I would trade Ozil to Barcelona if it meant we could have Cesc back.

Lay it on the Line: Arsenal biases without reproach!

Arsenal bias

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

It has come to my attention recently that some Arsenal supporters on here have turned a little too impartial. I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing. I just like to come on an Arsenal blog and read the story from an Arsenal supporters perspective. If I wanted an impartial view I’ll pick up a non-anti Arsenal newspaper…if I can find one. I’m not saying we should be completely biased…just that we should be viewing things from red tinted glasses. You see in an anti-Arsenal media world it’s up to us (the Arsenal faithful) to balance the perspective out a little.

To push away from the impartialness, I purpose a day of complete Arsenal bias…without reproach. It can be positive. I can be negative. It doesn’t matter; just let it all out, heck blow off some steam if you have too. You may ask a fellow blogger to explain their bias, but you may not ridicule them or cast any stones.

I’ll kick us off:

  • At the beginning of every season I think we will win every title.
  • Whenever we sign a youth player I think they will make it and they’ll be a bloody good player. However, my expectations on this have dropped over the last few seasons.
  • Resigning Sagna is more important than it was resigning Theo Walcott.
  • The gulf between our players and supporters is beyond a joke. ‘Arsenal Player’ needs to include more player videos and interaction so that we can feel more in touch with our team.
  • Our fitness and medical regime needs a complete overhaul.
  • Ozil needs to attend the ‘Koscielny’s school of strength’ in the off-season if he is to make it big in the premier league. There were knocks on Kozzer after his first season. What did he do? He worked as hard as he could to increase his core strength and power. The result: the best CB in the league.
  • Kozzer is the best Centre back in the world at the moment.
  • The Ox has all the tools to be the best player in the premier league in a few seasons time.
  • At first I thought the signing of Giroud was a master stroke. Now it appears his heading ability has badly deteriorated and his confidence is going the way of Chamakh. If it doesn’t lift he will become nothing more than a squad player. At times I wonder if a level-headed Bendtner would be better than having Giroud.
  • Yaya Sanogo excites the hell out of me. Stay fit son!
  • The pole in goal is the best keeper in the league.
  • I would trade Ozil to Barcelona if it meant we could have Cesc back.
  • Out of a choice between Cazorla and Gnabry…I would choose Gnabry.
  • If Vermaelen leaves he is pathetic and I was wrong about his commitment. Arsenal stuck with him through countless injuries yet he wants to leave now he doesn’t get the playing time. Dig your heels in and fight like hell to get back into the starting line up.
  • Denilson did more damage to the crest than RVP did.
  • Podolski has really disappointed me. His fitness base seems to be nonexistent which is not good enough for someone of his calibre.
  • Gibbs is heading for a Diaby like career path.

Your turn!

Now remember…no reproach!

Written by: Oz Gunner

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136 Responses to I would trade Ozil to Barcelona if it meant we could have Cesc back.

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha, Love it Ozzer 🙂

    I am surprised you did not include a line about your favourite DM, currently on loan in Germany…. 😀

    Some controversial lines in there, but you are beyond reproach….

    Here is one from me:

    Next season Santi should be a supersub, together with Pod and Rosicky.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Buy Wanyama and we win the treble next season 🙂

    Sagna – BFG – Koz – Gibbser

  3. Big Lebowski says:

    I didn’t bother reading the article but I felt I had to make a comment on the headline. Are you talking about the player who hugged all his future team mates before the match at Nou camp and then set up the goal for them to win the game. Then went on strike to get his move to those sh*ts at Barcelona. No thanks Ozil anyway

  4. DanG says:

    Nice points – some very wrong ones in my opinion

    1. Resigning sagna more important than resigning Walcott. HELL NO! Sagna is 32, has had a good season but was pretty rancid last season with most wanting Jenkinson ahead of him. Walcott is not at his peak yet and will win us games. Sagna will not win us games.

    2. Koscielny is great – but Mertesacker is the rock of our defence, not Kos.

    3. Giroud has scored 16 goals and has 7 assists – and you want Bendtner?

    5. Ozil/Cesc swap is interesting – but Ozil is pure class who will be sensational next season. His stats still remain the best in europe’s elite and he’s having to play with players who make no runs for him now that Ramsey & Walcott are out.

    4. Choosing Gnabry over Cazorla is like choosing Bendtner over Giroud – Cuckoo alert!

    5. Denilson was crap – that was his crime. But RVP came out and basically said – ‘you’re not good enough and I’m too good for you, so thanks for paying me while i was injured for the majority of my career, but now that I’m fit, I’m leaving you when you needed me most.’

  5. Domhuail says:

    Great idea Oz….now my opinions. i’VE CAPITALIZED THEM FOR EASE OF READING:

    At the beginning of every season I think we will win every title…..NO I RARELY THINK THAT
    Whenever we sign a youth player I think they will make it and they’ll be a bloody good player. However, my expectations on this have dropped over the last few seasons….MINE HAVE RISEN AND WITH GNABRY,SANOGO,ZELALEM AND MIYACHI I AM PLEASED TO SAY OUR HARVEST IS DUE
    Resigning Sagna is more important than it was resigning Theo Walcott….COMPLETELY AGREE
    The gulf between our players and supporters is beyond a joke. ‘Arsenal Player’ needs to include more player videos and interaction so that we can feel more in touch with our team.
    Our fitness and medical regime needs a complete overhaul…COMPLETELY AGREE
    Ozil needs to attend the ‘Koscielny’s school of strength’ in the off-season if he is to make it big in the premier league. There were knocks on Kozzer after his first season. What did he do? He worked as hard as he could to increase his core strength and power. The result: the best CB in the league…..MAYBE, BUT HE IS ALREADY A SUPERB PLAYER…NOW HE’S ADJUSTING, NEXT SEASON HE’LL BE BETTER STILL
    Kozzer is the best Centre back in the world at the moment….COMPLETELY AGREE
    The Ox has all the tools to be the best player in the premier league in a few seasons time….ABSOLUTELY
    At first I thought the signing of Giroud was a master stroke. Now it appears his heading ability has badly deteriorated and his confidence is going the way of Chamakh. If it doesn’t lift he will become nothing more than a squad player. At times I wonder if a level-headed Bendtner would be better than having Giroud….SHEER NONSENSE. GIROUD IS 100% BETTER THAN CHAMAKH AND HAS OUTPERFORMED HENRY AND PIRES, NOT TO MENTION THE SPUDS MILLIONAIRE PURCHASES.
    Yaya Sanogo excites the hell out of me. Stay fit son! ABSOLUTELY….ANOTHER HENRY???
    The pole in goal is the best keeper in the league…NOT YET SURE BUT AMONG THE BEST 3
    I would trade Ozil to Barcelona if it meant we could have Cesc back….NO WAY JOSE!! CESC HAD THE TEAM BUILT AROUND HIM, OZIL IS ONE COMPONENT OF A GREATER TEAM.
    If Vermaelen leaves he is pathetic and I was wrong about his commitment. Arsenal stuck with him through countless injuries yet he wants to leave now he doesn’t get the playing time. Dig your heels in and fight like hell to get back into the starting line up….HE WON’T LEAVE
    Denilson did more damage to the crest than RVP did….PERHAPS BUT THE FANS DID HIM NO FAVOURS.
    Podolski has really disappointed me. His fitness base seems to be nonexistent which is not good enough for someone of his calibre….MAYBE BUT HE NEEDS MORE,NOT LESS GAME TIME…I SAW HIM PLAY IN GERMANY AND HE WAS THE LEADER AND HERO AT KOLN. HE CAN BE THAT HERE AS WELL.

  6. Brendan Mulholland says:

    New left back is urgent. Gibbs frustrates the hell out of me . Play the ox behind the striker the lad has a better shot than santi and mezut . Or play lukas podolki there. One more central defender needed as well and break the bank for a striker oli just isnt class and bring back song to help out .

  7. oz gunner says:

    Just to clarify: I would choose Gnabry over Santi taking all variables into account (such as age and potential). Yes Santi gives us more currently but I think an older Gnabry gives more + a greater number of years.

  8. oz gunner says:

    Cheers TA. Thank you for having me on your blog as always. Cheeky title choice…this place could explode 🙂

    I nearly did but he has disappointed me on loan. I though Coquelin would flourish like he did last time…not to be I suppose.

    Jesus that team looks the goods. He’d definitely could be the missing piece in the puzzle.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    It is a great one liner, Oz.

    I would trade Ozil for Cesc too, if that was the only way of getting him back. BUT, I love Ozil too and I reckon he will end up on one of the wings, as soon as Jack is ready to be the midfield general.

    Could we have Jack, Ozil and Cesc in one team, though….

  10. I will comment later as the BT bastard has come to fix a phone line….just as I started my running !, but I have to say it seems bloggers are taking all Ozzies points as the debate of discussion !. It is a free for all to make their own comments !, it`s not a discussion on Ozzies points ( although it`s up to you if you want too ! )….he`s asking you to get anything off YOUR chest whether good or bad !…from Arsenes bad eyesight to Bouldies choice of eye liner colour or to whether the bastard Wenger fcuked up my life by not signing the ridiculously cheap and handsome Isco !.

  11. oz gunner says:

    @ Big

    Trust me I was very dirty about how Cesc went about his exit. It was only until recently I’ve begun to look past it. If it was any team other than his boyhood club there would be no going back. I just think he offers more than Ozil. Don’t get me wrong Ozil is world class (have wanted to see him at Arsenal before he went to Madrid) but out of the two I’d go with Cesc.

    @ DanG

    Thanks for taking the time to read it.

    1. I have to disagree though. Sagna is our most reliable player. When he’s up against it he excels and he is part of the reason why Mertz doesn’t get exposed more. Let’s not forget he struggled with injuries last season. It takes a lot to come back from a broken leg, and Arsenal fullbacks have to run up and down constantly. I rate Jenks but he is not ready yet.

