TV5 back, FlamShere DM pivot, Ox and Rosa on wings? Match Preview.

The BFG is ready!

The BFG is ready!

After a well earned ‘rest’ the boys are back in action against Stoke tomorrow. Never an easy and seldom a pleasant game, but I feel good about this one. Despite some Gooners believing we have a ultra-thin squad, we are once again able to both name a strong squad and bench for tomorrow’s encounter.

We are also able to select a large number of men rather than boys – as we so often couldn’t in the past – and this will make a big difference I reckon. Another PL away win – 9th in this campaign – will make us joined best away performers (together with that other North London team), but with Chavs and Mancs already losing there, we will have to give a full-blooded, yet controlled and clinical performance to take home all three points.

Predicted Line-Up

This team will do it tomorrow, I reckon:

Ars v Orcs

Probably no Gibbs and Monreal, and TV5, although available, is likely to be rusty. So he needs good cover, which Rosicky will provide. On the right are Mr Reliable and the Ox to provide thrust and speed. Ozil back in the hole, OG up-front (no risk for late hotel adventurous in Stoke – Ollie has style πŸ˜› ), and FlamShere in the double DM-pivot, protecting the golden-triangle of Koz-Sz-BFG, whilst providing central thrust and organisation as much as possible.

I expect Ozil and Jack to run the show, with Flamini providing controlled physical and positional support behind them. Ox and Rosicky will offer a lot of energy and speed and OG will be needed both up-front and at the back.

These eight men and three near-men know what is at stake and what they have to do. Time to slay the Orcs.

And on the bench we’ll have the likes of Santi, Pod, Gnabry, Sanogo and Arteta to make a difference if required.

Up The Arse!


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376 Responses to TV5 back, FlamShere DM pivot, Ox and Rosa on wings? Match Preview.

  1. 17highburyterrace says:

    Very nice, Totes McGoats…Agreed that we’re showing a bit of depth (amidst the lies re: injuries/rotation, and before the tougher more congested run…) so there are a few ways we could line up… Sorry, if this (as always 😳 ) is a bit long-winded…I was getting going on a match preview of my own, just in case… πŸ˜€ Hopefully you don’t mind, even if I’ve brought up a few of the debate points you and I seem to be clashing on with a bit of regularity… 😯

    First, the line-up… I really don’t see TV5 getting more than a bench spot and there have been hints that Gibbs wasn’t too hurt when he came off vs Bayern. If Gibbs is unable to play then I think Flamini (who finished the Sunderland match at LB) might start out there. That would bring Arteta back in and I think he would start ahead of Flamini at DM no matter what. Wilshere, as you’ve suggested all along, is now first 11 material in that box to box role or alongside the deeper MF, but this might be one for the Flam-Teta just to avoid the serial fouling on Jack that seems endemic…

    It’s a big match for Ozil because–if he plays, and all signs point to him starting–anything less than full points will be a disaster. The loud minority who have declared him a big waste of money AND lacking in that most important of footballing qualities, “passion,” will be licking their lips over this one. The narrative that we need geed up players (esp. in this one…), not the silky moves of body-shaved Euro-trash is a powerful one. By playing Ozil (who I think will start at the expense of Rosicky rather than Cazorla…) Wenger is suggesting that we fight fire not with fire but with fire retardant… Is AW the retard (as we say, over here)? Is Ozil a robot or an alien?… He does reminds me a bit of this fellow–and how many matches has this guy won for his team?!?

    ET had the google eyes and that one good finger and you cannot use your finger in football. As I recall from the day of Ramsey’s horror injury, we rallied around our Capitan, one Cesc Fabregas, who won a pen by cheekily kicking into the arm of a Stoke player in the box while another (future) Captain, Thomas Vermaelen also scored. The former has f*cked off to his boyhood home while the latter is (somehow) back from injury (or our shadow squad). It would be something if he led us out in front of the Stokies (baying for more Arsenal blood…) wearing the armband. Like I said above, I don’t see that happening and I’d be more likely to believe that he was actually injured (not merely dropped…) if he only had a bench spot… Collective leadership seems the Arsenal way at the moment…

    So, keep the fire (and fired up offensive threats–Ox, Sicky, even Verm for the set pieces and maybe other fiery types, like Flamini or Jack) on the bench and let slick haired Mik lead us out (whoa, it appears I disagree with almost half of your line-up 😯 ) and try to win with technique and only the quietest of passion (which I believe runs deep in this squad). The league appears the only competition we’re really after (i.e., Giroud will start, Sanago on the bench…to hopefully terrorize mistake prone keeper, Begovic, much as big Ollie has done with Boruc and just last Saturday, Don Vito…) and it will be a VERY long week of dread before the tougher matches if we fail to grab the points. Calm pressure and a good game from one Mike Jones (the ref, who I think is a good one) seems the way forward… Poor as Stoke is, they are (under Hughes) at least somewhat multi-dimensional, showing a bit more actual football to go with the defense and set-pieces. Part of it could be the standardization of the pitches (no more long-throw tactics) or it might be Sparky’s generally broader approach to the game and his aspirations to get back to a higher level with his next managerial post. Watch your back, if not your suit and your hair, fella–you’re closer to the drop than keep Pulis ever was… πŸ˜† As such, a point would be great for them, but Charlie Adam has a good left foot (if a mighty ugly set of teeth) and they’re (this season at least) being held to very few clean sheets. That N’Zonzi fellow is not the worst for those of you who favor a bigger, deep-lying mid… They will set out to defend, but if breached will react with the sort of offense that allowed the late 3-2 win over Chelsea…

    All told a very tough and very critical match and one that could be attacked in a variety of ways. Full focus (quiet passion to get the job done?…) will be needed no matter which with way we go…

  2. Admir says:

    Nice preview, TA.

    I’ll just give a quick one as I’m in a hurry: I’ll be very disappointed if TV5 starts on the left. I hope Nacho will be fit for this game (Gibbs is out for sure). Vermaelen has struggled on the left and he neither offers enough support going forward nor closes down opponents’ wingers well.

    We need three points at Orcham Asylum if we want to stay in the title race. I’d sign scrappy 1:0 victory in a heart-beat.

  3. Highbury Harmony says:

    Thanks for the match preview TA. My apologies for not being able to write anything or post here lately as things have been very busy with work this year.

    I find the Orcs and their fans to be absolutely disgusting human beings. The fact that they felt the need to be unwelcoming and vile to Ramsey because of his “silence” gesture after scoring against them last time was just unnecessary. “Let’s just forget that one of your players broke his leg in two places and set his career back for 4-5 years”.

    Aside from that, I like the line-up and hope that Ozil will come refreshed and prove all the doubters wrong. He’s a superbly talented player and hopefully that starts to translate into goals and assists again. Having Rosicky on the pitch is vital as him and Wilshere both play on Ozil’s level and he adds that direct dimension to our attack. A bit concerned about our LB position, but I assume Jenko may take that role for the start at least? Maybe TV5 coming on late if he’s having difficulties?

  4. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, I think Ozil will always appear to lack “passion”. It’s just his style of play. However, I’ve watched him carefully here and compared it to how he played at Madrid and he’s honoured his defensive responsibilities here more than he ever did there. He’s definitely not a waste of money, whoever said that is misguided; his presence alone has set this team ahead two steps and allowed us to be in the position we are in right now.

    He’ll come around, just you wait (to the haters)!

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Admir, HH and Nacho πŸ™‚

    Agreed that Vermaelen (watch the spelling, Gerry πŸ˜‰ ) on LB is not ideal. I read Wenger mentioning Vermaelen when discussing the LB injuries of Gibbser and Nacho… which made me think he will give TV5 a game.

    Key is to play our football and not let them play theirs.

    I would be surprised if we were to leave Flam out (of the DM pivot), 17, but you could be right.

    You could be right on your other suggestions as well, who knows how the Cocker crumbles?! πŸ™‚

    HH, agreed on Ozil. I feel Ozil plays better when Jack is supported by Flam, as the Englishman can push up more and support Ozil’s ability/desire to move freely across the final third of the pitch. I guess we all want more goals and assists of him, but only a fool does not see what he brings to our team.

  6. Evening Odious Obscene Orc Orifice Orgasmers !. πŸ˜†

    I believe we have enough quality in this squad to be beaten by anyone !.

    No idea how we will line up as I never ever get it right !. My considerable technical knowledge of running young boys teams and going over tactics for hour after hour later in the showers, ( hahahaha ) tells me we should play Jenks RB and Sagna LB !. Obviously, if Monreal and Gibbs are out someone or something has to play there !. Vermaelen hasn`t the stamina to play there and will be a liability imo as he will get stuck up front on the wing leaving us unprotected at the back or will stay back and our LW will have no support !. Along with a B2B Midfielder, our FB`s are the two positions which require good stamina !.
    We need to be fit as fcuk to take on the Mordor Mound Munchers and here is an old link ( watch it all bastards ! ) to show how our boys could get that extra vital inch !.

    Where the fcuk is that fcuk face fcuker Fozzie and what is iut he actually does ? . hahaha

  7. Ooops ….forgot link !….an old one but still make me laugh ……don’t forget to watch it `till the end !.

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Cocker Spaniel πŸ˜›

    I will get back to you later.

  9. James Bond says:

    nice one @ TA – an interesting starting 11 but I’ll go with the following :

    ————–Fabulous Fabianski————- πŸ˜‰

    Sagna—————–The Best CB in the EPL————-Nacho




    Bench : Santiago, JW, Gnabry, Yaya, TV5 , Rosicky

    plenty of game changers.

    JW to come on , only if needed as he goes to the international friendlies later

    0-3 to the good guys .

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow Jambon, that is a different line up, and who knows you might have more right than me. Don’t think so, though hahaha πŸ˜›

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Cocker, you are scaring Fozzer away with your question…. it is his secret and if he tells you he’s got to kill you ….

    Good shout on the Sagna/Jenks FB solution… had not thought about that one (but then you have been travelling in a white van bastard all day, listening to talkshite and being bored shitless hahahaha πŸ˜› )

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    JB, you say fabulous Fab, I say sensational Sczcesny……… πŸ™‚

  13. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey, Cockie…Yeah that set of fullbacks make sense. Sagna’s pair of crosses (in 15 mins vs Sunderland) were just about as good as any I can remember from the left all season…

    HH (and others)…I’m definitely over-stating my support of Ozil, mostly because everybody overstates everything all the time these days and I get tired of the pendulum swings. Using one side of one’s mouth to suggest that we need to buy everybody (spend, spend, spend) and the other to suggest that our best midfielder should be dropped (not rested)… is (IMO) patently ridiculous. It’s not really happening here on BKesque, but it’s happening in swaths of the Goonersphere…. Total and I disagree (maybe only slightly…) but he’s thrown out some provocative anti-Ozil headlines recently (the hit-whore…) so I’ve risen to his defense. I do believe the the technical level in MF (including off the ball movement…) has increased due to his presence, so in that way he’s a true leader in the squad (even if it’s not all about yelling and/or gesticulating when things go wrong)…

    A lot of people seem to be stumping for playing Rosicky ahead of Santi in this one and I don’t see it. We *should* be able to dictate the pace of the match even w/o Rosicky in the squad and Santi’s 1-2s and shaping to shoot (and sometimes firing) seems a good way to break down the teams that want to park bus on us. I thought Santi played quite well vs Sunderland and I don’t really buy the Ozil or Santi (but not both) notion which seems so popular. On that note I wouldn’t really mind seeing Kos get a match on the bench (giving Verm a game) if he’s got any lingering fitness concerns. Per could rest one, as well, I think; The TV5 and LK6 hex is overstated as well… A bigger question is whether or not Ox comes right back into the team. He looked either hurt or cramping towards the end of his last match (Bayern Munich) but effective before the sending off…Likewise, can Poldolski NEVER get two starts on the trot?…

    No worries, as the manager is the one who has to do the choosing and hopefully all the injuries have been overstated to protect confidence with the rotation. We’ll need a full 16-18 real contributors over the next month or so. It takes at least that many to keep the sky from falling, eh Cockie Llittle, (whose like-for-like logic offers either a bunch of opportunity or portends a world of pure doom, depending on how you look at it over the next month…) Indeed, where is the more upbeat of the Fur Freaks (Fozzie) and what DOES he do? πŸ˜€

  14. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, just got a look at 007’s line-up… Fabs will have the two cup games coming up…Also, wouldn’t it be a hassle having to transfer Sir Chez out of your fantasy team… πŸ˜‰

    Have I got my info backwards on Gibbs/Nacho? I thought Gibbs was looking the better of the two for getting back in the squad according to the latest Wenger-lies, er, fitness news…

  15. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, you stick to your values mate, because I agree with you 100%! Even Santi said in a recent interview that we need to get behind Ozil and he needs to feel appreciated, just like any other footballer!

    Also, just think of the constant changes Ozil has around him. He was excellent with Ramsey and Theo and suddenly he’s adjusting to Jack (who comes in and out of injury), Ox, Giroud (in and out of form) and Poldi (inconsistent playing time), Rosicky (can play with anyone), Cazorla (understanding not quite there yet) and Gnabry (inexperienced). There’s so many different looks constantly that he fell out of the groove he was in when he first came here. Only a matter of time before he finds it again πŸ˜‰

  16. jnyc says:

    HH, totally agreed about Ozil. TA, if Vermaelen does start at lb, I will only be a bit concerned about him being rusty. But, on the positive side, his strength may be a bonus in the air and on set pieces.

  17. Indeed your Bastardness, I have been listening to talkSPORT whilst driving incognito as White Van Bastard !. Fridays is always a good day as I get to listen to the legend Perry Groves !.
    Yes, TeenSquatch, I think we should get a petition to find out what exactly does Fozzie Bastardildo do ?. A lot of the Antipodean`s congregate around the Earls Court area, so he probably works in a bar at night and is a rent boy in the day time blowing off Trampvestites ( another new word I have invented ! ) these are homeless trannies !. hahaha
    Oh Oh Sevennn is a bit optimistic…..he`s only named 10 players !………unless the noun of “CB” is meant to be the plural ” CB`s” !.

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    CB = Cockie Bastards

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Exactly, johnnie from NYC. We need height and enthusiasm/drive and TV5 brings this.

  20. Now now Totes……not the plural Cockie Bastards, please !. There is only one Cockie Bastard !. hahaha

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    One cockie Baaaaaaaaaastard, there’s only one cockie Baaaaastard πŸ˜€

  22. James Bond says:

    skipper says sensational brain farts sczny – who am I to disagree with skipper ehhh πŸ‘Ώ

    nah but seriously, I would play Fabianski and give him the next 3 games as he is playing 2 anyway, so why not all 3 ? very little point playing sczny in my opinion until after BM anyway – he’ll play for Poland (internationals) so no problems there either.

    you can put your bottom dollar on TV5 not playing at LB, more like FLamini playing at LB than TV5 coming back from injury and putting in a shift, although Jenks or Sagna can play there as well, if need be- In Nacho (Monreal and not 17HT), we trust – ok ok, We also trust in my amigo aka the voice of reason aka 17HT πŸ™‚ recently, he’s been avoiding me since RM have fluked their way to the top of La Liga (joshing πŸ˜‰

    yep, FB’s absence is quite alarming as is Henrychan’s hehehehehhehehehhe πŸ˜€ – stop asking what Fozzie B does for a living @ Glics !

    PS: stop spilling out all the beans more like my fantasy footy team secrets @ amigo 😯

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, time for the former regular BKers to rejoin the discussion:
    Kenyan Gooner;

    Come out and play, I say! πŸ˜›

  24. AB says:

    Evening chaps. Lots of mixed views here, so a couple more into the mix.

    Shez has to start tomorrow, but presume Fab back four the cup.

    Back 4 – first 3 obvious (assuming Kos is fit and well?); hopefully one of Gib/Nach is fit, but if not, my vote would be Flam for LB rather than ask Verm too come straight in for a potential 90 min slot.

    That leaves Art/Wilsh for the pivot.

    My vote then would be Ox, Santi, Pod – giving us Oz and Ros on the bench, and Pob will need to be off by 65. If we are resting Oz then lets rest him properly. I agree with comments above; I’m concerned about bringing him straight back and the media making the outcome of the game a matter of his personal performance. But lets give him a run out if we get to a comfortable lead…..

    And no questions about Giroud up front.

    I like the balance – but then I would!

  25. James Bond says:

    Alcide and the Aussies join us on match day posts –

    AB comes during weekends mostly,

    JGC-Damus is trying to break free and come out like the incredible hulk, I reckon

    but the it seems that Gerry has been occupied a lot with the racing lately or perhaps the dogs have been poorly recently, he did have a very poorly one and asked us to keep fingers cross for her ?

    Santiago to pen a new deal to keep him at the emirates till 2017 – good lad !

  26. AB says:

    Evening JB! Yes weekends probably the most reliable times for me. I don’t always take my private laptop with me if I’m out and about during the week – and weekday evenings need to have the Mrs watching something on her iPad if I can do more than skim the blogs. I get to BK most days though – and several times a day when at home. But I tend to write only when I’ve had the time to read through what has gone before first – otherwise I might just be duplicating what others have said, or possibly miss the point of the thread. So I dip in mostly when a) I’ve a reasonable block of time, and b) there aren’t 100 plus comments to read through first!

    But a game just round the corner or just played does focus the mind!

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AB πŸ™‚

    I have no doubt Ozil will start tomorrow as usual. He had a mental break from footie and will be back to ‘lead the team’ tomorrow. The Full Backs need support and Pod and Ox and Santi are all not brilliant at this, although Ox is learning fast…. so I cannot see your line up work, but who knows, you might be right. πŸ™‚

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry is a gambler like 17, James, and once the season starts he is off hahaha πŸ˜›

  29. alcide says:

    Sensational Szczesny, I like it (but watch the spelling TA πŸ˜‰ )

  30. James Bond says:

    Good Evening @ AB !

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who waits until the Missus is busy watching soaps and so on, ha

    interesting point there about resting Ozil properly – if we do that then I much rather we play JW in the hole with Flamini and Arteta behind him, and OX on the right – that be mouth watering.

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    And the winner is……………. Alcide…. the eye of a true accountant? πŸ˜›

  32. Not much chance of duplicating much of my nonsense or Fozzies, AB !. hahaha
    Where is that Furry Fist Fcuked Fcuk Faced Fcuker Fozzie Frantically Fornicating anyway ?……and what exactly is it he does ?. hahaha

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice stats on the Adam v Flamini battle (we really cannot afford to play him LW tomorrow):

  34. AB says:

    Hi TA! I’m sure you are right and Wenger will bring Oz straight back – I hope it works; a good performance and 3 points and all will be well again with the media! I wonder though – Wenger does like to bluff in the lead in to a game….

    I agree about the defensive cover of the AMs I listed. But, Pod does a lot of pressing up front, which is valuable early on. And with a double DM already, how defence-minded do we want to set up at the off? We have to have some pace, and Ox is in favour at the moment more than Gnab. I think Santi could be played back into top form also given a few runs out; and then the combination with Oz could be something special!

    You know my take on Pod – an under-rated and under-used option. Again, I’d love to see him get a proper run before any potentially terminal decision is taken in the summer. I think he has goals in him, and with Theo and Rambo out we need them.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed, AB. πŸ™‚

    I guess I am currently not that keen on starting Santi, neither on the left or in the hole. I just find him too slow and when he tries to line up a shot around the ‘D’ he reminds me a bit of my dog Henry when he is doing the ‘pooh dance’. I much prefer Rosicky, or indeed Pod’s, ability to run at a defence and make things happen themselves. I still like Santi but I just do not know where to play him best, especially with Jack and Ozil already in the team.

    Worth a post at some point, I reckon.

  36. BK is being overrun by mad accountants from the asylum !
    I asked both James Bond and Red Arse what do you get if you take away the goals we have conceded….27 against the goals we have scored….52 ?.
    Red Arse 😯
    James Bond 😯
    I then asked TMHT and he said …….25 !
    I then asked how he come to this answer and he said…….” easy….I just subtracted Bonds weapon from Redders Arse ! “.

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Did he end up with a smoking gun? πŸ™‚

  38. Possibly !….but he definitely had the silencer on to stop the screams !.

  39. And on that bombshell !…it`s good night from me !. πŸ˜€

  40. James Bond says:

    ahahahahahhahhahahhahahahahahahahaahhahahahahaha – Glics , you are mad (says Jane, not me).

    just wanted to say that TA is not going to stay in 17HT’s good books for long, first he targeted Ozil and now he targets Santiago, another one of 17HT’s favourite – brace yourselves, while I get the popcorn ready, ha

    see you tomorrow everyone !

  41. alcide says:

    Whoa JB is keeping tabs on us πŸ™‚

    I have a bit too much work these days (finance guy, year end close type of stuff) and with three kids and their associated activities I’m only able to contribute (if one can call it that) on the free time I set myself for match days (well spotted JB), or when I have some energy left – but that’s typically when I only have my phone (and can’t be arsed to type) or iPad – in bed, as now, but then I am not allowed much time to type (or I’ll be the last one to fall asleep, If you don’t see what I mean, ask TCM, he’ll explain πŸ˜‰ ).

