Still feeling down? Four ways to put things in perspective

July 2009 096

In the aftermath of the harrowing nightmarish early kickoff on Saturday, there were a couple of memes doing the rounds which made me shake my head and laugh out loud in a weird self deprecating frustrated “why-us” kind of a way. The memes fit completely with my lame sense of humor, yet they made fun of Arsenal, so I was at a loss to react. Add to this the fact that the defeat was still too fresh, and I didn’t know which way to turn.


One of the memes had three pictures, the first one had Arsene Wenger shouting “Don’t let Suarez score”, the second photo had Kos and BFG pumping their fists and saying “mission accomplished” and the third photo had Arsene with his head in his hands.

The second meme also had three photos, first one had Mourinho with the caption “The Special One”, the second had Pellegrini with the caption “The Tactical One” and third had Arsene with the caption “Five One”.

photo (9)

I leave you now to shake your head at the sheer apt genius humor behind these two memes and the sheer pain both of them caused me (and all of you)!

But on a more serious note, the Liverpool defeat leaves us rather scarred and demoralized, but it’s important at this juncture for both club and fans to not lose sight of the bigger picture and support our team in getting to gettable goals.

1 – We as a club, supporters and team alike, need to move on from this “we are going to lose” mindset. It’s a game, and Liverpool were masterful even though we were dismal. It seems as if they were playing Playstation football and we were playing Nintendo football. However, this defeat does not take away from the fact that we are second in the league (by one point), still in the FA Cup and still in the UCL. Last season at this point in time we were crying about qualifying for the UCL.

2 – Arsene will do what Arsene does. As someone who works in Marketing and has to make decisions everyday which people don’t agree with, I can empathize with Arsene. At the end of the day we have to have faith in his ability to sort the team out. After all, barring our games against the big teams, we have done rather well. Oh and we beat Dortmund too. So one dire horrendous (add your adjective) game does not make us into a bad squad or Arsene into a loser manager. He is not. He is a smart man who makes smart calls. The smart calls have a certain degree of success, I’d say in the high 90s and it’s a good percentage to operate from. Let’s have faith in him and in the team. If he did not buy in the January window he had reasons. We have to have faith in that. We should not lose sight of the fact that he is the decision maker, not us. And we must also remember that hindsight is forever 20-20.

3 – If we go back to the start of the season, I think all of us believed that a cup was a realistic hope of breaking the jinx, and yet we have been led down the garden path with dreams of an EPL Championship! Well let’s put it all into perspective. For me, the way forward is about making sure we beat United and Liverpool to make sure we stay in the hunt in both the EPL and the FA CUP. It will also give us much needed confidence to take into future games. In fact I’d say the FA CUP is a more realistic silverware hope than the EPL. Having said that, if we lose in one we may lose in the other. Form is connected, so we need to fight on in both fronts. United must be defeated, if for nothing else than for the fact that I want to see the Dutch Skunk (who once upon a time I had a lot of respect for) be on the losing side. Then Liverpool at home. We can win both. We just need to get our head straight.

Sadly, I’d say the UCL has to go. I’m not sure we have the squad to focus on three fronts. And UCL is not winnable (I hope to God I’m proven wrong). Bayern is beatable yes, but not worth diverting resources from the FA CUP and the EPL.

4 – Perspective. The Liverpool game was utterly abject (add your own adjective here), but listen, we have all seen how momentum can carry a team. The first goal was offside, the second one was bad defending and then Liverpool went from strength to strength and we collapsed. My only problem is that we let our heads drop. Heck, we could have been 5-0 in 20 minutes. I want to see a reaction, and all the noises I’ve heard from the team and the manager suggest that they want it as well. This is the only time I can remember in recent history when Arsene has indirectly even blamed himself.

So, let’s not vilify but let’s hope! Let’s back this team and let’s keep believing! It’s got us this far, why can’t it carry us a little further?!




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89 Responses to Still feeling down? Four ways to put things in perspective

  1. alcide says:

    Thanks Umair for some uplifting perspective, and faith – and this blog doesn’t lack either. I’ll just add to your point 4 – it was like a boxer that steps into the ring with one tactical idea -be aggressive, go on the offensive, then gets knocked out, stands up, gets knocked again, gets up once more, his brain fired, and instead of trying to regain composure, and catch his breath, goes on autopilot back to his game plan… be aggressive, go on the offensive… and we know the rest.

