass AND the recipient slips and it’s suddenly 3-1 (game over…) it all could look a bit pear-shaped…

    There’s a lot of potential in Wlshere/Ramsey (and Flams, I think, is solid) but it’s not quite a mature MF like Ozil would find at RM (or against us today at City)…

  217. AFC says:

    17, I do want to leave as he is the best manager in the world BUT some of the things he does… Why not play Bendtner in Naples? Surely he wouldn’t have led to us losing by 3 goals. I guess this is the problem. City rested some of their best and we didn’t. Ozil or Giroud shouldn’t even have been on the plane to Naples. What he did in the summer wasn’t good enough IMO and if in January he brings in no reinforcements when they are needed I he’s lost the title for us in my opinion.

  218. 17highburyterrace says:

    Uh oh, I’ve scared them all off…Where are the lion-hearted ones?…

    Agreed about the hug and make up and re-group for the next phase…

  219. macko says:

    007 Szczesny and a very good guards but he is 23 years old then you prefer a keeper Boruc as??? if we play without defensive midfielder face a city here is what we take and still it came out some time if not you reparter has 8 goals in the box, please the first defense in a team is our attack and Giroud plays like a shit and he renders all the time the balloons to our Enemies we are can not happen …..

  220. proudgooner says:

    i think Wenger may have made a few mistakes today. We may or we were to gun hoo, what we needed today ideally was not lose a draw would have been a good result there.
    The ref and linesmen did not help at all, the linesmen could have done with a slap, he was that bad!
    On the plus side, some good points = Theo and it looks like NB may well have found form he looks sharp.
    Bad we lost KOS for a game or 2 and of course the score.
    On to Chelsea we need to learn from this again dont lose if you cant win!

  221. AFC says:

    17, why let Johan go out on loan when we’re a defender short? I know he’s error prone but good enough as 4th CB. We let players go without replacing them.

    It is about team selection but when some of the players Ramsey, Giroud, Mertesacker and Ozil keep playing match after match they cannot be at their best physical or mentally and that is when squad depth comes in. If you have the squad depth you can rest Giroud or Mertesacker with no problems.

  222. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, thanks for sticking around…I don’t see it that way…We’ve had a good early season and we haven’t choked any results (except maybe WBA away). I’m not clear on why we should be favorites to win the league. Frankly, if we can finish comfortable top 3 and ahead of ManU I’ll be over the moon…Agreed that I don’t quite see the pattern emerging with who Wenger rates as his best team (esp. in MF)… Theo to stretch teams seemed more important before today, but today is when we saw him…Clearly we had issues playing it out of our half today w/o Arteta too…

    The team picked for Chelsea should give clarity…

  223. macko says:

    17 if you want I written in French and you answer me in French I guess it should not be bad either to read 🙂

  224. Fozzie B says:

    Your right about Ozil being off his chops 17h.
    For me Zorro couldn’t play today after Wednesday when he pretty much got beaten up
    by the Nappy Pirates… But if he is on form and ready i have no doubt Wenger would have played him.
    Santi had been off his chops too so I wasn’t surprised there but thought he may have came on the same time as Gnabry for Jacky.
    Great to see Gnabry get that playing time though in such a big match.
    If the Danish Samurais and Ollies thunderbolt were allowed which they should have … Poor Mackos google translate would not be getting annihilated!!

  225. AFC says:

    PG, this is the problem if Bendtner is sharp why not play him ahead of OG. Wenger starts him, he scores in 90 seconds and he drops after…

  226. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, I pat you on the back for the call of Sagna as our 4th CB (miles better than Djourou, I think…) but then you get Jenks in at RB…He’s one you’ve called to go on loan, so I’ll give you credit there too… Reports were that we were in for JuanFran (Atletico Madrid)…a quality RB would seem key but that’s a spot where (maybe) Flamini could play and we’ve got some good youngsters there as well… We need ball-players at the FB spots to make our offense go…

    My thought (overall) is that it’s all a work in progress and that AW doesn’t really live on the trophies (seasonal results) let alone match to match…It’s his strength but also the reason suppporters are so quick to turn on him…

  227. AFC says:

    17, do you not think we should be expecting to win the EPL? Best manager in the EPL, financial backing. We finished 3rd two seasons ago. Surely we need to progress and actually win something?

  228. 17highburyterrace says:

    Macko, my wife does the French, I only know Spanish… From what I get, you’re not so keen on Giroud… 😀

    Chamakh equalizes at Chelsea!!! Recall him now! 😆

    I think we need a little perspective here today…The schedule was too much for our squad. If we get played off the pitch by Chelsea I will be (truly) concerned….

  229. proudgooner says:

    That is what i thought and i think it clear the fans and media would slaughter him if he did that, even if it was the right thing to do he watches them train all day every day that is why i dont question Wenger choice of who plays . OG had an off day that is for sure and Nb looks sharp though.Plus with the game v Napoli only just gone tiredness etc.
    Plus i thought when Gnabry came on it could have been either him or santi for Ozil who did not much today then they go on the wing and Rambo could have gone in the centre.
    Too many changes today from a team that has been very good. if you catch my drift.

  230. 17highburyterrace says:

    Expect to win it AFC? We are nowhere close to the finances of Chelsea nor City… and we’re still behind United…If we can nose in front of the latter, I’ll be pleased… The shadow squads of the two Oiler teams mean that they should win every domestic trophy until (if ever) FFP kicks in…

    The opportunity, however, is there, given the managerial changes at all three clubs but, on the other hand, we’ve got a pretty toxic environment with much of our support (due to unrealistic expectations, I think)… On that note, these away matches are opportunities lost. Hopefully the support is good for the Chelsea home game… (They’ve gone back ahead on a gorgeous Ramires strike from distance…)

    Anyhow, different strokes and all that, but AW is not a talent hoarder and (I think) that too can have its troubles when the selection goes wrong…

  231. AFC says:

    17, what’s the point if we don’t win anything. If we want a RB just go and one, there are plenty.

    I want you to listen to a programme on talkSPORT called drivetime. One of the presenters Durham is always going on about how we’re not aiming high enough, AW is getting away with making poor decisions, it pathetic that we haven’t won anything in years, we have financial backing so we should be aiming to win the league rather than just finishing top four etc.

    At first you will think he’s anti-Arsenal, like I did, and keep listening and eventually you will see where he is coming from. And he’s a neutral i.e. doesn’t support another EPL team.

  232. James Bond says:

    17HT, not sure if there are many folks out there keen on Giroud being the lone striker, we all have to accept it due to our shortages in that department and in absence of an alternative , so to speak.

    he is a flat track bully – no shame or harm in admitting that…i can see where Macko is coming from.

    regarding Wenger out then no, Wenger’s the right man, we were just awful today, fair enough the ref’s fcuked us up but you don’t concede the goals we did – hopefully that’s our nightmare of a game behind us now, as it surely can’t get any worse ?

    i am so happy for Theo, he was fighting and playing like a true tiger – i have said it before and will repeat again, people who think without Giroud we are doomed then think again, with Giroud it’s only a matter of time before we frustrate ourselves even more – keep him on the bench and start with NB – starve him and make him hungry again AW , let him get back to his sharpness

    for me the worst bit was when he had 2 people across goal and he chose to shoot with his right foot instead of just laying it for the other two using his left foot – it summed it up perfectly for me.

    the good news is that we are number 1 and we will beat chelsea next monday, all will be well

    but in the mean time, JW ahead of Santi or Rosicky seems to be bad and Flamini had a worse outing than Arteta which makes me wonder, if Arteta isn’t as bad as i have made him out to be ? there midfield had acres and acres of space today, i wonder how did it all go missing in a matter of 6 days – baffling.

  233. proudgooner says:

    We are still top of the league1
    So don’t let Andy Durum wind up .You can not aim any higher.

  234. AFC says:

    That is another point which this guy touches on. People phone up all the time with the finance point and he says we just spent 42 mill on Ozil, we are a big boy now even if we haven’t been in the past and it’s now time for Arsenal to get serious and push on and that’s where I have to agree with him.

  235. AFC says:

    PG, Durham talks some sense in my opinion and I am sure Glic will agree with me as he regularly watches the show. We are TOTL but when we lose matches like this we should be asking serious questions.

  236. AFC says:

    * listens to the show

  237. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, it’s all fine and good to say “aim higher” and I think AW is trying to do so in developing (and keeping) real talent. The work with Ramsey would be exhibit A…It’s a longer term perspective, is all…

    Ozil too is real quality. My point is that we did something good at the end of last season but now we need to nurture that and kick on. If we buy 6 players and have them all compete then we’re Spurs…In theory it’s good, in practice (practise?) aren’t they all competing to become the next G. Bale who then f*cks off for greener pastures… IMO I’m as happy that we got Ozil as I would have been with 6 20 million pound guys…We just need our other guys to step up too…Ramsey and Giroud were doing it…They’re looking knackered at the moment…(Now we need big guys like Santi, Poldi, Jack, Theo to step up too…)

    What’s happened is that we’ve blown this past week of fixtures. I think there were mistakes in selection and rotation but I’m not privy to the health, etc. of all the players… It’s not the end of the world unless we turn on each other…I’ve got confidence in the manager and the team–less in the support…

  238. James Bond says:

    RB is not a problem or issue as such – look, we can slot flamini at right back, we can use both nacho and gibbs in the same starting 11 with either one playing as a RB , if need be

    we are looking at the wrong players in my opinion

    i know it’s bad and what you mean by all the anti arsenal people out there including match of the day later, however, we had a bad bad day at the office, we take it on the chin and get on with it, really

    no time for sulking and feeling sorry for ourselves, we don’t become a bad team in a space of 6 days really, we played like a team who haven’t trained together most of the week and it showed.

    get the plane ready and let’s all go to somewhere nice and exotic (no FB, not to Jamaica), ha

    there was a confrontation between Per and Ozil at the end, what was that all about ? anyone know if it looked as bad as it sounds on the beeb ?

  239. AFC says:

    17ht, I agree it’s too early to really judge and I agree fully with the Spurs point. I would say aim short term and the long term takes care of itself. On a more positive note Theo got two goals.

  240. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Bond, I don’t think you and I are too far off the assessment today…Always gonna be tough going to their place with a day less rest…

    Like you, I think AW must be wondering what combo of MFs are the best. We couldn’t play it out of our half today. Flams streaming forward means that Rambo (and Ozil and JW have to cover for him. Sometimes a true DM (beast?) might work a tonic…

    AW knows the limits of Giroud and his other freebie (Sanago) must be a disappointment. Bendtner’s dug himself such a hole. Hopefully Lulu helps us secure some wins during the festive period… He’s all in with Sir Chez, so I can’t help you there… 😉

  241. AFC says:

    JB, would AW play Flamini or Nacho over Jenks at RB, no IMO. Remember he persisted with Santos at LB.

  242. James Bond says:

    it’s a tough job and sometimes tough decisions need to be made, what the hell was flamini doing bombing forward so many times, losing possession and so on ? it was like he forgot his role without Arteta in the team ? or he just assumed people will be covering him, both him and Nacho were the main culprits but to be fair as a team we just didn’t turn up since it’s a team game.

    so yes, instead of waiting like last season when it was too little too late, i think AW will need to make a few touch decisions and choices since this time around, he has almost the entire squad available, and the OX will be a lot closer to full fitness when we play Chelsea as well @ AFC

    but that is for then, for now, someone tell him to take the boys for a team bonding trip somewhere exotic or nice, or give them a few days off until wednesday – we are in dire need of that

    i’m not even sad @ 17HT because had it been an 11 vs 11 game, then we may still have lost but may have lost 6-5 instead of 6-5

    my point again re- Sczny and maturity was for all those to see, who analyze the game with objectivity – was there any need to concede a penalty in the last 10 seconds of the game like that ? he is going no where , let him do the hard work

  243. AFC says:

    17, I do not think it is about having a true DM if the other midfielders do defensive work and pull their weight HOWEVER should Flamini be bombing forward. Wenger signed him to be our true DM and not a box to box midfielder? If we are going to play with two box to box midfielders in the middle of the park maybe Song would be a better option? Or Pogba as JB says?

  244. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, Jenks just doesn’t look the part (for me)…Insigne ripped him up in Naples…Still mystified why Rafa didn’t play him from the start…

    AFC, the oilers can afford to play short term…If one 20-30 pr 50 million pound guy (Torres) doesn’t cut it, just buy Etto…(While they send Lukaku on Loan!…)–Remember, it’s all one way traffic. We sell Nasri, Kolo, Clichy, Ade to City. Cashly goes to Chelsea and we should thank them for getting Benayoun on loan… They will NEVER sell us anyone…

    As such we can’t afford to only think short term…Sorry… (Agreed with PG and others, don’t let those guys wind you up…)

  245. James Bond says:

    for a change we have king Henry on MOTD tonight, i’m sure he will keep pointing out the poor decisions by the ref’s , hopefully he can shut them lot up as well

  246. AFC says:

    JB, you might be right about Szez but the GK position is the least of our worries in my opinion.

  247. AFC says:

    17, can see where you are coming. We do need to regroup and prove the doubters wrong.

  248. James Bond says:

    come on admit it @ 17HT – Sczny lacks maturity and isn’t there yet, is he ? how hard is it to admit it ? i know he’s fully in for him and he won’t get dropped but go on, let it all out – i know you wanna…

  249. AFC says:

    17, are you proposing we sell or loan out Jenks?

  250. 17highburyterrace says:

    Song and Pogba?…Not in the roster (and not coming–both are too much personality for AW, I fear, and one is too much money…) We’ve got decent players, just a little more on the same page, I think…

    Again, agree with your assessment on the day, Bond…Sir Chez prolly should’ve gotten the Chelsea match off (Red Card) with the stupid foul at the end… Hopefully a little training about how to play out of our own half during the week off, among other things…

  251. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, I think we need a better RB to back up (take over, long term) from Sagna…Aren’t you the one who thought the Corporal should go on loan/ Flamini did have a bit of shocker today… Versatile as he is, AW seems to want to play Jenks out there if Sagna can’t go. At Naples, Flamini with Theo ahead of him might’ve been an interesting way of defending and providing an outlet…

  252. James Bond says:

    it’s the most of our worries when we have a shaky and leaky keeper at the back, look what happened today ? our defense went missing today and he conceded 6.

    imagine if our defence went missing for more games than it has done, just imagine.


    notice how he is in no man’s land when someone is about to shoot at goal from distance or even the penalty, it’s like he’s getting ready for a bit of samba and goes no where – that goal from distance was a gift from Flamini, agreed but he could have done better and should have done !

    came out to grab a cross and was sandwiched between 2 city players, only for the ball to go out, what if the header was on target ?

    we lost the game 6-3, so easily could have been 10-3.

    @ AFC

    i would have been ok with 5-3 but the manner in which he showed his immaturity and letting them score the 6th with a penalty was mind boggling.

    does he have that fighting spirit ? i don’t think he does , his shoulders dropped as soon as we were behind – anyone can be full of confidence when things are going well and the team is winning but the real test of character is when you are trailing with your backs up against the wall – sadly , the wheels came off today hence i keep repeating, it’s a blessing in disguise to have 8 days rest.

  253. AFC says:

    17, I think to ‘2’ in the 4-2-3-1 is key to controlling the midfield. If we go back to last season when we couldn’t afford to lose Arteta and Ramsey barely got forward meaning we had more protection for our back five. Now Ramsey has is bombing forward, Flamini is left on his own at times and I don’t think Flamini can do it all on his own. Fullbacks could be key to solving this problem. Play Monreal and Sagna and have them not bomb forward.

  254. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, I think, when AW cannot find true quality he likes players who seem to work really hard…GK and Striker are the most important spots on the pitch and we’ve got hard workers at both. Those keeper errors today have led to a flattering scoreline AND to additional projects for our hardworking keeper 😆 …

    Of course he lacks maturity and will cost us points… I was positive we were gonna get the fat Emperor (Julio Cesar) over the summer for the WC year…Didn’t you lead me on with that one?…

    Again, it makes you think that AW always is thinking long term… 🙄

  255. macko says:

    I am entirely agree with 007 on the case of Giroud and even on the full analysis!
    I think a defeat like that is going to give some key has Arsene Wenger and can therefore be benefit us but do not forget that we have young people like Gnarby, Hayden, Akpom, Eisfeld, Lipman and others who could do better than some in this period of doubt;)
    PS: for 17ht, I am French but I swear to you my heart and with Arsenal as ever, and for some years already

  256. AFC says:

    17, we didn’t get Cesar as we were reluctant to pay his wages. 😦

  257. AFC says:

    17, I did. I wanted Wenger to buy an Abate/Richards and either keep Jenks as our utility defender or loan him out to a mid-table EPL team.

  258. AFC says:

    Macko, problem is ‘youth’ players cannot win you a title over 38 games. They might work in your favour for a few games due to the element of surprise but you eventually will have to go back to using senior players.

