Let’s pull those Lederhosen down! Bayern preview + Line-Up.


Santi had one of his best games ever in Munich, but will he start today?
Santi had one of his best games ever in Munich, but will he start today?

Duke Senior:
‘Sweet are the uses of adversity,
Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head;
And this our life, exempt from public haunt,
Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in every thing.’

By Shakespeare.

‘Ieder nadeel heb zijn voordeel’ (Every disadvantage has its advantage)

By Johan Cruijff.

Whilst Bayern have to come to terms with their current unbearable lightness of being, Arsenal have actually been facing some severe adversity.

The big loss against Pool was a huge shock to the system and put our feet firmly back on the ground. Subsequently, Arsenal played more compact and disciplined against the Mancs, but our ‘safety first’ approach led to not enough chances to get all three points from the game. It was progress nevertheless. And then came the Pool FA cup game and further progress was made: a solid and disciplined performance saw us edge through to the last eight and give the Dippers one on the nose. Sweet indeed.

Today, we are hoping for one more step forward from those last three games. Only if we are at our very best tonight (and the referee does not spoil it) can we get a result against Bayern. We need to be disciplined throughout the team and concentrate for 90+ minutes. You only have to look at the Martin Demichelis incident yesterday to realise that the previous sentence, despite stating the bleeding obvious, is never truer than in a CL game.

Guardiola does not want us to have the ball tonight, as he believes we can hurt them if we do. The idea that this true gentleman – the antithesis of Maureen in almost everything – is combining the best of Bayern and Barca into something even better than its parts – Bayerlona – is very scary. I have not watched Bayern a lot this season, but we can expect a physically strong team with an even better ability to pass the ball round and not give it to us.

Key to our survival is therefore to hold onto the ball when we have it and impose our own game on them. This is something we have not been good at recently, especially against the top teams who have pressed us high up the pitch. We also need to protect our ‘D’ with a solid wall and our CB’s and ‘DMs’ have had some very good games to practice on this recently (this was one of our weaknesses in our last home encounter against BM).

There is no Ribery and no Shaqiri, but Schweinsteiger is back after an injury and they are pretty spoiled for choice in midfield. Muller, Robben, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Martinez etc are all fantastic footballers who will press our midfielders hard.

It is also key to start both compact/disciplined and with a high tempo, not allowing them to settle easily and, at least now and again, force our game on them. This will not be easy, but our recent games against Pool and the Mancs have been very good practice sessions, and as such we actually hold an advantage to Bayern who have not had a challenging game for a while now.

So how will we line up?

This is a question of choosing for compactness (4-5-1) or speed/counter-attacking football (4-3-3). The Back-Five is very likely to be Sz, Sa, Me, Ko, Gi and the double DM is likely to be manned by Flam and Jack; and Ozil and Giroud are also likely to start. This leaves us with the ‘mid-wings’. In one way, I would like us to start with Ox AND Gnabry and really take the game to them. Just go out there and enjoy ourselves… But that would leave the likes of Cazorla, Podolski and Rosicky out and we need their experience and maturity….

Therefore, I expect Wenger to go half way with one of either Gnabry and Ox and one of Cazorla, Podolski and Rosicky. Rosicky offers both compactness and decent speed, but he seldom scores (or even assists). Pod scores when he wants but does not offer the compactness and required stamina for a game of this stature. Santi likes a free role and is great support for OG and Ozil, but not so much for his full back…. Not an easy choice for Arsene to make.

With Ox in scintillating form, I expect him to play ahead of Gnabry tonight. He could offer the X-factor tonight, but he will need to play with full discipline and composure throughout the game, and let’s hope he learned from his lucky escape on Sunday…

So, here is my predicted (and preferred) line up for tonight’s super clash:

It could be Rosicky for Ox, Santi, or even Jack, but I reckon this will be close to our starting eleven. Will it be enough to beat Bayern? Aber sicher! :)
It could be Rosicky for Ox, Santi, or even Jack, but I reckon this will be close to our starting eleven. Will it be enough to beat Bayern? Aber sicher, jawohl mein Herr! 🙂

I have a good feeling about this game and Flamini is right that we have momentum again. Let’s hope that our recent adversity will have strengthened the team’s resolve and desire to finally claim a big CL scalp once more. Now that would be sweeter than sweet!


Time to pull down those Lederhosen and show them who is top Arse! 🙂


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  • Nice one Totes…….I would make two changes to your line up. I would put Rosicky in Santi’s place, and Santi instead of Jack. 🙂

  • @ VCC and Gerry

    I would pick wanyama over Bender. He is what we need. He was immense when we played them earlier in the season and he torn apart Barca. He knows how to play in the big games!