  2. 17highburyterrace says:

    Very fine, Umair…and I couldn’t agree more… The great thing is that we have a chance to show our mettle…and it’s in 46 hours time! Playing in a preservation mode for the final 70 minutes of *that* match, I think, showed an inspiring sense of “collective maturity.” Shows of “fight” or “passion” like getting injured in a (pointless) 50-50 or sent off would have been heroic to some but (to me) would equate to giving up on the team and what we’re trying to accomplish–the ultimate in meaningless gestures. Instead we played our game, stayed fit and took our (bitter) medicine. Now we must react…

    OK, gotta run, Thanks Admir, previous post, for clearing things up. Benching Ozil for this very crucial match, however, still seems like complete insanity…but at least I know you’re treating that as a serious idea (rotating in favor of the FA cup match) rather than throwing (our 50 million Euro) toy(s) in a gesture of frustration… Wenger does get things wrong, but I’m pretty sure he won’t by siding with me on this one…

  3. Thanks Umair 🙂
    Nothing wrong with an uplifting post, `coz boy don’t we need it !. However I just cant see us beating the bastards, it`s the same mental block which the team suffers from against the rich trinity, it filters down to a few of us fans as well !. Although, I must admit, I`d have a mental block if we were playing my local pub team !. hahaha
    Just one question……the headline says 5 ways to put things in perspective and I only see 4…what happened to #5 ?. I know …bloody recession cuts has now hit BK !.

  4. Jason says:

    Fight and passion does not equate to people getting injured or sent off. Passion and fight to me is about playing to the end and not giving up. If you are 5 down you continue to play and try and score to make the scoreline more respectable. Collective maturity shown in the Liverpool game is not really good for goal difference either. These footballers are paid huge amounts of money to give it their all for the duration of the match.

  5. TotalArsenal says:


    ‘An inspiring sense of collective maturity’. 😆

    Yeah, after just twenty minutes they should have asked whether they could go home now.

    The fact that they did not find the spirit and pride to fight for the shirt after the massive setback is likely to do them more damage than good, and it is another big reason I fear for us on Wednesday.

    But I guess we just see it differently. 🙂

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    I am with you on that one, Jason, and welcome to BK 🙂

  7. VCC says:

    TCM….you should have gone to specsavers 😉

    Four ways.

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Umair 🙂

    Great post and well done for trying to put things in perspective again.

    I guess you are right that we need to look at the Liverpool defeat against the whole season, but I cannot help but sense we will go downhill further now. But let’s wait and see how the team will deal with the horrible Mancs on Wednesday. Time for the Canon to roar.

  9. 17highburyterrace says:

    We do see it differently, Total and Jason and all the others who seem obsessed about “showing” spirit. Yeah, what would’ve turned that match around was suddenly “wanting” it more. 🙄 Obviously we didn’t want it bad enough and nobody raised their voices on the pitch or shook their fist or screamed…We rolled over like dogs, grabbed our ankles like inmates, etc., etc., etc.

    Supposedly (according to Arteta…) Wenger laid into the boys at half time…Ah, so there was passion… Jack was caught on camera yelling at his teammates, but does that mean he was the only one doing so? Yelling, break somebody’s leg dammit. That Roy Keane had some passion. IMO Jack had at least two yellow card fouls. The first one wasn’t called so he’s still available for the United match and maybe he’s smart enough that he wouldn’t have committed the 2nd. Should others have fouled recklessly (gotten their yellows or their reds) to “show” they “wanted” it?

    No of course not, they should have scored goals… IMO (and it’s just my opinion) that is the metric by which passion is seen. Supporters “see” passion and spirit when we win but then it’s gone when we lose or draw. Could anything be stupider?…

    How (the f*ck) do you (the random supporter) know who’s making a true 100% effort? Here’s a thought… Could it be that our guys want it sooooo badly that they do stupid things? Maybe the BFG wanted it soooo much that he kept pushing up his back line to urge his team forward. Certainly he appeared motivated when he pulled back Suarez leading to the first goal… Later on, still pushing the line up (with passion? To do his part in getting us back into the match…) he got caught out looking like a gangly idiot running in quicksand. Did he suddenly lose his passion? If he had real spirit would he have “dug down” and run faster back towards his own goal. Is that what happened? Maybe at least he could’ve gotten that header on target…

    Sorry, this just really gets me angry and we’re gonna have to agree to disagree. I just think it’s a very (very) silly way to look at the game. We’ve got 4 very tough matches in 11 days AND a squad that (unfortunately) is down to bare bones–the passion, the commitment etc. was ALWAYS gonna favor Liverpool (at Anfield–where, unlike at the Emirates–or worse, in the goonersphere–Nobody Walks Alone…) so whatever level we could preserve for the home matches was gonna be needed. Trying to win with strategy and superior technique was not inherently wrong–it just didn’t work, in spectacular fashion, on the day. I believe we NEED passion, and I too saw guys who appeared to be sleepwalking, but on the day, it was only going to get us in trouble. NOW we need to take that experience, use our crowd (if they–you all?–haven’t turned on the team) and use that passion to win the next one…

