Time to bench Ozil and see more of Sanogo? CL reflections

Santi to replace Ozil for a while?
Santi to replace Ozil for a while?

Arsenal – Bayern Afterthoughts and reflections by Marcus.

It’s been a mighty long time since I wrote a post here and I do agree it is unacceptable so I am going to break my silence. There are very many talking points that emanate from Wednesday night’s game, so I will tackle them one by one.

I must start by expressing my growing pride at being a Gooner. Wednesday night was a show of strength, togetherness, grit and unrelenting determination, even in defeat. Special praise must go the team as a whole. In the first 30-35 minutes before the red card, Bayern were shown that they were playing the Arsenal and not their usual German opponents whom they brush aside. This team has personalities such as Mertesacker, Koscielny, Flamini, Sagna and even the Ox, who are willing to lead the team in the face of adversity. Those 5 players must have passed out once they got home given the effort they put in. Add Szczesny and Ramsey to that list and we have title winning characters in our ranks. We pressed them and ran them ragged in the moments leading to the red card (which is my next talking point), something Bayern are not accustomed to. I strongly believe that had Szczeny just been booked, we’d have won that game.

Then there is the sending off. I feel it was extremely harsh. First of all, when the ball left kroos’ foot, it was a 50-50 ball between Robben and Szczesny. It was only Robben’s pace and awareness that gave him the advantage in that circumstance. Then there is the fact that if you watch the footage again, you see that the moment Szczesny realized Robben would get there first, he tried to back out of the challenged and that is why the contact made was minimal. If he had any malicious intent, he would have completely flattened Robben given the circumstance. This is by no means a criticism of the referee because the rules are clear. However, unless it is a two footed lunge with the studs showing, the fundamental rule when issuing a red card is intent, especially in one on one situations involving a keeper; and there was none. That is why Szczesny wasn’t sent off against Villa in the opening game and against spurs in the 2011-12 season. That is a rule that must be amended.

My third point to note has to be Yaya Sanogo. I must say that nobody expected him to start ahead of Giroud AND Poldi. I have watched him play in the last two games and he reminds me a bit of Adebayor. The way he moves and plays. I like what I see from him so far. The funny thing about his inclusion is, before the game my brother asked me to name the team I would pick and it was identical to the one that started; except, when he asked who I’d start upfront, I told him: ”anyone but Giroud”. I’d like to see how clinical he is, so I hope he gets more chances to play.

Then there’s is (obviously) Mesut Ozil. At the risk of sounding bitter he was utter rubbish last night. I mean penalties are generally 50-50 but for someone who has a world class reputation and has played for two of the best teams in the world – three if you count Germany – his penalty technique is wanting. But even aside from that, you miss a penalty in a game of that magnitude and go on to put in such a disinterested performance to the point where two of your team mates (Wilshere and Flamini) have to rebuke you? In a game of such importance? Unacceptable.

Maybe he needs to be dropped against Sunderland to show him that you have to earn the right to put on the red and white whether you cost 2 billion quid or came as a free transfer.

Then there’s something I have felt Wenger fails at since I started supporting Arsenal back in 2001 as an 11 year old, tactical substitutions. When Szczesny was sent off, he took of Cazorla: our most in form player at the moment, leaving Ozil on the pitch. Many say that Santi isn’t the best defensively, but you know what? Ozil is far worse. I have never once seen Ozil dispossess an opponent. Not once since he joined us. At least Santi puts in the effort when needed. Then he went on and took off the Ox still leaving Ozil on. Wenger has done this countless times most infamously in 2006 when he took off Pires which swung the tide against us.

To conclude, I have to say based on what I saw yesterday, this isn’t over yet. Not by a mile. I mean sure, beating Bayern by 2 goals is going to be a tough height to scale but did we not do it last year? I believe in this team so much that I don’t have that feeling of defeat most people have, because I know we can pull it off. It is going to take every piece of strength, determination and belief we have but we can do it. For now let’s look to bouncing back andย securing 3 points against Sunderland.



240 thoughts on “Time to bench Ozil and see more of Sanogo? CL reflections

  • Marcus,

    Great points, and I agree on the first three, but I’m more reserved on the last one ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t think we should bench ลŒzil, we should give him a rest he needs and deserves (he is the 4th most played field player on his first season, having arrived late to the club).

    Neither ร–zil nor Santi are great defenders and I won’t argue over who is best/worst than the other as honestly, it’s not a game winning difference (sorry Marcus, I disagree with “far worse”).

    I will say however that 1. In a 10 vs. 11 game, I would consider keeping Mesut as he is more likely to succeed in a potential counter attack (he can carry the ball with pace, Santi can’t) 2. I didn’t think he looked disinterested, and if he did he covered more miles than anyone in the team save Flamini – so he did put in effort. Being effective defending 50 min vs BM with one player down was not going to happen for Mesut or Santi. I’ve read (not from you) that Nacho and Mesut’s side was being targeted… Make no mistake had Ribery been playing, Sagna would have had his share of the work…

    Oh and on Ox subbed, I had understood he was carrying a knock?

    But I do want to see Santi lead while Mesut gets a rest, somehow I feel we haven’t hit the right team composition or “system” to have Mesut and Santi work seamlessly together.

  • Spot on, Marcus. I agree Ozil needs time on the bench, & his kicks from set pieces (not just the penalty) are always PP (poor, powerless). He needs to step up his game to really merit his shirt. He certainly didn’t deserve to last the distance on the pitch, with the likes of Ox and Cazorla off the pitch. An unpardonable mistake Wenger made there, killing our game thenceforth.
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  • (Continued…) Maybe seeing Santi central with a different setup on the wings will give us new options/ideas? Maybe they shouldn’t play together (which would somehow pain me)?

  • Welcome back Marcus ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice reflections, and although I don’t agree with them all I appreciate you taking the time and effort to voice your opinions.

    Re Ozil, I see it totally different. Wenger did the right thing to keep him on the pitch and give him a chance to get over his disappointment. And disappointed Ozil was after missing that penalty. I reckon he feels tremendous responsibility on his shoulders to carry our Arsenal to the next level and when he missed the pen you could see what it did to him. I would play him again against Sunderland, unless he is exhausted.

    The sending off was not really harsh. Szczesny should have avoided contact at all cost, as he should have anticipated the risk…. but the rule is harsh and should be changed asap.

    Agreed on the rest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Alcide

    ‘I will say however that 1. In a 10 vs. 11 game, I would consider keeping Mesut as he is more likely to succeed in a potential counter attack (he can carry the ball with pace, Santi canโ€™t) 2. I didnโ€™t think he looked disinterested, and if he did he covered more miles than anyone in the team save Flamini โ€“ so he did put in effort. Being effective defending 50 min vs BM with one player down was not going to happen for Mesut or Santi. Iโ€™ve read (not from you) that Nacho and Mesutโ€™s side was being targetedโ€ฆ Make no mistake had Ribery been playing, Sagna would have had his share of the workโ€ฆ’

    Spot on! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sorry Marcus, I cannot comment on the game as I have not seen it yet.

    Interesting snippit from the FA Youth Cup – Hayden is not on the bench or in the team. Kicks off around now. So I expect him to be at least on the bench tomorrow, along with the Gnabbers. B54, or more correctly, BOO54, is playing, so unless Flam is lining up as left back, I guess Monreal is okay.

