Speed & Thrust: SanoGOGOGO, Ox & Gnabry starts? Preview.

Arsenal vs Everton Preview: Road to the FA Cup Final


The home of football features the game of the weekend.
The home of football features the game of the weekend.

Arsenal now faces the biggest game of their season: an FA Cup quarter final draw against Everton. Success means a trip to Wembley and our best chance at a trophy this season. ManchesterCity is the only team that should be capable of beating us of those left in this competition. Meaning one of our potential final or semi-final fixtures should be fairly easy. Getting past Everton will have a reward at the end. COYG.

This fixture last time:

Last time we played Everton was a 1-1 draw at the Emirates with Deulofeu scoring a late equalizer. It was a close game and we can expect another close one today.

Here is my expected line up for tomorrow:


I predict us to start a line-up with lots of pace, which is why I’d exclude Arteta from the line-up and include Chamberlain. It’s a risk, but Wenger is a risk taker. I also think Gnabry and Sanogo will start to compliment Ozil. Everton’s back line is fairly slow and with our pace, plus the advantage Ozil gives us, we shouldn’t have a problem getting in behind them. We just need to take advantage of our chances and be switched on from the minute we step on the pitch.

Key Battles:

Sanogo vs Everton Defense: Based on my predictions, I see Sanogo starting tomorrow. And therefore, he will have to have a good game. His pace will compliment Ozil, but he will have to make use of this advantage and punish Everton’s slower back line players.

Gnabry vs Composure: We have seen a lot of Gnabry this season and he looks great. His main issue however, is that he seems to take shots from range a lot and doesn’t seem to be able to calm himself before attempting at goal. If he can stay calm and take some composed shots at goal, he could become a real goal threat for us.

Mertesacker vs Everton Wingers: Everton have incredibly pacey wingers in Mirallas and McGeady. Mertesacker will have to watch for diagonal runs made by these wingers in behind him and make sure he’s not chasing back, as his lack of pace might be exposed. However, if Mertesacker can be watchful and position himself and his fullbacks wisely, Everton will have very little goal threat from close range and will be reduced to shots from range.

Casualties of War:

WengerWincing (2)

Arsenal: Arsenal continues to be injury stricken. Ramsey and Kallstrom are both still out. Wilshere has also been hit by an Agger shaped injury bug and Koscielny has had a scare, but we pray he will be ok.

Everton: Jagielka is the only recent injury for Everton. He is however, their captain and a major part of their defense. This is a huge loss for Everton and will give us a major advantage.


I predict a good old 1-nil to the Arsenal. A hard fought victory with a surprising goal scorer. Perhaps Gnabry or Sanogo; perhaps Ryo off the bench. Either way, I predict lots of drama and a good game between two top quality teams with two top quality managers. This could be a game we look back on and say: this is where the trophy was won.


1. What are your predictions?

2. What is your line-up?

3. Will this game potentially win us the FA Cup?

COYG! Let’s get to Wembley!

Thanks for reading! 😀

Written by: Dylan.

191 thoughts on “Speed & Thrust: SanoGOGOGO, Ox & Gnabry starts? Preview.

  • Cheers Dylan 🙂

    Your preview really got me into the mood and I LOVE your line-up. It would mean we would want to attack from the start as we do not want to see too many defending requirements from the Ox, Santi and Gnabry (not their strengths). There would be plenty of speed in the team and maybe that is just what we need. On the other hand, Everton are good passers of the ball and have speed as well, which might leave us vulnerable for deadly breaks…. Still like it though.

    I reckon Arsene will want a solid defensive performance as the basis of our approach and therefore he might start with both Arteta and Flamini in the double DM pivot. Then I reckon he might start with Ox and Rosicky on the flanks, Ozil in the hole and Giroud rather than SanoGOGOGO upfront, but I would love to see your line-up become reality in four hours time.


    Really looking forward to this one.

  • Obviously Dylan is still fast asleep as the USA Gooners are all dreaming of a Sanogo hat-trick today whilst watching the game with Sagna’s lovely missus 🙂

  • Would you prefer him, Gideonjojo?

    Sanogo holds up the ball well AND is fast…. but then again. Podolski scores when he wants…..

  • Nice preview Dylan. Agree with most of the line up, although I understand Kos is a doubt and Verminator may come in for him.