  259. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, I think you’ve got it right…JW for me, if he’s not the darling of the referee, has a lot of trouble helping in the double pivot. Where’s the burst of pace? It could be a fitness issue…Ozil was back there a bunch today, no wonder he left the pitch in a huff…

    Frankly, I think Santi could’ve helped A LOT…and his long balls to Theo are a constant threat which teams have to respect. City’s pressing was the difference is general terms…

    They’ve got issues of their own on defense, but plenty of talent. We couldn’t afford the small errors today and it’s a lift for them to have Silva back. That was the first match where I saw how good Fernandinho is… (The guy who keeps Javi Garcia on the bench…) They’ve still got some figuring to do however and their keeper situation is far from perfect…

  260. macko says:

    Bond Zczsesny is very good believe in me, the problem come from our midfield and our attack does not seek in our defense you’re wrong we need a sentinel in front of the defense and two box to box who do the work of defensive replacement

  261. Word has it on the Sofaville grapevine that I should stay here until Dreadful Disastrous December has ended !.
    Oh well, normal service has resumed !. No win Versus Chavs and that will be 2 years without beating the ” Rich 3 ” !.
    With the upheaval in management of those 3, this was going to be our best chance, but looking at it logically, who the fcuk needs a manager when you have the money City and Chavs have, anyone of us(BKers) could win a trophy with their unlimited resources !.
    I said we would get walloped and my current thinking is taking me back to the darkside……….we will only compete if Usmanov or someone wealthier takes over !. Simple as that !.
    Still TOTL, but not for long !. We will be 3rd by 1st Jan and needing more than one SQ in the TW to stay 3rd or better !. Mark my words bastards !. hahaha

  262. macko says:

    AFC as thou said to use them a wisely;)

  263. 17highburyterrace says:

    Macko…I get the passion, that’s for sure…Sometimes, maybe if not during the matches themselves, your English might be strong enough…Sorry about the language barrier… (My wife could probably translate better than google…)

    AFC, I love the idea about scouting players and just going out and buying them. It’s not so simple (even Bond *might* agree)–The oilers are always ready to poach (see for example, Willian…) Why would they sell anybody but a cripple to us?…I’m with Gerry on Micah Richards…If City sell him to us, he must be done…

    We don’t need too many players–immediately. I think we’re good enough that with a little luck and a good spirit we could win something over the next couple of years. Over the longer haul, however, we need guys like JW to make like Rambo and step up and we need continued progress from guys like Theo and Gibbs. I haven’t given up on Sir Chez, either, even if 007 has…Gnabry, bad giveaway notwithstanding, seems a player and we hope the Ox comes back strong…In a few years these guys (and many, many others) will have to carry the team as how many of Arteta, Flamini, Sagna, Poldolski, Giroud, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Cazorla and Rosicky will still be around?…

    In other words, it’s a work in progress and trying to keep up with the silly money teams by always buying ready-made is only for the dreamers…

  264. Yes AFC, Durham does talk sense……he also talks a lot of crap as well !, but as a shock jock, he does it to try and get gullible punters to bite !. I find him great entertainment and he make me laugh, so in my book he is ok !. Still think he is a closet Gooner as he gets more upset than some supporters at times !.

  265. AFC says:

    17, as long as the guys out wide in the ‘3’ behind Giroud do their defensive work Ozil shouldn’t need to track back. He is needed to give Giroud much needed support. Agreed on the Santi, Theo partnership. They really seem to understand each other.

  266. AFC says:

    CM, agreed some of what he talks is bollocks but he makes some really good points. I think he is a closet gooner as he has said many times he just wants us to win things and do well.

  267. AFC says:

    Maroune scores again for Palace. Maybe we should have kept him. 😀

  268. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC might’ve gone away to listen to the “just do it, aim high” crew…Here’s the deal, using an example from this week…

    Promising English MF Wilshere, doesn’t look the part for Arsenal. Promising looking English MF Rodwell plays 5 minutes for City as they win in Munich, Promising looking English MF Barkley helps take points off Arsenal–Who will be buying him? United, I would guess…

    Another issue is that if we buy everybody to plug a hole who buys our guys? We want to sell guys who won’t make it or are past it. Theo tested the waters but City already had Sinclair and Pool already had Raheem Sterling…So he stayed…Now we need him to play a bit better than those fellows (and he’s been looking pretty good to my eye)…We wouldn’t be even thinking about winning the league had we lost Theo last year or lost our better players over the Summer…

    Reality sux, I know, but it is what it is…

  269. AFC says:

    I wish Wilshere would just focus on his game instead of pissing off City fans.

  270. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nope, there you are….Sorry, but the wind up merchants are just that… Nobody wants to accept what City and Chelsea are doing and Sir Alex may have sold his club down a river trying to keep up with them during his tenure. At least AW seems to have the long term interests of the club at heart…

  271. I just think that with the money Chavs and City have and the size of ManU global juggernaut brand, we could go years before ever winning a Title again !. Maybe the odd cup, but again I say….we need Uzzy !. There is a massive Gulf, I have said it plenty of times this season, we are top because of our easier start, we are points adrift on like for like games so far !. ( Liverpool home the only game we have bettered ! )
    Like I said yesterday, being top is more stressful when you know the wheels are going to come off at some stage, than trying to get a 4th spot trophy !.
    No doubt, someone like the uber optimistic Stretch will come on and say everything is going to plan, but for someone who has Fozzie B as his psychiatrist , I`m not believing him anymore !. hahaha

  272. AFC says:

    17, Theo wanted to play ST and Liverpool would have taken him or Sturridge luckily he stayed. I see Theo and Wilshere coming good but I do not see Wilshere becoming SQ. Not sure if Jenks will come good but a good example using the English guys.

  273. 17highburyterrace says:

    Finally saw the film of PM4 and MO11 having a bust up over saluting the traveling support, quite publicly at that… I like it! A bit of passion after a tough week. Ozil may have to evolve into more than just a great technician…

  274. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, Jack’s had a major hiccup in his development but he will come good, if he can get healthy…He can learn soooo much from Ozil…Whether he was the man today, is another question…The mix up between him and Nacho on the second goal was a killer…

    Playing Theo today (but not Weds nor earlier) was a bit strange…Our fortunes this season seem heavily dependent on Giroud, Ozil and him scoring a big enough total, esp. if Santi (and LuLu) won’t be contributing…We need how many (50, 60?) from that group?…

  275. AFC says:

    17, not sure how many goals we need but City’s goal difference is far superior to ours. AW did say that we gave them 5 of the 6 goals from mistakes. Is it just me or do Wilshere and Hart seem a bit cocky? That’s what worries me about Wilshere.

  276. 17highburyterrace says:

    They ARE cocky, as are all good players, AFC… They will also be at the heart of the English team for the next decade and subject to the media circus which that entails…Hart will be back sooner than later for City. Lemonpants moves pretty well for such a big guy but he was pretty shaky today, I thought…

    It’s a tricky business trying to manage a football team. Sometimes bringing in players and letting them compete for playing time is the answer, sometimes nurturing talent is the way. If AW had listened to me, for example, Ramsey would be the man at West Brom or Cardiff…

    Today’s scoreline was embarrassing but we were actually in the game. City’s inability to shut the match down would be THE story if you were a neutral who had already written us off, as many have…On the other hand, we won’t be catching them on goal difference so we’ll have to win it on points… 😀

    Again, love to see the passion of the Germans (including the obvious frustration of Ozil)… Hopefully that will translate to hard work this next week…and a better performance/result vs Chavs…

  277. AFC says:

    17, we were in the game and game it a real go. The frustration does show that the players actually do care. City’s number 1 (at the moment) does seem shaky. Maybe Casillas in January for them? They do have the money.

  278. 17highburyterrace says:

    Have you been watching St. Iker? I haven’t but if he’s struggling with fitness issues I’m not sure his reputation alone will help him amongst the bigger players (and blind refs) in England…

    Overall, I think the flurry of transfers is gonna settle down. Yes, there may be a few high profile (big name) transfers in Jan. as players look for playing time before the WC. Most guys, however, are cup-tied in Europe.

    The big clubs have big managers on big contracts and they all will want to put their long-term stamp upon their teams. As such, developing players is a priority. If Pelligrini can get Hart back to definitive #1 in England he’ll be a hero…As I watch the late match, I keep remembering the Arsenal supporter I met in Spain who told me that Jack Butland would be playing for England in Brazil…(As it is, he sits on the bench for Stoke as they play Hull…)

    Developing players (and watching them week to week) is BORING compared to the thrill of buying them ready-made…It is the way forward for all but the clubs who can afford to waste money. Given that Arsenal are raising ticket prices again next year, how much money are we happy with them blowing?…

  279. AFC says:

    17, I haven’t been watching Casillas but he hasn’t been in the team from what I’ve heard. Maybe he will end up playing for another team in Spain. The Butland story is why I am reluctant to believe in these young English players who are supposed to be special. They often have one or two big seasons move clubs and go backwards. I am worried about the likes of Vermaelen and Podolski leaving in January to get more game time to try and get into the WC2014 squads. The ticket prices are a concern and maybe the reason why a lot of fans aren’t happy when things aren’t going our way.

    And with that I’m off, always a pleasure speaking to you guy. 17 et al see you guys soon where (hopefully) we can get a result against Chelsea.

  280. Xavier says:

    But Theo Walcott was really good today and maybe he’s come at the right time. He needs to help relieve Giroud of the burden of being our only ‘outlet’.

  281. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sorry, wrong about Butland…He’s on loan at Barnsley… 😯

    To me there’s no reason that Poldolski and Vermaelen can’t contribute to our efforts this season. At least we’re still in 3 comps… As I’ve said before I think the bigger story this January will be signing contracts–Per, Bac and AW for starters… Lose a few, however, and let the droppings, firings and (panic) buying begin… 😉

    Yeah, nobody left to chat with…When will TA quit that job of his?! Anyhow, time to re-group and start the next phase after the pre-xmas break…

  282. Gerry says:

    MMnnnn? Somewhere at the top of this post I said three things that ought to be remembered:

    1,- ‘We have to face it will be tough game to win’

    2,- ‘Remember, this is only half time. We can get any points we lose when we play back on our patch’

    3, – ‘We may as well go out to win it because we cannot defend against their attack for 90 minutes’

    …. or words to that effect.

    Some of you lose all faith over one game? We knew it was going to be against the odds. But rather than play like we did at Napoli(apparently), we gave it a go. At 3-2 it looked at distinct possibility that we might come away with something? I was chuffed that Mert scored 4 minutes into injury time. It still meant something, to him at least.

    i still don’t see the same goalkeeper that JB sees. Or for the wonder left back, who after 6 minutes, was the best in the epl, apparently?

    I am not sure if I see the same player in Santi when Ozil is playing either, sorry HT.

    We are still ToTL. It is ours to lose, still. We played 3 games in 6 days, made changes in each. Some worked, some didn’t.

    I am with HT in that, the position we are in today is far, far better than we could have hoped for at the start of the season? We cannot win all games,but then neither are our rivals. Hell, Chelsea had a struggle against Crystal Palace. Reality check folks.

    Yesterday, I gave a list of our games right up to the middle of January. None will be as hard to win as this one. Yes, it is every 3 or four days. But it is the same for the teams we play. We should be still in a very strong position, still in the FA Cup, and two weeks into the TW.

    Cheer up, we are the first team to put 3 goals in at the City ground this season, and but for some ‘iffy’ decisions, we might have put 5 past them.

    True there are some issues to work on. Flamini might be out for a game or two if his groin strain has flared up again We need to worry if Kos is out a long time, if the cut has damaged a tendon?. Ozil could do with a break. Jack needs to review his good game where he looked like he turned the corner, and this one? Giroud is also struggling for sharpness, but also the lack of any player of stature that might draw defenders away from him?
    But Sagna seemed to come through his match sound enough, And TV5 did his best to be Kos’s deputy. Walcott will help now he is back to fitness. We have Rosicky fully rested for Chelsea.

    Beyond that, the TW shortlist that AW has, should be slightly amended, from ‘if we don’t get X, then we will go for Y’, to we get this X, that X, and either of these two ‘Z,s’ ..whatever they cost!

  283. Gerry says:

    Yes, HT, I agree it is a long term thing developing players. Just think how good it will be to have the same Goalkeeper for 12 years?

    I was listing to Bob Wilson the other night. He signed as an amateur and admitted he was rubbish at the start.

    The problem is the team has live with the learning curve before the can become great players.?

  284. James Bond says:

    when did i say he was the best LB in the country @ Gerry

    i said he is possibly the best crosser/passer in our team (LB) and possibly the EPL (due to no Baines for now )- I often notice you taking my words and comments out of context , Gerry and then you twist them in such a way that it’s becomes very misleading, no doubt something that years and years of experience brings to you, however, assuming one thing and implying it in such a way is not nice.

    and no, you don’t have to see the same goal keeper, or striker as i see because quite bluntly put – we have view the games with a different pair of glasses on.


    no it wasn’t me leading you onto that one, it was the entire media and tabloid doing the rounds on the emperor, along with jovetic and higuain been a done deal – we were all led to believe in that one, and for a while it looked like a done deal ? i don’t know if the reports from spain are true as you will be the authority on that due to your spanish classes and interest in spain as a whole, but it does appear that he is interested in coming over instead of being sat on the bench at RM ?

  285. James Bond says:

    *we view the games


    he is not ready yet, every one keeps going on about his age and so on – in footballing terms, players like Ramsey, Wilshere, Sczny are 4, 5 years in already – that may not seem a lot but it’s still better than being a rookie .

    sure, he is a decent keeper but he is not up to it just yet, maybe in another 12-18 months if we manage to get a ready made WORLD CLASS keeper .

    at the beginning of the match, you had City’s keeper and joe hart practicing together, where as, Sczny was on his own with the goal keeping coach – speaks volumes, no ? no competition and signed a new long term contract, pretty much Wenger telling him you are the undisputed no.1.

    you don’t have to assure me of his quality because believe you me, I know what you mean, however – Consistency and Presence are massive in that position for me.

    AFC says that it’s not a position of priority and i say the exact opposite, that is the first position we need to look at.

  286. Gerry says:

    Sorry JB, what I was trying to do was show up your hyprebole. The exaggeration when you try and score points. Your quote was posted just 13 minutes into the game?

    Am I missing something, are there better LB’s outside of the EPL in this country?

  287. Gerry says:

    I’m off to watch the X-factor final ..

  288. James Bond says:

    and i’m sorry Gerry but you are completing misleading both yourself and other readers by simply assuming – if you had watched the game live, which i doubt you did – you would have known why i posted that comment – PRECISELY at that very moment of time.

    whether you are missing something or not, it’s a fair reflection that you do an eloquent job of making things up by “assuming” .

    just to clarify, Nacho at that precise moment of time made a superb pass from our own half to Giroud , which Giroud failed to control or else he would have been in on a 1 on 1 situation – I hope you get to see it next week sometime, when you get to watch the video of the game.

    potato – pootato

    tomato – toomato.

  289. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey fellas…Everybody gets pretty wedded to their own ideas…And when we take a beating (or even just get a result which is troubling…) the accusations can fly AND it’s hard to know who is calm and who isn’t… Deep breaths first, hugs later… 😀 I’ve got little moral high ground upon which to stand… 😳

    I was excited to see Nacho on the team sheet but he had a rather torrid time at the defensive end. Jack and Theo (who switched sides a bit) didn’t seem well drilled in covering for their FBs either… Certainly the 2nd City goal (right after we’d drawn level) came with Jack and Nacho covering the same space but not the goal scorer… At the other end, the incident Bond references and one of the early inexplicable offside flags more or less ended Nacho’s day going forward…I still believe he’s a quality player and provides some different attributes to Gibbs.

    Also, I meant to acknowledge Gerry’s match preview some 200 comments ago but it was a tough enough wake up as it was… It was always gonna be a tough result to grab but at least we gave it a shot. 6 goals against *should* at least give Sir Chez a few things to work on…

  290. James Bond says:


    when we are posting during a live match, then you know how it is, we write as we see it and it’s often the spur of the moment thing as we are too involved in the game and typing from how we see it –

    fair enough, if i said that Nacho was the best LB in the PL or if he had a stunning game, he was far off it – much like you, i was excited to see him play and i rate him very highly, but to take something like that and twist it in such a way is rather baffling – i expect better from a blogger of Gerry’s knowledge, experience and calibre .

    anyhow, i’m calm as usual and not fussed .

    and yes, Nacho get’s a 3 from me, that was a terrible performance and there was little point of playing him with no Santi on the left side – which is where i am in agreement with you .

  291. James Bond says:

    ah, and the right side was better than our left side @ 17HT

    it’s due to sagna’s and theo’s understanding being a bit better than nacho and JW .