    Anyway, on the left wing, I do doubt at Verm will be risked, he’s been out for a bit long! and I agree with Cockie that he will not be able to produce enough volume. I’d be afraid of Flam there (I’d put him next to Jack or TR) and would put Sagna instead (did you see how careful and concentrated he was vs Sunderland whenever he had to cross from his left?), and of course Jenks on the right – which is good for him, he usually gets better and better when he gets to play a few games in a row. Not a perfect situation, but should be enough.

    I’d add Ox for pace, and will trust SC to help break Mordor.

    Γ–zil… I’m almost finding it annoying that we have to defend him… Do people realize the Ronaldos and Messis of the world actually have average days, drops in form too, like anybody else?

    Anyway, I hope I can joint for the game tomorrow… Need a win to see what Cockie will say about us being +2 on he chart of doom – but right now, it’s shut the iPad off or (no) else…


  42. TotalArsenal says:

    James, I am not targeting Ozil at all, just putting things in perspective πŸ˜‰

  43. 17highburyterrace says:

    Indeed Alcide, you bring the joint, I’ll have my coffees tomorrow for the match…

    Santi’s pooh dance…haha…I’ll leave that one for now as my people are just home too…I’ll just say, if it works for Henry (the dog)…It can’t be *all* bad… πŸ˜€

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    TouchΓ©, 17 πŸ™‚

  45. AB says:

    Night all. Big day tomorrow. Every reason for us to feel positive. Time for that thumping win I have been waiting for…. COYG!!!!

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha, just like Santi πŸ™‚

    Night all.

  47. Fozzie B says:

    Goodevening Smouldering Stoked Stoke Schlong Strokers!! πŸ˜†
    Sorry for being AWOL lately!! Flipping burgers and making McFurrys for Totes McBastard is a demanding job!!
    Fozzlock Holmes and MarleyKaze Watson have noticed the seedy underworld of the BK Brethren coming out into the light!!
    Cockie is actually Dutch!! Cockie Van Bastard!! The connection to Totes Van Cloggenstein also known as Totes “I’ll be back” Goldmember is unmistakeable!!
    I have used my gooner dialect boner to play pin the tail on the drug lord and both Cockie and Totes have been pinned several times!! πŸ˜†
    It did help that there photos had holes strategically placed and lined for comfort!! Hahaha!! That’s what I do for a job bitches!!! πŸ˜†


    Morning all

    I like your team my Dutch master. The only change for me would be to play Podolski instead of Rosicky. Have a feeling pod will shoot these fouling fatsos down.

    Unlike many other Gooners, I have nothing against Stoke. How can you hold a grudge against a bunch of no marks whos only claim to fame is that Robin Hood never went there and Phil Taylor the darts player once got nicked for toutching some barmaids arse?

    I know Pulis has f*ucked off, but if i ever meet that geezer i will lull him into a false sense of security by “Tony, I love how your teams play mate. Pure poetry, and that baseball cap makes you look like a top NFL wanker”. Once hes gushing and gets a hard on from the compliment, I will hit him on the back of the head with a Rory Delap long style throw.

    Ime freezing TA. Have you ever felt the cold chill of the freezing north wind on your nether regions my Hollandish friend? I have a temporary cover on my loft so am reduced to wearing a Onsey, not one of them poofy ones, mines got some geezer doing kung fu, and five jumpers for warmth. But its not enough.

    Now I know how that Oats geezer felt when in the Antartic he pronounced “I am just going for a walk gentlemen”, sacraficing himself so the others could survive. F*uck that, what a mug. The only feeling I get is to go down stairs, raid the fridge for food, nick all the blankets and heaters, then barricade myself in.

    If anyone trys to resist, i will do what probably really happened on that Antartic expepedition. Beat Oats to death with an iceickle and once saved by the rescue services they will be astounded to find that I am in very good health, but perhaps rather overweight.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    The Syrup of Anecdote, our very own Don Quixote is back! πŸ™‚

    And Fozzer is a dodgy picture framer hahaha πŸ™‚

  50. Fozzie B says:

    Good morning Brethren and Stretchakis Maximus!!
    I now have a vision of you in your Kung Fu onesy pulling some tai chi stretching techniques in the loft!! Breath mist as thick as Fidel’s finest Cohiba puffs!! Muttering Greek swear words in a repetitive yet consoling undertone!! πŸ˜†
    …… Hang on a minute!! What’s that I see!!!??
    A queue of the finest looking groomed pigeons a man is ever likely to see!!
    Waiting patiently at the loft window!! πŸ˜€
    Upon further investigation the first 2 pigeons on the queue are playing a game of
    “Papers, scissors …….,, ………. Cock!!!!” Haha!!!
    Now in this version of the game, if the nimble footed feathered folk wins by using his
    Claw in the “cock” signal what happens then??
    By this stage Brethren we have our popcorn ready and wait in anticipation of the famous “cock” claw victory gesture!!
    There it is !!! Pigeon number 2 wins, the loser goes to the back of the queue and Pigeon number 2 races down to Stretchs nether regions, expertly opens a crotch trap door on Stretches onesy and boldly goes where no man but many pigeons have gone before!! Hahaha!!!! πŸ˜†
    Oh hang on that isn’t breath must at all … It’s actually Stretch and the pigeon smoking a real Cohiba !!! Stretch then beams his award winning Men in Black neurolyzer smile and SHAZAM …. Pigeon number 2 forgets everything and goes to the back of the queue!! πŸ˜†
    Stretch, how can I sympathise with you now… Maestro of seduction feminine and poultry!!! Hahahaha!!! πŸ˜†

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Fozzer πŸ˜†

  52. Fozzie B says:

    Totesfinger πŸ˜€ … Nice preview and I would like to give Rocky a spell and Poldi another run out with Ox having a run as you have it. Also if no Gibbs or Nacho then I would rather Corp Jenks on the right and Bacs on the right.
    I’m a bit nervous on this one because they have done well on
    against the big boys! But I fear Pulis orcball more than Hughball??
    I read that Stoke have the least or second worst record for headed goals in the league?
    Shows how much Pulisball is behind them!
    Ironically though we have the second best record for headed goals in the league!!!

    Ozzy baby … Your last article was my favourite of yours!!!
    Awesome and awesome response by the BK Brotherhood …. Love it … As Cockie Van Doomster suggested … Friday madness without reproach day should be a regular feature!! πŸ˜†

  53. Fozzie B says:

    Doh backs on the left!!

  54. Fozzie B says:

    Very good article on Theo’s rehab.. He’s got his head screwed on!!

    Still can’t believe the French guy who won the snowboarding at the Winter Olympics did his cruciate like Theo in December and won in February!!

  55. Fozzie B says:

    Sort it out Theo bastard!! Haha!! I know your Mrs says she will give you all the Brazilians a man could want but there’s nothing like the real thing!!
    I’m going to have to send the BK “A team” to get your punk ass back up for Brazil and the last couple of Arsenal games!!
    I will send TA Baracus, Cockie Murdock, Stretch Faceman, and Hannibal Vickers!!
    Also Stretch as Stretch!!!
    Sort it bastardo or you will get tag teamed by BK’s finest …
    …. And that includes the Horny Pigeons!! Hahaha!!!
    “Papers, scissors ..,,,,, ……. Cock!!!” πŸ˜†

  56. Fozzie B says:

    *I had to put Stretch in twice because Faceman had an amazing crop of hair!! Haha!! πŸ˜†

  57. Fozzie B says:

    By the way I’m in Iceland bastardos and will be falling off the radar soon so peace to you all and look forward to catching up later…!!
    COYRRG’s!!!! πŸ˜€

    Ps. Cockie .. No I’m not down aisle 2 thinking erotic thoughts about the
    Fish pie!! πŸ˜†

  58. Fozzie B says:

    …. Although I must confess I might have done that once or twice before!! Hahaha!!! πŸ˜†

  59. James Bond says:

    Fozzie is back with a Bang!

    Bk is not the same without your sanity πŸ˜‰

    007 reporting for duty πŸ‘Ώ

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Fozzer is gigoloing in Iceland this weekend, promising his lady volcanic pleasures πŸ™‚

  61. James Bond says:

    FB – I know we are hoping against hope here but reading on from the links you posted , it says ” he’s expecting their first born baby in May” – I think he’s already planned it all out to perfection and won’t be rushing back before Pre-Season in July πŸ˜€

    it’s not appropriate to compare a snowboarding guys similar injury to that of Theo’s in my opinion….however, we can always use the case of fabian delph (aston villa player) as a yardstick , he was out for a similar time as theo has been told to sit out and came back pretty strongly.

    you also have the curious case of Abu Diaby, he did the same and look at him now….

    as long as he comes back fit and raring to go and injury free – doesn’t matter if he is out for an additional 2 months or so – he is a big big player for us and the best english winger by a mile and goal scorer (or was at least in 2013).

    the future is bright with Theo , both for Arsenal and England.

  62. James Bond says:

    I think he meant Iceland ( super market/retail store) and not Iceland the country @ Skipper πŸ˜€

  63. James Bond says:

    Stoke v Arsenal (15:00 GMT)
    Mesut Ozil is back – but only on the bench for Arsenal at Stoke.

    Stoke XI: Begovic; Cameron, Shawcross, Wilson, Pieters; Walters, Nzonzi, Whelan, Adam, Arnautovic; Crouch

    Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

    EXCELLENT starting 11 !

    and GIBBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs is back with a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    i told you all, no chance of TV5 starting at LB.

  64. James Bond says:

    over the moon with Gibbs back and Ozil playing as a super – sub

    we will win this one , 0-3 – get in (fingers crossed!

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    Interesting line up. Lets see how it works.

    JB – clearly every Gooner knows that IF Gibbs is fit he will play and not TV5 – Not rocket science! πŸ™‚

  66. James Bond says:

    oh no, not that – I am excited that Gibbs is fully fit – as we feared the worst after that BM injury

    also, it’s nothing less of rocket science if non of the LB are said to be fit nor in the training pictures as most places had TV5 as our LB including our blog – that’s all

    17HT calls it Wenguries and it’s very frustrating but I think it maintains that surprise and shock element not just for the fans but for the opposing teams as well.

    I think both Ozil and Ox are on the bench due to international matches on wednesday ?

  67. James Bond says:

    I’m feeling a bit positive today, only a little bit so I am going to be brave and predict Chelsea dropping points or losing at the cottage with Arsenal going back to where we belong with a thumping and convincing victory to send shivers down the rest of the league.

    and no, I am not planning to run away after today’s results either, ha

  68. Gerry says:

    Hi all, just a quick thought from me TA.

    I dont think your team selection is that far out. Perhaps TV5(no spell check required for that one?)
    πŸ˜€ is too optimistic. More likely Sagna on the right, Jenks on the left? Keep Flami the middle.

    Ozil or Santi, perhaps depends on the intent with the Bayern game – which I think they will give it a good go if/until BM score, then rest everybody important.

    Today should go our way if we don’t get caught up in the over physical stuff.

    Enjoy ….

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    Fingers crossed, JB

    Off to the pub, catch you guys later.

    Any takers for the match report?


  70. Dylan says:

    Wish Ozil was starting. But this line up will do. I see why Flamini isn’t starting, could get drawn into a too physical game.

  71. James Bond says:

    enjoy @ Skipper – see you later

    that and also, that he will pick up another easy yellow @ Dylan

    with Rosicky and Santiago interchanging on the right flank with JW helping Poldi on the left – this is the way to go, playing without the handbrake and Ozil can come on later onto in the 2nd half to make use of the spaces and tiredness of the other players, as OX can help him do that at Poldi or Santi’s expense .

  72. alcide says:

    Same Dylan, but a nice line up it is nevertheless. No rain, no wind, COYG!

  73. alcide says:

    Silly fouls from Jack…

  74. James Bond says:

    AW smiling on the bench after receiving dogs abuse from the gutter fans and team of stoke, ha

    silly and jack wilshere seem to go hand in hand these days, @ Alcide

  75. James Bond says:

    Rosicky is doing Giroud’s job and pressing like a man on a mission – loving it !

  76. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey guys…Slow start to the match and for me personally…Need a 2nd coffee…

    Not much of the ball so far. Is the pitch a little bit slow? It appears nice enough…

    I’m not sure about this line-up…But here comes a corner after Giroud makes Adam dribble it out…

  77. 17highburyterrace says:

    They broke pretty well from OUR corner. Offside and wide at the end…

    Seems like we’re struggling to get settled on the ball and with our passing…

    At least there Jack gets a call…

  78. James Bond says:

    slow and steady wins the race @ 17HT

    as long as we are not 4-0 down in the first half, it’s all jolly good, no ?

  79. 17highburyterrace says:

    Santi poop dance and a shot high and wide when a pass might’ve been the better play…

    What is Poldolski doing?

    Stoke corner…

  80. James Bond says:

    JW has been poor so far.

  81. James Bond says:

    oh poldi, should have least hit the target there, a nice through ball from Arteta there

    good – I likes !

  82. alcide says:

    Wow, Podolski misses a shot πŸ™‚

  83. alcide says:

    It would be nice to up the tempo a bit, and stop misplacing simple passes…

  84. Sorry, but I don’t get what we’re trying to do here…

    Giroud stomped badly there…

  85. James Bond says:

    how was that not a red card or least yellow for a nasty stamp on Giroud ?

  86. alcide says:

    Wow, how is hat a foul from OG?

  87. James Bond says:

    we are a 2nd half team @ Amigo – hence trying to keep it to 0-0 before scoring 3 in the 2nd half πŸ™‚

  88. James Bond says:

    wtf santiago, give it to fcuking poldi who was clear and on goal


  89. 17highburyterrace says:

    Slightly better with Giroud looking for Jack. Still, with Poldi either out of the play or dead center I don’t see us building any real pressure. As such only a lucky long shot or a quick 1-2 (but to whom?) seems the way through. Gotta keep the clean sheet and then sub in some offense (Ozil, Ox) I guess…

    Decent Chezzer save…

    Santi straight to Begovic…should’ve laid off to Poldi…

  90. alcide says:

    I know JB, but we should still be able to string here passes together… Nice save Szczesny.

  91. James Bond says:

    I’m sorry but that should have been 0-1 to Arsenal

    I expect better from you santiago, let me down big time there

  92. alcide says:

    Yep, Poldi was the best choice,

  93. James Bond says:

    at last a Yellow for a stoke player after the millionth foul on Giroud

  94. James Bond says:

    was the easier option and Poldi would have scored 99% there, big let off for stoke that – the shot was poor and poor Poldi was left fuming.

    anyway, still not bad , stoke lucky to still have 11 on the pitch

    time to perhaps bring OX on the right and take one of Santiago or Poldi off after 60 minutes.

  95. 17highburyterrace says:

    Half time whistle as Sicky is breaking with the ball…

    I’m off to pull another couple (needed) espressos (the missus is watching with me…)

    Seems to me that we don’t have enough of the ball to make Lulu effective up front even though he’s gotten into probably the best of the scoring positions. Something needs to be changed up. One weak Ollie header but the best chance was Santi straight to keeper when Poldi was in from the bigger angle…

  96. oz gunner says:

    jesus they are a dirty shit stain of a club.

    They follow through every time. Stamp, Arteta stomped in the leg, Giroud getting fouled every time we kick it long…it’s pathetic. As for their crowd…haha they are like Totts on steroids. Definitely the same intelligence

  97. Admir says:

    Let’s call double O in the second half for this special assignment.

    We haven’t had a good off-the-ball movement so there hasn’t been enough options to pick out for our players. Cazorla had a really great chance to assist Podolski but opted for shooting instead. Referee is a text-book example of vagina.

  98. AB says:

    Just joining, so haven’t followed at all to date. But where is the pace? Ox should be in here.

  99. alcide says:

    We’re lucky… Time to wake up.

  100. Dylan says:

    We need Ozil.

  101. 17highburyterrace says:

    I still can’t figure out the plan here. What is Poldolski doing as a central MF?…Any pace we’ve got is coming from 33 yr old Sicky…

    Better pressure and guys playing until the (no) whistle…Corner straight to Begovic, however…

  102. alcide says:

    Nice passing here… Let’s keep at it

  103. James Bond says:

    time to bring on ozil and ox for santiago and rosicky.

  104. alcide says:

    Whatever the plan, in any case the implementation is bad so far!

  105. Dylan says:

    Incredible save!

  106. alcide says:

    Lucky lucky lucky

  107. 17highburyterrace says:

    Whoa, huge let off on a poorly defended set-piece…

    007, Santi and Sicky seem a whole lot brighter than Poldi and Jack, in my opinion…

  108. alcide says:

    Agreed 17ht, but the time as a whole looks like nothing at the moment.

  109. James Bond says:

    love how JW keeps bumping into traffic and then goes down 😯

  110. alcide says:

    Damn, what is it with misplaced passes today!

  111. oz gunner says:

    Need some pace

  112. alcide says:

    And WTF is Poldi doing in centre midfield?!

  113. alcide says:

    Aaaargh Gibbs forgets the cutback for Poldi!

  114. Dylan says:

    Poldi, Giroud, Rosicky off for Ox, Sanogo, and Ozil.

  115. 17highburyterrace says:

    Somebody please explain Poldolski at the center circle… Is it supposed to allow Arteta to move around (as he’s been doing)?…

    I think my (new) plan is to just hope for a lucky bounce our way…

    All very mysterious for me, today… 😦

  116. oz gunner says:

    Even better news is chelsea are now leading

  117. James Bond says:

    I think AW has taken the day off.

  118. Admir says:

    This is terrible. Come on, Arsene, give us Γ–zil and Ox!

  119. oz gunner says:

    About to win the header…lets flop to the ground. One time they haven’t resorted to strong tactics all game

  120. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ozil stripping…

    World’s slowest counter led by Poldi to Giroud who lobs harmlessly to keeper…

    Sorry to be so negative today…

  121. AB says:

    Just one change for me – Ox on for Pod

  122. Admir says:

    The funniest thing is, we can score a goal. All we need is pace and composure.

  123. 17highburyterrace says:

    Let off from the bouncing corner…

    66 minutes late but we now have Ozil on for Lu-lu…

  124. oz gunner says:


  125. James Bond says:

    honesty AW – you bring off Poldi and Ozil ? what for ?

    ozil works better with Poldi

    we needed to take off Rosicky and Santiago for both Ox and Ozil

  126. alcide says:

    Still plenty of time to make it happen… And plenty of room for improvement… COYG!

  127. James Bond says:

    Adam = W@nker

  128. oz gunner says:

    F*cking another stamp come off it

  129. 17highburyterrace says:

    Not sure where that idea comes from 007…Count me as thrilled not to have to watch Lu-lu playing anymore DM…

    And why the hate for Santi and Sicky, two guys who can actually run?…

  130. James Bond says:

    chelsea 3-0

    remind me not be make bold predictions again, ha

  131. oz gunner says:

    Their first was against the run of play then the german bangs in 3 just like that. Perhaps ozil will do the same πŸ™‚

  132. AB says:

    17. I’ve no problems with any of our midfield or attack, but we have struggled whenever we don’t have real pace in our team. I don’t understand why Ox didn’t start, and still less why he is not on now.

  133. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ox for Sicky…

    Gonna need something better than our 2 shots (in the whole match)…

    Oops Pen given…Handball on Kos…

  134. alcide says:

    Another counter spoilt by a bad pass… At least we’re starting to control some of the game… Ox for TR, good.

  135. oz gunner says:

    Of course

  136. alcide says:

    Omg that is so stupid. Ridiculous.

  137. 17highburyterrace says:

    Walters… 1-nil…

    A-dub, I think, has some ‘splaining to do…

  138. James Bond says:

    am speechless.

    bitch twitchy time.

    15 minutes to score 2 goals or more, no worries

  139. oz gunner says:

    How lucky can you get

  140. alcide says:

    I feel like wanting to stop watching football for a while. So frustrating

  141. oz gunner says:

    More buses have just pulled in to the Britannia

  142. 17highburyterrace says:

    Heavy touch from Ozil there… On the plus side, this is the 11 I thought would start the match… πŸ˜€

  143. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yaya Sanogo in for Jack…

  144. James Bond says:

    too right, AW is keen to make that change now commentator because sadly our manager is a very very reactive manager and not a proactive manager – must we always be losing before he makes the obvious changes ?


  145. alcide says:

    It’s all too static…

  146. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yaya has no idea where to play…

    I don’t see this ending well for us, but you never know…

    Ozil just wide…

  147. AB says:

    The players have some skin in this one too JB. A bit like previous seasons sadly – we have not shown the steel when we need to

  148. alcide says:

    Damn wide shot from Mesut

  149. James Bond says:

    I don’t blame you @ Alcide – AW has made these changes 10 minutes too late.

  150. Admir says:

    Free-kick for us. No chance at all, right?

