Losing Theo is a disaster! Really?!

Don’t worry about Theo, our core team will see us through.

Theo out is a knock, but it will allow others to shine!
Theo out is a knock, but it will allow others to shine!

It looks like Wenger is still looking for his best formation and ideal eleven starters. Will we continue with a holding striker who enables the midfield to get closer to the goal and produce their magic, or will we start playing more and more with a fluid- three up-front, or even move to a 4-6-0 sort of formation?

We do of course need a lot more than eleven players to make it through a season, but I reckon most if not all teams work around a core of 11 to 15/16 players for most of the matches. Every team needs a strong unit around which it builds its style of football, its confidence and ultimately, if all goes well, its success. The rest is there mainly for cover and future potential.

Now that Arsene is finally in a position that he can keep hold of the talents he develops and has money to add top talents and established quality players, we will see the team grow from strength to strength. Theo’s injury is painful but in a way also interesting as it gives a few ‘fringe players’ a unique chance to nestle themselves into the very core of the team.

Wenger’s current core eleven players appear to be Szczesny, Sagna, BFG, Koz, Gibbs, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Jack, Santi and Giroud. His core 16 players are the core eleven plus Vermaelen, Nacho, Arteta, Rosicky and Podolski. I have a lot of confidence is these 16 warriors. It is a mixture of talented youth and experienced players in their late twenties and as a team they are developing quickly.

If Theo had not got injured he would have been in the core eleven, probably at the cost of Ramsey, Jack or Santi. With Ox coming back and Gnabry starting to make the headlines there is healthy pressure on the core team to keep performing well. It is clear that the defenders and goal keeper feel very little of such pressure and the midfielders are also without much threat, as there are plenty of games for all of them to play regularly.

Some say we need another attacker, but with Pod, Giroud, and hopefully soon again Bendtner we have three good front men and, with our midfielders now scoring regularly as well, you have to wonder whether another striker is our first priority right now. We can get goals from Podolski, Giroud, Ozil, Santi, Ramsey, Bendtner, Jack, Rosicky, and hopefully Ox and Gnabry will also get regularly on the score sheet. It would be nice though.

I reckon we are most vulnerable to an injury to either Mertesacker or Flamini, and it is in these areas were we should spend our money first. You could even argue that getting a quality right back is Wenger’s biggest priority as it would free up Sagna for the Mertesacker role. Sagna could also be our beast of a DM and even Vermaelen could be developed into one; in which case we need to buy another CB for cover.

Let’s keep it solid at the back and in front of the back five, and hopefully we’ll buy some more quality steel this January. Key is for our attacking midfielder and front men to find more cohesion between them and to get more value out of our full backs in the attacking third of the pitch. Sagna is doing really well and Gibbs and Nacho are getting close to becoming a real force on the left.

The goals will keep coming and there is a lot more stretch in this team with regards to this. Santi is hitting form, Ox is soon fully back, Ozil can do better, Pod is raring to go again, Jack is starting to score, Ramsey is soon back, Bendtner might have turned a corner, Gnabry is showing real promise and Giroud will be back with a vengeance.

Yes, it would have been really nice to have Theo as well, but our strong core will see us through. The likes of Ox, Santi, Rosicky, Gnabry will fill the gap for us: plenty of competition!

Do you agree?

What is your core eleven?

Is our core eleven enough to win us the title?

Where would you strengthen the team if we could only get one player this January?

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Written by: TotalArsenal.

125 thoughts on “Losing Theo is a disaster! Really?!

  • IMO Rosicky is in the core 11, Wenger always plays him for big games…if he’s not in the treatment room! Still think we need a striker, were ok when playing the minnows but just look at our attacking play against the big boys, no goals against chelski or Manu, 1 against Everton and Spuds and a bag full of Giroud misses at City (not a criticism, he just looked knackered). Get in a quality striker and we could win title. I actually think we play better without Walcott, looking forward to seeing more of Gnabry and the return of the Ox.

  • Hi Steve

    You could be right about Rosicky. I think he is used as a utility player and games are picked for him by Wenger. Very important player for us this season, though.

    We scored three against MC and deserved more, two against Liverpool and Napoli, but yes we need more goals against the bigger teams. The question is whether we need another top striker for this or for the team to play better in these games – or both?

  • Hi TA, thank you for the article mate! Always positive and looking forward as a fearless leader should :).

    I completely agree that losing Theo is not the end of the world. We have so much depth and versatility in our squad that I was starting to get a headache trying to figure out who to start on a week to week basis if everyone was healthy. With Ox due to return soon, Poldi, Ramsey and Ozil being fully fit, how would all the playing time be properly distributed?

    It’s a great dilemma to have, however we certainly cannot downplay the importance of Theo to our counter attack and as an additional “natural” goal threat. What it does mens is that we may be treated to some more of those classic Wenger/Arsenal goals again and more central midfielders playing on the wing.

    Injuries to Mertesacker or Flamini would be devastating at this point, since they are te backbone to our defense, as well as Koscielny.

  • Good Morning Steve, Totes and Harmonious.
    I’m on the other side of the fence with Theo. We will miss him immensely, imo. I don’t mind him in the starting eleven as he not only performs his offensive duties well but keeps the opposing defenders on their toes, or as an impact sub that comes on at Wenger time (70 mins) and causes panic within the ranks of the other teams.

    I know he is far from a polished gem, and can be frustrating at times, but I bet many of the top 6/7 EPL teams would have him in a heart beat, and perhaps 2 or 3 top European teams as well.

    Our central defenders need to keep fit or we will be wanting in that area, Dennis forbid we get a long term injury. Sagna can deputise short term but that would also leave us vulnerable with Jenkinson at right back. The Corporal is not yet the finished article and we need to consider bringing Bellerin back as cover.

    We are blessed in mid field and have a sufficient core there to be ok come the rest of the season.

    The area most in need of strengthening is up front, weather it is an out and out Striker or an attacking left winger, i’m not fussed, but bet your bottom dollar Wenger has already identified some one/one’s, and we must trust him with that decision.

    The only doubt I have with Wenger is he will soldier on with his existing squad. I fear this would be our biggest threat, not getting 1 more SQ forward. If however we do get such a player I’m sure William Hill will not take any more bets for the EPL this season, that’s how confident I am if we get that elusive SQ ST.

    Come on Arsene, make it a humongiously good, happy, joyous year for us adoring fans.

