Ox-to-Ox does it – Why Arsenal don’t want a Chelsea win

Who needs strikers? Our midfield scores when it wants! :)

Who needs strikers? Our midfield scores when it wants! 🙂


Our game against Crystal Palace was a predictable one:

  • They parked the bus as expected
  • We played calm and disciplined in the first half, yet tiring them out in the process
  • We upped the tempo and intensity in the second half
  • Subsequently found the gaps and finished them off (with a small wobble between the two goals, though)
  • They were happy with a small loss
  • Both went their merry ways: Arsenal TotL and Palace continue their relentless relegation battle.

Mourinho can complain about 19th century football by West Ham the other day – whatever that means – it is up to the big teams to crack open the panzer-positioning of the less fortunate/visionary teams. Wenger showed again how it should be done: patience, movement, crisp passing and occupying the ‘central tanks’ – CBs and DMs – constantly, so cracks can be found.

I felt we missed Jack a lot in the first half as he is a young master in both finding the cracks with his passing and entering them with his clever runs – with or without the ball – in these sort of games (especially when playing together with Ozil and Santi). For me, he has been our best player in January and hopefully he will be back soon.

During the first 45 minutes we did not get close enough to their box and played a tat too slow. But we did manage to work Palace really hard which will have used up a lot of their energy. Pulis has Palace working in an organised way now, and I was impressed with their discipline in the first half, as in sticking to the tactics and playing aggressively but not unfairly (although, how Jedinak escaped a yellow card for consistent fouling is beyond me).

Ox was finding his way during this half; and I don’t know what Wenger said to him during the break, but he played a lot better during the second one. In a 4-2-3-1 formation, the box to box player is so crucial in adding that extra thrust and dimension to our football, and ‘Ox-to-Ox’ did it brilliantly after the break. The second half was only a couple of minutes old, when Cazorla spotted AOC’s run into the box, whilst Giroud and Ozil occupied the defence. Our young Englishman controlled the ball with Bergkampesque feeling in his foot (as some TV commentators apparently called it), and finished off with composure and class: a brilliant goal.

Then we did what we tend to do a lot: not deal well with pressure higher up the pitch by our opponent, once they apply a change in tactics. I will not go into this too much as it will rekindle Saturday’s debate about my, and many a fellow Gooner, view, that we need to add defensive steel and organisation to our first team, now that Flamini ruled himself out for so many crucial games.

Both Arteta and Ox worked their socks off to readdress the balance, and they were helped well by other midfielders, but we lost our shape quite a bit. It made for an uncomfortable period in the second half in which CP could have even equalised. Szczesny came to the rescue with one of his typical ‘octopus’ saves, and then Ox-to-Ox put the game to bed with another fine team goal, completed by a cool, confident finish.

Giroud was rewarded for a lot of hard, thankless and often unspotted work throughout the match with a fine assist. He moved towards the midfield, away from the ‘D’, to create space and receive the ball with his back to the goal; a measured ball into the Ox’s running feet was enough to create a fine scoring opportunity, which the Englishman took with Henryesque calmness and confidence. What a fine second half attacking performance by our ‘new signing’! 😉

Northern or Southern Oilers to win?

So, we did what we had to do and are back where we belong: top of the league. Whether we stay there or not depends on tonight’s result between the oil-doped silverware buyers of the South and the North. The majority will want a draw in this game, as it will keep us top of the league. Some are even hoping for a Chavs win but this is the last thing we want right now.

Looking at the remainder of the games, the Southern Oilers have the easiest run of all three teams, and therefore the bigger the gap we can create between them and us now, the better. After tonight, of the ‘top teams’, they have Everton, Spuds and us at home and just Liverpool away. We have Liverpool, Spuds, Everton, and Chavs away, and Mansour City and Moyes United at home. Mansour City have Moyes United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton away still to come, which is a similar run in to us.

So a draw would be a good outcome and I would even prefer a home win. It would mean a gap between us and the Chavs of five points rather than four, which might turn out to be crucial in the end. Despite the fantastic attacking football by the Northern Oilers, they are, in my view, more vulnerable during the run in than the Southern ones. So for me, a home win, or a draw, are good outcomes, but an away win would be pretty disastrous.

Anyway, let’s prepare ourselves for Maureen’s 21st Century football show tonight! 😆

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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127 Responses to Ox-to-Ox does it – Why Arsenal don’t want a Chelsea win

  1. Admir says:

    Actually, we play Manchester City at home. 😉

    Nice round-up, TA. 🙂 I’d go for a draw tonight. I just want that winning sequence for the Citizens to stop as that might be a blow for them. We would be four points ahead of Chavs.

  2. “Wenger showed again how it should be done”

    I can’t help but agree with you that Wenger has a lot to teach Mourinho about winning things.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Admir, I adjusted the typo. 🙂

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    RJH 🙂

    Nobody can teach Maureen to win in style, even Wenger. 😉

    Looking fwd to the feast of football he will serve the billions of premier league football fans around the world tonight….

  5. Thanks to our Dutch/Deutsch Drugs & Dildo Distribution Dealer for a fine post !. 😆

    I just don’t want a City win !. Chavs may well have an “easier” run in, but I think they are more likely to drop points against “easier” teams than Mansour City !.

  6. GOONER4EVER says:

    The Big mouth,will be crying,as usual,that the Chavs had a difficult schedule than Arsenal,when the stats shows clearly ( not to special one????one ) that Arsenal had much more LESS time to rest

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Could be true Cocker

  8. Admir says:

    City have a very easy streak of matches after Chelsea – six games in which they will hardly let a point go away. That’s another reason to cheer for a draw tonight, hopefully with a lot of red cards.

  9. Admir says:

    Norwich (15th), Sunderland (14th), Stoke (11th), Aston Villa (10th), Hull (13th) and Fulham (20th) – I don’t see these teams doing any harm to City, do you?

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    They should do okay in those games, Admir. Maybe fatigue/injuries will cost them as well as they play big cup games around this period…

  11. James Bond says:

    nice one @ TA

    agreed with your match thoughts but disagreed with why we shouldn’t want a Chelsea win – it’s a win win for us if it’s a dour draw or a chelsea win – Chelsea are a one man team, and I Know I am being controversial here but that one man is Hazard – without him, they will struggle to score goals or create assists – he is their driving force, where as with Man city – you have everyone chipping in and they don’t necessarily depend on one person as such but they have 3-4 key players who can drive them forward – in short, a chelsea win isn’t all that bad considering we are going to be winning at $tamford bridge.

    by the way, Jose. M has the audacity to say that AW always complains and moans – erm, let’s look at the facts and what’s he been saying and then I would like to ask Jose. M and chelsea supporters – DEFINE MOANING AND COMPLAINING ? as highly as I rate him as a manager and a clever git, he’s absolutely pathetic and needs to look at himself long and hard in front of the mirror before criticizing the best manager in England.

    time for my 3 positives and negatives.