  292. You can only be very optimistic, biased or deluded……or all, to take positives out of a 6-3 drubbing !.
    I like to think I`m level headed with feet firmly on the ground when I keep saying we are top because of our easier start and that we are something like 4 points behind on corresponding fixtures from last season. The relevance is, that last season we totalled 73 points and we are now statistically 4 points behind currently on like for like, so in my astute logic Spock mind, that’s not good enough as 73 points or less will not win the league !.
    I may have changed my mind if we could may be for once beat the fcuking rich clubs, but we look no closer to doing that than we have in the past few years of the anomaly league !. Kroenke out !.
    When every club has owners to equal City and Chavs and the anomaly within the anomaly league….ManU….then the anomaly league will be back to the plain old EPL !. No one outside of the “Big 3 ” will win the EPL ( apart from may be Liverpool, because they are decent and don’t have any other commitments….only ONE game per week and that will be a massive outside chance ! ) whilst the gulf in wealth exists, so basically we have a 3 horse race every year !. Kroenke out !.
    £42m for Ozil….a great start, but was that to appease the discontent fans ? and will we keep spending such money ?. A big deal for us, but honestly, we all know any of the “Big 3 ” could blow us out of the water at any time !.
    Only Uzzy will bring us parity !. Kroenke out !.
    Being TOTL has just been the biggest illusion of crack papering over this club has seen, an inability to beat our rich rivals is the weakness in the structural integrity of the Arsenal wallpaper !. Doom and gloom ?. No, I just don’t wear rose tint glasses ………. they wont fit over my pointy Spock logical ears !. hahaha

  293. James Bond says:

    and if we beat chelsea next monday, then will that change your mind @ TCM ?

    to an extent i agree with you that there are glimpses of the past , and in particular we again reaching the point where we have to rely on other teams to drop points, however, we are still not there yet and when we win next week – all will be well

    be it an illusion or not, this was always going to be a tough week, i am only disappointed at dropping points at home to everton and not finishing the job in naples, man city and chelsea were always going to be 50/50.

  294. TotalArsenal says:

    We will bounce back. Top of the League and the two hardest away games behind us. Poor defensive performance and bad luck with injury to Koz. We don’t need a striker, we need another, dynamic DM.

  295. Cockie, get your furry self to the islands and smoke some of the happy stuff… like your furry friend the Fozz… 😀

    In your crumb-flecked rage you speak some sense…We will have to beat one of them teams who finished above us at some point, but luckily we’ve got a long week of rest and recovery AND we don’t have to wait too long before we get another shot at one of them. And they have to play in midweek….

    Sure they’ll play their 2nd 11 but that’s how it goes at the factories where they heat the place by burning the owner’s money…If they win their Cockie Cup match, then Mourinho will have to think about playing some of the guys who got them through…If not, then we just laugh…My point is, you’re right…There’s no competing with the silly money teams. We bought Ozil and now ticket prices are headed up again. :shakes head: … As Stan’s father in-law will tell you, Wal-mart wasn’t made by paying workers a living wage or not charging enough once you get the suckers past the greeters…

    Yeah, no beating the oilers except here and there and we were somewhere else altogether today (Still in Napoli, most likely)…On the plus side, Theo scored a couple and our Germans are at each other with the finger wagging and what-not. AW needs to do a little figurin’ and tweakin’ but I like the team and hopefully that’s the worst of the scheduling troubles. He also seems to have put in a request for an easier draw with his buddies at UEFA for Monday…PSG or Madrid (maybe the Athletes rather than the Royals…) here we come…

    Wipe off the crumbs and keep your chin up, eh…

  296. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey 17 🙂

    What did Mrs 17 make of the game and who caught her eye? 😉

  297. Beat Chavs , JB !…..I will be astounded. Imo there is a mental block somewhere against these teams !. Are we scared ?….less confident ?…who knows , but there is something !.
    To be proper contenders, I expected to beat Everton and at least draw with City !. Very disappointing on both accounts, before the Everton game we/fans were all rose tinting about 3 points and being 7 points clear !, by the time we play Chavs on Monday week, City will be top on GD !.
    If it is something to do with fatigue ( and personally I don’t get it ! ), then I stick to my radical logic comment of previous by say fcuk the CL, just concentrate on the EPL !.
    I stick by what I say…this was a chance ( and a one year chance ) with the ” Big 3 ” under new management, but alas we haven`t got the “presence” of the ” Big 3 ” !. Next season we will be back to fighting for 4th again ( probably this season as well ) !. Imo, only someone with a Abramobitch mind set will make us compete !. Yes , we all got excited for a while ( except me ! hahaha ), but it is never going to last, our great satisfaction will be our battles with the Spuds in continuously breaking their hearts !.
    You being an accountant, surely understands that the £2 billion or so which City and Chavs have spent between them was going to make a heck of a difference and our £42m is just a piss in the ocean . One thing you can guarantee is that if Usmanov was owner, he would do all he could possibly do to get one over Abramobitch , last I heard he was richer in the forbes list !.

  298. TotalArsenal says:

    The Ozil Mertesacker confrontation is more worrisome…… Not good. Hope they can sort it out between them.

  299. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie you never get excited. You are an award winning pessimist 😆

  300. AB says:

    Blimey, feint hearts to the fore or what!? We lost a game – against probably the best opposition in the league, after a tough away game 3 days ago, and with tiredness, injury and illness all affecting our team. A disaster warranting wholesale change? I don’t think so.

    We will see how resilient this team are when we play Chelski. I blogged 10 days ago that par from the next 3 league games would be 4 points; we may fall short of that, but the margin will not be significant come the end of the season.

    Glic, for every Chelski there’s a Hearts; whatever the temptation for easy cash I’ve no desire to subject my club to that risk, nor do I believe its the Arsenal way – and TA, this is something I want to write about on BK. Knee jerk reactions to a loss, be that over players, manager or board are the reason why fans just get ignored by clubs – we don’t show the capacity for balanced judgement that warrants being listened to. I want no part of Uzi at my club.

    JB, Arteta (our key man for the back of the last season) has not suddenly grown old and past it. Giroud, scorer and creator of goals at the start of the season os tired, not second rate. Nacho is neither brilliant nor junk – he is a solid pro who had an off day; we need players of his mix of ability and experience in our squad. And above all, Wenger’s record is as much a reason for trust tonight as it was 10 days ago.

    Finally, we don’t actually NEED to beat all the top opposition to win the league, but we do need to be consistent against the rest. Glic, whilst like for like may indicate one thing on the points tally, do you really believe that we are heading for a lower points tally this season than in the last? Or that our points tally will end up looking more competitive than last season’s? We look far less likely to drop points through draws that we should have won and complacent performances against bottom teams than we did last year – we are a MUCH improved team as well as a better overall squad. And we should get better with age and familiarity.

    A night for a few beers and reflections on what might have been. But don’t forget we have had far more good nights this season than we have been used to of late, and every reason to expect more in the coming weeks. Don’t lose the faith gooners, keep backing our team. COYG!!!!!

  301. Hahaha 17….trouble is Fuzz Box is being rodgered by the original rasta spliff lifter !…..a Gay Jamaican named Reg !…… Reg Gay !……otherwise known as Reggae !.

  302. James Bond says:


    i understand you are frustrated and where you are coming from, however, look – there was no reluctance to spend the cash in the summer, or in the window before that this year in January.

    January – Cavani bid – no go

    Summer – Suarez, Bender and Draxler – no go

    we are willing to spend the money and spend it big, provided we can find the right players and clubs willing to sell as well.

    42.5 million might only be a piss in the ocean but you have to bear in mind, our previous record signing was what ? 15-16.5 million ? what i’m trying to say is that every little helps and it was a step in the right direction, the Ozil signing was a signing of intent and come this january, if we are still number 1 , it will make it easier for us to sign a few quality players, for sure.

    but that is for later, for now what is important to remember is that even if we Draw against Chelsea, City don’t go top of the league on goal difference – worth also remembering that they have lost Aguero due to injury and it might be a few weeks as well, which means that city might drop more points than we do.

    the way i see this is that we had our one bad game in 7 , so now we look forward to start another strong run of let’s say 5 victories – we do that and everything else takes care of itself.


    Cornwall, what are you on about son? Has someone slipped one of my “Now your mine Baby” special pills in to your fizzy pop?

    Course we can win the league. If not this year, then hopefully the next. We dont need an Abramovitch. Even Usmanov acknowledged we have turned a financial corner.

    Though I accept City are a superb attacking team, we f*ucked it up today. To many mistakes, missed our chances, and in the last 20 minutes a loss of shape and cohesion.

    Sod City. When they come to the Grove we will beat the bastards.

  304. TotalArsenal says:

    Hear, hear AB 🙂

    Perspective is so much harder than having a nice old big dooming winch. As supporters we need to keep looking at the bigger picture, which you just did. At this stage we can only beat ourselves.

    Looking fwd to your maiden post 🙂

  305. James Bond says:


    no, Arteta is not passed it yet, he has another 12 months at the top but unfortunately, i don’t see him as the Pirlo/Giggs type, which i wished for before, hence signing a top DM is a priority for me….also, when you say that he was our best player last season then we barely finished top 4 , didn’t win anything – so really, it’s not saying much when you say he was our best player last season ?

    Giroud – tiredness or no tiredness, i expect a decent striker to score goals from the amount of chances he’s been getting or least he got today, there is no other way to explain this but to say that he is a FTB ?

    Nacho – we are in agreement there, i think you may have confused me with someone else ? i’m a fan of Nacho’s but I also said that the NAcho/Santi partnership on the left is plenty better, hence AW got his team selection slightly wrong by not starting santi with nacho, in hindsight.

  306. I respect your opinion AB and you make some good points, but my stats are there and don’t lie and we still cant beat the “Big 3” !. After the Chavs we face West Ham and Newcastle away, teams we took 3 points off last season !….more points to drop ?.
    I know one thing, if Abramobitch had bought us and gave us the trophies he has given the Chavs, I would not be moaning about it !.
    Him and the Sheiks have changed the league as we know it , running a self sufficient model in line with FFP gets us great applause around the world but fcuk all else !. I truly believe to compete on the football pitch we have compete financially and although we look good against 17 other teams, it`s the “Big 3″ who we need to compete with and that will take real money !.
    Hahah Totes…..”Award winning” pessimism is better than normal pessimism !.

  307. 17highburyterrace says:

    ToTL… Yeah my wife got up at 5 but the wind dropped a bit when her favorite player (Kos) went out. I was really concerned it might be an ACL the way he reacted to the injury…Good to hear it was just a cut… That it came on the goal that showed us most at 6s and 7s didn’t help either… My wife also thought that Captain Verm did well in Koscielny’s stead, but needs a rethink on that facial hair he’s attempting…

    AB is right, of course, and Cockie is just showing one side of the support…People are entitled to rant and rave and it’s reasonable that frustration with the financial skewing of things is in evidence. Kroenke *should* do a bit of speculation even if he won’t just throw the money down the hole, IMO…

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the Germans and frankly I think it shows that they care. Ozil needs to realize that he’s got to be a real leader in this club because we won’t just be buying players like they do in Madrid. The traveling fans are living and dying with the team and saluting them is tradition so Per is right too… They’ll work it out and hopefully be bringing Poldi into the mix too. We need to overachieve on the passion level to keep up with the clubs who are deeper in technical ability…

  308. Stretch. My moaning is at least getting a debate going !. You know how I like a Mass Debate !. hahaha

  309. James Bond says:

    allow me to put this in a better way, a team who aspires to finish as champions and win silverware = a better DM than Arteta , a SQ striker and possibly an experienced and proven GK are more or less likely to enhance the likely hood of achieving just that- we could do that even if we didn’t get a GK to compete with Sczny or improve him, however , a Dynamic DM is an absolute must – the striker i can also put on the back burner because I want to see the likes of Poldi and theo get a fair crack at it, but if one is available and willing to jump ship, then by all means, we must get one at all costs.

    a team that aspires to finish top 4 = our current squad is good enough to do that, comfortable and for a top 3 finish minus any silverware.


    Nothing wrong with a Mass Debate Cornwall, but no need to moan whilst doing it. Thats how you get caught. hahaha

  311. Fozzie B says:

    Evening Saddened and Soiled Spandex Sobriety! 😀
    A lot of oil stained y fronts expressing discontent here today and fair enough we all expected better!
    But I still stand by initial immediate post match appraisal which like Cockies wilk also be greeted with the phrase,
    “Are you out of your Vulcan mind!” Haha 😆

    The way I look at it, is today was a battle of two heavyweights!!
    We have Tyson on one side and Rocky on the other, going back and forth
    knocking lumps out of each other.
    We needed the ref on our side as we were still punch drunk
    from our Napoli pirate beating!
    Still we had the chance to do a Rocky and produce the knock out punch!!
    3 bad off side calls, 2 were goals that went in the back of
    the nett!!! On top was Na$ris clever foul that turned it.
    There were more foul decisions and you will see that in the foul count
    Oilers were double and yet the ref missed loads.

    I’m not crying over spilt milk with the ref because its not in
    my furry Vulcan nature … But the point is we were so much more
    in this game than the score line gives.
    Oilers 7 in target (1 pen)
    Arsenal 6 on target

    They were punch drunk but kept trying to knock
    shades out of Citeh right to the end.
    Out on their feet they kept trying and that was a
    massive improvement on the Manure game!!
    We rolled over and died but not this time!

    I repeat, I’m a lot more confident for Chelvski next week
    than before this game!!
    Weird I know because I still feel the have the psychological edge
    over us but I rate the chances a lot more now!!

    Wenger can address the technical issues but the
    spirit is there and ready!!

    Be strong my BK Brethren!! 😆

    Ps: MarleyzKaze says hi!! 😆

  312. JB
    If Suarez, Cavanni, Bender were all for sale, do you honestly think we would have bought all 3 and Ozil ?. Would we have bought Ozil had we been successful with our £40,000,001 for Suarez ?.
    We bid for a few before Ozil and couldn`t tempt them, was Ozil a fans pacifier ?.

  313. James Bond says:

    Ozil has already apologized to everyone and to the fans for his behaviour.

    water under the bridge that one, really –


    Bondy, ok, your probably right. But as youve said many times yourself, we are on the right Road. This is the important thing. You dont jump from been a team finnishing 4th every year to one that overnight becomes a super team.

    Personaly i am delighted with our current position and even more so with our future prospects.

    Great comment AB

  315. Hahaha Stretch
    I remember being caught Moaning and Mass Debating when we bought Ozil on Sky Transfer Deadline Day !. My wife now checks my loin area every time we watch Young Frankenstein in case the hump has moved to a different spot in my trousers !. hahaha

  316. James Bond says:

    if you are asking me, would we be able to buy both Ozil and Suarez , if both were available for 40 million apiece ? then YES.

    the striker money was there from January and still is – we cleared the “dead wood” got the TV money, hence we could afford 2-3 SQ players, got 1 in Ozil , which means we can get another 1-2 depending how it all goes .

    saying all that, Diaby will be back in January, so he will be like a new signing 😉 and truth be told, i have a lot of respect for Diaby ? why ? because the lad doesn’t take his full contractual wages due to his injury and takes a pay cut – the lad much rather be fit and play, and i wish him a very speedy recovery .

    and i’m not sure if you remember this but i did say that we need another 2 transfer windows before we can have a world class squad with 2/3 SQ additions , it was because we are willing to spend and buy, instead of selling and financing the debts.


    One thing todays game did raise again was the question about power in the middle. Or more to the point, our lack of it.

    For all of citys great movement and football, they still played 2 big lumps in the middle of the park

    This is a question of footballing phillosophy, not money.

  318. Fuzz Box…..sounds like MarleyzKaze is having a Vulcan Mindmeld with your cock, just hope he isn`t using the death grip instead !. hahaha

  319. Two lumps !……Maybe they should have stuck Girouds cock out in the middle then !. hahaha

    Not forgetting Ox, JB….he will be like a new signing as well !.


    Notice how Mass Debating gains prevelance when we lose??

    If had to play city every week we would all end up in an asylum, with hands tied behind our back. hahaha

  321. James Bond says:

    we lack height and presence in midfield against a midfield that is built on physical presence @ TMHT

    once we trailed by 2 goals, our shape went out of the window and we were too focused on going forward leaving the space behind.

    no harm in admitting that not only did we have a bad day at the office but also, the tactics could have been better.

  322. 17highburyterrace says:

    The furry fellows are cracking me up…It’s like yin and (freaking) yang… 😀

    The flip side of Arteta and the need for a DM, Bond, is that Flamini had a very rough outing today and playing him w/o Arteta may have been the big managerial mistake… I think it’s natural for people to think of the two deep lying MFs as having similar games but the differences are substantial enough that one cannot really substitute for the other. I guess others are questioning the tactics of playing only the one w/o the other considering City’s two DMs…

    Arteta is less the athlete but he’s more the player and he has a better sense of where to move to provide outlets for his mates. Fernandinho and Yaya (and Silva and the forwards to a lesser extent) were pressing hard from the get-go and we missed Mikel’s ability to settle things down and work us out of our own half. Maybe Ramsey was supposed to play this role today, but I always see him as better further forward…

    While the early goals we conceded were again due to individual mistakes–notably slack marking at the set-pieces and poor team defense, the killer 3rd goal came from Ozil’s pass to Flamini–a ball that should have set us into attack instead gave them a 2 goal cushion. Did he slip or did he just not feel the challenge coming? It’s a mistake I wouldn’t picture Mikel making…

    We did claw one back (Theo’s great finish) but amidst all the Giroud opportunities and the fact that they immediately pounced and restored the two goal margin…Well, that was that… Agreed with Fozz that it might’ve helped if the linesmen knew up from down… We had at least a goal and a half called back…

    Just trying to my weight here in the mass debate… 😀


    Bondy…what tactics? hahaha

  324. Fozzie B says:

    Haha stretch that sounds like Cockies dungeon!! Mass debating with hands chained behind the back with eyelids taped up watching reruns of the Tranny classics!!
    “To the Man-or porn” , “Only Stools and Horses” or “Salty Towers”!! Hahaha!! 😆

  325. I think every time we lose, our downunder boyz should be made to do a bush tucker trial !. So Oz can suck Skippy’s cock for a start for not doing us one of his PM gems !. Alex can suck Dame Edna`s extra long clitoris for not giving an Arsenal shirt to me for being bottom of the UMFL and we will let Prince off the hook, he has nailgunned his cock to the floor so many times he can now water the hanging baskets around his garden without the need for a rose head on his sprinkler !.

