Did we let Gervinho go too soon?


It is hard to imagine Gervinho has only been gone for half a season. It somehow feels a lot longer. It is fair to say the man with the LCD sized forehead was not a great success at Arsenal. But I reckon Arsene did not give him long enough, as he, uncharacteristically, let him go after just two seasons.

I don’t think we, the supporters, always realise enough what an incredible step it is for an African player to come and play in Europe; and a move from a medium sized city like Lille to world city London is also not to be pooh-poohed at.

Gervinho clearly lacked confidence at times, but in each and every game there were at least glimpses of his potential. I guess his low point was the League Cup game against Bradford, on a cold, wet and windy autumn night in the grim North. Giroud was rested and Gervinho led the line. He missed a number of sitters and the rest is bleak history. It was not just Gervinho who had a below par game that day; the whole team let us down badly.

After that, many fans had it in for our former meandering Ivorian and he never got properly over this. I was not Gervinho’s biggest fan, but I could see his potential and value to the team. He had speed, dribbling skills, decent first touch and close ball control. He was the only one of all our players who could penetrate a well protected box. His understanding with fellow players was not great and neither was his finishing. The question is, though, could this have been worked on within the team and on the training ground?

Four goals and four assists in sixteen games for Roma tell us he is settling quite well into his new environment. I have seen him play a few times and he appears to fit well into his new team. Roma play with pace and quickly turn defence into attack, and for this Tricky Gervais is a great outlet. His winner (1-0), against Juventus for the Italian Cup, will no doubt be one of his club career highlights, and I am really pleased he is doing so well right now.

I don’t really want him back now, but I do wish we had kept him a bit longer, especially now that Theo is out of for the season.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  1. bobby says:

    NO NO NO

  2. IndianGunner says:

    No. He didn’t look like he was ever going to settle, and he would have stood in the way of other players.

  3. Sunn says:

    Yes. Agree 100%. Not given sufficient game time to settle.

  4. mA says:

    Thank u Totes

    Certainly not one of the best and or world beaters footballers, but most “fans” agree that he was wild and different at Arsenal. Missed chances plus “running into the wall” was Gerv’s definition. However, we forgot he also had his moments of half-genius. I feel his electric pace was never used at Arsenal and when Wenger decided to play him as the lone striker he was up and down. Gerv remains a pure winger and in another system/team setup (a la Roma) he will definitely make it. I feel Wenger and Gerv did the best thing to separate because he was never going to make it at Arsenal (mini-flop).

    As the saying goes, “You never know what you have till its gone”. Gunners are doing fantastic without Gerv, and Gerv is re-invented away from Arsenal. Win-win situation.

  5. Thanks Totes.

    Yes !.

    I liked Gervitational Pull Head for all the good reasons you have given, plus he worked his socks off as well !. Me and Stretch were into great detail of his benefits at the Reading game whilst VCC was having a discussion with the hat and scarf draped empty seat next to him !.
    I didn`t understand him being let go then and I still don’t. He would have definitely been an asset at this moment in time with our injury situation !.

    In other news……….I have only just finished the broken heart therapy, when some bastard had to go and post this rumour !. I`m also housebound with the boner it has given me !.


  6. VCC says:

    TCM…..don’t get too excited about Arsenal’s summer signings, it will turn out just like the January window, a damp squid.

    The KK debacle was laughable. How could a manager as experienced as AW get it so wrong?

    As Herb (WATA) might have said….”Any other manager getting their pants taken down like that would surely get the push”

    How embarrassed must he feel? OR is he at all embarrassed? after all he knows he is untouchable.

  7. Vics baby…..I asked you about 4/5 days ago about your thoughts on our TW dealings !…….thanks for the quick reply !. hahaha

  8. However, I do understand your lateness !…..it is too fcuking cold in January to be licking windows and can understand why you prefer the summer windows !. hahaha

  9. VCC says:

    My Dearest Cockie…..I have a Dormer conversion going on at the moment, and up to my eyeballs in trash, boxes and furniture. I am the gofer for the builder, and being a British builder yourself, you will understand how unorganised they can be, 🙂

    In answer to your question…….If I did not witness/read/hear about it myself, I would say you were winding me up. Absolutely farcical, of which could only happen at one club!!!!!!!!!

    January had 31 days, so WHY wait until the ninth hour to do your business????? leaving yourself open to heartache or worse still, being mugged off with a crock……again I say “It could only happen at one club”

    I would like to hear Stretches explanation on how Mr. Wenger got it wrong.

    As I said several days ago, we were in a fantastic position to drive on and take the premiership this year and Wenger has missed a golden opportunity. Come next season, the other leaders will be stronger having recruited and we will again be also rans.

    What more can I say.

