Should Arsenal have offered £42m for Suarez – will lessons be learned?


Looking back on the season at this point at the beginning of March, one can say that there have been positive signs in terms of us being competitive with Manchester City and Chelsea, two clubs backed by enormously wealthy owners. Some say that this was a season of opportunity with management of Chelsea and both Manchester clubs in transition, but at this point it could also be said that we could have been standing in a much worse position at this juncture, not least taking into account the mood of the club after our season opening loss at home to Aston Villa. The 2013/14 season as a whole is now very much in the balance following the disappointing away loss to Stoke, but we still have a decent shot at a trophy, most likely the FA Cup, with the Premier League title still an outside shot.

Over the weekend we have had a revelation courtesy of Liverpool’s club owner, John Henry, who said this in a filmed panel discussion at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference:

“Luis Suarez is the top scorer in the English Premier League which is arguably the top soccer league in the world”

“And he had a buy-out clause – I don’t know what degree I should go into this – but he had a buy-out clause of £40million – more than 60 million (US) dollars. So Arsenal, one of our prime rivals this year … they offered £40million and one pound for him and triggered his buy-out clause.”

“But what we’ve found over the years is that contracts don’t seem to mean a lot in England – actually not in England, in world football. It doesn’t matter how long a player’s contract is, he can decide he’s leaving.”

It is very rare for us fans to know details of the ins and outs of backroom dealings, but by John Henry being so clear in his own words we now have some explicit clarity with regards to the Luis Suarez transfer saga last summer.

One can only imagine where we would be placed at this point in the season if we had pulled off the signing of Suarez. It is largely water under the bridge now but I do think the rare clarity of information we have received courtesy of John Henry enables a revisit of what likely happened from our side, as a club, in attempting to pull off the Suarez signing, but ultimately failing. The most important thing is that there are lessons to be learned, and perhaps justifiable calls for some accountability.

Obviously at some point last summer we had been tipped off about a £40m release clause in Suarez’s contract, most likely by Pere Guardiola, his agent. One would suggest timing linked with a rather suspect flurry of betting activity in Spain, reported in various media sources in early July of that summer. The fact that we were tipped off indicates that Suarez was at that time very interested in a move to Arsenal. Based on this information our club proceeded to the infamous £40m + £1 bid which we rightly expected would trigger the release clause. However, John Henry refused to cooperate and Liverpool used the media to embarrass us regarding the nature of the bid, and by doing so the suits in executive offices of our club (our executive management) were instantly rocked back onto their heels; a position from which they never recovered in regaining an upper hand.

Refusing to allow a player to proceed to negotiate personal terms with a club that has triggered a release clause is pretty unprecedented. John Henry has boasted that words in Suarez’s contract counted for little, but I take this as bluster. Liverpool would have been left wide open to pressure, be it from the PFA, the FA, UEFA, FIFA, or even a combination of these bodies because challenging the whole framework of contracts is not something that authorities can readily accept, as it would ultimately risk chaos in the professional sport as a whole, in England, and possibly globally. One has to ask, when it was clear at the time that Luis Suarez very much wanted to join Arsenal for Champions League football, why pressure, with or without legal recourse, was not exerted on LFC. I will explain why it probably was not, at least not to any significant level.

For all we know, there could have been some action behind the scenes, at least a lot of discussions amongst executive management at Arsenal as to potential strategies of how to outmaneuver Liverpool. However, this tracks back to our bid of £40m + £1. The nature of this bid was an overt admission that we had been tipped off on Suarez’s release clause, and by the letter of the law of professional football such tip offs are illegal. Although technically illegal, it is pretty widely known within the football community that players’ agents talk with clubs and divulge contract details, and such communications reside in a gray area which is largely tolerated. Murky gray area notwithstanding, there was no way that we could deny that we had been tipped off regarding Suarez’s release clause and that very likely put our executive management in a bit of a legal straightjacket.

In hindsight, although we know that any money included in a bid over and above a release clause is perhaps unnecessary money spent, if we had put in a bid of £42m there is no way that it could have been definitively proven by Liverpool that we had put in a bid for Suarez after gaining inside information. A bid of £42m in all likelihood would have secured the signing of Suarez in my humble opinion. Arsenal’s backroom were outfoxed by Liverpool’s backroom despite having a strong upper hand initially because of poor strategic thinking that allowed an opportunity to slip through our fingers. Remember Arsenal did not reveal the +£1 bid, that was John Henry and Liverpool, in a very high profile manner, i.e. they used the media to outfox us.

I wanted to share this revisiting of the Suarez transfer saga last summer, because it is very rare that fans know all the ins and outs of transfer dealings; but in this case, we have John Henry in his own words as firm evidence. The opportunity for signing Suarez has in all likelihood come and gone. While we hope that the suits in our executive offices have reflected on how they were likely outfoxed, I believe it is right for fans to have confidence that indeed lessons are being learned moving forwards. We should demand some accountability, so that improvements can be built into our overall approach, and perhaps a review and reorganisation of individual staff responsibilities. Doing so can only help, in terms of future transfer dealings.

So where should accountability lie?

Personally I do not lay any blame with Arsène Wenger. Where we fell short in the Luis Suarez saga was in poor strategic thinking, and although the football manager may play a role, responsibility for such strategic thinking should lie within a core team within the club’s executive management. If the football manager overtly oversaw the process then that is not necessarily his fault; he is an employee of the club and those higher up in the club’s structure should understand his limitations and recognise the need to assert themselves more. Ultimately in this case, I believe we have clarity that points us to our Chief Executive, i.e. Ivan Gazidis (IG). One could perhaps consider Dick Law, but IG should have been in the loop of details every step of the way. If IG wasn’t, one has to question his oversight as Chief Executive. One could perhaps consider Stan Kroenke, but I don’t believe Kroenke should be expected to know every detail; he employs IG and should trust him to perform competently with a degree of autonomy in the lofty, well paid, position of Chief Executive.

To make it clear, I am not asking for IG to be sacked. Indeed, one can point to much good that he has done for the club in enhancing commercial revenues. Perhaps what is needed is a little restructuring of our executive management with someone with ultimate responsibility for transfer dealings, at an organisational level in between IG and Dick Law. Many clubs nowadays employ a Director of Football, but I do not recommend one. I prefer a football manager to have full responsibility for players he wants to sign because he has to manage those players. A person in between IG and Dick Law wouldn’t be a Director of Football; indeed, he would be more like David Dein. Last summer we hired Chips Keswick as Chairman, as successor to Peter Hill Wood. I do not know what Chips Keswick exactly does, but perhaps we can question this hire and whether we should have brought back David Dein (or someone similar to David Dein) at that juncture. Nevertheless, there is room for IG, Chips Keswick (as successor to PHW), as well as a David Dein. This would take any ambiguity of transfer dealing oversight largely away from IG, so that he can focus largely on continuing to grow commercial revenues.

On a side note, obviously John Henry felt free to divulge details at this juncture because Liverpool are in a good position in the Premier League table, Luis Suarez appears fully satisfied there now, and they are in a good position to secure Champions League football for next season. John Henry had an up close and personal view of effectiveness of our executive management in transfer dealings last summer, outsmarting them in the process – one could argue very easily. He used the media very well in going so public with our £40m + £1 bid, perhaps with a level of faux outrage.

Ultimately, he made our executive management look like a bunch of amateurs, and in saying what he did in a filmed panel discussion at MIT over the weekend it was the equivalent of him smoking one of his cigars while enjoying how he got one over on Arsenal Football Club. We should perhaps see the glass half full and draw on this as motivation as fans to demand from the club’s executive management some transparency of lessons learned and associated adjustments, in line with my humble suggestions, or otherwise.


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163 Responses to Should Arsenal have offered £42m for Suarez – will lessons be learned?

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    fantastic maiden post, Iceman_10, and I hope there will be many more to come. 🙂

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    I guess that the onus was with Suarez. If indeed Arsenal triggered the release clause, and the Flesh Muncher really wanted to come to Arsenal, he would have had to force the issue legally. He did not do that and by the looks of it Arsenal left it with that.

    No doubt he would have fitted into Arsenal well from a footballing point of view, but I reckon he belongs at and with Pool. He will win them nothing this year, and next year he will either have left for PSG, Monaco, or another Oiler, or stay at Pool with the hope they can finally turn things round. As if hahaha 🙂

  3. steve says:

    Hey “TotalArsenal” aren’t the gunners specialists in failure?

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Steve, I’d say, try to build a new, state of the art stadium and still beat us each and every year to the top-four and then come back again with that comment. What is your excuse?

  5. AB says:

    Great stuff Iceman, and good to be talking about something different. I’m not sure I agree with all the analysis however, but solid evidence is thin all round. I should declare my stance at the outset – I am not a fan of Suarez, the man if not the player; I believe Arsenal are a bigger club than one that has to overlook such basic behaviour. A couple of observations then.

    1. I read JH’s comments as largely guff designed to show how clever he is – he is basically saying look how big my balls are for standing up in the face of potential legal challenge, and I’m so smart I fooled the other guys into believing they were wrong even when they were right, hahahaha! The twat.

    2. The assumption that Suarez really wanted to come to Arsenal is also suspect I fear. If he had really wanted this he could have burned his bridges publicly with the fans and made a formal transfer request. He did neither. I suspect he was agitating for a move, hoping RM or another huge club would come in for him, but would have taken us as a better option than pool if not. Had he come to us and been successful, I doubt he would have been any less flattered by future interest from RM and co….

    We will never know. Personally though, whilst I stand by my views expressed recently on making sound financial choices, I would rather we spent big on a proven quality striker/attacker who manages not to be a biting, diving, racist cheat at the same time…..

  6. AB says:

    Hi Steve and welcome. Welcome that is to anyone who has an idea of their own that they can communicate – feel free to give it a try some time

  7. john says:

    to be frank..the +1 was embarrassing. it was an insult to them. if i were liverpool…i will make sure never to sell to arsenal with that kind of insult bid

  8. AB says:

    Hi John. If you have a legal contract with a threshold then why would you offer more than that? Last time I bought a house I didn’t throw in a few extra grand to avoid looking embarrassing – hope you are around when I sell next though! If a higher fee was due to avoid insult then the pool should have inserted in the clause in the first place

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed John.

