Superb Ozil, Uber-Cool Arteta and Gunning Giroud take Arsenal to Wembley

A glorious win on a glorious early March – late winter – sunny day.

The superb but always humble Ozil played one of  his best games for Arsenal against Everton.

The superb but always humble Ozil played one of his best games for Arsenal against Everton.

The line-up promised an ideal balance between solidity at the back – with both Flamini and Arteta providing extra cover in the centre – and attacking thrust up-front. The inclusion of Sanogo, Ox and Ozil, supported by the fast and attack-minded full backs Sagna and Gibbs, offered a lot more driving force and speed than our line-up  against the Orcs a week ago, when the combination of Pod, Santi, Giroud and – to a lesser extent – Rosicky made us look one dimensional and slow. What a difference a line-up makes?

We scored a sweet early goal from a quick move that saw Santi delivering a perfectly weighted forward ball into the path of Ozil: the German genius, who had already produced a number of fine passes and near-assist, finished calm and with precision, and it was good to see what the goal meant to him, the rest of the team and the fans. Let there be love!

Everton are strong through the middle and have plenty of thrust and speed themselves, and especially Arteta and Flamini had their hands full. They both worked hard and put their hearts and souls into each and every game, but it was still clear that if we have an area that needs attention for these sort of games – or indeed even harder ones – it is the double DM pivot.

Everton’s equaliser was a good example of this. Ozil plays a straightforward ball along Everton’s box towards Arteta. The Spaniard does not fancy shooting with his left foot and lets the ball run past his body; and with two touches he tries to get himself in a good shooting position. His shot is easily anticipated and subsequently blocked, and from this Everton break forward through a determined run of the promising Barkley (leaving Arteta well behind). Ox and Flamini chase him initially but it is left to the Frenchman to sort Barkley out – Ox, in hindsight, would have been the better option. The Flame is already on a yellow card and cannot afford to make a risky, incisive tackle. Barkley is left free to put a good ball into the box from which Everton score with a little bit of luck in the process, although our defenders did not cover themselves in glory either. 1 – 1 and not totally undeserved.

Game on, and Everton deserve respect for the way they play us and try to dominate the game before and after the break. After the equaliser and until our penalty goal, the game is quite even. What decided the match was that we got away with our big mistake in defence and Everton did not.

Vermaelen somehow lost his footing and ‘air-kicked’ the ball, leading to a quick and decent chance for Barkley who had been fed the ball nicely by the always impressive Lukaku; fortunately ‘the new Rooney’ over-hits the ball and a decent chance is missed. Everton, however, do not get away with their defensive cock-up: Ox puts a lot of pressure on Barry in their penalty box to which the former English international player buckles, resulting in a ‘tired’ foul on the dynamic, full of thrust, AOC.

Arteta had to take the penalty twice – ridiculously, Clattenburg somehow felt like punishing Giroud for entering the box too early – but he put both away with calmness and precision: 2-1 to the Arsenal, and we all feel good again.

Arteta was under enormous pressure, given the recent big penalty miss by Ozil, the nervousness of the crowd, and the necessity to take two penalties in a row; and he did fantastically well. I dread to think what would have happened if he had missed the second one.

After that the game is played. Arsenal get more space, the crowd oozes confidence in the team through their passionate singing, the Everton legs are getting tired and the pure class we have in this team comes out – epitomised by the brilliant team-break goal for our fourth and last goal; especially Ozil’s assist for Giroud was sublime – stuff of football dreams.

Before that, for the all important third – two goal gap – goal, Sagna had applied great composure by holding the ball long enough right inside the box to pick the perfect pass for the fully refreshed and focussed Giroud, who only had to tap in once he received the perfectly weighted ball from his fellow Frenchman.

Arteta stepped up and kept his cool, twice!

Arteta stepped up and kept his cool, twice!

A great win on a glorious day and fantastic performances by Ox, Santi, Giroud and especially Ozil, who produced some exquisite football throughout the game. My man of the match performance goes to Arteta, though. Not just for his committed performance during the entire game (which was not without its shortcomings) but especially for his cool-headed and decisive penalty conversions. That made all the difference.


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221 Responses to Superb Ozil, Uber-Cool Arteta and Gunning Giroud take Arsenal to Wembley

  1. Fozzie B says:

    Fiiiirst Finest Furry Funny Fiesty Football Family!!! 😆

  2. allezkev says:

    Didn’t see the game (only the goals) so I thoroughly enjoyed reading that summary of the game Total, great work mate…
    So good to see Ozil silencing his critics…
    Not that I’ve come across any Gooners criticising him, all that rubbish is being generated by our old pals in the Press/Media…
    That result will be like a ‘shot in the arm’ to our squad, who’ll hopefully push on from here and finish the season with a flourish…
    My pick for the Semi-Final is Hull City….

  3. Fozzie B says:

    Nice one Totes and well summarised!!
    My furry observations outside of the good stuff you have posted! 😆
    1. Ozils effort in defence was outstanding and a great sign of work ethic to follow!
    2. Santi is officially back !! A combo of his fitness and new contract kicking in produced his best display of the season for me. I’m glad that he is peeking at such an important juncture in the season!
    3. Ollie has lost some weight and looks fitter and with commitment and focus that I haven’t seen for months!! Good timing and what a super sub he would be if we get SQ striker for next year?
    4. Psychologically this was a big game and we nailed it so it can only give us some belief heading into Bayern.

    …. Heading out now bad chat laterzzzz gentlemen!! 😀

  4. Fozzie B says:

    *back to chat

  5. James Bond says:

    nice one TA – that was a very slick and free flowing match report- a joy to read !

    time for my 3 positives and negatives as usual.

    Negatives first :

    1: Flamini and his brain less / needless tackles – he needs to cut this out from his game, especially when the opposition player is going no where….the time to put the tackle in was when Ross.Barkeley was easily out running him and he allowed him to put in a precise ball for Kevin. M – you would think that at 30, he would be more wise and mature but nope – look at his bookings and it tells you a story within…. – I don’t like how he is always focused on everyone else and likes to point the finger, when he should be first trying to make sure his leads by example and does his own job right instead of running to other players and point fingers.

    3: Our set pieces – we should be doing loads better with them…if we can’t then we need to put in more practice/do more training sessions on set pieces – one week it’s Santiago taking them, the next it’s Ozil or Arteta, we need to stick to one and let him get on with it – Santiago is the way to go as we need Ozil’s height and Arteta in there

    5: Sagna – sign da ting 🙂

    Positives :

    1: OoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooZil – the guy is world class and we need to get behind him and show him support , he will win us a lot of things – mark my words , he will also win us the BM game on tuesday…. he makes the game look incredibly easy when he has the right type of players around him ….who are the right type of players to be around him ? (Rosicky, Ox , Giroud and yes Santiago )….if we can play these 4 players up front on Tuesday then the whole world will not only see Sexy footy but also how good we are.

