Arsenal vs Liverpool Pre-Match & Predicted Line-Up

Big big test this one. Really need to pull out a win to stop the moneybag clubs from overtaking us. Liverpool have some key players out but so do we so no excuses, we must be on top of our game.

Our last 12 meetings have seen Liverpool win just one solitary game. Arsenal has won the last two at Anfield.

Predicted line-up:

ars v liv Oz

Diaby sick bay

Arsenal: Theo, Verm and Diaby (knee), Ramsey (thigh), Kim (back…missing and presumed dead due to TW supporter rage), Flamini (suspended). Jack the lad and Arterta face fitness tests and should be in the squad.

Pool: Agger (calf), Lucus and Enrique (knee), Johnson (ankle/groin), and Sakho (hamstring)

Previous Encounters:

– Arsenal vs Pool 2-0

Arsenal vs Pool 2-2

Form Guide:

Arsenal: WDWWW                          Pool: DWWDW

One to watch:

suarez diver

Definitely has to be Suarez! If you strip away all the ridiculousness you have a top top quality footballer. On his day he is one of the best strikers on the planet. What makes him even more troubling is his PhD in diving (graduated from the same school as Bale and Ronaldo so we know he is good). Kozzer has beaten him before but Suarez is having the best season of his career so far (23 goals in 19 appearances) so he’ll need to be switched on for the entire game.

Who are we going to play in central midfield??? Shit shit shit what do we do??? ALEX OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN!!! He was called upon and boy did he deliver. Injury has impacted his season and robbed us of his services but against Palace he came back with a bang. Arsene says it’s where he’s destined to play, I agree; but I also think he can play anywhere he wants. If he’s deployed there again he may not have the same freedom but with what he can deliver it may be worth the roll of the dice.

Pre-Match finger:

kid finger

The winter transfer window. What a bloody fiasco. It really is the blue balls of football. We fawned all window over Draxler, he was dangled in front of us…but to no avail. Anyway enough has been said on this; lets push on.

Pre-match pat on the back:

pat on the back

This week it goes to Gerv. Glad he’s settled in Italy and has found some form again. All the best for the remainder of his career. Also a pat on the back to our very own BJ, glad everything is coming good for you mate, you’re brave face through it has been an inspiration to us all.

Arsenal Archive (1)

This week I’ve dipped into the Arsenal Archive and pulled out this video clip. It’s Szczesny’s brilliant double save for our 2012 encounter. Jesus did I jump out of my chair after that one.


I’m going with a tough 0-1 victory to the good guys. They are dangerous offensively but we have been a tough defensive unit all season and I don’t see it changing at Anfield. Liverpool will be too weak at the back to stop us (plus Kolo likes to give goals away to the opposition, why wouldn’t he do it for us?!). Our run spanning back to 2007 at their home ground will continue.

What team would you go with?

Score line prediction?

Suarez or Drax + Reus – Which would you prefer?

sign da ting

Written by: Oz Gunner.

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341 Responses to Arsenal vs Liverpool Pre-Match & Predicted Line-Up

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Fantastic Match preview, Ozzer, and thanks for producing one at the last minute. Love your line-up but I am hoping Wilshere is fit to take Ox’s place next to Arteta. I would then have Ox on the right and Cazorla on the left, and rest the same.

    Catch you later. Henry needs walking 🙂

  2. Fozzie B says:

    Well done Ozzy boy!!! At work now so can’t speak…
    COYRRG’s !!!! 😀

  3. Gerry says:

    Great pot Oz – I’ll have to be brief..

    1, Team selection fine, but I would like a half time sub, as somebody in that MF has to be fresh for Wednesday.

    2, It will take a big effort to keep the score nil at our end, but I hope you are right.

    3, TW talk already?? Saurez is gone beyond recall. I cannot see both RR & JD coming, and if the latter still wants to come, that will do me … with A.N. Other

    Have faith, the guys will survive this month one way or another.


  4. Prince says:


  5. James Bond says:

    fantastic as usual @ OZ – thank you very much mate , without all of yous, I may not have kept sane through all of it !

    cheers FB, TA, and Xavier , I’ll have to get a room full of chocolates now for her, so she gets her big ass pack of chocolates, she has to eat for 3 , so a room full of them sounds fair 😉

    teams are out then

    Liverpool name an unchanged side from the 1-1 draw with West Brom with Jon Flanagan and Aly Cissokho playing as full-backs either side of Martin Skrtel and Kolo Toure in defence.

    Liverpool starting XI: Mignolet, Flanagan, Cissokho, Toure, Skrtel, Gerrard, Henderson, Sterling, Coutinho, Suarez, Sturridge

    Jack Wilshere plays for Arsenal for the first time since the 4-0 win over Coventry in January, but Aaron Ramsey and Mathieu Flamini are still not fit. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, scorer of both the Gunners’ goals against Crystal Palace, starts.

    Arsenal starting XI: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Wilshere, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Ozil, Giroud

    I likey likey but Gibbs must still not be a 100% hmmmmmmm

  6. Oz knocked that up in minutes !. What a guy !.
    To have a chance today we will need a battle cry from you know who, as he is 9 for 9 unbeaten with it !……….some say that he is the reason for Totals “Jose” phobia after setting up an entrapment involving the Hose of Jose !…..and that Miss Money Penny has spent all morning at the STD clinic after he refused to put a silencer on his weapon !…….we know him as…………Jayyyyyyyyyyyyy Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. James Bond says:

    ahahhahahahahahahahah @ Cheers Glics

    Ozil to have an absolute belter today and show everyone including the smug aka M. Owen – how good he really is

    he would be commentating as it’s on BT sport, so come on you gooooooooners !!!

    3-1 to the mighty Arsenal

  8. alexgunners says:


    Great pre match as per usual. Thanks for the hard work, always a pleasure to read

  9. James Bond says:

    where is Alex ? where is 17HT ( The Espresso awaits you amigo ) and the usual suspects ?

  10. alexgunners says:


    Could not be happier about your news and i am so happy for all of you.

  11. alexgunners says:

    right here JB

  12. James Bond says:

    there is Alex,

    how we feeling about today’s game ? predictions ?

  13. alexgunners says:

    very nervous, Suarez is a definite threat but i see us grinding out a win.
    We have to play our game

  14. James Bond says:

    thank you @ Alex 🙂 yeah, it’s ecstasy at the moment and I hope we can come away from Anfield with all 3 points and our entire squad unscathed

    absolutely hate OWen

  15. alexgunners says:


  16. James Bond says:

    don’t worry about Suarez, I reckon our own KOC needs to have a decent game and if he does that, he will keep Suarez quiet.

    agreed, and we should be able to do that with JW back .

  17. alexgunners says:

    it is time!!!!


  18. James Bond says:

    he’s a moron mate, not sure why BT hired him but if they want to be taken seriously, they need to get rid of him – the sooner the better

    only favours and speaks highly of all those teams he’s warmed up the bench at , when he was injured.

  19. alexgunners says:

    No one else around tonight???

  20. 17highburyterrace says:

    007, I’m here…awfully freaking early start for me of course but the espresso machine was well warmed up (on a timer)…

    Crazy, unbelievable news there Bond. WOW!!!

    By contrast the footy doesn’t matter, but I like our line-up and if we play our best and get a bit of luck we can get it done…Who’s the ref? 😆

    Nice preview, OZ…Obviously I miss the trolling of opponent blogs but so it goes…Agreed with Gerry about the TW–keeping it in the rear view seems best (for now)…

    Go on…

  21. oz gunner says:

    Pumped for this one. What an oz friendly game time too!

  22. James Bond says:

    good of you to join in @ 17HT and yeah, WOW 🙂 🙂 🙂

    here we go

  23. alexgunners says:


  24. 17highburyterrace says:

    Suarez gets his first whistle…And a goal…Geezus…

  25. James Bond says:


  26. oz gunner says:

    What the hell had even taken a bite of dinner

  27. alexgunners says:

    f@#king offside

  28. 17highburyterrace says:

    The whole line was offside…

  29. James Bond says:

    off side, no ?

    1-0 liverpool

  30. 17highburyterrace says:

    Not good from Giroud after the inch perfect pass from Santi…

    This will be a challenge now…

  31. James Bond says:

    you fcukin pric OWEN – they were all off side

    stop gloating

  32. oz gunner says:

    Bullshit decision

  33. James Bond says:

    that’s why I am always on G’s case any other striker would have least released the ball and hit the target and not been dispossessed so easily

    never mind, still have 85 minutes to score a few goals 😉

  34. oz gunner says:

    That’s the fattest midfield anchor I’ve ever seen

  35. 17highburyterrace says:

    Santi is gonna roast this kid on the left…Foul called there…

    Need to build a little offense here…

  36. James Bond says:

    we will get plenty of chances to score lads, keep the faith – we can do this, no worries

    but Giroud needs to be on top of his game and not wasteful

  37. James Bond says:

    oh nearly a freak goal

    and michael owen is no where to be heard,

    dang it, so close

  38. 17highburyterrace says:

    Pool screwy in their box…but the bounce ends up lucky…

  39. alexgunners says:

    what the fuck

  40. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nice keeping by Sir Chez…

    Now we’ve got genuine trouble…

  41. oz gunner says:

    Ummm what frick is going on???

  42. James Bond says:

    they are tag teaming from the right ( Nacho’s and Santi’s side)

    we are too light there, that was a decent chance for the fools to score their 2nd

    oh no


    they score

    2-0 skirtel

  43. AFC says:

    2 nil WTF?!

  44. James Bond says:

    10 minutes

    2-0 to LiverPool

    boys, wake up – already

    you have 80 minutes to come up with the answers.

  45. oz gunner says:

    We are getting destroyed

  46. alexgunners says:

    nearly 3-0
    this is totally disgraceful

  47. James Bond says:

    comedy of errors, liverpool should be 3-0 up

    sturidge misses a one on one – sitter.

  48. oz gunner says:

    On field leaders?anyone?

  49. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, that was the let-off we needed…

    Not much margin for any more mistakes, bad calls, etc.

    And another…Geez…

  50. AFC says:

    Our defence needs to wake up?

  51. James Bond says:

    are Arsenal still in London ? who’s playing at anfield ? surely they must be the lookalikes .

  52. alexgunners says:

    this is getting uglier by the minute

  53. oz gunner says:

    What a volley. Thank christ toure was unaware

  54. 17highburyterrace says:

    This is something…Should be 4 or 5 nil…

  55. James Bond says:

    bitch twitchy time.

  56. AFC says:

    Suarez hits the post…

    What the hell is going on

  57. oz gunner says:

    Seems that way bj.

  58. oz gunner says:

    Feels like we are playing tottenham again

  59. James Bond says:

    we need a goal, we need some inspiration

    however, we were losing 2-0 to them at emirates last year and in the 2nd half, we came back to score 2 to bring it to 2-2

    we can still do this if we don’t concede another easy goal.

    set pieces have killed us.

  60. 17highburyterrace says:

    3 nil…

  61. oz gunner says:

    Wow you knew if we coughed it up then we’d be in massive trouble…ozil come on.
    Looks like our defence is playing with cement boots

  62. James Bond says:

    and then there was 3.

    what is the ref doing ?

    feels like we are playing Reading again @ OZ

  63. James Bond says:

    must we let it get to 4-0 before we score and then bring it back to 7-5 ?

  64. alexgunners says:

    That was completely piss weak by Ozil
    He needs to stand up in these big games

    FFS, the damage this will cause is massive with so many big games coming up

  65. 17highburyterrace says:

    4 nil

  66. oz gunner says:

    This is fucking embarassing!!!

  67. James Bond says:

    there you go, we are 4-0 down

    time to start playing now, lads.

  68. oz gunner says:

    Their pace is tearing us to absolute pieces!!!!

  69. James Bond says:

    is this Arsenal at Anfield or Arsenal at disguise ?

    fcuking hell OWen , I have it on mute now, the annoying git

  70. alexgunners says:

    game over in 20 minutes
    do we have what it takes to be champions ? Fuck no!!

  71. AFC says:

    Time for changes

  72. alexgunners says:

    just so embarrassing

  73. alexgunners says:

    i do not understand what AW is complaining to the refs about. The team just has not shown up

  74. AFC says:

    If it is not working Wenger has to change it. Go to three at the back and bring on another attacker. I would bring Bendtner or Podolski on and go to a 3-5-2.

  75. oz gunner says:

    I don’t think i’ve seen us play this bad before. Nothing is happening. We can’t keep a hold of it,non existent pressing,mistakes aplenty…

  76. alexgunners says:

    @ OZ
    completely agree. we look shit, we are all over the place and not producing anything

  77. James Bond says:

    no Flamini and it is showing.

    starting JW along side Arteta was a mistake – looks way below par and undercooked JW.

  78. James Bond says:


    and instead is liverFOOL playing a 3-5-2 🙂 and they are 4-0 up, ha

  79. James Bond says:

    it’s imperative that we score at least a goal or 2 before HT.