    2. I agree Mertz is the rock, he steadies the ship. Without him Koz is more erratic and less composed. Koz is a complete defender though. They compliment one another well.

    3. I wrote the article before the Sunderland game. Had he not scored two goals I think I wouldn’t be getting called out on that one so much. It was more of a hypothetical tbh. We will never see a level headed Bendtner. 3 years ago I hoped he would settle and we could chalk it up as youthful exuberance and a lack of experience…now not so much. He is not as good as Giroud, but if he knuckled down when he needed too I think he would have been.

    4. see clarification above @ 14.33

    5. Denilson was crap. A couple of times pat rice had to yell at him to get up and onto his feet because he was looking over in hope of a late sub. He was caught jogging back on numerous occasions (even though his job was to protect the back 4), and twice was over ran by the spud Jenas who went on to score. I think he half-arsed everything he did at Arsenal. RVP (yes he is a wanker) but on the field he always gave it his all (profession on the field, dickhead off it).

  12. oz gunner says:

    @ Cockie

    Yeah thought some may miss the “without reproach”…doesn’t bother me though. Creates good discussion.

    hahaha you are right…would it kill Bould to mix up the colours every now and then

  13. oz gunner says:

    @ Domhuail

    thank you, and welcome to BK.

    Gnabry, Sanogo and Zelalem have gotten me excited about the future too. Ryo has had bad luck with injuries which is very unfortunate. I don’t think he will make it at Arsenal and will be given the “don’t want to ruin your career here, you’ll get better opportunities elsewhere” line. After seeing some of the things he did out on loan I thought he’d be one hell of a player. He has blistering pace and he knew how to use it.

    But then there was this (great play from Gnabry beforehand and what a through ball!)

    In regard to Gibbs, I really hope so. We owe him after that last ditched tackle to stop the spuds from stealing 4th spot but his injuries keep messing with the teams dynamic. Like Diaby did before. We rely on him but he gets injured. You can’t replace him because he is quality, but he doesn’t stay on the pitch…fingers crossed.

  14. oz gunner says:

    @ Brendan

    I’d like to see Song back also. I loved that he could play CB when needed, gave us great diversity. I agree that AM looks like the Ox’s best position (I think he could play anywhere from CM to Striker. He’s that good). Definitely a CB if Verm leaves, two if Sagna goes. Not sure how Miquel is travelling.

    @ TA

    As much as I’d like to say we could (jesus the thought of it…). But the only way we could would be using Cesc and Jack as the central midfielders and Ozil as the attacking midfielder. In other leagues we could get away with it but in the premier league we’d get overrun and beaten to a pulp. Too light weight, too short, and too slow. Wanyama as DM with Jack and Cesc in front of him…I need a lie down 🙂

  15. oz gunner says:

    Must be off, sleep beckons. Thanks again to those who have taken the time to read it and given it a go. Will respond to others in the morning.

    Get it off your chest…i feels good. Don’t feel like you need to keep it in for fear of being shot down…no reproach!!!

  16. Oz…….I see you have Piers (Stefan Pugh) Morgan up top !……..so it`s without reproach that I can put up a couple of anagrams of him amongst 1000`s !.

    1) Ugh ! Penis Sperm Organ .
    2) Gump Shafter Penis Organ .

    Quite fitting would you say !

  17. TotalArsenal says:


    What about:

    Cesc————-Ox—————-Ozil (constantly interchanging)

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Cockster 🙂

    What happened to White Van Bastard? Too close to the truth muhahahahaha? 😆

  19. umar says:

    Arsenal should sign piers morgan to help with desicions on player transfers

  20. I don’t mind WVB, Totes !…..I`m willing to put it to a BK vote !. 😀
    Just to say, the first anagram could be Hug instead of Ugh !. Which come to think of it, he probably does !.

  21. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fascinating article Oz, cheers for that!

    Since I’m limited on time, I’d like to address the central theme of your article, which is that you’d rather have Cesc than Ozil. There’s no doubt in my mind that Ozil is actually the more talented player. To further give Ozil his due, it’s not just strength that Ozil that holds him back, but also the talent around him.

    HOWEVER, it shouldn’t be about the talent around him. World class players make those around them better, but they also become apathetic in situations where those around them can’t produce on the chances they do create or, in the case of a ST, are not provided with those chances. Also, the main difference between Cesc and Ozil is that Cesc gave all he had for this club and wore his heart on his sleeve. Ozil, by nature, is not that type of player and never will be. His style is laissez-faire, but as you have seen in matches, he honours his defensive duties and tracks back when needed, while darts up the pitch to join in on the offensive play.

    At the end of the day, I think I would have to agree with you Oz. As humans, we tend to favour players that we see giving their heart and soul for a club that we are equally passionate and invested in.

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi HH,

    the central theme is Oz wanting us to be partisan, biased, unfair to others, opinionated, etc. And to illustrate this, he has come out with some strong opinions of his own (and I chose the title).

    I really think Cesc and Ozil are/were equally passionate about playing for us, but the German is the ultimate introvert, thus showing his passion differently.

    But Cesc, like Jack, is born to play the central conductor role, whereas Ozil, I feel, needs a free role to be most effective.


    Cheers Oz.

    Both wonderfully gifted players, but as others have said, Cesc is an Arsenal man. Hes also a two timing Bitch, but thats another story.

    We have to give Ozil time. Its hard been married to an ugly women, but with patience we will overlook the googly eyes and concentrate on the positive attributes. Sublime skills, good housekeeping etc.

    If ozil dont pick up, we can always two time him by stretching one off on old you tube clips of Cesc. As long as we dont get caught, no harm is done.

  24. Gerry says:

    My input is limited to one liners these days. So I will just quote on the the last on the list – Gibbs?

    Squawka reported last week week that Gibbs has played 22 times this season, and missed only 4(now 5) games – Is it a perceptual problem I wonder?

    Looking forward to seeing Joel Campbell tonight, I hope he can live up to my expectations 😀

  25. Just before I get it off my chest, I need to get these Lebanians off my face !………behave bitches !.

    First let me say, I don’t mind if anyone has a dig, as it usually brings out my best wit, so feel free ! . 😆

    1) All females attending THOF between the legal consent age and 50 should attend topless !. Oh…and those who have never had babies !, anything else could be a health hazard trip issue !.
    2) Expand the Emirates !. From what I`ve read, to expand we would have to implement escalators and moving walkways at Holloway Tube Station to conform to Health and Safety fears of a larger crowd and was estimated to cost around £60M !. My thoughts are that we built this stadium out of our own finances and loans with no help from council or government, now the retarded hideous Spuds are trying to get council and government money for their dump and being a war torn ghetto they will get it !. I say we moan like fcuk and demand that if the Spuds get infrastructure funding, then we should get it too !. Also remember bastards…it`s you bastards that are going to pay for Totscums funding through tax !. I`m not sure how bigger we can get the stadium capacity upto, but one more topless women will be worth it !.
    3) Someone sort out our stamina training….I want our players to have enough energy to be able to suck 10,000 Goonerettes tits at the half time interval !.
    4) Bouldie looks evil with his black eye liner, but then and goes and goes all soft by wearing white socks ! WTF !….if you want to be hard as my cock Bouldie Locks…wear some fcuking barbed wire socks !.
    5) Wenger !. Stop getting your cock stuck in your puffa jacket zipper !, use Velcro instead, it will make you sound harder when you rip open your jacket in disgust at Bouldie Locks white socks !. Velcro made from Iranian women`s minges is best !….Stretch swears by it, he was once stuck furry cupping for 2 days and only escaped through panic at the thought of his Pigeons going without his fat balls any longer, they intern nearly pecked his face to death as they thought his face was being eaten by a big hairy pussy !.
    6) What ever happens this season, we need a SQ striker, an SQ DM, an SQ fast tricky Winger and LB`s who are not made of Wenger`s puffa jacket zips !.
    7) Scouse bastards have a Sky Sports TV channel which is free !. Manscum and Chavs have TV channels and that will only give them more exposure in gaining a bigger global fan base !. Arsenalplayer is ok, but could be a lot better, why just highlights of the youth games ?, they must film the whole game or are they psychic and know when the goals are coming !. Sort it Bastards !.
    8) Maybe BK should have a day for getting it of your chest once a week !. Something subtle like…..”No reproach Mondays !”. Although I do prefer something on the lines of……” Thank Fcuk it`s Friday you Bastards ! “.
    9) Take the Rose tints off with Sanogo !. Anyone would think he is fcuking Henry already !. Khuntz !. hahaha
    10) Anyone care for a ring-doughnut ?……..the thought of Isco has produced some cream topped ones !.

  26. Yes Gezzer. I very rarely watch other games other than Arsenal ones (when we win ! ). However , tonight I will watch the Manshafter Std game as long as Campbell plays and I hope he is under secret instruction to rip Beef Van Curtains face off and scalp Shrek`s testicle hair transplant !.

  27. Gerry says:

    I couldn’t do enough one liners for your earlier list, but the 17:17 does have a suitable gory sense of justice to it : D

    The kids are playing the UEFA tie in just over an hours time. Entrance FREE!

    BOO54 Talks up the game on AFC.com Played to a conclusion, winner plays Barca Youf. I’ll have to catch the tweets during goal kicks and injuries, if JC goes to TCM orders?

  28. James Bond says:

    ooh la la

    mouth watering @ Ozzy – well done mister !

    so let’s just bring this out in the open – Yaya wasn’t injured, he was on a 4 month strength / muscle plan hence for all those thinking he was off injured courtesy AW and co is incorrect – it shows, he’s come out like a new player and much improved – I wonder if he was also doing some technical work ? top coaches have their support staff do that – Modric did it at BM for a month or so before The Moron played him – where am I going with this ? Ozil needs a yaya like fitness and bulking up programme and not the one Koc was one 😀

    let’s get down to business then shall we, I have only 3 wishes…or if I could I would do the following trades :

    1: Get in a world class keeper – would have gone in for Lloris (at 10 million, was a bargain)…and bench Sczny.

