Arsenal full of WenGermans? Cannot play without DM? Growth between Jack & Ozil.

Thanking VI for picture

Thanking VI for picture

Last night game at and around the Emirates was a feast of football, and both the Coventry players and fans played their part in it.

Arsene decided not to play with a more conventional DM and put Ox and Jack in the deeper laying midfield positions. Both young Englishmen did not fancy sitting back too much, especially in the first half when Coventry sat very deep themselves. Our defence pushed up high and Jack and Ox were free to join Ozil up-front. Add to that Pod and Gnabry, and a relatively hard working Giroudesque Bendtner, and you can see how we basically played close to 4-6-0. The result was almost total dominance and some beautiful moves for us to enjoy.

The first goal came from a quick rebound, with Mertesacker robbing the ball high up the pitch, Jack passing it on quickly to Ozil, leaving the latter with the sort of situation he craves more than anything else: space, forward momentum, and passing options. His pass to Pod was class – how nicely he moved the ball from under his feet to his fellow countryman – and the man with the best smile in football (other than Zorro) showed us how much composure and technical skills he still has, with a cool go-around-the-keeper and precise finish.

The second one was a training move engineered by Germans, between corner-taker Ozil, header-onner BFG and fox-in-the-box finisher Podolski. They were very pleased with themselves, and rightly so. 2-0 to the good guys and time to relax, they thought.

Yesterday, we played four  Germans from the start, and when Zelalem joined another one was added. With rumours about Draxler joining us growing day by day, it looks like Wenger is shifting more and more towards a German-English-(Spanish/French) first team composition. If Bender is to follow as well as at some point, we could be fielding a majority of Germans in the team anytime soon with six/seven WenGermans in all areas of the line-up. All good stuff, if you ask me.

The second half showed why we cannot really afford to play without a DM. Coventry pressed higher up the pitch and passed the ball very well at times. They penetrated our high line cleverly on a few occasions and we were lucky to escape. Our back four looked very exposed at times and I, for one, will be very happy to see Flamini, or at least Arteta, restored to the first team on Tuesday.

It took a couple of substitutions to punish Coventry for not taking any of the chances they had and put the game to bed. Giroud and Cazorla took their chances well and will have enjoyed this easy shot in the arm to keep their confidence high for more challenging encounters.

The Coventry Fans showed class with their timely, collective protests and we should wholeheartedly support them in their quest for returning to their roots.

I would like to point out how Jack and Ozil seem to be growing closer and are producing a lot of magic between them. They have a lot in common and the more they develop an automatic understanding between each other the better our team will play football. Going forward, they will both benefit enormously from a strong DM behind them, so they can play together in front of, as well as inside, the opposition’s ‘D’, where together they can do enormous damage to whoever/whatever is put in front of them.

Ozil’s quality is beyond doubt and Jack is visibly learning from him quickly. Regular BK readers will know that I am huge fan of Jack, and I am one of those who believes he will become the best English player of his generation when he reaches the age between 25-32. He seemed to have lost his touch and precision in his passing at the start of the season, but it is all back now.

He has such a great overview and his box-penetrating passes are once again of the highest order. If we keep the triangle of Flamini(Arteta), Ozil(Rosicky, Cazorla) and Jack(Rambo) – with both the point pointing forwards and backwards at times, as the total football crazed Dutch say – fit and developing further, we have a real chance of finishing the season on a high. I don’t think we realise enough how much creative/penetrative quality we have in midfield right now.

Finally, I would like to say how impressed I was with Ozil yesterday. He has played in so many games already for us this season, without having his seasonal winter break this time round. Yet, he gave his all against Coventry and for the full 90 minutes. Of all the WenGermans, Ozil is our most talented star but the fact that he works so hard is what really makes him stand out right now for me.

All good stuff. We are now OGAATing towards Tuesday, where the Saints await us. Bring it on! 

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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125 Responses to Arsenal full of WenGermans? Cannot play without DM? Growth between Jack & Ozil.

  1. AFC says:

    TA, good review mirroring some my thoughts. 🙂

    The lack of a true DM destroyer will definitely be exposed when we play the big teams and that is why I think we still need to add a specialist DM. Having that destroyer would allow us to play Ramsey or Wilshere in the box to box role with Ozil as our number 10.

    Bendtner again played ok at worst and the understanding is growing between Wilshere and Ozil.

    Great result and hope we can win this competition. 🙂

  2. AFC says:

    Just had an interesting thought.

    Maybe Wenger is trying to get an English back-up keeper to help with the whole 8 English players within the 25 man squad. It would certainly give Wenger more freedom to strengthen in more important positions.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Interesting thought, AFC. Who would the English back up keeper be, ideally?

  4. AFC says:

    I don’t really know to be honest but I would go for someone like Foster, if he hasn’t been tapped up already.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Maybe an English right back instead?

  6. AFC says:

    Possibly but the only English RB I would sign would be Richards.

    Finding good English players is harder than winning an actual trophy. 😀

  7. AFC says:

    Essien is off to Milan and West Ham have had their Lucina Traore move high jacked by Everton.

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Shame Coleman is not English….

  9. AFC says:

    TA, it is a shame but maybe Hayden can come into the squad. Our youth scout Gerry rates him highly.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Have you been to a match recently?

  11. AFC says:

    TA, I’ve rarely been to any matches. I did go to one or two when I so young I cannot remember. For me I just watch them on TV or on stream when I can.

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    That’s a shame, AFC.

  13. AFC says:

    TA, I will be looking to go to matches in the future if I have the time and the funds.

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Okay. How’s the job going? And are you thinking about writing a new post soon? 🙂


    Thank you my spokesman, I could not agree more.

    Wilshere and Ozil were a delight last night. Your words on both players is spot on.

    Nothing wrong with a horde of Germans. Very good people and excellent footballers.

    Over 25 years ago my spokesman, at University, I participated in a Greeks Vs Germans 7 a side game. The Germans were all about Mertsackers size and we were getting done 2-0. Obviously, been Bubbles, we couldn’t handle this so resorted to dirty tactics of fouling and testicle touching. The Germans didn’t like this, especially the touching.

    The game turned into a brawl and was subsequently abandoned. The guy I was fighting was about a foot taller than me so I had no choice but to employ the tried and tested Cretan buttock teeth clench.

    I wish it to be know that is the one and only time I have sunk my teeth into another mans arse.

  16. AFC says:

    TA, I don’t have a job yet, I’m still in college studying but will be looking to get a job at the end of this year. I will be looking to write a post in the next month.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Terry, your teeth are far too great to sink so deep.

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    What are you studying then, young AFC?

  19. AFC says:

    I’ve finished A-levels and I am now doing a course in Forensic science.


    Cripes AFC, you have just finnished A levels? That makes you about the same age as my youngest daughter.

    What a fine and mature young man you are. Bloody hell, if I was posting on this forum at your age I would be insulting every one and offering them out. Top man.

  21. AFC says:

    Hahaha Terry, I just turned 19 around a month ago and I’ve always supported Arsenal as their my local club but really got into Arsenal 3-4 years ago.