  80. alexgunners says:

    Arteta has been too slow, What amazes me is that tactically after each goal , nothing was done.

    Instead of changing players or tactics, we are still ball watching and still playing badly

  81. oz gunner says:

    Commentators are bang on unfortunately. We are exposed by their pace if we try and get back into it. Could turn into a united-esque nightmare the way we are playing

  82. Xavier says:

    Speechless. Just speechless.

    I need a hug. 😭😭😭

  83. AFC says:

    JB, I mean do something. Take off Arteta put Verm and push the front five up. Be bold and make a change.

  84. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, others…

    This is our best 11. The problem is we’ve got an injured kid (Jack) and an injured oldster (Arteta) playing in MF with a technician (Ozil) who counts on ref protection and some decent play from his partners…

    The points from this match are gone but we’ve got some time to work it out for the United match on Wednesday…

    It should be noted that the first goal was offside, the 2nd was a poorly defended set piece, Still, the real killers are losing the ball in MF because Per running towards his own goal is the ugliest thing in English football…

    It’s gonna take some big balls to come back from (what will be known as) *those twenty minutes,* but come back we must…

    Or we can just throw in the towel… 😀

  85. AFC says:

    Oz, it does not matter if we concede more. We should not just sit back and take it.

  86. oz gunner says:

    Agreed Alex. They had all the momentum so why not close it down defensively and hold on to the ball until it fizzes out. Seems logical

  87. James Bond says:

    AW is a reactive manager and not a proactive manager – saying that he’s not even reacting .

    no TV5 @ AFC – he’s injured

    going at this rate, I’ll need jane’s morphine.

  88. James Bond says:

    loving the passion and singing by the crowd at Anfield

    come on Arsenal, WAKE UP

  89. AFC says:

    17, call me optimistic but why should they be gone. We still have over 45 minutes. We should not give up until the end.

  90. oz gunner says:

    Not saying we should concede AFC just saying it’s unfortunate that it plays in to their hands

  91. proudgooner says:

    this is horrible.
    Well lads it is either a come back like the Reading game where we came back from 4-0 down, or just a nightmare. I almost feel like turning it off but it is a bit of a freak game so far. But credit to Liverpool.

  92. proudgooner says:

    i would throw Podolski on now, why not?

  93. 17highburyterrace says:

    What’s REALLY bad about this is that United will come to our place knowing that they must win to have any legitimate shot at a CL spot…

    AFC, Optimistic, for me, would not include wasting our subs in the first half…If we get a couple of lucky goals we will need those subs to try and get a couple more…

  94. proudgooner says:

    we need at least 1 2 would be good bt half time.

  95. AFC says:

    Monreal injured?

  96. alexgunners says:

    not injured, just embarrassed

  97. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nacho gets a call…Obviously we miss Gibb’s pace over there…

    Frankly, lack of pace all over the pitch means that if we make turnovers we’ve got big troubles…

  98. TotalArsenal says:

    We need. arshavin 😀

  99. oz gunner says:

    Coutinho is showing just how important pressing is

  100. oz gunner says:

    I brought him today on fifa TA. I miss the little russian.

  101. Admir says:

    I would really like to be Arsene Wenger right now. Then I would hit my head against the wall as hard as I can and repeat: “You tight idiotic c**t! You tight idiotic c**t!” Before that, I would give a slap to every player that started today’s game because they have been disgrace for an Arsenal shirt.

  102. James Bond says:

    the thing is though, after we conceded goals, none of our forward line came back to help the team like they normally do – they are all stood up front waiting for the service and not chipping him or making themselves available…sure, we played a few poor passes and so on but come on, least make it easier for your team mates – drop back

    where is Arshavin when you need him 🙂

    ARTETA is having a shocker, take him off AW –

  103. 17highburyterrace says:

    Jack called… and now, after a bit of offense, should be getting a card… Can’t do it all on your own, son…

    Arsh, or maybe Theo for a goal out of nothing…

  104. James Bond says:

    I feel your pain @ Admir but what can you do when Captain Arteta is having a stinker – most of us have always feared as much and have repeated outlined that against decent oppositions, Arteta is the weak link

    and he is being exploited today.

  105. 17highburyterrace says:

    We only have three subs… Young Jack worse than Old Mikel, IMO 007, but both essentially useless out there today…

    Half time arrives…

  106. oz gunner says:

    Bould looks like he’s going to commit murder in the change room

  107. alexgunners says:

    Liverpool have done what we have always wanted The Arsenal to do.
    Score early and show no mercy.

    Usually when we score early, we sit back and struggle to score again

  108. Admir says:

    F**ing disgrace. They should give their weekly wage for charity.

    And, I just hope Wenger hasn’t signed a new contract yet.

  109. proudgooner says:

    they ust of had he wind behind them liverpool, hopefully it helps us out. but i think it must have made a differance

  110. James Bond says:

    we have the likes of Rosicky (first class presser and attacker) sat there on the bench

    we have Poldi there on the bench.

    take off Arteta – bring on Rosicky – move AOX along side JW in the middle with Rosicky on the right

    take off santiago and bring on Poldi on the left

    let’s do this in the end half

    remember, we have been a 2nd half team – all we need is 10 minutes to score a few goals or maybe 5 👿

  111. proudgooner says:

    For those who don’t live in England, they is gales here, the commentators did not mention it but trust me its there and very strong winds.

  112. 17highburyterrace says:

    Not enough espresso on the planet to make this half-time manageable… The only solace is that it’s only 3 pts…. Not a great start to our tough little run, eh…

  113. oz gunner says:

    I like the charity idea admir, they def don’t deserve the money

  114. proudgooner says:

    i agree JB, they are the 2 that must come on Podolski and Rosicky, shame we don’t have Theo but there you go.

  115. alcide says:

    I couldn’t see the game today… Just checked in to see the score… *cry* what the hell happened?

  116. oz gunner says:

    You don’t want to know alcide. Erase it from your memory

  117. proudgooner says:

    Iwish i had not, you don’t want to so far it has ruined my day and probably my weekend.

  118. James Bond says:

    lucky you @ Alcide –


    yep, JW has been bad but he’s also an attacking player and has a goal/assist or 2 or 3 in him…whereas Arteta doesn’t have much to offer on that front – why persist with him ? he hasn’t been the conductor today and the wheels have fallen off , big time.

    i guess AW will give the same players 15 minutes to fix it, if not then i can see a double substitution.

  119. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, AFC, Everybody…

    The manager’s job is to keep those 20 mins from ending our season and sending the club into a tailspin…You guys can talk subs but it seems silly to me…

    Keep a clean sheet, get a goal or two or at least a few chances and move forward…

    Admir, first goal, offside set play Skrtl, 2nd corner, Skrtl, 3rd and 4th, ball lost at the center and breakaway goals, Per running (in quicksand) towards goal, Sir Chez rooted to his line… They had other chances too… (Suarez had a cannon off the post and Kolo should’ve scored the rebound… Santi had one great throughball immediately after their first, but Giroud couldn’t get around the lone defender…

    Again, 2nd half is a mental challenge to keep the season alive…

  120. TotalArsenal says:

    How can anyone have a go at Jack? He is the only one fucking fighting! have a go at the shit experienced CBs, have a go at the ineffective ‘wingers’, the clumsy looking Giroud, the creaking Atreta, the sleepwalking Ozil, but do not single out Jack for fuck sake 😈

  121. alcide says:

    Man, I leave you guys alone for one game and this is what happens? Well you fix it in second half, or I’ll… I’ll… *sob*

  122. James Bond says:

    it’s not ideal @ PG – isn’t it but like 17HT says, it’s only 3 points and at the end of the day, it’s a game of football but what’s shocking is the manner we have played and with no response at all – not even 1 shot at target not even tested their keeper – that is beyond appalling.

  123. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oh, sorry, the recap was for Alcide, not Admir…He’s trying to get money for his charity…Need espresso…

  124. AFC says:

    I’m expecting some kind of a response.

  125. alcide says:

    Thanks 17… I agree we get back into playing seriously, maybe get a couple goals in, 3 points lost or not.

  126. 17highburyterrace says:

    TA, I’m not having a go at Jack, just saying that he cannot do it all on his own. If making a show of fight gets others going then maybe it is worth doing…

    Yeah, I don’t think the “plan” was having Arteta as such a key figure…

    Another missed call gives Pool a corner…

  127. 17highburyterrace says:

    5 nil… Looked a bit offside there…

  128. TotalArsenal says:

    It’s okay, 17,I am just venting frustration

  129. 17highburyterrace says:

    We need to get out of here with no injuries…As such, big shows of fight or spirit might be misplaced…

    Here’s the thing…As a technical team, we need to stick with that approach. If our 20 yr olds and our 30+ guys try to match the “fight” of a geed up group (plus a “play on” ref and f*cking blind linesmen…) we’re up against it… Even at 5 nil we need to play “our” game…

    Triple change coming, however…

  130. 17highburyterrace says:

    That should be Jack’s second yellow…That’s the upside of the play on ref…never gave him the first…

    A little better play on the attack…

    Get those subs on, please…

  131. 17highburyterrace says:

    Giroud, Wilshere, Ozil off, Lulu, Sicky and Gibbs on

    Two goals needed to “win” the half…

  132. TotalArsenal says:

    I feel we have to play for pride here, something or build on.

  133. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey, where is everybody? Arsenal supporters in fair weather only?

    Audacious FK from Suarez!! That was going in! Corner defended eventually (linesman awake that time…)

  134. AFC says:

    17, not really much to say. It’s painful to watch a team you love get battered.

  135. alexgunners says:


    I was just feeding Bella, I am here for more punishment

  136. Admir says:

    Liverpool players look less complacent at 5:0 than we do.

    Players have been dreadful today but frankly, we’ve been an accident waiting to happen with our lack of pace and steel. Arsene Wenger’s contract extension would be an Alan Pardew’s eight-year-contract-like mistake.

  137. AB says:

    I’m here folks. Struggling to understand what I’m seeing though I confess. No pride to be salvaged here I fear TA. All we can do is avoid injury and red cards and hope the sense of collective shame gives us a positive reaction next week. For today, we have been comprehensively fisted! Not much we can get out of this now.

  138. 17highburyterrace says:

    Pride, passion, commitment, etc., etc. is a huge part of the English game but our togetherness and technical ability is what will see us past this dropped 3 pts…

    This may be too much for some to understand…

    The alternative is that we will crumble… 🙂

    Pen…Arteta scores it…

  139. alcide says:

    Is this in continuation to the awful first half display vs Southampton? Are we at least improving in second half (although go #5 does t seem to indicate that…)

  140. AFC says:

    17, don’t you need pride, passion, commitment to win the EPL? These things make the EPL unique which could explain why we haven’t won the EPL in so long.

  141. 17highburyterrace says:

    Well said there, AB…

    Anybody who has played sports has had a moment like this. The reaction is the important bit. Wilshere is being challenged here to avoid a ban…

    Passion/Fight/etc. could be an easy way for players to do their part in giving up on the season…


  142. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, I don’t see a lot of passion from that Chelsea team, nor the Man City team… If you don’t have the money, however, a bit of passion probably helps… 😀

  143. AB says:

    Its like we don’t have a defence; weird.

  144. TotalArsenal says:

    We are the Arsenal, 17.

  145. 17highburyterrace says:

    There are gonna be a lot of toys thrown from prams after this one and if I were Total, I would shut down the blog… I’m gonna go skiing…

    What we lack at Arsenal is something Liverpool has…and it goes under: “You will Never Walk Alone” Ah well, that’s what you get for building a stadium and charging too much for tix…

    Great D there by Kos (from our corner 🙄 )

  146. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, pride starts now.. Always.

  147. oz gunner says:

    still here 17, just not in the mood for chatting. i’d rather sulk alone

  148. 17highburyterrace says:

    Mert doesn’t quite sell the (2nd) pen…and at least they don’t break from our corner again…

    Big match on Wednesday, eh… 😯

  149. alexgunners says:

    PRIDE is what we lacked in the first half.
    We need to bounce back quickly before we get the February wobbles

  150. AB says:

    Good in theory TA. But I’d rather they showed pride when it can make a difference; I see no sense in anyone busting themselves and getting sent off or injured here. But collective determination to make up for this next week – that’s when I want, and expect, to see the pride. For now, I would want them to show enough to avoid it getting any worse, but do I care if they fight for a second goal to go home with? Not hugely I confess.

