Gnabry and Zelalem to start, Santi and Theo in middle? Match Preview.

Arsenal vs Spurs Preview: Road to the FA Cup Final



It has only been a few days since our breathtaking last minute surge against Cardiff. Now we face a big test: a North London Derby. In a cup no less! A loss here is far worse than any normal loss in a NLD, as it means elimination from a cup that we really have a shot to win this season. We need to win here. We just need to put up a strong fight and play without fear. We are the better side and deserve to win. This game is for bragging rights and progression in a cup that we want to win.

This fixture last time:

The last time this fixture occurred was earlier this season. It was a massive turn around after a terrible loss to Aston Villa. It was a simple 1-nil to the Arsenal. Giroud scored a cheeky outside of the foot, near post shot against Lloris. Walcott swung in a great cross for him and Giroud took his chance well, on the one touch finish. Sadly we are missing Giroud this time, but we do have Theo and a strong squad.

Here is my expected line up for tomorrow:

PredictedvsSpursFA cup

I think Gnabry and Zelalem will be making a huge start. Theo will fill in at striker, seeing as Podolski wasn’t great there against Cardiff. Podolski will then slide back on to the wing and Santi will take up his best position in the center. Monreal will fill in for the injured Gibbs at left back.

Key Battles:

Sagna vs Eriksen:

Eriksen is an incredibly creative player (a player I wish we’d bought), but due to Spurs new two- striker system, they don’t have room for a true CAM. Therefore Eriksen is being played in more of a Santi role, as a CAM playing LW. He could punish us, as he did Manchester United, if we’re not careful. However, I have faith Mr. Reliable will shut him down.

Podolski vs Walker:

Walker is a class right back who will do everything in his power to shut down our service from the wing. Podolski will have to be 100% and ready to run his socks off to beat Walker’s work rate. He will have to be prepared to dribble around Walker and swing in quick crosses to avoid being shut down. I think Podolski will struggle with this for a while, but if Santi begins to drift to the left more, he will have the support to break him down.

Zelalem vs Expectations:

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have huge hopes for Zelalem in the future. He just has to make sure that he doesn’t screw up and become a scapegoat on his debut. Debuting against Spurs could put him in the history books. If he just focuses on not losing the ball and taking the opportunity to try the occasional tricky ball, he might just get an assist and put his name in our history books.

Casualties of War:

WengerWincing (1)


Bendtner, Gibbs, Ramsey, Diaby, and Ox are all definitely out. Ozil and Giroud both face late fitness tests, and Wenger says it is likely both will be out. It’s unfortunate that we will be without our two out and out strikers, who are both in great goal scoring form, but we do have Theo, Poldi, and Gnabry who can all play striker. I’ve wanted to watch Gnabry play there, but it’s unlikely as Theo is in incredible goal scoring form. If Ozil was fit, I’d actually be tempted to try him there and see if he could really be like Bergkamp, but that’s unlikely.


Vertonghen, Paulinho, Kaboul, and Sigurdsson will all be out. Holtby, Defoe, and Townsend are all just returning from injury and are unlikely to play. Adebayor also faces a late test, but claims he is fit to face us. Let’s all secretly hope he’s not fit so he can’t score against us.


I predict a shock 3-0 to Arsenal. We will come out firing on all cylinders and Spurs will be cocky after their away victory over Manchester United. I think Walcott will score a great goal, as he has been in fine finishing form. This goal will likely be assisted from Lulu on the left. Next, I think Gnabry will score a simple tap in from a one on one, assisted by Zelalem. Finally, in the dying minutes Zelalem will score a self-assisted screamer, and put his name in the hearts and memories of Gooners everywhere.


1. What are your predictions for the game?

2. What is your preferred line up?

3. What do we do about our striker situation?

COYG! Let’s win another NLD!

Thanks for reading! 😀

Written by: Dylan.

392 thoughts on “Gnabry and Zelalem to start, Santi and Theo in middle? Match Preview.

  • Yes, Dylan, a really good positive post. You may not be too far off with your line up, but it looks very weak down the middle? So I think you score is a tad too optimistic.

    I also read somewhere this morning, Ericksen may make way Mrs Ht’s eye candy?

  • I want arsenal to win more than anyone else. But your prediction about gnabry scoring with zelalem assisting, its funny the way you say it

  • Zelalem and Arteta in the middle will be too light. You remember they’re going to be facing the likes of Paulinho and Capoue right?

  • Thanks young Dylan….thank fcuk it wasn`t the 2000 word one !. hahaha
    Cant see the 16 year old Zelalem playing in such a melting pot game and Gnabry may only get on as sub.
    According to talkSPORT`s treatment room section, Giroud only has at best a 10% chance. Not sure about the likes of Flamini, Rosicky and Wilshere, but if are all fit, I expect at least two of them to play and not forgetting Ozil who also according to TS Treatment room has a chance !.
    Agree Eriksen is a top footballer because……God himself has been saying it for ages and I think possibly recommended him to Arsene in a little nudging way !.
    The Spuds will have the choice of 3 proper strikers in Deformed, Adebuywhore and Soldildo !. Who do we have apart from the injured Giroud and Bendy ?…….apparently ……Wenger said Sanogo was in training !….unproven and I`d rather Akpom !. Otherwise do a West Ham and play no striker in a 4-6 system !.
    Cant see us winning this one without a very strong team ( both mentally and physically ! ) . Luckily, this game has no bearing whatsoever in my Monster Like for Like Logic System !. hahaha

  • Hi Dylan,

    A very good Post indeed. 🙂

    My concern is that to put out the best 11 with using our injury hit squad, I am worried that we will put all our eggs into one basket, and the very nature of cup matches is their sheer unpredictable nature, so it might be possible that we could lose, and then the psychological damage could derail our Premiership ambitions.

    There is a saying that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (just ask Cockie) and so I might be inclined to put out a team with a higher number of kids.

  • Wow Dylan, if that was 2000 words, every one was a treat. You ARE the Gideon Zelalam AND Serge Gnabry of the BKesque team…You’ve got the creativity and the drive and the potential is on clear display for everyone to see. The only difference is that there really is no competition here (no hated enemies–ToTL bans them as soon as they sprout…) So I want you in (writing) for every match!…

    Unfortunately, as you say at the top, we gotta win this one. As such, I don’t see GZ in this spot tomorrow. As Idealistic as I am, I think that’s where Jack has to play. What a boost it would be to feel that Jack is fit enough to play three in a week…If Ozil is the right now, Jack is the medium term and GZ (who, if we can stake ourselves to a lead, would be a treat as a sub…) might represent our longer term creative hub… I also think Flams (who only played 65 mins vs Cardiff) gets the call over Arteta…

    I also believe you have to give a thought to a guy twice GZ’s age who turned up the volume (of the attack) last time out. I know you’re not totally keen on Tomas Rosicky, but he sparked us nicely on NYD. Could it be ageism? 😉 Given that he only played a half hour AND that he looks as fit as anybody in the side, I think it could be a very good spot for Mozart to, er, orchestrate (the offense)…

    That said, I really like your call for Theo up top or at least switching around with Lu-lu. Roy might be watching and so too could Joachim Low, so I like the notion of the two Germans on either flank. Put Ozil on the bench (just in case, alongside big Ollie…) and Low really *must* watch. The real shame is that Ox (and Gibbs) aren’t available. Poor Roy has to figure out a way to give his boys at least a chance to get out of their group in Brazil…

    Anyhow, we’ll see what AW does and hopefully the weather and the crowd make this a great day out. Again, great preview Dylan. With Oz sidelined I think this job might have to become yours or at least an internship of sorts…

  • nice one @ Dylan

    personally, I would keep the same team that played against Cardiff with 1 change or possibly 2

    Rosicky in for Santiago on the left or Gnabry

    as make it a proper 4-3-3 , the best way to combat a 4-4-2 in my opinion .

  • Hi TA. 🙂

    No decision on what I will be doing yet.

    I have had a couple of short term contracts in the aircraft industry, but health issues are still being a nuisance.

    I always read BK when possible, but I am a bit scared of Fozzie and Cockieooooooh. 🙂

  • Sorry to interrupt the fine post, but I was reading something on newsnow which I will leave up to the BK individuals to judge whether it is sad or just karma !.
    According to reports from N Korea, Kim Jong-Un`s uncle and five aids were killed by starving dogs !.
    How can I compare this in a simple way ?…….basically, it`s like any of us BKers sitting at the dining table and our roast chicken jumps up off the plate and tries to rip you to pieces !.
    I can probably safely say this is something me and Gezzer agree on !………woof woof woof !. 5 nil to the Arsenal Hounds !.

  • Oops, I guess in my wonder at good writing (My wife teaches community college English and NEVER sees writing at that level)…I forgot to say that you’re all wrong about that defense…This is where we rotate (given that we’ve already been rotating in attack…) Fabianski, Jenks and Verm in, Szcz, Sagna and one of the CBs out…

    So now it appears I’m disagreeing with (at least) half of your line-up…

    Maybe that puts me in with RA… Losing to Spurs (esp. on our turf) is ALWAYS bad, but if we have the excuse of rotation (plus Weng-juries…) at least the psychological damage should be less… It’s Chelsea in the COC all over again and that night we did rotate at the back AND at the front too, with Giroud and Ozil only coming on late as subs (if I recall correctly…at my age the memory ain’t what it used to be)… Still, I believe the changes I’m suggesting give us a good shout at winning the match. We have a measure of quality in depth that Spurs can’t match given their topsy-turvy season…

    Finally, if we ARE going to go for kids, I think this is a spot for Ryo. He played big minutes in the COC matches AND he was on the bench for the Cardiff match on Weds. I think he might very well start (and Theo takes a bench spot instead?)… If he again gives a middling performance he might be headed out on loan–and then for sale. It may not be his best position, but Poldolski may have to “lead the line” again, given the Bendtner injury…

    If that’s true then I think the only agreement we have is (one of) BFG or Kos, Nacho Poldolski and Gnabry… 4 out of 11, then (and a bit of a re-arrange)… Sorry… 😳

  • Great blog. Can’t see Wenger starting with Zelalam, Sagna could do with a winter break and not sure Arteta is up to 3 games in 8 days so I think it will be Rosicky, Jenkinson and Flamini. I think he may also stick to Poldi rather than Theo up front – while Poldi upfront hasn’t worked to date Wenger is bound to give it a few goes before trying something else.


  • Haha 17HT. It’s ok to disagree on the line up. 😉 I think we put our strongest defense out because we don’t want to concede at home to Tottenham. 😉 Also, that wasn’t the 2000 word one. This one was 801. The 1961 word one comes next week. 😉

  • Sorry, dog demand walk – but she is very good at knowing when it is not raining, so I obeyed.
    So to the questions:

    1,- I don’t do score predictions. But the last thing either side wants is a draw? Therefore I think one side might edge a 5 goal thriller? I hope my lucky scarf can works its magic once more, and we get the verdict.

    2,- I will not tease HT( or Geoff/) with too many of my ‘crazy diamonds’ starting; or on the bench
    Bacs…… Per……Kos……Nacho

    Bench: Fab; Jenks; TV5; Zelalem; Ozil; Santi ; Giroud (1st reserve, Arteta)

    That is MY preferred line up. I can see Zelalem getting his debut, but only after the heat has gone out of the battle. It will probably be for Rosicky for the last 20 mins. Santi, may come on for Jack. If we are closing out, they may use the triple back lineagain, and squeeze in Jenks at RB
    I don’t expect Giroud or Ozil to be used unless absolutely necessary. Arteta will probably be on the bench for whichever of that pair does not make it?

    Q,- Not sure how you are phrasing this question: For this game?; For the near future until one is fit?: Or regards the TW?
    a, – See if the above works better than the Cardiff effort
    b,- If it doesn’t, and Giroud not ready for Villa game, test it with Akpom.
    c,- MAKE IT HAPPEN !!

