Are Arsenal getting the best out of Ozil – Is Giroud holding him back?


Mesut Ozil was a great signing for Arsenal, and indeed, the country. The former Real Madrid player oozes class and composure; he is a constant island of calm in an ocean of turmoil. His technical skills are of the highest order and his vision and speed of thinking are right there with Fabregas and Iniesta’s.

He is not the sort of player that dominates an area in midfield, like Cesc used to do for us. There are times when he goes missing from our TV screens, and you will never hear him shout at fellow players. He sometimes looks misunderstood and perhaps frustrated with his fellow players, but he’ll get on with his job immediately again. He is a tireless worker but in an almost effortless way, it seems.

It is a real shame we will see very little of the Ozil-Theo partnership this season, as the German appears to love fast and clever attackers around him who are capable of appreciating and devouring the contents of his silver service. Theo is ideal for this, and much more so than our relatively mostly slow midfielders, and our main CF: Giroud.


Those who read my blogs regularly will know that I love Giroud a lot. He is strong and works tirelessly for the team; he holds up the ball well and allows our midfielders to get close to the box where they can hurt the opponent – as a result, many of our goals are scored by midfielders and we are not over reliant on one or two super-sharp and productive attackers; we can play compact in midfield, which both allows us to protect the back four better as well as attack in numbers if and when we play the parked busses teams; he carries enough goal threat to pull away defenders, creating vital space for other players in the process; and he produces assists regularly, and actually still scores a reasonable number of goals. Many supporters do not seem to appreciate all these qualities enough IMHO.

However, I also admit he is not very clinical and he is not very fast, and his technical ability is good but not brilliant. I reckon he will always be our marmite player: some will love him and others will want to see him on the bench at best.

His big plus is that he allows us to play 4-5-1 which I still think is the best formation for sustained success for Arsenal. Surprisingly, there are not many CF’s around who can play that role as well as Giroud can, and are willing to sacrifice their normal striker instincts and needs to such a large extent as is expected by Wenger.

Three things are clear to me:

  1. Ozil is learning to play with OG as our ‘holding striker’ and has some way to go;
  2. OG is not the sort of striker who can take full advantage of Ozil’s vision and passing ability.
  3. There is potential for a clash of styles here and, as a result, a risk of frustrating/not getting the best out of Ozil in the process.

My question to you fine, fellow Gooners is, how can we get the best out of both players’ fantastic attributes:

  • Which formation should we play?
  • Should they play together at all?
  • Who should play around them to get the best value out of both players – do we need to buy or is there a solution within the current squad? 

Written by: TotalArsenal.

73 thoughts on “Are Arsenal getting the best out of Ozil – Is Giroud holding him back?

  • I would go with #2. We need a new man leading the line. Someone with pace and good footwork.

  • Pod and Theo either side of him to give options plus Rambo

    OG – pod ozil Rambo Flamini Theo – Gibbs Per Kos Sagna

  • OG is class and doing fantastically well as you pointed out, i am on your side and totally agree with what you said and i fully appreciate the hard work he puts in.
    I think we will see some great play or partnership with Podolski and Ozil in the near future.
    I want to see more of Podolski, i think Wenger has been reluctant to change a winning sides formation of late. So Podolski has found it hard to get a start but i think this will change soon . 🙂
    Good post

  • I think they just need time to link up. I think the real partnership that will cause us issues this season is Santi and Ozil. They don’t seem to click. But that discussion is for another time. 😉 As for what to do with Giroud I say give him time with Ozil and it will come, but we do also need another striker so when we bring one in, let’s hope they’re pacy (Giovinco, Batshuayi, Draxler, Pato… 😉 Don’t yell at me for naming players Gerry! I feel your stares already! 😉 Haha). Great post overall. And my simple answer is: time.

  • Dont worry about stares, Dylan. Other than Gerry, nobody is worried about giving away Wenger’s secrets 😉 😀

    Time is an interesting answer….. is OG getting any faster, no… so it must have to do with telepathy/ building a solid, mutual understanding,,,?

  • Good post. imo DB10 would have ‘struggled’ similarly if he was swapped into our current team for MO11. Strikers aside, DB10 had the luxury of having phenomenal goal scoring midfielders like MO11 (of yesteryear), RP7 and most notably Freddie (what a partnership they had!) as outlets for his creative genius.
    As lauded as our current crop of midfielders are, only Ramsey is consistently making the kind of runs into the box that afford Ozil the opportunities for those breathtaking assists.