  • Thanks very much for your post, you’re in fact one of a few who thinks like I do.
    Everyone is on about how bayern was going to distroy us but I so believed we were going to beat them. You’re so right about Wenger.

    First and foremost, podolsky should have started on the left while Cazorla behind the striker. When we needed to defend Ozil should have been taken off.

    If it was other managers, we would have switched to 4 4 1.
    No need to defend the whole second half, we let them know our intention that we came to defend therefore handing over power to them. Sanogo should play till the end of the season.

  • I do agree that Ozil should be rested, not because he is shit as many have stupidly concluded, following his most recent decline in form; but because Ozil has played too many matches, having come into a new league as hard as the EPL. But I have the feeling Wenger would not do that because he derives satisfaction that for once in recent past he now has a world class player around whom he can now build his team. Honestly speaking I personally feel that something is missing from an arsenal team sheet without Ozil. Having said that, I believe that what we are seeing of Ozil now is a reflection of a player who is showing signs of extreme exhaustion. He is being overplayed. He is not shit. He will still show his quality in due time.

  • Well the Youths got through to the next round, and play Everton. I wonder which team get underway first?

    It finished 2-0, both goals coming in the second half. 78th and 90th minutes. Iwobi the first from an assist from Akpom, so his journey was not wasted. And Maitland-Niles wrapped it up.

    A bit end to end in the first half, and a few chances went astray. We scored in the second half just after Vickers made a super save. He made a couple more before our second sealed it.

  • think subbing Ozil against bayern would have been a confidence killer to someone who was already down after the penalty miss.
    This weekend, I would sit Ox, and use Gnabry, who is well rested, and needs some playing time. If Arteta is healthy, he could come back in, and I would try to use Rosicky. Keeping with my rule, Jack never ever starts twice in less than a week.
    Also still don’t like flamini and Mikel starting together unless we are trying to grind out a strategic draw against a top team.

  • Gerry 21:01…….”We scored in the second half just after Vickers made a super save”

    I thought it was the Youth team ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nice post Marcus…….I have been saying fr a few games now that Ozil needs a rest. He looks really jaded.
    Play Santi in the middle behind Sanogo tomorrow and give Ozil the rest he badly needs.

  • Top post, Marcus. I don’t quite agree with your assessment on Ozil. We all know that Wenger did not bring him to the Emirates for his defensive skills/abilities. He may look disinterested to most observers but if you follow him closely, he is actually trying to carry the whole team a lot but lacks the necessary support upfront (any super quality Striker with pace), on the wings (Walcott, Di Maria, Draxler), and a rock solid DM (L. Bender, Pogba) behind him to save him from having to do all that running back and forth. Yes, it looks like he is very exhausted, having been run to the ground by Wenger. Yes, he needs a rest against Sunderland, but make no mistake: Mesut Ozil is not a bench warmer and I am pretty sure Arsene Wenger will not bench him in a million years. He is pure quality, next season will be a fantastic season for him compared to this one. He will be accustomed/used to his teammates, the Premier League, he may have a couple of new super quality teammates to feed the ball to, and most importantly, he will have a point to prove to all the people who are now saying that he is SHIT and a waste of money. I am very confident that he will come good. He just needs some TLC (Tender Loving Care) from Arsene and his teammates. Unconditional Support from the real Arsenal fans wouldn’t be a bad thing either…

    Have faith!

    For Sunderland, Rosicky must play. He adds urgency to our game, even though he hardly ever scores or assists. He is top class and we need all 3 points, nothing less.

  • As Arsene has said in his (pre-match)interview, that Ozil penalty miss affected him badly and his performance. But i disagree that he was disinterested or not trying, very much the oppersite is how i saw it. He won the penalty and sadly it was saved , he hit the target but a world class keeper made a great reaction save, gutting but that is what happened.
    On the subbing , i am with TA, Ozil needed to be able to try and make up for the spot kick, bringing him off would do no good for his confidence at all.
    The OX had ran his nuts of in that match and the games before so i think he was very tired, so bringing Rosicky was a good move for me and the Gibbs – Monreal is a no choicer :/
    Very disappointing , anything that could of gone wrong that night did. Except they missed the pen too, which give me great hope for a Gunners 3-1 win in Germany ๐Ÿ™‚ Ohh yes another 3-1er very possible and i will put a few qiuid on it at the bookies.
    Which has got me thinking ?? What is my prediction for the Sunderland match tomorrow. I am feeling 2 or 3 nil , . I am going for 3-0 to us, 2-0 would be a safer bet, but il stick my neck out.

    3-0 to the Gunners , Cazorla to score first!

  • In seasons to come, i would love to see Theo down the middle up front with Ozil giving him ammo . We are missing him and Rambo now, I hope Rambo is back in a couple of weeks.

  • I don’t agree with the assertion that Wenger would have killed Ozil’s confidence if he subbed him off. It was apparent that he lacked any semblance of confidence after that penalty miss, and it probably couldn’t get lower than that. And even if he did feel hurt if he was substituted, so what??? He is a human being yes, but when you do not do your job, or cannot do your job and display that on a fairly regular basis over a period of time, whether that be days or weeks, you deserve to be knocked down a peg or relieved of your duties, if only temporarily. He’s not made of glass in spirit or in body. He should be able to recover if he is taken off during or after an abysmal display. I don’t think he is shit and have refrained from criticizing him, but I don’t think he should play because he “will be World-class”. You should play based on what you are doing NOW. Not what you have done or could do. I know Wenger doesn’t always subscribe to that, and if he did do that then my favourite gunner Aaron Ramsey wouldn’t have gotten a chance, but Ozil is CLEARLY fatigued and I think Wenger is beating a dead horse here and paid for it on Wednesday. I was afraid of putting him in the starting 11 to begin with. You cannot be a World-class footballer if you are out on your feet. It’s nearly impossible. Wenger shouldn’t have put him in that position. His form has been on the wane for a while now, and it clearly showed and will most likely continue to show until he can catch a break to rest his body as well as his mind.

  • I have to echo PG. Gino has it spot on. I said in another post, Ozil needs space, quality players create space,and run into space which he can exploit with his passes. At the moment we are getting glimpses of it from Ox. That simply is not enough.

    I have yet to see Sanogo against Bayern, but I get the feeling he is being used in the same way as Giro is, i.e. the hold up guy? It would be nice to see him alongside Giro in the Sunderland because he may then get the little bit of extra space to use his very quick feet? Not only that, it gives two outlet balls, thus splitting the covering defenders. However, I don’t want to see him overused in the remaining matches, because at some point he will have a physical limit, and a poor game may follow. That could ruin his self confidence, which, in a striker is so, so important. Use him sensibly now will help him develop into a striker of real potential next season.

    With that in mind, my line up would be:

    Sagna Mert—————Kos———–Nacho

    Reasoning: If either Arteta or Flamini are not fully fit then Hayden comes in as the ‘advanced’ DM in attack, and the first line in defense, should we lose possession in dangerous areas. He is quick, and if he makes the odd foul high up it is of less importance than one on the edge of the box. Mind, I would hope he is given given such a strong message about ‘rash’ challenges that they will not be acceptable. He is very capable at bringing the ball forwards and finding players in space, thus still proving a threat down the middle. His height in defence is another bonus.
    By using the dual pivot again, it means a little more freedom/cover for the advancing backs who will provide width, allowing both Serge and Yaya to cut inside, and switch sides occasionally.
    Santi will roam.