    Finally, “these are highly paid professionals” is one of the funniest arguments I’ve heard for “showing passion.” You realize, I presume, that they get their checks no matter what the result, through injury and suspension. Is Theo a hero for flashing the scoreline vs Totts. Yes, yes he is…Is he helping us in this run of tough matches? No. Is he collecting his 100k/week? Yes. It seems just as silly for me to say that If he had REAL passion, he wouldn’t have torn his ACL so that he could ACTUALLY contribute…(and not just take our money)…

    Sorry to take this all so, er, passionately, but it’s hogwash (bollocks?) and misplaced frustration. Yeah, let’s bench Ozil, the passionless robot (as some are suggesting)…Yeah, that’s how we’re gonna beat these teams…

    🙄 😦

  10. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, sorry, Re-reading that I left out a few question marks… Hopefully people get my point anyhow…

    Back to actually talking football…

    We’re up against it. If Rooney and RvP cannot get their concentration together for the lesser matches (in front of their less than fully supportive crowd, in their mega-stadium) they most certainly can at Arsenal. Mata is quality and I would LOVE to see Rosicky hounding him and Rooney and any of their other midfielders. Ozil and Santi are sly defenders too and will need to nip in here and there. Both teams will want possession and both will create some chances. We need to take ours and hope they fail with theirs…Smart money might be against us as United have nothing to lose…

    But WTF do I know. Off to do my UMF picks and try to improve on my bagel from last weekend…Geez, if only I had wanted it more, or…been smarter… 😀

  11. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nobody contradicting me so I’ll assume I’ve convinced them with my logic… 😆

    Umair, I really enjoyed your post and I’d love to see those triptychs if you could link to them. If you cannot laugh your gonna cry…

    The biggest thing about Liverpool away is that it’s only 3 points. If we’d played well, shown spirit, etc., etc. but been beaten by a fluky goal we’d still be where we are in the table AND we’d lack the great lessons we (hopefully) will take from the match. The result means we must win vs United (and Liverpool in the cup–no replay, please and Sunderland, I might add…) but the performance means we MUST put heart and soul into the effort, which is probably what’s needed to garner the result. If we learned a lesson about passion/spirit/commitment/etc. from the Anfield drubbing than (perhaps?) it was worth the pain…

    I agree we should try and play freely in the CL and that maybe getting bumped out will allow us to focus on the remaining comps. I think beating the holders would be massive and a deep run in that comp would be fantastic. Much as I think it’d be great to win the FA Cup I think we need to focus on the league and remain resolute. We’ll have to rotate for Sunday’s replay with Pool, but I bet they will too. My big hope is that Vermaelen turns up fit sooner or later and that nobody else goes down…

    OK, I’ll lay off for now…Apologies all around to those I’ve offended…

  12. James Bond says:

    nice one @ Umair – long time no see ? we need more posts from you on the blog – always a pleasure to read, thanks !

    who has riled me amigo ? 😯

    am with you and agree with the voice of reason – what’s done is done, we move on knowing we didn’t lose anyone to injury to make things bad to worse…

    the only way is up up and above in my opinion – recap , undo the liverpool away match , wasn’t everyone going on about the cohesiveness, harmony, team spirit, fighting spirit and a strong bond ? so fast forward one match – surely, we couldn’t have lost all that…. it was a horrific day at the office , we just didn’t turn up and lightening doesn’t strike twice

    if we go on another run of getting 20 points from 24 (wishful thinking , maybe or maybe not ), then that’s pretty much won us the league and you can quote me on that….


    when it’s not your day, it’s just not your day – everything that could go wrong that day – DID

    Sczny could have saved 2 more goals, he had a weak shot from sterling right at him only for him to give him a 2nd go – we conceded 2 from set pieces (something we hardly concede from minus man utd game) – the usual suspects with at least a high 85 to 90 % pass accuracy not even managing to complete half of their passes….

    I for one can’t wait for wednesday to be here already, that’s the only way we can move forward and prove to everyone and ourselves, that we belong right at the top and can put on a show for big matches against the big teams…

    next 4 matches at home – no reason why we can’t play our usual game, with the same players.

  13. gf60Gf60 says:

    I got the best piss-take sms from my son at 25 mins…”No worries. L’pool will let you guys have a bat soon.”

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    17 🙂

    Now that is the sort of hurt spirit I want to see in the team. Gunners take note! 😉

    During the top games there is collective doubt in this team, embodied by Arteta IMO. How do we get over this? By fighting collectively and finding the winning spirit. Being mature and calculated has some merit, and I can see where you’re coming from, but I wanted to see the inner team animal roused and we did not get it.

    This has nothing to do with wanting to badly hurt oposing players though.