  • sorry to hear about the health issues @ RA – hope it all gets better and 2014 is kinder to you in that regard.

    ahahahhahahahahaahhaahhaahhahaha @ TCM – yeah, so we have to be careful with Gerry, as he wasn’t joking with Henry and his “Bites” ahahahahahhahahahahahaha

    I’m not in favour or rotation so much,reason being it’s the spuds and we have a nice 9 day break after this –

    by all means, try to win this game within 60 minutes and then bring on the likes of Zelalem , Gnabry’s or whoever you wish but let’s give this one a real crack and get the feel good factor at home going

    I would hate it to be a draw and then having to play a replay with the spuds bashtards already throwing in a tantrum in regards to tickets allocation, not that any sane arsenal fan would want to go to shi* hart lane to begin with, the place absolutely stinks.

  • I’m quite certain Hayden & Jenkinson ‘ll be in the line up… BFG needs a rest, Jenks needs games…

    Prediction: We will win simple, I don’t really do scorelines…

    ‘Bout the striker situation, simple, sign one of Costa or Lewandowski, if that doesn’t happen in January, then secure a summer deal for one of them, and sign Berbatov on a six month deal.

  • apparently, we have activated Costa’s release clause – 3 hours ago.


  • I saw Costa play when I was down in Spain and I was underwhelmed…Best players for Atletico that night were (by far) JuanFran and Arda Turan. At the defensive end, Miranda and Cortois were very impressive. Falcao missed a sitter that even Giroud or Gervinho would be ashamed of… A couple of the Atletico supporters I spoke with that night had higher hopes for Adrian than Costa knowing that Falcao was off in the Summer… Regardless, NOBODY from that team moves this January unless silly money is waved around…Sorry Bond, I think that one (Costa release clause) WOULD be silly money and it’s all smoke–most likely MarleyKaze and Fozzie passing the J back and forth and alerting the press to their beach talk with A. Us-Man-Off… 😀

    Lewandowski has said a public F-U to Dortmund and will be joining Bayern, much as Gotze did before. It’s just like Cesc did with us and Barca. Those teams ARE bigger than us, at least in the eyes of certain players. At least you can’t fault Lewa, Mario G and Cesc for only following their wallets as you might with the players going to City or (even worse) that team in South Russia (Anzhi)…The same could also be said about all those players playing in Paris or the principality on the Riviera (Monaco)…

    So, sorry, Dandy…Personally, I’m still on the B train (Berbs, Benz or Benteke) as short to mid-term solutions, assuming that even greater talents like Henry (and Cantona…) are over the hill and that our own B-boy (Nicky) is out for a long while… Where’s AFC urging us to buy the Ivorian Peter Crouch (L. Traore)? 😆

    Gerry, for tomorrow, what makes you believe Gnabry would like to play lone striker? Theo (or at least his agent…) has talked about it and Poldi has been drafted there. Don’t the handicappers tend to look at “recent starts.” 😀 It seems an awfully big ask for a guy I’ve never seen play with his back to goal (Gnabry, up top…) Of course, I don’t watch the reserve matches. Do you? (I know you listen to them.) Has he ever played in that fashion before? Akpom is several inches taller, no? Anyhow, as I suggested I see a fairly fluid front group with Lu-lu and Theo maybe switching into the middle now and again and the MFs (esp. Sicky, if he starts) encouraged to do likewise…

    OK, almost out to ride the white carpet of death (man made snow) at the resort with the boy…Suncreen has already been applied… 😀

  • anyhow, that’s gonna be one of many rumours doing the rounds on the mill, I suspect

    how long before we activate Ronaldo’s release clause, I wonder

    welcome to the Terror window, ha

    spuds have the likes of Townsend back as well, I say let him shoot into the crowd from distance tomorrow and attack from the left flank.

  • that is it @ 17HT hence the Apparently

    it’s not silly money though, 30 million gets you a decent striker these days

    I know you are an admirer of Berba – he also posted a come get me please directly to Arsenal and it wasn’t an apparently one , either – was on his facebook before he took it out

    the lad really wants to come to Arsenal, by the looks of it.

  • I just read up on the in’s and out’s of Costa on 7am kick off

    Interesting comment from the Catalan guy, as he reckons that this season the team are playing for him to score. He has never say die attitude, and always give his all.

    The downside that Tim points out on his stats are; he gets dispossessed a lot; he cannot dribble; he cannot head the balls.
    The plus points are he is a Saurez type in the box, puts himself in great positions, plays of a striker in a 4-4-2 system, and is very efficient with shots to goal ratio.

    £32m is a lot of money, and he might not want to come anyway, no matter what the release clause?

  • the way you put it @ Gerry – it seems he would be perfecto to play along Giroud ?

    if you want to have a decent striker then 25 million to 35 is the norm, these days , no ? especially if the striker is under 28 years of age.

  • HT- I would agree that Akpom might have been the better option had they followed up with his pre-season form. But they went with the Gnabry route. Therefore he is more experienced.

    As to whether he wants to play lone striker? The boy wants to play.

    How will he fare with his back to goal? Well I did not see Poldi with his back the goal? He will lie deep, but in the centre … if I were his manager. Get the midfelders wide and pull the ball back to him. No, he is not like for like with Giroud, so you don’t play him the same. Simples.

    Akpom is not a like for like either, even if he is taller. I got a bit worried about him as to whether his head had gone. I hope I am wrong and he is still working hard. it was just a feeling I got when he seem to drop out of favour. Mind, that set of players haven’t had many games in the Next Gen replacement series and under 21’s, so perhaps that is it?

  • JB – That is why they are interested in him. But they are still in the CL. He is having his best season ever. Why would he want to risk that? The club does not need to sell either.

    It’ll be another ‘Arsenal snubbed’ headline.

  • Costa…Then I must go…Will get really good playing time at Atletico this season. Not enough minutes for Giroud, Lu-lu, Theo (Bendy, if fit) plus Costa and he must want the #9 spot for the WC… I guess meeting the release clause would force the issue but it’s too much, IMO…If it were to happen, however, I’d quickly change my tune… 😀

    He’s got some size (to go with the skills) but it would be a BIG jump to the intensity (read: hacking) in the English League not to mention the weather, etc. I’ll check out Tim’s blog (7am) when I get back from skiing. Against lowly Granada, Costa couldn’t be arsed to do much of anything–even before they got their goal in the 1-nil…He’s playing with a lot more verve this season, but Villa (for me at least) is a far superior (team oriented) partner compared to Falcao…

    I just think the odds of this happening are very low and the expectations would be tough. Short term, somebody already playing in England and more desperate to get away from a bad team seems the better bet. That he once cost sir Alex 32 million seems all the more satisfying 😉 Maybe, when I get back I’ll check the actual odds, too. Give me the links, eh… Or maybe something official will be announced… 😆 🙄

  • Afobe is the forgotten one of course. He is only just back from injury, having got crocked again on his earlier come back?

  • besides all the reason given above, he also has a chance of going to the world cup and playing for Spain as well.

    more the reasons for him to stay where he is,

    I personally prefer Jackson Martinez, if you may over Costa.

  • Hi RA – we are all scared of Cocker and Fozzer but luckily they cannot touch us, yet hahahaha 🙂

    A big decision for you to make and I hope your health will finally start improving. We miss you here though, and please keep commenting (just do it in the morning when C & F are sleeping out their sins 😀 ).

  • Sometimes I think…” That Gezzer is a sensible one ! “……and then I read his formation with Gnabry up front !…… and realise he is more nonsensical than my…….. “Like for Like Factor !. hahaha

  • Dylan 🙂

    Great preview: full of enthusiasm and insights – a joy to read. 🙂

    I like your line up a lot. A solid back five (and fully agreed), a super attacking and fast front four and Zelalem to direct passes from a deeper laying position … stuff of dreams. If Wenger was to go for that sort of line up, I reckon he would opt for the Flame to protect the back five rather than Arteta.

    I was at the Blackburn game last year and Arsene rotated a few players and we played awful. Wenger will want to keep momentum and he needs his players who take responsibility in every game to do just that in this one. So I go with your back five – sorry Fabianski, Jenks and Vermaelen – Flamini and Arteta in the double DM pivot and Jack in the hole, with Pod, Theo and Gnabry as a fluid-three up-front. Alternatively, Flamini and Jack play in the double DM pivot and Zelalem gets to play in the hole with the same attackers in front of him.

    But whoever Arsene plays they need to be up for it and not try to win the game with a minimum of effort….Luckily we are playing the Spuds (and not Blackburn) and nobody needs to motivate us as we all love to mash them. 😛

    Wont be easy though and might finish in 1-1 draw…….. 😕

  • JB 🙂

    From previous email. I rather you swear on the site than praise Maureen, but I respect your adoration of him. I just thought it was nothing special to have Mata frozen out in order to free up funds for a new player; for Machiavellian Maureen this is child’s play….

    My wife is English, but we both love Scotland – a bit of a spiritual home for us. And yes, we go there a lot. 🙂

  • Cocker 🙂

    When I blog I subconsciously have a picture of what the various bloggers look like. I have seen you in a picture the Colgate Gooner sent me a while ago, but have not seen a picture of Fozzer as yet. His sense of humour makes me think he is Keith Lemon so that is how he looks like to me….quite scary hahahaha 🙂

  • For those that want to follow the betting on these transfers here is the link.

    Berby is 2/1 to be an Arsenal player at the end of the TW
    Costa is 4/1 …..ditto…………………………………………………

    There are a few others in there, but it shows how poor the odds are when Berby is 6/4 to stay at Fulham.

    You might want to bookmark the link as it will change daily.

  • Thanks Gerry

    This is the sort of stuff I have absolutely no interest in. Once a new signing gets announced on this boy will get excited, all the rest means nothing to me.

  • I think I’ll insert an insanity clause in my future teams selections. However, should Gnabry score from a central position tomorrow, I want a full, binding insanity clause added to every like for like comment until they prove themselves meaningless, which should be, and back dated to the first day of the season.
    Henry!!! Lesbania is that way, go get him! Come back with proof the deed is done. Don’t swallow like they did in N.Korea

  • Hahaha Totes, yes, I reckon that is an appropriate image of Fozzie !. I do wonder then what was my image to you before the Colgate Kid ruined it ! . hahaha

    From this scoutnation vid, is he really that special ?. I would be worried spending £30M+ on him !. I`d rather have Berbatov for £2M and subsidise his wages with a lucky heather franchise @ The Emirates !.

  • Hahaha Gezzer. I take it you thought that was fitting Karma for the N.Koreans !. When I showed it to my puppy Max !….he gave me a high 5 and a Mutley snigger !.

  • Evening Gooners! Good and interesting post Dylan,
    I like your line-up and would like to see it tested at some point, but this i feel is not the match for that. I think it is a bit light weight for what will be a physical match even a battle. Where will will need to be both good defensively and offensively .
    My choice of line-up would be-

    My prediction is 3-1 to the red army.
    I hope Wenger has learnt from his missing out on Suarez and if he is interested in Costa, thten he get the cash out and pays the needed sum. He looks like a Suarez style player and if so worth every penny , i think he will like Suarez go on to be worth a lot more in the next couple of seasons. I am confident Wenger will get a striker this TW , he has always had great strikers to work with and he just needs 1 more to put the final piece of the puzzel together. 🙂

  • I’ll grant you one thing PG, Costa has very good foot/eye coordination. Jack could take lessons on his fast running style too?

  • He does look like the real deal mate, i have faith in Jack , i think he is about to hit the form of his life so far. That is why i had to put him in the team, he is a must play for me at the moment

  • If Costa really does have a 32m release clause then he seems like the only real option of players that would improve us and more important that the club would let the player leave at the moment.