  10. AFC says:

    VVC, we have already been given some excuses by some on this site and our views slightly misinterpreted. I thought it was only us younger guys who were not impressed but after hearing you were also not impressed it shows some of the older and younger fans’ views are closer than we think. Now we should just move but there can be no more excuses come the summer.

  11. AFC says:

    TA, I think we could have kept him for one more season but no matter how good a player is, if things are not working out you just have to let him go for the good of all parties involved i.e. the player, the team etc. I am just happy he is doing well at Roma and he might even win a trophy this year.

  12. jnyc says:

    TRICKY GERVAIS, good one TA.
    I really thought he was going to be a hit in England. I thought his raw talent was special, and that we had a gem for a good price. Bad start with three match ban. Then the annoying African cup, twice I think!
    I think Arsene saw another situation where if we kept him one more season, we would lose him for next to nothing or a free. Decided to cut his losses. Gnabry with a stronger build may be the answer.
    Also we have to admit that allot of gooners are tough on our own players, and have very little patience. Just ask Ramsey. This is a reason why Arsene has to be even more faithful with our players.
    We see gerv doing pretty well in Italy, but if he had the identical stats here, many would be on his back, calling him a flop.
    As it is, i think he wouldn’t have been a good theo replacement now, as Walcott is a scorer, and that’s what we miss from him.

  13. Domhuail says:

    You guys are so negative about Wenger but you have NO idea what actually transpired in this transfer. The deal was being negotiated from the opening of the TW according to Spartak’s Director and AW was also negotiating for Draxler apparently, against the wishes of Bayern, if the manager of Schalke is to be believed. Anyway, you are lot clueless and should leave the transfers to a professional manager instead of writing such negativism here.

  14. James Bond says:

    nice one and something different than the norm @ TA

    yep, in hindsight we shouldn’t have let him go but I think we did because we were certain that a deal for certain Suarez was going to be done and he’ll be coming our way – I doubt AW would have sold him unless Gervinho himself wanted to go to Italy for a new challenge (don’t blame him)….in the end I guess, his sale and wages saved were utilized on our signings for the summer along with the rest of the players we let go (wasn’t a bad footballing or business decision…as it allowed AW to move to a 4-5-1 instead of having to play/adapt a 4-3-3)

    but yes, you are right..had he stayed this season , he could have given us more cover on the flanks and up front as a striker – having said that, with him still in the team, where would the likes of young Gnabry be ? in Gnabry we have a special talent.

    also, Gervinho has been a hit and miss in Roma as well, he has scored those goals and sometimes important ones as you point out but he has also missed some sitters as well 😆 old habits die hard I guess but either way, he is doing well without us and we are doing ok without him !

    PS: Happy belated birthday me amigo @ 17HT – sorry for being late but you know what they say right ? better late than never – belated wishes and hope you had a great day – also , did you know that the majority of all great people were born in February ?;)

    Gerry, I hope the poorly dogs get well soon and good luck with the racing – if you ever need a tip or 2 with cricket then let me know , I recent got 8 out of 9 right !

  15. James Bond says:

    *not only gnabry benefits from Gerv’s departure but also AOX, Ramsey, JW e.t.c e.t.c as some of the matches that we have won have been due to Ramsey and JW playing on the wings in Gerv’s positions .

  16. James Bond says:

    Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski says that Poland team-mate Wojciech Szczesny tried to talk him into joining Arsenal.
    Lewandowski will head to Bayern Munich at the end of the season after a deal was agreed at the start of January, following months of speculation about his future.
    “I can confirm that Wojciech Szczesny tried to convince me to join Arsenal,” Lewandowski told Polish tabloid Fakt.
    “We had several talks about this. It was him who did most of the talking, how the club looks inside, what Arsene Wenger thinks of me.”

    your loss Lewandowski, your loss – should have listened to Sczny 🙂

  17. Yes Vickers, it is farcical that with 31 days in January everything is left to sometimes the last minutes ( Arshavin ! ). What`s even more farcical is that in the summer we have unofficially from the last day of the season to well into the next season ( 4 months ? ) and it`s still left to the last minutes !.
    I predicted less than a top 4 finish and think we are on track for something in the top 4 !, which is way above my expectations, but I cant help feeling that Wenger is going to take a lot of flack for his transfer dealings in the last two windows if he doesn`t win the title !.
    Gazidis did not help by blurting out how much money we had to spend on transfers in the last windows and the future ones !.
    CL will be a great again, but like you say, next season the big boys will be tripping over their self`s trying to bring in the SQ players and we will looking at their crumbs !. Time next season for Arsene and Arsenal to step up to the plate and mean business with no fannying about !.
    I wont be so forgiving from next season, we have been told we can compete, so the gloves will be off…..don’t mess with The Cockie Monster !. hahaha


    Nice TA

    I feel it was the right move for both Gerv and us. The guy was a good player and his movement and dribbling skill was superb. The problem was that the ball was like a medicine ball to him. He lacked power and accuracy in his shots and passes. Overall, a good player but not good enough to secure a start at a club like Arsenal

    Vics, I wont defend Arsene and the Club over the Kallstrom signing. It looks like a complete cock up to me.