    This is not meant as any criticism of Ozil, he could equally well play here in place of Santi. But it does give an opportunity for him to clear his head, and for the fans to forget the penalty miss, and, if he is not on the bench he gets an extended rest. Because of Sunderland’s commitments in two Cups, and a precarious league position, I expect them to play it tight, and hit on the counter. Getting a result against us would be a bonus, but their real targets will be the teams around them, so I think it will be more a case of a crowded midfield with the emphasis on defending first, and make what they can of their opportunities. So a repeat of our Liverpool Cup game should be the aim, but cutting out the errors? The same could apply in NGTC mode, as Stoke will deploy similar tactics, but maybe a little more open that this, so it will suit Ozil better?

    Bench; Fab – Could play?; Jenks – Could play, if Sagna goes to CB?; Hayden – Could play?(see above); Rosicky – Could play from the start, or as sub?; Ox – Could play, but needs a break with so many quick games?; Wilshere – Could play, but needs a break with so many quick games?; Eisfeld.

    Strongish bench, but LB is a worry without Gibbs.

    Forecast? I don’t do them, but we will not get many past our ‘ex’, but two should do it?

  • Milo – I think you are falling into the same trap that a willing media has, regards Ozil? In the game with Liverpool before, with Ox driving forwards at pace and opening them up, Ozil played much better. It is all down to space. Give the other players space and Ozil will play like the world class player he is. One man cannot change the team if they are not on his level. For a long time we have played without Ox and Gnabry since Walcott’s injury. If that coincides with your view of his ‘form being on the wane’, then perhaps you need to look at the bigger picture?

  • Normally I would recommend Desi Gunner for his review/preview theme, except for two reasons this time:
    1,- He supports JB’s view of Chezzer ๐Ÿ˜€

    2,- He follows the TCM line of ‘like for like’ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    However, he makes a fascinating read for those that have seen the Bayern game.

  • Marcus,

    Welcome back and good article. I do agree with most of what you are saying.
    I did think that we could get something out of this game but it wasn’t meant to be. The boys did make us proud in all their efforts.

    As for Ozil’s assessment, i agree that he is struggling a bit and may need a rest. We have to be careful in putting too much pressure on him. He is a WC player and needs to adjust to the EPL.
    Let’s look back when he started with us, we were all praising him. Now let’s take a step back and analyse what has happened since. Rambo has been injured, Theo has been out, Giroud cannot buy a goal. He needs these players to make those decisive runs, take those opportunistic shots but at the moment this is not happening. He seems to be frustrated by the lack of support and who can blame him.

    Others do need to step up. JW in my opinion has been sub par, very complacent, always playing for the foul and not concentrating on getting his job done. We need to find that spark that we had earlier in the season but Ozil is not to be solely blamed for what has happened of late

  • Good Afternoon everyone !

    Apologies for becoming a part time blogger for now but you all know the reasons for it – so I hope you will forgive me but no worries, I am here now to sum up our week and more importantly give my 2 cents on The Sczny horror show.

    I kept saying it over and over again – he has mental farts and was the reason why we got knocked out in the CL last year to BM and history repeats its self – he does it again… I know it’s been discussed already extensively but what I will propose is a way forward and that way forward means that Sczny stays on the bench and fabianski keeps playing from now till BM non stop – Fabianski needs confidence and games now until then….

    I was not happy with Sczny before and not happy after his hand gesture either – he needs to be dealt with – sure, Robben made a bit more out of it but it’s not the first time he’s been sent off like like that in his career, now is it ?

    a lot of people are making Ozil the scapegoat – I am not one of them – he will come good when it will matter the most.

    also for the penalties – it’s AW’s fault, why or how ? all of you must be surprised…well,

    Giroud, Poldi, Sagna, Ozil have all missed penalties – this is the coach’s job to address – so you go to someone who can be trusted in the absence of Arteta…who are the guys you can trust ?

    JACK WILSHERE and OX – they are both brilliant at taking spot kicks, cool calm and composed and they are ones for the future years as well – if Wenger rates OX as highly as Stevie G then it’s about time that he takes the penalties whenever he plays or JW does in the absence of Arteta – it’s as simple as.

    we are still in the champions league and will be boosted with the return of Ramsey.

    onto sunderland then,

    Fabianski and Poldi are a must – not really bothered who else takes the remaining 9 places…although, I can imagine Ox being rested for gnabry and Rosicky playing through the middle in place of Ozil.

  • oh by the way, who missed me ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    my amigo should be waking up soon with a nice cuppa and joining me for the chelsea bashing or so I hope !

  • it’s a nil nil draw at the moment, and if it remains a draw then my prediction of Chelsea only getting 5 points after man city will be spot on (fingers crossed ) and if we win against sunderland we go back TOTL (again as predicted)….a lot at stake, come on EVERTON , ha

  • @ JB 12.32

    No one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome back.

    @ Marcus

    Welcome back and thank you for the enjoyable read. Agreed no red and ozil should have been taken off. Yes it would have dented his confidence further but sod it. It’s a team game and he doesn’t need to be babied. He got this far as a professional I’m sure he can shrug it off and move on. For the betterment of the team he should have been taken off for Fab

  • BK statue unveiling!!!! The great man at half time. Shame I’ll have to hear annoying Australian commentators instead of GOD!

  • #Arsenal team to play Sunderland: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Rosicky, Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

    #SAFC: Mannone, Bardsley, Ki, Johnson, Colback, O’Shea (c), Altidore, Bridcutt, Vergini, Alonso, Borini.

  • 7-0 Arsenal.

    Ozil get’s a much needed breather and Ozil and Rosicky to switch and play behind the Giroud, i reckon

    where is TMHT – I read a lot of comments left for Terry, I hope he’s ok ?

  • Greetings Sensational Sacred Sunderland Scrotum Sqeezers!! ๐Ÿ˜†
    Thanks Marcus and glad to see Ozil is getting a rest today!!
    Give him time to clear his head and body to rest.
    He really has missed Rambo and Walcott!

    Feeling good about today boys…. I expect Giroud to be be in top shape and Santi to have a blinder!! Poldolski to score and 3-0 to the good guys!!
    COYRRG’s!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 10 minuets or so to go at the shitford bridge

    come on EVERTON, come on – make my prediction come true !!!

    Hello FB ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Everton man down and taking their time to run the clock down !

    3 minutes to go, come on Everton

    hello Marleykaze ๐Ÿ™„

  • Ramires the diver wins a free kick in a promising position – getting a bad feeling

    come on Everton !

  • why didn’t howard bloody go down at the end? should have been the extra number twice

  • Welcome back, Marcus! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d just say two things:

    1) Sunderland have managed to keep clean sheet twice at Emirates in the last three seasons – Van Judas has been the only one to score against Mignolet (two goals in 2:1 victory);

    2) we won two points in forthcoming fixtures last term so TCM’s Chart of Doom might get a serious blow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • get in – Jack the man sets up Giroud


    6 more to go, come on lads !!!

    wo000t wo000000000000t !

  • Finally an early opener! This is the first goal that we scored in the first half at Emirates since Bendtner’s goal against Hull City. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • What I wanted to say about ร–zil is, how destiny might be cruel sometimes. Remember how much we wanted to see him finally playing for Arsenal? Well, his debut was against…Sunderland.