  • Wenger is the man at finding great players though and as shrewd as they come. I wonder who he has his eye on. Lewendolski of course is a possible player. Dortmund would be maybe stupid to let him leave ina few months for zero, they will finish 2nd in the league anyway

  • I know he is very young and all, but I WOULDN’T play Zelalem in the hole tomorrow…He plays better further away from goal, as he can dictate the play from a deeper position more easily at this stage in his career. I’m just going by what I read now, as I can’t see the Arsenal Youth matches anymore…again… 😦 I’m spending my money on other more important things right now!!! 😀 It’s hard to believe there are more important things than football, and Arsenal in particular, but there are… 🙂 I still look at allllllllllllllll the sites I go on every day, including this one!!! 😀

  • I think I’d prefer Costa though … he looks like a faster running version of Higuain and he sure knows where the goal is. He’s the kind of addition that could potentially win the league for us. Agree that Jack absolutely has to play against Spuds.

  • Davy, i agree i would prefer Costa. He is the style of striker i want at Arsenal badly

  • Evening all. Great to see Redders on here.

    Nice stuff Dylan. I love the way you even predict how were going to score our goals, your just like me. Night before a game I always dream how were going to thrash our opponent. For some reason, its always 5-0 in my dream and at the final whistle I always end up making love to a new women, strange.

    I have a mental issue for this match. On the one hand I see the nessacity of playing a fringe side, but then think of who were playing.

    I am a known Totnumb hater around my area. They hate me because ime good looking whilst they look like General Urko from planet of the apes or Steve Archibald (WARNING, if you google Archibald, under no circumstances stare at the picture for more than 3 seconds)

    If we play a fringe side then it will be really tough. They are plaing with confidence and skill, so I expect us to win 5-0

  • I am surprised no 1 has mentioned this name yet of possible signings this window and this name would be a poan signing of king Thierry Henry! If he is sharp enogh in training then surely Wenger would look no further then the legend, if he does not then he will be clearly not sharp enough and i would not want him to, i want to remember Henry as theplayer he was for us it would not be good if he could not do the business but i think he probably could do it and very well, but in Arsene i trust.
    What ha bold been doing know? what photo? lol

  • Hair transplant,
    No need to play a weakened team they have a 9 day break after this game, its a derby in the FA cup it deserves a full blooded affair i think.

  • Thanks TA! It might make more sense for Flamini to play alongside Zelalem for protection, but Arteta also has more experience which could help him as well.
    PG, I don’t think this match will get too physical. Tottenham’s more brutal players (Paulinho and Sandro) seem to be out of favor/injured lately. So I think if we had someone to protect Zelalem, it could be ok.
    TMHT, I think it’s worth playing a strong side, for bragging rights at the very least. NLD wins are huge morale boosters for players and fans.

  • Hi PG, i thought every one was injured? The way Arsenes been going on I thought he was going to play himself as the midfield enforcer and the tea lady up front. hahaha

    I just want to win. Cant stand Totnumb.

  • ok night then Gooners. I hope we mashed the spuds up good and proper tomorrow, i think we will i hope my prediction is wrong and hair transplant is right with the 5 goal show again 🙂
    ohh and p.s i have a little feeling that Blackburn are going to turn City over tomorrow…. just a little feeling probably a draw or a Blackburn win.

  • I like the young gun Zelalem Dylan maybe it is his time to play, i just dont want him getting kicked all game but as you said there rough tackalers are out then im a bit more at ease with it. It would be great if he came on as a sub for me still i think, i can tell you rerally want him to play, mi hope he does really well i just dont want him getting injured again.

  • I love it when Stretch talks dirty about how much he hates the Spuds !. I too hate the knuckle dragging hideous bastards and find it insulting when dementia deranged Vicky says he hates Manscum more than Tottscum.
    I will only say this once my BK brethren ( that will be bastards if you don’t agree with me ! hahaha )……….if you are a die hard proper Gooner ( and not a closet Queens poofter ! hahaha ), then it`s the Spuds who are our number one hated enemies, simple as that !. Remember, I have the Genie Ejaculator … rub and you`re history !. hahaha

  • Great upbeat post Dylan. Interesting how split we are tonight on whether to rotate or keep most of the same team. My hunch is the latter, given the 9 day break and its the Spuds. The uncertainties are around how people are handling niggles and the effects of so many games so quickly; in this Sagna and Wilshere might be questionable. If fit, Flam and Wilsh must play, as they will be fully up for the local derby, and Ros is in much the same space. I can’t see Pod being dropped from leading the line after one try, especially as he is coming back from injury – but Wenger might not wish to start him in 2 games so close given his recent return. Walcott also must play if OK, but again he is not so long back and we need to avoid overdoing him as well. Kos has had a forced rest already, so logic would say you can’t see him being left out for Verm, unless there is some form of deal with Verm around playing in cup games?

    So my 11. Sir Chez, Jenks, Mert, Kos, Nacho, Flamshire in the pivot, Walcott, Santi and Ros, with Pod up front. Youth plus Verm and Arteta on the bench – can’t see any sense in benching Oz, and barely any either in benching Giroud; give them the full recovery as we will need plenty from them soon.

    Can’t predict the score, but doubt it will be anything other than close, and probably low scoring – unless Adebayor gets himself sent off, again! Would love a really uplifting and commanding performance, as much to keep the home fan’s spirits high as anything. I confess I no longer look at the cup in the way I once did – right now its a distraction from what really matters, which is the chance of WINNING the PL. I hope our main PL opponents have long, tough and draining cup runs. The fact its the Spuds though…….. enough said. Time for bed and dreaming of a 5:0 win and nicking TMHT’s dream bird!

  • Spot on Cornwall

    I dont give a toss about other Clubs, its a football rivalry, thats all.

    Totnumbs different. The most recent crap about how they are getting public funding for there dump, and how they spied on West Ham got my blood boiling.

    When I first heard that story I had to use the handcuffs, usually reserved for torturing people for money, on myself to stop me going out on the street and pissing on someone.

  • Nicking my bird AB? Now i will probably have a nightmare. hahaha

  • May be I should explain a little better, as I might come over a little bit elitist and arrogant in my last comment in trying to enforce my FACT about the Spuds being our sworn enemies. It`s simple peasants, this hatred is 1000`s of years old and is engrained into our DNA, whereas the hatred for the likes of Chavs, City is new in comparison and the hatred of Manscum and Liverpool is, dare I say it, probably born out of envy of their success !.
    I will not listen to any argument on this matter as I am right, so there is no argument, just accept Gooner nature !. Now shut the fcuk up !. hahaha

  • Don’t start me on their public funding and trying to nick the Hammers ground !. 😈
    I`m just going next door to beat my MiL to within one millimetre of her life with my Arsenal slippers , that’s how mad you have made reminding me of their dastardly deeds !. 😛

  • hahahaha, i thought you did that even when you were in a good mood.

    The Bastards are getting £17 million form the Mayors regeneration fund, but the biggest coup is the relaxing of the restriction on the amount of shit housing they are now able to build.

    And all this because of them fucking Riots

    I reckon the Old Bill should study CCTV very carefully. If they do, ime sure they will find a very sneaky slimey individual who is the spitting image of Daniel Levy, nicking some trainers, chucking a petrol bomb, and running down the street screaming “Riot you fuckers, i want £17 million “

  • Happy New Year, everyone! Wonderful preview, Dylan, and a very optimistic one too. I’d go with 2:1 victory – they will take the lead via Adebawhore but Poldi and Theo will knock them out.

  • My line up should be: DEFENSE; fabianski, jenkinson, moreal, per, kos. CENTRAL MIDFIELD; flamini, rosicky, carzola. WINGS; Gnabry and wilshere. UPFRONT; walcot…..BENCH; akpom, podolski, verminator, scezney, afobe, sagna, arteta.

  • Good morning all. The big day has arrived … unfortunately after a shed load of other big days!

    The weather looked for a moment yesterday that it would not be to bad for this evenings game, as the wet front (TCM would know all about those?) had slowed up. This morning it looks like we would be fine also … if only we had a 3 o’clock kick off. There is still a little uncertainty as to when it will hit the London area, but 5.0pm looks most likely. It will be heavy and continuous rain until well after the match, so any players that thought they were over the flu bug will have their immune system well and truly tested. Fingers crossed, eh?

    Other bit of trivia. Southampton really do look silly now. In trying the same trick that Chelsea pulled to get Clattenburg from officiating any of their matches for the rest of that season, in that they pulled the ‘racial abuse card’ – around the time that the Terry incident was still rumbling away, you may remember? – and it worked. Southampton thought they got a poor deal over a penalty claim, and tried using an ‘insulting remark’, no doubt hoping he would not be at their remaining matches?

    The remark, as quoted on the BBC, was this, and said to Lallana who was complaining about the penalty not being given:
    “You’re very different now you’ve played for England. You never used to be like this.”

    I ask you?

    Needless to say it was rightly dismissed as no case to answer.

    The other bit of transfer news being raised by the Mail(it has to be true then??), that we have turned our attentions to Mandzukic. Not likely, but AW is also reported as playing down the Costa stories, and others linking our need to buy depends on Bendtner.

    I will come back to that, as some people have a different point of view regarding NB23.

    First and foremost, I support Arsenal Football Club. Full stop.

    Secondly, I support Arsene Wenger as being the best manager for Arsenal, if for no other reason than when he does step down, he will leave the club in a very healthy state, both financially, but more importantly, with a wealth of talented players that will carry the club forwards for many years to come. Unlike the much lauded SAF, who has left his club as League Champions, but buggar all else?

    Thirdly, I support the players that wear the shirt. Not that they are not above fair criticism. The emphasis is on the word ‘fair’. Whatever we see as fans, and it can clearly be seen differently, even watching the same matches, I believe one of the best ways of judging the character of our player is what is being said by their fellow team mates.

    A little while ago I said, in support of Giroud, that to a man, the rest of the team know how much Giroud means to them in the effort he puts in for the team. Arsene Wenger has never had any doubts with the style that we are currently playing, as to his value to the team. Arsene has also come out in full support of Nicky B. Koscielny and now Arteta have both come out and said that the team need NB23, and are impressed with his attitude and hard work.

    So perhaps you can understand why I stand up against what I see as ‘over the top’ criticisms?
    Yes Bendtner can be his own worst enemy regarding comments to the press. But I actually appreciate the honesty. When he says he was disappointed not to have been allowed to leave in the summer when it was blocked at the last minute. Understandable frustration, especially as he was unsure how fans would react to his return. A return following plenty of other off field incidents that got the full blast from the press, some of which were worthy of condemnation. But when a player reaches rock bottom, and sees his International career disappearing down the plug hole, if he then as the balls to put his head down, work hard to get fit, and gets fans applauding his late strike that kept us TOTL, I don’t think it is a fair criticism to rake up his past.
    Nor do I see his injury as a blessing in disguise. And here is why I am making this point now.

    I come back to the quote earlier ..’transfers will depend on Bendtner’s injury’

    Reading between the lines I would say that AW knows exactly who he would like to come and join, but in all probability, this SQ player will not be available until summer. He also has his eye on younger strikers who he thinks will prove to be part of our future strike force. However, he also needs a ‘special talent’ now to deflect attention away from the prospects so they don’t get the sort treatment Sanogo has had. Lauded one minute, basket case the next? But before all that, he needs to have a continuous presence up front that includes the Giroud/Bendtner roles at the head, at least to the end of the season, if not beyond? This is the reason they are assessing Bendtner’s ankle scans very carefully.

    So monitor the result of the scan. Also, if suddenly attention is going away from Costa, it may mean one of two things; One, we have no chance of getting Costa this window. Or two, Bendtner is out for less than a few weeks. In which case, the summer target is still on track?

    Just one more thing on ‘player to player’ respect. I would like to remind you of an incident in the Newcastle game. It was when Ameobe made a challenge on Szcz and they both landed in a heap? There was not the usual face to face confrontation. Szcz was fine about it. Giroud helped Sammy A up, and continued a smiley conversation with him as the walked out the box. Kos gave him a pat on the shoulder I think? and even Bacs came over from RB to share the pleasantries … in the true sense of the word. At the end of the match, Olly and Sammy were still having a friendly conversation, as both had been subbed, and walked along the touchline.
    All I can say, Sammy Ameobe, I salute you. You must have a truly wonderful personality to gain that response from your opposite numbers.