    But we will probably never know how much the Suarez bid was used to help us secure the Ozil deal…. The club needed to threaten to go somewhere else in the end as not to give RM too much power in the deal that really mattered for us.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    I guess the two big questions are:
    1. Did he really want Suarez or Ozil – and did he get who he really wanted in the end?
    2. Did Wenger have plans/real funds to go for both players last summer?

    I reckon he got his preferred man, and no, he was not after both of them in one go.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AB 🙂

    Good comment and agreed.

  12. Matt says:

    Very well written article, its nice to see someone looking at this scenario and not screaming “we didn’t want him anyway!” or “why would he wanna go there”.
    I agree with nearly all your article except the part of Suarez wanted to go to Arsenal, IMO the info was probably leaked to arsenal in a hope to stir RM up enough to come in for him.
    I don’t believe he would have gone to another English team.
    At the time a lot of people took it as a lack of respect from arsenal for the +1 and same for liverpool for saying what are they smoking. i think both parties made some disrespectful moves and hopefully both learn from it.
    Hopefully this whole situations starts to give clubs a little bit more leverage in players contracts and helps stem the flow of mercenary players.

  13. thekopendfacebook says:

    JW Henrys comment about contracts is the opposite of what you wrote. He meant players in england can ignore their contract with a club anytime they want. And he brushed Arsenal off as the wording in the Suarez contract/clause is not worded where that any team that offers the release clause amount can talk or buy the player. The clause is basically, if we where to sell a player, then you must offer this much. If Suarez had a contract that had ‘any club that offers the clause amount then i can talk to them’ then all he could do in law would be to talk to a club. At the end of the day, clause or not, clause and talk to clubs is meaningless if LFC don’t want to sell Suarez and they are within their rights to tell him your staying unless you hand in a written transfer request, and even then, they are with their rights to say no again and make him honour his contract.

  14. water says:

    @Total ars-enal its all well and good to be in the cl all the time but why not actually try and win it. 126 years in existence and not 1 cl. If u lot are so happy with your state of the art stadium why not stick its model in your trophy cabinet. I doubt it’ll look better than ole big ears or any trophy for that matter. But it’ll be a welcome change from the cobwebs its been gathering. 60+ trophies including 18 league titles and 7 European cups stick that where the sun don’t shine.

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Welcome to Bergkampesque Matt, and all agreed. 🙂

  16. Domhuail says:

    This article is so highly speculative and filled with such circular logic that it loses its validity immediately, despite having some good points as well. Here are the issues:

    1) Liverpool have said time and again that they had NO intention of selling Suarez, regardless of the price. My guess is they would have gotten rid of him in a blink IF Real or Barca had come calling, but they weren’t going to strengthen a title rival.
    2) There isn’t a shred of proof that anything written here is based in fact, other than the release clause information. The rest is idle speculation.
    3) The Board were clearly aware of the negative impact that bringing the biting, diving skills of Suarez into Arsenal would have generated among all too many fans…who went on the internet and lamented the very idea of bringing a m,an like that into our Club, regardless of his skills.
    4) We don’t know whether Suarez was used as a red herring by Arsenal in order to land Ozil….but it may have been a strategy….again speculation.
    5) This article is just another switch to beat a dead horse with….it contributes nothing to the current debate about our season other than to sow doubt about how Arsenal operates and demean the management and Board, thus indirectly Wenger.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Domhuail, come on buddy, a bit more respect for the writer is in place. 😕

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    water, your past is glorious and hold on to it tight, but you have missed the boat for future success – surely, you can see that now?

  19. water says:

    Yh arsenal the team for the future. Win something so your kids will remember u lot existed in that future of yours.

  20. Johnny Plank says:

    An LFC fan here, I reckon John Henry is bluffing to enhance his business reputation.
    Remember Suarez had the PFA, and his own legal team examine his contract, and it seems LFC were correct about the clause that, they only had to inform the player if an offer in excess of £40m was bid for him.

  21. water says:

    Yh that’s how I felt when I heard arsenal could win a trophy in the not so distant future.

  22. Margus12 says:

    TotalArsenal, if Wenger got his preferred man then that only reflects badly on him. Suarez tops both scoring and assists charts in Premier League. I think Ozil has scored 3 Premier League goals so far this season.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of time for Wenger. I think he’s been the best thing to happen to Arsenal. However, many Arsenal fans can’t admit the truth even to themselves. 90% of them were desperate for their club to sign Suarez and Ozil has been a major disappointment for what many of them thought they were getting.
    What this season has shown is that both Arsenal and Liverpool have very good teams and are maybe just the right signing or two away from consistently challenging City and Chelsea. However, even the most biased Arsenal fan has to admit that Liverpool’s performances this year and the fact that they currently sit above Arsenal in the league shows that they were right not to sell Suarez.
    You mentioned about building a stadium whilst still maintaining a top four position and Arsenal should be commended for that. Liverpool have been a shambles financially for a decade or more and are only now moving to a sure financial footing. Our new American owners deserve great credit for that. We now also have a bright young manager who is taking us back to our roots, with entertaining, attacking, winning football. Coupled with an academy that is second to none in this country, all bodes well for an exciting future.

  23. water says:

    Brilliant article though. At least I’ll tell my kids about this. And why are you so shocked planky boy its the world wide web not Arsenal will win.

  24. Hey Gents, an honour to have a post up here 🙂

    After putting together the article, partly in reaction to reading John Henry’s admission, and in a creative burst of trying to logic things out, there have been some more thoughts and I would agree that the theory about securing the signing £42m instead of £40m + £1 is not 100% watertight.

    Part of my theory emanates from a conflict that Blackburn had a few seasons back when Man United triggered Phil Jones’ release clause. The Blackburn owners kicked up a fuss in asking how had Man United learned about the release clause (the murky gray area of legality that I mentioned), and after some wrangling the two clubs eventually settled on an agreement where Blackburn squeezed a few more million pounds out of United. With Suarez it was a case of Arsenal vs. Liverpool as opposed to Man United vs. Blackburn, but I believe we had a very strong hand going in with knowing the release clause after being tipped off by Suarez’s agent, and being able to offer CL football, and we possibly didn’t play the strategic chess match very well.

    We know for a period Suarez was shunted to train with the reserves, but it is possible for example that Suarez eventually buckled, he has talked about heart to heart discussions with Steve Gerrard. This again talks about making well thought out decisive moves to take advantage where the window of opportunity may be narrow.

    Was Suarez playing us and he wanted to join Real Madrid? That is possible, but RM had all their efforts going into signing Bale that summer. In the aftermath of our bid Suarez had an interview with the Guardian:

    “Last year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that if we failed to qualify for the Champions League the following season I’d be allowed to go,” he revealed. “I gave absolutely everything last season but it was not enough to give us a top-four finish – now all I want is for Liverpool to honour our agreement.”

    He did not mention Arsenal specifically but it was tied to our bid and Liverpool rejecting it.

    Regardless, as I see it though there was a window of opportunity, however small, in which Suarez was willing to join and the +£1 bid was not the smartest move in my opinion. This goes back to an underlying issue as I see it that we have never filled the gap since various events led to the departure of David Dein from the club back in 2007. As a club we need to structurally look at the way we go about transfer business and ideally bring in David Dein, or someone like him.

  25. TotalArsenal says:


    That is a more balanced Pool supporter comment, and I agree with quite a bit.

    Ozil is a great signing for us and one on which our team will be build further. It would take too long right now to explain why I reckon Wenger preferred him over Suarez. However, we still need to add a ‘Suarez type’ on the left wing to the team, and with that the team will move forward significantly – especially once Theo and Aaron are back too.

    I actually have a lot of respect for Liverpool (worked a couple of years there) and if you manage to get into the top four and keep the Mancs out, I will be very pleased.

    If you feel your club is better organised now and ready for the future, given the oilers competition, then good for you. Re Rodgers, yes a good manager but not a very loyal one until now, and he still got it all to do. He is making progress, though, and good luck. 🙂

  26. john says:

    Buying players is not like buying house. I reckon its more like marriage . parent (this case liverpool) should receive proper visit…ask for a hand in marriage. .then agree a fee. Everyone happy. Dont u agree AB?

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Iceman_10, really well written and structured discussion post and good to see you on here responding to comments.

    Catch you and others tomorrow. CoYG.

  28. Totes, thank you sir, a pleasure 🙂

  29. water says:

    Total arsenal Just admit the pool is a better team. U respect a rival. Like someone u can compare yourself to . Like someone who has similar achievements ie. won a cl.
    I respect Madridsters and Mancs plus the barca peeps but not the blind gunners. Talking about balance who’s beating a dead horse who died 9 years ago.

  30. alcide says:

    Iceman, that is an excellent post, very well written and argumented. I however must say I don’t want to try and draw conclusions when the most serious piece(s) of evidence come(s) from John Henry whose motivations are at best unclear – too few reliable facts, too much speculation. If I had to guess, I’d say that Suarez didn’t really want to join us anyway, and certainly didn’t push to do so – but that’s probably mostly based on what I want to hear 🙂

    I can only (and sincerely) apologize for this lazy comment, but I again applaud the superb article.

  31. alcide says:


    Thanks for the balanced comments. I’d have to disagree however about Özil, most of us (at least on this site) do understand what we’ve got with Özil, and that’s not a goal machine, He’s a top playmaker. He’s in his first year in the EPL, he doesn’t have a team built around him – especially with our main pacy runner (Theo) out, and the other main runner (Ramsey) injured. If you look at his statistics (7amkickoff had a good post on this some time ago) he actually has been doing very well this year (even compared to his stats are Real). I also don’t think 90% of us wanted Suarez, it was much less – but I’ll admit I was one of them, and you did good keeping him!