    @ Gerry

    The Hector news worries me. My first thought was: Sagna is gone, Jenks to start next season and Arsene wants to start grooming Hector now. Training him with the first team etc. I hope I am wrong.

    Definitely will be Wilshere next to Flamini. The tie is so important that I’d go with Rosicky on the right. Just to keep them honest and press them all game. A sneaky 1-0 is what we need. Can’t concede at home this time around! I would be tempted to chuck in Ox though because he has been the difference lately. I do want to see more of Gnabry too, just not in this one. Both he and Ox give us something different and add much needed pace to our attacks. Not to mention bringing the best out of Ozil.

    @ VCC

    I did like Herb, sometimes he did make me want to run in to a wall head first but overall he was good value. That sod Terry needs to get his act together. Less absenteeism, more ghost and 5-0 talk! Perhaps he’s gone down to that lake he frequented as a kid in hope that he would cross paths with that mysterious ghost girl again. Or he’s gone to the school bus stop again where he was attacked by the escaped loonie lady. Poor poor terry!

    @ Alex and PPP

    No excuse tonight fellas. I know the game will be on at 430am on the East but I expect your company throughout. If I’m up so should the rest of the Aussie contingent

  • Good stuff TA, enjoyed the preview. I’d choose the same line up

    I agree with your barca-munich hybrid. I think they are more dangerous than the Barca of old because they have more pace on the wingers and they are solid as a rock. Barca had the best player in the game but Munich is strong EVERYWHERE! Best keeper, best winger (thankfully not playing), best CM (Bastian – thankfully not 100%), best fullback…

    I think we’ll win a close one 1-0 to the Arsenal. I’d happily take a 0-0 draw so we can give them hell in Munich again. JUST DON”T CONCEDE!!!

  • I don’t if that is because I’ve just found out that Schweinsteiger probably won’t play (remember, we won at Allianz last season when two of those weren’t playing) but I’ve felt a sudden rush of optimism today.

    We will beat them tonight 3:0 – Giroud will open the scoring in the 2nd minute with a header, Ozil will drive the ball home for 2:0 and Rosicky will rifle the ball into the net to make it 3:0.

    Bayern will attack, Guardiola will swear, Koscielny will mop, Mertesacker will be Ze Commandant, Flamini will bite Robben’s Schwanzsteiger off and Szczesny will make a funny joke on his Facebook and Twitter account.

  • Love the optimism Admir! I’d thoroughly enjoy seeing Rosicky score again. Jumped out of my chair when he scored against the spuds last season. He must not have that much strength confidence in his canon after his horrible run of injuries. Can’t think of any other reason as to why we don’t see it anymore. Those world cup goals…jesus!

  • @oz – I have a feeling that he has watched Ray Parlour’s videos lately. 🙂 His fighting spirit is incredible and something that you wouldn’t expect from someone dubbed a “Little Mozart”.

  • Afternoon guys 🙂

    Please let’s not discuss former bloggers on the site.

    Vickers, I can see your changes making sense, although Santi in the box to box would not work for me. I read your views on Jack a few days ago, and you probably know I don’t agree with you on that one. Jack next to Flam is very effective and although he will get fouled a lot, and lose the ball a few times, he will also be the one to help us break the deadlock more than once. I expect him also to assist or even score tonight.

    I like the thought of Santi/Rosicky, Podolski, Gnabry and Bendtner being on the bench tonight. This should give us a plan B/fresh attacking options.

  • Hi Totes. Point taken the faux pas about previous bloggers, sorry.

    I meant Santi in the role behind Giroud.

    a bank of =

    with Flamini behind them. Santi imo is extremely creative in the middleish. I don’t like him on the flanks as he is predictable, he always likes to come inside.
    As you know, I have been worried about Jack Wilshere for some time now. When he is on song and its his day he is a handful, but those performances are few and far between.
    Opposition managers have sussed him out, hopefully only in the Premiership and Guardiola hasn’t wised up yet and he has a stormer.
    If Wilshere plays, watch the Bayern players attack him and when the tippy tappy breaks down they will break at pace.
    Obviously I hope I get egg on my face and I’m completely wrong. We will see.