    Will Sczeszny start? Ideally he would, but Fabianski has helped us getting this far, and although he will be leaving this summer, indications pre-match are that is will be Fabianski starting.

    I’d go with Totes on Arteta-Flamini for the double pivot. Against a weaker team Ox would be good but he needs wisdom to balance defence with attack and place more emphasis on ball security compared with being a forward. For that reason I see him more on the flank than as a CM for a season or two, but CM is possibly where he will end up long term.

    Will Ozil and Santi play alongside each other? With Ox and Poldi fit now I’d like to see us rotating the Ozil/Caz for the CAM position as opposed to playing them together where we we can lose a bit of pace and width on the LW. I’d go with two of three of Ox, Poldi, and Rosicky on the flanks, but this is a match in which Gnabry can come in, so that is a decent call, and we’ll see.

    Sanogo up front is a decent call. Will AW play him after the miss towards the end of the match against Stoke? We’ll see, he appears to be a diamond in the rough that has potential and Giroud wasn’t exactly great at Stoke himself. Funnily enough because I would say Giroud is likely to do better at home against Everton as opposed to away at Bayern I would be tempted to play Giroud in this one and consider Sanogo for the midweek CL game which is a long shot for us getting through anyway (so we can take some risks there).

  • Interesting post, like the line-up, but I think that Fabianski will start in goal.

    Koscielny, is he fit?
    Thought that Vermaelen may start…

    Like the forward line, plenty of pace and aggression, gonna need that against a tough Everton team, who aren’t averse to putting their ‘foot in’…

  • Taxi! 🙂

    How are you, Allezkev?

    Fab will play midweek, so good reason to play safe Handsny again, but you could be right re starting Fab… What’s your preference?

  • Nice one Dylan.
    So much hinges on this game today. We must win to keep the wheels turning. If we lose, then I fear our confidence and consequently our season will fall apart.

    1) Draw, then win away.


    After 60 mins bring on Cazorla…..Ox…….Giroud. (if no injuries previous)
    Our squad is starting to look a little bare with all the injuries.


  • Nice one Dylan. Ox in the DM pivot plus Yaya and Serge starting looks looks interesting, but maybe too risky for Arsene? Like TA I think Flamteta will be lined up instead, but do expect Ox on the right. Yaya to come in if required later on.

    I probably will miss at least the first half or more (damn kind and their activities), I’ll have to follow this on my phone :/

    It’s a big game, let’s turn up and produce a strong performance!

  • Iceman, I like your thoughts on rotating Ö and Santi, but have the impression that Arsene considers his left wing alternatives a bit weak to start a game ahead of Santi.

  • Aaaah, yes nice lineup VCC. I’m a tad unsure about Pod these days, but that would work. You know you’ll have to wait for 70′ before subs though 😉

  • Arteta, our nr8 on 8 March, is likely to start against his old friends today. He knows the Everton players so well and can make a real difference today, especially defensively.

  • Total. I think Rosicky alongside Flamini in the DM position would give us some energy where its badly needed. Flamini is not the most nimblest of Midfielders and Rosicky would complement him nicely. When Rosicky runs out of puff we could bring the Ox on to terrorise their midfield with his thrust and pace.

    alcide…… 🙂 yes, 70 minute Wenger we call him.

  • Agreed, Vickers, Agreed. FlamSicky is an exciting double DM-pivot prospect.

    Will you be watching at the pub or at Casa Vicarage?

  • I know I keep banging on about it but we have the potential of shutting out most teams if Arsene picks the correct formation (which he will not). My team would be:-
    Jenks Per Kossy Gibbs
    Flamini Vermaelen
    Carzola Ozil

    The reason is that we can snuff our their pace with ours and Vermy (who should always be in the team especially as DFM) will give us guts and drive. What ever the score I would then bring on subs no later than 60 mins…….possible Gnabry and Sanogo to stretch them as they tire with Rosicky always available.

  • @alcide
    You have a point about confidence in depth for LW, and that is a position we can look at adding quality this summer. I’m pretty excited long term about strength in depth for our midfield (inc. flank forwards) if we can add quality for LW and a holding midfielder this summer; the end product will be two quality players for each position, e.g. Oz/Caz for CAM, and Jack/Aaron for DLP/b2b. Anyway, that’s for a separate discussion on a different post at a later date where we can discuss squad depth, etc.