    1: The atmosphere – seriously, big up to the crystal palace fans , they are fighting relegation yet they were creating noise as to if they were in for the title – wait, that would be us – come on you gooners, sort it out – we are top of the league , we can do better , learn from the palace fans.

    3: The TV5 situation – it’s beginning to get on my nerves now, how can he or anyone else moan about his lack of playing time when mostly he’s injured ?

    5: Lack of shots from outside the box or long range , against such teams – when was the last time someone had a real go or was designated to have a pop , every now and again ? in the first half, there is no harm in trying your chances from long range against such teams or any team – Would like to see more of it.

    Positives now :

    1: AOX – always said it and will say it again, whenever he’s fit, he must start ahead of Gnabry, be it on the RW/ LW or in MF – Gnabry still needs to learn a lot but AOX is miles ahead and better with his understanding and the Arsenal way of playing – good for the lad to come out , score 2 goals and even last the full 90 minutes even though he was cramping up at the end…hopefully a break of now between our next game will be sufficient for him to recover.

    3: Poldi – in the first half he was working really hard and coming deep to help the team, almost playing as a MF, hence sacrificing his attacking game a bit – in the 2nd half, he came out all guns blazing and played as a LW and it helped us go up a notch – a fully fit and eager Poldi is the way to go, and am very pleased he started the game !

    5: Arteta and Nacho – the main culprits from the last game to be blamed, stood up and had a very decent game, both worked very hard for the team and were very decisive this time…Nacho and Arteta have become massive players for us in the absence of both Flamini and Gibbs for now and they did not disappoint yesterday.

    special mention goes to Giroud – other than defending or helping the team at corners, he was largely missing from the game, until that assist for AOX – he’s a good team player and works hard for the team but the lack of competition for the strikers place is perhaps making him complacent or not pushing him on as desired by moi …I have already accepted that he’s not going to be a prolific scorer but he can help others around him to chip in and score – saying that, not his fault that the crosses into the box has almost dried yet , WHAT’s going on @ Sagna / Nacho and others ?

  12. Admir says:

    I don’t know. I’ve expected them to suffer a light meltdown when Aguero was injured first time but it didn’t happen. Now they have Stevan BlowJobetic back to the team and I have a feeling that their type of football – they attack constantly – and physical abilities of their players make them less prone to fatigue and injuries. Furthermore, they’ve been over-protected by the referees this term. If there is a weak link in their team, it’s their defence. I don’t buy Demichelis and Clichy as top-drawer players and an injury or suspension to Kompany might ruin their winning streak. They haven’t had an injury crisis but even when players like Aguero or Nasri were out, they were capable of producing goals. That victory against Bayern gave them a lot of confidence – they have beaten the best team in the world without Kompany, Yaya Toure and Aguero.

    If Chelsea take a point at Etihad, it might be a blow for Citizens’ self-confidence as well.

  13. mA says:

    nice one Totes and a nice review of our game against Palace.

    Not only do i agree with you on today’s game (oilers), but i feel that City should win and will win. most won’t agree because city will top the league and pundits will say the league is gone. Nevertheless, Iike you, i feel that keeping Chavs at an arm’s length is beneficial for us in terms of -hopefully- winning the league and maintaining our momentum. We could do well in a seemingly two-horse race (us and City) during the next round of fixtures. Admittedly, we should always aim higher -but lets not forget City are a great team. If Maureen manages to close the gap today by winning at City, then it makes it all too hard for us to win the league and or maintain our superb form. Competing against one opposition (City) for the league is always better than competing against two.

  14. mA says:

    nice one Totes and a nice review of our game against Palace.

    Not only do i agree with you on today’s game (oilers), but i feel that City should win and will win. most won’t agree because city will top the league and pundits will say the league is gone. Nevertheless, Iike you, i feel that keeping Chavs at an arm’s length is beneficial for us in terms of -hopefully- winning the league and maintaining our momentum. We could do well in a seemingly two-horse race (us and City) during the next round of fixtures. Admittedly, we should always aim higher -but lets not forget City are a great team. If Maureen manages to close the gap today by winning at City, then it makes it all too hard for us to win the league and or maintain our superb form. Competing against one opposition (City) for the league is always better than competing against two. JustSaying

  15. I know it seems like the Chavs are now trying to comply with FPP. Still !, a nice bit of satire !.

  16. Milo says:

    Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but to win the league, you have to be IN FIRST PLACE, correct??? 😀 I STILL don’t know who I want to win, so I am hoping for a draw, but I won’t be upset if Chelsea happen to win. I’m putting aside my hate for them, if it means we top the league for another round. I agree with James Bond here. I don’t see Chelsea as a HUGE threat to finish ahead of us. IF we can remain at this level of fitness and get a few players back, we have more about our squad than they do. I hat Mourinho as much as anyone and never like seeing his club win, especially with the “characters” that he trots out week after week like Terry, Lampard, Hazard (think he’s a selfish, money hungry prick) Cole etc. etc. etc. That being said, my love for our club is stronger than my hate for Chelsea or even City for that matter. I think a draw would suit us best, but if someone has to win I think it should be Chelsea. Also I don’t see this as a parallel to cheering for Chelsea in the Champions League final of 2012. I cheered for Bayern that night, and I am not ashamed to say it. I hate Spurs, but anyone who finishes 6th and has players like Chelsea does, and spends the money they do, do not deserve to play in the Champions league. Maybe it’s because I don’t live in London, that is why I cheered for Bayern that day. Either way, Spuds were never going to win the thing anyway, were they??? 😀

  17. Xavier says:

    LOOOL™. 16 comments already. Okay before I read the post lemme just say this from the last post.

    @ Gerry, I liked your observations. Especially about pod not starting against ptb teams. But i like that he got another 70mins under his belt. He should be perfect though for pool eh? What do you reckon?

    Okay. Back to read the post now.

  18. James Bond says:

    there are only 2 results here, the way I see it

    1: A draw for tonight

    3: Chelsea win.