  • Okay, Vickers, agreed that would be a fine midfield. For me Wilshere was our best player in January. He is such an intelligent, natural player and as a team we always play better when he is in the groove. I don’t think he has been found out but when he is played next to Arteta we dont get the full value out of him. He needs Flam and Flam needs him, and Ozil needs him too. Flam, Jack and Ozil it is for me.

    Santi I like too but I still dont know where to play him….

  • TA, I just want us to keep it tight. and even if we concede early, or later — DONT LOSE OUR HEADS.. I thought we would have learned that lesson after Man city- then we did it again against Liverpool. We have a great team defense when we stay within ourselves. and we’re certainly capable of moments of brilliance in attack. Sometimes that’s all you need, with a bit of luck.
    This stage of Champions league needs to be played that way, just like big matches in the league, but over two legs, a draw is better than in the league, where its 2 dropped points.
    keep it close, and try to steal the round from the best team in the world.
    You know we can do it..

  • Zee Germans are coming, but not in their tankz .
    Total Tippy Tappy, Totes has come in his pantz !
    When Olly has finished, their Arsch will be sore.
    Although Bastien Schurtzlufta will beg for more !
    Vorsprung Durch Technik against Girouds Big Schwanz !

    Herr Monster 1750 ( around about ten minutes to six ! ) .

    Evening Hasslich Mutter Arsch Fickers !. 😆

  • I think you`ll find Stretch is away due to a lot of work on his new show !. It will be live from Loft Vegas !…..a magic show featuring numerous birds in which he makes sausages disappear !.
    He currently auditioning Pigeons ( they are using his knob as a cat walk ! ) for……The Pecks Factor !.

  • Hmmmmn? Strangely, these CL games are becoming the opposite of league games. At home, you simply do not want to let them score. 0-0 is a good result? Because if we score in the away leg, any win/draw after that puts us through?

    So defend first, leave the goal scorers to come on in the second half if need be, but defend first!

    For that reason I can see JW alongside Flam, Ozil on the left, TR7 on the right, Ox in the middle. More defense where it is needed?

  • Listen Bastards who I will destroy !…..apparently, 80% of women are attracted to tough guys rather than the 20% of fcuking pussies like you lot !.
    Did you see what I did there !….I just made 80% of BK women cream their knickers by acting tough !. hahaha

  • I remember once playing a team from a concrete mixing factory in a two legged affair !……we won the home game 2-1 and they won their home game 2-0…..they won on aggregate !. Their Goalie was obsessed with being in the team so much that he dieted on the company`s products……anything to cement his place in the team !.

  • Cockie, the way you think about our club and yourself could not be more opposite of eachother; yet, reality could not be more different hahahaha 🙂

  • Evening Boisterous and Bold Brokeback Ballbreaking Bayern Bk Brethren!! 😆
    Fine article and the 2 previous Totes and Sasquatchanova!! 😆
    Working my furry ringpiece off and will catch up properly tomorrow!!
    COYRRG’s!!!!! 😀

  • Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Özil, Cazorla, Sanogo

    Bayern Munich: Neuer; Lahm, Boateng, Dante, Alaba; Martinez, Thiago; Robben, Kroos, Gotze; Mandzukic – subs v Arsenal: Starke, van Buyten, Rafinha, Pizarro, Müller, Contento, Schweinsteiger

  • Right off to watch the game with a mate.

    A bit disappointed in the volume of prematch banter, but I guess everybody is doing a Cocker behind the couch tonight.


  • Hahahahahaha. Yaya starts!!!! This is brilliant!!! Wenger done did it now!!!

    Now I’m looking forward to this!!! Lineup’s not bad either.

  • Sorry TA, I’m reading a lot but stuck on iPhone and slow connection most of the time… It’s a pain to type… I liked the 4-1-2-3 shape! So was OG punished? Or Arsene’s thinks he may not be fully focused? It’s a big match, probably too big for Yaya, but who knows…

  • Absolutely thrilled with the lineup. This is the best line up we can currently field in my opinion.

  • It did not take long for Yaya to knock Bendtner off the bench? Yes, Giro has committed a real faux pas, non?

    I am having to listen to it on the player, but I may pop back at half time.

    Enjoy …

  • And yeah. I know a lotta guys wanted rozza to start but I’m kinda more comfy with him coming off the bench. Especially for this game.

    What if the only way to curb their attacking prowess is to start off strong ala Napoli 1st leg?

    Just want a good performance from the boys.


  • I wrote once that Yaya on South Slavic languages can mean eggs or balls (as testicles). So, it seems Wenger will attac Pep with Testicles tonight! (It spells “jaja”).

