First name on the team sheet tonight: Tom Cleverley


Sometimes human beings disgust me.

Tom Cleverley has been singled out by a keyboard hero who has found another 10,000 brave men and women to sign an utterly pathetic on-line petition. The 24-year-old Cleverley – rather than the misfiring/territory hugging £500k+ per week striker-duo of Shrek and Van Judas – has apparently been singled out for the Mancs’ inability to keep up in the league – even with Spuds and Pool; and therefore he should not play for the national team either. I have never seen anything like it.

Think about all the millions of people who lost their lives in the fight for freedom and democracy, to see it abused so childishly and inhumanely with a pitiable petition. Think about what young Tom Cleverley is going through right now. For us Gooners, this is not too difficult, as we have seen what a lack of support can do to a young and promising footballer: Aaron Ramsey anyone?


It is not important whether Tom is the answer to England’s midfield or not, or whether he is one of the reasons for Moyes United’s dismal season. It is the responsibility of the manager to pick his team and anybody who puts on the shirt should be supported, as long as they give their all.

Luckily, but unsurprisingly, Hodgson has brushed the petition aside:

“I would like to think that I’m not going to have the England team selected in the future by petitions from various people who are holding it against one person for a team’s lack of success.

“You can’t expect a football coach to have any sympathy with it.”

Against Denmark Hodgson should put Cleverley as his first name on the team sheet, and I trust that sanity/humanity will conquer through the unconditional support by the Wembley crowd this evening.


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96 Responses to First name on the team sheet tonight: Tom Cleverley

  1. Fozzie B says:

    Fiiiiiiirst!!!!! 😆 from previous post and will read now thanks Totes

    Good afternoon Significant Sickened Suarez Scrotum Smugglers and Shirtlifters!!
    In the airport ready to head home…
    MarleyKaze gave me the birdie when I asked to come over to Iceland and he has let me know his blood supply is down so I have sent him on a secret mission to find water!! :D.
    You have done very well getting under the skin of the BK Brethren and I have found it truly refreshing!! MarleyKaze is a Jamaican/Japanese Mosquito who has a unique blend of laid back coolness (slightly increased by copious amounts of Jamaican gold) and devoted emperor like tendencies!!
    He is coming over for a blood test because he reckons your on some mean gear!!!
    You will recognise the rising bandana and bloodshot eyes!!
    Please do not try and swat him or he will only get nasty!!
    I have asked him to be nice because I want you to keep playing with us!!

  2. AFC says:

    TA, I genuinely do not think Cleverly is good enough for United or England and I do not want to see him anywhere near the England squad.

    The petition might be a bit over the top but I think it was done in a ‘tongue and cheek’ manner rather than a personal attack.

    As a footballer Cleverly has to deal with such issues and should be able to. Supporters will say it as it is and have the right to in my opinion.

    Cleverly might well use this negative press to become a better player.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC 😕

    Disappointing response from you, which I had not expected. The petition is a disgrace and your last sentence is far too cheap for me.

  4. AFC says:

    ‘tongue and cheek’ as opposed to a malicious attack.

  5. Fozzie B says:

    Hi Totes, yes it’s a sad reflection of just how powerful social media is today. A poison chalice that tastes oh so sweet then oh so bitter and lethal!!
    I hope he has a great game along with a certain Danish Samurai!!
    These Morata rumours are heating up … I likey likey!! 😀

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Have a safe flight, Fozzer. 🙂

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    I like it too, Fozzer, even if it was for the last two letters of the name… 😉

  8. AFC says:

    TA, I cannot really see where you are coming from.

    I would not participate in such a petition but is the reason behind the petition justifiable. It is in my opinion. He has been playing poorly and is still being selected for international duty whereas other players in poor firm have not been.

    Are you saying that people need to pick out all of the players in poor form as opposed to just one player? If you are saying that then you have a point. If the petition included Johnson and Milner would you have found it bearable?

