Bergkamp’s Benediction Complete? Surely Not Yet!


Finally, Dennis Bergkamp was given the recognition by the club he thoroughly deserves. On Saturday 22 February, the non-Flying Dutchman’s ‘in-flight’ statue was revealed outside the stadium among many fans. Truly great people accompany their phenomenal successfulness and lightness of being with a healthy, natural dose of humility. Dennis is not a man of many words, but you only have to look at his face to see what this statue means to him; he was truly humbled by the occasion.

We all know what Dennis brought to our club with his vision, passion and talents. He was the embodiment on the pitch for Arsene’s Wengerball; and, like him, he understood the rare value of loyalty – of sticking with something rather than choosing the easy route to ‘success’, by seeing something through till the end.

Immortal DB10
Immortal DB10

Bergkamp does not need a statue to become immortal with many generations of Arsenal supporters, as he simply already occupies in each and every one of us, a permanent mass of brain cells directly linked to our ability to appreciate beauty and love for Arsenal; indeed, many of us simply refer to him as ‘God’. But it is nevertheless a fine gesture by the club, and an appropriate recognition of what he meant, and means, to us all.

As such, his benediction – the state of being blessed – appears to be complete. And yet, it feels there is still more to come. As we all know, Dennis has moved into football management, albeit in an assistant role to De Boer at Ajax.

The question is whether he will ever move into the top job, as he appears satisfied with his current subservient role, which also requires a minimum need to fly in scary aeroplanes, of course. I can only see it work in a two-headed club manager role, in which Dennis stays home when the team plays far way.

But, even in an assistant role Bergkamp could make a real difference at our club. He could work with the likes of Jack, Ox, Zelalem, Eisfeld, Ramsey etc etc, and turn them into top class players. At Ajax, the fruits of his hard work are mostly wasted, as they simply cannot keep hold of their talents anymore. A real shame – an international disgrace, in fact.

Therefore, it would only make sense for Dennis to join us in the near future and take his rightful place next to Arsene and Steve. Please make it so, Arsene!


40 thoughts on “Bergkamp’s Benediction Complete? Surely Not Yet!

  • On a training ground photo the other week we had Arsene and Thierry standing side by side,, and I thought then it was master and pupil .. with the pupil being prepared for that day when …

    Now, Dennis ‘One day’ …

    So there we have it. the complete future management set up. Henry as travelling manager and general media guy. Dennis as 1st team coach. Bould as travelling assistant manager….

    But would it work?

  • Really nice, Total, and obviously a subject that is near and dear to your heart…

    Just as Arsenal are currently employing a very nice dispersal of on-pitch leadership we need to do the same with management. At some point, Arsene Wenger, I think, needs to become our “General Manager,” leaving the on-pitch duties to another man. Bergkamp would be an ideal “first-team coach” leading the training and working in tandem with both the GM (Wenger, ideally…) and the “manager.” The current model, with Wenger trying to do everything, is both our strength and our weakness. It’s great that he’s married his personal success to that of the club and that he has a long term vision for the club, but that’s the work of somebody who doesn’t also have to worry about the match to match specifics and doing the best in the very near term. He may be a genius and a great man, but one man can only do so much and it doesn’t get easier as you age, IMO, although the likes of TMHT and VCC may beg to differ… 😀

    Football has drifted too much towards a celebration of the individual and it’s clear that players and managers often ask, “What can the club do for me?” (much) more than, “What can I do for the club?” I think Sir Dennis could be an exception to this rule, much as other former players (Pat Rice and, maybe, Steve Bould) have done. It’s a delicate matter, but the loyalty thing, as long as the characters bring enough quality and vision to the situation, seems very good to me… Dennis lacks neither (quality and vision) so getting him in the fold seems like nothing but a good thing. In the meantime, nothing wrong either with bronzing (cementing?) his contribution to the club as a player…

    I do believe that Arsenal is becoming the Ajax of English football–a special place for players who want to do more than just put a club on their vita. Like that club and the one to which Ajax’s best player set off (Cryuff to Barcelona…) We’ve got a (developing) tradition and we’re trying to get to the very top of football WITH a set of values intact. We’ve still got issues (big ones…), most notably that at least a very vocal minority of supporters couldn’t give a crap about the values and only want (the entertainment) bang for their (big) bucks (i.e., winning for their high priced tickets). Hopefully as the “brand” grows, this changes and the glow of winning isn’t the only thing Arsenal supporters need and demand… Getting Bergkamp on board (flying pun intended…) would be a big step in the correct direction, I think…

  • TA,
    This has been your finest article yet, i too have nothing but adoration for the man as i do for each and everyone of those statues.
    It also make me think of the statue we have still working on the side lines every week at the moment , thats for another day though.
    The molds picture ha ha ha ha ha love it!

