The Special Horse Fails at the First Hurdle: Arsene v Mourinho

One little comment was enough to get the 'Special Horse'  to rear its ugly head. :lol:
One little comment was enough for the ‘Special Horse’ to rear its ugly head. πŸ˜†

These days nothing makes me spring to Arsene Wenger’s defence quicker than absurd comments which call his managerial ability into question. This week, I felt compelled to defend him on a forum where people who were ostensibly Arsenal fans were criticising Arsene and various players – including name-calling – following our β€˜disastrous loss’ to Manchester United (you would think from the vitriol that we had suffered a repeat of the Anfield aberration). I think that you have to accept that some people just aren’t as intelligent or considered in their opinions as others. That’s one reason I am sticking with BK.

But to see the bile spewing forth from the mouth of Jose Mourinho on Friday has really made my blood boil.

Now, I get frustrated with Wenger reasonably regularly. I admit that I was one of those calling for his head on a fairly regular basis recently, probably blinkered by my own frustration and the team’s perceived stagnation over the years since we moved to our shiny new multi-million pound home. IΒ stillΒ find itΒ frustrating to see the occasional inexplicable rigidity with which he approaches in-game tactics and the prickliness with which he handles the media.

This is what the Chelsea manager said (according to the BBC):

“If he is right and I am afraid of failure it is because I didn’t fail many times. Eight years without silverware, that’s failure.Β He’s a specialist in failure. If I do that in Chelsea, eight years, I leave and don’t come back.”

To me that smacks of a billionaire’s spoilt brat suggesting that a self-made millionaire is a failure because they don’t have the same resources at their disposal as the child.

Mourinho, after all, has never really wanted for anything managerially; at least not in the last decade, and he has no qualms about playing dreary football. He was handed a blank cheque book at Chelsea, so of course he wouldn’t have been allowed to not win anything for eight years.

Let’s contrast that with Arsene Wenger who has had stewardship of our great club for long enough that he has fielded a player in the first team who wasn’t even born when he took the reins. He may have benefited from some of Danny Fiszman’s money but it was nowhere near the level of “investment” that Roman Abramovich has made in Chelsea; in fact Abramovich has put four times as much into his hobby than some estimates of Fiszman’s overall net worth (Β£236m according to Wikipedia).

He has won the league three times (still more than Maureen’s current count), overseeing some breathtaking football in the process, continuing to stick to his footballing as well as his economic principles, and ensuring continued qualification for the Champions League on a shoestring, often being compelled to sell our best players, while waiting for improved sponsorship deals to kick in.

Now, who thinks Mourinho, a mercenary, would have the application (let alone the managerial nous) to pull off a feat like that? His return to the English game has seen him become even more charmless than before, in this instance repaying a compliment about the position he has got his team into (with no mention of the silver-spoon used to get it there) with vitriol.Β You evidently can’t buy class.

In my own failure to see the bigger picture, I often accused Wenger of myopia but now we are seeing the possibilities his prudent financial management over the years can facilitate going forward. My brother (an accountant, not a Gooner) has been telling me for years that Wenger was doing amazing things at Arsenal and I just needed to have faith, wait, and see. I have seen the light my Toffee brother preached to me for years, and even I can see now that, while it may not be this season, great things are in store.

It’s never been a more exciting time to be a Gooner.


249 thoughts on “The Special Horse Fails at the First Hurdle: Arsene v Mourinho

  • Super stuff, Jozefos2013 πŸ™‚

    Good of you to stand up for our manager and to point out the obvious. Maureen has been travelling in an oil fuelled super yacht while Arsene has been keeping pace in a barge until recently, whilst still entertaining us a thousand times more.

    But this is all about Wenger riling the self-adoring one who tried (unconvincingly) to manoeuvre himself into an outsider’s position with his ‘little horse’ comment, only to fail at the first hurdle muhahahahaha πŸ˜€

  • It would be great, if wenger won the treble this season.
    I know, with the squad we have that is highly unlikely,
    But, just to ram it down, as far as moaninho’s rectum,
    Would be nice..

  • Yes indeed you cannot buy CLASS. Mourninho just has no class and this is very poor considering the brand called the BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE. The managers should call him to order! He was never fit for Real Madrid. He cannot be fit forMANU either,a position he always coveted.

  • You are right, Maureen is a classless act indeed. But he also has a fair point. Winning nothing for nearly a decade is a failure and let’s be honest Wenger would have been shown the door a long time a go by many of Europe’s top teams. You say at the end of your article that great things are coming, just not this season. We have been told this for several years now. So when can we expect some trophies? I really think Wenger should move to the boardroom next season and hand the club to someone else to manage. I know we Gooners are worried about life after AW but remember we won trophies before AW and we will do so After AW is gone.

  • very timely and a nice piece @ Jozefos2013 – Cheers

    I was very happy after seeing The MORON react in such a way, if you watch the video of his press conference where he goes onto say that AW specializes in playing beautiful football which was the main reason why The MORON got him the sack from Chelsea as the owner craves Wenger Ball – so you can understand the bitterness there, no worries

    however, I was happy due to his facial expression and reactions to go along with what he said – it’s clear that Arsene has gotten under the MORON’s skill without saying much or addressing him directly – The Moron is shooting himself in the foot with his arrogance and childish behaviour and statements – where as Arsene is laughing and smiling like this :

    I did predict that by the end of February we will be back at the top of the table – if that happens then you can sit back and enjoy a few more gems from The MORONIC one coming our way !

  • from last post for TA :

    Mario is a super super talent but he is also a very super nut case…

    If he could somehow manage to surpress his wackiness then he could be the greatest Italian striker in my opinion. …he is wasted in the current Milan side but would Aw be willing to work with his huge ego and child like behaviour ? I doubt it… but would personally sign Mario.B in a heart beat… the lads special ( no not only mentally retarded but SQ…. reminds me of a young swede aka ibra )

    Back on the topic :

    let’s see where you are and how Chelsea are doing when you finally go to a bigger stadium, and start playing football – by the way, if success was the key ingredient of keeping one in the job for so long, then why did you get sacked at the MORON ? in fact, even after you went, Chelsea kept winning and won even the Champions league with humpty dumpty managers in charge – that is what money buys you MORON – instant success but no respect, here today and gone tomorrow – I would like to ask MORON a a very honest question –

    how does it feel to be used like a Condom and then be chucked away and only to be used again after 7/8 years ?

    I rest my case, go and stick to playing 9 Defensive players in your team in the name of ” we are building a team for the future because MR.AB wants and craves sexy football which I have no idea how you play “.