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Gf60 🙂

    What did he mean with ‘bat’? Beastly Arsenal Team? 🙂

  16. TotalArsenal says:


  17. VCC says:

    Totes….. 😉

  18. Gerry says:

    Lovely post Umair – I agree with you, the team does not become a bad one after one game. The confidence does take a battering, especially if the players read comment like this:

    ‘We cannot beat the top teams’

    Thanks TA – I am every bit as disappointed by that quote as 17 is about the rest of it.
    Of course we can beat the top teams. But we have to be a little more clever about how we go about it. At Man U we thought they were good. They were not. Chelsea, we might have won, but we held them pretty comfortably. We beat Pool and the Totts. Man C, well, they like Pool, were very good on the day, but we did stick 3 goals past them. Everton, Newcastle, … How far down the list do I go?

    17HT – I am with you 98% of the way. It is just the last paragraph on Ozil … I think you are missing the ‘tactical reason’ reason for leaving him out? It is not a dumb arsed suggestion to bench him – the £50m has zero all to do with it – Nor is it singling him out as the ‘guilty one’ – that as you rightly say, is collectively shared – However, if Man U do press high from the off tomorrow then the space he needs will be denied. The space to pass to players that have no space either. Maybe he thinks they are as good as good as him at shielding the ball so he plays across the park to somebody who gets tackled immediately … ?
    It is not like we will be short of creativity with Cazorla and Rosicky playing? But with Ox on one side, Gnabry on the other, both are capable of supporting their defending FB’s, and both carry a greater pace going forward? That was my reasoning. However, I do agree, it is unlikely AW will do it. Whether that is a strength or weakness could be another debate though 😀

    Another one might be Giro getting dropped for Bendtner or Podolski?

    Much as I like Poldi, I don’t like him in the CF spot, and I cannot see AW sticking Gnabs in the middle, It would be a big selection to go with NB23?

    There were a couple of good things from the last game. Ox keeping on for the 90 minutes, and the seriously good corners he put in. So, if he has suffered no reaction he could keep his place, albeit somewhere else on the field. JW also played well enough in the second half to scotch any ‘lack of fitness’ issues I would have thought? However, if it is his ankle problem, that could flare up after the game, so he could be a doubt? One thing for sure, if we play the same team in the same way as last time, the February slump that TA seems to sense, will continue to rumble on?

    We should not fear this United side if we play our ‘collective’ game in a sensible way. Think Newcastle. Conditions are going to be tough with the wind and rain, but they can do it big, or do it ugly. The point is they CAN DO IT!

  19. gf60Gf60 says:

    Total Arsenal 😮 No the little sod and I had been exchanging views on the Ashes. As a Wham supporter (blame my very youthful genes at the time!) his penance is to have a Gooner as a my grand-son. He gets few chances to take the piss out of either of us.

  20. TotalArsenal says:


    When did I say that?

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    And rather than disappointment, I thought I deserved some praise for the constraint in my response to 17 from you wise, long in the teeth fellow Gooner, Gerry! 😆

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers gf60, that clears that one up. 🙂

  23. Fozzie B says:

    Greetings Liverpool Linguine Love Gun Labourers and Lamentors!!
    Thank you Umair and Totes for your last post.
    I’m glad you took the gloves off on that post Totes … I found it ironically very refreshing and pragmatic and found it to be one of my favourite posts!!
    Psychologically I think for whatever reason the team do indeed play nervously and against the top teams and the only the way that will change is when we fully believe in our ability and I hope tomorrow might be the litmus test to spark that belief against Manure …. Lose or draw and I feel the psychological damage will be crippling.
    Beat Manure and then Liverpool in the cup will go a long way to healing the wounds.
    I hear the Fulham v Liverpool game might be called off due to the strike which would be a real blow as Liverpool will have a full weeks rest.
    That would make a stern task even harder but now is the opportunity for the team to stand up and be counted and I expect everyone to be playing out of their skins for both games!!
    Ribery is having a “cheeky break” 😆 so that’s a mini lift for the team going forward.
    I can just imagine the French and German banter on the field for that one!! 😀

  24. Gerry says:

    TA – It was from the previous post, in a reply to AFC:


    But they cannot defend…. At least not to the level required against the better teams…

    Not quite the same, agreed, but the negative thought was there big and bold?

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    That’s rubbish Gerry, and I would have expected better from you… 😕

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    So you quote me on words I never said, you take a quote from another discussion out of context and use it to link to a discussion I am actually having with 17… And you went once to uni…. 🙄

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes it is a litmus test, Fozzer. Nice word ‘litmus’. 🙂

  28. James Bond says:

    no game called off, all 3 london games are a go , go go @ FB – the strike has been called off.

    no extended rest for the LiverFOOLS, ha

    get in there.

  29. James Bond says:

    It’s that time of the day again where I can see most of you disagreeing with me but harsh decisions needs to be made and tough calls for tough matches, so we must revert back to a 4-3-3 in order to nullify the boring 4-4-2 of Moyes

    yes, Santiago out – and Podolski in, especially if we are going to be playing Gibbs on the left – that will be our left side of the pitch sorted.

    as much as I like Santiago, I think he should be benched for tomorrow (I can already see 17HT looking for the shock smileys, ha

    4-3-3 =

    the usual suspects at the back




    just watched the training pictures, and every one is happy and having a giggle – great to see !