    I just can’t understand people who want to drop him forever just because he failed to score a penalty or two in the Champions’ League. I remember certain Dutchman missed even more vital penalty against Manure in the FA Cup semifinals and certain Frenchman missed two consecutive penalties in the Champions’ League. And, all those misses were very expensive.

    We all know who those two are, don’t we? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Good morning guys, just woke up now.

    Shame about the Chel$ki win but good to see that we are 1-0 up

  • I like what I’m seeing so far. Especially those mid/long balls across to the FBs, shortcut ting the usual through the back, short passes. Lesson from BM?

  • @Oz – hahahahaha, yes, Jeffers was a Dutch striker. He came from the same goal-scoring school like Afonso Alves did. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Holy crap, this Lukas guy really knows how to shoot the ball. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • look, AW doesn’t deal with his players as well as I would like – benching Sczny for his brain fart (hand gesture) and giving Fabianski a run of games until BM return was the way to go.

    there’s a reason why we haven’t been winning matches or the matches that matter the most – need I say more ?:) @ Ozzy

  • That’s what I call a shoulder to shoulder contest… Little Bac’ throws Big Ki down ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rosicky let’s one rip and Mannone at the right place at the right time – God , I miss having a good solid goal keeper at Arsenal, have missed it from the last 5 years ๐Ÿ˜€

  • wow what a belter from sagna, another long range shot headed towards the target and another corner

    get in there

    i am already lovin lovin lovin it!!!!

  • How do you not start Giroud and Podolski against Bayern? Someone please explain…

    It’s like AW wanted to keel over for the CL and just focus on the PL.

  • yep @ Nick

    pressing and eagerness – this is how we started against BM as well and should have scored 2 at least –

    this team is hungry , you can see the hunger and determination, bring on all the big guns – we are ready ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Giroud the Poacher! ๐Ÿ˜€ Wonderful apology from him. ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW, has Mannone been capped by Italy? If not, Woy should know: Vito for England!

  • HH,

    I think the writing was on the wall early against Bayern, Penalty miss and then a dubious red card.To be honest I missed Pods runs and hunger more than anything else

  • man city and stoke 0-0 ๐Ÿ™‚

    absolutely hating the commentary, blimey – is he a sad git or what ?

  • Giroud is looking like he is on fire! In this form he is 25+ PL goals a season man. I went for 3-0 it could easy be more, i hope so. A 6 goal thriller would do nicely.

  • If fairness to arsene sanogo was playing well until the red card. Always good in hindsight

  • I see what you mean Oz and Alex, but I would start the best 11 who have performed all season against a top opponent in Bayern. The focus is on the PL, let’s be honest here. Regardless of the penalty miss and the red, you don’t start an inexperienced Sanogo in such a big game if you’re serious about winning.

  • No.

    @HH – it would have made sense if we had played against Heynckes’ Bayern. Against Guardiola’s Bayern Giroud – who was in the shambles anyway – would have been a player less on the pitch.

  • Admir, I disagree. I think we’ve seen in the past that players like OG and Drogba can cause fits to Guardiola’s teams.

  • It is a big call to start Sanogo against Bayern but he was playing well. I’m not sure whether it was a case of focussing on the PL or simply AW making an example of OG with all the publicity of what took place

  • you can not compare Drogba to OG @ HH

    Drogba the cheat was a complete striker and still is.

  • Im not debating that HH. I would have gone with Giroud. But he hasn’t been in good form lately and has been hounded from all angles. It’s easy to pick on Arsene now that Giroud has scored two goals.

    Perhaps it was the rocket Giroud needed.

  • Rosickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    get in

    goal of the season ?

  • Beautiful team goal and great play by Rosa, well deserved.

    3 goals in the first half, when was the last time this happened???

  • Woooohoopo what a goal! Walking the ball into the net… One touch football, making Dennis prows we are!

  • ffs @ this commentator

    how biased is he ? has he got something up his bum or what – Pathetic

  • JB, I mean that OG is similar to Drogba in terms of how he can combat teams in the air and cause matchup fits against teams that love to play the ball along the ground. It’s more difficult to out Pep one of Pep’s sides.

    Either way, I think Poldi should have absolutely started. He’s been on good form and there is 0 reason why he wasn’t chosen and that’s not even hindsight speaking.

  • I’m not sure what’s going on here HH. What sort of parallel universe is it with you debating for Giroud to start and me saying it wouldn’t have mattered…spooky

  • this debate about Giroud is so futile now – let’s not forget we are playing Sunderland and Giroud has been labelled a FTB, no ?

    I think HH is trying to wind us up ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If we’re honest guys, most of us were saying OG was looking tired the last few games, he looks much more lively today ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hahaha I wasn’t responding to you Oz, if you read my post carefully I was responding to JB.

  • agreed re- Poldi @ HH – 100%

    but take it easy with the windups – you forget that we know the real you and how love hate relationship with Giroud, ha

    Ozzy got it right ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Well, that was an accomplished first half. Sunderland did not exist, we kept good pressure all around the pitch, limiting them to high long balls on which Per, Kos (superb) and Sagna ruled, there was good movement up front, passing was slick, chances were taken… Let’s keep at it, keep a clean sheet, score a couple and go on the mini break on a high note!

  • Hopefully this rest will have the same effect on Ozil. However, I very much doubt that since the last time we gave him a rest, he didn’t come back storming with goals and assists. Still, it was the right call then and will be now.

    Do we need a better ST around Ozil? Or does he not give us the shape we need?

  • You referenced alex and i so i responded. Not sure how you were responding to BJ in that sentence

  • HH,
    IMO we need another striker around him, we need Ramsey back and we need Theo to make his way back as well. We do not need much just players to stand up on big games and not fade so drastically. Win some of the bigger games and we are all of a sudden at least 6 points better than we are now

  • Oz @ 15:42: Im not debating that HH. I would have gone with Giroud. But he hasnโ€™t been in good form lately and has been hounded from all angles. Itโ€™s easy to pick on Arsene now that Giroud has scored two goals.

    Perhaps it was the rocket Giroud needed.

    HH @ 15:45: JB, I mean that OG is similar to Drogba in terms of how he can combat teams in the air and cause matchup fits against teams that love to play the ball along the ground. Itโ€™s more difficult to out Pep one of Pepโ€™s sides.

    Either way, I think Poldi should have absolutely started. Heโ€™s been on good form and there is 0 reason why he wasnโ€™t chosen and thatโ€™s not even hindsight speaking.

    Oz @ 15:46: Iโ€™m not sure whatโ€™s going on here HH. What sort of parallel universe is it with you debating for Giroud to start and me saying it wouldnโ€™t have matteredโ€ฆspooky

    You answered my comment at 15:38 and I never responded to your post in between because I agreed…not sure what you’re talking about.

  • How come you lot are quickly forgetting that Giro was ‘allegedly’ up until 3.0am on the morning of the match … and played like he was half a yard short of pace?

    That was the ‘football reason’ he was dropped. Quite rightly. He couldn’t do for the next game because he was denying it. Bayern game was really making the point, and Sanogo deserved his spot. Now we are seeing the result?

    Get off all this hindsight rubbish.

    Enjoy the game … ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Agreed alex. Injuries do us in every year it appears. Is that a result of Arsene’s soft training/workout tactics, having injury-prone players or a vicious cycle of bad luck? We’d look much different if Theo and Ramsey were injured, especially the former with his darting runs meeting Ozil’s incisive passes.