  • Well done Joze. πŸ™‚

    Now I am one of those people that thinks a person can say whatever they want when they want but there is a sort of ‘moral code’ when you are in business, in sport and sometimes in general life which is where you refrain from saying what you really think or choose to say it in another way to not offend people.

    I expect more from a grown man old enough to be a grandfather(?) but what do you expect from an arrogant d*ckhead who thinks he is special and knows everything.

    Mourinho can simply not compare his success/failure to Wenger’s success/failure when he has not been working under the same restrictions as Wenger I.e. lack of funds due to the new stadium being built and a owner who does not or cannot pump ‘infinite’ money into the club.

    Wenger can either ignore Mourinho’s comments or get back at him.

    How about calling up Mourinho’s failure at Real and calling him a cheque-book manager. That’s if Mourinho to continue attacking Wenger.

  • Gnabry is definitely playing as there are numerous articles quoting Gnabry on how this is a good chance for him to shine etc.

  • yes, but you know the training pics could mean very little as Giroud may not even be in the squad for tomorrow as well as Santi –

    I think that Bendtner will start and then Yaya may come in for the 2nd half or be on the bench – however, the continued Absence of TV5 irks me a lot and I am at the point where I am thinking that getting rid of him for Β£10 million and more is something that we should seriously consider in the summer.

    I am disgusted with our medical team, it really upsets me.

  • JB, I am also thinking the same about Verm as we have three CBs all around the same and not getting any younger. We could use that money to help build our CB area for the future.

  • it’s a no brainer really – out of the 4=5 years he’s been at arsenal, he’s hardly given us 2 full seasons – that’s a very low return for a CB – on top of that he’s the captain and a bench warmer when fit.

    it’s all jolly good to have someone at his level at the club when fit but that’s seldom the case as he is very injury prone – we must look at the bigger picture in the summer, how can you play him as a DM or consider him for other positions when the lad is hardly ever fit ? and when he is fit he’s on the bench – very annoying.

    agreed with Gnabry, he must start…

    i would go for something like this


    Jenks———— the usual suspects ———— Gibbs




    what do you reckon @ AFC ?

  • and this is why I am keen on shots from outside the box, boys – watch and admire and then join my bandwagon that encourages more shots from outside the box !

  • JB, I would play a 4-2-3-1 with Jenks, Mert, Kos, Monreal as the defenders, Flamini and Jack holding with Jack as the box to box midfielder. I would then play Gnabry on the RW, Podolski on the LW with Ox given the freedom to roam in the CAM position with Bendtner up front.

  • A 4-1-2-3 formation could work with Jack and the Ox ahead of Flamini as long as they help out defensively when needed.

  • I like your line up and formation @ AFC

    he’s headed back to Italy at the end of his loan – but do you know who’s the real reason behind sunderland’s success off late ? it’s our ex- no.3 πŸ™‚ so happy for the lad

  • I am happy for Mannone. I’m happy that Chamakh seems to have settled in well as Palace as well.

  • A classy Post, Joze, πŸ™‚

    The essential difference between Arsene’s comment was that AW simply said, in a general way, what most people would believe to be true, rather than the spiteful and personalised criticism of another manager.

    Maureen is a typical bullyboy (you know like some of the keyboard warriors on football blogsites) where he is ‘good’ at dishing out criticism, but is extremely thin skinned and inclined to burst into tears if any nasty person gives him some of his own medicine — even if it is all in his shitty little mind.

  • Sorry Joze, but what a load of crap !………an accountant who`s not an Arsenal supporter !.

    Thanks, all I can say about Jose the Hosesucker is that I honestly believe that anyone one of us on this site could manage Chavski or Mansour City with the money they have had !. Just look at Chavskis bench today !. Cole, Lampard, Torres, Oscar, Schurrle and Salah !.

    Thanks Xavier. Not quite Genius stuff, but like a lot of things, just simple, but effective…..just like football should be really !. It took me all of about 2 mins of brain power !. hahaha

    Yes Oh Oh Seventh heaven, I do have hopes where Arsenal are concerned, If I didn`t , it wouldn`t be worth being a football supporter !. As for expectations, that is more a scientific approach with me, calculating all the other teams strengths and weaknesses, their transfer dealing`s, their form, their fixtures and many other ingredients, but mainly how rich their owners are !.
    My expectations would be much higher if we had the Mansours as owners rather than a majority share holder like Syrup Stan !. So until Hell freezes over when FFP works, my expectations are a possible cup win each season and a CL place as a Title is cuckoo land thinking as it stands !.

  • Cockie, the man who is not afraid of failure and who doesn’t fail is 45 minutes away from being knocked out of the FA Cup. πŸ˜€

  • Good evening Brave, yet Bashful Boisterous Bindipper Bollick Bashing Brokeback Brethren!! πŸ˜†
    I have just sent a delightful picture of my buttocks to Chav Kermit in celebration of the Oilers win!! I’m a bit concerned that the FA cup is heavily biased in the Oilers favour!!
    My reasoning is simple !! It is all connected to this exclusive post match picture of Pelegrini and the ball used for the cup!!

    Before the game he looked like this


  • Afterwards he was like this!!
    Have a guess where Maureen’s Portugese Man of War went!??

  • Man City 2-0 Chelsea
    Schadenfreude. Probably not Jose Mourinho’s favourite German dish right now. After claiming Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was “a specialist in failure” in his press conference on Friday, there will be plenty in north London who enjoyed that toothless display from his side.


  • Right Glicster, time to come clean – I always knew you were not a van driver and that was only your cover – who are you and what are you, ha

    ahahahahahhaahha @ nice one FB

  • Now I appreciate it’s going to be a bit quiet in here while you Shirtlifters have your eyes peeled on Splash!! … Pausing the budgee smugglers in midair!! But I will proceed to redirect your urges back towards footy!! πŸ˜†
    Totes … Your last post was perfect… In a nutshell .. Yes we are wasting Ozils silver service!! He is use to fast paced wingers and we lost Walcott and have likeable Gonzo as our striker who has the right attitude but not the SQ quality in finishing….
    Balotelli would be worth a punt at the prices quoted but I would love to give Cavani, Costa, Falcao, Martinez, Rolls Reus a go.
    Our lack of pace in the final third and hesitation must be so frustrating for Ozil and I firmly believe that combo of fatigue and frustration and the physicality has been a trifecta that has pollaxed our Rango!!
    But he will return just like in the movie to deliver!!

  • JB … πŸ˜€ as a spy of the highest quality .. You will know that Cockie is an entrepreneur in bluebake special meth cookies!! He has young Jesse Blueman … His grandson as helper!! His cover is van driver during the day…

    Don’t forget the Trannies working in his factory naked!! Singing CockieKrishna chants as they bake!! πŸ˜†

  • Josephus .. A fantastic piece and so timely!!
    Maureen has taken his fake mask off and revealed the real him!
    Gerry as a horse man will be thinking .. It was a catalyst to being off his oats for tonight’s performance!!
    Sasquatchanova … Lovely pics of the dog and I’m glad you had a fine send off for him!