    In this regard (and many others), Draxler would be spectacular.

  • Yes TA. I play as a hold up play striker on my soccer team (and base my style of play very much on Giroud 😉 ) and it is quite a frustrating position to play unless you receive the ball. And you do not receive the ball in the position unless you have a player around you who understands every aspect of your play and can predict every movement you make. It’s taking one of my good friends (who plays on the wing) years to learn me exactly but we now have an essentially telepathic relationship and it increases the level of play immensely. Give Ozil until the beginning of next season. After a year, their relationship will be incredible.

  • Hey TotL, excellent post and great questions… But aren’t you the guy who said we wouldn’t miss Theo? 😉

    Dylan, aren’t those 4 NEW names to go the 15 you put out there last week? That’s me doing the staring… 😉

    ToTL, I think your point is well taken. As Wenger has said, Giroud is like a classic English CF from 20 years ago–in that last match he was like a poor man’s Benteke, except that he scored with his feet rather than his head. His best asset is that he’s willing to work and that (somehow) he keeps at it. His main deficiency is that he’s not an strong runner–he’s not pacy, he only turns well to his left (clockwise) and he doesn’t gather himself well to make plays, including headers. Because of his size he gets his head to the ball, but he can’t always direct it as well as we would hope. Yes, I think Ozil would benefit from having a quicker striker with whom to work… None available in the market, I fear…

    A second problem is that Ozil likes to drift into spaces and the other MFs are only just starting to learn how to work off that and fill the openings he leaves. As such, guys don’t quite know when to get forward and when to drift back. Even though Ozil is supposedly a #10 he really doesn’t get forward very much. Once the boys pick up on what he’s doing, land get forward themselves, look out. So far, Ramsey and Rosicky have looked very energized by his presence and Wilshere seems next (maybe along with the Ox and Gnabry). For the younger guys it’s got to be the best education possible…

    I think the real opportunity, however, lies at LW but that Santi’s natural tendency to drift central has hampered his effectiveness. Nacho (the better offensive threat of our two solid LBs…) was a beneficiary until he blasted the shot that wouldn’t move and hurt himself the other night… Whoever plays over there needs to get in the box as it’s (by far) Giroud’s favorite side for 1-2s. I do believe Poldolski will start vs Fulham and he needs to have a big match. I’m concerned that AW doesn’t think he’s fit enough to contribute. (He looked good late on at tired West Ham, but not as a starter vs Cardiff City.) Hopefully he can prove me (and the manager…) that I’m (we’re…) wrong. If he can’t then I can really see the need to go in early for Draxler. What a sight it would be if the Arsenal run-in was also a contest for who got to start at LW for the Germans in Brazil…

    So, unless you want a big outlet sort of striker (Benteke) I think an LW who might be able to do a bit of solo work is the way to go. Like I say, I don’t see us getting any sort of like for like CF who can really do a better job that Giroud (in this window, at least). As such, his fitness will be key…as will other players working to his strengths…

  • Hahaha they’re just names 17 😉 I don’t want them all. They’re just names to me.
    Ollie is the one I love. 😉

  • Finally someone realized the potential of Ozil. I have seen it in the first half of last Monday game. It was like watching RM again.

  • Big holding strikers:
    Olivier Giroud(Arsenal), Mario Gomez(Germany national team), Mario Mandzukic(Bayern Munich)

    How did/will Mesut Ozil fare with the above 3?
    (Bayern Munich is still unbeaten and top of the league in the Bundesliga this season. They scored the most and conceded the less. Mandzukic accounted for 10 of the 42 league goals they scored.)

    Bayern’s successful formula involves playing Mandzukic with:

    (a) 3 creative attacking midfielders/wingers behind him: Ribery, Robben, Kroos, Gotze, Shaqiri
    in a form close to a 4-5-1

    (b) a mixed hybrid of a second striker/centre forward, side attacker/winger, offensive-minded midfielder behind him: Muller/Pizarro, Ribery/Robben/Shaqiri, Kroos/Gotze in a formation close to a 4-2-3-1.

