Why Arsenal will still be ToTL on New Years Day…and win the League


Chelsea, West Ham, Newcastle, and Cardiff: Four games to renew our statement of intent.

Much has been made about our loss against the Northern Oilers by the media, and IF we were to lose to the Southern Oilers on Monday as well, expect it to get much, much worse. We the supporters need to stay calm and focus on the war rather than the battles. This is not a tournament but a 38 stages competition, and the only thing that really matters is, who will have collected most points after the last round of games in May.

I think we will finally beat the Maureen-Chavs on Monday if the referee is fair and consistent, but this is for another post, which our esteemed fine fellow Gooner 17HT will provide. But ultimately, it is really just another game; not more or less important as the next game and the game after that. Beat the Chavs and lose to the Hammers, or vice versa, and it’s still three points lost.

We are entering a period of 216 hours in which we will play four times and twelve points are at stake.

I predict that over the four festive season games all top teams will have won and lost about the same number of points; it is how it usually goes around this time of the year. Key for us is to stay focused whether we beat the Chavs or not: quickly forget the result and move on to the next game. I also predict we will still be ToTL after New Years Day with a gap of two to three points with the rest.

I believe the recent adversity combined with a well-needed nine day rest will form the perfect platform for an Arsenal ‘through-start’, and it might well be that we will actually do better than our competition between now and 1st January. The combination of wanting to make up for the losses against Napoli and Citeh and a period of rest and regrouping of the troops, should serve us well in making a renewed statement of intent.

Why we are going to win the League

Structurally, there are four aspects to our game that make us a strong contender to win the league this season:

  1. Consistency and stability at the club: experienced and loyal manager and support staff, good long term plan and financial stability, money to add quality to the squad in January and hold on to our current talents.
  2. Best away record in the League (together with the Spuds). Arsenal won 16 points from 24 away, despite having played both Manchester teams away already; four more than Pool and five more than the Chavs and an amazing eight more than the Northern Oilers.
  3. Despite conceding six last Saturday, our defence is still slightly meaner – conceding 17 goals in 16 matches – than our direct title competitors Pool, Chavs and Citeh with all conceding 18 goals until now. With the BFG rested and an eager Verminator back in the team, and the rest of the ‘back-five’ fit and raring to go, we should see a continuation of our meanness in defence, which is absolutely vital for winning the league.
  4. Despite having played without last season’s plus-ten PL goals scorers Walcott and Podolski for most of the season until now (and Santi for a large part), we still managed to score third most goals in the league and we have the third best goal difference at the moment. There is space in our team to play the current Arsenal PL top scorers Giroud, Ramsey and Ozil with two of Theo, Pod and Cazorla. Once we can field such an attacking line-up on a regular basis we should expect the big scores, especially at home, to become more regular, and score more goals all round.

Our home record is good but not as great as our direct competition, with especially Citeh performing well in front of their crowd. We need to score more at home, but other than that we are doing fine if it was not for that horrible first game against the Villans. Of course, we can also strengthen the team in January and we’ll see whether that will happen. But for me, there are some good structural reasons why we will build further on our current FANTASTIC position and win the league come May.

Keep believing and supporting with all you’ve got fine, fellow Gooners, and let’s keep our eyes on the price by focussing on one game at a time (OGAAT). This team is going to win the League.

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Written by: TotalArsenal. 

143 thoughts on “Why Arsenal will still be ToTL on New Years Day…and win the League

  • Right on in all respects! Remember the positives! COYG! Don’t know about the Prof in leather though.

  • I like you’re thinking but arsenal don’t have enough in them to win the league. They have big problems mentally when facing off against the big boys. We just can’t win those games for some strange reason. Like I said last week we would go down at city and this week we will go down to the chavs. It’s so obvious. Arsenal play a type of game that must all click together perfectly for us to win football games. Against the small teams it normally works, but not with the big boys

  • Well done TA. Rally the troops.

    As it stands at the moment we are not top of the league, with ‘Pool 3 up at half time.

    But yes, everything is in place as long as they keep believing. I read two predictions of the New Year table, both had us top

    Let’s not disappoint them, eh?

  • Afc 🙂

    Agreed we must break that perception of not being able to beat other top teams. But it is not the only, determining factor in winning the league. Key is consistency over 38 matches.

  • TA, a post needed right now to keep the morale of the fans up. 🙂

    I think we need to win this match. If we can win this match we can get closer to ruining any chance Chelsea has of winning the EPL. I think Spurs and United can forget about winning the title and I will be shocked if Everton or the Saints win the league so it is between us, City and Chelsea. Liverpool are a mid-table team without Suarez and one man cannot win you the title. I think it is only a matter of time before he shows his true colours. Maybe a smokescreen bid will unsettle Suarez and Liverpool, if Wenger wants to play dirty. We need to win this match and let Liverpool and City drop points.

  • Hi TA,

    If I’m thinking with my head yes, but if I’m thinking with my heart no. City and Liverpool would have the chance to catch up with us and I think we should be winning this match. Nine days rest, Podolski and Walcott back in the squad but my only concern is Kos being out.

  • I think will go for a win… and for against big teams “win” only will win the league…And also over the period of time we don’t lose to mid and lower table teams…
    But win against the big teams will inject confidence in the team…

  • Thanks Totes !…….for basically telling us the reason why you have been so absent recently !……………..” On visiting Mr Transplant at Moon Loon Cuckoo Crazyland, it came to our attention that Mr Total van Klompencondomstein was as headfcuked as Mr Transplant and was detained under the Cockie Monster health act of 2013 ! “.
    Did I not say the Bindippers with their Fatigue eradicating one game per week schedule plus a genius up front should really be the favourites, but would be challenged by the massive revenue rich dopers and a team who have never finished out side the top 3 in EPL history !.
    Also…and I love saying this as I know it grinds on the BKers scrotums ! hahaha.
    We are 4 points worse off from like for like games from last season !. I don’t think any of you understand the gravity of this !. Unless we can turn around results against the “Big 3” and not only them, but lesser teams that we have dropped points against, then we are not going to win the EPL !.
    The only difference from last season is that the games have fell in a different order !, so it is more relevant that we have less point`s against these teams than it is that we are higher positioned !.
    I say higher positioned because as it stands we are not TOTL anymore, believe me, I get no satisfaction from this, my predictions all come from a sound logic akin to Mr Spocks mindmelding with his Hampton !. hahaha
    I have said the main goal for me where Arsenal are concerned is to compete, as if we do this, then the trophies will follow and I think when we have our strongest team available it is on a par with the “Big 3” !. However we must buy SQ to match their squad depth quality and this is the area where we will lag behind for a little longer as City and Chavs have more than a head start. To be on their level, it will require more than one SQ per window !. Added to the sound “Brit Pack” base, we can get there, but I honestly think it is going to take The Uzbeck to get us there, as City and Chavs will always be able to pay the higher Wonga wages !.
    I did previously have great hopes for FFP, but that went out the window with the Monaco fiasco and from what I read elsewhere, about the ability to turn debt into shares and any other loophole which a mega rich person finds to cheat .
    So Totes, you may have been let out on day release, but remember when you get back to share the room with Stans Supplier, the carers will leave the light on for you, but there will be no body home !. hahaha

  • Glicster 🙂

    Comparing our results to other seasons is irrelevant IMO. Every season has its own dynamics and this season we have the wind in our sails. Keep the faith, born doubter. 🙂

  • I warned you TCM, my dogs will have not only wind in their tails, but something in their mouths for a take away if you keep spouting oligarch rubbish, from whatever part of the former USSR he comes from!

