Could Draxler be this TW’s Higuain – Will Wenger surprise us again?

Will Arsene surprise us once again with an Ozil-calibre signing at the last minute?
Will Arsene surprise us once again with an Ozil-calibre signing at the last minute?

It is Transfer Window Dreadline Day and things are not looking good. The Draxler deal looks dead and buried and, as far as I can judge, we are not being strongly linked with anybody else as I write this quick post.

All the shenanigans surrounding our attempts to buy Higuain last summer should have taught us that a player is not a Gunner until announced on Most of us remained realistic throughout the process, and will not be too disappointed to see a deal for Draxler fall through.

However, the show is not over until the fat lady sings and Arsenal love to leave it to the last day, as the added time/deadline pressure makes for far better negotiation strategies (if indeed the club(s) of the players on our ‘wanted list’ are keen to sell after all…).

Draxler could, after all, still be on his way. Whether we should be super excited about signing a 20 year old at this time of the season, is a completely different matter. Short term, I cannot see him make a significantly bigger impact than say Ox or Gnabry are doing currently; and I am happy to see him come in the summer.

I saw him play a few times during which he showed glimpses of his potential, but I am not yet convinced he will be a great success. We as fans want the club to spend what it takes but we should expect the negotiators to pay what they regard as the right price. I also do not want another Reyes or Arshavin as we need a long term, successful solution for the LW position, which has looked cursed for a long time now.

It might also be the case that we were not really after Draxler at all, and that he has been ‘used as a Higuain’ to get a good deal for Arsene’s main transfer target this January. If so, who will be the ‘Ozil of this TW….? It will be all clear at midnight, as luckily the whole thing comes to an end and we can just focus on our football.

As regular BKers will know, I am keen to get DM support as soon as possible. With Flamini out for four key games, and Arteta struggling to get back to full form and fitness, experienced, ready to rock cover is required urgently. This was my priority nr1 at the start of the Terror Window and it has only become more urgent. It will not be easy, but it is a position Arsene has been trying to fill for for a couple of years, and hopefully he is ready to get our man now.

It sounds like Arsene is now focussing on DM support, but let’s see what will happen next.

Some questions for you to keep the debate going today:

  1. Where do we need to strengthen as our first priority?
  2. Who would you have liked us to sign this TW?
  3. Who do you reckon will join us before COP tonight?
  4. Who will leave/ be loaned?
  5. What do you want the outcome to be from the Northern Oilers v Southern Oilers match on Monday?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

280 thoughts on “Could Draxler be this TW’s Higuain – Will Wenger surprise us again?

  • TA, a post needed at this time. 🙂

    To answer your questions:

    1) The DM area
    2) You already know that (AS and MB)
    3) Your guess is as good as mine. Apparently a 31 year old midfielder is having a medical. Honestly don’t see the point of such a deal.
    4) Frimpong, Park and maybe Bendtner at a push but I doubt he will leave.

  • 1) Up front, closely followed by DM. My reasoning on this is we could have the tightest DMs in the world but if we’re not scoring goals we won’t win a game let alone a trophy. I know midfielders have contributed well so far, but I would just feel a bit more comfortable with a recognised goalscorer in the team. Perhaps that’s arcane of me.
    2) I would have loved to see Diego Costa come in (see above), but I suspect the whole motivation factor in a transfer would probably not have been there…if I was him, even if I were to leave at the end of the season, I’d want to see where this season’s adventure ended with Atletico (and not have to worry about bedding into a new team in a World Cup year).
    3) Having allowed myself to believe that we were actually serious about signing Draxler, I’m surprised there is even the possibility of Kallstrom joining. Agree that it seems pretty pointless.
    4) Not sure about people heading the other way. Could Frimpong (eventually) be the answer we need for the DM area?
    5) Have to be hoping for a draw with injuries to several keys players…I prefer us to be on the front foot, leading the way rather than playing catch-up.

    I’m going incognito for a couple of hours and hoping for a miracle by the time I return…

  • Kallstrom, hmmm. Only know him a bit. This is wiki’s description re his playing style:

    ‘A central midfielder who can also play on the left side of midfield as a wide midfielder, Källström has the potential to work as a deep lying playmaker or as a more attacking influence. He is also known for his left-footed free kick ability.[14]’

    He has almost 100 caps with Sweden, scoring a goal in one in six…. Will it be a loan deal, then surely it is what we could with now? Not a DM though…

  • Thanks AFC and jozefos 🙂

    Frimmers to go….. Only if we find cover, I reckon. Although, it looks like Wenger has no trust in him whatsoever…

  • The 31 year old being mentioned, who is suppose to be having a medical now is Swedish international left foot free kick wizard Kim Kallstrom. Could this be Arsene new Freddiesque Lunberg?

  • PG and TA, do not see the point of such a signing. it will be a borderline joke if it happens, rather play Coquelin there at DM. Seems like a signing a club fighting relegation would make.

  • I have feeling Arsene will do his magic on the quiet again. He will probably sign a couple of players i have not even heard off. I never even knew the name Kim Kallstrom til half an hour ago , but i trust Wenger 100% his talent spotting skills are second to none. Is it just me or does Wenger just love a left footed player or what? We seem to have loads and all are super players.
    I also expect him to really want to get Sanogo up and running and scoring asap. That is not to say he wont sign a striker, it could depend on his fitness. If 1 is availble also.

  • In answer to my question on Frimpong, no he’s not. I nearly added if he wasn’t we should sell him…that would have made me look prescient…

  • AFC,
    I don’t feel that way about it, i don’t really feel anyway about it to be honest. I don’t know the player at all. But a 100 cap international full of expiriance is better then Frimpong . Look at it as a straight swap AFC then it looks like a good move.

  • Also Wenger is worried about losing Rambo for what could be another 6 weeks , Jack and Flem for 4 games.

  • PG, still pointless. At least bring in a player who is not past it.

    I’d rather:

    Try and bring back AS on loan or play Verm in midfield and bring back Johan if possible.

  • Trust le prof boss ha ha ha ha
    He knows his squad and what he needs, he is a wise old owl.

  • PG, I know you seem quite happy(?) but for me NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Remember Wenger was saying he was only looking for SQ, then he is always talking about buying is not always strengthening and then he does this, if true.

  • PG, he is wise but for every success he has signed he has signed a player who has not made it.

    How good is this guy. I mean is he even as good as a Nolan for instance.

  • Oh Frimpong is perm. Shame . I wish him luck he needs to play though that is for sure and he just was not even making the dench i mean bench.

  • – Where do we need to strengthen as our first priority?
    Short term, a DM backup.

    – Who would you have liked us to sign this TW? I would have loved Draxler for his pace (in absence of Theo), his dribbling skills (to help put some fear and tension in PTB defenses), and long term potential (Theo/Julian = Ribery/Robben). But I would not pay the alleged asking price, that would be nuts. I would have loved a SQ DM, but none are available? Same goes for “pure” striker, no SQ available.

    – Who do you reckon will join us before COP tonight?
    As per my previous answer, a cheap Kim Kallstrom sounds perfect to fill the gap and backup for Flam/Arteta. He can play more advanced, but is great at DM (and will bring some aerial capability to midfield). Intelligent player, positional awareness, good workrate. Not outstanding technically though, and of course we can’t expect miracles, he’s a couple of years past his best, so consider him an experienced backup. To me he was pivotal to the good Lyon days, the guy not in the spotlight that made it all click.

    Klose could work out as backup striker, but I kind of “trust” Bendy to do the trick on his last few appearances.

    Otherwise, I’m still stupidly hoping for a rabbit out of AW’s hat 🙂

    – What do you want the outcome to be from the Northern Oilers v Southern Oilers match on Monday? 0-0 obviously 🙂

  • AFC,
    He is suppose to be good yes, his left is meant to be magic.
    It is still early i expect more signings to come by the end of the day.
    Fair comment about SQ, but who is to say that Kallstrom is not i honestly dont know i know nothing about him.

  • PG, Wenger did say one. I think Klose could come but those could be the only deals that happen unless Wenger pulls something out of the hat.

  • He said in an interview this morning that he want to bring in at least a couple of bodies. Was his words i think.
    I would be disappointed if that was all we brought in this TW, i feel we need more goals and i expect him todo something up front but i just get the feeling Sanogo fitness may suade him.He is injury prone though.
    Klose is a great shout for back up. But at 35 he is really at the end of his carrer

  • AFC,
    You are right he said 1, at least 1 though. fingers crossed mate. he just does not want to promise anything. Or am i just hearing what i want to hear. I am a bit more worried now.

  • PG, he is but is still good enough to hold up the ball and score a few goals. He is a proven goal scorer at club level and international level and is still in the German national squad I think.

  • -A DM-position but that’s the one on which Wenger doesn’t want to spend at all. I’d go for Alex Song’s loan, if it’s possible. That might do the trick.

    -I’d love to see us sign Diego Costa but I don’t see that one coming through. Arsene is in his dithering phase where he doesn’t want to touch anything due to his fear that he will break something.

    -Kallstrom…and that’s it. Wenger will be satisfied with the team that can fight for the 3rd spot and direct qualification for the CL.

    -Frimpong is out. Park might follow him.

    -4:4 draw with a lot of red cards for both teams.

  • A six month deal for Kalstrom seems to make sense, with both Rambo and Jack continuous injury risks. We need experience and energy and that is what he has to offer right now. He sounds a versatile player to me who also finds the net regularly… It looks like he did not play much recently so he should be fit and eager…

  • Alcide and others, a draw would be okay, but I prefer a Mansour City win. If we win against CP it would mean a gap of five points with the Chavs. It would also put the pressure on Mansour City as they are chased by us for once… The Chavs have an easier run of games than us and the Northern Oilers so the bigger the gap the better. But I would take a draw as well.

  • The fact that Wenger offered 40 million for Suarez shows that Wenger wants and will pay big money for the right Striker and that he wants 1. Can he land one in the next 9 hours?
    Who knows?, i live in hope.

  • TA, I have been looking at other sites for info on this guy an I came across the comment of a swede who said this.

    Okey, im a swede, and i now that Källström is a good player. But Källström will not storm anything…Källström will not make an ass of himself, but will not make a big impact either. If West Ham were to sign him, i would probably say something like “an ok signing”. But Arsenal is not West Ham, and this is just wrong, both for AFC, for Källström and for us Fans

    Does not sound good
    I’m with Admir here.

  • When it comes to Kallstrom, I remember him as a great free-kick taker. Of course, it’s not easy to be remembered by your free-kicks if your team-mate had been Juninho Pernambucano, arguably the best free-kick taker in the last decade.

  • AFC, I have a wait and see attitude re this signing. JB will be happy to see a player who can score from well outside the box and free kicks… I rather we get a proper DM though.

  • G’morning fellas, Happy TDD…

    I missed out yesterday as we got snow (finally) and it had to be cleaned up. There were mechanical problems in the vehicle fleet which also slowed me down. Additionally, the death throes of the Draxler deal weren’t particluarly inspiring for me when I did take a moment at the ‘puter… Amongst the other comments, I tend to have a similar pessimistic take on the evolving FFP dynamics and they only seemed reinforced yesterday. Given Wednesday’s developments (ManCity handed a match they probably were going to win anyway…) there was only so much pleasure I could take from Chelsea’s frustrations esp. as they nailed down a defender (for the long term…) who has been highly rated by others here… Ironic in the extreme that Jose M was lambasting West Ham tactics when surely he will do likewise next Monday.