  32. @water, thank you, mixed feelings reading your comment that this article may be reading material for future Liverpool fans 😀 You’ve done well so far this season, so congrats, have to say despite your forwards, with Sturridge and Sterling coming good, I expected some weak links in defence would cause troubles over the last few weeks, especially with some injuries, but Brendan Rodgers has done a good job.


    @alcide, you too, and more comforting coming from a fellow Gooner 🙂
    What John Henry said has the potential to cause chaos in terms of contracts in professional football moving forwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little walking back on what he said in a few days, perhaps after input from a lawyer or two. There is also a loose end regarding Gordon Taylor (PFA), who at the time came out and said that he had reviewed the release clause and observed it to be loosely worded, and therefore Liverpool didn’t have to sell him. There is inconsistency with what John Henry has now said, so this will have to be cleared up.

  33. water says:

    Iceman (hope u didn’t get that from top gun)
    Week links are cuz we’ve had a lot of injuries to our starting back four LE MS DA GJ have been injured at some point this season but hey we’re here and enjoying the heck out of this rollercoaster ride. Its not like we haven’t been here before.

  34. water, no, not sure I want to be associated with Val Kilmer’s character, but an 80s classic nonetheless. Iceman was a nickname for Dennis Bergkamp, my favourite player of all time, and of course our club legend.

    For sure about the injuries, and the little tactical tweaks that Rodgers uses from game to game have been noted and I think they have been very important in working around injuries and playing to strengths. The back three with wing backs was decent at the beginning of the season but I knew we (Arsenal) would have an upper hand at the Emirates in November if he played that formation, and we did, winning that match quite easily. Indeed he was forced into changing formation for the 2nd half. Since then he has moved back to using a flat back four more, thanks in part to Coutinho being fit and Sterling coming good. I have to say positioning Suarez to start on the left wing in our match at Anfield was a masterstroke. Anyway, the tie breaker is with Arsenal winning the FA Cup tie 🙂

    Anyway, talking about injuries we have missed Theo and Aaron big time. Hopefully Aaron will be back in a few weeks and he can regain match fitness as soon as possible. Personally I don’t have the same level of animosity towards Liverpool fans as I do towards the Spuds, United, and Chelsea.

  35. water says:

    Its so hard not to hate the mancs cuz they hate us just cuz the missed their chance to break all our records. The old king is dead and they must be fuming that they are in decline and we are on the up again. The spuds and chelski not forgetn the arabs are just looking up the layer cake wishing they could do what we do like we do (without wasting a lot of money and with old skul English heart). Honestly I feel for em like I did when Blackburn were making noise. Nothing last forever but Liverpool will be around bugging er1 and putting er1 in their place
    U can pay for school but u can’t buy class.

  36. “U can pay for school but u can’t buy class” – seconded, we both have the feel of family clubs, not going the way of the two oil backed clubs and United with the Glazers who used the club to collateralise debt. Man City – so synthetic the way they have risen from being nowhere since the 70s. No soul.

  37. Frozen Gunner says:


    as Billy Madison would say, “O’doyle, i got a feelin your whole family is goin down… But right now i gotta study!”

    And so should you my friend. Pool have been above the Arsenal for a whopping 72 hours. Congratulations. Where were you the rest of the season? And the season before that? And whatabout the one before that? Not to mention there are 10 (thats TEN, because it appears you are not too great with numbers) matches left.

    If i were you, I would be more concerned with scouting potential replacements for the man in discussion, and less concerned with dropping the collective IQ of this fine blog.
    Cause let’s face it… when he leaves you—-and he will—-what then?

  38. Milo says:

    I personally don’t see the point of going on sites that opposition supporters frequent, especially when you write like a 13 year old girl. Some humorous comments from you Water, but why even come on here??? We are free to discuss players from opposing clubs and so are you. It doesn’t mean that we are tampering or influencing our board or manager with ANYTHING we say about ANYTHING. Feel free to comment, but you will only incite anger among others if you trash our club. I dislike some of your players and manager, just as I dislike some of our players on our books and a few select players employed by basically every other club in the Premiership and Europe for that matter. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect your club or the history it has accrued. There is a difference.

    As for the Suarez thing, we already employ a cocksucker for a striker, if the tabloids are true, so I wouldn’t really like to see us hire someone with equally suspect morals, if not worse. Ideally, if I were running the club, I would employ people and players who are hard-working, get on with their work, keep a low profile and possess some form of talent. That will never happen, but some of the antics our players and many other players resort to, like complaining to the referee after minimal to no contact has been made by an opposing player, and of course cheating on their wives and girlfriends, is something I am ashamed of and will never support. I will take the hardworking, humble player over the player who possesses undeniable talent but dubious morals every time. Give me the Jordan Henderson’s and Aaron Ramsey’s Per Mertesackers etc. of this World (so far they haven’t done anything too stupid, besides transfer to Liverpool FC hahahaha) each and every time. I will celebrate like the rest of us will if and when I see Jack WIlshere lift a trophy for us. I will be overjoyed for his honest teammates though, and not the ones, like him, who dis-honour the values, on and off the pitch, I and many others hold dear.

  39. Tristans says:

    This article seems to take no account of Suarez’s lawyers and the PFA going through the contract with a fine tooth comb and establishing that Liverpool were not obligated to sell the player to any bidder. His legal team made Arsenal look silly through not understanding the terms of their clients contract. regarding Henry’s comments, on the continent we have players with ridiculous amounts listed as their buyout value purely to deter clubs from bidding. Those players in some instances have been sold for a lot less or indeed a lot more so it could be argued that if Arsenal truly wanted the player they should’ve offered a fee in excess of the players value/buyout clause by a significant amount. If Suarez also wanted to play for Arsenal why did he not push for a move similar to Torres as said by Henry

  40. Not sure if Waters is a regular here, but it is possible this article was captured on news aggregators such as NewsNow for Liverpool as well as Arsenal. It is too early for any bragging rights. As pointed out by Frozen Gunner above, there is still some way to go this season. We both feel like family clubs and Liverpool has been out of the top 4 for most of recent seasons so I don’t have much beef with Liverpool, but that may change over the next few seasons if we are regularly competing with each other for trophies.

    Pretty sure Arsenal will continue competing for trophies, it is just a matter of when, not if. We have a very healthy cash sheet currently and projected moving forwards, a legacy that Arsene Wenger has created for us, regardless of whether money is spent by him or managers that build on his legacy, very unlike the situation SAF handed down to Moyes. There is a lot to be positive about for Arsenal, we are built on rock solid foundations, in no small part due to Monsieur Wenger.

  41. jane johnson says:

    Reading blogs is so depressing. Please can you let me know of a blog which makes you feel glad to be an Arsenal fan. I thought this was the one but it is just as depressing as the others!

    The best football team I ever saw was the Brazil 1982 World Cup team. They never won a thing and yet they made you feel glad to be alive. I would rather watch them play than any other team.

    I sometimes get the same feeling when I watch Arsenal play when everyone clicks e.g. the Napoli home game.
    Most of the matches just seem like hard work.
    So to me winning trophies is not the main thing. The most important thing is seeing players with flair enjoying themselves. That is why I always remember the Brazil 1982 team. Even though all of you would say that they are a bunch of losers!

  42. AB says:

    Morning chaps; a few quick comments:

    @John – marriage? I like the analogy, but would you marry Suarez……? I would stick with financial contracts!

    Water – Liverpool a better team? Wenger’s comment about wives comes to mind. But yes, the pool are playing well, and with real verve sometimes. In fact they remind me of the Arsenal of a few seasons back – we attacked with freedom and scored piles of goals, but our defence was as wide open as Glic’s backside. And can you keep your best players? We shall see in the summer. But sure you have made strong progress, no one can argue with that.

    Why buy Ozil over Suarez? Because he will make the whole team play better. Suarez is a fantastic player, no question, but he can also be cut off from the rest of the team. But Arsenal are a work in progress still, just like the pool; 2 key signings and we could be a force to reckon with.

  43. AB says:

    Jane J, Stick with us, there is a solid core on BK that feel just the same way. But there is a spectrum of views here – and face it, it would get pretty dull if we all just agreed with each other all the time. But the way we have played (under Wenger) has been part of what has transformed Arsenal from a big English club with history into a big global team – and with the potential to be huge. We can’t forget the style though, and Wenger knows no other way – which is why we are always linked with technical players with pace. As others on this site will stress more than I however, we need a balance between the style and the graft; and sometimes we have lacked the graft. I love it when we turn on the style – but I hate it when our heads drop against primitive opposition and we get turned over by an inferior team. We need the steel too to avoid such set backs.

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Well said Iceman. I allowed the LFC comments through, if they were decent and constructive. Let’s say that ‘water’s’ comments were not worthy in hindsight, especially with utter disregard of our fine history. That’s why I ignored him after his second comment.

  45. water says:

    Frozen gunner get back in your ice berg. We’ve always been on top of u lot forever trophy wise and in football that’s all that matters. But be honest until Wenger goes the gunners will always be laughing stocks. But for real he’s awesome. It’s just he’s evolved into a manager who just gets by from a manager who would do anything or go any where ie. Japan to win.
    But like we’ll have our cl trophies you guys will have the invincibles. COYG YNWA WE ARE FOOTBALL.

  46. @water, maybe you should have a read of Liverpool’s financial loss for last season and potential challenges in complying with FFP, if UEFA bothers to enforce it properly that is.

  47. AFC says:

    Hi Jane, 🙂

    I think you are missing the point of the blog.

    Firstly you are comparing Brazil a national team with Arsenal a club team. That team only had one chance at winning silverware whereas Arsenal has had years. I (as many others) fully understand that Wenger had to work under restrictions in the past but like many others on this sight I just call it as I see it. If we played crap I will say, if the team is not good enough I will say it, if I think we have failed at the end of the season I will say so just like I will say Walcott is the best RW in the EPL, we have the best CB pairing in the league etc.

    I am happy to celebrate our glorious past but am also more than happy to point of where we are going wrong.

    It makes sense to acknowledge the problems we are having so we can learn from them. Forgiving and forgetting is not as effective as remembering and changing in my opinion.

