Five Reasons Why Arsenal Will Win The Title


Dedicated to: Mr. and Mrs. Bond. Though I’ve never met James, I think of him as a friend. I think of all the regulars on this site as friends. Close friends even. Refreshing the Bergkampesque page is like walking into a room of close friends. Almost everyone knows each other, even beyond Arsenal. We all fight sometimes, but so do friends. And in the end we always make up. And most importantly, we all support each other.

JB has gone through an extremely tough time recently. And while I have never met him (though I hope to one day, along with all regulars on this site), I do feel a portion (albeit, probably a relatively small amount compared to JB) of his pain. I want to be here for him, along with everyone else. I can’t write a beautifully deep dedication such like many have done, especially 17HT. But I did want to take time to let JB (and everyone else know) how close I think of all of you are, and how truly important you are in my life. I will end with this as I have no words of my own:

“When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm tender hand.” –Henri Nouwen. We all feel your pain JB.

January 19, 2014. That is the date at the time I am writing this. As of this moment, Arsenal have not made any signings in the January transfer window. This has many pundits and fans (of all teams, including Arsenal), saying that we can’t win the title. But worry not, Gooners, I am here to tell you that we can win the title! And this is why: 

1.    There are 12 days left in the transfer window.

Most signings during the transfer window take place during the last week. This is especially true for Arsenal. Wenger seems to like evaluating players in the last week of the window, based on their performances to date as well as injury, and deciding who should be sold and bought. For example, Nacho Monreal last season. Gibbs suffered a long term injury and Andre Santos’ performances to (that) date had been lacking (to put it nicely). Wenger decided to dip into the market and get a quality player who he could improve and could challenge Gibbs for that left back spot for years to come. So far, Nacho has been even better than expected, improving in leaps and bounds in our very solid squad and he looks like he will continue to improve and serve the club well for years to come.

So far this season, I can’t think of any players who have truly been underperforming. We did excellent in the summer to rid ourselves of our deadweight and the only player in the squad who is currently useless is Diaby. He is a good player on his day, but is really too injury prone for a club like Arsenal. We will likely sell him in the summer (assuming we can keep him fit until then). As for signings, we have a fairly deep squad (which will be discussed in a later ‘reason’). The only signings we really need would be cover for Giroud and maybe a young centre back to cover for us just in case a defender or two get hurt. We could also maybe use cover for Theo, but Gnabry has stepped up so hugely lately, that it really does seem unnecessary. So perhaps a striker could be a nice addition, but if Wenger can’t get one of his main targets, we can afford to wait until the summer because Nicky B is beginning to live up to the potential that many of us expected, and we do have young Yaya Sanogo back later this week if we really are out of options.

2.    We are in fantastic form.

We are just off a solid 2-0 win at home to Fulham. So let us take a look at Arsenal’s recent stats.

Our last 5 games:

Wins: 5

Goals Scored: 10

Goals Conceded: 2

AVG Goals For Per Game: 2.00

AVG Goals Against Per Game: 0.40

We are on a five game win streak and a six game unbeaten streak (these five games and the Chelsea draw). We are scoring plenty of goals and have the top defence in the league. This means we have most clean sheets and fewest goals conceded in the PL. Our next three league games are against Southampton (A), Crystal Palace (H), and Liverpool (A). Southampton and Liverpool could be tough games, but we have plenty of time to rest between all of these games. Also we beat both already this season and we are better away than we are at home. All of this together, means we should take maximum points from all of these games.

3.    Wenger knows how to do well during the run in.

The past two seasons Arsenal have been outside of the top four heading into the final stretch of the season. And the past two seasons, Arsenal have ended in the top four. Most notably, last season when we were unbeaten for majority of the end of the season, starting with a 2-0 away win at the eventual Champion’s League winners, Bayern Munich. Wenger has experience on his side, both at winning titles and motivating a team for the run in. Arsene just needs to combine these two and lead the team to as many points as possible from now until the end of the season. Last season Manchester United won the title with 89 points. We currently have 51. Based on that we could theoretically lose up to ten points and still get 89 points. However, this league is far more competitive than last season, and I firmly believe we could possibly need up to 95 points to win the title. That means no more than one loss from here on out. It will be difficult, but I firmly believe this team with this manager and this spirit can do it.

4.    We have a deep squad.

Most top teams have at least two players in every position they play on the field. I see a lot of people saying we lack squad depth. But let’s look at how deep our squad really is

First Line Up (Not necessarily a first choice line up):


Second Line Up (Not necessarily a second choice line up):


The weakest spots here are right back/centre back and winger (only due to Walcott’s injury). This is not terrible and easily fixable with a purchase or two, which can definitely be put off until the summer. On top of these players we have Viviano, Ryo, Sanogo, and various youngsters. We also can’t forget we have players such as Joel Campbell and Akpom currently out on loan who will be back next season. To sum everything up, Arsenal really does have a strong side despite popular belief; and this window, as well as the summer window, could really complete our squad.

5.    We are top of the table.

Simply put, we are already top of the table! We have no climb to make. Technically winning all of our games now, would ensure us the title! 😉 Another positive, we were top at the beginning of the new year. At the end of almost every season (at least in recent history) people look at the table of the end of the season and compare it to the table at the new year, and the champion is almost always top then. This is a huge deal and should not be taken lightly. There isn’t much to this reason. It’s very simple. We’re top of the league. Let’s keep it that way.

Thank for reading! 😀

Written By: Dylan.

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197 Responses to Five Reasons Why Arsenal Will Win The Title

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Dylan, many thanks for the wonderful, heartfelt words for James B and a very positive post to lift the spirits a bit.

    There is every reason to believe we can win the PL this season and your five reasons all have merit. You can tell the players believe it and that goes a long, long way. For me it is all about OGAAT 0 not look too much ahead. We are starting to win games easily, albeit we small scorelines. We needed 45 minutes against Villa and the same time against Fulham to secure the three points (although against Vile Villains we almost did ourselves in). This way we preserve energy and reduce the risk of injury. Feb and March will be big tests but with OGAAT we can get there. One win against a big competitor can make all the difference this season to push that final belief that we can win the PL. But next up is Southampton and that will be another tough game for us.

  2. martinasdf says:

    A lot of nice points you made there, and I totally agree. This is our best chance in many years, it would mean so much to win it against the money clubs like City and Chelsea. A slap in the face to everyone claiming Arsenal can’t win it!

    Hopefully Wenger is getting someone it the transfer window. It not, I still believe we can win it IF we have some luck with injuries.


  3. James McKean says:

    I don’t wish to be unduly negative but this squad is not going to hit 95 points.

  4. Fred says:

    I’m an arsenal fan but i dont believe in theories. We need a stricker who is goal oriented and we lift silvaware this term.

  5. Gerry says:

    Top stuff young Dylan – Everything you say is true. However, I am reminded to say, reading a link earlier on Total Football – ‘Simple football is the most beautiful thing. But playing simple football is the hardest thing’ J. Cruyff.

    You have stated that if we win all our remaining games we will win the league. Factually true.
    Remaining unbeaten will indeed be the hardest thing to achieve.

    I also think if we are to lose any game, it will be more important as to who beats us, rather than the 3 points lost. If we beat Man C and Chelsea, and lose to Crystal Palace, we are in a lot stronger position than if either of them over take us with a win?

    I am with you on the positive front. Inadvertently, by keeping Walcott in the the list of 22 you have highlighted the space for a signing, albeit, not necessarily in that position? What we must rely on is AW’s judgement to bring in the right players that will fit in with our philosophy. Many headlines point to us being ‘snubbed’, yet they do not always look at how players we have deliberately not gone for have fared. Two examples from 18 moths ago when the need for a DM was also at a high, like now. Yet M’Villa went to Russia and did not shine. Capoue went up the road, and is set to leave?

    So, Yes. If there is any business to be done in this window, it will be good business, however late in the window it may be.

    Finally, away from the football, your dedication to JB and his wife is very warm and heartfelt. It shows you have a character that will see you well in this world. I am sure JB will be touched by your words, even he is unable to express that right now.

    To use a footballing phrase ‘The boy done good’ – Harry Rednapp … probably?

    Cheers D

  6. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ah poo… Wrote a bit on the last thread only to have the “New Post” drop in on top of me…

    Good job Dylan. The positivity cannot be denied… Put me down, however, with the Dutchman and his refrain of Oh-Gaat. Glad to see that we’re down to only needing a couple of signings here to get us over the line… 😉

    To spin this a little I’ll offer up a different take…and maybe it ties in to themes about there being times when football doesn’t matter, etc., etc….

    I don’t really care if we win the league…

    Our club is showing SO much to me and the world this season by taking a contrary stand. Instead of buying A WHOLE NEW team (I’m holding up the same sign here as Santi did recently…) we bought one guy who makes everybody better. Instead of firing managers as if it was a bodily function and bringing in a massive ego to pull the strings (now I’m pointing across London to the Southwest…) we’ve got a manager who has married HIS success to that of the club. That our primary shareholder wants to make money (rather than waste it…) doesn’t really excite me, but it does show a path forward for the financial sustainability of high level club football… Against these countervailing forces we might not win the league, but we’re in the mix, offering a product that is increasingly watchable and exciting. Sometimes it’s not ALL about where you end up (the results). Sometimes it’s about the journey…

    I know this is heresy in our modern times, but there you go…Sorry… 😳

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Well said reverse of 71! 🙂

    Yes it is about the journey more than the end result. Having said that, it is also nice to arrive now and again so we don’t have to hear year after year that we never get anywhere.

    It is also nice to get some new tires and extra gadgets on our mode of transport to make things increasingly watchable and enjoyable! 🙂

  8. Xavier says:

    Re- the last post.
    @TA and Gerry *sigh* maiden post eh? I don’t know if I can’t do that. I could ‘try’ but I don’t know how it’ll have any theme. Just a bunch if ramblings. Kinda like my comments. 😀

    TA I agree with you. The squad is not as thin as people make out. I don’t know though if I’d take beast of a DM as a priority. I think I’ll rather have a backup cb first. Then maybe a Dm. As for the striker, well, I now nobody wants to hear this but I kinda think we can cope with what we have. We know bendtner can deliver the goods on his day. Sanogo is untested but may prove an X factor for us.

    Okay. Time to read this post now. 😀

  9. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, well done there, TA… IMO only a blind person would think we’re not getting anywhere… 😀

    No doubt, if you’re not moving forward you’re going backwards, for sure.–and I was really doing some deep thinking about tires when I thought we were actually gonna have a Winter here…Given that I’m in a more “appreciative” mode than usual (or than is usually tolerated by the culture…) I’m trying to enjoy the moment rather than worry about outcomes… Also, I’m just a little ticked that my post, er, comment on Gerry’s post got buried…

    In fact, on that theme, and thinking a bit about what our guy from Real Madrid has brought to our team, I thought I’d post this link. If you’ve never seen it, I’d say it’s worth the 90+ minutes it takes to watch it–much as watching a whole Arsenal match might give more insight than just the goals/highlights…I think you can get it with different subtitles elsewhere on youtube…

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    No problems with rambling, Xavier. We are all good at it! 😉

    My thinking is this. If we get a DM, we can move Flamini to the RB, in case we need Sagna to replace BFG….. And yes I like DMs hahaha 🙂

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    And Xavier, I am really looking fwd to seeing SayNoGo properly in action. He could yet become the biggest surprise this season.

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Here you go, 17.