    3: Fabianksiiiiiiiiiiiiii – Fabulous Fabianski does it again !!! his distribution was top notch and he brings a certain calm (To me at least) whenever he is in the starting 11 🙂

    5: Rosicky – had a massive part in our 3 goals, including the penalty, it was down to his one touch passing which made the penalty and 2 goals happen – what a mighty fine player, he will probably go on and score a brace himself against BM on tuesday now.


    attack is the best form of defense, so what if they over ran us in the midfield @ VCC – with teams who like to play football and come out to play football, like Everton, Swansea, Barca, Man city, BM , liverpool and so on – this is something that will always be the case, hence in hindsight , I will now disagree with that notion of being over run in midfield by such teams, as long as we keep our offensive game and are not wasteful, we should win …we could have won or least drawn at man city 5-5 as well, had the officials not being playing for man city on the day either.

    the only accident that happened was with liverpool and it was down to again an off side goal that had started the comedy of errors in that one.

  6. James Bond says:

    knowing our luck, we’ll probably get Man city @ allezkev

    no worries though, much rather beat them in the semis as opposed to the final, no big deal

    the FA cup is in the bag, it would be nice if the FA could already let us have it, will save us a fair few injuries as well – just bloody hand us the trophy already ahahahahahhaahhahahah

  7. Dylan says:

    I dream of Sheffield United in the semis. 😉 Then we hope one of Sunderland/Hull or Wigan can take them out for us.

  8. AB says:

    Good stuff TA. Lots to be upbeat about:

    1. So pleased you recognise the big contribution of Arteta – in general I think people tend to undervalue his contribution. He is class, and keeps us calm and grounded – yes the speed is pretty limited, but like Mert he can compensate often with anticipation. I hope we keep him a few more years.

    2. Sagna I thought had a mixed game. Its dangerous to make a judgement on one performance but, I can see why there may be hesitation over offering him a big 3 year deal. I’m sure he has another good year in him, maybe two, but three…..? Guesswork.

    3. Finally, we need to commit to staying calm through whatever unfolds on Tuesday. A good performance I hope, but may not be the result we want. But with the team playing well, and Ram back for the spuds – who are seemingly in a mess again – we should be feeling positive about the coming couple of months; a lot to prove, but we have the players to do this.

    A very good day!

  9. James Bond says:

    question – if we win 3-1 against Munich on tuesday, who goes through ?

    if we win 4-2 , who goes through ? and if we win 4-3, who goes through ?

    anyone doing all the scenarios yet , are we already practicing our penalties in case if it’s a 2-0 to us ?

    there is every chance that BM could be down to 10 men or this being settled over penalties, we need to practice penalties !

  10. mr bond says:

    ozil is class no doubt but infuriated plenty fan with a certain I can’t be bothered attitude. His catalogue of misdemeanours also include his refusal to acknowledge the away fans after the man city debacle. Thank God he’s beginning to click again after those flashes of brilliance. Long may it continue. Here’s hoping the Everton game spurs him to a more consistent performance.

  11. James Bond says:

    oiiii – who are you , impostor impostor alert !!!

  12. Dylan says:

    JB, in any of those situations we go through on away goals. Draw coming up any minute now.

  13. Dylan says:

    Except the 4-3. In a 4-3 win they go through on aggregate.

  14. James Bond says:

    makes sense @ Dylan

    Arsenal vs Man city

  15. Dylan says:

    …city. Crap.

  16. James Bond says:

    come on Wigan – but i did tell you that it wouldn’t surprise me to be playing man city.

  17. James Bond says:

    no, not crap @ Dylan

    Man city have a lot of games coming up, their schedule is jam packed and to be honest with you – I much rather be playing man city than Hull or a team from a lower division

    remember bradford and blackburn ? yep.

  18. James Bond says:

    when will we be playing the semis ? anyone know the dates yet ?

  19. Dylan says:


  20. Dylan says:

    I believe it’s around April 13, or 14,

  21. Dylan says:

    Jordi Gomez! 1-0 to Wigna!

  22. James Bond says:

    get in Wigan, wo0000000000000000000t wo000000000000000000000000t

    was the city defender shown a yellow card at least or no ?

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Wigan are playing well, Dylanus. Long way to go, but promising….

  24. James Bond says:

    yellow for Na$ri – let’s get man city down to 10 men !!!

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Was not a pen, though. Ref was fooled.

    Nasri showing wrong sort of passion….

  26. Fozzie B says:

    Check when my Arsenal semi is at? (Examines Hampton ….. )
    I believe I win be the 13th JB ……
    Oh no .. Sorry that’s just my bakers dozen mark for my doughnuts!!

    Come on Wigan!!! 😀

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Santi did play well, Fozzer, agreed. And yes, Ozil worked hard, but he always does.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Different negatives and positives than I would have chosen, JB, but very you of course! 🙂

    There were moments in the game when Flamini was our best defensive player, but if can see your point re his fouling.

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    AB 🙂

    Every midfielder plays better when coupled with Flame, and Arteta benefited from his defensive cover yesterday. I bet we’ll start with with Flamteta again on Tuesday.

  30. James Bond says:

    the clear run that Ross had which led to their goal wouldn’t have happened had flamini not picked up an earlier yellow – he would have surely tackled him at the half way line – picking one up for the team

    if you notice most of his bookings, they are utterly needless and hardly benefit the’s not like the opposition player is going anywhere when he gets those tackles in

    we can ill afford to lose Flamini due to another disciplinary (booking) issue, he’s an important player for us

    @ Skipper

  31. Dylan says:


  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Fecking brilliant!

  33. James Bond says:

    0-2 Wigan

    get in, start the engine time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Dylan says:

    All 3 subs used for City in the 50th minute. Desperation. Nasri stays on, still on a yellow. Up to Wigan to get him a red.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Dzeko and Milner….. Wigan won’t be shaking in their boots…

  36. James Bond says:

    wigan need to start wasting as much time as possible – city will crack in no time.

  37. Dylan says:

    Stupid money grabbing….grr.

  38. Dylan says:

    Lescott blocking keepers view. Should’ve been called offside.

  39. AB says:

    bollocks – it was coming

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed, should not have stood.

  41. Dylan says:

    Commentators agreeing goal shouldn’t stand.

  42. Dylan says:

    15 minutes for Wigan to hold City.

  43. James Bond says:

    am gonna have a heart attack soon – and ARsenal not even playing


  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Come on Wigan, keep the ball better.

  45. Dylan says:

    I’ve always loved Wigan. If they do this for us now, it’ll be even better, especially when they let us into the final. 😉

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    It is a thriller, come on Wigan!

  47. Dylan says:

    Every Wigan tackle is celebrated by me and my mom as an Arsenal goal.

  48. TotalArsenal says:

    Sammi you’re a cnut, Sammi you’re cnut 🙂

  49. Fozzie B says:

    It’s the thriller from manilla … The oiler killer!! Haha!! 😆

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    3 minutes to go, co e Wiganal. 🙂

  51. Dylan says:


  52. James Bond says:

    well deserved victory @ Wigan – see you in April at Wembley

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    And the country rejoices! Oilers thumped!

  54. Dylan says:

    I still dream of Sheffield United. FA Cup Final: Arsenal 17 Sheffield United 0! 😉

  55. Fozzie B says:

    Ahahahahaha !! Ahahahahaha !!

