Happy & Prosperous New Year Fellow Gooners: Ten wishes for 2014.


Last year I issued a post with ten wishes for 2013, these were (in no particular order):

  1. A top-three finish: both the Chavs and the Northern Oilers are there for the taking and we can finish in the top-three, no doubt about that!
  2. The team to keep its mojo now and to find the perfect balance between a mean defence and attacking football;
  3. A Diaby miracle: he is fit again apparently and I am hoping he will stay fit for most of the remainder of the season to help us finish as high as possible in the league;
  4. Theo to commit long term to Arsenal and the purchase of an additional, quality winger;
  5. A beast of a DM (see previous post for reasons why);
  6. Change of captaincy: TV is a great player but not a great captain. In fact, the captaincy makes him weaker, and there are good potential captains in our team: Mertesacker, Arteta, Wilshere, Szczesny;
  7. A good cup-run either in the CL, or FA-cup. It would be great to beat Bayern Munich, and if we do, this team can get far in the CL. In a way, the same goes for the Swansea away game: a win there could mean the start of a great FA-cup run;
  8. No return to a busy sick bay: it is absolutely fantastic that we have all key players fit and available now, and long may it continue – our bench is looking very strong now;
  9. Holding on to all our key players for once this summer. Arsene to be given full support by the BoD to continue building a top-team by not selling any of our key players, and giving him sufficient funds to strengthen where needed;
  10. Dennis to join our coaching staff and to get a statue at Ashburton Grove!

We did not get one and three, and two is still a work in progress; nevertheless progress has been made and Flamini and Ozil have been a big plus for us in the new season – one in defence and the other in adding an attacking dimension we had been missing.

Four came true and that was probably the turning moment for us in terms of being able to hold on to players again – a big moment, and as a result, nine came true too! Five came true as well, as Flamini has been brilliant for us; but it remains to be seen how long he can play such a major role for us.

Six did not come true officially, but practically Vermaelen has seldom or never been our captain in the new season. Seven… best not to speak about this one. I was at the Blackburn FA cup home game and it was the single worst game I have watched Arsenal play live.

Eight seems to be our faith as once again we have been missing many a key player during the year, especially in the new season. And ten remains a dream. 🙂

My ten wishes for 2014:

  1. A top-two finish, and hopefully us being crowned champions in May.
  2. Full integration of Ozil into the team, and finding the right balance between our options in midfield and attack..
  3. Somebody to properly claim LM/LW, either from the current squad or through buying super quality in January or summer.
  4. The arrival of a beast of DM with footballing qualities to strengthen the double DM pivot and provide cover and competition for the ageing Arteta and (sooner or later) Flamini.
  5. A home win against Bayern, and hopefully us beating the Germans over both legs – after that anything is possible! 🙂
  6. Cesc to return to the real home of football.
  7. Wilshere to find his form again and have a great season and World Cup.
  8. Sagna to sign a new contract and to play more regularly as a CB; Jenkinson to claim the RB position or move on this summer (and us finding a great replacement).
  9. To keep hold of all our key players whilst adding quality were required – and a few youngsters to make significant progress.
  10. Dennis to join us.

Wishing all BK writers, regular commenters and readers a fabulous and healthy 2014, with many Arsenal highlights! 

COYG: Let’s make 2014 a special year!

Victoria Concordia Crescit! 🙂


200 thoughts on “Happy & Prosperous New Year Fellow Gooners: Ten wishes for 2014.

  • How was that for timing!! 😆 I wish all my BK Brethren a Furry Happy New Year!! Sorry for the quietness!! Straight off the plane and into work solid and just finished now! Talk about cream crackered!!
    Thanks for all the posts and comments guys … Some great stuff there!!
    Signing off now and will read your fine post Totes McBastard in the morning!!
    Ps Cockie … Yes McBastard had me making McFluffies and flipping burgers while being hooked up to MarleyKaze’s party drip!! Haha!!! 😆
    Oh yeah … “We are top of the league!! … We are top of the league!! ” 😀

  • Thank you Van Cloggenstein for making all of this possible!! Really no other site like it!! Fantastic articles and blogging!! Pure quality, thought provoking comments that really go beyond all the sites out there!! …. And that’s just from Cockie and I!!! Hahahaha 😆
    No seriously …. …… We are that good!! Haha 😆 Couldn’t resist!! Love you guys!! Hell MarleyKaze have you spiked me again? 😆
    Thanks again Totes for making it all happen … A well deserved drop of the best for you is in order … …… 😀

  • nice one @ TA –

    a very interesting wish list, let me do a mini wish list of my own then

    1: Finishing top 4 in the CL, if not winning it

    3: Beating all the top 4 sides in 2014, on a regular basis

    5: Having an impeccable record at the Emirates, making it a fortress

    7: Signing an Experienced Goal keeper, a Finished article and worldie cough Casillas cough cough

    9: Having a Fully fit Ox and him playing more regularly to cement his place in the side and in particular , sorting out the LW position – would be a treat to watch both Theo and OX operate on the wings

    last but not least

    11 : Having unbiased and more fair Ref’s for our big matches.