    Second best moment of the game 😀

  • Milo – Hang on in there, you doing fine. Have you tried to sign up for the Arsenal Digital membership? It is free, and it will give you access to the ‘Payer and all the matches?

  • On the argument of having Ozil on the bench is this. If were are 1 goal down with 25 minutes to go, he could make a difference.

    He only has a shoulder injury that is painful, but not fragile like Walcott’s?

  • Greetings Saucy and Sincere Spud Scrotum Smashers!! 😆
    Excellent posts Totes, 17h and Dylando!! I will go with Flamshire today, with Walcott and Carzorla on flanks and Pod striking and Rocky in the hole but interchanging frequently with Santi.
    Reading about Stretchs football dreaming gave me one of me own last night!! I only saw one goal and it was a bullet header by BFG!! Final score was 4-o however!haha .. 😆 can’t see that with the weather but who knows!!
    I expect that both teams are going to go hard in the first 20 mins and I expect to see an early goal.

  • ah, I respect your opinion Gerry and you went at great length to explain the reasoning and logic behind them – however, I still disagree with a few of them and I won’t challenge them either after what Glic’s mentioned happened in N.Korea , with you having Henry by your side…even thought Glic’s is on my side and has Max, but I rather not take my chances today 😆

    Happy new year to you as well, Admir !

    let’s hope it’s us who scores after the first 20 minutes then @ FB 😉

    make no mistake, this is a big match and Rosicky is a big match player, hence I’m taking it as a given and his name being the first on the starting 11 for today.

  • Hey Redders ol pal, don’t be scared of a Keith lemon lookalike !! Haha 😀 on the other hand be very afraid of that blue barstardo Cockie!! He has been getting the Trannys into a frenzy again back at his Tranny annex!! He’s doing those naked figure 8s again with his todger in the groove on his alpine floor!!! Such a fit barstardo he is!! 😆
    His latest party trick is to invite the Trannys to “rub his genie” … The poor shemales are so excited they don’t realise the Genie only ever gives the one wish!!!! after wiping their faces!!Haha 😆 they come round for a split second and think “WTF just happened there” and then just when they become lucid they see Cockie doing his naked figure 8s again and it’s game over!! Hahaha. !! Caught in a vicious Cockie hypnotic trance … Getting ready for Usamov Buddhs worship in full CockieKrishna regalia!!!:lol: haha!!
    And when Cockie stops his figure 8s (which is very rare because he doesn’t believe in fatigue!!haha) then he uses those googly eyes to bring them under his spell once again!!
    That’s mine and MarleyKazes Tranny Windiow report done for the day!! Haha 😆

  • Oh yeah, all that talk about North Koreans eating dogs has got to a certain Arsenal player …. Bark Chew Yum!!! He has sent home for his favourite takeaway!! KFC!!! That’s Kentucky Fried Canine to you uneducated bastardos!! 😆

  • Hi FB, my old china

    not entirely but mostly , since you have Santiago on the flanks and I am benching him for this one !

    that’s the only one where we differ, me thinks

  • Who have you got taking Elmos place on the flank? 😀 Taking Mrs P to a country pub then back for the game! People always say “why do you live over here and not NZ?” …. That’s one of the reasons!! Never get tired of discovering all the great pubs with their history and great ales!! 😀

  • flanks it’s an interchange of rosicky with JW, helping out NM @ FB

    Lewandowski having a medical at BM @ pre-contract – I wish all the people would now stop wanting him at Arsenal , it was always a no go.

  • forget the medical, it’s already a done deal – 5 year pre-contract, sorted for Lewandowski.

    that’s one less player we will be linked to then every day and most of the Gooner’s wanting him over.

    I can see a mass exodus happening at Dortmund… Gundogan, Reus…HI THERE !

  • Afternoon Transgressors of The Tiny Tots Turd Tunnels 😆

    Hahaha Stretch………..actually, I wouldn`t put anything past them Bastardildos !. After being caught out officially spying on West Ham, who wouldn’t put it past them to organise a riot to procure tax payers funds for a new stadium in a Ghetto !, although as I have said before, the riots caused £20M of improvements !.
    Lets face it they have the ugliest players to look at home in N17 and blend in with the other Neanderthals……hairy hideous knuckle dragging thug beast`s and that’s just the women !. As for Daniel Levy being the spitting image of one of those caught on camera, I have to agree, but be warned, that bastard wears a flesh coloured eye patch, which basically makes him a one-eyed monster or a doppelganger for Girouds cock, so you don’t want to be within spitting distance !.
    In all, one of the more likely conspiracy theories !.

  • The problem with the ST situation is that possible proven long term options are far and few between. The only possible proven long term options I can see are Benzema, Costa, Dzeko and Balotelli.

    Benzema will happen in the summer if it happens at all, Dzeko as well as his contract expires in the summer I think. Costa could happen in January and in the summer but the Wenger quotes make me think he is going ahead with this one. Why would Costa cost 145 million or whatever Wenger says when he has a release clause in his contract. Balotelli could also happen in January and we would be getting a quality player at a bargain price but would Balotelli want to join us in January.

  • Dylan, great post. 🙂

    I see Wenger sticking to the senior players and looking to take no chances.

    My team would be Viviano, Jenkinson, Mertseacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, Arteta, Wilshere, Santi, Podolski and Walcott.

    Gnabry and Zelalem to come on when needed.

  • the summer we move onto , ehhhh

    then in the summer, there could be something called ” Karma” – with a certain player entering his final 12 months headed to Arsenal from a certain club up north.

    how that to even everything out ? 🙂

    cracking day of FA cup,

    1-1 with man city (replay)

    and not Saints, who were leading 2-0 are 2-2 with Burnley (Replay would be perfecto for us, as they play us later this month ? 28th ?

    Fabianski – Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Monreal – Arteta – Gnabry Wilshere Rosicky Cazorla – Walcott.

    Lloris – Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose – Lennon Bentaleb Dembele Eriksen – Adebayor Soldado

  • Lineups out, Whaddayathink? Definitely not quite what I expected, but pretty strong, I think…

    Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Gnabry, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Walcott

    Substitutes: Viviano, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Flamini, Ozil, Podolski, Ju-Young Park

    Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Chiriches, Rose, Lennon, Bentaleb, Dembele, Eriksen, Adebayor, Soldado

    Substitutes: Friedel, Fredericks, Fryers, Capoue, Chadli, Kane, Obika

  • Ok I`m bored, so I will give my thoughts on team selection, but names will be done as anagrams, which you will have to work out.
    Blob cull on fatal arse ( Arsenal Football Club ) team selections :

    One of the two PiG`s in goal, but I will go for …..If a banzai skulks.

    Right Backs, either……..Ban a gays car…..or…. Nerds enjoin lick anal.

    Central defenders, I`d go for…..Racketeer sperm and Only like arse, cunt !. Although…Love them man arse………could false his way in !.

    Left Back,….Big Bearskin…. is out, so it should be…….Ciao, I`m Arsenal Gooner !.

    Midfield,……A Romans Year….is out, so for DM`s it will be between….Wry Jailer charged wankers,…..Real team kit,….and…..If anal emit I hum.

    Attacking Midfielders,…….Orca anal zits…..and ….Sick room stay.

    Wingers,……..Hot cat towel…..and…..Spook jailed us folks !.

    Striker, as far as I know, both…….I rig vile odour!…..and ……Licks bent end, ran !…….are out injured.

    Of the youngsters Gezzer would like to play, we have quite a few :
    Foreskin floss rot.
    I shafted moles !.
    I gazelle demon.
    Decay on a cats shit.
    I`m coy, I hairy !.

    Any questions ? 😆

  • No sczny means, that we have a much greater chance of keeping a clean sheet or conceding 3 , no in between’s with Fabs, ha

    well chuffed to see Gnabry start ,

    so it’s going to be a 4-6 I’m guessing with TW furthest forward at times, playing as a false no.9

    we should win 3-0


  • can I just say, what a bench we have considering we have Ramsey, Giroud, Bendtner, Ox all out ? only weak link is park but that’s a mighty impressive bench, I reckon

  • I would have liked Viviano to get a start but apart from that I’m happy with the team.

  • wtf

    ahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah @ TCM – you’re a legend !!!


  • come on Glic’s, It’s only the enemy we are playing, we need you today on the sofa like a lion, roaring the team on

    you can go behind the sofa after we give these bashtards a right thrashing and put them in their rightful place !

  • Looking at them teams it`s as I have said and JB has said, a 4-6 formation, no focal point up front ! and the Spuds will play 2 up front in a 4-4-2 formation. This will either be a master stroke by Lord Wenger or a fcuking hammering from the Spuds…….I don’t like last minute experiments !.

  • WOW (that’s an anagram…) Cockie, what a wicked mind you have!

    Interesting line-up I think. Personally, I always like the Kos-Verm axis but my mind is blown by the young German (Gnabry) starting ahead of the old one. Agreed about the buzzing MF vs a Spurs team that will be very direct… Exciting for sure…

  • no experiements, Glics

    it’s the best way to counter a 4-4-2 to play a 4-6 ( 4-3-3

    we will be alright, I reckon

    I have that good good good feeling about this !

  • Speeding to get home now!! Mrs P befriended a Working Class Spaniel and a Terrior!! I chucked a couple of chips(spuds) outside and got the desired results! Haha 😆 ok will watch on replay and catching up south side !! COYRRG’s!!!! 😀

  • stop mention Lyon, we gifted that bashtard loads of wickets and gave away the ashes (cricket

    yep, Gerry will be over the moon, I suspect @ 17HT

    very strong bench though !

  • 17, one of Podolski or Walcott has to be one the bench as they are our only experienced STs?

  • And we’re off…

    Whoa, not such a good kick there, Fabs…

    1st corner goes to Spurs but, eventually, we defend it… Not a great start…

  • Fabianski 0 for 2 kicking the ball…

    Theo-Sicky combo well off thus far…

  • Walcott could have put a bit more power in that shot but at least it was on target.

  • Lots of room but Theo curls wide with his left…Then Gnabry tries the same but over…We look dangerous now…

  • Lennon one on one with Arteta was scary…Then Jack caught out and Verms gives a FK and gets yellow… sub-optimal for sure…

    FK over…

  • Wide open match, giveaways all over…Verms needed to make that saving tackle and he did. Jack scythed down but Santi wide…

    My thought is that a little patience when we’re in their area could pay dividends…

  • Very nice defensive sequence…Totts couldn’t see any ideas at all…

  • Well done Serge on the assist, Bac’ on the pre-assist. ANd Santi found his shooting boots 🙂

  • Boy I got our team selection wrong for today – but what a sweet move and finish! Come on boys lets really put on a show!!!!

  • Dylan, respect your elders! 😉 Rosicky is bright out there but that pass was misplaced badly…

  • I know 17 I just meant that pass. He’s been alright today. A couple of good long balls to Theo. I have no issue with him in the middle, I just don’t like him on the wings. 😉

  • Dylan, to me it looks like Spurs are giving us a lot of room and much of that is due to Rosicky’s good control and acceleration plus the pace of Theo and Serge…

    Nice FK from Santi! Bac very close to getting us a 2nd…

  • Rosicky did good bringing the ball out of the back. Theo is doing a good job keeping Spurs stretched.

  • Spurs looking better attacking our left side…Luckily Soldado goes wide with the shot. Game’s a little too open considering we’re a goal up…

    More good work from Serge but Santi can’t take down the bouncer…

    Half time…

  • that was one of the best attacking first half displays at home for me ! no hand brake, just fluid and beautiful football

    I kept saying it before, when we lose Giroud we will see how good we really are as with Giroud we play according to plan B, this is our A game.