  151. alexgunners says:

    gents, I’ve seen enough. Im off, catch you all very soon,
    good night

  152. 17highburyterrace says:

    Great man management from the guy who we need to sack… Leaving Jack on and getting him to “channel” his passion could be huge…

    Ooooh, Sterling shows why they didn’t pay the money for Theo…should’ve been a 6th…

  153. 17highburyterrace says:

    See you Alex, Kisses to Bella…

  154. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, I gather you are not blogging among the away crowd

  155. James Bond says:

    you know lads, I think we shouldn’t be playing at lunch time anymore – plain and simple

    we are appalling at 12:45 kick offs, yep, no one else to blame really so am gonna point my finger at the KO time

    we were hammered today and the better team won, if anything it should have been 10-0

    but hey, both Chelsea and man city must win their games later to get ahead of us – let us keep our chins up

    all will be forgotten if we get a favourable result on wednesday – such is football.

  156. AB says:

    Quite right TA – in the armchair. Are you there?

  157. oz gunner says:

    night aex. i’m off too. drown the sorrows. enjoy the rest of your day fellas

  158. 17highburyterrace says:

    Now we’re seeing some of those long shots from the last thread…

    AW’s gonna have to earn his new contract in these next couple of days… Must. Beat. United. But if we do so it’s better than two draws… (A straw to grasp at? Maybe?…)

  159. alcide says:

    I won’t have the guts to see the game, but I’m curious to understand how we went from best CB pairing/back 4 to 4 goals in 20′. I mean we didn’t have Flamini the second part of last season? Is Arteta having another horrible game? Was Jack a bit rusty? What about Bac and Nacho?

  160. TotalArsenal says:

    No AB, just empathy 🙂

  161. AFC says:

    Alcide, the decline of Arteta affecting the protection of the CBs.

  162. AB says:

    I don’t think we can put it down to people missing or being rusty. We didn’t turn up, and pool did. We have not been complacent over the last 12 months, unlike previous seasons, but this was a reminder of how things have been. The reaction from here will be key, and will be how we judge our prospects for the rest of the season. We can take spoke comfort that the last couple of times this has happened we have come back stronger, and I expect a committed showing against Manure. But not a comfortable weekend for us now.

  163. 17highburyterrace says:

    007, Just like So’ton? When we couldn’t delay the kick-off the result was lost… 😆

    Personally, I think this team has a lot of mental resilience (even if the supporters don’t…Travelers excepted…This final scene with players and supporters saluting one another gives me hope–the Goonersphere, I fear, could implode…)

    First light here in California…

  164. James Bond says:

    laters Alex and OZ – not sure what more is there to enjoy after watching us being out played, out thought but hey no injuries, So I count me as not happy but not thinking it’s the end of the world (season) just yet….still a long way to go, am just hoping that there is a response now and luckily we are at home for our next 4 matches.

    well, I am not going to single out anyone @ AFC – but look, the regulars know it all too well, Arteta is the weak link and we missed Flamini today – also to play Nacho ahead of Gibbs was a baffling baffling decision..if Gibbs was injured then why even bring him on for 30 minutes ? the game was already out of reach.

    there will be plenty of head scratching and hurting and I hope , the players are hurting – each and everyone of them minus AOX – the only one who was up for it and looked like a real threat

  165. macko says:

    Wilshere is a shame for Arsenal fc , fighting spirit lol .players like Arteta, Giroud, Gibbs has nothing to do in the team if you want to play as it is the players who are not at the same level as the rest of the team.
    Really disappointed but predictable for the last two games do …..

  166. James Bond says:

    sorry your morning and day was probably ruined @ 17HT – it’s the perfect timing for the aussies but you folks in the states, it’s not ideal…i hope we no longer have any 12:45 starts 😀

    at least there was a response against the saints in this one, it was all one way traffic really – we needed a leader today and believe you me – the players need to take responsibility and I hope AW says a few harsh things not in the dressing room but also in the press.

  167. AFC says:

    JB, I doubt it. It will most likely be the usual we showed spirit speech

  168. 17highburyterrace says:

    Like I said, Alcide, if we push up and lose the ball there is nothing uglier than Per running towards our goal…

    Early on there were some attempts to get fouls that went unrewarded but also Jack had trouble with fast balls right at his feet. Ozil had one as well…

    Arteta, physically, was never a stand-out but he may have lost a step…He took a kick at the first set piece but missed… Physically dominated at the 2nd set-piece… Nacho was a poor call (Gibbs pace might’ve helped if we’re gonna give the ball away…) and their 3rd goal could probably be laid at his feet…Ozil giveaway to (technical guy) Coutinho led to a perfect pass and the 4th (Sturridge) goal… The crazy thing is that I believe Suarez didn’t get a goal, nor an assist…

  169. AB says:

    TA – true, if I was there I would want them to have a go at least. But I’m not, so my thoughts are th end of the season, rather than getting any crumbs from today. But easier for me, not having to face the long journey home.

  170. James Bond says:

    not was *is ruined

    well, if that is the case then it just goes to show that we do need a spin doctor in the dressing room @ AFC

    you know, you can laugh at my suggestion but having a good sports psychologist can help top level professionals if not that, then a week here n there to dubai just to switch off – sure we can’t do that now, but we must look at doing it once we can.

    we missed Flamini a lot today –

  171. TotalArsenal says:

    We were out-set-pieced and then outplayed and the lack of leadership and organisation skills of Flamini were sorely missed. The CB-DM pairing were totally outplayed today. So, AB I don’t agree with you that we did not turn up, we were simply not good enough technically and tactically today IMO.

  172. 17highburyterrace says:

    No worries about my day, 007…My family is healthy and we’re getting some moisture. A ski partner is supposed to call me here at 8, but I might shine him if it’s only rain… By the weekdays things (rocks and logs) could be covered up and a bit of a ski season could be on…

    We’ve got (big) issues and this match points it out. We’re counting on a lot of players either a few years past or waiting on their peak years along with a couple of guys plucked from the 2nd tier of French football. Those injuries to (up and comers) Theo and Rambo are huge… Our schedule, I think, precludes spending all our “passion” in each and every match. If we preserved it today and get the win vs United it’s better than getting guys sent off or hurt (“proof” of one’s passion…)

    Anyhow, I can only keep typing here for a bit but I’m trying to do my part to keep this part of the Goonersphere from blowing up…

  173. Admir says:

    The key words are pace and aggression. Liverpool had both, we had neither.

    One more thing: we have conceded 6 against City and 5 against Liverpool. We haven’t scored more than four goals against anyone this season. Think about that.

  174. AFC says:

    Not enough firepower Admir in my opinion.

  175. 17highburyterrace says:

    Flamini showed his passion at So’ton with that two footed lunge. As such we probably lost 2/3 as many points as we did today and the player himself for 3 matches… But maybe that’s what you get when you pay nothing for your players… 😆

    Indeed, TA, he was missed…Any news on Verm? Is he hurt too or will he miraculously recover for the FA cup match?…

  176. James Bond says:

    good points @ TA, 17HT and Admir

    but look, it’s not the first time we conceded more than 4 goals nor the first – it’s just the manner we lost, that’s all .

    even if we took out their first goal due to the ref’s error, the stats don’t lie – if I wasn’t watching like Alcide and came back home and looked at the scoreline then i would have thought that we were down to 10 or 9 men due to a couple of red cards.

    anyhow, let’s see how both chelsea and man city do.

  177. What a fcuking disgrace !. Having a hen party behind my Sofa and the girls cant stop fcuking touching me and shoving body parts against me !.
    Thought I`d pop out for a rest and see what`s occurring !…….how did we do ?.

  178. 17highburyterrace says:

    Who is playing up top for Toon? Remy not playing? Luc De Jong? This should be comfy for Chavs…

    You are a disgrace, Cockie… Stay strong (or at least well lubricated) back there, comrade… 🙂

  179. TotalArsenal says:

    We should not mix up passion and pride with blind aggression, and Flamini’s lunge might cost us the season eventually. A committed, full of pride second half would have helped us to prepare for the next match, as confidence and ‘togetherness’ is restored only on the pitch. Of all our players, Wilshere understands this best, other than Flamini and BFG.

  180. James Bond says:

    well Glics, if you really want to know then TMHT got his wish granted for the 5 goals.

  181. TotalArsenal says:

    It will be Pardew the bus anyway, 17. 🙂

  182. James Bond says:

    precisely and he’s bloody good at it as well 🙂

    come on Pardew (never thought I would be saying it) desperate times call for desperate measures though, ha

  183. James Bond says:

    come on the 2 N’s ( new castle and narwich )

    N’s will save the day for us, am confident (Wishful).

  184. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Total, I agree, and I’m just pointing out that the two (passion and stupidity) sometimes get confused…

    Wilshere staying on the pitch was great management from AW, I think… Of the subs the only one who looked a clear upgrade was Gibbs. Bottom line, we’re stretched both in terms of bodies (with genuine quality) and all the intangibles…Sorry, but the only way we get through is by “pacing” ourselves a bit…

    Of course, others will suggest we could’ve bought our way out of this mess, but I think we still would’ve played the same 11 and been behind by the same 4 goals…

    We’re still top–Well, I guess City are ahead on GD…but they haven’t scored yet at Norwich…

  185. Ahhh….I see !. Oh well, I did see this in my psychic predictions and before you bite my head off, I did predict we would beat Palace last week !. Minus one point like for like now !. hahaha
    If I would have been about for a while before game, I was going to say that we struggle against teams who play fast and press hard and that Fcuk Rodgers likes his team to do that and it was a factor in my thinking why we would get beat today…….was that the case ?……..or were we just shit ?.
    Has any one a crumb of comfort in seeing anything which suggests we will be able to break the mental barrier and beat Manshafter Std on Wednesday ?.
    This is when having a comfy sofa is a must !. I shall now go and delete the game off Sky +.
    I prefer Sci-Fi, not Horror movies !.

  186. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wrong, miscalculated…We’re still top until Oilers win their matches…

    Here’s the question…Should we have passed on Ozil because he’s not a player who (outwardly) does the passion thing?

  187. James Bond says:

    DISALLOWED GOAL – Norwich 0-0 Man City
    Gary Hooper is certain he was onside. He wasn’t. The Norwich striker turns to slide in the loose ball from three yards but he is a good couple of yards the wrong side of the last defender as the ball drops to him after Leroy Fer’s forceful header is only half-saved.

    no, we are still 1 or 2 points ahead, depending how it finishes

  188. macko says:

    we must be playing the young Hayden, Olson or Zelalem, them at least one and all to prove who would not Gnarby was better than ox on the right to Sagna.
    Wednesday MU is expected the worst for this match after noon, the title is not yet within our reach ….

  189. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, Cockie, Weds now becomes the whole season and we’ve got trouble if Mata/RvP and Rooney can get in sync with their match tomorrow. They’ll know that they need the 3 pts to catch either Pool (or us :shock:) for a CL spot…

    I agree with all the folks who suggest that we came out flat while Pool were riled up…Our “hope” to work our way into the game didn’t manifest… Lack of pace (up and down the squad) could be our undoing…Surely United will try and push it early in the next one…

    I’ll probably watch the first twenty again at some point this week and what I expect to see is that Ozil reacted to their pressing by giving balls which were to fast for others to control leading to giveaways… If the players don’t have the skill (or the experience to move for easier passes) we are gonna have problems going forward…Hopefully the coaches can work it out with the players we’ve got…If not…

    Hazard breaks the deadlock at the Bridge… 😦

  190. Admir says:

    “That was f….ing embarrasing!
    Apologies to anyone who sat through 90mins of that game.”

    Wojciech Szczesny on his FB-page.

    Less FB and Twitter and more match preparation, please.

    Beat United and apology will be accepted.

  191. I see from the BBC stats that we had as many corners and 57% possession, sounds like Liverscum were lucky !. Although it could be said that Szczesny would have accounted for a lot of that by picking the ball out of the net !.
    Maybe I should have put some money on (starting with the Palace game ) 10 games I predicted !. As it stands, that`s the first two correct and according to my shiny psychic balls…we will only get eleven points from the next 8 games !…..not all doom and gloom though as I have predicted wins against Sunderland and Swansea !. hahaha

  192. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hazard gets a second…Very pretty 1-2 with Eto’o after Willian led the break… AND it came on the heels of a 1v1 on Cech… 2 nil, game over…City still drawing…

  193. Hazard again !……..this is the player who me and my son begged Arsene to buy when he was about 14 !……….that’s Arsene`s problem……he never listens to me and my son !. Over 2000 letters and you would think he would reply or at least send the poison back !.

  194. Admir says:

    Hopefully this won’t hurt our players ahead of Manchester United. I just hope it will be a slap to Wanker so he can search for an ace in his sleeve like he did last season after we had lost to Spuds.

  195. proudgooner says:

    I am moe worried about your other prediction on were we finish in the league. i think you are right. We have chance but the hardest of chances. We have to beat the big teams , simple as.