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC 🙂

    Petitions for not playing certain players are unacceptable, whether it is one or many. You obviously seem to believe it is okay…. I rest my case. 😕

  10. AFC says:

    TA, we clearly see if differently. Is the point of a petition not to express what you are unhappy about, what should change and what needs to be changed.

    Just like you a petition could be made to get Richards in the England squad a petition should be allowed to try and stop an England plater getting into the squad.

    I am happy to agree to disagree and move on if that is ok with you?

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, Can you really not see the futility – the manager is never going to listen to this ridiculous suggestion – and inhumanity of singling out/ridiculing a player so publicly?

  12. AFC says:

    TA, agreed the petition is futile but aren’t a large chunk of petitions outside of football also pointless.

    To me this petition is nothing different compared to what all the pundits and fans say about players like Bendtner, Gervinho etc. Players are picked on in the media and singled out all the time. This is what happened with Cleverly except it was in the form of a petition.

    The petition does not contain no personal abuse towards Cleverly, contains no threats to either him or his family etc. That is when it would become disgraceful for me.

  13. TotalArsenal says:


    You clearly don’t see it and I like you too much to go any further with this. Last thing I say about it is to put yourself in his shoes today and imagine what he feels right now and what he will feel every time he misplaces a pass for club or country.

    You either have that empathy or you don’t.

  14. Sorry Totes, but this post is futile compared to my futile petition to get Wenger to run all team selections, tactics, substitutions and future SQ transfer negotiations by me first !. hahaha
    The ease of the petition shouldn`t surprise any of us really given the todays technology of the world wide web, Twatter and Facefcuk !.

  15. Domhuail says:

    Woy said it all……he’s not a democracy operating at the whim of 1 or 1,000,000 fanboys but the man who is standing in front of the fan waiting for the next bucket of offal or roses and he doesn’t give a whit about what petition is currently circulating……that’s it in a nutshell.
    Wenger ignores the whiners as well and knows that he has more nous in his shoelaces than all the moaners combined. Football management by petition is almost as pathetically delusional as some moaners claiming that Arsenal bought Ozil because they persisted in whining until it happened. They also claim that the sun rises each morning because they get out of bed.

  16. Tapps says:

    We should not be at all surprised. As a Manure ‘fan’, he or she probably lives in Cheltenham and has never visited a football ground in their life.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Fine response Domhuail – Love the last line especially.

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Tapps and Cockie 🙂 🙂


    Thank you Dutch Master

    I am with you my friend. This sort of behaviour is one step away from cyber bullying and trolling.

    Cleverly is just a young guy trying to make his mark at both club and international level. He will reach his level once his full potential is ascertained.

    I know all about petitons ny Edam munching friend. A few year ago the Bounds Green residents committe saw fit to petition for my eviction. The petionnees were mostly men whos wives i had slept with, and the women were those who I had not slept with.

    Luckily for me this “Evict and hopefully Lynch Mancini” campaign was thwarted by my local counciler, who also happened to be a local resident.

    I was very grateful and became good friends with William. Unfortunately one day he came home early and caught me in bed with his wife and subsequently tried to start another petition. But after helping me the first time the other residents disliked him more than me so once again I survived.

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Terry, another fine anecdote 🙂


    I agree with Cornwall TA. His punishment should involve a mirror with him been forced to stare at his ugly face

    Ohhhhh the humanity. Five minutes of Adam staring at his own boat will either lead to been spoon fed by large men in white coats, or a career in the circus.