    3: Get in a world class keeper – Iker Cassillas and bench Sczny.

    5: Get in a sold keeper – Cesar and Benched Sczny.


    from the last post – Would I have RVP , back ? hell no – that Narcissist can stay at old toilet and forever in Wayne Rooney’s Shadows (the real king of old toilet) … you see, AW has worked extremely hard in trying to ensure that the team wins due to a collective effort and no longer having to rely or making a single player our focal point – we regressed as a team with him and his little boys inside – for those of you who still have a soft spot for him, I encourage you to read an interview Theo Walcott gave a long time ago in which he said that RVP once told him to pass the ball or else he was going to do terrible things to him and so on (it was along them lines anyway, but he was making threats as to tell him – how dare you fucking try to do something on your own when it should be going through me !

    good riddance to bad rubbish.

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    There is no hope for you Cocker! 😆

  30. Obviously, I like this kind of post, so thanks Ozzie baby !. 😀
    Where the fcuk is Fcuk Face Fozzie ?. hahaha
    And what is it that he actually does ?…….I will keep saying that little one liner until he fcuking answers it ….the Bastardildo !. hahaha

    Oi Totes !………..Skippy Shagger told me it`s a ……” No Reproach ! ” post !…..so you saying there is no hope for me is a sin binnable offence !. Being correct is not an excuse !.

  31. James Bond says:

    oh yes, fire all the medics and get in a new team , ASAP

    I have already accepted that February is the month when Gibbs get’s injured every year, along with him getting injured here n there as well –

    players like Theo, Gibbs, Ramsey, JW, OX, TV5 e.t.c e.t.c seem to be made of glass ? no – it’s all connected to our pathetic medical department in my opinion.

    the sooner we get rid, the better

  32. Got this off another site, but it is funny !.

  33. Borussia Dartford are doing well…..4-2 up away to Zenit St Petersburg !………..that’s what happens when you top your group !………you don’t get BM or Barca !……fcuk……when was the last time we topped our group ?.

  34. Arshavin went off after 15 mins !. Apparently he was knackered after having to chase player back a couple of times !. Lazeeov Khuntov !….that’s what the Russian commentator said…..anyone understand Russian ?.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha Cocker 🙂

  36. James Bond says:

    Play nicely , Glics – if memory serves then you are one of the more vocal supporters for a certain Russian wanting to take control of the club 😉

    but am sure TMHT must have done a few Russian birds along the day and learned “da”, ha

    hope you had a lovely birthday VCC – sorry about the birthday pressie but I wanted to surprise you till today , actually for another couple of hours – enjoy Man utd not winning in Greece tonight !

  37. Gnasher is captaining the side tonight !. Bellerin is back as well !.

  38. Not quite right Oh Oh Sevennn !…….I want a Fat Uzbecki to take over the club and do dastardly evil Bond villain type things against the Southern and Northern Oilers, so that we will rule the world !…..Muhahahahahaha

  39. Gerry says:

    Gnabry and Bellerin are play tonight. They need a strong side too, 0-0 at the mo ..

  40. James Bond says:


    welcome back Bellerin !

  41. Gerry says:

    1-0 to the good guys – Toral on 25 mins

  42. Gerry says:

    1-1 on 44 minutes, but Shaktar had some near misses prior.

  43. James Bond says:

    wow, what a few frentic minutes

    3-1 to the mighty young gooners – Gnabryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    and also

    1-0 to the Greek’s at HT ahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha

  44. James Bond says:


    2nd was a penalty by a young capable swede who will be the next TR, in my opinion !

  45. AB says:

    Hi there Oz – love the concept. Lots to agree and disagree with. A few thoughts from me:

    1. Our current defence is individually modest in terms of talent. But they work together well as a great team. None of them (poss Bac excepted due to very poor competition) would make a decent PL 1st eleven. We have nothing approaching SQ along the back line.

    2. Fab back for Oz? You must be joking – Fab left us, end of. Talent wise they are pretty comparable, but the moment we bought Ozil I thought we won’t see Cesc back with us – at least not in his prime. I would take Fab back – its nothing like VJ; but the fact is he chose to play elsewhere, despite everything Wenger had done for him and us building our whole team future around him.

    3. Jack might not make it at Arsenal. I can picture TA’s eyebrows! I hope he does, but we have a lot of talent in our squad and more young players coming through; and we all expect us to strengthen further back in the midfield. With Rambo, Ox, Oz, Walcott and Santi he is not an automatic first team choice.

    4. My prediction for SQ summer purchase will be a dynamic winger. Draxler? Maybe, but just as likely another. Pace on our wings transforms our team – too much central taka play often takes us nowhere. But when we can link our creative players with real pace on the wings we scare the life out of teams. Walcott does this when on form – but he is not full blown SQ in my book. Imagine what a real quality winger would make us like.

    5. Shez will keep the no 1 sport; Wenger will buy cheap (young potential or old hand) as back up. He won’t spend big on a keeper. I’m ok with Shez as he is – and he could yet become really top class.

    6. I’m somewhat worried that Wenger may be gearing up to retiring at the end of this season – whatever our results. If he was sure to extend he should have gone public and done it by now – it would help with buying in players, would stabilise the current squad, and would avoid unnecessary pressure at the end of the season if we have not secured silverware. Why? Perhaps he is ready to step aside.

    7. Who is the bigger threat to Arsenal over the next 10 years – manure or pool? I fear the latter. After a long spell in the wilderness they have the look of a giant reawakening. A young manager (albeit a total cock) and a sense of hunger and ambition around the club. Manure are due their turn in the doldrums – if they are out of the top 4 at the end of this season, they won’t find it so easy to buy half a team in one go, and they will go into next season under huge pressure, not least on whether to stick or twist with their manager.

    8. Spuds – I predict Levy gets the hoof this summer; everyone has been sacked at that club barring Levy, and its time the spotlight came round to him.

    i could go on! Just enjoying manure suffering a bit more….. Ahhhhhhhh

  46. James Bond says:

    what a foooooookin goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal by joel campbelllllllllllllllllll


    get in !


  47. AB says:

    fantastic goal by Campbell!!!!!

  48. James Bond says:

    what beautiful curl and swing back in – started way far outside and then curls in beating the goalie – long distance shot as well hence ooh la laaaaaaaa !!!

  49. James Bond says:

    that goal was orgasmic – JC is playing as a CF now, mostly mmmmmmmmmmm

  50. proudgooner says:

    Joel Campball , nice goal son. That made my day. Love it! Take that united.

  51. proudgooner says:

    I think you need to a little bit more patient with Ozil. He is world-class.

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, re Jack lol! You are so wrong there. But I respect your opinion. 🙂

  53. oz gunner says:

    @ PG and others

    I really rate Ozil highly. Don’t get me wrong I would just prefer Cesc if given the choice. Ozil will make it at Arsenal and in a big way. He’s a professional and knows what to do to lift his game to another level again. As midfielders go my top two would be 1. Cesc 2. Ozil

  54. AB says:

    I know TA! But lets face it, some from Jack, Ozil, Ramsey, Ox, Zelalem, Santi are going to be surplus. Is it going to be Ramsey, or Ox? Looking at how they have played this season, if they carry on they may not be dropable. Playing Jack (or Rambo or Ox) out of the wings keeps him in the team, but only if Walcott is out and we don’t buy a top left winger. Strength in depth is what we all aspire to. But of Rambo, Ox and Jack, not all can be automatic first 11 players in my view – and I find it hard to separate them in terms of potential.

  55. oz gunner says:

    @ TA 5.41

    I think that could work. If you had all three footballers in the one side you’d have to find a way. It may lack width but if you had Ox and Theo getting on the end of their passes it would be magical.

    @ Cockie

    hahaha ‘Hug Penis sperm organ’….very befitting for Piers.

    @ Terry

    is it too late?

  56. oz gunner says:

    @ Gerry

    Injury wise, Gibbs has been a lot better this season (could be because of his dedication to improving his core strength over the summer). I hope it continues. Reports suggest he could be back in time for Stoke?! Great news if true. I’m just glad we have Nacho as backup because we wouldn’t be stuffed with a lesser individual.

    @ Cockie

    1. I think a talent adjudicator would need to be in place. Can’t just have and bird waltzing around topless. I also think they should be grouped together in one section of the stadium and that section should be fitted with trampoline flooring 🙂
    3. hahahahahaha they will definitely need to improve their fitness base for that.
    4. I’ve never actually noticed Bould’s socks. I think he should go with combat boots and cargo pants.

    The rest…wrong profession Cockie, you should be on stage my friend.

  57. TotalArsenal says:


    They – Rambo, Ox, Jack – are all good, but different players. Jack is the one around which teams will be build going forward. I strongly feel that and can see that. Ramsey will be a good box to box midfielder and Ox will play well in most midfield roles (except DM), but Jack has the vision and is the conductor of the team going forward. He just has to stay fit and get good defensive cover.

    Zelalem is ‘just’ a talent right now, and I reckon Santi will lose out eventually/ become a bench player.

  58. oz gunner says:

    @ BJ

    you are right he did go to boot camp but I still believe it started off as injury rehabilitation. Gave him a chance to build himself from scratch and push on from there. I’d be interested to know just what they do during rehab. My Aussie rules team posted 4 videos showing a day in the life of a footballer in the rehab training group. It was a 7 hour of intense training

    it included ball work
    10 x 100 metres of fast paced running (15 seconds rest between runs), this was done for 4 sets
    cross training -> constant with minimal rest
    strength training
    and they finished it off with an hour of swimming

    haha I knew your points would be about Szcz 🙂

    Agreed, too many injuries of a number of seasons now…can’t be coincidental.