    Ozil is comparable to the any of creative forces that is available to Bayern, so this partnership of Ozil-Giroud is workable. Giroud needs only to polish and improve of his speed of thought playing in a striker’s position to compensate for the lack of physical speed.


    Podolski could work with Giroud, when the other flanker is a dedicate and skilful side attacker/winger in the similar mold of Ribery/Robben/Iniesta/C.Ronaldo/Bale/Di Maria/D.Silva/J.Navas/J.Mata — a player who will occupy the close attentions of the opposing defence, giving space for the main striker & centre forward/2nd striker to work their way into goal scoring positions.
    We have Cazorla, The Ox and Gnabry who can play that part. (The German J.D. is heavily courted to join us to fulfill this role with our club)

    Alternatively, look into the profitable partnership between Podolski and Miroslav Klose in the national team (which is better than that with Gomez). Which means a future acquisition of a different type of main striker in the mold of: Falcao, Luis Suarez, Karim Benzema, Thomas Muller, Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero, Edinson Cavani etc.
    Otherwise, Theo Walcott is the closest the a similar sort of partnership. (The German J.D. could be molded into an instinctive predator as well)

  • Hey Dylan, because of your avatar I always picture you as on the smaller side (Jack sized)… Are you more of a bean-stalk (Giroud-esque)?… Just curious–I am not a stalker of under-age boys…
    😯 … (But I AM trolling for the Furry Freak Bros… 😀 )

    Excellent comment there, JM…

  • TA….I am not sure the verdict is in for the OG-Ozil relationship. As many have already stated, it needs more time to develop. Pires, Bergkamp and Henry didn’t really click in their first 2 seasons together and once it did happen, they were absolutely deadly. Ozil won’t take that long but he is still learning English, about British life and London, about the brutality and pace of the EPL and about Wengerball, while OG has had a full season under his belt. As well, the injuries have constantly changed the team chemistry and tactical nuances, almost every game so it is no surprise that Ozil is a bit lost in the translation! Keep in mind that he is still among the leaders in the assists for the EPL, even in his first season and boy do Real regret letting him go to a potential CL title contender.

  • we need a striker badly , giroud is lazy , he is incompetent. we need a strikers like Jackson martinez , pato , cerci, vucinic , Costa, cavani

  • Ozil is such an intelligent player, I don’t think it will take long for him to figure how to best serve Giroud. But for now i’m quite happy for him to focus on assisting our goalscoring midfielders, hopefully Santi and Podolski can get close to last seasons tallies to improve on the good start Ramsey and Wilshire have had. Throw in Ox and Gnabry too and im sure Ozil will have plenty to aim at!

  • I don’t know if anyone has said this but: WE CAN REPLACE GIROUD BUT WE CAN’T REPLACE ÖZIL!!!

  • Fantastic comment JM. 🙂
    17, I am 5′ 11″. So not extremely tall, but tall enough. 😉

  • You all supporting Giroud are not good fans. Giroud is not an ideal arsenal striker. Trends do change but you don’t want to change with it. No positioning,no goal sense,,no pace,no shots,no bribbling,no goals against any big teams,as for me,just not good enough. At 27,if he’s not as good,I’m just feeling so sorry. We need something better

  • Meant to say no dribbling. You can’t rely on just hold up shits! You need a striker who can get in the mix of things

  • Like everybody I think the özil-Giroud partnership needs time to blossom. I mean Giroud with his flicks and özil with his quantum physics time and space movement and passing.
    However I also think the main beneficiary to özil will be the wingers/fullbacks. Giroud will just be a secondary beneficiary. See how our first goal against a.villa went. Pass to the wings, low cross into the box. The so for me the winger/fullback is the connection to the özil-Giroud partnership. Giroud will mostly just need to get himself into them end balls from the winger. Of course there’ll also be the occasional özil-Giroud pass…. Ala A.villa first leg and Napoli but the wingers and fullbacks are who I think Giroud need that telepathy with. Maybe poldi will be the better option as Walcott is always now looking to score off özil.

    Yeah. Thise my thoughts but then again… The 4(maybe 5) Behring Giroud are so fluid it almost rubbishes everything I said above. I mean everyone is at the wings, at the center, partnering arteta or flame…..

    I’m done. Waaay too complex for me. 😀

  • Morning TA, fellow goons

    First thing first:brilliant post TA.