    Happy new year to everyone .

    PS: welcome back FB.

  • people will forget about Ribery and Robben, If we had both the Ox and Theo fully fit and operating on the wings because of them of them can interchange unlike the Bayern Munich Wingers … it’s a mouth watering prospect and one that excites me the most –

    I forgot about Diaby but hey, you never know – there’s always a first for everything, hopefully he can come back and play some part in this season, yet.

  • No more hope for Diaby from me, just cannot see it happening anymore..

    Ox and Theo to outclass Rib and Rob would be something.

    Thanks for all your positive and knowledgeable contributions JB. You have been a great contributor to BK and I always enjoy your analytical comments. Here is to an Arsenal dominant 2014 with silverware on its way to THOF> 🙂

  • there is always hope @ Skipper, even for Diaby, If we could have patience for RVP throughout his testing periods then I’m going to also hope and support a player who has taken a wage cut during his injury period/rehab to stay with us and try to get back stronger than ever, here is to hoping against hope, if you may but yes, come on Diaby, you can do it.

    Amen to that and it’s been a pleasure blogging with all of you fine G’s here .

  • Fcuk the Happy New Year stuff !……..have we bought anyone yet ?…..come on get your skates on Wenger and don’t forget the cheque book you tight bastard !. hahaha
    Oi, Letch Loincloth….I`ve noticed you only count in odd numbers !, what sort of accountant are you ?…….odd bastard !. hahaha

    A top 2 finish !….Cesc to come home !……Dennis to join us !…………….you`ve been on the McBastard McShake again !. hahaha

    Happy New Year my BK Gooner Brothers and Bitches and I will leave you with the one question on everyone`s lips for the second half of the season……………………………………………………………. Who is Dr Stranglecock ?. hahaha

  • How about a safe and happy year for all the gooners and bloggers on this site??? 😀 Just sayin/ 😀 Hahahahahaha 😀

  • Hi

    Not a bad list… I’d add or modify….

    1. Sagna to re-sign and play more middle with a new top flight RB

    2. JW to find his feet at the pivot, yes I know, not where others want him, but where I think he’s best going forward… This includes a maturity injection in his on field responses to the game (ie his talent with Artetas calm and Flaminis controlled aggression)

    3. No beast DM, I see AR and JW in the back two longer term, both capable in striking AND in the big D parts of it … Tho if we got a SQ or near one I wouldn’t be sad.. 🙂

    4. Another SQ or near ST who is less hold up and more Suarez creative/magic

    5. Per as captain… Unless your big dream for “Cesc Part II: The Return” comes true. That’d be a blockbuster movie for sure.

    6. A true second, or first, GK. We’ve gone long enuff with really only one and a prayer. Yes, JB, I heard you! 🙂

    7. Evolution of a better balance of youth and experience across the first 18 players

    That’s it. Get those and the rest will come or not matter, IMO…

    Best wishes to all for a safe, happy and healthy new year!

    Cheers — jgc

  • Happy New Year to all gooners, all footballing fans, and everyone everywhere! 🙂 The three biggest wishes of 2014 for me is the return of Cesc, the return of Dennis, and the return of trophies! 😉

  • TA – I hope we get at least some of those wishes coming good over the coming few months.

    The only change I would make is moving 10 to the top of the list, which would make the second part of 9 a more likely reality?

    The one I might leave out would be 6, as I think Cesc will only return as a manager, him and DB10 would make a fine double act? – but only when AW retires!
    p.s. the possibility of that coming at the same will be greater in three years time, by which time, Dennis will have guided our young talent into first team giants. Here’s to 2017! 😀

    Enjoy the rest of your break TA.

  • Good morning, it is back to business today. So shake off your hangovers and get ready to support the team WHOEVER comes in to the starting 11.

    This is the lowest point regarding missing players I can remember since the 8-2 beating we took at Man U. Let’s not kid ourselves, this is going to be a tough, tough struggle if we are to stay TOTL.

    Predicting the line up is going to be difficult, but I’ll get the ball rolling as best I can:






    Subs:(Remember we are down to rock bottom regards the usual suspects):

    Szczesney; Jenkinson; Yennaris; Zelalem; Flamini; Walcott; Myiachi.

    Thinking; Jenks has to be there, and may even start if there is a slight doubt about Sagna; Yennaris is back a day early for a reason? Both Arteta and Wilshere are on an edge of doubt, particularly for the full 90, and Flamini has just come through a really tough match at Newcastle, so we need both these positions covered:
    Flamini might be required for the LB cover also.
    Zelalem is the only fit creative cover, but not likely to show unless Cazorla gets a knock. Rosicky would be the obvious second string, but after such a performance at Newcastle I cannot see him turning out this quickly with another match 3 days later. We cannot risk losing all our midfielders in this game and completely surrender the Cup?:
    Walcott is another carrying a slight doubt, so best leave him out until absolutely needed, probably for Podolski:
    Myiachi would be the other cover for Podolski or Gnabry.