  • that is it @ Gerry

    HH is I think trying to tell us all that Giroud deserved the “rest” and hence has scored 2 goals today as a result as he looks refreshed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • by the way, good to see around @ HH

    17HT is being missed as is TA ๐Ÿ™‚

    we need another 4 goals and no injures !

    maybe Gnabry deserves a run and Santi deserves a rest ?

    Yaya for Giroud to come and score his first goal and maybe Flamini to give JW a rest ?

  • All I am saying is that you don’t face Bayern and not start at least one established goal scorer in either Giroud or Podolski ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • HH,

    Thats the million dollar question. Season after season we seem to cop injuries. Not sure whether it is attributed to our style of play (passing game) and getting caught on the ball

  • can Arsenal please come out and play in the 2nd half ? still everyone in the dressing room ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alex, I think we need to have better off-season training. Maybe a focus on preventative exercises that also strengthen our players. For a time, I thought it was attributed to a lack of depth, but you look at teams like the Chavs or United that play their best 11 on a fairly regular basis too and you don’t see the same number of injuries either.

    If anything, I think the passing style helps us since the ball moves quicker than players can. You do raise a good point about opposing players taking liberties on our players though.

  • The injury curse has hit us again…is Gibbs still injured or just on poor form?

  • HH- have you been missing Arsenal matches lately ? yep, he’s injured – you know every year February is the month for Gibbs to be injured ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think the plan is to let Sunderland to come at you for 15 minutes, when they get tired then we start playing and score the remaining 4 goals @ Alex

  • JB, I have missed a few lately. Gibbs wasn’t on good form from what I recall either when him and Nacho were rotating more frequently.


    This Vergini could be a new striker that we’ve been looking for. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • was it a plane, was it a bird – no it was just KOC heading in a beautiful goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaall


    another 3 to get, come on boys !!

    PS : because gibbs was struggling with injuries that’s why Nacho got the nod

  • Mc vs stoke – nil nil ๐Ÿ™‚

    koc taken off for Flam’s

    hope it’s precautionary again

  • @ HH

    Forget that you asked a question before all that. I responded at 15.35 then you referenced alex and i. I responded again.

    Pointless anyway when most of you comments lose credibility as you’ve admitted to being a wind-up merchant

  • Fabianski would have punched that ball away better or held onto it – stares at Ozzy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Rosicky off and who came on ?

  • I am not winding you up Oz, I was simply stating my opinion that one of OG or Poldi should have started in such a big game. As you can see, your first response was what I responded to. I made no reference beyond that to your second response because I was in agreement, yet you felt the need to take something personally.

    Water? Tissue? Tampon? For Christ’s sake, grow a pair.

  • Sorry to disappoint JB, but I’m off for the day. Always a pleasure catching up gents, big win for the boys today!

  • there goes the clean sheet – am I surprise ? no – why ? an easy catch yet Sczny punches it.

    AW – wake up.

  • should have done better @ Alcide

    hence you see my point about Sczny ? no pressure yet he gifts them a goal

    there goes my 7-0, ha

  • now watch Gerry come on here later and tell us all how the free kick had a lot of swirl, the conditions were windy and so on in defense of Scnzy ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  • Don’t forget the humidity BJ. Fab would have been too short to reach the thing. Szcz > fab

  • no, Fab would have been more calm ,cool and composed, he would have let them fight it out between themselves and waste it as they have been so far @ Ozzy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    anyhow – am off now –

    been a pleasure , laters folks !

  • Well that was a great performance (first half) but well be looking forward to hear good news about Verm, or Kos, or Nacho, or Gibbs…

  • Salutations Salivating Sunderland Schwanz Suckers ! . ๐Ÿ˜†

    As Protector of The Chart of Doom, I can inform you that we are now level on points like for like from last season and a win in Mordor next Saturday will make us +2 points !. That’s providing we can somehow manage to stem the flow of injuries and not call upon Daft Wenger playing as a Dark Side DM !.
    Gezzer……..The point of the Chart of Doom is to point out that we need to better certain like for like results if we are to have a chance of winning the EPL………So…obviously this Desi Gunner guy is as highly intelligent as his BK counter-part !. hahaha………….and by the way, I agree with a comment of yours about getting the boys out side running up hills for that extra stamina and fitness training…..from experience I know it works and makes a difference !.
    Did not see the Munchie game either, but I can honestly say ( and anyone who doesn`t agree is deluded ! hahaha who`s going to bite ! ) that if the boot was on the other foot, that either Bayern or Barca would have had more than 12% !!!! possession in the 2nd half if they had been down to 10 players ! .
    As to Ozil……..the doubters should give the man a break, he is class ….simple .
    Thanks Marcus……didn`t even realise you were on a sabbatical !. hahaha
    Great to see Oh Oh Sevennnnn ! back again……being the comment yellow jersey man, he`s easily noticeable when missing !.
    I see HH is getting rattled in the UMF with the Jokers being played ! hahaha…..should read the bloody rules like I do !.
    Talking of the UMF, even though I am deliberately shit at it, I do take pride that the word UMF was partly due to my over use of it in reference to VCC !.
    Some may wonder about this, so I will give a short explanation !.
    Try to visage Halloween night with thunder and lighting cracking away and you are walking through a cemetery !. All of a sudden you hear a blood curdling cry which makes you gasp for breath and freezes you to the spot and then the most hideous deformed creature of your nightmares comes running towards you from behind a grave stone !. Yes, it`s VCC !. He`s the one that has made that hideous deformed creature shit his pants and run towards you….to warn you !. hahaha

  • Stoke next week. Wenger said that Kos (back) and Nacho (ankle) should be back next week. Jack has a tight hamstring and it seems it’s not serious. Stoke have been rather dangerous this season at home – they’ve already chopped three points off Mourinho’s plate and two off Pellegrini’s so it’s not going to be easy which is one more reason why I want Koscielny and Nacho back.

    It would be a great thing to win at Mordor as Pool of liver visit Southampton (Saints won at Anfield in reverse fixture) and Chavs visit Fulham. If everything pan out well, we might restore our lead on the table. Shitty were supposed to play against Manure but due to League Cup Final they will have to play against Rotten van Penis only four days before they visit us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ More fixture congestion for the Oilers!

  • TCM 18:01….I’ll be looking through your patio windows at 02:00 am tomorrow morning. wHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • ahahahahahhahaahahahahhahahahahahaha

    in serious mode now – we had only 12 % possession in the 2nd half vs BM yet we only conceded 1 goal – how badly does that reflect on BM and it’s to our credit that we kept it to only 2-0


    am glad we are finally at break even 0 in your like by like @ Glics

    soon it will be +10, as we be beating Stoke(2), spuds(3), chelsea(2?) and man city (3)

    yep, we will be winning by being miles ahead of everyone else ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I mean’t after being down to 10 men, we only conceded 1 ๐Ÿ™‚ it was nothing less than a miracle to concede just the 1 after that, it may well have ended 0-1 , if we didn’t go for a goal ourselves from that free kick and were a tad more patient, I feel

    happy that most of our defenders got a rest in the name of being “injured” and ozil also got some time off – Am hearing that Ramsey has an outside chance of making the bench for the Everton one (don’t quote me on it;)

    absolutely knackered, and in desperate need of a holiday soon but the circumstances not allowing it for the foreseeable future, bugger @ Admir

    how are you and how are things with you ?