    However, why should this be used as a stick to beat Arsene with? The man has led us to top of the table with two suger daddy clubs tucked in behind. We should be proud of this current acheivement and be thankful and respect Arsene for guiding us to this point.

    I dont want to go over old ground. I have my views and others will have theres, but why focus on the mistakes? Look at the team he is developing, and may I add built on a shoestring compared to City and Chelsea. Looks pretty good to me.

  19. James Bond says:

    Domhuail ,

    really ? we are negative here about AW ? AW himself said that he looked into getting KK on the monday, due to the Ramsey’s set back – not sure what your source is but I can safely tell you – it’s wrong.

    had Ramsey been back as planned, there would have been no signing.

    ok, we might be clueless but the professional manager needs to strengthen and stay ahead of the game, when he has all the resources made available to him, when necessary and we as “clueless” fans reckon – IT WAS NECESSARY to add decent cover up front, would have made our chances a whole lot more stronger as opposed to hoping Giroud doesn’t get injured for the rest of the season.

  20. James Bond says:

    that necessary was according to us clueless fans, knowing AW – he might covert Gnabry or play Yaya as a make shift striker and they could end up scoring bucket load of goals, which would vindicate his decision not to adequately do the honours in January and make us all look even more clueless 🙂

    good points @ Terry – the key there was that the team is developing and headed in the right direction


    Thanks Bondy

    By the way, happy birthday 17. Dont worry about it mate, birthdays are hard when in your forties. Mid life crises usually sets in around that age. Your dreams and aspirations of been filthy rich, having great sex, and been admired by all, are soon replaced by a visit from a Bailiff, a wife with neck crushing thighs, and not even the neighbour hood gossip thinks your worth talking to

    Hope thats cheered you up. hahaha

  22. James Bond says:

    you forgot the constant visits to Mr.Shah down at bounds green @ Terry


    AFC – you must be happy with the latest rumours of Mario .B linked with Arsenal, you have wanted him over since ages , if memory serves.

  23. I don’t know how Domhuail can say we are negative on here about Sith Lord Wenger !…….not when we have Stretch here !. It`s not us beating Wenger with a stick !. It`s Wenger beating Stretch with a stick and the harder he beats Stretch, the harder Stretch gets !, so no wonder he defends Wenger to the last !…such devotion and loyalty !….although I do find it a bit rich and hypocritical when Stretch has had more wives than Wenger has had trophies in the last 8/9 years with constant adulterous affairs ranging from Bulgarian lucky heather sellers to transvestite Pigeons !.
    In fact, the only way we will ever get Stretch to slag off Wenger is if he marries him !. hahaha

  24. Now there`s a player which I think is way overrated……Balotelli !.
    Rumour that Puma will help with the fee !. No thanks ! .
    Now if Puma do have any sway over Puma sponsored players ( something JM has alluded too in the past ! ), then yes please if it`s Reus or Aguero and maybe Falcao !.

  25. AFC says:

    Yeah I am JB, he is in my top three favourite players currently in the game. Like him as a player and as a person but that will not be happening for months to come (if it happens) so I will keep quiet about it for now.

  26. AFC says:

    Cockie, he is just as good as Negrado, Dzeko etc, and is still quite young.He has the potential to be a fantastic player.

  27. James Bond says:

    ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahha @ Glics – to be fair to TMHT, he did say that he won’t defend Arsene or the club over KK !

    well, wait another 10 months and Reus has a release clause of £30 million euros that can be activated in 2015 – don’t really need Puma for that one 😉

    Aguero on the other hand might be heading to Real Madrid, yep that’s right not Suarez but Aguero to Madrid 🙄


    he’s a decent striker, I’ll give you that and can become a world beater under AW – however, he’s an absolute nutter…more of a chance Chelsea get him working with another nutter as their manager than someone like AW working with him, unless we hire a full time psychiatrist like Dr. Peter’s ? (no pun intended, am serious) Dr. Peter’s is a top notch sports psychologist

  28. AFC says:

    Ahahahaha KB, we’ll see.

  29. James Bond says:

    thanks for the link @ Glics

    let’s not forget that Dortmund are also in for a SQ striker, since they have lost Lewandowski on the cheap , as well as Gotze – they are in the re-building process and I fear, they will have similar striker targets to ours

    but if we win the PL or a trophy this season then SQ players may prefer joining us over Dortmund ?