    It may not look that like our best 11, but if they can hold it together the front 4 look strong enough to pull out something? The bench is real guesswork to be honest, as Yennaris’s inclusion is based solely on a squad list i read, not the official site one. If he had played whilst on loan at Bournmouth, I have little doubt he would have been a strong contender to start, such is the fragility of the fitness in midfield. Whether Zelalem makes the bench does largely depend on how Rosicky is, and balancing that against the Spurs match?

    Cardiff will know our weaknesses with injury, and I think they will come out hard for the first 15 minutes. A bit like what we did against Newcastle, as we were coming off a tough set of fixtures, and a win was important. If you get an early lead then fatigue can take care of itself late on.
    That will be their thinking. They are not expected to win this, and their real battles are with fellow strugglers. But if they can get a point or three, then it is a bonus. What will be our strength, and playing to our advantage, is an open game which will suit our game better, and if we can hold them off at the start of each half, fatigue and doubt will set in. Then they will pull back to defend a point. Obviously, if we can score that puts even more pressure on them?

    This is the nearest you are likely to get to a pre-view I suspect? So follow up with other options and opinions. We are the later kick off than the Man C game, and so will no what we have to do to stay TOTL.
    Have faith, the boys can do it!
    Enjoy the match Terry, but wear a good raincoat!

  • My first update: Jorge Bird reports the training squad did not include Yennaris, so Frimpong is the straight swap, as Hayden was not on the list either.

  • Thanks for the NY wishes, guys. 🙂

    I asked 17HT to write a preview for us but I received nothing this morning and will not have time to do one myself. 17 is probably and understandedly preoccupied with Luna right now so no problem at all.

  • That’s too much change for me, Gerry. I go for your back four but with Szczesny behind him. I will go with the rest but Theo instead of Gnabry (if fit enough).

  • Morning New Year Nut Yelling Nob Yodelling Noshing Yourselvers !. 😆

    I see this as an enormous Banana skin with too much injury forced rotation !. You boyz wanted rotation, well now you`ve got it like it or not, be careful what you wish for !.

  • Morning Concerned Cardiff Cock Cradlers and Caressers!! 😆 Time to read the article! Later Fozzlock Holmes and MarleyKaze Watson will come back with a results of his investigations into the latest from the Tranny Window!! 😆

  • TA.. May your wish will come true.. Happy New Year all.. I want to add two wishes.. First Signing Juan Mata and Bruno Martins Indi.. Second to see all our players stay fit and no injure.. Hehehe..
    Happy New Year 2014 all the Gunners.. Wish you all the best..

  • Nice article and way to start the new year!
    Top for me is SQ striker, beast of DM, New SQ RB even if Sagna signs as Corp Jenks needs to go on loan, if possible a SQ goalie but I can’t see it. Like JB says I would happily take Casillas!! 😀

  • Good Afternoon, TA, and I wish you and all on BK a Happy and Successful New Year.

    BK is going from strength to strength (despite the Furry Bastardillos best efforts) and is a credit to Holland, Dennis Bergkamp, you and all the fine contributors and worthy commenters.

    Well done, sir! 🙂

  • Hey Sorry TA… I guess doing the preview didn’t get onto my to-do list, which is something that actually never gets written down…Is it too late?

    Luna made it to her birthday–which is listed as January 1st–and I’m up in response to her walking around rather than needing a lift (and a clean-up? 😯 ) What a good (no GREAT) girl!! 18 yrs old, she’s legal now!!!

    Is it too late? We could do a late one if you’re around and publish it with the actual line-ups as they come up? Seriously, the espresso machine is warm and I’ve got a killer blend of Costa Rica/Ethiopia/Brazil that I need to test… 😀 Lemme know if you want, cause I can crank it out if you like…

    Or I can think about my wishes for the year and thoughts about the match in this column…

    Again, Sorry 😳

  • Hiya my friend, GLIC/Cockie, I have been keeping a careful eye on you and that fozzie from afar, and despite myself I still cannot stop chuckling at you.

    Mad sods the pair of you – still you do keep the Blog Meister on his toes!! 🙂

  • HT – Don’t worry about it. I saw your message about shopping and assumed TA wouldn’t be up for it – Hence my piece at the top.

    Great news about Luna, I rather hoped no news was goods over the last couple of days. I said she may surprise you.

    TA only challenged my selection over Fab, which I did from the training ground photos, not just to please JB. Wilshere is the bigger doubt. A fully fit TR7 would be a better choice, but that carries risks too. As would the Flamteta duo. If either of them goes missing for any length of time the other has to carry the workload?

