23 December 2013: the day Arsene mastered and embarrassed Mourinho

Arsène Wenger will listen to constructive criticism about Arsenal but not opinions based on hunches

Wenger turns Machiavellian to expose Maureen’s Achilles Heel

Last month’s game against the Chavs was one of the most boring we have seen in a while. Many fellow Gooners felt we should have made a ‘statement of intent’ by giving our all to smash Maureen’s Chelsea at our 10th attempt. A win over him at the Emirates would indeed have been a very welcome early Christmas present, but it was unrealistic to expect it.

Furthermore, for any top team to beat a Maureen-team, they will have to take a lot of risk by attacking in numbers and leaving the back exposed, and it could all have ended up easily in disaster. It is exactly what the self-adoring one wants and many have fallen for it in the past; and so have we. Last month,Wenger showed he has learned his lesson as he was able to contain himself; and for that I salute him.

Despite having produced some very fine footballers over the years, the Portuguese are not renowned for spectacular football. They are, for example, the nemesis of Dutch football, both at club and national level. They love to defend and absorb pressure and then beat teams on the counter, and, as we all know, Jose Mourinho is the management-embodiment of this style of football – and AVB is made of the same cloth.

It is all fine as long as the opposition is prepared to play along: to attack – and therefore take risk – and take the game to them. If they don’t, but play safe themselves as well, the game will turn into a boring Chess game. If all teams play like Maureen-teams very few people would still enjoy football. As such, Maureen lives of the goodwill to entertain of others, especially against the top teams – pretty similar to a parasite.

Last month, on a ‘special Monday’, hundreds of millions of supporters and neutrals were treated to a horrible, double-antler of a footballer game, and the main culprit for this is Mourinho. He has been under pressure for a long time to play more attractive, attacking football, with the only exception – unsurprisingly – during his Inter spell. Against the top teams, Maureen is totally dependent on others wanting to play attacking football in order for a game to turn into something watchable. The Chelsea stinking rich owner wants him to change but fat chance for that.

For once, Wenger decided not to play along with the Chelsea manager and by doing so the game turned ugly: slow, unimaginative football with very few chances and little to cheer about. It was a price we had to pay for the greater, long term good of the club in my opinion. Mourinho’s comment that Arsenal had been boring must have been music to Arsene’s ears: it showed he had finally gotten under his skin. With accusing Arsene of playing boring football Maureen had made a fool of himself.

Wrongly, Arsene is often accused of lacking behind in the tactics department compared to Mourinho. The Frenchman does not rate game-specific tactics as highly as the Portuguese does, but it does not mean he is not capable of applying it if required. Arsene has his team(s) play a style of football that should conquer all without having to adjust much, if at all, to the opposition. The aim is to play attractive, winning ‘total’ football that inspires football fans around the world. And Wenger will always be remembered for this ambition and ability; unlike the current Chelsea manager, who will end up with more medals but shall never be remembered for his lasting contributions to the beautiful game.

Arsene has not got a team right now, or at least they are not ready yet, to play such football against the bigger teams and come out victoriously every time. And against a Maureen-team he will need a super team, especially when he puts three defence-minded midfielders in front of his back-four with the aim to kill us on the counter (the most basic ‘tactics’ in football).

Beating Chelsea before Christmas would have been brilliant but the risk of losing was too big this time. And had Giroud been just that little bit more sharp and lucky, we might have done just that.

I reckon when we will look back at the end of the season, we will all recognise the significance of Arsene’s tactics on that day. It was short term pain for long term gain. Well done Arsene.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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88 Responses to 23 December 2013: the day Arsene mastered and embarrassed Mourinho

  1. matt says:

    Bang on the money mate. Agree with every word

  2. Fozzie B says:

    Fiiirrrrrsttt Magnificent Maureen Marauding Musketeers!!! 😆

  3. martinasdf says:

    I have to agree with you..

    BUT I think Arsenal should have had a penalty and Jon Obi Mikel should have been sent off. The ref was Mike Dean, he really is poor (or bais) when in charge of Arsenal games..

  4. Thierry from the halfway line says:

    Good shout mate, fcuk those rentboys.

    Up the Arsenal.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed martin, Dean is a poor referee and had a bad game (unsurprisingly). Don’t think we deserved a win though.

  6. Fozzie B says:

    Thank you for the post Totes and I agree with most of what you say. However I do not look back on the game as a tactical masterpiece by Wenger. There were factors which contributed to the dour encounter such as the weather and the ref. We should have had a pen and a red card and thereafter we would have got a narrow win.

    To me Wenger played with the handbrake on after a string of bad results and he knew to lose this game would have been catastrophic. So in that regard he was sucessful. But the fact that with all his experience of Maureen and how he would play he could not have come up with a more threatening game plan was disappointing for me.