  • Morning VCC, how are you doing mate?

    I really liked the rumours of going for Mandzukic. Doesn’t need to be a SQ forward to me, just one with consistent goal scoring ability that had the skill to line up with our players. Mandzukic fits that build for me and is extremely underrated at Bayern right now as Pep doesn’t seem to play him until late in games (stubbornness I reckon as he doesn’t typically like traditional strikers).

  • Core Eleven:
    2xSB (Side-backs)
    DM (Defensive-minded midfielder)
    CM (Centre midfielder/ team’s ball carrier)
    OM (Offensive-minded midfielder)
    1xSA (Side Attack)/Winger (who can alternate as a OM)
    1xCF (Centre Forward or usually seen as the “2nd striker” who plays behind the main striker, either centrally or from the sides)
    1xMS (Main Striker)

    (My) current top 3 players in their best positions:

    GK: Neuer (Bayern), Courtois (Atletico/Chelsea), Sirigu (PSG)
    SB: Lahm (Bayern), Marcelo (Real), Zabaleta (City)
    CB: T.Silva (PSG), Chiellini (Juventus), Godin (Atletico)
    DM: Busquets (Barcelona), J.Martinez (Bayern), De Rossi (Roma)
    CM: Schweinsteiger (Bayern), Vidal (Juventus), Yaya Toure (City)
    OM: Iniesta (Barcelona), Ozil (Arsenal), Fabregas (Barcelona)
    SA: C.Ronaldo (Real), Ribery (Bayern), Bale (Real)
    CF: Messi (Barcelona), Aguero (City), Rooney (United)
    MS: Falcao (Monaco), Suarez (Liverpool), Ibrahimovic (PSG)

    Arsenal (core eleven + reliable supporting cast w/o Walcott, who is a CF/2nd striker by nature) :

    GK: Szczesny
    SB: Sagna, Gibbs, Monreal
    CB: Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen
    DM: Arteta, Flamini
    CM: Ramsey, Wilshere
    OM: Ozil, Rosicky
    SA: Cazorla
    CF: Podolski
    MS: Giroud

    We are “short of premium quality” up front, AW and the board were trying to address it last summer with pursuits on Higuain and Suarez. If the opportunity arises this January window, they should (and must) seize it.

  • * Snippet:
    Diego Costa is associated with the same player agent/agency as with Cristiano Ronaldo, Falcao, Thiago Silva, Angel di Maria among many other South American and Portuguese players.

    Arsenal might match his transfer release clause but could have issues dealing with his wages and additionals during his would-be contract term with us in the years to come (should he join us).

  • Hi TA, one thing I will say is that I prefer rosicky coming in as a big impact sub. Maybe an occasional start in big matches, , but I prefer to keep him fresher and healthier by playing him a bit less.
    Also, in theos absence I want to see gnabry allot more. I think he adds allot In speed and dribbling in the box. Penalty threat.

  • Totes I am broadly in agreement except on the basic point – the Core?

    For me, our ‘core’ is:

    GK -Szcz

    CB – Mert?

    DM – ?

    MF – Ozil

    ST – Giro?

    Whoever you put in around that core, with Sagna, and possibly the exception of LCB Koscielny, is quite variable, and only the balance of the side drops the edge off optimum? I would like another 12 players to be considered as part of the main squad, which includes the likes of Bendtner, Ox and Gnabry. Too much ‘us and them’ if you have a primary starting 11.

    The 3 ‘?’s’ I placed in my list are our vulnerable positions. Mert because any pairing without him is considerably weaker. DM because there is not much to choose between either, but neither can be guaranteed to compete in all games until the end of season. Giroud, not because he isn’t our first choice or that we haven’t got cover, but because what he offers is beyond the goals he scores, but we do need someone who is sharp in and around the box that will score goals, if only to spread defenses a little more.

  • Harmonious…..I’m good thanks….Plenty going on at my end atm, hence not too much blogging.
    Hope your fine and dandy. 😉

  • ‘Morning boys…Good one, ToTL, Always nice to see HH and JM (VCC and JNYC too…) in the comments as well… Chelsea, it appears, are going for another “easy” 1-nil at Hull Tigers in the early match… 🙄

    I think losing Theo is a real issue as he just provides such a different threat for us. I feel really bad for him as was doing quite well and I saw some real improvement in elements of his game. Given that his FKs were improving (corners surely were going to start yielding assists…) he seemed a key for keeping teams pinned back if they wanted to avoid the chance of us punishing them with goals. He was the spearhead of our “plan” B, personified (IMO).

    That’s leaves us with plan A (Giroud up top) or going with plan C, a 4-6-0. Giroud AND Theo allow us to send the ball forward quickly, a key to easing pressure on our defense and particularly on our young keeper. Szczesny’s kicking IS improving but it is a work in progress. Though it’s not the beautiful football we (supposedly) play, being able to reverse the pressure with a long ball is a tactic we’ve leaned on quite a bit in the (overall successful) calendar year just past. Though they didn’t play together much this past autumn, our very best long-ball threat came when Giroud (or our other target Sagna) could try and knock long balls onto Theo. With Theo’s torn ACL, that “instant chance” is now gone…

    So, IMO we need to find confidence playing with a 5 or even 6 man MF and these next few (very winnable) matches will show whether or not we can do it. It requires a lot of movement off the ball and I’m not always sure our guys have the vision AND the stamina to do this over long stretches. A lot depends on consistency. Can Arteta and Flamini (and Jack Wilshere) work the back of the MF and can Ozil and Santi find the balance between moving towards the ball and filling spaces out wide? Rosicky and Ramsey ALWAYS bring drive to the attack and are happy on the ball. Sometimes overloading spaces can result in quick 1-2s and chances (and goals). Other times it can lead to clogged situations, turnovers and frustration, if not opportunities the other direction. For better or worse, that will be our main avenue of attack. I’ll be watching our possession stats. If we can be over 60-65% in these next few I think wearing down opponents through MF superiority is a legitimate strategy. If not….