    I can’t see Man city winning against a team that will sit deep and defend – not sure if any of you remember but Crystal Palace went to the Etihad earlier and really gave City the shivers with the PTB tactic as well, they only just managed to come out in top really…. as much as people are going bananas over man city, even if we had gone there to play it like an Away game, similar to our trips to Bayern Munich and Dortmund, we wouldn’t have lost at man city – It’s only because AW wanted to show everyone who is the real king, we came out as 2nd bests after a lot of dodgy decisions going against us to be fair – however, make no mistake Man City aren’t that all and I don’t see them winning tonight.

    either way, one if not both or main rivals will be dropping points tonight – what’s not to like ?

    and I much rather have a 3 way title race as opposed to 2 , in all honesty – this means all 3 can take points off each other as opposed to 2 – mathematically 3 suits us better for another 5 weeks at least.

    it’s very similar to La Liga this year, isn’t it ?

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers James 🙂

    Hope Mrs Bond is benefiting from you and your dedicated nurse’s TLC and improving every day.

    Disagreed on the impact of a Chavs win. If Chavs win tonight they will win the PL.

    I like your negatives and positives, but your judgement of Giroud is not one of them – surprise, surprise!

    Shooting from outside the box is mostly a waste of position and opportunity, and you and I know that Wenger instructs the players not to do it, unless absolute no other option is available.

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir, agreed, the win at Bayern has done them a world of good. They had a lot of easy fixtures recently and this will continue for a while. Yet, I do not want them to lose to the Chavs tonight..

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed, mA 🙂

    I reckon Chavs will be back in the race in no time, even if they lose today. But we need the gap when we go into the difficult games this and next month.

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Who would like to write a competitors analysis based on tonight’s game? 🙂

  23. Admir says:

    @Milo, when it comes to that Champions’ League Final 2012 – I cheered for Bayern. I’m still devastated with the fact that Chavs were the first London club to become European champions. That should have been Arsenal Football Club, the greatest club from the greatest European city. I don’t give a rats’ bottom what that Chavs’ victory meant for Spuds.

    To put it simply – I love Arsenal more than I hate Spuds.

  24. Milo. Outside of Chelsea, no Londoner wanted them to win the CL !. You`re not alone BK Bruv !. 🙂

    Here you go Totes !

    Quick analysis of tonight`s game……………………..Financial doping rich bastards play away to even richer financial doping bastards and the winner is likely to buy the title !.

  25. PS
    To go along with all the other trophies they have purchased !.

    As I put Manshafter Std in with the other two….how many £20 – £30M+ players have they bought over the years ? .
    It would be great for us to be the first financially sustainable club to win the EPL since………….us !.

    However, I wont say no to purchasing a few ourselves if UEFA doesn`t get their finger out and sort out Mansour City who are with out doubt flaunting the rules !. No, I haven`t been an accountant for 20 years, but you would have to be a blind accountant with an abacus ring donut cock not to see it !.

  26. James Bond says:

    yep, so far so good on that front @ TA – getting stronger and better every day , bit by bit but we are getting there – we went back to the hospital today for her blood tests and scans for liver and kidney, everything is honkey dorey 🙂 🙂 🙂

    you are giving the chavs way too much respect , due to the Jose.M factor I guess – I honestly don’t see them much of a threat , they will be finishing 3rd or 4th at best, is my prediction.

    Man city on the other hand are playing fearlessly and without the handbrake factor which could all change if they drop points today at home or lose – now that will make things very very interesting.


    Evening all, and thank you TA.

    If only some one had told me it would end up like this.

    As a young man I would often go the Bridge to watch Chelsea. The old stadium had a running track and was shit. They were playing in the old 2nd divison and there team was shit. As for there support, well, have you ever seen those old black and white clips of one testicle Hitler giving a speech and thousands of wankers give that stupid salute? Thats what the old Chelsea was like.

    I went up to the Old Maine Road 3 times to watch us play City. Has any one else had the pleasure to meet a genuine Mancunian? If you have, then you will understand the delight of such an occasion. Rough as fuck, bitter that they only owned one pair of underpants, and ugly enough to comprehend why some women turn lesbian.

    And now, these retired neo nazis and mancunian men with holes in there pants and moth balls in there wallets, support the two richest Clubs in England.

    I cant bring myself to want a result either way, but if pushed, Men with holes in ther pants 1 – Retired neo Nazis 2

  28. Great news JB ! 😀

    I also agree 100% about the City ” handbreak ” factor !. They need a dent in their armour !.
    Wenger said the other day that it`s the away games where they ( City ) could drop points, it`s a shame he didn`t look at their recent away record before opening his mouth as it is impressive !.( away win at Munich amongst them ! )
    Also, after tonight`s game ,lets look at their next 6 league games !
    Norwich (A)
    Sunderland (H)
    Stoke (H)
    Villa (H)
    Hull (A)
    Fulham (H)
    How many points does anybody realistically think they are going to drop against that lot on their current form ?. That’s why it is imperative they lose or draw tonight. Win tonight and the title is purchased imo !.

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Terry – you are a born story teller. A real shame you do not write posts for BK. 🙂

  30. Actually looking at them games, it makes a mockery of the second part of Totes headline !…………….remove the “don’t” from it !. hahaha

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent news James. Mrs Bond – the graceful fighter – is moving upwards and onwards and I am genuinely happy to hear it, even though I have never met her. Please, give her a kiss and a cuddle from the BK Brotherhood – including genuine Broke Backers GLIC and Fozzer and chick magnet Terrenzo.

  32. Don’t be silly Totes !…….Fozzer and Stretch !…….do you want her to have an STD infection !. hahaha

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    It could be the Maureen factor, James. I reckon he will get green light from Abramobitch to play Maureen 1-0 to Chavs football till the end of the season and win the league without much problems, IF they win tonight. I so hope that will not happen.

    Cockie, I reckon they drop between 5-7 points in those games.


    Yes, great news Bondy. Do you know how I know you are a top man? Because any man who can be with a women like that is certain to wear pants not eroded by moth balls.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    The graceful fighter will overcome everything, Cocker. 🙂

  36. Chick magnet Terrenzo !!…….the only part right there is “magnet” !………..down to the fact that he has magnets tagged to his Pigeons and an electro-magnet attached to his Hampton !……….not so much “homing Pigeons ” !……more like tagged cant escape Pigeons !. hahaha

    Also, If Mansour City win tonight and they win the next 6 ( which I think will be easy for them ) they will have 74 points with 8 games remaining, that total is 3 points more than we got last season for 4th place !. So it`s quite likely they will have at least 4th spot nailed on with 8 games to go !.