    17ht wrote at the end of Gerry’s previous post:

    ” Nice one Gerry…The link of yours (just above) is good too. Here’s another along the same lines… I haven’t read ToTL’s yet (on total football) but I will…

    For me, we’ve got some repeated themes this season which keep popping up. One of them is: Is it all about Ozil? Has he been a disappointment, etc. On this account I’m in the mode of wishing I had an Ozil-cam–or that I could attend the matches and keep my eye on the man…

    I think his presence is changing things in significant ways that we’re only starting to appreciate. Our Messy, I believe, is helping us take a nascent style of defense-first pitch control (which we hinted at during last years run-in…) to the next level. With our game over early on Saturday I watched a bit more of the rest this past round and I think we’re close to being the only team that can actually get beyond the “every pass is a chance” (for both teams) style which characterizes English football. City and Chelsea are a tiny bit more developed (the former offensively, the latter by sitting deeper…) but most of what I see (in the English game) is all about big (scary) passes where every ball invites a challenge (and a potential break the other way) OR a chance to beat that challenge (usually with a run) and create a break upfield (and a chance) with the original ball-holders. Plenty of excitement, no doubt–aided, as always, by referees who seem promoted on the number of times they DON’T use their whistles–but also not a lot of collective control nor much in the way of more interesting ideas…

    It’s a pretty “deep” topic and one that’s not easy to convey. Far easier to talk about results or individual players (including just “names,” i.e., transfers) and/or positions and formations. Suffice it to say that I like what we’ve got going but I still see massive room for improvement. That the transfer news seems to be getting away from a pure striker target towards more adaptable types makes me hopeful that the Arsenal “audience” is starting to see it too… I’m still of the mind that we may find ourselves missing and/or needing a player who really represents a threat to get past defenders or behind the lines (i.e. do that thing which makes the English game hum) and makes individual players (the world over) into “super-quality.” Ronaldo and Messi seem content at their current clubs, but this guy Dribblaxler intrigues me. I’m referencing the “will we miss Theo” theme here, but I’m excited by young guys Gnabry and the Ox and curious where AW will slot these characters plus Ramsey upon his return. Indeed Xavier, it’s a pretty intriguing triangle of depth, injuries and lies we have going at the moment…

    I’m still shaken by the news/troubles amongst my brethren here and a bit glad that the matches are a little spread out and that the next one *seems* on the easier side. A chance to see if a few of the youngsters can play the team game, maybe?… “

  13. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ah geez, Totes (My kid says there’s an ad where somebody say “Totes McGoats” to mean “totally,” which, I think, means “yes” but with emphasis… 🙂 )

    I really don’t mind when what I write gets buried…I was just kidding…Though I do enjoy talking more about how our guys are playing than point totals, who to buy, etc., etc.

    That’s just me, however, and everybody should feel free to discuss whatever they like…That’s the uh, “democratizing effect of the internet,” or something…

    You ever watched that vid I posted?…

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha, yes with EMPhasis – I like it.

    Have watched programmes about ZZ in the past. Brilliant footballer, and the Juve central midfield combo of ZZ and Davids was one of the best I have ever seen. David’s is one of my favourite Dutch footballers of all time. ZZ was truly special though: as Henry put, ZZ has the same feeling in his feet as he has in his hands. Magician.

  15. Xavier says:

    Good post Dylan and wonderful Pre for JB. As always, our heart and prayers are with you everyday double-0.

    I really do think we can nick the EPL this season. Even without any signings this January. It’ll take a whole lot of positivity, some top football and a lot of grinding out results. Also as Gerry said, winning against manU and Chelsea and losing to crystal palace won’t affect us too much.
    In truth though, we may eventually not win it but it feels so good to be in the mix at least.
    One cup I really see us triumphing in is the Fa cup though. In this one I think we can go all the way and I think we may have more luck in this one than in the EPL.
    I wouldn’t say focus on this cup or that league though. In an alternate universe somewhere in the depths of my subconscious rests a place where The Mighty Arsenal win all 3 competitions they are currently in. 😀 Yeah. That’s a distinct possibility with the lowest possible odds bet hey. It’s arsenal. If any club can do it this season it’s we. (Or city unfortunately).

    Well, till then… It’s OGAAT! Starting with Coventry this Friday right?

  16. Well done young Dylan !. An uplifting post as usual and a great dedication to our Bondies !.
    I`m with Totes being in the OGAAT pussy…..sorry posse !.
    Trouble is, apart from me, you`re talking to a bunch of BK Broke Back Bastards and that’s a wasted talent, when I`m sure there`s a lot nicer talent on view at your school !.
    I reckon you have the looks and style to pull off a “killing” in the female department to write a similar post ( anonymous, of course to start with ! ) at school, one called……Five Reasons Why Dyldos ( I`ve used a pseudonym so you`re not used as a Jocks jock strap ! ) Going To Shag You !. I`m sure you can think of 5 uplifting reasons !. Go on give it a go !. hahaha
    How about something like this, trust me guaranteed results of wall to wall shagging !.
    1) I`m loaded
    2) I`m hung like a horse
    3) I`ve a great personality
    4) I`ve a great sense of humour
    5) You cant escape my sound proofed secret hideaway !.

  17. ZZ similar to me Totes !………..just a slight difference….Mrs Sagna said I have the same feeling in my cock as in my hands !. Like a Magician and his wand !. I only had to say the words Abracadabra and my wand disappeared into her !. hahaha

  18. 17highburyterrace says:

    Glad you like it McGoats… And, how can you not like a player who’s so cool he has to wear shades (Davids)… Here’s another link–in honour of our honor student (and his positivity)…(I think it came out when I was about Dylan’s age myself… 😆 )

    I’m with X about how tough it will be to win the league this season vs the Shiek-o-garchs…It will come down to the tightest of margins and we’ll only still be in it IF we can maintain our focus and our collective spirit and keep winning the games we should. If the supporters can get on board all the better…Wenger in his post-match after Fulham noted that the home support is getting more patient…

    Beyond these things we obviously need to do better against the big teams. Against City, Chelsea and (even lowly) United, over the past 1.5 seasons I think we’re something like no wins, 4 draws and 6 losses. Splitting the matches against the two big German teams is better but still not enough. We’re much better this year and might be able to blame the vagaries of the schedule (Man City AND ManU came at difficult times) or conditions (vs Chavs in the league) or even a virus. As we move into the Spring, the excuses won’t work and we’ll have to navigate some very difficult stretches of matches in the coming months. If you haven’t looked at the fixture list lately (and you like to look ahead, like a good manager would…) I can guarantee there will be a bit of this: 😯 I also like our chances in the FA cup but continuing with a favorable draw (and making no missteps) is key. Man City can afford extra matches (five goal fun for their shadow squad last midweek) but I don’t know if we can…

    Like I say, looking ahead is one thing, appreciating where we are (how far we’ve come) is also important… 😀

  19. 17highburyterrace says:

    😳 Sorry, screwed up the link….This was the one I meant for Dylan re: Edgar Davids…

    Apologies…McGoats, please strike the other (repeated) one, if you’d be so kind…

  20. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good to see Cockie back in form…

    If we’re talking about the league then our next match (So’ton away) is a tough one. Coming off the 7-3 over Toonies last season we played like hungover numpties there on New Year’s Day…

    At least we play our FA cup match on Friday night while they’ve got theirs (a similarly “winnable” home match…) at the regular Saturday starting time…

  21. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oh, meant to say, if we win that one we’d got to +2 in the Cockie column…

    Cockie? Column? Is that redundant?…

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    HahahahahahahahA, cocker 😀 as JB would say WTF!?

  23. Something to be proud of, although I would swap it for the £2Billion Chavs and City have spent and all their purchased trophies since 2005 !. I know, I`m shallow !. hahaha

  24. Indeed 17, we would be +2 points in Monsters like for like logical column…..nice of you to take interest in my “column” !. hahaha

  25. And no Totes !….no need to say anything about lack of column inches !……….I do my fair share of comments !. hahaha

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Cocker’s column is a contradiction in terms, just like VCC’s athleticism, or Terry’s tooth decay! 😆

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Sorry Cocker, ball….open goal….BANG!

  28. James Bond says:

    TA,Dylan, 17HT, Gerry,Jnyc,Alcide , FB,TMHT,Glic’s,AB,Gino92,JGC,HH,Xavier,KG,VCC,Milo,PG,OZ,JM,SamArse,Alex,Admir,AFC,Gunz,WB,Henrychan and everyone else…

    first of all, I would like thank all of you for sending me all the positive energy and keeping me strong, standing behind me firmly and giving me the strength and support that has done far more for me than any support I received or could feel from real life people (no exaggeration there) – If I could, I would have come to you in person just to thank you individually but since my magic carpet has run out of batteries, please accept my deepest gratitude & appreciation.

    I don’t know what it was, your best wishes, your constant thoughts, your prayers – but let me begin by telling you all that the bravest girl in the world is still alive 🙂 and fighting on ! there is improvement in her condition to an extent that she is still critical but now “stable” – which means that her Liver function has improved, The new kidney is working fine, her stitches came off today and the wound has healed ok , she is still on the ventilator/respirator , however, her lungs are improving and if things go according to plan then she might be able to breathe on her own by thursday (fingers crossed ) – saying that, I am a bit reluctant still to dream again as last time I celebrated a mini victory with the transplant, it started going down pronto – so I’ll say no more at the risk of doing what I may have done last time by speaking too soon….they may have to do another surgery to remove her pancreas – if nothing else goes wrong , then our miracle is still on…

    I am an honest guy and I can tell you that a few days ago, I was in a really dark place and had given up all hope but all of you never stopped believing, hoping and praying as well as kept me going in your own little way, the best you could – for that I am utterly humbled…


    I consider all of you family , albeit we’re not literally blood related by in a way we all are blood related as all of us bleed Arsenal – and Yes, Even family members have differences and a few arguments and quarrels here and there but at the end of the day, we all stick together and are quick to resolve our differences and get on with it – that was a beautiful quote and no doubt, you and everyone else has been feeling my pain to such a level that it kept me sane and kept me going and still is !


    what you did my amigo, just by writing and saying what you did, made me feel less alone for sure , I could feel every word, no doubt it was written all from the heart as was what everyone else wrote hence it was all felt…muchas gracias


    thank you for sharing your experiences, not only did you try to comfort my wounds but also tried to make me look beyond just in case at the bigger picture, It will no doubt help me along the way regardless of what the future holds – not only me but anyone else going through a tough time can take solace from all the comments that have been posted in the past few days… – Also, Sorry to hear about the burglary and since you know what my name is and what I do for a living, it goes without saying that I took care of the 2 low lives in my own little way… they won’t be coming back anytime soon – and I know that you are one of those whose loaded but pretends to be poverty ridden to keep the attention off you but let that be our little secret 🙂


    Many thanks for giving everyone the canvass to make this happen and showing a very caring and considerate nature, without you non of this could have taken place…

    One BK Family !

    now to talk some football before my Mrs. kicks my ass , as she didn’t like the atmosphere in the past few days or the lack of me on here ( her way of keeping tabs on me, I reckon 😀

    not watched our last match but having read Gerry’s fine Analysis, It seems that both Sczny and Santiago are nearing their best which is good news going forward.

    I would however, like to talk about Transfers, one in Particular actually… many years ago, we could have got the best midfielder in the world playing for us (Yaya Toure) , if not the best then the most complete for sure, we failed to capitalize and then had another chance a few years ago, if we had forked out 24 million to Barca (could have got him for £15 million, considering what Barca owe us) – anyhow,that boat has long sailed and we know how important Yaya Toure is to Man city….

    which brings me to Pogba – let us spend £25-33 million on Pogba, we may have lost out on Yaya Toure, however , Pogba is going to be the next big thing very soon and may even surpass Yaya. Toure in a couple of years, he is young, he is french, he could easily become an Arsenal Legend by serving us for a good decade or longer in midfield – with Diaby seemingly out and about, Arteta Aging, Flamini Injury Prone and Frimpong also on his way out, I reckon Pogba is a very smart and shrewd investment, much better than buying a striker this winter or anyone else – The clear our of Diaby and Frimpong’s wages will be enough to pay Pogba and the french connection AW enjoys, may well do the trick.

    forget the Bender’s, Pogba one day is going to be world class and here is hoping he will be world class for Arsenal and at Arsenal.