  59. oz gunner says:

    @ AB

    thanks for giving your thoughts.

    1. I think Sagna and Koz would definitely push for the PL team of the year…if they didn’t i’d want answers. Both are exceptionally good players.

    3. I agree with TA on this one. I think Santi will be pushed out. Jack is still finding his feet after long spells injured. I expect him to flourish next season just like Ramsey did. Years ago we were all drooling at the prospect of those two together…it’s close to becoming a reality now!

    4. Couldn’t agree more. Draxler or Reus definitely!

    5. I wish we could keep Fabs as backup. It will be an experienced head for szcz. Going forward he is definitely our number 1. Big fan of Lloris but I prefer Szcz.

    6. God i hope you’re wrong. I hope we can squeeze out a few more years from Arsene. I think he loves the game too much. I can imagine him in a home at the age of 90 ringing up Bergkamp to give him ideas for the Arsenal team.

    7. I agree

  60. Worth it just for the commentary ! hahaha
    Although, seeing as I can gripe on Ozzies post without reproach…..the only Arsenal player to experience a win against Manshafter Std in recent years is one out on fcuking loan !. 👿
    Hahaha Oz….trampoline flooring is essential for my Stadium improvements !.

  61. oz gunner says:

    Youtube is too quick to pull the trigger Cockie. Damn copyright laws we just want to bask in the glory of that goal

  62. oz gunner says:

    Damn that Fabregas video.

    Hleb – Cesc – Rosicky – Flamini…loved that midfield!!!

  63. AB says:

    TA and Oz. Happy for you both to be right about Jack – its a ‘no lose’ scenario in any case, as if the others turn out to be even finer players for us, we can all enjoy. I would hope that next season will be Jack’s equivalent of this year’s ‘Rambo returns from injury’. But where once I never doubted that Jack would simply turn into one of the best players in the world, it now seems less certain, and both chronic injury and temperament will have a bearing. I don’t sense in Wenger the same confidence that he showed in Fab, though perhaps that is due to the choices he has available these days. I do hope we can bask in future years in the fine performances of these young talents, all reaching a peak together. We shall see.

  64. jozefos2013 says:

    New stuff to get off my chest:

    1. What the hell is Sagna thinking? He’s given us the best years of his career and won nothing and now (allegedly) because Arsene (allegedly) only wants to give him two extra years instead of three, he wants to leave? That’s strange. Can he not see what’s happening? It’s all to come at THOF and he wants out? His agent must have something pretty special lined up.

    2. Dennis will not become Arsenal manager, or manager at any other club – if you believe what he said himself in his book, that is. I would love to see him at Arsenal in a coaching capacity soon, but all indications are that he is happy with his current role: he avoids the limelight – precisely why he says he doesn’t want to manage – and as an assistant (something mooted above) he would be more in the limelight at Arsenal than he is at Ajax.

    3. Why is Arsene Wenger not grooming some of the more seasoned members of the team into coaches/managers? Barcelona and Ajax had Cruyff, Spuds had Hoddle and Ardiles (ok, they were crap but Spuds fans can’t realistically have expected more) and there are no former Arsenal greats on the horizon whom fans could idolise as a great Arsenal manager too…I had high hopes for TA6 but that didn’t turn out well. Wenger out! Withdraw the contract offer!

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    Fair enough, AB. 🙂

    Nice video of Cesc, Oz. Yep, a special guy.

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Good points josef, especially nr.3. 🙂

  67. AB says:

    Jozef. Yes, I can’t see Dennis managing a club, but I really do hope to see him on the coaching side with Arsenal one day. Liam Brady didn’t really like the limelight either, but has been a core part of our set up.

    Your last point is quite an interesting one. Wenger has not always invested in players for their leadership quality – he loves the technical skills, the pace and a commitment to the team ethic. We have often missed the leadership drive on the field, and I guess these same type of folk (where they have some intelligence to go with it) may often be the most probable future managers. I don’t see Ozil as a future manager, but I could see Mert perhaps? Interesting, I’m sure the two are connected. What I would hope, though not feel entirely sure of, is that Wenger does not avoid these types because they are also more likely to be challenging of him – one of Fergies greatest skills was always to get the hot headed types working for him in the team, and converting their anger into positive drive on the field. Wenger does not appear to have this trick in his toolbox.

  68. jozefos2013 says:

    @AB I saw a program once where David Seaman coached a poor Sunday League team and managed to get them into the final of whatever cup they entered. The players were raving about him, but I suppose the difference between Sunday League and top level management is with Sunday League your ideas don’t have to be ground-breaking, they just have to be better than any other manager’s. Seaman’s never shown any inclination to go into management either.

    Agreed on the leadership side of things. I think Mert is a bit of an Alpha male, and not many others come to mind who’ve had a lasting impact barring PV4 and TA6 (and possibly Sol Campbell for the first couple of years): I was never convinced even of Vieira’s credentials as skipper, but he’s the best we’ve had since Adams I think. Jack I suppose…he can be a bit of a peacock at times, I think he needs to learn when to curb his enthusiasm to be a real leader on the pitch. If he can do that though it could be the element that makes him the automatic choice even ahead of the embarrassment of riches we have in the centre of midfield.

  69. James Bond says:

    nah – not Mert I don’t reckon @ AB

    I can see the Likes of Rosicky and Arteta being Manager material – if I had to put my money on any 2 players returning to Arsenal as managers and making it big then I would back Arteta and Rosicky.

    Patrick Vieira was a good one and you never know in football – it still might happen

    Joze is spot on with his no.3 – Drogba is returning to chelsea in a player coach role in the summer, we need to step it up or more precisely , AW needs to ease his workload.

    wow @ Ozzy – 7 hours intensive work is a lot but it’s a tough sport and being a professional sports person or an athlete demands it !


  70. jnyc says:

    Great post and discussion starter. I agree, would like to see Ozil bulk up a bit, but mostly I would like him to become more aggressive in trying to score. He has all the talent necessary, it’s just an attitude.
    Right now, Cesc is a much better scorer, and that’s the biggest difference. I expect Arsene to encourage Mesut to work on it.

  71. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂

    Nice goal by Campbell, eh? I just don’t like the fact he’s been the only Arsenal player to score against Manure this season.

    Oz, wonderful article. However, I’ll just say that I’d never trade Mesut for Cesc. More I think about it, Cesc had his chance to stay at Arsenal. He opted for move. Hell, even bloody Nasri had played against Scousers before he joined Oilers when our team was seriously depleted by injuries and bans! I’m fine with Özil and I think he’ll be one of the greatest players ever to wear an Arsenal shirt.

    My points:

    1.We have the best goalkeeper in the league and one of the best in the world. Still, he is not a finished article yet. Perhaps I expect him to do a Mertesacker when Mertesacker is not on the pitch. Our other central defenders don’t like to lead – they prefer to be leaden instead – so I’d say it should be Szczesny’s job. Furthermore, we’ll need a back-up goalkeeper for Szczesny as Fabianski and Viviano will leave Arsenal in the summer. Martinez and Iliev?

    2.If Wenger has a lot of money on disposal for the next transfer window, he should go out there and sign Ilkay Gündogan IF the German’s injury problems aren’t Diaby-ish. He might replace Arteta perfectly and fit into our Germany-oriented team.

    3.We need better striker than Giroud to lead the line. If Wenger sign Gündogan and still has money on disposal, he should sign Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea. I have a strong feeling that Wenger will go after Mario Mandžukić though.

    4.It would be the best for us and Sagna if the Frenchman signs a new contract with us. If he doesn’t, he will suffer like Flamini and we will suffer like we did after Flamini had signed for Milan.

    5.Lukas Podolski can’t find his feet at Arsenal. It’s a problem and a very expensive one given his wage.

    6.Santi Cazorla shouldn’t be written off yet. Sometimes he reminds me of a Dennis Bergkamp’s revival in 2001-02. He should be our most important player in the creative and attacking department until the end of the season.

    7.Tomas Rosicky should stay at Arsenal for life.

    8.Serge Gnabry will be a huge player.

    9.Carl Jenkinson’s stagnation makes Sagna-issue even more serious.

    10.After Olympiacos’ victory over Manure, every Gooner is thrilled with Joel Campbell’s future performances for Arsenal.

    11.I’m not too much into whole Draxler-story. I’d rather sign Reus (if he wants to leave Dortmund).

  72. jgc says:


    My 20p from NZ where life may be easing a little, tho I’m ill and cranky as hell, which should keep me more opinionated …

    A. Ozil over Cesc any day for me at least, and, for the TA windup award, getting Cesc back would require trading JW instead as you can’t have two people leading the dance right?

    B. Season 2 for Ozil will blow away all his prior records and stats as he adjusts further or fully, and no arsenal supporters will ever remember being down on him now. Call it the Rambo Effect!

    C. I don’t care if we win titles, or cups, or … EU aren’t important… I only care that we play well with what we have. That’s all that counts. If you just want to win and don’t care about the well (for what you have) then there’s one or another type Oiler team needing a fan (or ManU, oops ..)

    — This actually makes AW above reproach like your comic.. If you exclude the Pool thrashing…

    D. We probably, if not certainly, don’t deserve to beat BM, but I hope we do anyway!

    E. TA loves JW more than DB10 …

    Cheers — jgc

  73. geoffchase says:


    And here’s a contentious one … If only to stir

    F. We need a wing. I’d prefer Reus or similar! but I hear a certain Bale fellow is handy wide Annnd may be less then happy at RM

    Digest that!