  • Hey, I’m here. Yaya starting is some wild sh*t. Quite a spot to try and score your first goal for Arsenal. He’s played one league match (as a late sub back in August, I think), The FA cup match the other day and now his CL debut. WOW! On the plus side, he looks awfully tall in the tunnel…

  • Santi just has to track back to help Gibbs on that left side. Is gnabry on the bench?? I’ll like to see him get some minutes.

  • Game time gents. Sanogo…doesn’t shock me, arsene likes his rabbits out of a hat for the big games. Hope he repays the faith. Pumped.

    @ totes

    When did terry become a former blogger? 🙂 point taken.

  • Evening BKers! Yes, happy with the team tonight, though San completely left field again. I must admire Wenger’s balls in benching Giroud after his ‘performance’ – I like the line also about him being ‘tired and needing some rest’; spoken with tongue in cheek for sure!


  • Bright start but first chance is Bayern’s…Saved by Sir Chez…

    Looks like we’re trying to push things…

  • Piss weak penalty. No keeper should be able to measure up a save that easily during a penalty

  • Good start from the boys. Power needs to start taking our penalties not finesse. Let’s hope they can keep the good work up.

  • Agreed alex. Very deflating. We never get penalties so to miss two this season isn’t good enough. Ox or santi please

  • Indeed, very disappointing on the pen…Now it’s all BM but we’re defending well… Need a bit of the ball…

  • i thought that Santi would’ve lined up for that one. Ozil’s confidence is down and really should not be taking them.In saying that, if h had scored, it could have only helped his confidence

  • So Özil missed… Damn, so stupid. And damn, Ox just a bit short on that good flick from Yaya.

  • Have to say that i am impress with what i have seen of Sanogo so far. He looks like Diaby, hopefully he will not have the same fate

  • Gibbs down…uh oh…Ozil needs to get his head back up…

    Ox did really well on that break, but Neuer was up to it…

    This is gonna be a tough spot for Nacho…

  • Alcide,
    spot on, second penalty that he has missed like that. Way too casual for my liking

  • I have to say Bayern is impressive, Barca like passing, combined with pace and directness, players switching positions constantly and fluidly…

  • Yep Oz… He has to give up on this gimmick, at least for a long bit. Brilliant save from Kos!

  • If you are going to give a straight red for that then he should have given a second yellow to Boateng

  • Need to press hard more than ever. Ox’s pace imperative. I’d bite your hand off for a 0-0 now

  • God its going to be tough in the second half. But the crowd are up for it. Wenger needs to get Oz’s head up at half time – we need a massive performance from him in the second half. Would be nice to see Boateng off to even matters up too….

  • ok guys, ill be back at the start of the 2nd half. Gotta get my things ready for work during the half time break

  • Made it to HT…

    Agreed about the red card Alcide…Sir Chez, however, needs to back off there. He was miles from getting to the ball first. Pretty bad…

  • So, do you guys think we can hold 45+ minutes against a team as good as BM? It’s a bit frustrating that it’s come to that question when we could/should have been one up, but…

  • Yep, he has to gain as much ground as possible, but short of getting the ball first, he needs to learn to stop in his tracks, like a baskeball player looking to earn an offensive foul.

  • AB, Pep will probably remind all the carded players to not challenge needlessly, but that might give us a couple of openings? Anyway, 45 hellish minutes coming up…

  • I think we can alcide. Just need to watch their runs. Monreal should have spotted robben coming.
    Agreed 17,just needed to make himself big, it would have put robben off enough. Youthful exuberance perhaps.

    Ozil missed last three penalties. Commentators right….stupid rule,penalty enough of a consequence

  • Well, well!

    All on then. Good to see Sanogo going well.

    Been absent lately thru work but following as I can.

    IMO, we can steal this on the break in second half. Required just one magic pass!

    Still optimistic

    Cheers — jgc

  • 17ht… Half time interlude… On Matuidi, I’ve seen him play quite a bit with PSG now…he is fantastic quality, and pulls tackle even when you think the ball is out of reach… I however doubt that he will leave PSG, as they will become bigger and bigger, and if he does leave, it’s going to be for amounts we won’t compete for (as PSG will make him an “offer he can’t refuse”).

  • I’ll ride on those optimistic thoughts Geoff and Oz 🙂

    But it could get ugly.

    Sad about the red card, not just as an Arsenal fan, but in general, this was looking like a great football game…

  • Obviously, this will be extremely difficult and tough as well that we only have a single sub remaining… Hey, professor Geoff, love the optimism…

    Replay shows that Neuer made a really good save from the early Yaya chance. Both he and Ox gave a lot in the first period.

