How can Arsenal win the title? Your advice to Arsene Wenger

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Isn’t fantastic, even a bit surreal, for Arsenal to still be top of the league at the start of 2014? I am always hopeful – even confident – we do well at the start of the season but to be ahead of the Oilers – South and North – and eleven points better off than Manure is well beyond my expectation.

It looks like the battle for the title will be between the Oilers and us. I expect Liverpool to come close to us one more time this season, but it looks like they have not got enough to really push us for the title. It is of course still early days to start pulling conclusions, but as we have played all the teams at least once now, we can say we were not embarrassed by any of them, except maybe the Northern Oilers who caught us at our weakest moment and at their ground. I wonder where we would be right now if we had played ManCity at the home of football and less fatigued: we could be five, even seven points clear from them now.

We also had bad games against Villa at home and Manure away. The former can happen but the latter was more than a bit disappointing, although we should take into account the fatigue factor as well after two big battles – and well earned wins – against Liverpool and Dortmund in the week prior to that match.

We played two of our three hardest away games already (both Manchester clubs), with the Chavs game still to come. We also have to go to the great football city of Liverpool, where we have to play both high-flying teams. Our recent record against Everton and Liverpool is good, but this year round it will be hard to take six points from the North-West.

I reckon we will battle it out with Chelsea and ManCity for the title right till the end. MC have the far harder second part of the season with away games against Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Manure, and Spuds still to come. Given that they have been quite poor away from home, there is real hope they will fall away gradually despite their impeccable home record.

The hardest challenge for the title is most likely to come from Maureen’s Chavs, who have played most top teams away already (only fellow Oilers to play away) and are starting to find more consistency in their away performances. If they can improve their away form further, it will be very hard for us to beat them to the title, I fear.

It amazes me how many pundits make excuses for Maureen’s current team – some even feel he is doing really well ‘given the circumstances’. Chelsea are apparently missing a striker, but they are having a laugh with the likes of Torres, Eto, Demba Ba and Schurrle in the team.

Chelsea, with Maureen’s natural safe (yes boring), defensive football style and an embarrassment of riches in midfield and attack are of course the favourites for the title. If we were to beat them to it, Arsene will have done extremely well IMO. To achieve this, we will need a lot of luck and to reinvigorate the team through tactical changes and/or arrival of new players in this transfer window….. or should we stick to what we have and how we play and change nothing…..

My question to you, fine fellow Gooners is:

Can Arsenal win the title this year, and what do we need to do to achieve it?

Imagine – as just a bit of fun – you have one minute in a lift going up with Arsene Wenger today, and he asks you what you would do/change to win the title this year: what would you say?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  • I love arsenal so much, for arsenal to win titles we wenger need to buy big striker like Diego Costa, berbatov and the likes. Thanks gonners 4life

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  • Reply to Mr McBastard from previous post !.

    I would do Totes if I knew how to !. I know how to copy and paste all my other crap, but not how to do a comment !.

  • Buy Iker casillas and bench Sczny.

    no need to panic buy a striker if a SQ is not available, change the formation and play with a 4-6.


  • and yes, Chelsea will further strengthen in the striker department , considering they can generate massive amounts of money by selling Mata for 35 to 50 million and then spend all of that on a Falcao, Cavani , Rooney type SQ striker to keep FFP in check as well, this after they made another huge loss.

    Mata really is a gold mine for them, this January – well played , Jose.

  • Arsene should buy a strong striker,also an iron defensive midfilder
    thats all,other wise the squred is good and we hope for somthing this season
    also motivation and for players to battle had, every game like final camoooon the
    time for big revolution. Goodluck……..

  • I keep saying the facts are quite clear, despite a myopic – 4 points view coming from a land that will be soon under several feet of water.

    We can reach 99 points if we win all our remaining games. If we only lose the Chelsea and Man City we still can get to 93 points.

    If we do not lose again this season then we are guaranteed a minimum of 63 points.

    Reality lies in that 30 point difference. But at the moment, it is ours to lose.

    The needs in January, if available, is to get in players that add to our strength in depth, but does not disrupt the cohesion we have at the moment.

    That, as I commented earlier may not coincide of who is available. But the way we latched Ozil’s departure before anybody else last summer, bodes well that some irons are getting nicely warm in the fire as we speak?

    Whether these prospective players meet what fans would like to see is another matter … There is rather a large gulf between Ozil and Sanogo …

  • JB….the question was what would you say to Lord Wenger in a lift in a timescale of 60 seconds !.
    For a secret agent you`re too trusting ! ( probably from them Tarzans swingers parties ! ) . Personally, I would first check my chastity belt was tight and then swallow the key !. Alright, I`m not a youngster anymore, but I`m fcuking fit !. I`d then ( and what a stroke of luck this turned out to be ! ) quickly wrap him in industrial shrink wrap, which I so happened to be carrying about my person !….to stop him getting his cock out !……..ahhh the ups and downs of being a lift ( elevator ) operator at the Emirates !. That will probably leave me with about 5 seconds left to shout……” Buy some SQ now pervert ! “. Doors open to the astonished looking Gazidis……..”Top or Bottom Gazidis, and think very carefully before you answer ! “.