    I said it a long time ago that in a couple of years, people will forget about Ronaldo and it will all be about Gnabry – the boy didn’t disappoint ehhh @ 17HT ?

    how has AdebaWHORE didn’t get a yellow is beyond me, same with Dembele…argh

    TV5 is a brave man, I’ll give him that

    last but not least, how comfortable I’m feeling when I know, there is no sczny in goal today – Thank you AW 🙂

    more of the same in the 2nd half please

  • You can feel Flamini’s absence, the back four directly exposed a couple of times. I really like Serge’s contribution with his pace and run-at-defenders dribbling threat.

  • am with 17HT on Rosicky, There’s a reason why he always starts in big matches @ Dylan

    and the reason is that he’s our Ferrari.


  • Ian Wright rightly pointing out that Theo has been brilliant up front and played a vital part in the goal by drawing out two defenders.

  • lovely to watch, but don’t forget we re playing against a tactically naive coach – this game is more open than many we will face. Love the way Gnab is stepping up, and Ros, Jack and Santi are running the midfield. Now need to see Theo get some product from his time up front. Presume we will see Pod in the second half (for Ros). Hope Oz gets to have a full rest. A clean sheet would be great for us in the absence of Mert, but I feel we are going to need another goal still.

  • Wow, Per for TV5? AW not risking a second yellow for Vermaelen I suppose, tough for him…

  • Mert on for Verm. Should be a good effect on the game, if not ideal for Mert over the season

  • Damn, the espresso machine turned off (timer) and now needs to warm up again…

    Spurs, I think are giving us too much room maybe because they only can do anything on the break…As if they’re baiting us to try the killer through-ball… If they keep it up we can kill the game with possession….

    What’s nice is that Gnabry and Theo seem to really be in sync and moving well whenever we (often Rosicky) have the ball. Meanwhile, Jack and Mikel are doing very nicely controlling things just a little deeper. Slightly better passing and finishing and this one would already be over. As it is we still need to be very careful with the ball. It IS a very different look w/o Giroud…

  • They’re only dangerous on the break…Soldado likes that shot wide of the left post it seems…

    Uh oh, Theo hurt?

  • Theo’s OK…Ade looked dangerous there but slipped…

    A 2nd would be very tasty…

  • Gnabry and Theo both looking for the cut back. Gnabry in the right, Theo in the wrong. Striker should be at the goal mouth.

  • WOW…Just that little extra bit of acceleration and sharpness to nick it…So cool on the finish as well…

  • Now we need to concentrate. A quick goal back now the last thing we need. Would like to see Pod on now though!

  • AB I would not rusk Podolski. We need him to play in the EPL matches as with Theo. They are our last ST options. Lets get Park on instead and give him 20 minutes.

  • Our midfield is murdering them – they don’t seem to have anyone there! Ha! And this is the Arsenal without our core spine..

  • Haha Bond…She was making the coffee and missed both the goal and the Chadli sub…

    Nacho pen shout seemed a lot closer than the reaction from the ref and commentators…

  • No Dylan not at all. Lets protect our more important players. This match is won so why risk Podolski?

  • AFC, really ? you must be joking

    had you said Flamini for Theo, I could have given you that

    but that park substitution idea is hilarious 😆

  • AFC. We can’t treat a 20 min run out as a risk – unless we really have to look after someone. I want us to bury the Spuds now, really damage them and give our team and fans a lift. Its the momentum I am looking for. I’d bring on Pod – what price a 4:0 win? Would be a joy, esp with 9 days rest ahead.

  • AFC, there’s still 20 minutes. Unless we get a third, the match isn’t won yet.

  • Walker pen shout waved away like at the other end…contact was outside of the box anyhow, I think…

    Theo was very close from getting on the end of that recent long ball…

    Flams in, Jack out…Spurs giving it a final burst but no end product…

  • Arteta hurt now? Shit…

    Ozil in means AFC gets his (strange) wish…Lu-lu rested…

  • strange one that, why Ozil for Arteta and not jenks ?

    I can see a 3rd goal coming 😀

  • Hopefully not long term. Wouldn’t want to risk Ozil normally, but we have no choice.

  • Blimey, don’t understand that! No problem with Oz, but assumed he would only feature if we really needed him.. which we don’t. Would rather rest Ros for Pod now – no sense risking an injury to him. I’m with JB here; he is pure quality.

    Should have scored there…

  • Ozil never risks himself, so (for me) it’s not a worry…

    More mistakes at the back for Spurs, but Theo fails to punish them!

  • Theo close.

    17, I want our important players not to come on as they will be needed when we are struggling in other matches. If we get a third I do not even want to see Podolski warmibg up as he’s too important right now

  • Looks like Gnabry will be our starting striker vs Villa. Unless Giroud will be ready by then.

  • Ozil makes sense to me a the end of the game, because he is very adept at keeping control of the ball and intelligent enough not to lose possession carelessly.

  • Gnabry back to wing, Ozil plays a false nine (CF) role halfway between a striker and CAM (because we’re down a player now). Excellent 2-0 brag by Theo!!!!! What a legend.

  • 10 min with 10 men. We should last it. Hope Walcott not too bad – he doesn’t look it! Concentrate now boys. COYG!!!

  • He can’t be too bad off if he’s flashing the scoreline… Let’s hope…

  • Showing the score to the Spuds fans was class. Quick thinking by Theo to demoralize them again.

  • Ozil a bit lazy with the ball and getting back…Sagna and Kos imperious, however…

  • It’s Rosicky for me…He was everywhere and rewarded with the solo goal…

    Good save by Lloris after Gnabs puts Ozil through…

  • Stomp by Bentaleb goes unpunished…

    Quite a noise there in our stadium…

  • Gnabry was MOTM for me. Fantastic assist and 3 or 4 additional key passes (passes leading to shots). Wonderful game for him and hopefully he sees more game time. Bentaleb dangerously close to hitting Monreal and being sent off.

  • Good shout 17. Walcott and Rosicky both played better than Cazorla. Still Theo for me. 😀

  • everyone is giving MOTM to different players,

    So why should I stay behind ehhh ?

    my man of the match = Fabianski

    even his last kick landed right on Ozil’s foot near the spuds half on the right, beautiful.

  • It’s either Serge (for key passes, I’m with Dylan) or TR7 (work rate, overall drive, and ensuing goal) for me.If Theo is fine in nine days, perfect day 🙂

  • that was thoroughly enjoyable,

    fingers crossed for Theo but I reckon its nothing series, he worked his socks off for the team , and yes, he deserved the MOTM for showing the spuds fans the scoreline, alone


    we love you Theo !!!

  • Gnabry does look a real player…

    Spurs don’t seem able to play except in end to end, uptempo games…

    Gotta hope Theo is OK. With Gnabry and the Ox (hopefully) coming back we’re strong even without buying, but I think we looked better than usual today because Spurs gave us so much room. Real park the bus and pressing teams will be tougher. I also think it’s premature to think Giroud won’t play a huge role this Spring…

  • Agreed 17ht, if Gnabry can play and perform like that, and if Ox gets back to proper match fitness, we don’t have an absolute need to buy unless some SQ comes available.

    JB, I just saw again Theo on his stretcher with a big smile, being thrown stuff by spuds fans (idiots), I’m siding with you for Theo MotM!

  • Lucina Traore has signed for Monaco ans will be loaned to West Ham to the end of the season.

  • Lewandowski has officially joined Bayern as expected and will join them in the summer.

  • * Lucina Traore has signed for Monaco and will spend the rest of the season on loan at West Ham.

    I’m off now.

  • Now let me see, ….. Serge has a shot that whizzed just over the bar. Serge gets an assist with a perfectly weighted pass to Cazorla. Serge plays a key pass to Walcott,who could not squeeze it in at a tight angle.

    What do these three things have in common?

    He was playing in the middle when he played those balls …. a bit like a centre forward really?

  • I doubt it Alcide as Bayern will want to have several quality STs. I don’t know about you but I would have taken Lucina on loan for the rest of the season. Seems Wenger is thinking long term.

  • Hi team Brokeback BKers!! Highlights for me and in this order!! 😀

    1. Singing!!! That from a pure TV point of view was the best crowd performance I have ever heard from the Emirates!!!
    2. Theo telling the rabid Totnumb dogs the score!! I’ve not seen much froth on their chops since Kermit visited Cockie “personally” at the Tranny Annex!! 😆
    3.MOTM for me was Rosicky. His hard work and thrusting and pressing movements from midfield showed what Ozil could add to his repertoire!
    4. Fantastic Gnabry!! A great confidence performance!

    All in all I disagree with Tarzan about it being our best offensive half and Fab being MOTM but I’m happy with Fab for sure.

    Hope Gnaby gets more time from here on!! 😀

  • Junior Monster popped in with a massive smile, so I watched the recorded game knowing we won without knowing the score !. Those of a nervous nature like me should try it for once, stress free football !. hahaha
    Now for my thoughts !. Still -4 points like for like !. hahaha
    I thought we were extremely lucky with Tottenham being on fire most of the time ……..

    Thanks to JB`s war cry, we are 4 for 4 since it`s introduction and his loincloth is getting bigger every time !.
    Tim Sherwood needs to be a bit less enthusiastic every time we score if he wants to keep his job !.

    Now time to buy a SQ striker or borrow someone to keep the momentum going. Lord Wenger has known since the end of the Summer TW that there was going to be a chance of injuries to our two only strikers Olly and Bendy, he should have been preparing for this scenario, all the fans could see the problem before it happened, has he ?. Newcastle somehow got Remy on loan and West Ham have Lucina Traore on loan ?. Stop getting outsmarted Dafty !. Other than that bit of Monster logic, a great feeling is in the force, may it be with you !. hahaha

  • Hey Cockie … fantastic anagrams earlier as well as your FFP team merger!! I bet youngster Cockie is the bestest van driver in the revlon lippy world yet!! Hope your new inflatable lippy range means your safe in the floods!! 😀

  • All safe Fozzer. I`m up the valley, whereas the Spud neighbour is near the flood plain !. When my Septic tank is not soaking away properly, I let it soak on to his field…..the arse has shit on him….he`s forever in my shit shadow and down there….forever in the shallow water !. Cant wait to walk past his house tomorrow and accidently see him ( after hiding behind the edge `till he thinks it`s clear to come out ! ). hahaha

  • Evening Gooner loyalists!
    Great win very much tarnished sadly by the injuries. Walcott, TV5 adding to Bentdner and OG.
    Though to the next round of the FA cup though.
    The striker situation is worrying, but i am sure Wenger has a plan or has a few tricks up his sleeve that we are missing.
    1 Sanogo is back in full training and must be chomping at the bit to get involved and scoring
    2 Podolski is fit and can play there i expect great things from him still this season.
    3 Giroud is fit to play , it was just due to sickness today, if he was not totally fit in the 9 days til the next match he will be.
    4 Gnabry showed his attacking prowess today and i feel he can do a job up front for us , though it is not our best option by a long shot.

    This is why i am not going to jump on Lord Wengers back, even more so when i think about his chasing of Higuain and Suarez in the summer so he clearly wants another world class striker. That all considered and listening to his words carefully about not just buying any old striker but 1 that will improve the team, on what we already have. I am sure he will do the right thing for the club. 🙂

    He has a lot more information on the players he targets and the prices etc.
    Luckerly we have 9 days to sign a player for the next match which is a long time in the TW. I am hoping Steve Bold will work some magic on Arsene where perhaps Rice failed a bit in persuding him to sign some players.

  • p.s
    I am not speaking ill of our beloved Pat Rice OBE
    Maybe i should not have said failed and i take it back instead saying he might not have got his point across on signing players as much as i hope Steve Bold does
    Get well soon Pat Rice 🙂

  • Cockie,
    I haft to agree though, missing out on Remy and David Villa was a mistake by Wenger 2 great proven strikers that would have been perfect for a couple of seasons incase of a situation like this even more so.