  326. TotalArsenal says:


    Getting up at five with you is real commitment. Ladies seem to like Kos a lot. I reckon it is all about his ears 🙂

    Good to hear Ozil has apologised and today was the best proof that Mertesacker is our real leader.


    Agreed on the physical power in midfield. We are still in need of the new Vieira. If only we had signed Wanyama….

  327. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie, that is fecking hilarious 😆


    Fozzie, hahahaha

    Yeah, Cornwall would be in such a frenzy whilst watching To the Man or Porn, he would probably bite through his chains

  329. 17highburyterrace says:

    Trying to *pull* my weight (in the mass debate)…

    Total, she likes that Kos seems to “try so hard” yuk, yuk… The ears and the hair made her think she was like a little bird…Made her want to chew up a worm for him, perhaps… 😆

    Ouch, poor Princey…like the guy with the performance art in Moscow…Protesting Putin and his buddies (Roman A…) and their football clubs, no doubt…

    I don’t mind the idea of more technical players towards the rear of MF… Ramires and Fernandinho showed that the smaller Brazilians can do a job in those spots today… AFC suggested Pogba and Alex Song earlier today… I can’t see AW going for either of them but WTF do I know?…

  330. TotalArsenal says:

    Song would have been a really good player to have had today. Seeing him next to Flamini would have made a big difference, I reckon. Our left side was sooooo vacated at times – absolutely shocking…. Song would have been brilliant.

    Also agreed on Arteta’s ability to read the game and position himself really well. But I just feel he is not going to get back to his previous levels any more, although we should give him a bit more time.

  331. Fozzie B says:

    Cockie, me and MarleyKaze had a Vulcan mind meld as you suggested when I we both went to the latrine high as a kite and he impaled himself on my todger!!
    I had visions of swatting hands, aerosols, farting and Japanese emperors and Bob Marley classics.
    Later MarleyKaze told me all he saw was fuzz!!
    Haha … I said “how dare you it’s Fozz!!”

    I also asked him a day later how he went with the Mrs as hopefully he will feel the
    Positive energy from my dialect boner!!
    He told me
    “Nah … All i got when I tried to get my freak on was
    ‘Get away from me you little prick!!'”
    Hahaha 😆 …. Such a loveable chap!! 😆

  332. AB says:

    Always up for mass debate cockie! Lots of forward looking around potential buys, but what did people make of some of the others we have already got? Mert looks a total leader to me – loved the reaction at the end. Walcott looked clinical again – I know it doesn’t seem to last a season, but a run of games with him scoring could do us proud. We have a split camp on Giroud, but no one will argue it was one of his better days – but I just look at how hard he works, and remember this was his 3rd game in 6 days. The team looked tired – did anyone really expect them not to be? Our hope had to be to score early, and probably more than once. But, not for the first time, we had no luck; but I can’t blame the team too much for tiredness and luck. And when they do perform to their peak, City probably have the best team in the league; though I remain convinced we would run them very close if we were on top form too. My cup stays half full because I sense real determination about this team; I don’t think they will be blasé about the result, but will be truly fired up for the Chelski game – and every game after that. And, boring though it may sound, if we are more consistent than the others over the season we will be smiling at the end. Top of the League and a good break before Chelski; OGAAT!

  333. oz gunner says:

    Great comment AB.

    Perspective is definitely needed. Just one of those games where the errors cost us quite dearly. Arsene should probably have closed the game down but it really does show his disdain for defensive football haha. Flamini must have read the comments about him being our best attacker against Napoli because he wasn’t as disciplined this time around.

    – Theo was ruthless
    – Bendy looked very dangerous
    – Gnabry got some playing time and I think should be unleashed more again
    – BFG stuck it to Ozil. He needs to pull his head in for the good of the team.
    – 9 day break
    – All the ‘pretenders not contenders’ articles should fire up the team!
    – We are still top of the league!!!

  334. Fozzie B says:

    Thank you AB and Oz Gunner for compounding the positive vibes!!!
    There are definitely more positive than negatives and I am now relishing Chelvski! The guys are hurting and are going to come out firing!! 😀

  335. James Bond says:

    ah, the fatigue factor again.

    we are not the only team who have played that many matches in a 6-7 day period.

    nor is Giroud the only player to have played 15 games + 8

    Negredo = 15 + 8 games ?

    Aguero = 15 games + 5 games ?

    yes, he works really hard, no doubt but does he deliver the goods or does what is his primary and main job ?

    once upon a time, he used to be really good with his head, set pieces, or crosses – however, these days, he struggles to even hit the target with his head , when all the hard work is done by the crosser.

    although I admire your attempt at defending Giroud @ AB – but truth be told, he is not the only hard working forward in the EPL, you get the likes of Suarez, Rooney, Negredo and even Aguero working hard and helping their teams

    it’s one thing running endless, jumping high and heading the ball to your opponents and another to be clinical in front of goal, when the opportunity presents itself.

  336. AB says:

    Night night BKers. Off to bed hoping Spuds and Pool kick all hell out of each other for a draw tomorrow, and the Villa put in one of their occasional performances against Manure. A decent result against Chelski and today will be all forgotten!

  337. James Bond says:

    i’m just sick and tired of this jaded excuse really, fair enough we play plenty of matches, less recovery time hoopla and all that, but we are not the only team to do so plus this is the 21st century, we have ice baths, a lot of people working in the back room, trying to get players back to normal , plenty of conditioning , so on and so forth – spare a thought for players who had to play back in the day with minimal resources or the luxuries the players of today have at their disposal.

    as a professional football player, you grow up playing football 24/7 – this is what you sign up for, top level football and to play in every single match and perform at your best – look at players like Ronaldo and messi, very seldom are they rested , yet their level of performance remains consistent.

    toughen up lads and instill that into your players @ AW instead of using the we were a bit “jaded” rhetoric – Chelsea used the same with Jose and they only had 24 hours yet they won 2-0 against us.

    i am itching to do a post on this tiredness thing and keeping players fresh, as it’s nothing more than an excuse – where is Professor Geoff Chase when you need him @ JGC


  338. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, long day here so I’m tired…As such, I’m not sure I can post up to my normal high standards… 😀

    Yeah, where is JGC and why do his posts ALWAYS say “cheers – jgc” He’s remarkably consistent on that account no matter how much (or little he’s been posting)…If only Giroud could score every time in a similar manner…

    If you believe we’re on equal footing with Chelsea I believe you’re mistaken. They’re paying an ex-manager more than we’re paying Giroud…How many headers has Di Matteo scored lately?…

    Today (yesterday?) was a step in the right direction (for our attack) as Theo was quite efficient in front of goal even if Giroud wasn’t. Indeed his missed chances were killers but so were problems all over the pitch…It didn’t help that his right footed finish (which appeared to me to be perfectly onside) was called off…How many will RvP score tomorrow with HIS right foot?…The exact same as Giroud did today…ZERO… What says your sauce about press reports suggesting return of the grey-haired Judas boy?…

    Indeed it would be nice if we had Negredo and Aguero. Hell, I’d take Dzeko (the “Bosnian Bendtner w/o the Baggage”…) or even Adebayor who hates us so much that I think he loves us… With the money we got for his sale (or at least a part of it) I’ll just cross my fingers and hope maybe Poldolski will give us something…

    Fatigue is one thing when you’ve got Eto’o and Torres and Ba and another 30 million to toss at Benteke or 60 Million for Rooney)… According to MY sauce (YOU!) we’ve been in for certain big names but they didn’t happen and I’m not sure they would be the answer… Sometimes Mo’ money = more pressure… I guess. Does the fact that Torres scored today (against mighty Crystal Palace) means it’s ALWAYS worth it to spend it…

    Maybe so?

    But wait, weren’t you the guy saying that we’ll be winning in 9 days vs Chelsea?…Now I’m confused…Will it be the freshness (rest, etc.) that will allow the victory? Ah geez, now it appears I’M the one needing a rest, too many matches (kickoffs too early)

    I WANT MY BLOGGER (Total) BACK!!!! (or if not Total, then I’ll take professor Geoff, or even Gerry–when he finally gets a look at the match 😯 … Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time, James, please James, for you to write us a post…)

    (cheers–17HT 😀 😉 …)

  339. Fozzie B says:

    Steady 17h, it just so happens you have a Fozzmeister on location with Markeykaze to restore inner peace in the twilight hours before to
    Totes Talula finishes his red light shift!! 😆
    I’m sorry JB but the tough love approach doesn’t work in this approach although I know you mean well!! Coming from a rugby league background I know what your saying and I understand your toughen up comment which on a mental level is true on all accounts. But in a supremely tech game like football it always takes a lot longer to get that magic combination!
    City with a fistful of cash have half way got there.
    But in my opinion the coach is now the key to their sucess, but now the squad is the key to our sucess and so it’s only a major of catchup?
    We are so much in a strong position going forward! And we also now have a fantastic mascot in the name of MarleyKaze to take us forward through the rest of the season?
    We are so much stronger than this time last season!!
    Come on bastardos or I will unleash MarleyKaze to acupuncture your arses!!! 😆

  340. Fozzie B says:

    Ps Barstsrdos, don’t leave stockings out for Crimbo because Markeykaze will die!! He has asked for sherry cos he’s sick of rum!! And if you have any of Cockies special bake that would be greatly appreciated!! 😆
    Oh yeah … He says to say if you look after him he had contacts!!
    He’s the Caribbean Mosquito Godfather!! 😆

  341. Fozzie B says:

    Good morning bastardos!! Please watch this with brekky!!

    Kozzers injury! Only 2 weeks out!

  342. Fozzie B says:

    Must read BK brethrn!! Must read and no excuses!!

  343. Gerry says:

    Fozzie – Great links there. Good job with earlier comments too. The rum is doing you good?

    Let Me clear up a few points from earlier …

    JB – We are very different people when it comes down to it. You are younger, live for the moment, and, just occasionally, allow your emotions to gt the better of you.
    Me, I am older, more reflective, and I tend to look at the bigger picture, rather than the parts.
    Nothing wrong with the differences.

    We are both guilty off steering arguments towards our own point of view, either by omission of the others point, deflection, or twisting it to suit?
    Example A:
    I had a dig at you for over-praising Nacho during the game – by that I mean, instead of’ Great cross Nacho,( and even adding ‘I’ve said it before, he’s great at that’), you went on to say ‘he is the best passer/crossers we have, and possibly the best in the EPL’
    I took that was a double dig at my preferred LB, Gibbs – hence my point at the end of the match. Touche?
    From our previous discussion on the two, i thought that Gibbs and Nacho were pretty equal; Gibbs pace and recovery, and possibly a better header, over Nacho’s greater experience.

    However, you respond by making a distinction between the EPL and me saying ‘Country’, as to what you actually said. When I query this, you ignore? – (omission)
    I admit I was having a dig at you for the exaggeration, which I find irritating – like the one the day before (on Szcz) ‘He has probably cost us more games than he has won for us’ – But from the BBC stats which showed he is in fact the best keeper in the EPL this season(from the table before this game) – You may have messed it?
    However, you then go on to defend your point made in real time during the game, by doubting if I was watching the game? It is true, I do only listen to many matches in audio, on the ‘Player, because I do not have Sky, and I don’t like dodgy feeds that infect my computer with extra links to things I have no control over. However, I do have BT Broadband, and thus I was watching it live, not from behind the sofa? I even agree with you that Nacho did put in a great cross ….
    That was a piece of deflection, although you could have left out the (I doubt) in brackets, as I usually say if I am listening to the game both before, or when making comments, which I don’t if I have not seen the game – I am hoping to get around to the Napoli game sometime today, btw.
    But watching the game, as a whole, not just the little bit early on, you did give me an opening you’ll have to agree? That wasn’t just my considered view, my TV is my computer monitor, so I don’t have access, or desire really, to make comments during the game I am watching.

    I am still wondering if it is an exaggeration when you say I often mislead readers by twisting words, or whether you really have spotted my technique? 🙄

    Hey ho, what will we do with the next 9 days …

  344. Gerry says:

    Some varied and interesting comments above. I am glad to see the tone of despair mellowed a little towards the early hours.

    I find it interesting in the comment Malaysian Gunner made early on the referee before the game, was indeed something to be wary of?

    I responded by saying in the previous matches Atkinson had been in charge, he got the big decisions right, the little ones went the way of the opposition. The off-sides were not his responsibility, but the linesman did seem to be affected by the crowd? The penalty claim was one of those under the bracket of ‘I’ve seen them given’? But I think we have had similar not given in our box. The Nasri non-foul was the sort that I expected to go against us. But overall I think Atkinson’s pattern remains the same, especially his attitude to JW?

    I noticed a couple of things with Jack that suggested his head had gone in the second half..
    One, a firmly hit pass by Theo, he made one step for it, then stopped as though he thought is was for someone else to run on to. A sharper Jack would have made a proper attempt to get it, and been on a good run with Theo in tandem?
    The other which happened late on, and Gnabry got the blame for, was just a simple pass … if Jack had been making himself available for the pass. Instead he goes forwards, with a Mancs player in between, which meant the pass would have certainly have been intercepted?

    It is this and several other occasions that I come back to the point I made earlier, regarding his ‘turnararound game’. There, his off ball movement was superb. intelligently swapped positions, moved into space to be a receiver, and got into scoring opportunities. This was a step backwards.

    AW says they fell apart when Flamini went off. Some would say he should not have taken him off. I think I saw a slight limp when he took his seat, suggesting he was perhaps feeling a groin twinge?
    i know you make the point about playing both him and Arteta HT, but I think, after the Napoli game, going by comments made, that he slowed the game down, whereas here we needed to push forwards with a bit of urgency? This is why he, Flamini, was pushing on high up the pitch, and for the most part it worked okay, as he was strong enough to brush off the challenges. In theory, the trio of JW, AR and himself, there should have been enough cover at the back? It did not work out in practice. The problem of replacing Flamini with Arteta would have been to accept the 3-2 loss while we were in the attacking ascendancy, so it is understandable the subs that were made?
    I think Flamini might have done his groin when he slipped going after a poor pass from Ozil, and led to the Negredo goal. So if he is out for any length of time as well as Kos, which thankfully is
    only a couple of weeks and not the season … but these two weeks? Yuk!
    I could at this point, cough, and say Hayden? (DM or CB cover).

    ..and I have!

  345. Afternoon Grannie Gash Guzzlers !. 😆

    Gezzer… are a glutton for punishment, but credit to you !….I wont even watch MOTD if we lose or draw let alone watch the whole 90 mins of our defeat to Nipples on Arsenalplayer !……..fcuking masochist !. hahaha

    Thanks for the links Fozzskin !. 😀 However you surely must be on something hallucinogenic !. Probably having unprotected sex with a Prossie Mossie has had your cock doing a rasta haka with it taking photos of Miss Piggy`s Gash instead of Kozzies Gash !. What next Ziggy MarleyKaze`s ruptured rectum !. hahaha

    Whatever you do, don’t accept any of the local Reggay Bum Rum………… will turn you into a raving shirtlifter !

    If last message is too late, then me and Stretch will fly over in the Cortina, apply special arse Bandit Chloroform Antidotedope and ween you off the effects by gradual fellatio therapy !. Basically you will spend a month sucking off Stretches racing Pigeons and will end up wearing a flat cap and speaking with a northern bastard accent for the rest of the season !. hahaha

  346. And to answer 17`s question ?………………when I continuously say “cheers” , it`s because I`m fcuking drunk !……obviously, our Nutty Professor is in a toxic state of permanent inebriation !. Fcuking Alchy !. hahaha

  347. Fozzie B says:

    Hahahahahahaha Cockie!!! You’ve got MarkeyKaze all frisky with all that talk!! 😀
    He already had his wicked way with Mrs P last night!! 😀
    She was looking like pinhead from hell raiser at one stage!!
    I couldn’t get angry as it was rather funny and he is so adorable!! 😀
    Good to see you in a better mood Cockie!! With our Vulcan logic we can get
    through this dark period.
    Although if we lose to Chelvski I might not make it on the plane back!!
    I will cross over to the other side and be mincing my wares on the back alleys of Kingston town with MarleyKaze as my pimp!! Hahaha!!
    Cortina will be needed!! 😆

  348. Hahaha Fozzer

    Are you bringing back MarleyKaze to England ?…….you know it will end up as 6 months in quarantine before release !……but hey what are mates for, I will look after the Prossie Mossie whilst you spend the 6 months in quarantine and make a small fortune as it`s pimp !. hahaha

  349. Fozzie B says:

    Gerry you make some awesome points there and I’m glad you like the links!
    A cool, pragmatic head is needed when the litmus paper is lit and you my friend have it!!
    Hey Van Toteskin!! You doing a double shift in the red light district??
    I know BK looks a lot like BJ on paper and in the alphabet?
    Haha!! 😆

  350. Totes is stuck in Norwich A&E !. All down to his secret project !. He has a septic Hampton being treated after he got a splinter in his chap from his award winning designed Condom Cloggs !. hahaha

  351. Fozzie B says:

    Haha Cockie!! Very kind of you to offer to look after MarleyzKaze !!
    He can be a little prick at times!! But he is the mossy with the mostest I can’t deny!!