  • Good article Joseph. I share the sentiments about maureen – my only reservation over this chain is that I find him neither clever nor interesting; which is why he is compelled to make vacuous utterances in order to get anyone to give him attention. I would rather, as this chain has done, we focussed on our own team and what is ahead of us.

    The formation favoured by JB and AFC is pretty much where I would like us to go. The only doubt I have in here is over us trusting Jack to be the lynchpin of the team, with Ox and Flam both freshly back and Gnab and Pod on the wings. It would be bold, but I can’t really see it against pool. I am not sure, between Ozil and Jack who is more in need of a rest – gut feel would suggest Jack. But if we are prepared to let the FAC slip to have a proper crack at Bayern then maybe he will go this way anyway; but I can’t really see us starting with neither one of Oz or Santi.

    I can’t say I’m confident for tomorrow, but I’m hoping the pool that show up are the erratic travelling team we saw earlier in the season, not the fluent one we saw at Anfield….

  • then be more confident @ AB

    we were outdone by an offside and then the wheels came off thanks to our set piece switch off’s – lightening doesn’t strike twice

    I expect our defensive rock to be back – besides, when was the last time we conceded a goal at home ? you’ll have to go back many many months for it – Everton long ago

    we kept the same team at bay and won 2-0 at home, no reason why we can’t win by 7-0 tomorrow, if the aforementioned line up is played

    re- JW – no, he needs more games and not rest , he had plenty of rest when he missed 2-3 weeks due to injury and now he needs some games to get back to his best as he will be a key player for us in Ramsey’s Absence, he is looking in desperate need of more games and not rest

    Ozil should be on the bench along with Rosicky, for the psychological factor, in my opinion.

  • Ozil, Carzola, and Gonzo to be rested with Gonzo to come on if necessary
    ! Totes to rub his golden codpiece, Stretch to yoga his Greek Kleftico whilst his nanny spanks with the kinkiest broom known to man ! JB to rub his golden loincloth which also has a ahahahahaha!!! Scrotum tickler!!! The longer the laugh the longer the tickle!! You see here, Cockie to rub Buddhsn Usmanov in his erogenous zones with special bluebake!! Oh hell how boring to be a BK bandit!! πŸ˜†

  • Definitely the right move by AW to call out Mourinho on saying everyone else in contention are favourites except for Chelsea, it was a transparent narrative that Mourinho had been using for months to the point that it was getting boring and rather lame. One thing the media seem to be missing, perhaps deliberately, is that prior to AW saying what he did, Mourinho had put in a dig about Arsenal being “mature” and out of excuses, a team that had been developed over 8-9 years. This pre-empted AW saying what he said, and furthermore is inaccurate because we lost Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, and RvP; the first due to circumstances the other three in part as a result of us being in a tough period where both Manchester clubs were shelling out wages in another orbit from our structure at the time.

    One thing I would like to perhaps see is an alliance of sorts between AW and Pellegrini in mind games against Mourinho. Both obviously can’t stand him, both are classy guys and he is not, and we’ve seen similar before with SAF forming alliances with other managers to gang up on a rival, even though he tended to do such with managers of teams further down the league. Mourinho would deserve it, i.e. the bully being bullied.

    As far as AW vs. Mourinho, the article has it all perfectly covered. Mourinho has largely been a mercenary, he tends to leave behind scorched earth, and his anti-football at times despite having hundreds of millions worth of attacking talent is not attractive and doesn’t lend to goodwill that enables one to stay at the helm of a club for a respectable stint.

  • Hahaha Fozzie and Totes calls me BK`s nutcase blogger !.

    Stretch is off the radar for a while for one of possibly two reasons !………..1) He is fighting himself over Arsene, he knows it`s getting longer without a trophy and is struggling to keep defending him being Arsenes biggest stalker !, in fact he sent him a VD card with the lines of…..” Roses are red, violets are blue !……I`m up in your loft, boiling a bunny for you ! “.
    2) This could be personnel on the dragon front, as although we know him as Stretch, we might have to change that to ” Sketchley ! “… his wife is going to take him to the cleaners !.

    Arsenal legend and all round great guy Bob Wilson say`s exactly the same as me !. He doesn`t trust FFP !.

  • @Moriarty, would you say that someone who diligently saves a deposit for a house is a failure at owning one weeks before they take the plunge, get a mortgage, make an offer and exchange contracts? I would say they are doing a fine job of manoeuvring themselves into a position where they can own a house but I certainly wouldn’t brand them a failure at said endeavour.

    Ozil to me represents much more than just his sublime skill and anticipated future contributions to the team: his price tag and undisputed SQ-ness signify a shift in spending power, an approach to the transfer market facilitated by years of carefully saving the metaphorical deposit. Losing to Birmingham in 2011 was a freak result, perhaps the consequence of not taking them seriously enough and/or too many players having an off day (which do happen in football…look at the opponents of the current FA Cup holders), but I would liken that to an accepted offer on a house falling through rather than something which contributes to a permanent state of failure. I feel that the future now is bristling with promise; I only regret that I didn’t trust in Arsene sooner.

    @AB I admit that it was mostly Mourinho’s arrogant posturing which prompted me to write the post but writing it gave me time to reflect on how good we have it now, on the brilliant position Wenger has got us into, and it was certainly my intention to make that the focus of the piece rather than Maureen’s pettiness. For the first time in a long time I don’t feel it would be a failure to ‘only’ finish in the Champions League spots even if we don’t beat Liverpool tomorrow and all else before us in subsequent rounds (realistically our best chance of silverware).

    On which subject, I’m not particularly optimistic about tomorrow, and agree that we need the erratic away Liverpool to show up. That said, Flam is back and hopefully the boys will respond with all the aggression of a wounded bear, although with much better execution than a wounded bear could probably muster. Skrtel said that the first 20 minutes at Anfield were the best 20 minutes’ football he’s ever been involved and it would be unreasonable of even the most pessimistic Arsenal fan to expect a repeat. In cricket they would talk about executing their cricket skills, and as long as everyone does their job properly tomorrow afternoon, which they generally have so far this season, we are in with a shout.


  • Haha Cockie, perhaps because it’s you I initially interpreted VD as Venereal Disease and it took a moment to compute……………I briefly had an image in my mind of AW opening a card from the clap clinic!!!!

  • Jozefos – Fine post, but I am not sure M needs anybody else to pour scorn on him. He doe enough damage by himself. I think he is now blaming the media for painting him as the bad guy? πŸ˜€

    Isn’t that where he left off last time?