  • by the way, AW said about dennis the god bergkamp – with a smirk on his face , one of his qualities that is a bit lost today – ” he was very Loyal ” – I take that he said that with Van Pu$$y and a few others in mind.

    well played, Arsene – well played !

  • Just noticed on the “Blogroll”……NUFC blog !…..apart from Dennis`s statue being his leap Vs Newcastle and (some say ) his greatest goal against them !……what`s their blog doing on an Arsenal blog site ?. We might as well have a Spuds blog site on as well then !, but put it under ….”Bog Roll” !.

  • Evening guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just saw the highlights as I missed the streaming today. Fine, committed performance and Jack showing Alex from Down Under how good he is hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

    Does anybody fancy writing a match report?

    JB, good to see you back and I am hoping Mrs Bond is making further progress.

    Arsenal conceded two goals, not one, after we went down to ten men – Admir is right. Also, good to see you a bit more humble after your prediction that Arsenal would get nine points out of nine, and Chavs just five out of nine, did, unfortunately but expectedly, not materialise (Arsenal four points, Chavs seven…). ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry to also say that you were unreasonably harsh on Szczesny today. He made a number of good saves today. He could have caught the ball rather than box it away, but nothing wrong with his decision, and execution, in the end. It was a good goal and if there is anybody to blame it would be Jack and Arteta for not coming out quickly enough, but that would also be harsh.

    Night all ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cocker, before I hit the pillow with my three clogs on: would you feel a lot better if we were say 10 points better of now, like for like, compared to last season (but still same position in league)?

  • ah , yes my bad – I keep thinking that they scored the first one from the penalty – apologies Admir –

    how you doing @ skipper – seems like you are pretty busy again with work (it’s a good thing !

    we were mighty close with my prediction of chelsea getting only 5 from 9 though, had it not been for the bloody ref or fat frank, ha – either way you know me, I love making predictions and I am making another one right here right now because today is my day and I am allowed to do as I wish ๐Ÿ™‚

    we are going to win the next 4 matches and win them rather convincingly – how’s that for doing a prediction ehhhh

    nah, he didn’t have much to do in Goal – the saves he made were routine saves for this level and the goal came from his error and not due to the players not closing down the player after he punched it instead of catching it – he has cost us against BM and he needs to be benched and given a breather not because of his inconsistency but more so due to his mental problems and immaturity (hand gesture) – Fabianski needs to play as he will be playing vs Everton and BM – s so why not use him for 2 PL matches as well ?

    the reason BM won on wednesday was their goalie and the reason we lost after making them look out of their dept for the first 30 minutes was our goalie – really, the Germans are not to be feared and we showed everyone how to take the game to them as long as other teams have a decent goalie , they will be fine as will we be since Fabianski will be starting.

    ok, enough of Sczny for now as we have reliably been informed that there are others like me and Glics in the online world of gooners who share the same sentiments as us ๐Ÿ‘ฟ but yes, I’ll give you that one, it was a good goal scored by sunderland regardless of the error in judgment by our young pole.

    re- Jane , she is back up and kicking, wounds have fully healed properly and is almost there …having plenty of tests , scans and what not…so at the moment all a bit hectic trying to juggle it all around and being at work as well as looking after her but we are getting there !

    one question though to all you experienced parents – when do you actually find out the gender of the kids ? we have had 3 scans (4d ones) first we were told that it’s 2 boys, then it’s a boy and a girl and today a mate of mine told me that they can’t tell accurately before weeks 20 whether it’s a boy or a girl and so on… we are only at week 12 or there about’s , argh , ha

    I think TMHT has twins, so he might be able to shed some light on this ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and Alcide also has twins, if I’m not mistaken ?

  • TA,

    Always happy to eat my words so long as The Arsenal thrive and get the 3 points. Jack did step up and now we need his consistency to improve and we will be kicking some severe ass.

  • Morning Maverick Mouldy Mound Munchers ! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Oh Oh Sevennnn. The missus said…..” If they can get a clear view, it`s possible at 12 weeks, but can definitely tell at 20 weeks ! “. Doesn`t matter though, you can still buy the Arsenal baby grows now !.
    Totes, being Lord Protector of The Chart of Doom !, I don’t like sneaky questions !, so behave !. If it meant we were 10 points in front of 3rd and still only a point behind Chavs, then yes !. However, even if we were 10 points clear at the top, I`d expect us to squander that lead with the torturous games we have coming up and our current inability to beat Chavs away ( they have never lost a league game at home with Jose the Hose as manager ! ), Spuds away and Mansour City home !.
    Because of my ability to shun rose tint pushy salesman, that’s why I am bequeathed the honour of being Lord Protector of The Chart of Doom !…..it takes a special kind of person !.

  • 12 weeks would be early, especially for twins (lots of arms and legs and bits and pieces on scans…), and it depends on position of the twins, too. Docs were petty sure by week 18 for my girls (didn’t want to say as they were not sure 2-3 weeks earlier). By week 20 you will have found out.

  • James, you were close to getting the Chavs prediction right, I’ll give you that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Four wins out of the next four – I hope you are right. Stoke away will be challenging and I expect it to a bruiser of a game… Not a good game for the Ramser to return?

    For me a goalkeeper can catch or box in those situations. Catching has risks and so does boxing. He boxed the ball outside the 18 yard box… Far enough normally, but the strike was pretty special and we do have a problem at Arsenal right now with allowing opponents to take shots at us from that area (one of the reasons we need a beast of a DM as our first priority).

    Agreed though on Szczesny’s impact on the Bayern game. let’s hope he learns from this and I am sure Wenger will review this quite closely and make his mind up over the summer whether to go ahead with him or not.

    20 weeks is the best time to be sure about the sex of the twins. I would say keep hoping for healthy babies as the sex is less important right now.

    Really good to hear Jane is improving all the time and I hope you will be able to find a good balance between work, caring and time for yourself… You need to mentally prepare yourself for fatherhood! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep rocking Jambon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alex

    I was just joking. You are not alone in criticising Jack but I honestly only see a great player in the making doing some fabulous stuff in each and every game. He also makes mistakes and that is what people seem to focus on, without seeing what he has to offer to the team. Jack belongs in the hole and when he plays there with good support behind him he is awesome. Next season I expect a proper DM to arrive, Ramsey to play next to him and Jack in front of them, with Theo/new signing and Ozil on the ‘wings’ and OG/Sanogo up-front. Now that would be bliss! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good Totes…..now lets remember, although I`m normally just White Van Man, when in the office of Lord Protector of The Chart of Doom !, I need to be given the respect it demands, so you fcuking peasants shall refer to me as ….” Your Lordship ! ” or ” Sir ” or You Maj !” or Master or Highness !…..any other time ….” That Bastard in the white van !”…. will do !. hahaha

    So Totes….I have previously said that a Beast of a DM could possibly be the hardest position to fill given that in the recent past some ( not me ) have dribbled over the likes of M`Vila and Capoue etc` and demanded such players, but they haven`t exactly lit the sky up with their performances !. So who are the current great pretenders of the “Makelele” role ?. Who would you want next season next to Rambo ?.