    On the other hand, Jozefos’ maiden post, my suggested book review, WAS inspiring and I meant to acknowledge it and encourage more. I’d really like to get my hands on a copy of it and I hope that Mr Fos2013 sticks around and contributes more around here. Really nice writing, sir… Who’s gonna review that book on the life and times of Herbert Chapman? I would recommend TMTH, if he can find the time whilst juggling home improvements and all the birds…

    So, Draxler ideas dashed, we’re looking at Kallstrom as an emergency force towards the left side of the rear of the midfield (?) and maybe Klose as a back-up for Giroud (and to rekindle some sort of magic with Poldolski?–He looked reasonably sharp at the weekend vs. Juve, I thought)… If those two happen I think what it acknowledges is that we’re looking for emergency fillips rather than any sort of longer term upgrade to Walcott and Ramsey. (Could a Drax/Poldi switch still happen in the Summer?…) I never expected an injury to EITHER of those two to seem so critical, but here were are, and AW, I think, seems to believe they will both be essential members of the squad in the future… For this season, my hunch is that we’re going to need some super strong defensive performances, better luck on the fitness front AND some lucky bounces to feel we’re still in with the slightest of chances in ANY of the three remaining comps come the end of next month…

    Finger crossing time. First to get the bodies in today, On Sunday vs CP and then as February rolls on…

  • Heart still hoping for something more substantial to happen. Head says the window is gone. A good result needed on Sunday to help us all move on. I have the sad sense of expecting to watch Draxler make it big elsewhere and wishing for what might have been with us. A few goals and my cup will be back to half full – feeling a bit light and sour at the moment……

  • I’m now and will be back later. 🙂

    TA, just remember how good Santi, Arteta and co were good at free kicks before they came to Arsenal and now we rarely score any even though they are at Arsenal.

  • I don’t know who kallstorm is but the name sounds familiar. Umm… I’m trusting wenger to do whatever we need to strengthen before the day is up. I’m not much of a transfer person but I’m with TA and every one else that we need a beast if a DM.

    Finally, I’m curious, why exactly do you all want Song back?? I don’t remember him doing a lotta defending before he left. Just saying.

  • My view re Song is that if you ask him to only defend, he will do so. But Wenger asked him to help with the creative side of things and did he not do well? I would have him back in a heartbeat. Loved that guy.

  • TA, the snow IS good…We got a full foot (30 cm) here at the house and it’s wet and heavy which makes for a good rock covering. This is exactly the sort of storm we hope for in November… 😯

    I only have the vaguest ideas about Kallstrom. In recent times, watching Sweden, I think he was the left footed counterpoint to Seb Larsson’s right in MF, both of them trying to feed balls into Ibrahimovic. Mostly I think of those matches played at a VERY slow pace, but that’s true of much of Int’l footy…

    Seems to me that Flamini’s two-footer (which might’ve cost us 2 points the other night…) may turn out to be a season defining moment. If Kallstrom hits the ground running, it could turn out as a positive…


    Re: Song, I think Wenger wanted him to show up for training on time and Alex had a bit of trouble with that element. Plenty of talent (and physique) there, IMO, so I think it was his lack of application which upset the manager. Bit of a lumbering style as a runner and I like them on the smoother side. Watch for our badge thumper (Ozil) to help out a lot more when we out of possession. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I fear…

  • AFC, I wouldn’t say his left is “magic”, not when we have Ö in the team… Two years ago I would have rated him LARGELY better than Flamini (either the old or the current one). I can’t vouch for the last 2 years at Spartak though. 6 month loan = excellent deal, we’re covered if more DM injuries, and can offer some relief when save at the end of games.

  • TA – :p Actually, I use his full name in order not to confuse him with the other Juninho – Juninho Paulista (the one that played for Middlesbrough). Paulista was the first Juninho I’d watched so the other guy – who surpassed him in terms of everything – had to wear his full name. 🙂

    I’d like to see Song because against Southampton we were stuck in the second gear, like Wenger said. The main reason was that we lacked the dynamics Ramsey, Wilshere and Rosicky have offered this season. Song had a great co-operation with Arteta in the middle of the park and we might have seen some of that magic again had Wenger opted for Song’s return.

  • Alcide, that’s a more promising scouting report on KK. Cheers… Would KK allow Santi a bit more freedom from defensive duties so he can run free as we all (seem to) prefer?…

    Agreed there about Song and Arteta… Songaldinho (B2B?) did allow Mikel to do more of the “deep-lying play-maker” thing. But that’s a part of the game I think we lose with no Theo in the line-up… In truth, I’m not really sure HOW we’re gonna try and make the offense click given the current bodies available…

    Anybody got (any) ideas? 😦

  • Good to hear the snow is good and deep, 17. Better late than never as the Dutch say. Song had a lumbering style agreed, but I thought he was excellent in being in the right place in the right time and he did the defending so well. He can also play as CB which is an added benefit. But agreed, there might have been attitude issues, although I have never read about it directly.

  • Hey thanks TA re the snow…That it comes on our big throwball weekend means it’s gonna be a bit of a wild time these next few days…

    I liked Song too and thought he was picking up some of Diaby’s skills in that period… When he got transferred I remember reading that he only laughed at the (small) fines he incurred for being routinely late on the practice pitch. I think there was a bit about the BFG really being incensed by his disregard for team disclipline…

    But that’s all in the past…Going forward we’re gonna need Arteta back at his best toot sweet and he needs a real partner back there to give him a little time and space. Is this Swedish guy gonna slot right in? Who’s the ref for CP because a ready whistle always helps Arteta too… We need to beware that Puncheon fellow, now that his manager has stuck by him following his horrific penalty vs Spurs. Letting Chamakh play against us proves a point about the loan system but will make that match tougher. Hopefully we can pop up with some goals of our own at the other end and get things settled earlier rather than later…

    OK, gotta run the kid around and maybe try some skiing…

  • Oh, I wanted to say that I’m more or less with those who think Cabaye might’ve done a job for us. He’s probably not worth what PSG paid for him, but maybe more than we paid for Flamini (who has left in a bit of a pickle here)… We’ve spent money on Flams’ contract, however, of course…This KK fellow in on a loan is intriguing. If he can outperform either Flams or Arteta in whatever chances he gets it will be a very good thing and maybe will save him from obscurity in Ukraine. Obviously it’s not a long term, SQ, solution, but it seems better than trying to play a not-fully-fit 20 year old (Ox) back there. Like I said, desperate times… 🙄

  • Evening Ditched Draxler Deadline Day Disappointed Dick Doers !. 😆

    Who we getting ?. Just GPS chip Dick Law and track where he is !. Which is probably in the toilet cubicle @ London Colney adjusting Arsene`s dodgy zip !.
    Trying to get at least 2 bodies in !…..make that Dick Law and Gazidis `s bodies…fcuk…I`d chuck them both out of the speeding Cortina on the M25 !.
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    What a limp fcuking DD ( Deadline Day ). I normally sit naked in front of the TV with my Arsene cock puppet and just so that my missus doesn`t think I`m a pervert, I quickly flick over from Sky Sports News DD to Babe Station whilst rubbing little Arsene, so she thinks I`m a normal person !.
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    Twelve Transfer Targets. One Cock.
    The odds are against Dick Law…….
    That’s just the way he licks it !.

    Thanks Totes . 😀
    1) A fast DM fox in the box beast of a winger.
    2) PogbaKonoplyankaSuarez.
    3) A piece of unwanted shit on loan !.
    4) `Pong has gone and hopefully Park wont be too far behind with a suitcase of missing dogs !.
    5) A draw and as they leave the pitch, Platini hands them a UEFA points deducted enforcement notice for taking the fcuking piss !.

  • Lazio reject Arsenal loan bid for Klose 😦
    Lille Reject Arsenals loan bid for Kalu 😦
    He is trying, lets hope he has a few more players he is keen on signing. I am sure he has.
    Come on Arsene, In Arsene i trust!

  • PG, I do not think he is keen on any of these players. They seem like panic loans hahaha.

  • Berbs has gone to Monoco and Osvaldo has gone on loan to Juve till the end of the season.

  • All right it`s going to be me to state the obvious headline in tomorrows papers after Wengers failed loan attempts !………….” A Klose call, but Wenger hasn`t a Kalou ! “.
    Actually, Totes, you can use that one !.

  • Cockie, I will be happy if we get Klose as he is a veteran player who will know Ozil, Podolski and Mert and can still offer something. Apart from that. ..

  • Liverpool tried to get Richards on loan but were rejected. Bastards. At least they tried to sign a quality player. 😀

  • Surprised to see such an understanding mood around here this afternoon.. Then again maybe I’m just a pessimist. Really unimpressed with the club’s dealings today. Borderline insulted. Not only in the caliber of player we are targeting, but more so in the manner we are conducting our business. Are these the “exceptional” talents that Wenger just can’t pass on? Honestly i would have rather we not even dip into the market than go through with these panic deals. Kudos to those of you who continue to be hopeful. Ah well, in Wenger we trust, right?

  • Glic, that guy beginning with K who you mentioned in your first comment seems to be off to Liverpool.

  • What’s the latest? Out and about and there’s nothing on the radio…Seems like there’s no television coverage yet either…In years past they would give us the Sky Sports. This year we only get a one hour re-cap show at 3:30 (our time–11:30 yours)–No mile by mile update on Odemwinge driving to QPR… 😦

    In AW I trust and he must be thinking Poldolski > Draxler over these next few months at least…Still a little SQ potential against the already relegated would’ve been fun, even if he would’ve cost an extra 10 million…

    Have we at least signed the Swedish Nacho? I assume he’s gotta be tough enough with a name like Kim… Here’s one for the kids…

    Ah well, so it goes, unless, of course, 007 comes on with some new intelligence… Hopefully he’s getting his lady settled back at home or is otherwise focused on more important things…

  • 17, Kalou loan bid rejected and we have offered to take Klose on loan for £2.0-2.5 million but PG has said that has been turned down as well.

  • Latest news is that the Arsenal board were happy to meet Draxler’s release clause but Wenger did not want to sanction it.

  • Hahaha…Personally, I think we blew it on the Berbs front, but that’s just me, and we were never gonna compete with those guys in (tax-free) Monaco… The beaches in London, probably don’t match up either…

    So, the Klose # has to go up but it still could, right? Like I said, he looked sharpish on the weekend, drawing a pen and red card (making Gigi look like a Szcz)… He should, however, have won the match late on but headed straight at the (back-up) keeper instead of picking a corner. Even at his age he moves with more pace and cleverness than Bendtner, I think, and probably can give a better effort over 90 mins than any of the current back-up options we’ve got. IF we don’t get a forward in, I’m going to need Ollie to stop with the “I’m really hurt” hand waving thing he seems to do in a reflexive fashion…

    C’mon AW do it… (Tell Giroud to stop…) PLEASE!!!!! 😆

    (Gotta laugh or else you’ll cry, no?…)

  • 17, agreed with Klose and seems Berbs is now getting the money to match his jard work. 😀

  • Hey AFC, It sounds like you’re my eyes and ears here…

    How do you rate all these various players? On a scale of 1-10 how angry, disappointed, etc. are you with the dealings?

    Welcome Kim Kardashian, er Kallstrom to the Arsenal!

  • This Källström guy seems like a 5 out of 10. Seems like a decent Prem player but seems like a signing a mid table – relegation team would make. Not of the quality to push us on for a league title. He could prove us wromg of course

  • Klose would be strong 6, weak 7 out if 10. A veteran striker who still has a lot yo offer. Can hold up the ball well, intelligent striket who can come of the bench and win you matches. Still will be in the German squad come Brazil I think.