    — jgc

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha Geoff, it is the story of the old and new king, but the new one has a long way to go. 🙂

  75. Morning Arse Banditos ! 😆

    I would like to apologise for a mistake yesterday on the anagram for Piers Stefan Pughe Morgan !. I thought Pughe was pugh and I also forgot to add “fat” to the anagram, so here is the new updated proper anagram for him…………………………………………………….Huge Fat Penis Sperm Organ !. I hope this didn`t cause any stress to my fellow BKers !.

    However, what sort of Bastardildos are you lot !……taking my word for such an anagram and not checking it`s validity !. For all you know I could be making this crap up !. hahaha

    PS…..the new anagram is much better…….imo !.

  76. Admir says:

    TCM, imagine Piers Morgan – who was sacked two days ago – hosting a show called: “A knob, a snob and without a job”. He’d probably be sacked before Season Two and replaced with Michael Owen or Simon Cowell.

  77. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey fellas…I’m a day late (again) AND I was a little unsure about how to approach this thread when it popped up. I thought reproach was the WHOLE thing about being an Arsenal supporter. Nobody knows better than I (do) and you can tell by the way I use my pronouns… 😀

    Now that I’ve read the responses I think I get it…Total is moving towards a model of debate if not out and out controversy. Is he a hit whore? I’m not sure…This one is on the “top stories” list on NewsNow but there are no ads in the margins for making any money… Regardless, nice job in stirring the pot even if nobody actually appears to be losing their sh*t. We must be in some sort of clam between stroms, or something…

    My take on the (controversial) headline is two-fold. I think Ozil is the better player but that Cesc has followed the superior career path and I’m glad to see that he’s become a real part of the new Barca plan. When I was in Spain (getting on 1.5 years ago now 😦 …) most of the Cules I met thought he had been a real waste of money and that Pep had been played by AW. (The two Alex deals, Hleb and Song, also got lumped into the narrative, of course…) It’s a different game down there (of course) and putting Cesc further forward was a tough adjustment, given that he really doesn’t move that well. Players like Alexis, Pedro (and more recently Tello and Neymar) fit the mold of “electrifying” goal scorers in a way that Cesc doesn’t. They also lack the vision and the decisiveness about when to play tika-taka (always tougher in the scoring positions…) and when to go for goal. As such it’s a pleasure when I do watch them and see Cesc orchestrating in this manner. It would be great to get him back but it ain’t happening anytime soon. I also would tend to agree that he’s no cleaner than any of the others big players who left. Personally, I’m not bitter about the question of Cesc (the Cesc-tion?…) but, besides watching him at Barca, it seems a moot one…

    As Cules came around on Cesc, Gooners need to do the same re: Ozil. Even though he didn’t play, IMO, his “effect” could be seen in the superior movement vs Sunderland. Players filling spaces and thinking a couple of moves ahead is a by-product of his game. More controversially, I also think our superior defensive record can be linked to Messy’s presence. This is a guy who knows when to push and when to slow things down and, if we choose to lament his lack of scoring or assists we need to see that he’s often playing pretty deep helping out guys like Arteta, Flamini and Wilshere–NONE of whom are ever going to fit that beast-boy description people seem to crave. He’s a beautiful runner too and people need to check his mileage before they call him lazy. That he’s a technician or an introvert rather than an outspoken leader-ish, rah-rah sort of fellow doesn’t bother me a whit. In the big match (vs Bayern Munich) he tried to take the game to them but failed (at the penalty spot) and it hurt him (according to AW)… I like that sort of sensitivity (taking responsibility = power, in the long term…) in a person even if it’s not the usual “strikers” mentality. If anybody is gonna continue to learn and grow as a person and a player (and a teammate/leader)… I believe it will be our Messy. Time for the (f**king) support to wake up and realize we’ve got a (f**king) gem on our hands…

    But that’s just me… Agreed about some of the other stuff and really hope we can get Sagna signed up. For the same money, however, he might like all those easier matches at PSG and winning the Ligue at a trot and giving his interviews in his native language. We’ve got issues no longer being the biggest French club and this might be how it comes to light…

    I won’t weigh in on the other issues, but I would like to say I really enjoyed our loanee taking United down another notch last night and knowing that RvP’s head is in a spin. Seems like he (Joel Campbell) might’ve earned himself a chance at the Theo/Gnabry/Rambo spot for next season with that single shot… What’s the deal with this new Rooney contract and how can a mid-table team afford such things? They’re still 5 points off the Europa League spot, aren’t they? I guess it’s only Spurs (who will blow both 5th and this year’s lesser Euro comp, I fear…) so they could still get up for Thursdays… 😆

  78. being a die hard arsenal fan,the preferd line up since some are injured wud b. defence untouchd,midfield gnabry,chamberlain,ozil,arteta,flamini,striker poldoski.

  79. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good to see the sick professor back at it and Admir has hit some strong points. Everybody has their favorites and their favorites to flog, but I would tend to agree with Admir about Sir Chez (Sorry 007)… Mr. Harmony popped in (to fill the vacuum?) during the game day chat and had a nice little cyber-bullying session with the the writer of this one (Oz)…even if I couldn’t quite follow it. I wish that guy was around more to tell me what’s what… And where are the kids (Dylan, AFC) or the Africans (Marcus, KG)?…No fair to write posts and then not play here in the comments… 😀

    Only Wednesday and I guess there’s some CL to watch, but this match at the home of anti-football (Stoke) has me worried. If not quite the legbreakers they used to be, and with the pitches widened to reduce their throw-ball plans, they seem to at least carry a back-up plan and even a couple of guys who can kick a ball (rather than just our players)… United and Chelsea have both been beaten there already this season… We’ll need to be well focused for this one and our best 11 (14?) will have to perform at (or close to) their best to get the points. If we want any chance at the league, Oh-Gaat would have to be on full display for this one, I would think…

  80. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, nobody will play with me, but I demand my personal response from Oz before he goes to sleep!

    I just re-read your bullet points and, Dood, you got some crazy ones… Giroud vs Chamakh? At least Ollie got his infidelities out of the way with the underwear Instagram rather than the “lengthy blackmail thing.” He’s not a great goal-scorer but he’s (mostly) a team player and if the MF can move and pass (good pitch conditions needed…) he’s at the center of a lot of it. Also, he (and little jumping Bac…) allow us to play route 1, a key factory when you’ve got gangly (Szcz, Per) and slow (Arteta, Flamini) guys who can come under real pressure if you try to play it out from the back… Bendtner could be decent but he’s no hold up guy and with Yaya actually playing in those big, nay, huge matches, I think the signal is in that he (and Poldolski) are done. Agreed about a lot of your other player assessments, however…

    That bit about the info gap between club and supporter goes hand in hand with the (IMO ridiculous…) thing about the medical staff. Let’s be clear. The club lies about injuries to protect the confidence of the players. Injured = dropped. Sometimes, of course, they’re real (Theo, I believe, actually tore his ACL…), but how is anybody to know? It’s frustrating and I agree it’s not the best way to play these things, but it’s the fault of the communicators not the medical staff. If we’re deep enough to rotate and let people truly heal (or even get themselves to a new level of fitness, i.e., Sanogo), it’s a GOOD thing, even if it means it’s harder to play, “If I were the manager.” The lesson there is that maybe people shouldn’t–see Piers Morgan, for example on this one… 😆

    Uh, oh, am I doing the “reproach” thing? If so, I apologize…

  81. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘Good morning’ seventeen springs 🙂

    Yes I am a hit whore – hit me hard baby! 😛

    Oz’s post was meant to spice things up a bit and the title was easily picked from one of his deliciously controversial statements…. Maybe I should add advertising to the blog, what do you think? 😆

  82. TotalArsenal says:

    You are without any doubt the biggest Ozil ‘Messi’? fan on BK, 17.

    I like him and rate him but as a team player, not as a Messi. I do believe he will further improve next season and so will the likes of Jack, Rambo, Ox, Gnabry Theo and Gibbser. Together they will move us forward but I still predict Jack to stand out most going forward. Not a popular statement it seems, but then I am a hit whore! 😛

  83. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, I’ve still got reservations about young Jack but I see him learning A LOT from Ozil. He needs a period of good fitness so he can really hold his own. He may have overplayed his use of the refs but he’s backing off that stuff and when they start coming to his aid, he will REALLY be a force. Imagine if guys like Jack, Rambo and Ox (not to mention Ozil…) start getting the calls… 😯 With that in mind, maybe we should be working on spot kicks with the full week between matches…

    The thing about AW, I believe, is that he’s always looking long term. For this season we needed more goals and he tried with the hemming and hawing over Higuain and the cheeky (woefully misguided) bid for Suarez, even if that guy is clearly a mercenary. Getting Ozil (who, like Rosicky and even Santi, I wouldn’t classify as an attacking midfielder, but rather a multi-talented–make-others-better team player…) was not the instant short term boost we needed but maybe a better long term investment. I think Ozil is raising the standard of our MF play in small but perceptible ways and we’re only gonna see more goals from people in these positions. Another thing I love about Messy is that he avoid injuries with his running (touch wood and the current “thigh” problem–rhymes with lie–is just that). Some see that as not showing passion or fight or bravery in going for the 50-50s, but those people–like the ones who get themselves hurt doing so–are idiots (or at least poor observers)… 😀

    It’s frustrating (this long term way of thinking) but it’s also the best way…Even if it might not generate the hits (like the fantasy trade ideas)… On that note, if you’re gonna go for the ads, I think Cockie might be the guy with the ideas there. King of Lesbania to Head of Marketing seems a very small step and some of those things he links to should be paying… 😆

  84. AFC says:

    Hi guys, 🙂

    Slightly off topic but do any of you guys know anything about Vemma. Being in the UK it has only been around a year (which is what I was told by my friend). Now I’ve done my research and I am still not fully aware of what I would have to pay to join, whether it is a one off cost etc.