  22. James Bond says:

    all this is very unacceptable – even though I don’t want Cleverly anywhere near the England team, he doesn’t deserve it and no one does.

    saying that – how do you start one of these online petitions, I need to start one for Sczny 👿

    and JGC – you can’t honestly be serious when you say that it’s not about winning or winning trophies – if I had a decent team, I would want them to be winning and winning trophies, if they do this in a stylish sexy manner then of course that’s brilliant but I was a gooner when we used to do it the ugly way – we went to AW and he took up to the next level, we play sexy footy but the point remains, it’s a sport and we are in several competitions, we are in it to win them not to be there to make up the numbers or settle for 2nd best – where is the ambition and belief @ Professor ?

    but anyhow – all of my last post comments were for a troll and banter – water was taking the piss and I was surprised as to why he was allowed to troll for as long as he was, should have been dealt with much much sooner but anyhow – it’s a free world !

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    England XI: 1 Hart 2 Johnson 3 Cole 4 Gerrard (c) 5 Cahill 6 Smalling 7 Wilshere 8 Henderson 9 Sturridge 10 Rooney 11 Sterling

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    JB – if you feed a troll he will keep coming back – and you fed him caviare and champagne, which is bliss for a Dipper 😀

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    No Cleverley…. Roy missed an opportunity there..

  26. James Bond says:

    Roy has no balls, should have rested JW and played Cleverly instead 😀

    I hope he keeps the OX on the bench and subs JW early on in the 2nd half or 2nd half altogether for Cleverly 😀

    Skipper – we fed him what was necessary , after that it became repetitive and everyone else got involved – you know me, I relish trolls but it wasn’t pretty seeing everyone get embroiled at some stage with him.

    to be honest with you, I thought Water was a lass hence my soft spot, the way he talked was very girlish 😉

  27. alcide says:

    The good news, is that “only” 10000 signed the petition. A few centuries back those same people would probably stone the poor lad…

    Debuchy starts for France ahead of Sagna (?) . Koscielny has a little muscular problem, he’s not playing. Arsene said scans are reassuring, and it was more for safety. Good then, 2 players rested.

    RvP is the captain for Netherlands…

  28. alcide says:

    Oh and Ö is orchestrating for Germany, looking sharp.

  29. alcide says:

    And brilliant assist in the box for Mesut 🙂

    Griezmann is starting on the left wing… Interesting.

  30. James Bond says:

    Ozil is a brilliant player, extremely unlucky to be playing with the wrong type of striker and wingers – not his fault at all, Sometimes I do feel sorry for him

    how unlucky of us to lose Theo, and Ramsey at the wrong time – his understanding with Ramsey was a thing of beauty !

  31. James Bond says:

    oh dear , JW passes a fancy pass to Bendtner – thinking they are playing for arsenal, could have been costly

  32. James Bond says:

    heart in mouth moment – JW down and out.

    injury looks nasty – to his ankle as well.

    needless needless

  33. James Bond says:

    JW is crying…tears in his eyes ?

  34. James Bond says:

    he’s up and walking back to the side lines gingerly – no need to risk him Roy, get Lallana on

  35. water says:

    The petition was stupid. People just misuse democracy and the the net.
    If a petition was due it should have probably be for Tom Huddlestone to be called up. He’s been in fine form.

  36. James Bond says:

    Water 🙂

    serious question – do you think that Sturridge is a very selfish player and a dynamite waiting to explode (temperament wise), when all is not well ? or do you rate him highly and are happy with his performances thusfar ?

  37. I don’t mind trolls and personally wouldn`t ban anyone, but it`s Totals site, so he has the final say.
    I did not get embroiled with him, I just used my wit as usual ( ad-libbing is one of my strengths due to my inventive imagination ! ).
    At the end of the day though, how can you argue against Liverpool, after Manshafter Std they are the most successful team and we are the Third most successful team historically. It would be like a Spud trying to argue with us !.
    We can only look to the future and say currently we are better set up to deal with it !.

  38. James Bond says:

    of course you wouldn’t mind Trolls – Glics- as half the time you are a troll in disguise yourself ahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

    to hell with past history – let’s make some fine fine present history this saturday ourselves;)

  39. And there he is !. 😀
    Did H20 just slide in off Donald Duck ?……..water off a ducks back !.
    At least he should be supporting us against Everton, as I would support Liverpool over The Spuds in a game !.
    Laterz !

