Neuer and Szczesny the difference: Arsenal v Bayern afterthoughts

We knew we only had a small chance to go through against Bayern, so we cannot be too upset for losing 2-0 on the night. We also knew that we needed to be disciplined and concentrate for 95 minutes, if we wanted something out of this game. We also knew we needed to have a go at Bayern and take our game to them – not be overwhelmed but have some believe in our own strengths.

Well, the latter we did and had, and therefore I am feeling reasonably good about our performance last night. We gave them a fright and created a number of scoring opportunities, and we should have taken one of them. We did not and in top football you get punished for this sooner or later.

Sanogo made things happen and brings new energy/impetus to the team. Giroud might have finished better but there is no guarantee for this, and I doubt he would have been able to bring the surprise/X-factor of Sanogo’s team sheet inclusion and performance. I love this guy already and you can see there is real potential in him.

The first half was very good, even though we struggled a bit getting over the deception of not taking our opportunities early on: especially Ozil’s missed penalty hit us hard. But I liked our discipline and organisation and our bite when we went forward. Both Ox and Sanogo were impressive and Jack was linking up play brilliantly.

But then, as Neuer was protecting his team with his tremendous focus and skills, one moment of youthful inexperience by our stopper turns the game on its head, and our faith is decided. A brilliant ball over the top, a clever run by Robben, a pumped up Pole rushing out to scare him off…. and then running into him. A penalty and a red card. Game over.

The pen gets missed but the real punishment is us having to play 50 minutes with ten men against Bayerlona. We fought like lions but the areas in front of the D and left back were surrendered too frequently. A brilliant banana-curved shot in the top corner by the Ramsey-like Kroos proved too much for us. All was not lost as a small loss could be overcome in Germany.

They had more chances but somehow we survived and the team deserves praise for this. But we wanted a goal ourselves and when we won a rare free-kick in Bayern’s half, Jack spotted the run of Koz and decided to play it quickly. Koz did not reach it and Bayern scored from the ensuing ‘counter-attack’: 2-0.

There were a lot more positives from this game than negatives, and I feel the team knows that if they had scored early and/or the keeper had kept cool the result might well have been different. We are not mature enough for this though, and we can only hope that lessons will be learned by our players.

And when we go to Munich, we will have nothing to lose and play with our hearts on our sleeves. Score early and it might become a fantastic night for us. Remember Inter at the San Siro? 🙂

As the Dutch say, the bal is rond – the ball is round: everything is possible!


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42 Responses to Neuer and Szczesny the difference: Arsenal v Bayern afterthoughts

  1. Admir says:

    Nice summary, TA.

    Though, to be honest, I think that we shouldn’t waste our energy on the second leg against Bayern but to beat Everton in FA Cup and Spuds in Premiership. Two massive fixtures for us during the most difficult period of the season in our quest for the trophy.

    Bayern are just too strong. Perhaps we might enter the race for Kroos next summer. He has scored twice at the Emirates already.

    Speaking of last night match, I’d like to point out at Guardiola’s substitutions. First he introduced Rafinha instead of booked Boateng who was a liability in the defence. Lahm was switched to the middle and Bayern took the complete control of that part of the pitch. Then he pulled off poor Mandžukić and introduced more intelligent Mueller. Unfortunately, Wenger couldn’t afford himself to make substitutions that he wanted but the one he had to do.

    Any news on Gibbs yet?

  2. MM says:

    I like Sanogo – he’s tall, strong, and does Giroud’s job of hold up play pretty good, and dribbles well – how he went through 2-3 Bayern players at the beginning was majestic. He seems quite quick too. I think Giroud will become his understudy in no time. But yesterday and last weekend, there were instances of him looking for the ball on a rebound, which made for comic scenes, and he really needs to just shoot the ball instead of trying to be too clever. But I’m sure it will come very, very soon, especially if we can get TH to coach him a bit.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Admir, but our ‘second team’ can play with a lot of freedom and just give them a game. And who knows how the Cocker crumbles! 🙂

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed MM. I have a good feeling about him.