  151. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ollie wins an impossible FK…Only serves to wind the clock down for Stoke…

    This one’s over…

  152. oz gunner says:

    Agreed BJ. Why at stokes ground would you not play with pace.
    Their biggest weakest yet we go with our slowest team possible. They are whinging about that foul hahaha

  153. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, the changes were 75 mins late, IMO…

    Still in the FA cup, I guess…

  154. oz gunner says:

    Get off the field you old shits

  155. James Bond says:

    of course the players must take responsibility but look, that’s why you have a manager who has plenty of quality on the bench and who are capable of changing things when Rosicky is on a yellow, it’s not been Santiago’s day and JW has been poor.

    not rocket science this @ AB – poor tactics , I kept defending the lack of tactics earlier on but it was pretty bland in the 2nd half as well.

    I’m gutted really as I’m sure , all of you are as well.

    the buck for me stops at AW.

  156. Admir says:

    We are one serious striker away from being a top team.

    Why did we start this game without Oxlade-Chamberlain?

  157. AB says:

    Only 1 thing missing from our starting 11 for me 17 – Ox/pace. Other than that this team should have been more than the equal of Stoke. But they have not performed. Bad time of year to play like this – especially when reasonably fresh…..

  158. oz gunner says:

    @ admir

    Or gnabry! When either play things happen

  159. 17highburyterrace says:

    I’m still waiting to understand the business of Poldolski at the center circle. That to me is the issue. Ozil must play there…

    Sorry, but I’m not seeing any silver lining here…

  160. AB says:

    Agreed JB – he should have reacted sooner.

  161. AB says:

    Nope. We will be in 4th before long, and may not get back from there. Spuds game starts to look more significant than just bragging rights.

  162. 17highburyterrace says:

    AB, JB “reacted” sooner? The starting 11 seemed the mistake, no?

    Sanogo hides in his shirt…

  163. Admir says:

    @oz – I agree. Ox has been our best player recently and it was a suicide to go into this kind of match without him.

    We’ll fight for the fourth-place-trophy with Spuds.

    Oh, one more thing: lads, I like Sanogo’s passion but it’s ludicrous to compare him with Anelka. He is a young French striker that nobody had known before he joined us and comparison ends there.

    And now he misses a sitter. 😦

  164. alcide says:

    We will be in fourth as soon as Pool wins their next game…

  165. oz gunner says:

    Cold day for football. It makes these pathetic clubs think they can stamp, foul, park buses, and still get the win.

    Come on yaya should have done better. Look what pace does

  166. 17highburyterrace says:


  167. James Bond says:

    serious striker, mentality, manager – oh you tell me Admir, you tell me.

    for now I will reserve my thoughts until after this season and I hope AW does the right thing and doesn’t sign the dotted line before the end of the season as well – enough said.

    a change doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing –

    17HT has been left scratching his head since the first half about our tactics and to be fair to him – he was spot on.

  168. AB says:

    Yup 17. Strange business – Ox and Flam on the bench. I was not surprised to see Oz on the bench. But it has all back-fired. This was supposed to be the continuation of our ‘reaction’, but instead we have slipped back and will need to start again.

    We lost a game JB – a lot less serious than losing a manager. I think he may accept some blame today however.

    Bleak day, and our prospects for the end of the season start to look much less sunny. Some big results will be required to get us back in the mix from here. Not sure I can see it; but now is hardly the best time to make an objective judgement.

  169. James Bond says:

    no, the starting 11 was just fine @ 17HT but it was clear to see soon after that it wasn’t going to work and if it’s not working and if it’s pretty one dimensional then top managers are brave and not afraid to make tough decisions to change the games, even as early as the first half or start of 2nd – no one was stopping AW from doing that.

    it is what is it – you’ll get a lot of people here defending AW but let’s be honest, he brings 90% of the flack upon himself with no authority or grip on the game or letting known to his players that this is unacceptable and there you go, sit on the bench while I bring on someone who can do it the way I want –

    ok, so he didn’t ring in the change or changes at HT but least bloody bring on both OX and OZIL at the same time.

    pathetic really – now listen to all his excuses – their players fouled a lot, they did this – they did that, penalty was harsh , ref was soft

    but how many times did we test their goal keeper ? what did we create ?

    there lies your answer Arsene.

  170. Admir says:

    So, we lost to Orcs. Our title bid was killed in the ugliest of places. I’d have thought twice if someone had offered me to pick between our trophy and Stoke being relegated. I hate them and I wish them to watch Charlie Adam’s ugly face until the end of the world.

    Arsene Wenger’s gambling with French strikers that are not Benzema or at least Griezmann will give us another nervy battle for the last spot in the Champions’ League next season. It wasn’t his only gamble – he did it with Ox and Γ–zil as well and missed again. Hopefully Gazidis shredded that new contract suggestion and will wait until May.

  171. alcide says:

    I don’t think it was our tactics, rather our bad implementation (LuLu in e middle of the circle I’m sure is not part of anybody’s plan, enormous amounts of misplaced passes, lack of movement). 17ht is right, Tr7 was the only one having any pace. Plus I must say Jack was not good today. And now we’re minus 1 on the chart of doom!

    Well we’re going to have to do something really good vs. City, Spurs, Everton and Chelsea.

  172. James Bond says:

    I don’t know @ AB – like I said, I will hold my judgment and reserve my thoughts until the end of the season but for now, I am warming up to the idea of change not being that bad – you can give me Man utd as an example and I will give you RM, Barca, BM, and kill me even Chelsea.

    from the inside people I was hearing that he was going to try and win the EPL this season and do a Fergie and move onto to the board room or call it a day, anyway – hence he hadn’t signed his contract extension nor signed any players in January as he wanted to call it a day and let the new manager in the summer spend the money.

    we shall see how it all pans out,

    this was a game we absolutely had to win considering the run of games we have in March.

  173. 17highburyterrace says:

    Our broadcast is playing the highlights and, it must be said, by far the best chances were Stoke’s…

    With Theo and Ramsey hurt the only excuse for not playing Ozil is some sort of vague hope that he might benefit from the rest and that the result would just happen. Arteta was active and Jack led a couple of mini-breaks between the lines before poor final balls. Otherwise, there was zero. It could be argued that Santi on the break should’ve laid off to Poldi, but it would’ve been a tough angle. Really, we made no scoring chances so singling out any one moment seems wrong…

    Everton, Bayern, Spurs, Chavs and Man City up next?… 😯

  174. alcide says:

    Forgot to say Santi was also very disappointing today, didn’t manage to lead or orient the game.

  175. 17highburyterrace says:

    It’s one thing being unlucky on the day but you’ve got to have a platform to create something or luck doesn’t matter…

    Well, at least we’ve still got some matches where we *could* (in theory…) take points off contenders…

    Agreed about Santi, Alcide, no real spark from Rosicky either. Best MF on the day, I thought, was Arteta. Still, I remain mystified by Poldolski’s positioning. Either at the center circle or (now and again) at the D. To be fair, he got forward a couple of times in what might have been our best half chances of the match…

    Big re-think needed, I fear…

  176. James Bond says:

    yes @ Alcide – Santiago was very disappointed = poor set piece deliveries, decision making and very wasteful

    not hard to see why I wanted him off

    and not hard to see why I wanted Rosicky off as he was on a yellow playing in the hole – and if Ozil was to come on,then you take off Rosicky and slot Ozil there

    it absolutely had to be a double change to instill the fear factor in the opponents mind and win the psychological battle , at least.

    anyway, what’s done is done – Pardew headbutted a Hull player 😯

  177. James Bond says:

    you keep mentioning Poldi playing in CM but who was giving him service on the LEFT ? NO ONE ! in the end he decided to make things happen for himself and I don’t blame him @ Amigo

    it’s time to revert back to a fearless 4-3-3 I feel…why the hell not ? we have the players for it !

  178. Admir says:

    Anyway, I think – if we really want to compete next season – we’ll need a new pair of strikers.

    1) If we want Wengerball, we can’t have Giroud. Those two don’t go together. Yes, I know, he has assisted for two most beautiful and two most Wengerball-goals this season but his technique is appalling and he is as mobile as a pregnant camel.

    2) Podolski is a square peg for which Wenger searches a round hole.

  179. James Bond says:

    so have we already given up for this season then @ Admir ? throwing in the towel ehhh

    if you speak about next season and Wengerball then yes, no Giroud and yes RVP ? but only if he apologizes and takes a massive wage cut (which I doubt he will) – I am slightly open to his return if he takes a massive pay cut , apologizes and so on – however, I am no fool and know it won’t happen so I will settle for Lukaku – 25 to 30 million, worth every penny.

  180. alcide says:

    JB, nobody was getting any service… We’ve had counter opportunities, decent situations on which we should have had chances, but failed early in most occasions, passes going astray, bad choices being made… Anyway while I think Pod should have stuck to his wing more, the point is not so much to blame him but to point out something was very wrong with our playing. It’s like Per towards the end, I’m sorry to say even thought it may seem great to see him pushing forward, but he has nothing to do into the opponents’ 40 meters trying to “create”.

    The penalty blow was of course hard to take, but on the other hand, we had been lucky in a couple of occasions in front of our goals. In the end Orcs created more chances. Yep. Scary.

  181. So what`s that lads ?………-1 point on The Chart of Doom !.
    The good news is, even if we lose to Chavski and Spuds and draw with Mansour City…..we will still be only -1 point on The Chart of Doom !. hahahaha
    4th will be a trophy and winning the FAC will be a real one !. It`s amazing how many times over the recent years how our season is usually defined within a few matches or weeks !.
    Wearing my anti-rose tints, I knew all along that the EPL was an impossible dream with such a cluster of tough fixtures to deal with !.
    We do however have as much chance as anyone of winning the FAC, but then again, so do all the other teams left in it, being a knock out competition !. A one in eight chance if my sums are correct !.
    As I said yesterday…….” I believe we have enough quality in this squad to be beaten by anyone ! ” hahaha
    We have a tough period ahead and a real fight on our hands for the only realistic 3rd or 4th place, don’t discount the Spuds or Manshafter Std for that 4th spot !……it`s going to be squeaky bum time from now until the end of the season as predicted by The Cockie Oracle !.
    It`s just so sad that I am being proved right !.
    However there is a faint shaft of light on the horizon……….Wenger has a ridiculous amount of money to spend in the Summer……I did say it was faint !. hahaha

  182. alcide says:

    I hope we haven’t already given up… We have opportunities, games against our direct opponents ahead of us, FA cup. They have tripped many times as well. It’s not over yet, so let’s not give up ahead of time (or open e summer transfer window). If we were going to lose one of the last 11 games, this one is not the worse to lose. We just have less of a margin for failure in the last ten πŸ™‚

  183. TotalArsenal says:

    That was our worst game all season. Forget Liverpool away, that can happen, but this was pathetic. Agreed, we lacked speed, and how different was Wenger’s eleven compared to my predicted one today? This team did not work as both Rosicky and Jack had nobody to pass the ball to, other then wide/horizontal. Shocking team selection by Wenger: we had no mojo, no thrust, no team work, no passion, no leadership. Without passion and drive nobody will win the PL and once again we have been found wanting. I am getting bored with this, it is all so fecking predictable.

    I will leave the rest for a post next week or so, if I can be bothered. This team and manager let us down today with our worst performance of the season, and there are no excuses. Total disappointment.

  184. Bin Dippers are preliminary above us at the moment !. That guy who we should have offered Β£60M and a penny for, has scored !. While I`m at it…..we should have blown RM out of the water and bid Β£100M for Bale !. Not only do we lack the killer instinct on the field, but also in the boardroom !. πŸ‘Ώ

  185. AB says:

    4 point gap with 10 games to play. No of course we can’t give up. But the odds look pretty tough now with the games we have yet to play. A stirring couple of games could get us lifted, and City at least will drop points I feel sure. For me, to be close to the top and finish 3rd would represent a good season of progress, and the Wenger out brigade should grow up. If we fall away badly from here however and end up in the usual struggle for 4th, then it will be harder to claim progress made over last season, and the pressure will be on Wenger for sure.

    My own view is that lose Wenger and we will lose some of our current best players as well as find it hard to attract top talent to Arsenal – even with a manager ‘willing to spend’. Transition to a new manager when we are on top is what is wanted, not as a desperate measure.

    Its crazy that we should even entertain such talk simply because we have lost a poor game. Such is life these days.

  186. AB says:

    Agree your summary TA, a dire game. Not much worse than Vila at home though. Hard to find a positive out of it, much though I have tried

  187. alcide says:

    TA, I agree it may be the worst game of all season, but with mostly the same line up as last week, this is very much a bipolar team that we have. There is no reason this line-up should have been able to win that game, at least produce a performance that showed they deserved to do so. There can’t be a collective performance when individual technical performance (in terms of effort, positioning, or even basic passing) is so poor. The scary part is we’re having quite a lot of no-show performances lately. We need to turn up like last year, and do so now,

  188. VCC says:

    tcm 18:01………totally Agree, that was DIRE………TPOG………ava nice Sunday chaps.

  189. James Bond says:

    who are the current best players we would lose @ AB ?

    money talks and you know the rest.

    Barca, RM , BM, Chelsea all lose their managers , did they lose any of their best players ? i don’t think that argument is very sound in today’s world and football game – Loyalty it towards a football club and not a manger and for now, both are diminishing.

    no, it’s not just one poor game also – it’s almost 10 years of misery , sure we sold our best player season after season , however, it was his inability to replace with adequate funds made available to him

    been 2 years and we haven’t managed to replace RVP –

    we sold Gervinho , and replaced him with whom ?

    Ramsey couldn’t come back to this team sooner – we will end up winning the FA cup but again we have let ourselves down badly due to Wenger’s non existent tactics and the players lacking belief

    make no mistake, even had we won today, I would have been this vocal – this team has no personality, no swagger, no aura and is very fragile – what is it that we actually do on the training ground – I wonder….we had how many corners ? and not one corner taken short or taken differently – absolutely mind blogging – no Plan B, C or D

    how we didn’t lose that 2 or 3 nil is anyone’s guess.

    Glic – that’s the thing though, other teams want a player, they take out the money obstacle and get the player – with our MANAGER, he takes out the PLAYER he wants and brings in the ECONOMICS.

    blimey, but you don’t have to be in Finance or an Accountant to realize this- success = more revenue

    ways to achieve success ? get the players you need, even if it means going the extra mile by forking out 5 or 10 million – make it happen

  190. Trouble with wearing rose tints is that not only do you( anyone of rose tint persuasion ) think that we will beat the likes of the Chavs (A), Spuds (A), MansourCity (H) and Everton (A), but are aloof and arrogant enough to disregard and think that the likes of Stoke, Swansea , West Ham etc` are already easy points in the bag !. Lets face it, we are far from being as good as we think we are, whether in our personnel or in our tactics !.
    Whether you like it or not, Wenger will have next season to try and make us compete and please no saying we are already competing !, it just doesn`t wash !. If he doesn`t get it right next season , he will be gone ! and if he isn`t , then he should be !.
    Remember or bookmark this quote so that if we do win something, you can pull me up on it and destroy me !. I look forward to being destroyed by suffocation of humble pie !. hahaha

  191. Oh Oh Sevennn !.
    I know you are an advocate of how Bale was worth every penny of the Β£80m he cost and I am in total agreement !. Worst case scenario is that RM would have had to pay another Β£20m if we had got involved in a bidding war !. You have to speculate to accumulate !.
    I know some of you guys all creamed your pants over Sanogo`s first two appearances, but not me, I would have creamed my pants on buying Suarez or Bale !.
    I would dump our negotiating team for gross incompetence !.

  192. If that`s the case then JB with the ECONOMICS, then until Wenger goes it will always be an obstacle !.
    However , I could change my mind about a lot of what`s going on and all it will take is for Mansour City to be held accountable and banned for their blatant ” one finger ” sign ( “Intellectual Property” ! ) to UEFA in regards to FFP !.

  193. James Bond says:

    saying that – we will still probably end up beating Everton, Munich, Chelsea , Spuds and Man city, no bigi really

    this team is such – loses when we expect them to win and wins when we expect them to lose

    Dortmund away – Bayern Munich away, anyone ?

    you’ll soon get TMHT on here Glics – giving us a proper class and telling off since we crossed the line and so on with our beloved Manager :Evil: I hope he can find us a few positive from today’s game as AB couldn’t….

  194. James Bond says:

    yep, AW treats it as his own money – where as, who pays the highest ticketing prices in the world ?

    re- Bale , well there were a couple of Clubs in for him and offered as high as 120 million Euros…(Man utd) but in 6 year installments not up front or with a healthy lump sum payment up front.

    anyhow, I was touching upon our past failed bids,

    Cavani, Draxler , Villa, Suarez , Bender and so on.

  195. Arsene`s got that as loose change under his bed and could have gave the Spuds that in one lump plus a tip !.

  196. alcide says:

    JB, I’m afraid, ‘being in finance’, I can’t subscribe to your last paragraphs about going the extra mile and buying success. Overpaying by definition does not work.


    hahahaha, yes Bondy it is I.

    Just been lurking in the background placing bets on who would blow the bigest gasket. hahaha

    I really dont want to expand on any positives, if people cant see them, and ime not talking about todays game, then they never will.

    After reading the comments two things struck me

    Cornwall, what is arrogant? Slowly and paitently accepting improvement, or blowing a fuse because you “expect” almost demand, that we be challanging and winning things now? Usmanov anyone?

    “Ten years of misery” Bondy? Really? What did you expect (demand?) during the biggest transitional period the club has faced in its history?

    Sorry for having a poke at both of you, but you deserve it. hahaha

  198. James Bond says:

    it’s just not the negotiating team though now is it @ Glics

    Medical Team ?

    back room support team


    all of them – and you can’t change them due to AW – the only way to change everything is by changing the Manager

    we have had injuries every year on a consistent basis , everyone knows it even my 9 year old nephew does but not AW – what has he done to address that ?

    people will come out and say all the usual rhetoric…stadium move, debt , selling our best players so on and so on

    where as I turn around and ask them, how much does it cost to get a decent medical team and a competent one ? how much does it take to make bold footballing decision during a game when things are not going well ?

    enough of the excuses already – it’s time to stab the ghosts of 30’s πŸ‘Ώ


    Are you a medical practioner now Bondy?

  200. James Bond says:

    it’s working pretty well for BM ( Javi Martinez), RM (Bale), Man utd (RVP), PSG (Cavani), I could continue but I much rather not as today is not the time @ Alcide

    I think you misunderstood – when I say going the extra mile, I meant for the players we want and have already bid for , I Elaborated on that with the players I mentioned we failed to capture due to not going the extra mile –

  201. I was formerly a Doctor !. In fact Stretch, my prognosis on the reason you keep dreaming every night that you are being suffocated by a womans furry cup is simple !………….Your Syrup is sliding down over your face in the night…….remove before bedtime !. hahaha

  202. James Bond says:

    ahahahahahahahahahaha – fair enough TMHT

    when I say 10 years of misery, I gave my reasons – how can you not call all the injuries we have had over the l years anything other than sheer Misery ? what have we done to address it ? what have we done to replace Dr.Beasley ? it’s been what 6 years now ?

    what have we done to address the issues we have had over the last few years ? DM ? Striker ? who has replaced Song, who has replaced RVP ?

    we have the money, what’s the progress ?

    I know, our foundations are strong and solid and that’s thanks to the Economist, AW but it’s not like he didn’t spend money either – in fact, we have one of the biggest wages outgoings in England –

    what’s the net outcome ? we only operate at a profit, if we sell a top player or increase our ticket prices.

    and no, I’m not a general practitioner, I don’t need to be either since the standard of care and GP’s in UK is appalling –

  203. Admir says:

    Speaking of Bin Dippers, I wouldn’t mind if Brendan Rodgers comes to Arsenal. *ducks for cover*

    Why? *time for TMHT to cover his eyes and ears and sings: “La-la-la-la” *

    He has turned Liverpool from the biggest losers in the Premiership to the team that I’ll actually cheer for Manure against them because they are our rivals for Champions’ League spot. That’s the biggest compliment for him (and an ultimate insult to Moyes as well). Furthermore, the way he dealt with Suarez’s saga is a lesson for a guy that sold Fabregas to Barcelona for peanuts. OSC bloody Lille got more money for huge-but-unproven-talent Hazard than we did for one of the best play-makers in Europe who was only 24 back then. He managed to get rid of all deadwood Kenny Dalglish had signed (Downing, Carroll), turned Henderson from laughing stock to serious midfielder and signed brilliant Coutinho and Sturridge for less money than we spent on Γ–zil.

    Oh, one more thing: The Cookie Monster, are you serious when you say that we’ll win the cup? We have to beat Everton first (which is something I wouldn’t place my money on at this moment) and Manchester City will probably be there in either semis or the final.

    Personally, I feel more spent after today’s game than that time certain lady put Viagra in my Jaffa. 😦

  204. I think I should defend myself. I never expected to win F all this season and have had my feet firmly on the ground, but I do and I`m not sorry to say this….expect us to compete next season !. The reason I can “demand” such standards is that a certain Mr Gazidis promised that we would be able to compete with any club in the world from now on !. I don’t “demand” trophies, I just “demand” that we compete after being promised we can !. Compete and trophies are more likely to arrive !. T
    Thing is we could be on here in 10 years time having won fcuk all still and I think Stretch would still be saying all is well, surely even you my optimistic buddy has some sort of time limit or tipping point when you will change from gooey eye Wenger stalker to… ” I must kill the bastard ! ” . hahaha

  205. No Admir my buddy !…..I said we have a one in eight chance of winning the FAC……unlike Stoke , Wigan, Cardiff etc`….we have a mental block when it comes to the likes of Mansour City, Chavs and Manshafter Std . I too would cheer for Manshafter to beat the Bin Dippers, cant say the same about VCC though !.