  48. AFC says:

    Iceman, great post. :

    Not much to say as everyone else has pretty much said it all

    I will just say that Liverpool should be fined or punished as Gerry pointed out for not keeping to a legal contract. Whether they will be punished is another matter entirely.

  49. AFC, cheers, questions should be asked about the inconsistency of what Gordon Taylor of the PFA said last summer regarding the release clause as opposed to what John Henry said during the weekend. As mentioned earlier it will not be surprising if we see a statement or press release from John Henry in due course to backtrack on what he said.

  50. Fozzie B says:

    Good morning Resourceful Robust And Romantic Ratatouille Rangers!! 😆
    Great article Iceman!!! Appropriate as I’m in Iceland at the minute!! 😀
    I like your writing style iceman so keep them coming!!!
    Really enjoy the articles that try and dig beneath the surface and get the conspiracy theories flowing!!
    Without knowing the full facts, it did come across classless the +1 bid and gave Henry and Rogers the leverage to deflect away from the deal and throw the heat well and truly back onto the Arsenal and from an executive point of view that was extremely poor planning indeed.
    It came across that Arsene being the tightarse he is sanctioned that only a £ be spent more and that be that and it was Liverpool who will made it public.
    Are release clauses deemed confidential? I doubt it or else it would just make a lottery of the whole process. Wording however can be a legal lottery if not done correctly.
    What Henry and Rodgers successfully suppressed were the further bids that wee made for Suarez up to around £49 mill I believe but JB will back me up on that one as I have no 100% proof. But it does promote the narrative that Henry is a bad arse and can do what he wants hence he’s brought up again …

    Suarez was persuaded to stay and that was that. He was on a knifes edge but was told that even if he submitted a formal transfer request he would not be allowed to stay and so Henry’s and Rodgers double bluff worked and rather than lose bonuses and the ire of the locals he stayed for the lucrative next contract which apparently has a 70mill release clause.

    Wenger had lost his way in transfer dealings for a long time and sure he has done well with Ozil but his failing to replace RVP is nothing short of negligent.
    The extra 5-10milk must be spent in the current market on the quality if you want to get the SQ….
    Right off to the penis museum!! A collection of all the mammals penis’s of Iceland!!
    Might appeal to Mrs P’s animal side!?
    Wish me luck gentlemen … One way or another …
    “It’s going to get spicy!!” 😆

  51. Fozzie B says:

    *not be allowed to leave

  52. water says:

    Ice man rightly put. If they actually do bother. Even if they do there are a lot of teams out there more suspect than we are so I’m not bothered. I mean Manure r neck deep in debt but they’re still around.

  53. AB says:

    Hey Water – great to see you still blogging here. For BKers (at least those of the doomed disposition) Water provides us with an image of a possible Christmas future……. Just imagine the day when we have so little to discuss with people supporting our own club that we have to spend our days discussing someone else’s!? For now I can rejoice in knowing that there is nothing out there that would remotely interest me. And everything we are building suggests that vision will remain an illusion – for the Arsenal at least. Stay with us Water; we sympathise with your predicament.

  54. TotalArsenal says:

    Jane 😕

    Maybe it is not the blog that is depressing but just you?

    There are many examples of fabulously playing teams that did not win much if anything. As a Dutchman, I know.

    What do you make of our style this season, and is it enough to compensate for possibly not winning anything this season?

  55. 17highburyterrace says:

    Tuesday morning in the longest week of the season…

    Nice, Nice, Ice, Ice (Baby) and really glad you’re making a contribution here from your corner of California. In the wake of the (season killing?…) result at Stoke and Pool nudging ahead of us in the table, the timing of Henry’s statements seemed a little too perfect for my taste and I was in “ignore” mode–which I believe is the only way to survive this Interweb bizness. The article and comments, however, have been very enjoyable and I think I see what’s going on here… (I was equally confused at the time of the offer and wrote about it in one of MY earliest posts on this great site…)

    Total is correct, I believe, that the “cheeky” bid served to get the ball rolling with Real Madrid for the Ozil deal. John Henry has declared that Suarez was never for sale which means, in truth, that if Madrid had offered him the Bale money (or money plus Higuain or Benzema or Ozil) it might have happened. Add a premium above that to sell to an English team (which given Suarez’s history and the remaining ban to be served) meaning that (at such an absurd price) Arsenal would never bite (pun intended)…The bid, even if it was never serious, helped as a motivator in our three-way (reference to other Arsenal stories intended…) with Spurs and Madrid. We have to remember that Levy (up the road) seemed willing to spend his club into oblivion AND hold onto Bale. There’s your David Dein character if you’re searching for one…

    Of course, I’m just speculating, but that’s my take from the outside… I also think that Henry, like all sports owners, is hugely ego-driven and getting the one-up on Kroenke is important. Our man Stan will be winning the $$$ sweepstakes (at the expense of titles/trophies?…) but Henry with the Moneyball stuff (over here with the Boston Red Sox) is now an immortal. European Football is the Wild West by comparison and being the top American-owned Club (at the moment) must have him chuffed. His next bit of business is keeping Pool in the CL places (step one in keeping Suarez over the Summer) and then figuring out this FFP bother and strengthening his squad to compete on the multiple fronts. Not easy (at all) and maybe the accountants can tell me how his new stadium proposal will make it all come together. I simply don’t get it, but I do see ‘Pool back in the mix (in a big way) and Henry is doing his (huge) part to get them there…Maybe if all the never-walk-alone people put a portion of their (dole?) money into the project (i.e., a public offering or much higher ticket prices…) they can clear the books AND improve their squad…

    But that’s ‘Pool… Obviously we’re (far) better positioned except that our ticket buyers are sick of the fleecings while both primary shareholders won’t add a dime (or ruble…) to the coffers. On the plus side, *somebody* is paying for new contracts for Rosicky, Mertesacker and Ramsey (the old and the infirm?…) while Sagna (and maybe AW?…) go off to higher bidders… It almost begs the question, who exactly IS in charge at Arsenal?…(And why is he so silent?…)

    Again, all speculation, and I’m maybe too “unbiased” (again). I love my club and I hope for the best, but sometimes it doesn’t always add up to the prettiest of pictures. There will be (real, club) football again, but not until on Saturday, and (while we’ve still got some of them here…) I wonder if ‘Pool supporters prefer Arsenal or Everton advancing? Maybe a draw (and replay) is the best solution–For them. For us (sandwiched amongst these very tough league fixtures) it would be a disaster, but now I’m getting ahead of myself and worrying unnecessarily…

  56. Admir says:

    @water, Liverpool have played a really entertaining football this season but to say that you are better than us is a rather silly.

    1.We didn’t have our best team available for none of three encounters this season – Walcott missed all three of them, Ramsey was absent two times, Gibbs didn’t have too much playing time either.

    2.Still, we won two out of three matches against you this season and we are still, more or less, alive in three competitions. You are focused on Premiership only.

    3.In recent years average distance between us has been 12 points.

    4.Speaking of horses that died long time ago, your last league title happened 24 years ago. Since that day I had been in elementary school, earned my high-school diploma, graduated law and got married. My father bought an Intel 80286 in the same year you won the title. Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union and Eastern Germany still existed.

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    Fine afternoon tea comments by 17, AB and Admiral 🙂

    Fozzer, you are making Cocker so jealous! And how nice of mrs Fozzer to take you to your favourite museum! 🙂 weirdo.

  58. proudgooner says:

    Great post, Not much i can add that the lads or yourself have not already said.
    Great reply’s to the LFC haters out there.

    My main positive thought is i believe we are just 1 signing away from challenging in all competitions very strongly 1 more striker of world-class ability , to help Giroud and Sanogo not totally replace and we will be there
    2nd positive thought is ROSICKY & MERTESACKER 🙂 2 fine players who are at the top of there game and at a great age that we will be keeping for the rest of there playing days. Good news for our club , something we have not done for years, so very positive i think.

  59. Mornin’ 17, trust it’s another nice day out there in Tahoe 🙂

    Nice thoughts, a lot of thinking in there. Fozzie’s comment also.

    Regarding the theory of bidding for Suarez but not being serious, intentionally part of a bigger plan in setting some dominoes off in the transfer market for Ozil all along: just wondering what would have happened if Liverpool accepted the + £1 bid, after all it did technically meet the release clause. I can only think of collusion between the two clubs being sure that Liverpool wouldn’t accept the bid, but collusion on a level that we would bring upon ourselves the bad publicity associated with the + £1 bid?

    Agree on the likely ego clash between JH and SK.

    @waters, going back to those financial losses, I believe it is smoothed out by a structured loan via. JH, but still from what I know about the cash reserves of Arsenal we are on the threshold of emerging as a financial powerhouse, and from what I can see you are still some way off from that. Chelsea may have sold Mata in the Jan window for a number of reasons, but I believe FFP played a role, and hopefully that is a good sign for Arsenal moving forwards.

  60. Also, specifically regarding release clauses, will point back to Man United triggering Phil Jones’ release clause from Blackburn. Immediately Man United did this Blackburn allowed Phil Jones to negotiate personal terms. There was wrangling in the aftermath because Blackburn threatened legal recourse with United knowing confidential contract details (the murky gray area of agents communicating with clubs which I mentioned), but in the end the clubs agreed on a settlement where United paid a few more million pounds in agreement for Blackburn not pursuing any legal action.

  61. AFC says:

    Another bit of good news could be on the way.

    All we need to do now is get Sagna signed up now. My advice to the board and Wenger is stop being tight and reward one of the best and most consistent RBs in European football for years, who has also remained loyal to AFC for years. Show him some loyalty back by giving him a wage which he not only deserves but which is around ‘market value’.


  62. proudgooner says:

    I totally agree, i don’t think Sagna is being overly greedy , we need to keep him no matter what.

  63. AFC says:

    PG, he’s not being greedy but just wants to be paid the going rate and I fully understand that. This is likely to be his final contract as well.