    We gave them too much respect and frankly so did they as we were there for the taking that day. There was no plan b whatsoever to try and win the game, rather no subs at all were made and even after Maureen had put all his cards on the table with his subs.

    That was the 10th time Maureen has beaten or drawn us on the trot and Wenger has not beaten him once.

    Would Wenger have changed his tactics if the weather was better or if we had of not come off the back of defeats?? …. I would like to say yes he would of and I will give him the benefit of the doubt in that instance.

    But as it stands Maureen and Chelvski still hold the psychological edge over us and we missed our chance to finally break free from Maureen’s shackles ….

  7. Fozzie B says:

    I might add that a team that did deserve such respect was Man City at home!! Why did Wenger not play that way against them? He could have knicked a goal at the end and won or drew? Play that way against City at home would have been the best tactic and that lack of respect got the punishment it deserved … :C

    Goodnight all!! 😀

  8. Mickey says:

    It was a very one-sided game and Chelsea parked the bus.

    They parked it 20 m into the Arsenal half, and Arsenal just couldn’t get past it. Which explains how the possession stats suggest one thing, but the shots stats show something completely different.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Nah disagreed Fozzer. The tactics were spot on on the night, regardless of the weather. We will beat the Chas soon, most likely at their home when Maureen will have to come and attack us, whether he likes it or not! 🙂

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Micky, agreed. The only way to beat them was to commit more players in the centre of midfield in front of their ‘D’. This was the Chavs trap and as soon as they took the ball of us they started the counter attack. It would have been naive had we done that constantly against them on the night.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Fozzer, good question, and a beautiful one for a maiden post 🙂

  12. 17highburyterrace says:

    Great write-up ToTL…I know you’ve been sitting on this one for a while now and I’m glad you got it out there. Most certainly it provides some real food for thought.

    Nobody, I think, can truly know If AW “knows the value of a point.” On the one hand, he has one of the greatest accomplishments in modern club football and it revolves around “not losing.” The invincible season, (where plenty of counterattacking football was played by Arsenal…), I believe, will not be matched in English football, at least for a bit, mostly because too much money has flowed into the game and players cannot be arsed to simply take care of business–“business” in this sport being the avoidance of the loss. Take care of that and then get into winning and/or winning big…

    Witness, for example, Manchester City, the club with clearly the deepest and most talented roster. They’ve had some big victories this season but also some humbling (road) defeats. I guess if things aren’t quite to their liking it’s a bit of a bother for them to do the basics and hold off a spirited but inferior team. Does an occasional loss really rankle if your paycheck has an extra couple of zeros compared to the guy’s who just beat you? It’s just an odd bad day at the office…

    On the other hand, Wenger clearly hid behind the notion of attractive football during the leaner stadium moving years and during the rise of the deep pocket (Chelsea, City) and deep debt (Man United, Liverpool) clubs. As such, Mourinho’s Chelsea, who only won the odd tournament trophy while he was gone, shouldn’t be dismissed quite so lightly. At least he can get a group of all-stars to come together in a collective strategy. That being said, my Merengue friend (and Spanish instructor…) Antonio never spoke more slowly and clearly than when he pronounced, “El problema con Real Madrid se llama Mourinho”…

    If your thesis is correct and it’s OK to dispense with entertainment value and attacking football, shouldn’t WE be prepared to do so more regularly? Maybe we have? That run-in last season was ALL about results (and pretty miserable to watch…) and this year we’ve yet to have a really big day. In fact, our most satisfying results and best performances have all been one and 2-nils (vs Napoli, at Dortmund, vs Totts) It could also be argued that EVERY match is important and that results are really ALL that matter. I very much agree that this current squad can’t really play the entertaining footie quite as we’d like to…As such, results first. Maybe the Chelsea match wasn’t such an aberration. Maybe It appeared worse because of the conditions and because AW chose to use no subs–a tactic I still don’t understand. If nil-nil is the desired result why not make it clear and bring on defensive minded players to see it out? My bigger point is that perhaps Arsene is beating Jose at his own game–not just in the one match, but in EVERY match. The proof, I guess is in the pudding, and we’ll see what the table looks like come May and who raises what trophies when.

    Last time around, Moo got tagged-teamed by Sir Alex (who beat him and took the title away) and by AW who mocked his style of football and got us moved into the nicer stadium. This time I’d be quite happy with the former…and, even if we don’t play it (the pretty football), people will still claim that we do… 🙄 😀

  13. Ben James says:

    Interesting viewpoint. Two observations though.

    Tactically mourinho can think on his feet more during the game and can react when the game is going against him. Arsene sticks to his plan regardless and sometimes that works against us.

    Secondly calling him Maureen cheapens your piece. Leave that to the 10 year olds.