  • Thanks TA.

    This is the sort of post that really gets my Jizz flowing. Forget Gerrys dogs, I will be the one bounding down the road bone in mouth if we win the league.

    Its a big test tommorow, but one I feel we shall pass. The doubters are now having there moment. Three games without a win can create fear and confusion, and in Cornwalls case impending doom hahaha

    This Club and team have bounced back before and will do so again

  • Great post, TA. 🙂

    Personally, I think Vermaelen has to step up on Monday night and show that he is a world-class material. We have never won a single match against the Chavs with him in the starting eleven and that should be another motive for him. Verm is my greatest worry given that he might suffer from the same lack of match fitness like Monreal did against the other Oilers.

    Giroud should prove his worth when it comes to finishing. His composure against the other Oilers was terrible and if he wants to get rid of that “flat-track bully”-label (he scores only against small teams like Fulham, Southampton, Sunderland, Spuds, etc), he must step up against the Chavs on Monday.

    If Wenger doesn’t crap his pants at the sight of Maureen, that is.

  • I think the relevance is that in the last 5 seasons we have averaged 71.6 points per season and the champions have averaged 86.8 points per season !. As I said, we are 4 points adrift from last seasons like for likes and there is nothing so far to suggest we will beat our total of 73 points let alone get 87 points !.
    Not sure what I predicted our position would be when we did our BK predictions ( Which I think was before we bought Ozil ), but 6th or 7th rings a bell, so another 4th will be more than I expected this year and until (if) we start getting more SQ in, then we should compete better. Although I shall not hold my breath and fear Kroenkes stubbornness will more than match Wengers and if the FFP fails miserably as I now suspect it will, then our title winning years will be a hazy distant memory !……unless Sir Usmanov comes riding in on his red and white horse to rescue us !. Let your blood boil Gezzer !. hahaha
    Remember bastards, if we do manage to beat the Chavs on Monday night…..we will be back on top, but………….still 1 point worse off on like for like compared to last season !. In fact, even if we beat Newcastle, West Ham and Cardiff, we will still be 1 point worse off on like for like from last season !. So it looks like the voice of doom will still be here for the next 4 matches !. hahaha

    What`s the odds Vic`s on Tim getting the Spuds job ?. hahaha


    Just researched and we will have to win those 4 and then beat Villa away to then be 2 points better off than last seasons like for like !. So Vic`s….what odds on us winning those 5 matches ?. Come on Cloggs and Syrup, put your money where your mouth is !. hahaha

    17……you can have the …Voice of Reason crown…..I`m the…….Voice of Logic !……although Totes will have another name in mind !. hahaha

  • Hi Cockiest……my odds on us winning Monday night are slim. Like you I have reservations weather we are that good!!!!!!!!

    The Chelsea game is high on my wish list for winning results. On these occasions Wenger still seems short on tactics (games against the top four).

    This could be a defining night. Beat the chavs and we will be taken seriously. Lose, and we will slip away.

    Huge game, IMO.

  • Good stuff TA. Yes, we have every reason to feel confident, if not without reservation. This sense was reinforced reading Afc’s comments (not AFC I presume), which left me peeved at the suggestion that we are somehow trapped by the performances of season’s past, and powerless to change. I think this does not give due credit to our performances of the back end of last season and thus far in this; if our mindset won’t let us compete with the big boys, then how come we have beaten both BM and BVD in their own back yards?

    Like you I take a basic mathematical perspective to the league – where 3 points comes from matters not a jot. And if we win all those games we ‘should’ win, then we can afford to drop points against other top clubs, especially in a season where they are all performing so inconsistently. But there is a psychological dimension here too – to really believe both that we can win, and that we deserve to win the EPL, we need to beat some of the top teams; that is what will sustain this team through the back end of the season.

    I look at our probable starting 11s for Monday and I feel we look pretty good on paper, marginally stronger than them – its a while since I have felt that against Chelski. We should be fresh, and I hope visibly up for it, to get the fans vocal. The doubts? Assuming Kos is out it will be interesting to see how Verm stands up – the heart will be there for sure , but will he be too keen to prove himself? I feel a risk of a mistake by Verm. I am also interested to see how Mo sets his team up for us – I presume he will not come and play for a point; and will Wenger look for control through Flamteta, or more balance with Flamram? Walcott must start, and I assume Oz and Santi, unless we opt for Flamteta in the pivot.

    TA, your analysis is both uplifting, and prepares us for the worst. Yes we cannot dwell on a loss of points if that is the outcome – we will still be in a great position. But the significance of this game goes beyond the 3 points; it will test whether we can prevail against the best, when we really need to, and whether the combined spirit and talent are enough for us to really believe we are serious title contenders. COYG!!!!

  • Lets all remember that the 6 games we play against the other top 4 clubs represent a total of 18 points available….out of a possible 114 points in our 38 game season….so those who say we can’t win the EPL because we can’t beat the other top 4 teams are absolutely wrong. That leaves us with 96 points to earn, of which we have 38 points after 16 games. We have 22 more games to play and at this rate, if we 19-20 of those games we can end the season with a possible 57-60 more points for a total of 95-98 points…..but even if we win between 16 and 18 more games, we will finish the season with 76-82 points…..likely enough to win the EPL.
    Too many Gooners are pessimistic and running scared….this can transmit to the team if such negativism shows its ugly face in the stands…so lets stay positive and realize that a 38 game season is decided only in May.

  • Domhuail. With that sound advice. Can you supply me with the six winning numbers for tonight’s lottery please…..Merry Christmas.

  • If a mans todger was measured by his confidence in his team, ‘GliCockymonsters’ tool would be the size of an inverted nipple.

    Total, cheers for the uplifting post. Luckily i missed (not by choice) all the media fallout and gloom, post Shitty. Regardless, going by some previous comments you can see how the email i sent you (while i was blotto) relates to the feeling amongst supporters.
    Yes, the wind is in our sails and we are ToTL, and bugger it, we really should ride the wave of exstasy and enjoy it, as long as it may last. But, there is a certain element of doubt in our squad to really push on. Its almost like we expect a fragile Arsenal to crack when the going gets tough and i currently sit on the fence with splinters in my arse.

    I agree and disagree with both yourself and that Cocky bastad from Cornwall. (Thats what you can expect from a schizophrenic 😯 ) I hear and read the stats on where we stand currently in comparison to previous seasons and its worrying. I know about the dynamics and do believe they change the outcome (whether its refs@bodgybros.com or a packed up diaby bay or even a bad day at the office) of games and even the final league standings. But its all very coincidental. A huge deja-vu hovers over us when we play these so-called big teams and a personal doubt lingers like a bad smell.

    On the other hand, there is one dynamic that i would like the babble on about, and that is, that certain players who i did not expect to fire at all, one in particular and currently sitting ToTL for personal awards, a big mention to the back 4 (consistency in regular starts helps) as a collective unit, and also our Poleman in d sticks, who imo has earnt the Arse a few extra points (its what great keepers do, again consistency is key). Now, if we can get our big name players firing on all cylinders, and im talking Ozil amongst the goals, Santi pushing in around the D, and Jacks form to match his heart then Prince might be a little richer come May. (odds of 26/1 taken 3 days before the announcement of Ozil).