    In the meantime: Poldi has done decently for us in previous rounds of the FA Cup, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he is rewarded for that with a start today. Considerations are also based on rotation for these three upcoming matches in little over a week, i.e. Everton, Munich, Spuds.

  • alcide 10:40……my reasoning for playing the Pod is simple. We have been rather shy of goals lately and he would inject some shooting from our offensive side, which sadly has deserted us recently. We need to keep their defenders on their toes and not let them just sit back and relax admiring our tippy tappy football that’s got us nowhere lately.

  • Total…….I think I will be watching at Casa Vicarage…..I need to stay sober so I can carry on decorating after the game. If I venture down the pub that will be me for the rest of the day.

  • nice one @ Dylan

    almost agreed with you – minus Santiago for Poldi.

    if Ozil plays then you got to start Poldoski on the left, Ozil and Santiago end up getting in each other’s way and Poldi knows how to maximize Ozil’s passes and so on.

    won’t be surprised to see Giroud start up front in stead of Yaya either….2 changes to your predicting 11 by moi.

    2-0 Arsenal.

  • oh and we have already won the FA cup, it’s in the bag already – we need to be focusing on securing the CL and EPL after today 😉

  • BREAKING TEAM NEWS – Arsenal v Everton (1245 GMT)
    Mesut Ozil, Lukasz Fabianski, Thomas Vermaelen and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all start for the Gunners.

  • gunnerpete…..Hi……..Jenks at right back = too risky in a game of this magnitude. Keep Sagna there for this one.
    Same with Vermaelen. It would be a big risk to try this out in this one, but by all means try it out in later games ie Spurs and Munich.

  • Well done Dylan!!
    Awesome lineup although would leave Verm in to save Kozzer and Flappy in goal although maybe saved like Totes mentioned!!
    Working at the mo so fingers and toes crossed!!
    COYRRG’s!!!! 😆

  • Fully agreed on LW iceman – to me it’s a priority for the summer, but indeed it’s a conversation for another day…

    VCC, re: Poldi, I do hope he turns up with a good performance if lined up, it would be the right time.

    Fabianski, Sagna, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Sanogo

  • Ozil and Caz are both starting, Pod on the bench.

    Arsenal XI – Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Özil, Cazorla, Sanogo

    Subs: Viviano, Rosicky, Podolski, Giroud, Jenkinson, Ryo, Gnabry

  • A good opportunity for Yaya to open his counter… That could have a very positive effect for the end of the EPL.

  • already done before posting here @ VCC – am very sorry for the delay – will try to ensure that it never happens again

  • attack is the best form of defense @ VCC ; )

    LINE-UPS – Arsenal v Everton (1245 GMT)
    Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Flamini, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Cazorla, Sanogo. Subs: Rosicky, Podolski, Giroud, Viviano, Jenkinson, Miyaichi, Gnabry.

    Everton: Robles, Coleman, Stones, Distin, Baines, McCarthy, Barry, Mirallas, Barkley, Pienaar, Lukaku. Subs: Hibbert, McGeady, Deulofeu, Naismith, Osman, Howard, Browning.

    Referee: Mark Clattenburg (T

  • but on a more serious note, both Nacho and KOC are injured hence only just the 1 defender.

    we don’t need defenders either on the bench as Giroud can come in and do a job in defense if need be, ha

    yep – I think he’s a better defender than a striker :Roll: 😯

    get the kitchen knives out – as I do a runner 🙂

  • JB…I think Giroud is better at Shagging than defending or striking. 😉

    The reason I said only one defender is I like to have at least two just in case of injuries. I agree attack is the best form of defending.

  • AFC…I don’t think it is that strong a line up. I’m really concerned about our DM situation. Just watch Barkley run the Mid field today. 😦

  • I want to get a closer look at Sanogo and Barkley. I do not think he is ready or experienced enough to go to Brazil.

  • and you still have Everton scoring, knowing fully well that it’s Fabianski in Goal and not Sczny ? Fabianski is the main reason why we are still in this competition and not lost to Liverpool in the last round 5-1 @ AFC

    yep, agreed at @ VCC 😉 personally, I think the writing is on the wall for Giroud, AW might be looking to get rid of him if he decides to stay as an AW manager – Giroud has given the tabloids way too much to write about him and for all the wrong reasons, but that’s my opinion.

    and to be honest with you, I won’t be complaining if he does that.

    hopefully KOC is a precautionary thing and will be fresh for Bayern on Tuesday.