  30. Gerry says:

    TA – I am guilty of being to lazy to scroll back to the previous day. True.

    Your reply to AFC was the message previous one I assumed, where he hoped that AW anger might frighten the defenders, as in this:

    ‘TA, could it be that AW has scared the shit out of all the players so whoever plays in the double DM pivot will perform and stick to their defensive duties.’

    The reply was a negative one, imo.

    Oh, I went to Uni twice btw 😀

  31. James Bond says:

    *watched AW’s press conference and look at the training pictures

    Yaya is back in training with the team and on the bench most likely for tomorrow and saturday ?

  32. Gerry says:

    JB – Not a major disagreement, but if you are contemplating Ozil out, and Ox on the right, I think we need the creative and scoring potential of Cazorla. So Poldi to come on later, Santi on the right – did well there I thought? Ox in the centre, and Rosi out left, but fluid with the other two?
    I still think Gnabry might have it over Ox this time though?

  33. AFC says:

    JB, let’s hope Rio is not playing/starting in the match.

  34. James Bond says:

    no, I want Ozil to play and start , those were merely my substitution suggestions ,,,

    Gnabry may well be starting against Liverpool on sunday, so for that reason i think Ox will get a go ahead today even if its as a sub later on ?


    I hope Rio is playing actually, it’s Jones who I don’t want playing – not for footballing reasons but he is a rugby type player , comes at you hard and sometimes recklessly.

  35. AFC says:

    Jones rarely plays at CB anyway? Would he not be in midfield because of the Fellaini injury with two of Smalling, Ferdinand and Evans?

  36. AFC says:

    Evans, Jones and Fellaini are all out I think.

  37. Gerry says:

    I just viewed those training pics, as well as seeing the indirect comment that TV5 is not returning .. from injury, without saying he was injured?

    Notable absentee from the pics was Monreal. Also missing was Ozil, and Koscielny, all possible players then? High profile Sanogo, likely sub? Gedion still doing his bit with them. Jack was not enjoying it … do you think he has been told something?

  38. James Bond says:

    in the midfield they have been playing Fletcher / Carrick / Mata / Young or Cleverly or Adnan sometimes

    Vidic will be there and i guess Evans might be back or jones, can’t see them playing Ferdinand, because of what he said about the manager openly before ? when was the last time he played for man utd ? as I don’t think he has the trust of the manager but I could be wrong @ AFC

  39. James Bond says:

    yeah, the message I dissected was that TV5 will be playing against Liverpool on sunday ? (or so I hope ?

    Koc and Ozil were there but I think I got their pics on the daily mail website photos and not on the official ones, Monreal was missing sure – maybe given a few days off, he has played 4-5 games in a row.

    I hope AW has said a few things to JW and not only to him but everyone else, you can see that AW spends a lot of time with JW and rightfully so , he’s a special special talent who needs to be kept grounded and given confidence – all good in my opinion, as it makes him feel important as well all the telling off and extra time telling him what he needs to be doing on the pitch – still only 21 or 22 Jack and a work in progress !

    I am predicting a great wednesday evening for him.

  40. AFC says:

    JB, that’s why I’m asking you. 😀 Cos I don’t know.

    I’m happy if he doesn’t start. Your right he has rarely played. Since SAF has gone Rio has hardly played. Could be a dispute with Moyes as you say or Moyes does not know how to get the best out of him.

  41. James Bond says:

    Jones has played at CB and paired with Evans and Smalling, sometimes due to the injury to Vidic – Moyes doesn’t like Rio due to his very public criticism of the manager and his methods.

    most of my Man utd friends think that Jones best position in the side is at CB and that’s why they think that Vidic leaving will be a good thing for Jones.

    anyway, whatever team they put on the pitch – we must focus on our own quality of play and do our things right – at the end of the day, we play the ball and not the players or their names – this is what we must learn from thumping handed to us at Anfield.

  42. Afternoon Manshafter Mouth Munchers ! 😆

    Listen Bastardildos…………………they could have all the above out and Shrek, R V Pussy, Janushag etc` etc` and we still wont be able to overcome the mental block……….they fcuking own our Arse….nal !. I love saying all this as if we win, it will maker it even sweeter for you all ! . hahaha

    I tell you what !……how the fcuk have we survived without Sanogo is…..I cant think of a word…..astonishing ……that will do !…….astonishing !. I`d play him and Hayden……whilst they are rolling over laughing…… we nick in to score !. hahaha

  43. AFC says:

    Thanks JB for the information.

    ahahaha Cockie.