    PS: thank you everyone 🙂 and sorry for the typos and so on…oh and it was strange reading Henry’s comment without his trademark hahaha…or heheheh…. 🙂

  29. Cockies Column !…….sounds like a good name for a Friday review of the week !……shame I work Fridays !. hahaha
    You here of people saying “X” was the best player never to play for “Insert Country here ” !. My 2 best are Arsenal players and I defy anyone ( of any club ) to name 2 better !. George Armstrong and Peter Simpson… 2 players never to play for England !.
    A bit like Me and JB……best 2 commenters never to have written a post !. hahaha

  30. James Bond says:


    usually it’s the neighbours who do such things or people on the estate/street, as they will know your routines and so on, no doubt the scums must have been waiting for you to leave before they went in… please be careful in the future and if you have suspicions about anyone, do let me know and I will take care of them 🙂

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent, excellent news, James! 🙂 please give mrs Bond a hug and a kiss from me, and wish her a further, full recovery. Thanks for the update, buddy. You are one strong man, just like your blog name.

    Back in a bit.

  32. Ahh Mr Bond, so good of you to join us !. 🙂
    Still praying James and have everything crossed that this great news is the beginning of you and “Jane`s” finest hours to come !.
    Totally agree about Pogba and would even go as far as to say pay as much as we did for Ozil !. Like me he`s going to be a Monster !.

  33. VCC says:

    Hi JB……Great to hear from you and the news that your lovely wife is fighting and getting stronger. Long may that remain.
    Much love to you both.


    Bondy Baby, great news

    I was just about to rip into the Dutchie TA for accusing me of tooth decay, but your news has put me in a good mood. Your ladys definately a fighter. It will be great when she fully recovers and you both can get home and start again

    My first wife was also a fighter, an ametuer wrestler in fact. She could pin you with one move of her arm and once down you had no chance against her unusualy large thighs. Her favourate grip was the thigh crushing neck embrace. Thats why when you meet me you may be slightly taken aback by my rather large head and pencil thin neck.


    Nice stuff Dylan. Your youthful optimism shines through all your posts.

    I can see us winning it, but more importantly is not to lose focus of what we are trying to acheive. The aim must be to challange every year

    All the ingredients are there for us to establish ourselves as one of the elite of European football. Who can stop us? No one.

  36. Gerry says:

    JB – I am so pleased at your news. But like yourself, One Hour At A Time.

    But it is good the you were able to feed positive energy through to your loved one from the international grid here. Great news. The silence was worrying ..

  37. Hahaha Stretch….small world !……I remember her as Kendo Mancini and is probably the reason my head is shaped like a Plaice !.


    I saw her last week at my daughters 17th birthday. every time i see those thighs I start sweating and rubbing my neck.

    She was with her new husband. His neck looked like a pencil. hahaha

  39. Look away now JB !.
    Only the 4th goalie to play a 100 games for Arsenal…that is a surprise !.


    That cant be right Cornwall. In my time Wilson, Lukic, Jennings, Seamen, maybe Lehman all played 100 games surely?

  41. Gerry says:

    Sorry to disappoint on the football front though – The Pogba ship looks like sailing into PSG harbour in the summer .. for a fee likely to be in excess of £40m

    You may well be right on the bunglers front, but they will not come back .. unless you reveal the ‘little secret’? There is a huge padlock on the front door now. It could be anyone who has been in the town for any time. From the things ‘they’ (might have been a single chancer?) checked out, biscuit tins, under my pillow, odds and ends boxes, amongst the food, even to the point of lifting a nearly full whisky bottle to see what was underneath .. It all points to somebody thinking I am a dotty pensioner who just stuffs money in funny places …. They obviously didn’t do the calculations on just how much this many dogs costs in dog food alone!?!

    That’ll teach the stupid so and so. Mind, they didn’t trash anything, only looked for cash, so in spite of everything, the £15 spent on the lock and bolt, I think it could have been worse?

    Cheers for taking time out to fix things, that Bond mobile may be quick, but it is not surprising your better half was disapproving with your absence 😀

    Stick in there, and we’ll keep the grid powered up …

  42. Antonio says:

    Wish you all the best JB in what you’re going thro’ just know belief is key to our struggles,thats what the arsenal team have in abundance this season…about pogba you’re spot on.Bet manure will get your head for what you just insinuated.they lost a gem n thats the fuckng bitter truth.hope the old proff is on the same wavelength as us n sign that guy COYG!!


    Been serious for a minute, the main thing about getting burgled is the invasion of your sanctury. It leaves you feeling exposed and can cause trauma

    Its happened to me twice. The second time was when that kid I was mentoring didnt turn up to that charity event becuase he had a prior date robbing my gaff

    The first time was about 15 years ago. They broke in during the afternoon when myself and the mrs were at work. Lucky for them she wasnt in. they would have left with necks thinner than a Christmas Turkey.

    When I got the call to get home the cops were still there. I completely lost it and ran in shouting “My spliff, my spliff, did they get my gear?”. I think the two coppers heard but chose to ignore. They then started asking me if I had any vaulables nicked and again I lost it “My porn stash did they nick my porn?” and went running upstairs to check and shouted “its all hear, thank God”

    I realised my mistake and came down pretending nothing happend. One of the Coppers told me to relax and have a good look round the house. By this stage I had calmed down but then started pannicking “The floorboards, the floorboards. All that cash ime hiding from the Mrs”

    I ripped the floorboard and saw it was all there “Thank you lord” I yelled. only to look up to see the two policemen smirking and the Mrs looking like thunder

    I had a very squeezed neck that night

  44. I know Stretch it cant be right……Seaman, Lukic, Wilson, Jennings, Furnell, Mad Jens, Kelsey, Almunia …that’s the ones I can think of and there`s probably more !. I shall now go on that site and severely discipline them !. hahaha

  45. 17highburyterrace says:

    007, Wow…I didn’t see THAT one coming…Very nice news INDEED… Again, WOW!!!

    I’m not sure about Pogba, but all the headlines I’ve seen suggest he’s headed to PSG… Is there a chance to play a bit of musical chairs with that club much as we did with RM? Matuidi is the one who will suffer if Pogba lands in Paris but I’ve always had a soft spot for Levezzi and even found a Napoli shirt with his name and number which I bought for my boy…(at a local thrift shop, where the rich, pre-tired sorts like to shop…) He’s probably too old even if (as MY wife has noted…) he keeps himself nicely fit…

    In truth, I don’t feel I can comment intelligently on transfer targets unless I’ve seen them over the course of a several (full matches). Is Pogba that good? Why did United let him go, etc., etc. Is he that much better than the other guys who play towards the back of MF?… What about Capoue (who I thought was the best player for Spuds before Santi, I think, landed on his ankle back on 1 Sept? (Or even Chadli, upon whom my wife had her eyes that day…)

    Cockie makes a fine point about the gazillionaires throwing a few billion at their clubs. If you’ve got 2 players in every position who cost 15-50 million and are on 150-250,000 pounds/week you would certainly expect a better product on the pitch. That we’re on level terms (actually ahead) of those teams (in this season’s league table, at least…) is quite a feat (!)

    Feeding off scraps is not everybody’s cup of tea (meat?) but if you’ve got enough silly money clubs it may be a legitimate strategy. Totts lost Bale, we got Ozil and I know a Merengue or 3 who are none too pleased.. If Pogba is the next big thing (“the Gareth Bale of holding mids” 🙄 ) there could be something in providing a landing pad for those he displaces… Certainly I don’t think we can expect a whole bunch of 30-40-50 million pound purchases just because we made one in September.

    But, of course, 007 is teaching us (much more than just football) lessons in managing expectations… (Cheers, again, for the great news!) 😀

  46. Hahaha Stretch.
    In my case it would be….”The floorboards…the floorboards…the mother in Laws body !………oops!. 😳

  47. 17highburyterrace says:

    Terry, no neck and all teeth, had me with quite a couple of lol’s there, as the kids would say… My spirit’s lifted with the news from the super-spy, perhaps…

    Yeah, can’t see us our Wal-Mart wife Stan wanting to throw down with the sheik’s and the garch’s quite yet. (Sorry, Cockie…) Shouldn’t he at least spend a few thousand on a better piece or for the Bosley club which I see at half-time of each (and every) match I watch here in the States?

  48. VCC says:

    You silly Clunge GLIC……FOUR? …take a look at this =
    James Ashcroft…..303
    Hugh McDonald…..103
    Ernest Williamson…113
    Jock Robson………..101
    Dan Lewis………….167
    Frank Moss………..161
    George Swindin…..297
    Jack Kelsey……….352
    Jim Furnell………167
    Bob Wilson…….308
    Jimmy Rimmer…146
    Pat Jennings……327
    John Lukic……..298
    David Seaman…563
    Jens Lehman……199
    Manuel Almunia….175


    17, i know what Cockie thinks, but do we really need to join that crowd?

    Since 2008, the year the sheiks bought City, Chelseas net transfer spemd is around 350 million and Citys about 550 million. Ours is about 30 million

    We have only just entered an era of relative stability, keeping our players and some loose change to bring in top quality and within this short space of time have closed the gap considerably.

    With the amount of young talents at our disposal that can only improve, a style of play ingrained within the Club, a great harmony, and the greatest manager in world football, we will overtake our competitors.

    We dont need Usmanovs money


    That looks more like it Vics

    Almunia and Rimmer over 100? No wonder we won nothing

    Are you going friday Vics? I wont be there. Tax deadline and Friday makes it impossible for me.


    Got to go. Two more Tax Returns to do, laterz

  52. Gerry says:

    TA – You have mail ..

  53. Dylan says:

    Before I begin responding, fantastic news JB! 🙂
    Thanks TA! 🙂 I think one game at a time is the right way to do it.
    Martinasdf, injury luck will play a big part in the run in, but we’ve shown already that we can win even with big injuries that previously would’ve ended us. (Rambo out, Giroud was out, Arteta out, Walcott out, Ox was out, etx).
    James McKean, it’s incredibly unlikely that we will hit 95, but not impossible.
    Thanks Gerry! 🙂 I agree, where points are dropped are key as well as how many are dropped. City, Chelsea, United are must wins. (United more for confidence than for the fact that they are challenging us for the title, as they are not 😉 ).

  54. 17highburyterrace says:

    Indeed, Terry–VCC (the motto, not your mate…)

    This year does seem a real opportunity, before the oilers (northern and southern) get settled with their new managers and players… Over time, it only gets harder if they can keep buying their players ready-made. Where’s RA with an update on the FFP rules and their real-world effectiveness?…

    Speaking of PSG, what’s the latest on Sagna contract stuff? Seems like their guy (Nasser al Khelaifi, the Qing of Qatar…) really wants ours…

    My observations on Cockie–and mind, they come from a VERY safe distance–is that he’s a pleasure hound. Hell, he won’t even watch matches if we don’t win them! If selling your soul to a chunky Uzbek is what it take’s so be it… Luckily he’s got his more rational and upbeat mate (The Foz…) to keep him sane when the numbers in (on?) his column aren’t adding up… 😀

  55. Dylan says:

    17, I agree with the contrary stand. I love that we go up against the big money spenders by just continuing our philosophy from the start. “We don’t buy superstars, we make them”.
    Xavier, I agree we could nick the title without signing in January IF City and Chelsea make no more signings. If Chelsea get a striker and City get a world class winger, it may be beyond us without a signing or two.
    TCM, haha oh lord. 😉
    Agreed TMHT.

  56. Listen Vickers, I only put the link up !. Unlike you I cant go all the way back to pre-Dial Square days when we were playing in the Flintstone League and Jens Laystonewall was in goal !.