    Anyway, moving swiftly on to thoughts on todays game … if a New post pops up before I go out in the sunshine with the dogs I’ll copy it over.

    I am not sure how AW will play this, so I will just leave you with these thoughts:

    I do not think Giroud will be dropped, for at least an hour anyway, because of his effectiveness in defense … when it is organised.

    The need to keep it tight in the first part of each half, I’m not sure Poldi will start. He is better when we can leave him higher up the pitch, and use his pace and shooting in the final 30yds, not on the edge of our defensive third? That might change if ….

    Arteta and Flamini start? Flamini is not the answer to all our defensive lapses last time. Yes he is more mobile. Yes he is more vocal. But his real strength is moving around getting in positions to block passes, and providing an outlet ball for defenders under pressure. Not tackling.
    So Flamini on the right supporting Sagna. Arteta on the left supporting Gibbs – his speed to combat Arteta lack of? – Which should leave Poldi to operate more from the halfway line, and Gnabry if he plays, free to do his attacking stuff on the right? True, this only leaves two positions left; one for Giro, one for Ozil? And/Or Ox for Poldi?

    I can see a change up front at 60mins, with NB 23 for Giro, and Rosicky for Ox/ Poldi. If still trying to avoid a replay Sanogo on for Arteta?

    That is my the way I think AW will go?

  • Good Morning Gerry, and all fine fettling fantastic Gooner supporters.

    Arsene Wenger only uses substitutes at 70 mins. ???
    I think he will start with Bendtner up front if he is fit.
    I would like to see Gnabry get a start.
    Looking forward to seeing how Ox performs after his comments in the press. Lets see if he has some Cajones.
    Sagna must start against the pace of the bindippers, we cannot risk Jenkinson.
    I would continue with Szesney in goal
    Start with Rosicky
    Drop Arteta and play Flamini (if fit)

    Finally don’t expect Wenger to have anything like this team, but it would be the one I would start with.
    Not sure its good enough to win, as we are light up top, but there you go, you can only pick from the players you have available.

    I know, I know, Bendtner up front, hahahahhahahahha its all we’ve got, unless you flog a dead horse (Giroud). …Oh hang on a minute, why not play that striker he bought moons ago……Sanogo.
    If you didn’t laugh about our strikers you would cry.

    I’m off to keep Cockie company behind his sofa. πŸ™‚

  • Morning Tricky Vicky !.

    Too early for behind the Sofa !. I usually do it 1 minute before kick-off !.
    For some reason I don’t get as stressed out with cup football as I do with the league, probably because the league is the one I always want to win, it`s the blue ribbon event !.
    I will love a win, but would swap it for victories over Chavski, Spuds, Mansour City and Everton in an instant !.
    Liverscum have no big target man up front, so why don’t we just play that way as well, no Giroud or Bendy, keep the same team as you have suggested but with Ox playing instead of Bendy !. Play Liverscum at their own game with fast tricky interchanging players !. If we want some proper pace, then Ryo is the man !.
    Beautiful day in Lesbania, I had to offer a naked Lesbanian sacrifice to the Sun Dennis !.
    Off to muck out the stables !.

  • Greetings Lively and Likeable Liverpool Loincloth Loiterers!! πŸ˜†
    Cockie “mucking out the stables” … Must have been a fantastic party in the Tranny annex last night eh?? πŸ˜†
    Feeling very positive today … Not cocky but quietly confident that we can erase the demons of last weeks game!!
    I however have a “release clause” in my optimism!! Haha !

    If we lose and I see Sturridge do that flaming dance again I hope BFG does the right thing and behalf of all gooners and removes his arms from his sockets and insert them up Skelator Skyrtels jacksy!! Hahaha!!!

    COYRRG’s!!!!! πŸ˜€

  • BFG … ” My my my Zturridge … May I congratulate you on your win …
    and my my my … Those arms look like zee finest of pretzels from my hometown!! “(Drooling … ) SNAP!!! Hahaha!!! πŸ˜†
    “Now I use to luff to play with Skelator when I was a little boy ….. Aaaaaah
    My my my Zkyrtel … May I congratulate you on your win!”
    ….. These arms … Don’t be scared … It won’t hurt!!”
    Hahaha!! Shazam!! πŸ˜†

  • Afternoon guys πŸ™‚

    I asked Dylan to write a pre-match but he has not been back to me – probably on holiday or something like that.

    So, unfortunately, no match preview today (been too busy myself). Does anybody want to do the match review today?

    CoYG! πŸ™‚

  • Re Line Up.

    I reckon we will play a team that can beat Liverpool whilst one eye on the CL encounter with Bayern.

    Against Bayern, I reckon we will play:
    Sagna – BFG – Koz – Gibbs

    Therefore, I reckon we will rest a few and play others instead against Pool today:

    Sagna – BFG – Koz – Monreal

  • Hey fellas… Inneresting stuff thinking about interchangeable parts on the various Scouse players…Don’t we need to be able to move the choppers of the different characters from one to the other? Put the Rodgers gleaming gnashers onto Suarez and suddenly the one loses his bite and the other becomes a scary character from “Deliverance”…We need to avoid the “squealing like a pig” bit today…(I won’t link to the video but trust me, you can find it if you like…) 😯

    This is a very difficult moment for Arsenal and the manager needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat and find a performance and a result from the team today. If he can do it with a bit of rotation it might buoy the support for the big European night on Wedsnesday. If not…Well, it doesn’t bear thinking. Certainly the surprise result a year ago vs Blackburn led straight to trouble vs Bayern. The thing is, after the spanking at Anfield 8 days ago, this one wouldn’t be a surprise…

    So, I’m pretty down going into the match and mostly going on hope–that we get a result after clearly being 2nd best last time we met and that we don’t have to take it like the river guys did in that old movie…It would be a nice lift for me personally as we are struggling with the puppy shaped hole in our house and hearts…

    So, Come on you Gunners–the girl in my avatar sat through a lot of Arsenal footy and lifted her head in alarm (and gave many a sigh…) at my reactions to things on the telly…

    On the actual topic…I love the presence of Jose back in England. To the extent that Chelsea supporters won’t turn on him shows why they are a “little club,” (riding the little horse)… Wenger did brilliantly to point out the absurdity of Moo’s statements. Both managers make statements to try and take pressure off their players, even if Jose will also use the stick often enough (complaining about their lack of character after their late draw at WBA). Easier, of course, when you’ve got big money guys used to living under the pressure already associated with their price tages. None of it has really worried me, but my mind has been elsewhere…Fine writing, however, Jozefos, and I’m really pleased that you’ve come back from the narrative of Wenger being the problem…