    As for the depth of the team…. Yes, if everybody stays healthy AND performs to potential we are plenty deep. I think SQ on the wing OR at CF is key as possession, chances and goals cannot come only from MF. Can Ox, Gnabry or Poldoski provide the former? Can Giroud (with cameos late on from Poldolski or Bendtner) provide the latter? Frankly, I think it’s a stretch to believe the answer is yes to either question. The players in question are all “good” but are they able to really perform for 65-75 mins per game when the games are coming every 4 days? If we don’t bolster the squad I believe we’ll be counting on a lot of late results–bringing on attackers as subs and hoping we’ve sufficiently tired out opposition defenses to get that late goal. Our own defense will need to be that much more solid to insure that a single late goal will do the trick…

    So, yeah, possible, but minus Theo we need even more planets to line up…

  • Sorry for the long (boring) comment…I blame it on watching Chelsea as they try and wear down Hull…

    Diego Costa (who I truly doubt we’re thinking about) will be playing alongside David Villa tonight in a big match (hosting Barca)…Not the usual Superclasico, but it will be for top of La Liga…

  • Afternoon Aching Arse Anal Acceptors !. 😆
    My Cor !! eleven would have to have include such crackers as……..J-Lo, Shakira, Beyoncé, Jessica Alba etc` !.

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  • 17ht….that wasn’t boring at all. All relevant, and I agree with your sentiments about Theo. He is always a threat to the opposition, even if he is having an off day, they don’t know weather to stick or twist.

    The fright element is always there, that’s why I would always leave him on the half way line when we are conceding corners or free kicks around our box.

    With his pace and the quick ball out of defence over the shoulder would inevitably make the oppo keep at least TWO defenders back covering, hence the less forwards to content with around our vulnerable 18 yard line.

  • TCM 14:36…..I could even give up watching my beloved Arsenal on a Saturday 15:00 KO time to spend the Saturday afternoon with JLo.

    I fondled her bum at Madamme Tassauds, it was rather nice.

  • And so it ends, 2-nil Moo Crew over TIgres, with Torres getting the glossy goal Not too exciting but 3 points nonetheless… Cech sets some sort of record for clean sheets too…Scary that they’ve got Cortois out on loan while we’ve got Sir Chez learning on the job… 😯

    Hey thanks VCC… You and I are on the same page here. What I thought was that Theo was getting his football skills together to the point that he could actually use them to hold the ball and bring others into play rather than always taking the big first touch to either make a chance or give the ball back to the other side…

    Back on topic… Our “core” is tighter than it should be given that our starting RB is our 4th choice CB. As such any one (serious) injury in that area could make us 2 guys shorter…Are there any versatile defenders out there who might be like Bac? Anybody know anything about the Sengalese guy playing in Belgium? Or Gerry’s fellow KZ? Can they also play a little RB if needed? I would love a dual announcement of an extension for Sagna AND that we’ve acquired a young defender who can play CB and run a bit and use his right foot… Like I said above (and tend to say over and over…) Bac is our #2 long ball target as well. Can we freaking just show him the money (please…)? Do Galatasaray really need him if they’ve already got (our) Eboue?…

    Finally, J-Lo IS quite a handsome specimen (read: Spec-i-MAN) I’ve always assumed she was a he, but what do I know?. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course… 😀

  • Aiden McGeady being unveiled at Everton…(Jelavic to go to Hull City?) Transfer go round starting?

    Whoa, I think I’ve just witnessed THE worst penalty of the year (Puncheon for CP)… AND it’s a let off for Spurs…

  • TCM….whats the chances of Wenger splashing the cash this January? Do you think we will get some one in before the TW closes?

  • Nice one TA. I agree with most of your sentiments – we do have both depth and quality in our squad, injuries willing, and we cannot claim it to be a catastrophe if one of the core gets an injury. But, but, but……

    There are goals across our forwards and midfield, however we opt to line up. We also have reason for optimism that Ox and Gnab will step up as they are given more first team chances. And with our defence intact we should be confident of outscoring opponents. So what’s the but? Well, we can expect off-days in our team performance, there will be other days when Giroud misses a hat full of scoring chances (I love him as a player, but he is not clinical and probably never will be), and there will be plenty of times when teams park the bus. And let’s not forget we have Bayern, City and Chelski yet to play. These are the games where we will miss Theo, or at least the option he provides. He is still, in my view, the player most likely to break a deadlock in one swift moment, and he looks increasingly the most convincing finisher we have when through on goal. I don’t think it reasonable to expect any one player to be able to fill this gap, or provide that level of edge in the most important matches.

    We have to hope therefore for a heightened team performance to offset Theo’s loss. This is not beyond reasonable hope given the close squad we have and the players returning from injury. But it does add to the risk we carry should we lose anyone else in our spine during the second half of the season.

    I’ve given my view several times around our needs – CB investment, and work with current squad elsewhere unless we can really buy top quality. Most of the players being referenced for us of late are questionable improvements on what we have; lets not fritter our summer budget for buying mediocre squad players now. If Wenger finds a quality option, in whatever position available at decent price, then I am sure he will buy. But I won’t be gutted if we buy no one in this window. Fingers crossed that statement doesn’t haunt me!

  • Good thoughts there, AB…and full agreement… This seems a situation where we most have to trust that management is doing all they can…

    The real key to our “depth” (beyond that minor issue of trying to use Sagna to cover 2 spots) I think, is the fitness and production of Ramsey. Early season, Rambo provided the energy AND the goals we might have expected from Theo. As the latter came back from his stomach surgery, the former picked up his current thigh problem. According to the latest news, the thigh seems clear but now he’s got a calf strain…

    Obviously they bring different qualities but they both, normally, can give a full 90 minutes of effort and “threat.” If they’re both missing it would fall to our “Ferrari,” Tomas Rosicky. How much can we count on him and can he do it if the matches are 2x per week? Also, Spurs match notwithstanding, he’s not known for his goals…

    So, this is where a proven goal scorer and guy who can be a handful for defenses match after match would be a real tonic. Them sorts (as they say…) won’t come cheap in the January window so we might have to make do with young guys (Ox, Serge G.) or players who have yet to prove themselves fully fit (Poldolski). As such, another body, even if he can’t provide the full-match qualities of Theo or Giroud might be a nice addition IF the long-term upside seems sufficient (i.e., they can match or exceed the potential of young guns Ox/Gnabry)…The guy from Germany with the same initials as Johan Djourou (6 months early) might be the best call…

  • Afternoon guys 🙂

    Thanks for the comments and really good to see a few ‘old-regulars’ back. Very good points made about Theo’s ability to score at any time and against any team. This is the bid we are going to miss and I also rate highly about him. But I would like to add he does not yet score the really important goals – the ones that win us matches against the bigger teams – and I reckon that likes of Pod, Cazorla and Bendtner are more capable of this. The forced omission of Theo will mean that we see more of Pod and/or Bendtner and they could have a very few good months for us.