  57. VCC says:

    TCM……..I’m that old I can remember them all. 😀

    Stretch……I never managed to get three tickets for Friday 😦 ………I desperately need to get to a game before the end of the season, but now have to get THREE tickets.

  58. Stretch
    “We don’t need Usmanovs money ! “……`s alright for you, you rich blood sucking accountant, but me and Gezzer from the South West would like some !.
    You bastards East of the Tamar treat us down here like Red Neck Hillbilly Inbreds !…….By the way thanks for the Banjo, my dads daughter…… mum, plays a mean tune !.

  59. Vics ……..3 tickets ?……let me guess…one for you, one for Vics Jnr and one for the Hat and Coat stand !.

  60. 17highburyterrace says:

    Dylan, Chelsea already have world class strikers–Torres, 50 million pound transfer/ 265,000 pounds/week; Eto’o on “only” 160 Euros/week (approx the same as our highest paid player, Ozil)… Jesus of Navas only cost 15 million (approx what our second biggest signing ever, Arshavin, cost us) but he’s coming along nicely. Other wide attacking City players include Milner (deal approx 28 million pounds–20 million + Steven Ireland 😯 … ) and Nasri (approx. 25 million, salary = approx 180,000/week)…My point is that they *should* be beating us already…Why is it always about who we (or they) sign or don’t sign? I really think it will come down to what happens in those matches, though every match counts. Full points vs City, Chelsea and United and I really don’t see us blowing enough elsewhere to lose it…

    I’m with AW, get rid of the January windows…Soon enough would be my guess since the rich teams can tap up the smaller ones at their leisure…But now I’M getting ahead of myself…

    Haha, Cockie…Imagine how it is for us Squatches…If we go out we get spotted, so getting with Sis-Quatch is more or less the only way to keep it going…

  61. Oi 17 !… can that fcuking fruit and nut case be rational ?. I`m the sensible logical one on BK !. A sort of Yoda….but without the VCC looks !. hahaha

  62. davydavy says:

    JB this is most promising news about your wife – she really does sound like a champion fighter and she’s lucky to have you by her side. I tend to agree with you on the need to strengthen the midfield, especially looking back at the game at Villa where our defence looked so exposed for the last 15 minutes. But first I guess we need to make a decision one way or another on Frimpong, or bring someone in like Bender or Carvalho. A striker would be great if one of super quality was available but otherwise we do have players coming back who can contribute.

    Great post Dylan. Yes we sure can win this league if we keep our nerve in every game and don’t get distressed if we end up getting smashed by Bayern Munich!

  63. Listen Sassy…..I`m thinking of branching out in your direction with my award winning furry watches !. At a guesstimate, how many Squatches Watches can you shift ?.

  64. davydavy says:

    17HT I am also with AW on the summer transfer window. The loan system could also be scraped so the the oil teams can be stopped from stockpiling players to strengthen the opponents of their rivals (eg Lukaku to Everton). There should not be player loans within a league.

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    JB, Pogba could be the one. Does he want to come though?

  66. 17highburyterrace says:

    The Squatch-Watch, with built in GPS and (always shaky…) video cam is brilliant–put in a pair of night vision binoculars (which pop out at the touch of a button) and I think you’ve got a real winner…(Very high end, too, the sort of thing you read about in the in-flight mags…)

    Just send the start-up funds and I can have my wife, er, sister and all my ex-girlfriends (sisters and cousins…) get to work here in the shop (or is it shoppe?)… TA has my e-mail, I take PayPal…

  67. VCC says:

    TCM……that Bi-Sexual hat n coat stand two timed me so I’ve moved on and got shot of it.

  68. VCC says:

    Third ticket is for my Daughter, she is hooked after going to Old Toilet earlier this year.

  69. I have the blue prints and will send with my trusty courier VCC !. The bastard acts as a guinea pig for me, he swears by the GPS chip I put in his knob so he can find it !.

  70. Good Vics, but who is she hooked on ?…….Manshafter Std or The Mighty Arse ?. hahaha

  71. Vics…..I`m sorry to here about the break up between you and the Bi-Sexual Hat and Coat Stand, but it`s the children I feel sorry for !.

  72. Fournier Michael says:

    I Still feel it will come down to this day Sat 29th March if we can stay top and then we beat City we win the title lose and they do. I just do not see them slipping up now as long as their scoring goals they do let in a few but if they can score 6 against as you put it the best defense in the EPL at the moment Then does not really matter if they concede. I am also not as completely optimistic as the gap is VERY small lose one game and we drop to 3rd . We MUST win games against the direct competition to widen the gap. We failed to do that so it will be a nail biter for sure

  73. Right, I`ve put in more than my allocated Column Inches in today ………shut it Total !…..none of them…..” and the wife still didn`t feel a thing ! “……crude remarks !.
    Good night !. 🙂

  74. 17highburyterrace says:

    Dylan, Cockie, 007 and all the (other) transfer junkies… In all seriousness, there WILL come a time when even the Qing of Qatar and the various other Sheiks and Garchs will want to stop losing money and things will have to be more like our (North American) leagues. You (and the other younger ones, including the “young at heart,” –or cock…), I think, need to put away the fantasy game ideas… Ozil was a great ending to our Summer of torture, but that kind of signing will not be typical. Yes, we need to buy to stay competitive, but for every buy it means a player benched. (And sad…Tomas Vermaelen to West Ham, anyone?…) Sorry…

    Football will become very much less exciting if the big teams hoard all the good players. (And davydavy is right about the loan rules, too, which really allow the owning team to “hoard” them in the head to head matches…) Yes, the odd upset might happen in the cups (see Wigan over Man City just 8 months ago…) but it will get rarer and rarer or worse, less and less meaningful. (Are Wigan the Portsmouth of Lancashire? 😯 ) This season is a great chance for us to pip the stupid money clubs as they are in transition, but thinking short term would be a killer if we want to keep the gap manageable while this “Wild West” phase in the sport plays itself out. Unfortunately the longer term scenario isn’t too exciting either. (Money still wins out and fairness measures can undermine true genius–amongst players and managers) but at least the best players will be distributed over a greater number of clubs making for a better “product.”

    Back to the sister shagging and, amongst the Squatches, shaggy it truly is… 😆

  75. ProudGooner says:

    Evening Arsenal Fam,
    I am still suffering from lazytyperarize at the moment im afraid but had to say to Bond , that is great news ! I hope it all goes smoothly from here on and no complications. You will still need to nurse your good lady for a good few weeks , it takes the body a long time to recover from that. You have to have a physcio theropist after a week in bed just to make sure your stabile to walk etc.
    It is great to hear from you and hear you in your normal tone.
    I agree with most of what you said, i am sure we can win it with or without a signing. The biggest problem at the moment for me is City.
    Just think of how good are run has been lately. ——— now think of how far we were ahead of the rest in the league on points we were over City of course.————-That shows us just how strong there run has been to catch us right up.
    City will go though a rough patch at some point but will it be this season.??? We need them to hit a bad patch soon ASAP i am hoping Barcelona can give them a good whooping then for them to lose form a bit. You can’t doubt there fighting abilties , to beat united to the title the way they did 2 seasons ago shows it.
    Where the BIG signings we all want i.e a striker would come in vitally important could well be in the BIG matches v you Chav’s, City and uniteds. So i would still get a SQ signing this window if possible.
    City have got spurs, chelsea and Barca coming up over 5 games in next few weeks this could be our chance to build a lead again . 🙂

  76. proudgooner says:

    Have you been playing hide the sausage with mrs Sagna again ha ha ha ha , a magical trick indeed you will haft to teach me that 1.. She is ;lovely, Talking of Sagna , it’s clear he wants 1 big last paying contract will he stay with us.?? i REALLY THINK HE SHOULD WE MUST BE NEAR CLOSE AS ANY OTHER OFFER AND THE TEAM IS REALLY STRONH NOW, PLUS EVERY PLAYER THAT LEAVES WANTS TO COME BACK. hE SHOULD LEARN FRON THERE MISTAKES AND STAY WITH US I HOPE HE DOEAS FOR THE CLUB THE FANS AND HIMSELF.. caps i can’t be bothered to retype . I was not shouting just forgot the caps lock.

  77. proudgooner says:

    I don’t want us to sign Berbatov , he is 1 of the most fustraighting players i have ever watched. I have been to the cottage and watched him from he stands. His lazy style goes totally against the Arsenal team ethos . He was ven like that at united and at the age of 32 i can’t see it changing or in fact i can and i can see it getting worse lol. No thank you. I would rather have Darren Bent.

  78. TotalArsenal says:

    PG 🙂


  79. AB says:

    Fantastic news JB. I confess my heart has not been in football or blogging since we got your news – it has all felt pretty trivial and almost insensitive to be even thinking about anything so mundane. I am so glad for you both that there is encouraging news, something to get up for and build for. Truly, my best wishes to you for the days ahead.

  80. jnyc says:

    First,, J B, thanks for taking the time to join us for a moment . a little diversion I hope . And hopefully more good news to come.
    .TMHT, u said it best, after reading a Dylan post,, I always come away feeling optimistic .
    On the Pogba question. Its funny, but I think we are so painfully close to a situation where a player like him might prefer us over a team of mercenaries like psg . It worked with ozil, arsene magic . Having ozil here makes getting the next one easier. I think we would be the favorites in recruiting against most teams if we can do one of two things.
    Either win the league and basically shock everyone, OR,
    Splash a ton of cash on a top striker in next window .I mean TOP. Somehow getting a Falcao,
    Cavani,(if any of the rumours of possible availability are true), Costa etc. , none of whom would be much more surprising than our capture of ozil , and would make us champions league contenders.
    The football world has taken notice already, we are on the radar for sure. .one more big step would have great players anxious to join us .
    Arsene Wenger, with money, is a big draw.

  81. 17highburyterrace says:

    Put me down with PG and the other shouters. Got to keep Bac…

    My hope is that all the “leaked news” is agent stuff just to get the very best deal he (or she) can for his/her client…If Ludivine is Bac’s agent maybe I’ve also seen that we’re close to announcing contract extensions for 4 key members of staff: Wenger, Mertesacker, Rosicky and Sagna. To me that would be bigger than any new player acquisition…

    On balance I agree with jnyc except that I think it’s about players who clearly have their peak years ahead of them. Ozil is just 25 as is Costa. Falcao however turns 28 in less than a month. Cavani turns 27 on Friday… (Pogba, by comparison is only 20…)

    I just don’t believe we’re going to try and compete, financially at least, with the clubs who currently have these older players. Remember, salaries are BIG. Are the names on offer worthy of 1.5 or 2x Ozil’s salary? That’s what they’re making at PSG (Cavani) and Monaco (Falcao)…You’re looking at total costs of 100 million+ pounds for either of them….(Falcao particularly seems bad to me, mostly because he’s on ridiculous money-270 Euros/week AND I saw him miss a sitter that even Giroud would’ve finished right in front of me in Granada… Also, Atletico are a better team w/o him, which makes me go hmmmm…) I just don’t feel we need another “statement” signing unless he’s the absolute right guy…(which maybe Pogba is…)

    So,,yes (instead) let’s win the league.. 😀

  82. henrychan says:

    Hi all.. Hi 007.. Glad to hear some good news from you.. hehehehe..

    Dylan.. Yes we will win the title.. why not..??
    I add another reason why.. because we will had our hardest part of the games in March.. and March is not our bad month.. hehehe.. January usually our bad month.. but this January we did so far so good.. hehehe.. And we will still on TOTL in this January.. We will win against Soton..
    And if we are lucky enough.. City will lose two or three points against Spurs.. hehehehe..

    About new players.. I don’t think Wenger will buy big.. Although I hope some good player will come.. But let we put all our trust to Wenger.. Let him find the right man in the right place at the right time.. Go Gunners..