  5. Admir says:

    Speaking of Sanogo, I really like what I’ve seen from him so far. It’s just that under the definition of “a raw material”, there should be his picture. 🙂

  6. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey fellas…Good job TA of wrapping it all up…I thought the team did what they could under the circumstances and played well for each other. Getting beaten with CBs out of position at the end seems a mental mistake right up there with Szczesny’s….Against great opponents we cannot afford too much of the wanky thing… 😉

    Has anyone been able to track down the real story behind Sanogo starting the match? It’s easy to infer from the off-pitch stuff, but still strange. What’s the plan for Sunderland? I saw comments by the BFG after the match and he was already talking about that one (good) but also suggesting that the team has been extremely stretched by the run of recent matches (bad). If we cannot rotate at CF AND it’s now Yaya’s position, consider me really worried…(As much as he looks very promising, CF is a spot where we need goals and he’s yet to score one for us…)

    And then there’s Gibbs injury, Oxlade-Chamberlain playing hurt and everybody else being worn down by that defending work and it doesn’t paint the prettiest of pictures. Is our big hope that Arteta got a rest?… Sunderland, we must recall, put Chelsea out of one domestic cup and ManU out of the other and they’ve climbed up out of the relegation area too, including a recent 3-nil at Newcastle. They will be fully rested and then have a week off before their trip to Wembley so I think it would be naive to expect them to rest, rotate or do anything less than come at us as hard as they can in anticipation of playing Man City. Adam Johnson will be a(nother) handful for poor Nacho. Per was already looking forward to the break between that match and the following one away at Stoke…

    What’s sad about last night is that we seemed to have the passion (or the fight or the spirit or all that sort stuff which the supporters demand…) right from the kick-off, but couldn’t marry it to composure to take our chances and avoid calamity. (And we kept the spirit intact, I thought, despite the dire situation…) Intelligence and maturity are the next steps for this group–hopefully starting in the very next match… Bodies AND minds need to get healthy, and fast. I know many are calling for rest (or benching…) for Ozil but I think he needs to step up and into a greater leadership role (as he prolly tried to do by taking his own pen…) as must big Ollie. Those two (plus Ramsey) were key to early season 3 points/game and without them I think things could wind down quickly. Consider me worried, but also open to re-invigoration… Seems to me it’s all on a bit of a knife’s edge at the moment…

  7. Admir says:

    17ht, The Black Cats did both Chelsea and United in the same cup – Capital One Cup. 😉 Chavs were beaten by their fellas Oilers and United were brought down by the Swans’ song in the FA Cup.

  8. 17highburyterrace says:

    Thanks for the correction Admir… Sunderland definitely seem on the up under Poyet… Am I wrong to be concerned? BFG just seemed a little shell-shocked in his post match interview but I was glad to see that he was thinking about the next one, just a little worried that he felt they were so desperate for the break (afterwards)…

    Also, has there been any news on Vermaelen? A bit of rotation back there seems like it could freshen things…

  9. Admir says:

    I agree that our players – especially BFG – need a break. Perhaps Wenger might use Sagna and Koscielny against Sunderland with Jenkinson and Monreal on the full-backs?

  10. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, I don’t see that idea being employed and maybe Sagna actually did less running yesterday because we were pinned so deep in our half… 😀 If Verms is never fit, this whole business of having Sagna as the #4 CB seems REALLY wonky…

    BFG is our de facto captain these days but I guess Arteta (a quieter type?) will wear the arm-band on Saturday. Frankly, I’m awfully worried about where the goals will come from. For all intents and purposes it seems Poldolski and Bendtner are playing their last months at Arsenal and the Giroud (too) gets benched for the big CL match. Obviously, Ox did well vs Pool the other day (and was bright yesterday, early at least, but is now hurt?)… Santi, Jack, Ozil and/or Sicky vs the hard-hitting Sunderland/Stoke sorts are a worry for me. I just wish we played more quick passing, keep away stuff, than always trying to run with the ball… We really need no further injuries to go with the goals and our approach (to me, at least) guarantees neither…

  11. alcide says:

    Great summary, including comments, it pretty much matches my thoughts…

    I wouldn’t read too much into OG being benched, his latest appearances were average, and he seemed tired and basically needed a break, add to that ‘the incident’, and despite Arsene saying Ollie is not affected in training, I would very much doubt his mind is not a bit distracted…

    I would also bench Özil for Sunderland, give him a significant mini break, the occasion is perfect with Santi having been subbed-off early. And to be honest, I would like to see Santi leading from the central pot… Like TA I am more and more wondering what should be his spot… I always want to play him, but the left wing just doesn’t click 100% for me, neither offensively nor defensively.