  22. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Totes… I never received my e-mail… 😀

    Excellent report and I think you hit all the important elements just about perfectly. One (tiny) error: it was Gnabry (not Ozil) who started the 3 German-touch 2nd goal last night…

    I very much agree about the lack of at least one dedicated holding mid. In truth we were very (very fortunate) not to concede a goal or two to make things a whole lot more (bitch) twitchy. That thing Arteta does, when he trots (or even sprints) towards his teammates with the ball to provide an outlet target is the most unappreciated element in our offense. Everybody watches the forward (more attacking) options, but if they’re not available we need to keep possession. Arteta’s been doing it since he came from Everton (2.5 seasons now) and the young guys (and even Flamini…) don’t match it yet…

    I think AW is attempting to groom the Ox to be able to step in and do a similar job but last night he seemed to tire badly. Jack was further forward and was really quite spectacular at controlling pacy balls and moving them forward, esp. in the first period. I was quite concerned when he went down with injury. Even when he popped back up his play was different and he looked less comfortable trying to get into tight spaces as a more forward outlet. Not surprisingly this event coincided with Coventry coming back into the match (along with the half-time break)…

    The thing about Ozil is that he is always playing within himself and thus never tires. It’s a gift but it’s also a skill from which the youngsters can learn. Gnabry and the Ox, in particular, expend so much concentration and effort when they’re on the ball that they must recover after it goes elsewhere. Not so with Ozil (or as above with Arteta)… There can be no “total football” until everyone (or at least almost all the guys) on the pitch are in this mode, moving and filiing spaces as easily as they move the ball onwards. Luckily, for the upcoming matches, the endless engine of Ramsey should be back, along with Arteta and Rosicky (rested as much as recovered, I hope)… Santi and Flamini are finding their feet (and fitness) as well. We’re looking good. We just need that little bit of extra quality up front to convert the possession into goals. Poldolski did well last night, Giroud looked sharp in his cameo and that JD guy from Germany (not Johan Djourou…) seems like a player of real quality and verve. Get ‘er done…as the country folk (here) like to say…

  23. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oh, and another thing… 😀 …

    The FBs play a very critical role in our possession game. Personally, I think Gibbs should start against the toughest opposition because of his recovery speed at the defensive end. Nacho is more two-footed and the better attacker because of it. Gibbs gets into great attacking positions with his pace but the final ball is often less than precise… In truth, I rate both of them, but Nacho would be my first choice against the PTB teams…

    On the other side, Jenks looked quite comfortable up the pitch and getting past the Coventy guy trying to stop him. His right footed crosses are deadly and he’s got a couple of other little moves on the ball as well. Further back he’s a whole lot iffier and, given that we play a huge rotation where the weak-side FB becomes the last man back, I’m always a bit nervous when we’re attacking hard down our left. If we lose possession one big ball to the center circle means Jenks is one on one with an opposing forward…

    C’mon Gazidis, one whiff of a Pogba costs the same as getting Sagna signed…As another shiny headed fellow would say, “Make it so”…

  24. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oops, killed the conversation (once again)… Sorry… 😳

    FA Cup matches are getting to half time and ManCity are 2 goals down (at home) to Watford (!)

    Meanwhile, I just saw the most spectacular C. Ronaldo bicycle kick EXCEPT that it was kept out by a fantastic save from the Granada keeper… Indeed, it’s our big day out in the Capital and nil-nil at the half up there…

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow, AFC, I had you down as in your mid-twenties. You are indeed very mature for your age and your commenting is now even more impressive.

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Good follow up comment, 17, and all agreed.

  27. geoffchase says:

    TA et al

    In airports… This is one of those better problems. For me, I cannot understate how ::

    A. I prefer JW in that deeper role and going forward with AR or other wide or nearby

    B. How that is not possible against better teams without a one man wrecking crew, Yaya-esque or similar DM .. Who will also need great holding skills in AWs approach.

    Thus, those DMs are rarer then the SQ striker we often discuss… Leading to a revolutionary thought…

    C. Run a 4-3-3-0 type approach which would really be more a 4-1-2-3 with something like a back 4, DM like Flamini or Zorro, AR + JW, fronted by some mix of Ozil and either OG/Pod and a wider person. As weird as it sounds it’d likely work.. However, to be fair, it would just shift the who plays and who doesn’t to our mix of Santi, Theo and Ox (give or take injuries)

    Note that with a real beast DM I’d go 4-DM-3-Ozil-ST with a 3 from Santi, Theo, Ox, Poldi, JW, TR and AR, among others..

    So, a dilemma … With no real brain storms on my part at 6am in an airport…

    Cheers and great post — jgc

  28. Evening Sweet FA Furry Cuppers ! 😆

    Tanks……I mean Thanks !……shit !….I don’t want to give our hybrid Dutch/Deutsche any Ideas !. hahaha
    I watched the game “live” and it was a game of two half`s ( really Sherlock ! )…..Easy 1st half and a 2nd half in which I thought Coventry were our equals, due imo to their high pressing when we had the ball and high line when we did not !. Acres of space for their right FB to cause problems in which a better team might have embarrassed us !. Well done Coventry, there`s a few EPL teams who wont pass and move as well as you were doing on occasions !.
    AFC only 19 !. these young un`s ( Dylan ) know their stuff !. Stretch at “19” would be offering them out !…………At 19…..I was shagging everything that moved !. hahaha
    I`m sure Oz baby is in the ” Forensics game ? “. Good career choice AFC………..for getting rid of the evidence !…..either Dexter style or Oz style….why do you think the marsupial support agency has not caught him yet !.

  29. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wow, total (or Total) agreement, what more could I ask for?… As such, I’m with the professor and the most precious commodity could be a deep-lying MF who keeps thing ticking over. We don’t need a beast so much as a metronome, or something…

    Good on you Cockie for watching the match live… Are you getting braver or just starting to “believe” and/or “trust” in this Arsenal team? 😀 Agreed that everything is fine now, but that a better team would’ve made things twitchy or worse…

    Finally, AFC is only 19 (!)… I’m just glad he’s not any younger as my wife is always warning me about getting involved with the underaged on the interweb… It wouldn’t be good for her career, which, of course, is my career as well… Will we see a bit more of da kid with deadline day less than a week away?

    Alas, all the miracles were not to be…ManCity 4 – Watford 2, Real Madrid 2 – Granada nil 😦 When’s the 5th round draw?)

    The play of the game in Madrid (besides the saved bicycle kick) was one of the Granada guys kicking Bale in the nuts… 😯

  30. Fcuking Ouch ! …..his Jacobs must have crumbled after that tackle !.
    After that castration cruncher………he`ll never go bald !.

    ## BREAKING NEWS ##………….Gareth Bale has just been transferred to …..The Vienna Boys Choir !.

  31. Nothing`s better than mashing the Spuds !.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Have a safe journey, Geoff. With Ozil and Jack in front we don’t need a Yaya. I have Wanyama or Nigel de Jong in the deeper role, although a fit Flamini can do the job as well.

  33. AB says:

    Evening TA and other BKers!

    I thought last night was just about perfect. I know there were periods where we were pressed, and our defence looked vulnerable, but this was almost by design – we played without DM cover on the basis that the extra pressure forwards would mean we more than offset the risk of conceding a goal. 2 goals for Pod (no way we should lose him for another 18 months at least) and a home goal for Giroud could hardly have been better. Strong performances by Jack and Oz, another consistent showing from Gnab, with the Ox basically getting some playing time in. A good attacking showing from both full backs too, and of course nice cameos from Santi and Zel. It would have been nice in Bendtner had suggested he could be Giroud’s understudy, but even here we need to take recovering from injury into account.

    I’m with you TA in your desire for a really top DM – but it really has to be, to borrow a phrase, an ‘exceptional talent’ to make it worthwhile. Whilst we all hark back to great days with physical presence players, we are by no means light in this area, with the balance and options offered by having Flamteta available. You could make a similar case for almost every position we have, with the exception now of the place filled by the Oz. So many names are mentioned for DM; Bender is the one I see us coming back for, but we shall see.