    The other dynamic is how shite and inconsistent the league is/isnt. Luckily for the Arse, last season and even early this season, the so called big teams results have been patchy. With Chelski, Shitty helping the bookies with huge upsets. Spuds blowing money on ‘flavour of the month’ players, like a horny bachelor in a strip club and acheiving the same result…NOTHING.. and manure..well they stink like their name. However, eventually teams will come into their own and either push on or fade away.
    Even Damon Hill went a whole F1 season without winning a single race and still won the championship.

    So im gonna go with the flow. We are still ToTL..’Every dawg has his day’ and i reckon its wise ol’ Arsenes turn to grab Moaninho by the short and curly’s and say ” the title is ours…Biatch!! and so are the 3 points today.. Its my house…you hear…MY HOUSE!!!!”

    But if we want to absolutely GUARANTEE ourselves the title, i said it before, go out and buy Ratatouille. He is a genius, and so hungry he’d bite your hand of to play and win.

    Up the Arse!!

    Back to work for this schizo, this drinking ain’t gonner get done on its own. 🙂

  • I tend to agree with TA on this (negative) point about how we did against teams last season.
    The bottom line is, how many point you win this season, as pointed out by both AB & Domuail above.

    Just as a matter of curiosity TMC, did you check which part on the season these ‘matching’ results came from? Because if they came from the latter part of the season, i.e, from Bayern away, onwards, I think we would have a hard job getting more points than last time? It also might point to us doubling our tally with what is to come because we are a much better, confident side, that may even be improved upon in the TW, than we were at the beginning of last season?

    Personally I cannot be bothered to check it out, because it is irrelevant. If you like recycling rubbish put out by people who don’t check either, then I guess you better stick behind the sofa and only watch the matches when you know we haven’t lost, safer that way?

    My only worry about the Chelsea game is, in theory, they should be a whole lot better than what they are, given the players they have got. It would be another sods law that says they click against us.
    What I cannot fathom is why the bookies have us as favourites to win, and a draw the least likely result. They do go a lot on current form, rather than previous records. So they must think that Chelsea are in a bad run and not likely to get out of it soon? Mind, they are running on a very tight margin of 102% over round – in layman’s terms, if the odds were each 2/1 for each possible result that would = 100%, So add the best three odds together and divide by 3, and it is only shaved in their favour by 2%. That is pretty good odds if you get the correct result, as big handicaps in horse racing are often run at anything from 112% -130%. Mind when only three runners, there is usually a big outsider … there isn’t here. It is very open to any result, so we should make the most of a very good opportunity, and get back to a time when we used to beat them regularly? Do you remember those days? Ignore the Maureen factor, it’s a myth.

    Knowing the 17HT post is on it’s way sometime later today, I will keep my other thoughts on the game for that.

    Oh, my weather warning is looking more a reality now, with heavy rain and high winds due in the London area for much of Monday. A postponed match would knock our chances of staying top, albeit with a game in hand?

  • Morning FFGs 🙂

    Cheers Terry, how’s the loft coming on?

    Hi Admir

    Will respond to your email soon. TV should be fine as long as he accepts BFG as the leader in defence.

  • Cockie, you still have not explained to me why the comparison is relevant. Total points for winning the league differs every season so our current tally is only relevant compared to other clubs now. A great away record, tight defence, good home record and goals throughout the team is the stuff of future champions. Too much Talkshite makes Jack a dull boy! 🙂

  • Just three points, Vickers. A win will boost confidence tremendously, but two draws against Hammers and Barcodes and the Glicster will come out dooming us to death. 🙂

    Also, we played Liverpool and Napoli off the pitch this season, and won at Dortmund. I guess that was just luck and not tactics. 😉

  • AB 🙂 all agreed. I just don’t want us to go into this game with desperation, as in we must win. just give it all but with inner calm and good organisation and discipline. That’s how we can beat them.

  • Always good to read your fine, clear comments, Princey, and nothing schizophrenic about it at all. The truth has many faces.

    We were beaten just by Manure and comprehensively, despite referee blunders, by Citeh. Those defeats were preceded by big European away games in which we had to dig deep and weekend games at home against high flying Scouse clubs. Had we played the Manc teams at home, I reckon we would not have lost….. I refuse to read too much into these defeats and rather look at the bigger picture as per post. 🙂

  • About points… Manure won the title last term with just 14 points out of 30 possible against other Top 6 teams but they had won 75 out of 84 against the rest of the league. In 2007-08 we were third with 83 points and Manure won the league with just 80 points in 2010-11. Liverpool were second with 86 points in 2008-09 despite beating Manure in both fixtures. My point is, it’s hard to predict how many points will be required. We were six minutes away from seven-point-cushion at Liverpool and Chavs only two weeks ago and now we are on the third spot. We need Giroud’s and Cazorla’s goals ASAP. Podolski’s return might be a slow one but it’s good to have his left foot aka The Howitzer back.

  • Nice Prince……apart from the fact we are not TOTL !. 😉
    Instead of keep trying to point out the obvious relevance, I`ll just wait `till the end of the season to justify my logical comments. this is not me being a doomer, just stating facts which are there for everyone to see !. Maybe it`s more the point that everyone else has failed to remove their rose tints as soon as we topped the league !.
    As for Delusional Domhuail………I wont waste my breath !.
    As for the recycling other peoples rubbish…….it was my rubbish…..which I could be bothered to read up on !. Maybe it just so happens to be something other people have figured out as well !.
    Anyone would think we were 20 points clear !.

  • Cockie, the world is a lot more beautiful through pink than through brown, and never underestimate the power of collectively thinking positive OR negative! What’s it going to be boy, pink or brown?! 😉

  • Admir, all good points.

    Also too early to say whether our direct competitors are doing better against the top teams. Citeh have done best but then they played us, Manure and Toffees at home, whilst losing to Chavs away.

  • Morning all

    Just a quick one, have to go the office and fiddle some Tax Returns.

    Thanks TA. The loft is scheduled to start mid January. Now the time is approaching I am getting a bit nervous. I mean, how will the Mrs react to a large building project that she knows nothing about? hahaha

    To be fair to Cornwall, he might be right that we dont finnish top two, but that aint the point. Results comparison to last year is a waste of time, football dont work like that. Also, hes wrong about FFP and Usmanov. I wrote a rebuttal to the piece he read in another place and even Usmanov accepts we have turned a corner and can now compete.

    For me, the most important point is that we are “improving” and now find ourselves on a more even playing field. These facts alone should fill us with hope an confidence for the future.

  • Such diplomacy Terry…. Now you have shown your good side, you are allowed to fiddle the tax returns of your esteemed customers hahahaha 🙂

  • Hey guys…Absolutely leveled by the flu yesterday but I did watch a couple of matches. I’m feeling a bit better this morning and hoping to watch these Sunday matches too. Waiting for MNF is painful…

    Gerry, I’ve got nothing in the way of a post. What’s the latest? Anybody doing a match preview? This one would seem primed for an Oz special…

    I’m with VCC (and others) in believing that this is a big match. Certainly losing would be a big blow to our “mental strengff,” even if it is *only* 3 points. We need to control the match with a measure of calmness and take it to them, ideally using this as a platform for not-so-easy trips to West Ham and Newcastle. I think a key will be our ability to create a some possession and mute any sort of counterattacking pace they might try to generate. Let’s remember that Everton had more possession than we did in our last home match….