    I also want to say something about BM – in many ways I think this is how AW would like us to play, and one thing that was obvious in a few instances (before the red card), was how good their collective movement off the ball was. Whenever a player was nearing the edge of the box, you would see at least two runs – one towards the corner flag, one cutting inside. And if none outlet was used, the movement would still continue, and new triangles would appear. Perhaps not spectacular, but remarkable in my opinion. We have been capable of similar movement, at times, but too often there is only one (therefore predictable) run, and then it often stops as if we had to “reset” ourselves with a backwards or uncommitted sideways pass.


  12. The Cockie Monster says:

    Afternoon my BK Bitches !. 😆
    Completely agree with that MR Totes…… can I disagree, I didn`t see the game !.
    What I will say while most are complementing Arsenals display of 10 Vs 11 !. If we were a serious team we should have at least come out with a draw !. My reasons are simple……we are down to 10 men, but….1) Their goalie will still be in their goal area !. 2) If we play a striker far up the field, they will have 2 defenders to cover !. That leaves us one player advantage in our half including our goalie !. Teams practice ( and I know Arsenal do ) this scenario on the training ground, it`s just all in the mind !.
    I`ve also said this before, If I was in charge of rules and I know this is revolutionary….but a match would always be 11 Vs 11, but instead of going into lengthy details about it, I will just give one quick reason on the particular incident last night…….in the instance of a goalie bringing down a player in the area, the goalie is already punished by conceding a penalty, to then send him off as well is double the punishment, which then becomes treble the punishment with a ban !. That law should be changed to just a yellow as a striker will not get a better opportunity to score a goal than from the penalty spot…..unless he`s Ozil !.
    Have to agree with Admir`s first comment !. Prioritise the league games and then the Everton FAC game !.
    Personally, I will be more gutted if we don’t beat Sunderland on the weekend than I was last night !. I would always prioritise the EPL and it`s vitally important revenue wise that we always get CL, but not as important to win it at the moment……yes I know it sounds stupid , but it`s an means to an end !, we need the CL money to eventually build us up to be competitive in the CL, but at the moment we are way off of being that !.
    With Spuds (A), Chavski (A), Mansour City (H) and Everton (A) coming up on the trot, it is not a given definite that we will get 4th !. So number one priority has to be CL spot for the short to midterm future of the club.

    The Protector of The Chart of Doom has spoken !.

    PS…..I`ll take being a permanent nutbum as a compliment !. hahaha

  13. jnyc says:

    Schezzer would have saved Ozils penalty also, it was so bad that we can safely say that. And robbens was understandably a penalty, but Not a red card. I loved arsenes diving gesture.
    If ox is hurt, we need to use gnabry, and 17 is right, what’s the deal with vermaelen. We need him even more if gibbs is out.
    Overall proud of the boys. I hope the disappointment doesn’t hurt the rest of the campaign.

  14. Oh and before I go on my running machine !………Gibbs……I`m going to partly be in Vicky`s camp here !. I think he has the ability to be a top LB, but he is showing over the years that although still young he is injury prone and as I don’t think Monreal is that special, so you can add a SQ LB onto my summer shopping list !.

  15. alcide says:

    Damn, I’m in agreement with TCM, is that bad doctor?

  16. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockie, plenty to agree with and the rules need changing…If it’s a def scoring opportunity–just give them the goal! It’s a radical idea, I know, but it prevents the double whammy. Fact is, yesterday, we only got the single blow but playing with ten made for pretty miserable spectating and the eventual, more extreme punishment… Also, if you give the goal you avoid the late match professional fouls where going down to 10 men isn’t such a blow…(See Suarez in Uraguay-Ghana, 2010 WC, for example–Cheating to win shouldn’t be sanctioned)… Bottom line, it’s a bad rule…and the whole subbing/sending off biz needs to enter the modern era. Remember, if a team serially injures the other (but incurs no red cards…) the team with all the injuries could actually end up with fewer players on the pitch!

    All that being said, I think watching the matches has value 😉 … (Be brave my furry friend!)