    I know it is not a pyramid scheme as there are actually products involved (even though it may share similar traits to other multi-level marketing schemes which have been found to be unsustainable models of business BUT are the chances of me making good money really low?

    My friend is signing up and seems to think with the right people above and below him he can be successful in this business. He has said you have to be committed and dedicated and guys have made serious money but would I be fighting a losing battle? Even if it is something I would be doing on the side for extra money I have trouble believing that even with me and my friends all dedicated to the cause would the money made be worth it in comparison to the time and money put in by myself?

    I can’t help but think there are much more safe and easy ways of investing my money?

    If anyone (especially you American guys) could shed some light on this company, any past experiences of friends and family etc, it would be much appreciated.

  85. Afternoon Fanny Chmelar Addicts ! 😀

    Thanks Seventeenho !. I should really be Head of Marketing for The Arse though !.
    I may not know much about company business ins and outs etc`, but are we missing an opportunity or what ?.
    Stanley Syrup is married to the heir of Walmart ( and his syrup is made from the hair of the heir of Walmart ) ….the worlds second largest corporation, Revenue $469.2 Billion ( after Royal Dutch Shell ), one of the worlds most valuable companies, the biggest private employer and largest retailer in the world !……………Arsenal Merchandise to brainwash millions !…..what an opportunity !. What`s happening in Stans bed at night ?. Is Mrs Syrup not grooming and preening his rug ?. Do they not exchange Syrups….her fanny one for his head one when they make love ?. If I was in the same position, I would deny her conjugal syrup rights until she sold our Iconic Shirts in Walmart and ASDA !. Bitch !.

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    17, Jack is learning a bit, rather than a lot, from Ozil; and remember he learned a lot already from midfield masters Cesc and even Bergkamp. He is just getting used to his body and fitness challenges more than anything else. I reckon Jack has great vision and can hold the line in the centre of midfield, unlike your Messi, who needs to move constantly, and is best suited for a free role. Also Jack plays the harder box to box role currently, whereas Ozil is given total freedom in most games in the ‘hole role’; something Jack would crave!

    I am also not sure whether Wenger is still into ‘long term thinking mode’, as you call it. In fact, I think it is misguided. He has said he is going for the title this season, and if we are unsuccessful he will be accountable. I reckon that is pretty ‘here and now baby’. 🙂

  87. Hi AFC 🙂
    I know nothing, why don’t you Google it !.
    Here`s one I saw !.

  88. AFC says:

    Cockie, I’ve googled it and the internet seems split. People are calling it a scam but others are saying those people are only calling it a scam because they do not know how to make it work and have given up. I know a lot of people fail and a lot of people succeed but the people who seem to succeed all seem to be in their 30s and seem to know business and how to market, promote etc. I just want to know if your average 20 year old with no knowledge of business and hard work can succeed in this business. I would think not but I am ready to be proven wrong

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AFC 🙂

    What do you mean with investing your money: how much do they want you to invest?

  90. AFC says:

    Hi TA, it seems as if you sign up for a fee and pay a monthly fee to receive their product (I think). It is then up to you to build up your own network of people below you by getting them to join. When you recruit people you get some sort of a commission and when they recruit people they get commission as well as you. It seems everyone has to help each other to make money.

  91. TotalArsenal says:

    17, re running. Eboue is the most beautiful runner on the footballing planet but that does not make him a great footballer: more is required. But running beautifully seems to be very important to you, I have noticed….

  92. AFC says:

    You get commission by promoting the products to people or recruiting people. You also get commission when the people below you (either originally recruited by you or those you have recruited) recruit people or promote the products leading to purchase.

  93. AFC says:

    You get commission by promoting the products to people or recruiting people. You also get commission when the people below you (either originally recruited by you or those recruited by the people recruited by you) recruit people or promote the products leading to purchase.

  94. TotalArsenal says:

    These schemes can work well, AFC, but you need to make sure the starter pack/fee is not more than say £200. You should also not buy too much ‘stock’ initially, and see whether it sells/you can sell it. In general, if you can sell the products well and can get others to join in as well, you should be able to make money out of it, but I don’t know enough about this particular company/product to advise you decisively. Are you a born salesman – can you sell sand to the Arabs?

  95. AFC says:

    You get commission by promoting the products to people or recruiting people. You also get commission when the people below you (either originally recruited by you or those recruited by the people recruited by you) recruit people or promote the products leading to purchase.*

  96. TotalArsenal says:

    Away for a bit, catch you guys later. 🙂

  97. AFC says:

    TA, from my understanding you do not actually need to personally sell the products (which is why I am confused as to why you need to purchase products monthly) but more promote the products and convince others to join the company and do the same. The products can only be brought online.

    It seems to me you have to be able to market and promote more than sell which I cannot do which is why I am questioning it.

  98. 17highburyterrace says:

    From your description, AFC, it sure *sounds* like a pyramid scheme… The thing about those is that when people lose faith, those at the bottom are SOL (sh*t out of luck)… My advice would be find a gal who has a job, or in lieu of that, get one yourself… 😀 On the other hand, if you can con a bunch of folks below you to pay for whatever you’re “investment” would be to those above + a bunch more–BEFORE plunking down–then maybe YOU should be head of marketing here at BKesque and I have no fears for your future (as a huckster/marketeer…)

    Sorry, if I’m making light of the situation but it sounds like one to get away from quickly…That said, I know nothing about the company…

    Total, have I ruffled some feathers or are you merely suggesting that I don’t know my football? 😆 Hopefully just the latter…

    I guess you’re with the folks who believe Ozil is a 50 million Euro pu**y (who runs from trouble…) while Jack has the heart of a lion and will stand in and fight for his club (or at least take knock after knock on his bad ankle…) like a “real man” would. (And yes, this is a troll, my friend 😉 …) The whole business of being good enough to avoid injury isn’t for everybody, but I like it in our bigger investments and both guys–like it or not–are huge ones. (And in this regard, I agree, that IF Jack comes good, he’s gonna come REALLY good…) Similarly, I do miss Eboue, though I never really noticed his running. As I recall he did a lot of standing around when he wasn’t flopping on the floor like a speared fish… but I’ll watch for it today if he’s in the line-up for Galatasaray. Is he a better RB than Jenkinson? Certainly he’s not a better Gooner, which is maybe all that matters… 🙄

    Playing a half-fit Wilshere has hurt us in the short term on numerous occasions and he, like all players, gains “experience” for the future at the expense of the right now. In other words he’s a big investment and you and I were both right when we knew he’d start a lot of matches for us when others suggested he’d get dropped.

    Wenger, of course, ALWAYS speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He’s a long term visionary and that’s why I love him. After all, did he ever admit (at the time) that the teams he set out during the early years of the stadium move weren’t good enough to truly compete? (Of course, he didn’t…) That he got us up for the (much maligned) CL spots each and every year has been wizard-esque alchemy if not a miracle. If he was truly into the short term there is no way (in a very frozen version of hell…) that Kim Kallstrom would have been our only January signing… All of that’s OK by me. If the market didn’t seem to offer the long-term options we require it would have been foolish to only think short term. My hope is that we’ll do some good business over the summer and the boys will learn tons trying to cope with the huge league matches and (very) tight run-in this season–and these Cup battles as well. On that note, Wenger was most certainly thinking longer term letting a guy who has yet to score a goal for us lead the line in the two recent cup ties…Or was he trying to get us out of them (both) so we can focus on the league?… (i.e., more short term sacrifice?…)

    Sorry, if these are all just my own stupid interpretations, and long-winded ones at that …Please ignore (or delete–or debate 😀 …) as necessary… 😳

  99. The reason they call them “Pyramid Schemes” is because they end up crying for their “Mummy !”.

    A tried and tested rule of thumb is……”If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is ! “.

  100. AFC says:

    17, I instantly thought pyramid scheme but legally it isn’t as it is a business that sells products or something like that. I normally would steer well clear of these schemes but my friend seems to think money can be made and knows people who have made money.

    I am probably the most sceptical person he knows but I promised him I would look into it and I have. I would rather invest money in something that I have full control over or choose to invest in something with just a few friends without trying to get others to invest.

  101. AFC says:

    Cockie, it just seems like gambling to me. Not necessarily a con but extremely hard to make worthwhile money.

  102. Maybe AFC should apply for a job here in Lesbania !. He will have to start at the bottom though !……Vagazzling my bitches !……and work his way up to the top……tongue nipple erector !. Or he can start at the top and work his way down !…..whatever takes his fancy !. Interviews start next week and if he steps outside his door, he can join one of the many queues from all around the world for the interviews !.


    AFC, I will cut to the chase. Stay away from such schemes and do not consider them again.

    For a lot of hard work you might make a little bit of money but you will be effected adversly psycologicly and could even harm your reputation as well as damaging your networks, which at your age should be quite large and utilised excellently if you can come up with a good business idea.

    Trust me my dear boy.