    Maybe he (Josefos) should write about today’s match…I could do it, TA, if nobody else steps up–a perfect excuse for not trying to get out on the 1/2 inch of new snow (it was supposed to be 3-6…) in the middle of the holiday weekend…

    Lemme know…

  • TA, Arteta banned for Bayern due to his 2 yellows in Napoli…As such, I think he goes today and JW/Flam vs Bayern. Another possibility is that Ox gets the central spot towards the rear for the Bayern match…Sicky and Santi to rest today, I would think given the latter’s illness and the former never playing two in a row…The two Germans come in or maybe Ox on the right and Lu-lu on the left. I’m guessing Ozil plays both matches but that Giroud rests today in favor of Nicky B… A goal from our Danish would-be-Ninja would put the most exquisite pressure on Giroud…

    But, as always, WTF do I know?…Lineups should be out soon…

  • From HITC sport:

    Here are the sides Arsene Wenger and Brendan Rodgers have selected for the FA Cup clash this afternoon. Kick-off at 16:00 GMT.

    Arsenal: Fabianski; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscileny, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini; Chamberlain, Ozil, Podolski, Sanogo

    Subs: Viviano, Sagna, Gibbs, Wilshere, Cazorla, Gnabry, Giroud

    Liverpool: Jones, Flanagan, Skrtel, Agger, Cissokho, Gerrard, Allen, Coutinho, Suarez, Sterling, Sturridge

    Subs: Mignolet, Toure, Moses, Henderson, Kelly, Aspas, Teixeira

  • Arsenal: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscileny, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Chamberlain, Ozil, Podolski, Sanogo.

    Subs: Viviano, Sagna, Gibbs, Wilshere, Cazorla, Gnabry, Giroud.

    Liverpool: Jones, Flanagan, Skrtel, Agger, Cissokho, Gerrard, Allen, Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge, Suarez.

    Subs: Mignolet, Toure, Moses, Henderson, Kelly, Aspas, Teixeira.

    WOW…Big chance for our Yaya… Lulu and Nacho down one flank, Ox and Jenks down the other? This does feel a bit like a scary trip down the river…

  • Ozil’s silver service will find some eager recipients today, I reckon. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

  • OK, thanks, TA…Here’s hoping for the best… This is a seriously bold lineup from AW even if we’re (ostensibly) playing strong D through the middle…

  • or he must be injured – the writing is on the wall , non the less

    hi 17HT – so sorry to hear about Luna, hope everyone is in fine spirits and recovering well as this was the first weekend without her.

    back to footy talk – great catch with Arteta missing the BM match, totally slipped my mind that one

    it’s an interesting team selection – no Gnabry in the starting 11, hmmmmmm

  • The flanks look weak and we will most likely have a huge gap between the double DM pivot and Ozil. Not sure why Sanogo is starting over Bendtner who is not even in the squad.

  • So, talk to me (since I’ll have to watch the match closely… ) Will Pool be playing a 3-5-2? Are the wide men supposed to be Sterling and Cissokho? Does this play into our hands just a bit given that all our experience is through the middle? Again, what a chance for Sanogo, big moment for Poldi and the Ox might get a bit of a free role and a chance to work in tandem with Ozil (who as a 50 million Euro man, must pull the strings…)

    Draw for the quarters comes before kickoff?!?…

  • JB, I was expecting Gnabry to start but Sanogo is starting so no room for Gnabry.

    Is Bendtner injured?

  • we will win 7-0 today with Poldi scoring a hat-trick

    2 for Ozil, 1 for Yaya and one for Per from the set pieces

  • It looks like it is a 4-3-3 with a front three of Sterling, Suarez and Sturridge. Coutinho in the ‘hole’ with Gerrard and Allen behind, with the back four.

  • Prioritising the CL….a competition we have no chance of winning….over the FAC….a competition we had a chance of winning !. We will get hammered today !………………sorry, just my opinion !…..ok, I suppose you do get cup upsets, so you never know !.

  • Haha…My ‘puter did it’s strange shut-down routine…but I come back to see that Cockie’s already given this one to Liverpool while Bond has us facing Everton after a 7-nil… Home tie is always good…

    AFC, how do you know it’s a 4-3-3 when the players haven’t even taken the pitch? Just because they draw it up in a certain way on the telly doesn’t mean a thing (IMO)… In fact, I think we’re gonna essentially play a 442 with Ox and Ozil interchanging with (or at least covering for) Flam/Teta… Actually I like it. Lets remember that a Pool draw is a great result for them, so a more defensive set-up makes perfect sense…

  • Cockie Little–the sky isn’t falling quite yet, that’s just more rain… At least allow the match to be played…I’ll do my best to give you a good match report. Frankly, I wish you would watch it, given your keen footy knowledge…

    I expect Howard Webb to play a role today, hopefully in waving off some SAS dives and letting Flamini slow things in the middle with some cynicism…

    If we can start strong I think this could be a good one. First goal is huge, much as it was a week ago at Anfield… 😯

  • There is speed in this team. From a solid ‘back seven’ the likes of Ozil and Ox will move the ball forward quickly and the likes of Ox, Pod and SayNoGo will benefit, as well as the fast full backs. UTA! πŸ™‚

  • we will win today, as long as Gerry remembers to wear the lucky scarf

    JGC-Damus has gone Awol – where art thou @ Professor

    and where are all the Aussies today !

  • liverFool are a one half team (first half team) we nullify that and we make our lives slightly easier

    when do we play Everton in the QF’s ? anyone got the dates for it yet ?

  • I haven’t even seen the telly formation. I’m pretty sure they have a 4-3-3 numerous times this season. The players fit such a formation and it was just my assumption.
    I might be wrong of course.

  • yep, there is magic in this team and plenty of personality and swagger with OX, Poldi and Ozil up front.

    agreed with Skipper.

  • we have played a 4-3-3 in the FA cup so far @ AFC

    did it against the spuds as well, so it’s a safe bet to assume it’s going to be another 4-3-3 @ AFC


  • am so chuffed that the bench warmer aka OWen isn’t doing the commentating today, that’s half the match already won ahahhahaha

  • Hey, I could be wrong too, AFC…Seems to me that there’s a lot of incentive for Pool to play on the break so I guess it could be thought it will be Sterling/Suarez/Sturridge and then 8 guys playing D…

    Ooh, a lot of TV talk about Mourinho being right and Wenger being a failure…Pretty sad, really, how (so-called) Gooners buy into this narrative. I guess it’s Wenger Out before we even kick a ball, today…

    Also, there is talk about Giroud tweeting an apology to his wife and others…Seems the BFF is more than friends with some of the ladies?…

    Big moment for our two forwards today…Yaya has played even less than Poldolski..Again Wow!