    Somehow we need to make it through these next two matches w/o dropping points (not easy, esp. at Stoke…) before the next Death Run. We’ll have to rotate but if Gibbs and Ox are hurt it will be bare bones (though possibly the opportunity everybody is craving for Gnabry…) We really need to hear WTF is up with Ramsey and Vermaelen and the recall of Bellerin might suggest that AW is already thinking of matches where Sagna and Jenks will both start and Hector will be on the bench… Any chance our January signing (Kim Kallstrom) will be fit anytime in March?… 😯 Given that AW felt (somehow…) comfortable resting Giroud for yesterday’s match I’m pretty sure we’ll see all hands on deck for the Everton FA cup and Bayern away leg before the three in a row in the league…

    Agreed with Alcide above about Pep’s Bayern being a bit of a model for our own play and very interesting that Lahm moves into a DM role so effectively. Let’s be clear, they weren’t at full strength yesterday w/their best player (Ribery) and an up and comer (Shaquiri) out hurt. It sort of matches our own losses of Theo and Rambo, but also helps show the gulf in both quality and depth. That they have a FB (Alaba) take pens (though maybe not in the future…) and then they go to 3 of them when they go a man up shows that these positions, if filled with real players, is the way forward in terms of attacking football. Dennis forbid how short we’re gonna be if Sagna is not re-signed in these areas…Never should’ve let Eboue go… 😆

    All very interesting, I think, but maybe a bit much if we take it all too personally. On that note, where’s 007, who I thought would love to point a finger at Szcz? And I remain concerned about Terry’s neck (and other parts…) whilst hoping for an upbeat report from the terraces…

    Off skiing myself (and hoping my kid doesn’t punish me too badly)…

  17. Fozzie B says:

    Goodevening Brave yet Bollicked by Bayern Bk Botty Boys!! 😆
    First things first… Cockie you furry blue bastardo … Didn’t you declare that you would actually watch the Bayern game live after the draw??? 😀
    I know most of the Bk crew have been hypnotised by your googly eyes and your latest hypnotic hula cock hoops!!! Haha !! 😆
    But I swear in between the númerous overdosing on bluebake special bake … You said this to the brethren!! (Back me up Barstsrdos!!)
    In that case you deserve a forfeit of sorts!! What you reckon BK Brethren!!
    Watching the Chslvski game live and having to post during to prove he isn’t behind his couch playing hide and seek with his Arsene cock puppet and Lady Penelope hand puppet!! 😆
    Ps. Well done Totes and totally agree! 😀

  18. Fozzie B says:

    Sasquatchanova … A ski with the grand kids might help lift your concerned mood.
    We will survive ok and at least hold the injury table premiership trophy!! 😆
    I actually thought BFG gave a fantastic post match interview!! Humble, passionate, determined and looking forward to a rest after Sunderland! :lol;
    May I humbly suggest you fit your grand kids sunglasses with “parental blocking” capabilities!! Haha !! 😆
    The reality is they are actually “Sasquatch loving blockers”!! Haha!!
    “Oh look grand kids don’t speed over that white furry pole!” … Hahaha!!
    “Grand dad has to sit on it to make sure it goes down for the next run!! ” hahaha!!
    Que press sunglasses parental blocking!! 😆

  19. VCC says:

    TCM….17:33…..about time some one see some sense. 😉
    Go and get Luke Shaw from Southampton. NOW.

  20. Fozzie B says:

    Hi Vickers!!Forget left back, right back should be our top priority now! Bacs replacement is a must if he indeed is going! Left back can wait a year I reckon! 😀

  21. So Fozzie…..what is it that you actually do ?. Answer question Bastard !.

  22. To cut it short Seventeenho !. Always 11 Vs 11…….unless it`s GBH or something similar. A red card will mean they still get sent off and they will get a longer 5 game ban, but they will be replaced by a sub so it`s still 11 Vs 11 !.