    Ozil’s gotta come back from the missed pen, maybe by keeping some possession (or better) when we can get the ball…

  • Who could we use from the bench? Will Arsene even risk his third sub before the last few minutes?

  • First half – started brilliantly! Our confidence was apparent and we were not shy to be playing the European champions – and we looked as much of a threat. The Ox again looks on fire, Sanogo showing further promise and worthy of being on the pitch, and both Oz and Szec started brightly. Well it didn’t pan out as we would have hoped – I would rather Jack or Santi took our penalties when Arteta is not around at present; clearly Oz can do it, but now is not the time to coax his confidence back. And then the red card leaving us with a hell of an ask for the second half.

    But on balance, I would have taken (joyfully!) a nil:nil draw before the game started. We have nothing to feel ashamed of in terms of our first half performance, and a battling draw now would be brilliant, though one has to say looks improbable. But the crowd are right behind us and the team have something to really fight for. The main thing for me is that we were not played off the park when we had 11 men – in fact we should have been a goal up.

    Going to be some nails bitten now. If we ship an early goal it could get nasty. But the longer it goes like it stands……. COYG!!!!!!!!

  • VCC

    Because we wouldn’t have it any other way??


    Or because our confidence isn’t consistent enuff. Sometimes too high (scz exuberant red) or too low (lower than it should be)

    AR was IMO quite a steadying force on field that way like Per, but you need more than one.

    Cheers — jgc

  • Always remember being strongly linked with matuidi when flamini left first time around. Intead we kept….denilson 😦

  • Boateng off…Guess we’ll have to even things with a straight red… Agreed Alcide, we really did start brightly…

    Ozil played it out pretty well there after they had it super deep in our area…

    BM corner…

  • Unrelenting stuff now; this is going to be so tough. Cant see Sanogo staying on the full 90, but we won’t use our 3rd sub until we need to. Must be a fair chance of seeing Jenk on later, but if we hold on then Ros or Pod could come on later in place of San

  • Good strike, we need to put pressure on them and get one back or at least not concede another. We will beat them at home !!!!

  • Another goal and we are out of this. Still hopeful we can hang on, but hoped they would not get the goal when they did. They can relax now with the away goal and wait for us to tire.

  • What do we do. Sit on the 0-1 and go to munich going for it. Or try and level risking getting caught 0-2

  • FKs = a tiny glimmer of hope for an equalizer…Kos almost got on the one earlier…This more recent one was wasted…

    Nice save there from Fabs…

  • Oz. We sit and try and keep it as is, with the odd chance on a break or from set piece. We already have to score in Germany; we can’t put ourselves in the same spot as last year, needing to win big away. But a 1 goal cushion and the germans won’t be comfortable with us coming to them

  • Well

    Taxi ride finished. Off to grill a phd student at Auckland Univ (just arrived). Will take out my frustrations on him (bad tong if he’d known! 🙂 ).

    Hoping for equaliser. Fun to be able to drop in again.

    Seeya and COYG!!!

    — jgc, still optimistic

  • Stupid question… Would it be best we lost by 2 or 3 and forget about CL, to focus on EPL and FA cup, or fight to death to stick to one nil and hope for a brilliant performance in Munich? As long as the crowd sings, I’d fight to death!

  • Alcide,
    Let’s fight, it can only help for our away leg as well as the teams morale. Even better if we manage to pull one back somehow

  • Take care jgc.

    Take it easy on the phd student…we are fragile 🙂

    @ alcide

    Nah go for it all!!!!

  • Totally agree. A 1 nil loss, with a mild sense of injustice, against the champions? Doesn’t sound too damaging for the confidence to me – though we will be bloody tired for Sunderland

  • And I would love Ozil to get something to lift his confidence in this game. So far there’s nothing.

  • We gotta make the trip to Munich no matter what, so, of course, the closer we are the better…No matter what we’ll be rotating to prioritize the league, I’m sure…

    Last sub used… Kos gets away with a pen?

  • The boys are doing us proud. If we can keep it to 1 goal there is still something we can take from this game. The fans are really with the team.

  • Real shame. We deserved to hang on given all the effort. But we are out of it now sadly; like last year the trip to germany will be about pride alone.

  • good fight today but it wasn’t meant to be.
    Time to head to work now guys.
    Talk to you all soon


    3-0 in the return leg 🙂

  • Grief nothing has gone right for Ozil since his penalty miss. He is going to need some serious care by Wenger to get his spirits up for the next game. A rest may well be due against Sunderland.