    The purchase of Ozil meant one thing and one thing only: Arsene would go 4-2-3-1 full time…this system is MEANT for Ozil..he is not your traditional classic #10 so that instead of occupying the central midfield and trying to dictate from there, instead he actually acts like an auxiliary winger where he drifts to both wings allowing others to push up and exploit the spaces he has created..he then drifts inside in the space between the midfield and defense and this in turn allows another player(Rambo or Jack) to push up..looking at our first goal vs Villa on Monday: Ozil drops back(almost to the LB position), Nacho then bombs forward and receives a weighted ball from Ozil and crosses it for Jack who has pushed forward to exploit the space vacated by Ozil..looking at this, your traditional #10 would be where Jack was with Jack being deeper in midfield and given how Villa had packed the bus on us in the first half, i HUGELY doubt we would have had the break through had it not been for Ozil’s intelligent off the ball movement..i could name countless matches where we have come out on top thanks to this man’s outstanding off the ball work..he is simply imo the BEST in the world at what he does

    Onto your question TA: the compatibility of Ozil and Giroud…it’s hit and miss for me..

    HIT: Ozil off the ball movement coupled with Giroud’s hold up play and how he draws defender’s to himself means space for a player bombing upfront from midfield(this would explain Rambo’s many goals as he knows when to push up)..these two therefore can be credited for bringing other players into play because of their space-creation capabilities

    MISS: Ozil thrives on fast pace football where he will look to provide a killer pass upfront but Giroud just isn’t fast enough for this, which makes the loss of Theo all the more disappointing..Ozil’s debut vs Sunderland gave us a glimpse of the explosive partnership that these two would have..Theo loves running behind the defense and Ozil loves hitting those killer balls in behind the defense:the perfect partnership

    Do i have anything to complain about??..HELL NO!!.. Ozil might work better with a fast paced forward but look at how thanks to my HIT comment above, Rambo has burst onto the we top the league so nothing to complain here!

  • Fantastic comments guys and some food for thought. Agreed that Ozil will get more fun out of our ‘wingers’ and wing backs going fwd, especially the latter with Gibbs and Nacho having great potential. Also good points about time being needed as we play a more intricate sort of footie compared to RM.

  • Hi

    KG has it mostly (for me) but I’d add the following:

    A. OG and Ozil are not a team. They can OR cannot play together. It’s HOW we play as a team!

    B. As KG pointed out, Ozil likes killer passes, which in turn mean space(s). Thus, it’s how they work together to creat those and to create those that suit.

    C. For me this means OG is either further back or occasionally further forward then now. Back to free space in front of him for Theo or JW or others with pace and nous to cut in for that pass. Forward to create it between them to work with Santi et al wide to create e slot for Ozil or a wide Santi or JW etc to find OG thru near to goal.

    D. We will, without Theo, need to use our wife’s and pace more. Perhaps Gibbs at wing and Nacho behind on occasion? To be provocative! AR and JW have enough to overlap and find a way thru.. Failing all that we need to drop our high line a touch, which we’ve been doing, pass back more and use control to create those opportunities to best use Ozil.

    Overall, it’s a team game. If we want more NOW out of Ozil we need to shift a bit with what we have. Later…

    E. A more pacey wing type (Reus?) or forward with more elusiveness, eg Suarez…

    Finally, I’d note that the BM comparison is interesting. Their wings are less pace then elusive/clever. Equally, a striker we had was like that good pace but very clever/elusive so he always looked even faster.. Some Henry guy… Ie we need more of that, whether it’s wide or in front may not matter!

    Just some spare pence! Remember it’s a team game! 😉

    Cheers — jgc

  • Fine stuff TA

    The question is “should we be cruel to be kind?”.

    Arsenes current thinking is that by overloading the midfield with technical midgets, we need physical presence up front to compensate. Its hard to argue against this.

    We all know Giroud is a very very good player. However, do we seek to improve the side by taking a different approach, beefing the midfield up with physicality there by allowing us to play a more conventionally mobile and technical player up front?

    Yes my friends, I am a very cruel person. On many occasion I have had no choice but to spell out to my latest squeeze “your holding me back baby”, and subsequently moved on to pastures new.

    Will the time come when Arsene calls Giroud into his office and declares “Olly Baby, I love you, but your holding Mesut back”.?