  • Kalou would be a 4. Playing in an uncompetitive league and we could be paying relatively high wages? Experienced but past it in my opinion.

  • Ozil = proven talent ready to contribute. Draxler = one for the future and (thus) speculation. The transfer fee would’ve been close and so then would’ve been the salary demands, I would think. Seemed like we were in for him at a number closer to 25M. I know people say just spend the money but with it comes pressure–A guy like Ozil can deal with it, is Draxler cut from the same cloth? We’ll see what goes down in the Summer, I guess…

    Personally, though I know next to nothing about KK, I’m glad we got a little backup rather than trying to play Gibbs or Ox and + prayers to avoid injury…

    But now I sound like I’m stretching a few dribbles into a glass half full, or something…

    On the 1-10 scale I was looking for you mood about the proceedings, AFC, not player ratings, but I appreciate whatever you can give me. From whence does your knowledge come? Have you watched these guys or is there a database I should be looking at?…

    Hey Total, are you locked and following the news until the deadline?… Is the feeling that we’ll take a striker (any striker, on loan, or cheap enough…) if we can get him? Sounds like Yaya S. will either be “back in full training” or “another 6 weeks” depending on how we do… 🙄

  • 17, I have no problem with Wenger not wanting to pay 37mill for Drax, I get that.

    Klose and Kalou I have watched. My views on KK are sort of the general view of people.

  • as much as I admire AW and acknowledge his accomplishments at Arsenal – I’ll say this

    the sooner he stops being an economist and starts being a full time Manager – the better

    yes, I know most of you love AW, including me – but he is not immune to criticism nor is anyone else at the club

    not sure about any of you but I really miss David Dein, least he got us the players by hook or crook without letting AW haggle over a few extra million here n there.

    absolutely gutted right now – sure, buying a SQ doesn’t guarantee you the title but psychologically it lifts everyone up including the fans, if anyone of you tells me that they are happy and content with today’s development and our loan acquisition thus far then am willing to put Glics sofa on the line and say that you are not being honest with yourselves.

    for 9 years, we’ve not been in this position both football wise and financially – just bloody go the extra mile and get the deal done, but no Arseneknowsbest.

    I was told we will be getting 2 players, you better deliver the 2nd player within the next 3 hours or else am sending Glics along with Fozzie down at the emirates to see you Arsene 😆

    congratulations everyone, we got a cross between Arteta and Benayoun.

    where are you going ? sit down and continue reading, am still not done yet with my rant 👿

    so AW says he would want the winter transfer window scrapped ? why Arsene ? if up to you Arsene, you would want all the TW’s scrapped – not anyone’s fault if you are going to assume the transfer window opens on the 31st of January and closes on the 31st of January.

    chelsea got a bargain and a very very fine young CB for no more than 12 million – why couldn’t we get ZK ? we could have loaned him straight back as well, considering we lost DJ

    if the deal hasn’t been done and dusted with Draxler on a pre-contact for the summer then you can kiss him good bye – and no, according to my understand Podolski isn’t going to be going the other way @ 17HT – Schalke and Cologne are like Arsenal vs Spuds, can’t see Poldi agreeing to play for Schalke

  • Zouma would have set us up for years in the CB area and its a shame we missed out on him.

  • there is no point waiting for Draxler in the summer and paying £37 million euros for his release clause then when you will have other clubs in it for him as well – maybe willing to offer more than the release clause or better terms with add- on’s

    if we are willing to wait 6 months for Draxler, then may as well scrap that deal and wait an additional 6 months making it 1 year and then get REUS – he has a release clause which is a bargain at only £30 million , only can be activated in 2015 and not before.

    anyhow, Nani is still available at 10-12 million, high wages though – Berbatov would have been worth taking the risk in my opinion as he would have been alright to play in the CL as well.

    hell, give me £18 million and I can find you Benteke’s agent’s number, am sure he would be more than willing to put in a transfer request himself and do an Arteta and come down at the emirates in no time to sign the deal.

  • JB, it is ironic that we cannot get the players we need or want when you have Wenger saying ‘if I could give you my phone, you will see how many people want to join Arsenal’ etc.

  • Not a twitch of movement on the BOING ” scale !. 1 – 10 !….I`m still in limp mode !.
    Wenger has known for a long time of our injuries and lack of back up ( or better than ) for Giroud !.
    I have no problem with it all, as I`m not deluded enough to think we are going to win the EPL…..I leave that to you bastards !. hahaha
    Third or Forth will be a great achievement, as my expectations were much lower, but next season I expect some proper spending on at least 3 SQ`s. We still have a rumoured £70M and with next years £70M and the £30M from Puma, that leaves us a lot of money for the Summer TW……£ 170M !.
    Wenger has said he is surprised by our league position, but not clever enough imo to try and get some quality players in to sustain it !.
    I predicted more injury woes and from my Crystal Balls have seen that we will collapse in the next ten weeks, so not buying in any quality with the notice I have given makes me struggle to understand why Wenger is known as the Professor and I`m not !. hahaha
    Think I`m being harsh and winding you bastards up !…..well just wait `til next season, when with all the money he has at his disposal, there will be no excuse for not buying some serious SQ and if he doesn`t, he will feel the full force of The Monster`s sharp wit !.
    PG said Wenger is a wise old Owl !………….and like an Owl, he can turn his head around 180 degrees to watch Mourinho shafting him from behind again !.

  • so we will have the likes of BFG, Arteta and KK in the same starting 11 in the future ?

    they say never judge a book by it’s cover but if you thought Arteta was slow and had mobility issues then how do you fancy the Arteta and KK double pivot 🙄 but here is to hoping that he can deliver the goods and keep us going, welcome to the Arsenal family KK, even though your best years may well be behind you.

    if we don’t get anyone else in, then Rosicky is a massive massive player for us, the only one who is capable of speeding the game up or else we might be in trouble with a very one dimensional Midfield.

    am also amazed as to why we let young Afobe go on loan ? surely, if we didn’t have a plan in place we should have kept him as I do rate him highly and place him ahead of Yaya.


    AW has too much power at the club, in my opinion – you know, I don’t doubt he bleeds Arsenal like most of us , if not more , however, that’s the problem, he needs to segregate the economist from the coach/manager – tell the board what player he wants and then let Dick Law get on with it and get him the player at whatever price, provided the board backs him up which they always do (IA has openly said it many many many times, I feel sorry for the guy sometimes because he tells the truth about Arsenal having a 100 million budget for transfers available for AW, yet AW refuses to use it )

    ok, fine don’t use it then on new players if you don’t want to add SQ players AW, then give it back to the fans and instead of on average charging £62 per ticket, slash the ticket costs by a half and make it £30…and we will be content in finishing or competing for top 4 and won’t demand more.

    this is simply not just good enough – why should we scout for him and tell him about players when in today’s world, you can do a Chelsea and knick other clubs players under their noses.

    just because he is unwilling to push the boat out in January and get the job done, he has the gall of saying that we should scrap the winter window only because you have other clubs doing some solid business and are quite happy with it ? he then goes onto say that 80% of the business is done on the last day or last week before that it’s not active.

    so why can’t we be in the other 20% who can get the business done nice and early.

    moan moan moan…is the moto ! (not mine 😆

  • I`m not over the moon either, JB !….but will leave a proper rant for next season as I`m sure Arsene will not disappoint me in still being a tight fcuker !.
    Something else which I struggle with……all this….” Sanogo will be back soon stuff “…..right, I knew there was something holding us back, but just couldn`t put my finger on it !……….FFS….he`s shit !.

  • Glics,

    we were not in for Isco but Draxler was the next big thing, I feel.

    the lad wanted to come , why wouldn’t Schalke want to sell him at the premium or the full release clause amount when they are 5th in the table, still in the champions league with Huntelaar back in their team – they know, if not Arsenal then any other club could easily come in the summer and take him away courtesy due to him performing and going to the world cup ?

    ok, so 37 million is a lot for a 20 year old work in progress, but if you were willing to offer close to 30 million then why not make the remaining up in add-on’s and pay half up front in cash – I’m only disappointed that he’s not coming now to give everyone a big massive lift considering we could do with his presence in the team and that’s what he has, PRESENCE up front.

    anyhow, we are 1 injury away from start the engine time – let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope the injury gods are kind to us for once or least for the next 10 weeks at least.

  • Well, James, I trust that your appreciative emotions have all been spent on your wife (and that that business is proceeding to expectation)… 😀

    No doubt it’s a different model, having the manager also being the Chief Financial Officer but that’s how you avoid a decent manager being stuck with the buys (and contracts) made by the former guy. Dalglish was brilliant in buying Suarez (except for, you know, the 8 and 10 match bans and that he will be gone to Spain in the Summer…) but not so much in getting Carroll and Downing. Henderson, I guess is coming around, but he’s maybe also blocking a lot of better MFs they could’ve bought up there… We’ll see how Tim Sherwood (or whoever becomes the man at Spurs) does with the AVB spree after the Bale sale…

    New faces ARE exciting and I liked Draxler’s youtube vid, so I’m a sad. Hopefully, we had him scouted a little more than that and our people had an idea as to his real value. I’m glad to be in partnership with a manager who can walk away from a deal and doesn’t spend for the sake of spending or doesn’t at least think beyond this one moment and the pressures it brings…

    Remember, the manager serves at the pleasure of the owner and (Cockie is right…) Kroenke’s first priority is making money. As such, it’s the ticket (and kit and television) buyers who are footing the bill. As much as I would like some new and exciting players I don’t want to be “paying” to watch another Arshavin standing there grinning and shrugging his shoulders. If Arsenal buy up a ton (tonne?) of players and half become members of a shadow squad, it’s our money, not our sheik’s that they’re banking…Sad, but true, I fear..

    Yeah, I have zero idea if Schalke want or wanted Poldolski. My thought is that Lu-Lu (our 2nd or 3rd highest paid player) is a safer bet for the remainder of the season than Draxler, what with his injuries and inexperience. Klose is probably the best of ALL three (as a guy who might win us points from here to May) based on having watched him last weekend. All are different, but a huge gamble on the future, I suspect, is what made AW keep his powder dry in this case…

    Obviously, it’s not what people want to hear, but if you’re gonna play manager you gotta look at all angles, I would think… So, put me down with those who want to see us “build” a squad rather than playing fantasy football…Yes, we’re going to have to overachieve just to compete with the oilers. Consider me well chuffed if we do better than ManU this season (in all comps) and who knows? After all, Cockster, the matches are played on the pitch, not in the behind the sofa calculations, no matter how much comfort those might bring…

    Sometimes I wonder if another factor in doing business with the silly money clubs is just to open the pipeline. Do clubs like St. Ettiene get more than meets the eye with a deal for a guy like Zouma (future deals, kickbacks, who knows?) Almost certainly we wouldn’t have offered him back on immediate loan, no? Either way it would’ve sent Vermaelen out, if he’s not already on his way…

    Anyhow, I could go on and on in this sort of naive/hopeful/foolish vein. Instead, the sun is shining (meaning that the snow is turning to poo…) so off the hippie goes, leaving it to the doomer (realists) of the BKesque family. I’ll check back after things have “slammed shut”…

  • ha ha, yep , she is back home and sleeping hence I’m here sharing my views for a little bit, hope you enjoy the snow – enjoy it while it lasts and hey, you finally got your wish with the snow, it’s a shame that OZ and most of us, didn’t get ours @ 17HT – see you later and enjoy your day!

    sorry Glics but it’s true no 😆

  • Chaps. Before we all despair (and I am disappointed too) let’s keep in perspective that we are 1 point off the top and playing extremely well – for a change. I know the shouts will be that now is the time to buy big and thereby land some silverware. Yes, if we can buy the right people at the right price.