  • Hello my friends! I want us to lineup something like this.
    Jenks Mert Kos Sagna
    Flam Jack (assuming he’s fit because he trained)
    Theo (same as Jack) Santi Poldi
    Nicky B

  • Ugh, the mix-up is on my end as I missed ToTL’s e-mail… It came up as “already read” but it must’ve been my wife who had opened it. That’s what you get for having a shared e-mail account. You won’t find Terry making *that* mistake, I would guess… 😉

    City up a goal (set piece) and Swansea are running on fumes so we need to beat the other team from Wales to stay top. Looks like OG Solskjaer will be taking the Cardiff job. Does that mean the players selected by the interim will be showing off their technical skills or their passion to try and nick a result?

    Yeah, Fabianski will play the FA cup match if either, I would think. We definitely need a couple from the “questionable” list (Theo, Jack, Nacho, TV5) to recover or we’re looking at a full youth team bench. My guess is that they’re ALL fine… but I tend towards being very skeptical about what the manager tells the press… No matter what, stretched as we are the first goal becomes the key. Gotta crush whatever hope they might have, the earlier the better…

  • Cockie is hypo!! Haha 😆 Understandably so as the Tranny Window is officially open!!! Fozzlock Holmes and MarleyKaze Watson are on location in Cornwall at the “Cockshack!!” Also known as the “Tranny Annex”!! Since 12pm last night the curtains were pulled and a veritable array of Trannys have been parading their wares in the window!! It’s like Totesdam Central …. Oh wait he is down as a sponsor in the official program!! 😆
    Cockie has been proudly displaying his revlon lippy range, and there is plenty of refreshment from Cockie’s burger van (see earlier picture) 😀
    Cockie has a fine selection of blue meth cookies …. I hate to say it but there are some of the most masculine Trannys I’ve seen in a long time!!
    Doctor MarleyKaze Watson is distributing his Jamaican gold …
    I will bring you further reports later!! 😆
    17h glad Luna made it through the night!! 😀

  • By the way 17h I’ve never thought of coffee as a sexual stimulant before … But the way you’ve described it just then ….. Wow!! 😆

  • Very pleased that Swansea are back in their match with Nasri and his crew… The US broadcast seems to have lost the commentary and the weather looks heavy…

    Good also to hear that the Fabulous Furry Freaks are well primed for the shopping season. Fozz, you watch from the front of the sofa while cockie hides behind it, doing his caligulations, no?
    Can our sick and wounded do the job?

    Happy new year to you. There’s nothing like a girl, just turned 18, curled up at your feet happily asleep…so…Happy new year to me too… 😀

  • Arsenal make three changes, with Lukas Podolski starting as the central striker in place of Olivier Giroud.

    Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Wilshere, Walcott, Cazorla, Podolski

  • that’s a pretty solid team and some might argue (Me) the strongest possible minus Rosicky, from the players available.

    at last , my wish for a fluid front 3 may come close to fruition today

  • Thanks for the line-up 007, Indeed a very strong group considering the injuries…

    Why haven’t we bought anybody yet!!!! (that’s sarcasm/irony again, btw… 😉 )

    Any news from the sauce?

  • Nice work JB … Really glad Poldi is playing centrally. I think that will make him a lot happier and it’s the right opposition to do it. Reading between the lines, the Danish Samurai must be on his way then eh? We have a striker lined up? Any links for us would be appreciated JB… 😀

  • about time as well @ Gerry – I was kind of getting bored of the 4-5-1 🙂


    yes – no news is good news.

    score predictions ? 3-0 or 5 -0 ?

    I think it’s going to be a tough match, with the weather conditions, So I’m going to go for a 7-0

  • ah, Fozzie – don’t do this to me again, what did I tell you a month ago ? went something along the lines of ” definitely” , no ? good things and strikers come to those – who wait.

    you lot started the new year in cricket with a bang, what were Ryder and Anderson on ? did you sort them out with a bit of Jamaican Gold or was it Marleykaze 😆

  • Haha … Yeah fantastic stuff alright!! Hope Ryder can knuckle down and leave the booze out!! 😀
    No I meant links for the footy JB … For Vickers and I 😀

  • “No news is good news.”

    It is?