  • TA,

    Great article. We are in a position where many believe we do not deserve to be. I say ” F@#K YOU’ to all of them. Despite the resources of other teams such as the Manchester duo, the chavs and lets not forget Liverpool, we come out on top in the 1st half of the season.
    It will be a close run to the title but i believe that we can be in the mix come May.
    Liverpool have spent just as much as the others in the past 10 years with no PL success. We have made one outstanding purchase on OZIL but the core was already there. The mentality and closeness was there from last season and it’s amazing to see someone like the POD saying that he has never been involved in a team like this one. It is one strong piece of the puzzle that has got us where we are right now. A bond and a willingness to fight for each other.

    If i had one minute with AW, I would say, use Gnabry more and bring in Berbatov. This team is close to winning a title and it will not take big names to do so, it will merely take a couple of players to compliment the current crop of players. We do not need to bring someone in to unbalance the squad.

    Lets beat the spuds

  • Buy Hernandez/Remy
    Play T Verm in DM midfield position at times
    Buy another RB/CB

  • @JB,

    Mata is crucial to the chavs. to comply with FFP, they will need to clear out before buying any big names.

  • ahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahhaha @ TCM

    considering, I would be done with my suggestion after 10 seconds – you could use the remaining 50 seconds to tell him to stop using the “Jaded” and “Fatigue” hoopla as well, in your own unique way.

    happy days 😉

  • Hi Alex,

    Mata out means a SQ striker most certainly in – it seems that this was the plan all along , as their main target may not have been willing to join them in summer, hence a 2nd bite of the cherry with them holding all the trump cards.

    Mata to Utd and Rooney the other way, for instance


    Mata to PSG and Cavani the opposite way.


  • Hi JB,

    Other clubs will always spend, We are used to that now, it doesn’t always mean that it will work out for them. Mata’s skills are not being utilised in that team and its sad to see. We are not far off JB, just a couple of additions and IMO we need SZCZ to step up or get someone else in.
    Before everyone starts flipping about SZCZ, please watch the last 5 games and see how many times he gets it wrong when a ball is crossed in and gets nowhere near it.

  • Cockie wrote in previous post:

    “My serious comment of the day !…….actually that should be accompanied by some music……..” Monsters serious comment of the dayyyyyyyyyy !!!! “.
    There are quite a few so called expert ex-footballer pundits out there saying we are never going to be in a better position to win the league . So, Monster Logic is saying……..We are TOTL ( although -4 points worse off like for like !…..just for you Gezzer !. hahaha ), have a few injuries of major players, so surely, we really should be trying to better this squad whilst we are in the prime position !. Get some SQ in whilst we have the money…..lure them in with a possible champions medal .
    This is the best time to do it, not when we`re chasing there tails, now whilst we`re TOTL and to try and stay there !. If we falter without buying, everyone will say we fcuked it up from a position of strength. Even if we didn`t have the injuries we should buy, having injuries (and we know we could get more ! ) make it even more imperative to buy now !.
    Fcuk me, that is award winning logic yet again !. hahaha”

  • TA,
    We are in an ever changing world of football when someones stocks such as Mata’s falls so quickly at a club such as the chavs. He should have been at THOF instead. What a waste

  • Wow guys, we must do better than that – I am not getting inspired by it and can only imagine Arsene having a total southampton at the end of that lift journey… 😕

  • Agreed Alex. Mata is Spanish and I dont think the Portuguese twat will buy many more Spaniards if it is up to him. They found him out and he became a national embarrassment there and I reckon this has made him resentful against anything Spanish (Torres could be leaving too).

  • Probably my fault Totes for wrapping Arsene in shrink wrap !.
    Thanks for pasting my previous post comment……I shall now get you to do all my writings after I have used my Dictaphone…………..or is that Coctaphone !. hahaha

  • TA,
    Te problem i find with Maureen is that everyone else believes that he is such a great coach. To me, having a blank cheque book does not make you a great manager. work with what you have and develop players. His success has come at clubs where he has spent way too much money. His only real success was at Porto. His arrogance eats at me as well

  • For Arsenal to lift it this season, Le Professor should shop for a striker. Though hard to find fitter in this window, he should atleast get a loanee in the likes of Alvaro Moratta or go for cheap experienced option like Dimitar Berbatov.. I suggest a defender especially a Right Back… All the best in the market Arsene

  • pls A.Winger we nees striker big striker Chalsea. Man utd Man city Liverpool all they have many striker
    Arsenal they don,t have big striker why O.Giroud he is disabiliies

  • Hi chaps. I would love the thought of all kinds of top buys – but they are not likely to happen, and their effect would be unpredictable. My advice would therefore be – keep your faith, and get the team to perform as well in the second half of the season as they did in the first. That’s all we need to be champions. I only wish it were as easy to do as to say – but that’s what he is paid millions for…..

    A big buy would be a bonus; if not we just need more of the same…. COYG!!!!!