  23. Fozzer
    I did say I would watch the game, but alas I didn`t have it on any available channel and I cant watch the shite on streaming as……1) it`s a shit reception and 2) I wouldn`t be able to blog at the same time !. Although, Monster Jnr told me it was on Sky One, alas, that wasn`t until today, so It`s too late !. Thank fcuk for that, as I don’t like watching us lose !. hahaha

  24. Yes Tricky Vicky, but alas Sith Lord Wenger is happy with Monsterreal and GlassGibbo and will just let Chavski or Manshafter Std walk in and buy Shaw ( apparently, he`s a Chavski fan ! )

  25. VCC says:

    Fozzie B 20:21.’s not been confirmed about Sagna leaving yet. He is strong, more than capable of holding his own, and still one of the best right backs in the premiership.
    Hopefully he is still with us next season and we can think about replacing him later in the year.
    I have been banging the drum about replacing Gibbs for a couple of seasons now (receiving some stick from another site) but its my opinion he is made of glass and causes us concerns. I though Monreal was going to be the answer, but he too has been weak lately.

  26. VCC says:

    TCM…..never mind who he supports. I would drive Wenger down to St. Mary’s and take him and his family out for a splash up meal and convince him he should be part of Arsenes vision of the future with all our youngsters coming through. Big him up and tell him he could be part of the new Barca, only made in North London at the Emirates.
    Then push Bellerin (I think he is a real talent).
    That will have the back five sorted.
    Get a Sq DM.
    We have Ox/Walcott/Ozil/Santi/Gnabry/Wilshere/Ramsey/Flamini/Arteta/Rosicky/Eisfeld/Zelalem
    Get a Sq ST
    Sanogo/Giroud back up.

  27. davydavy says:

    Excellent post TA and the first (and best) I’ve been able to read since the BM game.

    Alcide, really like your analysis of Bayern’s attacking tactics, and I would add that it is an ideal approach when you’re a man up. We played well against BM until the odds were tipped against us, and I feel a bit cheated by that unlucky red card. But this tie ain’t over yet; if we can nick an early goal at the Allianz then it’s all to play for.

    Very pleased with the new lad Sanogo because I’ve had high hopes for him all season. Once he gets his first goal there should be a lot more to follow, as he’s big, strong and quick, a bit like Adebayor but with better ball control. Yep.

    I agree with FB on getting a new right back if Sagna is on his way. And speaking of shopping lists, I also like the look of that Konoplyanka chap from Ukraine, who looked pretty tasty against the Spuds today. Good thing he didn’t end up at Liverpool alongside Sturridge and Suarez!

    Good run of fixtures ahead and a chance to take some points off our competitors and to advance in the Cup. I’m really looking forward to the next two weeks, and especially to getting back on track against Sunderland.

  28. VCC says:

    Stand aside Cockie//Stretch/Fozzie…….I’m the new voice of reason……I’m taking my soap box to Hyde Park mañana and shouting the new tomorrow for AFC.
    Listen to me Arsene…….you know it makes sense.

  29. VCC says:

    Davydavy……I’m looking forward to Sunderland and the rest of the year too. Let’s push for the title.
    Konoplyanka has been getting rave reports. Did not see him tonight but will keep an eye out for him.
    As you say Liverpool have been sniffing around.

  30. Fozzie B says:

    Well done Vickers!! I will be looking out for the parking racks at the Emirates … Clogged up with “Vickers Angels” zimmers with a host is “Vickers Angels” patch members inside!!! A patch of a canon and zimmer intertwined!! 😆
    Bastardo Cockus Sofacis!! You had plenty of time bastardo to know about the game being in sky!! Just because you bought Lady Penelope a new sleek number does not count kinky bastard!! Hahaha!! 😆
    So for that forfeit still counts!!
    You do that and I tell you what I do apart from the joy I bring your living relatives!! Hahaha!!! 😆
    Davy Davy … I have had a gooner boner for Lahm for a long time but realise he is out of our league … Kroos would “unkroos” Cockies googly eyes if he came to us … What a signing he would be!! 😆

  31. davydavy says:

    VCC do you have anyone in mind for the SQ DM – I 100% agree that we need one – and do you think that we need another CB given that we can’t seem to rest Kos and the BFG?

  32. Fozzie B says:

    Now back to why I feel most positive about last nights game!!
    The reason is because Wenger had a clear strategic plan which nearly worked!!
    Without going into all stats and figures .. The facts are… Wenger played the same winning formula from the last Bayern win!
    Hit hard in the first 20.. Consolidate … Then hit hard in the end!!
    It went to such an exact script that Kozzer went forward in the lat 5 minutes to try and score .. And I respect that immensely!!
    It just so happened it didn’t work this time, but the plan was delightfully simple and could have worked if
    1: we scored the pen and
    2: Chezzer didn’t get carded

    I don’t hold any grudges as the rules are the rules so that’s that.