  30. VCC says:

    Domuhail………..I think AW has done wonders for Arsenal FC, but I’m not a headless chicken running around singing from the roof tops lauding him when he makes a decision like he did on the last day of the transfer window.

    And I stand by my guns and say if we had pushed the boat out with at least one SQ or even two this window we would have won the premiership. Of course I still hope we do, but I have my doubts.

  31. VCC says:

    Total. Nice article, but I for one am glad we sold him. Not Arsenal class imo.
    Much prefer Walcott and Gnabry.

  32. VCC says:

    AFC, I’m as old as they come, but what can’t speak can’t lie, my eyes/ears tell me Mr. Wenger made a hash of things and he has to stand up and answer for it. This does not alter the fact I admire him and also grateful he is our manager, it simply states a fact.

    My generation was brought up, an eye for an eye, and we call a spade a spade. If someone clearly Fcuk’s up then we don’t defend him willy nilly.

  33. VCC says:

    Terry, I will beat you with that stick at the Manchester United game if you don’t say at least one bad thing about Wenger and admit he is not Denis. 😉


    hahahaha, I know what you mean Cornwall, but I just find it hard to say no, thats all.

    Especaily to Arsenes stick. hahaha

  35. JB
    I like Reus, I have seen him quiet a lot on BT Sport this season and he has that Ozil look about him, where he seems to glide along and make it all look easy !.
    I know Draxler is one for the future if we get him, but Reus is the finished item !.
    A Rolls Reus !. However, if you ( and Arsene if he doesn`t get his skates on….oh for a David Dein ! ) want to wait 10 months, then I think you will be disappointed, someone will get him in the summer with a no fcuking about offer that doesn`t involve a derisory £1 over the minimum asking price !.

  36. VCC says:

    Belated Birthday wishes 17ht. Hope you had a good one. And don’t forget mine in 19 days time. It’s the panultimate one.

  37. VCC says:

    TCM….have you come out of the closet? quotes about liking Reus may get you in trouble with the missus.

  38. hahaha…..I pronounce you…Mr and Mr Wenger…….you may now…..beat him with the stick !.


    Ok Vicks I will criticise.

    I am not impressed with Arsenes choice of ties recently. He should really go for something turquoise green to bring out his lovely eyes. hahaha

  40. Vics….what do you mean …”it`s the penultimate one ! “………will you no longer exist the one after ?.
    I know your old and your missus had The Time-Team into excavate her jack and danny to find out the last time you entered !….and they traced it back to 2330BC……..basically…half past eleven Before Christmas !. hahaha

  41. The regulars may know about my calf injury saga and I cant remember whether I told you bastards, but I went to the quack and he said my running days are over due to scar tissue deep inside, it also puts an end to my 5-a-side career !, which used to be on a Thursday night, out doors in the summer and indoors in the winter !. The winter one will be sorely missed as we used to start at 8pm, but we got in half an hour earlier to watch the netball girls ( all between 20 and 40 year olds)playing on the same court in their little skirts !. Which used to mean once we got on to play, we played no contact for the first 10 mins , so to let the boners go down !. hahaha
    Yes, I could turn up and watch separately, but that would make me a perv !. hahaha

  42. willc88 says:

    NO! One of the most frustrating players to watch ever.

  43. VCC says:

    Terry, I have to agree that colour brings out the best features in him.

    TCM, 23:30, how right you are 😉

    TMHT, see you in the Tavern on the 12th ? 🙂

  44. James Bond says:

    my sympathies are with you @ Glics – no doubt, all the netball girls will never be able to demonstrate their skills on the court like ever before without you


  45. AB says:

    Evening BKers. 2 questions seem to dominate tonight.

    On the first – ‘the Gerv conundrum’. I liked him. He brought something different, had real pace penetration with his dribbles, and you felt he might be able to develop the finishing skills. And he may yet. But I think we were probably right to sell him on when we did. His confidence looked shot – and he admitted as much. And with Oz in the side, moving Santi out wide meant he would be playing a lot less. And that’s even when we are not playing Pod, Ox, Gnab or others (Wilsh) that we have wanted to fit in. A small close squad is what we have built, and having frustrated players always on the bench would not have helped.

    Then there’s the Wenger transfer bungles…. It baffles me, reading the blogs you would think buying players is just like getting onto Google with your credit card – just look for the product you want, within an approximate budget – and what the hell if it costs a few £M more then – and go out and buy them. Simple, right?! Does anyone really believe its like that? The potential combinations of player vacillation, agents looking for the best commission options, varying contract lengths and terms, and the egos of managers and owners is huge, and that’s before we even think about quality, skills fit, and the personal characteristics of the individual you might be bringing into our close squad. I won’t defend Wenger for everything he does, and I can’t say what happened over the TW (if I have a criticism of him its that he doesn’t explain himself more), but I see no evidence that he or the club bungled the TW – based on what they were looking and what was available.