  • Finally the whistle…

    This was very rough, but a great effort by our boys, I think. Fingers will have to point at Ozil for the Pen miss and Szcz for his poor judgement…

  • Cheers Oz – good to have you all with us, through the night! 17, yes hard to shield Oz in particular; such a shame, as we gave a real battling performance otherwise.

  • At least I don’t feel well need to “bounce” from a bad performance, we just have to get the disappointment behind and play the next OGAAT game with a good level of confidence. It wouldn’t be right to say I’m proud of the guys, but I think they did put a good effort, and played well, head-to-head when they had the chance.

  • Sorry JW fans I was not very optimistic when I saw JW in middle sorry he is weak lately. Don’t know what his problem is but his defensive side is poor and his offense is pretty poor as well (he works hard but final ball is poor) so I would much rather had seen Ox in the middle or Rosicky or Santi and podolski. The lineup we had out there would have a hard time breaking down Swansea never mind Bayern Munich. and defensively We ether need Flem AND a second dominate midfield or play Rosicky and defend by keeping Them under pressure with Jack giving the ball away and then sitting on his but looking for a foul is not going to win us a game

  • I think so alcide. Hopefully just a strain, looked like a pull though 3-5 weeks out you would imagine depending on severity.
    Disagree completely FM. Jack is on the up and i thought he was the least of our problems tonight. His role changed after the red card.

  • I don’t feel the urge to point the finger at pretty much any of our folk tonight; we worked hard with little luck and they don’t deserve to be beaten up for it. The easy targets are Oz and Scez, and the blogs are filling up with flak for the former in particular. I can’t argue that Oz fluffed his lines with the penalty and that his head dropped after, but the stats show he worked his socks off all the same. His confidence is down no doubt, but the stuff being written about him is bizarre, and must largely come from ‘5 minute wonder’ supporters. Scez is harder in terms of making a foolish jesture. I hope he doesn’t get more punishment for it. The tackle itself was slightly rash though, but he is a young keeper and will make such mistakes. Fab had a sound game thereafter, but I think Scez might have reached the Kroos shot – as he had done with his first half effort.

    For now all I care about is getting heads up enough to do the business on Saturday and keep our PL position strong. Wenger needs to manage Oz’s confidence, and he will know best whether resting him will help or hinder; but I can’t help feeling a game off would be good for him and take some pressure off the team at the same time.

  • Well said AB. Players go through rough patches. Both are young and nowhere near their prime yet so we are laughing in that respect.

    @ TA

    Not til May/June TA. The Mrs and I have to finish up our work contracts and gather our pennies to pay 20% for the deposit. It’s all coming together nicely.

    From personal trainer->sports teacher>nutritionist>Science>forensics>physiology>phd

    Too much study, but funnily enough still dump as a post 🙂

  • Cheers jozefos 🙂

    Okay, I am with you ozzer. What does phd stand for? Persistent Heavy Drinker? 😛

    Glic’s career path looks like: >nutbum< 😀

  • Agreed AB, I’ll probably steer clear of some (most?) of the media in the next couple of days, some of the nonsense manages to get to me sometimes. Santi can probably lead our attack line Saturday, he should be relatively fresh, and Özil can get a rest… He’s the third or fourth player most used this season, behind Wojcek, Per, Kos? For a first BPL season, having joined the team late, that’s quite something, and at the risk of repeating myself, he usually puts in top mileage behind our DMs, so the “lazy” attitude is just bad perception. Damn that penalty missed penalty though, and he can get some flak for attempting again that silly two-step flick of his!

    Kroos shot was quite good, Fab was just a bit short (as in, pity he’s not a bit taller, but can’t teach size). Szeczny could have done a bit better – block and stand big instead of running into Robben, he’ll learn. I still think the last defender rule should not apply when there is a scoring opportunity, not after the opportunity is gone, or goalies are just flipping coins in those situations, with strikers just looking for a touch of the ball rather than actually scoring, perverting the intent of the rule.

    Damn I’m still frustrated by our not having had the opportunity to fully compete… I really wouldn’t have minded being crushed 3 nil by (possibly) the best team in the world, but the way it played out feels almost as sour as RvP’s second yellow vs. Barca. Ok maybe not as bad, but you know the feeling…

    Ok off to bed, more skiing to do tomorrow with kids not having any concept of losing stamina.