    So I’m very much with the one game at a time mentality and thus it seems a strange time to start talking about where we’ll be come the end of the festive period or the end of the season. It’s the journey (or something…), isn’t it? I sort of understand the folks who purposely downplay our chances in order to avoid disappointment but it seems almost as crazy as those who insist we’ve got the best team in the world. Frankly, my hope is that our players and our manager go into every match knowing that we could win, lose or draw and that the key is giving it our all to give us the best possible chance. It might be a good approach for the supporter, too. Tougher these days as ticket prices keep going up, maybe?…At least we’re in with a shout, I say, as I get set to watch Spurs at So’ton…

    Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got (for the moment)… Sorry 😳

  • Hi 17 🙂

    A balanced comment as always. Hope you get over your flu quickly.

    I am all for OGAAT but the festive season has its own dynamics and just focusing on the Chavs game is futile imo. Yes it is a big game but why would losing to West Ham not be a big blow to our confidence, or just as big a blow as losing to the Chavs?

    The post aims to focus on the bigger picture rather then the anticipated hyperbole for the one off game against the Chavs.

  • Total, you’ve got mail…though it’s not of the “post” variety…

    True, true it’s just 3 points, but it could be “more” if we can take some extra belief from a positive result. Hyperbole *is* the nature of the beast so I can see why you might want to play it down. Still, our ship got rocked a bit in those last 3 matches and we need to right it. My dream is a commanding performance to go with the proper result…

    I wish I had a better answer for the doomers (well represented by our blue monster)… Attempting to stay “in the moment” rather than always anticipating failure (or glory) might be a path to greater pleasure. Hope is not a plan (they say…) but, on balance, it seems more fun than pure gloom…

    Adebayor with a flying goal reminds me of some good stuff he did for us (and why he fetched 30 million from Man City)… 1-1 as the half nears…

  • That is my dream too, 17. But just for that game, and we will both live in the moment tomorrow. The four games in the festive season are totally interlinked for me, and the only thing that really matters is being on top at the end. If a loss against the Chavs spurs us on to beat WH, NU and Cardiff, I would be tempted to take it, if you know what I mean.

  • So, Total, do we have a match pre-view on tap? With Jack banned the selection gets a little simpler but I’m still curious how we will line-up…Do both Spaniards (Arteta, Cazorla) come back into the line-up? And if they do, who will sit? Gotta play Theo up front with Ollie, I would guess, so only room for 4 midfielders…

  • Listen Bastards, I know Stretch likes to quote a bit of Churchill and I don’t mean…….” Oh Yes ! “.
    ” The farther backwards you can look, the farther forward you can see ! “.
    I`m sure economists look to history, I`m sure bookmakers do, probably every business, corporation, government and anything you can think of does !. In fact, Stretch doesn`t spend so much time in A&E because of what he`s wife thinks he`s going to do, it`s because of what he did in the past….actually Saturday/yesterday with the Bulgarian stripper !…..and he so knows in the future he will visit A&E with swollen gonads that he has a season ticket for A&E !.
    Manscum are favourites every season start with the bookies because……..their past form !. If it`s not relevant, then every team would be the same odds at the start of the season.
    Over the last few weeks I have given you data stats on points, like for likes, title form etc` and if someone like Gezzer….someone who looks at past form, weather conditions, ground and everything to the size of the horses cock, cant see that it`s relevant, then I`m baffled !.
    But, I will say my last thing on the subject. Today I took my grandchildren on the Bodmin steam railway to see Santa Claus. After giving them their Christmas presents he asked me what would I like for Christmas ?….I said…” to be able to shit out gold nuggets ! “, he said….” come on, that’s impossible, say something more realistic ! “…….” OK, I said, can you cure Total, Stretch and other BKers of their Rose Tintedness ? “………….”OK Monster….is that 9 carat, 18 carat, 22 carat or 24 carat you`ll be wanting for them nuggets ! “. hahahahahaha

  • TCM – Little knowledge is a dangerous thing with you isn’t?

    Of course bookies use past form at the start of the season. We were about 6/1 3rd favourites to win the league before a ball was kicked. We lost to Villa, price shot out. Got Ozil, price closed up again. Lose MNU,out, win the next two or three closed up.

    That is recent form and they don’t give a monkeys about last season. The fact that we lost to ManC appears better to bookies than Chelsea win over Crystal Palace, otherwise Chelsea would be favourites tomorrow? Especially if they were looking at their record against us??

    We are nearing the half way stage now, nobody in their right mind starts looking at last years results … which says it all really 😀

    Just on a point of info on this recycled rubbish. Did you, or did you not provide a link to this nonsense when you first announced it on here?

  • Cockie, very good work…Where would we be without your glumness–not to mention history lessons, anecdotes and tales?… 😀 Where’s Fozzie? A week ago he was upbeat about the Chelsea match…My guess is that his confidence is wavering as time goes by and he spends more of it conversing with his muppet friends…

    The impression I got from Gerry’s response to your prognostications of woe is more that it’s good (when you can…) to be upbeat if not hopeful and to at least be able to take it from the sitting part of the sofa. He’s plenty realistic about our chances much of the time, I think…

    I’m hopeful for tomorrow’s match but I also think there are structural troubles which make Man City and Chelsea a big two. Being a transitional year for them and United, if we can edge ahead of any of them it will be a major accomplishment. O-Gaat says the Dutchman with the pink spectacles and I think we’ve got a little edge going into this one. Chelsea’s group seems not completely unified–Will the spirited codgers rekindle their glory days or will the up and comers er, gome up. My hope is that it’s the worst of both worlds and we put them to the sword. Like Total says, it won’t matter a whit if we don’t carry the form forward… Fingers crossed, eh…

  • Uh oh, looks like Gerry can speak for himself…

    I say take it easy on our puppet pal, Gerry. As long as he doesn’t actively root against us, but merely girds himself against disappointment, we should empathize with/pity him rather than chide his “fraidy cat” approach… Different strokes…and if anybody can stroke it, I’m sure it’s the monster… 😀

    By the way. I own several pairs of sunglasses–considered safety equipment when out on the snow–and the lens color I prefer is most definitely rose. If they make things look better, why would I choose any other?…

  • Hi HT, no just chiding him for sticking to a unrealistic assumption.

    By the way, if you care to switch on to BBC/footaball/results page today, beyond the Premiership games, you will see an awful lot of games postponed, two in the London area. Now I know the Ladies matches are not usually played on the 1st team pitches … but that was from today’s rain.
    Tomorrow’s stuff is three times as bad, with stronger winds, and pretty near continuous.

    Don’t waste too much time on the preview TA, but remember, it will not be about playing pretty football if it goes ahead?