    City look good not really breaking a sweat beating Swansea except for the offside goal…I don’t see them too desperate in the window. Could a (big, WC, name) keeper be a punt for them, given that money isn’t an issue…

    Chelsea match would seem the toughest and might spur Jan. investment if it goes poorly…

    And speaking of Spurs…that match might be interesting. Do United need a striker now that RvP is hurt again or will Spurs if Ade takes the day off?…

    Anyhow, I like our strong line-up and glad that our sick and iffy are well and spiffy… 😀

  • Hi JB,

    I am actually. I predict a brace for Pod and one for Walcott scored of his shin.
    despite the injuries, i feel that we are fielding a side that should do the job that is required from them. I would love to see Gnabry come on for the last 30 minutes

  • Henry will be happy to see how well Bony is playing!! 😀 They say that Chelvski are -40mill when they are meant to be only -5mill to fit in with the FFP. So I reckon 17h that they won’t be getting anyone unless someone puts 30mill down on Mata … Hey that’s who Henry also wants! Hope all is well in indo Henry 😀

  • Late goal from Bony but no trouble for City…

    How’s it going Alex–Bella sleeping through the night yet? 😉 … Luckily your Arsenal habit has you well-adjusted to losing a bit of sleep…

    Yeah, let’s settle this one early so nobody has to get twitchy (nor bitchy)…

    Where’s Prince?

  • fingers crossed @ Alex

    I am going to put down Santiago as one of the goal scorers, he is due one – a man of his quality can’t be kept quiet for too long, I reckon


  • @17ht
    Very true,lucky for me that games here in OZ are generally around 2am which falls in nicely with her feed. She only sleeps for about 3-4 hours at a time so i do look forward to a full nights sleep.
    How are you???

    Good point Santi does deserve a goal

  • Fozzie will you be watching this one with us today? 😉

    So Chelsea have to sell before they can buy? Maybe a Torres + Mata for Benzema and/or Morata (or somebody else?…) with Jose’s former club and then they can just make up some numbers to please the accountants?

    I’m fine Alex…sleep patterns a little off nursing the pooch to her 18th birthday (trying to avoid “accidents” but not resorting to the doggie diapers…) but I’ve got the coffee to see me through…We need snow here. Tell me again where in Oz you’re located…The fireworks in Sydney for the new year seemed impressive…

    Yeah, lets get Santi a couple…

  • Also, I’m feeling a bit sheepish that I missed Total’s request for a match preview. Speaking of which, where’s Ozzie?

  • @17ht
    I am in Melbourne, The Sydney fireworks are always impressive, even more so because of the beautiful harbour

    Teams are about to come out


  • CoYG!

    Cocker, thanks for great links. Top stuff and love the clogs 😀

    Hi RA, same to you buddy and thanks for kind words.

    cheers Henry and same to you.

    No worries 17 – it got lost in translation. 🙂

  • Hi Alex, good to hear the young ones arsenal blood is game time adjusted!! 😀 Yes 17h I always watch but I don’t comment as I’m too freaken amped!!haha!! I did break that jinx in Jamaica though … But will catchup with you all on the other side!! COYRRG’s!!!!! 😀

  • Hi guys 🙂

    I cannot believe Bendtner is not starting. Who is playing in ‘hole’ Wilshere or Santi?

  • Hey ToTL, you got a stream for this one…

    I can do a match report if you like…Sorry again…

    And we’re off! (With an early giveaway from Per to Bac…) Weather is heavy…

  • Teasing long pass from Santi to Theo…Looks like we’re happy to start out playing on the break?

    Looks like Jack is the man in the Lu-lu’s hole, AFC…

  • More Santi to Theo (overhit) after Theo was wrongly flagged offside on one along the floor… A bit of a pattern early?…

    I meant “do you have a stream for this one ToTL?”

  • Thanks 17

    Cardiff have got an 18 year old at LB who is fairly inexperienced so Theo should look to exploit that.

  • You’ve got it, ToTL… It will help justify an extra coffee at the half…

    All defense and balls to Theo in the first 10 mins… Passing not happening so far…Taking a page from Jose and Chavs from our last home match? Maybe?

  • Very very sluggish start so far. What’s going on here? Lots of misplaced passes!!!

    By the way, Happy New Year to everyone. Hope it is a fantastic year for the mighty Arsenal. Also hope that Cesc finally comes back home where he belongs…

  • Without a doubt a penalty.

    Bad decision by Theo, a pass would have been a better option

  • Had to restart the ‘puter…Sir Chez makes the game’s first save 😯

    Jack’s looked a pen but also looked like a late decision to go down (i.e. a dive)…

    Long passes and long shots will give Cardiff confidence until we break the deadlock…

    Theo off target with his weaker foot…

  • This group is awfully static…and the longer stuff seems harder given the wet pitch and wind…

    Decent work there from Jack but the shot is blocked…

  • I hate to say it, but where is Poldolski?…

    He gets a touch there (a few actually) but he seems at the center of our lack of fluidity…

    Keep the ball in play and let’s get this goal…

  • Will we hear boos at half-time?…

    We’ve got very little pace to our play…

    Nice turn by Jack but maybe the wrong pass trying to play Lu-lu in? Ensuing corner = no danger…

  • Cardiff are happy to sit tight and attack on the odd occasion. Without giroud to hold the ball up we look like the usual Arsenal of the last few years, can’t penetrate with intricate passing around the box and put a long ball over the top for a target man. I would say Bendtner would be a better shout than Podolski at the moment. I didn’t even know if Podolski was playing

  • Dylan, are you too young to remember just how crap Bendtner is?…

    Who will you take off to get him in?… Maybe the weather is more Danish than Spanish?…

    Lu-lu almost makes something happen in the goal-mouth…Can we at least force a save before the half?…

  • OK, there’s the half…I don’t hear any boos, but not a lot of excitement, either…

    Espressi for everyone?…

  • Macko + Google translate = 😆

    Seems to me like we’re missing Giroud…(and Ozil and Ramsey and Rosicky) At least Tomas is on the bench…

    Also, Theo looks to be taking extra touches, not wanting to look foolish attempting volley’s or other big ideas?….