  64. 17highburyterrace says:

    Iceman. No, I definitely think Suarez at 40 million would have been fine business and worth all the risks re:his personality, the diving, etc. It also would’ve set ‘Pool back a couple of seasons…

    Henry was never going to sell to a rival (fellow American owner…) without a massive premium. i.e. if he would’ve taken 60 million (Euros?) from Real Madrid, he might’ve taken 80 from Chelsea or Man City (plus players the other direction…) but it would take 100 or 120 to start a conversation with us or Man United…

    Of course, if you buy that logic, I guess I’m arguing that there’s zero validity to the title of this thread (which seems consistent with Henry’s statements, from all I’ve seen, except for his desire to mock us)… I’m liking the thread (nonetheless) because it’s a nice diversion from the Stoke disaster and because I’m really pleased to have you writing for the blog… 😀

    Re: Tahoe weather…Too much rain; the snowpack which is now OK, at least higher up, is a soggy mess…Gotta get the sun out and turn it to corn…

    Moving forward (and like I say, it’s a long week until the next match…) I’m somewhat interested in reviving the meta-discussions about the club, the manager, the players, the playing style and all that sort of stuff ahead of the big, season defining month ahead. I believe we’ve got some SERIOUS issues with all of these things but I’m sure that people will want to use the results to find “perspective.” We should remember that management doesn’t really have that option, so if we hope to “play” manager, declarations should be made regardless of (or before) results. In other words, whatever happens in these 6 matches (Everton twice, BM, Spurs, Chavs, Citizens) shouldn’t have *that* much bearing on peoples’ long term views of the club–if that’s something they think is important. Of course, it doesn’t mean we can’t live and die (fire and buy?…) with each and every outing…

    On that note, while I find Milo’s homophobic notes (above) distasteful… I’m kinda coming around to the notion that Giroud’s activities (and Wenger’s “interesting” choice of punishments) have f*cked us as bad as not buying adequate goal-making reinforcements? Sanogo needs that first Arsenal goal (after the miss at Stoke) while Bendtner (and his cigars…) has probably “proven” himself all too well. I keep thinking we missed a trick not popping in ahead of Spurs to buy Adebayor back… or getting AVB to put money to mouth on that account… (Ade’s Hate for us being so close to Love, of course…) Our defense seems improved (remember, but for a dodgy pen, that match on Saturday should’ve ended nil-nil…) but we’re gonna need some goals sooner than later… Ramsey, on a new (big) contract, to get healthy (and play at his best) seems a bit of a longshot if not a prayer…

  65. alcide says:

    Guys, the information circulating in France (from Galatasaray, Monaco, PSG), is that these clubs would offer 100’000 per week 4-year contract (i.e. about what is being talked for Rambo). Not to mention the extra benefits (including no income taxes for life…) for Monaco. Perharps not outrageous, but not exactly cheap for a 31 year old. And I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about “being greedy”, it’s about his best interest and ours. I hope he stays.

  66. Fozzie B says:

    Sasquatchanova … Are you not able to use your Sasquatch charm in these slushy conditions?? Being as irresistible as you are to the Sassies I can just imagine them throwing themselves at you!! It must be like a Slalom course come down those Tahoe slopes!!! White furry posts popping up everywhere!! Haha!! 😆
    Grand kids kitted out with their “anti Sasquatch loving” glasses so they don’t see how you manage to get the course silky smooth for their runs down!! Haha !!
    The Sassies must have expresso cravings the day after you’ve been skiing eh??
    When the snow goes you will find them at Starbucks getting a fix !! Hoping that you might turn up for a dose of the real thing!! Hahaha ! 😆
    …. One thing was missing from the Penile museum!!
    A dialect gooner boner!! No joy from me at the mo in that regard and to make things worse we have one more feckin game in March!!
    Swansea in between the Chavs and City!! Give me strength!!! 😀

  67. James Bond says:

    Water, Welcome to BK – I hope you stick around and pop in whenever you can , I crave posters like you who are very level headed and this passionate about football and a football club.

    I like yourself am a football fan and god , do I hate Arsenal or do I really hate arsenal – since all that is out of the way, would you be kind enough to answer a few questions of mine, please ?

    1: Liverpool have never won the Barclays/Premiership – your thoughts ?

    3: Liverpool have played Arsenal 3 times – Can you tell me how many times Liverpool managed to win after not being in any other tournament and in other words, having no distractions as such ?

    5: when was the last time Liverpool made a profit on their financial Accounts ? 2 years, near 100 million loss – no wonder you want more money for Suarez, going by this rate, soon you’ll have to sell Anfield to Everton.

    7: when was the last time Liverpool finished above Everton in the league ?:) 🙂 🙂 (ouch, did that hurt ?

    5: You are doing a marvelous job this year in Europe, please continue progressing and prospering in europe ( oh silly me and silly you, I didn’t mean to confuse you, no sir – you are not in the CL nor in the Europa league, I mean’t on the playstation and XBOX).

    did you mention Liverpool being better than Arsenal ? I’ll have some of what you are having, it’s clearly not working.

    come back here when you manage to finish the season above Everton… by the way, what do you call a team that spends near 100 million in a season and still manages to finish below Everton ? no it’s not Tottnumb – I’ll give you a hint, Starts with an L and Finishes with an L.

    nuff said.

  68. James Bond says:

    what a fabulous maiden first post and so very different as well, very refreshing – nice one ICEMAN

    since everything is basically covered by other bloggers, I’ll just cut right through the chase – The liverpool Owner is only trying to mock and make himself look like a hot shot – just goes to show his true class and his clubs true class really.

    note how they keep selling “Suarez” in the news , for one reason or the other – his departure is mentioned , hence only a ploy to get more suitors to come in for him and bid for him so they can afford to pay the wages and keep the club running – do you honestly believe they are in a position to pay 160 k p/w now , which shoots up to 200 k p/w at the start of next season , after taking a 50 million blow ? without champions league football – no chance

    I see people mentioning Suarez and Real Madrid ? sometimes I wonder if People really know how to do 2+2 when it comes to Real Madrid ? RM are drama queens – the players they want, they first start a movement and what not, an year or years before they capture him – if the public demands then they get but they just don’t get, they first create plenty of headlines so all the politics and what may is nicely played.

    I never saw RM express an open desire of signing Suaraz – Falcao, yes – Suarez, no.

    in my opinion, Suarez has more of a chance of joining Bayern Munich, Barca than RM – but we shall see.

    also, Suarez wanted to come to Arsenal – him not handing in a transfer request and burning all the bridges means jack all @ AB – it takes balls to come out and speak to 2 newspapers and directly say that they are not letting me go to fulfill my dreams…I will take a player going to the tabloids himself and sending the whole message across the globe as opposed to him putting in a transfer request which only means that IF the club agree to sell him, then he doesn’t get the loyalty bonus and so on (which most players only do when the buying club sometimes compensate them for, maybe Arsenal didn’t want him to do that either ) .

    anyhow, what’s done is done – let us move on to ventures new and more beautiful – such as winning the FA cup and then winning the community shield – Question to all of you though – if we win the EPL and the FA cup, then who are we playing in the community shield later this year ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ?


  69. Thanks Iceman 🙂
    I will keep it short and answer the headline question and say……Should have offered £50m and what ever his current release clause is, offer that in the summer !.
    Sounds like Fozzer is as usual….still drunk from sucking urine flavoured Icelandic ice poles !. 😆
    Heres a photo of BFG when he was a SFG !. What a Ledge……no small boy inside him, as he`s not a Really Vile Paedo !.

  70. James Bond says:


    “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

    in a nutshell, no – we haven’t quite mastered the art of failure just yet , we may do when we have spent 100 million on our squad in one season and 35 million on a striker who hardly played 35 games.


  71. James Bond says:

    water says:
    March 4, 2014 at 01:09
    Total arsenal Just admit the pool is a better team. U respect a rival. Like someone u can compare yourself to . Like someone who has similar achievements ie. won a cl.
    I respect Madridsters and Mancs plus the barca peeps but not the blind gunners. Talking about balance who’s beating a dead horse who died 9 years ago.


    what a delusional person you really are – you’ve never won the Premier league …never won gone a season unbeaten , so you are right in that aspect.

    ONLY ARSENAL have a gold trophy, once any other team manages to do that then we may consider them rivals – for now try keeping up with your real rivals and neighbours Everton and see if you can stop them from finishing above you this season.


  72. water says:

    Oh ok James blunt(cuz u must be smoking something) all I’m saying is stop hiding behind your Arab named stadium and so called financial strength. Just win something. Win anything please. Anyways which of the absolutely top players dream about playing for arsenal. Like for real. I’m only ere cuz of a news now and quite frankly I love messing with gooners. Most of my family are gunners and my best friend is a die hard gooner.
    And he’s in need of something to celebrate. COYG

  73. water says:

    Hahahaha for real no 1 outside England knows everton exist. I mean they havent won anything for the past idk… as far as I can remember. I try not to bother myself about Everton or should I say will they EVERwin something. Hahaha they’re an even bigger joke than spuds and the arse put together hahaha

  74. water says:
    Oh just incase you thought you’d reserved 70 million purposely for em

  75. Gerry says:

    See, I told you that was more fun than bemoaning a bad result?

    Nice one Iceman10. I think you are right JH will do a bit of backtracking if the FA asks any questions. But there is no sign of that?

    Short and sweet tonight, I have a new bit of software to play about with.


  76. James Bond says:

    oh dear – so you admit that no one outside England really knows about Everton, yet you remain in their shadows ? when was the last time you finished above Everton – please refresh my memory

    we can have a discussion, only if you indulge with some intelligent – I know liverpool and intelligence don’t go hand in hand but least you can try to come across as reasonably sensible, so go on – I urge you to try again and answer my questions, I am genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of em and finding the answers

    I tried hitting Google with this ” When was the last time Liverpool won the Barclays Premier league ” and the answer came back as NEVER 😯

    is that true ?

    yeah, Like Suarez said in 2011, and 12 before moaning non stop about him playing in a very average team in England even after spending 100 million, yikes.