  • VCC – relax, like I said – this competition is in the bag already, you should start thinking and booking your tickets for Wembley already !

    here we go


  • VCC, it is the best and most solid we have available? I just think Barkley still has a lot to learn as does Ravel M who people were also wanting to go to Brazil.

  • oooooooooooooooooooooooozilllllllll

    get in

    wo000000000000000t wo00000000000000000000000000t

  • what a finish, what an assist from santiago to ozil – both of them can play together 😉

  • let’s keep going though, keep creating and keep the pressure on !

    settling this game in the first half might be the way to go in my opinion….

    Yaya has a go, oh and a fine save from a tight angle,,,corner Arsenal !

  • wooooooooooooooooow, another cracking shot and a fine save

    unlukcy OX!

  • Evening guys,

    Running a bit late, missed the goal but very happy with the scoreline so far

  • yellow Flamini – raise your hands up if that surprises you anymore 😯

    one of the most brainless players, I have ever watched at Arsenal along with Sczny.

    and i thought Vieira was bad back int he day 🙄

  • Hi Alex,

    better late than never is the line of the day today

    come on , let’s score another one and then repeat a Napoli performance !

  • Hi JB,
    Another one would be ideal, we just need to finish them off early IMO

  • 1-1 Lukaku

    poor poor defending Flamini – what a liability after an early yellow elll

    wlel done Ross Berkley for making it happen though

    -10 to Flamini for letting it happen

  • That was complete shit. We work so fu#%ing hard only to cop such an easy goal

  • how are we not 5 goals ahead already, is beyond me

    another cracking shot on target by OX and the keeper saves it, corner Arsenal

  • Everton really parking the bus in this game, just sending Mirallas, Piennar, and Lukaku up for counters.

  • if I was AW , I would be looking to take Flamini off , move OX to the center and bring Rosicky on the right

    had Flamini not picked up that yellow earlier on, he would have done better with Berkley’s run and put in a tackle , now he’s going to be neither here now there

    i’ll take 1-1 at HT as Everton are on the up

  • no Dylan, they are giving us a lot of space to play with, we should have been 5 ahead already..have created plenty and will continue to do so

    they haven’t parked the bus.

  • why not park the bus, we are known for getting caught out on the counter, we push up, lose possession after too many passes and then get caught out. It’s happened too many times this season.

    We need to get our discipline back, teams know that we are easily exposed on the counter

  • OX is doing it at both ends of the pitch, despite being the one who gave the ball away

  • JB, lots of space to play, but none to shoot. When we have the ball they have 5-6 guys in the book minimum, purely to block shots.

  • I think some early crosses in the box for Sanogo could give us some more opportunities.

  • trust me, that’s not PATB – we have had 5 clear shots at goal or on target

    if we had a better striker or even a Poldi up front, we would have scored another goal at least.

    @ Dylan

    there is still plenty of goals in this game

  • we are playing like the home team and they are playing like an away team – let’s keep it at that, shall we ?

    but yep, they have had possession as well and we need a Poldi or a Rosicky or both, in my opinion…

  • They are running the mid field , we need to get a grip there.They are in danger of over running us and more powerful. Get Rosicky on for his pace and energy.

  • JB,
    I think we just need to get more shots, we need a clinical finisher coupled with Ozil and Rambo when he is back and things will hopefully improve. Our goals scored per game has dropped since the new year

  • Flamini should have really stopped Barkley for the goal as Roy pointed out.

  • Poldoski is the answer @ Alex – we need to take off Yaya, don’t really need a target man against a team that gives us this much space through the middle.

    and like VCC says, Rosicky will do a fine job, so take of Flamini and let’s play a fluid midfield with Ox and Rosicky slotting in at ease playing through the center and shifting to the flank, whenever needed.

    we can exploit the coleman space as well as baines space like they have utilized the sagna vacuum,

  • We need to do something ,realistically, this is our true chance at a trophy this season. As a team, we need to want it more and leave nothing out there. Get this result one way or another

  • yes @ AB -Flam

    he’s on a yellow and neither here nor there now in the game.

    they are out playing us in the MF, no point really sticking to Flam/Arteta considering the circumstances.

  • free kick from a promising position – come on, let’s score a cracker from here lads

    i want ozil to take this or OX

    arteta instead !