  56. James Bond says:


    if only I could share all the text messages I got before the man city vs Wigan – and people telling me how we have no chance in the semis vs man city ahahahahahahahahahahaahah

    egg on all their faces, no one is even replying to my messages or answering my phone – I wonder why that is 🙄

    glory fcuking hunter fans, fickle

    bring on Wigan!!!

  57. Fozzie B says:

    I had an OGAAT in between that !!! 😆

  58. AB says:

    FC ours for the taking! If we can hold our nerves this time…..

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    OGAAT, AB, as that match just showed us again. Wigan will be a tough nut to crack and we will have to be at our best to win at Wembley.

  60. James Bond says:

    no need for OGAAT – FA cup is already ours, I am just wondering who are we going to be playing in the community shield’s since we are going to be winning the FA cup and also the PL ?


  61. James Bond says:

    don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but there is still a possibility – Mathematically that we could also win the CL.

    when was the last time a team from London won the treble, I wonder 😯

    oh TCM – where art thou

  62. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hi BKers 🙂

    The FA cup is not ours yet, anything can happen in these knockout games. However, we do have an amazing chance for our first trophy in years! I believe at the beginning of the season when we put in our predictions, I did call that we would win one trophy and finish top 3 in the league ;).

    Did I just go Nostradamus on all of you?

  63. James Bond says:

    no, you went AWOL and deserted us @ HH


  64. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, I know that’s your way of saying you miss me, mate 😉

    In terms of yesterday’s match, what a superb showing and magnificent response to our recent poor showings and to Everton’s counter on our first goal. Arteta’s composure to slot home the second penalty after the first was disallowed was sublime and Ozil was simply back to being his amazing self yesterday. The haters were wrong and Ozil simply needed a rest – it’s incredible how quickly fans will turn on a player who gave us so much hope at the beginning of the season.

    Does anyone else notice that Santi looked slimmer and more lively on the pitch yesterday? We’ll soon be welcoming the return of some of our injured players too, so upwards and onwards my fellow Gooners!

  65. James Bond says:

    no, that’s my way of saying – stop with the excuses and come back to your day time job, ha

    agreed re- Santiago, he looks much slimmer and sharper now !

  66. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂

    What a nail-biting finish at Etihad! 😮 I sent an e-mail to Guardian MBM to ask how many games Yaya Toure – who should receive a second yellow card today – should have missed if he had deservedly been sent off in three occasions this season but it wasn’t published.

    Anyway, no complacency is allowed ahead of Wigan – they are tough nut to crack (just like TA wrote) and they’ll feel that we owe them for the fact we relegated them in the penultimate match of the last season (remember, 4:1 victory despite Mike Dean being in charge, Poldi scored twice?). Their players have experience of winning trophies that is more fresh than the one of ours and that might be a difficult thing to deal with. We will have desire and hunger to win that bloody trophy, that’s for sure.

    If we win FA Cup, claim our CL-place and do the treble over L-Spuds, I will consider this season as the successful one. 🙂

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi HH, early days, early days. Let’s get to Bayern first and play the game of the decade. OGAAT my friend. 🙂

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed, Admir.

  69. alcide says:

    Hi guys,

    Well the road in front of us has been paved, but there’s still a couple of games to win, against teams that will give it all. Everton’s equalizer, and later Barkley’s miss after Verm’s airshot clearance are good reminders that things can turn quickly, so we will need to keep focused.

    It was nice though to see Özil so sharp, with nice runs on he left wing, backtracking, one goal, an assist (and he also was the one who sent Ox into the box to earn a penalty with a slick pass). As long as our movement creates space, or runners run into space, he will deliver… He’s that type of player that needs quality around him… He raises his game to match it, and also becomes a catalyst for it. And with ox’s and Santi’s performance (and yes he looked faster and sharper didn’t he?), it’s no surprise he was so good.

    I was also glad to see Verm, apart from his blunder he did well I thought (although had to stop from self from pushing forward too much a couple of times)?

    Only negative, do we have news from Gibbs?

  70. HH !…….isn`t he the guy who likes to mount Mounties ( they always get their man ! ) and used to blog on here ?. 😆

    If we don’t win the fcuking FA Cup this year then I shall give up blogging !.
    Although VCC and especially his missus would be just grateful for a semi !…..after the passing away of his Knob !. He`s currently trying a new McVities Digestive Dildo and in terms of scraping the barrel…..that really does take the biscuit !. That`s if I didn`t have the knowledge of his other hair brained scheme to try and connect with his knob through a Spiritualist !………Is there anybody part there ?.
    Anyone remember a show called Randall and Hopkirk ( Deceased ) ?. The BK version…….VCC and Cock ( Deceased ) !. In which VCC is the only one able to see and communicate with his dead cock !. hahaha

    Thanks Totes for a splendid MR !. Being the ultra critical Protector of The Chart of Doom !……although a good performance, I still don’t like our lack of pace for Ozil to take advantage of, really missing Walcott !.
    Here`s a different ( taken from pitch level and no commentary ! ), but excellent video of yesterdays game !. Keep an eye on BFG on the last 2 goals, he`s a Ledge in the making !.

  71. Fozzie B says:

    HH completely agreed on Santi as I posted earlier … Totes has requested you OGAAT … This will relieve tension before the next game!! As he has much experience in OGAATING and the best time and place to OGAAT!! ;

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    There is plenty of pace with Ox and Sanogo, and Ozil has pace as well, Cocker. Only Santi is not fast, but he interchanged well with Ozil yesterday….. You are thinking too one dimensional, CoD!

  73. James Bond says:

    Hi Alcide,

    I think Gibbs is fine and was taken off because we could take him off as we were already 4-1 ahead – so it was about giving him a nice little break

    however, if he is not fit then TV5 can do a job at LB, no worries

    I am confident that we will beat BM – but not so sure about the scoreline.

    it’s frustrating if we beat them and still can’t go through as from memory, we needed a 4-0 against Milan at home and ended up winning 3-0 as Van Pussy missed a sitter

    and then again, with BM we needed 3-0 and were close but no cigar with our 2-0.

    whatever happens, I want us to finally put this curse of “nearly” to bed and win with a scoreline we all desire and quietly hope for (no, not 5-0 @ TMHT) 🙂

  74. James Bond says:

    Gibbs has pace, Sagna has pace, Jenks has got Pace, but still Glics would argue that he has more pace than all of them combined with his dodgy knees and what not at his age , ha

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice video, CoD. You gotta love the BFG, what a Gunner.