  77. James Bond says:

    *intelligence even

  78. Fozzie B says:

    James Blunt … Haha !! He does like his cigars and as Henry has already mentioned … We only smoke the very best at the Arsenal!! 😆
    Thanks for wishing us well for the rest of the season!!
    Can you do one thing for me Water … Make sure Ratatouille sinks his fangs into Stirling every time he runs like a fairy!!! That would be some entertaining stuff!!! And if you can’t mannage that … Just get Raheem a wand, tiara and tutu and be done with it!!! 😆

  79. I think talking about the Scousers last Title is a bit like dangling our Scouser guest from London Bridge !……`s water under the bridge !.
    H20….you say most of your family are Gooners !. I didn`t know there were Gooners in Bindipperland !.

  80. H20……which one are you amongst all these Scouse ladies ?.

  81. water says:

    With all that so called intelligence u lot can seem to win anything. What a shame.
    In the shadow of Everton hahahahaha u can quit your day job. U r hella fuuny.
    A club we richer than. Have won more than. Have players so much bettet its sad like the fact that u lot can’t win a trophy even if everyone pulled out of the competition. Hahahahahahaj

  82. Apparently we don’t like it up us !……well apart from Fozzer………his ice pole up his rectum is by Doctors orders !.

  83. Fozzie B says:

    Cockie !!! Bit early for Liverporn isn’t it?? You’ll get our guest all hot under the collar and he’ll start playing with his moustached undercarriage!! … Which to the naked eye looks like a poor mans Brazilian!! We will never get him back!! 😆

  84. water says:
    U can pay for school but you can’t buy class. Hehehe
    Oh check where EVERwin is. In the shadow of hahahaha uve got jokes man.

  85. Agree there Fozzer !………..I fully expect Raheem to be the first footballer to come out of the closet !, but in the mean time, he can keep blowing Stevie G-String !….Stevie said he`s doing a Sterling job !

  86. James Bond says:

    with pathetic trolling like that – YOU’LL ALWAYS WALK ALONE.

    never thought the day would come when I would actually have to say that man utd fans have more intelligence and better bantering skills than liverpool fans –

    there you go, as if Everton being the better team up Mersey side wasn’t enough – honestly though, I really wish you well and hope that you manage to finish above EVERTON – what a classy club that is, with real football loving supporters who even after finishing above liverpool for a number of years, treat it as if they finished above Oldham.


    @ Water.

  87. James Bond says:

    water, can you tell me where Everton are in the table ?

    and here as well, please…I can’t seem to find bloody Everton

    I know, I must have a bad eye sight but where the hell are EVERTON in the above tables 😯

    would you like a tissue or a biscuit @ Water

  88. James Bond says:

    water, can you tell me where Everton are in the table ?

  89. James Bond says:

    and here as well, please…I can’t seem to find bloody Everton

    I know, I must have a bad eye sight but where the hell are EVERTON in the above tables 😯

    would you like a tissue or a biscuit @ Water

  90. water says:

    Hahaha the truth hurts man.
    There’s no point finishing above if u win nothing.
    Don’t worry, I’m not dead like your title aspirations.
    But I honestly thought this was your year. Real sad.
    But all I gotta say is win something. So I have something better to remember about THE GUNNERS.

  91. water says:

    If finishing above the pool was so great why is Wenger’s job on the line if he don’t win nothing. They finished above us twice and that has happened how many times in their history as a football club.
    Just win something.

  92. James Bond says:

    what time do you play Everton this saturday in the FA cup QF ?


    Wenger’s job has never been on the line (go check your facts and get them straight and while you are doing that let me share with you a fact)- we don’t bring back our managers from the dead only to sack them again after singing King Daglish , this king daglish that…

    ouch !

    wenger’s job on the line ahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahaha that’s like saying Suarez will not be leaving Anfield this summer ahahahhahahahahaaahahahahahha

  93. AFC says:

    JB, I would not replying anymore. Water is clearly insecure and doubts the abilities of his own team which is why he feels the need to try and belittle another club.

    Let’s just say financially and globally we are miles ahead of Liverpool. Liverpool are only in the position they are in because of Suarez.

    Water, do you know what really shows Liverpool football club and the majority of supporters have no class. The Suarez racism issue. He racially abused another player and the club accepted it. The club and the fans supported him and did not punish him or hold him accountable for his disgusting and ignorant actions. The majority of Liverpool fans then practically begged Suarez to stay when he disrespected LFC via the media when he wanted to leave.

    This has basically shown that a racist, cheating, diving scumbag is now bigger than LFC!

  94. AFC says:

    bother replying*

  95. James Bond says:

    my days – you just admitted that no one outside England knows about Everton – yet they managed to finish above you year after year, when you were spending 100 million and in excess !

    it’s a bit like saying that no one really know about Liverpool in Europe, it’s like I was having a chat with my German mate the other night, I told him Liverpool are doing a decent job after being knocked out in all cup competitions , watching all the other top dogs play and compete – my German mate turned around and said and I quote ” but I thought leeds were a championship team in England ” – yes, that’s how long it’s been since you were last in the CL.

    @ Water

  96. James Bond says:

    AFC 🙂

    play nicely, ha

  97. Fozzie B says:

    Good link H20!! I honestly have total respect for your club and love watching the CL winning re runs … Just a shame how the owners have treated you guys and the club.
    Glad you have Rodgers with his freshness.
    Can you promise to come out and play like this from time to time? 😆
    It really has been a welcome distraction!!
    Cockie … Apparently Raheem has also found Steve’s “G” spot!!
    He actually speaks like a toff now and only puts on the scouse accent for interviews!! 😆 He was also going to feature in the newest music sensation … “The Free Tenors!! ”
    That’s how good he was!!! But unfortunately the other two members were not actually “Free” but on parole and got nicked for stealing the rims off Gerard’s car whilst rehearsing!! That’s right, they were that good!! Haha!!
    Right I’m off to eat some puffin, rams balls and whale!!
    Laterzzzz muverrezzz !!! 😆

  98. AFC says:

    JB, I’m just saying it as it is. I hope our fans and club never support such actions. Let them have their fun because next season Suarez will not be playing for Liverpool and then they will slip back into mid-table mediocrity.

    Form is temporary and class is permanent. Our class is shown by seasons of consistency, challenging both in the EPL and the CL (Europe’s top club football competition).

  99. I just read Carles Puyol is finishing at Barca !. A tough sort of fcuker we could have done with against the likes of Stoke, but what an ugly fcuking transvestite !.

  100. I can just see Stretch looking at that photo of Puyol and thinking…..” I would ! “. hahaha

  101. AFC says:

    ahahahaha Cockie. 🙂

    I’d try and sign him in the summers. A veteran player who can provide cover at the back.

  102. James Bond says:

    AFC – what makes you say or think that NEXT season they will be back to mid-table mediocrity without Suarez ?

    mate, they have been a mid-table team even with Suarez firing at all cylinders in the past few years 😀

    wake up @ AFC – the season hasn’t finished, they will still end up below Everton with Everton again finishing above them.


  103. AFC says:

    True JB 😀

    It seems like our friend Water has gone anyway. Maybe our comments have led to him realising and acknowledging the truth about LFC.

  104. James Bond says:

    or maybe it was the Cockie Monster tag teaming and gagging him with Fozzie with a capital B, ha

    either way – that’s one less computer deluded fantasy scouse warrior living in bubble land to worry about.

    I guess the bubble burst pretty badly for him – I did say to you to play nicely, ha

  105. Admir says:

    @water – Arsene Wenger might have made many mistakes but unlike Liverpool managers in the last few years, you can’t say that he has ever ended below David Moyes’ team. 😉

    Do you know that George Bush Sr was US President last time when you were English champions? Hell, I can even quote Rodney from Only Fools and Horses: “Michael Jackson was still black when Liverpool were English champions!”

  106. James Bond says:

    maybe you can help me find the answer then , Admir, my good friend – have Liverpool ever won the Premiership ?


  107. Admir says:

    No but their best player managed to get two suspensions – one for racism and the other one for being too hungry. They also signed Downing and Carroll for more money than PSG paid for Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva. That is some achievement.

  108. I would like to think that H20 left because he was about to start a mass debate with his fellow Kopites and as normal they would start their mass debate with a self appreciating rendition of ……” You`ll never wank alone ! “.
    Off to dress up with cloak and fangs as ….The Vampire Diaries are about to start !.

  109. James Bond says:

    so very kind of you to put me put of my misery – so they never won the PREMIERSHIP…

    even BLACKBURN rovers have won the Premiership – liverpool, being such a massive massive club (apparently), have NEVER won the premiership 😯 🙄 🙄

    forget what they paid for 2 mega flops – concentrate on the red £100 million loss in 2 years 😯

    the ghosts of financial fair play are stirring as my old china TMHT would say.

  110. water says:

    Everwin Everwin Everwin anything. Wow u lot are amazing.
    And very unbelievable if Wenger stays after winning nothing again.
    Oh since we’ve never won the bpl that’s sad I know. But when was the last time u won a champions league trophy???
    Win something I beg u!

  111. water says:

    Never wank alone hahahahahaha
    That’s quality

  112. James Bond says:

    on your knees, kneel down and beg properly.

  113. water says:

    We’ve all made mistakes but u seem to be on the brink of madness.
    Only a mad person would repeat a failed action expecting a different result.
    Wenger won’t win a thing this. He didn’t last year and he won’t next year.
    Just win something

  114. water says:

    * year
    Please please pretty please with a nacked babe (for the guys).

  115. James Bond says:

    right – do you wanna put your money where your mouth is then @ Water ?

    If Wenger wins a trophy this season – then will you desert a team of utter failures, no class and will you start supporting one of the 6 biggest clubs in the world ? yes, that’s Arsenal I’m talking about.

    let’s see what you are made off, ehhhh

    time to put your money where your mouth is or just shut it – what’s it gonna be, I wonder.

  116. James Bond says:

    first show us the naked babe, ha

  117. water says:

    Fantastic yes
    If arsenal wins a trophy I will pay a fortune to go watch the gunners play at the Emirates in a directors box and kiss the ground that any gooner walks on for the rest of my life!!