  • White Van Bastard ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would get Wanyama, or Song, Fellaini, Capoue (anyone flops at Spuds, it is inevitable), etc. Key is to turn them into full time DM’s with a limited licence to roam forward…

  • Now listen here you lot of
    Its my Birthday tomorrow…..24th February. And I want you ALL to sing Happy Birthday to me.
    Thank you, Vicky. XXX

  • Hahaha……That has a nice sound about it…..I may change my name to it !.
    If I had Bastard as a surname, I would call my son…..Dai Hugh Bastard……what a great name !. hahaha

  • I see, Mrs. Monster might be right with the whole clarity thing and advances in technology but then I hear to Alcide and he’s right as well about the arms and legs and so on – however, i do have the 4D pics, if any of you are interested in having a go based on your experience then I will gladly put them up – it’s just that Jane has already ordered a million things and is already expecting what they have said – not very professional from the doctors/scanners in my opinion but there you go – thanks a lot though and very much appreciated @ TCM, Alcide and Skipper ๐Ÿ˜€

    agreed about the footballing side of things @ Skipper – Stoke aren’t the stoke of old under hughes tbh – they were unlucky to lose to chelsea 4-3 earlier in the season, they tend to come out a bit more and be less physical as before and no longer focus on “Route 1” football – but any match is a tough match and it’s all 3 vital points at the end – so yep, it won’t be easy but hey in AW we trust – did you know that it was odd of AW to many so many changes yesterday even at HT ? it was unlike AW and then it hit me – we have meaningless international friendless coming soon , VOILA – well played AW ๐Ÿ™‚

    Interesting names there for potential DM’s @ Skipper

    but I get the feeling that Song may not happen ? why ? because you see, I think he falls short of that Loyalty thing AW rates highly – and with African players you get the feeling that they rather be at big clubs to feed their ego and pride , even if they are sat at the bench instead of fighting it out on the pitch doing it the hard way for Arsenal (no disrespect to any African players but the way Song left just after RVP, left plenty to ponder upon – it was the repeat of Cesc leaving and then Nasri following suit )- I could be wrong though but count me in those who wouldn’t want Song back as we need to move on to the Benders, if not then Gareth Barry as a stop gap will do nicely…

    besides Song scored an own goal last night and Barca lost 3:1 ๐Ÿ˜ฏ which see’s my other prediction of Bale winning RM the LA Liga coming true – he scored a brilliant goal from 30 yards out to help them win 3-0 and go at the top of the table , 3 points clear of Barca (winks at @17HT )

    oh yes, we were talking about Song ๐Ÿ™‚ yep, time to move onto better players and complete Dm’s , I like the sound of Capoue !

  • Happy Birthday Oh Oh Sevennnn !. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Senile Vic`s can wait until tomorrow as he will only forget !.
    I asked him today if his earliest memory ( like most of us ) was of feeding from his mums jugs !. He said yes, but that wasn`t of much help really as he was adjusting her bra whilst putting them away just after his mid-day feed !. Again….. the security men at PC World were not too pleased with him !.

  • JB

    I reckon they still kick out a lot and there is bad blood between the clubs and the fans… Let’s hope it will be a hard but fair game.

    Agreed Song will not happen. But if asked, I reckon he would be a good option as a dedicated DM. There do seem to be ‘attitude problems’ though, and if so, he will not come back.

    Just imagine if Van Judas, Fabregas, Song and Nasty Sammie were still part of today’s squad….

  • Hate is a strong word, but I fcuking hate Totscum !……get in there Norwich !. Hope you was there Totes, cheering the inbreds on !.
    I shall now celebrate with a Ruby take-away !.
    I read on BBC the other day that Sherwood would rather win the Europa League than qualify for the CL !. That just shows their ambition !. I bet the Spud fans would try and justify that winning that Mickey Mouse Cup would be bigger than if we only got CL !.
    Lets look at the facts Spud Kuntz…….You have to be in it to win it and we are not in that cup !. The FAC and the COC are bigger, because every team in England gets to play in it !.
    Actually this says it all really instead of giving my finger an ache from typing !. To say you would rather win the Europa League than qualify for the CL is tantamount to saying you would rather win League One for a trophy than be in the Premier League !. That is the thinking of a Spud !.
    I`m going to do a quick question to show my psychic powers !………..I`m now going to order my Ruby take-away !…………when any of you order a Ruby take-away, how long do they say it will be ready in ?………………it`s 20 mins……….be truthful…….it`s 20 mins isn`t it !.
    I have been ordering take-away Rubies for years and from different Indian Restaurant`s from all over the shop and it`s always ………..20 mins please !. hahaha

  • Happy Birthday JB. I hope you had a good one. ๐Ÿ™‚
    All the best people are Pisceans. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Just ordered the Ruby…………20 mins please !. hahahaha
    The thing is, when I get there ( 4 miles away ) in 20 mins, it`s never ready and is always at least 30 + mins !. hahaha

  • Evening all

    Sorry for the absence but things are a bit tough at the moment. Due to buildings works ime basicaly living out of a wardrobe

    I did move in with my latest bird, lovely girl, but the problem is she has a 21 year old son who just happens to have a lovely girlfriend. The other night I woke up to get myself a glass of water and could hear nice noises coming from there bedroom.

    I couldnt help myself so went over to the door and listened in. Slowly but surely I gently opened the door and saw them at it. It wasnt enough, and though I knew it was wrong, I crept into the corner of the room, sat down and proceeded to stretch.

    The girl spotted me and started screaming. All hell broke loose, and though I tried to deny it by claiming I thought the noises were them both having a nightmare about Tim Sherwood, and thought if they both saw me stretching it would calm and relax them, my girlfriend didnt buy it. So there ends another relationship.

    As for the mighty Arsenal,for this season its make or break time. Some really hard fixtures ahead. If we can pull off some big results, and I think we will, then we can go into the final five or six games and pull off a historic double.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  • Happy birthday, birthday Gooners ,
    Your highness White Van Bastard, your doomsday(season) predickcum will hopefully be undone by the Chelsea away game, i predict an Arsenal win there.
    I am really happy that Jose called Wenger an 8 year failure , he has given Wenger and the team that extra motivation to win silver this season.
    A quick couple of questions..
    Who would you rather have in our team Santi Cazorla or Cesc Fabregas?
    Who would you rather have Flemini or Song?
    The reason i asked is, i would love to still have them but they could not all play, therefore i thought who do i prefer. I think i know who i would have.

  • TMHT,
    Ha ha ha ha ha i am surpised you did not join in. Lucky VCC did not come across them sneeking in the room with his croome zimmer my have been a struggle though, he could have put his Tim Sherwood mask on lol

  • JB,
    I totally agree with you on the loyalty Wenger thing and i agree with it.
    Its quite ironic how we lost Flemini on a free and then getting him back on a free.
    Oh and sadly i fear Sagna is defo leaving now with Bellrini being recalled. He will be a big lose from a great defence, i do hope a deal can be struck. Breaking up this great defence is just heartbreaking .
    KOS is the best centre back in the league with Kompany , Cahill and maybe in top form JT.
    Is Kos the most improved player at Arsenal?? In the league? He has a a shout for me.

  • That would be an interesting topic, comparing the past 3 seasons stats on all players to see who has improved.