  76. alcide says:

    Thanks for the link TCM, I really need to get myself to the Emirates one of these days, nothing beats being there… My brother had tickets for the Bayern game and was somewhere in the north bank. since he’ll be in and out of London regularly, I hope he can score us a game sometimes…

  77. alcide says:

    Well the plan is easy JB, score one, hope they get a bit annoyed and keep pushing forward, and catch them on a break… Then it’s anybody’s game. But looking at their results this year, or recently…

  78. James Bond says:

    they will score a goal @ Alcide

    just like Everton did against us, we just have to make sure to score 2 more than whatever they score…
    BM is a team that is there for the taking – if we can have a repeat of what we had against them at home…a 10-15 minute spell where we had such possession and domination then rest assured, we can hurt them pretty bad

  79. Not pacey wingers though !. Sanogo aint that quick and Ox is not as quick as Theo, Walker etc` !. Ozil isn’t` quick, he just glides !, but like Santi makes up for it in technique and brain !. With Midfielders such as Arteta, Flamini and Wheelchair, they cant support the attacker quick enough !. Invincibles had TH14, DB10, Bobby, Freddie, PV4 ( who could eat up the yards once the legs got going ! ). Reyes…..quick pacey, skilful, hard and Invincible !.

  80. TotalArsenal says:

    Only TH was truly pacey, and Reyes.

  81. I remember a quote at the time from Wenger saying Freddie was the quickest player he had seen with ball at feet when dribbling !.
    Later facefcuks, I need rest as I have been digging for the last 2 hot days sorting out my soak-away problems !…..nearly finished and my inventive mind and ability to improvise has sorted out the drainage problem for good !. I`m a genius at improvisation !……….probably attained by having my knob touched as a young boy by Einstein !……….Einstein a Paedo ?…………I like to think of it more as……….A Stroke of Genius !. hahaha

  82. VCC says:

    TCM…. You never cease to crack me up. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  83. Xavier says:

    JB @ 18:29. I LOVE YOU MAAAAANNN!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃

    But lowkey though, I think sometimes flam gets those yellows on purpose as he kinda likes playing on the edge. I mean, when did he ever get 2yellows that sends him off?? That’s like his own drug. 😀

    Wigan in the Fa cup semis gon be tough but like JB, that’s a cup that’s already ours. The premier league too. We’re having a double this season. At least. I’m standing by that prediction. Although I’ll take a top 3 and the Fa cup. 🙈

    Good day to be a gooner y’all. Go out and get a beer. On me of course. 😀

  84. AB says:

    I’m with the Cockie on this one. Yes we have people who are pretty fast through the middle, but full steam pace on the wings? We miss Theo a lot, and we look twice the team when we have Ox on the wing than when we have tried with a combination from Ros, Oz, Santi, Pod, Jack. If we had Theo and Ox fit all year then no probs, but the nature of their games mean injury is to be expected.

  85. water says:

    You lot are fickle. One good match from ozil and u lot are back in the bandwagon. Can’t wait till Wigan knock u out. I’ll be back ere takn the mick.

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    water, do you have a Liverpool blog ASBO? 😀

  87. AB says:

    Lots of sound words against counting chickens on the cup. All true, we will have to turn up, really want it and fight for it. If we are complacent and smug we will lose, no question. But my expectation, and belief, is that this squad will a) have learned from the Birmingham experience, and b) has more basic resilience within it. The experience of winning, would be huge for the squad, preparing us with the belief that we can win more. I don’t believe that anyone at Arsenal would not be aware of the significance of us breaking the 9 years without silverware sequence. Have we got the basic bottle and fight in us – thats the question? And I have to say I think we do.

  88. AB says:

    Indeed water, your presence here speaks volumes for the lack of anything worthwhile with your own club. Do stay, every time I see your name it makes me chuckle at how empty a pool fan’s life must be….

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Those sort of wingers are no longer that important, AB. Ox on the wing is indeed pretty effective and Gnabry is also a handful. Theo is a good weapon to have but as a winger he has mixed effectiveness as teams often do not give him the space to exploit.

  90. AB says:

    What price Pelegrini looking for a new job come the summer….? They look like heading towards a slump – and I hope we are part of their kicking.

  91. water says:

    We ain’t playing so chill out.
    I’m also kinda sick of transfer rumors

  92. alcide says:

    It would be nice however to have the same quality options the we have on the right (Theo, Serge, Ox) on the left side, no?

  93. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, I guess they keep Peligrini for a while.. have you noticed how CItey, like Pool, are trying to copy the Arsenal football model entirely? What do you say aqua?

  94. water says:

    Idk about that Totez cause ARSENAL with a pacy wingers ie. reyes or Walcott is a different kind of ball game

  95. AB says:

    I don’t agree TA. Its the combination of fast wing play (from a player who can also finish), with a CF who can pull the defence about, creative No10 who can provide the killer passes, plus box-to-box options. That combination is a whisker away – we would have seen it by now with a fit Theo and Rambo I think. Draxler, or his ilk, may provide such an option on the left too.

    I am not talking about Overmars types pinging in crosses, but players who can get to the line, or cut in, and get directly into scoring spaces in a fluid front line.

    I can’t wait….

  96. water says:

    Who here like me thinks griezman is a better player than draxler?

  97. TotalArsenal says:

    alcide, yes, but I reckon Wenger does not want to play with two traditional wingers simultaneously.

    In my view, long term we will play Ozil on the left, Theo on the right and Jack in the middle with Aaron and a beast of a DM behind, and Giroud/Sanogo/ANother in front of them.

  98. AB says:

    Citey problem is that they are still buying mercenaries. They need to start growing teams as well – like us. Even chelski have a core who have their hearts with the club – who in city really cares about their club? Its cash, medals and off – only without the core/heart, the medals will always be fewer than the side (on paper) looks like it should deliver. pool are doing what we have been doing I agree TA – they look about 5 years behind us. The question is whether they can hang onto their stars in the summer……

  99. AB says:

    TA. Agree – I don’t see him playing 2 wingers at once, not regularly at least. But to have options on either side – and cover for injuries. That’s what we need.

  100. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, I reckon Arsene will always want us to be a passing team rather than play the MU way of old…

    But, opposite of you, I do think that Arsene would love to have an Overmars type on the left again, who in my opinion would fit in really well.

  101. TotalArsenal says:

    water, I dont know enough about Griezman but yes I do still have doubts about Draxler. I am hoping desperately for Reus who is a modern allround attacker with a great engine.

  102. water says:

    Omg did someone say the pool is five years behind arsnal. We have 51 major trophies hahahaha u lot got jokes.

  103. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, agreed on the options principle and I reckon Arsene will buy for the LW this summer. First a DM for me though.

  104. water says:

    But seriously though who thinks Antoine griezeman is a better player than draxler

  105. AB says:

    Perhaps not the best example! I’m not after a Valencia type shall we say! I don’t think he is rubbish mind, but someone more skilled. I don’t know whether the stuff in the press about buying a winger to convert to a striker is true – but it is plausible, and very Wenger.

  106. TotalArsenal says:

    water, do you think your club has entered a long term plan based around a similar footballing philosophy and business structure as the mighty Red and White?