  83. henrychan says:

    Guys.. about Pogba.. I think Ferguson and all MU fans will regret it letting him go..
    Yes he will be a great player if he stay fit.. Nothing like Diaby.. Get long injured..
    But Juventus will never let him go easily.. I bet he worth more than 30 millions now..
    And well guys.. Diaby will be back soon.. hehehe.. Like all our injured players before.. they will comeback stronger than before.. So let him comeback sooner.. hehehehe..

    I think ‘the duck – Pato’ will be good striker for 10 millions..
    I still remember his quick goal to Barcelona’s net.. shock every Barca player and fans.. hehehe..
    It will be great if Wenger can bring back that kind of Pato.. hahahaha..
    Somehow.. I still believe he will.. hehehe..

  84. We all know begrudgingly that Manshafter Std are the biggest EPL team in the world ( probably from any league in the world ! ), but here is a link which gives (rumoured) facts on how clubs fare in other aspects !. We do quite well in World size, Facebook and Twitter and we all know ours is a historical consistency unlike the Chavs who have bought their high standings in these stats from just 8 years of history and imo we would probably be on Manshafter Std`s tails had we bought success ourselves !. Surprised we are above The Bindippers in Global size according to these stats and wonder how long before Mansour City buy their way to near the top !.

  85. VCC says:

    Nice one Cockie, I enjoyed that. Our ticket prices show a huge gap to the next in line.

  86. Xavier says:

    I agree with Henry about Pato. I kinda really fancy he’ll do well at out club. Well he does really well in my FIFA for arsenal anyways. :D. But I think he could be great here. And he’s actually young. 24 I think. It’ll be a good buy. And it’ll provide a different type of striking outlet.

  87. Admir says:

    JB, I think I’ve never been happier to see anything on the internet (yes, that includes all those sites that I’ve visited during my puberty…of course, if my parents had asked, I’d say it was my younger brother that watched all those clips and that I accept responsibility only for not looking after him) than I’ve been when I saw that there is an improvement in Mrs Bond’s condition. 🙂 My best wishes to you and to your significant other.

    When it comes to transfers, it seems that Maureen is on his way to set a land-mine at Old Trafford, the one that might explode at our, Liverpool and/or City expense.

  88. Xavier says:

    Yeah. Been thinking about the Mata transfer and I’m still wondering how smart that is. Mou wouldn’t loan Demba ba to us (a 3rd choice) striker, but he will SELL their best player over 2 seasons to manU?? So he sells to manU and it’s obvious he doesn’t consider them title rivals. Plus, having played them, a chance for them to drop points of the teams that are actually title rivals?

    Along this line of thought, yes, that might work and it’s a huge gamble but what if it doesn’t? And then how about next season? And the next?

    Personally, I thought a loan to them till the end of the season might make more sense but what do I know?

    It’s a big money transfer (€40m) so maybe it’s all worth it for them.

  89. davydavy says:

    Mata to Man Utd makes sense if Chelsea want to bring in Costa and need to comply with the Fair Play regulations. And if the deal falls through at the last minute then Mourinho will have succeeded in stringing Man Utd along over the transfer window so they don’t get the midfielder they need. Jose wins either way!

  90. Evening bastards….it`s schush you know who !.
    I`m currently in hiding !.
    You have all probably seen this news today…….
    …….but I know that is not Arsene !…`s Dr Stranglecock (TMHT) !…..the real Arsene is in Dr Stranglecocks loft being held hostage by a dozen transvestite Pigeons !. You have all seen the film, Face Off !…..under my real identity of Dr Strangedick, I was forced to perform my award winning procedure of removing Arsenes and Dr Stranglecocks faces and exchanging them !. Stranglecock is now on route to procure some SQ signings and if you see him on Sky Sports, the giveaway sign is that Arsene ( Stranglecock ) keeps rubbing his groin area !. Which brings me to the reason I`m in hiding !…..whilst under the chloroform influence, I did a world first cock transplant and swapped my one eyed little chap for Stranglecocks stretched member !. So basically Stranglecock has a Strangedick and is fcukking confused as to why and will probably end up in a Bounds Green Psychotic ward mumbling about mental strength !.
    Arsene will probably end up in the next room to Stranglecock and comment to the staff that Arsene ( Stranglecock ) has a Strangedick and cant possibly be Arsene. He ( real Arsene ) will then plead to Stevie Bould to identify his cock as that of Arsene Wenger…..Arsenals new manager, Stevie Bould will then deny all existence and knowledge of knowing what Arsenes cock looks like !.
    I`m in hiding as for some strange reason Strangedick keeps strangling his cock and constantly passes out !. Until I can control this strange phenomenon, it`s best I lay low as another turnout at Tesco`s lingerie department @ Bounds Green and I will be occupying a room next to schush you know who !.

    A bastard who was bored for 5 mins whilst waiting for some food to cook.

  91. jnyc says:

    17, you make alot of sense. On the age of big money transfers. I know we can win the league. I hope we do it. I think then, that Arsene with sufficient funds, can draw a player like pogba and others over the moneybags clubs.
    Already proved it with Ozil. He can be a magnet to other great players, and if we want a spaniard, we have santi, mikel, nacho to make some calls. Germans clearly, and of course the french master himself for any french recruiting.

    also, i have to agree with henrychan and xavier. Something in me tells me that Patowould be.great for us. Just a feeling that his talents would do well with our style. I said so at the beginning of the window, and feel stronger about it now after theo going down. Pato could replace theos goals from the right and be a different type of striker for us.

  92. Xavier says:

    I can’t be the only only one who wants manU to win so they can get whitewashed by city am I?

  93. Fozzie B says:

    Good evening enjoyers of Mongolian Manure Manshaft Mezze!!! 😆
    First of all JAaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! 😀
    Fantastic news my brother!!! OGAATING Mrs Bonds progress for sure … But that is within shadow of a doubt the best news!! 😀
    Pogba would be a massive signing JB but I think the cat is too far out of the bag and we won’t get him but he would definitely restore our Viera like presence!!

    17h thank you for recognising Fozzie B as the rational member of the muppet and sex and me street community!! As “people’s champion” I aim to balance the strangely seductive reasonings of the Uzbek Cockie Krishna Tranny Sect!!! 😆

    Although I am freaken nervous like Cockie about out Manure game now!! Bloody Greedy Badger, Shrek and now a certain horny export from Spanish “Mata-land” are going to turn up with a red devil hard on!!

    In the meantime … On behalf of JB after tonight’s result!!
    Ahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!! 😆

  94. Fozzie B says:

    Don Vito Manoni well done!!! Glad you’ve got your time in the limelight like you rightly deserve!!!! Does JB have pasta cravings tonight? 😀

  95. Fozzie B says:

    Moyes had a very productive meeting with red nose after today’s game and apparently red nose says it went very well ! 😆

  96. Fozzie B says:

    And the Manure faithful are so buoyed by the above meeting that they have a new banner ready for the next game ! 😆

  97. Fozzie B says:

    Thanks for the “Cock-off ” episode Cockie … That will make some nice bedside reading for Mrs P to get her in the mood!! 😆 It will mean she will get quite hungry in the morning so I will try my tried and true recipe which always works a charm!! 😆
    I will double up my todger in a muffin and bring it into the Mrs in the morning saying I’ve a double sausage and double scotch egg mcmuffin!! Hahaha!! 😆 Yes I know how much you kinky shirt lifters would like to try one of those!! 😆

  98. proudgooner says:

    I had a great time watching United getting done by Sunderland and super Vito tonight. It was so funny the look on Moyes face when teen wolf spilled the ball into the net was priceless he could not believe he could do that with a cup final being so close away.
    I am annoyed though that Jose is going to sell them Mata. The fact of the matter is City would have embarrassed them in the final anyway and what they needed more was a player of Mata class. That smug tosser Jose seems set to do that for them. The prick! If it was any other club i would be delighted for Mata getting away from Jose and the chavs, but not there.
    I was going to turn my thoughts Arsenal signing activaty this window but have just had a thought.
    Chelsea wanted Rooney in the summer as did we. Could Chelsea have done a deal for Rooney in the Mata deal i wonder..??????
    After this deal and with Uniteds form just non-exvistant could we take Rooney?? This window would be great but i would be very happy if a deal could even be done to take him in the summer. I just hope Chelsea have not thought like me on this deal.
    lol you never know who is reading but if Sagna is, THEN SIGN BACARY . I would shout all day if i knew it would work.
    What about PSG do they have any good strikers that are not getting game time as these oil money clubs do with there players. ?

  99. proudgooner says:

    I love a double muff in the morning i have not had 1 in ages either. I really fancy 1 now lol

  100. henrychan says:

    @proudG.. very interesting how a big club like MU become so avarage.. hehehe.. Only by changing one Fergie.. That why I hope Wenger will stay for 2 or 3 more years and prepairing for his successor.. our next manager.. and hope it will be Bergkamp.

    Mata is my favourite player.. sad he will go to MU instead of us..
    I hope Monaco will get him away.. and Madrid will come for Rooney.. hehehehe..
    So Madrid and Monaco will sell another players.. maybe Isco, Morata, Lacina Traore or Kondogbia.. hehehehe..

  101. proudgooner says:

    mr henrychan,
    You make some good points. I love Wenger i can’t imagine him not being manager or i just don’t want to. Fergie is a very powerful man , he had the fear factor from the players which he used to get 100% out of them. He has an aura , Wenger has 1 to but his is not built on fear but for his vision, eye for talented players, fitness and training and his pure football brain- philosophy
    This next deal could be his last 1, to me a horrible thought. His shoes like Ferige are near impossible to fill. I was thinking maybe Micheal Luadrup end of last season but he is not doing that good , bad in fact. Is it because no Micu?? Either way its not a good enough excuss. So as much as i love Bergkamp for me he needs to have managed a big club sucessfully for a good few years first, i like the idea of having him as boss but great old players returning to manage there sides dont normally go to great. Saying that Steve Bold might be the best placed to do that. I would be happy for Bold to have a go and keep the ship steady.
    I think dr Glic would be happy with that too, having been made to wear lippy, eye liner and high heels for loads of seasons you would hate to think he did that for nothing ha ha ha ha ha

    I hope you and your good lady are feeling better.? You have been quiet today, i hope everything is ok. Looks like them thieving scousers are going to nick Salah the Egypt winger you like for 10million, he is a really good player for that price i think we should be in for him. When you think we sold Gervinho then that money would pay for it. Drop us all a couple of words so we know you and your lady are ok when you have a min, thanks mate.
    Were all thinking of ya and rooting for you 2 be strong bro.

  102. Gerry says:

    I think Man U have bigger problems than a single midfield addition. But if he signs, then others will follow … but may be not in this window? They are far from certain of getting 4th spot, and without CL attraction they may just slip into the doldrums like Liverpool?

    Chelsea now have money to block any player we might want buy offering higher wages. But I doubt if M. has finished with his clear out just yet? Luiz must be high on his hit list. Having got his elderly clique trio sign up for another year, he will want to rid any dissenting voices from the dressing room? Second time round I think M has shown just how lucky Man U were not to have had him as a long term resident in charge, despite their problems now?

    As for our potential signings, for all the fact that there is no bid yet for JD, it is interesting following the statements coming out of his current club, as they change tone from one day to the next?
    From ‘Confident he will stay’, to ‘He has not said he wants to leave’, to ‘Urging him to stay’. I just hope it does not go the Suarez way, but the above make it look more than hopeful if that trend continues. I have said before, I think there is an understanding between JD and AW, that if the clubs agree a fee, he will not go anywhere else. But that is only my view, reading between the lines. The late bid seems likely to ward off any chances of other bids clouding the issue so it gets put back until the summer?

    in other areas of need, I think the Morata one is very Saurez like. Nice if we could get him, but fiddling about with alternatives in the meantime looks like dithering? Clearly we do not want to sign more than one other front line player, so the right one is the priority if he is available? It looks very much like Ntep is not the one after he, or his agent, were reported to wanted £100k per week? For all his promise, if he thinks he can jump on the gravy train just like that with what he has achieved so far, he has been poorly advised? No matter how much potential, not even the Chavs would be that stupid …., well not unless he has agreed to lick M’s boots?