    Fair enough lads, different perspectives thats all.

    We will be winning the league soon, maybe next year, and though unlikely, even this year.

    On Wenger Cornwall, I have not got a tipping point. My reasoning is this. I will accept all arguments against him about wether he is the man to lead us forward, but will always be grateful for what he has done for us. Just as importantly, if it is time for him to go, then who ever takes over will reap the benefits of his tremendous legacy

  207. James Bond says:

    agreed @ TMHT

    hence, Wenger must get out with his legacy in tact and not overstay – this is why I said, I will reserve my judgement and thoughts until the end of the season.

    it’s just painful that the benefits AW should have reaped may well be reapt by someone else ? I hope not

    still plenty of games to go and it was me Admir, who said we will win the FA cup, vs Everton, BM and so on not Glics πŸ˜€

    why do I sound so confident ? well for starters, no Sczny.


  208. I cant argue with that Stretch, someone will definitely benefit from all the ground breaking work he has done, but hey, I`m still giving him another year/season !. I`m sure he will thank me !. hahaha

  209. AB says:

    JB – too many points to answer in here, but I will give a few a go.

    1. Who did we replace Gerv with? Errr Mesut Ozil, with Ox and Gnabry coming through the youth. Forgive me, but I’m not complaining about the net balance there.

    2. Who might we lose if Wenger goes? Kos, Oz, Jack, Rambo, Wilshere. Do you really think they could not earn more elsewhere? They are here because of decent deals, the chance to play from young, the prospect of achievement (yes), and not least the coaching record of Wenger. And who might we fail to attract? Pretty much any top talent – though I’m sure we might get Adebayor back if we offered him a decent sum…..

    3. Just pay a bit more? I’m not an accountant, but I do manage a pretty large budget. What you seem to have read and bought into is the Leeds United guaranteed recipe for success. I hope you don’t apply it in your private financial dealings. As for comparing us to BM, Barca or RM, get real, we are not in the same position at all – either in terms of achievement as a club or in terms of dodgy financial backing; we have to earn our money, which keeps us honest.

    4. No spirit, passion or spine? Come off it, this is the team that won the most points in the PL in the last calendar year, primarily through grinding out results. That is why we have such a strong reaction of disappointment today – this is not what we have become used to, but it is what we fear we could become again. But this team, and their performances over the last 12 months, demands more respect from us than to be rubbished by one poor display. I hope they recognise that they were below standard (well below); but we should not forget all that has gone before.

    5. 10 years of pain. Terry has done the job on this already. There is only one solution for fans who regard our recent past as unacceptable – follow Man City, and then change to the next club that finds high wealth and buys success in the future. Our recent past has brought both fantastic performances on the field and progress towards being a top world club. Anyone missing this is wearing blinkers.

    To end though, I’m as disappointed as anyone else. And I do fear for the rest of the season; it will take a big effort to lift spirits and respond against the level of opposition we face. But I would rather have Wenger doing this than most I can think of. What some people miss is the extent to which Wenger uses trust in his players as a means of developing their self-belief; it is what he does when he brings in young talent, but it is also what he does when he doesn’t sub a player the minute he is not performing as he would like. They are part of the same philosophy, and we can’t have one without the other. That said, I do think his selection tactics were off beam today. And we must look to him to get this right for our next game, and for the players to reward us for the faith placed in them.

  210. alcide says:

    AB, point 3, exactly.

  211. James Bond says:


    1: no, Ozil was Cesc’s replacement and not Gervinho’s – tells you how long it took for us to replace Cesc, no ? OX, Gnabry were still there last year as well when Gerv was there – Gervinho was a 1 in 3 , which mean’t he could have played as a striker as well, when needed – so to tell me that we replaced Gervinho ( A WINGER) with Ozil is like comparing apple with oranges, Cesc yes – Gerv , no nor can you tell me that promoting Gnabry was the replacement.

    3: Last time I checked, all were under contract and long term contracts – you can not pack your bags and just leave with the Manager, in fact I do Challenge you to tell me a few names where this has happened, where a top player or a decent player leaves once there is a management change ? you are talking on assumptions am afraid – If Monaco can attract the big players then why can’t one of the biggest 6 clubs in the world do that ? again, my apologies but it I’m lost with your reasoning and the mention of AdebaWHORE.

    5: Again, I urge you to check our bank balance – and once you’ve done that, I urge you to read what Mr.Gazidis has told us the fans time and time again – we are ABLE TO COMPETE with everyone , I only speak on facts or what comes out from the people who run the club and it’s available for all to see….yep, pay a bit more – if the club can ask the supporters to pay a bit more almost every year then why can’t we ask the club to invest a bit more on the right players ?

    7: yes, that was the past and if we do the historic point count now, I almost certain that our point count at this cut off point would barely see us through at a top 4 finish – we can convinently set different cut off year end periods, but sadly this is not an accounting period for a limited company and the season ends in May every year not in December,

    9: no, not every fan is a glory hunter – nor am afraid you can tell anyone to stop supporting the club who question or are fed up of how we are promised everything for the future yet when the time arrives, the goal post keeps being moved even further away …every year – it’s the same thing, next year this , next year that – hardly ever anything happens during that year and we are left celebrating the 4th place trophy and are made to feel content with it and as a big accomplishment – if you don’t believe me then ask Santi, what AW told Arteta to tell him “In England finishing 4th is a trophy – mentality is a trickle down effect , ENOUGH SAID, no ?

    that’s the thing though, he will change things around but not before it’s too late or until we are out of the top 4 having to fight for the 4th spot – he needs to act now and make some tough decisions – I hope he uses the midweek break to change a few things .

  212. James Bond says:

    not so sure about Rodgers @ Admir – I kinda find him very creepy

    but look , AW has done a fantastic job over the years and we are financially very secure – plus any top manager looking to come in to Arsenal, will come knowing that they will be given time…

    who am I proposing ? a guy who manages Dortmund, recently signed a contract extension but my word – does he know how to play wengerball or does he know how to play wengerball ? with AW in the boardroom , it will be rather good

    other than that, from the PL then Martinez at Everton is another good one, in my opinion and there is a certain Dutch fella being linked to Spuds in the summer

    ideally though, you would want AW to go out on his own terms, let him reap his own hard work’s benefits and if he signs the contract for a further 2 years, then see how it all goes – after that, try to get Pep or Klopp = sorted

    I did say earlier that I will hold judgement until the end of the season on AW – so I will do exactly that – I was merely warming up to the idea of change not being as bad.

  213. AB says:

    Nah JB.

    1. Santi was Cesc’s replacement. And you are missing the point that we develop players at Arsenal – yes Ox and Gnab were there last year, but this year was when they were expected to make a strong contribution to the first team. That and Pod come through a full pre-season, and I have no reason to complain about Wenger letting Gerv go. I liked him by the way, but your argument that we ‘haven’t replaced him’ holds no water.

    3. I have to laugh when you talk about binding contracts. You mean like the one Cesc had, or the one monkey boy had? Have you been watching football? In most cases if someone has really made their mind up to go these days, then they can force an exit. Do you think Suarez would still be at pool if RM had come in for him – even at a price pool didn’t want to take?

    5. Do you really take what Gazidis says literally? He will be delighted to hear it if so! His job is to sell the club and the dream, while Wenger does the business on the pitch. Where in that mix does Gaz start telling fans “I’m sorry, but we aren’t big enough to compete with the big boys”? We have cash reserves, we can buy now, and Wenger/the club have shown they are willing. But we have a wage structure and financial limits.

    7. If last year is the past and to be forgotten about then stop griping about the last 10 years – they are even more in the past.

    9. Only 1 team wins the league. If that makes every other team a failure the sport is doomed. And 4th in recent years, with no transfer budget HAS been an achievement – its only Arsenal fans who can’t see it; all the others barring oilers and manure would have killed to have what we have had As for this season, we have led the league for most of the season and are now 4 points off the top. And the disaster we all fear is coming 4th. Yup we are truly spoilt. Like the manure fan on talk sport saying their club was too big for the UEFA! Just look at our points tally and results this season and compare where we are to last….

    Sure he will make changes and get some results back, just as he has always done. But don’t judge him on that alone any more than the last 5 games alone. Its what he brings over time and within the constraints we operate under that provide the true measure.

  214. alcide says:

    JB, Monaco can offer net wages that far surpass what we can afford, AND fiscal & financial security for a player and his family until basically the end of his life.

    On 5. I have checked, and we have the means to buy SQ player. If we had spent for an additional SQ player last summer/winter (but who?) we wouldn’t, hence if someone would become available, we would miss him. Simplified but principle is true. We don’t have that much really, and not more than PSG, Monaco, Oilers, ManU, RM, Barca, BM…

    On 9. I personally feel we have passed a turning point, starting with keeping our players, adding Γ–zil, and hoping for a good Transfer window next summer – if we can get past the Theo misfortune, Rambo being out at he worst moment (and Flam’s red card), and bad games like today’s…

  215. Trouble with point 4, AB. Is that as good as it may look to you in a calendar year, it didn`t win a trophy !. I`d rather have the best record in a football season and win something !.
    As for the recent past being unacceptable, not from me, I know all about the constraints and stadium move as we have had it shoved down our throats for the last few years. Personally , it is all down to our near future which will be either acceptable or not, but good or bad, it will always be Arsenal !.
    I feel that I have the ability to step back and look at our club through neutral eyes, yes it is a fine club if you want it to carry on in it`s current state, a state which every club would give it`s right arm for !……unless you are Mansour City, Chavski, Manshafter and Liverscum, these clubs are not just content to be winning the self-sustainable trophies and plaudits, they want more !. I would welcome someone who is a winner in industry and who is rich and supports us, yes….Usmanov….someone to fight fire with fire and buy us some trophies !. I would personally undergo major cybernetic surgery and become a DALEK if it meant I was the one to “EXTERMINATE ” Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger as the cost to buy us some trophies !.

  216. James Bond says:

    sorry to use – agreed to disagree with most of your points

    but you can laugh all you want considering I CHALLENGED you on something and you fail to provide me with the facts, instead you mention 2 players who left not because of the manager but one who wanted to go back home and monkey boy who wanted instant success with a manager who didn’t forget how it felt like to make brave and strong decisions.

    so I kindly ask again, name me some players who left because there was a change in management ? that’s the only one thing I asked you to do.

    rest is all up for debate, made up of opinions – some with substance and some based on assumptions on both sides, I try to keep it as real as possible…you on the other hand just nullified your own by mentioning Suarez staying at Liverpool because he had one of those “binding contracts” and the club managed to use their powers to keep him – and please don’t give me that if RM had come in for him hoopla either – as he went onto give a very public interview and expressed his desire to leave – something that none of Cesc or Van Persie did – rvp didn’t have to plead with the club to let him go like Suarez did with liverpool and yet, he’s still at liverpool.

  217. AFC says:

    Poor game, bad result but let’s see if we can move on. We still can win the FA Cup and have a small chance of winning the league. πŸ™‚

    I am with you JB but I will I am prepared to wait until the summer where there will be ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES!!!

  218. AFC says:

    Guys, not winning the league if you are Arsenal, United, Chelsea or City is a failure as is not finishing in the top four if you are Liverpool, Spurs and the four clubs mentioned above. Top four for Arsenal, United, Chelsea and City is the minimum requirement.

  219. AFC says:

    If a player is under contract and wants to leave only the club can let him go. We could have kept an unhappy Song, RVP, Clichy, Nasri etc until the end of their contracts.

  220. James Bond says:

    Alcide, I hear you – but you don’t hear me – if such is the case then why do we have the top 3 wage bills in the EPL ? it’s not like we are paying peanuts to our current squad, no ?

    alright – I hear what you are saying about us just being able to turn a corner and things looking rosey – I am not disputing that, I am only challenging and questioning all of you on the change notion and some bold statements – there was an Arsenal football club before AW and there will be an Arsenal football club after AW – to say that players may want to leave with a manager change then am again sorry but that’s a load of tosh, plenty of players have left AW because they thought he didn’t have it in him anymore or the club didn’t – and I can give you names, allow me

    Henry –


    it’s a fact that both left due to not believing in AW or the club (directly or indirectly).

    I am yet to think of a top player who left due to the manager leaving but there you go, have given you 2 of the best strikers in the world at the time who left and openly admitted to doing so.

  221. AFC says:

    JB, I can fully understand why any player who has left Arsenal has.

  222. AB says:

    Hi Cockie. Agreed on point 4, we won nothing. But read back the exchange, the original challenge from JB was that we have no personality, swagger, aura and are very fragile – I totally dispute that given their record over 12 months. Is it enough? Perhaps not for the silverware we all crave, but this is not a team lacking character or willingness to work hard and fight.

    JB – hardly a challenge! Your cite players not deserting BM, Barca and RM when their managers changed – as I said above you are comparing apples with pears; we are not currently in their league in terms of either achievement or pay. So, no they haven’t lost players. But what is to keep our SQ players on their lower pay. As for Suarez, if RM had come in then the formal transfer request would have followed too – however much he agitated for us, he was not so keen to come as to risk burning his bridges. When a player really wants to force a move he can these days.

    JB, I know you care about Arsenal and are writing out of frustration. But remember, this is the team that you have been bullishly predicting will beat all comers and win the league all season, and Wenger is the manager who has built this same team, on a shoe-string. Its been a bad day, but no more than that.

  223. AFC says:

    I think the players love for Arsenal is bigger for that of AW. The only way players would want to leave Arsenal if Wenger left if if he is replaced with a bad manager.

  224. James Bond says:

    thank you , AFC πŸ™‚

    it’s not really a me vs anyone else thing – we are all passionate gooners here , we all have opinions but it’s just baffling when someone turns to ” not happy with how things are then you can always support the oilers and so on ” – that can’t be right, surely ? it was a free world and last I checked, it wasn’t wrong to question and express opinions on how things are – on the other hand, I never tell anyone such pathetic solutions either.

    I respect everyone’s opinion but at the end of the day, there are issues and things not right at the club, not solely down to the finances and so on – I mentioned our biggest nemesis “injuries”, like Alcide says with Theo and Rambo but then I tell him that this is what’s been happening year after year yet what has AW done to address this ? has he fired someone ? has he changed the set up ? what has he actually done other than getting someone from West ham utd a couple of months ago in all these years gone by and has that improved the injury situation at Arsenal ?

  225. AFC says:

    AB, am I right in saying that a transfer request does not mean a player will leave? All it means is that the player forfeits his right to bonuses and tranche(?) payments which may give the club incentive to sell from a business perspective.

  226. Although my last comment was largely tongue in cheek, I would not moan one bit if Usmanov was the owner of AFC !. Yes we can all try and take the moral high ground, but do any of you bastards know of any Chav or City fan who bemoans that they have bought trophies ?…..I know quite a few Chav fans and you wont find one of them complaining about luckily winning the Champions League !. And I put it to you moral high grounders……if Arsenal were to be owned by Usmanov and he managed to buy us some trophies, are you going to moan ?, maybe AB will do the reverse and go and support a club like the Spuds if they are “doing it the right way ” and would not like us to buy trophies !. I would sell my cock to the devil to have had the success the Chavs have bought since Abramobitch took over and the success Manshafter Std have had, because lets face it they have spent enough fcuking money over the years aswell !. There`s a common factor going on here with these 3 teams starting to win everything !…..yes, they spend the fcuking money !. The worst thing that happened to us over the recent years was that Kroenke became the majority share holder instead of Usmanov !. Like it or lump it, that’s the way I see it !.
    We(I) want Uzzy !….We(I) want Uzzy !. hahaha


    Cornwall, i reccomend “Genesis of the Daleks 1975”. Its the best dr who ever. Davros is a tremendous creep in it and the whole thing has a dark and depresive feel that i personaly find enthralling.

    AB, I agree with you mate, but Bondy and Cornwall (TCM) see things differently. Like i said, its a question of vantage and perspective. We all want the team to win but judge level of acheivment and success from our own standpoint.

    Never the less, I am glad you here AB. Its good to know that there are others out there who generally see it as I do.

  228. AFC says:

    JB, let’s just say I support Arsenal because they are my club and I love them. I have not even had the pleasure to properly see us win a trophy. I was in primary school the last time Arsenal won something and I was not really into football at that time. I barely remember or know of glory days and I could have easily chosen to support a United or a Chelsea of whom I have seen a lot of their glory days but I choose not to and will not.

  229. Where`s Stretch ?…..I want him to slap me !. hahaha

  230. Oh there you are !. hahaha

  231. James Bond says:

    actually AB, I asked for you to tell me of any TOP players who left when the manager left – I didn’t restrict you to the big clubs such as RM, Barca and so on – I just needed some names or examples where this has happened – it was nothing personal or disrespectful , more along the lines of me getting more knowledge out of you as honestly, I can’t remember a player leaving due to a change in Manager ? that’s all.

    and yes, fully agreed, am always optimistic and bullish about our chances , I even made some bold predictions today and even after we lost, I did not lose belief or faith – I was merely warming up to the idea of no more AW and identified some of his flaws – it’s not been a bad day actually, it was a bad day when we failed to win against Everton at home, we got our tactics wrong for man city, we lost of our game vs Liverpool away – today it was an eye opener and a reality check for all those players and AW – we still have a long way to go and I hope we can turn it all around because I honestly feel that we can and we will come out stronger than ever after today but only if AW rolls up his sleeves and isn’t afraid to make bold decisions.

  232. I think AB is just another pseudonym of you Stretch !…`s a Pigeon cock puppet you use to type with !. hahaha


    AFC, hahaha. You will see plenty of trophies, dont worry about that

    In fact, we will probably be posting here in the future were you will have to help us out a bit. It will be the year 2045 and I will probably still think Wenger is in charge, Cornwall wont remember his name, Bondy will be complaining that he cant find his walking stick, and AB will be trying to persuade us all to join Pensioners for Justice.

    To get ready, start practicing on Vics. hahaha

  234. James Bond says:

    that is it @ AFC –

    ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahhaha @ TMHT

    yes, we see things differently, so much so that I have us down beating Everton, Munich, chelsea, Spuds, Man city and TCM has us losing all those games and craves bald men running the club πŸ˜€

    later’s everyone – been a pleasure as always !

  235. That Adam chap is quite the bastard isn`t he !.

  236. AFC says:

    Terry, πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

    It’s all a matter of perspective as you guys say but winning the Prem is not beyond Arsenal football club which is why I consider not winning it a failure.

  237. AFC says:

    Anyone seen the petition to not have Cleverly at the world cup?

  238. AB says:

    Night all. Glad to hear you think likewise Terry. We are a big team, and like all great teams we have our moments. But one off day doesn’t render it all to waste. Liverpool have waited over 20 years, but our set up looks a better one than theirs. And I wouldn’t have us managed by cock rogers for all of Usmanov’s money! Like Glic (sort of), I’m hoping that Wenger will be building on in the summer. This year and the next I ask for progress, but you can’t plan for how other clubs will perform; any measurement of success or failure that takes no account of what others are doing is pretty dubious one in my book.

    Here’s hoping for better luck next week!

  239. alcide says:

    JB, we had I believe the fourth wage bill (behind Man City, Chelsea, ManU with a large difference with the first 2, and the difference with 3rd placed ManU is also larger than to 5th placed Liverpool, so I think we are pretty much were we expect to be? My point is that there is no logic to “going the extra mile”, you pay what you think a player is worth to your team, and on the basis of available funds, who are finite, and more limited in our case than most of teams we want to compete with, and yes, I believe what I am saying is consistent with our cash levels in the context of sound financial management. I’m confident with the latest financial results and new deals that we will have (and have prepared ourselves for) big purchases in the summer, but let’s secure CL football, and push (turn around) our luck for the title in the meantime. And win the FA Cup, because it’s been a while.

    TA, the post you’ve hinted about a couple of times about the Santi and Γ–zil and left wing dilemma/issue would be a good idea during the intl friendliest break. Since Theo and Rambo have been out, we’re struggling to find a convincing/stable setup and plan… We just get by with flashes of brilliance, but our offensive organization seems loose at best, and to be honest I often fail to see the plot, or what it is we are doing as 17ht highlighted a few times tonight (although again I thought individual performances were very poor on the basis tonight).

    I hope Rambo will be back soon, and will hit the ground running, because we need a boost… 2 wins in what, 6, 7 games?

    See you tomorrow…

  240. alcide says:


    *on the basics*

  241. James Bond says:

    ok, so 4th it is but spending near 150 million annually is no joke and certainly not far off from the biggest spenders either – the point here is moot

    ah, Alcide – “you pay what you think the player is worth to your team – allow me to stop you there.

    no sir, you don’t – as a manager you tell the board and your chief negotiator , I want XYZ and then let them make it happen – you identify 2-3 targets and let the people who run things behind closed doors, take care of it – you concentrate on the footballing side of things and not be involved at every stage of the transfer or keep changing your mind about it ?

    yes, what you say makes perfect sense in a business model (AW model) but let me give you another model and example of “going the extra mile for a player”.