  40. water says:

    I’d like to think he’s matured a bit and is a little bit wiser not to lose his head when things go to kak. He’s bin brilliant so far and has actually surprised me.
    I knew he had talent from his city days but he always lacked finishing ability. Things have changed and right now I can’t think of ant team in England who would not want him.

  41. water says:

    And we have more trophies than manure if u catch my drift.

  42. James Bond says:

    oh yeah, he should be the no.1 England striker – agreed !

    do you honestly believe that Suarez will be staying at Anfield next season ?

    how on earth did sterling and sturridge not score earlier is beyond me ! we should have been 2-0 up by now

  43. James Bond says:

    JW subbed after 60 minutes – nice one , Roy

  44. James Bond says:

    and now Welbeck showing his true greedy colours, should have gone for the assist and not goal himself, argh

  45. James Bond says:

    OX about to come on – England might actually score a goal or two or 3 😯

  46. water says:

    I honestly don’t know. Now he I’m worried about. To be honest sometimes he scares me. Tripping people, grabbing lots of stuff off the ball. He brings a whole new meaning to a troubled genius.
    But hey who would have thought we’d be here when el nino left. If he stays we’re a better team. If he goes we get a boatload of money. I’d say win win Or..?

  47. James Bond says:

    fair enough @ Water

    Ox playing next to Stevie G – I likes !

  48. James Bond says:

    sturridgeeeeeeeeee you lil beauty

    1-0 England 😀

  49. James Bond says:

    we are going to win the world cup !!!

  50. alcide says:

    France 2-0, excellent Benzema, Matuidi. 2 nice goals. OG and Bac’ make late appearances. No injuries. Remy subbed on a bit earlier, didn’t do much. Second time in a row France looks like a decent team. Netherlands were disappointing apart from a 20 minutes spell of nice possession football (without really getting into the 30m zone – reminded me of us in some games). Defense and goalkeeper seem to be a weak link. Robben didn’t play (“not ready”) but Ribery was subbed on late (didn’t do much).

    Germany won 1-0, was also watching Özil on iPad… He had a good game (subbed out after 88′). One superb assist, one key pass that could/should have been a goal and those were the main chances. chile actually hit the bar, and had 2-3 very clear chances, their small, speedy attackers (eg Sanchez) , were a poison to the German defense, but Per and Co kept the clean sheet (more due to strikers’ misses). Pod also came in late, but didn’t have much to do. No injuries…

    So is Jack ok? That would be a surprise if we all come back fit and healthy? How did England do, Ox, Jack?

  51. water says:

    Mm hmm.
    Chill out man.
    But honestly The team is looking threatening up front.
    They look like they have goals in em.

  52. James Bond says:

    jack is ok, was hit and miss as he is like with Arsenal but got 60 minutes under his belt, non the less

    OX got 10 minutes or so, playing next to Stevie G, did ok – had a chance almost to score but wasn’t to be.

    good outing for the lads , everywhere –

    Rosicky scored, Ozil Assisted , Giroud got rested ?

    all is well it seems @ Alcide

    I was being sarcastic @ Water but if we got out of the group, then that will be a fine achievement, the key is to not play many mancs in the starting 11 and persist with the core of Arsenal, Liverpool and Southampton plus Rooney = sorted ?

  53. James Bond says:

    oh and sczny conceded it appears, so yep yep, all is well in the world of Arsenal 🙂

  54. James Bond says:

    what are your thoughts on JW @ Water ?

  55. alcide says:

    Hehehe bad JB, bad. OG and Bac just played 10′ or so.