  • I’d stick with what we have but use Gnabry and Frimpong a bit more, especially in the Cup games like we face on Saturday. If I look at each position, and am truly honest, the only area we might benefit from strengthening is up front. Giroud and Bendtner have been above expectations, as has Walcott but Podolski cannot be expected to carry their weight.He is not a traditional striker but rather a converted midfielder, false 9 and winger so he’ll need an effective partner to support him….and that isn’t Walcott imho. I often saw Poldi play while I lived in Germany and he is a powerful, behind the striker attacker who loves to play behind his strikers and pop up to collect a rebound or clearance AND blast it into the net. He isn’t at all like Giroud nor Bendtner,nor Walcott but he does compliment them well.
    Here’s my take on each position on a scale of 10:
    Keeper: Szcesny + Fabianski+ Villiano 8/10
    rback: Sagna + Jenkinson 9/10
    CB: Kos +Per +Vermaelen 9/10
    LB: Gibbs + Monreal 8/10
    DM: Arteta +Flamini+Ramsey +Frimpong 9/10
    AM: Wilshere + Rosicky +Ozil +Cazorla 10/10
    Strikers: Walcott +Podolski+ Gnabry 7/10

    Still to return: The Ox, Diaby, Miyachi, Sanogo, Zelalem, Bendtner, and Giroud 8/10
    Yet to get a game: Eisfeld, Akpom, Campbell, Afobe, + 7/10

    IF Wenger decides to buy or get a striker on loan, he normally will look for someone with the following qualities, as a minimum:

    a) NOT CL tied,
    b) Experience in one of Europe’s top leagues (La Liga, Seria A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, etc.)
    c) He likes a relative unknown so no big EGO problems to deal with,
    D) Relatively young so he can mold them a bit into his AFC vision and style,
    E) Affordable and unpolished, if that keeps the price down,
    F) Top class attitude (teamwork and team spirit) and a desire to play for the Arsenal,
    G) Healthy, strong and fit, able to meet the physical requirements of the EPL (hacking, no referee help or protection)
    H) Ideally able to play 1-2 other positions while showing flexibility and intelligence.

    I really doubt Aw can find someone in the January window but he always pulls a magic trick when we least expect it!

  • Very sensible AB. I reckon we will not do it without injection of new blood of some sort. It looks like we will need to win some of our encounters with the top teams and for that we need to add either more steel or flair, or both. Above all, we need to add that extra bit of experience at the highest level, I feel.

  • Good comment, OMG. I reckon your criteria for a Wenger buy have changed considerably since last year. However, he is now competing for the more obvious and known talents with other top clubs and for those we are not always the best (perceived) option. But yes, he might surprise us once more.

  • Thanks TA

    Another body up front this January would be nice, but in general my wish is nothing.

    People seem to be of the impression that we are were top by accident and that this is our best chance to win the league and that if we dont do it then thats it.

    This is a complete misunderstanding about what is happening at Arsenal and football in general.

    We are top at the moment because of several things, but the overiding factor is “Stability”

    Those who screamed a few years ago that we needed several players immediately were wrong. Those who said Arsene Wenger was a busted flush were wrong. And those who claimed that with the arrival of the suger dady clubs we could not compete were wrong

    For the first time in several years the manager had been afforded the same luxary as his rivals, the capacity to keep his squad.

    Underpinning this is the new sponsership deals which have effectivly taken Arsenals profits from zero to £40 million.

    I wont go into FFP, but those think is not having an impact are at best mistaken.

    My beliefs have always been the same. The time would come when we will eventully reap the financial benefits of the stadium move and other factors, such as FFP, will assist further.

    When you marry these crucial elements to the fact that Arsenal are in the top seven clubs of Europe in terms of Turnover, have a great history, continued management, and phillosophy second to none, then the question you have to ask is when, not if, we can win the league.

  • TA,

    Bella is very well. Ive had some time off with the family and it has been just the best experience so far. Life is great and with our beloved team TOTL, it is all that much sweeter.
    How is the family?

  • Yes Totes…..these phones seem to be getting smaller and smaller !. I`m testing the next generation…..One eye phone !. Podolski has a one eye Pod and the BFG has a One eye Wiener Wurstchen !. 😀

  • @TMHT

    I was one of those who called for blood and a restructure of our club. I will be the first to admit that I was wrong and i am happy with the results so far.
    Stability is key and that is why i am saying that we do not need many changes, perhaps a striker and introduce Gnabry into first team contention as well.

  • Good to hear that Alex – you are top of the world and the team is TOTL. Long may it continue! 🙂

    All is well with us, thanks. On holiday/retreat in the Highlands and having a great, relaxed time. 🙂

  • TA. Yes, a combination of prime talent, experience of winning championships, and a leadership style would be great for us……, but how many of such types are likely to be mobile in January? Could happen, but….

    I remember what a sound defence combined with a close-knit young team, with the belief and daring to play their best without succumbing to fear did for George Graham’s side. And I look at our current team and see some of that spark and drive, particularly in Wilshere and Ramsey. And then I look at City and Chelski and ask whether their players really care that much, and will be up for it through Jan/Feb and into the tail of the season – how much would it take for Nasri, Silva, Oscar, Hazard etc to drop a gear? I don’t see their second half seasons being as serene as might seem likely when just looking at their team sheets.

    i think we have a great blend of flair and steel, particularly the former. The question is can we sustain it? I see no signs of the drive failing, though there is fatigue there for sure. But we have players back, and more coming, and Mert, Flam, Jack, Sag and Giroud are not going to go down without fight. Walcott is back in the goals, Pod now and Ox soon. Who is there better, who can be sure of a) settling to PL quickly and b) fitting in with the squad without disruption? And that’s before asking if they are available and affordable….