    Of course, there will be tears and recriminating words “What your seeing Ozil behind my back?”, and “I knew it, £42.5 million on him, and only 12 on me. You two timing conniving bastard Wenger”

    Time will tell.

  • I love ollie, but we need quicker, more accurate striker. Someone who can run onto through balls. giroud has a place in the squad, but should be better scoring threat with the players around him.
    i do recognize the many things he does well and his hard work.

  • sorry people but have had the worst few days of my life and it’s still not over,

    in a nutshell , we lost twins, my wife miscarried and then she got an infection at the hospital and ended up with sepsis…that’s attacked her kidneys, and lungs…both her kidney’s have failed and is now desperately needing a kidney transplant, we thought her twin sister would be a match but it’s not the case , however, we have managed to find a donor and if all goes well, she might get the transplant tomorrow…. it’s all easier said than done as she has leukemia so makes it even worse since her natural immune system is non existent… and the only thing keeping her alive right now are machines (Dialysis and a respirator ) I might lose 3 people in 3 days…a tough next 12 hours await, if she can survive it until the surgery takes place

    if you don’t see me around then you’ll know why

    I don’t believe in miracles but I do believe in the power of prayers…

    life is cruel…no doubt,

  • JB – That is not good news. Take time out, and I hope you can pull through with your by your side. Stay strong. I wish you all the very best outcome, of what will still be a loss ..

  • JB,
    sorry to hear about your difficulties, of course you will have our thoughts and prayers. We will be waiting here for you to tell us when things are better. And to hear more of your Arsenal wisdom also. Now take care of the important things.

  • JB

    Terribly sad news and what a pain and worry you must be going through right now. I sent you an email and if you want to talk to somebody you just need to reply. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and I am hoping that your natural joy of life and positivity will see you and your wife through this most difficult of times. Keep strong.

  • JB .. I’m speechless .. Cannot begin to say anything to make things better!! Thank you for sharing your hardship with us. I will pray for you and know that although we are in cyberspace … We all care for you very much because you wear your heart in a sleeve!! There is only one enemy .. Thats Satan the devil … I hate him so much at times like these!!!

  • Bondy, like Fozzie, I am speechless at your loss and plight

    I am a religous person, and will say a prayer for you and your good lady

  • 007, I don’t know what to say… Just so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. Good luck. We’re pulling for you…

  • Grief JB. Like most others here I had no idea what you were going through. I hope you can find the means look after yourself through all this, as well as supporting your wife. My thoughts are with you and your wife. Good luck mate.

  • JB,

    Life can be so cruel at times, but everything happens for a reason that we humans just can never ever really comprehend. As others have already said, I am very sorry for your loss (twins) and I hope their tiny little souls are in a better place. As for your wife, I sincerely hope that she will be strong enough to pull through these most difficult periods and recover her health in no time. Not a great way to start the new year but what doesn’t kill you certainly makes you a lot stronger and you both are in my thoughts and prayers just as in every BKer’s here.

    United We Stand! We are all firmly behind you and your wife and hope everything goes very well with the operation. Best of luck to you both. Stay strong…

  • TA, outstanding article mate! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was extremely thought provoking 🙂 .

    As you, and most, know, I have never been too infatuated with what OG brings to the table. As you aptly point out, he is slow, lacks some technical ability and is not clinical enough. That said, he is still currently our best out and out striker, always gives a full effort and his hold up play is always welcome. Further, his one touch passing around the top of the 18 yard box has been excellent and he has been involved in quite a few classic, Arsenal goals this season. At this point in time, you simply cannot replace him with another striker (based on rumoured available names).

    I do enjoy that we are not overly reliant on one individual to provide the goals, but it would be interesting to see how much better we could be if we had a more lethal finisher (would also have to be selfless/team-oriented as well).

    In terms of answering your questions:

    1. Continue to stick with the formation that has brought us ToTL. You know what they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    2. See above. Do we have any other choice but to play them both together? If we get a new striker, they’ll likely take time to adapt to a new league, new teammates and our system, so we might end up taking a step backwards.

    3. Having Theo out hurts, since neither Ox nor Gnabry have the pace, movement or finishing ability of Theo. However, both are still incredibly young and have room to develop into more well-rounded players than Theo, which leaves the possibility of Ozil developing chemistry with one for the rest of the season. If either Diego Costa or Benzema are available, either would be welcome additions to our squad and would likely gel with Ozil better than OG. Still, I would at the very least keep OG as a bench player with spot starts to add versatility to our attack as I still value what he brings to the table.