  118. water says:

    Or z it a skybox . I’ll bring a babe with me and I’ll hand her over to the first gunner who compliments her.

  119. James Bond says:

    that’s BABE and not BABEL , yeah ?

    all pun intended.

    deep down inside you know whose the real deal, stop supporting liverpool and start supporting Arsenal – the sooner you do that the better considering liverpool are heading down the leeds route and risk liquidation, soon.

    jump ship while you are still at it.

  120. water says:

    It’ll be a lot easier jumping ship if the other side was winning.
    But since we have the SAS strike force and you lot don’t seem to remember how to win. As the the singer THE WEEKEND put it “I’m good.”
    Nights like Istanbul just keeps u a red.

  121. James Bond says:

    last time I checked, we were the ones who knocked you out of the FA cup ? : ) which means we are still in it to win it – not only that but also the CL, that’s 2 more competitions we have every chance of winning .

    SAS strike force has won you what precisely ? yep yep, years of finishing below Everton – ah right.

    flukes like Istanbul happen once every 100 years, that was your out of the way – it’s time to add a bit of white to the red , me thinks

    better late than never, how much more embarrassment and humiliation can you take from your neighbours, god I can’t imagine anything being worse than finishing lower than Everton for years(a team that no one outside England knows about) .

  122. I come back from watching The Vampire Diaries and you two are still going at it hammer and tongs !…….I`ll just go and get some popcorn !. hahaha

  123. James Bond says:

    if you had an ounce of class, you would grab this opportunity I am giving you with both hands and get your THEO WALCOTT kit as we speak.

    unless of course you want to continue supporting a team of players who have been found guilty of racism, branded cheats and don’t mind munching fellow players…

    A Classy club and supporters don’t persist and back such players, but I don’t blame you lot for showing your desperation and begging him to stay and back him as you really are a one man team – don’t blame ya.

  124. Nice discussion all, one good thing that has come out of this is that it has been an opportunity for some banter away from the footballing side, even with a mugsmasher or two (!), and hence has been a bit of welcome diversion from the foul mood in the aftermath of the flat performance away to Stoke on the weekend. I even saw that Totes in the comments of the previous post was largely lost for words saying there were no excuses and we were let down, and I felt exactly the same way. Talking about diversions from that flat performance, good news on the contract extension front for some players, as mentioned in various comments above.

    Regarding Sagna’s contract extension negotiations I can see where there is a sticking point if indeed he is asking for a three year contract, taking him through to 34. A package to take him through to the end of that would potentially be worth £20m+ including a signing bonus that is apparently part of negotiations. The question then becomes where is the break point between committing that much money to a player until they are 34 as opposed to bringing in a slightly younger player such as Piszczek, Jung, or whoever, perhaps even Debuchy. Hopefully a compromise can be arrived at. No doubt Sagna’s current wage, if reports are to be believed, is rather low, and he could indeed have looked to move to another club during our stadium transition period where the Manchester clubs were happy to pay out wages of > 200k per week when the top wage in our structure was still below 100k, so yes, there is some validity to the point that loyalty should work both ways, at least to a certain point. However, one has to ask why we are in this position where he wasn’t locked down earlier when he didn’t have leverage of being able to talk to other clubs and see what they were prepared to offer him approaching the twilight of his career. As in this post about Suarez we may never know the complete story but we appear to keep having deja vu all over again in such matters, whether coincidences or not.

    Also, I know I keep beating the drum, but it is increasingly becoming apparent to me that as a club we have never quite made up for the departure of David Dein from the board back in 2007. Stating the obvious, but can the club please fix an issue that has generally been recognised for quite some years now? We are emerging as a financial powerhouse in European football, so the glass is half full, not half empty. This summer transfer window we ideally should be both decisive and effective, building on the signing of Ozil last summer.

  125. Dylan says:

    Great article iceman. 🙂 I don’t know where we’d be if we had Suarez. Likely Ozil-less. So I am satisfied. That being said, I believe we should be able to get some compensation from Liverpool, but it’s extremely unlikely.
    I’ve been thinking about how our team can get back on track. And I’ve wondered if a page from Guardiola’s book could save our season?

    A little false 9 anyone? 😉

  126. AFC says:

    Dylan, could work. I agree with the defence and midfield but not the attack. It seems we are lacking pace so I would put Gnabry and the Ox on the flanks with Ozil as the false 9.

    You are spot on with your midfield trio. Wilshere and Ramsey in front of Flamini would make our midfield so strong. Arteta, Rosicky can come into the trio when needed and Santi and Podolski can come in for Ox and Gnabry on the flanks.

    This is most likely our best option unless we are willing to play Bendtner up front and play long ball. 😉

  127. water says:

    In the fa cup for only God knows how long. And talking about flukes a lot of decisions went your wsy that day.
    Flukes like Istanbul r what football is all about. It might never apn agn but oh what a glorious night.
    And you honestly doubt u lot are going to beat bayer at alienze arena. I mean last year they were complacent but pPep is terrified of English teams. He will leave no room for error.

  128. geoffchase says:

    Just a late comment from flooded Chch (cuz if it aint an earthquake lately it’s all …),

    Regardless, I like Suarez’s play but not his style, so I wasnt a big fan of having him. I think we miss two things just this moment:

    a. Something more consistent / threatening up front … OG is very good and good at link up but not quite all there all the time. Whether that is Morata or a Reus/Draxler type or someone else doesnt matter, but we need that. I’d prefer personally, younger and with pace

    b. AR and Theo (one not to return this year) = pace — Ozil has done very well for us and near his RM levels, but, the big thing he had there was the pace and talent of CR. That threat pulls pressure off Ozil in ways that OG doesnt. I think AR and Theo, or at least even one of them, does do that and allows him to be freer. I would diagnose his more recent struggles perhaps partly to being too targeted as we cant get quite enough “threat” or “Presence!” around him just now.

    So, IMO, difficult days ahead but I think we werent ever going to get one top SQ player last year and I prefer the one we got. A playmaker to me is more valuable. We can then find and get the right supporting cast.

    Remember, at least according to me, it aint about the trophies, though they are nice, but about how you “play the game” on and off the field. If you want all trophies then there are the Oilers for you, and equally, many must be in it just for the game since I read JBs comments about Pool and you’d have to figure if it was all about trophies they’d be pretty light on fans by now too!

    cheers — jgc

  129. water says:

    We’ve won an fa cup,a league and a champions league in the 9 years you’ve won zip.Not forgetting another cl and fa cup final in your barren years .IT IS ALL ABOUT TROPHIES.

  130. water says:

    We’ve won an fa cup,a league cup and a champions league in the 9 years you’ve won zip.Not forgetting another cl and fa cup final in your barren years .IT IS ALL ABOUT TROPHIES.

  131. “It’s all about trophies”

    Then you would have switched allegiance to Man United several years back, water 😀

  132. Dylan says:

    This water lad is insane. Have fun in the Europa League. Oh wait, you’ve not even got that. Oh well.

  133. water says:

    I don’t like arsenal but I loathe united. I mean hate brewed in the deepest chasm of my heart.

  134. water says:

    Have u lot seen the table we are 6 points ahead of 5th placed spuds and we will destroy them at home. Quite like we did to you lot. Shock and awe baby!!!

  135. Dylan says:

    Water to put it nicely your club is and always has been full of brainless people. Look at Suarez and his cannibalism. Your purchase of 2 bench warmers worth £60m. Gerrard and his inability to win the PL. John Henry and his “contracts mean nothing” comments. And countless other issues.

  136. Dylan, cheers, I like your idea but largely do not overly push the case for formation tweaks nowadays because we hardly ever make any, not that I have a problem with 4-2-3-1, but there are two problems we have run into with Aaron and Theo out with that formation, i.e. losing the pace, directness, and finishing (when at best) of Theo on the flank, as well as missing Aaron as part of the pivot in central midfield, which is required to take full advantage of the 4-2-3-1 formation.

    To have a central midfield pivot you need one player that can sit back, that is currently filled by Arteta or Flamini, I would like us to bring in Schneiderlin or Bender this summer; and we need one player that can push up if the opposition is sitting back (forced or unforced), and currently we have Ramsey and Wilshere for that (b2b/DLP), Jack not currently being as good as Aaron, but long term I think we are pretty set with those two, perhaps with AOC becoming another option for that slot long term (once he has assured ball security and has more experience with the defensive side of the game). I agree that in reaction to injuries of Theo and Aaron a formation/tactical tweak may have been well worth considering

  137. water says:

    Yh the cannibal is still 100x btr than any player on your current roster.
    How many players in your team has more medals or commands more respect than Stevie. Captain what ever u want him to be. A legend.
    And didn’t you read the article. Our actions in the summer showed just how much smarter we are than u lot.
    I mean selling rvp to manure was the dumbest thing ever.
    I mean do u lot think they would have sold RVN to u lot come on.
    They would have never done that.
    U lot won them the league last season.

  138. Dylan says:

    Ok water. Whatever floats your boat. But at the end of the day, the most recent Arsenal-Liverpool game went Arsenal’s way and were still in more competitions than you. End of story.

  139. water says:

    Well said but just win something.
    Its getting embarrassing

  140. No it is not, we have won plenty of trophies under Wenger and the breakpoint was delineated by two things: (i) move to the new stadium, (ii) emergence of oil money backing for clubs

    8-9 years is nothing for not winning a trophy compared to some clubs if one has a decent grasp of history, i.e. not an uninformed millennial.

  141. Milo says:

    Didn’t mean to come across as homofobic with my comment. You can call Giroud whatever you like, good or bad. I cannot support a player or person who commits adultery. He can score all the goals he likes, I will be happy that the club wins, but not for him individually.