    There is something more missing though in the mix of our team, which is why we have not delivered the JB desired route of another team this season. I can’t profess to be able to say what it is – and there are probably a number of ways in which we might find it – but something needs to be inserted to unlock the combination of creativity and goal scoring power that exists across our front 4/5. City have found it, clearly, and I think we are only a fraction away from it. Maybe a fit Pod will do it – not sure; maybe Walcott would have delivered it – very possible. But I can see why Wenger is still looking at attacking prowess to add to our squad. And maybe Draxler is it – I do hope so!

    I know you don’t want to waste too much energy on transfer speculation; I generally agree, but can’t help watching, with a building sense of anticipation. The great thing from last night though is that it served our squad superbly in terms of confidence, fitness and time together. No injuries, and more people coming back soon. Southampton away will be tough, but we must approach this game with a high level of confidence, and the fixture list means that others are about to start dropping points – lets hope we can stay strong through it. Ultimately I don’t believe we NEED to buy in this window (though I obviously hope we do), everything is moving on really well with our team.

    OGAAT and COYG! A great time to be a goober. Lets just hope City hit a lean spell soon.

  34. 17highburyterrace says:

    My missus has gone AWOL so I’m stuck watching some Italian football. How did we lose to Napoli? They’ve got some good players (and they were able to eke out a late draw vs Chievo today) but geez they don’t seem so good. Of course that was the match where Arteta got sent off. IMO we should’ve pushed harder early to get a goal rather than trying only to defend…

    But that was the early match. Now it’s Lazio-Juve and a good chance to see what 007’s dream boy, Pogba, can do. Juve are down a goal and a man after Gigi did a Sneezy and got sent off…Latest news says Juve won’t sell to PSG even at their better offer of 70 million Euros… No Pirlo today and it shows…

    I don’t really get the Wanyama or De Jong idea. Is the former (currently injured) really worth the big money? He’s strong and can dribble but can he really do the outlet business? De Jong at 29 (and always looking to me like he has a bit of an issue keeping the weight off…) certainly couldn’t be seen as a long term solution. I’d rather keep JW and AR on the pitch, hoping that they can be more careful with the ball when they’ve got it in our half… (But maybe you’re thinking of this stuff in a different manner?…)

    Our ace in the hole, I believe are the ball skills and closing pace of both Kos and Verm. As long as the BFG stays fit whoever plays next to him has some leeway to step up and help out the less than beastly sorts of holding mids we might field. I like the slightly more “total” idea which might come if we keep “free running” Rambo on the pitch along with Santi who (I think) can be very effective starting counters with his long balls (heh, heh…)–A bit like our own Pirlo, perhaps?… These two might start on either wing with 3 central MFs from Ozil, JW, Sicky (and, of course…) Flams and Arteta. To me, this is exciting…Add in Draxler, which I’m assuming is a done deal 😆 not to mention Theo, Ox and Gnabry and there’s even more chess pieces to play with. IMO, up front is where we (still) might be hurting…but that’s just regurgitating the talk of the pundits, so unworthy of discussion, it seems… I’m still a little concerned that Bendy may have hurt himself with that vicious air kick last night…

    Ah, here she is (the missus)…Out then to join the weekend masses on our sunny south-facing trails. Happy Saturday night (I’ll watch that 2nd half later…) 😀 ,

  35. AB says:

    gooner – in case any one was wondering!

  36. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey, Sorry, AB, to simul-post over your very good one… Basically, I’m with you on your assessment. Haven’t watched enough (of either) Bender to know if he’s the best addition…Seems like we got at least a little time to get it sorted for the longer term…

    It WAS good to see GZ out there and you can see why there’s plenty of hype… There was a video up (101 goals) but it’s down now…

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AB

    Fine comment (as always).

    I am convinced we have the players right now to win with six or seven goals, but it looks like the team is holding back to save energy and avoid injuries. They all know that Feb and March are the real tests and they are mentally and physically preparing for this. But maybe you are right: more fire power could mean more goals….

    I like us playing FlamTeta against the top teams, but it does seem to hold back our attacking prowess a lot…. So a typical Beast of a DM with football skills would be good to have to allow Ramsey and Wilshere to play proper box to box, rather than having to keep two in front of the back four. For me, an injury to Flamini is a real worry right now..

  38. 17highburyterrace says:

    This fellow Llorente looks pretty good…(AB’s comment plus the equalizer is keeping me watching…)

  39. TotalArsenal says:


    I am not sure what you are not getting. I want to add a player who actually can defend in midfield and play a bit of football as well. Flamini has made as much difference to our season as Ozil. Why…. because he knows how to defend. I would play him each and every game. We need back up and the experienced De Jong would fit in straightaway and plays exactly as Flamini, which means continuity. Wanyama is a super talent who I rate very highly. The idea that Ramsey and Jack can play in the double DM does not work for me. Too light weight defensively and basically wasted there to a large extent without proper DM support next to them.

  40. AB says:

    Hi 17. I’ve not seen enough of Llorente to know what he would offer that was different – he could play in place of Giroud, but would he offer something significantly different? As I say, I’m not a good judge on this one, but I’ve not seen it.

    Hi TA. Yes we seem to have really matured into a squad of disciplined pros who know when to pace themselves as well as when to go up a gear. It is a joy to see after the naivety of recent years! Almost as exciting for me (and I get Gerry totally here) is the sense of anticipation around imagining how our young players will develop and come together – what positions will Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox and Zel all be playing in 3 years time? There are so many options, and so much potential. And that’s before we think that Oz and Walcott should be at their absolute prime!! The urge is to want to ‘press fast-forward’ to the future, but that is to miss the greatest pleasure, and one that is at the heart of being an Arsenal supporter, which is watching a beautiful team come together and seeing committed young players fulfil their potential with us. Good times are now and ahead indeed!

  41. 17highburyterrace says:


    Doesn’t seem like management is thinking along these lines at all (in this window) at least… Personally, I’ve never been overly impressed by De Jong–Gareth Barry seemed at least as cynical (and capable) even if neither of them persisted at ManCity with the wave of new characters there (Garcia, Fernandiho) who have displaced them. Wanyama, I fear, might be in the next wave up there…So’ton will certainly hold out for big money… Pogba IS looking very good for Juve today but also seems like one for oil money only…

    This game has turned into a really good one…Both teams going for the win. Klose has had two headers that might’ve won it, but both were straight at the (back-up) keeper and saved.

    Yeah, I don’t see us playing Ramsey and Jack together back there at this juncture. Maybe in the future however. As long as one of Arteta and Flamini are fit we should be OK for the rest of this season. I still dream of a type who could sub at CB and DM a la Gilberto. I think AW had that in mind with Song but was (ultimately) unimpressed with his skill set + his work ethic. Wouldn’t mind seeing a little TV5 in that spot in matches we’re trying to lock down…

    Match ends 1-1…excellent and well worth watching…

  42. 17highburyterrace says:

    AB…Yeah, Llorente is a ship which has sailed, but he looked strong as a hold up guy and it was a very artful headed goal…(Something I wouldn’t picture Bendy or Giroud doing, but I’m always happy to be surprised…)

    The way things are shaping up I think we’re looking at Draxler or nobody in this window and he’s injured anyhow… Like you’re saying (very eloquently, I think…) is that AW doesn’t buy for the short term so I don’t see us getting anybody who will accept a bench position EXCEPT by dint of youth (or injury, like Drax) Continuity is our best shot at avoiding any dropped points in the league and then it’s about quality and focus on the day…

    Woo, the last 20 mins of that match was strong…

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, fully agreed on options and potential. The team is looking good. We just need to add the experience and steel so we keep doing the less sexy but just as vital work really well too.

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    I reckon the departure of De Jong cost Citeh dearly last season. He is one of the most underrated players imo. You can watch him again this summer at the World Cup 😉

    Yes he is hard but Wenger would be able to mellow this out of him. But he is not the only option and Bender is indeed a good alternative. Agreed on Pogba: very unlikely to come to Arsenal.