  • 17,
    Well said, Dennis flying is a big problem though clearly.
    Our club has been builder for the future better then any other club that springs to mind. Most fans get it now, the ones that don’t we learn
    You can feel the change in Wengers stance now regarding his players (Rosicky) keeping them means a lot to him now.
    I think its fair to say the ones that did not get the clubs vision can be easierly excussed because many players did not even get it. Judas included , oh the prick still bugs the hell out of me, i hope he looks at DB10 statue and feels shame about how he treated our club.

  • Cool gravatar, PG. 🙂

    Thanks for comments guys. Not so sure whether TH14 is management material though – my gut feeling is he would not make it, and I am not sure whether he would want to go into management in the first place…

    Re Van Judas – would any of you have him back?

  • Good stuff TA.Great to see God immortalised forever on our front door (not sure why he wasn’t with the others but it was only a matter of time).

    Having God back at the club would be absolutely immense. Not just for the players but for the supporters. It’d unite the masses that’s for sure. From a players point of view you would hang off every word and why wouldn’t you?! I’m a big advocate for having ex-player’s back for mentor and coaching purposes and God (along with Henry) would be ideal for our young attackers.

    @ TA

    I wouldn’t have that wanker back in a million years. We could invite him back, shove the email down his gullet and chuck him in the emirates dungeon. That way we could use it as a tourist attraction like the London dungeons. I’d pay to curse him, nasri, john terry, and adebayor.

  • Good post @ TA.
    Dennis really epitomizes the ideal wenger (arsenal) player and it’s be hella awesome having him come back as a team coach or manager. I also don think th14 is gon make manager. Maybe a youth coach.

    As for judas, no, I wouldn’t take him back if he had to pay the club every week. I really can’t stand him right now. I always tell people, I’m not mad he moved to manU, that really could have been any other club. I’m mad cos he thought himself bigger than the club then put up that blog shit about how what he thinks and what the club thinks on how it should be run are different and some other shit like that. That angered the shit outta me. He ain’t getting no love from me. Ever.

    Let’s see him get a statue at old trafford. 😂😂😂😂

  • This is what I put on another site with regards to The Traitorous One !.

    My RSVP to RVP is………..he can suck the thing which I stack my ring-doughnuts on !.

    PS………anyone care for a ring-doughnut ?.

  • No way back for VJ I hope. Would like to see him try mind – before ending up playing somewhere like Olympiacos, or MLS! I expect him to move in the summer – but who will have him, of a stature that he expects? The only one that might would be Chelski – he is missing London according the the rumours. But I can only see this as being a plan B/C option for Maureen, who will be wanting a younger, less injury-prone striker. I hope Wenger would not touch him – the thought of him playing for us now would really stick in my throat; but Wenger has been very careful about what he says of him, and I do wonder if the door may yet be open. In Wenger’s eyes, it would be quite some personal victory to have VJ come crawling back in – but I would rather he just crawled under some dark rock and we could just forget about him. Would love to see Sanogo start scoring for fun, and reduce the need for us to buy a second striker……

  • VCC`s up to pranks on his Birthday !……he`s got his knob stuck in a test-tube !……..Vic`s….I think there`s a bit more science involved to make test-tube babies !.

  • Haha, we have a sub thread now…RvJ, yes or no?…

    I would take him back, in a heartbeat, but I like to give people 2nd chances… 😀 These people, prematurely grey and all, are very young and living in bubbles with sycophants telling them how great they are, careers are short, etc. It takes a rare maturity to see beyond the big money. He currently makes more than 50% more than our highest earner. Once he took the pay cut, he’d do nothing but help our club… 😀 We’re not that strong on experienced CFs of the highest quality, as some have observed… 😉 And hey, he doesn’t bite people and only shags gals his own age…

    So there’s on contrary stand and likewise, I gotta say, that I disagree with Oz about a guy, even as great a fellow as Bergkamp, uniting the fan base. I just don’t see that sort of thing happening in this modern age. People gotta spout opinions and being part of something bigger than yourself has become passe… It makes a certain amount of sense, given the economic system and everything being a commodity. I “love” my club but do I love it enough to waste both time and money (big money…) on it? And if I do, then I have every right to criticize, rant, boo or otherwise rubbish anything I choose. Sad but true, I fear, God, trophies and everything else notwithstanding…

    That doesn’t mean that our players and we as individual supporters cannot be inspired by Dennis. We can also shout our love to the rafters of the stadium (or at our screens)…