  • Yeah JB, I think fluidity is key here. If we could have Ozil playing the false 9 role and get Podolski and Ox coming in from the flanks that could work with Santi and Rosicky pulling the strings further back.

  • big let off for Arsenal, after captain TV5 gifts Arsenal the ball and they should have scored there.

  • Vermaelen what are you doing, not good enough and Barkley is even worse for missing the chance. I’m not complaining though.

  • that’s the only way to go @AFC

    attack is the best for of defense

    but we know that AW is a reactive manager, he won’t do anything until Everton score the 2nd

  • Dylan, we need to get support to Ozil. Even someone like Ronaldo would need support in that kind of a position.

  • finally, AW does something

    Giroud for Yaya.

    ok, he didn’t wait until Everton scored – so well done AW

    still think we need Rosicky though

  • Giroud will not help in this game. It’s wrong for him tactically. I’d rather put Gnabry up at striker. But I hope Giroud proves me wrong.

  • JB, and look with AW does. Brings on Giroud? Now lets hope Giroud is serious.

  • I think Santi needs to release his shots a lot early. He is ambidextrous so there is no need for him to shift the ball to his favourite foot.

  • calm down lads, Giroud can score us a goal from a set piece

    relax, the game is still under control and we can win this

  • Arteta

    here we go


  • Arteta scoooooooooooores again

    wo000000000000000000000000000t w000000000000000000000000000000000000t

  • What is going on Giroud gets a yellow and Arteta has to retake???

    Scores twice!

  • I think so Alcide. Maybe Jenks to roam around and protect the back four? Won’t happen though.

  • And well done to Sagna for the assist.

    Should we use our last sub to try and rest someone. Maybe Jenks for Sagna for the last five minutes.

    4-1 Giroud again!

  • Que sera sera,
    Whatever will be, will be,
    We’re going to Wembley,
    Que sera sera…

  • Lets hope Dylan, thanks for the pre-match by the way. Nearly got the team spot on. 🙂

  • Alexgunners, I’d rather wait as long as possible for the City game. Hopefully Wigan can knock them out. Or Sunderland/Hull. And then, if we must face them in the final so be it.

  • Best I’ve seen Arteta in a long while. Good by Ox. Good by Ollie. Good by Ozil.

  • I’m off now. JB, Dylan, Alex, VCC, Alcide, Gerry et al thanks for the hang out. 🙂

  • This will be my first time ever watching Arsenal at Wembley. I’m excited. COYG.

  • told you young gunners to be calm, the game was under control and Giroud coming on wasn’t as doom and gloom as you thought 🙂 he could do a job as a super-sub from now, ha

    great win, I did say to you before the match that this was in the bag,

    we have beaten, Spuds, liverpool and now everton, bring on man city, charlton or whoever

    FA cup is ours – they should just hand it to us already

    we need to be focused on CL and EPL now.

    nice one AFC, see you !

  • Glorious win on a glorious day. 🙂

    Just read all the comments which was interesting. I guess the game was too early for 17 but soon the news will reach him. 🙂

    Will save my thoughts for a match review which will come out tonight or tomorrow morning.

  • looking for to the MR @ skipper

    Chelsea lose Torres to a groin injury as he was warming up – let’s hope they lose Hazard next.

    a draw today would do nicely.

  • A delayed reaction here Arse Bandits as I`ve just finished watching our quarter final…..we won !.
    Now for a semi ………final that is !. It will be our 27th ( the most by any team ! ).
    Cagey game until the penalty, not sure what Barkley`s valuation is, but get him !. I`ve had my eye on him for years now, so if he`s cheaper than the Bond villain, then he`s a better bet !.
    Apart from Girouds 2nd goal ( which was a typical Arsenal goal ) when they were chasing and we countered, we still lack pace imo, which is to the detriment of Ozil, he would be assisting for fun with some speed merchants and I cant see where people think Sanogo is fast !, still think he`s Bambi`s less agile brother !. Giroud`s movement is that of someone who wants to score, he moves into opportunity space in the box, a bit like Van Paedo used to !.
    Looking back at the comments, I love Dylan @14:04….” Giroud will not help in this game ! “……..which in the light of Sanogo`s dazzling skills, I think we could have brought on a comotised Squilacci and it would have been an improvement !. hahaha