  196. 17highburyterrace says:

    Stunning skill from Jovetic, but too close to Ruddy…Picking a corner might’ve seen it blocked at the point… Nil nil there at the half… So’ton-Stoke 2-2 might be the one to watch, though I’ve already seen enough (non-Arsenal) goals for one Saturday…

    Nobody will take up my question:… Should we have passed on Ozil because he’s not a player who (outwardly) does the passion thing? Maybe after United turns us over on Weds… 🙄

  197. proudgooner says:

    The differance today was were jockying there attackers, they were sticking the foot in pressing in numbers.
    I hate Skytel as well and have already had liverpool fans texting me.
    Wenger got his tasctics very wrong today.

  198. proudgooner says:

    He is a funny 1, not only the passion, but the way he seems to lack effort. I have never seen him sweating buckets and really giving everything

  199. 17highburyterrace says:

    PG, If we’re playing two guys who are hurt (maybe?, Wilshere and Arteta) and they’re pressing like crazy AND we’ve got tough matches (but luckily at home, where maybe the refs will do some blowing…) could we even AFFORD to try and match the intensity of the Liverpool tactics? I kinda think we couldn’t…

    That may enrage people, but it might be true…

    Of course, I was hoping for the best, but hope is not a plan…

  200. proudgooner says:

    To anwser your question, NO we should not have past on him, but we need to get the best out of him and sign another striker of the same kind of price tag.imo

  201. James Bond says:

    no 17HT –

    Ozil is class, it’s not his fault that there is no one in this team who can utilize his skills and vision…the ones we have are either injured (counter attack or with pace, theo, ramsey e.t.c ) or left on the bench Poldi and Rosicky – who can combine well with him and speed it up for him.

    it is way too one dimensional for my liking and it doesn’t help when you don’t play with a pacey LB to help him and Santiago a little.

    Ozil was the right player but he isn’t getting much help from else where – he may come across as lazy and so on but when you look at the stats and his running mileage, you’ll be surprised – he covers a lot of ground – don’t be fooled by his last second ease off or trying to get out of a bad tackle or collision ( he’s not cut out for that stuff , nothing to do with lack of passion, maybe too soft, yes or perhaps too smart).

  202. Admir says:

    @17 – I will.

    I’ve always defended Özil and I still believe that we got a wonderful player. The thing is, we haven’t had enough of his magic, especially in big matches, because we don’t have a world-class defensive midfielder nor a pacey world-class striker to work with.

    We don’t have a world-class defensive midfielder because Arsene Wenger doesn’t think all positions require the same amount of money spent. That’s why he signed a free agent for our defensive midfielder and spent 42,5 million pounds on a world-class attacking midfielder last summer. Also, we don’t have a world-class midfielder because it would have been a confession that he had made the same mistake all these years when he didn’t sign a Vieira-esque DM. Plus, Diaby is only a few months away from return.

    We don’t have a world-class striker because Wenger wants Giroud in French World Cup team. He didn’t want to hurt his feelings despite the fact Giroud himself has confessed that he is not Suarez.

    More I write on this issue I get more angry at Wenger. If we lose against United, he should be sacked immediately.

    Giroud admitted he gave a poor performance as well.

  203. proudgooner says:

    The fixture list is the hardest i have ever seen for any team in any league in the world. It is a joke, if we win anything this season it will be massively deserved, but i think wise old Cockie is right about the league we have a chance of course but the fixtures are that hard it will,probably not happen.

  204. Seventeenho…….where would we be without Ozil`s influence this season…..probably below Manshafter Std !. He is an SQ player, so I`m glad we didn`t pass him over !.
    It sounds like after reading a few blogs comments that Liverscum were at us from the start !. I have said it many a time and will probably do again in the future…..that we need quick players with stamina….more Mo Farah than, than Usain Bolt !. Other than Ramsey, I don’t see many in that category in our team !.
    Oz, Gnasher and Theo are quick, but lack the endurance !. Theo is never going to be an endurance athlete, but may be the other two could be given a training program for it, they are, as in the words of Wenger, destined for central roles, so will need to up the stamina !.

  205. James Bond says:

    we will get our revenge next sunday by knocking liverpool out of the FA cup, don’t you worry about that

    I just feel that Rosicky needs to be played more.

  206. Admir says:

    Oh, yes… Rosicky. Arguably one player with guts in our squad. When he is fit, he should be the first name on the squad sheet.

  207. 17highburyterrace says:

    Here’s the thing, PG, if you want passion, commitment, etc., etc. Arsenal (under Wenger) probably shouldn’t be your team. This was my point, post So’ton, with Milo… United bought Fellaini (and if he plays) he will bring that element on Weds while Ozil will not… IMO, we’re just stretched too thin to try and win in that manner. The losses of Rambo and Theo are really big but job one is keeping yourself available. The team did that today (fingers crossed, no new knocks) which might allow us to compete on Weds vs United and Sat vs Sunderland and the following Weds vs Bayern… Maybe…

    Should we be deeper? That’s a bigger question. How much would Cabaye and Benteke have cost us…Probably 60 million (closer to 100 with their full contracts) so what they would’ve provided was probably not worth it anyhow…

    Bond, Admir…I love Ozil and agree the troubles are around him not the player himself…Like I was saying, overly pacey passes that others couldn’t control led to goals…(Similar to the one Flamini couldn’t control leading to the Fernandinho goal at City…) In the 2nd period a slower one did as well…

    Thing is, I think Wilshere and Ramsey are quality and if they can stay fit and keep improving they will be able to play with Ozil. Who, at DM, could we have bought who could’ve started today’s match (ahead of Jack and Arteta)…You guys seem to think Sicky should’ve started ahead of one of them, maybe? Just trying to clarify…

  208. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, your answers about Sicky are already answered. Yeah, maybe he could’ve started on the right and Ox and Arteta could’ve played again at DM today…

    Trying to find silver linings I think this will be a big match in Jack W’s development…He showed the passion but lasted the full 90. He needs to learn more about where to go when he doesn’t have a man on his shoulder. Balls at his feet (with a defender attacking) is a developing part of his game, but not his strongest asset. He’s better when he can feel the shoulder of his marker…

    Still nil-nil at Norwich approaching the hour mark…


    Admir, you are a complete over reactionary mate, and lack any ability to control your emotions. Thankfully the club is run by sensible people.

    We lost today becuase Liverpool exposed our weaknesses. Forcing us to lose the ball in our own half, like city and southampton, puts us on the backfoot and when you have five midgets in midfield and a couple of luxary players, thats not good.

    We were also shit

  210. proudgooner says:

    Cockie they murdered us in the first 30 minutes, beat us up badly in every dept. We did not get a shot on goal in the 1st half, we got murdered.

  211. James Bond says:

    football and hindsight are a great thing, no ?

    let’s look forward and I will say this – TR must be the first name on the team sheet this wednesday and AW knows this as well.

    Flamini is back for Man utd – Arteta can take the night off

    gibbs should be able to help out Santiago and Ozil will be back to his best with his combos with TR and JW

    I only worry about Giroud – most of you always point out his defensive work, well today he went AWOL and we were dreadful at set pieces as well.

    I can not help but think that after their first goal, we could have and should have scored the equalizer yet Giroud was left wondering and thinking what hit him or who knicked the ball off him.

  212. proudgooner says:

    Thank you Terry, totl 5 hours ago now he wants him sacked, you lot know how i feel about Wenger.

  213. 17highburyterrace says:

    Agreed Cockster…Rambo injury actually is far more devastating than the Theo injury but together it’s quite the double whammy. I just don’t know what kinda player we could’ve bought (in Jan) who would’ve slotted right in who had sooo much quality to play 90 mins, in England (no ref protection)–every 4 days–and do a job. Cabaye would’ve been as good as anybody, but once PSG came in, that option was gone… Total would say Wanyama but I dunno…just regaining fitness after a stress fracture…

    Flamini banned for United, Bond, back for the FA cup match… Sorry…

  214. 17highburyterrace says:

    Terry, you are brilliant…Almost makes me wish I’d lost my hair earlier to gain such wisdom and perspective…

  215. James Bond says:

    cheers for that 17HT, no worries then Arteta at home should be able to sit back and be in his comfort zone against a one paced man utd, ha

    you have to admire TMHT for his perspective and courage, he lost all his hair due to Sczny and yet, hardly ever blames him or AW 🙂

    Admir is just saying things in the heat of the moment, he is bitterly disappointed as are all of us – we have all been down that road before but yep, let’s keep looking forward – we are still in a fantastic situation and position

  216. AFC says:

    17ht, it is not really about who we could have bought but more about loan signings which would have given us a bit more depth. Could we have signed a DM destroyer to add some stability who was actually fit? I think we could have. Could we have signed a fast experienced winger to fill in for Theo until the end of the season? I think we could have. Could we have signed a ST around Giroud’s level who offers something different? Again we could have.

  217. James Bond says:

    yes, but we didn’t

    and we need to move on from the could have’s @ AFC

    we need to work with what we have, there is still a long way to go in this season and we will be back at the top come end of February, I remain confident and positive –

    go back 12 months and imagine this being the spuds game we lost – the game that set us up for the rest of our season and we ended up winning so many games in a row and were undefeated in the 15 ?

    a similar run again wins us the league.

    with the same players plus Ozil, JW , Flamini – we stand a much better chance of doing it .

  218. Admir says:

    “Admir, you are a complete over reactionary mate, and lack any ability to control your emotions. Thankfully the club is run by sensible people.
    We lost today becuase Liverpool exposed our weaknesses. Forcing us to lose the ball in our own half, like city and southampton, puts us on the backfoot and when you have five midgets in midfield and a couple of luxary players, thats not good.
    We were also shit”

    Our weaknesses so exposed today have been obvious for a long time. It’s just a symptome, not a disease. The disease is…well, you know what is.

    Sensible people? Perhaps you’re right as well as about my ability to control emotions but it’s exactly what smashed us today – lack of emotions from our side and passionate approach from our opponents. We looked like a 70-year-old would look like compared to a 25-year-old, except we didn’t show any wisdom either. All I know is that Arsene Wenger’s handling of January transfer window was poor and his statement about how he couldn’t find a player in such a short space of time after he had had 30 days of January before the deadline day should have made every Gooner feel shocked.

  219. proudgooner says:

    It is a very disappointing result, lets all not blame it on transfers. We had a team out that could beat them today, the fact is Liverpool played very very well.
    We need to bounce back very quick, i dread a callapse . We must responed, we cant get beat if we cant and we can , then dont lose. Plus dont set up to defend, attack them that the Arsenal way


    I have nothing against Admir, hes obviously a passionet Gonner, nothing wrong with that.

    However, like every thing, things must be kept in balance. There might, indeed there will, come a time when Arsene will have to step down for the Club to go forward. Such is life. But i dont think it will be because we lose to Utd.

  221. My Psychic Phallus gave me hindsight to these problems, so my pain is greater than yours, as I knew it was going to happen !. It still hurts like fcuk though !.
    I know you all loved my Like for like logical predictor !. hahaha
    The hurt problem this season is going to be that we have been at the top most of the season and being over run at the end is going to hurt, but I did say that we had a relatively easy start, surely I wasn`t the only one to see this mother of all hard ten weeks ?. We are now -1 point and trekking through death valley. If the hard fixtures had been spread over the season we would not have been top now and probably fighting for the usual CL spot !.
    One of the reasons for my like for like comment was not to predict that we wouldn`t beat any of the “Big 3”, but to point out, that to win the big prize, we would have to gain points off of them !.
    Put it this way, this horrendous Ten Weeks of Torture could have been our first ten weeks of the season and we could still be wondering why we cant beat the mental barrier of Chavchester City !.
    Imo, we are where we are, because of the way the fixtures unfolded , simple as that.
    13 games to go and my like for like logic is still saying I`m right and only getting points of the ones we failed to get off last season will win us anything, but so far that isn’t happening !.

  222. AFC says:

    JB, I know, I was just answering 17’s question.

  223. 17highburyterrace says:

    MansourCity still nil-nil at Norwich…

    But none of them would’ve started today, right AFC…In other words, too early to tell if those players (who exactly…) would’ve helped…

    Where do you stand on the Ozil question?…Too technical/dispassionate for English football and/or Arsenal?…

    I think Admir makes salient points but I need names. Should we have bought Cabaye in the Summer as an upgrade to Arteta. Flamini (normally, unbanned) seemed a fine option. Paulinho? Who are all these DMs who are worth the big money and thus are (obviously) gonna be better than guys like Jack, Rambo, Ox in the longer term? Aren’t we fortunate that we missed the troubles Fellaini has caused Moyes at United? Wanyama out for 1/2 the season also would’ve been one for the future…

    All that being said, you guys do realize that we’ve got two fit CBs with Sagna to slot over (and Jenks in at RB) if either go down…

  224. proudgooner says:

    Terry don’t start all that with after vwe lose to united talk, your going to give me nightmares of Judas scoring and stuff, dear o dear.
    I think i am done with football for today , nightmare, ruined my day. Thank you Norwich good lads.

  225. AFC says:

    17, of course we should have signed Ozil. You need a balance of technical players who have a more reserved style and passionate ‘over my dead body’ attitude.