  44. And after JB`s limp battle cry of Saturday !……….you can forget about anymore of this…..
    We will have to try something different !. Bastard !.

  45. Gerry says:

    From what I heard on 5-Live in the Fulham game I would say their front set up might be something like this:

    —————D. Wellbeck —— RVP——————–

    Mata——Rooney——Fletcher/Carrick—– Valencia

    ———- and this lot behind them———————

    Evra —————-and——————– the nasty twin

    ————–past it Vidic———Jones——————-


    If that is the case, we could toss in Gibbs ahead of Monreal to stop Valencia getting forwards, possibly at the expense of Wilshere?

  46. James Bond says:

    it wasn’t the fault of the battle cry @ TCM – Gerry here forgot to wear the lucky scarf !!!

    that’s a very attacking man utd team you have put down @ Gerry

  47. AFC says:

    Seems quite attacking Gerry. Reports suggesting Jan will come into the team. Diamond 4-4-2 formation with Carrick holding and Mata behind Rooney and RVP. That’s the system I would play if I was Moyes.

    Gerry, that Gibbs and Monreal combo down the left wing could work but doubt AW will go for it.

  48. AFC says:

    Gerry, what do you think of the stories on Sagna leaving?

  49. 'mair says:

    Thanks all! I do have high hopes we’ll get a nice tight win over Man U on Wed. I’d play Gibbs, Sagna, Kos, BFG, then JW and Arteta in the center, Rosicky, Cazorla/Ox and Poldi and OG up front. I think having OX there instead of Cazorla can give us added protection.
    As for the memes, i’ll email TA and he can put ’em up! Have the images saved but can’t find the links.

  50. Gerry says:

    AFC – Sagna is holding all the cards. He need not sign anything until the end of the season. I am sure he would rather stay, but you can understand his frustration with all this extra money being sloshed around, Arsenal appear to be offering the same amount, whether it is over two or three years. But if they will not go above that, I think he will go.

  51. A little BK quiz !.
    Here are 5 sounds, can you match the sound with the BKer ?
    I will give you the BKers, but they are not in any particular order, just say who it is in a 1 – 5 list on the link !.

    TMHT awakens to find his ex-wife`s fanny syrup stuck to his face.
    17 tandem skiing with a Sasquatch up his rear going over a cliff.
    Total inserting a test Klompen Dildo .
    JB taking the wrong ladderless door exit in his tree house.
    VCC catching his reflection in a mirror.

  52. AFC says:

    Gerry, I agree with you completely and if Arsenal do not want to offer him more money and he leaves in the summer I will have nothing against him.

  53. Gerry says:

    Re Janusaz. My guess is Moyes is having trouble finding room for him and Mata with both Rooney and RVP fit. If he is looking for pace and and wants Valencia or the diva, sorry diver, on the other side, Carrick holding? Decisions, decisions.

    I put Wellbeck up front for his pace Jan has don some diva-ing too, so they could be trying to win on penalties?

  54. AFC says:

    Gerry, I wouldn’t put it past United.

  55. Gerry says:

    TCM – No3 is you finding out your like for like performances are dropping off, according to Mrs M’s twitter log, which have now gone viral 😀

  56. Alright….. so you want a prize !. First to get them right will get something to pep up and make their wife`s sex life so much better !…………..a life size photo of me to hang on the ceiling !. hahaha

  57. Hahaha Gezzer……that was going to be one in my next quiz… stop trying to cheat and play the game properly, the real answers ( and are from actual real life circumstances with the said BKers ! ) are there, put them in order !.

  58. James Bond says:

    no.5 is when TCM finds out that the mighty Arsenal have beaten Man utd tomorrow and he goes on screaming like that from behind the sofa – in utter disbelief as he tries to overcome his “mental denial” much like Arsenal did on the day to bag all 3 points.


  59. TotalArsenal says:

    Scream 1 = VCC
    Scream 2 = JB
    Scream 3 = 17
    Scream 4 = me
    Scream 5 hahahahahaha = Terry

  60. Now come on Bastardildos, I am serious blogger who wants answers, not silly juvenile insults !.

    PS…..keep `em coming ! hahaha


    Ok, I admit ime number five. But I bet you any money that if any of you lot had felt the full force of the fanny syrup whilst simultaneosly having your neck thigh crushed you would be the same.

  62. I`m glad your back Totes to bring some order to this quiz !.
    You are correct with Scream 5 and also correct that it is the funniest and most fitting…….or should that be ill fitting on his face !. hahaha

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Umair 🙂

    The memes have now been incorporated into your blog.

    For those of you not familiar with the term memes (rhymes with teams), and I had to look it up myself, these are little jokes/anecdotes etc that get passed around the internet.