  104. 17highburyterrace says:

    Like I say, AFC, I don’t know anything about the company… just reacting to your description–It sounds like the way you make money is by getting others (and not just your friends…) to make a similar investment, but maybe it really is about selling the products rather than selling the concept (which sounds like “make money by investing here”). In my day (before the internet 😯 ) the company was called Amway (vitamins, cleaning products, etc.) and I steered clear of the couple of people who tried to entice me. Investing (partnering) with others is kinda like getting married–a commitment whose upside looks very promising but could become quite the entanglement… It raises the stakes of the relationship as, how does the saying go…oh yeah…For better or for worse… 😯 We need TMTH to step in with some sound advice about schemes and relationships… 😉

    TA is right, it’s all about the size of the “investment.” Small investments–even if they go completely wrong–can be great learning experiences…but now I think I’m talking football (again)… and maybe agreeing with Oz about Denilson…

    Cockie’s offer seems the better one…but he’s in Cornhole, er, Cornwall, and you’re in London (right?) How much can I send to open the South Lake Tahoe branch of the Kingdom, my (fabulous) furry friend? 😆 Maybe our two gold medal winners (Jamie Anderson and Maddie Bowman) could be honorary queens and a special attraction in my branch, though, of course, I’m not suggesting anything untoward about their proclivities. NTTAWWT…

  105. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, Terry beat me to it… And is maybe (more than) the voice of reason here…

  106. AFC says:

    17, Cockie, Terry and TA, thanks for the advice. 🙂

    Seems to me like a a sort of legal pyramid scheme. Companies are maybe now finding ways to get around various laws by incorporating products into their schemes just like City can do with FFP. Lucky I’m a sceptical bastard. 😀

  107. Because you`re a BK buddy Seventeenho, there will be no charge !. Just send me the photos of the gold medal winners celebrating their induction by you to the Lesbanian Global Family !.
    Then again, maybe some Sasquatch hair can be sent to my mate Stretch !. A new shaggy style syrup for him as a change is as good as a rest !.

  108. AFC says:

    In a 1979 ruling,[14][74] the Federal Trade Commission found that Amway does not qualify as a pyramid scheme because distributors were not paid to recruit people and had to sell products to get bonus checks, and the company was committed to buying back its distributors’ excess inventory.[75]

    And that seems to be the common loophole between both companies.

    The FTC did, however, find Amway “guilty of price-fixing and making exaggerated income claims”;[76]the company was ordered to stop retail price fixing and allocating customers among distributors and was prohibited from misrepresenting the amount of profit, earnings or sales its distributors are likely to achieve with the business. Amway was ordered to accompany any such statements with the actual averages per distributor, pointing out that more than half of the distributors do not make any money, with the average distributor making less than $100 per month. The order was violated with a 1986 ad campaign, resulting in a $100,000 fine.[77][78]

    Seems you were right to steer clear of Amway.

  109. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, AFC, I hardly steered clear…It did, however, color (colour?) my opinion of the people who brought it up (and not in a favorable way)… TMTH is right, a good network of good folks is something you shouldn’t “sell” to just anyone…

    OK, I gotta get my run in here before the rain (then snow) starts falling and so I can get back and watch Eboue vs Chavs or maybe (Arsenal targets) Draxler and Morata–if either of them play… Chatter about Morata seems pretty strong on the NewsNow, for what that’s worth. Articles saying the deal is done are right up there with this thread… 😆 🙄

    We all saw the great goal by Joel Campbell but did others watch his whole performance?; I saw about half of it and wasn’t overly impressed, but, as always, I’m just a noob-tard…

    OK, out the door, gotta watch my own form, at my age, for sure…

  110. 17highburyterrace says:

    Chelsea get the first goal for an English team in this round of the CL… I actually missed it, watching Schalke-Real Madrid…That one’s over too, through Benzema…

    Although Draxler should’ve scored just there! St. Iker to the rescue–Drax a hair too casual from 3 yds out? He looks a player, but also big enough that it may take a year or two to grow into his physique… two former Spuds makes the RM first 11, but which one is in the Ozil spot? Oh the difficulties of being a selling team…

    Whoa, nice goal from Bale right there… (Really over now…)

  111. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wow, nobody watching, or just nobody to chat with…(with whom to chat?…) 😦

    Eboue appears to have “bulked up” (gotten fat) and lost a lot of hair, if only to the razor…English commentators none too kind about his role on the goal (and his overall play)… Even though that match is closer it’s pretty grim stuff…

    Ooh 4-nil Madrid, back to the Chelsea match, I guess…

  112. AB says:

    AFC – I don’t know you, but you blog here so I feel a sense of both friendship and responsibility towards you. Don’t go anywhere near that company and be deeply suspicious of whoever has introduced you to it – they are likely to be more concerned about there commission than your financial wellbeing.

  113. AB says:

    17. As ever I seem to be entirely with you on the debate above. Ozil was – and I say this without any hindsight, THE player I wished we had bought. I exclude from this players like Messi and Ronaldo who I never frankly considered. But Oz was the perfect Wenger buy, but I had assumed we would never come close to being able to afford him – before he reached about 37 years old that is. He is a rolls royce machine – like Dennis was – superb in technical quality and movement. Will he stay the course? I don’t know, but I sure hope so – and if he is with us still in 5 years, he will be building real ‘legend’ status. Jack has huge talent and vision; but is physically suspect I fear. If he can stay fit he could be up there with Oz; but he has some way to go yet in my view.

  114. 17highburyterrace says:

    Galatasary equalize…Woeful defending from a corner…

    Hey AB…Cheers…

    I saw your comment yesterday. It seems you don’t rate Koscielny quite as highly as some of us do… Also, I think Wenger has already agreed his extension, I think they just want to try and get the vets (Rosicky, BFG and Sagna) to also agree and announce together. I gotta say, I’m getting pretty pessimistic about Sagna but I don’t think it’s all about money. Playing in a less physical league would certainly tend to extend his career and joining the Qatar club (PSG) means deeper runs in the CL too…And the money’s nice as well…Whatever we offer they can always top…

    Haha, Eboue seems to be a bit of a Rory Delap…and now he pops up in the box with a dangerous cross. Cech having to play his best to stop a 2nd…

  115. AB says:

    Hi 17. I was just playing the game yesterday. I rate Kos really highly, and admire how hard he has worked over the last couple of years to develop. He has both speed and positional sense. The only thing that stops him being full SQ in my view is that he seems to need someone around him to take the lead, rather than do it himself; he does not lead a defence in the way that the very best CBs do – he relies on Mert next to him (and to a degree Shez behind) to do this. But he is a very good CB, so no complaints from me.

    Yes the Sag situation does not look promising. To be honest, we cannot be held to ransom – we can’t go in for a 4 year deal of £100k a week, or whatever he is looking for. If he really is holding out for that then we will lose him. I hope he is just working on getting the best deal, within reason. PSG can afford to offer him money for 4 years, but discard him after 2 – we cannot. Like you, I deeply hope we can keep him though, as I don’t see us replacing him easily at all.

  116. 17highburyterrace says:

    Decent points about Kos…

    If I were AW re: the Sagna situation, I would offer him the captaincy (since we cannot match the money–and I’m assuming here that Verms is on his way out…) I know that people detest these sorts of offers (as they smack of desperation) and would cite the examples of Cesc and RvP, but that’s how valuable I think Bac is to this club. If Lahm is the man at Munich why can’t a (lowly) fullback be our guy? I think his leadership is on the quieter side, but he is a true professional and deserves as much as anyone in the squad to be the first to lift any trophy we might win…

    OK, got errands to run… Maybe that one will stir the pot?…

    Reproach?… Bring it on, I say… 👿 😀

  117. oz gunner says:

    @ Josef 22.57

    1. I don’t understand it personally. After sticking with us through the lean years I would have thought he’d stick around and wait to achieve something as we push for titles. Last pay day etc I suppose.

    3. Been one of my biggest gripes for years. The invincible’s were that good I thought keeping some around would have been very beneficial

    @ BJ 23.46

    Arteta yes, I couldn’t see Rosicky as a manager to be honest. Mertz and Flamini could too.

    @ JNYC 00.10

    Agreed. Early days Cesc was never strong in front of goal but then he exploded. I hope to see the same with Ozil because he’s got the technique and ability to score regularly.

  118. oz gunner says:

    @ Admir

    Cheers and thank you for your points. Lukaku…that would be a master stoke. I doubt Chelsea will let him go given their striker woes. I think the kid will be a force.

    Draxler…Reus…I ain’t picky

    @ The professor

    C. Good point and I agree.
    E. hahaha

    @ 17

    I thought the exact same thing (site hits when I say the title). Thought to myself “17 will be happy we are garnering hits”. Thought more new faces would pop in though…shame. Yep BK top of the list, in your face other Arsenal blogs! The storm definitely would have come had we not dispatched Sunderland so easy.

    I am not happy when I see Cesc adjusting to life at Barca. I rather see him parked on the bench so he feels the need to come back. Selfish I know but I’d like to see him back at Arsenal.

    Beautifully put 17. You’ve got Ozil all figured out and I think his value is underestimated. He has a way to go but I think he’ll definitely make it and in a big way.

  119. oz gunner says:

    @ 17

    I hate the lies about injuries. Sometimes they are just ridiculous e.g Almunia’s elbow injury…did anyone actually buy that?! I wouldn’t be happy being on the medical and copping all the blame from the media and supporters.

    @ TA

    Agreed. If JAck can stay on the pitch I don’t see why he can’t fulfill his potential. Better than Ozil…don’t see why not, and I think he’s better suited to the English game.

  120. davydavy says:

    @ Admir
    I agree 100% and Reus would be wonderful to get as well as Draxler, but he’s only recently joined Dortmund and I’m not sure that he’d want to leave just yet. I think the next few years is about steadily reinforcing the team with two or three SQ players each summer, which ones will depend on priority positions and who becomes available.
    Right now I see priorities being a striker (Reus/Morata?), a left-sided winger (Draxler?), and a centre-mid replacement for Arteta (Carvalho/Bender/Gundongan?). Plus a right-back if Sagna walks and maybe a development CB like Ginter to give us more squad depth.
    Lots of good options and if we can’t get them all, we’ll have to prioritise. That’s why I would be comfortable with our current left backs and our current keepers even if the fast-improving Fabianski leaves.
    Also very happy with Ozil and I can see him becoming a massive player for us over the next few years, bigger than Cesc in fact. With our strong British core of Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott and Gibbs we might only need two or three SQ additions and slightly more squad depth to get to that top level with Bayern, Real and Barcelona etc.