  • I already said that it might be spot on Giroud having a fling or that romp – very unlikely for a newspaper to put it on their front pages , if they didn’t have sufficient evidence.

    it’s sad and i hope AW has a word with him, not good that (even the chick he banged wasn’t all that ahahahahhahahah

  • 17, forget those fans. Any person who calls Arsene a failure and agrees with Mourinho needs to get their head examined.

  • don’t be afraid @ Dylan – you should be breathing easy as this ones already in the bag – look forward to Everton in the Qf’s , i says

    but you should be afraid of TA , though – you went Awol on him πŸ˜€

  • I went AWOL? Oh crap probably should’ve checked my email this morning! I do apologize TA. Had my first game of the season last night and wasn’t home until 1 am so I was really out of it this morning! I unfortunately wouldn’t have had time to write a match preview anyway. And I look forward to 17’s review.

  • We’re being carved open but Sturridge on his right is no good..

    We’ve got Robson doing color (colour?)…Nobody hates Arsenal more… Kos everywhere trying to stop their break….

  • We could have been two-goal-down already. I just hope Liverpool will sell Suarez this summer or else we might earn another Angstgeigner.

  • Too many parallels to the Anfield match…but we’ve not conceded to the set-pieces…Game’s too open, let Webb use his whistle, I say…

    We’re definitely playing a 442 and going for corners ourselves…

    Yaya looks a presence but whiffs his first chance to hit one…

  • Has Ozil had a touch? Angstgeigner?

    Jenks does enough to let a cross fly over…

    Nice tackle there from Flams!

  • The first yellow is shown…We’ve got some height…Need to convert one of these set pieces…


  • Exactly right Dylan… Yaya chesting down was the key Ozil floating it to him was a piece of skill too…Class finish from the open Ox, too, of course…

  • This match is gonna be a battle of set-pieces as Webb loves to control matches with whistles in the middle of the park…They’re offside on theirs, Ox draws a yellow from Coutinho and we now have one…

  • Better scoreline than last time after 20 mins…Pool corner from our set piece is defended…Kos is everywhere!

  • Nacho turned but tackles clean…Ozil struggling for control…What a talent Suarez is…Sterling should’ve gotten onto his cross… All defense for us at the moment…

  • Nobody writing anything? Yaya’s got some skills but needs to throw some elbows now that he’s in England…Poor pass there…Both teams slowing down after a frenetic start? Lotsa long kicks being wasted…Gerrard kicked Lu-lu pretty hard there…And Poldi gives it to Flanagan…

    Sterling round Jenks…Corner Pool…When the kid might’ve taken a dive…

  • @JB – and that’s why Podolski’s role in the defence will be huge.

    Yaya Sanogo’s good interception that was followed by a very poor attempt of a through ball reminds all of us how far he is from being a finished article. Still, I like what I’ve seen from him so far.

    Flamini with the card. He should be careful…

  • Gerard fouls Flamini, Flamini gets a yellow. Just because it’s the overrated annoying Englishman. If it wasn’t Gerard, would’ve gone the other way.

  • Flamini crashes Gerrard…Yellow… Nacho and Poldi do enough on a bouncing cross…36th min and the match is almost all in our half…

  • Alright, some other voices…Agreed AFC, plus he (Yaya) runs better than Giroud…

    Sorry Dylan, Flams was totally out of control when he slammed Stevie G…needs to tone it down, I think…

    Yaya-OX 1-2 doesn’t come off…

  • I don’t think Flamini did much there. Looked like Gerrard was in the wrong for me. Yaya looks fantastic.

  • Speaking of 1-2, Ox is one of rare players in our team that doesn’t hesitate to play 1-2 or do a dummy. I like that.

  • Suarez getting frustrated (lip reading = puta…) in Kos’ pocket… Such a shame that Lu-lu cannot run or our breaks would be more effective…

    There’s the yellow on Stevie G…

  • Yaya looks afraid to hit it early. But other than that, he doesn’t look out of his depth at all.

  • I love it when it all goes to plan, lit’s up his cigar ahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha

    1-0 HT

  • Those air kicks might be why Yaya spends so much time in the physio room… Sterling, owning Jenks wants a call…regretful he didn’t dive earlier perhaps? And the kid pushes on Webb’s pecs? That for the ladies only, says the great bald one…

    HT 1-nil and Pool tiring… gonna be bitch twitchy for sure but better than a week ago, no?

  • most def @ me amigo

    but hey, you forget – we are a 2nd half team , I expect another 6 goals (2) in the 2nd πŸ˜‰

    this game has a red card written all over it.

  • Yaya looks a nice buy (for free)…and was the key link for the goal…Ox very bright but we’ve got trouble defending down that (right side)… If only Poldolski could run he’d be a real player, as it is…

    This could work but Suarez is bound to do something in the 2nd. Webb will call (real) fouls so Kos, et. al. cannot get too cocky… Ideally we might keep them out of box with a bit more possession. Sicky or JW as a sub to help out on that account? Or even Gibbs so Nacho can push forward. Poldi needs to get us a 2nd or get off the pitch, I think…

  • That’s a good point there, iceman…Yeah, maybe Santi and Gibbs on to shore up the left side after an hour?…

  • 1. Nervy start
    2. Got goal
    3. Got back control
    4. Confident, mature performance from then on

    Bring on second half.

    Flam, Ox, Koz, YaYaYaYa, Fab, all very good.

    Catch you later.

  • Agree 17, it would be smart to sub in Gibbs for Monreal at around the 60 mins mark. I woke up late after an all nighter watching the new House of Cards series to its conclusions, lol, so not fully upto speed with our line up of who is playing where, but Santi for Ozil would make sense, Ozil appeared to be breathing heavily, poss. a bit leggy also.

  • Agreed, Dylan but you gotta have a bit of pity for the old folks…Gnabry/Ox/Jenks is just a little too much youth for defending a result… We don’t “need” to score, though it sure would be nice… As such, I like the experience of Santi Cazorla who can also hold the ball pretty well and spring our own break with his long passes…

    How was your match last night?…

  • Poldi looks rusty, I would bring JW and beef up our MF but not just yet- maybe at the 65th minute mark if it remains the same.

    Flamini needs to do a bit more on the left , in my opinion

    sicky isn’t even on the bench @ 17HT

    but good calls πŸ™‚

  • laters @ skipper

    and no, let’s keep Santiago on the bench.

    we have JW, Gibbs and Sagna to help us defensively from the bench and be an attacking threat at the same time.

    Santi, not for this one am Afraid.

  • 17, good idea with the Santi sub. Not sure he has to pace either, but he can hold to ball. My game last night went well. We won 5-1 and I had a goal and 3 assists. The team we played was poor though. It would be like Arsenal playing someone from League One.