    But as OMG says, its at times like this that Wenger tends to surprise us. I’m not on a downer about the limitations of what might be available, just my cup is already more than half full with what we have now!

  • Great comment Stretch and if it were written by…The Professor or Red Dic….tionary, I would think we are on the crest of something special !……..but, when it`s by someone who has embezzled Donny Osman`s teeth ……Scalped Ken Barlow…….is a serial adulterer and lives with transvestite pigeons in a loft………I think you can see from this character assassination how I have my doubts on your beliefs !. hahahaha

  • Hmm

    Let’s start with what we have:

    A. Midfield depth to die for
    B. Midfield technique to play total football
    C. Defense to die for give or take JBs issues with Scz! 🙂
    D. One solid striker who is good at the hold up and link play those mids need

    That thus, to me defines the needs:

    E1. A striker of some form, preferably SQ
    E2. Beast defensive DM to free up more mids going forward

    –> E1 and E2 need to be done without putting our attack back one step so I’d favor E1

    F. Luck in timing and who is available and wants out

    G. Better organization in midfield so if we do play 4-6 as we really did vs Cardiff to start we aren’t getting in each other’s way. Especially necessary if we cannot get a striker with OGs style of game

    So, in 60secs … Focus on our strengths and support it with the best ST you can get. If that isn’t good enough, stay the course and focus on the strengths and play more or truer total football.

    Cheers — jgc

  • No worries Alex.

    I have no interest in point scoring or any other motive in stating my beliefs

    In many ways the philosophy has already been vindicated. To put it quite simply, we are now competing.

    The good thing however is that it is no flash in the pan. It is has been a lot of hard work and sometimes the paitence of a saint and the hide of a Rhino has been required to stay the course and deflect the criticsism.

    We may win the league this year, we may not, but one thing people can be assured of, we will be right bang in there again next year.

  • Now for some fun..

    Gerry if CMs land, Lesbania, is under water does that mean all his subjects that surround him adoringly (of course) are wet les…. ?

    I believe CM and Terry can take that all home… 😈

    — jgc

  • Cornwall hahaha

    Yes, seceretly I think were shit and probably all………..Doooooommmmmmmmed. hahaha

  • @TA

    Glad you are all having a nice relaxing time. Make the most of it before you all settle in to the new year and all the pressures of day to day life

  • Hahaha Stretch… we`re back to reality, I can go to bed and get a comfy nights sleep before it gets to a chilly -4 !.
    Valley of the Orcs tomorrow….wish me luck !.

  • Well let’s see well done for the turn around in last 18 months. We need more squad depth. A left sided winger a striker and defender. Also look for a player or way to move from defence to attack more fluidly, as at times we have been slow and uncoordinated going from defence to attack. Whilst costa is a great idea for now I would say get a striker with quality and has premier league experience. Now Defoe, remy, berbatov, benteke all free to play in ucl and premier league so are good choices to go after as temporary solutions to our depth in attack. Give kids chance this weekend against spurs rest the likes of wilshere and play frimpong or zelalem and gnarbry keep poldolski and Walcott in team they just got back playing.

  • Hi Richard – I agree with you about the left sided winger and also about the selection for spurs. I think we need a fast mobile striker with lots of goal threat and to me it doesn’t matter if they are premier league or not.Reus or Aguero would be ideal if only they would come. On the left I wanted Bernard in the summer and maybe he would still come, although I strongly suspect that AW doesn’t trust that type of pure wing player and prefers winger/midfielders a la Draxler, Pires, and Ljungberg, A pity because a pure winger can be a joy to watch and an attacking option that is rarely seen and difficult for most teams to counter.

  • Back to the original question, I would advise Arsene to get Arsenal playing as we did for the second half of last season, playing with focus and discipline, concentrating on rock-solid defence, not giving the ball away, and taking our chances up front. The classic ‘one game at a time’ approach. A couple of top-quality recruits would be handy but to me it’s all about concentration and focus.

  • I was originally writing a comment for this post, but it’s become quite long. A few pages in word long actually. So I think I’d like to submit it as a post, if that’s ok with you TA! (Don’t want to steal your idea for a post!) 🙂

  • Hi all.. A warm happiness to all.. cause we are TOTL.. hehehe..
    To win the EPL and UCL.. and FA.. only one thing to do.. winning all the games.. hahahaha..

    March is our most important period.. We will face Munchen, Spurs, Chelsea away and City home..
    I believe we will still on TOTL in Pebruary.. but March.. with that kinds of schedule.. will so much depend on the deepth of our squad..

    So to win the March Mad Period.. First let’s hope all the players will be fit.. include Diaby..
    Second buy a LW.. If not Juan Mata then Pedro.. It will make us more choice to rotate the team..
    The last one is buying another solid Defenders.. One CB and one RB (if Sagna not signing the contract).. I hope it will be Dutch.. cause I missed Dutch players in Arsenal team.. hehehehe..