  107. AB says:

    I’m talking about your current team water – not one team laying 6 feet under

  108. alcide says:

    True TA, but with the options provided by the midfielders we have (just need to add a Flaminesque SQ DM) I would still love to have, not so much a traditional winger, but a pacier player that can run behind defenders, and dribbling skills to create his own space vs, PTB teams (what Gervinho was here for I suppose). Wouldn’t it be nice if Santi had more pace (of course he would be playing for Barca instead of Messi in that case 🙂 ) But sorry, it’s not yet the time for transfer discussions…

  109. TotalArsenal says:

    AB 🙂

    And feeding the Mersey hahaha 🙂

  110. water says:

    Ab the fact that it worked with Henry dont men I’ll work again.
    But I think if it’ll come of it has to griezman the guy is on fire this season. And a plus is …….He’s french oo la la

  111. TotalArsenal says:

    Alcide, AB, we also have to look at Gibbs and Sagna (Nacho and Jenkinson) who in our system are perhaps the real wingers….

  112. water says:

    Oh come on chill out hahaha the king is around. Barnesey is around.
    And how can we be five years behind. If u were saying br is five years behind aw then fine.
    The pool is outscoring ARSENAL. Fine your defense is vetter but that’s it. Hendo would get into any team in England right now. Coutinho too not forgetting sterling or dany boy what are you on about.
    Mingolet is as good as the wolf and he’s proved it last season and this.

  113. alcide says:

    Agreed TA, and the more pace they have in front of them (for cover when they get caught) the better! A modern allround attacker with a great engine on the left would work too.

  114. TotalArsenal says:

    water, it is looking a lot better for you but you have to ask yourself whether this is just a good season or whether the foundations are in place for prolonged competitiveness.

    Also, IF you get beat by the Mancs next week, you could well do a Spuds and get overtaken by your own arch enemy eventually. I am actually hoping that will not happen but remember the Mancs have a lot of friends among the refs…

  115. Fozzie B says:

    Hi Cockie, “Sheffield Sandra” from the Tranny annex asked me to thank you for your help on the drainage!! She said although exciting to start with, playing battleships in the annex with King Richards got to be a bit boring !!
    Hence this picture !! 😆

  116. alcide says:

    The scary part is that with a new DM, Özil, Jack, Theo, Rambo, Ox, Serge, TR, Flamini, Arteta, a new LAM… that would be a lot of players to choose from on a given day!

  117. TotalArsenal says:

    Alcide, I think that is Ozil but I also like him in the middle. However, for the latter he needs better support from the double DM pivot. A fully fit Diaby would be incredible support for him, but the return of Aaron would also help tremendously. Still, I see Jack in the hole and Ozil on the left long term (interchanging constantly of course).

  118. water says:

    Well totes we get beat by the mancs will still be be 6 points ahead. And we all know the mancs wont win all of their remaining 9 games. No 1 will xcpt us ocus haha

  119. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Alcide, that is some fine midfield to choose from.

  120. TotalArsenal says:

    water, I hope so… but if you get beat by them I advise to get some Valium for the remainder of the season.

  121. TotalArsenal says:

    Fozzie, is that Pires? 🙂

  122. water says:

    And on the prolonged success thing. Have u seen the average age of our team.
    We are also playing the most exciting football in England who wants to leave that.
    Even Suarez is making positive noises cause he has sturidge who he can depend on.

  123. Frozen Gunner says:

    @ Water

    “Hendo would get into any team in England right now.”

    had to laugh. if there was any lingering credibility to your opinion, that pretty much squashed it.

  124. alcide says:

    Works for me TA, Jack just needs to learn a bit to get more comfortable drifting/roaming on the left side (or right side for that matter) and we’re golden. Let’s not forget he’s still 22 🙂

    Don’t mention Diaby please… saw one of his youtube compilation recently, and couldn’t help hoping for a come back, such class.

  125. TotalArsenal says:

    That is true, aqua, the football is often exciting to watch.

  126. water says:

    Henderson oh come on.
    We all know he’s underrated but he’s perfect.
    U saw his performance against u lot.
    He’s everywhere much like toure but without his power.

  127. AB says:

    You will laugh chaps, but I still believe we will see Diaby give us a few seasons! He has had a lot of plain bad luck in the mix with a sequence of injuries, going right back to the broken ankle. I don’t believe that Wenger would have persistent with him if he felt his body was basically not up to it – any more than RVJ or Gibbs. He is an athlete, and needs to find the right regime. A season with Diaby fit would give us real power through the middle.

    Alcide, a fantastic choice indeed – so good that you even managed to forget Santi in the mix!

  128. TotalArsenal says:

    He is young indeed, Alcide and not fit enough to play in the box to box role without proper DM support. I worry about his fitness/ physical strength, though….. next season better?

  129. AB says:

    TA – Jack looks heavy to me this year. I know he is lean and fit, but the weight he is trying to play with does not look right, and is bound to increase the strains on his dodgy ankles. This season he has worried me, as he has rarely looked up to his best, and we seem unsure whether he needs to be played more, or rested more. It all feels a bit muddled.

  130. TotalArsenal says:

    Who knows AB; my gut feeling tells me he will not play for us more than the occasional game, but I love to be wrong.

  131. alcide says:

    Oh, my, how could I forget our little magician…

    TA, he will get better and better for sure, and has plenty of role models to inspire him further. And we will get him the DM support he (and the team) need to go the the next step. It’s kind of nice to see that it’s difficult to enhance the squad without looking at top quality players…

  132. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, it looks like he is adjusting his running style and it is not easy for him – plus he gets clattered so much it is unreal…

  133. TotalArsenal says:

    water, who is the one Arsenal player you would like your club to get from us?

  134. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, Alcide it is nice indeed.

  135. water says:

    No1 really maybe one of your defenders sagna or kosc

  136. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha water – you have got style buddy hahaha 😛

  137. AB says:

    Alcide and TA. Yes we have quality throughout in the front 6 positions; blending in the right ingredient to transform the whole is the task for the summer TW. I think there is more to look at and plan for at the back. I don’t share JB’s view of Shez, and I think our back 4 have played collectively above their individual talents – I am not knocking them, they have been fantastic! But do they look a solid line up for next year, and have we depth to cover age and injury? I don’t think so. I wonder what BKers would wish for across the back if we had a free hand in the TW….?

  138. alcide says:

    I must say (as a non-english fan) that I find it baffling that he is not protected at least a bit more – it’s so obvious how players take turn fouling him, and by the time a yellow is given, it’s usually against him/us for retaliating…

  139. Fozzie B says:

    Haha Goldmember!! Piers lookalike would give Cockie a BOINNNG !!
    Vickers is knackered from decorating but he managed to have a break when this picture was taken ! 😆

  140. TotalArsenal says:


    I reckon we are fine for another season with what we have, except a better RB cover, I reckon. A good, dynamic DM would also make a big difference for the back four.

    Agreed on Szczesny.

    The one to buy would be Kompany, but he would be unaffordable.

  141. water says:

    Hmmm y thank u totes
    But I think people think he can handle himself.
    Its not like he shys away from a tackle.
    He’s reminds me alot of a young stevie g

  142. alcide says:

    AB, I’m really only hoping for a quality RB (even if we keep Sagna).Our CBs have been fantastic, and I think that they are as good individually as they have been collectively – sure Per is a bit slow and that hampers our ability to keep a high line (another reason to have a SQ DM) but close our box, he’s outstanding. I’d love to keep Verm too, he had a bad spell last season, but I rate him higher than most 3rd CBs in any top team. Kos is also one of the best in the league in my opinion.