    If we were to buy a new striker it all remains to be seen whether he would make an instant difference. I also do not want us to become one-dimensional again, as were when van J was still leading the line. Say that Flamini/Arteta, Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey/Jack, Giroud start most games, it leaves us just one spot for the super talents of Ox and Gnabry, and the experienced strikers Poldi and Bendtner to get regular games… and there is also still Rosicky to fit in.

    So agreed if a super-talent is available le’s get him, and my preference would be Reus. But as 17 and AB, and others, have pointed out as well, we need to strengthen the back-five and/or DM position first. With Flamini and Arteta being/becoming more and more good back up players, I reckon we need to get a 25 year old dynamic DM as one of our first starters. In case of injury to Mertesacker, Sagna can move to middle, Flamini can be the safe pair of hands in RB, and the new DM and Arteta can be our defensive cover in midfield…

    Agreed with 17, our first signing should be Sagna, Monsieur Fiable, and then we need to add real defensive steel if available.

  • Blaise Matuidi (PSG’s experienced combative CM) could be available, with his contract running down in summer 2014. PSG are looking to sign Pogba from Juventus.
    *However, Matuidi’s player agent is a tough negotiator (with clients in Ibrahimovic, Balotelli, Pogba, Mkhitaryan, Lukaku, Abate, Sergio Romero, M’Baye Niang among others)

    Young prospects in defence (centre back covering full back or vice versa) to look out for:
    Eric Dier (Sporting), Aymeric Laporte (Bilbao), Antonio Rudiger (Stuttgart), Marc Bartra (Barcelona).

  • Total (Unfortunately I can’t call you ToTL right now–Chavs have the top spot for now… ;( )

    Beyond signing Sagna (and then a young, right footed defender, one for the future…) I think our squad is more easily improved with an addition up front–and that’s saying a lot given the paucity of available strikers/wingers who might move in this window. We might get by if Ramsey can quickly pick up where he left off, but I’m worried about reports of a calf strain…

    Who exactly can come in as a DM? It’s such a critical spot but I think we’re covered there–until the end of the season, at least, by Arteta, Flamini and Wilshere. Ozil and Ramsey can play deeper as well… England is such a difficult league (no ref protection) that I’d be very wary of trying to bring in somebody from outside the league. But maybe you’ve got somebody in mind who might play here and there this season and then take over for the older guys in the future… Mind that Jack has been doing better in the deeper spot lately and he’s been accumulating good will amongst the refs by complaining less… JM speaks sense re: Matuidi but would that be in this window?

    3 pm matches are wrapping up… It looks like your boy C. Eriksen could be the difference for Spurs…Knock down from Ade taken like a poor man’s Ozil… And on loan Defoe (off to Canada in Feb…) doubles the margin. Meanwhile Sunderland are winning at Fulham (Adam Johnson hat trick…) and Fat Sam hopes to avoid this being his last match in OG Solksjaers 1st in Wales…Up a goal there with a couple of mins left…

  • 17

    Re DM, Arteta is not strong enough in the big games IMO, which leaves us with Flame who is injury prone…. Jack is no DM and wasted there. If it was up to me I get Wanyama, Bender, or JMs PSG option.

  • TA, in this window? Wanyama is hurt (and no longer cheap…) and, like I said, somebody not already playing in England seems worth waiting for… But maybe there are some guys who need more opportunities before Brazil? Does Bender fit that description?

    It all depends on what trophies we’re actually targeting… Obviously, the CL is gonna be tough, and Bender and Matuidi are cup-tied in Europe. If it’s the league or FA cup we don’t necessarily have to beat the best teams (Chavs and Abu Dhabi blues aren’t that good if we hit them in the cup…) and it might be more about turning draws into wins (avoiding replays, too)… I dunno, if Giroud or Ramsey have fitness problems I worry about Ox, Serge, Lu-lu and Sicky being able to hold up match after match. Santi also rarely looks strong over a full 90…Another body to spread the load seems worthwhile–even if it’s the conventional answer… 😉 Nobody’s saying we can’t sign more than one, of course… 😀

    Storm day here (windy at least) but that means I’ve got at least an hour of ManUre-Swans to watch before the clasico-menor (Atletico-Barca) kicks off… 🙄

  • Wanyama would not be cheap but worth it imo, 17. Since his injury Southampton have dropped significantly in the league which says quite a bit. Other than the ones you named, I am expecting Ozil and Santi to score a lot of our goals too. Ozil should improve and Santi could make all the difference…. our new Pires.. 😛

  • Hope the weather settles and you can go out skiing again. The Atletico – Barca games sounds good and I hope Atletico come out as victors (nothing against Barca though!).

  • the good news is Oz will do another match preview, the bad news is he is too busy to do one for the Villa game…. So my question to all of you fine fellow BKers is: who would like to do a preview for Monday? 🙂

  • TA, you’ve got mail…

    Also, moment of madness against us notwithstanding, I think So’ton’s recent troubles are more down to losing Boruc to injury. Today he’s back in goal and they win a 1-nil…

    Cursory research indicates that Wanyama has a hairline fracture in his leg and nobody knows how long he’ll be out…That would be quite a punt by AW to “ignore” the immediate issues and spend big (bigger than So’ton did, at least) on an injured player. But that’s why he gets paid the big money… 😉

    Don’t get me wrong, I like a good holding mid as much as anybody and Fernandinho may turn out to be as good a buy as Negredo (for example) (Pound for pound, NOBODY was a better buy than Flamini)… I just don’t know if it’s our most pressing need at this moment. But perhaps we can ATD (agree to disagree)…

  • McGeady is quite the player on his day. Disappointed to see him go to Everton. Didn’t want him at Arsenal, but still not good to see a rival strengthen. 😉

  • JM, no Zouma in your list of defenders? I rate him. Watched him every game of the U20 World Cup this summer and was class. Also seen 1 or 2 of Saint-Ettienne’s matches this season. I remember him playing in at least one of them and looked quite good to me. Seems like a Wenger signing to me.

  • Mirallas scored a classy free kick today. He can play winger and striker. We know Wenger was interested in him and he only chose Everton over us for playing time. Now McGeady in at Everton to play on the right wing. Any chance of us taking Mirallad from them as a Theo replacement?