    Plus sides.
    1. Chambo on fire
    2: Ozil trying hard .. A whole 5k harder than any other Arsensal player on the pitch over all the CL games .. And he was trying right up the final whistle so although not razor sharp the guy earns all my plaudits! And he still keeps trying and working much harder than at RM. The dead end pockets he runs into are not mainly his fault!!

    Back to Wenger!! Surely I have seen now that he knows a winning formula against the big teams!! When he can exorcise the domestic big team ghosts we will be top!!
    Big ups to Yaya … Yayayaya .. Yayaya .. Yayaya Sanogo!!
    He is going to be a jewel if he can keep fit!!

  33. Milo says:

    Really, I thought Bayern were there for the taking and I was impressed by our opening. I don’t know if it was arrogance, or fatigue or lack of focus or what, but Bayern didn’t show up for the first 15 minutes. They laid an egg against Manchester City in MUNICH, so I think there might be a bit of a problem with them. No club is perfect, but they can be eliminated. Whether it is by us is yet to be determined.

  34. Gerry says:

    VCC – I am going to have to defend Gibbs against your two year onslaught, even if it is elsewhere?

    He was very unlucky to get a bad metatarsel break that began a series of other related and unrelated issues. Putting that behind him, the last season and a half he has proven to be our best RB option, especially with the recent showings by his deputy? He, like Sagna, is in one of the most demanding positions, offering options on left wing, and chasing back and producing some wonderful last ditch tackles. That is his main quality..

    I am not sure why Monreal got a run of games prior to Gibbs coming back, but at the end of his last full game I reported that I thought he might have a problem. To most, it was a surprise that Monreal started the next game. However, Gibbs came on late, again I report that he was not running back with his usual zest. Eventually, injury acknowledged at Now I personally it was a big risk in playing him against Bayern. But I believe it is this lack of rotation when things are going well, that does neither Gibbs or Monreal any favours.

    I know you are banging on about injuries, but they have been few and far between these last 18 months. How often he plays when he is not 100% is anybody’s guess, but give him a bit of credit. He has gone out there and tried his best. Probably going to miss a good part of the tough upcoming games, which is bad for him and bad for the team, and whatever faint hope he had of going to Brazil have disappeared. What I am saying is, all players will pick up minor knocks, and most can shrug them off when it is a bruise or such like. Muscle pulls are different – for the record, I think this injury that Gibbs has got, started from the tackle he got on the line when the player trod on his foot just as he was about to push off on that leg. Because it was done on the twist it probably does not show up when he runs, only when he stops …- and he should have taken a longer break, and possibly a better medical scan to show the exact area that needed treatment. But that is what deputy players are there for?

    In the meant time … B54, get your kit ready, you are needed for the bench this weekend!???

  35. Xavier says:

    So… By the way, I don’t think özil should be rested this weekend. Yeah fatigue and all but he’ll have a week to rest it all off anyways. Only thing is, during that one week he should get some days off off training. That should do him more good. Plus a win this weekend and maybe a goal or assist from him will do wonders for his confidence. But he’s a professional. And I’m glad he’s having his ups and downs this season. Much better than shining all through the first season and dropping off in the second. Can you imagine how awesome he’ll be next season? But onwards and upwards to Sunderland. Any premiership game from now is a must win. Bendtner should start against Sunderland and giro to come up as a sub and to start against stoke. We need to rotate as much as possible while keeping the team chemistry still. Personally, if we win Sunderland at home, it wouldn’t have been a bad February. I’ll tell you this much though, this team is going to play their life out for a trophy this season. And they totally deserve it.
    Bayern away, well, let’s just give it our best shot. I don’t expect a repeat if last season but we should roll over and make it easy for them. And while we’ve got tough EPL and Fa cup ties between it, I reckon wenger will still play his strongest side.

    Where’s JB?? I kinda miss his opinion on the Bayern game.

  36. Gerry says:

    Quick footnote – There is an FA Youth Cup match tonight, so many of the young hopefuls will be needed for that, and the UEFA league match on Tuesday. That includes Isaac Hayden and Gedion Zelalem.