  14. Thanks Total McBastard……..oops sorry, you`re back in England now, so it`s just plain Total Bastard !. hahaha
    As you know, I only watch games we win ( I don’t see the point in depressing myself ! ), so cant really comment on that particular game, but I should imagine that the extreme weather that night might have had some bearing on the game !.
    I did make a comment a while back, which is akin to you`re theory, when I stated that nearly every team in the league has beaten the likes of Manscum, City and Chavs over the last few years, but we have failed since 2011 !. My theory was that all the other teams that have beaten them have had to play a counter attacking game, as most were unlikely to out play these 3 teams in either possession, territory, shots, corners etc`!. Arsene however, likes to attack and try to outplay all teams and we have been the ones who have been counter attacked !. I said maybe it`s time for a Horses for Courses attitude where Manscum, City and Chavs were concerned and play them at their own game !. So, may be Arsene was reading BK and got wise to the tactical genius that is Monster !. So glad you agree with the wily ( yes, wily….not willy ! ) Monster !. hahaha

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Fantastic follow up comment/mini post response, 17. All valid points. We are definitely trying to find a better balance now between solid defensive and attack minded football, and the way we approached both the Chavs and Citeh game shows that Wenger isn’t there yet. This team has the resilience and grit to get result, especially away from home, and now we need to add the flair. 🙂

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Ben, I am being nice when I call him that. I cannot stand the fcuker.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    It does work against us sometimes Ben, but in general our second half performances are very good and better than first half ones. Wenger and Bould put a lot right at half time….

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    You are the wisest, Cocker. 🙂

    As soon as we get the beast of DM, we will move it all a step upwards long term, I reckon.

  19. Frozen Gunner says:

    Heard an interesting rumor involving a potential borussia Dortmund bid on a certain arsenal player. Didnt specify the type of deal but surely they would only hope to take him in on loan? Normally wouldn’t recycle the news but then an interesting scenario occurred to me. If you had the choic of serge being loaned to Dortmund with reus or gundogan coming in the direction, would you take it?

  20. jnyc says:

    Well done TA ,
    Perfectly said, I think we totally frustrated mourihno. He expected us to take the bait as usual, and regardless of what he said, he expected to get the win, not a draw.
    That’s why he lashed out and called us boring, hoping we will take the bait next time. He really is so obvious.
    Like someone else said in the comments, I also was disappointed that we didn’t play the same way against city.
    Practical as it may be, this kind of tough ground out point is the kind that wins titles. Aside from the six we gave city, , I am super proud of our boys defensively, , not just the back 5, defensive stats like ours only come from great team defense from all 11.

  21. Gerry says:

    TA – I can see the angle you are coming from, but I wonder whether you put too much emphasis on AW ‘knowing’ this was a tactical ploy for longer term, that you imply, rather than a reaction to the conditions, the 3 previous results, and our confidence at that point?

    I am not saying AW is a tactical duffer. What I mean is, I think he saw what a defeat might do for us with the run of games coming up? Therefore he started with the plan ‘We must not lose’ attitude first and foremost, and a win would have been a bonus. It also results in a poor visual spectacle if one side parks the bus and the other makes little attempt at getting beyond it? Knowing our strength has been in defense this season, and our weakness has been losing possession usually when attacking, and more often than not, when attacks are in transition. To counter that, make fewer attempts at breaking away and attacking ‘gung ho’ style (at its extreme), thus you lessen the risk of being caught on the counter. Given that the players were used to coming back to defend, it did not need much pre-practice to get it right?

    I somehow feel if the Monday’s Villa game was the Chelsea game of the 23rd, and we had the team that beat Spurs ….. Would we really play it the same?

    I think confidence had an awful lot to do with it that night. However, the point we gained that night was important in the short term, as well as in a reflective view of the season as a whole. I made the point in another comment couple of days ago, it is a single point that kept us on the top of the table at on New Years Day, and one which we still hold. But I think AW still believes that fast flowing football will always beat opponents who come with the intention of not losing. It may be his weakness while he builds a team capable of delivering at that level, but that is his fundamental belief, and I don’t think he is about to change? The Bould influence, has at least given him the option to try and do something different. It is a pity it was applied to the Man U game though? There we failed to cut out the errors, so perhaps it was a prototype for the Chelsea game. Or may be, the we just did not believe Man U were as bad as the subsequent results have shown them to be, and an opportunity missed?

    Whatever perspective hindsight gives us, it is pretty certain not to be the same as on the day in question. I want to us to follow the quote – ‘Now we must play like we are Champions’ – and have that belief that we can beat every team. So whether it is the ‘stopping the rot’ game with Chelsea, the spirit of the gritty Newcastle win, or the assertive defeat of Spurs in the Cup, that proves to be the catalyst for our onward progress, only time will tell. But each had its part in how we move on to our future challenges, that is for sure?