  • This is a good line up against anyone else, and I mean ANYONE else. But you’re playing right into their hands! Do you not think they’ve thought about our tactics and gameplan? I.E. playing through the middle. When we’ve been outdone by teams who’ve read out tactics of playing through the middle of the pitch, it’s only ever changed when we’ve switched oxe to the wing. We have no wingers with this line up. Cazorla on the left, are you serious? And Gnabry? He’s effective as a sub so far but once he gets found out, that’s it. We need Oxe on the right who can probe and go central or on the wing. Saying that, it’s hard to think of anyone else to pay in the middle with Flamini, because we all know Flamini and Arterta don’t always play well together…hmm…Podolski injured? Would prefer to see him on the left so long as he’s given decent service (unlike in his last game).

  • lol egg on my face 😛 although i find it’s always good to be pessimistic when you’re not sure, just to tempt fate to do the opposite 😉 flamini and arteta worked well together today, allowed Arteta to press on and attack while Flamini sat deep and absorbed all of their attacks. Have to say, Vermaelan was brilliant today as well, few clearances were sloppy at times but otherwise he had a solid game, glad to have our captain back at last.

  • My soothsaying sausage was right, a semi it is !.
    If Wigan can defy the financial meltdown at The Etihad and win, then The FA Cup should be ours for the taking, if not, Mansour City in the semi for me not in the final !. People have said in the past that it`s worse to lose a semi ( hahaha ) than a final…..sorry, but I dont agree. we`ve lost enough final`s over the years and they grate on me more than a semi loss ( hahaha ) !.

  • Hahaha TCM. 😉 It did seem wrong tactically but I said I wanted him to prove me wrong and I admitted I was wrong. 😉

  • Good evening Ecstatic Evertonian Easter Enjoying Egotistical Effigy Exterminators!! 😆 haha !! Thought that deserved a long one!!
    I know result and going to watch now! No I was not behind Cockies sofa playing with Cockies Wenger cock puppet!!! ….. …. .. I had my own cock puppet thank you very much!! Haha!! 😆
    Great result today but tarnished by the Spuds getting zucchini’d at Chalvski!!
    Far too easy and that prick Maureen is peacocking !! I would like to give him my version of peacocking!! Namely to have several chilli covered peas inserted in his Portugese Man of War!! The peas will be fitted with Abramabitch detonating capabilities !! So both of them can get blown off … I mean up at the same time!!
    “we have got 4th position” he says…. Please give me a break!!

  • Dylan – Sorry for not adding a comment earlier but the timing of the post was all wrong, as I was all ready to take the dogs out.

    It was a good game to watch, and we avoided a reply. It just proves the point about having balance and pace in the side, makes it easier for Ozil to play?

    TV5 had a good game considering his absence. Ox made a few passing errors, but more than made up for it with runs forward.

    Cazorla too, had more room to spray his passes about. I think he is better when he is free to come in from the right where he can switch play nicely.

    Ozil looked the part again, largely down to the Ox doing the Ramsey thing of running to spaces, with and without the ball.

    Giroud’s cameo was good to … a 60 minute sub to boot!

    Sanago is a player for next season. He needs playing time to get the experience.

    Only blot on the game was Gibbs going off, hopefully because he put in a big shift, but I fear he caught one on the top of his foot?

    So all in all not a bad day? So we are still in on competition, so the draw will be interesting tomorrow.

    Pity we don’t have Clattenburg for all our matches. He is not pro Arsenal, he doesn’t get everything right, and can miss the odd thing …. But the big decisions he gets right. That is the best you can hope for in ‘real time’ from a referee.?

  • Hello, people! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You know, my wife really knows how to make my day. I haven’t watched “live” only a few Arsenal games this season and it’s interesting to notice that two among those were against Napoli and today against Everton. Those who wanted to give women one day in year for their own International Day should have put a clause that says that 8th March is International Women’s Day unless it clashes with an Arsenal fixture. But, at least we won both games!

    What I’ve seen so far from the match are goals – Özil was brilliant and Giroud had great cameo. Arteta’s calmness at penalties was something special. And, the link-up between Cazorla and Mesut before the latter scored had made my juices flow like never before. We all know what Arsenal would be with a proper Cazorla-Özil understanding – 90 minutes of explicit sex with our opponents’ defence.

    I read a part about Arsenal anniversaries on Untold Arsenal today and I noticed that we have won the FA Cup with Wenger both times when we played our Sixth Round match on 8th March (1998, 2003).