    I don’t understand this debate about which club is better, Arsenal or LIverpool. What is better exactly??? It is what you value as a person individually as well as in the rare case a whole, or larger group of people. Sometimes supporters of clubs place value on things completely differently. I mean I am sure there are some 40-80 plus year old Man City supporters who remember their club when it was virtually non-existent and still support them, even though they are a represent the true meaning of a “football club or insitution” extremely poorly. I would have admiration for them, I really would. Sometimes you get to choose (like me) who you support. Others, it is almost forced upon them through inheritance. What makes both kinds special, is if they stick to one club over a long period of time, or make a true commitment to represent that club with their support. I had interest in a few clubs before I chose Arsenal. I liked Inter and Bayern a looooooooooooooong time ago. I didn’t even know if they were winning or not, I liked their kits. It’s the truth!!! When I chose to pledge my allegiance to Arsenal, they WERE winning but I only realized that afterwards. I loved football first and foremost, and yes I dug the all important uni, but I placed value upon the style of play we exhibited, and the pride I had in our history, when I did a bit of research. We could debate about what type of football we should be playing but that is for another time. I will just say that a bit of added resilience and consistency would go a looooooooooooong way for me.

    I don’t know how you came to support Liverpool (to all those LIverpool people on here) but I will admit that you have an extremely rich and mostly proud history that is pretty similar to ours in the volume of trophies we have accrued, if not the “value” of them. I don’t really see the point in arguing about what club is “better”. I have appreciation for all the old clubs around the World. Even some of the relatively newer ones like Ipswich Town, who were a tiny, new club when they won the old First Division (the last league Liverpool won, by the way 😀 ) back in the 1950’s. No, they aren’t and probably never will be a “big” club, but I can appreciate that achievement.

    I partially define success by how many people you or your business have influenced positively, in your lifetime. Both Arsenal and LIverpool have made a positive influence on people the World over, which in a small sense HAS made the World a better place as a result of millions of people’s happiness.

    I am NOT a patient person. Supporting Arsenal through this trophiless (no such word, I don’t believe) spell has taught me the value of patience and longer-term commitment, even if some of the things I write on here would indicate otherwise. It usually takes about two to three days for me to get over a result such as the one at Stoke.(Another club with some fine history of it’s own, no matter how much we dislike them) . After this recovery period, I do see that the longer term investment the club is making should have a beneficial impact on results eventually. No one can say when, or how soon with any true certainty, but all Gooners are hoping it is soon.

  142. 17highburyterrace says:

    Only one winner here today and ding, ding, ding, it’s the guy who came a trolling, Mr H TWO OH…

    Well done sir, well done…

    At some point I’d like to discuss why we’re so sensitive about Liverpool. (Above us in the table might be a starting point…), Could it be the fact that our ship is listing and bigger guns sit on the horizon? I actually did some writing about how sad a state of affairs it is when our people feel the need to speak out of both sides of their mouths (and/or refuse to take a long look in the mirror…), but it was a little too harsh, even by my own standards. Let it be noted that (at least) two of the main participants touting the superiority of our club were suggesting that we might be better off if our manager was the one “walking alone.” just last Saturday… Hmmm…. Did nobody notice the irony of the fact that the actual thread is about wanting what THEY have? (And how we might get it)…

    There was a bit of interesting discussion in there too–glad to have you chime in Professor, for example–but not a lot. Also, very good to have you trying to keep up with the responses, Iceman…(If you want the troll to stop, you mustn’t feed it…) Keep writing, eh…

    I’ll check back… In the meantime, carry on…

  143. water says:

    Yh now it’s ok not to win trophies cuz other clubs don’t. Wow I thought you were TGE GUNNERS. I mean Arsenal with a state of the art arena and continued financial growth. Wow I guess not only Wenger is a specialist in failure not forgetting mediocrity. Wow man
    If u think this current situation is ok. Then there’s my cue to go find worthier opposition.

  144. 17highburyterrace says:

    Simul-posting with Milo….And agreeing with everything he’s written. I knew there was a reason to keep up with the posts, tonight… 😀

  145. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, Mr Water, well done, now go feck yourself… 😆

  146. water says:

    Yo that’s ny line hahahaha
    But oh lastly before I forget….. please win something and jb our bets still stands.
    U lot win any trophy and I’m back here worshipping u lot.

  147. AFC says:

    ahahaha Water is still here.

    Look at all the time you have wasted on the blog of another club and have not even been able to participate in an intelligent discussion.

    I would go back to your Liverpool blog, they must be missing you and your one liners.

  148. water says:

    Just win something. That’s what’s important.

  149. alcide says:

    “U lot win any trophy and I’m back here worshipping u lot.”

    Quite an incentive :/


    Water, why is it so important to you, or are you just one of those that likes to have the last word.

    Either way, its very immature. I suspect you are a southern based Liverpool fan. I lived in Liverpool for a while and scousers, despite negative publicity, are great people. I suggest you take a leaf out of there book,show some class and dignity, becuase thats what Liverpool FC is, and end this nonsense.

  151. water says:

    With all that class u lot don’t seem to remember what’s important. Winning is everything.

  152. alcide says:

    That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard :/


    No it is not. You disrespect millions of supporters around the country who support smaller clubs.

    Can you not see that your attitude can only be regarded as that of a jumped up little twerp. Your not worthy of been a Liverpool fan, and I for one will not converse with you any longer.

  154. water says:

    Sad u say
    Then y is it the only thing that history records.
    U think if barca didn’t win and only played tiki taka football they’d be touted as arguably the best team of this generation.
    You’d think Mou would be touted as arguably the best coach of this generation.
    Why do you think ARSENAL became a world wide fanbase if u didn’t win .
    Jesus Christ
    There is a reason history remembers Victors and forgets the others. as any team out there deserve their place in history.
    The only way u can achieve that is through victory.
    When BR came through I honestly thought it was a hoax.
    I was steadily against his appointment.
    But now I’m a believer.
    Liverpool are winning for a first time in years.
    That’s y I can afford to come here.
    We can beat anyone now.
    So if u think winning isn’t for u.
    Then ARSENAL is not.the team for u.
    Better be off to leeds or Forrest.

  155. Admir says:

    @water – sorry but I think you’ll have to settle with 4th-place-trophy this season. Mourinho will do his usual stuff at Anfield and the other Oilers will kick you in the groin as well.

    @Bergkampesquers – I’ve read an interesting piece on Untold Arsenal about BFG and Little Mozart. Walter mentioned Rosicky’s goal for Dortmund against us but this one he scored for Sparta against us made me crazy about him…and I just realized it happened THIRTEEN-AND-HALF YEARS AGO! (Champions’ League 2000-01, First Group Phase, Arsenal-Sparta 4:2)

  156. water says:

    Only time will tell Sir. But I’m confident it’ll go our way.


    Apologies Iceman, I got some what distracted and forgot to congratulate you on an excellent and thought provoking article.

    My thoughts on the matter are varied, but i do believe our offer of a million and one pound smacked of a bit of cheek. Lets put it this way, adding the solitary quid on was asking for a bit of bad publicity.

    As for Henrys comments. Well, was the last time one big club took another to court to secure a players services? It just doesn’t happen. Clubs prefer to let the player and his agents do the dirty work.

    Its time to move on. Suarez is a Liverpool player, that’s the material fact. Playing the blame game is unnecessary and futile.


    Should be £40 miilion and one pound of course. Not even Kronke is that tight. hahaha

    Or is he?

  159. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

  160. Fozzie B says:

    Good afternoon Significant Sickened Suarez Scrotum Smugglers and Shirtlifters!! 😆
    In the airport ready to head home…
    MarleyKaze gave me the birdie when I asked to come over and he has let me know his blood supply is down so I have sent him on a secret mission to find water!! :D.
    You have done very well getting under the skin of the BK Brethren and I have found it truly refreshing!! MarleyKaze is a Jamaican/Japanese Mosquito who has a unique blend of laid back coolness (slightly increased by copious amounts of Jamaican gold) and devoted emperor like tendencies!! 😆
    He is coming over for a blood test because he reckons your on some mean gear!!!
    You will recognise the rising bandana and bloodshot eyes!! 😀
    Please do not try and swat him or he will only get nasty!! 😀
    I have asked him to be nice because I want you to keep playing with us!!

  161. I know most have moved on from the discussion here to a newer post, but am going to post this as a placeholder of some verifiable facts to demonstrate where we have a problem with being over-conservative, even with the signing of Ozil last summer, which as of now we don’t know if there was relenting forced by angry fans, particularly after the home loss to Villa.

    (A) Cash reserves at the end of the 2012/13 season were £119.7m

    (B) Even after the signing of Ozil or cash reserves over the last few weeks have been reported as £120.6m

    Admittedly the £120.6m can be a bit lower at this exact point in time due to operating costs.

    (C) Based on latest timepoint where there were published financial data for all clubs in the PL, our financial dominance in terms of what is sitting in the bank is demonstrated by our cash reserves not being far off from the rest of the PL put together.

    This is great, we now have domination in terms of *cash reserves*, and that domination will only be bettered when the new Puma deal comes into effect this summer.

    However, it is clear that the gulf in cash reserves between ourselves and other PL clubs is so large that *some* of it can be taken as manifest of an over-conservative, over-cautious nature in the transfer market. This is important because there is a portion of revenue growth, including merchandising, that is dependent on success on the pitch.

    Yes, cash reserves are not totally money available for spending due to operation costs, debt servicing (relatively low and manageable now), and safety margin for unexpected one-offs and tax bills. However, there is clearly a very large safety margin in that £120.6m figure, and that is mid-season, where TV revenues and PL/CL prize money disproportionately comes in during the second half of the season and in the summer a new cycle is started with season ticket sales, commerical deal annual payments, etc.

    The numbers shown above clearly show that we could have quite easily bought *both* Ozil and Suarez last summer, smoothed out by the huge cash pile that we sit on. The top striker has to be signed anyway, regardless of whether it was last summer or this summer.

    Yet again, this points to adjustments that are required within our club, and it would be nice to fill a gap that I feel has existed since David Dein moved on back in 2007. There is a balance to be had between being ultra-conservative and being more ambitious.

    To be fair, I know that it has been a long planned vision of those in the club to hold back until FFP kicked in. Whether FFP will be firmly applied by UEFA is another thing, but the sale of Mata by Chelsea *mid-season* indicates some considerations of FFP. Therefore, we will see what happens this summer, and am prepared to be open minded.

    – Iceman10

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