  56. water says:

    Was good but sometimes I think he’s a victim of himself. He’s set the bar so high when he doesn’t hit his max its kinda a bummer.
    But y not y can’t England win the world cup.
    This team is certainly better than in recent times.
    I think the three lions can surprise .
    Uruguay is a 1 man team. If Suarez dont perform they’re lost. They’ve never been good defending and are even wotse now lugano is past it.

  57. water says:

    I mean Ghana almost them in last world cup. If only Suarez didn’t interfere. Abd Cavani has never been dangerous for em. So I believe England can get out of their group.

  58. Gerry says:

    Well I watched the Germany v Chile – You should have switched it around Alcide, for a friendly, it was a cracker.

    A game of two thirds really. Germany really good in the final third. Chile could not find the right ball in their final third. Elsewhere, Chile won it hands down. If AW was watching he would have been drooling. Played at pace, slick passing, total interchange of all attacking players – which was 7! They only had 3 at the back, plus the GK – It was like watching the best of Arsenal that we only see glimpses of. By that I mean, all players on the same wavelength, with sublime technique and passing skills.

    Alas we will never copy that, although we do to a lesser extent, but Per just does not suit that sort of open play.Can you picture us with 5 or 6 opposition players steaming forwards with only 3 defenders back? – No wisecracks like ‘yes, in most games’ – The difference here was they did not panic. The player with the ball may have had only one to beat, and at least 3 options of a pass, but getting past the single defender was not that easy. Passing options we more often than not cut out by speedy interventions anyway. Even their goal(Germany’s) was not successful in those open moments, but rather in a crowded penalty box, where a Goetze one-two with Ozil, who initially tripped over the ball, recovered, remained calm and collected, to put sublime pass for Goetze to finish off with equal two footed dexterity. A repeat in the second half was save by the goalkeeper.

    Meanwhile, in the other final third German defenders were flying in with last ditch tackles every few minutes. Per was among those who excelled, and there were several.

    If you get a chance, see the first 15 minutes and you will catch the flavour of the whole game. What Chile showed was, if you have the numbers forwards, you can ‘high press’ with a good expectation of being successful. And they kept it going all game. Arsenal have a long way to go to match that, but it sort of fits AW’s view of how to play the game … if you have the right players?

  59. Alcide says:

    Nice recap Gerry. Watching on the iPad (at the same time as watching France on TV), I could only catch glimpses of that, but it looks like I got to spirit of it right. I don’t have too much regrets, for once France played a decent game, I would have been sorry to miss it!

  60. Just wanted to pop in to say very nice article Totes, will return later to comment in depth.

  61. AFC says:

    Wilshere out for six weeks.

  62. alcide says:


  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Not entirely surprised with this news, but really shocking the FA did not pick up on this last night – giving Jack the all clear, only for the club to find the injury….

    He played well up until the injury, bossing the midfield going forward and adding thrust and invention. After the Agger crunching tackle he was nowhere near as effective despite trying….

    A set back for the team and there will now be pressure on Aaron to return to the team asap.

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    The Kim K signing might still prove useful after all……

  65. Dylan says:

    Just heard the news and heard Liverpool fan’s reaction. Disgusted. Agger should be banned. And season is probably over as far as we’re concerned. Källstrom may be our only hope.

  66. Fozzie B says:

    Evening Witty Wilted Wishere Well Wishers!! 😀
    Man can you believe that!! I feel really sad for Jack as I’m sure he would be pumped for these big games coming up. The lads must really be rolling their eyes .. Let’s hope Kim gets a run out sooner rather than later to get up to speed.
    Pressure on Rambo like you say Totes!!

    MarleyKaze reported back with a blood test on water … His blood type is actually A (Arsenal) positive !! All that well wishing that we actually go and win something!! The only thing is that Markeykaze came back without a nose!! He didn’t even realise it had been nicked !! That’s how strong the scouse component of waters blood is !! 😆

  67. Dylan says:

    We must line up this way against Everton.

    Only way we will win the FA Cup is to make Ozil effective. That’s with pace. Drop Giroud, drop Poldi, drop Santi, drop Arteta.