  • Hey Dylan… Don’t mention KZ by name as you might jinx the move, or something. Gerry seems very keen on him. Is he still serving his ban for the leg-breaking incident?…

    Those Belgians, including Mirallas, really need that playing time so they can be part of their “golden generation” in Brazil. As such, I wouldn’t see him coming to Arsenal in this window. Of course, WTFDIK? Sounds like Jelavic is the player on the move away from Everton (to Hull)…

    ManU two goals to the good in their rematch with Swansea with another Belgian (Januzaj) looking perhaps their best player…As such, time to switch channels to watch the two big name forwards with Arsenal connections: Diego Costa (Atletico Madrid) and Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona) 😯

  • 17ht…Fabregas will not come back home whilst he is starring with Barca. The only chance we have of him ever wearing the Arsenal shirt again is when he is over the hill, and I for one don’t want that.

    Although I still love him I think we are more than capable in the mid field area.

    My drum has started to bang again………..We NEED another SQ striker/Left Winger, toot sweet. Get that sorted Mr. Wenger PLEASE.

  • 17 I think we have adequate cover a DM for the moment – accepting that we don’t have the complete beast type that we all covet (as long as they have the finesse to accompany the muscle). Flamteta between them are a great, and we have RamShere to play into the mix. I agree TA Jack would be wasted if planned to play there regularly, but played alongside one of Flamteta in games where we expected to play a more advanced formation (i.e. weaker opposition) then I think this would be legitimate. The big question (or one of them at least) is whether Ramsey can come back and have a similar impact in the second half of the season. I’d also like to see Ox get a few run outs through the CAM rather than just on the wing.

    I’m expecting us to start on Monday with a real bang. We should be fresh and up for proving our title credentials. And we need to put the ‘missing Theo’ question to bed with a convincing performance – not to mention putting right the cock up of day 1. Its just a shame there have not been some dropped points around us, but I think we all expect there to be fewer such days in the coming months, from City and Chelsea at least that is.

  • VCC. Agreed of Fab – the minute we signed Oz it said to me that whatever tiny possibility there was of Fab returning has gone. I just hope he never returns to another PL club, though I have a nasty suspicion that Manure may yet be back in for him. But I can’t really see Barca wanting to let him go with the age of their other midfielders, even if he still isn’t a clear favourite with their fans. A shame, but I hope Oz, Jack and maybe the likes of Zelalem may make me forget what might have been through the pure quality of what we have.

  • VCC, Total agreement re: Cesc… I don’t see him coming back to Arsenal. Barca are playing w/o Messi nor Neymar… In fact, Barca are just starting to get a foothold in the match 20 mins in…

    On the SQ left winger…Check the German with the same initials as Johan Djourou who supposedly toured the facilities last week… Photo here might even speak to our resident monster… http://www.7amkickoff.com/tag/julian-draxler/

    AB, Ramsey’s confidence is beautiful further forward, esp. now that more of his final touches are coming off. As a DM, it works against him when he sometimes takes that extra touch to play out of tight spots (see home match vs Dortmund)…Either way, we need him fit just because he gives so much energy for full matches… Hopefully he’s back before the matches get tougher next month…

    I agree that Ox might be able to play a little deeper. He did the job in the final match at Newcastle last season when Arteta limped off…and that was nothing if not a big match…

  • Now look here, The piss artist formerly known as McBastard !…..if we were going to get Wanyama, we would have got in before Soton did and at a cheaper price !, especially the amount of Bishop Bashing about him on here…..with you being Chief Bishop Basher !. That ship has sailed !. hahaha
    Forget about the defence………….Alves, Alba as Wing Backs and an attacking Midfield and Attack of…..Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Pedro, Sanchez with Neymar and Messi on the bench !.
    Oh and McTotals former fantasy Bishop Basher……….. Song !.

  • Barca now putting the pressure on at the first half winds down…Nice to have Neymar and Messi on the bench, I would think (or Alex Song to hold a result)…

    Miranda impressed me when I saw him last year in Granada and he’s the younger, taller defender (as opposed to Godin) AND he plays the Per (right) side of central defense…

    Frankly, I don’t see this Atletico team losing any of their main guys this window. They’ve got a fine chance to finish ahead of RM this season AND they’ve got an interesting (and winnable) draw in the CL vs AC Milan. I’m just not sure why any of their regulars would feel their opportunities are any better elsewhere. The odd man out for them is Adrian, but he too (along with Godin) recently signed a multi-year extension with the club…

  • Haha, the cockster is a keen observer of the footie, when he comes out from behind his sofa… Monster man, check out the photo with the link (about JD of Schalke…) above…

    I guess that’s true, Total, regarding the money…It always seems to me that AW is keen to avoid heaping that sort of pressure onto his players, except for those (like Ozil…) who can handle it…

  • AT-M don’t have players, they have fcuking gladiators , anyone who faces them in the CL – GOOD LUCK to them, they are going all the way to the semi’s for me.

  • Hahaha 17……Drax Monster is a legend already !.

    Who the fcuk is …….Paul Georges Ntep ? or if you like anagrams……. who the fcuk is…….Get Arse Plug Open ?.

  • The salmon looks a bit pale there, Dylan… Doesn’t Arsenal have a policy against posting dietary images?… You know, ever since the Santos photos with the fish and chips… 😆 My guess is that Ntep (or his agent…) might be “unsettled” and hoping for the best… Note how the water glass is empty…hoping for something out of the tap?… N’tep, possibly the new Yaya?

    Atletico (maybe like Arsenal) look a well oiled unit and perhaps better than the sum of the parts…And now with players flying and flopping (like the salmon, before he met his fate) the hour is getting late…Oooh Messi heads wide–too much time to think about it…

  • Good Evening @ TCM 🙂 and everyone else

    The happy one is in the mood as per usual, after he managed to escape AFC’s onslaught yesterday evening, I see


  • We can give Ntep number 13 and call him PG13! (An American movie rating for you Europeans). 😉

  • If Barca didn’t get favourable decisions like Man city, RM and Chelsea, then I doubt they be winning as many matches they have done

  • 3 of the best chances for AT-M fell to Costa – he failed with all 3….

    Bony is poor man’s Costa, if you may.