  • Evening guys 🙂

    Only saw 2nd half at stay over place but we looked very comfortable, especially after the Adebarndoor miskick. Loved the Rosicky nick and the highlight was the Gnabry assist. Hope Theo is okay. Off to bed now. Catch you guys tomorrow. Next post early evening tomorrow.

  • Good to hear your safe Cockie!! I can just imagine those Trannys floating along holding onto your bags of special bake blue cookies!!! Accidentally bumping into the blue healers and whisling .. Merrily merrily merrily and smiling as they go past!! 😀

  • Or just holding onto your ball bags!!! 😆 such magnificent floating devices!!
    Goodnight Mc Totes … May your dreams be fill of Arsenal victories and Mc Haggis Burgers soaked in Cockies award winning Tranny Annex Mayonaisse!! 😆

  • Yes PG!! They would be like speedboats!! And with Cockies specialbake they will be unstoppable!! Villa was my biggest bug bear over the last window!! Villa had said yes and Barca no … But because we went for Ratatouille he stopped everything!! Yet we let go of Chamakh!!! How could Ba be a better replacement than Villa?! Even it was just for Chamakh? 2 mill deal down in 3 days. That was poor from arsenal wanting to pay 6 times more 6 months earlier!!

  • very true FB, i did not know the extra details about Villa but he would have been a dream for us.
    The other bad 1 was Gervinho he had goals in him, i wanted him to stay

  • mind you i have been eating like a pig this x-mas i would not be surprised if i put half a stone on, i need to go back to the gym this year.

  • Good for you PG…..never having a nibble of your step-granddad !. It`s good that you are not as gullible as VCC, as he would have been tea-bagging them suspicious looking haggis`s !. hahaha
    From this picture, you will get my drift !. I think a better name for haggis would be Scrotum Burgers !…….A McBastard delicacy !. hahaha

  • Goodnight PG … And yes
    Frozen I would live Clingon Pogba and Lars
    Bender in our Xmas stocking!! Goodnight all!! 😆

  • Goodnight PG … And yes
    Frozen I would live Clingon Pogba and Lars
    Bender in our Xmas stocking!! Goodnight all!! 😆
    Ps Cockie … Is that like your ballsack during the inflamed Tranny window!?? Haha 😆

  • Good Morning all. Two things we learnt from the match yesterday:

    One, even our knackered and injury hit squad is a lot better than many thought it was?

    Two, Tottenham are not as good as they thought they were, which probably makes Man U even worse? 😀 😀

    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the TW and this ‘urgent need’ for a striker. I think what I said yesterday about Bendtner being they key. He clearly was AW’s insurance policy against Giroud getting injured, once he had got him back up to full fitness. Very few would argue that this policy so nearly paid off? And may still do so …

    The good news now coming from Arsenal is that Bendtner may only be out for 4 weeks. I think that was about the maximum time AW could tolerate without upsetting his long term plan too much.
    That plan, I believe, involved bringing in a SQ striker/frontline player, who alas, will not be released until summer. Therefore any purchase now for a striker over £10m will put a serious damage in transfer plans in other areas. Some of the cash available will come out of next season’s budget, but there are here and now issues that need to be addressed out of the estimated £40m we have available – DM & CB in particular? Mind,it appears we have an excellent back up GK, so that can be put to bed? 😀
    But those clamouring for a big signing now, regarding a striker should think long and hard?

    Diego Costa was a tantalising possibility. It may still be behind the scenes? But the £32m quoted often, would not be enough to prise him away from Spain in this window. Berbatov appeals to some, not least himself by some accounts, But he would be a spare at a wedding once our to current strikers are fit. For all the pleasurable sight of our ‘Plan B’ working against an open attacking side like Spurs, it is less likely to work against a PTB side of virtually any side in the EPL?
    It also showed that we need a hold up guy as an outlet ball from the GK?

    Walcott’s injury was caused by a clash of knees on Walcott’s standing leg while he was stretching to get the ball. Which I think will keep him out for a couple of weeks. Not from the knock, but from the tendon stretch on the inside of his knee joint. Clearly the initial pain went off fairly quickly for him to smile at the Spurs fans as he was stretchered away. Which is good news. He may only miss the Villa match, which is likely to be a PTB job anyway. I am only speculating of course.

    At least that knock was accidental.The earlier one when Spurs CB , Chiriches, trod on his achilles/outstep as Walcott was just pulling away, I think was a lot more cynical? I say that, because this was the guy that ‘paid back’ TV5 for his excellent tackle which caused a big penalty (that wasn’t) claim, by catching him in an off the ball knock where I think TV picked up his cut high on his shin. the whole thing was forgotten because we scored in the following movement. So if he can do that, and I do not think it was ‘accidental’, then look at the Walcott lunge with that in mind? Remember, it was just after half time, when Sherwood would no doubt have said to his CB to ‘let Walcott know you are there’ type speech. Walcott was involved in a battle for possession with another Spurs player, and they were going away from Chiriches, and more importantly the ball was too? So apart from being well late with his lunge, there was no way could he have got to the ball anyway. Mark my words, he is not the innocent clean tackling defender that television pundits think he is?

    That is all I am going to say on the match until Totes put out the post match review later.

    Except the manner of the victory will do far more for the confidence than if we had won a dour struggle, winning by the odd goal, which is what I was expecting. So I think this next month, as we get other players back from injury, maybe get a glimpse of what Sanogo can offer in the next round of the FA Cup, we could be still riding high come the end of February?

    The TW will be forever of interest to a lot of us, and I could easily spend AW’s budget over the next two windows, and then some. So best leave it to the Prof, but I can dream ….

  • Good Morning all……..what a lovely feeling to be a Gooner today.

    That was the easiest win against the enemy that I can remember. Thoroughly trounced them. Every player played his part but my stand out player just about was Rosicky. He just edged MOTM for me against Gnabry.

    Gerry, I too noticed that lunge against Theo. Chiriches wanted to inflict damage upon Theo. luckily he failed.

  • Evening All,

    How great it is to be a Gooner.

    @ VCC that was one of the easier wins against them
    Also here is something you posted a while ago which i loved and it is so appropriate today.


  • VCC – I agree. I think the ‘togetherness’ they players keep saying is what has got us through this tough period of fixtures. Spurs should have been lifted after their victory over Man U, but at a cost? I do not think the result would be any different if both teams were fit and rested though.

    I fully agree with your MOTM, in the same order. Did you see Clattenburg congratulate Rosicky on his goal – that won’t please Mr Riley! – I would love him to be the ref against Villa, but I do not suppose it will happen? He may not have got everything right, but all the major points seemed pretty fair. If he did not give the pen for the Monreal claim, at least he was consistent when the same two leaned in at the other end? He handled the Wilshere flare up well too, as he could have booked the pair of them, and that would have been Jack’s 5th.

    I cannot call him ‘my boy’ Gnabry, as there have been a few of us calling for more use being made of him, and boy did he deliver? Not surprising that he faded a little in the last 20 minutes, as it was his first full game for a good couple of months as I can recall. Loved his quick feet jinks as he glide past defenders, and the weight of those passes even Ozil would have been proud of? I like seeing Kos giving him some support when he was just starting to dip. I guess it is his fitness that he meant when praising Gnabry in a comment on how good he will be, just last week?
    I still think in a 4-4-2 line up, him and Podolski would make a deadly duo? Ox on the left, Walcott on the right, Ozil feeding from behind them … we would probably need the ‘beast DM’ in place to give it full freedom to work, but as a Plan C to be used against selective opposition ….

    Yes, Chiriches is a red card waiting to happen, methinks?

    I am feeling particularly pleased today as I got back from the dog walk, just before the next wave of rain reached here. We are now in the middle of anther deluge. i am waiting for a clear spell so I can release the rescue pigeon. He has been eating well, and without spending too much energy flying around and fighting the cold and damp I think hell be good to go by the end of the week.

  • Morning Accepting Arse Ache Addicts !. 😆

    Some more thoughts from the Lesbanian Logical Lecher !.
    The most enjoyable win against our hated enemies !. I do however imo, think that they probably hate us more than we hate them ( apart from me and Stretch as we are vindictive, sadistic bastards when it comes to them ! )as they have something we do not possess……………..jealousy…envy !….which doesn`t just grow out from us being superior football club in all respects, but also our gorgeousness against their hideousness !.
    Because we are in the TW, that was a good session to glance an eye over the oppositions players and you may or not agree, but there are a few scumbag players who I thought were worthy of wearing our beautiful colours , obviously with the addition of facial surgery as not to frighten our young BKers….Bella and Yoona the Goona !.

    Eriksen……would fit like a glove….anyone going to argue with person who this blog is named after !.

    Walker…..will probably need at least 10 visits to the plastic surgeon, but he is fcuking fast ( not sure who would win between him and Theo ! ) and also has stamina, is skilful and I kept thinking ….Monreal is fcuking like a tortoise, but had to remind myself he had Walker (and Lennon ?) to deal with !.

    Soldado…..yes a lot of money, but I thought he was very skilful and tricky and is probably playing for the wrong team, he would be better in ours !.

    Bantaleb……only young and first time I had seen him , but was impressed with his bite, skill and stamina from this one game and we all know someone can have a great one match, whereas the previous 3 have done it consistently. I remember seeing The Coq having a great game against Shrewsbury in the League Cup and wanting Arsene to persevere with him !.

    That’s all Jedi Gooners. The glow the force gives is amazing !.

  • @TCM

    I do agree with what you have said. Eriksen is a great talent but he cannot carry the whole team on his own. Soldado is a skilful player but he is playing in a team whose system does not suit his playing type. That’s what happens when you have money to spend and it’s in the hands of the wrong person.

    Apart from those 2 I would have trouble seeing any of their players wearing our beloved shirt. Vertonghen would be the one other player that I would love to see in out team.

    Also thanks for your concern for Bella and Yoona

  • How times have changed !. I remember years ago that after a win against that lot, I would go to the newsagents and buy….The People, News of the World, Sunday Mirror and every other Sunday paper with a football pull out !….now we have the internet and not only can you read miles more pieces about Arsenal but also instantly share great moments with like minded Gooner brothers from all around the world ( even just over into the dark side of the Tamar ! hahaha )…..dont you just love technology !.
    I feel so good today that I might even open the bolted cellar door and let the MiL out for 30 seconds and only slap her twice !.

  • Hi alex…. good day to you and what a great day it is ( even the weather can dowse the glow ! ).
    I`m afraid that Bella and Yoona will have to be excused from ever watching Arsenal versus the hideous swampdwellers, they may possibly be able to listen to the games as long as the commentator is not too graphic !. 😀

  • Gotta love technology.
    The world is a smaller place and we can all share moments with others.
    I do not know too many other Gooners who live close to me who are as passionate as I am. Therefore it is great to have this medium to communicate with al you fine BK’ers or as TCM would say, Arse Ache Addicts

  • So long as it is in the land of Lesbanians, you will not hear any complaints from me

  • TCM 11:28…you need to go and have a lay down in a dark room…….Soldildo is dog sh1t.
    Bentaleb will be class.
    Walker couldn’t lace Sagna’s boots.
    Eriksen is ordinary.

    And I HATE ManUre more than any other club…….. 😉

  • Gerry, I did not notice the referee congratulate Rosicky. Well deserved though because although he was clean through he still had a lot to do to beat Lloris….what a lovely chip.

  • alexgunners 10:22…..

    I love that clip of GLIC/TMHT/Total/Gerry singing about the Spuds. hahahahahahahahahaha.

  • VCC,

    Love it too. Ive played it that many times that even my wife knows the words.

  • VCC – Does that me the deep thinking moody one? Is Fozzie the other bookend to Glic on the left?


  • Hating Totscum is in every Gooners DNA, Vic`s, even yours !. You`re problems with ManU come from having a disturbed childhood, having had Uncle Sir Alex`s cock as a pacifier ( dummie ) !. hahaha

  • Gary Neville, Ruud V N, Roy Keane, …. What’s not to like about them eh, Vics?