    There’s a lot of dodgy maths being quoted around about how much money we can spend on new players. Yes there’s a kitty, and yes Wenger is very prudent with using it. But the truth is big buys now – by which I mean, for players we have not planned to buy in, or prices above what we would expect to pay in summer; mean we have less to pay for the big signings we most want.

    It seems clear that Wenger really wants Draxler. But he will have a list of critical buys coming up for this summer and the year beyond. We only have Ozil because Wenger has been prudent in the past. We shall have to wait and see who we can land in the summer to strengthen the squad – and I do think we will buy then, from the top drawer; I would not want to risk this by us getting carried away in a January auction.

    I hope we get Draxler in the summer – or if not that he turns out to be another Pennant! But as TA says, he has done little more yet than the Ox for example. His purchase would give us all a lift, but he is no saviour or ticket to the title. The title will only come through consistent graft, effort where its most needed, and calm heads during tough times. The more I read about Kallstrom, the more I like what I hear; he won’t spur us on the title, but he will give us a bit more solidity at times when we need it. Where we end up will ultimately depend on the quality of the players we started the year with – can our defence stay strong, can Santi and Pod get back in the goals, can Giroud stay fit and performing, and can we rotate our creative and holding midfielders through games and injuries to maintain this area as our core strength? I hope so. In the end if we are up there competing right to the end I will be chuffed, and won’t even be too disappointed if we end up 3rd. The team is still growing.

    And finally, let’s lay off Wenger for once. After all the flak he took at the start of the season, and then what he has delivered for us over the last 5-6 months, we should be trusting his judgement and respecting his choices.

  • 17. I wrote my piece before reading yours. You said it all perfectly – I totally agree.

  • I stand by what i said about Wenger, every single word
    That said he has his flaws I think if Draxlar had of been fit and not injured and could help us for the rest of the season then Wenger would have got him. Back to his flaws, you haft to wonder what he is doing with his own contract and feeling that we have got plenty of cash and this was a great chance for Arsene to really flex them old muscles at Jose and city.
    On the other hand i see fans moaning and crying like little bitches because they didnt get the players in that they fancy. When we are basically TOTL and have been all season , so we are basically there with the team we have. Therefore it really is hard to get the kind of players in that can improve the team. — knock on the head “hello mcfly” lol
    FFS Arse sign a super doopa striker damn it. Hunntarler or Mario B will do.
    I think Kim is a really good sign great cover.
    I would not be surprised if Wenger still gets someone, what i do generally in life is expect the worst and hope for the best.
    Some of us were saying sell KOS ,Szsc, Rambo Giroud a couple of seasons ago, look were they are now, In Arsene i trust!

  • why are you surprised at that @ Glics

    it’s no hidden secret that clubs do that, Man utd get their sponsors to pay a massive chunk of their player wages (most, if not all the top players) that’s how they are able to afford silly wages ( £300 k per/w for rooney for his next deal) e.t.c e.t.c The portoguese connection is very interesting there and I am not surprised, his agent is the main man and no wonder, we have never dealt with him according to my understanding (even though I want Nani who happens to be his client and that is another reason why Nani will not end up at Arsenal) – yep yep, I hear you when you say “dodgy business” .

    we at Arsenal keep it clean and play fair – 10 out of 10 for that to our club and I’m very proud of it.

    I am really happy today and have had a smile after a very long time, so don’t mind my earlier devil’s advocate as I was merely bringing everything out in the open and perhaps some may agree with me with most not agreeing, either way, we have the voice of reason (17HT ) and the voice of treason (TCM) in full flow.

    whether we get anyone else in these next 2 hours or not, doesn’t matter, we are still winning the treble this season 🙂

  • AB,

    lay off Wenger for once ? Glics will argue that we have been taking it easy on him for the past 8/9 years, ha

    there is nothing wrong in calling it as you see it, we all love AW and acknowledge his achievements and appreciate all his hard work, however, no ones perfect….

    agreed with the rest though, Poldi must and should be raring to go now and the same with the Ox, they must help the team in this difficult period coming up and this being a world cup year, added motivation comes automatically.


    Draxler will be fit in a weeks time, his injury isn’t as bad as they feared which was originally meant to keep him out till march even if he was out till march, still it would have been a signing of intent, either way – no point dwelling on it as it’s not going to be happening I guess.

    anyhow, am gone now but will leave you all with this :

    Martin Keown
    5 live Sport
    Arsenal latest

    “Not bringing in a striker is a huge gamble by Arsenal at this stage of the season, especially when you look at Man City raining goals. If Arsenal don’t win the title then people will point to this. Be sure, the next big cheque that’s signed in the summer will be for a striker.”

  • JB. I don’t buy the line that we have laid off Wenger. On radio and in the blogs, not to mention at the grounds, he comes in for constant abuse. All last summer he was branded as past it, too stubborn and incapable of building a quality team. People even started claiming his previous successes were down to good fortune in his inheritance and luck in accessing the French market.

    Well, my view is that he took a lot of crap in recent years, whilst keeping us (fairly) competitive and paying off the new stadium. Its only the last couple of years where we really slipped back – if you can call it that within the top 4.

    Glic may have forgotten the 70ies and 80ies as he reflects on the successes of Graham and the early Wenger years, but many times I would have rejoiced at a top 4 finish then.

    The money and standing of club and quality of coaching that combined to attract Ozil to Arsenal all come from what Wenger has built. We should treasure him now as we will miss him one day.

    All said, no he isn’t perfect or above criticism. He is infuriatingly stubborn and his style of being so guarded with fans and media alike also prevents the establishment of a warmer bond. But when we criticise him, it should be done in a manner that is respectful for what he has given our club and where we are now, in spite of the fact that we have far less cash to draw on than all our main competitors.

  • Okay do now we want Cisse on loan according to reports. I just read the thoughts of the fans from KK’s previous club and they are surprised at how we (a club near the top of the league) in the EPL have taken their benchwarmer.

  • Hunnterlarr and Draxlar or Costa would be the dream signing. The selling club has to need the money though else trying to strike up a deal with the selling club is like pissing in a tornado , a waste of time. Word is Shalke could have done with the dollar. If Arsene has a flaw its that he says to clubs il pay this much take it or leave it when sometimes he stubborn ways means he loses that player over just 7 million or so more , when when he sells a player he always gets top dollar. But to his credit, that is why our club is in such a strong position now. With one of the best stadiums in the world paid for and a war chest at his finger tips. lol A wise old owl.

    Just a little thought, just think of 3 seasons ago when we would not dream of spending 40 million , instead we would be hateing life watching all our best players being sold. Just think of that, that is not happening anymore. So we will be stronger 😉

  • I am presuming any signings will come from other EPL clubs because of paperwork problems when it comes to buying abroad and it is too late to do all the paperwork?

  • Cockie,
    I think you are right, City are defo fav’s to win the league this season. No matter how bias i am to AFC that is clear to me. That does not mean we cant but we have a huge challenge to win the league starting with this month.
    I believe we can beat city on our day home or away, The problem is what other teams can beat City or take points of them?? The wheels could fall off for city you never know, Aguaro is injured i think Toure got injured in that game too.
    But its months like this one coming up when we need a couple of SQ more players, for the big matches when 1 or 2 players can make the difference. WE have a chance though.
    I hope you are wrong about Sanogo expect him to be shit like you said and hope he becomes the new Henry.
    ohhh 1 hour left, i don’t expect to get another player now. Giroud please stay fit, Wenger must have alot of faith in Bendtner, Sanogo. You haft to question the sale of Chamakh as well. Fingers crossed.

  • Goodevening Dazzled Drunken Distraught Draxler Devotees!! 😆
    Screw me today is as depressing!! Thankyou for the uplifting report from the Tranny window Cockie!! I didn’t see the Wenger todger sock puppet coming but it makes a lot of sense!! Just like in the real world … You can gather all the Trannys together in the annex … Whip off your Wenger sock and announce your todger as a “new signing” haha!! Same shit works every window so why change it eh!!! Haha 😆

    Ps. Don’t get too close to the tv when naked Cockie or you will get cancer of the bristols!! … Holy hell .. On that note I might just try and nuke my nads in the microwave …

  • Fozzie,
    instead of nuking my nads, word in the tinternet world is Total has 100’s of fit dirty birds in Dam, i have never been there, i bet pimp total could hook us all up ha ha ha ha, someone even said he he bold in a cage in leather and PVC hidden away in Dam somewhere

  • Another TW drifting off with nothing to show for it. We saw what the arshavin/ozil signings did psychologically to the team and supporters. Yet we’ve brought in another ‘free kick’ expert. I don’t care what his youtube video shows because his stats show he doesn’t bang them in that regularly. Santi,pod and arteta all promise free kicks yet we use walcott.

    Deary deary me….

  • Chelsea and Hoojose and sly shits, the buy 3 good players, scupper LFC chances of competing with them in the league by nicking Salah and flog united Mata to do a job on us and City.

  • Oh yeah thanks for the posts Totes and Jozefuzzy!! 😆
    Hoping for a draw between Chelvski and Oilers.
    I just don’t get why Wenger doesn’t pay the asking price?
    It reports are true and his release cause is set at 37k for summer … What possibly could be gained by waiting?? Pay it now and get him integrated!!
    Or wait till after the World Cup when his stock is higher and City, Chavs and others have their chequebooks open?
    Sorry I don’t get it. We need a replacement for Walcott and we haven’t got it and we need backup for Giroud which we haven’t got either when Wenger has openly acknowledged we needed. So that is very very bad business.
    No excuses I’m afraid and my expectations for the season have gone down again to 3rd or 4th whereas I thought 2nd was defo possible.
    I hear you AB and agree with you but this transfer window has been very poor
    and is bad for team morale …

  • Oz, agreed.

    PG, Chelsea done quite well with the Mata money. Salah and Zouma along with Matic are good signings.

  • OZ,
    I have been doing my damnest to try and keep everyoone positive and i will never knock a free-bie even more so after Flem. But it is very disappointing CFC, LFC and united all strenthened City did not even need to. We did not.
    Im glad its nearly over tbh, i hate TW

  • I actually think thought we had a chance to win the league but not now. Our playets like Mert seemed to be expecting something quite big as well. Still 20 mins to go

  • For other top clubs the transfer window is not the terror window but for us sadly it is.

  • I always try and stay positive but I’m quite annoyed we didn’t get draxler in. We’ve seen it all before and now i feel another team will snatch him up in the next transfer window…because they offered a million more than arsene.

    I don’t buy the winter transfer window excuse. Didn’t stop us from getting monreal and arshavin!

  • It is annoying OZ great at making the money but you haft to know how to spend it. That is what money is for spending. I hate it when we lose great players to other clubs because we haggled o hard and a few million more would have seen the deal done.

  • AFC,
    No im not going that far, i still believe we can win the league. We will ned some luck with a few results though.

  • I still think we can win the league but jesus if we suffer a couple more injuries it’s going to be “squeaky bum time”

  • Foz. The answer to your question is we won’t pay £37M for him in the summer either; we tried to get him for less now. If he continues to improve strongly and no one else comes in for him then we might….., but how often is that likely to happen. I fear we just need to forget about him and go back to enjoying what we already have, and seeing how some of our young talent develop over the next few months.