    Of course, I think such an outlook is ridiculous, but it only seems to be getting worse. People coming back to the club won’t matter…And neither will success. In fact, success, will only bring in more casual fans who “want” to enjoy the world’s more unfair, boring (stupid?) sport and in doing so must pick a team amongst the elite, which happens to be Arsenal…

    Football is a slog and loyalty to one’s team is a curse. The best we can hope for are some good moments and maybe making a friend or two along the way. The rest (as Bergkamp might say himself…) is all hard work…


  • TA,
    There is no way back for him for me,we all loved him and he just blew the snot out of his nose straight in the Gooners faces. He was our captain and as Wenger said at the time this team , these players are not far off winning titles. He has been proved right. Against all his families wishes and everyone. He is a very selfish man.
    Giroud will be as good as him next season or 2, as he improves and Judas slows down or gets injured.
    With him still here now the title would be nearly ours.
    More then anything, the thing that pissed me off the most was the disrespect he showed Wenger. The man that moulded him in to a striker.
    If he loved our club, then he would have helped us not join United. Disgusting !

  • Ahh Seventeenho !………Just one word from your comment has reminded me of something…..bubbles !…….. I`m still not sure whether the late Michael Jackson was a West Ham supporter when he was over heard singing at his Neverland Ranch………” I`m forever blowing Bubbles ! “

  • At least Giroud was caught with a big booby modal, unlike Judas with little boys insde him 🙂 lol

  • TCM,
    Ha ha ha me and my mate had our photos taken with Jacksons statue at Fulham, that thing was so funny

  • TA and All,

    Great article, be interesting if DB10 wanted to leave the Netherlands for “home” soil tho..

    Regarding RvJ: Well, you are all too too mean!!! I would send him a smaller replica of DB10s statue in hopes his little boy brain could actually figure out “Hey! This coulda been me!?” … Preferably followed by tears. But, I dont hold out hope of his maturity getting him that far… Still it would be far more fun then slagging him..

    cheers — jgc

  • Morning FFG’s 🙂

    Good to see you back, Geoff! Are you in Belgique now?

    I would not want van J back for ethical and footballing reasons. We have moved on and he would not be able to put in Giroud’s work rate. Let’s spend our money on Reus and add real value to the team.

  • Cheers TA, top stuff

    Going against the grain a bit, but I dont believe any player should have a statute. Maybe a team one of the thirties side or invincibles would be good, but no single player.

    Arsenal is about team work and unity, not the glorification of the individual. In the future other great players will shine for the Club and deserve to be honoured just like the three great players whose image now surround the new ground.

    As for Van Persie, I forgive. However, I dont want him back. Hes to old to sustain a season given his track record of injury.

    Players are players, they are not fans.

  • And before you blast me TA, “You shall not lie down with beast, but covet your neighbours wife is ok, or idolise the image”

    Book of Syrup
    Transplantation, Chapter 12, Verse 16

  • Good points about team work and performance, Syrup of Bloom. However it is human to focus on the truly great individual.

    All those women you seduced and then satisfied don’t want a statue of many men; they want one of you only with that brought, iron, shiny smile, defying gravity whilst in the act of love making!

  • ” Seducing women ! “…….don’t be silly…..he`s just built a harem for his Pigeons !.
    Anyway….any women wanting to snog the bastard would have to fight off the Moths stuck to his dazzling teeth !.

    ” Bring me the Syrup of Mancini ! “. A not too well known Scorsese film !. About a man who travels up north and shags all the Racing Pigeons using a Black Pudding sausage skin condom and is then constantly on the run from some Scouse hitmen !. Among the standoffs is a scene where Stretch visits a vet with his pregnant Pigeon and the Vet say`s ….” I`m afraid its dead Mr Mancini…..when did you last feed your Syrup ! “. Then there is the scene where he is chased naked through a carpet store and cleverly lays face down on a dark Persian rug and is invisible until some bastard starts vacuum cleaning his back…..the screams are blood chilling !.

  • Ozzie baby !. How`s my favourite CSI OZ private dick ?. Just about to go on the treadmill , touch wood, so far I`m ok running on it with my calf`s, instead of real running !. I have to keep looking fit and gorgeous, otherwise I wont fancy chasing myself playing self kiss chasey !. Being fit means I play hard to get myself !. I mean, I`m not an easy lay slut !. hahaha

  • @ TA 9.11

    Agreed. Look at all the great individuals throughout history…only the exceptional are remembered. Bulls were good but it’ll always come back to Jordan. Wayne Gretzky helped the Edmonton Oilers win 4 Stanley Cups…who else played for them?

    We’ve been blessed to have some amazing players but in a few decades it will only be Arsenal fans that remember most of them.

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