    Hope that wasn’t too much to get through!

  • My apologies JB, as I did not read through the comments earlier. All the best mate and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  • Wow JB that’s disheartening. Sorry bout the recent problems. We’ll put you in out prayers and looking forward to seeing you joyous again. Have faith. Trust God.

  • Morning all

    my sincerest apologies to you 007 and your family in these trying will be in our thoughts and all the best in the Lord almighty to see you through the hard times

  • JB…….My heart and thoughts are with you & your Wife at this trying time.

    I cannot begin to apprehend the pain you are going through, but I will be praying you both have good news shortly.

    As Total says, your Gooner brothers are here for you, but for now, take care of the things near and dear to you.

    God Bless.


  • Mmmn – Well I guess everybody is feeling like me, half expecting, half hoping, that somebody would have come along saying they stolen JB’s phone, in it was all a cruel hoax …

    Instead, the reality is far from that. So it is just as well we don’t talk football today. We thought we had a disaster when Theo had his cruciate injury, but real tragedy comes in real life. We will talk about football again, but today let’s keep it as a quiet meditation day where we can all think about JB and his wife, while they try to salvage something for life in future days.

    That does not mean tomorrow when we turn to other things that we we stop thinking about them, if for no other reason, that when there is a quiet moment, you can be sure that JB will want us to give a views that he can take some light relief from his current situation as he reads on.

    So I will wish JB the very best and hope his love will hold the key to their future happiness.

    And to my fellow BK’s I wish you a good night, and hope your good wishes and prayers are working their magic … Until tomorrow then.

    Good night all.

  • Thanks Gerry.

    I will issue a new post around 10 tonight. If JB needs the distraction he will be able to read a fabulous OzG preview with a fitting intro by 17.

    We are all thinking about you JB and our day has been heavily influenced by your sad news and continued hardship. We are all hoping your wife will pull through. All the best.

  • she has just woken up after her surgery and coma , the kidney seems to be working fine so far but she is still on a ventilator due to ARDS …hence not completely out of danger but hopefully will pull through, if anyone can then it’s her …

    the most important thing is that she has managed to come through and is still alive , the doctors are calling it a miracle even though they are people of science and don’t believe in such things, they have never seen a case like it before and I’m putting it down to all of your prayers and best wishes, I really needed your prayers and they no doubt played a massive part in all of this.

    she often used to check up on me reading up my comments and enjoyed everyone’s comments, in particular, Glic’s, FB’s and 17HT’s, she will no doubt be back soon reading through it all and will be touched and moved as I have been with all your support and love.

    thank you every one, I am deeply touched and overwhelmed by it all…

    I was a broken man yesterday but today feels like a massive massive victory, I’m sorry for burdening you with all of this but I was a desperate man yesterday, needing your best wishes and prayers and suffice to say, you didn’t let me down in my time of need…

    yes, Gerry is spot on – the show must go on, no matter what , cheers for your offer @ TA – I’m proud to be part of the BK family, not only do we have some mighty fine gooners but also fabulous human beings.

    one BK and one Gooner family !

  • I kinda feel bad now for ruining everyone’s day, so allow me to make it up to everyone…

    we are currently at -2 on Glic’s watch and according to his calculations when compared with last year, yes ?

    we win tomorrow Against Fulham and we will be back to 0 and won’t have to hear to Glic’s -4’s or -2’s reminders no more , (we had a cracker last season with a 3-3 , with Arteta missing a last minute penalty to win us 4-3) , Giroud had a good game and scored 2 goals, how would we love to score 3 goals again tomorrow 🙂

  • James, given circumstances that is fantastic news. She clearly is made of strong stuff and your love for her is helping a lot here, no doubt. Keep strong buddy and talk on the blog as much as you like. That is what victory through harmony is all about. One family.

  • Well that is better news JB!!! I was on pins and needles waiting for some good news!!! It’s one thing when someone who is of your blood is in trouble, but it’s another thing altogether when someone who CHOOSES to Love you is in grave danger. Both situations are terrible, but your wife, anyone’s wife, is someone special, because they are not of your blood, but choose to Love you like they are anyway. I hope that makes sense…I am not religious, but I am thinking about you and your wife. Have been all day.