  • Ugh, that doesn’t sound good…The weather here is blue skies and warm…

    So then, a classic, whoever-wants-it-more narrative?… 🙄

  • No idea Gezzer, may have done and may not have done, but feel free to go back on months of comments !. I can change my mind from one minute to the next !. Today you are the Devil, tomorrow you could be a Saint !. hahaha
    I`m never stuck on one view and someone can easily influence me to change course if I think they are right !. Will never spurn free advise and always listen to peoples opinions and try not to ridicule them because they are different to my own !.
    An example of changing my mind…..I championed FFP, but have since changed my mind on it`s ability to police, however, some proper knuckle rapping, like banning say City, Monaco etc` and I may change my mind again !.
    All this doesn`t make one iota of difference between mine or any BKers goal of wanting Arsenal to win every game. I just like to live in a logical world, not one of North Devon fairies !. hahaha
    We will see at the end of the season whether my logic was relevant and if I`m way off the mark them I will eat some lovely humble pie !
    To keep saying I recycle rubbish and nonsense is basically a rubbish recycling session of your own !.
    I have only stated past facts and a relevant fact that we are 4 points worse off like for like on last seasons results, not something I have made up to annoy anyone, just presenting facts to back up my own personnel opinion which every one else on here is does !.
    If Arsenal beat the Chavs tomorrow night, I will be running around screaming like a maniac to the annoyance of my wife and if we lose or draw, I will be suffering another bout of depression, again to the annoyance of my wife !.
    17……glumness ! hahaha………if you were to read all my comments on here and in the past on another site, which is about 3 years worth !…….I should imagine 95% were of a light hearted reading and in fact have been wrist slapped for having a joke when others were trying to have a serious discussion ( not on here, Totes is Mr Wonderful in my eyes ! hahaha ) . It probably amounts to in excess of a 1000 light hearted comments of which 99% are original as I hardly ever recycle other peoples humour or jokes !. I`m sure Vickers and Stretch would testify to that as they are the butt of most of them !. hahaha

  • too right @ TA

    we will win tomorrow and we will win convincingly, to all the pessimist and doubters, I am going to do what that unlucky Gooner did vs a Manc supporter who ended up losing his house or was it his wife ? yep (I’m gonna put Glic and his sofa on the line), we are going to win tomorrow, nothing in life is certain but take it from me Glics, this one’s in the bag.

    why am I this sure ? for those who would want to know , ask me tomorrow after we have won and I’ll answer.

  • where be the fun in that ? 😉

    I knew it was a new one, hence, it had to be done !

    but yeah, some of the stick you’re getting is unfair , no worries, I know it’s your way of preparing to fail and then being in a state of shock when you find us back where we belong (no, not at the 4th spot – TOTL 🙂

  • Hi TA 🙂

    seems like you’ve done all the hard work and can now look forward to some quality time not working and being with the family and your online gooner family 🙂 good to have you back skipper ! 😀

    where is JGC ? he did predict a 2-1 to the good guys, so I’ll let him off this time!

    the next 4 games (statement of intent) = 12 points + 35 = 47 from 20 games [ Glic mode on, still 3 points short of the target I set ourselves) 🙂 🙂 🙂 👿

    however, win the next 5 in the PL = we’re back on track, hence this is a marathon and not short sprint , Glics –

    it’s good to see Admir back as well,

    and TMHT, you keep mentioning the post for the “other place” so that’s 2 posts you owe us here 👿

  • Woop didi woop CockieKrishna combattive, contorted yet somewhat comforted comrades!! 😆
    MarleyKaze and his Kingston posse did a number on both my arse cheeks and I’ve been walking around like a baboon with the itchiest cheeks in history!! I did my best knuckle dragging spud impression and scratched my enlarged buttocks along the pool decking, purring at each groove and rotating on each rivet!!! Haha!! 😆 I was so caught up in the moment I got catatonic!! Just like in when CockieKrishna is in full swing in the tranny annex!! With Cockie being so fit and hypnotising the Trannys by doing naked figure 8s like a human scalextrix with his todger keeping him on track and all the Trannys unable to resist Uzbek Bhudda worship!!
    I didn’t get incense sticks stuck up my jacky but when I came round I did have an audience clapping their hands and singing!!?? So quite similar to CockieKrishna actually!! Haha 😆 little did I know that MarleyKaze was being bookie and taking odds on how many arse spins I could do!! He also offered to help me get the splinters out afterwards but I wasn’t fallen for that again!! Haha!! 😆
    To beat Chelsvski is definitely psychologically the most important game of the season IMO … Did you bastardos view that link I posted with statistical proof why we should beat them?
    Great words Prince and it would be great if Ozzie could photoshop Maureen on Wenger’s leash for pre or post match!!
    Gooners … Put down the latest award winning cookie batch labeled “Uzbek gold” from our loveable yet lethal Cockie!!
    Unless you fancy rubbing his undercarriage and becoming invading enemy airspace with so many incense sticks in your rectum that you will be on orbit until end of May!!
    Haha 😆

  • And Totes thank you for the positive post’! Fits like a glove with Dylan’s the other day!! 😀

  • look, we win tomorrow – you still get to keep the sofa and hide behind it

    god forbid, if the referee wins it for them, then you lose the sofa and no longer have a hiding place.

    win win, have a little more faith in AW and the boys this time, you’ll be pleasantly rewarded along with Afc (very disappointing post, expected better from you, Esse)…what’s this about small teams and big boys ? give me the names of so called small teams and the big boys you are on about ?

  • Yes JB time for blogging, family and football. Life’s good. 🙂

    12 points! Bloody hell. I reckon we get eight or nine but I take yours, you eternal optimist! 😀

  • I think if we win tomorrow we will defo stay totl .. Lose and City will be top .. Just a gut feeling… Psychologically we will suffer if we lose, but I reckon the only way that would happen is with the ref and luck!! 😀

  • Trying to work out who or what you are Fozzer ! hahaha
    A globe trotting muppet….Britain, Kiwiland, Jamaica, fcuking mad !……..probably the wealthiest BK bastard, a blue chip company owner who doesn`t give a damn how mad he is !……well that was before my arse became the biggest gold nugget mine in the world !. hahaha

  • Bondy, I owe no one nothing. I am a selfish bastard and will do as I please. hahaha

    Every ones entitled to an opinion. To be fair to Cornwall hes not closed to new ideas and takes on board what others say, which is to his credit.

    No right or wrong then, just debate.

  • actually i’m gunning for 15 from 5 and not 12 from 4, it’s a very very realistic target and one that ensures we run away with the title.

    I know, all of you are worried about the fatigue factor and so many games in a short span of time.

    but look,we have Poldi back for tomorrow, we have Koc back for West ham, Jack back for Newcastle and then Ox back for the Cardiff and spuds one

    that’s 4 top notch players, to keep things fresh and everyone on their toes against teams, we can no doubt win against, the only tricky one is tomorrow ( which we are winning for sure) and then the Newcastle away one (which by the time we play, we’ll have a nice 4 to 5 point cushion at the top again).

    I won’t dwell on that more as I know , you prefer it to be OGAAT –


  • I 2nd Glic on that FB one, but I think , Glics has connected the dots From Jamaica to U.K to down under, yes, yes, he’s a frequent traveler as well 🙄

    It wasn’t like that before you went out with the Bulgarian chick @ TMHT 🙂 but no worries, she taught you a valuable lesson in life by the looks of it, ha

  • She was as boring as hell Bondy. Kept going on how “Vack home I am nuclear physicist, now in vis country I am vaitress”

    First date I was a perfect gentleman, but will pounce by New Years.

  • hahaha JB….with Stretches exploits in the loft he was becoming conscious of being “Pigeonholed” , so has expanded his territory to “Bulgarian Chicks !” and is also in deep negotiations with HH about shagging some Canada Goose !.