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    I have at least two right, Cocker. I know my own sound hahahaha 😛

  65. With the scream and the image I have of Stretch trying to remove the fanny syrup in #5 is seriously dampening my Y-Fronts !. hahaha

  66. Hahaha Totes for that answer, I will amend them so you`re right !.

  67. VCC says:


    Come on you know I’m right. Where’s my prize?

  68. proudgooner says:

    yesssssssssssssss come on you baggies

  69. proudgooner says:

    wba1 – chavs 1 5 mins left lol

  70. proudgooner says:

    I tell you WBA are a tricky side on there day, they more then deserve a point the chavs were time wasting, but the baggies get a goal on the 85 minute, but there is 6 mins injury time due to chavs time wasting. WBA pushing for a winner

  71. Don’t be silly Vics !. You already have my photo on the ceiling !……anyway, the correct order was :
    Scream 1….Total
    Scream 2….Vics
    Scream 3….JB
    Scream 4….17
    Scream 5….Stretch
    There were clues in two of them…3 and 4 are both falling !…….5 was obvious…….1 just a short Scream from someone who is used to it !…….that just leaves you #2… UMF !. hahaha

    Well I must say, since Saturdays murder, there has been 3 results which imo were worst than ours !. Mansour City`s draw at Norwich…..Manshafter Std`s draw with Fulham and tonights Chavski draw !.
    An unlikely win tomorrow will put us Top ! and more importantly level on my like for like …..and by kind permission of Seventeenho…..Chart of Doom ( JB….I have been in touch with an expert on this matter on another site and we are currently -2 points ! )

  72. I now need some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz`s , as tomorrow I have my grandson around and the little fcuker wears me out !.

  73. willc88 says:

    Chelsea drew tonight! Not taking advantage of that lead and keeping it very close is another thing to be positive tonight. Here’s to giving Man Utd a hiding tomorrow!!!

  74. James Bond says:

    ahahhahahahahaha @ TCM

    fair enough then, we win tomorrow and we are at break even point, yet again – suits me just fine as then we play sunderland and win, which will make it +2 🙂

    I did predict this for Chelsea when we were having a heated discussion with TA…

    Newcastle = 3 points

    WBA = 1

    and Everton = 5 , meaning they be getting 5 points after that man city win

    I do admit that I had us down winning all our 3 matches and gave us 9 points, however , it didn’t go to plan and now we can get 6 from man utd and sunderland – hopefully if we win tomorrow then that might bring a big smile on TA’s face and make him a tad more optimistic – so come on boys, do it for TA and prove to everyone that Chelsea don’t deserve to be top over us !

    I am confident that tomorrow the boys will be playing like Lions – if you had doubts before then after the chelsea missed opportunity tonight , you can bet your bottom dollar on a right show tomorrow !

  75. Nice article, I have to say that some of our fans can be our worst enemies sometimes. Yes, we need to do better in the big matches, but unified support makes such a big difference, particularly in helping to make the Emirates a fortress. Ozil’s signing contributed to showing what a unified club looks like in the first half of the season. No doubt both City and Chelsea having dropped points will help restore some positivity.

    We are missing Theo and Aaron, but lack of squad depth as well as a striker with pace, dribbling skills, and clinical finishing, should not be an excuse next season now that we have more money to spend. I’m not saying Giroud is bad, but a club that aspires to win the PL and CL needs a world class striker ahead of him and to take full advantage of skillsets of players such as Ozil. Such players are few and far between and were not available in the Jan window.

    Until the end of the season our support as a whole needs to realise we have the players that we have, and let’s indeed try to make a push in the FA Cup as well as the PL. Two good matches and the performance at Anfield will not feel so painful. We have made progress this season, and let’s not forget that Chelsea and Man City are sugar daddy backed clubs. COYG.

  76. davydavy says:

    TOTL tomorrow, can’t wait! The West Brom result has lifted the whole Arsenal community and the prospect of regaining top spot by beating Man U should be a huge motivation. Suddenly the Liverpool result doesn’t actually matter.

  77. Dylan says:

    Come on Arsenal. Get motivated by this West Brom result. Now is the time to take back first.

  78. Xavier says:

    Rosicky is my first name on the team sheet though. We need him to start quick and put united on the back foot early.

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    JB 🙂

    I will indeed give you some credit IF we get six points from our next two games AND the Chavs draw again.

  80. Gerry says:

    I am going to be quick this morning as the high winds move in, and I have annoying breaks in my broadband.

    For the game tonight I want us to get back to that solid defensive shape, and not try too many heroics early on. I repeat my feeling that Moyes will try and exploit the space we leave with our advanced wingbacks. He will have Mata and Carrick to swing crossfield balls at any time one of their wide men are free. That is what we have to guard against. we are strong enough down the middle, even if Rooney drops deep, which is usually a good sign that their supply line has been cut? RVP will have to be watched for the full 97 minutes, so all three defenders, Mert, Sagna, and Arteta, will have to be aware of where he is. Set pieces – get a grip Per!