  143. TotalArsenal says:

    Fozzie 🙂

    I reckon we play him too deep and that is where the hard tackles come flying in. There is little more beautiful than Jack moving out of midfield towards the D of the opposition with the ball at his feet and him looking for a killer pass or a penetrating run: that is when the conductor is at work.

  144. alcide says:

    Looks like I agree with TA, that’s a good sign 🙂

  145. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha alcide. What do you think of Bellerin?

  146. Fozzie B says:

    Pelegrini gave a very, very insightful postmatch interview!!

  147. TotalArsenal says:

    water, stevie G is a great player. I will never forget how he single-handedly turned the CL final against Milan round: that was special. A shame all England managers felt they had to combine him with Fat Fwank in midfield…. they never worked well together.

  148. alcide says:

    Good things from what I’ve read, pace, offensive potential, but is he ready for 1st team, or another season on loan?

  149. AB says:

    TA. Yes, another season should be ok. But there is little in the way of succession planning that I can see, and a 6′ 6″ CB has to be an injury worry, especially as he turns 30.

    Yes, a SQ DM would give more cover, in particular as Mert is only going to get slower. But when I look at our defence this season, its not like we have shipped too many goals – its been one of the very best in the PL. But we haven’t scored add freely this year as before – more goals with our already tight defence for me, ahead of trying to be even a bit meaner at the back. Of course, given the option, I’d take both…..!

  150. water says:

    A shame indeed

  151. alcide says:

    AB, have you seen Per run? He can’t get any slower 🙂

  152. James Bond says:

    the trouble with you lot is that it’s been ages since you last saw a quality goalie at Arsenal hence you are made to settle for a good goalie , who should be at a club like Everton, Newcastle or Liverpool – ok, sorry not Everton as Everton have been finishing above Liverpool for ages now, so my apologies to all the Everton fans.

    anyhow – at a team like Arsenal, we need a world class goalie – Sczny is work in progress and still 2 years away from being where we all want to see him – at this present moment of time, Fabianski is plenty better

    the real reason why Liverpool and man city won was Sczny – even though Liverpool were gifted a goal or 2 by the refs (one being a clear off side goal) anyhow, not complaining just that you lot are having to settle for what we have or lack off, which is fine as the key to happiness is low expectations – but rest assured on tuesday, Fabianski will save the day as he has done in the FA cup this season.

    yes, no team is easy in the semis, be it sheffield or wigan or anyone else @ Xavier , it’s the semis after all and we are the team who have lost to birmingham , bradford and blackburn…so you don’t need to remind me of all of that, however, FA cup is already in the bag – why ? because we are quality and the players are hungry !

  153. Hahaha….love that photo of VCC…..he takes the word Boner to it`s literal meaning !.

    Remember Fcuktards…..Darth Wenger has said Jack Wheelchairs position will be as a deep lying midfielder !.
    HIJKLMNO…….H2O…..geddit !……..Griezeman or Draxler ?……..I`d rather Ross Barkley !….but he`s a Scouser and worry our 2 giant Plasma Screens may go missing !.

  154. James Bond says:

    I’m sorry to ALL Everton fans for comparing their team to a mid-table team aka Liverpool who have accumulated 100 million worth of losses in 2 years and are probably 10 years behind a big club like Arsenal.

    sincere apologies to all Everton fans.

  155. TotalArsenal says:

    alcide, good questions… Wenger has a call to make.

    AB, getting the balance right is so difficult but hopefully we are getting there.

    The new contract for Mertesacker is very interesting and might have consequences for a few players within the team… I am thinking of writing a post about this at some point next week.

  156. AB says:

    JB. I will agree with you on the point that Shez will get better. In this he is no different to Jack, Rambo and Ox – all of which I am happy to see play first 11 football. Our problem is that we don’t have a quality no 2 who is content to be a no 2. A Schwarzer etc. But looking at Shez now and picturing him getting better over the coming few years and I think we would be mad to unsettle him too much. But we have to have competition there, and be prepared t use it, as Wenger did last season. But when looking to spend, I am looking elsewhere in the squad, personally.

  157. TotalArsenal says:

    Maybe you just don’t see Szczesny great talents through the mist of your dislike for him, JB? He is not perfect but very few are…

  158. JB has Flappy Tinted Glasses to go with his Floppy Tinted Condoms !. hahaha

  159. AB says:

    Cockie. Yes, I think Wenger may well plan to have Jack as the new Arteta and Rambo alongside him – I don’t see this working at all I confess, but everything Wenger has said suggests this is possible in his mind. TA I know this is sacrilege and a waste of his talent in your mind. I am less certain where he will end up, though I don’t doubt his talent for a moment.

  160. AB says:

    Alcide! Like a tanker trying to get moving!! But imagine him a couple of years older!? Perhaps best not to!

  161. Fozzie, is this you after you sat on a hot geezer erupting in Iceland ?

  162. Fozzie B says:

    Yes that’s right Cockiestein!! Jacky boy is at the back and can drive forward and also where Wenger ultimately sees Ox! But luckily Wenger likes to use his light sabre in many positions so rotation will happen!!
    Draxler for me over me is a great punt … Although Morata will appeal to Scrooge Wenger’s purse strings … But I think too much ground work is done and we will get Draxler. I feel our SQ options for cf will be limited despite the money we have.

    JB .. Forgot to say I agree with your conspiracy theory on the scout .. Similar thoughts had crossed my mind. Interesting Tranny window ahead!! 😆

  163. water says:

    Its sad very sad. Hahaha
    I can’t stop laughing.
    We are the best English team in history.
    And u deluded gooners mention their name in the same breath as Lfc.
    Did u check the Deloitte league we are the highest rated team outside the champions league.

  164. water says:

    On the field of the field we are better than them.
    There are only two teams in Liverpool
    Lfc and lfc reserves.
    The others should just disband

  165. Fozzie B says:

    Haha Cockie .. I lost my gonads to the cold and wind!! I tried to harness the volcanic energy at the place called “blue lagoon” !! It was a cold version of the original with moi playing Christopher Arkinsand Mrs P playing Brooke Shields!!
    Many Icelandic swear words were heard but afterwards I felt like a new man and proceeded to adopt a couple of new gonads to make me whole again!! 😆

    Haha!! Yes it’s a natural reaction to want to lick em!! Haha !! 😆

  166. water says:

    I’m so shocked at u @ jb.
    Even they don’t make such comments
    The leave deluded guys like u to do that for them.

  167. Fozzie B says:

    Ps. By the way water… Do you call yourself water because that’s the only thing Scouser’s wouldn’t nick?? Makes sense !! Fair play !! 😆

  168. TotalArsenal says:

    Wenger says all sorts of things about players and their best position, but I can only see him in the hole long term. Time will tell.