    As Arsene says, we shall see come the end of the season, when we evaluate whether it has been a success. And for me then, how we strengthen further in the coming summer TW; if we trying to progress we will strengthen I am sure. BUT, I will accept that part of the package, in terms of strengthening, comes in the form of bringing on youth talent as well as buying SQ. I see no one at DM or CB coming through. But it is still possible (not probable but possible) that Sanogo and Chuba could yet, over the next 6 months, make claims for regular first team play next year.

    Buying new players, especially SQ gives the club and fans a real lift – I am no more immune from this than any other. But not buying, whilst it feels a let down after weeks of frantic press speculation, does not make our club or our managers, clowns. They are not, and we should know it by now.

    In Newcastle on the other hand………..

  46. AB says:

    Apologies Gerry – you will assure me that Hayden is coming through for DM. You have probably watched him far more than me; I remain to be convinced.

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys. I more or less agree with everyone; it all depends on what angle you take re Gervinho.

    Gervinho was a proper winger and he brought something different to the team. His end product was often not good enough and clearly Wenger did not believe he could improve him much further or he would have kept him at least another year.

    Coincidentally, Tricky Gervais scored twice tonight for Roma against Napoli, in the first leg of the semi-final game for the Italian Cup (final score 3-2 to Roma).

  48. Fozzie B says:

    Good Evening Grieving yet Gregarious Gervitational Go Getters and Gropers!! 😆
    Thankyou Totestein for this timely article!!
    As the days have been getting longer I was reminded the other day of Foreheads amazing talents!! As has already been mentioned .. his Gervatational pull often mesmerised defenders and when that failed he used his forehead like a solar panel to dazzle all!! 😆
    I do wish we kept him just for one more year and it was definitely out of character for Wenger to let him go too soon but he had has reasons. Had I have known I would have personally sorted Gerv out with the combo of …
    A samurai wig … Kentucky fried canine … And sheesha!!! 😆
    … Just kidding on the KFC!! 😆
    Aguero to RM would be awesome JB! Means there still is hope for ratatouille??
    Cockie I’m sorry to hear of your injuries!! At least your Tranny medical team can still massage your erogenous zones?? 😆
    What have you done to Totes Cockie? Has he been bound and gagged with that crusty Lady Penelope puppet between his nashers?? While the Trannys tend to Maureen’s Portugese Man of War wounds?? Hahaha!!! 😆

  49. TotalArsenal says:


    That is another one of your fine, well-balanced comments. When are you going to write your maiden post for BK? 🙂

  50. Fozzie B says:

    Yes Totes I think this could have been his breakthrough year for us. He already lay the foundation. He was more versatile than Santi and Poldi across the front line. I wish him all the best. Just glad Poldi got to blow the cobwebs out last week … We need him to step up … 😀

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Fozzie,

    In our system it is really good to have at least one player with close ball control and dribbling ability. Neither Pod or Santi have this in great quantities, but with the emergence of the Gnab, either of them can play successfully on the left. And they did not do too bad playing together against Palace either.

  52. Admir says:

    Gervinho… Eh. Like someone said, it was both amazing and frustrating to realize Gervinho has ability to be brilliant and to be crap…in the same game. His pace and desire to run at defence was something that we hadn’t had before he arrived. From time to time he did something good – either scored a goal or created one. He had a good understanding with Ramsey – it looks like an ancient history but Ramsey and Gervinho had been in the same basket for a lot of “experts” before the Welshman showed his talent this term – but he most of the time he looked like a player who had been dropped out of helicopter on the pitch just before the game started. His headless chicken-routine was frustrating as well as his lack of technical ability to strike the ball properly. Remember last season? He had had a flying start before his form declined. During that start, we played at Etihad against Oilers. Gervinho was excellent in terms of hard work but his touch was too heavy to produce something concrete. In 92nd minute of the game, the score-line was 1:1. Gervinho found himself in a chance that could bring us all three points. He was just a bit outside of the box, totally alone. He fired the ball towards goal…but wherever that ball ended, that place had to be closer to Old Trafford than to Hart’s net. Perhaps that is the best example of Gervinho’s Arsenal career – he might have been in the right place in the right time but he wasn’t the right one to be there at the first place.

    Some romanisti I know praise him for his hard work and are very happy with him but I’m afraid that says more about today’s Serie A than about Gervinho.

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    then there was his superb goal against the Chavs…. 😉

  54. Gerry says:

    AB@20.41 – Thank you for saying everything I might have said. I can keep this short.