  22. Morning TA, fellow gooners

    That was a great read TA..you’re spot on!

    Over the years i.e post-Highbury, Arsene has often been accused of being tactically inept and if there was a game where he ‘manned-up’ and set up his team to match that of the opposition, its this game… a devastatingly boring match where i had to stay up till 11 pm(Kenyan time) to watch a big match only to witness what the self anointed one ALWAYS does when he plays against proper footballing teams..sit deep, VERY deep and hit on the counter.. As so many have already commented, this is one game where in the not so distant past we could have played our stuff and get hit on the counter but this time around Arsene would not have of it..he also stymied their attack so that their most attacking weapons on the wings (Hazard and Willian) were well manned by our fullbacks and had no impact on the game… my view on the lack of subs is Arsene’s fear of losing the defensive shape of the team as a new player would have altered things and at the end though many of us so it as two points dropped, Arsene maybe was content with the point

  23. Gerry says:

    From last night, TCM correctly guessed that I slipped away to watch Stargazing Live’, which I have to say was brilliant. Right down to the closing discussion on what name should be given to the new Galaxy that had been discovered during the lifetime of the three shows. I could watch Professor Cox talked about anything he wanted to, such is the childlike enthusiasm and wonder he is never ashamed to show when describing things. Last night he was truly in his element.

    Fozzie B I am sure the Dolphins were fascinating, but the fundamentals of the Universe was much better?

    The Under 21’s got their win – 0-1- but it came across from the lack of text in the first half that there wasn’t too much goalmouth action? Toral came on for the much praised Ox, and it livened up, the our boys deserving the win. I was pleased that Yennaris came through okay, and even had a goal disallowed. It has to be frustrating for these lads with so little game time, so I fully understand the decision to let Akpom go on loan. At least he will get some games under his belt. Perhaps by aiming at a lower level, the clubs will be more willing to use these future stars, as they are unlikely to have superior quality in their ranks? So it gives them and their supporters something back. It is regular games they need. Getting the feel of preparing for match day week in week out that will do them far more good than going to a stronger league side and just sit on the bench. Yennaris never played a minute at Bournmouth for the whole month or so he was there.

    This sort of follows on from the dicus between the Prof and HT had with the TW and internal growth. The ‘instant’ versus the ‘long term’, and it was funny that when the two things crossed over regarding the signing of Morata, a 21 year old striker I sensed a question of ‘Why’. I get interested in any player that AW seems to want badly. The deal that might have been, now looks to be dead, for now at least. The on loan idea without a buying option was never really the plan. And they would never release him without him extending his contract? With the guy unsettled and only one year on his contract left, I suspect this will be revisited again. If the reported £18m offer was true, AW clearly rates him, perhaps a second bid a tad higher and a transfer request might just do the trick. I hope so.

    To answer the question of ‘why?’, has really already been answered. It is cheaper to buy and develop a player than it is to buy high for SQ, when the latter has to have the same support he has been getting to deliver the goods, the former can grow into the role. Who, in our current squad wuold he displace? The same as the SQ striker fans are so keen on? Who of our future stars will he displace. Not Akpom, possibly Eisfeld or Toral, but they have other options. Gnabry? That again depends on how he is used, but and SQ striker will be more likely to command a place, whereas a 21 year old with be the Theo to the OX, one in the side the other developing into the side. Talent will out, and I see no conflict here. But of course, if you fully understand what I am saying here, that Morata would be our SQ striker, then dismay on one hand, but delight from my point of view, as it frees up funds for our big summer signing, who again is not in conflict, and the two other areas that we might need to spend bigger than expected. if we are to get the right players in now? So I think PG was on the right lines with the final comment on the previous post.

    As you see, I am a morning person? I am not sure how the day is going to unfold though, as it started with my youngest dog, Pippy, falling down the stairs. I suspect VBS, the balance thingy has struck again. No harm from her fall, very unnerved by the world spinning. Fortunately she has calmed down and slept for the last 3 hours, so I am hoping it has passed off now. I will find out very shortly when the others wake up and get excited about going out … Fingers crossed!

    I trust Luna is still hanging in there HT? She probably likes the sunshine, so sacrifice your skiing for her sake, eh?

  24. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    TA.. It that so important to beat Chelsea in Emirates..??
    Which is more important than beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.. Or being the EPL Champions.. hehehehe..
    The played the ‘parking bus’ game.. everybody knew that.. hahaha..
    But at Stamford Bridge.. they will not do that.. they will play more open.. and we can steal the victory there.. hahahahaha..
    Yes we will.. Cause we will be much stronger in second-half season..
    I don’t know how.. I just believe that so.. hehehe..
    With or without new CF.. We will win the EPL.. Go Gunners..