  • Sasquatch feel fortunate to have plenty of football on this rainy day… Yeah, if they let Cesc actually play in the big matches with Xavi and Messi and Neymar I’m not sure why he wants to come back to play with our kids…

    007, Is your sauce still quiet? Chelsea (or any of the London clubs) got any transfers coming? Seems like we’ve got a bit of bother if we want a striker given that Chavs need one worse than we do…Luckily (and I use the term loosely…) they’ve got Rooney wrapped up post WC… 😯

    Diego Costa is getting some service, but not making the magic happen…Oooh great attempt by Arda Turan, but right at Valdes…

  • Cortois! Up to the test from Messi! Iffy clearances by Atletico made the chance… It was from a tough angle, however…Cesc to play all 90+ as final changes are made…

    Nil-nil might suit both teams now…

  • silence it is.

    nil nil suits RM 😆

    I don’t see Barca winning La Liga this year, you heard it here first.

  • Finishes Nil-Nil…

    Sorry, but the technical level of this match is so much higher than in England…As such, it WOULD be great if we could steal a player (or two) from either club. Sure, the diving is a pain, but at least the Spanish don’t moralize or pretend their guys don’t do it…

    Bond, can you get your sauce to tell us the real story on Carlos Vela? Is there really a “buy-back” or right of first refusal clause with him (or with Cesc)? Personally, I don’t believe any of those things…Even if they do exist, both players seem happy enough at their current clubs…

    I dunno, these league titles are all about the war of attrition, and Barca are top of the table with the return leg of today’s match back at the Nou Camp (where the ref will not be so strong of mind and will). Also, Messi and (Neymar) will be fully fit as the WC approaches and the CL rounds go deeper…

    Indeed, much as ManU aren’t as strong as in years past, Barca aren’t either. They’re still plenty good however. As such ManU get up for 4th, Barca win La Liga…

    (Now) you’ve heard it here… 😀

  • nice one @ TA

    yes, I agree

    my core 11,

    the back 5 pick themselves up + Flamini + AR + Ozil + Rosicky + Santiago + Giroud

    impact subs : JW / Gnabry / Podolski / Bendtner / Ox

    sorted ?

    yes, It is

    if , I was allowed to get in one players, I would get us Casillas – get rid of both Fabianski and Viviano – sorted ? if not, then I be happy to get one of these 3 right now

    1: Vela

    3: Hernandez

    5: Benteke

  • Winner of Arsenal-Bayern and/or ManCity-Barca should be favorites to be finalists in the CL…Unless their efforts in the (English) league takes too much out of them…

    That’s as far as I’ll go with predictions, for today, at least…


  • Vela buy back clause = £4.5 – not sure if it can be activated during summers or can be done during the winter TW.

    Cesc = first refusal .

    I’m not too sure about the release clauses hoopla, as most of them can only be activated during summer but then you have the curious case of Fernando Torres – his £50 million release clause was activated in the winter window , if memory serves

    also, we thought Suarez was a done deal when we bid not £40+1 but £49 million (yep, we went back for him and upped it to £49 million ) …in hindsight, we should have upped it to £50 +1 😆

    we have money in the bank, AW is willing to spend , let’s keep the faith for now and let AW surprise us all, ehhh

  • I don’t see Barca as being a threat anymore , if I am being honest with you @ 17HT

    I much rather we drew Barca in the CL than AT-M , after we beat BM 😉 saying that, I don’t see Barca getting past Man city either.

    so who is my tip for La Liga this year = RM.

  • Love the optimism (as always) JB… Like with the Suarez case I just don’t see English rivals selling to us (Chicharito), nor AW paying over the odds for talent he passed on earlier (Benteke). If you’re correct about Vela, that one, IMO, is an absolute no brainer. As such why are we offering 3 times that amount on his teammate, Griezmann? If Bony is a poor man’s Costa, (Emperor) Carlos V is a much better cup of coffee (i.e., better than Costa)… In truth, I thought he (Costa) played well but that Mascherano and Pique did a good job and left little time and space for him (and D. Villa)–Turan, in truth, had the best scoring chances. Giroud has had similar days…

    RM for La Liga? As good as the general technical level is in Spain (we need HH here…) those bottom 17 teams lose their fight as the season wears on. If anything, it’s quite a bit easier to steal a point against distance shooting RM and spirited (but not as good) Atletico. Barca to win La Liga AND they’ll get past City, I think… Things change quickly but also (very) slowly in football, I fear…

    The bigger problem for Atletico is when Cortois gets called back by Chelsea.. 😯 and all the other silly money clubs poach off their other solid players in the Summer.

  • I’m glad you mentioned Costa and Giroud , chuck in Martinez = all 3 players are pretty similar in my opinion and not much of an improvement to what we have.

    not entirely a no- brainer, if the player (Vela) himself doesn’t want to come back, no ? why would he anyway ? let’s be honest, he’s a sure starter for his current team, if he comes back to Arsenal, then he is a sure bencher AGAIN.

  • Bond, if we were to only pay the 4.5 million for Vela we could afford a high wage. IMO you’re talking about somebody whose upside potential is quite a bit higher than just about ALL the guys in our squad. That’s just me talking, of course, and if the player himself doesn’t have the belief (or the comfort level) then it’s a no-go. Still, he’s only 24 and he’s gone about as far as he can with Sociedad, I would think… It’s funny but only a year ago when I mentioned Vela to my Spanish football watching people they didn’t know him or didn’t think much of him. A year on the tune is quite different…

    Dylan’s link makes a bit of sense and maybe if Yaya Sanogo had been moderately healthy in the first half of the season we’d all be eager to see him get some minutes in secure matches and some starts in the domestic cups. Sometimes you get what you pay for and he came in on a free…

    Bottom line (and back on topic…) Plan A has been Giroud up top, with a re-jig to Theo or Lu-lu and maybe Bendtner and Sanogo) in that spot if he got hurt or needed a rest or his confidence dropped. If that option goes, we will need a lot more possession-oriented MF play and goals/assists from that part of the pitch, but we may have needed that anyhow. It was nice early season when the goals were coming but hard to believe they’re going to keep flowing. We’ll see, but as much as I’d like to be optimistic I would say we’re pretty stretched… 😳

    Still raining here (but zero snow…) Maybe it’s time to try and get my kid out of his pajamas… 😯

  • Theo is a massive lost..
    Let’s put it this way, most think we need another striker. Me included . If we try or buy a striker if we get 1 better the Theo then we would have done extremely well. He is now a 20+ PL goal a season man. Still young but coming up to the peak of his powers! Can play very well though the middle and wings. We will now never know how much he could have done to help us this season but i think he could have given us a hell of a lot. That said we CAN still win the league with out him.
    As an Englishman it is also a blow for the 3 lions in Brazil.
    But NO its not a disaster but a blow. We coped very well without already this season and i think we will again
    I would buy another striker. So we can be positive going forward and with respect to Theo we know just have to concentrate on the players we have, getting OX back is a massive boost and Jack even played very well on the right wing a couple of times it might have even been some of his best matches this season.