    I want Cavani – I offer 30 million in January 2014 – it gets refused, so do I go the extra mile and up the offer to Β£40 million, double his wages from 60k to 120k and ensure he comes to me in January, and he helps us wins the EPL, earning us the same amount of money or there about’s , get’s us plenty of watchers, makes us box office , gets us extra mileage and sponsors interested or do we wait until the summer for another bid and lose him for Β£53 million to another team and end up fighting for 4th in the process ?

    yes, you are right -there will be some movement in the summer – that’s guaranteed !

    yep, Rambo to come back soon – how’s Diaby doing ? where is KK ? ? ?

    more importantly, how bad was Giroud today ? even though that w@nker adam’s deserved a red – you can’t help but notice that Giroud away from London is pretty mediocre – what is the general consensus in France about him ?

    which reminds me, where is MACKO ?

  242. James Bond says:

    Cleverly petition is a joke @ AFC

    they should have done one for Jermain Defoe as well as all man utd players minus Rooney.

  243. James Bond says:

    TMHT πŸ™‚

    in 2045 – there will be no need for walking sticks as we shall have flying carpets and what not !

    reminds me of the back to the future movies – ever green and bloody brilliant movies, ha

    either way, let’s hope Mr. Shah is still around by then though !

  244. alcide says:

    JB, you brought up wages, and I didn’t see what it had to do with what I was arguing.

    Obviously, the answer to the Cavani question has been, no you don’t buy him for 40m, committing another 50m over the next few years in the process, all that for a greedy player that would rather take money and play for a second rate championship (ok, PSG has a great project etc, fair enough). He hasn’t been worth this price in PSG so far by the way, the jury is still up for him, he missed a few sitters, too, and I’m not sure he would necessarily thrive in the EPL… And of course we would potentially not have had enough for Γ–zil, or not have the money for potentially better prospects this summer.

    OG is the #2 for France team now, depending on Karim’s form. Macko is a bit extreme but majority acknowledges we don’t have fantastic strikers ATM. Don’t forget OG is asked to play back to goal, that wasn’t how he got to best striker in ligue 1. He now occupies the CBs, and we’re supposed to run at him.. But we need runners, not long balls to him when he’s held by 2 CBs and surrounded by 2 more defenders, as we’ve seen today. He’s not a game changer, and if we fail collectively, he’ll fail as well, he did his job, kind of, today IMO, rest of our offensive force didn’t IMO.

  245. Milo says:

    I know this must be predictable coming from me, but we needed one player in our midfield to leave a mark on the opposition. I’m not talking about scoring a goal here, or performing a subtle to outrageous piece of skill. I am talking about making the opposition pay a physical tole or penalty here. What I saw today was appalling. No one went after Adam or Whelan after they stomped on Giroud. I think Giroud is a cock, yes, but he is still a teammate AND it either showed the apathy towards Giroud, or the fact that we WERE intimidated by those monsters. I am actually hoping for the former. No one had to get sent off either. The referee was happy to let a tonne of fouls occur, and a stomp or well placed elbow or two would most likely have gone undetected. The problem with my point is this. No one in that team is capable of intimidating the opposition with their physical strength or lack of regard for other’s safety. WE NEED A SON OF A BITCH IN THERE. I mean it. We don’t need him for every match either, whomever this person might be. We need him for the Stoke’s, West Ham’s and lower league cup ties, where you know the atmosphere you are entering is volatile and hostile, and the level of skill of the opposition is inferior to the rest of your starting 11 or bench. We were lucky in that Vieira had an equal amount of skill to match his level of “brutality”.(for those faint of heart out there, I incorporated the quotation marks) I am sick of seeing us rolling around on the ground at the slightest of contact (Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta). We look like babies out there. I am a small man myself, but you would never catch me rolling around, feigning injury like they do. I am also sick of us being injured or fouled with intent to injure, deliberately by the opposition. We need a hatchet man in there for these types of matches. If they have a load of technical quality, great. The main thing is they just need to be able to nullify the opposition legally, as well as ILLEGALLY. The crazier the better, I say!!! The sooner we get one of these types of players, the better as well. You can make a case that these types of players do not exist in top clubs any more, and you would be correct. That doesn’t mean we cannot use one in a fixture such as the ones I mentioned above. By the way, I thought Alan Pardew was a complete and utter wanker today. He shouldn’t have done what he did, and I don’t want someone to start that type of behaviour at our club. What I want is for someone to be able to react in an appropriate manner, when a player or team takes liberties with us. When the opposition starts shit. Not us. The way we reacted today was terrible and cowardly.

  246. James Bond says:

    you mean we missed Flamini today @ Milo ? πŸ™‚

  247. Admir says:

    Here is a question and I think it’s a rather legitimate one:

    Arsenal fans don’t like the fact character of our team has been questioned over and over again. OK, I agree with that – Manchester City haven’t answered to that sort of questions after defeats to Chelsea and Barcelona at home without a single goal scored and with a flattering score-line.

    My question is: how many times have we responded properly to the pressure this season, especially in big away matches? Victory over Borussia (D) is the only example I could come up with.

    Compare it with any of three Wenger’s teams that had won the Premiership.

    In 1997-98 we went to Old Trafford and won the bloody game. We did the double over Manure and our strongest performances happened after New Year. That team also lost to Liverpool with a four-goal-margin but it happened when the title was secured.

    In 2001-02 we won at Anfield after we had been reduced to ten men at 0:0. We won the title at Old Trafford with a victory that was one in a huge streak of consecutive victories (13).

    In 2003-04 we did the double over Chelsea who had been on our trail for some time. We had thrashed their title bid with a victory at Stamford Bridge. We also did the double over Liverpool with unforgettable come-back at Highbury.

    And, you can compare it with this team at Old Trafford, Anfield, Etihad…

  248. Milo says:

    No Bond. I don’t think Flamini is the long term answer. I guess I over reacted a bit. What we need is someone in midfield whose principal job is to defend. Someone with a better presence than even Flamini possesses. We need to also find someone younger as I feel Flamini isn’t the longer term solution to that problem. We should keep Flamini, in case this new player that I desire (hahahahaha) racks up the bookings. I wouldn’t mind Tiote or someone of that ilk. I know a lot of people on here detest players who constantly foul the opposition, but I feel that it CAN be of benefit if the player is useful in initiating attacks and protecting the back four. That is why I didn’t want Cabaye, I don’t necessarily think we need Gundogan as much as I used to, and I don’t think Arteta should be used as the deepest lying midfielder player. Did you see the ball he played to Cazorla, when Cazorla was through along with Podolski??? He can do that more often and even attack more himself, if he is backed up by someone with real power and defensive nous. The same goes for Wilshere, who I feel thinks that he has to hide a bit and play it cautiously when paired together with Arteta. That isn’t the player’s fault. I am no manager, and have no desire to become one, BUT there are obvious flaws that Arsene Wenger himself keeps exposing in his system and team selection. I am not the only one that sees this, reading over the comments. I don’t want us to play like Stoke or even Chelsea, but there comes a time when trying to win a football match “in the correct or a pleasing-to-the-eye manner amount to beating your head against a brick wall, iF YOU TRULY WANT TO WIN. I don’t think Wenger realizes that you cannot have it both ways in this league. Too many clubs play to win at all costs, in turn sacrificing the art of the game. I don’t think that is right, or to the benefit of football itself, but it’s there, and it isn’t going to go away. There are too many clubs who set out to beat you by playing to the opposition’s weaknesses and not by playing to their own strengths. Again, I don’t like it, but it’s a reality. I don’t believe that Arsene realizes this, or if he does, he doesn’t show it enough. For example, after the thrashing at LIverpool, we clamped down a lot more defensively. Why did we wait until we got absolutely mauled by the scousers to do this??? There were certain things that the players should have known LIverpool would do, in order to nullify us. Was it pretty??? Not really, as most of there goals came on the counter or from set pieces. Was it effective, and did all of their supporters return home or turn off the tele happy in the knowledge that they kicked our asses in??? I don’t need to answer that one for you. Wenger, for me borders on the insane when it comes to team tactics. If one is to believe that a true indication of insanity is repeating costly mistakes over and over again, then he fits that particular trait of mental illness to a tee. I am insane myself, but I try my best not to expose this to millions of people around the World, who just want to see the bloody club win a fucking trophy no matter what fashion of play we accomplish that with. There are times when you should be able to play the opposition off the park, during EVERY match. We do not set ourselves up or give ourselves a chance to do that on a consistent enough basis due to either team selection, formation, instruction or all of the above. Wenger is a master at finding the right players for our club, no doubt about it, but even when he does find a great or useful piece, he doesn’t utilize it to the best of it’s potential. Like Podolski for example. Why stick him on the wing when he cannot defend and rarely crosses now??? Why not try, just try him for once through the middle with Giroud??? No, I am not ever present at the training pitches, but don’t give me that. Sometimes you just have to see if it works when it really matters, in my opinion. I thought he could or should have tried Vermaelen in midfield at some point this season. He would have been perfect for this past match. Do I know if it would work??? No. But again, Wenger seems to be so inflexible that he won’t even acknowledge that something different MIGHT work, if it’s not a sure fire thing. Yes he shouldn’t take unwarranted gambles, but now that he hasn’t tried to make alterations (over the last few years, in some instances) we are again fighting to save our season, in my eyes. Everton play well on a more consistent basis than us, in my opinion, and Spurs MIGHT be, I say MIGHT be figuring it out. We can still pass or equal Liverpool’s point total this season as they have some weaknesses of their own, but it shouldn’t have come down to that. We have just as much attacking quality as Chelsea does in their ranks, and as many quality playmakers and wingers in our squad as City do, if we are relatively healthy. Those are the clubs we should be competing with. Also our centre-back pairing and goalkeeping for the most part has been top notch. So what is missing??? A bit more defensive quality in midfield and probably some real cutting edge production from the central striking position would go a long way. Everyone knows that though. We could have made some internal changes though, to mask these weaknesses but our manager refuses to do it or try it. This is how I see it anyhow. Every manager has weaknesses yes, but glaring tactical weaknesses or adherence to attacking dogma at the expense of actually being able to outscore and prevent the opposition from scoring is a pretty fatal flaw to have. I have no problem with who Wenger buys, but how he uses the talent that he has at his disposal is another story altogether.

  249. It looks as though there has been a mass suicide of BKers !. Lucky for me I see it all coming ……not the suicides……but the wheels coming off our feeble title attempt !. You should have listened to me…..Cockie…..The Protector of The Chart of Doom !. The Chart of Doom doesn`t lie !.
    You are all selfish Bastardildos for doing it now though, you could have waited until we were beaten on the last day of the season by the Spuds for 4th place and lost to either Charlton or Sheff Utd in the FAC Final !.
    Now you are just Ghosts and Ghoulies stirring in Transplants 1930`s Art Deco style Y-Fronts and I have to talk to you through a medium………. the same one Mrs VCC uses to communicate with her husbands dead cock !.
    Better than my attempt to communicate with you all using a Ouija board, which had metal objects flying across the table, a mystery until I realised I had my magnetic helmet cap on my boner !……I`m not the type to get pulled in by a scam, but the advert said I would be able to pull former iron curtain women with ease, but at the moment I`m drawn to more lamp posts than anything else !.
    I think I`m right in saying we have lost our last 3 Cup finals 2-1 ( CL and ” League Cups ), so maybe we will beat Charlton or Sheff Utd and you lot can cover me in ectoplasm you filthy bastards !. The Wanking Dead !. hahaha

  250. AFC says:

    Surely not??? If we could have got Suarez for the 40 mill and one pound bid legally and didn’t Gazidas and co must be the biggest idiots on the planet when it comes to transfers.

  251. If this is true, then you spiritual fcukers better go and start haunting Arsenal`s scream team of transfer negotiators !.

  252. Hahaha AFC……how spooky is that !. Was you ectoplasmed ?.

  253. AFC says:

    Cockie, I just posted that link and despite me not wanting Suarez I will be pissed off if this is true. How the hell can AFC get it so wrong.

  254. AFC says:

    Fuck knows Cockie. πŸ˜€

  255. AFC
    I for one wanted Suarez and am already pissed off for not offering Β£50-60M !. True or not, we are shit at transfer negotiations and they should all fcuk off !. I could have had a chloroformed Suarez naked in front of Wenger, stuffed with uncompromising photos of Bouldies black eye liner up his rectum begging Arsene to sign him, but no, would they give me the job of chief torturer……I mean negotiator !.

  256. AFC says:

    Cockie, πŸ˜€

    I mean is this stuff not basic law? A release clause within a written contract must be upheld if the release clause is met as long as there are no conditions ‘within the smallprint’ and the source above suggest there were none.

  257. jane johnson says:

    Why do you support Arsenal? For me there is only one rational reason: I support the values of Arsenal :
    classy behaviour
    intelligent, technical, high quality

    99% of the people in the world do not support these values as you can see daily around you – the world is corrupt from top to bottom.

    So to me it is a miracle that a club like Arsenal even exists. Something to be really grateful for even after losing to Stoke!

  258. 17highburyterrace says:

    And the quadruple is on–for Man City… πŸ™„ Luckily my telly goes straight to the Madrid Derby…

    Hey Milo…Try breaking up into a new paragraph now and again…It makes for easier reading… Still, I was able to get through it… This line got me lol-ing:

    “I am insane myself, but I try my best not to expose this to millions of people around the World,”

    Certainly a few people, if not millions, do read what you write… πŸ˜€ On the other hand, ANYBODY who spends any time writing about football and/or actually letting it affect their mood probably also meet the clinical definition… πŸ˜‰

    Sorry Cockie, to take a break after yesterday’s match…I went skiing (Backcountry solo and away from the main areas with all the other hipsters…and I wish I had taken some photos to share)… Probably up to the resort with the kid later this morning…

    Everybody has their “methods” of coping with the trouble that is Arsenal…Some do some wacky permutations with their (low) expectations, others with their hopes and others with their “if only they listened to MY solutions.” Like Milo says, it’s all madness…

    In the end, I prefer to remain hopeful which, I think, is a strength/weakness the manager (who also serves, in our model, as the Chief Financial Officer…) shares. It was “hopeful” to go to Stoke and play the same group (Gibbs for Nacho excepted…) that beat Sunderland the week before. Funny how we, the would be managers, spend so much effort trying to predict the starting line-ups and the rotation and what the injury news really means, etc., when the best way to read the weather is to simply step outside and look around.

    Much more predictable AND far more depressing are the usual reactions to the result. Had we won yesterday (even with such an insipid display–and a lucky bounce and an iffy pen the other way could’ve gotten the job done…) people would’ve heralded our grittiness, our ability to win even when not at our best, etc., etc. and the doomers/violence mongers/financial wizards/fantasy buy-em-all sorts would’ve had to wait another week… This guy does not fully show the extent of my rolly eyes… πŸ™„

    Like others, I’m hugely disappointed but not overly surprised. Frankly, “resting” Ozil and with young Jack not moaning to the whistle swallower (Jones, the real surprise/diappointment after I had rated him in my “preview”…) it’s hard to see what was gonna get us going. The old guys on the new contracts (Rosicky, Cazorla–Sagna appears gone in the Summer)? The prancy, underskilled, time-wasting Center Forward (Giroud)? The guy without a position who really cannot move or take multiple touches without slowing everything to a crawl (Poldolski)? Arteta was probably our best attacker yesterday and he’s not even supposed to get forward, at least according to those wedded to these rigid(ish) definitions of the various central MF types…

    My thought is that when the game comes to them (i.e., Sunderland, at our stadium, resting to at least give Man City a spirited cup final…) or we get a bit of luck (a huge factor match to match…) everybody looks pretty good. When stressed, however, the group does not defend itself (violently, with passion or with increased effort and focus) or otherwise step up to make the to make results happen even against crap teams like Stoke. As such, it was a fatal mistake for the manager to “hope” it would all just work out. I’m gentler on the supporters. Why shouldn’t we hold out hope? Certainly we’ll have to do it again for the remaining five matches here in March, much as a newly promoted team must do for each and every (league) match they play…

    So, what to do? I could try to argue with everybody or at least point out the flaws in their observations or logic. (Milo, if you’re reading…didn’t you notice that whenever Poldolski wasn’t playing as a deep lying mid, he was crowding Giroud at CF, oftentimes on his right?…) Nope, I’m watching the greatest beard in football (Arda Turan) leading the resureccion (Koke) in tying the Derby in the Spanish Capital. Early days yet, but the early goals are turning this one into a barn-stormer. (Good football, so far–let’s buy ’em all!!! Gabi from distance makes it 2-1, Iker might’ve saved it?…) At some point, I’ll probably look in on the Spurs match (rooting against our rivals is usually easier than trying to remain upbeat about our team…) but then I’m off skiing with the kid. How’s that for a plan?… πŸ˜€

  259. TotalArsenal says:

    All good points, Jane, and welcome to BK. πŸ™‚

    What did you make of yesterday’s performance – did you think the boys honoured the shirt?

  260. TotalArsenal says:

    But we did not win, 17, and surely the supporters have every fecking reason to be disappointed about THAT performance? Or does it all just not matter for you and is the team/Wenger simply immune to any criticism?

  261. 17highburyterrace says:

    Whoa, Total, Not at all what I’m saying…

    Wenger deserves complete criticism for going with a policy of hope, but I think characters like Cockie ought to be gentler on those of us who can see all the shortcomings yet choose to be hopeful…

    If you saw my in-match comments yesterday they were more negative than for any other this season. I just couldn’t see any wisdom to letting Poldolski play in the Ozil role. Just because they’re both German? That’s the closest thing to logic that I could come up with…

    The squad is weak. Is it due to injuries, lack of spending or simply putting faith in the wrong players? (On that account, what did you think of Jack Wilshere’s performance yesterday?…) The question that comes with each disappointing result is: “Wenger Out?” which is a much deeper and more complicated matter. Is that your stance after yesterday?: If so, I think you’ve got a post to write…(and I’ll be sure to comment, at length… πŸ˜† )

    Anyhow, I’m just watching the end of this excellent Madrid Derby (and trying to get out the door, skiing)…Atletico is a transformed team from the one I saw in Granada 15 months ago…Selling that Falcao seems to have worked pretty well for them… Funny stuff with the big assistant manager complaining after Costa is booked for diving…(no head butts, however…) Oooh…clearance falls to RM now 2-2…Knife’s edge now…

    Finally, I’m with new poster Jane–Welcome!–and think that values and doing what’s “right” in the longer term is very important…

  262. James Bond says:

    how dare you @ skipper

    how dare you even hint at pointing the finger at Wenger or the team – go and support Man city πŸ™„


    those are all very noble reasons but football is a sport – and like any sport, people play it with an aim of winning, competing and ideally winning with class, aura and all those things you mention – we all support Arsenal what it stands for but what I don’t nor can’t support, is sheer stubbornness or the lack of evolution from the people (AW) who run things at the club.

    with time, we must keep moving on and upgrade ourselves – all great managers do it – outside of Arsenal, do people view AW or rate him as highly as us gooners do ? there lies your answer

    re- your 99% people not supporting those values – don’t let TCM confuse you, he’s in the minority with his corrupt thoughts – all the rest of us are all good people πŸ‘Ώ

    what a goal that was from Ronaldo – 2-2, get in !

  263. James Bond says:

    oh and welcome to BK, JANE –


    yes, I hear what you are saying and that’s the thing though – we all knew not just this season but from a few years now that we needed that Beast of a DM , even more so after Song was allowed to leave …. but there you go, we bid 24 million for Bender – Got rejected, in my opinion we should have upped it to 30 and made it happen…who knows ? going the “Extra mile” for such players is worth it…or even Felliani but hey – Tiote /schneiderlin or who ever – Am with you.

    but the trouble is, AW things that the january transfer window is a distraction and is only open for trading on the 31st January and moans when other clubs manage to snap up players.

    another classic example of AW refusing to stop living in the past because when he came to England, things used to be different πŸ™„

    am beginning to think that it’s not the players who want a day or 2 off – more like it’s Arsene who needs some time off himself – cause usually he’s doing punditry or commentary for international matches – hardly time off, isn’t it ?

  264. James Bond says:

    but on a positive note – we have managed to sign a new scout from QPR (the same bloke who got spuds Jan . V and Lloris ) – roll on the summer !

  265. James Bond says:

    *defend and not support sheer stubbornness and lack of evolution.