  25. James Bond says:

    Ah, right, time to put myself into the firing line

    it’s good of you to take the glass full approach and think that this was a point earned instead of 2 lost and this is something that we may come back to look at the end of the season with fondness and as a turning point of sorts ?

    I disagree , strongly – why ?

    quite bluntly put, Jose . M has had AW in his back pocket, tactic wise since a very very long time … but since we are solely talking about this game, then let’s break it down .

    1: The moment Jose. M said that he knew how to stop and control Ozil – he had won the first and most important tactical battle due to his mind games – how ? our most influential and key player was playing out of position and spent most of the game in our own half , which meant that most of our creativity was simply nullified just by that alone.

    3: Ok, so they came here to shut shop and park the bus, no worries, they are not the only team to have come at the Emirates with that intention or game plan, many many teams come here to do that, from championship to lower EPL teams to the relegation threatened ones but does that mean they dictate terms to us ? this is what Jose.M did, he made AW dictate according to his own terms, so much so, that when the game needed a tactical switch it was again Jose.M thinking on his feet by bringing in 2 attack minded players – clearly showing his intent , where as AW was more than happy to see the game out.

    5: I disagree that Jose. M got rattled and outdone at his own game, he was right, we are the home team , we could have been a little more adventurous or clever and no, it didn’t involve sitting back or all our 3 substitutions not being used.

    we have played like that against BM, Dortmund and so on, and we have won because we have been resolute and at times in those matches, luck was on our side – however, fortune favours the brave, for me it was 2 points lost and a golden opportunity for AW to break the shackles and play a very smart game, control it for the 60 odd minutes and then do what Arsenal have been doing lately, raise the game and take it up to the next level – we have been a 2nd half team lately and we could have been a tad more creative –

    sure context matters and we had suffered from a few unexpected results but let’s not kid ourselves here, we had 8/9 days to prepare for the game and we should have been tactically much more better instead of matching a boring and dull team .

    sure, Roman.A craves sexy football but he is no fool, he also knows that on the night, his chelsea team were only 1 or 2 points behind the leaders and not 10 points behind like last year or the year before sitting outside the top 4 or there about’s.

    as for us, least we didn’t lose and we came out that day with little credit but it’s tough when you’re having to play vs 12 men and a striker up front who needs plenty of chances before he converts.

    FB got it spot on, for me.

  26. Gerry says:

    And the the pendulum swings too far the other way …

    You make some very good points JB, but it does not answer the crucial one of if we had been more adventurous we might well have lost?

    We may have only gained a point, but we stopped the possibility of more ‘mind games’ damage of feeling even more in M’s pocket? At least we drew on our terms, not his. Whatever changes he made during the match were made because of that? Having muscle on Ozil was probably his No1 tactic, rather than the mind games you credit him with. We withdrew our attack, and that included Ozil. Having 8or 9 days too prepare did not change the previous results, nor did it alter the weather conditions, which was shown repeatedly in games that followed, makes our passing look very amateurish on that sort of surface?

    Like I say, you have made some very good points, but you swerve around others, and in the process applaud M for being so astute? Yet he cannot get his multi million pounds worth of talent to play better than, as you put it, no better than a bottom of the table side scrapping for points to avoid relegation?

    If I were TA, that would be my answer 😀

  27. James Bond says:

    who am to applaud M for being so Astute ? his record against Arsenal does that – talk is petty, no ?

    at the end of the day, the standings and results count – in the last 8/9 years, the record books say wenger trophies 0 – Jose.M must be more than 0 playing his anti football and bland style of football .

    yes, we MIGHT have lost but we MIGHT also have won, had we played our A game, who knows.

    you might be in the camp that is content with a point and such dull play by a team that seldom plays or should play like that at home – it was another battle won by M by me and not the other way around.

  28. James Bond says:

    and according to you we drew on our terms ?

    according to me, it would have been drawing on our terms had it been a 1-1 , 2-2, or 3-3

    we drew 0-0 = his terms.

  29. Gerry says:

    Actually I am more in the camp that thinks that one point is what separates us from the rest.

    I am also the one sticking to the point of the post, not referring to M before his second coming.

    I am with you on the point about it being a dismal game to watch. But when push comes to shove, I think the nil on our side of the equation is down to us.

    But before we cost Totes another 20p in back and forth, you stick backslapping the astute one, and I’ll stick by our pragmatic one … with regards to that one game. Okay?