  • Next question that comes to my mind is, will Sagna sign, Wenger new contract? Need to get the whole team basically on long term contracts.
    15 mins i still hope something will happen, he was trying though with Klose and Kalu. We never know what they have been trying to do.

  • I can’t forget AB. I’ve wanted to see him in an arsenal shirt for 2.5 years. Two years ago it was 16million, this time 37million, i fear the next figure!!!! We want another german dammit!!!!

    geben uns eine weitere internationale arsene Deutsch. verdammte Hölle

  • I am STILL betting Arsene will field Chamberlain in midfield for this coming match. Can you imagine him putting someone who has just gotten off the plane (Kallstrom) in for a Premier League match??? Is he fit??? Chamberlain isn’t 100% yet, I don’t think, but he is probably a better bet RIGHT NOW than Kallstrom is. I believe that Kim just started training again for matches in his league, as the Russian league was on it’s winter hiatus??? I could be wrong though. I think he COULD come on at some point against Palace, but to start and play the majority of the match would be a pretty big gamble and borderline unfair to Kim. I think it’s the Ox, Rosicky, or bust for this coming match at least. I love Tomas, so ideally it should be him, if he is fit enough. If not, then I think we should trust the Ox.

    Do I think Wenger could be a little more sincere and honest with the supporters. The answer to that is a resounding YES. In the end will his “dishonesty” benefit the club and the fans’ interests??? That is also an emphatic YES. What person knows a business and it’s dealings, inside and out, in the everyday World??? Not many. We shouldn’t expect a football club as big as ours to be any different. Ideally, you would like transparency, and complaining about it is fine, but it won’t vastly alter the situation.

  • Sorry AB, but you cannot compare the 70`s and 80`s to the football world we live in now and lets not forget the stadium move was supposed to make us be able to compete with the likes of Manscum !. So dangling the carrot of being able to compete gives us good reason to question what`s going wrong !.
    One thing we can be sure of is if Manscum fail to make top 4, they will not sit idly by and accept it !. They wont accept it even if they finish 2nd !. We lack their winning mentality, where 4th is not considered a trophy for them !.
    4 mins to pull the bunny out of the hat !.

  • The closing stages of the transfer window were exciting once, what happened? They’ve all gone to bed early

  • Oz. I share the frustration – I’ve been hoping like everyone else. But the price trajectory you describe will continue if he truly is the player Wenger thinks he is. In which case he will be with one of the big spending boys come the end of the summer. We shouldn’t damn Kallstrom just for not being Draxler though – I hope he proves a sound signing, though my levels of expectation are low, so it should not be too hard for there to be a pleasant surprise.

    Heads up gooners. No striker this time. Come on Giroud, Bendt and Sanogo!!

  • Ozzer, it is true you have been wanting Der Draxler for a long time and I can understand you are gutted now. The good news is that with Cazorla and Pod as options on the left, we will be able to play either Ox or Gnabry on the right a lot more now. I am excited about those two getting proper chances to prove themselves.

    I dont like the thought of only Arteta being able to defend a bit in midfield for the next four matches and I don’t think KK is the DM sort of type either… Time to move Vermaelen to midfield…. Arsene better come up with something that works.

  • This transfer window has been a borderline joke. I’m not even angry but I’m close to laughing as it is close to ridiculous. Surely we have done the worst business out of all of the other EPL clubs. POOR TRANSFER WINDOW!!!

  • Yeah AB … At least this will bring on Gnabry and Oxs development … Still don’t get why we couldn’t get a striker when we had a whole 6 months since failing to land Ba!!
    Come on Arsene!! So now the question is … In summer do we only get the one SQ signing .. In Draxler … And no SQ striker? Or the other way around?
    I can’t see us getting both and I can’t see and agreement in principle in place for Shalke either now as that doesn’t make sense once the release clause kicks in…
    I agree with you AB … I think the Draxler ship might have sailed … Or else the SQ striker ship for summer …

  • I wouldn’t damn kallstrom AB I’m just not excited by it. I’ve got an open mind about it though. Not sure it’s enough to push us on to bigger and better things this season

  • Not even a carrot Cockie! But remember Manscum’s “winning mentality” throughout the 70ies and 80ies. There are different ways of striving to win – and the Leeds way is just one of them…..

    The stadium will bring us money, but over time. Our squad is currently depleted because of the cash that went into it instead. Pay back won’t be instant, but it has started.

  • All the bottom clubs have been most active as they are fighting for EPL survival !. We are supposedly fighting for the title and have worst injury record of all clubs yet we don’t buy anyone and have got more money to spend than the relegation fighters !.
    Also, why shouldn`t we have a moan !. There are plenty of ex-Arsenal players who must have a better idea of football matters than us and they are moaning about our lack of activity !. Perry Groves on talkSPORT today said he knows he`s going to be disappointed if we don’t get some quality in and plenty of others have said much the same, are they all wrong ?. Do some of the AKB`s on here know better than them ?.

  • I hope the ship hasn’t sailed foz, surely the top striker ship won’t either because bendy won’t stick around and i think arsene doesn’t like the idea of pod centrally.

    I am too TA. Gnabry out on the right with ox and lego hair in the middle is all I’ve got. I’m massively disappointed by flamini’s two footer, he should know better.

    I share your lack of DM frustration. Flamini was a stop gap, surely the right one will be brought in next time!

  • The only time you will catch me crying in to my pint is when i am after some sympathy sex of some chick Cockie

  • Glic, I just think it is unacceptable. The transfer window last season was unacceptable as well until we stumbled upon Ozil.

  • Why would ex football players know better than Wenger? They just have an opinion – that is the basis of their income now.. They sell opinions which they get from….

  • Lots of places to spend big – striker, DM, winger, CB, RB. Quite a list. Hard to be certain where we will go – Wenger likes talented wingers above all others it seems.

    Park off to Watford!!

  • Come on lads we really can not be far away. We are basically TOTL the team is great, with a great spirit

  • Has anyone noticed how we still have the same problems we had last season. Only one quality ST, lack of long term presence in the DM area and lack of CB cover. Same goes for the GK area.

  • fcuk jupiter, fcuk mars – we have loaned out PARK to watford – we are not going to win anything this season, mark my words – without Park we are all doomed…it will be a miracle if we win against Crystal Palace in 2 days without Park on the bench or near the training pitches.

    there goes our season, cheers AW


  • Just because other teams have signed players it does not nessersary improve the team. Look at Spurs they spent 120 MILLION, lol we are still a lot better then them

  • Not sure being above Manscum will last that long Totes !. In all of the Premiership years they have only been out of the top 2 twice and never been lower than 3rd !. A bit of pre-mature ejaculation gloating there Totes !. Seasons not over yet, plenty of time to fcuk it up and with the way our injuries are going and our mental block in not being able to beat the usual suspect top teams ( as in my like for like factor ! ) it can only get worse !. hahaha

  • I like you Cocker, but I am allergic to your constant negativity. Ferguson has gone and he was the main reason for their success. Things have moved on. We drew one game in the whole of January and it is all doom and gloom with you.

    We’ll bounce back on Sunday and will surprise the sceptics once more. 😉

  • TCM,
    They have also never had a season without fergie and the impact of that is massive.

  • back to the real world people,

    or main rivals,

    Man city – didn’t get anyone minus yaya and Aguero out injured

    Chelsea – lost Mata and gained 2 untried and untested players

    Liverpool – didn’t get anyone really (not until now anyway).

    Man utd – only got Mata, so good luck to them fighting for 4th or 6th…not really our rivals

    Spuds – no new players – not main rivals

    Everton – got 2 decent players but lost 3-4 as well

    the only decent business done was by teams who are at the bottom end of the table, Fulham have done rather well as have Cardiff.

    not much changed at the top of the table, and hey, we have Poldi fully fit, Ox fully fit now – I wouldn’t be surprised if JW starts on sunday as well ! Rosicky back

    we are only without Ramsey and theo for now, ah and Flamini .

    let’s take it week by week for now.

  • Have we not got the best record in the league over the whole calender year of 2013? We are still in great shape i think.

  • I do find solace when i compare our situation to that at shite hart lane.

    Holtby hasn’t kicked on (surprisingly), their big money winger wants to go back to italy, their big money striker has been a let down, capoue wants out, lloris wants champions league football or he’s gone, adebayor is good for 1 or two more weeks, and there manager is a laugh.

  • AFC,

    there is no need to call him shit or any players shit really, it wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t make it at ARsenal nor was he given sufficient opportunities – Arshavin wasn’t shit either – it was down to AW who made him shit and he is going down the same route with Podolski, if he continues then you’ll have another “shit” player at arsenal as your 2nd biggest earner sat on the bench.

    yes, I have sympathy for Park and all those players who couldn’t make it, including Chamakh and Arshavin.

  • @ BJ

    that is far too much reason and logic at this juncture!!! Let me wallow dammit!! 🙂

  • So another window where we have made money !. Frimpong sold…undisclosed fee !. Afobe and Park on loan….less wages and only one unheard of player in on loan !. More dividends for Arsene no doubt !.
    He has a degree of some kind in financing and I have an entry level FA coaching certificate ( true, so don’t try and talk any tactical bollox to me !. hahaha )…..may be we could swap jobs !….I would have spent the fcuking lot on 1st January !. hahaha

  • JB, it was a joke. I know they are not shit which is why I questioned him leaving in the first place.

  • OZ,
    Lol thats the spirit.
    I think we have strengthened all be it how much and how good Kim is , is yet to be seen. Out with the dench i mean dead wood and in with the KIM

  • @ BJ

    Chamakh deserves no sympathy…he said Pulis is as good as Arsene! It’s obvious that too much shisha and hair gel have rotted his brain.

  • Cockie, we have actually made a profit in most windows but just choose not to reinvest the money into the squad.

  • JB……Manscum have only signed Mata, but they will have both Rooney and Vile Pussy back after injury, so they will be like new signings for them !. You can guarantee they will be back to full strength when they visit us and do the usual business !. It`s called Sods Law !.

  • Anyone watching the bbc 1? That blond bird at Fulham i went to school with her.

  • Thankyou BJ and PG for your positive facts. I’ve been taking solace in NZ whipping India in the cricket!!! Several naked hakas have been enjoyed !! And when I say enjoyed .. I mean thoroughly enjoyed it !!! Unlike the inlaws, priest, and tesco delivery driver!!! The latter may have offers several empty plastic bags as a peace offering to placate the Polynesian one eyed monster!! :lol;

  • The club needs our possitive energy and support, especially this month with the fixtures

  • hahaha cockie. I agree Jan 1st for me too. I’d have spent half a day checking player stats on Fifa. Cross referenced those with youtube clips. Scribbled some notes. Edited some pics in paint so I don’t need to organise a press conference. Prank called Maureen and a few other managers. Then announced the arrivals of Wanyama, Draxler, Varane, and Suarez.

  • I’m disappointed as much as you @ OZ but such is life – we gotta roll with it sometimes 🙂

    I know you were joking and didn’t mean it as such @ AFC – but I took the opportunity to make a point about Poldi at your jokes expense 😉


    they can have anyone playing in their team, come february on that emirates visit – they will be losing and I want them at their full strength with van pu$$y (gets no sympathy from me, winks at AFC ) and shrek and who ever else they put on the pitch , why ? because we are still better than them and can win even when we are not at our best – they got really lucky with our players getting ill when we went to old toilet, it won’t happen again – rest assured.

    bring it on is All what I’m trying to say.

    we will be fine, this team has amazing character and team spirit

  • Hahaha Fozzer…….I think VCC has been quiet tonight as he took my advise and sat naked watching Sky Sports News DD rubbing his Arsene Cock Puppet !……alas PC World wanted to close shop at 8 pm and had to call the old bill ( police ) to remove the rigid BK member !.