    Re Hayden. My last comment on him was about what the coach’s have said, when someone did a bit of a profile of him. Watching Lascelles play for ‘Forest last night, I saw similar things to what Hayden did in his solitary start for the first team. That guy is there to be had, probably in excess of the £3m quoted, and could be just what we need at CB. With both of them it is rash challenges that need to be ironed out before they get to where their potential will take them, but both could be longer term solutions at a lot less than the TW can provide? Not that we have signed the Forest player yet.

    Our next game will be one where the DM pairing will be tested against S-a-S, but they are less than convincing at the back? I expect both Gnabs or Rosi to start in that, but I hope JW will be in the mix too. However, Hayden played in the Under 21’s game just before our last game, and seemingly did okay at DM, so he could make the bench if JW is at all doubtful? Ox would do well to rest this one, with difficult games coming thick and fast. No point in risking him despite the excellent game he had, if he ends up missing the next 3 or 4.

    Right that is my musings on football done ….

    Have a good day.

  55. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    17ht.. Happy continuation day my brother.. Wish you all the best..

    TA.. You have a very good relationship with Gervinho.. hehehe..
    After reading your article.. he give respond by scoring twice lastnight.. hehehehe..

    Do I missed him..?? I think I do.. hahaha.. I always love him.. as much as I love Arshavin..
    And I am happy he find his best in Roma as well as Strootman..

    Podolski just not good enough as a winger.. and Cazorla actually not a winger.. hehehe..
    But we keep winning.. and we have many great midfielders.. but I still miss a great winger.. Left winger.. I don’t know why Miyaichi didn’t play a single game..?? (cmiiw)
    I seem Wenger didn’t need any pure winger anymore.. Maybe we are actually playing 4-5-1 formula rather than 4-2-3-1.. hehehe..

  56. ProudGooner says:

    TRICKY GERVAIS, oh i get it ha ha ha ha a tad skinnier though lol ,it took me a while to get it.
    I love TRICKY GERVAIS i really do, as i said at the time i did not want him to go. plus he won me alot of dollar in a bet . Oh yes i will always have a soft spot for old TRICKY GERVAIS. It even used to upset me that everyone wrote about his forehead as i was worried he might read it. 😦
    I could go on about his skills for a good few paragraphs, but il just say i thought he had loads and loved em.
    I also have another Wenger TW window back-up, i think Rambo had his injury set back very late in the window and this was unexpected and changed hid focus to midfield etc anyways, still some mistakes made.
    Forget that now , its done move on. Time to fully focus on Liverpool, then ogaat.
    Cockie give your bonner a quick back hander! It is just media gooner whind up business again , if something does happen then bonus, it probably bs.

  57. proudgooner says:

    Wenger and Sagna , the whole back 4 and keeper, the whole midfiel and all the strikers sign new deals already god dam it. Just give them ll new contracts especially the first 2 asap.
    Oh and Cockie the bonner back hander was for Isco

  58. proudgooner says:

    The reason TRICKY GERVAIS struggled was not due to Arsenal , it was done to the bloody African cup that really took it out of him and affected him, such a shame. I wish him well

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry, it looks Wenger is looking for great left winger so your wish might come true soon.

    PG, agreed Tricky Gervais’ ACN involvement did not do him any favours.

  60. henrychan says:

    TA.. I hope so..
    WHo is your favourite players in LW position..??
    Isco, Cuenca, Thauvin, Narsigh… who else..?? hehehehe..

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Reus for me, Henry. And you?

  62. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey there…A day late again…The ski clothes were piling up and the B-day break from my chores was OVER so yesterday was all about trying to tidy up…

    For me, Gervinho represents the final straw in AW’s attempt, and ultimately his failure, to integrate the abundant (French-speaking) African talent into the English game. Kanu, Toure, Eboue, Adebayor, Song and, ultimately, Gervinho (who am I forgetting?…) All had some success at Arsenal but less than their talent might have suggested. I don’t want to generalize but I think the cultural differences between football in Africa and in England are pretty monumental and only on occasion can the great talents from that continent really thrive.

    In the case of Gerv, I blame Joey Barton and referee Peter Walton. That was some bad police work the latter two conspired to create which condemned our guy when we needed him badly (Cesc and Nasri were both getting sold, at the time, and we were headed to a memorable scoreline at Old Trafford)… It was a deep hole from which he had to climb and he never quite did, even if he was a bit of a bright spot the following early season while Santi and Giroud were settling (and Theo was holding out on his contract)…Overall, just a series of unfortunate events, combined with (very) bad timing…

    Racism is a different thing in England than on the continent. It’s maybe more blatant there but in England it comes loaded with questions of character. The joy or verve or creativity African players might display on the pitch can be construed as laziness or lack of reverence or nerves. It’s intriguing (to me at least) that big, powerful guys like Drogba and Yaya Toure (or even Michael Essien and John Obi Mikel) have been more successful in England than smaller more creative types. Gerv (hey, it rhymes with “nerve” and Kolo Toure), it could be argued, never recovered from the ACN shootout misses and sitters at Manchester or Bradford (and Kolo’s disaster last Sunday) might trace to that day in the final against Zambia.