    Water, don’t let JB wind you up, just run yourself of his duck’s back. 🙂

  169. Admir says:

    @water/aqua – did you pick your nickname in honour of Liverpool legend Alberto Aqu(il)a(ni)? 😉 Now, son, seriously, do you think Liverpool will be as competitive next season as they have been this term? I mean, with at least 50 games ahead of them including mid-week matches in Champions’ League? You might suffer a huge fall straight down to your bottoms. And, how do you plan to comply with Financial Fair Play? (Speaking of which, Manure apparently got themselves a contract worth 600 million pounds with Nike.)

    @The Cookie Monster – I can see what TA meant when he said Henry and Reyes were only truly pacey Invincibles. However, I get your point with Ljungberg.

    Freddie was bloody chameleon, he had deserved “The Raumdeuter”-nickname years before Thomas Müller lost his virginity. He looked like a pizza-delivery boy from porn-movies who just parked his motorbike outside the stadium and was given a chance to play football – at first, you’d say he doesn’t have any special ability. Then again, he was everything you wanted in a footballer – he had ability to make a run behind defence in the right moment, he had technique to pull out a magnificent goal like the one he had scored in the FA Cup Final 2002 or Messi-sque chip to avoid dashing goalkeeper, he had speed to beat his opponent when it was required. In fact, he had all those qualities except he showed them only when he needed to. After all, his greatest asset was his intelligence. It takes one to recognize one – that’s why his co-operation with Bergkamp was so brilliant: they had their minds on the same frequency. Two of them looked like they could have celebrated Ljungberg’s goal twenty minutes before the goal happened – Bergkamp knew exactly where Ljungberg would eventually run and Ljungberg knew exactly where Bergkamp would send the ball.

  170. Admir says:

    Which leads me to my conclusion: Özil and Ramsey might develop the same connection. They had been on the right track before we lost Aaron to injury.

    BTW, speaking of Draxler, I keep making comparison between him and Barkley for no apparent reason and every time I end up with conclusion that I’d rather have Barkley than Draxler.

  171. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice one Admir, I reckon Bergkamp would have developed the same with Santi or Ox over time though.

  172. TotalArsenal says:

    And Ozil will do this too.

    Night all. 🙂

  173. water says:

    And I’m not scouse I’m an lfc fan
    We have two of the best strikers in Europe.
    That’s y I’m confident.
    How we’ll get by ffp. Its simple with champions league comes bt cl money. Incomes better sponsorship deals.
    Also our stadium renovation is coming that’ll mean increased match day sales.

  174. water says:

    Lfc have always had shitty teams but we make waves in the cl. That’s our home.
    I mean look at the team that won it or the one that got to the final two years on.
    We just make waves

  175. water says:

    Hmm water as an alias because water can be anything it wants to be. And I believe in life one much have the freedom to be anything he wants to be.

  176. Fozzie B says:

    Sounds wishy washy to me .. But good luck! 😀

  177. Gerry says:

    A little late at coming to this post ..

    TA – What no mention of TV5?

    How can you criticise Clattenburg on the penalty retake. Giro was getting a clear advantage by encroaching, and possibly affecting which way the goalie dived. And if he was warned beforehand about encroaching, then yes, the yellow card too?

    But apart from that, and a bit too much on the Flameta partnership, being too defensive, as Arteta was the main box to box man, I will say you did okay.

    Seriously, it was a good game to win.

    JB – you may rave all you like about Fab, but I am not sure he is the complete package.

    Finally,whilst we may think the Wigan result it a good thing, I hope the players don’t have that in their mindset. They have beaten Man C twice in big games, and they have have a very strong weapon on the counter, which can be our big weakness?

    As for OGAAT. I think we will go there with a view to attack attack attack …. until Bayern score. My hope then, is that the bench is stuffed with kids, and at least three will get an outing. Not necessarily a negative should we get the two goals first, eg Bellein ahead of Sagna still providing width and pace, as well as extra defensive cover. Hayden as a DM, for whoever. Gnabry, if he is not playing in the next UEFA Youth cup round. Even Eisfeld as a SS/AM to save Rosicky’s legs.

    Whilst OGAAT is good for us to concentrate on, I hope AW is taking note of our need to win some league games before the distraction of the FA Cup starts to kick in?

    Busy week with Cheltenham Tuesday to Friday, so you may have to excuse an even greater absence from me.

    Take this happy mood whatever the result Tuesday, we have still got a lot to look forwards to?


    Nice one TA

    It was a very nice game. Everton played well but in the end our superior quality told.

    Met a couple of Evertonians in the pub pre match and had a good chat. Nice blokes, know there football these scousers, though I constantly had to check for my wallet. At one stage I took out a score to go the bar and one of them looked so intensity at the £20 note, I was worried I might have to call a Doctor.

    Young Ox is developing very nicely. He reminds me of a young Rooney so all bodes well for the future.

    Ozil is sheer class. The bloke moves round the pitch like a gazelle, though his face reminds of a moose.

    Santi played well to. Overall, it was a good game for our quality players, Everton probably concentrated to hard on there own game and not enough on stopping ours.

    Another visit to Wembley beckons.

  179. TotalArsenal says:

    A gazelle with the face of a moose – I like it Terry. 🙂

  180. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry the gambler 🙂

    Am reading Carey’s Oscar and Luncinda at the moment and one of the characters reminds me of you.

    What about TV5?

    Clattenburg’s decision was a farce. This happens all the time and clearly he picked on Giroud because it made him feel important. Other than that it was an easy game for him as both teams wanted to play footie.

    I did not say Flamteta wAs too defensive at all….. Have you been skim reading….tututuh! 🙂

  181. Gerry says:

    TA – As long as it is not Lucinda I don’t mind 😀

    Point 1 – He played?

    Point 2 – he could not ignore it, the Everton players pointed it out, and it was blatant, not a minor encroachment like feet on the line.
    Clattenburg is still the best referee we can get.

    Point 3 – Guilty .. probably. Very rushed at least 😳

  182. Admir says:

    @TMHT: “Young Ox is developing very nicely. He reminds me of a young Rooney so all bodes well for the future.”

    I’ve been saying the same thing for years except I add: “…only not that ugly.” 😉

    I watched the whole game last night. One thing that I especially liked about The Ox was how he managed to do everything he wanted to. He lost the ball once in the first half and immediately recovered it – earned a corner actually. He gave a dangerous back-pass in the second half and pulled a magnificent defensive work to recover it. When he wanted to pull a shot with either feet – he did it in a proper way, he deserved at least one goal for his performance.

    Vermaelen had problems with Lukaku’s physical strength but then again, who wouldn’t? He made that air-ball mistake in the second half but we weren’t punished for that. He started our move that led to first Giroud’s goal.

    Ozil was tremendous. It seemed like we had at least two of them on the pitch. At some point I expected him to make a cross to himself to the far post. His best move of the game was his pass that released Oxlade-Chamberlain before the second goal. It was such a great ball – if anyone can find a .GIF of it, I’d be thankful for that. 🙂

    @TA – I disagree with your view of the penalty incident. It was a decision by the book. Let’s put them on trial when they (referees) don’t follow them. 😉

  183. VCC says:

    Fozzie B 22:50…..That’s me alright. Don’t tell the misses, she thinks I work non stop while she is at work earning the pennies.
    You know the score buddy, Ten minutes painting followed by 20 minutes napping and 20 minutes reading Bergkampesque. Mums the word Amigo. 😉

  184. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir, you find me five penalties where this does not happen and I might think about it again. You and gambler are light about it now because it did not cost us. In my opinion that was a nasty decision by Clattenburg.