  • Oh yeah … Mrs P got a bit scared and called the priest in to perform a exorcism!! I said I could only have a female priest though!! 😀
    I told her that the best way to exorcise was to genuflect as close as possible to my Hampton!! Result was the best handjob I’ve ever had!! Haha!! I’m recommending her to all my kiwi friends!! 😆

  • am gutted india managed to tie that one game by fluke though @ FB
    it should have been 5-0 to the good guys !

    congrats none the less

  • TCM,
    Oh thats terrible poor old VCC missed the last 3 hours of the trannie window :/

  • Hahaha Oz……I expect nothing less in your fine attention to detail in the planning of your press conference !. You`re wasted in Forensics, maybe you should make better use of your skills in uncovering what the fcuk is Wenger doing with all the spare Wonga !.

  • I would have loved to see Wenger really flex his musles like Hulk Hoogan in this trannie window. Next time hopefully.

  • Haha Cockster… Vickers is such a loveable chap isn’t he?? I can see him buttering up all the young staff members at PC world… I bet you he had them running circles around him!! 😀 making him feel all comfortable … Zimmer parked up … Lights dimmed … Then the young lady goes to get him a cup of hot char … And the she returns and …
    WHAMMO!!! ….. Vickers is starkers with his Arsene cock puppet standing to attention!!
    Bag of special bake Cockie monster bluebake cookies on the side!!! Hahaha !! 😆

  • i bet he was as happy as a pig in shit Fozzie lol
    Wonder what he is up to now in his police cell?

  • hahaha Cockie you’re kidding yourself. VCC hasn’t been up past 8pm in years! His nights consist of viagra and watching old jane fonda exercise videos on VHS.

  • It`s been a somewhat uninteresting limp TWDD, we have had 31 days of tens of player rumours and probably every one of those days included Draxula, but he turned out a toothless fantasy and in the end we ended up with someone completely off the radar. No teeth in this one, more like kitchen utensils….more Spatula than Draxula !.
    A lot will be disappointed, but at least we kept it respectful and light hearted with the comments …….well apart from me and Fozzer !. hahaha
    Night all !. 🙂

  • Very true TA. News of Sagna resigning would have made the world a better place. I fear the worst now

  • Maybe Sagna was waiting to see what we done in this window before making his decision.

    I’m off to bed as well. See you guys later. 🙂

  • Hahaha Poor old Vic`s !. He instigated the first ever dogging sessions for Zimmer Framers in PC Worlds Car Park !. Zimming is the new Dogging for the blue rinse brigade !. They meet in the car park and instead of putting their keys in a bowl, they stick their false teeth in instead !. VCC has no idea then of whose teeth is sucking him off !. Infact the falses don’t even have to be in someones mouth !. VCC takes his falses into McDonalds and has Double Cheese Burger and large fries whilst the teeth do the business……yes, I know, another establishment where he is now banned from !.

  • Hahahaha!! Too funny Cockenstein!! You’ve just reminded me to give Mrs P a Fozzie special double sausage and scotch egg mcmuffin in the morning!! Always goes down a treat!! Goodnight BK Brethren!! 😀

  • Whilst you sleep… 😀

    I’m disappointed but not gutted and glad to see a few (at least) are not completely giving up on the team or the club. In the end we still have matches to play and maybe for that we should be grateful. Even the minnows (us) can beat the big guys once in a while…

    It *might* have given everybody a lift if we had bought the new RvP (Draxler) but it wasn’t going to make the same impact as Mata at United (and the fee was the same…) Who will J-Loew take to Brazil? Surely he can’t take all of Reus, Kroos, Schurrle, Gomez, Klose, Poldolski AND Draxler? Who else am I forgetting? Maybe he’ll take Serge Gnabry instead/too? Who will actually play? It’s possible that Draxler will be a star in Schalke’s run in and at the WC. It’s possible he won’t. His price might rise, or it might fall. I don’t have any idea. If Oz (or anybody else…) knows and knows he is the next big thing then I will bow to superior knowledge…He looked good to me in the youtube and 25 or 37 million pounds really doesn’t affect my TV bill one whit…

    Getting a lift is SOMETHING. I know people who got a lift from buying a big new house and then borrowing money against it and then losing it to foreclosure. In fact I watched the neighbors across the street do just that. They were idiots… AB has a point about being Leeds United. At the level we’re at, a misplaced mega-purchase can set us back–and giving the checkbook to whoever is the current manager can bite you on the ass. Again, there’s a reason we’re ahead of Pool and Spurs…

    There’s also a reason we’re behind ManCity and Chelsea (except, with the latter, in the table, but only for a moment…) They seem to be able to spend at will and ship out deadwood to teams as record signings (Mata to United) or as surplus to need (Lukaku and Barry to Everton, Sturridge and Moses to Liverpool, Adebayor to Spurs, etc., etc., etc.) The world is upside down, and that probably means we have to turn ourselves that way (or inside out…) to keep pace.. Or maybe we can just do what it seems we’re gonna do…(and try our best, with what we’ve got…)

    We WILL be in big trouble IF everybody gets injured. We’ll also be screwed if we lose these fixtures vs Pool and United and Bayern. Would Draxler have changed those results? Cockie can say that there already done and dusted (scorelines, please…) but we should at least get to play them first, I would hope…. Oh-Gaat says the Dutchman and let’s not bungle against Crystal Palace in 36 hours time…

    OK, enough said, Damn. (IMO) we should’ve bought Leo (Messi)…He hasn’t scored in MONTHS… We could’ve gotten him on the cheap and he can play anywhere on the front line. F****CKKK!!!

  • TA – Your post has certainly generated a big response – 218 at the start of writing.

    I have not bothered to read them – heat of the moment and all that – I am not even going to respond to your questions. Truth is – We are what we are. Move on!

    I appreciate that you wrote this post before the TW deadline, and I am writing now the morning after. Mind you, I checked out at 9.0pm as I saw the way things were heading. As I wrote in my ‘preview’ on our transfer strategy, AW was being cautious over how much to invest in Draxler, but he(and I) were more hopeful that he would, and may still be? a good signing. I feel sorry for the lad, as he had high hopes of being part our exciting team. That said, it would have been a tough baptism given the fixtures in a months time? So may be an early signing in the summer, let the WC happen, and then see how much game time he gets. Hopefully h comes back to us with that experience to help join us after a suitable break for the big charge next season?
    Oh, no question this was a real interest. I just hope he still feels keen to join then as he clearly was this time.It was tough on the lad, but hopefully he will still be well received by the Shalke fans.

    Does it affect our title challenge? Yes.

    We are weak in two defensive areas should injuries happen. RB and CB. If we lose Sagna, either from his time out, or covering in the middle, we will be weaker down that flank. Not necessarily because Jenks will not do a bad job, but because our DM line is so fragile at the moment to assist?

    There are two crumbs of comfort, bearing in mind there is nowhere else to go; One, that Coquelin recaptures that hope and promise of his early youth, and he can become the B2B player whilst Ramsey and Wilshere are out? And two, Hayden get some serious game time before he is called upon to be the DM. The only other ‘spare’ player we have is from the Gibbs/Monreal duo, of which the former gets my vote because of his pace. Still slightly too one footed to play centrally, but on the left side, he would be fine.TV5 could be another option if we need a more physical presence?

    Up front we will simply have to spread the goals out more. Both the youngsters, Ox and Gnabry, can score with a little more composure, and between them they can occupy the ‘Walcott position’ by alternating between starting and subbing. If Giro can stay sharp and be more clinical with the few opportunities he will get, then he should top last season’s total. Both Santi and Jack will be the main support strikers in central midfield until Ramsey gets back, which may not be this season if he has another set back? We all knew he was being ‘overplayed’, but we nearly all wanted him in the side for what he brings in energy and drive, so I hope we don’t start blaming AW for that. Luckily, Rosicky has been in great form, and in the big games he is going to be a key player. And who knows, he may have a taste for scoring goals now? Presumably Kallstrom will be another to slot in when Rosicky is not playing.

    So that is the case for going forwards into the latter stages of the league an Cup run in. It could have been better, it could have been worse?

    My guess will be that we get an honourable exit from the CL, we put a big effort in getting past ‘Pool in the Cup, and suffer in key games in the league?

    But no time for what might have been’s. OGAAT. Palace next. A good time to play them before their new players find their feet, I feel? Will save that for the preview.

    However, I will probably only be giving you some ‘thoughts of the day’ at this time, from here on, as my attention turns back to my racing interest. Nothing to do with yesterday’s events, but I need my data in place by April, so time will be needed.

    So keep up the positive thinking. Follow the TMHT line, we are much further down the road of improvement than we though we would be, so don’t take things too much to heart if things are not fully in place this season. Nothing would have guaranteed success even with a perfect book of signings?

    Cheers for now,

  • This TW was a huge joke. We had needed a new striker even before Walcott got injured but we didn’t get one. I just hope England wll have just one club in the CL in a few years. Than Wenger will attack the title because he won’t have his 4th place trophy to hide behind.

    Oh, and I won’t be surprised f Sagna decides to leave. He s 31 and hasn’t won a single trophy with us. I’m sure Oilers would pay him a lot more than we do to join them.

  • TCM, it’s now PC World & Curry’s to be politically correct, they have amalgamated. 🙂

    Proudgooner, Don’t fret, I still watched it all in their storerooms at the back of the store. I’m now on first name terms with the Manager, since my electrics & sky sports have taken a battering these past 4 weeks with the Dormer being built, I’m always on their premises. I sit naked watching the 3D TV with surround sound at PC W & C cuddling my fury AW cuddly toy, just like Blowfeld cuddled and strocked his pussy in James Bond’s Dr.No.

    Fozzie B, The girls assistants are lovely at that store too. They clubbed together and bought me Red & White tassels to go on the handlebars of my new shiny Zimmerframe.

    Oz, I’m more up to date than watching Jane Fonda on VHS….I’m into Mr. Motivator on BETA.

    TCM, I have to be careful when I frequent McD’s, as their car park lights can be seen from my new Dormer windows, and the missus can recognise me by the reflection from those lights onto my bald head, the glare is blinding. It looks like a UFO landing strip with all the other Crinkley’s and Wrinkleys dancing about with their Zimmers at night. We have a get together once a week. Gives a sense of excitement at our age prancing about naked in the car park at mid night.

    The local Bill have not sussed us yet, but I’m sure they’ll go ballistic when they find out.

    Well our moto is, If the newly arrived Romanians can ask for money after carrying shopping bags to their aged shoppers cars, then we can live dangerously as well. 😉

  • Now, let me say a few words about what this kind of transfer activity means. The reason why Wenger gave us just one striker (a well-known prolific Dutchman Dick van Kock) and one defender (an ice-cold Finnish Hyypo Teermia) this January is quite simple: we will go out for a striker in the summer.

    1) Nicklas Bendtner will get a sporadic chance to show his goal-scoring skills until the end of the season before he leaves and open, if I recall, around 52.000 pounds per week for wages. Then, we will say: “Sayonara!” to the Last Danish Samurai and his pink boots.