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    I have copied that ‘Mansour City’ of you, Cocker of tichyness. I like it a lot.

  38. PS Totes and other bastards !.

    If we don’t beat Liverscum on Saturday ( Live on BT Sport ) we will either be level or – 1 point worse off in my like for like logical factor !. hahaha

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    okay Cocker, thank you for that useful fact hahaha 🙂

  40. Hahaha Totes. That useful fact usually brings Gezzer screaming out of the woodwork !.


    Exactly TA. Just enough to excite the ladies, but modest enough not to repulse the senses.

    Cornwall wouldnt know about these intracasies TA. He walks around his gaff naked with his hampton held to attention by a string tied around his waist. Mrs Cornwall invested in a blind fold to avert her self form this abhorance, but unfortunately Cornwall has now graduated to verbalising this tied up erection with yells of ” Wooooh Stringed Hampton at full mast baby” hahaha

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha, Gezzer is all gone horse crazy now. He needs to sort his priorities out… 🙂

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Terrenzo, what a nightmare for Mrs Cocker. 🙂

  44. James Bond says:

    cheers everyone 🙂

    she is getting spoiled with all these kisses and cuddles, not that I mind though – she deserves all of them for being a true fight 🙂

    that is it @ Terry – it takes one top man to know another one 🙂

    oh please no more infections, or even the mention of them – I never realized how nasty a tiny infection could turn out to be @ TCM – but she most certainly has a non stop laughing or smiling syndrome whenever she reads your posts !

    speaking of Fozzie, where is he ? he normally watches the Chelsea match with his mate ?

    no Ferdinandinho – out injured, that’s a massive blow for man city – as they will lose yaya toure next !


    Correct TA. And when I say string, I dont mean a rope like device that you or I would require.

    Cornwall has no such issues with gravity, his is a flimsey piece of sowing string. hahaha

  46. James Bond says:

    chelsea get their favourite manager,

    good luck man city – actually I take that back considering they have had 80% of the ref’s doing them favours, ha

  47. Hahaha………………….thank Dennis, she handed out the blind folds to our family guests tonight !. Chipolatas anyone ?.

  48. James Bond says:

    *favourite Referee

  49. proudgooner says:

    Before i read your post i thought i would prefer a chav win of the 2, i study the fixtures too , but have not had a good look at the oilers lately so that nearly made me change my mind but i think i am still on the moster cockies side of a chav win to put an end to cities home record, and put dooubt in here minds.
    What i want is a bone crunching encounter, where both sides take hits, both teams get 3 players sent off an d jose and dracula have a punch up on the side lines. meaning lots of suspensions.

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, Terry, I had images of a horribly flimsy piece of string with pigeon feathers attached to it. 🙂

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    A draw at Norwich will take care of that, PG 😉

  52. proudgooner says:

    lol lets hope so TA, come on you canaries .

  53. proudgooner says:

    Chelsea should have gone for Pellergini imo, a missed chance i think . He seems to be a very good managr. Only Wenger is better.

  54. proudgooner says:

    I defo feel that this is a big sub-battle. Jose v Dracula.

  55. James Bond says:

    why would Chelsea have gone for Pellergini @ PG

    I might be wrong but Pellergini has never won a trophy or a trophy in Europe – and the chelsea owner craves trophies as well as a sexy style of play.

  56. proudgooner says:

    True JB, Jose is a very good manager and wins cup regular , but the style of play Jose plays is poor. So far in this match city look the much better team. I see Pellergini as the Roberto Martinez of the la liga and now he has a club with money asnd great players he can do some damage

  57. proudgooner says:

    Plus the players Peelergini brought in ave all been excellent mate

  58. James Bond says:

    Pellergini has mostly had clubs with money, matey

    Real Madrid and then another Oiler rich club in Malaga – The owners backed him up and then took away the money, hence we ended up with Santiago

    so to say he’s not had a club with money would be wrong.

  59. proudgooner says:

    lol that would be indeed i forgot about Real

  60. proudgooner says:

    Have Malaga got and good strikers we could go after , do you knoe JB?

  61. James Bond says:

    get in chelsea

    1-0 !!!!

  62. proudgooner says:

    good goal, that has made this game more interesting

  63. James Bond says:

    they sold all their quality players as soon as the rich owners decided – NO MORE.

    Santiago, Isco, Rondon, Diego , monreal and the chap playing for city tonight with the D e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c

  64. James Bond says:

    the wheels are coming off at the etihad tonight – how they are not 0-3 down to chelsea the end of the first half is beyond me.

  65. proudgooner says:

    Oh thanks JB, we should have gone for David Villa in he summer he was a bargin and playing and scoring goals

  66. James Bond says:

    Barca always stitch us up mate, I don’t know why they are so uptight with us , considering they owe us a lot of money from the Cesc and Song sales.

    maybe with their president no more and new one coming in, things will change in the summer.

    David Villa, Tevez were both bargains, Tevez more so than Villa, in my opinion

    definitely missed a trick there.

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi guys, bad bad news right now. You heard it here first as JB would say: a Chavs win and they will win the PL. 😦

  68. James Bond says:

    oh come on @ Skipper

    they win tonight and they merely put the brakes on man city .

    they are doing us a favour, really – trust me on that , we will be sitting pretty at the top of the table when feb end – save this comment somewhere.

    The Visionary has spoken, chin up 🙂

  69. James Bond says:

    I can see a red card coming soon.

  70. James Bond says:

    goodness gracias me @ Matic

    that deserved to go in, that’s twice chelsea have hit the bar

    very unlucky.

  71. proudgooner says:

    i WAS JUST THINKING earlier how great Tevez would be with us. He would be awesome.

  72. proudgooner says:

    ut oh TA’s man is coming on lol

  73. James Bond says:

    chelsea hit the post for the 3rd time :Roll:

  74. Xavier says:

    Jovetic playing really well. I might join the TA wagon on this one. ;).

  75. proudgooner says:

    well we have a very handy 2 point lead going in to a tough month of fixtures, all good.

  76. proudgooner says:

    Jovetic is a great player i was disappointed we let him go to them, he would have been perfect for us right now. Oh well we have a great team and are TOTL

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    You are so wrong on this one JB – so wrong. This is a shit result and soon you will realise why.