  • hello friends English, If Arsenal want to win the title this season I think we need to set goals and not get scattered (PL in first , C1).
    we need help in the defensive midfielder and box too box, but I think what we lack in priority is a killer in front of goal with this we can (be sure) to win the Premier League.
    Go Gunner

  • Well, you sparked a few people into life Totes? I will get a quick comment in before the Dylan reply becomes a post.

    The key thing about buying in January, in particular, is availability. I have no doubt in my mind that Arsene Wenger knows exactly who he would like to sign, either now or in the summer. We have an idea from reports of where our scouts have been reportedly seen. Some of this is disinformation. Some of it may be released by our rivals. But in amongst all that, some inquiry into availability, fee, etc will have been discussed long before it becomes a formal offer?

    The next step is to avoid it becoming an auction. In the past we have had to step back when faced with a rival bid, e.g. Mata, Lukaku, et al. We are in a much better position to match a fee that a club will be willing to accept, rather than going in with a low bid, then watch it spiral out of our reach because the selling club know someone will get to a figure they can accept.

    I think AW has a short list of players for areas he would like to add to squad, and this was in place well before Bendtner and Giroud’s injuries, although the former one may adjust the time scale. The big danger in delaying signings until summer is that other clubs, particularly those disappointed in missing out on the league title, will be looking for the same players and will wave even bigger chequebooks. For many, FFP is a joke that will not happen. I have an idea that a club like Chelsea, who cannot be UAFA’s favourite club for producing a sterile showcase CL final, might just be on their hit list? Unless they do sell Mata, or Luiz, or Lukaku, or whoever else does not fit into Mourinho’s clique style of management, they are are not going to meet the FFP status which kicks in at the end of this season. Seeing them banned from all European competitions would send shock waves through all similarly ‘wealthy’ clubs?

    Spain’s big two are in trouble with investigations into State aid, as are Swansea, may be Tottenham will receive a visit too? All this, and the World Cup year, makes this January a unique period for a stable club like Arsenal to make good purchases now. It is also an opportunity to retain three players who would maintain our stability, and have none of the complications of new players fitting into the squad. They are; Bacary Sagna; Tomas Rosicky; and a late entry Nichoas Bendtner. All the three could be here next season, and this would allow Arsene to get any new additions of real quality for the future, and if they became available this month, valuable additions as we push for the title as well.

    We can all speculate on who we think would suit our needs, I certainly have. But AW & co are the only ones who can make it happen? He will not be doing it blindly, so all we can do is support his decisions, and as our chief engineer takes on the task, I’ll borrow a phrase ….

    …………………………….. MAKE IT SO !!

  • Sound advice Gerry 08:10……..I too believe Arsene Wenger had already pencilled in his desired purchases long ago, before the mini crisis with Giroud and Bendtner.

    Total, it’s not a piece of advice I would offer Arsene, it’s a question……..”Mr. Wenger, who is on your short list?”

    Then I could post on here my “SCOOP” and look really clever. 😀

  • Can’t argue about a SQ striker – but a lot of names floating around are unrealistic to me. If none available, I’d think about adding some pace to the left wing instead of recruiting an “average” or “has-been” backup striker. Julian Draxler would be great…

  • AB – yes plenty of steel but little back up steel (with experience). We remain vulnerable to injuries to Flamini and Mert (especially in the big games).

  • Geoff, I concur with the movement of your surgical scalpel almost all the way. Priority one is a beast of a DM (BOAD) for me and priority two another attacker. If a BOAD means 1-4-6 formation then we are fine on the striker front I reckon. If no BOAD then another ST for me as well.

  • Cheers Richard, I reckon Arsene will play a full strength team against the Spuds whilst holding the carrot of nine days of rest in front of them…. The game is on national TV and no way is he going to take risks re the starting eleven.

  • Hi DavyDavy

    A pure winger would be my third priority. Maybe Reus would be ideal for us: not a pure winger but multi-skilled and talented to finally fill the gap there?

  • If I had 1 minute with Arsene, I would thank him for getting Ozil and Flamini and the first half of the season’s performance. I would say that I am worried about Arteta and Flamini not lasting a whole season and needing support. Please could he buy one of the Benders as the first priority, or get Song back on loan? I would suggest to sign up Sagna and turn him into a CB so the BFG can get rested now and again. I would then say could he get Reus and turn him into an allround striker ala Thierry please? And could he release the brilliant for Arsenal Jovetic from his horrid stay at the Oilers please? Final question: can I interview you for a Bergkampesque post, pretty pretty please? 😉

  • Thanks Tote. I agree with you on the difference between a pure winger, and an across the front line striker.

    The big problem with the former, is our main target man is not necessarily a great goal scorer with his head? Which is my main advice to Arsene would be to stick with the plan and bring players in that will enhance the existing squad. Too much change might lose what has got us this far?

  • TA, an interview with Arsene would be the most incredible post ever! 😉 Haha. Also, you have mail. Hopefully it won’t take you 100 hours to read as I probably wrote far too much. 😉

  • Hi Dylan

    I just emailed you back. It is a great post – wow 2000 words! – which I will issue next week if okay with you.