  • Good morning all – An evening spent discussing football, there’s a nice change?

    Just looking at the results, both here and abroad, it does seem our league is not the only one where the normal top honours usually go are now facing a challenge?

    I don’t think the EPL results were very unexpected this week, but the next few weeks it could be very different e.g: Chelsea v Man U next weekend. The following midweek Liverpool v Everton, and Tottenham v Man City. Then weekend after that the ‘biggie’, Chelsea v Man City.

    Who do we play in that same period? Fulham(h), Southampton (A), Crystal Palace(H). Throw in the Monday Villa game, with all four very winnable if we play to our best?

    Of course that brings us into our February blip with the tricky Liverpool away match on Feb 8th, and probably easier (handbrake off!) Man U at home? Then whilst the only distraction for our rivals is the Manchester derby … the more severe March program that may settle the title race for us, or not, depending how the above results go?

    So with a little less chatter on naming names on the TW (Stares 👿 Dylan & 17HT), and more full concentration on players we have in the meantime, will be most helpful 😀

  • Morning Gerry 🙂

    The post was aimed at pointing out the strength of our squad, both in terms of quality and current cohesion/togetherness levels, and where I believe we need to strengthen first.

    So in that respect it was appropriate for others to talk about adding to the team, as per one of the sub questions, no?

  • Hi all


    A. My core 11 doesn’t really differ. I like TR a lot as he goes this year but every gam won’t happen (well) so maybe not core.

    Now some heresy?

    B. A DM or ST are the same thing on the scoreline..! Yes, really!! A SQ DM would really solidify our foundation = more clean sheets and teams would have to try away harder to get thru. In doing so they’d create spaces and opportunities for our attack. Especially given Ozils talent and vision. Thus more goal difference with a DM, same as with a SQ striker. So, if, the big IF, such just happened to be available then yes.. Else, per this post we have the numbers and talent.

    C. The real risk long term for Theo is that ACLs are tricky. They can rob pace too. The one big big thing Theo had and added for us that was unique was pace. Ability to get in behind or threaten it, stretched defenses… If he loses that we will want to bring Gnabry along faster. Thus, my bird point is Gnabry may well become core, and should be brought along faster now, this year, because he offers it as well..

    Just some odd pence..

    Cheers — jgc

  • Hello TA,fellow goons

    Great write up TA

    The thing with Theo is that he gets better and better each season..each season he steps up his game and becomes a much more better and dangerous player..my issue with losing him is that with him in the team, winning the title would have been so much easier but i do agree that it is not the end of the world..this presents a chance for BOTH Serge and OX to step up into some big shoes..i have no doubt they’ll be fine

  • Sorry Totes, it wasn’t meant as a command. I think there are a number of people who get paid for writing stories on other blogs, and they scour supporters comments for ideas.

    Example, during the Vela discussion I raised the thought that Eduardo could be the type of player we need – except I did not name him. I only said ‘remember Birmingham’, and knowing me I probably got the wrong game anyway? However, a follow up comment gave his name, and within 36 hours of that name coming out on here, a whole new follow up industry began. We have now got ‘I want to come back to Arsenal – Eduardo’ Or ‘Eduardo not interested in returning’.

    It is a very incestuous world when it comes to breeding stories. I therefore try and avoid naming my shortlist, which is 1 out, but others still in contention. Unfortunately, Dylan tends to think along the same lines, so I’ll blame him if we fail : D

    When I use smiley’s it usually means I am being lighthearted, and, heaven knows, they ignore me anyway 🙂

    Regarding this post, I though my earlier reply agreed with YOUR area of concern, and as such I also agree with the Prof above. I only differed on the use of ‘core’, which being the pedant I am, I think of it in apple terms – the essential bit in the middle. You were using it in the broader sense of a primary 11 players from a pool of 15/16? Which is fine. That point that leads to the discussion over just who is where, which is one end of the argument. I abbreviated to the few players most would agree as ‘essential’, and big question marks over the vulnerable areas. Fine as a comment, but would not arouse much discussion I guess?

  • Morning Wise Wily Wonderful Wenger Warriors!! 😆
    Thanks Totes and agree with your core and most points have already been covered by the BK brethren. 😀
    Im in the need strike power group if there is only one transfer possible in this window. Wenger wanted Ratatouille and didn’t get him so expect an SQ equivalent of sorts in Summer. For now I would be happy if the Draxler transfer could be brought forward to at least cover for Theo. Morata looks like the best versatile replacement as he could cover Theo’s or Girouds spot but does seem shortsighted if there is no buy on clause. But the more I think about it, the shortsighted approach with Morata is good value because of his quality and the fact he can cover 3 positions across our front line!
    So for me he has become my furry favourite to tie us nicely through to the Summer!! 😀

  • Fozzie, I agree on the target, but AW will not train up somebody to be a more expensive target later? I think this will run on into the summer. I don’t think he will get loaned out until he signs a new deal, at least, not loaned to us. If he doesn’t sign then they run the risk of losing him for less as he winds down his contract. They might persuade him that his future lies with them, but I get the feeling a big enough bid might just tip it late in this window, because demand is high?

    If we are serious about the title, and the board willing to advance the summer budget to use now, if the right players can be brought in, suggests strongly they are? Then the other two areas of potential weakness through injury need to be addressed in this window as well? But, nothing will be cheap if you want it now? However, I reckon we could well spend more in this window than ever before … but only if we can trigger releases for the right players?