    Clog condoms!!haha! For the extra kick!! And guaranteed to give you a “shexy acsheet whilst making love”!!
    “I love goooooooold!!” Hahaha 😆

  352. James Bond says:

    ahahahhahahahahaahhahaha @ FB

    not only was Jackie boy asking for the toilet, apparently NB was heard saying loud and clear that the Eithad smells of piss 😀

  353. James Bond says:

    Hi Gerry 🙂

    we are all different people with different personalities here, with difference of opinions hence BK rocks even when the Furry fellas have turned against me (traitor stares at FB).

    onto business then :

    Yes, Nacho had a poor poor game, as did JW and a few others including Ozil, and it wasn’t the best game for the BFG either –

    Re-Nacho, and in hindsight – he should have played in Naples and Gibbs yesterday, the reason why i wanted Nacho apart from the obvious was that Gibbs looked off the boil on Wednesday, when it should have been Nacho playing – i was a tad surprised when i couldn’t find Gibbs on the bench hence the mention of that as well, maybe he was sick ? either way, i may have exaggerated with that one pass of his but it was a beautiful pass (sadly , that was the only piece of skill that stood out for me and it was all down hill from there ) – i was excited to see Nacho start and he let me and most of us down, but he will recover, i still rate him highly – both Gibbs and Nacho bring different qualities to the team and both are equally important.

    Re- Sczny – you can consider him to be the best GK in the PL , backed up by the BBC stats and so on – that’s fine, i don’t consider him to be in the top 6 GK’s yet, one day some day he may well be, but the best goal keepers don’t go on conceding unnecessary penalties when the game is already lost – maybe he couldn’t do much about the 5 goals that went past him but he certainly didn’t help with the 6th – we will agree to disagree on this one and by the looks of it, this disagreement won’t be going away anytime soon (when you call me out on the he has lost us more points than winning us, i have made several references to back what i have said, which include his showings in the CL and another very near exit caused by him on wednesday).

    also, the EPL vs country one was a non issue ? hence potato pootato.

    onto a pertinent question now : should we be lodging an official complaint against the ref and the linesman ? there were clear cut goal kicks given as corners in man city’s favour and so on added to the fouls, off side’s and so on as well , i think it would be wise of AW to do just that, in a big game, we needed a fair referee.

  354. James Bond says:


    be that as it may, you know it can’t be right when this tough mini period is about to begin, the boss starts identifying it and the players start talking about it ? surely, the better approach may well be to deal with it behind closed doors, lodge official complaints or make your point heard by these incompetent and biased suits ? by coming out in the public and letting your players know this, it’s a psychological thing that creeps in – we should have got the job done on wedneday and kept it as OGAT but we were saving ourselves a little for saturday ? and in the end, we were neither here nor there – both ended badly .

    then you have AW on the one hand openly mentioning this and then saying “i do not want to make an excuse ” – what is it then AW ? it’s one or the other, it can’t be a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  355. James Bond says:


    you were on fine form yesterday and in the mood yesterday, i see 🙂

    yep, such madness can only be expected by chelsea re- RDM – maybe he is off to west brom now ? 🙂 he was their coach before as well, if memory serves and they sacked him ? or maybe RDM will be the next West Ham manager ? either way, he has done well for himself.

    yes, i believe we can beat chelsea next monday, because quite bluntly put – we need a strong strong reaction after 2 consecutive away defeats and a home draw , the best way to silence our critics is to go out and put on a show on monday, and the way chelsea are playing, it shouldn’t be as hard as people are dreading it to be with a highly charged and motivated team, raring to go for AW – i expect nothing less than 3 points, as long as it’s not another 11 vs 12 .

    before Poldi got injured, he was training in the CF position a lot, seemingly it was AW’s plan to rotate both Giroud and Poldi up front – was the right idea but unfortunately we lost Poldi after he scored 2 goals in that meaningless game in the end as they were found to be dirty by UEFA anyway ? but yes, i hope he is still training up front to relieve Giroud, i do admire his work rate and defensive work but for me, his job is to score goals , scoring goals win you matches and he could have scored at least 2 goals yesterday, had glorious chances to do so – some may even say “bread n butter for him, especially the header that went just wide ” ?

    yeah, we are missing JGC and TA , no doubt .

    hope JGC is doing well , i reckon he is too busy cranking up the air mile points like FB 😀

  356. Gerry says:

    Hi Fozzie & TCM – I only put the second piece in just in case TA was expecting a preview post from me? A bit ironic if I had as I offered to, I would probably have recorded the match and listened to in audio live, and thus the bit with JB would not have happened 😀

    I offered to do a review when I emailed TA, but he said He wanted a preview doing as they take longer, and he was tied up with his project. So thinking he misread my message I put out the call for offers on Thursday while I cobbled my little bit together.

    So unless anybody else has sent something in, I’ll carry on with my additional thoughts on the match.

    I happen to catch MOTD2 at lunch time today, and one of the journo’s on it pointed out that Giroud has played 29 times, yes, 29 times! this season, including internationals, and that for a lone striker is some going?

    The amazing thing is that he has not got injured?

    I think he for one, has every right to feel a little jaded with the effort he puts in when wearing an Arsenal shirt? The other guest on the show thought the emotional loss at Napoli might have been another factor why so many of the team were off their game?

    Fozzie, that latest link does take Jack’s immaturity back a tad too far, but very funny. I saw another headline on the same subject, posing the good news/bad news on a possible ban for the Chelsea game – Would we really mind that much if he is out of the way?

    I like the one that Sabotage Times did on RVJ Face Book chat with a (satircal) look at comments from others joining in. I cannot find the link though.

    It sounds like we will not see Kos back before the FA Cup match against Spurs, and that pre supposes he does not get an infection like Rooney did?

    Naturally on MOTD2 they did talk about Man U and Villa, and hilariously said that this game and thei Boxing Day match against Hull were no longer games you could expect them to win ???
    Oh how the mighty have fallen – and RVJ out for a month?
    If you think we have had a setback, even the BBC commentator said that Moyes had been stitched up by Fergie?
    If they lose to Villa ….

  357. Gerry says:

    Hi JB – Yes the other ‘conversation’ may well rumble on, but we can leave it for now.

    The Gibbs Naploi game, I said before that, when I ran through this fixture list that my idea was the same as yours, Nacho there, Gibbs in the league match. His absence is a strange one?

    I can only guess, but with TV5 on the bench, the LB spot was covered, and somebody had to make way for Gnabry, who presumably was cover for Walcott?

    There is probably more to it than that. Dodgy in flight meal perhaps?

    But yes, even the journo’s on the above MTOD2 were quite kind to us, saying we should be judged after the Chelsea match. Mind they also thought we would not win the league thanks to Man Ctiy’s ‘statement of intent’ yesterday, but thought there was a chance we might, because all the other teams were losing, including ManC away from home.

    So let the dust settle, and see who is back and ready to play, and restore our cushion at the ToTL?

  358. James Bond says:

    football is a funny game @ Gerry

    isn’t this the same man city team that thrashed man utd, and then spuds and then went on losing or dropping points away ? – i don’t care what the so called experts say, it’s a marathon and not a race, last time i checked, we were still sitting pretty at the top and will continue to do so , i have every faith in the lads and a start of a new run beginning with the chelsea game.

    man city have lost Aguero, will they be the same without him ? stats and results indicate otherwise – they are entitled to make them favourites, as they did with chelsea , that’s fine – but like you said, the important thing to remember is that we haven’t suffered any more set backs, that KOC one could have been worse but TV5 will need to show his leadership credentials and maybe remind us all, why AW showed so much faith in him to begin with ?

    also, i wasn’t here for the naples game but it does appear that we may have continued from naples, that’s the worst i have seen Flamini play this season as well, what was he thinking ?

    generally, it was a bad bad day at the office, but hey 8 days off, isn’t too bad and if someone cocked up in getting us 3 games in 6 days then we do get a little german style breather, the germans will be loving this !!!

    man utd are winning 0-3, not that it matters as they are still fighting for Europa league , ha

    can i just add something re- man city, i think they are very dependent on Kompany, and the lad was immense for them yesterday, he’s a big match player, i wonder how long before he gets injured again ? he will be essential to their title challenge in my opinion.

    PS : shakes hand like a true gent – no ill feelings, ok ?

  359. AFC says:

    Going back to the match yesterday, I think we lacked PRESENCE! (as JGC would say) and I think that is why we cannot and did not dominate the midfield against City. Now don’t get me wrong Flamini has PRESENCE, as does Diaby, as did Song but I am talking about that world class Yaya Toure, Makelele PRESENCE! TA, did suggest this type of DM/CM and I’m with him. We need someone who can hold the fort on his own and allow the likes of Wilshere and Ramsey to get forward when playing in the middle.

  360. AFC says:

    Problem is we can forget about getting that type of midfielder until the summer so we have to deal with this problem with our current players. Flamini and Arteta cannot play every match so this where Ramsey comes in (as he will likely play in the double DM pivot). I think we need to revert back to our tactics at the end of last season. Whoever plays in the double DM pivot stay back, keep it tight and protect the back. Bad news for Ramsey and our attack but I do not think we can afford to have one of the two players in the double DM pivot bombing forward (Ramsey) and leaving Flamini or Arteta to mop on their own as they are not of the calibre as the players mentioned above and have their limitations.

  361. Gerry says:

    JB – Never meant any ill feelings. More a mis-timed dig while feeling were running high?
    So yes, shake hands.

    Sorry I’ve been away rushing through my recording of racing yesterday. Now I have to feed the dogs.

    I shall keep an eye on the scores elsewhere, but then it will be Napoli for me for a couple of hours.

    Back later

    Oh, evening AFC Agreed on the DM point in with the three other signings we need if we can get them. They tell me Mount Zuma is very nice at this time of the year ?

  362. James Bond says:

    wow, i feel so so so good right now, spuds lost 0-5 at home to liverFOOL with captain Suarez again putting in a world class performance.

    man city vs liverpool , is very soon ; ) so no worries, both will take each other out as long as we start our merry run again vs chelsea – sorted

    TCM – Spuds spent £110 million , yet here you are wanting us to spend more money and buy more and more players , perhaps there needs to be a right balance ?

  363. James Bond says:

    so the CL draw is tomorrow ? i really really hope that we get Barca, RM or even PSG , don’t want BM – because we have already defeated them and i don’t want us to keep defeating them, gets boring 😉 and ATL-M , that’s one never ending pressing team and a nightmare team to play in my opinion, certainly don’t want them 2 team, anyone else is fair game

    PS: spuds lost 0-5 ahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahaha HI-Fives everyone!!!

  364. James Bond says:

    on a side note – if liverpool beat cardiff on saturday/sunday, then they go top of the table since we don’t play until monday hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    not comfortable with the very thought of that.

  365. Listen Larry Loincloth……I`m not talking petty cash money of £110m !……I`m talking of a Usmanov revolution !…..Both City and Chavs have spent nigh on £2 Billion between them for such success. We already have in place a beautiful stadium and training facilities, so £500m will probably cover it for a few SQ players and that will equal trophies !. hahaha

    Suarez has scored more goals than the whole of the Spud team !.
    This is where we just didn`t push the boat out far enough, we made a piss taking pound over £40M for Suarez whereas a pound over £50M would have probably sealed the deal, now we would have to probably pay a pound over £60/70M !….and that my friends is what it may cost to win the EPL as I will bet money we will not be top come 1st Jan !…….we wont be top before the Chav game !.

    Although Arsene has been a great housekeeper and would probably make a better accountant than the Blood Sucking BK ones…..he lacks the gonads to spectacularly speculate to accumulate trophies !. The tight ship Arsenal just cruises along nicely !.
    Lets see if that is enough to bring out Apeshitting Arsene Arse Suckers !. I can feel Stretch struggling with the mental strength !. hahahaha

  366. Gerry says:

    Certainly is a funny old game. JB

    Mind I could open another wound here JB. On said MOTD2, they also said to lookout for the ‘fatigue’ factor because Spurs played on Thursday. Just thought you should know that?

    Watch it on the I player if you don’t believe me? 😀

  367. Jezzer.
    After dropping points against Chavs Monday week, we will face a West Ham side on the Thursday, drop more points and blame the “fatigue” factor as West Ham would have played 2 days earlier than our Chav game !. Someone who makes the fixture dates is obviously a Spud !. 👿

  368. Gerry says:

    Right, I have watched the Napoli game and it looked like we went out there to counter attack them, thinking that they were going to risk everything. Rafa is a clever guy though he just kept plugging away. So it became a bit of a stalemate, even after they scored the first goal – That first goal is the way a lot of sides will try and play us I think. Get somebody, who can turn and shoot quickly, right on Per’s shoulder, and do just that? – It wasn’t until the score came through from Dortmund in the 88th minute did both sides realised they missed out. Us from top spot, and too little time to score two goals, and Napoli needing two goals to edge us out, and only got one of them.

    I don’t think anybody played badly. Arteta for his red card(2nd Yellow) when he was that far up the pitch. But overall it was a bit of a nothing game regards goal mouth action.

  369. James Bond says:


    i know what you are trying to do here, create another mass brawl i mean mass discussion – so i will try to refrain, ha

    we will be fine against Chelsea, and we will be fine against both West ham and the Geordies , in fact , we will win our next 5 matches and then when that happens, you’ll be begging me for the lottery numbers.



    Chelsea did that last season and managed to finish 3rd and with a Europa league trophy as well, the trouble with the fatigue excuse may have some merit to it, however, would you much rather be invovled in as many competitions or be liverpool ? who are only one injury or ban (suarez) away from self destruction ? again, they play man city and chelsea in quick sucession, when we be taking on WHU and NEWCASTLE.

    the “jaded and fatigue bit” touches a nerve, and quite bluntly put, i hate hearing such words as an excuse thanks to AW.

    you have the players, utilize them, rotate them and keep things fresh, no one is forcing you to keep Gnabry, Theo out of the starting 11 and no one is forcing you to slot JW in, when you can continue with Rosicky or Santi, if you unable to rotate cleverly with a very very decent squad at your disposal then you can’t look else where for the blame – in years gone by, it was the injuries, this year, which one is it ? i’m confused

    whose the scapegoat ? our dodgy schedule or the fact that oilers had the officials in their back pockets yesterday ?

  370. Gerry says:

    TCM – now you are being silly. All teams are playing every two or three days, so thay will be just as jaded? We would not have felt so flat against City if we were winning. WE need to score first, and we should against those sort of teams?

  371. James Bond says:

    and you were satisfied with Sczny’s performance vs Napoli @ Gerry ?

  372. Me….silly ! hahaha
    Just being sarky, I`m in the JB camp…….Being a runner, I don’t wash with the ” jaded/fatigue ” nonsense ( although jgc may correct us and stick me and JB in the corner of the BK classroom !. hahaha ). Mo Farrah Gooner runs every day of the year !….I bet he laugh`s his arse off listening to the fatigue/jaded brigade !.

  373. Gerry says:

    Overall it he was sound. not at fault for the first goal. Made a couple of routine saves that kept it at 0-0. The one two minutes into injury (of 3 minutes) could should not have got to the point where they coup chip him from that range, nor perhaps should he have been that far off his line unless he was ‘narrowing the angles’? Credit the scorer for being inventive?

  374. James Bond says:

    indeed plus as Gerry rightfully points out, it’s more or less the same for every team , if not the top teams across Europe and in England – they suffer with the similar schedule, injuries, rotation etc e.t.c conundrums

  375. I`m guessing the average EPL midfielder runs 10k per game with attackers running less and CB`s running less still with the goalie having a holiday !.
    Even in my mid 30`s I was doing a 10k in 35 mins, so as I say…10k in 90mins plus ? injury time for a midfield footballer !. Easy peasy !.
    Love to know how much Per runs in 90 mins ?.

  376. James Bond says:

    interesting you give the credit to the scorer for being inventive when i thought it was the scorer knowing he would be most likely have a chance to score because they had a similar opportunity when he came out leaving goal, was chipped and the ball went over the bar.

    but i get what you mean 🙂 no worries !

    who thinks that we will have the likes of Poldi / Ox and Diaby back sooner rather than later now ?

    PS : are we doing a post on who we want our next CL opponents to be @ TA

  377. Gerry says:

    They also suffer from similar drops in form. Dortmund only drew with the 2nd from bottom club. Leverkusen lost. Celtic manged a 1-0 home win. Wigan managed a 3-2 win in a mid table scrap. Spurs lost 0-5 against a side i keep hearing about from somebody who says that ‘Pool have a big advantage through not playing midweek??

    And they are just the one I could check on fairly quickly?

  378. Just realised…….with the injury time that’s over 15 mins per mile ! ( 10k = 6.25 miles )……….fcuk….I could walk a mile in that time at a brisk pace !. Lazy bastards !. hahaha

  379. Gerry says:

    JB – Does it matter who we play? Especially against that lot. Man City have the same group so that will be fun too. My bet, as I already said, just on predicting a coincidence level, we get RM away?

  380. Hold on a sec`……..has anyone seen Per actually run ?. He organises and reads the game, Koz does all the running !. hahaha

  381. We will be playing at home first, because we came 2nd in group !. Same for all !.

  382. Gerry says:

    The first one yes – Poldi

    The second one – the Ox – possibly for late subbing, but it will be slow, slow, quick,quck , slow.