    I was pleased that my early January wish that Coventry could have secured a loan deal for Chuba Akpom has now come true, and he went into their first team straightaway. Nearly earned a draw for them too, with a late header which only a tremendous reflex save prevented it from going in. Good news for the Youth team is he can play in both of their next two games. Bad news for Coventry though.

    Not for the first time, a player has commented on the tougher training regime elsewhere? Akpom says he will have to step up … at the League One club???

    I remember a Klopp interview during the 2012/13 season where he said ‘ … If our players run 20km during a match, we train for 22km’. That has a sort of ring about it that is worrying. We see the photos and videos of Arsenal squad training, lots of tippy tappy stuff, and jogging around the training ground? Perhaps they need more tough stuff pre-season of running up steep hills, and keep doing it somewhere, rather than running on the level throughout the season?

    I think Oz remembered the Austrian training camp at altitude recently? Perhaps if the USA tour is on they could base themselves around Lake Tahoe for 17’s perusal? They could go there for a month, so as the players come back from Brazil, they too can enjoy the trails and some special expresso’s?

    Just a thought.

    The youth game tonight sounds interesting formationwise. Charlton play with two strikers wide and a deeper lying No10? Arsene could get some ideas from that for next season, Sanogo wide left, Joel Campbell wide right, with Ox in the centre ….?

  37. VCC says:

    davydavy……..I haven’t any body significantly in mind, except Wanyama looks adequate for his price tag.
    But Arsenal are supposed to have an extensive world wide scouting system, surprising I know. With all their resources you would think they would come up with some one better than KK 🙂

    CB is different as we have 2 already established. You would struggle to bring in another SQ CB to sit on the bench. I once had high hopes of Kyle Bartley, he who went to Rangers on loan. Big, strong, athletic, young apprentice.

  38. Gino92 says:

    Though disappointed by the loss to Bayern, I am not worried at all about the return leg. I am much more worried about the players confidence and team morale. It would be best for them to quickly forget about this game and move on to the next. As long as they keep their head up and focus on the task at hand (next game), Arsenal will be fine. All those people laying into Ozil should just shut up and give him a break. The poor fellow has pretty much been playing almost every single game for us. What he needs for his own game to take off again is speedsters on both flanks and an intelligent world-class Striker. Hopefully, Wenger will give him those in the Summer. In the meantime, let’s just support the team through good and bad times.

    We will beat Bayern in Munich by a 3-1 score, and move on to the next rounds on away goal rule. Revenge will be so much sweeter this way…

    Now, let’s unleash our frustration and anger on Sunderland!

  39. VCC says:

    Gerry……Your defence of Gibbs is commendable. I however do not share your optimism on us eventually having a top quality LB.
    Injuries, however severe, have a bearing in a players career. Most encounter them during a professional footballers lifetime of approx. 18 years, or thereabouts.
    I don’t think Gibbs had a cat in hells chance of going to Brazil. He is currently light years behind Baines and Cole.
    For a player having been converted from a winger to a full back by Wenger, he is astonishingly poor at crossing. He is far from the finished article with his shooting prowess, and as stated earlier he is prone to injuries, being made of glass.
    His heading leaves a lot to be desired as well. IMO his one forte is his pace.
    We need to acquire a LB of quality as Monreal is proving a poor replacement.

    I’m not sure about B54 getting ready as sub, I would go for VCC64 instead 😉

    It’s good and healthy to have differences of opinion and dialogued in a gentlemanly fashion……SO, listen to me Gezzer 🙂 Gibbs will not be a SQ LB. 😉
    Hope i’m proved wrong.

  40. Gerry says:

    VCC – As one gentleman to another, may I suggest this. If we get a quality left wing player during the summer, then Gibbs can concentrate on being an SQ LB?

    It sounds like they are playing down his injury at the moment, but I’m betting Monreal will be the starter against Sunderland?

  41. VCC says:

    I hope Gibbs is clear of injuries for this week end.
    Monreal is clearly not the player he was when he first came to us. Don’t know why, but he seems disinterested to me???

    Looking forward to the Sunderland game tomorrow.

    Don’t forget to get your UMF selections in please. 🙂

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Guess who is back after two months of absence?

    New Post New Post! 🙂

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