  78. James Bond says:

    ok, TA

    we are both here and not going to run away anytime soon –

    Chelsea ended Man City’s glorious run at home

    we will do the same to chelsea but not just end their run at home but end Jose’s dynasty that stems to 10 years of never losing at home.

    we are TOTL and we will go from strength to strength now, starting from next week !

  79. James Bond says:

    but i’ll admit to being wrong to one thing though, the ref aka wank@r (one that we all love to hate) is no longer on the books of Chelsea, he favoured Man city , it was so blatant .

    I hope all the managers are more vocal about this and I hope Jose openly criticizes the referee (not going to happen but you never know )

  80. Admir says:

    Chin up, TA. 😉

    Firstly, Chavs will lose points until the end. Yes, this result will be a lift for them but they have been far from flawless this season. I mean, they have collected 7 points from matches against us and the other Oilers but they are still turd (I mean third – yes, it’s a pun, you’re free to laugh).

    Secondly, City will be shaken with this result. This match proved that without Yaya Toure-Fernandinho connection in the middle they become very vulnerable, especially when their attack is deprived of Aguero. And, let’s not forget that Aguero won’t return before March.

    Finally, we are top of the league with two-point-cushion! 😉 Enjoy!

  81. James Bond says:

    Chelsea’s next 3…vs newcastle(3)……..westbrom(1)…….everton (1)

    that’s 5 from their next 3.

    Arsenal next 3 vs Liverpool (3) ……….Man utd (3)……….Sunderland (3)

    that’s 9 from our next 3

    keep believing and keep your chins up !

  82. James Bond says:

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho: “The next pre-season, me and my players will say openly that we are mature, solid from day one and are candidates for the league. This season is about evolution.

    “We can [win the title] if they lose it [Manchester City]. Arsenal are working for many, many years for the evolution of their team.

    “What we are doing this season is what Arsenal have been building to for years.

    “It means nothing for us to come here and park the bus and win 1-0 in a lucky situation. The evolution is more important.”



  83. TotalArsenal says:

    I know my football guys and this is a shit result for us in the long term. I am totally objective about this and I would LOVE to be wrong on this one. That was not what we needed.

    I knew Mansour City have this weakness in them and it would have come out during the tougher away games. The Chavs have a very easy run in now and you will soon see what I mean.

  84. TotalArsenal says:

    You are delusional, JB. Sorry mate that is not going to happen.

  85. Admir says:

    Oh, one more thing regarding the current standings:

    we have a different advantage over the Oilers. Ahead of City we have an advantage of X points where 1<X<2 and we have an advantage of Y points over Chavs where 2<Y<3.

    Why? We have a superior goal-difference to Chavs but a worse one to Citizens.

  86. James Bond says:

    sorry about the caps, he has nightmares about us alright – come on lads, let’s put this miserable sod in his rightful place –

    when are we playing these peasants in the league ? bring it on

    they have spent close to 100 million just in this year on buying players and yet he calls it an evolution ? we literally built our team from scratch.

  87. James Bond says:

    yes, TA

    I am delusional and we are doomed, we should throw in the towel and hand chelsea the trophy already just because you know football more than anyone else on here and can see the future.


    anything else you may want to add to base your such strong claims on ? I’m all ears really.

  88. TotalArsenal says:

    Maureen’s evolution…. if you all play with a two-DM pivot… I will play with a three-DM pivot. Simples. The only way to beat those fcukers is by sitting back like them and keep it solid at the back… and take the chances when they arrive.

    Admir the goal difference margin with Chavs is too small to call it an advantage.

  89. The armour has been dented !. 2 points ahead or 1 point behind ?. Your logic is a mad as mine Totes !. I`m glad Mansour City lost and we are 2 points ahead !. As I posted earlier, MC`s next 6 home games :
    Norwich (A)
    Sunderland (H)
    Stoke (H)
    Villa (H)
    Hull (A)
    Fulham (H)
    Trust me, I have the Crystal Balls out, that’s 18 points in the bag !….glad its not 21 !. Still, it is all immaterial really, as both the bastards will be above us after our Ten Weeks of Torture coming up…..too many big games against big teams and to many injuries of what we have and are bound to get !. No rose tints or delusion here !. hahaha

  90. TotalArsenal says:

    JB your 22.18 comment is delusional. Come on mate.

  91. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘anything else you may want to add to base your such strong claims on ? I’m all ears really.’

    Did you read the post?

    Why don’t write a post and prove me wrong. For once. 😕

  92. Admir says:

    Basel have beaten them twice this season, Stoke, Everton and Newcastle have also punched them in their ugly anti-football face. We were one honest referee/decent Giroud’s finish away from beating them in a very difficult period for us.

    I’ve played Football Manager 2014 today and I was shocked when I realized that the most repulsive racist-team-mate-girlfriend-screwing skipper in the world is already 33, Fat Lampard is even older, Cashley is a million-year-old… Their best player from the last two seasons is off, Hazard runs the show but he will have to face Mr Reliable who will eat him and then spit his bones. 😉

    Yes, I’ve considered Chelsea as a team with biggest chances to win the Premiership since that defeat in COC but they can be beaten. They don’t have Drogba anymore.

  93. I do however agree with Totes way of beating Chavski !. It`s the same thing I have said many a time and it`s not just for the Chavs, it`s the same tactic`s we should use against, Mansour City, Manshafter Std and probably Liverscum and Totscum too !. Different tactics for different teams, not sure Arsene thinks like that though as he just likes to play our normal game and not worry about the opposition !. Cesc said that Wenger does not watch vids of the opposition to look at their strengths and weaknesses !……..which imo is a weakness in Wenger himself !. I`m sure the likes of Mourinho know all our strengths and especially our weaknesses !.
    Most top sportsman and teams work on their opponents weaknesses. Would, for say, a boxer not know his opponents inside out ?.

  94. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir, which team looked the fittest tonight?

    I hope I am wrong but I fear this is the one result Arsenal did not want/need.