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    JB 🙂

    If you are reading, hope Mrs Bond is making further progress and eating and drinking naturally now. Please give her a hug and a kiss from all of us. 🙂

  46. AB says:

    TA and 17. The whole world is basically looking for the next Viera or Toure type midfielder. Sadly, it looks like only 1 or 2 come along every 10 years – Wenger has as good a chance as anyone of spotting them young, but we won’t compete (now or ever, as long as stay out of the grips of some mega-money man) with the money clubs once any such player has become established. Has Wanyama shown he could be up there with Toure? Not for me, but I stand to be proved wrong here.

    If we can’t buy a superman to control DM and be creative box to box then what can we do? In my view we can play to our other strengths, first amongst which is team play, shaped by the brilliance of Wenger. Any one of us could assemble a fantastic squad and first team, based on paper alone. But few can match Wenger’s ability to do it with real people, and on a budget. The change from last season to this, with largely the same squad is fascinating, and the potential of what we could do, now we can keep our team and add to it with real quality, is hugely exciting.

  47. AB says:

    17 yes looks like Drax or nothing to me too. W would love to spring something completely left field I’m sure, but with the media in everywhere these days, it will be tough to pull off even for him. Continuity the key for this season. A gamble for Wenger no doubt in terms of working with a relatively thin squad, in some areas anyway. So far so good as we seem to be ‘rotating’ quite effectively with injuries.


    AB, you speak so much sense. Its very heartening to read, in my view correct views, but also someone who sees the bigger picture. Keep it up my good man

  49. proudgooner says:

  50. proudgooner says:

    above– AVB what a cock ha ha hahaha wish the spuds still had him, il miss him ha ha

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    thanks AB. We only have to look at the difference Flamini is making to see that we do not need to find the next Vieira or Toure. We just need to find another good DM who can play football, which really is not too hard imo.

  52. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, gearing up for a family outing…and the kid is a little on the slower side… Total, it’s true…You might know De Jong’s game better than I do… 😉 back atchya… I hope the Dutch can go deep in the tourney. I fear a bit for them up front, what with RvD(elicate Flower) leading the line…

    AB, very much agreed and our strength is our collective spirit and AW keeping it all together. A huge element of our improvement is that we don’t NEED Arteta as we have over the past two years. There’s Ozil (of course) and Flamini and Rambo and Jack ALL coming on big-time… The beast of a DM does seem particularly viable in English football but Barca let Yaya go because they had Busquets. I think we might look for this more delicate and skilled sort of player. The metronome type (with one big foot) a la Xabi Alonso seems workable too… If they can’t run with the ball (in the English style…) then the range of passes could be key. For now (at least) I think we’re looking at “internal solutions.” Maybe something else will emerge in the Summer…

    I gotta say, I was hoping for a bit more from the Ox yesterday as (I think) AW has it in mind that he might be a strong, deeper lying MF in the future…He’s got the skills but it seems like he uses a lot of energy when he’s on the ball. Hopefully this gets better with age and learning from the likes of Ozil, etc.


    hahaha, yes PG, AVB was tremendous. Very sad when he left.

    Its saying something when Tim from Boringwood Sherwood is a better bet than him

  54. AB says:

    Hi PG – love it, and yes I almost miss him already!

    TA – yes, such players must be around; but who are we trying to replace by buying one? I think what you are suggesting, and views from others, seem quite close; Wenger will try to build from within if he feels he has the talent/time. Ram/Wilsh both not really defensively minded (yet at any rate), but we could run another season with choice between Flamteta plus a more progressive player in the pivot. As others have said, Ox could be groomed for this area, though again, seems more suited to playing further forward. Wenger has not shown the inclination to spend big in this area of the pitch to date – the success of Flam must surely convince him of the value of having strength here, but may also serve to firm up his view that this need not be at great cost….

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    Good points, AB. I dont think we have anybody anywhere near ready to replace Flam or Arteta in terms of defensive duties. Wenger has been looking for a DM for a few seasons now and yes Flamini will have shown him again how important this role is…. Let’s see what happens in the next week.

  56. AB says:

    What’s your punt/hope for next week TA? I know you don’t bank on anything until its official. But if you were to predict any signings by the end of this window, what does your head/heart tell you?

  57. jozefos2013 says:

    This may be a bit non-sequitur, only just came to this post and don’t really have time to digest all that everyone has written but in reference to the title of the post (WenGermans), I’ve just finished reading Stillness and Speed and Dennis’s views on the current German set-up make perfect sense both in terms of his own footballing philosophy and Wenger’s; it’s hardly surprising AW is buying up all the Germans he can get his hands on. For anyone who hasn’t read the book, DB10 talks about how the Germans abandoned the tactical emphasis on training following their poor showings in 98 and Euro2000 to concentrate on technical development and they are now reaping the benefits; this is something Ajax are doing and obviously Dennis is a key part of that.

    Also the piece with AOC on the AFC website rings true with the things Bergkamp and Henry talk about in the book; everyone is playing for each other and raising one another’s game like unto the team of our most-recent glory days. Perhaps I’ve been swept up in the excitement of reliving DB10’s Arsenal career with all the super players we had when we were winning things, and delighted by the purity of his thoughts on the game (as well as their similarity to Wenger’s), but I feel unbelievably optimistic about this season now – the last time I felt this good about Arsenal was in 07-08 when I was convinced we were going to win the league (shhhhhhhhhh, yes I know, OGAAT, I won’t make that mistake again).

    Analysis isn’t my strong-point, I’ll leave that to those more savvy than me, but it struck me that the relevance of the original post to what I’ve been reading in the last few days is remarkable.

    I’m also not great at empathy and compassion, but want to wish the best for JB and Mrs JB’s continuing recovery.

  58. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂

    Something weird happened on Saturday afternoon and it’s related to this topic. Both Benders twins scored for their respective clubs…IN THE SAME MINUTE (according to livescore)! 😮 What bloody odds were for that one to happen?

  59. James Bond says:

    nice one @ TA

    I think Flamini was suppose to be starting but he picked up a knock or something happened and hence Ozil who was suppose to be given a night out and be on his way to Germany was called in – considering the circumstances, you are quite right in the high praise for Ozil but yes, Agreed, we need Flamini/Arteta alongside our youngsters.

    most of you also know that if it were up to me, I would be looking at getting us one of Pogba/Bender e.t.c e.t.c TA is on the money with De Jong – massively under rated and still has at least another 2-3 years at the top left in him, however – can’t see it happening for now.

    yes @ AB – we are not getting the score line or way we can further kill off teams as desired, and you are right , we are not that far off either, only a tweak here n there ( Mainly with how AW uses his subs bench ) can pay dividends, fully concurred with the rest and you should consider writing a post sometime in the future, would be a cracker – I reckon.

    Re- Draxler , well, I hear AW say that we don’t need wingers/ people on the flank ? I mean really , we do ?

    other than Gnabry and Poldi, I don’t see who else is he on about ? The OX (going to be played through the middle ) Ryo ( injured most of the time and at other times, isn’t even in the squad)… we already lost Theo Walcott (our only traditional winger or close to it).

    Drax would fit in like a glove, considering Rosicky 33 – Poldi and Santiago both 30 later this year – you don’t wanna be doing a man utd or a chelsea.

    yes, getting Reus would have been perfecto but you can’t get him before 2015 unless you are willing to spend crazy crazy money, his release clause (30 million ) only can be activated in 2015 and so far he has refused to sign another contract with Dortmund who want to do a Liverpool.