    Do we miss him now? I think we do because this league may be shaping up into a battle of who can best play on the break. Chelsea and Arsenal don’t have prolific strikers and City seem to have fitness issues with their main catalyst up front (Aguero). For us, Theo would’ve been the principal threat and Gerv would’ve been the logical stand-in. (I always perked up when both were playing and they would switch wings…) Converting those big pressurized chances, however, may have been too much (for the latter) if the support hadn’t already come around to buoy his confidence or pump him up when they failed to come off. Supporters seem to be behind Gnabry, the Ox, Poldoski and the fellow whose name rhymes with “Hey Jude,” as they were with Ramsey and the guy who became a legend by flashing a scoreline from his stretcher… It’s all a moot point at this juncture, but, as a guy with a growing forehead myself, I do miss him…

  63. Admir says:

    @TA – not surprised that you picked that goal to mention. 😀 In my country there is a proverb that roughly translated says: “Even a blind chicken can spot the corn once in a while.” Gervinho’s shooting technique looks like he can’t hit the ball properly.

    Don’t get me wrong – I used to defend him a lot, especially before his second season with us. I thought he would have found his feet and that his pace would have been exploited much better with Cazorla in our team.

    Speaking of wingers, how about we rescue Zaha from Manure? He is a Gooner and a very talented player that would fit with the rest of The British Core.

  64. 17highburyterrace says:

    I know ToTL is concerned about (er, despises…) Mourinho and the threat posed by Chelsea in the league…but it seems interesting to me that, as a manager, he’s been pretty successful with the African players. Drogba obviously, but Salomon Kalou contributed quite a bit while Essien was really the heart of their team before he got injured. Now they’ve got a very cynical but effective guy in Obi Mikel and are starting to get some production up front from Eto’o. It’s all much easier, of course, when you’re sitting on a pile of rubles and can afford endless back-ups for players if they look ineffective (50 million pound Torres, for Eto’o, 20 million pound Matic for Obi Mikel), but still… Also, interesting that Mourinho’s great failure at Madrid was with a squad with no Africans, beyond the guys he was able to get in on loan there (Adebayor, Essien) in the earlier (much) more successful part of his stay. The intensity of the racism in Spain, of course, is quite extreme…

  65. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nobody here to talk Gervitational forces?… Ah well, I’m a day late… Today we’re supposed to get a bit more snow, so I may have to ski tomorrow… As such, I’m ready (maybe a bit early for everybody else…) to talk about THE END OF THE WORLD…

    This is it. If you’re an Arsenal Doomsday Prepper, THIS is YOUR time…

    I’m pretty sure all the sofas in Cornwall have already been bought and stacked as a great barricade so that no media can penetrate the lair of a certain furry fellow as he must contemplate Liverpool (away), ManU (home), Liverpool (home, FA Cup), Bayern (home, CL)… I’d caution him that Sunderland just beat Newcastle (3-nil, on Tyneside…) so that’s no gimme either, esp. if we’ve been shell-shocked by previous results…

    This is it, my friends, pull out your helmets, stock up on your guns/ammo/food/water/chemical protection or otherwise build your own personal ARSENAL against these evils. It’s true. We *could* be out of the three (remaining) competitions in 2 weeks time (in which case would we need parachutes too?)… We *could* also be OK (or even better)… It’s all to play for now…

    Moratorium on the blog then, as perhaps it’s all just too much to bear?… 😆

  66. The Cockie Monster says:

    Arsenal Armagheddon !.
    Out of everything within a few weeks !….does not surprise me….The Wise One !…..two things you should know about me being The Wise One !..,..first…I`m the One ( although, I`m not One too ! ) and secondly I`m……

    Ten Weeks of Torture coming up and my crystal balls tell me, out of CL……only going for 3rd or 4th in EPL……..not sure about FAC, as there was a disturbance in the force when my puppy licked them as I was distracted !.

    Thanks for the warning, Seventeenho !. No wonder Squatches are rare……you`ve been stockpiling my furry kin !.
    I`ve been prepping for many years by stockpiling my Lesbanians………..If ArmaGedion ( Zelalem ) is coming, I shall die with a smile on my face whilst Armagheddon it on with them !.