  • @ TA

    haha once upon a time. Weekends were once a alcoholic fueled blur. The Mrs put an end to that though. Now one whiff of the stuff and I’m passed out under the coffee table.

    Nite our dutch dictator 🙂

    @ Alcide

    nite and very well said. Frustrated is definitely where I am at too.

  • Okay. My take on the game.
    No. Özil is not to blame. Yeah he messed up the penalty that woulda put us ahead and Bayern on the back foot but he did well to work hard after that. Even with a low morale.
    Szczeny is not to blame either. The rules are crap and the one area where the goal keeper owns the advantage is not even his?? Not withstanding, a yellow card and the penalty should have been punishment enough.

    By now you already know who I’m going to blame. Yes, the referee. I didn’t go watch this game with the hope that we’d win. I just wanted a good game with lots of spirit and attacking flair. And I was getting that. I really was. Mostly from arsenal actually. And then the referee gone go give a red card and skew the game in ba teens favor and mess up the absolute beauty I was watching. Truth be told, soon as I saw the red card I stopped watching and went to join TCM at the back of the sofa. I didn’t even see their penalty. But I was pissed. I’m still pissed. Cos even with 11 men apiece, Bayern might have still won it, but now we’ll never know and have to console ourselves that they needed a red card advantage to beat us.

    Everyone is thinking we’ll pull off a last year at the Allianz arena. No. It won’t happen. We’ll go there and play our game, but I don’t think we’ll pull it off. That said, we’re still on for the double I predicted this season. Don’t worry. The champions league will be ours next season. And for 2 seasons after that. But for now, let’s settle for the premier league and Fa cup. We are getting those this season.

    Yeah, that’s part of my rant done. Middle finger to the referee and uefa for bullshit rules.

    Morning Bkers. 😀

  • Good-ish morning all. I cannot see the match on the ‘player until Saturday, so I cannot comment on individuals, or individual moments. Overall the ‘team’ put in a big effort, but it sounded like it could have been so, so different? But let us not dwell on the ‘could have been’, eh?

    Two points I would ask you to comment on:

    Gibbs? Was it a calculated risk playing him whilst carrying an injury?

    Two; Just prior to their second goal we had a free kick in their half. Who decided to launch it into their box, and thus render us open to the counter? Why not take it short and try and play for a corner? Why have both CB’s up there? 0-1 was still manageable, now we need 3 goals and a clean sheet … Yes that is one better than last time, but they will not be as sloppy this time around?

    I am not asking either question with hindsight. I pointed out Gibbs injury before it was publicly acknowledged. And listening to the game, I kept on thinking, don’t get drawn up the pitch, because while we have all the bodies back they were taking more risky shots … and missing.

    That is my frustration done. Now OGAAT.

    RB rested, LB knackered. CB’s? All we have got. MF? Rosicky and Gnabry should be relatively fresh, pushing it with Ox? Ditto with Sanogo up front, amazing as he has been, three quick games after a long lay off … mnnn??

    Not out of the wood yet I fear …

  • @ Gerry

    way way too risky. If Gibbs isn’t 100% he should NEVER be player. He is far too injury prone to risk and it’ll cost us again. I’m disappointed that Monreal didn’t track Robben’s run and i’d like to think Gibbs would have been more aware having started the match

  • Up until the red card we were more than a match for them, in fact it was a super contest. IMO, it was a penalty but not a red card. As for that twat Jamie Redknapp……how can he say Robben would have got to the ball in time to just slip it into the net? granted he would probably have got to it before it went out of play but from one of the angles he would have had to be an express train to catch it before it went past the post, which would have given him far too acute angle, and our defenders would have got back to cover.
    So, a clear goal scoring opportunity? I think not.

    @Oz….I’m afraid Gibbs is made of glass. All who read my few posts on here will know my feelings about him. Having said that, I’m certain he would have defended the Robbin situation better than Monreal. Why did he just let Robbin run clear is beyond me. I think his heart is not in it lately.

    @Gerry……I’m in your camp regarding our fatigue/squad numbers. Wenger had an opportunity to boost numbers on numerous occasions but declined to add players to the squad? He seems to over use his players, which inevitably leads them to the “red” zone.

    Ozil needs resting this week end, thats for sure. Use Santi/Wilshere/Rosicky/Gnabry/Ox in the mid field positions against Sunderland.

    It might be prudish to give Hayden a run out and rest either Kos or Merts this week end too. If he keeps playing them they will both be in the “red” zone. Where would we be without one of them against the top four teams in the Prem?