    We also have a great post from Gerry for next week and I would like to invite others to write a post as well, as we are going into a nine day period of non-Arsenal football cold turkey, which needs ample BJ post-medication! 😛

  • Oz – Where art thou ? must be enjoying the Ashes a tad more than usual, ehhhh

    it’s spuds tomorrow, any chance for a nice and early game preview @ Skipper 🙂

  • Hi JB

    Dylan is kindly writing the preview for us and as soon as it arrives I will publish it. It is persisting it down today in the Highlands so plenty of time to do the admin stuff. 🙂

  • Well we Clatterburg as the ref, and AW has played a smart card by supporting him through the latest controversy – Mind I think he did last time over the Chelsea incident … just better timing here?

    Not knowing the details, but it amazes me that any player can get uptight over a ref giving a few verbals back, given the amount they take from all and sundry during a match?

    I have just had a look at the team photos in training, and going by last week, the ones in the squad and not getting great coverage on camera, are the the most likely starters:

    Guessing the squad, but Zelalem, Frimpong Fabiansky, Jenks, Nacho, and Flamini, as they all had next to zero pics, so they are your definite starters. One other, may be Sagna to CB with Koscielny?
    Possibles Giroud, and Gnabry, along with Walcott and Ozil.

    Still following the theme … those out: Mertersacker, Vermaeilin, Podolski, Wilshere,

    The team would look like this:

    Jenks…Sagna,.. Kos…Nacho
    ……………. Gidio……………….
    Theo …….Messi………Gnabry..

    On a scale of -4 to 10 as a way to pick a team it probably gets a fat zero? But the team is not that shabby, given the amount we are resting, with 7 changes?

    Better leave it to AW I think?

  • music to my ears 🙂

    I’ve noticed you tend to go up north a lot, any particular reason or you just fell in love with Scotland ? cough scottish missus cough cough

  • Hi Gerry,

    agreed with the AW smart card on Mark . C

    you mean Messy (aka Ozil as 17HT calls him) or someone else ?

    it will be a similar team that played against cardiff, me thinks with 1 or 2 changes, at best.

  • Morning boys… Thoughts on the FA Cup line-up in a sec… Longer read on ToTL’s fun topic for anybody who might indulge me…TIA (thanks in advance) for reading, if you’ve got the stomach, as they say…

    If I had a minute with AW in an elevator (lift) I would question why his personal security isn’t better. I love the man, but, with our next bad result, too many (idiots) will wish him harm. The average Gooner, I fear, shouldn’t be able to get too close, too easily…

    Assuming that I had passed a security clearance AND I was actually able to speak–despite my verbosity here, I can be quite shy in person–it would be about thanking him for all the solid work, staying true to the project throughout and building what we’ve got. I would then spin around, point to the name on the back of my (one) Arsenal kit and say, “Get this guy signed.” For those that don’t know, my shirt has the number 3 and the letters S-A-G-N-A printed across the top. Faithful servant and best player since he joined the team (way back in Summer 2007) his reward is richly deserved. Once I got AW nodding about that one, I’d suggest a similar reward for Rosicky (here even longer…) and one for our de facto Captain, Per Mertesacker, even if I’m just a bit angry at him regarding my soiled undergarments due in large part to his headers wide of the mark on New Years Day…

    I’m pretty sure that my time would be up by that point as my motto: never use one word when three might do… would be well in play by that time…

    But, lift scenarios aside, the real question echoing around the Goonersphere is whether or not this is our ONLY chance and whether or not management has the will-power to grab it. In fact, I think this is the whole existential conundrum about being a supporter these days: every moment, every decision, every match (and in each match, every kick…) seems SOOOO critical. We can’t live like this, or can we?

    On the one hand, it’s the essence of football–suspend the drudgery of the day to day and get behind the kids who are living and dying with each kick and each run (usually unrewarded) up and down the pitch. On the other, we can see the long game, the war of attrition and we fear that the clubs who burn money to keep warm have the upper hand. With managerial turnover there *seems* a window of opportunity, but as City and Chelsea get used to their new leaders (and players…) and start winning their road matches it seems like it might be slamming shut…

    Obviously, I’m in the camp of the long-termers, and I buy into the notion that we are where we are because we never sacrifice the bigger picture to the short term. That being said, sometimes it feels like winning NOW could help break the spirit of some of the other clubs. If it were only so easy…

    I’m glad to see that others have more faith in FFP. That business in West London with Mata seems more about Mourinho wanting to stamp his identity on the team. Time is on his side and money still reigns supreme. With each passing season we seem in a better place as long as we use ours wisely. (Back to the lift–Thank you AW for buying Ozil, and Flamini on a free, was uber-savvy–and it rhymes…) Unlike the Chavs and City, we NEED to be smart with our cash and pulling the plug quickly on poor investments (or letting them rot in a shadow squad…) is a luxury we don’t have. That the “Bottomless Pit” (of money) clubs have grown wise to us sending “talent” their way is another indication that we’re both closer to the top AND that we need to be even more careful about which players we give real opportunities…