    Night all. 🙂

  95. Not sure about that Totes !. I`m know Arsene would rather be TOTL 2 points clear than second and I point behind !. If you don’t believe me…….ask him………he is never going to say 1 point behind to the media even if he did agree with you !. hahaha

  96. Fozzie B says:

    Good evening Proud Palace Penile Pentathletes and Pirates!! 😆
    Looks like Totes Goldmember has been stung by Maureen’s Portuguese Mam of War!! 😆 Quick brethren!! You know how to fix jellyfish stings!!! And we already know that he looooves gooooold …. So it’s let’s all pitch in and give him a collective Golden shower!! Hahaha !! 😆

  97. AB says:

    TA and JB. We are dealing in fine margins here, and we don’t really know what the effect of this result will be on the sides. Hopefully it will trigger a down-turn for City – we could do with that. Sure, it can only boost Chelski confidence, and TA is right they look strong for the run in. But they have had some inconsistent performances this season – is it a given that they won’t have any more? I’m not so sure. Whatever they do, its our performances that really matter though – there is little to enjoy about watching Chelski at the best of times. The question is can we stay strong, and show the consistency in the run in that we did last season? Our consistency, rather than really dominant performances, is what has got us to this position and what will (or won’t) get us to the title. Its OGAAT TA, and we need another tight, disciplined showing against the Pool next. Sod Chelski and the rest of them; the league is in our hands if we can hold our nerve and our form.

  98. Fozzie B says:

    That new signing Matic just bossed Yaya …. I’ve never seen anything like it… What a signing … And in his very first game … And so composed … With Presence!!! I always feared the Chavs at home and now even more so…
    Oh well as long as we don’t play with that freaken hand brake on!!
    Good to hear the Mrs doing well JB and I agree when we are struggling to get near the box it doesn’t hurt to try a couple of long shots …. Both Santi and especially Poldi should be given a remit of X amount of shots per half!
    Especially say in the first half as we are constantly starting poorly in the first halves of matches … Cockie you are right Jose plans and studies his opponents so much better than Wenger and it is a real weakness of Wenger and what old red nose did ever so well too 😀

  99. James Bond says:

    Thanks AB ,

    That’s what I meant really. .. to hell with what chelsea or man city do as long as we take care of our matches the rest becomes irrelevant. .. this is what ogaat is all about , no ?

    If chelsea can take 6 points off man city then why can’t we take 6 from pool… 4 from man utd and 6 from Sunderland this month ? If that makes me delusional then we shouldn’t be playing top level football and have high aspirations and targets… these are the sort of games that top level managers and footballers look forward to the most.

    Pool need points for top 4… they will play an open game…

    Man utd are in a do or die for top 4… they will come to play

    Sunderland we should be able to break down…

    Anything other than the full 9 points be very bitter after drawing with saints… yet skipper keeps mentioning their easier run in… remind me…who they played before man city at home and dropped 2 points ?
    Yes , you might know your football , no doubt but the football I know is full of surprises this season.

    who is to say what next weekend brings in terms of shocks ?

  100. James Bond says:

    *3 from man utd before glic gets a sniff , ha

  101. davydavy says:

    Yep, I’d expect us to be favourites to get all six points from Sunderland and Man Utd, and we certainly bossed Liverpool the last time we played them. That said, it might be optimistic to hope that Chelsea drop points against both West Brom and Everton.

    Right now it’s up to Man C and Chelsea to catch us and not the other way round, so it’s game on as far as I’m concerned.

  102. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Bond.. My special agent is back with full spirit.. I like that..
    And yes bro.. we will win the games.. Liverpool, MU are not our big rival anymore.. hahaha..
    Liverpool, Wenger know how to handle Suarez and Poo-ridge.. hehehe..
    MU.. They just lucky at home.. We almost tears them down.. And we will this time.. hahaha..
    Only 2 most dangerous games.. against City home and Chelsea away..

    Chelsea played Matic, ramires, Luiz, Cahill, Terry, Ivanovis, Zuenta all together.. hehehe..
    and I think they play 5-2-3 or 5-4-1.. hehehe..
    They should had 2 or 3 goals in firsthalf.. but they parked the bus very well in secondhalf..

    And guys.. Mou really have a big mouth.. hehehe..
    Look what he said about ‘Billy” the massager.. hehehehe.. His mouth is really poison..
    But I like the way he said about us.. Here is his words :
    “Arsenal are working for many, many years for the evolution of their team. What we are doing this season is what Arsenal have been building to for years. It means nothing for us to come here and park the bus and win 1-0 in a lucky situation. The evolution is more important.”
    “When we played Arsenal [drawing 0-0] at the Emirates, Arsenal was the leader. Today City was [second],” he said. “This is the best thing that can happen to this team. Maybe Arsenal deserve it more than us. They are top of the league and they are the favourites. We go behind them and play and watch.”

    Yes.. We deserve to win.. and be on top.. And you know guys.. We will.. hehehe..
    Ramsey.. Wilshere.. and Walcott.. please comeback sooner..
    Go Gunners..

  103. Xavier says:

    Yeah. Chelsea will definitely drop points alright. Maureen has got his tactics spot on on when he plays the bigger teams. The smaller teams though is more hit or miss from him. I’m glad city lost. Ideally a draw woulda been perfect but c’mon, we’re the Arsenal. The ideal never works for us. Chelsea’s one advantage was the availability of fast players to help in counters. That may be out own undoing. Do we have any really fast players besides maybe Ox? I’d love to see wenger start Gibbs and Jenks as wingers one of these games.
    Well, we’re still TOTL and the advantage, however slim, is with us right now. We just have to put in a strong performance in our next run of games. But we’ll do it. I’ve never been more confident about this team. That may be a problem too. 😦

  104. davydavy says:

    Xavier your post is spot on.

    We are top of the league above the two most expensive teams ever assembled in the premier league and only 14 games to go – this squad clearly has a very special togetherness and quality. Good reason to be optimistic!

  105. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning FFG’s 🙂

    AB, yes of course it isvOGAAT from Saturday onwards. I was looking at the bigger picture yesterday and a Chavs win is not what I wanted. I despise them and their self celebrating manager who thinks he is so clever. Some BKers even call him by his first name, which I find sickening.

    Anyway, time to take a break from blogging and put things in perspective again.

  106. Admir says:

    TA, Chavs had a lot of luck (as they usually do) before the game. Fernandinho’s injury reduced options for Pellegrini in the midfield. The only natural DM he had on disposal to field next to Yaya Toure was Demichelis, arguably the weakest link in their squad even when they are without injuries and suspensions. Chavs used a logical tactical approach – flood the midfield and outnumber Yaya. Furthemore, Pellegrini didn’t realize that he can go with Džeko and Negredo only against smaller teams and/or teams that don’t play with three in the middle (like Spuds, Hammers…). Jovetić was the only logical option to replace Aguero against the Chavs – he would have came deeper to pick the ball and pass it to the lone striker (Negredo or Džeko).