  • Hi Gerry, I indeed hope that Wenger does try and get some release clauses triggered!! I really think Wenger wouldn’t mind training Morata as it’s only a 6 month cover situation. If we got a buy on clause then it’s a no brainier. I think we can make do in the DM role and hopefully get Lars Bender or similar in the Summer. Wenger himself has said it is only a striking position he is interested in, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we get no-one at all. Hope we do though! 😀

  • Afternoon Necrophiliac Nob Nuzzlers !. 😆

    I was just reading another article on Draxler, when I come upon a child like giggling fact !. ( Which I hope our German speaking Dutch Fuhrer will verify ! ) The German National Team is known ( nickname) as…….”Die Mannschaft” !………we know Thomas Hitzlserger has come out of the closet, but with that knowledge, he was lucky to escape with his shaft still in one piece !.
    Yes, I know, only I could have come up with such a relevant fact !. hahaha

  • Which brings me to the sad news of the passing away of a BK members member. As you know VCC`s “Mannschaft” has been unwell over recent months, which has been one of the reasons for his continuing absence and lack of blogging !. The erectile dysfunction came to a conclusion last night when Mrs VCC decided enough was enough and suggested to VCC that they take his “Mannschaft” to a Swiss Euthanasia Clinic !. On hearing this, VCC`s “Mannschaft” suffered a Deep Vein Thrombosis attack and passed away !. CPR was administered in situ by Mrs VCC and the only sign of life was the inflating and deflating of VCC`s colostomy bag !. A Defibrillator was then used……stand clear !…….. but only made things worse igniting the explosion of the colostomy bag….yes , I know shit happens !.
    However, there is some good news, in a phoenix rising from the ashes moment, I put VCC in touch with someone who has promised to rejuvenate his sex life to a position he had thought was gone forever !. If you too have problems, please get in touch with …..http://static.wixstatic.com/media/80d3b1_1c4916f4324c5c4ec9df7b83c4a983ce.jpg_srz_1202_614_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

  • Hahahaa!!! Cockster!! Loved the manual breathalyser on your Hampton in the other post as well!! Such great service the blues and twos give your way!! Haha!! 😀 SS are back doing the damage for Scousers !! Going to be tight that fourth spot!! Nice we are not in that position for once!! 😀

  • I just heard Brendan Rodgers say ” … The top players can play with each other”!! Hahaha!! Looks like Sturidge and Suarez now get a bit of “alone time” haha!! I wonder if Sturridge does that spastic robot dance to celebrate surving a Ratatouille pleasuring session!!!! Throw in a Michael Jackson ..heeeee heeeee!!!!! All the Liverpool lads rolling their eyeballs up again!!
    No wonder Suarez wanted to come to us!! Haha!! Although I now hear that Giroud has purchased one of 17hs award winning cock acupuncture machine to make up for Suarezs absence!!haha !! 😆

  • Hahaha!! Don’t worry my brother … It just so happens I have the perfect solution for Vickers!! He his a half breed with the best needle in the business!! …. That’s right!! … Drum rolls please … Da da daaaaaaass!!
    MarleyKaze!!! … 😆 It just so happens that he offers the best in Jamaican and Japanese acupuncture!!
    It just so happens a certain member of the BK brethren unselfishly tried this procedure!! .. Apparently as I’ve been told … That MarleyKaze dipped his needle in wasabi before inserting!! Haha!! The hit to his Hampton immediately made his member stand to his attention with a certain eye looking like the rising sun on the flip side! !! Hahahaaa ….. !! 😆
    After riding his todger like a jack hammer he the dips his needle in some Jamaican Gold tar and sends the todger to a new level of relax ness never experienced by man!! Haha!! 😆
    Then afterwards when he session is over… His Hampton gets the munchies!!! Haha!!! 😆 … And apparently pork scratchings are top of the munchie list!! Hahaha!!
    MarleyKaze … Deadly assassin and acupuncturist!! Hahahaa!!!!
    Such a loveable chap!!!! 😆

  • Wake up drunk bastards!! Where’s the pre match Totes!! Count and Maureen got a hot poker up our ringpieces!! 😆

  • Evening guys 🙂

    All results have gone against us so we need a performance and win tomorrow. Not feeling good about this one as Lambert tends to do well against us. Am expecting a Chavsesque approach to the game by the Villans and we need to be very disciplined defensively from the moment we lose the ball in their half. Might join Cockie behind the sofa. 🙂

  • I never feel good about any game, although realistically if we are to win the EPL this is a game we should win with ease as all our rivals have had no problems over the weekend .

  • -2 , Glics -2 ,

    we win tomorrow and your -4 becomes -2, always look at the bigger picture as you hide behind the big sofa with TA , tomorrow 👿

  • Hello, everyone!

    Nice article, TA, though I see some things differently. 🙂 I think that Walcott’s injuries have left us vulnerable in the past as our opponents are frightened of his pace. Every Barcelona nimrod that opened mouth in 2010-11 mentioned Theo. His pace forces our opponents to stay on the back foot and relieve the pressure of Sagna’s back. When he plays down the middle, he can’t

    1.No. I think we need more players because we are stretched to three competitions and we are going to have at least two streaks of nasty fixtures – in February we play Liverpool and Manure in just four days and in March we play against Spuds, Chavs and Shitty respectively.

    2.Core eleven:

    Szczesny-Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs-Arteta, Ramsey-Wilshere, Özil, Rosicky-Giroud.

    3.Hm. We have a striker that I like but I don’t see him as a player that can win trophies for us as he hasn’t found the net against neither Chavs nor Manchester clubs.

    4.I’d sign a winger who would allow Wilshere/Rosicky to play behind a false nine Özil. If this Griezmann dude is that good, let’s sign him. (Of course, there is a silly idea of Gnabry as a false nine with Mesut behind him but that one won’t leave my head… Ups, it just did! :o)

  • I’d just add something to the sentence about Theo: “When he plays down the middle, he can’t be a central striker in the mould of Giroud but he can give us an option as a pacey false nine that combines perfectly with either winger. His pace gives space so they can use their technique.”

  • Cheers Admir 🙂

    Yes speed, goals and assists is what young Theo offers to us. I have defended him for years against sceptical Gooners…. Ask Red Arse 😀

    Speed is Gnabry and goals is Podolski, let’s combine them into Gnabolski. If we play them both we’ll forget Theo quickly, but who to leave out….. Rosa, Jack, Santi…. I expect us to play 4-5-1 for a while where speed is initially sacrificed for cohesion and intricate passing game…. Gnabolski can come on later to ‘Theo’ it off. 🙂

  • Patience is golden Gerry – just ask Jose Bond 😉

    New Post New Post 🙂

    17 has written a very fine Villa preview that will get the juices running. It has been a long wait – let’s get back to TotL 🙂

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