    Damn it! Too late I can hear glic coming with his popcorn …

  30. I need JB to give me points 2 and 4 before I can comment !.
    Actually if it were down to him, we wouldn`t have….Per, Koz, Gibbo, Zorro, Jack, Theo, Rambo, Flame, Diaby, Yennaris, Ping Pong, Zelalem, Gnasher, Giroud, Iwobi, Ice Baby, Sanogo and Park !. He`s an Evenist !. hahaha

  31. Fozzie B says:

    Evening Adventurous Ambidextrous Arsenal Aviators!! 😆
    Thank you JB for the backup there! Appears only you and I feel like this about that game. I agree Maureen won on his terms and the psychological edge rightly stays with them at this point in time. I don’t know Totes thinks we will have more of a chance at Chelvski?? That place is a fortress!! And if Maureen can do that to us in our back yard, how much more so in that cauldron where they more than likely we get the refs decisions that we didn’t get? Also what’s stopping them from playing exactly the same way anyways and so another dour contest to come? I just don’t think Maureen was humiliated at all… He got what he came for and we got the bare minimum.
    Really looking forward to he rematch now!! 😀

  32. Fozzie B says:

    *he will get the decisions

  33. Fozzie B says:

    Pogba off to PSG!!! No Clingon for Cockie … Official title CCC with honours!! (Caravan Crashing Club)!! Hahaha !! 😆

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Fair enough JB. I said everything in the post and we see it totally different. It is not the first time and it will not be the last hahaha 🙂

  35. James Bond says:


  36. James Bond says:

    Arsenal v Man Utd game might be postponed due to the tube strike – Music to my ears, if that happens

    for once the tube strike in London will help us immensely, ha

    it was sandwiched between us playing liverpool and Bayern Munich next month

    good good good !

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Gerry and others for fine follow up comments. As often, Kenyan Gooner has once again summarised everything I have to say about the matter. 🙂

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    That would be helpful indeed, Jose Bond 😛

  39. I heard that on talkSPORT today, Fozzieskin ! and I can tell you I was livid with Dafty !……A player who has said he dreams of playing for us !…..us, supposedly, being able to compete with the likes of PSG !……..Grrrrrrr !!!…..then after ripping out the radio on my van whilst driving along the M5 ( yes, I have Velcro on my steering wheel and wrapped my Hampton and Jacobs around the steering wheel and plotted a course by just hogging the middle lane ! ) I calmed down…….calm calm calm omm ommm ommmm……..the lady traffic cop was quite pleasant about it all and even offered to breathalyze my knob manually !.
    Since I`ve been released at home , I have looked on Sky Sports and newsnow and cant find anything about Pogba going to PSG !. I even looked up PSG on newsnow and found articles saying Blanc is happy with his squad and will not be buying in the TW !.
    So thanks talkSPORT for making an interesting day !.

  40. Fcuk all that writing stuff !. I can just copy and paste a post on Arsenal targets !. here Totes , you can now put me down on the posters list !. Don’t forget !…..based in Lesbania !. hahaha

  41. Hahaha Jose Bond !
    I reckon he has named his cock “Jose” !………here Jane….suck “The Special One” !. hahaha

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Cockie, aren’t you the jealous one?! 🙂

  43. James Bond says:

    ahahahahhaahhahaahhahaahahahahahhahahaahahhaha @ TCM 18:38


    that was below the belt @ skipper – don’t let your dutch hatred come in the way of the happy one


  44. James Bond says:

    the lad can play, no doubt about that

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahahaha JB, Cockie can take it 😀

  46. Good news and Bad news !!!!
    Good news……Game of Thrones is back on TV @ 7th April !. 🙂

    Bad News…….Next series of Boardwalk Empire will be the last !. ( Better than The Sopranos imo ! ) 😥

  47. James Bond says:

    Marco van Basten: “Arsenal are the most beautiful club in England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. James Bond says:

    the game of throne books are brilliant, I could spoil it all for you by telling you what happens next if you’re not nice to me @ Glics 😉

    yep, shame about BWE – shame a lot of series came to an end, like Dexter e.t.c e.t.c recently.

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    JB There is a lot of respect for Arsenal in Holland, although Wenger is not that popular at all. Shame van Basten did not become a top manager, although he might still get there. Can you imagine Ajax produced Van Basten and Bergkamp in the space of a just a few years…

  50. James Bond says:

    I didn’t know that skipper, but that’s quite remarkable really

    enjoy lads, Samir Nasri : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BdZlqzfIcAAWyG1.jpg:large


  51. I know JB !. I hate it when the shows I like come to an end, it`s like losing someone close, you`re used to seeing every week !.
    The company who built my sons Love Shack, were building a massive oak prop for GOT and the two guys making it are also extras in the show, but couldn`t give me any insider info !.

  52. Am I the only one who thinks Morata has a similar style to a really vile Dutch ex-Arsenal player ?.

    Hahaha JB……cuntsayswhat !.

  53. Gerry says:

    TCM – I have a dog older than some of those juniors! Mind, with all those English ones coming through, I don’t know where they are going to put those from over the Channel?