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Fozzer 🙂

    Dylan, do you fancy the preview

  69. AB says:

    It will be interesting to see Dylan. If we didn’t have the game next week in our minds I would expect same back 5, Flamteta pivot, Ox, Oz, Santi and Giroud. But he may opt to rest some – Flamteta can’t play 3 games back to back. I would like to see KK get a run out, though assume as a sub. He impressed me in his interview when he joined, and though I haven’t registered his pay, the reports suggest he might fit in well and do a job – albeit he won’t be a solo match winner. Which Giroud will turn up is another question? If the one that pulls defences around doesn’t show then it could be another tough day for us. We are due some big performances from severe individuals, and the team effort after Stoke must be huge. Here’s hoping we bury Everton early and can rest/bring in squad players in the second half……. Hmm, don’t really believe it myself, but here’s hoping!

  70. AB says:

    play not pay!

  71. AB says:

    and several not severe…..

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    Have you been typing without your glasses, AB? 🙂

  73. AB says:

    Bloody auto-correct on Apple! We have had no luck wit injuries – again. I stay hopeful for KK, and also that Rambo will be back strong. Mind you, Rosicky has been fit this season and our CBs and Giroud too. Its the game changers that we have lost ironically.

  74. AB says:

    How are you feeling TA? I’m a bit more hopeful again. And still expect the oilers and pool to stop points in the run in. Time for us to show we can take on some of the big boys as well as put (most) of the small ones down.

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AB, all is well, thanks.

    Let’s fight for a cup win with our best team and then go to Munich with a nothing to lose attitude. OGAAT, OGAAT! And yes everything is still possible!

    How are you doing?

  76. Fozzie B says:

    A double OGAAT!!! A good way to clear the bad pain in the stomach caused by the Orcs!! It’s always nice to OGAAT amongst friends!! I have had a ruby tonight and I too am in the right mood for OGAATING!!! 😆
    Cockie only enjoys OGAATING when his chart of doom of doom predictions come true!!
    JB enjoys OGAATING between trees !! It helps with velocity and also provides a pleasant aroma for Jane to follow!! 😆
    Vickers enjoys OGAATING whilst naked at PC world after his first cuppa !! 😀
    Stretch loves to OGAAT whilst stretching and especially when in the lotus position!!
    His pigeons enjoy OGAATING whilst waiting in line to play “paper, scissors, cock!!” 😆
    17h loves to OGAAT whist zig zagging between Sasquatch Hampton posts on the Tahoe Ski slopes!! 😀
    Gerry enjoys OGAATING nice and early in the morning whilst studying the horse racing!!
    Dylan enjoys OGAATING at school and although receiving strange looks from his school mates … Finds it quite liberating!! 😆
    Ahhhhh the pleasures of OGAATING fellow gooners!! 😆

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    Victoria OGAATia Crescit! 🙂

  78. AB says:

    I’m good TA. Work busy, weather lousy, and my outlet (the Arsenal) looking a bit shaky. But whenever there is a result that leads to gloom, I usually climb out of it, reflecting this season that the downs are, in part, a measure of far higher expectations built on 12 months of solid play. Yup OGAAT does it for me – and looking forward to a lift at the weekend; my expectations are creeping up high as I type!

  79. Fozzie B says:

    AB … Be careful of OGAATING in confined spaces !!!
    That could be the fumes getting to your skull!! 😆

  80. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, outlet is a good description. Let’s hope for a fully committed, quality performance on Saturday and a good win at the end.

  81. Dylan says:

    Sure TA, I fancy writing the preview. May be one of the most important of the season after all. 😉

  82. Dylan says:

    Also, just a note: I picked Wigan to win the FA Cup last year on March 8. The date is fast approaching for me to make my pick again. 😉

  83. TotalArsenal says:

    Agred Dylan, at this moment in time it is the most important game of the season – OGAAT of the season! 🙂

  84. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for writing the preview, really appreciated.