    Now, why I don’t find the last night result so bad for us? Well, like I’ve said, City have a system that breaks small teams. Therefore, it is less likely that they will spill points against small teams until the end of the season. Chavs, on the other hand, are the strongest when they have to nullify opponents rather than to break the weak ones. I can see them dropping points here and there just like they did against West Ham.

  107. 17highburyterrace says:

    I’ve been a bit of a voyeur since our match and quite surprised by what I’ve seen here. So much heated debate and it’s not of the “Wenger Out” or “That was unacceptable-I won’t stand for it” variety. If the blog-owner can call another team’s coach by a girl’s name, what’s wrong with using his given one?

    It’s just my opinion, but I think ANOTHER large personality spewing lies and a bit of invective and (thus) taking pressure off his players is good for the (media-induced) drama which is English Football. If he happens to strain irony by pointing out the absurdity of the money situation, all the better. Amongst the top teams the hated one offloaded an overrated (my opinion), one footed playmaker (Mata) and bought himself a Beast/Destroyer/Holding mid (Matic) and a speedy counter-attackiing winger (Salah) and banked a profit. Thing is, the team that bought the high-priced player already had a great #10 (Rooney–according to all the reports, at least 🙄 ) if not two of them (Kagawa, In the very limited bit he’s allowed to play, always impresses me as a slower, Japanese version of Rosicky…) Certainly the whole thing seems better than the old(er by the match…) Scotsman trying to blend into the wall and saying they just lacked a bit of luck but they’re still playing for the title…

    But why so worried about the other teams? I guess if the sky isn’t falling upon us directly, we have to have it falling somewhere…Call me crazy, but I like being ToTL… I appreciate that we are STILL underdogs, that our Terror Window was a shambles, etc., etc., and that the injuries will surely catch up to us (etc., etc., etc…) but it seems all to play for now and in our own hands, for better or worse…and a million other platitudes…

    On that note, I thought we did the job well enough vs a disciplined Crystal Palace team even if it took us quite a bit of time to figure out how to play around the forlorn (and not very mobile) figure of Lucas Poldolski. He’s not a midfielder and if (not very mobile) Olivier Giroud–always creeping toward his favored left side–won’t give him any room in the front line and Santi Cazorla regularly crowds him by drifting to his usual (starting) spot on the left we are gonna lose some balance. That other space seekers (Ozil and Ox) sometimes use that side of the pitch adds to the issue. Palace’s line of 5 backed by a line of 4 looked even more cloggeriffic given our own guys compacting the space. Going to the half having only made chances at set pieces was a worry even if Palace didn’t appear a real threat the other way. But maybe OUR manager knows a thing or two re: tactics, as we seemed better from the kickoff, and a (set?) play from our right to a marauding Ox made 1/2 the scoreline. Palace didn’t really change their approach so there was a period of odd stasis, but as soon as Poldolski was lifted for a true midfielder, space re-emerged and the marauder romped for a 2nd. What a pleasant reminder that that other kid we lifted from So’ton has a bit of game in him… Was it enough to inspire true confidence for the tougher matches ahead? Probably not, if we’re going to pin everything onto matches we’re not even playing… 😦

    Anyhow, enough said for the moment…back to the (paltry) snow. Don’t be too rough on me, I just had a major birthday (actually, just a “half” birthday… 😉 ) and there might not be enough espresso (in the world…) to turn back the clock…

  108. 17highburyterrace says:

    Since Bond (or his wife…) will never write a post, I think Admir could be due… Very nice stuff about different team strategies (or is it tactics?…), directly above and I also enjoyed the more personal anecdote from several days ago… In truth, I’ve got nothing against big picture analyses (and I’m being too harsh, above on our fearless leader…) so go for it, I say…

  109. Afternoon Jose`s Juicy Jizz Jugglers !. 😆

    17………I thought Jose was a girls name anyway !.
    Totes having a break from blogging !. I thought he had already been doing that recently over the months with ……Project X and impregnating the locals up in sweatysockland with his Klompencaber !.

  110. 17highburyterrace says:

    Josie, and the pussy cats… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEdWvYA0icg

    For some reason this seems like the insidious flip side to Scooby Do and the inevitable choice between Daphne and Velma. Who is the young pussycat to choose? Oscar, Eden H or Willian?… And we would’ve too (won the league…) if it hadn’t been for those (injuries to our) meddling kids… 🙄

    So, If (poor) Chavs have already won the league we can at least try for 2nd or 3rd, no?…Or have you done the calcs and that’s already gone too. 😦 Ugh, as such, IF we can’t get a result at Liverpool AND (as per usual) we quail in the face of RvP, Rooney and (new signing…) Mata, is it then just trying to hold off one of them (plus Spurs and Everton…) for Thursday football…

    Grim, grim times… 😳

    Wenger out?…

    (I’ll at least wait until the drubbing at Anfield, but hey, that’s just me… 😉 )

  111. Mike says:

    Good win by the Arse.
    Enjoying watching that one. 3 points job done, next!
    Did switch off a couple of times, but from playing football it’s easy to get bored watching an (in)effective TP style of play.
    Now for the fun month ahead.
    After watching the strength and skill on show last night….well, going to be interesting!

  112. Josie and the Pussy Cats !……that’s a first, never seen that one before !. I much prefer Scooby Doo ! and as much as I fancy Daphne, I never knocked one out to her !…unlike VCC, who as you probably will not be surprised to learn, knocks one out to her watching on Boomerang (Sky 603) @ 6pm every week day and as per usual each day, ends up being chucked out of PC World !. No wonder it`s called Boomerang !, as VCC keeps coming back for more !. Maybe they should change PC World to VCC World !.
    To tell the truth I much prefer the likes of Thunderbirds and Stingray with the live action puppets !. Tin-Tin and Lady Penelope are quite fit, but Marina from Stingray is fcuking hot !…with the added bonus of being mute and can breath under water !….” What`s that Marina ?….sorry, I cant make the mumbling out whilst you are blowing me under the bath water ! “. You cant beat strings attached sex !.