  121. Admir says:

    @Oz – that story about Almunia’s elbow reminds me of an old joke about silly Bosnian (yes, we make jokes about ourselves). Anyway, Bosnian decided to visit a doctor due to elbow-pain. The doctor told him that the hospital had just received a special donation – a computer that knows everything about medicine. All the Bosnian had to do was to bring a urine sample for testing. Still, he wasn’t too convinced with the machine. “Heh, like a stupid machine can tell me why my elbow hurts! I’ll teach him a lesson!” So, the Bosnian put a few drops for the sample, then he asked his wife, his son, his daughter, his neighbour Ibro and even his dog to add a few drops. After he had brought that unique sample to the hospital, he left the doctor’s office with a huge grin on the face.

    The doctor poured the sample into the specially designed place on the computer and asked the Bosnian to come in to read the results. When the Bosnian came in, he could see the following words on the monitor:

    “1.Your dog has rabies.

    2.Your daughter is pregnant.

    3.Your son is a crack-addict.

    4.Your son is Ibro’s son.

    5.Your wife has a rash.

    6.She got it from Ibro.

    7.And, while we are at it, you shouldn’t swing with your right hand when you masturbate!”

  122. Milo says:

    The only comment(s) that I have read that I particularly disagree with, 100% is that we should take Song back. That is not an option for me. I don’t think Wenger would do that either. He’d sooner take RVPissface back than Song. I just get that feeling. To tell you the honest truth, I feel that way as well. I wouldn’t want any of Song, Cesc or RV…back, but out of the three of them, I’d take the ugliest one back, that being one RV? I dislike all three, for various reasons. Cesc, for trying to pussy foot around the whole situation, R?? for insulting the intelligence, vision and direction our club and particularly our manager were choosing, and Song for reportedly thinking he could be late for WORK perpetually and thinking he was a lot better than he was. He had bits and pieces that make up a great player, but he never became one, in my opinion, and probably never will be. He had some skill on the ball, including a large amount of dribbling ability, but no pace or true agility. Those good and bad pieces don’t fit together very well, very often. I have never really seen a defensive midfielder try so many outrageous skills, tricks and passes. He could have been told to try them, but after having watched Arteta and Flamini perform well on a regular basis, I would think not. Skill is important for a lot of positions, particularly in midfield, but not as essential in the deeper positions, for me at least. The one thing that held him back the most and made me most fearful of seeing him play (particularly in central defense) was his lack of pace. Mertesacker has help from his partner. Song didn’t. That is Wenger’s responsibility most likely, as he was the one to position Song as our one true holding midfielder in the starting 11. I think Song and Wenger are to blame for his weaknesses being exposed, but mostly Song. If you KNOW you cannot make up the ground if a gamble doesn’t pay off, you shouldn’t gamble, full stop. That’s common sense to me.

  123. Gerry says:

    Few quick one liners before I get back to my real task in hand …

    AFC – My advice is the same as given. You know where to come, even it has nothing to do with the topic. That is good advice too.

    This is for Oz :

    I think they are overly critical of Nacho, as much of the time it is 2 on 1. Also the the injury claim re Gibbs is wrong. He was played too soon after getting it earlier. I hope they will not repeat it again?

    Conversations above on who we should or should not have back, starting with Milo’s opinion above:
    Song would be okay, but not someone we need right now. Time has moved on, and our sights have been raised. Song is a poor man’s Pogba, imo?

    RVP – Very good player when fit, but not someone we need right now(or ever, in non footballing terms!). He is complaining that his team mates(Rooney? Only less of the ‘mate’) are playing in his area. Note that ‘HIS AREA’. We have at least 6 players that like to get in that space. No chance!

    Cesc – Brilliant player. Have him back in an instant .. But not in exchange for one we have already. Oz, you are obviously getting too much sun down there. Take a cold shower mate.
    Not going to happen as a player. Manager though, at some point?
    You get my vote for best ‘TA wind up’ though, jgc 😀

    Interesting transfer chat on the ‘vine too. I get the feeling, if possible, AW is looking to find an alternative to paying 45m euros for Draxler, who I think would suit us just fine. It is a big price, even for a ‘wealthy club’ like ours 🙂 But somebody will no doubt pay it … unless JD has a less than spectacular WC?

    We could be overwhelmed with young strikers, and others in the near future;
    (alphabetical order)
    Akpom; Campbell; (Correa); Gnabry; (Moratta); Iwobi; Sanogo.
    (Draxler); Eisfeld??; Maitland-Niles; Olsson; Ramsey; Toral; Wilshere; Zelalem
    DM; Hayden?
    Full backs;
    Bellerin; Gibbs; Ormonde-Ottewill, aka BOO54
    Centre backs:
    Ajayi? – I will leave TCM for jokes about having the player on.
    Goal keepers:
    Iliev; Macy; Martinez; Scezesny;

    Fill in a few more young purchases and I would say AW has done pretty well in the ‘planning for the future’ department.

    Times up …

  124. geoffchase says:



    Oz: but what about Bale??? 🙂

    TA: but is the new emperor going to play well with Bale?

    Cheers — jgc

  125. TotalArsenal says:

    Only if we sign Ronaldo as well, Geoffers 🙂

  126. RA says:

    Hi Oz my man, 🙂

    A clever little conversation starter and I am sorry to have arrived late, as usual.

    The one thing i have noticed is that some new names (time anyway) appeared early on after the Post was released and were obviously suffering from a humour by-pass. Oh well, it takes all sorts.

    Supporting Arsenal is like living with the woman you love – (OK then, the man you love, where appropriate) 🙂 it is tricky sometimes, because disagreements are inevitable, and understanding each other can often be complicated, but at the source of it all, there is a mutual respect and love.

    That will do for me! 🙂

    Hi TA, how are they hanging? 🙂

  127. RA says:

    Was it something I said?

    Can’t be my hygiene – I had a bath last Xmas!!

  128. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha RA 🙂

    You are always squeaking clean. Just a quiet day, I guess. All okay with me, and how about you compadre?

  129. James Bond says:

    JGC – Bale was worth every penny spent and will be worth every penny spent by his next club.

    he was directly involved in 4 of RM’s 6 goals yesterday, what a complete player – not many can deliver and live upto the price tag but Bale is doing just that, I did say it a long time ago that RM won LA Liga with that Bale acquisition and will go far in the CL as well .

    good to see 17HT in fine fine form, I wonder what he thinks of RM sitting pretty at the top of La Liga 😉

    enough of Bale for now and let’s hope Ozil bail’s us out on saturday against Stoke – we only managed a draw there last year, didn’t we ?

    great news that TV5 is back for this one , which means that he can play vs Everton and we can rotate our CB’s (at last).

    also good to see RA back after a long time

    TA’s faith in JW will be rewarded for a number of reasons but the main one being that he is AW’s favourite son – hence even if he’s not up to it on performances for now and OX, Rosicky or whoever is a better alternative – AW won’t drop him and will persist with him to give him more confidence, after all – he’s already made up his mind on building the new Arsenal empire around Jw – whether right or wrong, time will tell !

    ahahahahhahahahahahahah @RVP says , my team mates take my space ahahahahahahhahahahahah is he a tw@t or is he really an obnoxious pr@t

    I watched that game and Wayne rooney never complains like the little boy inside him makes him moan – bear in mind , that Wayne Rooney does a lot of defensive work as well

    how did AW and our players manage to keep this massive Ego at Arsenal for so long without any such controversies coming out ? (maybe AW is a much stronger and more disciplined coach than Moyes and most and managed to tame him , well ?

    either way, cry , moan and whinge you selfish @:E:QL$!”£$”£k3££”””£££$$$$ so and so !

  130. James Bond says:

    AFC – Stay as far away as possible from such things.

    there are no easy ways to success and making it big in life, unless you do what Fozzy B does (which means taking regular trips to Jamaica and coming to UK and then going TO NZ 😀

    I know such schemes and scams are very tempting, but look – never look for such short cuts in life, I was once young and adventurous myself and was tempted and indulged – so take it from me, stay away !

  131. VCC says:

    AFC…….take on board all the advice you’ve received from guys on BK. AMWAY hoodwinked many people years ago with pyramid selling and such like. This scheme seems to me to be on the same lines.

    Hard work and endeavour is the best advice when you are young.

    Be careful where you invest your money and time.

  132. Alcide says:

    TCM… someone else is monitoring the CoD at 7amkickoff…

  133. Admir says:

    @James – you’re right. In fact, we haven’t won at the Orcham Asylum since that cretin had assaulted Ramsey’s career. In 2010-11 we lost 3:1, in 2011-12 we were held to 1:1 draw and last season a goal-less draw happened. Both of our goals were scored by Rotten van Penis. Last time we played there Giroud gave an excellent defensive performance (his work at Stoke set-pieces was something that made me believe we got ourselves a player that we need) but also squandered the best chance for the victory when he opted for a long shot from 45 yards instead of nudging the ball to Ramsey who would have had one-on-one with Begović.

    It will be a tough match, neither of Oilers have won there this season. It would be a great thing to win there – we would widen the gap between us and Shitty to 5 points. True, they’d have two games in hand but one of those is at Old Trafford, four days before the match against us at the Emirates.

  134. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey guys, up early but hoping to sneak out between little pulses of snow for a ski in a bit…Winter is (sorta) starting to happen here right at the end of February… 🙄

    Do we have a match preview on tap? This would seem an obvious one for Oz (Oz-vious?) given the, er, disaffection, the Stokies seem to have for Arsenal. How dare that Aaron Ramsey lying on our pitch with his leg horizontal but his foot pointing at the ground…

    I could write a quick one (if nobody else is gonna…) but only if I got the word soon…

  135. TotalArsenal says:

    Sorry forgot to announce…

    New Post New Post 🙂

    You could do us a match review instead, Nacho! 🙂

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