  266. What`s this ?…….Bash the Cockie time ?…….and that`s nothing to do with the similar Bash the Bishop !. hahaha
    Sorry Seventeenho for being a brute and didn`t mean to hurt the sensitive side of a fully grown Squatch, but as The Protector of The Chart of Doom, I cant be seen to be too gentle as I have to be seen as strong, that`s why I rule with an iron cock !. hahaha

    Welcome jane !. Don’t be put off by my handsome debonair looks, feel free to chat to The Monster about anything !. I`m not just the eye candy for these miserable saps……..I also have an endless pit of ludicrous and uninteresting knowledge which could bore the knickers off you !. I feel the start of a relationship already !. πŸ˜†

    I will probably be severely reprimanded now for scaring away another lady blogger !. hahaha

  267. TotalArsenal says:

    Ok, 17, I read it differently, but thanks for explaining it. πŸ™‚

  268. Bastardildos ( not you jane ! ) Our next league game is the Spuds away !. Whilst we will be sticking it to the Toffees, they will be away to Chavski !. Now my thinking ( Thanks to The Chart of Doom ! ) is that we haven`t a hope in Hell`s chance of winning the EPL, so do we want the Chavs to beat the Spuds and keep the gap between us and Spuds greater for possible 4th trophy or do the Delusional`s on here want a Spuds win or draw so that your clutching at straws title ambitions are still alive ?. hahaha
    Hope that was more gentler, `teensquatch !. hahaha

  269. Fozzie B says:

    Goodevening Saddened and Sickened Stoke Schlong Syphilus Sufferers!! πŸ˜€
    Well I’m sorry but I wasn’t surprised on this performance at Stoke … My furry ringpiece was super sensitive and required the “pimp my ring cushion” ring cushion!! πŸ˜†
    You know the one with the hydraulics !!
    “As much air into that ring cushion as possible please Mr Xzibit sir!! ”
    Yes Vickers .. Don’t worry I can sort you out!! πŸ˜†
    Yes I had a bad feeling about yesterday’s game much like when I see an old Asian woman behind the wheel of a car!! (Or I could just say my Mum!!haha!!)

  270. Fozzie B says:

    When more than half the team fails … I feel that the bus stops at the manager!
    It shows that collectively something is missing!! And that is primarily motivation!!
    Because we all know they have the skills!! If Wenger was able to morph Fergies an Maureen’s occasional blow dryer treatment it wouldn’t go a miss!!
    Sure he has his way but when things don’t work for games like these then motivation has to be found!!
    Motivation is our track record !
    Manu, Chavs, Stoke recently … Surely the boys should come out of that dressing room so pumped!!! That’s Wenger’s job! Sort it!!
    Then it’s the Captains job! But management must give the
    Captain the platform to build on!!
    I’m in Iceland at the moment and I have a solution!!
    But first I must partake I Icelandic delicacies !!
    Will report later BK brethren!! πŸ˜†

  271. Don’t fcuking talk about old women behind the wheels of a car !. I can guarantee you that when I`m driving up the M5 and M6, an old biddy will be hogging the middle lane doing 60 mph !. Fcuking bent forward, white knuckles gripping the steering wheel, knitting needles stuck out their Miss Marple hat with the look of terror that they are on a death ride at Alton Towers !.
    The matrix signs on the motorway have readings of ….” Don’t hog the middle lane ! “………why don’t they just be truthful and put matrix sign readings of……..” Old women keep off the fcuking Motorway ! “. πŸ‘Ώ

  272. Icelandic delicacies !
    So that will be you slithering onto an Ice Pole to remedy your sore rectum !.

    So what is it you do exactly ?. hahaha

  273. AB says:

    TA. Your thoughts are silent on this so far, though your ire is clear. There’s been plenty of bile on the site, some of it balanced and practical, more of it simply angry reflex; but that’s just my opinion. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, beyond the poorness of the performance, which no one is arguing with. What does this performance, in the context of the season, say to you about the direction our club is taking? Has it changed your opinion about us?

    Jane J. Welcome to the site; I admire your sentiments and view of our club. Please stay and keep writing!

    JB. Read the comments and digest them. Only then join City if you so wish…

  274. AB
    I think you`re find that Total is still in a state of shock !…………….a large proportion of his Klompen Dildos stock are infected with Dutch Elm Disease !.

    Later Ghoonerlies…….a new word I have invented , a cross between Gooners and Ghoulies !.
    If only the Arsenal hierarchy were this inventive !. hahaha

  275. AB says:

    TCM. I feel a good shafting of the spuds coming on shortly; there is nothing quite like it for lifting the mood. After going down to Norwich they were barely convincing at home to Cardiff – surely the team most up for shafting of any in the PL on current form. Both sides will be up for it, but we have very reason to feel confident in the boys this season – hopefully with a good result against Everton as the warm-up.

  276. James Bond says:

    I was only jesting of course @ AB

    however, I find it rather hilarious how the blind followers of AW tend to revert to go and support other more successful clubs , if you are not happy at how things are at Arsenal.

    both you and TMHT are from the same school of thought and as a last resort do revert to such gems, which does disappoint me and to be fair to TMHT , he had me confused with someone else !

    supporting Man city ? support a team that buys ref’s as well ? even though Glic has been a bad influence on me, I still have some moral’s and sanity remaining !

    no thanks, I’ll stick to supporting My club, the same club my Father, his brothers and 95% of my family have been supporting – the other 5% are west ham utd (traitors) ahahahahahahahahhaahhahaahahhaahahah

  277. alcide says:

    JJ, welcome, I like your first post, I hope you follow up, and contribute some more in he future!

    17ht, I, as often, am sympathetic to your thoughts and way of thinking (policy of hope, although that exposes us to easy mockery and rebuttal). I hoped, and thought that the Sunderland team + Gibbs would do the job. That Podolski, finally given a chance to start a couple of games, would prove right those that wanted him to play more. That Santi, playing centrally in Γ–zil’s absence, would lead us as he used to last year. That Jack would continue to improve as he has lately (not without some ups and down, but still on the up globally).

    But that didn’t turn right. Sorry to repeat myself, but many basic passes went astray: the few opportunities we had (I wasn’t expecting that many against Stoke and their tiny pitch) were aborted, some without even developping, without possession, we had to fight for each first and second balls, often in the air (and we did poorly, missing some aggressiveness). So the typical scenario of this season (fruitless possession fist half and strong second), was looking less likely. And then bad choices, Santi forgetting Pod on his left, Gibbs not seeing the cutback for Pod (again). I have been very unsure of Podolski this season… I like the guy, I love how he can shoot missiles with precision, like very few can, but I must say I am very doubtful about the rest… Average pace, passing, dribbling, defending… I also have the impression Gibbs didn’t work with Pod ahead of him, he was very transparent offensively?

    Yet, as legs maybe got a bit tired, and as Γ–zil stepped in, we started keeping the ball a bit more consistently, and we’re starting to pin them down… I was hopeful. But the penalty punished us. At that time I was ready to shut down the TV, PC, and stop watching football until the end of the season. Or like TCM watch only games we’d have won. Pure frustration at Lady Random Luck… Why Theo’s ACL, then Rambo and Flamini at worst time, this penalty right at worst moment…? All this year after year… Do we ever get a break? But ok, it was just frustration.

    Ox came in and we saw more urgency, commitment and drive. Should he have been on the pitch from the beginning? Retrospectively, easy to say, but one could argue that he would have had a harder time over 90′? There wasn’t as much space as in the last 20′. And poor Yaya misses the sitter (that wasn’t the simplest sitter though, tricky bounce and all), that would have been a nice story, but I won’t blame him for the collective loss.

    JB, I too wished we had recruited in the winter, but frankly I didn’t see obvious candidates, even if we went the extra mile (and you by now know how I would be loathe to have to carry the cost of a good but not SQ player for a few years). I am still unsure about who we would need now to help us…

    Analysis from the last few games confirms in my mind how Theo, but even more Rambo is what we are missing. His volume of play and constant running provides and I stills movement in the whole squad, and that has disappeared for quite a bit now. This exposes the slow pace of the rest of our midfielders (TR has drive rather than speed), ST and on the right wing. We’re then left to hope for fantastic passing plays, that are difficult to reproduce game after game when other teams know it’s all you’ve got. Especially when you’re trying to play the passing-in-triangle game, but there’s never more than one outlet forward (if even).

    That leaves me worried for the next few games until Rambo gets up to speed, and that is likely to be after the season is decided… Until then, I am a bit at a loss as to what is our line up… Will Ox on the right wind be enough to provide width and outlet behind defenses? Can Santi make it work on the left? Or should he stay central with Γ–zil on the side instead? If we don’t play them together, then who on the left? I’m regretting gervinho… Almost.

    The pragmatic/statistician in me doesn’t feel as down as yesterday, in that it can convince myself that shit happens (and may happen to others), and we have games against three (two) of our four (three) direct (or including those lurking in our shadow) opponents. Our defense is still strong. We need however to urgently find a setup and gameplan that provides some level of attacking shape.

    Enough rambling… Catharsis done until I read responses if any πŸ™‚

  278. AB says:

    If only I could say the same JB! I have a spud for wife (and father in law) – to be fair she doesn’t really follow football (wise for most spuds). And I have a nephew who follows the manure (all others in his immediate family have taste I am glad to say). My boys have been carefully trained to reply to anyone who asks that the Arsenal are the best club in the world – but I do have to watch the in-laws working on them now and again…..

    By the way, I was not suggesting that you should convert to the oilers, I was expressing frustration at the many ‘new’ supporters who measure us against the oilers and point to them as the example of how it should be done every time we have a bad game. We are better than that I would like to think, and as a gooner I look to you too JB to stay true to our team, even when they disappoint – which has been in the minority of games this season.

    Incidentally, for those of a certain view on big money owners, the ‘other’ club I have followed all my life (I was born in Edinburgh) is Hearts. Anyone who wants a lesson in mixed blessings of Eastern Europeans with lots of cash might take a look at their recent history. I don’t even want to take the chance on anything similar with the Arsenal.

  279. jane johnson says:

    I would still support Arsenal even if we do not win anything for the next 50 years as long as they still follow the values that I think are important. Unfortunately I think that someone like Usmanov or someone worse will take over and we will be sucked into the open sewer of modern culture.

  280. James Bond says:

    ok before I reply to every everyone else

    Jane = TMHT ? ? ? ?


  281. alcide says:

    JB, I’m not without my doubts on AW, but do tend to rationalize them. The 70′ sub time for instance, I wish he took earlier steps to fix a team that’s not working, but I feel he has some kind of statistical analysis behind that (and the trust/hope concept). It may sometimes work, sometimes fail, even though it means extra frustration when it doesn’t? On transfers, I’m set in my thoughts that we don’t know the half of anything, and trust the financial soundness of the decisions over the long term. There’s just too much speculation and not enough reliable facts for me to torture myself over that… A bad team performance is tough enough… Not to say he didn’t make choices that turned out bad though, all teams do, but we never put ourselves in a position where bad choices could threaten the club mid or long term.

    On the medical team… I really, really, really try hard to pin our bad luck to… bad luck… but it’s getting increasingly difficult to not thing something is wrong with it (including their recommendations or lack thereof for turnaround). We’ve been the undisputed kings of the injury table for far too long.

  282. AB says:

    Alcide. You speak a lot of sense. But in the mix we have to recognise what is reasonable ambition for the club this season. We all want to win stuff – of course we do. The PL is still the top one for me, though of course I’d like us to break the CL duck sometime soon; we are too big a club to have never one this title.

    But my measure is progress, both as a team and as a club. I know this sounds soft to many fans, especially those who have been with us only a short while. But I look at our squad, their age, potential in terms of quality, and (not least) likelihood of staying; and I am in no doubt our squad has come on hugely in the last 12 months. We can keep the talent now, and its mostly young an getting better. Sagna is the exception and the worry in this, but he is 31. I hope we keep him, but we need to find a new first choice RB in the next 2 years even if he does – so may need to be soon!

    And of course our club has moved through the period of limited funds into one of growing annual income and the potential to both increase our level of ambition in the market (if not without limits) and to pay a decent rate to keep players who might otherwise be tempted elsewhere. Everyone expects us to be in the market for truly top talent come the summer – first time I have been able to say this for many years!

    In my book, both are measures of progress. Enough for me? No. I also want evidence of progress in our results, performances and relative position in the league at the end of the year. We can debate the performance side – for me we have shown more steel, but less flair. Results, the Glic league aside, have I think been pretty good – but we would all welcome some stronger showings against the other top sides (although I am glad that we are more consistent in finishing off the weaker sides than we have been). For me, if we end the season in 3rd, but within a handful of points, then I will be sad we could not do more, but content that we have made real progress this year. If we are scrapping for 4th and 15 points plus off the lead then this will be much harder to swallow I confess.

  283. James Bond says:

    Hi Alcide πŸ™‚

    yes, I understand and agree with you.

    but look, my beef with AW isn’t about who was available and who wasn’t – it’s more along the lines of him failing to accept change or evolving – the basic principle and the very existence of the winter transfer window .

    by the way, I asked you how people rated Giroud in France ? is Remy viewed better than Giroud with Benzema still the no.1 ? what’s the general consensus in the absence of Macko, will you please shed some light ?


    it’s not such a bad thing to have spuds in-laws , when was the last time they finished above us ahahahahahahhaahhahahaahahah – quality banter there to be indulged in and enjoyed !

    yes, I know you were frustrated and you did a mighty fine job with your counter argument in favour of Arsene – the guys a legend but be honest, you know what I mean’t right and the points I raised were genuine and valid ? I don’t do criticism for the sake of it, if you don’t believe me then ask Sczny – when was the last time he guessed a penalty right or made a save without conceding ? πŸ‘Ώ

    ah, yes Hearts – that was unfortunate and I can understand where you are coming from now but rest assured, there is only one thing certain in life (yes, other than spuds never finishing above us) and that’s Arsenal prospering and getting stronger than ever before.

    also, I think it was very smart of you to call TA off the fence, I suspect he will now post his own thoughts in the next post instead of answering you here πŸ˜€ let it all out skipper – you’ll feel better !

  284. James Bond says:

    yep @ Alcide

    he is just very systematic – I don’t talk about assumptions or hearsay but only the facts or what he says – for instance, his logic behind the 70th minute subs is that, it’s the time when players are tired (opposition) and scientifically it’s proven hence he sticks to that principle…

    I personally find that ludicrous, why can you not make subs in the first half or early 2nd half if things are not going our way ? why must we always react after we are chasing or behind ?

    re- injuries down to bad luck – well, if it was one year, ok fine,if it was for 2 years, then alright, I’ll give bad luck the blame – but if it’s year after year then really, it can’t be down to sheer bad luck, isn’t it ?

    I personally don’t believe in luck – we make our own luck as we go along !

    those who rely on luck being in a multi-billion industy/business/sport are often the ones who are clueless in my opinion.

    where is Gerry by the way ?

  285. alcide says:

    AB, I am 100% in sync with what you’ve written. For the CL, I am raising my expectations for next year, as I am confident that we will have important signings this summer, to build the team around/closer to Γ–zil’s specs – our financial position and new deals tells me so. Hence my worry, the only impediment to that would be our slipping to fourth or worse, and that could happen if we don’t turn things around, the last few PL games are our worse streak of the season.

    However unfortunate this last loss was, the games that follow will be the measuring stick. I am just so disappointed that we will be missing Theo and Rambo for these.

    On Sagna, I really want him to stay, and in a way would go the extra mile to reward him for past services… But there’s a limit… If he can get a fantastic deal at PSG, or elsewhere, that would not make sense for us to top, I’ll be really happy for him to cash in.


    Bondy, hahahaha. I am not Ms Johnson, well, apart from once a month at some private club I know. As for Ms Johnson herself, just like me once a month, dont always believe your base senses. Not everything is always at seems, trust me on this.

    Now, whats this “Blind” followers of Arsene meant to mean? Just like you I follow Arsenal Football Club. This is the kind of tone that is not befitting a man of your intelligence. I thought we reached a consencous yesterday that we had different perspectives, thats all?

  287. AB says:

    Alcide and JB. Yes the injury situation is very frustrating. But I think we need to look at the type of player we buy and the types that get injured. Pace and athleticism have a huge amount to do with it. That said, I do not feel confident that we are blameless for our injury handling, both in terms of when we bring players back (too quickly in the past – but we seem to be being more cautious this year?) and with over-playing some of our key players, until they break down all too predictably. Not sure what the solution is though – I doubt we need to cut financial corners on recruiting the best sports physios….

  288. alcide says:

    Yeah was thinking about Gerry too… Looking forward to his views.

    Make no mistake, I don’t believe in luck… As you’ve understood, what I call bad luck is just a streak of random events that happen at the bad time, and our injury record is eerily consistent…

    I’m with you on subs, but do find some elegance in putting the players in front of their responsibilities… You have 70′ to prove yourself, no other pressure than that.

  289. James Bond says:

    pardon me for that @ TMHT – it was my way of calling you out as I was suspecting you were JJ in disguise or vice versa πŸ™„

    yes, you are right – different perspectives and all that – you are not a blind follower – my apologies, you are just bald πŸ‘Ώ

    only joshing πŸ˜€

    co-signed and fully agreed with both Alcide and AB.

    to be fair, we have recruited a new head of science from WHU and a new scout yesterday from QPR…let’s wait until the summer and see how things pan out

  290. alcide says:

    AB, Arsene was instrumental in bringing high level physio concerns, nutrition etc to the game, I have no doubt we were at some point at the lead in that area. Is it possible we have slipped, fallen behind?

    I’m no specialist, and just asking questions, but I have the impression the topic is still not fully mature, and with the increasingly demanding pace and volume of play, with players more and more flirting with their physiological limits, it’s possible that we have not kept up to date with the latest methods, progress? That would be very natural in any HR cycle?

  291. alcide says:

    Promising news JB πŸ™‚

  292. AB says:

    Alcide, its quite possible we have slipped back as you say. I don’t know if we have recruited new folk into this area in recent years.

  293. alcide says:

    JB, I did reply last night on OG. Consensus is that KB is #1 when remotely in form, but he has his doubters (something to do with the Menez/Nasri/Ben Arfa/Ribery spoilt (brat) generation). Macko is a bit more outspoken than most about OG, but people have been frustrated with him, although to me that is more because he was just the striker in front of a very average national team, alongside KB who didn’t score for a looooong period. I’d say he is still our #2, as Remy didn’t prove much for France (he’s also often played on the right, and he’s not really a natural winger). Well have to see if Remy is given a chance, but Karim is firing on all cylinders now…

  294. Fozzie B says:

    Ok brethren !! Here’s my solutions fresh from Iceland!! πŸ˜€
    I have lost one of my gonads to frostbite and the other got blown up to the Nothern Lights!! So take heed bastards!! πŸ˜†
    You owe me that !! Haha πŸ˜€
    And before I finish that story … If you bastardos ever see the Northern Lights …. You can sing “Twinkle twinkle little gonad” as a slight variation of this most
    famous jingle!! πŸ˜†
    We need to get the team not to a hot weather football camp but to a cold one!! πŸ˜€


    No worries Bondy, I know you didnt mean it in a bad way. Remember what I said about Ms Johnson, not everything is as it appears.

    Now come on lads. I know Bondy reckons our Doctor is recruited form Haiti and moulds liitle effegies of players as he attempts a cure, probably sticking a pin up Diabys rectum by mistake, but come on. Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world and know what there doing on the medical front.

    We have a playing style that invites injury and a lot of players that are mobile and small thus probably more prone to strains etc.


    hahahaha, Fozzie, for a man who has just lost his Gonads you are in an excellent mood. Now thats what I call positivity.

    In all seriousness, I knew a guy who had his gonands removed after getting kicked there. He was never the same after that. First he started to change physicaly, no longer requiring a shave, and rather disturbingly, his general body tone started to look like a girl.

    Then there was the mental side. He no longer had an interest in anything. Never mind women or football, everything was “what ever”. The poor bloke lost all his drive.

    The whole thing shook me up. For the last 20 years I never leave the house without my cod piece.

  297. James Bond says:

    thanks @ Alcide

    that’s interesting – I personally feel that Remy is under-rated and had he been at Arsenal then he may well have been the next Henry thanks to AW (yeah, not only do they look alike but I also feel that he could have done an able job and played the Henry role for us well, under Wenger’s guidance)….definitely missed a trick there with Remy ,in my opinion.

    things are not looking too rosy for Giroud, as the media is upping the heat on his non-footballing affairs, apparently – can’t imagine AW being overly pleased about what he’s having to read…the latest one being him asking a lass for a 3some with a fellow team mate ? not sure if it’s true but you know how the tabloids are.

    ahahahahhahahahahahahahahah@ FB & TMHT

  298. davydavy says:

    alcide, 100% agree on the 70′ sub business, in fact it’s fair to say that AW’s biggest weakness is his in-game management. I don’t know if I entirely agree on the med team though. We don’t have that many players out, compared with other premier league teams, and I think in Theo’s case he was rushed back and played too many games too early after his previous injury. Rather than looking at the medical team, I would move our focus onto improving our scouting network. We’re not seeing anyone coming from South America for example; do we not have any scouting over there? The first week of the summer transfer window should see us with our targets identified and our scouts having a few pleasant surprises under the radar, with deals all lined up and ready to click into place from week one.

    As for the game, we can’t really complain about losing to Stoke, because we sure as heck didn’t produce enough to deserve to win it. Stoke just exposed some weaknesses that have been apparent for a few months now (an glaringly so in Ramsey’s absence). And really there’s no shame in losing at the Brittania – it is not an easy place to get a result even for us.