    PS: cheers skipper, the hugs and kisses delivered – she is recovering very well and has begun eating like a horse 😀 all good though, is getting her strength back and was able to stand and take a few steps today – moving in the right direction we are now 🙂

  60. James Bond says:

    Admir, one of them even scored an own goal today @ Benders, so 3 goals scored in total, no ?

  61. James Bond says:


    that was a top notch comment, thoroughly enjoyed it and all agreed – also, did you know that AW’s playing philosophy also helped the German’s, as during that period 2000 onward’s, the Arsenal model was copied and implemented as much as they could – they rate AW really highly in Germany and talk of him very fondly as well.

    many thanks for the kind words and best wishes 🙂 hope to see you around more in the future as well !

  62. James Bond says:

    well, if they made a 70 million bid and had it rejected then I’m with you @ 17HT – can’t see Pogba coming to Arsenal, however, he is worth crazy money – it’s just that for us crazy money is about 25-40 million at best, sadly there are 3-4 teams who take it to whole new level with crazy, ha

    have a nice and safe journey @ JGC

    ah, we have 2 very fine young gooners in Dylan (Zelalem ) and AFC ( Gnabry) – 2 fine young men with a very bright future ahead of them.

    where is Gerry today ? hope all is well with him !

  63. James Bond says:

    forget the odds on the benders scoring in the same minute. I just noticed we both posted a comment with the mention of bender’s at the exact same moment as well @ Admir



  64. James Bond says:

    last but not least, splendid work with the banner, it’s 1st class and the sooner we give him the Arm band the better for everyone really, also I have noticed the icons/avatar’s changed – skipper been putting in a lot of work on the blog lately and it’s showing , very nice.

    off now, see you all later.

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for late night comments guys, and will get back to you tomorrow.

    James, good news about the steps forward and Mrs Bond eating like a horse. Just a few more days and the new Chinese Year starts….. the year of the horse! Keep going strong Mrs Bondesque! 🙂

  66. jgc says:

    TA, 17 et al

    Another Zorro or Flamini with about 8 less years of age would be very good, but getting a Yaya type who could do that and more adds firepower in defense and attack for those days you just need that extra magic, like the Chelsea or ManU games.

    It’s where city’s money lets them buy so many players one is bound to be in there somewhere. We have to buy smarter , but then, we are smarter aren’t we! 🙂

    IMO, my desire for the all around excellence at DM is to bookend the excellence we have with Ozil and JW and AR going forward.. And with Per and Koz et al behind. Simply, we would be that much better if we could find one and not settle, and sometimes that small amount is what it takes in the last weekend of the year or the cup final..

    Cheers from Sydney where my computer just absolutely shat itself (mutter)

    — jgc

  67. Milo says:

    I noticed that Wenger said we don’t need to strengthen the flanks…Doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t play Draxler THROUGH THE MIDDLE, if he comes. Who says he has to start out wide??? He might not have to. Apparently he doesn’t like playing out wide, so he might come straight in to the lone striker position??? It could happen.

    Kristoffer Olsson will be one to keep an eye on for next season, I think. He might need a loan, BUT he is physically a bit more developed than Zelalem, and he might take over Arteta’s role if he gets a chance with the first team next season. I would really like to see him go out on loan this year, but that WILL hamper our chances in the youth competitions. Especially in Europe. Still, I would like to see him go. Zelalem will be class too, and I think he should be ready a year or two after Olsson. IF Olsson goes on loan THIS YEAR, he might have a chance next season to deputize for Arteta. He is already good enough technically by all accounts, and from what little I have seen.

  68. 17highburyterrace says:

    Just catching up so a very late comment here… I think the DM discussion will be a continuing one as I don’t think we’ll be solving it in this window and we’ll be rotating many of our current guys through there. What a boon that we’re not so uber-dependent on Arteta’s fitness this season! (And also interesting, I think, that he’s a converted AM…) There’s definitely a total-esque element to our MF play that’s extremely intriguing but also a bit frustrating. We’ve been taking care of business quite nicely at the defensive end but not really pouring in the goals so it all seems to be building for a tilt–one way or the other…We need to keep it going but if we keep eking out 3 pts against the lesser teams we could be well poised for the big matches in a month or so…

    Bond, I really am just floored that you seem to have rounded the bend with the health crisis. I cannot wait for the missus to issue her first post. Maybe something about the vagaries of the transfer window, and keeping the faith through thick and thin. It IS terrifying and I’ll be glad when it’s behind us… 😆

    I would like to hear more about the Dennis book and maybe get my hands on a copy. (Agreed, really an excellent comment Joze…) Should somebody write a review? Hmmm, maybe? Seems apropos given the name of the blog…

    Finally and back towards the discussion of DMs… As much as I enjoy giving grief to the mash up to the North (Spuds) I think poor AVB really had a decent idea going when it came to buying up all those quality footballers. Amongst ALL those new guys (over the past two years, and it’s quite a list…) there are some pretty good players and I’ll be rooting for them against ManCity. A lot of them are quite capable at the back of MF but then (by freezing out Ade and Defoe) the scoring dried up. Ah well, no tears will be shed on that account…

    All told, for a Saturday of nothing but neutral footy, I had a fine time… Cheers 🙂

  69. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Canadian Milo (right?)… Sorry about simul-posting on you there….I’ve been meaning to say 2 things to you…Thanks for the props on my writing last weekend AND that you should keep contributing here…Obviously you watch the youngsters more than many and have lots of good insight there. Don’t be shy. I’m talking out of my arse as is everybody else… 😆

    Olsson looked very good on the Summer tour but you’re right about loans. Kids develop differently. Some get the strength early on (Ox and Gnabry, for example) while others cannot put muscle on their frames until they’re 22-24. GZ looked pretty good to me last night…

    This bit with Draxler has gotten pretty deep so I’m of the mind that I’ll be pretty down if it doesn’t happen. That said, he’s injured AND he’s young…If he can give some help during the final couple of months I’ll be chuffed. My dream is for ALL our German guys (excepting GZ, who hasn’t declared…) to be picked for Brazil. So what if Gnabry and Draxler (like I say, he’s in the bag 😆 …) only play a little… If it lights a fire under Poldolski on the left (and spelling Giroud, on occasion), all the better…

  70. Gerry says:

    Good morning all, I had a ‘time out’ day, sorry JB, nice of you to miss me 🙂 Good news on the recovery front too … Keep it up Mrs B.

    TA – Having left it late coming to your post I cannot add much to what has already been said.

    I enjoyed the game, and the result was much as as expected, especially given the team put out. I think it had the desired effect, as one or two Coventry youngsters got caught in the headlights in the first half? That was especially true on their left side, which is why Jenks could play like a wide AM. With 8 players working around the Coventry box it was only a matter of time before they scored.

    Was it a conscious, pre-planned thing to save energy and to sit back in the second half, or more that they thought the game was won with some, that did not put the same effort in. The Per outburst when none of the midfielders came back and offered an outlet ball was fully justified. I can understand that Gnabry has not got the stamina at his age to do a full 90 odd minutes flat out. He is a hefty unit, so all the effort in the gym will not help as much as playing regularly and building up the body reserves. That worries me about the Tuesday game, because although the youngsters can recover quickly enough, the battery will be starting at a lower level if used again too soon. If he plays, he will tire more quickly, and be vulnerable to injury?
    Ox too, has not had enough full games to recover his stamina levels yet either, and if you throw in Jack’s run of games, it becomes less of a surprise that the edge dropped off until the changes were made?

    Credit Coventry with a bit better pressing to at least say they gave it a go. Better finishing might have altered the scoreline but not the result. But I was happy that they take away a good slice of the financial cake that they might make a purchase of a striker, or even a good loan/option to buy – Benek Afobe would be well suited if so inclined? – and keep their promising youngsters to see out their push for promotion?