  • That was the worst half we’ve played this season. Nothing happening at all. I hope Wenger gives to all of them at halftime. We are at home for crying out loud! Either sub off Arteta or Flamini, bring on Rosicky. Or bring on Gnabry and move Cazorla to the middle. We need to do something here, pronto! Very boring first half…

  • I thought Wilshere slows the counter attacks when we get them. Instead of running forward down the middle he either passes the ball to the sides or turn. We have 2 options at the moment. Get Bendtner up or try to hit them quickly on the counter when they have their odd attacks.

  • see what I mean’t about Nacho + Santiago down the left flank ? looks much better than Theo and Sagna down the right – or has done thus far.

    let us stop panicking lads, all we need are good 10 minutes and this game will be in the bag already.

    wouldn’t mind one of Flamini or Arteta being taken off for Rosicky / NB though with JW moving to the b2b role.

  • Glad to see you’re not twitchy Bond…

    I just wish we could press them a little more (from the front) to create some mistakes and/or panic. Theo seems very tentative, longer studs needed, perhaps. More movement, quicker shorter passes. Poldolski moves to provide such outlets but the rest of the group is used to a CF stretching things and playing off the shoulder of the CBs…

    And we pick up right where we left off…

  • Gino I don’t think they are playing badly, I think a lack of height has reduced our options. Cardiff are sitting so deep it is difficult to penetrate. C. Plalce did the same thing against city and almost got a draw out of it. Gnabry is a good shout, he is not afraid to run at people in the box, so far all that one touch around the box is not working. Cardiff have closed all the gaps . A different tactic is needed in the second half

  • Giroud song goes up in the otherwise quiet ground…

    Poldolski winning a couple of corners…Best attacks down our left as 007 found with his earlier spying…

    Nacho, good in our buildup play gets away with a hand…

  • Theo at least tried a volley there from the corner… and Jack wins another…C’mon Boys!!!!

  • The little fat Chilean (Medel) is starting to foul people…and they sub him (more time taken…) How about us?…

    Yellow, finally for the time-wasting. Per forces Sir Chez to give a corner…

  • Theo held back there! No sub just yet, one last chance for the first group…

    Jack off the post! Angle too tight, probably…

  • Flams and Lu-lu are the ones yanked…

    Bendy gets a headed touch to keep a clearance going!!

  • Cardiff time wasting through injury now while Theo waits to take a corner…

    Mert wide….That was a VERY good chance, finally…

  • More corners…more pressure but nothing going…Jack first timer poor…

  • Oooh, commentators reminding us that this would be three home draws on the trot…

    Santi shot deflected, easy save…

  • His looks like one of those stupid games with 15 half chances that ends in a draw… COYG let’s beat that!

  • Theo hurt? Plenty of extra time, but let’s get one sooner, eh…

    Jack fouled…Bac to take it again? I say Santi…

  • I have faith, and think we’re playing quite ok, but it’s that awful feeling…

  • We’re failing with the basics in MF…Cardiff able to wind the clock down with a corner…and another miscue from Arteta almost gives a chance to Cardiff…

    Better now, but Bendy can’t get to Theo’s cross…

  • Santi corner almost finds flying Kos… and the next one comes to naught as well…

  • Theo Row Z and towards the wider part of the row…

    Not gonna use our final sub, it appears…

  • Why does that whistle go if Bendy is out of the play…Replay shows he was on, anyhow…

  • Is he hurt or just time wasting?… ;)… He looks hurt… TV5 to come in…

    Credit to Bac for the brave header forcing the save and rebound…

  • Yes he did, AFC…

    Hi to all the others lurking in the woodwork…

    Reserving the 3rd sub now seems quite wise….


  • Bendy injury makes a problem for the FA cup match…Or is there an unveiling to happen beforehand?…

    My only regret is that Poor Bond had to get bitch twitchy AND see Chez make a save when everybody else went to sleep (!?!) …


  • And we’re TOTL again… Boy what a relief, glad the boys kept pushing til the end and didn’t give up like me 🙂

  • Poor Nicky…I think he would’ve gotten a good welcome leading the line vs Spurs on Saturday… Replay looks like ankle ligaments…There goes his move to Barca… 😳

    Good mental strengff, but, my oh my, 2014 seems like it might be a very loooonnng year at this rate…

  • Why commentators say it harsh on Cardiff because they defended so well. No, they conceded 2 goals. They deserve nothing for parking the bus all game.