  • Haha!!! Those gold nuggets will come in handy for your Tranny Xmas drop Cockie!! 😆 I know how much work you have putting in at CockieClaus Secret Santa HQ … also known as the Tranny Annex!! Haha!! 😆 all your Trannys working tireless as your little helpers… Who also happen to be naked because Cockieclause doesn’t want any of his Tranny elves to steal his product!!haha!! 😆
    Then on Xmas night CockieClaus gets all dressed up or should that be down because he’s still naked!! And with an assortment of Trannys who are also naked with reindeer antlers embark on a magical journey to visit all the Trannys in the world!!
    I would like to say he has a magical sleigh … But the reality is that it will just be CockieClaus on skis with cowbells hanging from his scrotum and Tranny reindeee pulling him forward by holding on to his Hampton!!haha 😆
    CockieClaus with the biggest smile on his face singing as he goes!! “Jingle balls, jingle balls … Jingle all the way… How much fub it is to xxx on all my Tranny slaves!!! Hey!! Jingle balls .. Jingle balls” hahaha!! 😆
    Mad as a hatter you’ll find Cockie!!hahaha!! 😆

  • Yes, its true. Ive had many a variety of Birds, more than you lot combined probably. But been very humble, I dont like to brag. hahaha

  • don’t be silly now @ TA – this is not a computer game or Ps4 or xbox , we are talking about , this is real life footy , hence 50 points from 21 games is very much realistic and i’m confident , we are on track to achieve that.

    jeez, aren’t you smooth and patient with the laydeez @ TMHT – god speed, ha

    I also read a few mentions of AW never beating Jose.M – for all those repeating and believing this garbage , i got these words for you as Terry , will back me up on

    “There’s a first time for everything in life”

    hence, tomorrow will be that very first time of many many more to come where AW re-defines and puts that wrong into right.

  • I looked at my crystal balls (Glic might know what I mean) and here is a synopsis for tomorrow match:

    “8.55 pm CET – the game will start in five minutes. Arsene Wenger made a few surprising changes to the team that lost to Manchester City. Bacary Sagna and Per Mertesacker start in the heart of the defense while Carl Jenkinson and Kieran Gibbs are on the flanks. That means three out of four defenders that started against Manchester City are not on the pitch. Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey are in the middle, Theo Walcott and Santi Cazorla are on the wings while Mesut Özil is going to play his regular No.10 role behind the lone striker Olivier Giroud.”

    “8.57 – Mike Dean handshakes with Jose Mourinho and apparently asks him for the autograph. Arsene Wenger protests…and Dean shows him a yellow card and a middle finger. He might get two-match-suspension for that. Wenger, not Dean, of course.”

    “9.00 – the game starts.

    “9.01 – Aaron Ramsey just got a yellow card for breathing too loud.” Big-time-expert Michael Owen adds: “He is lucky to get away with only a yellow!”

    “9.03 – Jenkinson and Walcott combine down the right flank but Azpilicueta appends the former. Jenkinson and Azpilicueta exchange a few words and it doesn’t look well. Azpilicueta looks pale and shaken! Mike Dean comes to players and slaps Jenkinson.”

    “9.04 – it looks like Terry suffers from cramps.” (Close-up shows that Jenkinson smiles and Azpilicueta frowns.)

    “9.06 – Özil sends a wonderful ball down the right flank for on-coming Walcott. The Englishman should have had Azpilicueta in front of him but the Spaniard is nowhere to be seen. Oh, just a moment! He is in the penalty next to John Terry!? Walcott doesn’t care as he enters the box and hammers the ball into the net. It’s 1:0 for Arsenal!”

    “9.09 – 2:0 for the Gunners and it’s getting ridiculous right now! Ramsey and Özil had combined near D-area before the former sent a lovely dink over Terry and Azpilicueta who look like Siamese twins at the moment. Walcott took the ball and sent the ball across the six-yard-area for Giroud who converted an easy tap-in.”

    “9.48 – it’s half-time. Arsenal lead 2:0 at the break.”

    “9.50 – we just found out what happened with Azpilicueta. It seems that Jenkinson told him: ‘Remember what John Terry did to another Chelsea left full-back? I would keep an eye on him – he might start with cramps now and leave the stadium while you’re here!’ So, that’s why Azpilicueta has man-marked Terry ever since he had had those cramps!”

    And, who knows what I’ll see in my crystal balls tomorrow. 😉

  • Come off it Totes !
    The question should be …..Are you of this Planet ?. hahaha
    Be honest Totes, I have my moments but he is off the fcuking Loon Richter Scale !. hahaha

  • Mourinos record against Arsene was based on the period when Chelsea were at there peak with Abramoviches money and we were at are lowest in terms of spending power. That also led to them nicking Cole from us.

    Thats the point i was making to Cornwall ealier, times are a changing

  • Hahaha Admir……why don’t you comment more often, I miss your humour !. I take it in the 2nd half Azpilicueta will get himself sent off before Terry comes off injured and then offer him a lift home !.

  • As long as times are changing for the good, Stretch !. Are we honestly close enough to compete against City, Chavs and Manscum yet ?. Unlike City and Chavs spending mind-blowing amounts to get near instant success, if our circumstances are changing for the good, then the likely hood is it will take years as ours will be done in a more restrained manner…..unless a certain unmentionable lovable Uzbecki could gives us some wham bam than you Us-man-ov instant success !.

  • Why so impaitent Cornwall, and why will it take years?. Its only been this season we have been able to spend again and only just over a year since we last lost a big name player.

    You underestimate Arsenal. Another 12 months of keeping the squad together and adding to it through the transfer market and we will be right bang in there.

  • Haha, why thank you for the compliment my fellow space cadet Cockie!! I’m kiwi Totes … Admir …. That was awesome fella!! I as a muppet the character I most fear in this game is Oscar!! Expect him to come out from his trash can firing!! If Mata starts … He will play with a hard on as well!! Still Daft Wenger is finally going to come up with a masterclass and his ewoks are going to listen or face a night locked up in Stevey Boulds love emporium!! Whereas Cockie has the monopoly on lippy, Bouldy has the monopoly on eyeliner!! 😆

  • I really hope we go for someone line Diego Costa. If his release cause is just 30k I’d say go for it. The amount of top strikers that have come off the Athletico Madrid treadmill is scary … And they have all been top notch calibre in modern times.
    Atletico’s forward line has been blessed with the best, from Hugo Sanchez to Christian Vieri, Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink to Fernando Torres, Sergio Aguero and Diego Forlan to Radamel Falcao. Really hope we can get Costa… A bargain for Higuains price tag I reckon.. 😀 doubt if we can get him before summer though

  • Don’t worry Totes, my furry complexion bamboozles many!! Even bamboozle myself at times … Mrs P says “who the hell do you think you are??!!” quiete regularly!! Haha!! 😆

  • Yes Totes, MarleyKaze turned Mrs P into pinhead from hell raiser a couple of times already this holiday!! Haha .. Van Gaal to Spurs?? Hell that goes against the grain abit eh Totes??

  • Dont like the sound of that at all, Fozzer. The press will probably destroy him but given time he will turn the Spuds into something special. Not good.

  • Yeah like you say .. If Levy will give him time… Could be dare I say it .. A proper Wengerlike character replacement!! Eeek!! 😀

  • the Dutch equivalent to BBC are saying there is a big chance he will sign for Spuds but not till after the World Cup…. Ah well, time will tell.

  • Haha Totes … His Gervational compassionate pull from his forehead!! I see the Italians have turned his forehead into a fashion statement … With that bandana socky thing on his head!! 😆

  • Stretch…….probably something to do with nearly ten years from winning a major trophy !…….see how I said ten instead of nine, as I only count EPL and CL as major !, although it was nice winning the FA Cup……we were fcuking lucky, the only shots we had on target for the whole 120 mins were the penalties !. hahaha
    So I take and correct me if I`m wrong !, from your reckoning, we will be able to pay as much for transfers and wages as either City and Chavs from now on !. If so, I will be more optimistic, however if you come back and say…..” well…..City blah blah blah…….Chavs blah blah blah !”, then I shall have to be resigned to worshipping Uzzyallah !. hahaha
    Laterz….much !.