    Our match against Everton was seventh FA Cup match (1952, 1971, 1975, 1980, 1998, 2003, 2014) that we played on 8th March in our history – we have reached the Final five times, won FA Cup in three occasions (1971 – Liverpool, 1998 – Newcastle, 2003 – Southampton) and lost the Final twice (1952 – Newcastle, 1980 – West Ham).

  • Evening all! I’m surprised there isn’t more activity on this site, with the sound of happy gooners purring with pleasure. 4 goals, and against a decent opposition, and good performances from both key players and youth alike. The only negatives for me were the players we were missing, and just how much of a force we could have been had they all been there.

    The theme for me as this season has gone on has become one of pace. At the start my concerns would have been around the CB/DM space. Our CBs have been great, as well as pretty resistant to injury. At DM we do lack presence, but with the formation Wenger prefers and the options available, I think it is an area we might improve rather than a fundamental flaw in our design. But when we have been deprived of pace options, we have looked clueless – a succession of talented CMs looking for and failing to find somewhere dangerous to play the ball.

    When we buy in the summer I hope we buy proven quality and true pace. Hopefully Theo will come back intact, and Ox and Gnab will continue their strong development, but I want us to have competition within our squad amongst players with pace – I’m sure it will get the best out of Theo for instance. And we must have the depth to avoid ever again fielding Ozil without pace options to assist.

    I know everyone wants a SQ striker – and I do too. But if we have goal scoring wingers with real pace, plus box-to-box players who can find the net, then with Oz and Santi we will produce plenty of goals, and I don’t really mind where they come from!

    Back to today – 4 goals for the Arsenal, even when we were missing half our first 11! Where are all the happy gooners!?

  • Hello, AB! 🙂

    I’ve been telling since our defeat against Stoke that games against Everton in the FA Cup and Spuds in the league are the most important matches of the season. Beat Everton (check!) – and we’re still in the race for the trophy for which we won’t have to leave London! Beat Spuds – and we’re pretty much safe for the CL-place next season so we can enter matches against both Oilers with less pressure.

    And, yes, sometimes you say a lot about something when you don’t mention it. The way I avoid mentioning Bayern (they won at Wolfsburg 6:1 today after being one-goal-down after 17 minutes and held to 1:1-score at the break) says a lot about what I think we should do on Tuesday.

  • Hi Admir. Yes, the Spuds game is now key – I know Wenger will give everything for the game against Bayern, but I can’t find a way to get my hopes up too much for that one sadly; if we were only 1 down then yes, but 2…

    Whilst we would all have liked a draw in the spuds game today, if they were going to lose, then we might as well enjoy a real shambles – which is what we got. Hopefully a tough game for them on Thursday, albeit at home, will mean we are a) fresher and b) more confident than they are. But there will be plenty of pride to play for on either side.

    I have to say, I though pool would fade badly by now and, as long as we held reasonable form, 3rd was a far as we might slide. pool have exceeded my expectations, and we are going to have to really perform now if we are to avoid a CL qualification round. They have some tough games, but on form they will not be fearing any opposition at present.

    3 points against the spuds and we should have 4th banked – and then we can enjoy the spectacle at manure; does RVJ stay or look for greener grass (again), and who can Moyes attract (and at what price) in the summer without CL or Ferguson draw factors? I doubt it will happen, but after 25 years of watching manure winning most things, it would be great if they could now take their turn for 25 years in the wilderness, like the pool of recent years.

    I have no faith that oil money is really there for the long term; they are merely vanity projects. Which leaves…… to inherit!

  • we will win both against BM and the Spuds (who happen to be without Kaboul (red card) and Dawson (hamstring ) injury ) , am expecting a 5-0 at shithart lane.

    against Munich, it’s a bit difficult to win 5-0, so I will go with a 3-1 and us going through to the QF’s.

  • Holy hell JB !! You’ve been OGAATING in confined spaces again!! 😆

  • why the hell not @ FB ?

    no Sczny gives me a lot of hope , why the hell not – I ask again ?

    and onto more promising things – apparently we have decided to activate the £8 million Remy release clause – music to my ears, he can be the closest striker we’ve had to Henry and he can really play the Arsenal way and fit in like a glove .

    this is splendid news, if we can manage to get him over at the emirates as Bendtner’s replacement.