  • Haha, Ice, ice baby…Binge watching on the “new television” You must be a youngster, too… How’s the surf? It must be a nice clear day down there…We woke up to the most meager of dustings, but at least the sun is out and the wind is down a bit…

    2nd half on..

  • Yaya off – move Poldi through to the center and bring JW on

    great save FAB!!!!!! wow – my hero!!!

  • WOW!!!

    Jenks started it, Ozil and Ox 1-2 then perfect from the Ox to make it unmissable for Poldi on his chocolate foot…


  • Yaya is the perfect foil for Ox. A tank, but has enough pace to keep up with him on the break. Fantastic link up play between the two.

  • Der Prinz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Remember, a draw works for them so we cannot let up here…Get to the hour mark and shore up the left side… Suarez over…How HUGE was the kick save from Fabianski?!?…

  • Dylan, let’s try and keep our first eleven subs fresh for the Bayern game. Gnabry would be good for offering pace and a bit of defensive stability.

  • You’re a nut, Dylan…Why would you take off the good defender for Wilshere? Flams on a yellow is a risk worth taking, I think…He’s gotta show his discipline…

    Gotta get Poldi off, I think…

    Both keepers doing well…Jones just in the box punching clear…

  • Santi, I guarantee, knows not to get close to Suarez once he’s in the box…Just plain dumb, even if it was pure dive, but there was contact…

    Game on now…

  • Iceman, my only concern would be if we fall behind and we need to score. Let’s see what AW does.

  • OK, they’re taking off their weak link on the left (our right)…


  • I think your wrong. Howard Webb is probably the best ref in England. Poldolski was a fool to challenge from behind, Kos did get Suarez and this one was also a foul…

    We need to play better here…

  • I getting worried. We might have to bring on Gibbs and/or Sagna to protect us from attacks down the flank.

  • I meant *you’re* wrong…Although he failed to give the pen there… so we must thank him…

    Certainly now it’s all about the dives…This style probably is a good warm-up for CL reffing…

    Gotta get Lu-lu off, I think…Giroud warming up?

  • Hi, I just came back from skiing here (no tv broadcast here and slow wifi so no video) … Looks like an eventful game! Keep the comments flowing guys

  • Suarez hits it but straight to Fabs…

    C’mon AW we gotta shore this up… Here we go…

    Lu-lu off, Santi on…

  • Sterling working hard on our right side…Santi helping on D but they get a corner…

    Under the kosh, still…

    Santi, row Z whilst in acres…Aw geez…

  • Ozil lightweight? Well, yes on the scale…By far our best player out there…w/o him we’re truly screwed…

  • Gerrard whiffs on the ball and Ox dives over him, never a yellow, IMO…and maybe not even a foul…C’mon set-piece as Gibbs comes on…

  • I think Pool are running low on gas…keep the ball out of our box so they can’t dive is the key…

    Yaya still working… We just need to hold it better when we get it…

    Wow–everything but the finish for Coutinho from Gerrard…

  • Haha Admir–almost complete disagreement about the Gerrard (no) foul on Ox…Quite a let off that he didn’t give the Ox on Suarez pen earlier… Santi whiffing all over the place…

    Gibbs as a winger, offside there… Still impressed by Yaya who is not dead on his feet…

  • Alcide, he’s played quite well today. Really good workrate/energy and seems to have a bit of pace about him. Seems to be getting a bit tired now.

  • Yaya has been fantastic Alcide. Huge promise in that lad. Definitely dwarves to play against a lower team in the PL like Norwich or someone.

  • Very tense, Alcide…Doing very well, IMO (Yaya that is) We need to talk skiing, but after the match, eh…

    Fabianski, incredible today…

  • OOOHHHH Fabs late there…Agger wide…HUGE let off…

    Might’ve been a pen, no? Fabs missed the ball, crushed the player…

  • Thanks Dylan…I’ll look at the play…Nobody seemed to argue much…

    Yaya off, very impressive…Ollie on, dick in pants, it appears… πŸ˜€

  • Admir, also, Yaya appears as if he was born onside (rather than offsides, like Ade…) 90th min here…but another set piece coming…

    This one Fabianski claims…

    How much ET?

  • Giroud gets his hair hat to one and he’s fresh if nothing else…

    1 minute done

    Ollie can’t run down a Santi pass…a bit weak there, I think…

  • I dare AW to drop my hero Fabianski after today’s performance, if he does it then i will take Glic along with me down to see the boss, personally

    he’ll be a very brave man to even think of doing that

    Fabianki my hero!

    we have done it

    bring on everton !!!

  • The fact that we are home next round is crucial. A win there will hopefully put us in the final.

  • Whoa…Gonna need another coffee to write this one up…I’m a little spent here…

    So, was that all desire/passion/etc? Yaya was the gutsiest call EVAH…

    Successful result, successful rotation in the squad and something to hold onto going in the CL match…

    Plenty to discuss re: the man who loves the spotlight–H. Webb… IMO we’re still a very (very) naive team… Could’ve kept a clean sheet but very fortunate the majority of the calls went our way…

  • I dunno James…That missed punch (could’ve easily been called a pen) was bad…Great shot stopper and I wish he wasn’t gonna leave in the summer, but you cannot teach size… (Sir Chez would’ve gotten to the high ball with ease…)

    Of course, I know you’re just talking in the “heat of the moment”… πŸ˜‰

  • Everybody gone? Alcide, where did you ski? Any fresh snow? We were supposed to get some storms and at least the sun is out but the first one didn’t deliver and the 2nd one is getting written off in the forecasts…

    Anybody with any final comments?…

  • Webb is a terrible referee.

    We were lucky with Fabianski’s punching of Agger – should have been a penalty – and Oxlade-Chamberlain’s foul on Suarez. On the other side, Gerrard should have picked at least three yellow cards (Graham Poll wasn’t in charge, unfortunately) including a second yellow on The Ox and that was a penalty on Cazorla.

    MoTM – Fabianski. Brilliant performance.

  • Thanks for the Yaya comments! He normally does have more pace and explosiveness in him than OG… Glad he did ok, that was a big game for him to start (almost) with the first team.

    From the comments it almost feels like this was a “Pool should have won this one” game? Or did we do well?

  • Ok guys, I`m off to watch the match “live”, as I know we have won but don’t know the score. I did say we might do an FAC upset !. Bet we were fcuking lucky and they had all the possession , shots, corners etc`. We will probably get hammered by Everton instead !. hahaha
    Catch you smug bastards later !. πŸ˜€

  • no, not the spur of the moment stuff, I really am gonna take Glic to see AW, if he even dares to think of dropping my hero fabianski again πŸ˜† πŸ˜† lol:

    laters everyone !

    hi-fives to everyone !