    2) Olivier Giroud will be our out-and-out striker in order to both claim a starting spot in the French national team and build up his statistics. Given that we are going to play at least 18 games until the end of the season (and, I’m afraid, only 18), Giroud will have a chance to reach 20-goal-mark, maybe even 25-goal-mark. In the summer, after a successful World Cup with French national team, he is going to be sold for the solid price.

    3) The striker we are going to sign will be Mario Mandžukić. He is in a similar position like Özil, only for different reasons. Lewandowski will join Bayern and he will get a place in the starting eleven ahead of the Croatian. Furthermore, Mandžukić has had issues with Guardiola already and that never ends well for the player. Wenger has already said that the deal for Mandžukić might be a summer option.

    4) One more player that we might go for is Ilkay Gündogan from Borussia Dortmund. We have been a Germany-oriented lately and Wenger is a huge fan of another German midfielder with Turkish origin. He would be a perfect replacement for Arteta.

    5) Sagna will leave so we will promote Bellerin from the youth and Jenkinson from the bench.

    Basically, that means that we will enter into the Champions’ League play-offs and make another attack on the Top 4 place in the Premiership behind Manchester clubs and Chavs with the starting eleven:

    Szczesny-Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs-Gündogan, Ramsey-Walcott, Özil, Cazorla-Mandžukić.

  • Hmmmm Admir. Perfectly good reasoning, but I don’t buy the final line up. Jenks is not ready for first choice RB and no Wilshere in the line. Also, in your plan where does the cash come from for any CB cover? Gundogan and Lewa would cost £60M combined at a guess. Clearly no scope for any follow up with Draxler in that case etc.

    I don’t think we will ship out Giroud, and I can see us buying a flexible option in attack – which Draxler would be. Pod I think is more likely to go – though this is a shame in my book. If Sag goes we will need to buy, and well too. And Sag going means further CB cover is essential.

    Anyway, we just finished a tedious transfer window – lets leave it for a few months and hope we have something to cheer over on the field.

  • It is being reported that KK has been injured in his first training session and could be out for 2 – 3 months. I am hoping that this is someone’s idea of a joke…….

  • “Kim Kallstrom has picked up a back injury and is being assessed by the club’s medical staff amid reports that he could be set for a lengthy spell out.

    “The 31-year-old Sweden midfielder joined Arsenal on transfer deadline day in a loan deal until the end of the season from Spartak Moscow.

    “Kallstrom – the Gunners’ only January signing was recruited as cover for the injured Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere, and suspended Mathieu Flamini.”

    Out for 2 to 3 months apparently.

    Long may live our medics – heee haaaw

  • I just read that as well. WtF!?!? The guy hasn’t even played in one match yet. Gotta feel for him. 😦

  • Hahaha Vics……..but fcuk all that business !, just tell me what are your thoughts on our successful transfer dealings of January ?…..come on let it out !. I think we did ok….I mean Arsene only had 31 days and a premonition of injuries !.
    I love this KK news !…..serves us ( not me really, but tight arse Arsene ! ) right !… many times have I commented about our falling out with the Injury Dennis`s !.
    Yes….I think I did mention last night about one bastard that will always bite us….Sods Law !.

    Yes, Admir, I have said in the past that Gundogan is a carbon copy of Arteta, just hope he`s not as injury prone or as slow !. Your theory lacks only one thing for my liking…..where`s the SQ players ?. With around £150M to spend in the Summer, that’s more like Wal-Mart signings, I want M&S signings…….Messi & Suarez !.
    It also seems that you are on my wavelength and not like some of the deluded bastards with their thinking we are going to win the title !. However, I do sympathise with them as they don’t have my shiny crystal ball soothsaying ability !. hahaha

  • I’ve just read the whole Kallstrom story and I don’t know whether to laugh like a madman or to cry like a baby.

    I don’t who would I like to punch first: Wenger for his CDC (chronic dithering cretinism), the idiot that gave Kallstrom’s transfer a green light on the medical, the idiot that is in charge for the fitness of our players or the idiot that handed Wenger a new contract before the season ends.

    TCM, my crystal balls are also shiny and can foresee future. 😀 I don’t see SQ players signing for Arsenal – no Messi, no Suarez, no Ronaldo, no Cavani, no Falcao, no Ibrahimović. I actually think that if PSG offer 60 million pounds for Özil next summer, Wenger will sell. We will sign a top-class player like Özil only if the one becomes redundant at Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern…

    Personally, I don’t see Draxler at Arsenal. He will end up at either Chavs just like Hazard did or at Manure as they will have a lot of money to spend to rebuild their squad and no dithering manager on the bench to wait for the last day of the transfer window to avoid that.

    Anyway, let’s beat the Palace tomorrow and then stretch our winning streak at Anfield to three.

  • insanity insanity, there was no need to get anyone really if that’s what AW was getting us – you want to make numbers up and bodies then just simply promote players from the reserves or youth – Coquelin is back , no ?

    ahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahha @ Man utd

    ahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha @ Spuds

  • David Ornstein, BBC Sport
    Kim Kallstrom update
    “New Arsenal signing Kim Kallstom is set for a spell on the sidelines with a back injury that was discovered in the medical before he signed on loan from Spartak Moscow.

    “The 31-year-old Sweden midfielder sustained the problem on Tuesday while playing football on a beach during Spartak’s pre-season tour in Abu Dhabi.

    “He informed Arsenal of discomfort upon arriving at the club on Friday but, despite an MRI scan showing no damage, a CT scan found an issue with his back.

    “The Arsenal medical team provided manager Arsene Wenger with the prognosis, but it was decided Kallstrom would still join and undergo his rehabilitation with the Gunners.

    “He is expected to miss at least Arsenal’s next six games, in which they face Crystal Palace, Liverpool twice, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Sunderland.

    “Kallstrom did not train with his new team-mates on Friday or Saturday and will briefly return to Sweden and Russia before moving to London and beginning a course of treatment.

    “The former Lyon player, Arsenal’s only signing in the January transfer window, joined on loan until the end of the season to provide cover for injured midfielders Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere, plus the suspended Mathieu Flamini.”


    now I know what Admir meant when he said “he read the full story”

  • What so why sign him. It seems like he was just supposed to be cover for this month until Jack, Flamini and Ramsey return. So we are now paying the wages of a player who cannot place.

  • Wenger knew about his injury @ AFC and the player was honest as soon as he arrived he informed them that he has a dodgy back

    so AW was suppose to sign a player to cover for our injuries, he does it with an injured player – marvelous

    more chances of Diaby coming back from his injuries than seeing KK play for Arsenal.

    height of stupidity – lay off Wenger AB said yesterday, not a chance after this and rightfully so.

  • JB, we did not sign Berbs even though he was offered, missed out on Traore and now this. Why did he not just sign another midfielder who was not injured??? Where were all these other midfielder’s agents and/or clubs ringing Wenger begging him to sign their players on loan? So which players do get offered to Wenger, Championship quality?

  • JB
    That is unbelievably stupid !. Then again we are talking Arsene here, may be not so unbelievable !.

    Did I not tell Arsene to take Jack off against the Mighty Coventry when he went down with an ankle injury !. With Jacks history of ankle injuries Arsene decides to carry on playing him !.
    Yes he is a great manager, but some of his decision making is bamboozling at times !. I remember we had a CL last away game a few years ago which the result wouldn`t have made the slightest difference to the group and every man and his dog were saying don’t play any of the first team, what happened, we got 2 long term injuries !.
    As I have said before a lot of highly intelligent people I have met all have one thing in common….lack of common sense !.

    That is not a slant on the highly intellectual bastards on BK !. My genius keeps you grounded !. hahaha

  • Cockie, I can predict some people with actually try and defend this move when they hear of this injury news. 😀

  • How`s Jane doing, JB ?
    I hope you have bought her some top mark house hold equipment !, so that it`s easier for her to do the washing up, cleaning, cooking, ironing gardening and car maintenance etc`, whilst you keep us company !. Don’t let her become lazy and take the piss ! hahahaha

  • Is it even on the Arsenal website? Why did Wenger or the club not tell us this when the signing was confirmed?

  • The amount of disrespect some of you show Arsene Wenger is incredible

    It seems that it all it takes is one bad result or a disapointing transfer window to get you going.

    Having a great season so far is not enough. Neither is guding the Club through the Grove move, keeping them in the top four in the process, or producing two double winning sides.

    You want more. Give me, give me, give me is your mantra. You should be ashamed of yourselfs, but you wont be.

    If we were to get relegated I would still follow the Club and go to matches. How many of you would? I am not so sure.

  • Everyone knows that I should be Arsene`s assistant !……..not Black eye-liner lady boy Bould !.
    I would sit next to him and let my Arsene cock puppet whisper in his ear about tactics and stuff in the dug-out and also use mini Arsene for the after match interviews !. hahaha

  • The KK loan is indeed bizarre to say the least. I guess he got himself a player with a ‘K’ first and second name. Which seemed to have been the object….. 😕

    Let’s just say a win against Crystal Pulis and a week’s rest could do wonders for the squad.

  • that is it @ AFC and GLICS

    what can you say, ehhh

    I am not one of those who defends his every decision blindly and doesn’t question it, but yeah there are times when there is a lot of unwanted abused hurled at him or disappointment as AB , rightfully pointed out yesterday – however , today is not one of those times and if he get’s constant disapproval and angry fans then he brought it upon himself, really

    I usually keep everything in the balance but this is beyond belief, forget what we may win or what we may not win this season – that is irrelevant , the baffling decisions he makes are there to be discussed and slated, if not appreciated.

    Re- Jane, no , she is not allowed to leave bed or do all that not for another 2-3 weeks or until she completely recovers anyway – we have a nurse at home for 2 weeks, keeping an eye on her and giving her doses of morphine (the pain is too much for her without it) but we are getting there slowly yet surely, the most important thing is that she is on the road to recovery and at home, so that’s 95% of the battle won – she is very restless though and wants to get back to all that you have written ASAP, not a chance though as I have taken time off from everything to do all the chores 🙂 @ Glics – hence no worries, we won’t be losing any games this month !

  • TMHT, all I want for us to compete. Are you trying to say any club would be happy if their club signed a player who was injured and their club knew? Would I be expecting York City to win things and sign quality players if they were in the Prem. No because I know that is not possible and I would still be cheering them even if they did not win a match all season.

  • But Totes, you know we will bottle it against Manshafter Std at THOF !.
    I don’t know Stretch…..I will still hide behind the Sofa against Yeovil away in the Championship !. hahaha

  • TMHT, please note I have not personally attacked Wenger in anyway all I have said is that his transfer business in this window has been poor and unacceptable. That’s my opinion of course and you can choose to agree or disagree with it.

  • TMHT,

    AW is a football Manager – who gets a lot of money for his services – he is the 2nd best paid manager in England, and perhaps the top 5 most handsomely paid managers in the world but no.1 when it comes to having all the power at the club.

    we are not disrespecting him but simply questioning some of his very strange and baffling decisions.

    ok, he has done a great job in the past given the circumstances, however, we are ARSENAL – one of the top 5 biggest clubs in the world, no ? going by some of his decisions , it doesn’t appear to be that way.

    questioning his decisions and having an opinion doesn’t equate to disrespecting him.

    why should we be ashamed for wanting more, better, and being where we deserve to be after paying ridiculous amount on the tickets, paying the manager top dollar, keeping 100 million in the bank available for that manager to spend on the player he wishes, yet he refuses to do so by going the extra mile and paying a premium ?

    football is a moving business and its all about today and the future, the Grove move is thing of the past and we were over our financial struggles in 2010 and there about’s at a break even point – so it’s been 4 years, yet we find ourselves in the same predicament year after year – injuries, lack of adequate cover or replacements.