  • the frontline is getting thinner and thinner. Lucky for Wenger the window is open. I still doubt whether wenger will buy, maybe a loan.

  • bitch twitchy works again, ha

    thoughts with NB though, for missing a bread and butter header and then scoring from a well worked cross from Nacho and Sagna combining, our full backs were immense today –

    how could NB get injured after scoring that goal, remains a mystery – if anyone could, it had to be bendy, ha



  • Cardiff were very lucky not to lose by a 5-0 , At least

    AW were all over them like a rash and because of the weather conditions, it helped Cardiff @ WC

  • Cardiff, with a manager now, I think, have a fighting chance to stay up… West Ham struggling with captain, Nolan, sent off for being as stupid as Andy Carroll…

    All top teams winning…Everton, along with Toonies and So’ton, starting to drop back?…Spurs surely to join them in the late match?…

    Ooh, just saw the Debuchy sending off…Job 1 in this window is getting Bac to sign da ting… His header should get as much credit as Bendy with the put back… Also, thank god we had Rosicky on the bench…his ball to Jack demanded the assist to Theo…

  • OK, I need a little breakfast then I’ll try and write this one up…

    Mata off at the break for (diving) Oscar but the latter almost scores an audacious goal that becomes an assist off the post…Willian looking quality too for the 2nd and the third is Oscar deflected in…

    Superspy, does your source say anything about Chelsea transfers (if not our own)?…

  • Will be watching Manure vs Spuds… Not sure who I wish to lose hehehe… Maybe a draw?

  • Hey, anybody want to help with the match report…Player ratings, perhaps?

    C’mon HH, we miss you? Or is the honey-do list just a bit too long… 😀 😉 …

    Dylan? Or Bond with some secret transfer news?…Alcide with a report about keeping/losing the faith?…

  • sorry 17HT, it’s time to do some loving now, the other half fully deserves it 😉

    taking her out for a nice dinner

    laters !

  • He crawls out from behind the Sofa with controller in hand and brings up the scores on the BBC text, squinting, looking through the cracks of his fingers to reveal the score !………………………………Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !
    A word of warning though……still – 4 points on Monsters Like for Like Scale !. hahahaha
    Looking on the BBC stats, it`s saying we had 69% possession, 28 shots ! ( 6 on target ) and 12 corners !…..it didn`t sound like that reading from your comments !. You really need to make it sound more exciting when commentating, bastards !. hahaha
    So you better spice up the Match Report, 17 !. hahaha

  • TCM – Each time you trot that one out – i.e. – 4, I will point to the comment I made on the previous post: We have 63 points now, win 18 to keep, or 18 points to lose, or 36 points to win. The latter will give us an unbeatable 99 points!

    Glass half full …

  • Evening fine gents and Cocker and Fozzer 🙂

    I watched most of the 2nd half and boy am I proud of our boys. We kept going and finding space in the box, but just lacked a bit of luck and, to some extent, composure. First goal was a result from brilliant pressure and team play and I feel sorry for Bendy to injure himself with that goal. Made me think of Van Judas’ foot injury after scoring the winner against Manure years ago.

    The second was a great demonstration of Wilshere’s vision and fantastic composure by Theo. the whole team were brilliant as playing through fatigue like that takes a lot character and energy.

    Jack, Santi and (later) Rosicky made us forget about Ozil and well done to all three of them for never giving up and daring to penetrate the box constantly – in the end it paid off. So proud of all the boys today. 🙂

  • And Adebayor scores… Spuds weren’t seeing much of the ball, it took one cross and a bad Vidic contest …

  • Alcide, thanks for the update 🙂

    Cockie, you keep your feet firmly on the floor as your southampton will not give you much balance, will it? 🙂

    We are battling the Oilers for the title and the only thing that matters is our position compared to them this season – anything else is stats-abuse for which you should be severely punished! 😀

  • Well 0-1 at halftime, Manure enjoying possession but the domination is entirely sterile. Soldado could/should have scored a second on the only other counter attack but his sliding tackle failed to connect the ball properly 4m out from the goal. However non-threatening Manure have been, spuds are really lucky to be ahead, as they’re not showing anything, Cardiff looked better.

  • Alcide, let’s hope the boys are watching this game as to prepare themselves for the weekend. A Spuds win will make it extra hard for us as they will come to the home of football full of confidence.