  • His forehead is big enough to screen the game on. Like you, I miss him though.

    Bonne Nuit 🙂

    One day Cockie will explain why I should feel so much more happy right now if we were ten points up compared to last season’s equivalent games, yet in exactly the same position as we are today.

    You have got to love him though, platonically that is. 😆

  • Cornwall, after we won the league in 2004 I feared that it would be a good ten years before we won the league again. I was aware of the ramifications of the Grove move back in 2003. To compound things, Abramovitch and the Sheiks came along, making winning the league nigh on

    Despite all that, If we had managed to keep our players then we might have still done it. Thats testament to the management and power of Arsenal Football Club.

    As for the future, I have big doubts that we will be able to match City or Chelsea in terms of spending power, but the gap will tighten to give us a competitive chance. This is something we have not had for a decade.

    You talked about history. Well in the last several years the most succesful English Club has been Man Utd, and though they are Englands biggest Club, they acheived there success with a lower wage bill and transfer spend to the suger daddies

    You are entitled to your opinions and might yet be proved right that we need change of ownership to win titles, but I dont think so.

    This season we are good, but next we will be stronger, and stronger the year after that.

    Those who scream and demand trophies now are mugs who do not understand Arsenal. Been a regular at Arsenal for nigh on the last 35 years i have seen highs and lows, long periods of stagnation, and long periods of success, but one thing my experiences has taught me is paitence.

  • Hahaha!! Uzztallah!! Oh know we have another BK terrorist!! Explains the Vickers Continental Ball-istic Missle!! Was meant for South Korea not North!! Hang on who was the “sexual terrorist” again?haha!! 😆

  • Forget that Fozzbrain got that one back to front!! Usual suspects in white!! Corp Jenks in white at start (eek) then green by end (aaaaaah) 😆

  • Dylan I forgot to say thanks for your awesome blogs 2 nights ago! They were sweet!!
    Mo Salah is officially on Cockies Boing list!! Enjoy your hols mate and especially the football which you can watch college stress free!! 😀

  • Hi

    I’m late, busy and tired. This break may. It last long enough sadly. I need Terry or CM/Glic to manage a few “collaborators” perchance… Siiigh…

    So, yes, my call is 2-1 or perhaps 1-0. The weather looks to make it anyone’s call really. Last mistake loses kind of football either way perhaps. I suspect that Maureen for all his talk will come out compact looking to punish errors more than attack, but we will see.

    As for record and year. Well, a year is a history of events in order. Each influenced heavily by the immediately prior, less so by those awhile back and a bit by what’s to come. Injuries and fatigue all come into play depending on order, teams played, and how they are going when we play them (ie their history counts too). All in comparison to a prior year that had different history and players etc…

    So, I will go with TA on this one. It’s a nice check to see how we are going vs various parts of the table in general, but in specific it’s not too realistic IMO…

    Cheers and back to the nap — jgc

  • I’m looking through the comments and for some very odd reason despite all the optimism I’m not feeling so good about this one. This is the first game this season I don’t even have a tingling feeling that we may win. It’s hella scary. And worse is dropping to 4th. LOOOL™. Funny how 4th doesn’t seem so good anymore eh? I’m mad nervous and I’m in Nigeria. Imagine I was in the uk going to see the game? I’ll just faint in the stadium. LOOOL™.

    Well.. I hope the boys put up a good fight. And hopefully win. We need that win! Coyg!!!

  • Sorry to do my usual dropout when the chat gets interesting, but I spend a lot of time on the computer, too long really, so as 7.0pm comes around I want some light relief.

    Last night I watched the match between PSG v Lille. It was a cracker. AW could do worse than run it by our lads before the Chelsea game … whenever it is played.

    Talk about the art of collective defending, Lille have read the handbook from cover to cover.
    There was on instance in the first half when they(Lille) were on the attack with just two defenders in their own half .. the attack breaks down and PSG were countering in a flash … as they crossed the halfway line they were 3 against two, but by the time they got to the edge of the penalty are it was 3 against 8! Yes, 6 players involved in the Lille attack sprinted past every other PSG player to be back in position and successfully defended what might have been a certain goal. Even when they went a goal down, they came back and levelled it.
    Early in the second they took the lead and had to defend like crazy. A GK error resulted in the PSG equaliser, but he made up for with some other cracking saves. It ended 2-2. 8 yellow cards, and ugly seen involving the ‘almighty swede’ where he looked my like the tosser Joey Barton than a world class star? Remember Gervinho’s debut? Well similar here. Lille guy trying to mark Ibram, gets pushed in the back, even though the ball did not come their way. A face to face confrontation results in Ibram grabbing the guy at the back of the neck at arms length – he is a foot taller than his opponent – Lille guy pushes him away with his right hand on Ibram’s chin … you’ve guessed it?
    Ibram goes down like a sack of spuds clutching his face. Mini brawl ensues. Technically a red card, but the ref calms things down and issues two yellows.

    That was just a bit that did not take over the delight of the whole game. It does go to show that the little club with no ‘oiler’ money backing them up can compete, if they make the effort.
    Hence the point I made at the top, AW get the boys inspired, watch it!

  • Team defending and numbers quickly in front of ball will slow down even the best!

    Me like — jgc

  • TCM – @19.23 – I do love it when you get serious. Don’t mind your funny stuff either, but I cannot debate with those.

    I only repeated the recycled bit because you were defending something you had not fully checked out.
    Now Fozzie has kindly put up the updated link, perhaps you will see what I mean?

    1, look at the three teams at the bottom – not even playing in this division, why the f*ck are their replacements doing in the table.
    2, Remarkably, we are plus 1 point against the top 6 clubs, and that includes the top 2 away from home.
    3, Two clubs who we have yet to play Whest Ham and Newcastle who both did the double over us last season, so although not in the minus table, we play very shortly, which give us a very good chance of making that a plus 3 score before we complete the half way stage?
    4, Of the 3 promoted clubs we have played two away from home, but won all three. We have also beat one of the favourites for the drop this time, Sunderland, away from home.
    5 If we can get anything out of the Chesea match it will be a plus too, and for all your doom talk, I think we are in a stronger position to do so this time around?

    You did not come back on my repudiation of the bookies following last season’s results, which I grant in comes into their reckoning, but given today’s odds, nowhere near as much as current form?

    So if you had read the table as I have just done, can you still justify that it has any merit on our current standing?

    I am not trying to deny you of your opinion, just arguing the flawed logic that got you there.

    As for the FFP, I think the Euro commission looking into State aid given to Spanish club, for breaking EU competition rules is likely to have a bigger effect, taking away the two biggest drivers of player inflation, wage and transfer fees. It may also turn it’s attention to Spurs getting grants to build their new Stadium. Probably why they tried their best(illegally) to win the Olympic bid wher it would be covered under ‘Olympic legacy’ money. Next season will tell if the FFP has any teeth or not, so wait and see on that?

  • Morning Wornout Weapon Weather Warning`s 😆

    Well if we lose tonight amidst the predicted Hurricane Hardon, then at least we will be able to use one British Rails finest……..”We lost because it was the wrong kind of wind and rain ! “. Our only chance will the it coinciding with the lull in the (one) eye (monster) of the storm !. hahaha

  • Geoff – You would enjoy more? the game. Apart from ex-Chelsea player, Kalou, the Lille team are hardly household names. They are mostly young and very athletic. (Hmmn @craig would like that, it he wants to update his rant?). But like a lot of young players, they make the occasional mistakes, but then throw in a bit of skillful magic.