    Over the years–and in darker times–I’ve argued with many who preferred the go-for-it-now attitude of certain clubs. One guy, on another site, would laud teams like Portsmouth and QPR and Spurs- Clubs that spent freely and lived for the moment. Yes, ‘Arry Redknapp (a common presence at all three clubs won Portsmouth the FA Cup (more recently than AW won it for us…) and, in theory, they had just as good a chance to win it again this season (as we do)… That their run ended on 9 November as they lost at Stevenage does not make them a less successful club than Arsenal…Or does it? LIkewise that they play in League 2 means nothing…

    Obviously, there’s a middle ground and I’m confident that we can walk it. So with that (and back in the lift…) I’d ask AW if anything was in the works and hope to see that little twinkle in his eye. If he believes he could get a Berbatov to do the job or if he believed Sanago or Diaby would contribute before season’s end really matters not. He’s not always right (Arshavin was bad a punt as Deniltson…) but at least he seems just as committed to the club as I am… My bigger fear is what will happen when that twinkle goes out… so I end (my lift ride) with an appreciative hug and the kisses on either cheek…


  • You have mail TA! 😉 It’s quite chilly here on the East Coast. Shoveled about 6 inches of snow off my driveway this morning. Hopefully the weather is better where all of you are! 🙂

  • Rosicky for Santiago , would be my only change.

    the best way around a 4-4-2 is a 4-3-3 , the team formation we played against Cardiff, many of you would argue it’s a 4-5-1 but a 4-3-3 be more fruitful – Ideally, I would play Gnabry on the left to make it a proper 4-3-3 but we can always do that in the 2nd half, after we control the game and dictate terms with Rosicky.

  • the weather here is horrendous @ Dylan

    the less we talk about the weather the better it is because then you will get 17HT moaning about lack of snow and how nice and warm it is at his part of the woods, ha (he loves doing that, doesn’t he ? with his ah, where’s the sun cream and all that ) 🙂

    and then he appears with his usual mini post, ha

  • ahahhahahahahahahahaahahhahahahaha

    brilliant video finds @ Dylan

    loved them both !

  • Gerry, as per the last thread (and my suggestions about the FA cup line-up…) I see a bit less of the youth players getting in, photos-spying (and Weng-jury updates…) from the official site notwithstanding… If somebody hasn’t played with the first team ALL season (including COC matches) I don’t see tomorrow’s match as the spot. We have to ATD (agree to disagree) on this one, probably, and I appreciate that you stick to your (young) guns no matter how many times you get it wrong… 😉 😆

    As such, I see Frimpong and Zelalem on the bench, alongside Bac and Per… (Both deserve moments off but might be nice calls if we’re protecting a slim lead.) So then a back five of Fabs, Jenks, Kos, Verm, Nacho…

    I think Flamini plays (he only went 65 mins on NYD)…and then the same group who struggled vs Cardiff City but with maybe Rosicky in for Arteta. Giroud and Ozil might make the bench as their “injuries,” I suspect, was merely subterfuge for rotation. Let’s get a bigger lead so GZ or Dame Judy (Dench, i.e., Frimpong) can put “1st team Arsenal, 2014” on their vitae… If anybody from the front 4 switches out it *might* be Theo for Gnabry on the right. Or maybe the other Spaniard rests while the other guy plays (i.e., Mikel in, Santi out). Poldolski, I think, has to get another opportunity (and must do better with it)…Hopefully the weather is just that little bit better so the field is less compressed (following the very fine analysis of Professor Geoff)…

    Sorry, fellas, nothing but the death star (sun) in the sky AGAIN today… 😦

  • I’ll get in quick before Totes calls ‘Time!’

    I was only thinking today that one of the worst investments in a player, it could be argued, was RVP? .. or ‘J’ as we can call him, because he no longer plays for us.

    True, we made a £20m + profit on purchase price. But he was here 8 years and we got 1.5 playing years out of him. His goals got us fourth spot you might say. But he also stifled a lot of players with the side being built around his needs?

    Who knows what the Vela/Bendtner combination might have achieved?

    In a way Man U got the reverse coin. Won the title for £25, but very shortly he will be in the Berbatov price bracket, and that will be their loss?

    Again, I do not think we made the best use of Arshavin either. And we are in danger of having Cazorla slip the same way, for similar reasons. Let us hope that lesson has been learnt?

    Just food for thought?

    Dylan – It is getting close to Noah’s Ark time down here. Much of the lower town/harbour area has been cordoned off – high tide + rain + plus strong winds + the Bristol Channel filling up nicely with previous rain …. 6 inches of snow could be quite welcome right now/

  • TA,

    having money and spending it like crazy is one thing but having money and then using brains to go with it, is what worries me and this is something that Jose . M seems to be doing,

    Chelsea bought sure and gave their managers plenty of options but Jose.M seems to be using his cards right, in particular with both Mata and Luiz .

    he can use Mata as bait , Get Higuain, Cavani, Rooney and so on, if he wishes – kills 2 birds with 1 stone along with his spanish phobia.

    let’s not forget that the same team finished 6th, 3rd and so on and this year, they are right up there again because of his mind games and influence – he’s a clown alright but an intelligent one.

    I’m most looking forward to our trip away at the bridge this year, why ? because we will get our win and be the first team to beat his team at home .