  226. James Bond says:

    blimey, Glics is having a field day today 😀

    the 10 weeks of torture is something I am looking forward to the most, as it’s nothing compared to what is on the way – yep, it’s not a baby girl and a baby boy…but both of the twins are boys 😯 😯 😯

    if man city fail to win then we are not the only team with the jitters ehhh –

    off now, be back later to try and calm everyone down or do damage limitation – in times like these we must stick together and back the lads even more, even if AW is to be blamed or at fault, we set that aside and back the boys to come good, regardless because they are the ones playing and must deliver the goods.

    AW can only plan it, the execution comes from the players.

    laters everyone 🙂


    Admir, the only response i can give is to be more paitent.

    I can understand your perspective that these weaknesses have been going on a long time, but from my point of view this is a new cycle

    What I mean by that is that we have only just entered a phase were the club can both hold its current players, and aquire new ones

    To be fair, our improvement in the last twelve months has been excellent.

    Lets give Arsene the chance to see were he can take the Club. If the point comes were the consenus is change, then we will all know about it.

  228. proudgooner says:

    Cockie, your killing me furry blue man, he wheels will not, will will not fall off again. hope for the best, if we do it will be a hell of an achievement , lets enjoy being contenders for a few more weeks days , months.
    Every day is now a cup final andf every important game must be treated like 1 if we want to win something


    PG, were not going to lose to Utd. I think we will win, probably 5-0 hahaha

  230. As much as I would have loved a Draxler signing in the January TW, I don’t think that would have made any difference to todays outcome . As for the SQ striker we probably needed….who was available ?.
    It`s more to do with tactics imo…..which game(s) were you really impressed with Arsenal this season ?……no big scores this season , like last season !. Correct me if I`m wrong but would it be fair to say that most got a boner from the Napoli home game when we pressed them from the off !. Which teams have made it difficult for us ?…..the ones all over us like a rash !.
    One of the best games I have seen in recent years is when we beat the Chavs 3 – 1 at home…..all over them like a rash !. Rosicky doesn’t get enough game time imo, an ” all over like a rash” player if ever there was one !. High energy and movement !…….give me 5 Rosicky`s and 5 Ramsey`s and Presto !.


    By the way, Bondy, fantastic news on the little ones. Miracles do happen. I will pray that both little Terry and Terryina are healthy and strong

  232. Cant help it PG….I`m a part time psychic….my boner wakes me up in the middle of the night with visions and have to strangle the bastard to get back to sleep !.

  233. 17highburyterrace says:

    The only team that did anything in the Window was Chelsea–And it may get them the title… Moo-boy will be rooting for Mata on Weds, for the first time all season…

    City drop 2/3 of what we did, but keep their GD advantage…

    In my mind saying things like “Subs NOW (after twenty mins) or we SHOULD’VE done SOMETHING in the window are fine. They are statements of frustration rather than instructive about what a (real world) manager might do… As such, I note who’s saying what and remember it when they purport to add their “insights.” 007 is acting all mature at the moment…As he should given the surprises in his life 😀 but stumping for Rooney, Suarez, Di Mateo AND Draxler over the Summer is equally ludicrous…

    Frustration is all fine and good and I’m sure the manager said a few Sacre bleus today, but I’m still waiting on all the names that would’ve changed today’s result…

    Group hug? 😀

  234. proudgooner says:

    We have lacked the killer goal thriller instinct this season yes i agree, we have just been doing enough.
    I keep wondering when he is going to blood in Sanogo and what he can do.??? I can only hope he is going to be the real deal, pure goal net destroying machine. 🙂

  235. proudgooner says:

    ha ha ha ha ha Cockie,
    I just give mine a back hander slap right on the bell, that gets its down ha ha ha

  236. That’s OK, JB !…..2 little Monster DM`s in 20 years time @ THOF !. 😀

    When I say ……..” 2 little Monster DM`s “…..let me say I have never met or been involved with the Bond`s outside of this blog !. hahaha

  237. proudgooner says:

    Oh well lets hope Moyes army lose tomorrow, hope there moral is low.

  238. James Bond says:

    cheers Terry, but it’s Terry and Jerry and not Terryina , am afraid – got it 100% confirmed today after taking jane for 1 million tests, poor her.

    hang on there me amigo –

    Suarez = £ 49 million bid

    Rooney = £ 20 million bid

    Draxler = all I know is that there was a bid , not sure about the exact figure

    those are players, whom we made genuine bids and attempts to sign

    why is it ludicrous to want to have them in the team ? when AW and Arsenal have made an effort to sign all of the aforementioned players, along with the Likes of Bender (20 million) , Cavani (30 million) , David Villa (12 million)

    maybe we didn’t push the boat out enough in the name of being held to ransom but that’s for another day but look , you’ll never see me wanting Messi or Ronlando over at the Emirates – I keep my expectations to a relatively reasonable level , much like TMHT with his 5-0’s


    group hug, indeed

    everything will be ok, you have it in writing from me – we will be back TOTL by the end of the month and into the next round of the FA cup (now wait for glics to come and say that it would be better to be out of the FA cup and lose to the pool on sunday).

  239. Actually, as I knew we would lose, that Mansour City draw is a bigger shock imo !. May be Totes was right, that the Chavs win at the Yetihad ( like that one 17 ! 😀 ) would give them the title !…… Totes, you`ve been doing some strangling in the middle of the night as well !. hahaha

  240. James Bond says:

    ahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha @ 17:05

  241. proudgooner says:

    Oh and on my last note i will say Captain TA shot from distance would have been a good idea today, it could only have given us more chances.

  242. Being realistic, in this Ten Week Torture period, we only have to beat….Manshafter Std and Mansour City at home…..Chavski, Totnumb and Everton away in the league, knock out the current CL Champions and beat the buzzing Bindippers in the FAC !. Not such a tall order is it !……………………….I want my mummy !. hahaha

  243. Simba Murerwa says:

    It is unbelievable. Ok lets call a spade a spade. Against Southampton & today Arteta, Sagna, Mertesacker, Carzola, Giroud and Monreal have been awful. Please help me with answers?
    1. How can we let Arteta play average for so long and continue in the team?
    2. Is Per that better than TV5?
    3. Had we recalled Coquelin from loan would he not give us better service than Arteta & Flamini?
    4. Why didnt Arsene buyJames McCarthy for a mere £12m?
    5. Why didnt Arsene buy Diame for a mere £8m?
    6. Is Giroud better than Bendtner?
    7. Hasnt Jenkinson proven that he can be equal or better then Bacary?

    I really believe that with Ramsey Walcott, and TR7 we cant play so poorly. We do expect too much from Jack. He cant drive the team like Ramsey and Rosicky. Rambo and Rosicky make our midfield work better than the rest of the midfield players. Arteta no longer deserves to be in the team. TV5 deserves to play ahead of Per against big teams for he is fast and has urgency to his game.Not buying Diame was not wise and Ozil has not yet done what we expect from him. To blame our strikers is just frustration because they are not getting supply like when Walcott and Ramsey are play. Against Utd maybe Ox can play as the anchorman playing alongside TR7, Jenks for Sagna, Gibbs for Nacho, Niklas for Giroud and Gnabry for Santi.

  244. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sorry 007, I shouldn’t lump you in with the fantasy people…We WERE looking (all summer) for a player or two to give us a boost…and we got one, even if he is a robot…I refer to Ozil of course… Good point earlier about Giroud, who did seem to go into a shell as soon as we let the first one in…

    My point is that there was NOBODY in January who we gonna buy and play ahead of the group today so it’s still 4-nil after twenty mins…and three points dropped. It’s all about the reaction for Weds…

    No way in hell am I going skiing in this crap weather today…(still raining, my ski buddy never called…) so I’m gonna do what I can here at the keyboard to keep the frustration folks from going overboard…At least on this site. Isn’t that what Twitter is for, after all?…

  245. AFC says:

    Simba, to answer your questions quickly.

    1) Lack of other options.
    2) Individually there might not be a big difference but as a partnership with Kos, the Mert-Kos partnership is miles better than the Verm-Kos partnership.
    3) Probably not as he lacks experience and has not developed as we had hoped. He’s done at Arsenal.
    4) Not good enough
    5) Not good enough
    6) Who knows. I’ll say they are about even.
    7) Definitely not. Sagna is the best RB in the Prem while Jenks still has to prove he is even good enough to play for Arsenal.


    christ almighty. I have just seen pelegrini interviewd and the guy is in serious need of a blood transfusion. Are city staying over night in Norwich?. TA, for heavens sake stay indoors and put a clove of garlic on your door.

    That David Silvas a bit of a pretty boy. If I was him and hear a bang on the door tonight, unless he wants Pelegrini sucking him off, i wouldnt bloody answer.

  247. 17highburyterrace says:

    Simba, you seem frustrated…

    To answer your questions…

    1: Arteta is in because Flamini is banned…Indeed, he seems a step slower these days. Struggling for fitness himself?

    2. TV5 not on the bench today. Injured? Agreed, Vermaelen is a fine CB, when fit.

    3. Coquelin is not better than Flamini nor Arteta, IMO. Failed loan spell in Germany probably enhances this view…

    4&5 McCarthy and Diame are not demonstrably superior to our current players, IMO and thus not worthy of a roster spot. What sort of contracts would they be on if we had bought them.

    6. Giroud is not better than Bendtner but does use the weight room rather than spending his time on Cigar Afficiado…

    7. Jenks better or equal to Sagna? Now you’re having a laugh…

    Haha, looks like AFC beat me to it and used fewer lines in doing so…

  248. AFC says:

    ahaha 17 shows we at least agree on something. 🙂

  249. 17highburyterrace says:

    The group is stretched for sure but let’s not get crazy. We dropped exactly one more point today than Man City did…And their squad cost how much more than ours? Gonna have to trust the manager and the players to get their heads together for the big one on Weds…

    OK, ski partner coming over but just for coffee… 😆

    As such, let the frustrations fly… L8RZ


    By the way, great post Ozzy baby.

    Onwards and upwards

  251. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Terry, I am safe with Van Wolfs Winkel in town! 😛

  252. AB says:

    We are going to have crap days over the course of a season, and this has been one. Not much point analysing it to death if you ask me. Calls for Wenger to go, because we lost a game, are laughable. Equally, comments that we are fundamentally not good enough, stretch credulity given where we are in the league and our performances over 25 games (plus cups). This is basically the same side that has done the business for us, has been so disciplined and patient in getting goals, and even more so when keeping the opposition at bay in defence. The team had a bad day, and not enough individually put in the effort. The general sense on this site though is that we will show proper fight next week against manure, and I certainly hope so. A large glass needed tonight for sure. But after our next win we will be feeling more hopeful and the progress we have made this season will not be so easy to forget.

  253. Gerry says:

    That was embarrassing. Naive. And we need a DM!

    Luckily we have until Wednesday to get it sorted.

    The good news is, on that performance, Liverpool have every chance of taking 3 points off the other contenders …. well if they play like we did, they have?

    I cannot think of another positive at the moment .. Oh yes, I shall remember to put my lucky scarf on come Wednesday. I was on the phone during the first 20 minutes and I sort of forgot … ?

    At least City dropped two points against Norwich …

    Later …. like … Thursday morning ….?

  254. AFC says:

    Wow even Gerry is not impressed and cannot find much positive things to take from the game.

  255. Positive !…….BK has gone over 1.5 million hits !. My logic reaches far !. hahaha

  256. AB says:

    AFC. Agreed, there really is nothing positive to say from our performance – the best would be we didn’t have any new injuries! But the play itself, zilch. Hopefully it can only get better…..


    Noooo TA, keep Van Wolfs Winkel indoors. Fozz was right about Pellegrin, hes probably a master vampire, controlling man and beast

    I have experience of this things. About ten years ago I was sent a large casket from some Romainian bloke that I had swindled a lot of money off.

    I was thinking, whys Ivan sending me something? he hates me.

    Anyway, about two in the morning I felt a chill in the air whilst in bed with the Mrs, quite commen, but chilier than usual, so opened my eyes to see a man resembling Liberache, but with hugh teeth standing by the end of the bed.

    Straight away I knew he was undead but thought he would be after the Mrs so remained calm

    “Look Liberache, if you want to suck the Mrs be my guest, I will just go downstairs and watch some comedy on Dave”

    “You misunderstand Mancini, I am Garyracula and it is you that I will suck off tonight”

    What ensued TA was a life and death struggle. On a couple of occasions Gayracula pinned me down, the only noise been the Mrs snoreing on he background, but on each occasion I managed to just about fend him off as he tried to roger from behind

    Just as I was beggining to lose the fight, and felt a terrible tingling in my rear, I managed to snatch the framed picture of Denis Bergkamp I keep by the bedside and shoved it into the fiends member.