  • 17ht, I’m in Leukerbad for a week, small station but some very nice slopes, and perfect for the three kids (in terms of watching them, they are good enough for any station and slopes now, shot of extreme stuff. Snow situation is good except at the lowest levels. And it snowed the whole day (and will until tomorrow), so enjoying very fresh snow and powder (although I don’t have the right skis but oh well). Should be fantastic once snow stops falling.

  • Very good Alcide…How old are your kids…My boy is 11 and pushing me hard when we ski (lift served) together…Usually I ski mostly backcountry AND I’ve got the full quiver of wide and light skis, rockered, etc. even if they’re all used and a few years behind the latest… My boy and I both ski free-heeled as well… You should come for a visit, but wait for a better Winter…

    Webb is a spotlight seeker and Suarez pen was a clear “La Liga” special… Lulu only ticked him from behind…Moments later Ox absolutely leveled him but no whistle…hahahaha…Live by the dive, die by the dive. IMO, The Gerrard incident was a clear dive by Ox. Both of them missed the ball making it perhaps appear that Ox had gotten a toe on it… I still haven’t looked at the Santi clash, but I know he should’ve put the match to bed when the ball fell to him 15 yards out and he had all the time in the world but instead volleyed over…

    Still think that 007 needs to take off his Fab-tinted glasses. It was a GREAT performance but his missed punch was a pen too… The big thing is that since he kept the clean sheet (from open play) I believe Webb didn’t want to give them the match with his whistle. Our 2nd goal was a thing of beauty and Ox’s finish on the first shows his great technique. Great technique, physical power AND cynicism (diving) means he probably should get the start vs Bayern… My guess is that he’s a super-sub and that we play the same 11 (Flam in for suspended Arteta) that went vs United…

    OK, gotta get this match report out…

  • I was right…..we were lucky and yes they did have all the possession and shots, we were lucky enough to have more corners though !. hahaha
    The SSS were a constant threat and Coutinho looks the business !.
    Sanogo worked hard, but looked like Bambi on ice. Ox was good when he had the ball. Jenks was appalling !. Flamini was a warrior !. Ozil is class passer and probably wishes he had some quick winger outlets as his pre-assists would be even more !. Podolski`s best attribute is his timing of coming in at the right time, probably one of the best I`ve seen at it and has one of the hardest shots I`ve seen, but other than that, he`s shit !. Arteta harassed and got stuck in !. Fabianski and the `dippers bad finishing saved us !.
    Had we offered a proper price for Suarez and purchased him, I think we would possibly be out of sight by now in the league !. An odious Khuntz, but what a player !.
    They should have had at least one more penalty !.
    So the best team lost, but I`ve seen enough of Arsenal be the best and lose, so I`ll take it !.

    That leaves us with some fresh players for our mid-week defeat against The Munchies !. hahaha

  • 17ht, boy is 12, girls are 10. I must say they are pushing me hard, too, they have more stamina than I, and I have had no time for any sport other than ski in he past few years, my fitness level is abysmal. Thank god I’ll have the technical edge for quite a few years. I’m an old style “2 shoes in one boot” downhill skier, although I did adapt to and enjoy carving. Free heels… Curiously never tried… I hate running long distance, I’m more of a sprinter, so that might explain why.

  • Hehe TCM, nice little summary, sounds like a perfect rehearsal to actually BEAT “better team” Bayern Munich on Wednesday πŸ™‚

  • hahaha…..yes alcide !. Lots of luck and another cup upset could be on the cards !.
    I did say a while back that I would watch the Munchies game live as I thought we had no chance, but due to it not being on any of the TV channels I have, I will have to snuggle up behind my Sofa instead !. Never mind, if our “little club” can somehow overcome these Europeans giants and reach the next round, then maybe I will watch another game live ( channels permitting ) against some other better team !. hahaha
    Why don’t any of you fcukers bite at my wind-ups !. hahaha

  • Cockie, glad to see that you’re not getting carried away with this one… πŸ˜† and noting that the squad has some issues…Match report coming…Given the tight margins I’ll take the result. Pool are playing well. They’ll have some Spudsian issues, I think when Suarez “Bales,” er, bails, on them for warmer climes… You must remember that according to owner John Henry he was never for sale. So, yes maybe a 100 million Euros might’ve gotten it done…Glad that we kept a modicum of morality on our side by not buying him even if we’ve got a budding diver in the Ox… I know morality, of course, doesn’t float the boat of the king of Lesbania πŸ˜† Finally, I think you’re being a little harsh on Yaya, who did pretty well in a big spot today…

    At least you were able to watch, so maybe a greater appreciation of the lads is in order…Even if the better team lost… πŸ™„ 😦 πŸ˜€ Like you say, good warm up for BM…

    Thanks alcide for the Ski report…Family hike on the local trails more likely after this latest “snow.”

  • Jozefoz2013,
    Most people on this site know how much of a massive Wenger fan i am. He is well just a blessing to our club , shame many fans could not see the bigger picture, the amount of abuse and stick he took while he was simply paying our clubs mortgage off was very bad, but hey ho some just did not have the brain cells. The boss gracefully took it all as he knew this.
    I want him to be (knighted) for what he has done ion the EPL and of course Arsenal, i feel he thoughly deserves it as did sir Alex Ferguson .
    As for that little mind game playing maggot Jose, his games have truely backfired and Wenger has beaten him for ever by getting that statement out of Jose . He has really made him self look like a prick.The only thing he could do to make it not quite as bad is to say sorry.
    It will also annoy Wenger and he will want to win even more, trust me a win win situation πŸ˜‰ ha ha ha thank you Jose you prick!

  • Cockie must be off, spewing his crumbs of GoonerDoomer wisdom elsewhere, perhaps?

    Total, you have mail…OK, despite the “Winter Storm” last night, I’m gonna lace up the running shoes–(Where’s Danny Sturridge when you need him…) to investigate the trails. I will be back, however, to defend my feeling not-so-totally-wracked by our (woefully) unconvincing win. Hopefully the pain of trying to run again (after a couple of weeks off…) is worse than that of my self-delusion…

  • p.s
    It would also be a great time for the club and Arsene to do him a new contract to show Chelsea (Jose) and everyone the faith and repect we have in Wenger. You can’t buy class Jose.
    We know have the financial power to buy nearly any player and still be inside the FFP rules, Wenger will spend in the summer if he signs a new deal.

  • Fabanski you were Fabulous today, fairplay, great perfomance. A greatay for the club today and all the players that came in . Sanogo looked like he was really enjoying himself, i think he is going to be a star.

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