    I agree on the need to play with a DM. I don’t necessarily agree with your later comment that one can be found that easily, or just by looking through TW We have two defensive midfielders on our books; Frimpong, who one can understand, if he could not make the bench on Friday, can see the exit door opening? Coquelin, who is your ball playing type, and has shown promise in the past. I guess neither, at this stage at least, would be trusted to do it alone? That is the type of DM we want, and good ones do not grow on trees. Top teams tend have good ones, lower level teams have okay ones. With Arteta and Flamini fit, we can get by. Just! But both are of an age where vulnerable, especially in this high tackling area, to injury. Two options in our youth ranks: Hayden, who I rate if he is given more time alongside Flamini/Arteta, say, in closing out final 25 minutes in games where we are in control?: Alternatively, the Milo suggestion of Olsson. He is a bit like Coquelin, and in not having a physical presence, so has to impress with better technical ability, and he’s is not quite ready yet.
    So we then come back to possibility converting a CB? Trouble is, both Sagna and TV5 are needed in their current positions, and we cannot be certain they will be with us next season?
    GIVE HIM A 3 YEAR CONTRACT! – Get him a partner so he can play more often!

    Which might just revive an option from last season? Yttam Retnig (mirror required 🙂 ), or indeed a temporary solution with massive Presence! KZ4???

    Let us see what the ‘Happy Window’ brings …

  71. oz gunner says:

    Cheers for the post match read TA…no one does it better.
    Not much i can add.

    Agree gerry. Ox and gnabry will develop their tanks in due time. A couple more pre-seasons and theyll be running out games with ease. Then again not sure how pre-season training works without our high altitude trip to Austria.

    This season flamini was definitely a stop gap and i feel a DM will be on the way in the summer. I don’t think coq and frimpong will be around and the others are a bit too raw. I’d love to see wanyama come in. He was fantastic when we played them last and will be a monster in future seasons.

    As for the mata deal…are united crazy???it reaks of desperation. It’s a lot of money for him and chelsea would be laughing at the profit they made.

  72. Xavier says:

    Good post TA as always…
    Can’t even add anything. Everything already been analyses and dissected by the great Bkers!!! 😀

    I just saw an interview of the of talking about how per have him a friendly warning about him being better than that when he lost the ball that resulted in Coventry hitting the post in that game. I love per and I love the passion he shows and how he lets the players know when they’ve…f’ed up. But I’m concerned about who let’s per know he should do better if he makes a mistake? It’s possible he’s big man enough to realize he shoulda done better..or does wenger do that? Maybe flam?(if he’s playing if course). Arteta doesn’t look much of a talker to me.

  73. Xavier says:


  74. oz gunner says:

    @ cockie

    Haha you bet. I worked on the defence for one of west oz’s biggest cases and do a bit of part time work here and there. Terry has offered me money countless times to erase evidence against him.

    @ AFC

    It’s very fun and i thoroughly enjoyed studying it but job opportunities are quite slim (thanks to shows like csi and co). For instance over here 130 people applied for 6 vacancies that opened up in the WA police force. Those who got it will stick around for some time to come and those who studied will be left to twiddle their thumbs. My dentist did a masters in forensic science but found no work so did dentistry. I also read somewhere a couple of years ago that it is England’s second most popular uni subject now.

    Only reason i got jobs was because the teacher became a good mate of mine and he’s the go to go in west oz.

    My advice is to keep your options open and study science. Then tailor your speciality later on. At least that way if you change your mind you aren’t backed into a wall

  75. oz gunner says:

    # go to guy

  76. AFC says:

    Thanks for the advice Oz. I am just doing the course for the additional qualification but I am keeping my options open. My teacher all of whom were Forensic Scientists or SOCOs have said it is hard to work for the police or in the forensic science field due to the cut backs.

  77. Gerry says:

    Or go the other way AFC … and specialise, and be the go to guy in that area? When I was at Aston Uni the Sinclair ZX 81 was around, and I lot of people I knew went into computing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the top guys at EA Sports didn’t start out at Aston. Likewise, decade later when I was at Middx, people I knew went into climatology …. in demand now?

    That is the key. Try and be ahead of the game. From your point of view I would angle towards DNA research, still so much to know, and plenty of people want answers? It also fits in that you are looking at the past to make conclusions about now – i.e. forensic medicine?

    Me, I just love being a student. 🙂


    My advice to you AFC and all other young Gooners is think about your pocket.

    Study with the aim that one day you can use those skills to make bucks. If after you hanker to learn about philosophy or have a desire to learn the piano, great. But the primary aim must be to take a path that can make you money.

    You will be judged as a person on how you use your money and success, not how you got it. Remember that.

  79. Gerry says:

    Terry, that is a very cynical view of judging people. I’d go the Groucho Marx route on those that did that .. Not wanting to know people who only have you on their list according to your monetry value … err especially as I wouldn’t make it on their list. You ask my burglar 😀

    We cannot all be footballers you know?

  80. Gerry says:

    On that basis, a generous criminal would be welcome in your household?

    The key to happiness at work is doing something you enjoy, not whether it pays you well enough to have a luxury month off, but loathe the of 11 months of the year?

  81. oz gunner says:

    Can’t really specialise until you do research though Gerry. Do the broad thing first then find your niche when you research (honours/masters/phd). At least that way if you change your mind you’ve still got something to go back to rather than starting at square 1 again

  82. oz gunner says:

    Depends what path you choose i guess. If i was happy being single and had no intentions of having a family i’d go for the farm/living off the grid life. But Terry’s model rings true for family life. I want both though.



    I dont judge people on there wealth, far from it. My family were immigrants and come form a working class background that I am very proud of. When I say “how you will be judged” I mean in the context how you can help other people not for yourself. My dad was skint all his life but he did everything he could for me and my three brothers, and to me he is a King

    My point is not a cynical one, its simply practical. I have spent the last 20 years working in accountancy practice and during that time have seen a wide variety of clients and business models and have seen how people behave when they succeed and fail.

    As i said, I dont judge people on what there worth, rather on how they use what they have, and the more you have the stronger position you are in to do both good and bad.

    Hope thats clear.


    Besides, if Gerrys burgler gets any ideas I wish to make it categorily clear that I am skint, have no money hidden under the staircase floorboards and that safe I have hidden behind a portrait of Arsene Wengers portrait contains nothing but old, yet worthless Arsenal programmes. hahaha


    Yes, there are two portraits. hahaha

  86. oz gunner says:

    Well said terry.

  87. AFC says:

    Gerry and TMHT thanks for the advice. 🙂

    Gerry has more of a ‘do something that you want to do’ view and TMHT is more of the ‘make sure you get money’ view. Both are right and both can work.While I cannot see myself enjoying any job I do (probably because I’m a lazy bastard :D)

    I do not want to be in a job I actually hate but then as Terry points out the aim of the game is to make money so you support yourself and your family.While the majority of my class applied to university I opted out (with a few others) mainly because I was sceptical of the whole ‘go to university get a prestige job and earn big bucks’ belief. The problem nowadays is everyone is going university and I mean everyone. My parents always tell me that back in their days much fewer people went to university.  So now I question university whether university has been devalued and whether it is better to go straight into work and try the more traditional ‘work your way up’ method.I could go to university but would it actually be a waste of my time and put me in a worse position. If I was to go to university I would most likely be doing a degree which hundreds of thousands have done. I would then come out of university in at least £40 000 debt and then face the hard task of trying to get into the field or a similar field I studied my degree in. As Oz says there are simply no jobs in my field and very few in similar fields. If I was to get a job in my field I could  be on a wage as little as £18 000-£20 000 a year which I could have got had I got a normal job. Then I would have the problem of having to start paying back the (at least) £40 000 debt as soon as I earn over £21 000 (I think) so my already feeble wage would drop even more. By the time I get up to the big bucks I.e. £50 000  a year I would be in my late 20s. Or there is the possibility that I could never get a job in my field and end up with a normal job and still have to pay back the debt.