    Onwards and upwards.

  • I could not watch the game either but did listen to it on the radio and then the fan phone in after the match on talkSPORT where Cundy and Goldstein giving their analysis an asked fans their opinions.

    Their main point was the free kick in the second period which led to Bayern’s second goal killed the tie for us. They could not understand why Wilshere (or Rosicky) could take an awful free kick (where Kos is out of position and leave our team stranded so Bayern could hit us on the break).

    Goldstein also said that we cannot blame the ref as the ref has no choice when a keeper rushes out like Szez did. Cundy agreed but pointed out that a well taken free kick took out eight of our players and left Szez with no choice despite the fact of him having a history of getting himself sent of and costing Poland.

    Both were also confused as to why Ozil stayed on the pitch when Szez got sent off. He was clearly affected after missing the penalty and Cazorla should have been kept on as he was in better form so it always would have been a struggle.

    I could not understand why Ozil took the pen in the first place. He is in bad form and Neuer knows him so well which is shown by the headline ‘I knew how Ozil would take penalty’ in some of this morning’s articles.

    Cundy said that Sanogo did not look ready for first team action but played ok and that because of our failure to acquire a ST in January we so not have a quality and experienced ST who can come in when needed, we should not be relying on a young player like Sanogo against Europe’s best team.

    They went on to say that this tie is probably done but we cannot forget that we faced the best team in Europe at the moment with ten men.

  • Gerry, on Kos, who otherwise again had a world class game, I have to agree… I didn’t say anything before as I missed the build up to he second goal: I was posting: “hehehe, what is Kos doing up there?”, reflecting an amused yet worried thought… Having seen the whole play again, hat was a brave but bad, bad move from Kos.

    On Gibbs, I don’t know, he really stretched himself at full speed when he got injured, in an aggressive move; the moment I saw it, before he even waved towards the bench, it reminded me of a similar type of jump/move he did earlier his season where he also got injured; maybe he should pace himself a bit?

  • I think everybody is a bit harsh on Monreal and Robben’s run. When a good pass finds a good run like that, it is very, very unlikely a defender can catch it. When we score from one of those, comments will always mention “defender should have done a better job etc., but in practice, with a fast attacker running across, and a well timed pass, I have never seen a defender keeping with and blocking or preventing the shot, only another defender in another zone than the runner can catch the run and interfere.

  • Meh. My prediction that we might have used their pursuit for the right gear was right. We were all over them in the first third of the match.

    Ozil’s penalty – he was offside when he received the ball. He made a move of a genius to earn the penalty but wasted it. I don’t know why Wenger didn’t update his penalty-taker-list after Ozil’s terrible penalty against Olympique Marseille. He didn’t wait too much with Cazorla – Santi missed his penalty against Bradford last season and that was enough for Wenger to remove him as Arteta’s deputy at penalties. Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain scored against Bradford. Given how Ox has been in form (just like Ramsey – it seems that he can do whatever he wants), I’d have had him as a taker.

    Boateng’s 2nd yellow card (not given) – he shouldn’t have had the first one due to Ozil’s offside but two wrongs don’t make it right. It was a bookable offence and that should have been a yellow card.

    Szczesny’s red card and a penalty – both decisions were correct. Robben was first to the ball, Szczesny’s took him down – a penalty and – given that Szczesny denied Robben a clear goal-scoring opportunity – a red card.

    Anyway, I just hope we won’t suffer some sort of drubbing at AllianzArena like Sporting had suffered a few years ago. Still, I’d go with a heavy rotation for that match – we can’t win this tie (don’t bring up last season’s match – it was completely different) and the second leg is squeezed between more important matches against Everton (FA Cup) and Spuds (Premiership).

    Personally, what worries me the most is Gibbs’ injury. 😦 Hopefully that young lad won’t be out for too long because Monreal hasn’t been too convincing lately.

  • @ Admir

    have you been sipping from 17’s cup? Not enough bias 🙂

    it goes:

    penalty ozil = yep. Interference so should have been retaken
    red = criminal
    penalty = dive play on
    second yellow boateng = yep
    muller goal = think it was offside.

  • @ VCC

    And i agree with you. I’ve had it up to here with our injuries. Diaby can be taken to the glue factory and gibbs frustrates the hell out of me.

    I wouldn’t been surprised at all if monreal wanted out at the end of the season. Given his age and international status I’d imagine he would want a guaranteed starting berth. Just lucky he has Gibbs ahead of him so he gets time.

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