    It was terrible TA. The fiend melted in front of my eyes, and I hugged my DB10 picture and wept.

    What a nightmare. accosted by gayracula. and the Mrs was safe. hahahaha

    Put the garlic on your door TA

  258. James Bond says:

    how can he be impressed when it was all his fault @ AFC ?

    we can not forgive him for forgetting to wear the lucky scarf, by 20 minutes the game was already done and dusted.

    agreed @ 17HT – hence I keep saying, we must keep working with what we have and get the best out of them, ok, so Ozil went missing but he wasn’t the only one –

    enjoy your cuppa with your ski buddy, hopefully he’s not a scouser or a liverpool fan,ha

    my west ham mates and chelsea mates have all magically appeared on my phone, left right and center – oh the irony

    if only the season ended in the first week of February, I tell them – if only but it doesn’t and hence we Marshall onto May, all guns blazing

    ahahhahahahahahahahahahahah @ TMHT – he does look like a vampire, indeed ahaahahhaahahahahaha

  259. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry hahaha

    I have bought up all available garlic in Norwich


    Bondy, if you need to talk about your twins, let me know. Get TA to give you my email, I have experience about these things and would like to help.

    AB, you have to be the most sound poster of all time. I always find myself agreeing with every thing you say.

    Cornwall, my mate. You are one funny F*ucker hahaha

    Got to go. My latest bird is picking me up at 8. And no, she hasnt got feathers.

    Keep the Faith


    Wise move my Dutch Master

    Till tommorow

  262. AFC says:

    JB, normally Gerry is one of the most optimistic and positive people on BK. I not one for scarfs and all that but you have wonder is Gerry’s scarf more lucky than I have been thinking.


    Dont worry about Gerry AFC. He is a tough old nut.

    Pass your exams and pullplenty of birds


  264. James Bond says:

    cheers Terry, I can appreciate all the help I can get but not sure if your experience of banging 2 fit twin romanian girls at the same time will do me any good 👿

    that he is, but c’est la vie…

    all the players should chip in and reimburse all the travelling supporters, for travel, ticket and food and then £100 on top for putting in such a shambolic display – so instead of donating it to charity and so on, I think our away fans deserve it and this gesture should be taken by the players themselves – do it you Gooners (it’s peanuts compared to what you make every week), if you really are sorry then put your money where your mouth is and then take down Man utd on wednesday or else you will have to end up paying for the 60,000 fans at the Emirates, ha

    no but seriously, I think it’s a good gesture , if the Management do this…a sorry isn’t simply good enough for the travelling supporters, and boy were they vocal from start to finish , even in the 90th minute they did not stop singing.

    marvelous .

  265. Simba Murerwa says:

    AFC I might seem lost at times bt the support given to the likes of Arteta is more than what they are giving back. Sagna is good yes but like last season he finished the season playing poorly. Jenkinson has played in big games and has proven good although littered with some nightmmare performances here and there as expected from someone of his age. Apart from Ramsey and Rosicky we are lacking someone who can carry the team in times of need. We seem to win when the whole team is in form.players like Arteta, Sagna, Per, and Ozil need to take responsibility. Compare to John Tery when the chips are down you can see him not shouting but pushing on the young lads I have never seen Bacary do that. I dont go with you when you say Diame and McCarthy are not good enough. That is very debatable for sure. We need characters who fight, who have confidence and who take the game to the opposition. Ozil must replace Cesc and give us the drive that Cesc used to give us. On which player is our game centred? It is easy to say Coqeulin has failed when he hasnt been given enough opportunities. Loan spells are difficult to assess players because of a variety of reasons eg type of play, position etc. The fact of the matter is that we haven’t replaced Song, Ces and RVP.

  266. AFC says:

    Simba, I’m with on the point that we need to invest but we need to do it smartly. Let’s find SQ players who will be able to play for us for the next 10 years. Diame and McCarthy are average Prem players in my opinion. For the midfield area lets try and bring in someone of the Yaya, Khedira quality. On Ozil he will never be like Cesc. Cesc was more of a traditional number 10 who stayed central and was more of a complete midfield player. Ozil is more a false 10 who will drift from wing to wing looking for pockets of space.

  267. 17highburyterrace says:

    Had more coffee with my ski buddy but now you’ve all shoved off…Still only noon here…

    I think a big positive is that Wilshere lasted the whole 90. The boy’s got passion and, if he can marry that to discipline (and durability) we might have a real player on our hands. He’s still got a bit to learn about how to play with markers who stay off him (until he gets the ball) but that will come… He actually showed me a lot today… Hopefully nobody took any knocks today…At least beyond this one… 😯

    We’ll see how United go tomorrow but I fear another run out against an already defeated Fulham won’t hurt them. If they get all their guns firing we’ll have to play out of our skins on Weds. One would think we might show up for that one, at the very least. Still, they’ve got some real talent in their squad so I picture a tight battle. They’ll be playing with “nothing to lose” so coping with that extra pressure (in front of the “highest priced ticket buyers in Europe”) is another element…

    We’ve got two key players missing. One is a specialist (Theo) who, on his day, changes the landscape. The other is a jack of all trades, never loses confidence, runs all day type, who was (finally) finding some form (Ramsey). Trying to replace either with players just back from injury or at either end of their career (i.e., too young or too old) is gonna be tough. Likewise, suggesting there are ready-made replacements we should’ve bought or brought in on loan makes me ask for the names. If they’re a) not ready to play or b) not clearly better than the up and comers (Jack, Ox, Gnabry, Theo, Ramsey OR the guys who played…) or c) not available, I don’t want to hear about it…The fact that nobody has answered my call for names suggests I may have a point…OK, Simba has given me names (or at least ideas–and then repeated them, rather than answering or responding to my objections…)

    But now, of course, I (too) am repeating myself…

    And continuing in that vein…It’s quite obvious to me that our team was never going to be a crushing machine to take on all comers. Hell, we failed to match the team from 10 years ago on opening day! As such, if we want to play at “being manager” I would suggest it’s about accepting that bad days will happen and moving forward, incrementally, is the only way. Just as we were “beaten” on opening day, we were beaten today (and we got beaten in our two matches in Manchester). So, we’ve lost 4 (in the league, 7 in all comps). How many had we lost by this date last season?

    Our culture is geared toward instantaneous gratification so working at things over a period is not so prized. As low as today’s match might be, I am very pleased that we are where we are and I’m grateful to management for getting us there. If people don’t feel likewise but suggest that they could “manage” the team better, I believe pity is the appropriate response. Call me delusional if you like, but consult a mirror for the real answer… 😀

  268. AFC says:

    Up front I would have got Berbatov or Traore. Holtby for the wing? Heintinga for DM? Essien on a one year deal?

  269. AFC says:

    17ht, there’s some players.

  270. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Simba, I’m really not trying to get on you, and I can sense the optimism in your ideas (you too AFC)–I’m just trying to encourage actually thinking these things through. Today would’ve been quite a spot for Coquelin or Jenkinson (or Diame or McArthur, Verm, of course, didn’t make the bench)…

    We have to face it that we cannot compete with the super money clubs so we have to be extra smart when we do spend…When talking spending remember that prices go up if it’s Arsenal and some players will not be available (i.e., Chelsea would not have sold Mata to us, just as they wouldn’t loan us Demba Ba). Then there’s the contract (which soon will generally cost more than fees…) and the fact that you’re taking away playing time from developing players who might actually grow even if they make mistakes or “fail” on the day…

    It’s fine (IMO) to list frustrations but to claim solutions is quite another…(It’s not that it can’t be done, but you have to think through all the ramifications if you truly want to “play manager.”)

    On that note, I think we should’ve bought Berbatov (before Falcao went down and) Monaco came in for him… He couldn’t have been worse than Giroud today… 😀

  271. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, I wrote Berbs just as you did, AFC…

    Don’t know if any of those guys would’ve started over the guys we had today, but for depth, perhaps… Don’t know the tall guy, never impressed by Holtby, Chelsea won’t sell to us, etc. Berbs, however… (runs and hides from Gerry and his scarf…)

  272. 17highburyterrace says:

    Heitenga? Let’s see what TA (the Dutchman says…) Woeful, IMO… (Cabaye, I think is the one that got past us, but with Flamini for just his contract price, I can’t fault management…)

  273. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, seriously, I don’t want to fight and I appreciate that you look for players with a wider eye than I do…Just encouraging you to look at the entire picture when it comes to building a team given ALL the constraints on management…That said, even Kroenke seemed a bit grippy with his pillow and blanket today when the camera caught him in the stadium…

  274. AFC says:

    The Spurs man is pacey 17 and would have been a decent squad player for us. The dutchman is still good enough to protect the back four? Traore for PRESENCE! and could have done something today. Fully agree on Berbs!

  275. AFC says:

    177, I get where your coming from, we’re cool. The thing about loam signings is that they often do not impress but do not disappoint. However they could end up winning you three points like Yossi did for us.

  276. AFC says:

    Källström may end up scoring a vital goal for us when he returns.

  277. 17highburyterrace says:

    So, did Traore move in the window–it would save me looking it up?… Otherwise, you’re giving me a little hope for Fulham for tomorrow (but very little, in truth… Holtby seems kinda decent but another maybe too small for England…De Jong is the better Dutch DM but never gonna move from Milan, except for too much money…) We’ll get it sorted over the summer, I hope and Flamini (after Weds) will be “like a new signing”…

    I like what you said to Simba–unless a player is CLEARLY better (or SQ) than our current options allowing our young guys to develop into their roles could a good thing… (Ox and JW going 90 today could be seen that way)…

  278. 17highburyterrace says:

    Missed a couple of commas in there, but you get the point…

    A real problem is our spot in “the market” We’ve got enough money but can’t afford to waste it…Gotta get value for money but also keep the squad fully confident and (thus) playing at it’s best. 2 (or more) quality players in every position only works when you can afford to pay off endless “deadwood” characters. We’ve been down that road so each move must produce…Agreed then about loans but still think they wouldn’t have helped us much today…

  279. James Bond says:

    Trarore is at Everton, they Hijacked him from West ham, after the hammers got his work permit sorted and so on .


    if we wanted, we could have had much much better players than lewis H and so on, but as you all know – January transfer window means, paying over the odds and let’s be honest – AW himself said he only started looking after the Ramsey set back which was on the monday and by friday we had a crocked player signing up…

    I think we should change our sponsors to bupa and nhs .

    this transfer talk and transfer business really sends me into one and leaves me gutted, hence I keep requesting you to not mention what we could have done and all that, it’s not good for anybody really other than raising your blood pressure 😀

  280. proudgooner says:

    I am gutted about today’s result.
    The positives we can take is what we have learnt from this defeat. I think we all agree that Rosicky is probably a big match player and for our fast slick passing game he gives us a little more. I would put him in over Jack for United
    I think a big problem today was we were to concerned about defending and that is all we ended up doing. That started with Wenger and he knows he got this wrong. We did not need more DM’ers we needed to attack them and score. Who is there DM? where is there weak spot? In defence and we did not exploit it. Instead we were quivering and planning on stopping SAS, we should have gone in hard on them in the first few challenges “let them know we are there” and double up on them were possible. even whind up Luis get him sent off unsettle him.
    Still none of this takes away the fact Liverpool were excellent today, we were poor.
    We conceaded 26 goals in 25 games —— 11 were against chity and Liverpool.
    If we clean sheeted them 2 games it would have -15 all season so far.
    We have a great defence despite what today’s result says, i just worry that we are going slighty to defensive.
    I have also noticed in many games this season when we break or go forward we don’t have anyone in the box to finish it off.
    Another thing we might learn from today is the fact Liverpool played with 2 strikers and we have not done that all season. Spuds started doing it lately and had some good results . It is a system played for decades with good effect and should be played by us sometimes.
    I don’t think Positives is the right word to use instead i should say take the lesson.
    1- Should we play with 2 strikers in some matches?
    2-Are we getting slighty to defensive in our set-up?
    3-Against better defences is it asking to much from Giroud to play a lone striker?
    4-What tactics would you go for against united?
    5-Would you prefer 2 wingers or 2 strikers? Could Giroud and Bentdner form a strong partnership? of course we could get another striker for a partnership in future.

  281. James Bond says:

    Fulham have made the most of the transfer window in my opinion @ me amigo

    they will do well and be safe from relegation, they have made very smart and shrewd signings…the best of the lot.

  282. proudgooner says:

    Or it could be if it aint broke don’t fix it and call it for what it is , a poor performance were we just did not turn up for what ever reason.

  283. James Bond says:

    no, no no , not over JW for man utd @ PG

    Rosicky needs to come in for OX

    OX, Poldi are your super subs for that game

    we control and dominate man utd with the likes of JW, Rosicky, Ozil and Santiago – they will conduct, orchestrate, terrorize and dominate the man utd bank of 4-4-2 with our 4-5-1 .

    trust me when I say this, we will be fine for man utd, with the same players but only a little tweak by benching OX (he needs a rest as well ).