    Then I have the choice of going straight in to work and starting of on a modest wage. I would be at least £80 000 richer than a person who has gone to university after 3 yearsand already be in a stable job. I could then work my way up (remaining ahead of the game) and earn a high wage.

    This is a decision I will have to make within the next couple of years but for now I’m leaning towards going straight into work and trying to work my way. All I want to do is provide formyself and my family and I do not really mind which job helps me achieve this, all legal of course. 😀

  88. AFC says:

    I would also say because I am living in London I cannot really wait to make money. I will need to be on a wage of at least £9 a hour just to break even once I leave home and start paying bills. That’s how expensive living in London is. Once I get a family that will probably have to go up by 1 or 2 pounds a hour.


    Thanks Oz

    AFC, once again, i can only appreciate and admire your words.

    With your attitude, I have absolutly no doubts that what ever path you take, you will succeed.

  90. Hahaha We will not talk about how I got my money in the past, so not sure how I will come across when I say, I do judge people by their wealth, as the wealthy ones are the ones in the past who I have targeted as to relieve them of some of their wealth !. hahaha
    So there you go, I wouldn`t give Gezzer a second glance, but I am intrigued by portraits on walls !.

    Mechanical Manshaft Technology !……that’s what AFC should be into…`s the next big thing !……I should know, I just this second invented it !. hahaha

  91. Yes, AFC, it seems every man and his dog go to Uni !. I too go to Uni, but only to deliver and oogle the wall to wall fanny !. hahaha
    I would have recommended a life of crime, but it was OK years ago, but now with the technology and CCTV everywhere, it`s getting harder, especially with them fcuking poncy forensic bastards !. hahaha

  92. AFC says:

    Hahahaha Cockie.

    The things my lecturers tell me. You could be under surveillance and not even know it. My advice would be not to commit any crime as it is not even worth it. If they want to catch you they will, they could even catch you for a crime committed over 50 years ago if the crime is serious and the police are serious about putting in the time, money and resources into catching the offender. Your always being watched and I will personally applaud anyone who can sufficiently their tracks after carrying out a major crime.

  93. AFC says:

    cover their tracks*

  94. AFC
    Unless I was bang to rights, I would always go for a Jury !. Why ?. Because I cant lose !. 12 men !…12 women !…half and half !, it doesn’t matter !….I would have them eating out of my hand, the women would want to have me afterwards and I`d turn the men gay !. hahaha
    If you end up in prison, that’s ok as well, it`s like going to the University of Life without having the grant money to pay back afterwards !. hahaha

  95. Sorry to act like a modern day Fagin and bring AFC into my world of criminology, deceit and wild sex parties, but being in the Banking World is trying to clean it`s act up !. hahaha
    Now before any of you start jumping on your high horses , answer me this !……………..which of you is going to tell me you wanted Robin Hood to get caught ?………or wanted Oceans 11 to get caught !……or The Italian Job boys to get caught !.

  96. VCC says:

    Terry….15:53, only birds do that. 😉


    Cornwall, hahahaha

    I was on jury service about 10 years ago. It was like that film “Twelve Angry Men”, but accept in reverse. Every one thought this guy was innocent but I wanted guilty.

    He was up on a grooming charge, but this young victim turned out to have other motives and his evidence was unreliable. I tried to argue that he was guilty because of his face, but no one else bought it.

    I demanded that we ask the judge wether someones face could be regarded as evidence, but in the end the other Jurers got fed up with me, with the Foreman shouting “I dont like your bloody face, but ime not asking the Judge to throw you out”

    Anyway, this geezer got let off but to this day ime convinced the F*ucker was guilty.


    Hows the building works going Vics?

    My gaff looks like a bombs hit it.

  99. How about some Arsenal Porn on a boring Sunday ?…..cant give you a 69, but a 49 will do !.

  100. PS
    That is a play list, so there are 20 top Gooner vids to choose from !.

    Hahaha Stretch……I bet you were pissed off that the trial wasn`t about some sort of illegal brothel / sex club etc` !. I can imagine the crown prosecutor saying….” objection my Lord !…one of the jurors is masturbating ! “….and the Judge saying …” Overruled !…..he is obviously taking the evidence of the case quite seriously ! “. hahaha

  101. Stretch.
    Vics is cost cutting with his Dormer !…no scaffolding !…using some of Vickies old Zimmers instead !

  102. James Bond says:

    Arsneal vs Liverpool

    Man City vs Chelsea

    could have done with an easier draw tbh, LiverFOOL must be shitting themselves 🙂

    this is how it looks before we play our FA cup game with pool…

    Liverpool vs Arsenal

    Arsenal Vs Man Utd

    Arsenal Vs Liverpool (Fa cup 15/th/16th Feb

    Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

    good tuck to liverFOOL, Man UTD and Bayern Munich – none of you plonkers stand a chance in hell of winning against us.

    Start the engine time


  103. In Football news… Arsenal have drawn Liverpool (in London) in the FA Cup 5th round…

    (Man City host Chelsea as well…)

  104. James Bond says:

    cheers skipper and Gerry,

    not so sure about that @ 17HT – ask her about where to get the best bargains and how to spend money on unnecessary things and I reckon you might get a very good post off her 😆

    I guess, we take out LiverFOOL and Chelsea take out Man City is the only positive here for the Qf’s


    We needed that draw like a hole in the head if ime honest.

    If we win it though we have a great chance of winning the whole thing.

  106. Looking at our fixtures in both February and March, it`s quite possible I might not come out from behind the Sofa until April Fools Day !. I better start ordering 2 months worth of rations !.

  107. James Bond says:

    maybe we can get Draxler fit and raring to go for the FA cup on the 15/16th with Liverpool ? he’s only our for another 10 to 14 days…

    Bendtner, Ox, Poldi will be fully fit as well as Ramsey, Rosicky, Arteta , TV5 – as long as we don’t lose any more players this week (Saints and then Crystal Palace) – we will be in a solid position to take on Pool/Utd/Pool/BM in a space of 10 days ?

    make or break month , i feel.

    I am looking forward on what we are going to do in the next 5 days in the transfer market – 2 players be perfecto.

  108. James Bond says:

    I much rather play big teams instead of smaller clubs (blackburn, bradford e.t.c ) least the tempo and mentality won’t drop and we will bring our A game to the game.

    it’s a mouth watering tie, to be the champions you must play and beat the very best and we are certainly well equipped and capable of doing that, I feel as long as we don’t lose any players on tuesday or sunday = Sorted.

  109. James Bond says:

    spare a thought for poor Man city, they get the most negative and boring team to watch ever – you can bet your bottom dollar that it might end up being a DRAW with a replay play down the Russian bridge.

    least we got a team who like to play football and will come here to play not defend.

    off now, be back later, if I can.

  110. That is a tough 2 months !. We say OGAAT, but that will be ONBAAT !…..One Nervous Breakdown At A Time !. You lot will be grey ( those lucky enough to have their own hair, not that of a bald Pigeon or Sasquatch ! ) before April !. Join me at ….The Bergkampesque Sofa Club !. We meet twice a week @ DFS, where we murder the first sale assistant to ask can they help as we put a foot in the door !.

  111. VCC says:

    Hi Terry. So far so good. I must say these are the only British builders I know that clear up at the end of the day. Fingers crossed we get maximum square footage. Spending all this money I will be peed off to find it’s a squat.