  67. proudgooner says:

    ha ha ha ha ha fingers crossed mate, it is a massive challenge all out war !
    I just my rocket prarelled granade kit and my nan has stock pilled on uzi bullets, i hear someone has bn doing building work on the underground bunker .
    It is a massive task how do you think the Liverpool match will go? I think it will be a win for us but could be a tough match.
    Cockie Zelalem is a great shout, good to have Jack back too. Our young guns are going to be very important

  68. proudgooner says:

    Zelalem, Jack, Gnabry and Ryo are so lucky to have Ozil to learn off as well. They are all going to be great in the future , they are now.

  69. proudgooner says:

    What do you guys make of Laudrup sacking? Does this prove how good Michu is ? He clearly made the difference for me and i think a big club will go after him i’m not saying us but maybe. Reason being he is a very good striker who could back up for Giroud not replace and it would not be unreasonable for him to sit on the bench if you see what i mean. He even got a call up for Spains national team last season , plus he said he would never leave the swans ness Laudrup left and they sacked him, i would concider this.

  70. James Bond says:

    I hear you loud and clear @ 17HT – it seems to me that you are beginning to join Glic with his eternal optimism, ha

    not so sure about that @ PG – Sweansea have always played according to a system and the system has been based on the philosophy of playing football the Arsenal way – it was all started by Roberto Martinez, Rodgers took it to the next level and Iaudrup didn’t have to do much other than bring the right players that suited the system which was already in place.

    Michu like many others, I feel are one season wonders – but that’s my opinion and he still has time to prove me wrong even though , he’s injured at the moment but I don’t really think he’ll reach them heights again.

  71. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, tough when defenders have played you a few times and also when the refs know your moves… Lots of people were talking Michu and/or Benteke (as a back-up or upgrade to Ollie over the Summer) but fewer in January…but it’s hard to know how well they would do at Arsenal. Personally, I want(ed) Carlos Vela back (as does the Mexican Nat’l team…) but he seems to be happy enough in San Sebastian… Why go to Rio when you’re in the Basque equivalent in the Summer… http://www.drinkriberawine.com/wp-content/uploads//2011/12/San-Sebastian-in-Spain_San-Sebastian-overview_4304.jpg

    Liverpool and United are tough matches and anything can happen. We have the advantage, however, of having the better team… 😀 For Bayern, I’m not so sure… As such, for this little run of matches, I feel reasonably confident. Upsets, of course, do happen, so an improvement on the 1-3 result (in the same round of the CL) would be nice. I guess if my confidence is not Bond-esque, it isn’t Cockie-esque either… Nobody hurt seems key, and I’d even appreciate it if the lads could hold off on the faking-it business…

    Admir to do the ‘Pool Preview or at least cut and paste his post from the weekend recounting recent results up there?…

  72. James Bond says:

    Vela has said no to playing for his country, yet again – not mentally right , perhaps he told Arsenal the same hence no chance of him ever returning back ? nullifies the £4.5 million euro buy back clause.

    you forget that this time we have a much better schedule (2nd half of the season)…

    we play LiverFool sat lunch time … (man utd play sunday late, me thinks) we already have a one day advantage in regards to recovery time that AW always craves.

    then we play man utd at home on the wednesday….

    then another 3 days later not on the saturday but on the sunday, we play Liverfool Again.

    it could have been worse if we were playing Bayern Munich on the tuesday – we are playing them on the wednesday, considering we are playing 3 games in a row at home….we should feel fairly confident .

    yes, like you – am going to keep my fingers crossed for the injuries bit – we can not afford to lose anyone due to injury , not for the next 5 matches anyway.

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Thanks for further comments on the Gervinho post, 17, PG, James, Cockie, Admir. 🙂

  74. proudgooner says:

    Out of Benteke and Michu, i would go for the beast Benteke all day long, at 21 he is looking like being great player and he is a gooner. He was waiting for Arsenal to call in the summer when it did not come he signed extension.
    Michu i believe is more then a 1 season wonder. I have him in mind as back up though thats all.
    The media have linked us to nearly every player i can think of except Messi and Ronaldo, because they know even we would not believe that.It is a lesson learn’t for me, i am not going to get carried away in it in the future, i am just going to wait til Arsenal or the club say something.
    As for Vela, he is the 1 that got away. I bet Wenger regrets letting him go, it is quite a good player to bring up because like Tricky Gervis i think Arsene did the same thing for both players, he let them both go for the players benefit which is a good thing to do , but not for the club. Maybe the same can be said for Chamakh . The good thing is this all shows the faith he has in Giroud, but his hunt for another top striker goes on. I believe Giroud can hit close to the hights of rvj , i am sure he can bang in 25 PL a season +
    How is your good lady doing? It is good to have you back and sounding more like the normal you.

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