    What we will need to look at is pretty clear – there’s both a lack of speed (Liverpool away) and strength (Stoke away). Back in the good old days there would be no way that someone like Charlie Adam would get away with assaulting OG the way he did – within minutes he would be answering to the likes of Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit, and you can bet that it wouldn’t happen again. We don’t have anyone remotely intimidating today, except perhaps Flamini who didn’t even start. We also lack pace, that is obvious. We used to have outlets such as Henry, Ljungberg, Overmars, Pires, Anelka and could move the ball from one end of the pitch to the other in a matter of seconds. And we had the genius in Bergkamp who could see options in fractions of a second and produce quality passes to these outlets at speed, and now we are lucky to have the same in Ozil.

    What to do now? Well, we have a lot of very good players and we can partially remedy the lack of pace by picking at least two sprinters in every game. To me that means two of Gnabry, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Miyaichi and Sanogo must start so that Ozil has a chance to create some chances. Maybe recall Akpom from loan. who looked dead useful pre-season. And we should always always start Flamini against physical opposition like Stoke.

    I really hope we have a go at winning the FA Cup, because that’s our best option now. Finishing top three in the league is still on of course, maybe even better, but we can definitely win something this year. Who knows, an early goal at Munich might spark some of that great Arsenal spirit back into life after it went missing at Stoke. Go the Arsenal!

  299. Fozzie B says:

    Iceland is the destination!! Why?
    1. Arsene’s testicles can be ritualistically tea bagged in snow and hot springs !!
    When Arsene finds “motivation” he will scream and the process will be repeated
    until finally a safety word will be introduced!!
    … And the safety word will be “………..”
    You guys decide and tell me!! πŸ˜€
    2. Iceland delicacy is Puffin!!
    Santi will find motivation here!!
    3. Also it’s Rams balls!!
    Not saying Rambo needs a jolly up!
    But if he can step it up a notch over here then
    it can only stimulate the rest!!
    4. Berserk!! These Viking bastardos find something inside them to flick the switch and wipe out whole tribes!! Shapeshifting also started here!!
    Wenger needs to get this collective Beserk!! in the team, even
    if it’s a strategic 10 minute burst when Wenger morphs
    into a wolf on the sideline!!
    5. Motivation Wenger .. Sort it against our opponents we have psychological barriers against!!
    6. At any time in a match Arsenal supporters can press the “Gonad” button!!
    This should naturally be located next to the “Cock end” I mean Clock end!!
    It will be a picture of a finger on a button so as not to
    appear PC to the masses!!

    But the reality will be Wenger will not be allowed to
    leave his chair!! He will have his Daft Wenger Velcro coat on and actually
    be strapped to his chair which will have a “tea bagging” chamber hidden
    beneath his seat !! πŸ˜†
    If Wenger cannot find the motivation and is not barking orders,
    the crowd collectively point to the “cock end” and shout
    “Bollicks!! Bollicks!!! Bollicks!!”
    Icelandic winter camp sorted!! πŸ˜†

    Ps. Easy to be a bit upbeat out here despite being a
    Eunuch for Arsenal now!! πŸ˜†

  300. Sounds like this man became the 2nd Mrs Mancini !. Although I`m curious to know whether you knew this information before or after the wedding !. Takes Prenuttials to a new level…..that being considerably higher !. hahaha

  301. Fozzie B says:

    Hahaha!! Stretch I know your balls are bigger than Ostrich eggs!!
    That’s why they have to bury their heads and shave off to Aussie!! The dreaded West Island of NZ!! Haha!! πŸ˜†

  302. Here you go davydavy !. Compared to other EPL teams we are going to win the title by a mile injury wise !.

  303. I think our injury problems went down hill when we sold Eboue !. He was a shit player but apparently a great Witch Doctor !. Hence the cult saying…..” I`ve only come to see Eboue ! ”
    They used to queue up around the block bringing chickens, snakes and even Marley Kaze……and it wasn`t for his footballing skills !.

    “I`ve come to see Eboue, I have a chicken, please fix my erectile dysfunction ! “…………..”please, sit down Mr VCC ! “.

  304. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, no post from me for a while. That performance was so bad that it does not deserve my attention. We threw it all away in ninety minutes and that’s all to it: if they cannot be bothrered I cannot be bothered either.

    Night all. πŸ™‚

  305. Fozzie B says:

    Good night Totes … Do not despair.
    This was worse than the Chelsea draw and the Man U one, but not by much
    in my opinion. Wenger cannot make key strategic changes when it really counts I’m afraid. He has become a godhead which deserves respect but there are enough
    people to challenge and inject freshness in the engine room.
    I would still give him an extension to prove me wrong, to see if he makes changes, spends a bit more etc.
    Personally I would hate for his legacy to go out this way, but I think he hasn’t changed enough with the times … Hope he can prove me wrong!!
    Your work is utter Bergkamp quality and this site is a tribute to a true
    “Invincible supporter group” because we stick through thick and thin and
    collectively pull through as a core unit!!
    Our comments are insightful (apart from Cokie an I ) and heartfelt and
    we will get there through the blood, sweat and tears!!
    (Although in caps, this sounds more like a husky Mighty Mouse due to
    unfortunate cold exposure in Iceland) πŸ˜†

  306. davydavy says:

    @TCM – what can I say? Looks like we do indeed need to take a look at the medical staff then, even though only Theo and Aaron Ramsey are missing from our first XI!

  307. Fozzie B says:

    Pellegrini looks happy after today’s win!

  308. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good stuff, people…Sorry, Cockie if I was too rough on you and the various charts, maps, and descriptions of the doom…You are a bit of a special one in that regard… πŸ˜€ Otherwise, a day on from the latest sky is falling event there’s mostly good discussion and respect here. Well done. That said, even if he’s off to bed, I’m a tad concerned about our fearless leader (Total)…

    He even misinterpreted my earlier writing–I guess I need to write even more, to fully explain myself… πŸ˜€ I think it’s fine to talk about Wenger and the idea of Wenger out, but I think the grander problem is that he’s the entire narrative and that’s just not a healthy situation for any sort of complex organization. If he’s a genius with every win (for some) then he’s a villain with each loss. It’s tiresome, but it’s the situation at our club…

    Delegation, of course, is the answer, but it would also dilute the thrill of the story. I still can’t abide by what I saw transmitted to the 11 starters who played yesterday as well as the supporters–That this match was going to be simple enough that we didn’t need our most expensive (and thus– because AW also does all the buying and selling–our best) player was (to me) inexplicable…We’re already short on attacking options (Ramsey, Walcott). Suddenly Stoke Away is just a simple three points? It’s a nice thought, but absurd, as anybody examining the results (Chelsea, ManU got no points, ManCity only one) would note…In my opinion, it’s as good a reason as any that AW might need to head upstairs and let somebody else pick the players on the pitch and “manage” the first team.

    Frankly, however, I don’t see that happening so this organizational experiment will either succeed or fail on it’s own merits. Attention spans are short and I do believe people’s expectations are insanely high. (Which is why only two of the top 5 teams has the same manager as they did a year ago–the team in 6th retired “on top” 😯 …) On the finances alone we (and Liverpool) should be battling for 4th each and every season. We have been a selling club and (naturally) should finish behind the buyers. That’s the reality, people, but reality doesn’t put bums in (the most expensive in Europe) seats… Under-promise and over-deliver are the usual watchwords in Public Relations, but Wenger, simply by dint of his total control and his longevity, does neither…

    So, while I have sympathy for Wenger trying to do it all and triumph against the odds, I’d be even more inspired if he could find a way to morph his role into a healthier situation for the club. He’s a hero, but sometimes quite a tragic one (Lear, McBeth, Hamlet, Othello, come to mind)… It’s all great theater (theatre?) but maybe TOO much drama for the would be supporter. At least HE’S (seemingly…) willing to take the brunt of the ire (and possibly spare his not-good-enough players?)… Up next at the Globe, Everton in the FA cup. Fingers-crossed, if not hands clasped and knees to the ground for that one, eh?…

  309. Dylan says:

    I fear Wenger intends to win the FA Cup, get us into the top 4 and then leave at the end of the season. Terrible decision in my opinion. Incredible a manager. But it may well be time to start thinking about who we are going to get as his replacement. Klopp is my first choice, but would he leave Dortmund? Perhaps after this latest collapse with Goetze and Lewandowski leaving. But he’s dealt with it before, maybe he intends to just rebuild his squad again. My next choice would be Roberto Martinez. But he’s only
    Just joined Everton and is doing great there. Only true links to the job I recall is that guy who currently manages Lyon (Remi…Garde?) and that guy who played for a Wenger at Nagoya Grampus (Dragan Stojkovic). But I know little about either. Thoughts?

  310. Milo says:

    Sometimes “super quality” isn’t what is needed. Look at our current starting 11 and tell me who truly is at that level. Ozil SHOULD be when he fully adjusts. The rest??? I’m not saying that is a bad thing, even though that sounds strange. Sometimes I think we look too hard for players who might be spectacular, but cannot produce it on a consistent enough basis (yet, or ever), when really all we need is a player who is solid enough to help us immediately. We have too many mercurial talents and not enough players who can make it work from one match to the next. We have Mertesacker, Koscielny, Sagna, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, maybe Ramsey (my personal favourite player, but has to prove that he can maintain a high level of play throughout a whole season, through no fault of his own ) and maybe Theo. Two of those players are injured and the others are aging. The more mercurial ones either have to become more consistent (Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski and maybe even Ozil) or we have to attain even more solid if not spectacular talents. I appreciate that Mesut cannot play in a similar fashion to Ramsey, but I am hoping that he becomes more involved on a consistent basis next season. Assists and the odd goal are great, but it’s overall contribution that matters for me. Also we tend to release these types of players, like Gervinho, Arshavin and probably Podolski, yet we keep purchasing new ones??? That doesn’t make sense. We need to find a balance. Every club needs players who can turn a match on it’s head instantly with a moment of brilliance. We need to surround these players with people who are always present, no matter what. They might not pose an attacking threat all the time or be the most technically able, but they can contribute in other ways.

    It is rare to find a club that has players who do both. Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid, Man City, Chelsea and maybe PSG and in the future Juventus, if they can keep their players in midfield have these commodities. We cannot compete with them financially, so we need to find a balance through our youth development and transfer policy.

  311. Gerry says:

    Good, err if that is only related to being alive? Morning all,

    Right now I feel like the rat that jumped ship before it began sinking … except I haven’t. I am just not spending the same amount of time here. Which may, or may not be, the same thing, depending on the prevailing wind?

    Truth be told, when I have a choice between something that holds a passionate interest which I can enjoy, or have a passionate interest in something I enjoy but find I am forever having to argue the point that Arsenal are a better team this season than they were, when a winnable game, on paper at least, goes astray … well, like the majority of the post match comments above, which are highly predictable, I can really do without. But well done AB for trying. JB for your passion, if not your comments – of course the three things you named are something to value.In fact the best things! Well done HT17 for trying to hold the middle ground while all around are.. you know? TCM for being like me, a non-watcher of the game, and being predictable.

    So question of the TA – Is L V Gaal your man to replace Wenger?

    Or, perhaps, depending how the rest of the season goes, Wenger’s chosen one?

    Just a thought on the game, the selections, etc, which I have only listened to btw. Could it be that AW thought he might get away with this one, so he could put a strong early effort in against BM?
    Following the TCM line that the league is harder to win, perhaps a big surprise in Germany opens up the CL into being an easier possibility? Winning it not being the same thing.

    Another question. Will Suarez or his agent sue J W Henry for loss of earnings? And should he be barred from owning a Club in the league?

    Much more fun than the might have been’s …

  312. Alcide says:

    Gerry, you’re a bit hard on posters, there was quite a lot of “ground holding”, and you were missed in that respect (but fair enough, there’s not much enjoyment in repeating the same arguments).

    Could it be that AW thought he might get away with this one, so he could put a strong early effort in against BM?”

    I didn’t feel he put in a weak team in, this team worked well against Sunderland and apart from Γ–zil being rested, is not far from a first 11, no? For that reason, I think “getting away with it” is a bit strongly put. It is often said we don’t rotate enough, rest key players enough, it seemed reasonable to give a break to Mesut and Ox in preparation of the tough fixture list (and int’l firendlies). I read somewhere we had played 18 games since Christmas, when Bayern had played only 11, I’m sure any rest will pay off.

    Anyway to answer you question, I do think Arsene thought that this team might do the trick against Stoke, so he could put a strong effort not simply against BM, but also in anticipation for the upcoming EPL and FA Cup challenges as well (or whichever will be given ‘priority’).

  313. Fozzie B says:

    Morning Gezza and the Gregarious Gang of Greivers!!
    I do believe you are right about Wenger planning things around the big games that follow and now we will just have to believe he has lulled the whole lot of then into a false sense of security!! πŸ˜†
    Wenger was very honest after the game .. I give him that … Pretty much admitting our title chances are over … The man looked devastated!!
    But now the lame performances where we could have got points are vital.
    Chelsea, Manure, City … I’ll leave out Liverpool because I believe that was a one off.
    But those other games we were exposed and naive and lacked killer instinct.
    Let’s just hope things pick up next 2 games !!

  314. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Gerry πŸ™‚

    I don’t want to talk about Wenger replacements. Somehow the Wenger adorers – not you in this case – feel that criticism of the team AND manager is synonymous with wanting the manager out. I find that an irrelevant question right now.

    Questions right now are:
    1. Why did we play so limp-wristed?
    2. Why did we start with a lack of speed and thrust in the team, and why did Wenger not make appropriate adjustments?
    3. Why was there no sense of urgency in the second half to go for the kill – especially after the harsh pen/goal conceded?
    4. Where was the leadership – the ‘over my dead body are we going to lose here today’ spirit?
    5. Where was the support for Ollie who was fighting a lone battle and being kicked to pulp?
    6. Why do we keep combining Arteta and Wilshere in the DM pivot, which clearly seldom or never works?
    7. Why was Flamini left on the bench in a game like this?
    8. Why does Wenger believe that combining Pod-OG-Santi will work in a game like this (it only worked against Sunderland because they were happy to sit back and let us attack them around the box almost constantly – Stoke had different plans….)?

    I can take a lot, but losing against a bloody average Stoke side with such a pathetic performance is unacceptable. Those were the easiest three points these kicking Neanderthals will get all season…. thanks to our monthly bad day at the office. Not good enough.

  315. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo, you have made some very good points over the last few days and I like the passion you always put into your comments. Keep it up buddy. πŸ™‚

    Fine comments as well by AB, 17, Cockie, Fozzer, Alcide, davy2, Terry, (baguette de) Jambon. I might not always agree, but you have all made your comments with passion and clarity – a joy to read.

  316. Admir says:

    Hello, people. I’d like to hear a legal opinion regarding John W. Henry’s statement about Suarez’s buy-out clause.

    “He had a buyout clause of Β£40m. Arsenal, one of our prime rivals, offered Β£40m plus Β£1. What we’ve found … is that contracts don’t seem to mean a lot in England – actually, in world football.”

    If Liverpool had had an obligation to accept our 40.000.001 pounds bid before Suarez renewed his contract, do you think that we should sue Liverpool for the damage for our results made by their breach of Suarez’s contract clause? I’m thinking of Sheffield vs West Ham-case regarding Tevez.

  317. TotalArsenal says:

    I have just noticed that we have a post re the Suarez contract issue in drafts which I will publish tonight. I suggest we keep our powder dry till then, if okay with you, Admir(al)? πŸ™‚

  318. TotalArsenal says:

    Alcide, hope you don’t mind that I trashed your and my comments so we can discuss this topic later today rather than now. πŸ™‚

  319. Admir says:

    Eye, eye, sir! πŸ˜€

    Still, I can’t help myself and say one more thing: what Henry was smoking while he was giving that statement?

  320. Gerry says:

    TA & Admir – I too, sort of by passed the Arsenal angle re Suarez/Henry thing. But the FA have a role to play? Who was that said the contract would not stand up if it went to arbitration? Players Union rep, or the FA’s? He clearly did not see the whole document, or was ‘persuaded’ to go along with the lie?

    Either way, you cannot conduct transfers in this manner, so at the very least Liverpool should be docked all the goals Suarez has scored, and the points accrued thereby? Henry could be branded an unsuitable person? Or, for casting doubts of our legal system honouring contracts – bit rich from one dishonouring one? – that too could get him disbarred? Perhaps he also thinks the FA is too weak to push it that far?

  321. alexgunners says:

    Great to see you back. I completely agree with what you have said. It was a lack lustre performance to say the least.
    If we go back a couple if months when Arteta was injured, we were playing amazing football. It all started going down hill with his re-introduction into the team.

    I will not use him as a scapegoat. The tactics were wrong, the team selected was wrong and the get-up-and-go attitude, definitely got up and went. We look flat, lacking leadership and should not be losing games like this.
    Why was ozil in the bench???more importantly why was the Ox not in the starting line up.
    When we look back and assess this season, let’s look at the lack of tactics and the missing PLAN B to our game.

  322. Dylan says:

    I’ve realized I’ve not really stated my thoughts on the game properly. I think this is just a minor setback. I don’t think Wenger is at fault at all. Resting some players ahead of Bayern, expecting first team players to beat Stoke. This is something he should be able to count on and the players let him down. Based on this game, I hope Wenger begins to drop players. At the start everyone came out firing. We were the underdogs and we were going to win the title! But now everyone seems to have become complacent at the top. We need Rambo back to give us that spark and passion. Arteta seems tired every game now, he’s aging and it is showing. We need Rambo back to take over his role for a while and give him a break. Poldi was also not impressive. I love the guy, but he hasn’t been good lately. Giroud and Ozil together? Still not working. Now don’t get me wrong, these players are fantastic. But breaks are in order and new systems must be tried. Perhaps it’s time to give youth a chance? Sanogo is fresh and unpredictable. We haven’t really seen Serge in a while. Ox has been fantastic lately. Perhaps a few 90th minute cameos by Hayden/Zelalem. There are options. And perhaps a call up for some youngsters will be the kick in the pants our high quality players need, much like Szcz being dropped last season.

  323. alcide says:

    TA, I’ll have a go at your questions – just to accompany my lunchtime sandwhich. I moslty ask myself the same questions, so it’s not like I’m trying to be definitive with my answers (i.e. bear with me…).

    2. Why did we start with a lack of speed and thrust in the team, and why did Wenger not make appropriate adjustments?
    It was a slow start indeed… again. I am getting tired at the handbrake thingie… I have unfortunately no explanation as to why we cannot just turn it on from the get go, systematically, as opposed to once in a while. On making appropriate adjustments, I’m done with being frustrated at the 70′ subs thing – I’ve accepted it as a fact of life, and try to find comfort in the instances where it seems to work.

    3. Why was there no sense of urgency in the second half to go for the kill – especially after the harsh pen/goal conceded?
    I was in a saaaad state after the penalty, and this may have clouded my assesment, but I thought we did react decently (if not with utmost urgency). In fact we started driving forward as a team as we should have from the start.

    4. Where was the leadership – the β€˜over my dead body are we going to lose here today’ spirit?
    That’s where I missed Flamini barking out, but Per (other than trying to turn himself into a CAM, which he did at some point), or actually any of the players, but *someone* should have picked up the role. I was really feeling down on my sofa, but I promise you on a pitch (Rugby or Volleyball) I would never accept defeat like that.

    5. Where was the support for Ollie who was fighting a lone battle and being kicked to pulp?
    Again, Flam was missing, but again, in his absence, I would expect anyone but *someone* to jump in.

    6. Why do we keep combining Arteta and Wilshere in the DM pivot, which clearly seldom or never works? and 7. Why was Flamini left on the bench in a game like this?
    It’s a tricky one for me. I suppose Arsene chose to not risk another yellow or worse for Flamini? For much of the first/second balls and aerial contests, I am not sure Flam would have brought so much more without some risk. Our failure in my opinion related more to how we failed using the ball when we had it, when opportunities arose (poor movement off the ball, missed passes, bad choices). Without those individual errors, I think we would have been ahead in controlling the game and Stoke would have struggled more than they did.

    8. Why does Wenger believe that combining Pod-OG-Santi will work in a game like this (it only worked against Sunderland because they were happy to sit back and let us attack them around the box almost constantly – Stoke had different plans….)?
    I dunno (said with Arsene’ french acccent). I’m dubious about Pod these days, so not going to defend the line up, although I must say I thought it would be enough to go through. But again, I think the sum of individual performances that day was just too poor, and I am not convinced a different line-up would have turned the game around that much.

    1. Why did we play so limp-wristed?
    Did we have the idea that we should be able to beat them without getting into neanderthal football, and that translated into no aggressiveness whatsoever? That’s the big disappointment, that there didn’t seem to be the level of commitment we expected on the last stretch…

    From my (low level) team sports experience, I can understand and relate to having a “team” bad day or period, so I an *not* throwing the toys out. Our recent form however points out some issues that may go beyond a bad day/period, and the bad news is that we don’t have much room in the way of resting players? But then we did have a good 20 minutes vs. BM, so we *can* do it?