  • Hello fellow BKers! ๐Ÿ™‚ Really been struggling to be optimistic about Arsenal lately, so I’ve taken a few days off to reflect and gather my thoughts. Rosicky’s goal Saturday has really brought me back around. The Bayern defeat hit me hard and had me worried but Saturday was the perfect response. We need to keep this momentum up and strong together some wins leading up to the second leg against Bayern. I think Sanogo has earned a spot in the squad and should be used as a sub fairly regularly from now on. His and Ox’s pace compliments Ozil well and after this little physical and mental break against Sunderland he should be ready for a big return. It is time to begin the run in that we had last year after a very similar Bayern result. We need to keep up then multi goal victories and really fight for not only the FA Cup and the League, but also a confidence boosting result in Germany to push us on to a trophy (hopefully the Premier League, but we should definitely be pushing for the FA Cup). The Champion’s League is probably out of our reach for now, not because we are any worse than any of the other teams, but just because we have more important competitions to focus on (FA Cup and PL).

  • thanks lads, yes, we are known to be quite fishY ๐Ÿ˜‰ happy birthday to you in advance @ VCC

    Flamini does it on purpose, he’s a trained lawyer or so I was reliably informed by the sauce many years ago – this is how he rolls, he intentionally let’s it run down and then leaves on a free so he could get himself a bigger pay day and a signing on fee , if that makes sense ? it’s no coincidence that one…in fact, there is no such thing as a coincidence in Football – even when Rooney throws a tantrum to quit man utd – it’s done on the advice of his advisers to make hay while the sun still shines.

    KOC is world class, agreed ! we may not have a kun, Tevez and Suarez as a forward but we do have a CB who happens to be in the same class as those strikers.

    to your earlier question, Ozil is Cesc’s replacement and Santiago was Arshavin’s replacement even if Poldi may have seemed like it at first.

    @ PG

    that’s the spirit @ Dylan – it’s football, I know both you and AFC tend to get really down and affected by our results, but look, we fought like lions on wednesday and were pretty much dominating them when it was 11 vs 11 – no reason why we can’t win 3-1, 4-0, or 4-1 at BM or even a 3-0 …if other teams can do that to us in the CL (Milan and BM) then why can’t we dish out the same to them ? a little bit of luck here and there, and who knows ? we have enough quality to make it happen and call me what you may, but 0-2 is a lot better than a 1-3 advantage they had last year.

    it’s not out of reach – keep believing , anything and everything is possible in football – even a last second goal to clinch the title (man city), last minute lucky free kick winner to remain top of the table, yesterday (chelsea)

    fortune favours the brave and we must be brave from now on and I believe, we will be – the finishing line is in sight now and now things begin to get really interesting…

    where is Milo these days ? hope both 17HT and Gerry are ok

  • Happy birthdays to Bondy and Vics

    Bondy, I have twin brothers two years younger than me. There identical, which is a shame really coz there a couple of ugly gits. When we were kids I used to nick there toys and stuff and when it went off I would have to ruck the pair of them, thats why i had to have all my teeth replaced and have caulliflower ears.

    These experineces have stayed me. Everytime I was in a fight at school i would punch the other kid and then start swinging for the twin who wast there. A massive crowd, all willing me to get batterd, would gather as i lashed out at the non exsistent opponent.

    Dont know why they cant tell the gender of the kids. With both my daughters we decided not to know the sex, well, my ex decided, not me.

  • thanks @ TMHT and welcome back, you were missed !

    ahahahahahahahahahahahah – yeah, being identical twins has plenty of pros and cons !

    oh no, they can tell the gender and they have done that but the trouble is that a few weeks ago, at her first scan after we found out that she is still pregnant was that it’s 2 boys, then it was a boy and a girl at her next scan… it’s only yesterday a mate of mine told me that they can’t be 100% or accurate until week 20 or there about’s as it’s too early to tell ? had they said that we have to wait and they can’t tell or be accurate yet, then that’s fair enough but the way they have done this is border line lunacy – I already have 2 wardrobes each with blue and the other one with pink, what happens a few weeks later when they go back to them being 2 boys or 2 girls – am dreading it really ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    don’t worry about the last break up -still plenty more fish in the pond, you should try your luck with a few German birds, if you haven’t already – you’ll never be the same again, I warn you, ha!

  • Good to have you back Mr Mancini. We’ve all missed you.
    Cheers for the birthday greetings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Happy Birthday Vicky ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Born 30AD……..30 mins After Dennis !.
    Hope you have a lovely day and a great party with all your old mates………Adam….Abraham…..Noah….Moses…………. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Hell of a party, granddad Vickers is having!

    Happy Birthday, J, and many more semi-healthy, semi-erect and fully happy ones to come! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Happy birthday to all birthday boys here. ๐Ÿ˜€

    @JB – I’m fine, thank you. I’m really glad that things are going well at your place. It’s Rosicky’s goal against Sunderland of news – simply wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Spuds slipped against Norwich again. We’ve been there too last season (remember that silly 14-minute-flight to Norwich and abysmal performance?) and our final match of the season will be at Carrow Road. Hopefully we’ll secure the double with one game in hand. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hey boys. Sorry for disappearing over the weekend…Took a trip down to the ancestral home and it was pretty much like Total’s b-day vid for VCC… Hard to get an internet connection in a place like that…For next time, however, we’ve got the neighbor’s wireless code… Happy B-days to the end of Feb. fellas…

    Even w/o internet I was able to watch the match. US TV is getting stronger and stronger on the English game, and I was gratified that it was an easy one. Good job for Ollie doing the ring kissing and thumb sucking celebrations. Yawning in ones bikini briefs in a young American model’s hotel room is not evidence of adultery, Flamini the lawyer might say, but it demonstrates a certain lack of judgement…That Giroud was as useless as Flams himself during those tough matches makes his glossy goals a little bit late for me. That they made the match an easy one, however, was much appreciated…

    Precautionary subs at the back were a bit worrisome but hopefully we get some miracle news on Vermaelen to go with the nothing but niggles for Nacho and Kos. As always, there’s no sense in trusting AW on this front, at least, and my hunch is that Gibbs’ is gonna take some time. Sounds like Jack might get rested for Stoke, allowing Ozil to return in the less hostile environs of the Brittania… :Shock

    Which leads back to the main topic… Going through the comments, I’m gratified that most are defending our record signing. Even in his absence I think a lot of our offense was a reflection of what’s been learned playing with a guy of such quality. The churning midfield was moving and filling spaces and looking a pass or two ahead in ways we simply did not a year ago and much of that is down to our Messy. It’s maybe not so tough against Sunderland but that approach will be the key in the tougher matches to come. At one match per week now, maybe Rosicky can play a more consistent role. Also, gotta get the Ox his minutes, too… Maybe with Flams as a “utility defender” there’s an extra spot in MF…

    So, tougher matches coming and the margins will be tight. Looking in the rear view, We did start smartly vs Bayern but Ozil failing to convert his pen was a crushing blow and they looked the better team even before Szcz mega-blunder. My hope is that we can give them the smallest of worries in Munich but I really don’t see us with a chance in that one. An early goal would be great, but they’re just as likely to score one and make it another boring hour (or more) of going through the motions. Unfortunately we need fewer injuries and another season of maturity for our young guys (including Szcz)… An easier group leading to a better draw and we will be well poised for a genuine CL run. Not this season, I don’t think…

    Anyhow, that’s my word limit… For those w/o a B-day…. Happy Monday! ๐Ÿ˜€

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