    So, having had one Cup upset to remind our players for tomorrow’s game, I wonder just how brave AW will be in resting some key players? I have gone too far in what team I would field, as you might expect? But Coventry are a youthful side themselves, and that means we should match energy with energy, but hopefully at a slightly higher skill level? That discussion will no doubt begin after the next post …

    In the meantime, let us see what the outcome of AW’s ‘awayday’ trip produces?

  103. proudgooner says:

    Gerry JB,
    right on cue Gerry as Chelsea try to block Liverpool bid for Salah.

  104. proudgooner says:

    I would make QPR a bid on Loic Remy, he is a class player and i can see him scoring loads of goals with our players assisting him. He fits the mould for me.

  105. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Morning,


    Wonder what the little boy inside is saying….. But you’re earning £1M a month Master Robin muhahahahaha 😛

    Fancy only converting one out five pens at home! With four Germans in the team would never happen to us. 🙂

    Really nice for Man1 and let’s hope Sunderland can do a Wigan in the final.

    Big moment for Gervinho this week, scoring the winner against Juve in Italian Cup.

  106. TotalArsenal says:

    Fozzer thanks for the entertainment last night, giving us unwanted food for thought hahahaha 🙂

  107. TotalArsenal says:

    JB 🙂

    I hope the latest period of silence from you means Mrs Bond is doing a lot better and you have finally allowed yourselves some well needed rest. We are all thinking about you and have been significantly affected by the horrible time you are going through. Keep strong buddy, and give us an update when you area ready.

  108. jgc says:


    Just a brief check-in… Mainly, very good news JB, long may it run til you’re out of the ICU…

    With respect to the more mundane. Well, I’ve been wildly busy but my brief thoughts include:

    A. Pogba but not at 40M, is he up to AWs discipline? Still, if he’s a Yaya in the making can we say no. Quite the gamble there. Draxler or Reus seem less risky?

    B. If we win the Chavs and City games we are in… It’s on a knife edge methinks. I see Chavs dropping the odd points but City are currently wearing the invincible armor of legend. But,that too doesn’t last, let’s see how they go with midweek CL etc taking a toll.

    So, if we hold nerve it’s all to those games and perhaps one small mistake as to who takes it! Classic run in, perhaps shaping up to one for the ages, and a good time for selling high backed couches!

    C. IMO, I’m not one to care about trophies over good play. But, I think we need either PL or FA Cup to jump the next step in attractiveness for the big big players to take us over the sheiks. Doable and it starts this weekend!

    S’all, it’s been hectic lately, best again to the Lady Bond!

    Cheers — jgc

  109. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice of you to drop by, Geoff. I guess you’ll get less busy when are Back in Luik…..

  110. geoffchase says:


    Thanks, been over done with work and home. I’ll actually be in Lidj/Luttich/Luik/Liege next Monday as happens. Until then trying to prioritize better!

    Cheers — jgc

  111. Gerry says:

    TA – You have more mail ..

  112. TotalArsenal says:

    Time with family is required then, Geoff. Cannot be easy to be away for such long periods but the Belgian beers are waiting for you.

  113. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Gerry, have no access to email on IPad, but will check after nine.

  114. TotalArsenal says:

    Next new post will come out tonight. A brilliant prematch by Gerry. 🙂

    Catch you later.

  115. Fozzie B says:

    Good day Calculating Carnivorous Coventry Codpiece Cravers!! 😆
    Looking forward to that Gerry!
    In the meantime .. Reason number 95 for loving the Arsenal!!
    We have 2 Zorro’s!! 😆

  116. Fozzie B says:

    If you’ve been watching Le Prof this morning then tell me if my furry synapses are playing tricks on me … But doesn’t this feel like the last window??
    “We will only buy if there is exceptional talent!”
    Next minute Ozil!!
    Last night Wenger heads to the continent and is back in time for his press conference this morning … Admits he was at Heathrow … Then says “no” to Draxler when we know that is a definite yes if not now the in summer.
    Then when asked about Tello … The same poker face “no” followed by the “exceptional talent line” ??

    Something has definitely happened and I now am 90% certain we will have someone this window!! Wenger would not make such a rush trip a day before an FA cup tie unless it was for a transfer or personal reasons!!

    And reading Wenger’s body language … It was extremely positive!!
    Watch this space and shoot the bear if nothing happens!!
    It just so happens I have an extremely porous brain cavity and it might be harder than you think!! Haha !! 😆

  117. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha Fozzer 🙂

    The power of wishful thinking and I am thinking wishfully with you 😉

  118. Dream on Bastards !.
    More chance of Mrs VCC supplying window activity than Arsene !.

  119. Fozzie B says:

    Haha !! Why thank you Totes Goldmember!! I love the way you say “wishfully” too with that shexy Dutch accent!! 😆

  120. Fozzie B says:

    Haha Cockster .. Or was that Vickers escaping your Tranny Annex? 😆

  121. TotalArsenal says:

    I am afraid I have to disappoint you there, Fozzer. I am from the South-East and my accent is a mixture between Dutch and German. I am half a BFG hahaha 🙂

  122. Fozzie B says:

    Here is the full interview by the way.. Looks like Sagna is definitely on his way… Wenger asked directly if BFG, Rocky, or Bacs are close to signing soon … And he said. “Most if them” ….

  123. Fozzie B says:

    Oh hell … That’s from Cockies Tranny Annex’s greatest hits section!!! 😆

    Quite a good viewing actually and when you have your eyelids taped back … It becomes quite soothing after awhile!! Cockies version of impaling yourself on a polished piece of wood was somewhat different however!! Usmanov Buddhas !!! My eyes are watering just thinking about it!! 😆

  124. Inneresting stuff…and I can’t wait for Gerry to introduce me to the youth players (I’ve never heard of) who will get us past Coventry… Just kidding, my friend… To me this one seems a chance for guys who’ve been out “injured” more than total newbs…Of course, as always, WTF do I know… AND I’m jumping the gun on the match preview… (This time I think I’ll refrain from saying that I think we should sign Berbatov…at least… 😀 )

    I too saw the League cup replay but I had to leave the house before the pens so I only caught them on tape.. (The end of ET was crazy enough, I thought…) I showed it that plus the shootout to my wife and, even if we’ve got no snow this Winter, it’s lucky it’s still cold in the evenings…Her mouth dropped open with each missed pen and if it were warmer she surely would’ve swallowed a fly or two. God forbid if United go to pens in their CL octo-finals vs Olympiacos… I’m hoping to hear some more good news from 007, and if I were to get it, I might suggest that De Gea (perhaps) isn’t quite yet be ready to be known as the Spanish Szczesny… 😉

    But no worries for United, they’ve got Mata coming. 🙄 Despite the “unfairness” of it all I think this is brilliant. Mata has a great left foot but I think he will really struggle trying to play United’s current up and down game. I know he was at the heart of Chelsea’s offense for a couple of years but I just don’t rate him as highly as many do… United’s desperation for him may also indicate that the RvP injury is one of the sort he used to get with us and that he might be gone for the season. If not, he and Mata will have to play together I see BOTH of them staring at young Januzaj as he tries to take THEIR free kicks… (Moyes will get nowhere, I believe, unless both Kagawa and Fellaini play and play well…) The flipside of this deal is that it becomes nearly a sure thing that Rooney will join Chelsea in the summer, which works for me as it shows just how mercenary he is and what a conniver Jose is… You’ve got to have villains in the game, and for me, there is none greater than the all ears (and hair plugs)–no brains, granny shagger,…But that’s just me…Sorry PG, 007 and all the others who find the Shrekster so adorable… If he goes to Chelsea at least the “once a blue, always a blue” undershirt can be used again… if it still fits 😯

    Finally, I think the Foz is onto something with AW subterfuge and his quick trip to Valencia. I’m not sure who the answer is, but I think we’re looking at someone who can go by defenders on the wing and doesn’t need a running start to do so. From the little I’ve seen, Draxler and Tello fit the bill over our guys who seem to need a running start (Theo, Ox, Gnabry) or just can’t do it anymore (LuLu, Santi). Wasn’t Ryo supposed to be the Japanese Ronaldo? Is tomorrow night his final match in red and white (before his next loan, at least)…

    Anyhow, enough said (to piss a few people off, at least)…Thanx for reading… 😀

  125. Fozzie B says:

    Totes…. Does that mean you sound Austrian? 😆
    Dutch + German = Austrian = Schwarzenegger!!! :lol
    Me likey likey!!!
    “Run Jaaaaaaaaaane to the chopper!!”

  126. Fozzie B says:

    Greetings Sasquatchanova … Have you seen the interview? Not looking good on Bacs I reckon also only one or toe changes for the Coventry game

  127. Fozzie B says:

    Here is the full interview brethren! 😀

  128. Fozzie B says:

    Totes highlights below!! 😆

  129. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Foz…. That was more like what I was expecting (than the other one, further up…)

    AW, as I’ve noted, doesn’t *always* tell the truth (or at least the whole truth and nothing but the truth…as we say…) We’ll see on Sagna. I remain hopeful…

    All of these things are brinksmanship and agents working to get the most for their clients. From a personal perspective, I’d be very disappointed in both parties (Arsenal and Sagna) if they couldn’t come to an agreement…

  130. Fozzie B says:

    JB hoping you and Mrs B are coping ok!! Please give us a progress report on Mrs B when you can! 😀

  131. Fozzie B says:

    I agree 17h but the interview was telling wasn’t it? I really hope they can reach an agreement too and the quadruple signing with Wenger can be announced. 😀 .. Off to gym now so catch you later!! 😀

  132. 17highburyterrace says:

    I disagree Foz…

    The Sagna thing works this way: Is it easier to pay him the money or to find (and pay) a starting RB and a back-up CB?… In the end, he will sign, I think. 2 years on big money or 3 years on a bit less. What we will be told is: an extension (undisclosed terms) has been signed. Worry as you like, however… (Though I thought that was more your blue friend’s thing… 😉 )

    This is the only line which rang completely true to me… “Buy does not always mean strengthen”


    Pump it up!! The key to having the (appearance of) big muscles, however, might be keeping the fur well trimmed… 😯

  133. TotalArsenal says:

    Nah Fozzer, I don’t sound like Arnold S. I do like to say ‘asta la vista baby’ and ‘I’ll be back’ in a Schwarzie kind of way though, which appears to make an impact on the ladies…. 😉

  134. TotalArsenal says:

    Fozzie and Cockie both go the gym….

  135. I`m joining my local gym in February ( £4.99p per week…bargain ! ) once my calf`s have healed and BK will have two Furry Body Builders !. The gym is open 24 hours and has a high tech thumb print recognition system for entry !.
    I too have a similar system for all my Lesbanians……a cock print recognition system for penetration entry !. That way I know they are all being faithful !. Although, Stretch did try and use one of my used condoms by turning it in side out, but the system would not recognise the stretched print !. hahaha

  136. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, Totes (McGoats…) Maybe it’s all about the mirrors…When I’m at the gym I like to be called 34 Highbury Terrace… (And when I leave I always add, in the words of the Governator, “I’ll be back,” as I give myself a little wink… “wink,” I said, not, “wank”… 😉 )

  137. Yes, I know Totes, but it`s all purely coincidental, me and Fozzie are two different bloggers, surely you can see he`s a fcuking fruit and nut case , whereas I`m just eccentric !. hahaha

  138. There you go !……….17 goes to the gym as well !………..and he`s a furry sasquatch …..fcuk !…the furry ones are taking over !. hahaha

  139. A McBastards Burger Bar owner !. A mad Professor who travels between Belgium, USA and Mordor !. Three big down under Sheila`s !. A half man, half laughing hyena who thinks he`s a Centaur Forward !. An Accountant who lives in a loft with Hawaii 5-0 transvestite Pigeons !. Another Accountant who swings from trees dodging laser beams !. A man who plays marbles with he`s numerous dogs bollox !. A dementia Zimmer racing sexual terrorist !. Do I need to carry on ?. Then there`s young Dylan………he`s going to need therapy !.