    Glad you approve of Alvaro JB. I always take notice when AW is persistent. No surprise to me if he signs for us this month or next July.

    I thought something Sanabria said about signing for Roma was interesting. Apparently they were the first to deposit the release fee …. So AW did dither?

  54. AFC says:

    Cockie, I was pretty pissed off when Heroes got cut. 😀 However I cannot wait for some shows like American Idol and X Factor to get cut.

  55. Gerry says:

    AFC – you are not forced to watch them you know?

  56. James Bond says:

    nice one @ Glics – yep, the resemblance is kinda canny, indeed

    Gerry 🙂 that is it, hence I posted the video, so everyone else can take a look !

    let’s put it this way, is it AW’s way of making absolutely 110% sure that the player wants the desire and ambition to not only come to Arsenal but be an Arsenal player ? hence he waits for the player to make up his decision based on the choices presented, and if the player chooses another club (Roma) then that means he wasn’t really motivated to be an Arsenal player as such ?

    in the aforementioned players case, he chose the first club that met the release clause and was on his way out.

    I can understand why AW Dithers in some cases and why he does it.

  57. AFC says:

    TA, great post on a subject that the BK community seems divided on. 🙂

    I am not really sure what to think. On the one hand Wenger did not fall into Mourinho’s trap and I feel I should give him some praise for going against his believes and making sure the team did not lose, it was sort of Wenger doing what was best for the team at the time. However should I cannot really say he mastered Mourinho. This is simply because I expect a bit more from Wenger considering he is one of the best managers. My expectations of Wenger are much higher than of that of a Ian Holloway. If a Ian Holloway done what Wenger done I would say he mastered Mourinho but in my opinion Wenger cannot master Mourinho until he beats him several times. That is the point Mourinho will truly be embarrassed.

  58. Gerry says:

    Re Alvaro Morata – the AW denial of contact with RM is very likely true … but you can bet he has a line through to Morata’s agent? Something is being fed back to him in a positive way, so just wait for the latest twist?

    Thanks to my early start this morning, I shall be having an early night.

    Catch up with you bright and early tomorrow though …

  59. James Bond says:

    *has the desire

    ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah @ Gerry’s reply to AFC

    AFC, it’s been a while since you last wrote a post for BK , we are missing your style of writing and talk of formations and so on , would be nice if you could get one done on Balotelli or Pogba e.t.c e.t.c or how Frimpong got injured yesterday at the end of the game.

    by the way, OX may not go to the Villa game since he’s being considered for the next U21 game, I believe it’s Chelsea in the QF’s – so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t travel and you will know why that has happened.

  60. Just watched the game from last night on `player…..Ox was shattered after 10 mins !….it will take at least a month to get back to near fitness !.

    Yes AFC….I liked Heroes !……I do love a bit of Sci-Fi !.
    I was inconsolable when “Enterprise” was axed ( the last of the Star Trek spin-offs ). what a sad khunt I am !. hahaha
    I don’t watch any of the soaps and keep telling the missus I will only watch when Zombies take over Emmerdale or Aliens land in Coronation Street !. hahaha

    Don’t watch American Idol, but do watch X-Factor just to see the deranged ones trying to sing !.

  61. Gerry says:

    JB – you may well be right, but I think there was a long enough gap before he announced his move. So not much a case of him choosing Roma over Arsenal, more that there were no alternatives coming forwards?

    Basically I think Morata is the one he wants and he will not look elsewhere until that is decided.

  62. AFC says:

    Gerry, I know but for me they get worst every year. I think Simon and all the commercial aspects ruin the search for the true real talent which is supposed to be the basis of the program. I just cannot help but feel aspects of the shows are fixed. These programs have already been exposed for using auto tune to make singers sound better or worse than they actually are. So I cannot trust the shows Simon puts out. It seems to me all Simon cares about is money and getting that Christmas number 1. The judges could be much better in my opinion as well.

  63. AFC says:

    JB, its just busy for me at the moment. I probably will be free during the April time or when the WC starts. That’s probably when I will start writing posts again.

  64. This is true !……..There is one BKer, (who cannot be named) who actually auditioned for “Brittains Got Talent ! ” . He did a synchronised break dancing act using a zimmerframe in gangnam style !.

  65. AFC says:

    Cockie are you referring to Vickers? 😉 😀

  66. It would be unfair and against BK ethics to confirm that , AFC !. 😉
    The year before he tried a different act under the name of……. MC Zimmer ! and had a chart topping hit at the care home with his rendition of……. Zimmer Time….cant remember this !.

  67. AFC says:

    Cockie, 😀

    Every time I hear your name I think of fcuked up guy.