  • Nice one AB, a splendid Danish Samurai replacement indeed and more in the Defoe mold which I think we have always lacked as a backup option. Plus he can play the wings fine as well … Well done Tarzan … Martini and OGAATING in between tree swings in order!! Good night all !! 😆

  • sleep well – matey

    wake up with a smile everyone as we are gooooooooooooooooing to Wembleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    night night

  • Yes, I am with AB on the quietness? Could it have something to do with the result sandwitched between two 4-1 victories?

    Perhaps it is my racing background, but you soon learn that you are going to lose sometimes. Even great horses can lose races they really should win. And Yes, sometimes made to look like they are not putting it all in because of the circumstances that happened at the time. Coincidently, there is a common factor that can affect them both – LACK OF PACE.

    However, it does not stop them from being great horses … or football teams!

  • Morning Gerry…..Good to be a Gooner this morning. I’m quiet because I am full on decorating at home. No peace yet for a while. I keep in touch reading but seldom have the time to comment.

    My feet are firmly on the ground though (OGAAT)

    It’s nice to feel we are FACup semi finalists. Waiting in anticipation for the draw later today.

    Your 09:49 = Words of wisdom, Oh wise one. 🙂

  • Morning Brave Boisterous Bejazzled BK Brethren!! 😆
    The sun is shining and I have had my morning jog!! All my doughnuts were gratefully accepted off my dialect gooner boner!! 😆
    It can be a bit disturbing to see who likes my doughnuts after the Arsenal wins !! But hey ho !! When in England and all that!! 😀
    I changed my jingle this morning though to the following …
    “His eyes are off side …
    His eyes are off siii iiii iiiide!!!
    Mesut Ozil ….
    His eyes are off side!!!! ”

    Can’t best Fozzies gooner doughnuts with coffee in the morning!! Hahaha!!! 😆

  • Hey have any of you bastardos hear the rumour that Ian broomfield has been snapped up by Spurs?? As the job offer hadn’t gone through? That would be a real coup by Levy!!

    Taken from another site:
    he was at leeds from 98 – 03, where they signed
    David Batty
    Jonathan Woodgate
    Danny Mills
    Michael Briodges
    Nuno Santos
    Michael Dubbery
    Robbie Keane
    Rio Ferdinand
    Olivier Dacourt
    Jamie McMaster (excellent on CM01/02)

    He was at Villa form 03 – 06 where they signed
    Nobby Solano
    Bosko Balaban
    Thomas Sorensen
    Martin Laursen
    Djemba djemba
    Wilfred Bouma
    Milan Baros

    At Pourtsmouth he was there from 06- 09 where they signed
    djimi traore
    Niko Kranjcar
    David James
    Andy Cole
    Sol Campbell
    Glen Johnson
    Manuel Fernandes
    Sulley Muntari
    Lassana Diarra
    David Nuggent
    John Utaka
    Peter crouch

    At the spuds he was there fromn 09 – 12
    where as well as the names mentioned in the quotes above, they signed the likes of
    Luka Modric
    Giovani dos Santos
    Roman Pavlyuchenko
    Pascal Chimbonda
    Sébastien Bassong
    Rafael van der Vaart
    Lewis Holtby

  • nah, I don’t think it’s quiet at all – I reckon most are waiting for a Match Report and then they will all come out and play , for now it’s all about keeping the “powder dry”.

    do you know the full story behind the IR thingy @ FB ? and why he may not join Arsenal ?

    I’ll give you a conspiracy theory – The real reason why AW hasn’t signed a contract extension yet is because he still wants TOTAL control over the transfers, where as the board want to ease off such pressures and wanted to strengthen the scouting network with a new head and someone else in charge , who could bring the players in after Wenger approves, however, AW wants absolute control like before hence Arsenal head hunted him from QPR and then AW telling his conditions and so on – now you see him going Spuds way.

    what does it mean ? yep, AW will sign the contract extension – fairly soon as he has now got the assurances he seeked and wanted – TOTAL CONTROL once more over everything, including who leaves and who stays.

  • feel free to take out the conspiracy from the theory and take it as you please 😉 but yep, you have to appreciate the board for trying and help Arsenal and Arsene Wenger but what more can they do when AW doesn’t require such help ? (maybe, we can have this discussion some other day, down the line in the post ) – evolution is not AW’s stronger points nor is acceptance it seems.

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