    From an attacking sense, there is a possibility they too will go for a defensive shield, with both Feliaini and Jones adding to Carrick across the middle? All the more reason to exploit the FB weaknesses. Evra is not the force he was(Gnabry?), and on the other side, a danger waiting to happen(Ox?), unless Smalling plays out there? It is not going to be easy to break them down, particularly early on, but they will get more desperate as the game goes on. Patience will be rewarded. An early goal is unlikely, because they are under pressure not to lose too, but their line up will say much about what their intentions are? But I expect a flurry of late goals. For once I think our bench will be the stronger?

    If history is anything to go by, red card(s) could be a safe bet – check out the referee beforehand?

    I think it will be more Newcastle, than Dortmund. Gritty, tetchy, but the best team will win, and we play like a team, they are a work in progress…

  81. VCC says:

    Welcome iceman 10……….you are spot on…..we miss Theo and Arron.
    Hopefully we can kick on, starting tonight.

  82. Hi VCC, thanks for the welcome, been a lurker for some time. Quality of articles and comments on this site is second to none imho. Re. tonight, let’s do this!

  83. henrychan says:

    Hi all..Tonight’s game is very important for us..
    As I said before.. we will back on top sooner that we know.. hehehehe..
    And tonight is the night.. We will back to the top..
    And it’s simple.. Just do the way Gunners did before last game against Liverpool..
    and we will WIN..

    If we fail.. (I hope not..) then we really are in problem..
    Cause we will meet Liverpool and Muenchen in a week.. and we need the winner attitude..
    So.. No other choice.. We must win.. And we will..
    Cause We Are The Champions.. hehehehe.. Go Gunners..

    PS : Please give me a very reliable online streaming.. please..

  84. Admir says:

    Nice post, Umair! 🙂 I chuckled a bit at this “Stop Suarez!”-photo.

    Anyway, I have a bad feeling ahead of tonight’s match. We haven’t beaten Manure since Ramsey’s goal on the International Workers’ Day 2011 and their three best players enjoy playing against us.

    I’d sign a piece of paper with the ugliest 1:0 victory ever recorded in the history of football.

  85. Another pint !!!……..I`d want another fcuking shirt !.

  86. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK Boys, big one tonight, eh?… Have we got a match preview on tap?…

    I’m up early and full of perspective given that it will be the last match for a certain family member. She needed help early to get out for her constitutional. I WAS able to sleep afterwards, and my hope is that our players are taking a nice little nap right about now (same as they were just about this time last Saturday, as the haters might say)…and getting ready for the big one tonight. If you’ve never read this one, you really should. It sounds like everybody got their rest on that big occasion…

    I don’t have much to say. ( 😆 ) I’m with Gerry that our game is centered on a defensive platform so that will have to be the way. In other words tight, tight, tight and first goal is (almost) everything…I fully expect “passion” from the get go, but (I fear) that can only be judged by (most “supporters”) from the result. Alas, as always, I’m repeating myself…

    Iceman 10, in truth, says it all…Welcome…

    In lieu of partners Ramsey and Theo, I think tonight we’re gonna rekindle the Ozil–Rosicky connection (but I think it could come the other way around)… and little Santi can get in there as well. Big man Ollie, if they forget about him, might need to take his chances. The real battle might be closer to the center circle and I wouldn’t be surprised if they reprise the tactic which was very successful 16 months ago when Andre Santos’ Arsenal career ended in a half-time shirt exchange. I’m not talking shirts, of course, but RvP pressing defenders (Vermaelen was the victim that day…) and Rooney pressing Arteta. Santos is gone and we’ve got guys like Jack Wilshere and better FBs (not to mention Santi, Sicky and Messy…) to help with possession and getting the ball into the final third. Withstand that pressing from the prima-donnas early, create enough of our own and they will crack. Just gotta hope it’s not a full moon for teen wolf (D-hey-uh) to get all excited…his howlers–sticking with the were-wolf bit–and Moyes sticking with him–plus the rotation of the kids and injured in defense have definitely been big part of the problem with England’s “biggest” club…

    Enough for now…Plenty more when y’all get up from your naps and the preview is out… 😀

  87. Admir says:

    Head says: “2:2 – Giroud and Cazorla to score for us, Rusty van Prick and Mata for Scums – both assists by Shrek”. Heart says: “4:0 – Cazorla, Arteta (penalty – Clattenburgh is in charge), Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain”.

  88. Head says…..”we cant beat the mental block and most we will get is 1 point if lucky ! ”
    Heart says….” Fcuking get it over and done with, I cant take much more ! ”

    Sorry to hear about your family member, 17……..come on Arsenal…… for 17`s family member !.

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Probably not enough of a fix for BK’s Champions of Verbosity, but here is the match preview. 😉

    New Post New Post 🙂

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