  140. 17highburyterrace says:

    On the topic of our former Governor (a more serious gym-rat)… He was pretty wise, relative to say, Nicolas Anelka, to buy up the footage of his own quenelle-ish salutes… (outtakes from “Pumping Iron”)… Even if his admiration for dictators, etc., etc, was well documented… 😯

  141. TotalArsenal says:

    It is still beyond me 17, that Schwarzennegger became Governor in California. 😕

    Cockie, do you ever wonder how many women out there read your comments and fantasise about you? hahaha 🙂

  142. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yes, well, California is a place people come to in order to re-invent themselves…

    Sort of like the internet… 😆

  143. Totes D)
    Only the ones from Lesbania I know about and they are disciplined to the point of begging to read them !.
    Chavs have agreed Salah fee !. They get Salah and we`ll be lucky to get a Salad !…….it`s not Rocket Salad is it ! .

  144. Of course it all goes without saying ( but I will ) the BK WAGS have been known to fantasise a bit !. hahaha

  145. Unlike you muvverz, I now have to go out side and do some investigative digging for a blocked soak-a-way !. Found the spot with some sonar tech stuff and it`s only a foot down. Will I find oil or shit ?. If Oil, I promise to buy a 15 seater BK exec` box at THOF !. If shit, I will send by post !. hahaha

  146. TotalArsenal says:

    He certainly reinvented himself, 17. 🙂

    Still no real snow for you, up there?

  147. TotalArsenal says:

    Good luck with the blockage, Cocker. Hope you don’t find oil hahaha 🙂


    Yes, thanks for asking TA, plenty of women fantasise about me. Cornwall fantasises to, but his fantasies involve dressing in blue fur and talking in a low pitched voice as he demands his Cockie be stroked.

    So now Maureenio is selling Mata. That Abramovitch sacking clock is ticking ever faster.

  149. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ah come on Cockie, you don’t need sonar to find a leaking poo containment cavity…Small as it is, your own divining rod must’ve gotten a little twitchy above the spot in question… 😀

    McGoats, today it’s a bit colder and darker out–good wood chopping weather…Nope, no snow and nothing in the forecast…The current governor has already declared an “emergency” (drought)…

    OK, Salah and the Serb (Matic) in (and Rooney in the Summer…) so Mata must be headed North… I gotta say, I think Mourinho is playing Moyes like a banjo here. It may give them a lift against the clubs they ought to beat (including WBA, Toonies, Swansea, Sunderland and all the others they’ve already lost/drawn to…) but I still feel good about our upcoming league match…

    Will Salah actually play at Chelsea? I guess his arrival means Victor Moses won’t be returning…Is this an actual Moo signing or another Abramovich? I know I’m in the minority, but I like NOT supporting a club that buys (and tries and throws aside…) every player of the month…

  150. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry it would be lovely to see the back of Maureen as soon as possible. The sooner he goes the quicker we will see the quality of football in the PL go up a notch. He is a parasite.

  151. TotalArsenal says:

    No snow and a drought even….. All very weird. The UK had incredible amounts of rain….. that is all your snow turned soft, I reckon…

  152. TotalArsenal says:

    feedback from Holland is that Arsenal made a shrewd move with appointing Jonker. Very good behind the scenes and having a big influence on game and team tactics apparently.

  153. James Bond says:

    Hello everyone 🙂

    Mrs. B is getting her strength back day by day, all that nasty stuff came off her mouth/face today and she is able to breathe on her own again…. she even had a drink (water) for the first time after many many days…. if all goes well then they will give her something to eat later on, things are looking positive at the moment 😀 sorry about the silence but had to get a few things sorted, hopefully now I will ease back into normal life and my BK life, not like Podolski but more like the OX who be starting tomorrow, hopefully 🙂 Thank you all for your kind words, support and wishes, she is a cry baby and cries every time she reads such messages (when she is on here trying to spy on me) ha – much appreciated and many thanks to all of you !

    Re- Pogba and many of you believing he might be off to PSG ? well, he’s in his early 20’s, no ? not even in his early 30’s yet – so if wants to flourish and be one of the best in the world then he can go to PSG once he’s in his 30’s and can do a Beckham (no disrespect to the French league but other than the money factor , there’s not much attraction there for someone with massive amounts of quality – you already have the likes of Cavani /Falcao seeking moves to better leagues ) – in short, this is what I am proposing

    Coquelin + Diaby + Frimpong out = Pogba in (Sorted).

    not surprised at the Mata to Man utd sale, let’s be honest, once you have money burning through your pockets, you can not only control the league but also dictate terms, they are clever people with brains at Chelsea, (21 players at loan) buying players under opposing teams noses ( Willian, Salah e.t.c ) , but either way, I don’t see Mata as a threat to us when we play them on the 12th Feb, bring it on, no problem.

    Money wise, we are down to no.8 in the list ? well, how can we not be when the likes of PSG have given themselves a £400 million commercial deal (used to be £40 million or there about’s LOL ) and then Man City have done the same, they are self supporting themselves with such ludicrous commercial deals to gang bang something known as FFP (RIP) …. then you have 3 clubs run by the states/ or city ( 2 Spanish and one German) and one Debt geared by massive Debt ( Man UTD) – we are doing well, even if we are having to charge our fans so much money, which I am hoping will change as soon as we win a trophy or 2 this season and hence will generate some more commercial income to ease the burden on ticket prices.

    so what’s this about Wenger in Barca ? is it for Pedro, is it for Tello ? is it for Song (AFC must be chuckling ) or is it for Cesc (yeah, I still have money riding on that one from the summer, most of you will remember it ) or was it simply a diversion ? time will tell, but one things for sure, the start of next week will be rather interesting !

  154. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow James that is brilliant news. What a fighter Mrs Bond is. I would have her in our spine next to Giroud, Mertesacker, Ozil and Flamini! 🙂

    Soon you will be feeding her champaign and chocolates. Getting through all of this will make the Bond between the two of you even stronger! 🙂

    I spoke to a Chav today who was very complementary about Pogba. I reckon if we were to sign him they start to get worried about us a little bit more.

    Wenger in Barca is indeed interesting but I leave the speculations to you and others, as I am only interested in the hard, unequivocal announcements 😉

  155. James Bond says:

    *on loan and stealing players under other teams noses, spoiling the party so to speak…

    agreed with the voice of reason aka 17HT on Salah and Mata.

  156. James Bond says:

    cheers skipper, not so sure about the bublee and so on now, but chocolates definitely 🙂

    I seldom like to talk up players , I did it with Suarez when he was banned and we had made 3 bids for him and I have done it with Salah and now Pogba, he to me looks a perfecto AW type of player – sure, he’s a hot head but what 20/21 year old french lad isn’t, ehhh ? 🙂 so let’s get Pogba while we still can, even at £35 million, he be worth every penny – I have followed him closely and he is your complete midfielder and can learn so much more under AW and go on to become one of the best midfielders in the world.

    yep, so let’s wishfully wish for not only Pogba but one of Pedro ( £125 million release clause 🙄 and Tello (loan deal for 6 months with an option to buy for £10 million ? decent business – however, with Salah no longer going to LiverFOOL, they might be in for Tello as well

  157. The sonar guy “X” marked the spot with yellow spray and said 30cm`s down !. 100cm`s down and have not found my blocked pipe yet ! ( please, no crude filth as women may be reading ! hahaha ). I shall recall ” Sonarman ” !.
    Hahah 17. Yes I could use my divining rod to find the water leakage, but, my rod only points upwards and predicts ………….”heavy rain coming in from the south west, followed by localised flooding in many BK WAGS knickers ! ”
    I liked Salah and wanted us to buy him !. Hope he is a complete waste of Abramobitches loose change and we will all laugh JB style with a…….Salahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !.

  158. 17highburyterrace says:

    Incredible news, 007, When can we look forward to HER first post? 😉 😆

    The problem with competing with these clubs are the salaries…Is a twenty year old hot head worth breaking our salary structure? Personally, I’d rather give Sagna 3 years at 100k/week (total outlay 15 million) rather than roll the dice on Pogba for 40 million + 5 years at 200k/week (total outlay 90 million)… You’re the accountant, however… 😀

    I wrote about this before but what about PSG scraps like Levezzi or Matuidi? We’re doing alright feeding on the scrap that Real Madrid sent our way (Ozil)…

    Your people Deal-Out and Touch-Me say we’re 8th but we should move up when we start wearing the cat-shirts (Puma) so I still think we’re not poised to go toe to toe with the silly money clubs. Of course (like all reasonable sorts…) I’m prepared to be told that I’m wrong… (Just do it nicely…) In that same response to your earlier mention of Pogba I asked about Capoue…Seems like Gooner Tim (Sherwood) thinks they’ve got too many holding mids up the 7 Sisters…He looked good to me even if it only took little Santi to crush his ankle…

    Again, James, l’m thrilled by your news… Kisses to the missus…

  159. Gerry says:

    Evening all. Thanks to that McTotes the Bavarian, You are now all queing up to read an ‘Excellent’ preview … instead you have got one of mine 🙄

    Good news JB. Glad to see the grid is still charging up.

  160. Wonderful news there Mr and Mrs JB !. It makes a dark evening appear as bright as a summers day !.
    Oh and don’t forget to cover “Janes” eyes when reading my crude comments !. 😆

  161. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockie, I really don’t know Salah from El Mohamady (MY favorite Egyptian player, doing a nice job following Steve Bruce around the league…) but I will say that a lot of these speedy counter attacking types (N’tep from his youtube, for example) look a whole lot better in open matches than in spots where teams are parking it. Can these guys really face up to defenders, get by them AND place the final ball (shot or pass) at the required level? That’s a whole different scouting assignment. Chelsea can afford a dozen Hazards, Moseses, Willians etc., even if they’ve got already got a gem in Ramires. Can we? I dunno. I have good hopes for the Ox and Gnabry and have been pleasantly surprised by improvements in Ramsey. Theo wasn’t doing too badly either before the injury…

    I dunno, competition for places is all fine and good, but so too is giving our boys a chance and keeping the spirit intact… As I told Fozzie, above, the quote I really liked from AW today was: “To buy does not (always) mean to strengfen” …

  162. Gerry says:

    Yes, AW wasn’t sightseing was, given he had IG with him. Pity no one spotted the agent who stop by his hotel for a chat.

    I must admit Tello seemed all speed and no brains when his name was mentioned a couple of seasons back? He picked a good day to clock these stats:

    5 shots on target 100% accuracy; 3 goals from those 5 shots; Two assists…. all in 45 minutes?

    Should fit in well here if he only wakes up at half time 😀

  163. Gerry says:

    17 – you might throw in Joel Cambell on that line of thinking?