  • Honestly the way the play right now, them having confidence would be good for us…

  • I know, so am I, but so far spuds are not showing anything, not even good defending as Manure are, well, boring and greatly ineffective. Welbeck attempts a dive, pathetic…

  • Hey Total, I want to watch the final 10 mins here, but I’m rooting for Spurs (or for a draw)…I know that’s not considered appropriate but they’ll be too darned chuffed to hurt us on Saturday if they get the result tonight. It’s a push for the weekend and both Jack and Theo looked to take knocks today, but I still think pride and adrenaline might kick in…

    Anyhow, I just need to proof my narrative and I’ll be sending it along… Cheers…

  • Wow, another home loss for United… Many of the AVB purchases to rotate in for the FA cup match?…

  • It’s 1-2 at the whistle. “Perfect hold up” is probably the best summary, but it was a rather poor game. I didn’t find spurs particularly good defending, ManU just wasn’t very good. No particular reason to worry about the FAA cup game…

  • Possibly 17HT. Note that Capoue was subbed early, Ade was stretchered off, and paulinho is out…

  • Webb had opportunities to help them but didn’t, I must say. Manure 11 points from top hahahaha. Spurs looking good, they will compete for 5th 🙂

  • Total, you’ve got mail… No player ratings, just narrative (and probably a bit too much of it…) Hopefully it works for you…

  • How’s the European/French snow, Alcide? We are desperate here (Lake Tahoe, California)…

    Speaking of the French, how valuable is Bacary Sagna? Nipped in for the header just as he did for our first goal in our first 5pur2, two season’s ago…

  • That was tense.
    Quick observations

    1) Jack Wilshere was outstanding. Some of his skill and vison was ridiculous. Now listen here, TA’s defence of him was completly vindicated today. The crowd were purring over him. Fantastic

    2) The weather was atrocious. luckily i played a tactical blinder and added super glue to the wig and weather proof moisteriouser to the face.

    3) Poldoski can not play the lone striker role in this Arsenal side. He does not assist the five man midfield and our balance goes

    4) Theo is back to his menacing best. He can look a shit allround footballer at times, but his the most effective shit all round footballer i have seen since John Wark. He walks into this Arsenal team.

    5) The defence was great. Special mention to Nacho, who is incredibly unlucky to have Gibbs in front of him. We have two excellent full backs.

    6) Nicolas Bendtner is the most unfittest man in the premeirship. At home he must be smoking King Edward cigars and inhaling so hard the smoke is exhaling from his penis, but i love the egotistical big lump. Dont matter wether your Cardiff or Man City, you dont want the narcasist getting on the end of things.

  • We had some snow starting midweek, but it’s almost a first layer, so not too good… As Michael Schumacher can attest :/
    Bac’ has always been a personal favorite… He really went for that header and deserves half of the goal! Quiet yet a fighter, hardworking, head on his shoulders, excellent engine and still decent speed for his age, competes over air superiority, mr reliable he really is. Plus he’s not your average footballer “whore”, he deserves to retire with us. Arsene said he wants to keep him, and I hope we do.

  • Alcide, my friends who work in the hospital say that our resorts (man made snow only) are keeping them quite busy…I might go up there on Friday but then again I might wait until the holiday crowds are gone (or even longer–supposedly the dry weather ends in a week or so…) This afternoon, I’ll do my little fitness x/c ski but even that (well-shaded) route has some bare patches…

    Terry, thanks for the match report. Who was your MOTM? Anybody else got some candidates? Seemed to me a true collective effort centered on “belief.” I’d give it to Bendtner just on the personal cost, but it’s hard not to play (personal) favorites and name Sagna if I must pick one… Frustration but persistence was the theme. I’m sure you’ve had a conquest or three who fit that description… :D, 😉 Not all the birds fall with the first shot, no? Anyhow, the match report should be coming soon. Did the little (and chunky) Chilean (Medel) leaving the match on a yellow give Jack a bit of breathing space? That’s how it seemed from my sofa… Did the crowd keep the faith throughout or was there some moaning?… Just curious and always appreciate the first hand account…

  • Hi 17 theres always a bit of moaning, mostly from one of the guys who goes games with me. If he posted on here he would take bitching up to to Barcalona levels. There hasnt been any booing for ages. The crowd appreciate the effort and organisation

    I agree about Sanga. Hes actully my favourate player. Stuck by the Club whilst every one else buggered off. If we were to win something I would motsly be pleased for him

    That Medal looked a bit of a dirty git to me, but I was sat so high up today that you would have had a better view of that than me. I thought second half Jack dropped off a bit and got more off the ball.

    Dont know about you 17, but the biggest downer was Poldoski as the loan striker. His moement of the ball s very vertical and does not open up spaces for the midfiled. Even the great cigar smoking Bentdner moves across and opens up play.

    Anyway, three points in the bag and on to the next one.

    P.s, 17, my tales about all the women are all fibs to make myself feel big. Dont tell the others. hahaha

  • Sounds great alcide. I am in the Highlands and it is warm here (between 7-10 degrees C) – just the tops of the mountains have a sprinkling of snow!

  • New Post New Post 🙂

    17HT has written a super-fine match review with a small preview interwoven into it. Top stuff from our Tahoe Gooner! 🙂

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