    The third on – Diaby, much as I would love to see back on track with his career, I think he needs to be out of the spotlight and get a nice loan, perhaps to a club we are trying to buy from?

  383. James Bond says:

    Dortmund are suffering because of no Gundogan and Rues not being at his best, also with Lewandowski showing how over-rated he is, in my opinion.

    I already mentioned liverpool, let’s see how they do when they play man city and chelsea when we play west ham and new castle.

    this liverpool advantage was first identified by TCM and i had a discussion with him, he was of the opinion that they would be doing well and running away with it, but then we played them and boom, they came back to earth, tumbling down

    hence my point is, is it an advantage or disadvantage not playing as much ?

    surely, being professional footballers, the more regularly you play , the more in tune and in form you are, the more rest you get like liverpool, the more you train but that’s not the same as playing proper matches ?

    i much rather my players playing and scoring in matches instead of training and scoring in training.

    RM be mouth watering , no doubt

  384. Gerry says:

    TCM – This is knockout stage?

  385. James Bond says:

    Per organizes, points his fingers, and is the real leader in this team !

    the sooner he gets the arm band, the better @ TCM

    yesterday, Per had an off day and the scoreline reflects it

    that Koc injury looks really bad though, out for 3 weeks is what i’m hearing.

  386. James Bond says:

    yeah, knockout stage and TCM is right, we will play at home first and then away, be it RM , Barca or whoever.

  387. James Bond says:

    mostly agreed @ Gerry

    but disagreed about sending diaby on loan, we miss his presence in MF and height, it will ease the burden on Giroud a bit when he’s another target for Sczny to aim at.

  388. RA says:

    You are more right than wrong Cockie Doodle, trained athletes could have a Monster for breakfast and then run 10k before eating Fozzie.

    Thing is it is the comparatives between fit athletes.

    If you take two equally fit teams of athletes in any sport who are schedules to meet each other on the Saturday, and then it is decided that one team will also play another on the previous Wednesday, that is like handicapping them.

    It is not that they are too tired to take on Cockie, Fozzie or Terry and still have them for breakfast, it is simply that against another bunch of athletes of a similar stature they are disadvantaged.

    It is all a matter of comparatives. 🙂

  389. I don’t care who we get, we aint gunner win it, so might as well bring on Barca or Madrid for a mouth watering money earner !. Then after Spuds knock us out of the FA Cup, we will only have one game per week and easily get 4th with no fatigue failure !. hahaha

  390. Gerry says:

    JB -That sounds wonderful but it ain’t reality? So much of it is psychological. If you are winning the effects of the game are less while you are playing. Man City scored first against us. Pool scored first against Spurs. The stress levels go up when you have to do something.

    I’ll give you a parallel in horse racing: The horse out in front is setting a fast pace. The horses behind are going exactly the same speed, otherwise they would be getting further and further behind. But when they come from behind to win, the pacemaker, unless exceptional, will drop away tamely.
    Same with track runners. They have a pacemaker in to set the tempo of the race. The idea being the runners behind can relax and not have to worry about whether they are going too quick or too slow. Horses are not even thinking, they just relax in behind, which takes less energy.

    So back to the football – the team that gets the first goal has the advantage. Which is why AW tried to send out the team to score, but after a tough draw with Everton, the loss out at Napoli, to come up against City away from home was always going to be difficult?

  391. Gerry says:

    TCM – On the other hand, we might surprise you, and get a win, get a nice friendly draw next time, and we are in the semi-finals?

    And that is worth an Ozil or two, moneywise?

  392. Hi Redders 😀
    So to use the analogy involving our friend Stretch……he was offered on a plate the choice of naked twins !. One had a jack and danny ( cockney rhyme and slang for you know what ! ) sprinkled with salt !….the other had a jack and danny sprinkled with pepper !……Stretch decided on the one with sprinkled salt !…..he said it was too good an opportunity to be sneezed at !.
    Actually, I`m not sure what the analogy was !. hahaha

  393. Gerry says:

    On Diaby JB, I just think the demands to step up to the level that are needed here are too much after what he has been through. You are automatically thinking he will pickup where he left off? I think it will take him a full season at least, and that is without any setbacks?

  394. James Bond says:

    oh yes, first goal is vital but not necessarily a killer blow as it does make it a wee difficult but it also presents an opportunity for a team to show character – champions often find that winning knack of coming from behind and winning, if not on a regular basis then when the going gets tough, they do rise above it all.

    that was a nice comparison with the horse racing, i liked it

    ah, TCM is missing Fozzie , i see

    Fozzie, where art thou ? still having rums ehhh

  395. RA says:

    Cockie, 🙂

    Altho Stretch would have blown both — he is not up to it as he has been spending too much time with his thirsty goats.

    By the way what have you done with my mate GLIC? 🙂

  396. Gerry says:

    Right, I am off to watch CG7 destroy Marseilles – both played in midweek, so I’ll see who scores first. Lyon had the Thursday game, but Marseilles had the tough one?

    Enjoy yourselves with your mass debate ..

  397. James Bond says:

    no, not at all @ Gerry

    I think it will do him good, if we can get him back the Ramsey way or even the Theo or Poldi way, slow and steady, and then play him as a bit part player , sub appearances and then boom, 1 proper game in 3, may do him good until the end of the season, hopefully he stays fit and helps us in that bit part role , if he manages to do that, with a full pre-tour he might get back to his best at the start of next season.

    Diaby, that is.

  398. Redders

    Glic was looking after his missus and I took over for a while for his respite, but in that time Arsenal topped the league and Glic didn`t want to come back in case he put the jinx/mokkers on them !.
    Looks like he could be back soon the way the results are going !.


    None of it Redders, I feel invigorated and blown salt, pepper, suger, chutney, and any other spice on offer (Blown?? hahaha).

    I am very proud of these current players and will hear no negativity

    Twelve months ago we were shit and doomed to mid table medicority, yet roll forward the clock and within a short space of time we can dream again.

    One of the most difficult things in any walk of life is to written off as shit, yet have the courage and ability to turn opinion around

    This is what the current squad has done. If anything, give them credit for that. They are fighters and next week Chelsea wont know whats hit them.

  400. James Bond says:

    Gerry , must be enjoying the italian clash of naples as I am scouting our potential next opponents in the UCL – ATL-M

    worth nothing that ATL-M and Porto, always seem to unearth gems up front, even if they sell their star strikers, they have always managed to have top notch strikers or goal machines – motto of the story ? close your eyes and buy strikers from them 2 teams – can’t go wrong !

    they are winning a tricky one 2-0 and if they score another goal or 2, they go top of the table in LA LIGA , frightening.

  401. James Bond says:

    actually , Chelsea will know exactly what hit them, it will be a combinations and brilliance of the Germans and the pace and trickery of the British @ Terry

    it seems that 17HT used up all his internet time yesterday 😀

  402. Fozzie B says:

    Good evening Oil Stained Crotch Conundrum Conquerors!!
    Thank you for the positivity Stretch!! Could you please use your Memory erasing Men in Black smile on Cockie!!
    He has been having erotic about a certain Naked Uzbek Buddha!! Haha!! 😆
    Reports from the tranny annex are that has Naked Uzbek Buddhas everywhere!!
    He makes all the trannys touch its little hampton in rapid jerking motions accompanied by Cockie Krishna dancing and singing!! Haha 😆
    It’s reaching fever pitch leading up to Cockies Crimbo coming up!
    I will reveal full details on this later .. But for now Stetch I beseech you in the name of humanity to flash those pearly whites and restore Cockie to his fine Vulcan mind!! Hahaha!!!! 😆

  403. Fozzie B says:

    *erotic thoughts .. 😆

  404. It would be nice if Wenger can break the strangle hold Mourinho has on Arsene`s cock !. Or maybe Arsene just happens to like it a bit too much !. Time for Arsene to turn the tables on Mourinho`s Portuguese Man O` War and suck the venomous sting out of his tentacles !. Then again, that’s some extreme Tea Bagging, he just might like that a bit too much as well !. hahaha
    All in all though, it`s about time Wenger got his first win against Jose and his long hose !. hahaha
    Anyone know how many games Arsene has failed to beat Mourinho ? and anyone care to give evidence or reason why he is likely to succeed after the 69th attempt ?. hahaha

  405. Hahaha Fozzskin

    But be honest, does this not get your Hampton haka jizzing all over your face !. hahaha

  406. Or are you like Stretch, who only trusts people who wear dodgy syrups !. hahaha

  407. Fozzie B says:

    Your right Cockie, Maureen enjoys giving Wenger the “cough” test on his Crystals!! And Wenger politely coughs each time!!
    But this time will be different!! Fozzenstein and MarleyKaze have have foreordained it so no need to worry!!
    Not usually so bullish but my gut feeling is super strong this time!!
    It supersedes all scientific boundaries so once again relax!! Haha!!
    Tarzan has also got a new tingling sensation in his lucky loincloth!!
    You don’t often hear my come out so boldly in prediction!! Rub that Uzbek Buddha and join the party Cockie!!

    Ps. Have the Cortina warmed up if we lose!hahaha!! 😆

  408. Yeah and ……………………………………………….


  409. Fozzie B says:

    Haha Cockie, we are doomed either way to having an ugly bastardo at the helm!! Haha!!
    Each time I look at Silent Stan I get an overwhelming desire to brush my yard!!
    Each time I think of Usmanov I get an overwhelming desire to eat KFC and watch Thunderbirds!! Haha! 😆

  410. And I will rub my cock until a genie appears and grants me 3 wishes !. hahaha

  411. Fozzie B says:

    Aaah… Be careful of the Sperm Genie Cockie!!
    One too many rubs and he makes you look like Ozil!! Haha!! Hey … Are you Marty Feldmans brother!! 😆

  412. I know VCC nearly drowned sucking off a Sperm Whale !.

  413. Obviously our Dutch Master having a site named Godesque thinks Sunday is a day of rest !.

  414. Fozzie B says:

    Haha!! Goldfinger Totes is out pimping his ho’s and selling your special bake Cockie….
    It was only a matter of time before he got pulled back in again. Us furry fellows just pushed him over the edge … 😀

  415. TotalArsenal says:

    I cannot believe that the last comment is BK’s 50000th comment. You two are cyber-filth 😀

  416. Fozzie B says:

    Ahahahahaha!! Why thank you Totes!!! Cockie and I gratefully accept your BK grammy!! We would like to thank all BK Brethren for your support … Cockie and I could not have done it without you!! 😆

  417. TotalArsenal says:


    ‘we would like to thanks our mums for giving us the Oedipussy complex and our daddies for incurable penis-envy, also known as hampton-longing’ 😆

  418. Yes, but it`s a unique filth that adds to the structural integrity of the site !. hahaha

  419. TotalArsenal says:

    ooh it is unique, you can say that…

  420. Hahaha Yes Totes and I can honestly say it`s unique to this site and surprisingly to a very consistent level !. hahaha

  421. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes unique, consistent, and incomprehensible if you do not suffer from the same short-comings… 😛

    The clog-condom was a classic though – only works with a lot of hay in it, if you ever were to try it….

  422. Fozzie B says:

    There is so much love in here I think I’m going to cry!! Totes you’ve spiked us with those happy pills again haven’t you!!
    Such a generosity!! Mrs P is going to have to stop me break dancing in the restaurant tonight!! ….. Again!!!
    Just as well MarleyKaze can bring me down again with a mellow drop!! Haha 😆

  423. TotalArsenal says:

    Hope the MarleyKaizer teaches you a few footie tricks, Fozzer.

    Night all 🙂

  424. Fozzie B says:

    Nitey night Goldfinger Totes!!
    MarleyKaze is honoured that you gave him the honorary “kaiser” status!!
    Dreaming of Maureen’s demise!! 😀

  425. It`s all a smokescreen to ward off gooner ladies from stalking me !. hahaha

    I thought my peppered pussy analogy was quite clever….a a a atishoo …bless me !.
    I shall now retire as I`m feeling knackered…due to frantic rubbing since 22:37 and the fcuking Genie still hasn`t appeared !. hahaha
    Night all……I dream of Genie !.

  426. Fozzie B says:

    Night night Cockiespaniel!!
    When you wake up you will have snail Ozil eyes from over rubbing!! Looks like Santa visited you early!! Hahaha!! 😆

    Ps my thumbs look like they’ve been on steroids scrolling to the bottom these comments…. I’ve even invented a running man dance competition for MarleyKaze to help me!! Haha!! Poor bastard doesn’t realise I’m taking advantage of him!! 😆
    But when I give him the green light to turn Mrs P into pinhead the joy on his face more than compensates! 😆

  427. Hahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  428. Champions League Draw:

    Arsenal Vs Bayern
    Manscum Vs Olympiakos
    Chavs Vs Galatasaray
    City Vs Barca

  429. Alcide says:

    CM, that’s a priceless link 🙂

    Ouch on the draw… but I wasn’t expecting otherwise!

  430. TotalArsenal says:

    As expected a tough draw. I would like to be as romantic as JB, but this nigh impossible. Should be two good games though.

    AVB sacked is sooooo typically Spuds. They are not able to do anything strategic…. stupid indeed.

  431. TotalArsenal says:

    Guys, just to let you know that Dylan is working on a match analysis which I hope to issue at some point today.

  432. Yes Alcide, it sort of ties in with AVB`s sacking…..Daniel Levy found out that AVB had an IQ of 93 !. No way was Levy having someone at the club with a higher IQ than himself !. hahaha

  433. Dates confirmed for 1st leg and 2nd leg !.
    Nothing about 3rd leg !.

  434. alcide says:

    Hahahaha CM!

    TA, BM is 14-2-0 with a +34 GD in the Bundesliga… last time they were on a high like this, we beat them 🙂 But ok, going to be tremendously difficult…

    And agreed re:spuds, taking (an)one(ther) on the chin and keep with the strategy for a bit may have helped… they barely assembled the team together, what do they expect?


    Right, who fancies going to Munich with me. I promise separate Hotel rooms, and will try my best not to enter yours. The danger hour is usually around 3 in the morning.

    I want to test my wits against some Fraulines. German women are very efficient, so should be a great trip.

  436. Fozzie B says:

    Good morning Bereaving Battered and Bruised Bayern Botty Boys!! 😆
    Screw me!! Talk about the worst possible draw!! I was hoping for a change from the Muncheons!! Chavs and Manure through and at least City got a hard draw too! 😀
    Still can’t help thinking what would have happened if Scrooge McWenger had of tested Liverfools resolve for Ratatouille with a 50 wedge!
    Ratatouille is on fire eh?? If we had him I think we could have gone all the way in CL as well as the EPL!
    Man I’m going to get depressed! Wish I could rub my Crytalls and see into the future at who we will bring in as striker!!!
    Oh well, I’ll just have to keep rubbing just like Cockie!!
    Hey your rubbing paid off Cockie!
    You got a AVB sacking in your sock this morning!!
    Haha!! 😆

  437. James Bond says:

    not sure about any of you, but if i was a Bayern Munich supporter – the I be very very concerned right now….there was one team that all of them big boys must be dreading drawing and that was Arsenal, as it stands, we will be going through to the last 8 after knocking the current champions out , yes my friends, – Revenge is a dish best served cold and even better when it’s the German Trio of Per, Ozil and Poldi knocking the other German’s out.

    good news for BM though, they can further strengthen their position in the B league after we knock them out 😀

  438. Fozzie B says:

    Thanks for the post in advance! I’m getting strange looks walking around with my bionic super sized thumbs from all this scrolling!!
    …. Oh hang on I wonder what it will to my Hampton!! 😆
    My phone could be like a running machine for my Hampton!! Haha!! 😀

  439. James Bond says:

    nice one , TA – looking forward to Dylan’s article, been a while since he last wrote one for us !

    i’m very happy we got BM, i didn’t want ATL-M because i think this year they might go all the way, it’s frightening how good they are, i watched them last night and they look the business

    Chelsea and Man utd , lucky as usual with their draws.

    as long as we don’t lose players to injury by then, we will be fine like sweet sweet wine

  440. James Bond says:

    I’m very sad re- AVB sacking,this means we can’t give them a 9-0 thrashing in a couple of weeks time when we face them in the FA cup encounter, would have been sweeter if Dan Levy sacked him after losing to us 😀

    now they might get a decent manager and one that gets them playing better with 2 strikers up front, argh.

  441. Fozzie B says:

    Admire your positivity JB!! And your right that a Muncheons fan nightmare was to draw us. Psychologically we have the wood on Bayern provided we start a whole lot better in the first leg! Don’t think both teams will make the same mistakes twice.
    Thanks for the invite Stretch!! Meant to be back in NZ that time but if circumstances change! When do you need to know by? 😀

  442. James Bond says:

    no worries @ FB – we will finish the job well this time, it’s written in the stars sorta thing, ha

    re- the Ratatouille , i have previously told you that Wenger hasn’t given up on him, yes ? well, to back it up, you can find plenty of “Praise and love” from AW towards Suarez today , yep , he still hasn’t given up on him – as it stands from now until 1st of January, LiverFOOL might be going down the table in quick time, we could also nose dive , sure that remains a possibility , however, we are going to be alright and finish this year as the number .1 team in England, which might be persuasive enough, hopefully.

    fingers crossed – i always always backed Suarez up, even when most of our fans didn’t want him near Arsenal, due to his “baggage” – i wonder, if the same fans would welcome Suarez with open arms at £55 million plus Bendy and Diaby on loan ? hmmmm


    Dont know yet Fozzie. Need to look into the possibility of getting tickets

    Haven’t been to an away European game since Olimpiakos a couple of years ago. these trips are a right laugh, and of course, its a great game to go to.