  164. James Bond says:

    ah , for sure @ Glic’s – let’s all hope he goes onto become another bench warmer at chelsea (bizarre move that from him, tbh ) money talks no doubt.

    yeah, sorry about not being upto my usual self and indulging, I saw that comment re- Capoue – well, if they have way too many holding midfielders then we have the same pleasant headache with our no.10’s 😉 but on a more serious note, Capoue will take time to settle in and he’s been played out of position a few times as well, at CB he looked really lost and very slow – his game reading wasn’t that good either, so not as versatile as many thought he was…but the potential is still there for him to get better as he adapts – not sure why we are talking about spuddies ? best not do that or it makes me want to vomit, ha

    he’s between 50 to 70 k per/w – an offer of 90 to 100 k per/w should do the trick on a 6 year deal and a release clause of no less than £100 million – of course, It’s difficult but look, it’s a world cup year, we should much rather take the risk now instead of waiting for the summer to recruit when their prices may double or triple, no harm in getting a few pre-contracts sorted either, we have all that money sitting in the bank, no harm investing it wisely is all what I’m trying to say.

    the puma shirt deal helps but not as much, what will really help on that front is us winning trophies again, it’s just sad to see teams like PSG and Man City getting away with self funding themselves by means of creating dodgy deals to work around the FFP (Pathetic).

    really looking forward to your preview @ Gerry – no doubt you will have the likes of Gnabry, Zelalem or Ryo invovled , if not Frimpong / Hayden as well 🙂

  165. Gerry says:

    Bloody hell JB you’ve read my draft copy!

  166. Yes 17. Horses for courses. High line and Theo is your man. Park the bus and the highly skilled wingers are needed !. BM have Ribery and Robben !. Have we that that type of player ?.
    Both Gnabry and Ox are by Wengers own admission destined for the middle of the park !.
    I would love at least one proper winger, both fast and skilful !. Any fast skilful Squatches seen on your talent spotting runs ?.

  167. Gerry says:

    Mind, I dropped Gnabry 😀

  168. James Bond says:

    the middle bit was @ 17HT in that last comment –

    no need to cover her eyes, you can comment as you normally do, she has no interest in football and i think that’s why you and FB are one of her favourites 😆 on a more serious note, hope all is well with your lovely lady and they have done their investigations (biopsy etc etc) and maybe offered a treatment , either way – if you would like to talk about it, then feel free to do it with me, I am an expert of sorts when it comes to the “Liver” , unfortunately I had to get educated on it due to something similar that happened with my late grand dad… even if they are not offering any treatment, it can still be managed by ways of healthy diet and making a few life changes here and there – don’t let her or yourself get depressed as that’s the key battle in this , the rest will take care of itself @ Glic’s

  169. James Bond says:

    as Gerry will tell you, we have Ryo @ Glic’s !

    Ryo does have the pace but he lacks confidence to run straight at them, maybe we should try to get Gervinho back on loan 😆

    oh no, Gerry has dropped Gnabry (yeah, just like AW ) Gerry happens to be a good poker player 😉

    don’t wanna talk too much about tomorrow’s match as I would like to contribute towards it and take it forward so will leave you all for now, see you later’s people 🙂

    feels so good to be back!



    Great news Bondy, regards to Mrs Bondy. She is obviously a women of courage.

    I have always found the fairer sex to be the stronger species. They tolerate discomfort better, are more emotionaly equipped, and unless you have film star looks like me, men do all the chasing.

    Just a quick one on FFP. I dont wish to sound rude but i think you guys tend to misintepret the rules and its meaning by genralising, Each club should be looked upon in isolation.

    For example. the french clubs sponsership has been front loaded, Man City are using loans to bring salaries forward.

    Again, one must look at the bigger picture. The rules were designed to be flexable, allowing suger daddy clubs the “time” to accomodate the nesessery changes.

    In effect, like most things of this nature, politics plays it part and in essence what we have is rules that are based on “compromise”

    The full impact of FFP will only be evident in around five years from now. By that period all clubs, within certain loss parametres will be operating on a self sustaining basis.,

  171. Thanks JB. The missus has had two endoscopy sessions and with drugs, the bleeding has stopped. I don’t know too much technical stuff, but I think the main problem is something to do with varices ?…which is dangerous !. She has a biopsy appointment soon, so hopefully we will have more information. No need to comment more on the subject as you have your own hands full to the brink !. I`m just replying to your concern and thank you, so you others, no mushy stuff please as want to talk footie and crude stuff !. hahaha
    Here is a link and I will believe it when PSG, Monaco, Mansour City and Chavski are booted out of Euro Comps` or deducted points !, but pigs will fly and my monster is actually a monster….come to mind !.

  172. Also, Uefa`s general secretary in the report is Gianni Infantino, which anagrams as…” I anointing Fanni ! “……..yes, probably with Qatari Oil !.

  173. 17highburyterrace says:

    No fair to run-off like that 007… 😉

    Final word on Pogba…IF he is really that good (you’re talking money like top 5 in world football-latest is that Juve turned down 70 million Euros…) then ManU should really be kicking themselves. I guess they already had Anderson and Fletcher, not to mention Michael Carrick… 😯 Again, we’ve just gone and broken our transfer record and biggest contract ever (by approx double) on Ozil even if it’s the same as just a squad player (i.e, a Nasri) for one of the silly money teams. Far better to outcompete PSG on the Sagna front, I say…

    Nope, it’s never gonna happen, but at least this time you’re talking about somebody growing their own head hair, though I guess, technically, Rooney’s hair is his own, and his arse (from which it came) is probably where much of his intelligence sits… So–technically–his hair is no worse than Pogba’s…Ah well, ManU’s loss = gains for PSG (Pogba) and Chelsea (Rooney)…

    Unfortunately, EVERYBODY loses when people do these sorts of things with their hair… 😀

  174. Xavier says:

    Great to have you back JB.

    Make sure you give mrs Bond a whole bunch of kisses and a big ass box of chocolates from the Bkers.

    She deserves it for the fighter she’s been.

  175. Gerry says:

    To fill you in on the Pogba/Man U situation a little bit. From what I remember.

    He was a promising youth, but wanted more game time. Ferguson said, in so many words, Sit down and wait your turn! He took the huff, and as it was just coming up to senior contract time, he being 17 at the time, and decided to go elsewhere.

    He has of course developed into a better player now.

  176. 17highburyterrace says:

    Indeed Gerry, you can’t keep all the kids… 😉

    So, Pogba is to ManU sort of like Seb Larsson is to Arsenal… 😀 At least the latter is going to Wembley… (I really think this Mata to United business, while it might see them get up for 4th will be a defining move for Moyes, but not in a good way…)

    Looking forward to the match preview…

    I still am in a (very pleasant) state of shock about the /turnaround/progress for Mrs. Bond. I would guess there’s still a long way to go or else we would have heard something from her husband about what a mistake it was letting Mannone go… 😉

  177. 5 years time Stretch !!! . I`ve been waiting the last few years on the promise that FFP was to come into force now !. Fcuk 5 years !…my Hampton could be ingrowing by then !….17 will be a Jean Luc Pickard look a like and captain of the USS Sasquatch !……..JB would have demolished every tree in the jungle swinging with his “special one” !………VCC will still be causing a Jam on the M25 with his Zimmer !…….Fozzie Bear Grills will be serving flamed grilled McMozzie Burgers @ McTotal McBastards !…….Prince with the help of wood rot, would have finally freed his nailgunned knob from the floor !……….Oz will be on the run from the Kangaroo Skippy Child Support Agency !………Alex`s Bella will be banned from school for singing rude totnumb songs !…….Henry will do a voice over for Disney`s new …The Hyena King !…….Gezzer will go back to supporting Coventry when they are bought by a Qatari Toilet Cleaner who is still richer than Stan after they win the CL ! and Total will be about to invade Norfolk with his hybrid Dutch/DeutschThird Reich Porntroopers !.

  178. Dylan says:

    Great news JB! I really don’t want Salah at Chelsea. If Mata couldn’t get into the team, why would Salah be any different?

  179. Hahaha
    Which of you is going to be the first BKer to phone 999 to complain about no SQ players in the TW !.

  180. Fozzie B says:

    Cockie that was priceless!!! Cockie who with his award winning time travelling Tardarse to the rescue yet again!!! MarleyKaze got all excited at being flipped on a grill! Haha ! 😆 poor bastard has been so depressed lately!! Probably because his Jamaican Gold is waterlogged!!! He now wants to take me to Uruguay to pick up Suarez, Cavani and now weed!!! That’s right Van Cloggenstein you have legal competition now!!

  181. Fozzie B says:

    Great progress report JB … Awesome stuff!!

    Here’s the article on Totes competition!


  182. Fcuk me !. That was along time at the gym Fozzer !. You must have arms like Stretches ex wife`s thighs !.


    hahahahaha, Cornwall, five years for full seff sufficeny is the projected timeline. Every year in between clubs will have to work at that goal
    There is a narrative within FFP rules that is barely mentioned but is very important. “clubs will not be punnished if there losses show a downward trend”. in other words the permitted losses within the rules are not set in stone, the rules are flexable enough for the suger daddy clubs to have accepted them in the first place.
    This is politics, not just strict number crunching that could result in legal disputes, club exclusions, breakaways etc. The rules have been carefully thought out to avoid conflicts that could damage the game.
    I see no reason in the near future why Arsenal will not only compete but even better the suger daddy clubs on the pitch. This was not possible before FFP or our new commercial deals, they would just nick all our players and hijack the Ozil deal.
    In the hear and now, we can still win things. Arsenal are in a very strong position and this will only increase.

  184. I bow to your superior knowledge of FFP, Stretch !. Having a telescopic donut abacus has served you well my padawan !. I would feel a lot better however if Fozzie was head of UEFA !. hahaha


    hahahaha, if Fozzies arms are as big as my ex wifes thighs they would be so heavy he could only move around by standing on them

    Good news is that standing on your arms makes blood circulate through the body so Marley can suck Fozzie dry once the weed gives him the munchies

  186. Fozzie B says:

    Ha ha Cocker !! It was the latest arrival of the new award winning penile press up machine!! I couldn’t get MarleyKaze off it!!
    Hahaha !! 😆

  187. VCC says:

    JB……..What great news about Mrs Bond. As many have said already….give her a big hug and kiss from all us on BK.
    On the strength of that good news I’m going to open a nice bottle of Vino Tinto.

  188. Hahaha
    Space Cadet Fozzie probably knows no different, he probably bounces around on his head like a spacehopper and thinks he`s Neil Armstrong on the moon !.
    Good news on the Star Wars front….Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill are going to be in Star Wars episode VII, to be released Dec` 2015 !.
    The force was with me plenty a time as I knocked one out to the sight of a semi naked Princess Leia laying at the feet of Usmanov !.

  189. VCC says:

    Cellier des Dauphins……Merlot-Grenache……..Cheers Mr & Mrs Bond. Bottoms up.

  190. Fozzie B says:

    No problemos umbre Cockie!! The Fozzanostra is ready to step in at anytime!! I will restore the pure, unadulterated version of FFP … Fozzies Fair Play!!!
    To cut a long story short … Arsenal will win the league every year and Abramabitch wears a Tajib and electric engines kill the Sheikhs wealth!!
    At that time as the “Fozfather” … All of you may kiss my ring … piece!!! Haha ! Call it a free flossing service!! Another benefit from the “mercurial one” also known as the “people’s choice” hahaha!! 😆

  191. Fozzie B says:

    Shit my kebabs gone cold trying to input above .. I hope you appreciate it selfish bastardos!!

  192. Hahaha
    More like the Fozzanecrophilia !

    There is a connection……James Bond MI6………VCC M25 !. hahaha

    Must go, it`s been your pleasure !.

  193. Fozzie B says:

    Cockie .. I forgot to say a few blogs back you were saying about the movies and series you like and they are all my favs as well!! Have you seen “Breaking Bad”? … You have to … It’s the best yet!! You can join netflix for a free trial and watch the whole series back to back !! You will love it !! It’s you and Junior working in the Tranny annex!! 😆

  194. Fozzie B says:

    Thank you for restoring our faith in FFP brother Stretch and I must also confess to fantasising about your ex’s amazingly muscly thighs!! 😆
    Maybe that’s where your Men in Black smile had its kinky womanizing beginnings???
    Much like a female thigh injection!!!
    You truly are a blessed man Stretchakis Maximus!! 😆 … (Your Latin name awarded to you after becoming the legend that survived the Amazonian thigh goddess!!) 😆

  195. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Merry Gerry returns home for this one. 🙂

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