    Your not a nutter are you? 😉

  68. AFC !. My granddaughter has two granddads, one she calls the sensible one and one she call the…. crazy fool !. More clues ?….. I`m the one she`s always laughing along with !. 🙂

  69. AFC says:

    Ahahahahahah Cockie. I am surprised you are allow any children at all.

  70. AFC says:

    * allowed near any children

  71. sAFC says:

    Cockie, I thought you was in rehab. 😀


  72. sAFC says:

    I put up are funny video of the cookie monster but it is awaiting moderation, seems we will not get to see Cockie from rehab. 😦

  73. Hahaha AFC…..don’t worry, I put in a lot practice with the dog before the wife allowed me anywhere near the grandchildren !……funny enough ….he`s fcuking mad as well !. hahaha

  74. AFC says:

    Cockie, I thought you was in rehab mate. 😀


  75. Hahaha…..Just shows, I cannot be trusted !.

  76. AFC says:

    Cockie, the story has gained so much publicity I doubt it will happen now.

  77. Seems a bit like deja vu then !. last summer after a third of the TW, no SQ !. A third into January TW and guess what ?. May be Arsene`s waiting to see what happens on Monday night !. Another injury and he may re-evaluate !. He seems to like a gamble does Dafty !. hahaha

  78. AFC says:

    Cockie he certainly does. I am counting on Wenger to do some sort of business in this TW.

  79. AFC says:

    Cockie I would also add that the silence means that Wenger is probably up to something.

  80. There`s a lot of BKers who are silent by there absence !…….what are the fcukers up to ?. hahaha

    Have to go my friend !. 🙂

  81. VCC says:

    Cockie 19:48…at least I got through to the second stage. 😉

  82. James Bond says:


  83. Gerry says:

    Well I see I did not miss much dropping out early last night?

    Only variations on the X- Factor theme kept it going. Perhaps that was my fault for trying to drum up support for Luke Friend, who was the only original bit of quality on last years show?

    AFC – I will agree on your last point on manipulation, both on themes, theatrical backgrounds, and added vocal electronic aided performances. What you have to remember is the people behind the show, i.e. the record company that puts up the winning prize are interested in those they can use or manipulate in marketing terms – never going to happen with Lukey 😀 – Even Cowell admitted on the US version, that deteriorated so badly it got put on Saturday lunchtime for the kids, that Sony boss was HIS boss, so they had someone on the judges panel to do their work for them. It was not so much the contestants were poor, just that having changed the format, they changed the rules as they went along. In the UK, because the themes were set up for ‘Sunday Night at the London Palladium’ i.e. big singing, dancing extravaganzas, for those too young to remember the aforementioned, it was always going to go against pure vocal talent, and last year’s winning ‘maverick’ did not help with his bad publicity either. So once the judges have to abide by the voting public, these are the ways they can manipulate towards their ‘chosen one’.

    Fortunately, the on screen publicity usually means the ones who don’t win invariably get a record deal anyway, so all is not lost?

    Well that covers what was said last night. Back to football matters. Which there is precious little news. The Rosicky contract extension is great, the £4m per year offer to Sagna from Galatasaray is not so great. Will AW be able to persuade the board to get close to that?

    I see lots of headlines suggesting that Walcott’s loss makes our team selection a worry, Whereas I think it more or less picks itself with Giro back? Gnabry for an hour on the right, and Ox to build up his sharpness for the the remainder. With Gibbs and Ramsey out, it is a choice between an attacking 4-3-3 with Poldi completing the front three line up, The mix for mid field will likely be; one of the Flamteta with any combination of: Jack, Mesult, Santi, and Tomas – note, alphabetically listed – Whilst a more defensive line would be to drop Poldi to the bench and have the extra MF in there? At the back Monreal keeps his spot and £4m man on the either side of the ‘solid as a rock’ pair.

    Let us see what the day brings with the results, as we must expect to be knocked off the top for at least 6o odd hours, but by whom will be interesting?

  84. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Gerry 🙂

    Agreed re Theo. Plenty of options available. Can see us play Rosicky or Santi on right and Gnabry would also be a good option indeed. Bring it on and come on Hull!

  85. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

  86. Mickey says:

    Funny old thread this.
    It was a game where Arsenal struggled to get the ball over the halfway line – the only explanation for this: http://e2.365dm.com/13/12/660×350/Action-Areas_3056686.jpg
    It was a game where Chelsea had all the main chances.
    It was a game where far from defending deeply, Chelsea chased defenders all over the Arsenal half as Arsenal struggled to keep the ball.

    It was a game where Arsenal struggled enormously, yet despite a 62% possession stat Arsenal just were never in with a chance.
    Keep the oppo in their own half, harry the keeper and CBs and counter attack rapidly. Possession in your own half doesn’t count. It is the modern game. Aesthetics don’t enter into it.

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