  284. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, 007, you don’t have to ask me twice to lay off the transfer talk… 😆 Let’s see who does well at the WC and then we can all have new lists of guys to buy…(btw is Brazil on our off? you might need to work some extra hours to pay for them boys on the way, no?…)

    Off topic, but here’s a video about an Olympic competitor and where I live in (much) better weather…

  285. AFC says:

    17, after the whole Anzhi situation Monaco bought Traore and then loaned him out to Everton. He was supposed to be going to West Ham but Everton high jacked the move.

    I see it like this. Why buy a decent to good player for around 10 million who might not last long when you could have a SQ player like Ozil who is likely to be at Arsenal for the next decade if all goes well. Even though the initial fee and wages might be higher you get more years out of the player meaning that money was well spent.

    We could sign an average to good DM/CM in the summer for around 10-15million who would be good for a 2-3 seasons like De Jong but we would have to replace him with another DM for another 2-3 seasons. Suppose the two DMs add up to 30 million. That works out 5 million on a DM each season if both stay for three seasons.

    I would rather we get a CM/DM of SQ who might cost 30-35 million but has the quality and is young enough to play for around 8 years. That would work out to be around 4 million a season. He can act as a role model for the young players, knows Wenger and the squad inside out etc.

    Wages may be higher for the SQ DM overall but it will be worth it.

  286. AFC says:

    Sorry JB, for all the transfer talk.

  287. James Bond says:

    Gibbs and Rosicky come in for Ox and Nacho = sorted

    it’s these players mess and they must be given an opportunity to put it right – bear in mind , they are the ones who will have to play liverpool again and then the big one against Bayern Munich.

    we must let them gain confidence and if we win against man utd and liverpool then our confidence will be back for bayern munich and sky high.

    persistence is the way to go, they had 1 bad day today so all of a sudden, they do not become bad players…

    leave them be as well as AW – all the slating and gunning for their head is uncalled for.

  288. proudgooner says:

    Remember what Master Bruce Lee said 2 the best form of defence is attack”

  289. AFC says:

    I’m off now guys. 17 et al good speaking to you guys. 🙂

  290. 17highburyterrace says:

    I dunno James…IF Rooney and RvP and Mata can figure it out…then the JJ kid could be dangerous on Weds… 😉 Our defense needs to regroup and quick. Hell, Rooney putting pressure on Arteta and JW has me getting bitch twitchy already… Transfers (and suspensions) and injuries are hard to legislate but a couple more motors in there (Flambo) would make me less so…

    Definitely think that JW knows what’s at stake. Arsenal win that match, JW (and Ozil) clicking things in MF and he’s suddenly a key player in Brazil. If the United players (and the ref) get the better of him, I fear for his trip…

  291. AFC says:

    Forgot to say that SQ DM/CM is hard to find of course. ; )

  292. 17highburyterrace says:

    Night night AFC, still don’t get all the math and the calls for SQ then the names you mentioned, but I’m (very) happy to leave it for another day…

  293. proudgooner says:

    It is always good to consider other options, we don’t want to be to 1 dimensional. It is more for the future. Changing something drastically for the big matches coming up would be dangerous

  294. James Bond says:

    17HT and AFC,

    it’s not that but it’s futile to even discuss it now – what’s done is done, we must move on from the shambolic january tw – it really doesn’t do anyone any good , that’s all 🙂 you know I’m a big transfer talk junkie myself but the more we remind ourselves of the january tw the more it peeves me off, ha

    the video isn’t available for my part of the woods @ 17HT

  295. proudgooner says:

    I rate Jack very highly, i am just not sure i rate him more then Rosicky . Rosicky has expiriance and maturity on his side . They are all great though, i haop we give united a good hiding. That is what the doctor ordered now i know.

  296. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ah, too bad, James, re: the vid…I’ll try to find it elsewhere… Agreed re the Transfer Window…Your sauce should be well aware that it’s not like heading down to the Waitrose…

    Agreed that it’d be nice if Fulham (and their signings) could give ManU a bit of game tomorrow…

  297. proudgooner says:

    You guys am i doing the right thing? Everytime i want to see new comments i click the top left bergkampesque then click on the post , then scroll down? Is there a faster way i am missing? If not there needs to be. lol

  298. proudgooner says:

    You seen Fulhams fixtures? 3 top four teams in 4 matches.

  299. 17highburyterrace says:

    PG, I hit the refresh button on my screen when I’m already in the thread…If it’s a new thread I click on the title then hit the end button on my keyboard. I also think some “mouse pads” or “track pads” allow you to tap on the bottom to get you there as well… Scrolling all the way shouldn’t be necessary…

  300. proudgooner says:

    Thanks 17 , but i cant see any refresh button, all this time i have been on here that is what i have been doing.

  301. proudgooner says:

    oh i just right clicked then pressed re-load i think that did it mate, thanks

  302. proudgooner says:

    I have probably been great for TA’s blogging views ha ha ha

  303. James Bond says:

    or press F5 key on your keyboard.

  304. James Bond says:

    Fulham, Liverpool – these 2 teams will give everyone a game and take off points from our direct rivals.

    I much rather play liverpool, swansea and teams who like to play as opposed to the teams fighting for relegation – they are tough to crack and frustrate you till the very end @ 17HT

    Fulham have made 3 or 4 quality signings which will give them impetus tomorrow and that German fella isn’t half bad but not Arsenal quality though.

  305. proudgooner says:

    oh sound thanks JB, you learn something new everyday.
    MOTD going to be painful, Lineker is looking really happy :/

  306. proudgooner says:

    It is a really good point JB, these teams that people are saying are easy games, when them team are fighting to be in the PL could cause loads of shocks.

  307. Admir says:

    Names? I’ll give you names.

    1) Marouane Fellaini – yes, he has been crappy at Manure but had he signed for us at the beginning of the summer transfer window, he would have been a perfect addition to our midfield. Furthermore, his presence in our box at set-pieces would have allowed Wenger to play without Giroud and with a pacey striker down the middle.

    2) When it comes to strikers, we had put all our eggs into Luis Suarez-shaped basket. (We signed Yaya Sanogo, young Frenchman who has been incredibly injury prone and has shown that he is on his way to fulfill his dream to be like Abou Diaby (he actually said something like that) except Diaby has had good moments in our shirt as well. Given how injury prone Sanogo has been, it’s another example of negligence – Arsenal pay wages to two players that haven’t participated in our campaign.)
    When it comes to pacey strikers, Juventus signed Tevez for peanuts. Papiss Cisse would have been a gamble (this is actually a pun that wasn’t intended) but if anyone could have returned Cisse to his best form, it’s Wenger.

    City drew at Norwich but I’ve read somewhere that Yaya Toure should get a three-match-ban for something he did. True?

  308. James Bond says:

    yep, credit goes to you for that Admir…

    really disturbing reports coming out :

    1 : Giroud had a fling at 3 am last night , in a hotel – it’s in a newspaper so if it’s incorrect then we can sue, I doubt if it’s made up or else they wouldn’t be putting it on the front pages ( The irish sun)

    3: there was a training ground bust up between Per and Admir’s favourite striker Yaya – source the daily telegraph.


  309. oz gunner says:

    love the hit grabbing headline:

    Sounds like an incidental clash but they’re making it out to be a fisticuffs exchange

  310. Admir says:

    1.Giroud has admitted that he was poor against Liverpool. I agree with him but then again, it’s not that he has ever excelled in big matches. Now, I was a bit worried when I saw Szczesny’s FB-page the day before the game. He commented a TV-position in Liverpool hotels. It would have been better had they all thought more about the positioning of Liverpool players.

    2.A training ground bust up… Not a bad thing, to be honest. I remember how my favourite left full-back Bixente Lizarazu once gave a proper slap to his skipper Matthaeus at Bayern training ground. And it wasn’t the only fight at München! Here is a nice video about that:

    JB, hopefully you and Jane have a good night. Best regards to both of you.

  311. oz gunner says:

    don’t believe everything you read BJ. The irish sun…haha. The media likes to smash us as it is but they always have a field day after a big loss. “Arsenal are breaking at the seams blah blah blah”

    “Arsenal also said that the clash with Sanogo had taken place some time ago with Mertesacker having stated in an interview yesterday that he sustained the black eye he sported during the game after being elbowed accidentally by Wojciech Szczesny in training.”

    Media at their lowest as per usual

  312. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sorry Admir, don’t know about the Yaya Toure incident…Might have to check that out…Inneresting reports there too, 007…Giroud didn’t look his best, that’s for sure. Unfortunately Lu-lu wasn’t a whole lot better after he came on…

    Bond is right we *should* move on, but, Admir, you gotta do better with the names if you really wanna play that game…Can you give me prices (fees + contract) to go with them? After that we need a reality check to go with the timing of those moves? There will come a day when Man City sell to us (Tevez) but it has not arrived yet. Or are you suggesting he wants to leave Turin? Likewise, wasn’t Arsenal interest in Fellaini always a ploy just to make Moyes overpay and look like a fool? It’s worked thus far and I thank the lord Dennis we didn’t land him, even if I too was excited by the link (and the “intent” it implied…) at the time… Flamini has outplayed him to date this season, suspension and all, hasn’t he?…

    Cisse would be an upgrade to Sanogo. esp. if the latter can’t get along with the BFG, but so too would Afobe and Bendtner has probably secured us as many points in that one match vs Cardiff…

    I’m really not trying to get a rise out of you or anybody, but I can guarantee that Wenger isn’t doubting his work in the transfer market and is solely focused on getting the best out of the team that we have. He is wary of strengthening direct rivals with transfer money and getting into big contracts with iffy players. Total made the Arshavin comment today and it was funny, but that guy cost us approx 15-18 Million for his fee plus 100k/week for four years (I think)… That point at Anfield was sweet, but all it really did was hand United the title…

    Beating United (on Weds and in the table…) is HUGE. If we can finish ahead of them it will be a big statement. They are ahead of us (financially) even if they pay a guy named “Debt Service” 40 million per season…It appears they can afford the Fellaini Fiasco and still (almost) match us (our Ozil purchase…) by buying Mata. Let’s be clear: Our highest paid guy is Ozil, next comes Theo, then Poldolski. Some would argue that all three aren’t producing. I believe Ozil is doing just fine, Theo (of course), absolutely nothing (for the rest of the year), and Lu-lu not very much more than that. Buying is always a gamble. If we make commitments to players who cannot contribute or legitimately displace our up and coming youngster it just holds us back that much more…

    I realize that I’m being (fiercely) protective of our manager and our current group and thinking long term (to soften the blow of today’s result/performance). Again, I just think if you want to play manager we have to look at the real world constraints. Today, for example, people were stumping for taking Arteta and/or Per off for Vermaelen and he wasn’t even on the bench! That’s almost Pellegrini-esque (vs Bayern in the CL group)!… We’re one injury away from playing Sagna at CB and Jenks at RB as first choices. If there’s an area of negligence from the transfer window, I think that’s the spot… Hindsight is a Mother (of course) and I still can’t erase the images of Per running back at our goal. Frustration is legitimate and assigning blame seems important too… so go for it, if that’s your bag…

    Big match Weds and nothing but rain in the forecast… 😦

  313. Admir says:

    @17, all your remarks make sense…except one thing. I don’t have a scouting network that receives a pay-check every month (or week?). Arsene Wenger has.

    Now, if he has scouts that either a) can’t find players that fit into Arsene’s philosophy or b) aren’t trusted by Wenger, we should think about changing something there.

    Let’s move on. Wenger confirmed that he was looking for a striker that can play with and without Giroud when he had sent those bids for Suarez. That means Wenger knew that we needed a world-class striker ever since Van Judas had left. After Liverpool had rejected our final offer, we didn’t send a serious offer for anyone else.

    Fast forward to January transfer window. The ugliest bottoms of the world were spanked by us on 4th January. The very same day Theo Walcott got injured for the rest of the season. Even if we take into account that Wenger didn’t know immediately that Walcott would be ruled out for the rest of the season – let’s say he found that out on 6th January – he still had 25 days to find a new striker. He had waited until the last day arrived.

    Now, if Arsene Wenger only trusts himself when it comes to recruiting new players, the problem is much bigger than I’ve thought.

  314. Admir says:

    Oh, one more thing about Fellaini:

    I don’t believe he would have been so poor if he had signed for us because our midfield is much better than the one he joined in United. I mean, it’s one thing when you join your new club at the beginning of the transfer window, go to the pre-season tour with them and then play next to talented Wilshere or Ramsey, just behind the Spanish wizard Cazorla and completely another when you leave your club after season had started and then share space in the middle with aging Carrick, not-so-creative Jones or an ex-footballer Fletcher.