    The Ghosts of Injuries are stirring, YET AGAIN as one man refuses to learn or listen or stop making the same mistakes again and again 9 years and counting.

  • Admir 🙂

    I understand your frustration but the assumption that Arsenal are only interested in finishing fourth is a silly one. Wenger has bought many a player in recent times, but he will also promote from within. He must believe he has the right players right now to push on.

  • Yes, the Orcs beat Manshafter Std, but it is only because of the logical tactical sense I wrote a while back !. We cant beat these bastards because we try to out play them and get hit with counter attack sucker punch !. Whereas the likes of Orcs do the counter attacking !.
    I have always said that the first thing you must be is hard to beat, so it`s sorting out the defence first !. Most title winners have a great defence, yes there is the odd anomaly of teams just out scoring the rest, but as a rule of thumb..defence first !. I`m sure a lot of our success up to date this season is because we defend better. The great Bin Dipper side`s first line of defence was Ian Rush….the centre forward, he worked his socks off and am I right in saying Giroud does the same !.
    Games against Mansour City, Manshafter Std and Chavski should start with being tight as a unit at the back and in front of it !.
    The Voice of Treason has spoken !. hahaha

    Great that “Jane” is at home and…..please Dennis…… is getting stronger by the minute !. Although it sounds like after Arsene`s gobsmacker, you have probably started taking “janes” morphine !.

  • TA, you have summed it up in a nushell. If I was manager and in my first season I was plagued by injuries I would not let that happen a second time let alone 6, 7, 8 times.

  • Ok Bondy, you know more than Arsene Wenger, I can handle that

    I refer you to my earlier comment. Would you follow the Club if we were relegated? Several months ago you want into a rant after some bad results and threatened to stop following, did you not?

    Take a step back and reflect on what you say. If you are prepared to say what you just said in your last paragraph, what would you be like if we have a bad run?

    I will continue to support, and yes critisice the club when needed, but my following is unconditional. I do not beleive yours is.

    Great news on your wife. I wish you both the best

  • JB
    You are talking on deaf ears with Stretch…..he has what can only be described as a disturbing shrine in honour of Arsene in his loft, all in a post 30`s Art Deco Sadomasochistic style….more like ……the ghoulies are stirring in his pants !. hahaha

  • But we are tight, Cocker. No goals conceded against Pool, Spuds, Everton, Chavs, and one from a corner against Moy United. Mansour City was the exception.

    So courage, Cocker, courage, you couch coward hahaha 🙂

  • Yes Totes… I said years ago…..we must first make our selves hard to beat and this season Arsene has listened to my mini-Arsene !.
    Courage !……you remember when we had Farnborough at home in the FA Cup all them years ago !…..I still hid behind the Sofa !. hahahah
    You will like this one Totes !

  • I have a comment in moderation Totes….it is showing up on my screen, but you might want to remove it …..I thought it was one to be clicked on to !…….It is funny though !. hahaha

  • TMHT wrote :

    Ok Bondy, you know more than Arsene Wenger, I can handle that ————- No, I never said or claimed to know more than AW does nor do I think so, I merely speak on facts and the facts suggest we are at the top of the table with injuries and have been for the god knows how many years – clearly, if you or someone else were running the show and had as much power at the club as AW , you would certainly be looking into it extensively and on an urgent basis trying to fix that…how you may have done it ?

    1: look at the medical department, get in more or better doctors or sack the ones you have instead of sticking by them ?

    3: get adequate decent players for every position and ensure that we don’t have to go through the same dilemma again, considering we knew we have lost Theo Walcott , Ramsey, Flamini e.t.c e.t.c


    I refer you to my earlier comment. Would you follow the Club if we were relegated? Several months ago you want into a rant after some bad results and threatened to stop following, did you not?

    Yes, I would follow the club if we were relegated, There was an Arsenal before AW came to the club and there will be Arsenal even after AW – that is something which is a no brainer, however, some believe that Arsenal might be worse off without AW and some believe, how do you know ? it could be even better ?

    no, I never threatened to stop following the club based on a bad result, bad run of games or hell even a bad 9 years, I have stuck by the club and Manager and still continue to do so – AW is the right man for the job, but he needs to make use of the resources available at his disposal…he can do a better job in my opinion, if he wasn’t as stubborn or dithering.


    I will continue to support, and yes critisice the club when needed, but my following is unconditional. I do not beleive yours is.

    you can believe what you want, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding says that I am Arsenal and will remain so, with or without AW or when he finally calls it a day on his terms – whether we are champions, or whether we fight for top 4 or relegation or on the championship – I am not a glory hunter fan, however, knowing what the club is capable off, with the squad, the manager and the financial resources available now – we should always not only set ourselves high targets but also look at ways of achieving them by giving ourselves such options which I believe , we failed to do on this occasion – the opportunity was there to strengthen and we bottled it.

    does this mean we won’t be winning a trophy this season ? no, I still believe we can win the double and we have a great team with a great manager, but we could have made it easier for ourselves, no ?

    thank you for wishing us both the best, but it sounds like a farewell to me, are you going somewhere or what ?:) I didn’t mean to offend you in anyway nor was that my purpose, I have great admiration and respect for you – I have also learned a great deal from your experiences, so please don’t take out your frustrations of that Romanian bird you were dating out on me.


  • ahahhahahahahahah @ TCM – no, wouldn’t like to think I would need Morphine am just hoping that we will have JW back sooner rather than later and Ramsey isn’t as bad and will be available for the FA cup match against Liverpool.

    my grief over this KK transfer over AW is that we didn’t need him , if he was injured – he just signed a player for the sake of it by the looks of it and this was the very point that many of the more optimistic and AW die hard supporters always backed him up on that he doesn’t buy for the sake of it.

    he will miss 6 matches at least, according to the official statement ? which means that Ramsey might be back by then or before , hence it makes you wonder considering flamini will also be back after 3.

    cheers AFC 🙂

  • Fair enough Bondy. Your Arsenal through and through is good enough for me.

    I have moved on from that Romanian bird and am now with a lovely girl. Very attractive, but you know me, ime not one to brag. hahaha

    Bondy, you also know that if you criticise Wenger, I will be popping up to defend him, so I look forward to our next enjoyable tit for tat. hahaha

  • ahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaaha fair enough @ TMHT

    but I think you had me confused with young Milo, who had threatened to stop supporting the Mighty Arsenal – me, never , I much rather stop watching football altogether instead of stopping my support for Arsenal.

    yes, sure, you can defend him as do I – but there are times when it makes you question some of his decisions and so on and I will keep asking him the questions or do my constructive criticism – not that AW or anyone at the board gives a shIte about what I think or say, though 😀

    am just a passionate gooner, as are you.

    but look, we could be worse, we could have spent 37 million on a player and still lost to stoke 2-1 ahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

    or we could have spent 110 million and still be drawing with Hull ahahhahahahahahahahaahaha

  • It must be a women made of stern stuff who is willing to court Stretch and accept his Wenger Shrine, glass cabinets of all his favourite stuffed syrups and walls adorned with pictures of his ex-wife`s thunder thighs !. hahaha

  • Ah….I see……Blind Dates……..a website Stretch frequents………..” Our site offers the most attractive Blind women from all corners of the room…..sorry … ! “.
    Actually, I`m surprised VCC hasn`t joined up to that website !. ………lets face it, the dementia rid bastard has just had his name etched in braille on his cock, so he knows it`s his cock when he`s finished shaking it in the urinal. Constantly shaking someone else`s cock at the Emirates means that’s another place he had been barred from !. hahaha

  • Look lads, I accept my defence of Wenger is sometimes over the top and this can make me over sensitive when he is criticised. I genuinly appologise if i say things that offend, like questioning level of support etc. thats out of order, and ime sorry.

    However, I will not change, because I cant. My respect for the man for what he has done for the Club is to strong. I dont think i have ever said anything bad about him, never mind criticise.

    I wasnt always like this. With Terry Neil i fantasised beating him up, and by the end of George Grahams reign i became a believer in the death penalty

    Maybe its because Arsene has a lovely smile? hahahaha

  • I’m in the TMHT boat. I can’t fault Arsene for anything. He’s almost the whole reason I’m a gooner. Him and Davor Suker. 😀
    Anyways, we’ll learn more about the injury thing during Le Boss’s Pre-match I guess. Or post match. All I’m gon say though is I’ll take everything the bbc guy says with a pinch, no, a huge spoon, of salt. He’s the same one who had the story about the board agreeing the 37m for JD before wenger said No to the deal. Only for JD in an interview this morning to say it’s the shalke manager who didn’t agree to the deal even though prices and personal terms were agreed I think. Well, what do I know? It may all be lies on lies on lies… Bloody media. Just like women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.
    Onward to our game tomorrow though. 3-nil to the Gooners.


  • Lots of frustrated banter from BKers tonight – all pretty understandable.

    Terry, I’m right with you on Wenger – yes he’s not beyond criticism, but looking at there whole deal, we are blessed to have him and should never forget it or disrespectful of what he has given us. The whole deal with KK is bizarre, and I just wish we knew the whole story; though I doubt we ever will. But KK was never going to be season-changing for us, he was a contingency option, nothing more. The option does not look that likely to be used now – which is a shame, as he came across as a highly intelligent and well balanced individual in his interview yesterday; never a bad thing to have about.

    But we should be talking more about the sunnier side of today – Spuds unable to deal with the might Hull, and further grief for the Manure. I have been smiling most of the afternoon for sure, and I am hopping to see pictures of Judas looking sick as a parrot on MotD tonight! I so hope Manure fall out of the top 4 and he tries to jump ship in the summer – spending his final playing years trying to help a side rebuild for the future rather than just bringing in the medals was not what the bastard planned on. Another (I hope) in a long line of players who have lived to regret looking beyond the Arsenal.

    A good win tomorrow will be like a fresh walk to clear away a hangover; we will move on. COYG!!!!

  • Where will the goals come from tomorrow? For us I mean!!

    TA you said its our midfield that delivers these – we don’t need more in the way of strikers. And I agree that’s the model that Wenger has built. But without Walcott and Ramsey, the model looks less sound. Oz and Ros are more creators than scorers, although I have never fully understood why given their technical skills. Gnab and Ox both look like they will score goals, but are yet to really break through on this front, and its too early to count on them. Which leaves Santi and Pod, both proven goal scorers. However, neither has hit sustained form this year (partially excused given injuries) and Wenger does not seem minded to play both together. They are going to be really important for us in the next 6 weeks – not least because Giroud is as much a space creator as he is a goal scorer.

    This all adds up to goals being harder to come by in the next 15 games than they were earlier in the season. The importance of our defence being water-tight is therefore all the greater.

    What do others think – where are the goals going to come from if we are to put 2 or 3 past opposing sides?

  • KK injured…yep that about sums up our medical department!!!! Back injury reported on a CT scan. I would have thought that’d be a big red flag. I love Arsene but that decision has me perplexed.

    Once again what are these medical jokers doing at Arsenal??? EVERY single time a player comes back late or has a set back. This season alone it has been santi, ox, theo, and now ramsey. I’m sick of seeing our chances impacted by injuries season after season. I honestly think i could do a better job if i rocked up with some wd40, some duct tape and a hammer.

  • Glad to hear the good news BJ. I wish you both well during her continued recovery

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