  85. Fozzie B says:

    Morning Eagle Eyed Evertonian Enrail Emaciators !! 😆
    Good article about punching above our belt … Doesn’t address why the injuries are so bad but still good pragmatic post

  86. water says:

    So u guys think agger was at fault for his tackle or what?

  87. Admir says:

    Hello, people.

    Three years ago we played Barcelona on 8th March. That season went to trash due to fortnight misery and that tie against Barcelona was part of it. Same could happen this year if we fail to beat Everton tomorrow. There is also one more thing that connects 2010-11 and 2013-14 – we went into both seasons without selling any of our best players, looked like a real deal for the biggest part of the season and then suffered a terrible meltdown due to injuries and insane fixture-congestion.

    Wilshere’s injury that happened – surprisingly – after a Liverpool player’s tackle really ruined my expectations for tomorrow. I’m still in the same anti-climactic state I’ve been in since the start of the match against Stoke. It’s good thing that they won’t have Jagielka but then again, we have Giroud there.

    One thing that springs to my mind is that we (when I say “we”, I mean us fans, players and the manager himself) deserve a trophy this season. Why? Well, we made a huge sacrifice…or sort of. We have played slow, sleepy, first-gear-football with a few honourable exceptions in order to get results. Apart from some magnificent goals (Wilshere vs Norwich, Rosicky vs Sunderland and, I’d like to add, Oxlade-Chamberlain vs Crystal Palace), we have been far away from a real Wengerball, the one that would have won Miss Congeniality-title if there had been a contest for the most beautiful football on Earth. Furthermore, if we win a trophy this season, it will be like we received Miss Congeniality-title while walking on crutches – like most of our important players do these days.

    @The Cookie Monster – I’d like to answer to your question when I would like to play against City. I’d prefer them to lose to Wigan or in the semifinals to someone else. If that’s not possible, I’d prefer them in the semis rather than in the Final because if we reach the Final, we will be nervous for at least 45 minutes because most of our players will have their first (Cazorla, Arteta, Özil, Giroud, Podolski, Mertesacker) and others will have their last chance (Sagna, Vermaelen, perhaps Podolski and Giroud fit into this category as well) to win something with Arsenal while at least two of our players will go out there with a shadow of Obafemi Martins above their heads. That’s why I’d like us to face Sunderland, Hull, Wigan, Charlton or Sheffield in the Final as I don’t see neither of them capable of beating us, even if we are too nervous.

  88. alcide says:

    Water – personal opinion here and I accept others might disagree, but to me it was a 50/50, both went for the ball (Agger actually came closer), and the tackle was clean enough for me.

  89. We must have a squad of wheelchairs !

  90. Jack Wheelchair !. hahahaha

  91. James Bond says:

    no water @ Agger was not at fault – however, it was a friendly and he should have pulled out , saying that JW could have pulled out as well…like Acide says – 50/50 but one that could have certainly been avoided.

    anyhow, who knows ? JW getting injured might be a blessing in disguise – it certainly was last year when we went onto win a fair few games, including BM away and put on a strong show for the remaining 13 games – we do that again this year and we have a decent chance of winning the EPL …

    can lightening strike twice ? actually, I think it can and we will respond better with AW’s favourite prodigy son, he’s been unlucky with injuries but so have a lot of other players been in the past – it’s how he comes back and responds now.

    this is a chance for OX and young Zelalem and if the OX players in the JW position, then you can mark my words – you will see a very different and mighty effective Arsenal plus fluid.

    quote me on that when it happens 😉

  92. James Bond says:


  93. Dylan says:

    You have mail TA! 🙂

  94. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Dylan 🙂

    I mailed you back.

    New Post will come out in the morning.

    Night all 🙂

  95. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post! 🙂

    Dylan’s delicious match preview is being served. 🙂

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