  444. James Bond says:

    would be a dream to have Suarez and along them lines says – AW.

  445. Fozzie B says:

    I know he hasn’t given up JB but don’t you think Liverfool are less likely to sell to us now than before with Suarez form, no sturridge and possibility of getting into top 4?
    Or does your sauce know something? Are you saying we have a chance for Jan?
    I’d be grateful for any tranny window updates!! 😆

  446. Fozzie B says:

    Man £55mill and diaby/Bendtner on loan would be an amazing piece of business!!
    Was that from yoyr sauce JB? 😆

  447. Gerry says:

    JB & AW – Stop dreaming, it ain’t gonna happen.

    Afternoon all, I was a bit out of kilter with the time this morning.

    Yes, Bayern will do fine, And mid February is, if memory serves me right, is when we have a good run of fixtures? The March return leg does herald that period we have just had/having, in reverse.
    Still, whatever will be will be.

    More transfer guff spewing out of the baying hordes. Unfortunately, every now and then they hit upon names I have on my short, short-list. Often linked to other teams. I hope our advanced negotiations are at an advanced stage come Jan 1st – like ‘Just sign here please …’ stage?

    On AVB? I am with JB on this one, not for the gloating win, but for the fact that it would have been nice to have him bumbling along until Jan 3rd. Now the new guy – any thoughts? – will have 3 or 4 games to get an idea of how to fix their problems? Perhaps they’ll send for Harry Rednap to keep them out of the relegation zone?

  448. James Bond says:

    i can only do 2 + 2 right now = the timing of that Suarez admiration statement by AW – he hardly ever talks about a player out of the blue and one we don’t play anytime soon .

    yep, LiverFOOL may not sell to us, but stranger things have happened in football, i can assure you of that, besides you look at their midfield and you look at our midfield, had he been playing behind our midfield and got those chances Giroud failed to capitalize on, i’m sure his goal tally be near 50 as we speak.

    Suarez, loves football and he like many other know, that a core of any team and for a striker is a Midfield, which we have ready mate and is going to be there for another 2-3 years – Liverfool on the other hand, still trying to address that area and may take another 12 months to get there, the same time we could be winning trophies with him in the team.

    sure, he was made the captain yesterday, but hey, he was also made captain of Ajax and guess what happened not so long after that ? he worked his way out.

    i know that there are strikers like Berbatov, Hernandez , Michu , Benteke that might be headed for the exit in January but truth be told, Suarez is different animal altogether.

    i am very optimistic that if we get our January targets, we will be a real force to be reckoned with in Europe as well.

  449. ‘Morning, Munching Munchen Munchers… (as my Furry Friends might say…) Pretzels and beer (or wurst?…) again?… It will be very difficult (if not nigh on impossible) but then we can get back to business in the league (to please the cockie)…Or maybe we’ll be embroiled in FA cup intricacies if we can sneak past our 3rd rounder against revitalized Totts and their new helmsman… Yes James, we “can” win them all and we “can” buy anybody in Jan. It all starts with sweet talking them in the press, it appears and with 50,000+ posts right here, press on we must…

    Sorry Bond (in general, for the above… but also) about disappearing Sunday after holding the Goonersphere together on Saturday. Sometimes even the great ones need that rest day… Speaking of which, today is December 16 so our fearless leader, the one named in honor of the T and the A and worshipper of all things Dennisian, must return to inform us of the sweet football, played by great characters, which will fill our festive period and the new year. Working for pay, Total, distorts the art. Sign over the paystub to the missus and get back to the writing, OK?…

    But first we have one from the young prodigy, Dylan, from the land of the big snows… The lad has so much potential and merely needs to get his priorities straight–Let others do the shoveling and the blowing, give up the field sports and the honor (honour?) classes (and the computer games) and focus on the Arse. This one should have been done by Saturday night but our youngster was likely making the rounds with all the “City” girls (staring into their baby blues?)…

    So, things to which to look forward to…or something… Chelsea in a week, then the various league hurdles (stumbling blocks), Spurs in the FA thing and into the new year we go and another go-round with the (current) best club in Football looming. Time to put the big goal fest from Saturday in the rear-view and get back to boring things like defending and possession and taking a chance here and there. There’s plenty to learn from our disappointing week to carry into this next phase of the season…

    Details (boring ones…) coming… 😀

  450. James Bond says:

    ah, Gerry brings us back from fantasy land

    alrighty then – re Spuds, i think they may ask Baldini or Hiddink to come take over for the next 6 months or so….

    saying that, RDM – now then, how ironic would that be, if spuds get him on the short term to replace his former boss ? chelsea all over again, ha

    would be nice for laughs though and rubbing it in a bit !

    Harry the spudnapp isn’t as daft as he looks or sounds, he won’t come back to spuds since he has a resonable chance with QPR and winning the championship.

  451. James Bond says:

    no, FB – it’s wishful thinking 🙂

    and here comes my partner in crime during those “bitch twitchy moments” – welcome back @ 17HT

  452. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oh James, you’re such a tease…or such an optimist, or such a something…

    I’m with the realists here–but loathe to crush anybody’s dreams, no matter HOW far-fetched…

    When the book gets written I think there may be quite a story about passive-aggressive behavior in transfer windows past…How AW gave a Jacky-boy single finger salute to Stan Kroenke and said OK, I’ll go one better than selling Cesc, I’ll sell chinless to City and (next summer after another scrape-by…) RVP to Sir Alex and his American owners in Manchester… As such, I’d be a bit more worried about AW selling OUR players up to Pool and less wishful that John (“if I had a Hammer”) Henry will be selling any of theirs our way…

    But that’s just me, (or my 2+2…) and I’ve been known to be a worrier… 😀

  453. James Bond says:


    John and Stan are good amigos, no ?

    there’s still plenty of time from now till 1st of Jan, so let us take the back seat and let nature take it’s course (by that i mean, let city and chelsea thrash liverpool) as we continue on our merry ways, ehhhh – on the other hand, LiverFOOL could go top of the table if they win against Cardiff 🙂

    don’t blame me for it though @ 17HT – this is almost like another international lull, no ? we gotta keep things moving along and keep dreaming, ah yes, i’m a romancist alright.

  454. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cheers Bond…

    Don’t stop believing (or hoping or being an optimist) on my account… It is, however, pretty wild the ups and down of the Super-Spy roller coaster ride with you…In one post we’re gonna win them all, in the next we’ve got the two worst players in the EPL (if not all of football… or at least pretty poor ones…) undroppable at either end of our squad… How you can do the one, burdened as we are with the two (Giroud, Scszesny), I can never quite figure… Luckily, it (seems to) make sense for you…so power on, my friend… (And, truth be told, I’ve seen it enough that I’m no longer fazed by the seeming inconsistency…and, overall, I’ll take optimism over the opposite, any day of the week, and especially on Mondays…)

  455. Fozzie B says:

    Champions League holders Bayern Munich’s last-16 draw against Arsenal is described as “the most awkward draw we could get” by club CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

    “They are the Premier League leaders. We don’t need to be warned. Some 10 months ago, they beat us 2-0 in the second leg of the last 16,” Rummenigge said at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, after the draw was made.

    “That was the most awkward draw we could get. It is not what we would have wished for. Dortmund had more luck getting drawn to Zenit. But it might be a small advantage that we play our first game in London. You can’t change the draw.”

  456. James Bond says:

    not sure what makes you think we have the 2 worst players in the EPL or pretty poor ones in Sczny and Giroud ? or are you trying to do a Gerry on me 😆

    they are positions we need to strengthen, ideally, get a striker to play alongside Giroud or use Giroud as plan B – With Sczny, i want more competition and a world class keeper.

    bluntly put, after our recent results, it can’t get any worse than that, surely ? hence my optimism of us starting another run of victories, AW is too good a manager to not fix it and get the train back on tracks after 3 games, he’s the best manager in the EPL and i trust him to sort all of this out, yes i do constructive criticism but it’s because , i know how good we are and can be.

    that is it @ FB – see the jizzing in their pants has already begun, ha

  457. James Bond says:

    by the way, you asked me not so long ago about RVP ? grapevine has it, that he has started showing his true “little boy inside colours” by laying the foundations of a move away from man utd ?

    if grapevine is to be believed then it goes something like this ” i didn’t sign up to play under anyone other than Fergie ” – the training methods are not good for my hammy’s , i will get injured – boom , injured he gets.

    like I keep pointing out, impossible is nothing in football and football is a funny old game.

  458. 17highburyterrace says:

    Just giving you a touch of grief there, Bond…Seriously, I appreciate the optimism and I also like the ability to look at things from the other teams’ (supporters’) perspective–this is the big reason we love Oz and his previews, I think…

    The big problem with Bayern is that they’ll have their league sewn up by that time while who knows where we are. I don’t picture Spurs being a problem in the FA cup, but they (like other lower teams we might draw in subsequent rounds…) are happy with replays. Extra games are trouble…put me down with Gerry about the psychological elements being tougher than the physical ones…

    Also, Bond, no argument about Sir Chez nor Giroud–again more grief giving but they took plenty of (real-time, in match) stick on Saturday, which always comes off at least a touch stronger…

    So, did you really miss me?… 😉

  459. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, RVP (like Suarez, I fear…) is a mercenary type… Trouble is they might need him to help get up for 4th 😆 You’re not saying that he wants to return to Arsenal, I hope… I think he’ll perk up with the CL opportunities he should get there in the spring. Surely United (Moyes) will have to spend sizeably in January. Besides Everton guys (Baines, Barkley) who else will he go for? Seems to me that as bad as their MF is, they need some real quality directly in front of De Gea given the age/injury troubles with Rio/Vidic..

  460. James Bond says:

    look, all i know is that i know nothing 😀

    one week at a time for me and OGAT for the most of you, on our day, we can beat anyone , anywhere and at any time.

    when we lose, it’s not because of the opposition as such, it’s because we lose and not them winning it – what i’m trying to say here is that Man city didn’t win it on Saturday, we lost it , similarly to how we lost to Bradford and blackburn

    yet when we turn up, we can beat the CL champions and runner ups in their own backyard.

    so we look forward to chelsea next and build from there.

  461. James Bond says:

    RVP back to Arsenal ? Barcelona is pretty nice, no ?

  462. Gerry says:

    17HT – You have got some mighty fine expresso out their in Snowland.

    JB – Why do you want Mancs and Chavs to beat up on ‘Pool? They are the last two clubs I would gift 3 points each to.

    Look we know Suarez like the idea of playing under AW, but that was a while back. RM are interested in a striker, and are in a position to offer one back? So if ‘Pool are the club chasing our tail in January, I would be quite happy with that, because they are hardly likely to sustain it?

    I want players to come here because they want to. Not because they are looking at another move over AW’s shoulder? For example, Draxler? He could refuse to go to Chelsea, even if they get De Bruyne in return. Or if Chavs pay over the top for him. We could wait until summer and pay the release clause, or pay it now, and loan him back if need be, and it would be worth itif he wants to come here. Personally I think there are a couple of other possibilities, whatever happens to Shalke boy – who got a good draw in the CL?.

  463. James Bond says:

    for all i care, let all them 3 teams drop points and have draws – every little helps, sure

    however, i am not convinced that man city will be able to sustain their pressure either, especially not without this fella :

    Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero: It’s confirmed – my calf injury will leave me out for at least a month. The good news is recovery work starts today. We started with therapeutic massages on the area and some bike work. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the support.

    Happy days !

  464. Gerry says:

    JB – I am halfway with you on the Mancs game – We did not play our A-game, they took full advantage. Where we diffier is you make it a personal crusade to have a go at individuals, whereas I see it as a collective failure, but with some mitigating circumstances?

    You post 15+ 8 games for Aguero and Giroud. i revealed 29 games including internationals, as a lone striker, who has take his fair share of knocks just in an Arsenal shirt because of his battling nature, and you nail for one poor-ish game. Those immediately behind him were not much better?

    Szczesney you admitted later was only at fault for the penalty goal. If you bring in a WC goalie the Chez will walk. I want him here in 10 years time because he wants to be here.

  465. James Bond says:

    15+8 is the same number as Giroud in England , i’m sure Aguero also played a few for Argentina , no ?

    it’s funny , how you say one poor’ish game – when was the last time Giroud scored or provided an assist, i ask ? or when was the last time he won us a game on his own ? maybe you can be kind enough do to some digging on that .

    the ones who played behind him, did provide him with a fair share of chances to shine and they are the ones who are his saving grace due to them scoring and winning Arsenal the games when he is going through a goal drought of sorts.

    re- Sczny, if he walks then it just shows and reflects his character and mental strength, no ? instead of staying and battling it out for the greater good of the team, he took the easy way out ? althought, considering he signed a new long term contract , the easy way may make us plenty rich as well, however, I have always said that i don’t want him to leave or for us to sell him, get rid of Fabianski , he might be out on his way in January anyway, get in the spanish captain who is raring to go – and we live happily ever after. …If sczny does a runner after we get him competition, then it’s tough but this is football at the top notch level and we are talking about one of the biggest teams in the world here.

  466. Gerry says:

    That is the one thing JB that stats do not provide. Easy on goals scored, but not when they are scored. They do not show the turning point that goals scored make, or indeed goals saved that turn matches Or indeed defensive headers that turn matches. Even less so on the mythical team that plays without Giroud through all the injuries to others?

    We differ. I appreciate both players for their commitment.

    We agree, with someone playing alongside Giroud, they both may score more goals? The fact that we haven’t yet got that player alongside, and yet are standing at the ToTL says a lot for the collective game? Stand together. Fall together.

    just saying …

  467. 17highburyterrace says:

    Argh…I hate to see Gerry and Bond get tetchy with one another when I think the differences are pretty (if not extremely…) minor. The former may want a bit more continuity (and opps for the younger guys) while the latter has a little (or a lot) more faith in the traditional workings of the transfer market. As I tried to say on the weekend…I think that AW likes the hard-work element in both Sir Chez and Giroud. Does it make him blind to their limitations? Maybe a bit or else it has him thinking harder about other spots on the pitch…

    I keep hoping for Dylan’s post to knock this one off so I can make my points (again) while the espresso is still flowing…We’re coming off a very tough week. It was always going to be that way, but the good part of standing up to Everton’s speedy attack was lost when we lost the result. After that I think there was a knock to our confidence which was compounded by rotation/personnel changes that I just don’t quite understand for the remaining two matches. At the moment I’m just not quite who the manager believes is his best combo of mid-fielders and what style of play we’re after.

    We tried to lock-down shop in Europe with experienced guys and I’d argue that it backfired although we got the minimum required result. To me, that was the match to use Theo as a scare tactic so that less of the match would be played in our half. Instead we waited until ManCity and went with a more attacking, younger group and got served the losing end of a goal fest. That we scored 3 (and put 5 in the net–all of which should have counted…) could suggest that we’ve got no worries in attack–and that City won’t win the title with defense. That we gave away 8 in two matches means that draws (the way title races and tough CL matches are won…) are something we cannot achieve through design…

    Time to pull my last one (espresso, that is) and then check back to see who’s posting what…

  468. James Bond says:

    hence my point, his primary job is to score goals, secondary defensive duties and those defensive headers – like i also pointed out, these days you have most top notch strikers, working their socks off and taking quite a bit of knocks for the team…the Cavani’s, The Rooney’s, The Suarez’s e.t.c e.t.c

    yes, we are and that’s all jolly good and this is why, we need to further strengthen and let us be honest here, the teams below us have been dropping plenty of points, any other season we may not have been TOTL for as long as we have been so far, now the other teams have started playing to somewhere to their potential hence the real test begins now – yes, i’m a dreamer but i also do realism sometimes.

    we must start another run of victories from next monday, otherwise dreamers like me will get the Glic’s of this world pointing out – TOLD YOU SO.

    onto bad news then…

    how do we like Mike dean ? i mean really, how do we like MIKE F DEAN for chelsea


  469. 17highburyterrace says:

    Mike Dean doesn’t worry me, Bond… He will give pens but I think he’s one of the better ones. He’s got a horrible record working Arsenal matches but that has a lot to do with Arsenal not bothering to show up against a lot of the lower clubs… Our defenders (and it will be Verm and Mert in the middle) can’t make stupid kicks at the Chelsea attackers…Same goes for Scsz as well 😉 …

    Yeah, this is as good a time as any for a reality check… We were never going to run away with the league so now we need to hold (restore?) our nerve. Like I was suggesting a good draw now and again may be the thing. Mourinho knows this and will be playing not to lose in a week… That City allowed us three (should’ve been 5…) means they’ve still got work to do. They may also have to figure out who their #1 really is… Yeah, my hope would be that Pool can take some points off the Sheik-a-garch clubs and stay up as long as possible.