  • Hello, everyone. 🙂

    Serge Gnabry – the last time I was so excited about our youngster was when I saw 16-year-old Jack Wilshere against Real Madrid. He is going to be so good that first rows at the Emirates will get pregnant on the regular basis due to sexiness of his football.

  • Next round draw is in…Coventry at (our) home… Another good chance for some younger guys…

  • Are we getting a new post? I think we are… As such, I won’t post my usual pearls…instead, just a few mundane thoughts…

    Yesterday’s match was fun, fun, fun and, once I saw the line-up I was quite confident. What exactly Spur-wood was thinking, I’m not sure. Agreed with Cockie that Eriksen looks decent but so too do our guys. I guess he’s younger than Santi and Sicky (and Flams/Arteta) even if his hair is going… After his early chance didn’t go in (on the telly, the way the net rippled looked like a goal)…I felt even more confident…

    That said, we didn’t really batter them with chances at the other end. It just seemed an open game and that we could defend all day while they couldn’t…And sure enough, quality from Gnabry and Santi and it was over. Even though they pushed the back line up they didn’t compress our attack between the lines. I expected a 2nd with a tasty through-ball but instead it came with ancient Rosicky nipping in like a school-boy and running on. Sharp like a Ferarri, I think somebody around here says… Serves you right, Danny Rose, for that belter a few years back…

    Agreed that several of those Spurs would look good in our squad which only goes to say that it’s a team game and that if you don’t play as one, nice individuals is all you’ve got. Soldado, for example, if he had fellow attackers who might return the ball (1-2s, I think they’re called…), might do more than take snap shots at far posts…

    So that’s my takeaway–troubles up the Seven Sisters Road. On yesterday’s display you’d have to pick Newcastle to pip them for 7th… At our end, just a nice run out for old (Sicky, Santi, etc.) and young (Gnabry, Jack, etc.) and we have to hope Theo is only out for as many matches as the ban he’ll receive for taunting the opposition fans. That we can rotate a bit at the back seems good. That Jenkinson couldn’t get a game reveals that signing Sagna AND finding a real RB option might be task #1 for the window. I agree with all who think finding a long term attacking addition is unlikely. Injuries, however, might suggest a short-term could be in order. (Bendtner will have a fitness, i.e., weight, struggle once the ankle recovers…) And yes, Proud Gooner, others (I, or is it me? my wife, the English teacher, is still sleeping…) have mentioned Thierry Henry, (in the same breath as Berbatov)…

  • from me to all you fine G’s

    Daniel (Levy) how does it feel to be small 😆

  • GLIC 13:37.
    Whilst I admit Sir Alex Ferguson is the most successful manager in the premier league, i despise him and his like.
    I would hate to work under people like Tan(Cardiff) Levy (Spurs) Ferguson. I hate their style of management. I too have worked under knob heads, but have also worked under Educated Gentleman who got far more out of their work force than a dictator ever did.

    My dislike goes way back. I hate cheating, or any kind of influencing official dom, and Manchester United have been the forerunners for many years.

    Sir Alex has had more than his fair share of being on the right end of WRONG decisions, and I would go as far as saying the MOST.

    We are seeing a more level playing field since his departure, hence the Mancs current position. What can’t talk cant lie.

    Their supporters are the worst. I was at Wembley when we beat them 3-2 with a late Alan Sunderland goal. When we were 2-0 up many were filtering out of the terraces but when they pulled level many started to come back in, spitting, punching and yelling abuse at all and sundry, even kids and women. They are total morons, the worst supporters I have had the displeasure to watch football matches with.

    The South is full of them. Glory hunting foul mouthed obnoxious low life.

    I would happily exocet the lot of them.

  • that’s fair enough @ VCC

    but everyone hates Man utd just the same, I have hardly met a neutral who had a good word to say about them or their supporters – it’s a universal thing, but I see where you are coming from and it’s a personal experience of sorts as well.

    personally for me, Its Spuds being enemy number 1 (and always shall be ) and then WHU as their fans are as deluded as man utd’s if not worse (not even sure why they even chose to banter with me or the arsenal fans, but there you go ) – maybe it’s the perks of living in London and seeing how bitter other team supporters are towards your team .

    spuds, chelsea and then whu- in that order for me – winning against them gives me extra joy and pleasure , ALWAYS.

  • Great vid JB !.
    You cant beat being at a winning game against the scumbags……if only I was brave enough to attend one again !. Notice I said again !. I`ve actually never seen us lose to them and seen some right thumping`s….may be one day !.
    Oh and another reason and fact to back up us normal Gooners on why the Spuds are our most hated enemy !………….every game I`ve been to and no matter who the opposition are, we always sing….anti Totscum songs !…..” we hate Totnumb and we hate Totnumb, we are the Totnumb haters ! “……..” Stand up if you hate Totnumb ! “.
    Why am I even trying to justify why Totscum are the most hated team to normal Arsenal supporters ?. Obviously the likes of Vic`s are abnormal !. Case closed ! . hahaha
    Right, make yourself known if you are another abnormal bastard !. Don’t bother Gezzer……it`s too fcuking obvious !. hahaha

  • Sorry to hear of your abnormalness Vic`s, but answer me this……..which club did you despise before that Wembley outing ? ( I was there too ! 😀 )

    Good to see our loin clothed secret agent is normal !. hahaha

  • Just a stab in the dark, I wonder if our foreign Gooners because of not being London bred and not growing up with the fierce rivalry, don’t have the same feeling about Totscum, as one who has been brought up in the midst of it all ?. You can then possibly be exempt from not being normal !. hahaha

  • I should make it clear, it`s the club I hate and not necessary their supporters as I do have some Spuds friends albeit they are deranged and deluded !. I did have respect for their club, but that was before they tried to nick West Hams Olympic Ground and spy on them, not forgetting every tax payer in Britain will be paying towards their new shit hole !. Most clubs I have respect for, except Chavs, City for buying trophies and Totscum for reasons just given !. I`d go as far as say every worker in the UK lose their jobs and go on the dole, so there will be no tax money for the scum bags !.

  • Swines, the lot of them.

    They were giving it the bigun again yesterday. Looking for fights and picking on innocent people.

    Of course I know as many of them as Gooners. I do suffer from a medical condition however known as “Tourettes Violence against Totnumb” so even when exchanging niceties with ones I have know for years, in the middle of talking about how little Jake is getting at school I am prone to lash out and inflict a punch to the face.

  • Cockie, The North London rivalry is a bit hard to understand from afar, and truth be told, if they had given us housing further North it’s possible I might be a Tottenham supporter. That we landed at 17 Highbury Terrace is the closest I have come to believing in God… 😀

    My take on the rivalry is that we have to indulge their obsession with us and their endless jealousy and delusion. That football is both local AND International (these days) is part of what makes it a thrill. It’s a spectacle that can be observed over the telly but also something that we can never totally understand having been born outside the tribe… Like an onion, every layer you peel away…or something…

    On the question of taxpayer support for their stadium…If that little bit of public support for Gazillionaires turns your stomach, it would be a lifetime on the London Eye if you knew what they do for the sports owners over here. Politicians bend over (and lube up) to give away land and tax breaks and all sorts of extras while playing on the loyalties of voters who can barely afford tickets. If you really want to see Capital vs the people at a criminal level check out the deal which Kroenke (and his buddy Phil Anshutz) were trying to pimp out of the California budget down in Los Angeles to build an American Football stadium (in an extended complex with the Staples Center. Of course LA doesn’t even HAVE a football team but Kroenke would surely be moving his Rams back from St. Louis if California would kick down the $2 billion… It’s not happening currently as there are too many smart people in this State. More idiots are moving here (and being born) daily, so it’s not over by any means… Still, the stadium deals and kickbacks usually are on the order of 100s of millions rather than 10s… (And we don’t have a dole of any real amount any longer…)

    Ah poop, Liverpool score (very) late to avoid a replay at Oldham…Chelsea finally break through at Derby… And with Spurs failing yesterday there isn’t much magic in round 3 at least…

  • Hahaha 17…….lucky indeed you were being housed at 17 Highbury Terrace……..Dennis moves in mysterious ways and saved you from a life of unhappiness, misery and delusion !.
    Don’t know jack shit about the $M`s of under dealings in California, but I will feel hard done if just one penny of my money goes towards any Totscum cause !.

  • Nice vids there Cockie… Don’t tell me, but it almost seems as if you are letting a little bit of hope creep into your monster mind… Where was the video of our furry blue friend telling all the (happy, deluded…) Gooners that, if we want even a CHANCE at the league, we should try to get out of the cups ASAP…and of course we have no chance at the league given that we’re behind on the points from last year’s fixtures… 😉 😆

    Just kidding, of course, but I’m surprised that you’re letting the fun of beating Spurs bump you off your true mission of keeping it real… 😀

  • Sorry 17….I need to be more disciplined……now where did I put that Dominatrix`s phone number ?.
    Yes, although I said lets prioritise the EPL ( which Arsene agrees with as he has said in the past…EPL is #1, CL #2, CL spot #3, FAC #4 and COC #5 ) and play youngsters in the other comps, it may well turn out like that the way our injuries are going !.
    We will only know if prioritising or not works by the end results of the season….still a way to go and my logic doesn`t refract that I want to win all games !. Yes, I know you are kidding, but I have to make myself clear in case the doggy tea bagger from the darker side of the Tamar is watching/reading !. hahaha

  • Sorry Cockie, of course I shouldn’t be down on you for multiple personalities… 😆 Still, got a few minutes of Swansea trying to get back to Wales or better…

    BONY, YES!!

  • I gotta say, watching this one, I wasn’t very impressed with Wilfried, but there was no mistake there with the open header at the end…

    How many more must they lose before they fire Moyes?… Redemption against Sunderland in the COC, he will hope, in midweek…

  • Good point on firing Moyes… I think I read that he’s on a 6 year contract… They’ll have plenty of fatigue battling Sunderland over two legs of the league cup given that the players won’t want to win and face a beat down by from City at Wembley…

    Haha…Glad I stayed with that match…

    Any news yet on Theo’s knee? It couldn’t be that bad if he was smiling and flashing the score. There had to be a crazy enough Spur supporter who might’ve gotten past security and tried to attack him, so he must’ve felt confident he could outrun them, if need be…

    Yeah, if we play 4-6-0 teams shouldn’t try to play the high line as Spurs did yesterday. The smarter ones won’t which makes the likes of Theo, Gnabry and even Poldolski and Rosicky less effective. As such, we need Giroud healthy and others (maybe someone new…) able to at least work at it up there for 70 mins. Will Yaya Sanogo be able play by the Coventry match? It would be nice to have an extra body available by that time, I think…

    But I’m getting ahead of myself…Good times for BOTH Spurs AND Manscum haters…

  • 17
    From before. I suppose the North London rivalry can be a little hard to understand from afar and can be compared in a way to VCC sucking off a Sperm Whale………a bit hard to swallow !. hahaha

  • ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha



    ahahahhahahahahahahhaa @ Moyesie


    I imagine VCC will be very happy.

  • Yes, Laudrup has hair to make Stretch cry !. If Carlsberg had hair, it would be Laudrup`s !.
    I`d be very surprised if the Coventry games team wasn`t filled with at least half the youngsters !. A “fatigue” resting game if ever there was one !.

  • 007………I’m laughing my cock off. LMFAO.

  • ahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahh

    I’m becoming way too predictable @ TCM already anticipated my laugh

    but do I care ? look at poor Moysies face and all the scum supporters, so many tears give me a lot of



    everybody let us go


  • Why not !

  • ahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaha @ look at them supporters cry and hurl abuse at the ref’s and swansea players – PRICELESS


    man utd scums, showing their true thug colours


  • we will be fine vs Coventry, TCM

    no worries, Gerry may even get all his youth players involved in that with a very strong bench for that one.

  • Category C ? you must be joking, more along the lines of B, knowing our board and the greedy bashtards making them decisions.