  • Great vids, Dylan… I *used* to have hair like the guy who made the 2nd one… 😆 Seems like Santi could maybe use a booster seat to get a better view of the road there…

    OK, Gerry you got me… I guess I need to take your posts with the proverbial grain of salt…

    Now that the holiday (money making) season is coming to a close the ski resorts have less incentive to make snow (overnight) just to watch it melt away (and get skied away…by and) for the pass-holders. As such, I may have to slather up and head up there (with the kid, who’s back in town…) 🙄 just so we can say that we did it… There’s talk about some weather on this side of the continent in a weeks time, but it’s like AW saying he’ll buy… “Can you tell me if you might be buying in the transfer window?” “Yes.” “Will there be some weather in a week?” “Yes.” 😀

    Good chance tomorrow for Lu-lu and Serge and (maybe) Sicky, Santi and Jack, If not GZ?…

    Agreed Bond about Savvy Jose… What about Torres, Somebody somewhere must think he’s still got something left, no? Lowering expectations (and slating the Stamford Bridge atmosphere…) are the most significant cow sounds out of Moo’s mouth this year. He may actually win by “not winning” (the league) this year…Showing “improvement” and then re-making the team with his players (including the very old ones left from his first stint) is likely his master plan… As such, I think we’ve got greater troubles from Sheik-y town (Man City)…

  • Evening Come in 60 Seconds Lecherous Lift Lickers 😆

    All our troubles could be over !…..I found an old lamp and whilst polishing it, a Genie popped out and granted me 3 wishes !. 1st wish was to have a cock which granted me wishes every time I rubbed it !. I`ve kept the other 2 wishes for keep sake and emergencies but will probably never have to use them because of wish one !.
    I tell you what, fcuking funniest thing I have ever seen was Mr Patel`s (of the corner shop) face when I was rubbing my Genie ejaculator whilst reading some of the top shelf girlie mag`s and a Genie popped out of my cock !. hahaha
    I must remember to send some flowers to him at the Psychiatric Hospital …………..hold on a sec`…..lets just rub this and the Genie can sort it !.
    Fcuking hell Dylan ….2000 words !!……..another job for the Genie……to read it to me !.
    Be nice to me and JB, Gezzer !….otherwise one rub and you`re in trouble !. hahaha

  • ahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhaahahaaha @ TCM

    since you are here, I am expecting TA to publish the new post to take your thunder away as usual, ha

  • Uh oh, seems like I might be driving everybody out of here…And cockie is sure to “getting off” shortly as well… 😆

    Spurs tomorrow and it’s another chance to see all these AVB purchases…or will Sherwood come back with ‘Arry’s boys?… We should never underestimate how important it is that we’ve had stability in management. How many managers might your “spend us to the top” fellow (Usmanov) have gone through? Just a rhetorical, If you’re still around and not rubbing the lamp, eh cockie?

    I *do* feel a little for AVB… If Jose and Roman (or was it Roman and Jose?…) hadn’t hijacked the Willian deal Spurs might be looking a whole lot better. As it is, who of their many signings (this season) is actually playing to value? They couldn’t get a goal and didn’t look all that scary when they first came to our place… And that was before WE had bought Ozil… (Flams looked a solid value, that day, yelling at everybody and crunching the Spuds from the beastly spot…) Eriksen looks pretty good. He and Capoue are maybe the bright spots? Soldado takes a good pen and Paulinho was doing OK before getting hurt. Lamela is one for the future and my wife thinks Chadli is cute. Who am I missing? I guess the lesson is about always feeling compelled to buy just because others are selling?…

    Anyhow, looking forward to the match tomorrow… Gerry, if you’re not drowning, do you have a *serious* offering on the line-up, or is it (like with the puppies…) once bitten, twice shy?… 😀

  • ahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahah

    17HT is in fine form today as well, the Espresso must have been rather nice ; )

    agreed , but the way I see it, AVB has had issues with man management, on the one hand he wants to be “Matey Matey” with his players and on the other, he wants to be the rough and tough boss –

    can’t have it both ways, really

    that is what you get for making women watch footy with you, they end up finding cute footballers , ha

    each to their own I guess.

  • I am waiting on D’s piece first ..

    Mind the team that finished off Cardiff did resemble my staring line up, minus the Gnabs?

  • 17
    Uzzy is a Gooner, so like us, he`ll love Arsene as us fans do !. Hypothetical I know, but I wonder how many trophies we would have won under Arsene if Uzzy had bought the whole club at the time Maureen bought his ?.

  • Darth Wenger just said to me…….” I feel a disturbance in the Force ! “……….well that’s because you have hold of my cock, you Bastard !. All them years of letters, emails and phone calls without a single reply and now you want to be Genie Ejaculators bestest friend !.

  • An interesting and amusing Post, TA, 🙂

    The advice I would give Mr Wenger on how to win the Premiership during a 1 minute ride in a lift is easy!

    I would tell him to listen to all the advice that he has been getting from every punter within reach of a computer keyboard, especially Dutch Blogmeisters, Fozzie and Cockie, and tell them;
    “Fcuk that, I am going to do it my own way”. 🙂

    That would not even take a minute! 🙂

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