  113. 17highburyterrace says:

    Well done, Cockie…Yeah, cartoon girls and public places are two of my favorite “search words.” 😯

    I guess I’m a day late to the party, so everybody is off or at least using the internet for those sorts of more important things… Still, I figured at least one or two might wish me a happy birthday… But maybe I’m part of the problem, too… Where’s the “giving the traffic digit salute” smiley, when you need it?…

    Overall, I’m not sure what this thread is about. Is it a match report from ours with Palace or a preview for last night’s Sheik vs Garch? One result (either one…) seems a lot from which to extrapolate. I’m glad we won ours and, as long as either of the silly money teams dropped points I was gonna be fine… 😀 As always, however, that’s just me…

    Alas, with everyone a pundit, maybe I need to focus my efforts or at least gaze into the crystal ball and declare what it all means. Modern communication seems a series of such declarations and, if I could just keep mine under 140 characters, I (too?…) could have a following. It just seems to me that everything might not be as clear cut as it seems AND that history is there to be made rather than predicted–esp. in matters (like football) that really don’t matter at all…

    Of course, that’s just me… If the blog revives, I might have something… and even if it doesn’t I enjoy writing. So then, time to write my opus: Why Does Wenger LIe? (He’s Selling Rubbish and You Can’t Handle the Truth…) or something along those lines…


  114. Sorry 17…….I got side tracked by puppets ………Mmmmmm Marina !.

    Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday dear Squatchie…..Happy Birthday to yooooooooooooooooooo !.
    Now no heavy drinking of the alcohol !……….just orangesquatch !.
    Have a great day !. 😀

  115. Word has got around !.

  116. Lord Wenger has not forgot you !.

  117. Fozzie B says:

    Good evening Generous Gyrating Jose Jugular Jousters!! 😆
    Totes Goldfinger is hiding behind Cockies sofa!! 😆
    Be careful Totes .. You might find several violated puppets down there!!
    And look out if Cockie catches you!!
    Whatever you do .. Don’t stare at those googly eyes!!! I get mesmerised as he does his naked 8 human scalextrix !! Then you will up in the Tranny Annex making bluebake and singing CockieKrishna Usmanov songs!! Haha!! 😆

    17 … This is for you …. Don’t say Fozzie doesn’t look after you!! 😆


  118. 17highburyterrace says:

    Thanks, Cockie and the Foz… I guess if you can’t celebrate them (birthdays…) there’s nothing left to do but cry and/or tear out what’s left of your hair…(That last vid looked like a squatch-ryp for sure–I can spot ’em…)

    Sort of like Supporting Arsenal these days?…

    Tell me, wise one(s), what is this all about?… Like Lord Sith, I fear that I’m failing in my embrace of the dark side… But there I go (again)… thinking about the footy…

    If I consult the table it looks pretty good. I know, I know, we’re always top (at some point) due to the alphabet, but still… If I look at the fixtures I get nervous, but so what, nervous means I’m still alive… 😀

    If we do win something will people (and hand-puppets…) complain that it wasn’t by enough points or with enough goals or with enough style? I realize that low expectations are the key to happiness, but now and again can’t we stop and sniff a rose? This season is beyond my expectations. We’re currently up on Spurs by 11 pts and ManU by 15. Over the two transfer windows we bought a real player who seems pretty good (and whose name tattooed on our todgers, actually fits…) and of all the free ones only 3 out of 4 are injured–and the other is only suspended! Sure, our most promising young guns (Theo, Ramsey…) are done for the season, but some others look promising (Gnabry, Ox)… With the title an impossibility, we still look good for “our” trophy (4th place–our position even seems better than a year ago, I think, but I haven’t done all the maths…) and (if it be Dennis’ will…) there’s always next season. Michael Laudrup is suddenly available if we’re still thinking Wenger Out…

    So, all told, it’s not the worst time to be a Gooner….Maybe?


  119. TotalArsenal says:

    Happy Birthday, 17 🙂

  120. 17…..hope you`ve had an absolute nice day as I`ve had………………………………………


  121. 17highburyterrace says:

    Uh, thank you Cockster, it was more or less just like that… 😀

  122. Xavier says:

    Late happy birthday @17.
    Been a little busy with work. Couldn’t comment earlier. Anyways just wanted to pose this…

    Who else would love chicharito at arsenal?? I think he’ll be Great for us. And provide a different type of outlet. His positioning is incredible!!!

  123. Gerry says:

    Good Morning All. Happy Birthday anniversary..

    I was in real student mode yesterday, so no time to comment. I see the BBC Gossip page has Balotelli high on this list as a summer move? Puma apparently willing to foot some of the bill.
    Most people will dismiss this, except possibly JM, who knows more about the sponsors and their dealings. I too, would not be surprised.

    I remember when the young B was hitting the headlines before he even moved to the EPL, and AW said he was a ‘great admirer’. Now that could be read in two ways; a- ‘ … but not for Arsenal’, or b- ‘ …sadly, we cannot compete for a player of his quality at this time’.

    You choose the version that suits you. I think, despite all the Bendtner-esque off-field incidents, AW admires talent more. Nor do I think he would necessarily cause disharmony in the dressing room. Yes, his larger than life personality will still attract plenty of attention, hence the sponsor’s keenness? But on field he would be ‘THE’ player to draw defenders attention away from our other scorers, not to mention his ability to score a few out of nothing himself. That, and his fun side away from the cameras will also keep the players happy? He would like London too, where he can be anonymous when he wants to.

    So if I add him to my wish list, and thank DB10 that Chelsea do not have the same sponsors. Not only did they get KZ4, but also my hot tip for DM, Matic. Grrrr!
    I really hoped that all that stuff on J Martinez was a blind for Matic, but I guess M was always favourite with any dealings in Portugal?

    Sorry Totes for not adding to your post-match blog. It was as you said, a tale of two halves. Even a repeat tale? We will have to do better when teams press high against us, and that will most likely be tested in our next game?

    Sorry I cannot add any blogging time, but I have an impending financial crisis looming, with two more dogs needing the vet’s treatment table, and one could be v. expensive. Betting on horses may sound like a very stupid way out, but it is one thing I am good at when I spend time at it. I have a lot of reading matter to get through that should also help. So it is nothing to do with the way the transfer window went, nor do I share the gloom of others. Like yourself, the result on Monday was a win-lose for us, but that is done. Good results against both of those teams will make the picture look a whole lot brighter … starting with the next game!

    Well that is my thought for the day, enjoy your day.

  124. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gerry 🙂

    Sorry to hear your dogs are needing (expensive) treatment… I am sure I don’t need to tell you that gambling is a risky way of increasing your money, however good you are at it… 🙂

    Is there nothing in your house you can sell on-line?

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