    It was a fine example of team effort and spirit overcoming the odds. They are 3rd in Lique Un, and not surprisingly, have the meanest defence. Managed by the same guy who took Montpelier, with Giroud’s goals to their championship title two seasons ago.

    If you can catch the highlights do so. If you try the BT sports app you might get the French league which is repeated several times today?

  • Well I am staying put today. We are getting the storm right now. If it lessens this afternoon the dogs will be very lucky.

    Be extra careful on the roads TCM. You may not need the sofa if you are stranded up country?

  • Gerry, one more thing about Lille – they have the best goalkeeper in Ligue 1 who is also the best African goalkeeper. Some of his saves this season were surreal. However, it was his mistake after the corner that led to Baša’s own goal that leveled the score.

  • Good Article Totes.
    I sincerely hope we are TOTL come the new year, and manage to hold on to win the thing come May.
    Not too sure about tonight’s game. Walcott will have to be at his best if we are to overcome the Mourhino curse.
    Chelsea have a will to win, more so than the Wenger boys. We have been short of character in the last two games.
    I think it will be a blessing with Wilshere’s two match ban. He was becoming a liability lately. I would play only one of Arteta/Flamini in tonight’s game.
    Chelsea will try and exploit the lack of mobility in Merts, with movement from Oscar/Hazard/Torres. A real test of his character and skill.
    Beers in the fridge at the ready.

  • Right Gezzer !.
    To start, Fozzies link is wrong, we are 4 points adrift not 3 !. If you count that all the games played like for like so far this season are the same in points, except Villa, Liverpool, WBA and City !

    Villa -3 points
    Liverpool +2 points
    WBA -2 points
    City – 1 point
    That`s a total of -4 points !.

    Your point #3 point is completely wrong….we did the double over them ( West Ham/Newcastle ), not the other way around !. So not worth debating !.
    In my logical calculations, I have replaced all the teams relegated last season with the ones that were promoted. We did the double over all the relegated teams last season and this season we have so far beaten all the promoted teams and even in my state of pessimism, even I expect to beat Hull, Palace and Cardiff in the return games !.
    In an odd way, even if we lose tonight against the Chavs, the like for like will still be -4 points, but we will drop another place and be out of the title race and make Totes wish he had never put up such a bold but delusional headline !. hahaha
    Even if we beat the Chavs and win the next 3 league games after, we will still be -1 point like for like, but we will be TOTL and I would be extremely grateful for some hard ribbing if that happens !. hahaha
    As for the FFP stuff, like most fans of normal run clubs, I would love it if something happens to RM and Barca by Europes big wigs, but come on, these are the 2 mega clubs of Spain !. Too much corruption , nothing will happen !.
    As for them scummy bastards down the lane, I did put a link up the other day and as per you and everyone else, I`m not too happy as a tax payer to be funding them bastards and there should be a public inquiry to ask questions on the morality of such funding when there are more important issues of education and health in run down ghetto !.

  • In the Ghettohh, and a little spud crys, in the Ghettohh

    And a ;little spud runs from Steve Archibald with his Cock in his hand, in the Ghettohh

    And then one night in desperation, the little spud breaks away. Running down Seven Sisters pursued by Steve Archibald with cock in his hand, in the Ghettohh

    But the little spud falls, and as crowd gathers round an angry young spud with Steve Archibalds cock in his bum, another little spud is born, in the Ghettohh, in the Ghettohh.

  • Hahaha Stretch

    On a serious note…..you have so far predicted 16 Arsenal wins @ 5-0……that’s 48 points with a goal difference of 80 . Now why is it I should listen to anything you say Bastard !. hahaha

  • sorry to make it worse than it already is for you @ TCM but it should be -5 points worse off since we drew at the Eithad last season and this time lost all 3 points, so that’s a -2 instead of a -1.

    couldn’t resist 👿

  • Whos counting?. hahaha

    Bloody hell, you sound like my ex wife. hahaha

    Weve just had a bit of bad luck, thats all. A bit like the City game. In fairness we should have won that 5-0

  • 53 from 22 games is doing of Champions @ TA – yes , that will do it comfortably and by march, we would have the EPL title sewed up, much like Bayern Munich in Germany. 😉

    doesn’t matter who Spuds appoint, it will take them another 5-6 years to start playing like a team, regardless who their manager is but yes, them getting the current Netherlands boss is a real possibility considering you lot are getting Huus Hiddink in the summer after the world cup, anyway ? so he will need a job in the summer and if he can come to an agreement with the dutch FA and spuds, it remains a real possibility.


    if that’s how you’re feeling then you should feel like that more often since we are winning tonight and winning rather convincingly.


  • I’m seeing a repeat of the Chelsea game a few years ago (where the lead switched back and forth a few times, with us winning 4-3 in the end I believe. Van Judas had a hattrick.

  • Cheers JB, that`s why you`re the blood sucking bastard ! and you`ve not made it worse for me, you`ve made it better !. It makes my argument even more relevant, that we are in fact lagging even further behind from last season !. hahaha

  • Trouble is Stretch, your wife has good reason !. You keep going on about the ” 1930`s ghosts stirring “, when it is in fact all about your ghostly boomerang shaped cock !…..it was always going to come back and haunt you !…..hence, your season ticket at Bounds Green A&E !. hahaha

  • In case your not keeping a check on the UMFL, Vic`s would appreciate some predictions for Boxing day as well as the weekend !. I predict I will come last in the UMFL again this year as my like for like predictions are worse than last season, so with that relevance, it looks like the wooden spoon is mine !.

  • Cornwall, about 20 years ago we knew this geezer who when we were out would never use the urinals only the cubicle

    One night we decided to find out what the f*uck was going on so waited for him to go bog and then Piled in and had a look over.

    The only way I can describe it is, imagine a human spider upside down, hands on the floor to give balance and legs dangling in the air.

    It turned out he had a rare cock affliction that made the todger, even when limp, stand vertical

    Feel bad about that now, but after seeing him in action we christened him Verticock. hahaha

  • TCM – I guess I am as bad as you for trusting another site to get even the basics right?

    Just my error toggling between two screens with the WHA and Newcastles ones.Got my green mixed up with my red?
    I am prone to doing that when I rush things, which is why there were a couple of spelling errors too.

    However, I am not going to let you get away with having Villa and West Brom as top six clubs. But as JB has pointed out their mistake, we are actually even withe the top six clubs*, but the top two we have played away from home -MNU & MNC
    * as they finished around us, which would make WBA about 8th, and Villa 15th, at the end of the season
    That was point two. Point one was the inclusion of the promoted clubs being on the list. Made no difference to the stats agreed, but it makes a nonsense of comparing of how we did against the SAME teams from last season?

    Point 3 agreed, my error, but again no difference to the stats, until we play the of course.

    Point 4 was on the bottom four from last season, and so far we are 100% with the surviving one, and the three promoted clubs. No change there, except we did lose to Reading. Not likely to lose to Hull this time though?

    Point 5, we may know today if can improve on the stat from last season.

    However, the main bulk of the storm stopped here around 2.0pm, just as the leading edge is reaching London. It rained continuously here for 5 hours. The heaviest rain block will be at Ashburton Grove around 6.0- 7.0pm and is likely to be very heavy until after midnight. It is basically the same lump that has been raining down your way over the moors that eventually gets there. There will be a small bout of light rain around now though. The really heavy stuff is approaching Ascot racecourse, which is less than 50 miles west of the ground. If it slows up, they may just get away with it?

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