  324. alcide says:

    TA, No worries.

  325. AB says:

    Dylan and Alcide – I’m right with you both. I think we had an off day. As fans this is frustrating as hell, but should not rock our faith in the team; it is for Arsene to put the proverbial rocket up folk. And I agree, some time on the bench for some may be due to focus their minds on the levels of effort and performance expected.

    I do think Wenger shares some blame for our performance – there were some odd selections, as well as the inevitable reluctance to change before late in the game. Remember though his selection against pool in the cup – he does not always go orthodox, and he does not always get it wrong! I remain mystified when Ox was on the bench, though I can see good reason for keeping Flam back in what was going to be a rough game (though this too looks an error in hindsight).

    Why such a lacklustre performance from the team as a whole though? Impossible to answer without being with the players I think; but we deserve, and should expect, a strong reaction.

  326. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Alex, interesting point re the impact of Arteta’s reintroduction. I reckon Arteta plays best with Ramsey next to him and Wilshere plays best with Flamini next to him. Hence, with Ramsey still not back and Wenger’s current reluctance to play Flamini as first choice DM, we seem to have a problem.

    I think Mikel is a fantastic guy but now that the team is ready/needs to move on, he does not seem to fit any more/ offer enough.

    Dylan, why rest players for Munich…. you do realise we are not playing them till 11th March?

  327. TotalArsenal says:

    All good responses, Alcide.

    IF Arsene worries about Flamini’s ability to control his aggression/passion we do indeed have a problem. For me, these are the sort of games you have a Flamini in your team, and I reckon it is the biggest area of disagreement I have with our manager: the need for a beast of a (footballing) DM in the PL. I felt we missed the Flame (who is not my ‘ideal’ type of DM in any case) terribly, both positionally, as he allows Wilshere to push forward so well, and motivationally as he is the extrovert leader we need in these sort of encounters. The team literally needed a wake up call on the pitch, as everybody was playing within themselves (not much dissimilar to Cockie’s favourite activity). πŸ™‚

    We definitely can do it, as you put it, and I am not structurally depressed with the team, but a performance like that cannot just be brushed under the Emirates carpet with a ‘just (another) bad day at the office’ attitude imo. I expect there to be repercussions and don’t be surprised if both Pod and Cazorla might be benched a lot more from now on.

  328. TotalArsenal says:

    AB πŸ™‚

    I think the team did not work on the day and that was partly the cause of the lacklustre team performance. Everybody was moving towards the middle and in each other way, and yet Stoke was very comfortable with dealing with the little we threw at them through the centre. Wenger said we lacked thrust on the day (BBC interview) and damn right we did. The question we are all asking is why he waited so long to inject it…. I guess he did not see the penalty coming and thought we would kill them in the last twenty minutes with the introduction of Ox and Ozil…. but that backfired horribly, didn’t it…

  329. Admir says:

    Questions right now are:
    1. Why did we play so limp-wristed?

    A1. Because we haven’t had an ugly mo-fo to lead our team on the pitch ever since Vieira had signed for Juventus. Our captain was Arteta. I like him a lot but he has an appearance of a soap-opera leading star.

    2. Why did we start with a lack of speed and thrust in the team, and why did Wenger not make appropriate adjustments?

    A2. Because Wenger is a guy that is scared of making changes. Let’s take a look at Roberto Mancini’s move against Maureen’s bunch in CL. He took HajroviΔ‡ off before the half-time because he felt it was something that Galatasaray needed to make a come-back. He managed to find an equalizer. Last season, Barcelona played Real Madrid at Nou Camp. Real were destroying Barcelona down the right side where Dani Alves couldn’t deal with Ronaldo. Barcelona replaced Alves with Montoya at 28th minute and things were better for Barcelona until the end.

    Can you imagine Wenger replacing Vermaelen with Koscielny against Spuds last year (today is that ugly anniversary) between Spuds’ goals?

    I can come up with only one reason why Wenger didn’t start with Chamberlain – he didn’t want to lose his in-form player to some idiotic rugby challenge.

    3. Why was there no sense of urgency in the second half to go for the kill – especially after the harsh pen/goal conceded?

    A3. Because this team doesn’t have a self-confidence anymore. Our defeat at Anfield is still in our heads and our FA Cup victory against Liverpool didn’t change that. Our away form has been appalling in 2014 – our last away victory was against Aston Villa. Our performance against Stoke was a very similar to the one against Norwich last season. Our best chance came after we had introduced Sanogo as our second striker.

    Perhaps we should do the same thing with our attack that we did last season with our midfielders – if you don’t have quality in the midfield, go with quantity.

    4. Where was the leadership – the β€˜over my dead body are we going to lose here today’ spirit?

    A4. Because Flamini was on the bench while Mertesacker and Arteta are good lads but both of them are jaded. BFG has played almost every game this season and Arteta’s flaws have became visible since Ramsey got injured.

    5. Where was the support for Ollie who was fighting a lone battle and being kicked to pulp?

    A5. If there is a better proof that Ollie didn’t do what that lady accused him for (asking her to go three-way with him and his un-named team-mate before Manchester City game) it’s the way our players “protected” the Frenchman. I can’t remember that I saw even Wilshere doing that. Flamini, on the other hand, would have made that gap between Adam’s teeth even wider if he had been on the pitch.

    6. Why do we keep combining Arteta and Wilshere in the DM pivot, which clearly seldom or never works?

    A6. Because Flamini and Arteta haven’t worked for a while and there are no other options we could try…except with Rosicky as Arteta’s/Flamini’s partner? Arsene has been a rather stubborn guy and he never changes things that had worked at some point even when they no longer work (e.g. Ramsey as a right winger last season after one successful attempt with that one against City).

    7. Why was Flamini left on the bench in a game like this?

    A7. Because he didn’t want him to get another sent off when things get ugly. The Flame is a rather hot-blooded guy and he wouldn’t have stood still at Stoke play which would have led him into trouble. And, we need him for Everton and Spuds.

    8. Why does Wenger believe that combining Pod-OG-Santi will work in a game like this (it only worked against Sunderland because they were happy to sit back and let us attack them around the box almost constantly – Stoke had different plans….)?

    A8. See my second sentence at A6.

  330. Gezzer
    I don’t think we can say we are a better team than last season until the season is over and can look back at position/points/ and the Chart of Doom !. hahaha
    This season so far, our two biggest wins have been 4-1. Last season we had….1 X 7-3, 1 X 6-1, 1 X 5-1, 2 X 5-2 and 2 X 4-1, yes I know there are 10 games to go, but here is a picture to say we will probably have to do something in our last 6 league game to match them results !.

    ##WARNING## this could picture could cause damage to your health….not for the faint hearted !.

    I still stand by my opinion that everyone ( well most ! ) got too excited by our early to mid season league position and are now depressed because we are sinking down the table !. It would have probably been better if we had started the season by playing the teams in my link earlier in the season !. Then we would be cheering on our boys to try and get 4th by coming from behind…..much more satisfaction !. hahaha
    I see it this way, had we have played all the big teams from the start and had beaten them and topped the league, then even I might have thought we were in with a chance of winning it !.
    Imo it`s the way the fixtures were dealt to us which put us in a false position of thinking we were going to win the EPL, but there was one ( a few actually, but I need to say one for dramatic effect ! hahaha ) person who was not blinded by the false position, one person who could see past the rose tintedness, one person who had the intelligence to calculate like for likeness, one person who was not a deluded bastard !……….. some say he is all three of the 3 wise men and that his pulled back foreskin gives him one eyed foresight !…….but we know him as…..The Protector of The Chart of Doom !. hahaha

  331. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Admir. Really good read and mostly agreed. Re Flamini and Wenger worrying about him getting a yellow card…. IF this is really true, I would be very disappointed in Wenger for resigning him in the first place. I actually don’t believe this; I reckon he kept him out because he wants to beat the Stokes of this world the footballing way…. πŸ˜•

  332. PS
    Even though I am……..The Protector of The Chart of Doom !. It is my humble opinion that we will beat last seasons points total !. Will it be enough to get at least 4th trophy ?……. something even my one-eyed soothsaying little Monster cannot predict !. I will however, try and read the tea leaves to get another opinion…………VCC !…have you finished tea bagging that Giraffe yet ?.

  333. TotalArsenal says:

    The Cock of Doom has spoken again…. πŸ˜†

    You also fall into the trap of making big season conclusions from one game/result, mainly because it suits your dooming black narrative. The real, and only meaningful, fact at this stage is that we are still far better off than at this point last season – and your (secretly beloved) Mancs will not catch us or Pool any more. Smell the coffee Cock of Doom hahahaha πŸ˜›

    THIS game was disappointing and the team and manager deserve big criticism, but let’s not get carried away into your den of doom, Cocker of Doom. πŸ˜‰

  334. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha, he is not that tall, Cock of Doom, unless he was precariously balancing on his zimmer frame whilst subtracting the juices hahaha πŸ˜›


    Yes its is I. Scouring the internet for Arsene blasphemers and passing judgement when and how I see fit.

    This conversation has become short sighted. Focusing on our chances this year is totally understandable but it is not the be all and end all. There is a longer game been played out here.

    We have improved on the pitch, but more importantly, we have improved off it. The benefits of increased sponsorship income and tying down players to long term contracts will not be visible straight away, it takes time.

    And before someone commits blasphemy buy saying its been 10 years, No, its only been about a year since the two fundamental changes listed above have occurred.

    Give Arsene and the Club time to build on our new foundations. If in two years time we are not as good as the likes of City and Chelsea and it is due to bad management from either/both Arsene or the Board, then lets talk about it then, but not now, just as we enter a new era of high promise.

  336. But my Dutch Elm Diseased Bastard…….My Doomyness information is so far based from 28 games, not just from one Orc game !.
    Hahaha add his colostomy bag in to the equation and ……well……shit happens. As for the Giraffe, it was VCC`s calculated choice of animal for reasons that the Giraffe can keep a look out over the trees and shrubs incase anyone is coming !. His zimmer has the ability to transform into a step ladder and a work mate, he is like a DIY hero for the blue rinse brigade, a not so quick fit fitter for their wheelchairs !.

  337. alcide says:


  338. alcide says:

    *blushes in embarassement*

    …the cheers were for TMHT πŸ™‚

  339. TotalArsenal says:

    You are as bad as the Cock of Doom, Syrup of Bloom. πŸ™‚

    Let’s focus on the here and now and not indulgence in future potentials.

  340. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Cocker πŸ™‚

    The only comparison that matters is in the here and now. Comparing seasons is something we do in the dull, football-less summers πŸ˜‰

  341. I agree Stretch !…..yes we have improved off the pitch, as for on it……look at my Gezzer comment, we wont know until the season ends !.

    Anyway Totes……..I like being the BK Doomer !……ask any thespian which part they want to play…`s always the Baddie !. So if you all don’t mind, maybe some booing when I enter the mass debating…..that’s booing not BOING !. The BOING ! bit is the erect clitoris the BK WAGS get when I enter the proceedings !. Booooooo ! hahahaha


    Thanks alcide

    TA, you know as well as I, that is not logical. No Football Club, or dare I say, any organisation would survive very long without constantly thinking forward.

    Growing as a club and producing a team on the pitch to match the advancements off it is the aim. Yes, its a rocky road, but slowly and surely we will get there

    It may be boring and unfashionable, but the truth is still the truth

  343. A question for you limp wristers…….would you rather Mansour City in the FAC Semis or the Final ?.
    I expect a win on Saturday…..sorry to not be a Doomer there !. Yu can still Boo though !.

  344. TotalArsenal says:

    Sorry Terry, the future is not in our hands and we live in the here and now – that is the only truth. The club needs to operate responsibly and not jeopardize the future, but that is all to it. Saying things will be better in the future just does not interest me right now.

    We have a chance right now to win things and I am not buying this idea that it is too early, that it will be better in the future. Carpe Diem, take the bull by the horns and all that… πŸ™‚

  345. TotalArsenal says:

    I have no preference, CoD. What about you?

  346. Admir says:

    TMHT, I beg to differ for one simple reason: too many “IFs”.

    It’s not the fact the we have been waiting for a trophy for soon-to-be-nine years during which teams like Portsmouth, Birmingham City and Swansea won trophies that worries me. It’s the fact I’m not so sure Arsene can lead us back to the top. You mentioned City and Chelsea but you forgot United have even better sponsorship deals than we do and they might buy themselves a card to return to Top 4. In eighties and nineties you could have waited for manager to settle – like United did with Red Nose. These days expiration dates come sooner than ever – it’s like that pyramid from “Waking Life”. Everything is happening faster and I’m not so sure that Arsene is aware of that. I mean, he compares Sanogo to Anelka. I’m sorry but Sanogo – who is very likeable player but still a raw material – is already 21. Anelka was 18 when he scored against United and 19 when he was our top-scorer in the Premiership. I was the first one to compare Sanogo with Adebayor (at least in my head, that is) but Adebayor had Henry and Van Judas next to him to learn stuff.

    He did a wonderful thing by keeping us in Top 4 during The Age of Austerity. He had a chance this January to use rivals’ flaws to run away with a league title in his pocket. He didn’t use it. It’s no wonder our players have looked limp-wristed even before Anfield – they expected a back-up ahead of tough battles that will come and all fresh blood they got was Diaby’s new chess-partner. I have a feeling that Wenger The Economist has beaten Wenger The Football Genius over the years and has kept him as a hostage.

  347. alcide says:

    Admir, Where are the “Ifs” in TMHT’s statements? For the first time in ages, we have not sold important players and committed key ones on a long term basis, and made a first top quality purchase, our financial situation is yet largely improved and new significant deals are kicking in. The real drive starts now, and we have decent means to compete – some teams may have more, but in recent years we had none short of selling assets… Anyaway, I agree with TA that it’s not the time to talk about the future (although it’s nice to recall the bigger picture when all hell attempts to break lose for one bad game), there will be plenty of time after the end of the season. For now, we have to get back to OGAAT indeed.


    TA & Admir

    Fair enough gentleman. I can see the need for the here and now and understand the unpredictability of the future.

    There are question marks about both our manager and owner/board.

    As I said. if we do not improve because we have failed to utilise our full resources, be it financial or managerial, then I will concede that things are not right. Though for me, that time is not now and still believe it will come good.

    What ever happens, I will always respect Arsene Wenger and continue to go to games, even if were shit.

  349. TotalArsenal says:

    Fully supportive of your last sentence, Terry, and the rest as well.

  350. Totes…. I would prefer to face them in the Semis and get a supposedly easy team in the Final so that we can then become..if not the winner of most League Titles …..but the best record in the FA Cup !. Winning the FA Cup would put us level with Manshafter STD, we have been the runners up the most with….again…..Manshafter STD, but if we win it, we will have the right to say we have beaten Manshafter Std in two finals and they haven’t beaten us, so that would make us the top dogs imo…think of it as on “away goals” or “goal difference ” ! . So Mansour City in the Semis and Sheff Utd or Charlton in the final !….will make it a great season for us and I can then burn The Chart of Doom !……..until next season !. hahaha

    In reference to Stretch…….I will to carry on watching Arsenal from behind my Sofa even if we are shit……plus I will drive you all mad with the next …..Chart of Doom !. I may add an extra “o” in the word doom if we are shitter than this season and every other season !. So it could end up ….The Chart of Dooooooooooom ! or so !. hahaha

  351. Actually, I`m surprised Totes hasn`t begged me to have The Chart of Doom up the top of the page somewhere !. hahaha
    He did used to have a Dr Glic`s Agony Aunt page and BKers Videos up the top at one stage…..something I had a great deal to do with in a sort of production capacity way, but the bastardildo took them off !……..He does however, feature quite predominately in a new feature I am thinking of putting up……..The Chart of Bastards !. hahahaha

  352. TotalArsenal says:

    Soon it will be the Chart of DM with all your silly ‘Os’ gone, Cckie Mnster the Cck of DM πŸ˜›

  353. RA says:

    What is going on with my beloved BK?

    Charts of Doom, Terry going all metaphysical and TA having a break from Post writing it seems!! πŸ™‚

    It looks like I will have to take you in hand, oh mighty Dutch clog!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    For a start, I have always said that the blogger called Wrinkly Cockie, aka the Glicster, has a fantastic turn of phrase, particularly when he is, occasionally, serious — and I want him to move his skinny ass and produce a Post for our wilting Edam Eater — tout suite!!! πŸ™‚
    And no sodding excuses.

  354. RA says:

    Just as an aside, I think both you, TA, and Terry are right! πŸ™‚

    We do live in the here and now, TA, although that is always shifting, and we do need to take care of business.

    Let’s go win in the FA Cup on Saturday against Everton as a start.
    Let’s shake the rafters by beating the Chavs, Citeh, the Spuds and the rest over the next few weeks – why not?
    Let’s scare the bejasus out of Bayern and give all the fans something to cheer even if we get knocked out this time.

    But Terry is right too, we need to plan for the future and ensure we have our transfer plans sorted out BEFORE the World Cup, and protect our finances for the future so that we will have transfer funds available for future years too.

    Together — you are united!! πŸ™‚

  355. Ahh Redders has arrived !, one of my all time favourite bloggers !. Highly intelligent, but also one nut short of a Cadbury`s Fruit and Nut choccy bar !. hahaha
    Warning Redders, do not take Total van Toxic by the hand as his Klompen Dildo has Dutch Elm Disease !.
    As for being a Wrinkly Cockie…at least it still works, unlike VCC`s, his, as you may well have read, passed away a few weeks ago !. He now has the pain staking decision of whether to bury his Hampton, cremate it , bury it at sea or have it stuffed !. So the options are….he either walks about with a little coffin attached to his trousers, or a cask or a gold fish bowl or a glass cabinet with the stuffed Hampton on show for all to see…………which could well be embarrassing as he is a part-time school bus driver !. hahaha

  356. RA says:


    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  357. Charlie Adam Family has been charged by The FA for violent conduct !. I think his punishment should be, to be allowed to have a mirror in his house !.

  358. Totes

    The Chart of DM (Defensive Midfielders) will be the hardest one to fill !. Ask me any other position and I can give you SQ !. SQ DM Beasts are harder to find than someone who likes John Terry or an unmolested Pigeon in Stretches loft !.!.

  359. Fozzie B says:

    Good evening Brave yet Beaten BK Ballet Benders!! πŸ˜†
    Another day in Iceland!!
    Funny that horsemeat meat scandal back in the uk!!
    I had a Shetland burger today!! Delicious!!
    Wouldn’t normally go along with it but I saw loads of them in the fields and stopped and gave them a pat… They were happy enough!!
    No battery farming etc etc….
    Admir, Alcide and AB … You guys are the triple a battery and come out with some great comments!!! I like it!! Especially Admir 14:37!!

  360. Fozzie B says:

    Cockie … Why are you feelin optimistic for Everton? Has there been another insightful apparition in the tranny annex??
    I expect that the Trannys will be in one of your strongest ever CockieKrishna trances??
    The Chart of Doom pinned to the wall and venerated …. Uzbek Buddhas being lubed in preparation for another exciting anal finale!!!
    I detect the BK Brethren are gradually being seduced by your monster logic!!
    If we lose to the Spuds … You will hear a flurry ok knocks at your door!!
    And also a furry one!! Ready for Usmanov worship!!!!

  361. TotalArsenal says:

    RA πŸ™‚

    Sometimes when I read Terry’s comments the lyric ‘One more year and you will be happy’ comes to mind hahaha πŸ™‚

  362. TotalArsenal says:

    No that is not hard at all, Cocker of Doom, but the Chart of Dutch Masters….. πŸ˜‰

  363. TotalArsenal says:


    What sauce did you have with your McShettie? Horseradish?

  364. Dylan says:

    TA, I’m aware of the date of the game. But true mental rest can take weeks. It’s hard to truly get focused and ready for a big game like that, when you have smaller games to worry about.

  365. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Dylan, I really hope Wenger does not regard Stoke away and Everton for the FA cup as smaller games. Bayern will be a nice outing for the team but it is very unlikely we will have a real chance in that one.

  366. Fozzie B says:

    Totes … I had peppercorn and horse radish!!
    Apparently the secret is to keep the meat as fresh as possible!!


  367. TotalArsenal says:

    Haha, Fozzer, sounds tasty.

  368. Close Totes, but no cigar, more like …..The Chart of Dutch Masturbators !. hahahaha

  369. So Fozskin, what is it you actually do ?. hahaha
    New Kiwifruitland, The West Indies, Britain, Iceland………. are you a Bond Villain ?. Are you currently stroking a pussy in a secret underground volcano lair ?

  370. Fozzie B says:

    Haha … I tried getting my freak on with Mrs P in our hot tub!!! And she was like .. “Are you out of your volcanic mind!!” Hahaha!!
    “Viking A I am!!” I said!! πŸ˜€

  371. Fozzie B says:

    “And that’s no mean feat since I’ve lost both my gonads you ungrateful biarch!! ” I said.
    Hahaha!!! πŸ˜†

  372. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post!

    We have a new writer, Iceman_10, who has written a great, in-depth post about our infamous Β£40,000,001 bid for Luis S and the recent revelations by LFC’s owner.

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