  315. 17highburyterrace says:

    Admir, I too think we should move on…The TW is behind us. The note on Theo’s injury rings true and I was really believing we were gonna get Draxler to replace/compete with him in future seasons. He wouldn’t have played today, I don’t think. Wenger clearly looks beyond the single season and the amount of commitment (money) didn’t seem to work on that deal. Fear of mistakes (wasting money) doesn’t affect the manager who’s only thinking of his career and I think it’s good that we’ve thrown in with somebody who does think ahead. (But that’s just me, others are long since sick of the man or believe the structure is inherently wrong…) Would having completed the Draxler deal given the 11 the lift they needed today? Hard to say, but I doubt it…

    I hear your complaints and it’s true we don’t have full access to the info that management should. I just think people cherry-pick their arguments to suit themselves and their moods, often driven by results… My instinct is somewhat the opposite–to critique when the results are good (to avoid getting ahead of ourselves…) and to try and bring a bit of perspective in the heat of frustration. Between the rain and my Western time zone (here) and the crushing we were handed, there was a lot of perspective to try and conjure…

    Points about our MF are well taken. Will Fellaini play against us in midweek? If he does, hopefully Giroud gets his “affairs” in order and keeps his head up–at set pieces at least…

    OK, moving on now…

  316. oz gunner says:

    @ 17

    I think you’ve sold AA a little short there. Yes he wasn’t the best transfer and he definitely drifted out of it towards the end there. However, his impact was seen straight away and with his help we finished in the top 4 (6 goals and 5 assists in 12 appearances). Without him I don’t think we would have been playing champions league football the next season. Not to mention his finish that won us the game against Barcelona. He did score a few goals out on that wing and quite a number of assists.

    For those who have forgotten:

  317. Simba Murerwa says:

    AFC Diame and McCarthy are far from average but they are playing in average teams. We need their defensive work and body presence. We can not buy a SQ player in every position but need to buy players and play them in their natural positions and stop converting almost every player we buy. How many natural wingers and defensive midfielders do we have? Lets buy these players you call average and play them wh they can and not play Chamberlain, Santi, Podolski on the wings when they are struggling in those areas so much. Arteta struggles as an anchorman so why not invest in a proper DM and let Arteta do what he can do best set up goals and scoring himself as a central midfielder.

  318. Gerry says:

    Morning all. Let’s forget about lucky scarves. 17HT is right. The problem we face is not going to be solved by anything other than with the players we have. JB is right. ‘Might have been’s’ in the TW does not help either.

    A little while back I wrote that we need to work out how to play better against teams that press us high up the pitch. We could get away with it against lesser teams ….

    That was the nub of the problem yesterday. It was also a tactical disaster by AW.

    If you want to keep possession you need to have players to play back to, not just to play going forwards? If we are being pressed in the middle third then it would have been smart to draw some of their players forwards in order to open up space for us to counter. What we got was us trying to impose our passing game too far forward when they were always going to be out numbered. Mind it helps if they move the ball accurately.and preferably not ‘hospital passes’ to someone who is going to be closed down straight away?

    In trying to ‘start quickly’, as opposed to some of our recent games, we made the fatal mistake of trying to score early at a time when ‘pool were at their sharpest.

    If AW tells Sagna and Monreal to support the attack you can hardly blame them for being caught upfield when they have speedy players one-on one with Mert. The temporary switch with Kos on the right did not help much, as they were quite quick down the other side too. But the big weakness was the fact the DM’s who should be covering for the advancing full backs, were in advanced positions themselves, or at least half of them.

    That said. Two goals from set pieces, is simply not good enough for the ‘best defensive pairing in the EPL’. But at set pieces it is not just about the ‘pair’ is it? What happened to the organisation of the others? As for the 3rd goal, two players at the far post just drifted around there completely unmarked??? One of them was Sturridge for crying out loud! I won’t go near the fourth goal … or the 5th … Wait a minute, yes I will, it was off side. Non of this you can’t blame the officials for missing that, McMannacrap It is their job to do so, and guessing for the difference after that, I would say the guy was informed he got it wrong, because he got a lot more difficult calls right?
    I would like to praise Desi Gunner on a point he made in his preview. Whereas I mentioned Kos dropping behind Per to give him an overall view as to who he might have to get across to cover if they got past Per, Desi pointed out that this also was a weakness, if Per thinking they were all level with him so any playing getting behind him would be off side? Third goal I think was a case in point, as well as saved ones?

    Moving on. ManU will undoubtedly try similar tactics, but let’s not forget, they are still crap even with Mata. But if we are that worried about him stick someone on him to mark him. The ideal player for that role would have been Yannaris – doh!, Coquelin – presumed injured, not played since his return?, Flamini ideally – banned, so who? Arteta hasn’t the pace. Wilshere would almost certainly foul him. Ox may be? But even that does not get over our deficiencies in handling a team who will station themselves with 8 players on or around the halfway line.

    What we need is Walcott as the farthest man forwards? In his absence, Stick Gnabry down that right side and whoever our best passers are, get them to fire at him at will. Not Sagna right up the pitch. Not Cazorla who will want to come inside. Somebody with pace to at least get the players turning around so the likes of Rosicky or the Ox can race up and give the Gnabs a target in the middle. Indeed, if we were of a mind to ‘rest Ozil’ have Ox doing similar on the other wing? Not Gibbs or Monreal, they need to be ready to defend early on. That way we have an attacking threat, but also a full complement of defenders back.

    I will say again. Mid week, please have Hayden on the bench. He played in the Under 21’s on Friday again, but he is vital should anything happen to Arteta – I know, there is Sagna, but he will be required for defensive duties down the line. Not only that, in a set piece situation, he does add height in there.

    That concludes my review/preview … only done so because I am reluctant to go out with the dogs in 90mph gust of wind in this area. But make of it what you will ..
    I can see another TA post coming on ..’Is Ozil better kept out of the top games -debate?’


    100% spot on Gerry

    What I would say however, is that the high press is not as effective against us at the Grove

    At home we move the ball so well that we can usually escape this trap

    Our season will be decided at home. Utd, Liverpool, Munich all coming up.

    We are more than capable of turning in the big performances. In fact, I think we will go and win this league now. I see you can get 8-1. Off to the bookie to put a bet on

  320. Fozzie B says:

    Greetings Bastards !! Haha !! 😆
    Yes, no salubrious greetings from me today!!
    Fozzie B is in the foulest of moods!!
    I feel violated!
    My Gooner Dialect Boner has been bitten down to size by Skelator, a 17 year old and the worst Michael Jackson player known to man!!
    Only way for my Boner to recover to a semi is if we can beat Manure on Wednesday!!
    Lose or draw that and I will be hibernating with my Henry teddy and impaling my self on Jim Hensons mummified hand sucking on my Bergkamp Pacifier!!

    To compound things I have Chav Kermit sending me pictures of him doing the running man to “Come on Eileen” (changed to Maureen)!!
    He is a funny bastard I got to admit!
    Didn’t stop me kneeing him in Bristols when I saw him though!! 😆

  321. Fozzie B says:

    * Michael Jackson impersonator!!

  322. Fozzie B says:

    …… And that’s what happened to Chav Kermit !!


  323. Fozzie B says:

    Manure 2-1 up boooooooo

  324. RA says:

    Greetings Bastardillo Foxxie Fozzie. 🙂

    Anytime you need cheering up, send for the other well known blue blooded furry bastardillo, Cockie. 🙂

  325. RA says:


    Just caught up with your brilliant pre-match Post and you have my undying admiration — still!! 🙂

    How are things with you? I have lost touch somewhat – so how is your career progressing and also where are you hiding the Clog Meister of BK. 🙂

  326. Fozzie B says:

    Teenwolf let’s one in 2-2!! Thank you Dennis!!

  327. RA says:


    How come your comment time line shows 10:02? Did you scare everyone off the non-post match BK for 7 hours and 20 minutes?

    You are some scary dude!! 🙂

  328. RA says:

    Oi Fozzie, it is only good manners to respond to brotherly greetings. 🙂

    Especially as we are the only ones here on ghost town BK. What has happened to Total Arsenal?

  329. Fozzie B says:

    Redders you will be happy that Sidwell got man of the match!! 😆
    It’s red all round!! Simply Red singer watching the Manure game right next to old red nose!! I hope those comments don’t make me “gingerest”??!!
    We could do with a ginger at the Arsenal!!
    You can’t best a Scottish Ginger for maximum firepower!!!! 😆

  330. RA says:

    Arriverderci then. 🙂

  331. Fozzie B says:

    It’s post Liverpool Manic Depression Redders!!
    Our Gooner Dialect Boner army has been compromised!!
    I was ready for rat teeth marks but not for the Skelator/17 yr old/MJ combo!!
    We got to best Manure after today!! 😀

  332. RA says:

    You are just trying to scare me, Fozzie! A simply red ginger, that makes my eyes go in circles trying to visualise that!! 🙂

    Actually, altho I have enjoyed my brief visit to the supreme BK blog, I have to go – again.

  333. RA says:

    If we beat Manure, Fozzie we will win the league, if we lose, we will still win the league, thats what that miserable doomer Terry told me. Oh wait — ‘miserable doomer’ and ‘Terry’ are not possible conjunctives. Cheerful, optimistic Terry – now that works. 🙂

    Bye, Foz. Maybe tomorrow! 🙂

  334. Admir says:

    Hello, RA and Fozzie! 😀

    Manure are really poor. They couldn’t beat the worst team in Top 5 European leagues. A lot of boners will appear on this respected page if we beat that ugly bunch led by certain Rusty van Prick so TA will have to change the name of the blog to Bonercampesque!

  335. proudgooner says:

    I love it! I love watching manure losing. The thought of RVJ and Rooney playing in the Europa league just makes me laugh lol

  336. Fozzie B says:

    Boneresque!! Admir you just got MarleyKaze up from his deathbed!! The poor bugger got blood poisoning from the afore mentioned Hampton wounds from the Mugsmashers!!
    He is now polishing the drip in anticipation of Wednesday!!

    The greedy badger and Shrek in Europa … Ahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!

  337. TotalArsenal says:

    Redders 🙂

    Sometimes silence is golden!

  338. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

  339. Alcide says:

    I finally convinved myself to look at the highlights, relunctantly. What can I say… I’m glad that we don’t have a complete meltdown on this site, I was afraid like 17ht we’d throw toys out of the pram (by the way thanks for all your posts in that difficult time, 17!). We are after all the best team over the last 12 months, that has to count for something.

    But then what happened? Gerry is pointing to a tactical diaster, and I can imagine that either AW tried to do something that we weren’t ready for (Gerry spot on again?), or the players just couldn’t make it work? Now I hate it when, after a looong spell of good results, something goes wrong and suddenly everyone goes with their “I told you so”, but I find myself a bit in that situation (so bear with me and what follows).

    From the highlights (didn’t want to go through the full 90’…) I felt I was watching the team from the first half of last season, disjointed, too much space between the lines, back 2 or four directly exposed and at the mercy of a single long pass, holding a line too high for Per and our holding DM to hold (lack of pace). But I have a feeling that could be corrected.

    What worries me a bit more, is what we have seen several times this season despite our excellent run for the past year – at different times against BD, Everon, Southampton, City, and now Liverpool – great difficulty in setting up our game against an aggressive, fast pressing team (“gegenpress”).

    And this is probably compounded by the loss of our top fast paced outlet/solution up front (Theo), the lack of Ramsey’s engine and overall quality, and Flamini’s (stupid) absence. Even more so against Liverpool, as Gerry mentioned, the “play back to” solutions were very scarce, and their fast paced front 3 just killed us (the 2 set pieces is something else, but I believe we will fix it). If we don’t improve on that urgently, I’m afraid LIverpool, City, Everton maybe will hurt us again, Bayern can destroy us… We need a strategic, tactical solution when we can’t play our slow build up passing game.

    I am one of the Arteta fans, despite his lack of physical prowess and is slow pace he greatly contributed to stabilize our defense the second part of last season, but I must say that since he got back from injury (Southampton?), he seems not only slower, but half a second late on every action. Our possession game si a double edged sword, when one or 2 of its key players (double DM) does not cope against better teams (hence the need for a “midfield superiority” DM), it leaves us very exposed. But it’s not fair to put the blame on someone.

    Have we had (a) bad performance(s) because we’re missing a few key players? Or have we been more clearly “figured out” by other teams? Can we continue to try to play and impose our game against top teams, without tactical adjustments? It had been a rare occurence, but it’s a few times now I cringe having to look at Per trying to sprint back in defense… Per is a fantastic defender but not with a high line. Do you think the return of Flamini will alleviate the problem? Or will Rambo (but that might be too late to be match fit for the march fixtures after more than 2 months out)?

    I am unfortunately not qualified to povide answers, but would love to to hear how our best posters think we can adjust to deal with those issues against the top teams we have to play agaisnt in the next 2 months.

    For now, and I’m sorry for the cliché but we need to bounce back, and our ability to do so has been defining our good season so far.

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