  • why we can’t deploy the same carling cup (COC) policy for the FA cup is beyond me, it’s not like we would lose out on the money factor as such either as the TV sponsorship money pays rather handsomely.

  • TCM 15:27……..For as long as I can remember Cockie.
    It used to get on my tits at school and then playing Sunday football and guys would turn up with their Manchester United shirts even as far back as that. Most of whom had never been to Manchester let alone Old Toilet.

    Glory hunting Cockney red morons the lot of em.

  • 17,
    I would put Henry still well ahead of Berbatov. He is one of the most fustraighting players in the world to watch for me. He when on form and putting in the effort is a great player, but his lazy style drives me mad and it goes totally against our team spirit. I suppose i would take him as 1 more striker for cover for the rest of the season is better then having no cover at all.
    But glad to know you and other are still thinking of the legend instead of going for him.

    We still have a back in full training Sanogo, Akpom, Lu Lu Podolski and i am sure if need be we could re-call Jol Campbell from his loan deal. Being Arsenal a team that gives young players a chance i am sure Wenger is considering all his options very carefully 🙂
    In Arsene we trust!

    Did you guys not think it was crazy today that Jose did not even pick Mata for this game, he is defo off. What a strange manager Jose is in this choice. Mata is a great player he is so wasted there

  • TCM,
    Them haggis look nasty! I see what you mean ha ha ha i won’t be trying then in a hurry, what a lovely national dish the Scots have associated with there country.

  • proudgooner…….it’s probably why they have a high heart attack rate. All the fat that goes into them.

  • Evening guys 🙂

    I have only just been able to check the BK email and, unfortunately, my plan to get a match report did not work out. As a result, there will be no match report for Spuds game, unless somebody wants to write something up and send it me.

    I will wait till the morning, and if nothing received I will issue another post. 🙂

  • Goodevening Testoserone Topped Totnumb Tallywhacker Tamperers! 😆
    Hey PG .. re Mata … Player of the season 2 seasons in a row … On his bike… How sad when Abramabitch hijacked him on his way to join the Arsenal!! I wish him all the best … He deserves a whole lot more!!
    Cockie … In regards to the team hate thing … You are right … Fozzie isn’t the normal muppet … But we all knee that!! Haha 😆 I’m in the Vickers mould and number 1 hate is Manure!! All glory hunter supporters in NZ … At least I didn’t choose Arsensal as my dad was a Navy man and they all supported the Arsenal because of the military connection!! Second is Totnumb…. Every time I’ve been at the pub to watch a NLD … The Totnumb fans were the filthiest, slimiest, un classiest supporters I’ve ever seen watching a game at the pub!! I’ve tried several and pretty much every time that’s been the case!! At least the Arsenal supporters I’ve met have always had a bit if class!!
    I got in a brawl the other year in that 5-2 comeback when we still had the RVJ…. Outside with the smokers and I got set on by 3 knuckle draggers … I wasn’t smoking just on the phone at half time!! I got out ok … Fur in tact but had to bear hibernate awhile after!!haha 😆
    Close on their heels is Chelvski!! I’m telling you I’ve had so much stick from them it’s unreal!! I do have a good friend, namely Chav Kermit… But he is an exception to the rule!! I can’t muster up any hate for the Northern Oilers because I actually really like the underdog story!! Also I like what the Sheik has done for the community, ground, housing… He had really rejuvenated the area and I really like that. I also like their flag!!
    I have soft spots for Southhampton, Hammers, Notttingham Forrest and Watford… There you have it!!! 😆

  • in the absence of a MR…


    you disagreed with me, when I pointed out yesterday that it was one of the best first half offensive performances so far against an english opponent, I meant it and stand by it, if you saw a better fluid, and slick display than yesterday , then please point it out, what match was it ?

    we were superb, doesn’t matter if the other team let us have space and came to play, yesterday we had everything

    quick counter attacks,

    slick passing, quick passing, plenty of shoot on sights from outside the box, we were a threat from set pieces even though we lacked height yet, there were a couple of really good chances

    and on top of that, we played without the fear factor and handbrake on.

  • Well done Fozzie. At least you’ve got the right attitude to the Mancs. = Scum..Scum…Scum.

  • Can I add just a little warning about taking the Coventry game too lightly …

    Back in 1987 I was on the terrace at Highfield Road on that freezing cold day in January on the start of their winning Cup run. Amazingly, they never played at home again. But they started by beating a team whose name began with ‘B’, and in the next round they beat Manchester United away from home …..

    …. They beat Barnsley away from home ..cue spooky music ….

    My hope is that Coventry put up a good impression that AW might send a couple of loan players their way. They need help with not getting any profit from gate receipts while they play at Northampton. They do play good football though, also with a mixture of youth and experience, but after yesterday, I am not expecting them to cause an upset, even if we play the entire Next Gen side.

  • Hey JB, yes I disagreed because Spuds did give us way too much space and didn’t press at all and that makes all the difference in disrupting our fluidity. All you say us true and looks extra sparkly and slick because of the space given. Not taking anything away from the performance at all so dont get me wrong.
    I also disagreed with your MOTM for Fabianski … Mine was Rocky which most of the gang have gone for… That’s fine JB … All good to have an opinion and I like insightful comments which are pretty much on the ball most of the time! :D. Oh yeah apart from dissing Lewandowski … But hey ho we can’t him so you got your wish! Haha 😆

  • fortunately, we are no longer in 1987 @ Gerry

    and we have had our “B” moment when we went out to a “B” last year, not once both we’ve had our double “B’s” hence the “C” can play all the good football in the world, as I am going to back our Ox’s, Gnabry’s, Zelalem’s, Ryo’s and co to get the job done in 2 weeks time, with all our big guns on the bench, if need be for the 2nd half.

  • we were given space because we created it @ FB by running the lines and winning the ball back quickly, they sat back and let us come at them but in the 2nd half , that all changed, no ? they were pressing and all sorts

    the reason why they couldn’t press us in the first half was because of our quick one touch passing and we were quicker with our passing, that was mainly done by our MF (Rosicky , Santi work like a dream and JW is getting back to his best as well) .

    Fabianksi MOTM was a tongue in cheek 😆 it was specifically done for Gerry, me and Gerry often do that to each other, if you haven’t noticed 🙂

    agreed with your MOTM – Rosicky.

  • Nice one JB .. Hey you mentioned awhile back that we hi Costas release clause .. Was that some MarleyKaze smoke from a tabloid? Or from your sauce … I’d like them to put a bid on Martinez unless they have SQ lined up for Summer? Martinez come get me was a goody … 😀 … Can’t believe the cricket F
    JB … What a shocker … Shame Strauss left when he did!

  • also, when TW made that 2-NIL hand gesture, it seemed as if he was telling the spuds fans that they were wank*** with his ZERO 😀

    what a smart and intelligent fella that Theo Walcott, absolute legend, deserves a statue just for that along at the Emirates

    I can see him retiring at the Emirates and being a loyal gooner !

  • I forgot to ask Stretch his view in the game real time! Like I said the singing was the best I’ve ever heard at the Emirates!! Just shows we can still turn the Emirates into a fortress!! 😀

  • the release clause was as much but when you put in image rights, agent fee’s, 3rd party ownership issues with some players (mostly from South America) and so on then it sky rockets and shoots up….this is where we are missing a certain JM.

    I also said that Suarez’s release clause is no where near 130 or 100 million , it’s all smoke and lower than what RM paid for Bale.

    agreed, with the Martinez – at 25, he can be the real deal

    my theories on strikers is that you can never go wrong with strikers acquired from FC PORTO and AT-Madrid – 9.9 times out of 10, you can’t go wrong.

    yes, the cricket let me down big time as many other passionate cricket lovers …the team showed no fight and it was all down hill ever since we lost Trott, maybe the whole team should have returned back home due to stress or mental illness issues minus Stokes and Broad, either way, we were bullied because we allowed them to bully us, no worries, we will get the urn back next time.

  • in hindsight, it serves us right for being too cocky and arrogant, a certain KP needs to go for the better of English cricket.

  • Oh gosh, I`m really surprised that Fozzie thinks he`s abnormal, I didn`t see that one coming !. hahaha
    Just like Vic`s likes his QPR…Gezzer likes his Coventry !. Double fcuking agents if you ask me !. Terminate them 007 and set up Fozzie as the assassin, no one will believe the fruit and nut case and he will be locked up on Fraggle Rock !. That will leave me to bring some sense and sensibility to this blog !.

  • I tell you what I think Flappy Handski does better than Sir Chesney !………his distribution with ball in hand !…….he`s quick to roll the ball out to players, even when the opposition are not too far away from the player receiving the ball !.

  • Yeah I think Martinez would be worth a cheeky bid now … I feel he offers a bit more than Costa … Still can’t believe Lewandowski cost under 3mill 3 years ago.. Just shows the gems are still out there!! Walrus Johnson really had a blinder this series … The mind game like you say is what the Aussies do ever so well!! Even off the field the locals give them stick.. It’s warfare!! Oh well it makes things spicy!! Aussie v Saf will be a cracker! 😀

  • wow @ TCM

    really ? I thought you were always in the opposing camp that favoured Sczny ?

    or you trying to take the Mick 🙄

  • Haha Cockie … Yes I thought Flappy distributed his balls superbly!! They just rolled out ever so smoothly at the right time behind the fullbacks!!haha 😆 Polish lube is apparently the best!! Haha 😆

  • SAF will win @ FB – it wasn’t a case of them being good, it was a case of us being extremely poor, we were in a winning position twice if not thrice in the series and let it all slip

    SA, will win easy against this current Aussie team.

    the usual injury suspects in Harris and Johnson, didn’t get injured once and Shane watson as well, while bowling – summed everything up for me.

    now watch them all get injured before or during the SA series, ha

    Martinez is a gooner, we should get him because he also has a release clause ; ) not a straight forward one at that , mind you (watertight ).

  • Plenty of time `till the Villa game for the “fatigued” ( yes, when I put ” either side I`m being sarcastic !. hahaha ) fcukers to recover, so apart from may be no striker, there will be no excuses. A win will claw it back to only -2 points like for like !. hahaha

  • Hahahaha … Yes the blue meth cookie business stops for no one!!! Haha!! 😆 “Breaking Bad Arses” is the Sex and me real life imitating art!! 😆 young monster learning the ropes!! Jesse Blueman instead of Pinkman is junior!! Doing figure 8s to keep the Trannys working hard!! You make me so proud Cockie!! Also Moyes was having Everton withdrawals yet again after today!!


    Goodnight all! 😀

  • Both Gooners….both Muppets….both nonsensical….time to admit, there may be a similarity….and two on one site….Total McBastard is indeed blessed……..or is that cursed !. hahaha

  • Don’t go cockie, I’m just back from ice skating with the family. Nothing sadder than when sasquatch has to abandon the forest for the lake… “Out Damn sun, out,” to paraphrase my favorite Scottish lady…

    It IS a rare treat when both of the furry freak brothers are on and breaking out the lube…jokes…

    Sorry Total, no match report from me at this late juncture. I think one thread per match is plenty. If we get 500 comments, all the better…

    OK, gotta run, the Missus is holding up my apron as if I need to wear it and make some food… 😯

  • Well The Boomtown Rats sang “I don’t like Mondays”………

    I think every Gooner will be singing at the top their voice this morning “Happy, I’m so Happy” (can’t remember the singer,will find out later). After The Arsenal walloped the Spurs and well and truly knocked them out of the FA Cup, and good old David Moyes managed another defeat for the Scum.

    Appy Dayz.

  • What a great Monday Morning. The Scum get knocked out of the FA Cup and the Spuds get smashed by THE ARSENAL.

  • New Post New Post 🙂

    He might have a little willy but he comes quick to the rescue – thanks Cocker! 🙂

    Gerry has written a fine review of both the game and the Christmas period. Enjoy. 🙂

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