    Ah…this coffee I’ve got (a Tanzanian single origin espresso) is really good…

  470. JB
    I will get no satisfaction from saying, ” I told you so ! “………..well alright may be a little ! . hahaha
    As we have both pointed out, by the time we play Chavs, both the Bindippers and Citeh will be above us after playing Cardiff and Fulham respectively !. The psychological effect this will have on the players will be seen when we entertain the Chavs, nothing but a win will keep us top and a win will be enormous to our confidence , a loss will be the end of our title hopes.
    Even the effect of the Bindippers being ahead of us come January will all but put an end to JB`s ( and mine ) hopes of Suarez !. Wenger bigging him up tells me, it`s a no go and is probably a smoke screen for Wenger to be sneakily tapping up someone else !.
    So in my logical opinion, the game versus Chavs is the most important of the season, in fact I would like to call it the…” Domino Effect Game ! “……No win and it will all tumble into the perennial 4th placed trophy chase !.
    My prediction that we had an easier start and with not being able to beat the ” Big 3 ” and being down on points from corresponding fixtures from last season is looking better than my UMFL ones !.
    It was not meant to be having a go at our team, but just some logical reasoning from a crackpot Monster !. hahahaha
    And yes, I know you bastards will say….. “look at the table !”……but deep down you know Cockie is an expert about how things crumble !. hahaha
    Here`s something me and Fozzskin will agree on !.

  471. Fozzer !……which ones MarleyKaze ?

  472. The one thing I will say that should be in our favour…………….If a 6-3 drubbing cant give you a kick up the backside, then nothing can !.

    As for Bayern, I have got to the point where I shall not hide behind the sofa for this game…….yes, you did read that right !……as I don’t think we have a snowball in hells chance (which takes the stress off of me ! ). So I will be in-game commenting on that night and I will only make sensible comments on tactics, formations, performances etc`, because I am a totally sensible guy !.

  473. Gerry says:

    TCM – If you looked at our run through the Christmas to January 18th – The ones after next Monday, you will see I highlight just two potentially tricky games. The away trip to Newcastle, and the return fixture of that travesty Villa game, and neither should worry us unduly? The other are close to home and highly winnable. So I wonder how your corresponding result will look then?

    If the players have such fragile confidence as you have then the dominoes are already falling.

  474. Another ” nearly ” ?.

    This sort of ties in with my want of Usmanov !…….We buckled when Ronaldo was nearly all but signed and let Ibrohimobitch go because he refused to play in a trial match, now if we had had someone of Usmanovs wealth on board at the time, then money talks, even Manscum wouldn`t have been able to stop Ronaldo signing for us !.
    I stick by what I say….if we are to really compete with Manscum, Chavs and Citeh then we need an UIsmanov….either BIg Buck or Fcuk !. hahaha
    As for anyone saying……what about Portsmouth, Leeds etc`….well, what about Chavs !, they were on the brink and look where they are now !. Do you honestly think that even if we did go under, there wouldn`t be a queue of Mega Bucked Bastards waiting to take over a branded iconic institution of great history such as The Arsenal !.
    Come on, lets buy some fcuking titles !. hahaha

  475. James Bond says:

    that’s the spirit @ TCM , no more hiding behind the sofa and do what we do, i’ll take the night off for that one then, ha

    breaking news just coming in – spuds might be getting the Ex england manager aka the italian…Fabio Capello , crickey

    the italian connection hmmmmm they got rid of AVB because of the way they played (boring), welcome to the 0-0 (bore draws) if they do snap up Capello.

  476. James Bond says:

    that Isco betrayal still hurts, Glic, doesn’t it ? i can tell 😀

  477. Blast you Gezzer !……I challenge you to a game of one handed dominoes to the death !. hahaha

    Oh and remember what Totes says…..OGAAT !……..see your already getting ahead of yourself that you can see yourself in the rear view mirror !………just like all the people who were counting 3 points from the Everton game to take us 7 points clear…….look what happened there !. OGAAT !

  478. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nil-nil in the FA cup means a rematch up the 7 sisters…No thank you, James…

  479. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, one last little essay then I gotta start my Monday…

    Nice of the Cockie to come out from behind the sofa with the reality check. Fozzie is feeling upbeat about the Chelsea match but I agree that, given the results–and the way they happened–from the past week, it HAS become a big match. There will be no scheduling excuses and we’ll have the pressure of the (high-paying) home crowd with pitchforks at the ready. Terry’s pearly whites can only blind 32 of them at a time to their own seething rage…

    Like he says, top of the table but only until the weekend… A least we get a break before we have to deal with THAT… Still, I’m glad to be there after the way the season started!

    Reality dictates that we need to regroup. It really WAS the week from hell and all that stuff from before seems long gone…Those WERE heady days when Corporal Jenkinson was firing a cross to St. Nicklas and it was game-over after 90 seconds…

    Nope. Against three strong teams we failed to get the job done… Everton, the team nobody wants to give a chance to, outplayed us and took a fair draw in our home stadium. Lock down in Napoli looked good for the first hour but then unraveled with a combination of ref failure–er failure to use the ref (who was calling everything…) by Arteta and tired Jenks getting whupped on by little Larry Insigne. A quality striker also turned our BFG into a pretzel and scored with the quality we had hoped would be our own… It could be argued that we got the needed if not the desired result and that the ends justify the means. Most certainly it didn’t inspire confidence heading to the next match. IMO we should have gone to Italy thinking we could carry on where we’d left off after the opposite fixture in London–but maybe we did. After we got our goals in that one, we played an hour of nothing but defense…

    A draw would also have been a great result in the airline wars (i.e., at the Etihad) but there we thought attack was better. Theo (finally) came in to keep their defense honest or maybe we could afford him as an attacking luxury with Sagna back. Nacho on the other flank was a rotation or a strategic innovation. Who knows? Does he add more at one end or the other? Instead of the best Czech MF and the 5th and 10th best Spaniards (approx…) we went with #1 from Wales (alongside the top German MF and the best Corsican MF–of all time–the consistent elements from Naples…) and a guy who rates between #1 and #10 in England. We should probably use this week to talk a little about Jack Wilshere. Is he smoking or has he been put out? Maybe he’s not quite burning it up as we hope? Don’t make me flip you off (as we say…) on my way outta here, eh?…

    My point, and here I agree with the guy who will only watch from behind the sofa (I don’t believe the cockie stuff he’s currently spouting…) is that this next match is big–and that we go into it a bit punch-drunk. Whatever confidence we took from the early season stuff is at odds with the more recent experiences. The feeling-it-out, maybe-we’re-better-than-we-thought period is over and now the matches (really) count. (Gerry is also right, there can be no let up once Chelsea come and go…) Given that we need to be nearly perfect over 180 (or 210…) minutes in the next round of the CL, Chelsea in a week, against a manager who has won the CL twice (but never with his best team 😯 …), is as good a place to start as any…


  480. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oh, and if we lose…Then it’s AW AND Kronke OUT… and we buy our way to trophies at Gazprom Grove!!

    Cock up, my furry friend!!

  481. Isco who ?……I`m so over that man I don’t even know how to spell his name and cant even be reminded of it by looking at my knob as I chopped the fcuker off……I now have a c**t and look forward to some woman on woman tonight !. hahaha

  482. Nitroglycerin hair gell… it possible !. Professor Fozzskin… have swatted your mozzie infected scrotum to the point of explosion….is it possible to wax Stans Rancid Rug with such a concoction ?.

  483. Hope Dylans post is better than some of the quality I`m putting out !. hahaha

  484. Fozzie B says:

    Hey Cockie – MarleyKaze looks like the chap in the middle but with red bloodshot eyes and rising sun bandana!! 😀

    Just had a right royal bust up with Mrs P!! Looks like its just MarleyKaze and me!!

    Cockie that would be great for you to watch Bayern live!
    Live dangerously and watch Chelvski too!! Now that would be a statement of intent!!! Maureen can be your b-arch!! 😆

  485. 17highburyterrace says:

    Checking back in…Where are the over-acheivers (Dylan and Total?)… Cockie and Fozzie can only do so much fur stroking before they wear out a bare patch…

    As for me… I’ve been “working” this morning on an order of greens (coffee beans for roasting…) and just found the term Guardiola–a (usually) hand cranked drum or bin used to help dry coffee beans before bagging and shipping…

    It would be awfully sweet to put the hurt to Pep when the time comes… But Oh-Gaat (says the Dutchman…) and first Jose needs a comeuppance. AW has proven himself in many ways but he tends to point towards longevity and consistency–elements that many fans take for granted. Nobody knows how much time any manager has (just ask AVB 😯 ) so maybe it’s time for AW to show what he’s got–head to head vs. some big name managers in big matches, or something…

    Go on…

  486. Fozzie B says:

    Good article on the refereeing!!

  487. Gerry says:

    Nice one again Fozzie – Good to see Walter managing to put together that, given his family’s health issues. Thank you Walter.

    If you notice, the actual wrong decisions were those of minor nature. Even though they led to goals or near misses. Easy to argue your way out of it, is what I am saying. The assistant however, has no place to hide? One genuine ‘mistake’ you might think ‘Yes, okay?’, two and three of the same type … Not quite so easy?

    I shall have a look a Dean’s record regards Chelsea, as I have a dim recollection he did them no favours either? So we might get a draw … on decisions at least?

  488. Gerry says:

    TA – and everybody, there seems to be a ‘dead’ bug in that link, so it is hard to remove once you have opened it?

  489. Gerry says:

    Oh Dear, I was so very wrong about Dean, our ref in the Chelsea match.

    Not only did his stats for the 2012/13 season favour Chelsea most highly. They also show his distaste for Arsenal.

    On top of that, he tends to ‘let go’ the thuggery of brutal tackles … just what we need?

    p.s. I revisited the Untold site directly, Dean’s full review for last season is on there, and did not pick up the bug – ‘charmsavers’ – so I don’t know if it is just my computer?

  490. VCC says:

    Morning Gerry.

    Following up on your analysis of Premiership referees. I have seen too many distasteful decisions the past several years NOT to make me feel there is a hidden agenda with certain clubs. Arsenal being one of them.

    I know, and admit, sometimes I am a tad biased towards Arsenal but the refereeing standards in the Prem leave a lot to be desired.

    If you are a qualified referee then one must assume you are slightly interested in football, No? Then you would rightly assume that most would favour a certain team, No? If you look at the referees berth places I think you will find almost 75% are Northern born. IMO that would inevitably favour them towards that part of the country.No?

    I also get a nasty taste in my mouth when officials do not stand up to the baying crowd. Take the City game last Saturday. The linesman most certainly got swayed towards giving (wrongly) decisions in City;s favour, hence a couple of more than dubious off side decisions.

    Just in case there are any Blue mooners reading, I must also say that City deserved their victory, but, that should not take away the blatant wring decisions that are made during games.

    Rant over………..have a nice day, Amigo.

  491. Gerry says:

    Know you mean, Vics. Know what you mean .. and this looks like a horrible combination?

    Well assuming that TA is still tied up with his project, rather that Dylan trying to finish his review off in a maths lesson .. got caught! I will amuse you with things to do when your are travelling the world. No prizes for correctly identifying the destination, but detention for anyone who blurts out the answers. OK!

    To get you in the mood:

    My first choice will be skiing in the French Alps. The view of K4 is spectacular, I may have mentioned this mountain before. Despite this area being under developed, you still have to pay top whack to get in here. But when the finished article finally appears, you’ll be pleased to know you can come every winter for the next ten years or more?

    That is why it is my number I choice.

  492. Gerry says:

    Right for my second destination I am slightly spoiled for choice.

    I suppose if you are gloom it outlook you could always go to the sunny mediterranean for some instant sunshine? But that might be just short term escapism, nice but not for evermore?

  493. Gerry says:

    As an alternative, if you are thinking long term, there is this place in Spain that sounds idyllic. The trouble is it is very popular, so I would get the deposit down asap.

    To give you a flavour of the place, if I said think Italian coastline, along the lines of say, Capri, only not so well known …yet.
    But in truth, we are talking Spain, but with more South American heritage.

    Leave this one until later, and you will not have the wallet to visit again?

  494. Gerry says:

    As I said, personally, I am spoiled for choice.

    But, to be honest, if I had one choice for pure ease of settling in, and at a price I could afford then I would look to go nearer to say, Holland? If it is compatibility you are looking for? Then look no further.

    Kompatibilität is how Per would say it,and I think he would agree, yah?

  495. Gerry says:

    Of course, if you got disappointed there, which would be a big shame imo, then you could visit a near neighbour famous for its chocolate?

    May be not top drawer yet, but in standard league terms very much a place to go and have a close inspection?
    Rough diamonds can be polished up into real gems, if you can knock of the sharp edges

  496. Gerry says:

    Some would not want to go much beyond a day trip to Calais, but a little inland you can go back to places you have visited before, and been very well rewarded.

    Merde! That has reminded of a must visit place right on our doorstep, and talking of stepping, don’t, in step the merde, is that right, or should I take it out?

  497. Gerry says:

    Yes, right back in our own backyard so to speak, you would think £85 per week you ought to be able to get seal deal on something substantial?
    Ganash it all, no, that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean. it is a priority on a priority here?

  498. Gerry says:

    The thing about travel, you can go backwards and forwards, but often miss out things in the middle. So let us reflect on where to go and visit to give our trip a much more solid feel.

    To be honest,I would probably ask a friend to come and stay, having been to his place once before? But he has got a mate he often goes on international trips with.

    That is the dilemma. They cannot both come. If I was choosing a dog, it would be a spaniel. Hard working, never tire. ‘Triffic gun dogs, as ‘Arry might say? Would Sammy Know better, if not now?

    Throw a bone up in the air and see who grabs it?

  499. Gerry says:

    So that is my passport stamped. I think I’ll leave a little room for the July fest, just in case.

    I hope my post has reached 500 comments now? 😀

  500. Fozzie B says:

    Hey Vickers and Gerry … great comments!!
    I must admit I hope they complain against the refs and linesman because they were shocking and I just don’t get why more hasn’t been made of it!!
    I’m glad Wenger didn’t overplay that card though!!
    For me Yaya was man of the match but that was a midfield sheild and box to box display to remember from both Yaya and Fernandildo! 😀

  501. No idea wtf Gezzer was on about, but in my roll as King Juan Lucca Bastardo of the tiny Principality of Lesbania, I can only recommend the delights of my land…..especially the wall to wall rug munching deep shag pile carpets !. hahaha

  502. I don’t know why Vickers is moaning about Linesman for !…….I once saw him running the line for his local Catholic boys team….you know the score, the priests turn up with the lads and help them change, rub oil over them, adjust their jock straps etc` and even get in the showers after the game to help them get the mud off the places they cant reach using their own loofers !……….Anyway, Vic`s was running the white line with his flag strapped to his Hampton !. I decided to get the white line roller paint machine, take the corner flag down and extend the white line through the park and out onto the nearby M25 Motorway !. The Bastard was gone for days running around the M25 ! hahaha

  503. James Bond says:

    FB asked Moi – Would we be getting a striker in January ? DEFINITELY.

    : ) : ) : )

    PS: now don’t ask me, who, when, from where, his height , so on and so forth.

  504. Gerry says:

    TCM is struggling with my cryptic clues, care to see if your triple wink/smile? is on my map, if you can unravel my tour … but no blabbing, and I won’t ask?

  505. VCC says:

    TCM 16:43…….LMFAO

  506. VCC says:

    Gerry….I’m struggling too. You will have to give some more/cryptic clues.

  507. Giving clues down in a crypt is a bit too fcuking necrophilic for my liking !. I`m gravely concerned for you Gezzer !. You will end up with rigor mortis of the Hampton…..don’t tell Vickers though, he will be jealous !. hahaha

  508. Gerry says:

    Surely you got the number 1 clue? French – (alps), mountain known as K4 – ( not quite as big as K2, which is in another range altogether) and I previously how nice this mountain was only yesterday scroll up?

  509. Gerry says:

    Travel windows are not what they used to be?

  510. Gerry says:

    At least this post carried the 50,000 comment, and I provided it with the 500th one 😀

  511. I wonder how many each regular BKer has commented up to now ?…………….give us a BK Comment League Table, Totes !. I must be in at least 4th place trophy spot !. hahaha

  512. Gerry says:

    Yes, there are many comments I cannot find my own quote. It is no good asking TA he is teetering on the edge of collapse or completion, which ever come first?

    That it why I was filling in spaces earlier.

  513. Gerry says:

    VCC – I suggest you zoom a search for that quote – clue

  514. Fozzie B says:

    Evening Crusty Cryptic Corkscrewed Codpiece Cravers!! 😆
    Well I see the heights of intellectualism have reached new heights here!! Haha!! Fozzmond Hillary and Tenzing More-gay (also known as Cockie) are here so don’t worry all!haha!! 😆
    Seriously you barstardos are quite selfish … Making me blog whilst at a swim up bar is dangerous work!! Haha…
    MarleyKaze says hi!! 😀

  515. Dylan says:

    Just so everyone knows, I have sent the post to TA! Hopefully it will be out soon! 17HT, there were no City girls Saturday or any day! 😉 Saturday night was reserved for mourning our loss. 😉 But my post will bring you back optimisism! Never fear gooners! 🙂

  516. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys 🙂

    Dylance, the post will be out soon.

  517. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post 🙂

    In an excellent and to the point post, Dylan sums up why things are still looking good for us.

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