    After three weeks it’s going to plan. Another 2/3 weeks we should be finished. It’s all water tight now, just as well with all the storms we’ve had lately.

    I’ve taken photos of the progression, I will send you some when I get the time.

    Hang on in there stretchy baby.

    I would like to say how pleased I am with Mrs Bond, she is certainly a fighter, keep it up and God bless. XXX

    Latterz Muvverz……got to get my beauty sleep as its early rising mañana.

  112. Gerry says:

    Going back to the discussion pre- 4.0pm

    Terry – Agreed to a point. But better not to judge people until they do something the needs a judgement call/

    AFC – Yes the circumstances around going to Uni have changed. When I went back the second time in 1988-1992, I had two years of a full grant left, before they started giving out partial ones. Prior to that, pre- 1970 Uni was there for the rich people. Then when they upgraded the polytechnics to Universities, they decided that there were Red Brick Unii’s and the others … so the rich were able to distinguish from the upstarts. The big increase in numbers that went on in the 70’s and 80’s were largely made up my more female students, not solely, but they were the biggest single group increase. Of course, when loans were brought in the numbers dropped for a while, courses had to be more ‘work’ oriented. So once again we are back to the old story of who can afford to study without a loan? Surprise surprise, it is the sons and daughters of the very rich? The ‘Class system’ has perpetuated in the Education system, and just when it looked like Uni was for all that wanted it, it went backwards.

    I think you can tell I am one of those idealists who actually think education has a value in itself, not necessarily ‘for’ anything.

    My higher education has been a thorough pleasure. Not always successful, but a pleasure. I went to Coleg Harlech as a mature student. That nearly did not happen though. They turned me down when I applied the first time, so I did not bother applying the next year … but they invited me to an interview anyway. I got a place on their 2 year course doing Sociology and Psychology. I think of it as the macro and micro study of human behaviour, but most do one or the other. In the second year I moved out of College residency to rent a mountain cottage. That proved to be a problem in exam time, because I refused to pay the fees for something I wasn’t using. They couldn’t stop me from taking the exams, but could bar me from where the exams were taking place.

    Luckily I got good references from my tutors and got a place at Aston Uni. Thatcher killed off my course of Human Communication so I tried Psychology. Didn’t like it, only lasted one very enjoyable year there. hence the loss of I year of my grant.

    Next came Middlesex, which was only a Poly at the time, but changed to Uni status before I finished. I took the 4 year course doing French and English, which had a planned year abroad in France. However, I failed the basic language, partly because I was commuting from Coventry for the first two years, as my Taxi driving was funding my lack of a grant – which reminds me, where’s allezkev been these past few months? – Anyway, I switched to Education modules during the year out, and ended up with a nice 2.2 Ba Hons degree. I also enjoyed every minute of it.

    Circumstances did not permit be to take a job which related to the degree, but at least I was able to talk to the kids on my school bus run about their school work when they asked anything.

    I am not rich, but I am a great survivor. However, prior to the dogs I have not had to be responsible for anybody else but myself. Now, my pigeon hospitable is getting busy, I have two patients now, after my success with the last one. Both got too weak to fly, but might pull through if they get on okay. One is a male bird that got bullied from the peck marks on its chest. The other is a female with a probable broken leg, and looks like she may lay eggs anytime. And of course I have the aging dog collection.

    So I can see both sides to the argument. but back to your dilemma of being in work aiming to what you want to do later, or carrying on getting the qualifications, but uncertainty about finding a job at the end of your course, is one only you can answer. The only advice I can give from my experience is: Don’t take a job just for the money, unless it is short term aimed at getting to do something you do want. Equally don’t take a course that you are not interested in, even if it is connected to what you think you want to do.The odds are the stuff you need to learn will be the stuff you will be putting into practice later, so if it doesn’t capture your imagination, both are probably wrong for you. Finally, if you are unsure as to what direction to take, take some more time to think about it. Do a year’s voluntary service somewhere. That in itself will not necessarily lead you to what you want to do, but along the way you will meet a variety of people who may tell you about something that is right up your street?

    Much like on this site. TCM has probably put you off Cornish pasties for life, whilst jgc has a globe trotting lifestyle, and 17 who has the gall to complain about lack of snow when half his country has been in a freezer for weeks, but if it is skiing, then Tahoe is your place 😀

    I’m off to watch a bit of footie soon.

    Home tie in the Cup is all you can wish for. We have that.

  113. I must be the least qualified bastard on BK……least as in Zero !……not sure if they give out qualifications for wit !……if they did, I`d be the Head Professor of the Fuckulty !. hahaha

  114. Fozzie B says:

    Goodevening tiring testicle ticklers!! 😆
    Thankyou for the review Totes and all the comments from the Brokeback brethren!! 😀
    Whilst you bastardos are slapping each other’s backsides with your mortar boards .. You have taken your eye off tomorrow’s big pressy conference at the Arsenal !
    Talks of the Puma deal … Talks of Draxler … Talks of BFG, Rocky and Zelalem getting announced .. It’s going to be interesting!! 😀

  115. Fozzie B says:

    Just watched the game and very happy all round. I feel Gnabry is going to explode!! And he is spurring Ox to the next level!! Sadly Ryo, Frimmers and Le Coq to leave soonish ..

  116. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys 🙂

    Thanks for some great comments. Had to work today so no time for commenting. Will be editing a post now and issue it in a while.

  117. Fozzie B says:

    By the way Cockie .. I don’t consider a PHD in Arsetrominy and Arsetronauticism to be unqualified!! And that’s not to mention your Chemistry degree!! CHD with honours!! Cockies Hampton Disguiser !! Like the Houdini of the Hanpton world!! 😆

  118. Fozzie B says:

    It’s ok Totes the Brethren have kept things going and well done to the work you’ve done on the site !! Still don’t get that when I copy and paste from the address bar on you tube I still only paste the link and not the nice picture link like you guys do!! 😀

  119. Hahaha Fozzer, them qualifications don’t count as counterfeited them myself !.
    As to the Monday`s pressie, Fozzie Baby……it could be about a new Sith Lord contract and may be news on DB10`s ( the artist presently known a God ) statue

  120. James Bond says:

    you got to do it using your computer / lappy and not your phone or ipad, I assume @ FB

    don’t worry about it Glics, it’s only a worthless piece of paper – if a document was a measure of someone’s intelligence of accomplishments then I be damned (not in my world anyway) .

    you may not have something, I consider a worthless piece of paper (sorry to all the intellectuals and degree holders ) but what you do have in abundance is talent and bravery, bravery that leads you to hide behind the sofa every time we have to play a decent team

    11 out of 10 for that

    ; )

    yes, FB – a big day tomorrow…

  121. James Bond says:

    re- Ox and Gnabry

    Ox is still ahead of Gnabry, I would say Ox was at an 8 (when fully fit ) and Gnabry is still at 5 – development wise and so on

    it will take Gnabry another 12 months to get where we all want him to be, Ox on the other hand will surprise everyone after he’s played 2/3 games in a row – fully expect him to be delivering the goods when we play the scouse, IMO.

    and yep, OX ahead of Gnabry on the RW as well for me…the lad has done well so far but the OX is the way to go in Theo’s absence and Gnabry comes in to give Ox a breather.

  122. Not just the decent teams Oh Oh Sevennnn !…..the shit ones as well !. hahaha
    I need my Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz`s in anticipation for an expectant TW press conference !.

  123. TotalArsenal says:

    New New Post. 🙂

    This will be a test of your reading stamina! Gerry has produced a fine, deep analysis of the Giroud/Ozil conundrum. Pint of beer and packet of crisps might come in handy. 🙂

  124. James Bond says:

    will read it tomorrow then, ha

    thanks for the warning TA –
    laters everyone .

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