  • JB my friend. I`m not ashamed to say I have shed a few tears after reading you`re heart breaking loss and continuing fight for you`re special partner. In my case it brought back the shock of the recent ( Total, Terry and VCC were informed and were of great comfort .) diagnosis of my wife having cirrhosis ( a serious advanced liver disease ). I went off line for a while, but came back as TCM as I needed some respite from all the worry of my wife`s illness and being on BK gave me a place to escape. It`s worked for me and hope it can work for you.
    We are a Brotherhood of Global Gooners and are all praying for “Jane” to pull through.
    Mrs Monster sends her love to Mrs Tarzan.

  • JB,
    So sorry to hear that, hope she gets well soon. I can’t imagine just how bad it all must be right now. Very sad about the twins, she must feel so low. Keep strong for her, just tell her everything will be ok, just concentrate on getting herself right and well.
    Sending my sympathy , to you both. Hope you are ok .? Sorry to hear that mate. Be strong for her

  • On a lighter note , i’m looking forward to seeing what a fit and settled Sanogo can do. He must be chomping at the bit for a match i would not be surprised if he nicked Frimpongs gumsheild due to him chomping at the bit so much. I think this lad is going to be a big star if he stays fit, Wenger rates him sooo highly . I wonder when we will get to see him play.?? If we can get a good lead at the weekend i would have thought 20 mins would be great for him. I think this is the reason Wenger is not so worried about signing a striker this window.The fact that Wenger has wanted him for years and he was the stand out French under 21’s striker the summer tornement gives me belief .
    If we sign a player it will not be til the last couple of days in the window anyway.

  • Good evening all and great to hear the Mrs Bond is pulling through JB!!! I hope she continues to mend and I will pray for that to continue and especially the emotional trauma you are both dealing with.
    Thank you also for helping restore Cockies abacus to ground zero tomorrow!!
    There will be a “ground zero” party in the tranny annex!!! 😆
    Instead of doing his bold figure 8s it will be zero … Nascar styles!!! Watch those googly eyes spin off his furry face!!haha ! 😆

  • that is it @ TA – even though she is in ICU and unable to talk, she kept smiling at me through her pain

    well said and well put @ Milo – thank you very much for your kind words and support…

    TCM – I am so sorry to hear about Mrs. Monsters liver problems, I hope she has given up drinking altogether and you are taking good care of her, don’t let her get tired or fatigued that much, liver problems are never nice to have, even a scarred liver can cause plenty of problems…I hope the doctors were able to diagnose the cause of the liver damage ? there can be a number of things that could cause it , fatty liver, hepatitis e.t.c e.t.c that slowly yet surely attacks the liver and causes such damage – hopefully it’s not so bad now and being well monitored and looked at – there are a lot of drugs in the pipeline and trials being done, so hopefully there might be a good treatment/therapy available to reverse liver damage.

    I have nothing but gratitude for all of you, and can’t really put it all in words tbh,

    yes, we’re both very sad about losing our twins but she still has her wits about her and sent me a message that our twins wanted to take their mother with them @ PG 🙂

    I have been better but no doubt, will get back there slowly yet surely… I had lost all hope last night but now am on the mend, thanks to all the overwhelming support from you lot and rest of my family and friends – I’m not ok but I am hoping to be soon.


  • Totes … I have just caught up now, but this is a fantastic post!! I think that from a fast counter attacking team at RM to our more controlled style has skewed just how good Ozil appears….
    This article pretty well shows that he is on track to score more goals, assists and chances in his first year at the Arsenal than at his time at RM

    It really is a must read and nothing like the title suggests

    But I agree that we never saw how deadly he could be with Theo or a more mobile striker like Suarez. He missed Ramsey because his running inside the box is superb and I think more goals will flow from this combo.
    Ozil will have an even better season next year…it’s scary.. And the more the Germans get to work together the better .. Poldi .. Ozil … Gnabry will yield some fine results sure and I hope tomorrow will be the start of that! 😀

  • Cockie … Thanks for sharing your situation too … Knew you were up against it but didn’t know how badly … Hope you are both coping and I’m glad that being schizophrenic helps you!! Haha !! It certainly helps me … I mean all of us!! Hahaha!!! 😆

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