  185. TotalArsenal says:

    Casa Vicarage 🙂

  186. James Bond says:

    I don’t remember ever saying that Fabulous Fabianski was the full package or world class @ Gerry

    however, I do remember saying that Fabianski was the MAIN reason why we started our run of victories last season, beginning from BM away , which led us to finish in the top 4 AND Sczny was the main reason why we got knocked out of the CL last season and may well end up being the reason for our exit this year as well – Did you see what I just did there ?

    contrary to popular belief, I don’t dislike him nor is it his fault that he’s not up there with the very best – yet

    it is AW’s fault for not addressing this area sooner or not bringing in an experienced goalie to help the young gunners or have enough competition for places.

    at this present moment of time, Fabianski is better than Sczny and deserves to be starting ahead of him for the foreseeable future, if the starting 11 was to be picked on merit and not favourtism.

    Water – stop living in a bubble mate, Everton are a better team than you and the recent past (last few years back it up) , even this season they are better than you as if my memory serves, they progressed far further than you could in any cup competitions as well – and for the record, you are not 5 years behind Arsenal, more like 15 after taking into consideration our Stadium, financial situation and style of play – you have only just started playing decent football, where as we have been playing sexy football since decades or since the time you were in nappies , so do us all a favour take your history of NEVER winning the premiership somewhere else as it only makes us all chuckle

    give us the respect we deserve or else continually feel the humiliation..and I haven’t even started yet.

  187. James Bond says:

    actually, it was a nasty decision by Mark . C – he’s one of those ref’s who loves being the center of attention and on the TV camera as much as possible

    that sort of thing happens A LOT and if you are talking about booking someone by the book, then am sorry, you have to apply consistency there and award penalties 9 times out of 10 on corners or and free-kicks due to the sheer volume of wrestling going on in there – yep, there are a lot of things “by the book” which remain in the book

    I like Mark . C, he has Aura about him and he’s our lucky charm, I can’t remember from memory the last time we lost when he was officiating but that decision left me baffled, I personally found nothing wrong with Giroud doing his job and hassling the defenders – not like he put of anyone or the keeper.

    agreed with skipper.

  188. alcide says:

    Damn we lost Gibbs for Wednesday (ankle), he might be back this weekend. Verm to replace him?

    TA, I saw Özil’s “heat map” from the Everton game on AFC website… He was very much on the left wing, very much more than usual… So you may be onto something 🙂

  189. TotalArsenal says:

    Arteta had ‘an issue’ with Clattenburg 10 min before the penalty about a foul/shoe coming loose. He also had a confrontation with linesman five minutes before the pen about a throw in he did not get…. To me it looked like the ref was getting one back on Arteta. Giroud also waited long… Seemed harsh then and I just rewatched it and it still looks harsh to me.

  190. TotalArsenal says:

    Bad news about Gibbs, Alcide.what about Cazorla’s heat map?

  191. alcide says:

    Hehe TA, that’s the first thing I wanted to see after seeing Özil’s. Unfortunately the “Everton Breakdown” on the AFC website didn’t feature it, only Arteta’s who apparently pushed forward more than usual.

  192. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes he did, alcide, and played well. FlamTeta again tomorrow?

  193. alcide says:

    Quite possibly, Arsene said something about being patient for goals in his press conference.

  194. water says:

    Yh yh jb.What ever u say.
    Yh Everton are miles better.
    The have won more trophies than lfc in the past 9 years.
    They play better football and have better players.
    They’ve won a champions league trophy in the last decade or so.
    So what ever you say buddy.

  195. water says:

    In fact I think Suarez and Sturridge are thinking of jumping ship to the blue side.
    I mean their best player is not a loan player they can’t afford in a million years.
    They’re awesome.

  196. James Bond says:

    you said it not me , buddy 😯

    but hey, don’t worry about Suarez and Sturridge deserting Liverpool though – it is bound to happen, I like you but I wouldn’t be expecting loyalty from neither Suarez or Sturridge if I were you.

    I could be wrong about Sturridge but give it another 12 months or so is all I’m trying to say.

    for everyone else – I want AW to play Ox through the middle alongside either Flamini or Arteta and play Rosicky on the right who can interchange with OX through the middle, just like Ozil now interchanges with Santiago with ease and a decent understanding !

    yep, I don’t want to see both Flamini and Arteta together, one of them needs to be on the bench and most likely it will be Flamini.

  197. water says:

    Hahahahah yh jb. No loyalty but don’t worry unlike u lot they ain’t going to another English team unless they’ve got 200 million pounds lying around.
    Unlike u lot we ain’t in the business of strengthening the opposition.

  198. water says:

    But I’m worried for u lot. Ok let’s say you lot get battered then what then?

  199. James Bond says:

    then we still celebrate playing sexey footy and watch the team we beat or went out to, go on and win the competition – you know it’s either BM or Arsenal who will be winning this years CL 😉 and while you are at it, we will enjoy going to Wembley, while the likes of you keeps coming back here for more due to NO LIVERPOOL matches or involvement in such competitions –

    for your 22:26 – pretty sure you sold Fernando Torres to Chelsea not so long ago.


    I don’t mean to fear monger you but if you lose at old toilet then there is every chance that you may end up mid-table once more or barely make it for Europa league.

  200. AB says:

    JB. I like Ox in the pivot at times too, but we need some wide pace if we are to threaten. Ros, Santi and Oz will play through the middle and straight into their hands. And I’m not sure I see Ox avoiding mistakes in front of our box. Flamram if Rambo were fit (fully match fit), but assuming we are not going to have a surprise there, I can’t see much option beyond Flamteta, unless Ros plays in the pivot.

  201. AB says:

    I wonder if Pod mights start tomorrow? He is certainly ‘rested’, has plenty of desire to score against BM, and did so last year. All good reasons. But Oz and Santi looked to be forming a good link upon Saturday, and would we want to disrupt this?

  202. James Bond says:

    you know AB, I thought about slotting OX through the middle and playing Gnabry on the RW (he’s young, he’s german, he will want to put on a show along with Ozil) , I think it could be an inspired and very well throughout plan to unleash Gnabry and let Ox burst forward or take on players through the center , creating spaces for Ozil, Giroud and Santiago

    Ox might make mistakes but he will give us that X factor and zip, we so need against BM…as I don’t expect them to sit back and absorb the pressure, it’s not their way .

    I won’t be surprised if Santiago is rested and Rosicky starts on the LW with Gnabry on the RW and OX in the B2B role .

    mouth watering and wishful I know , but it can work !

  203. AB says:

    Verm will get a serious testing tomorrow against BM wingers; I hope his confidence holds out. Not to mention the Kos hamstring…

  204. James Bond says:

    Wenger could actually start Poldi as a CF, if he is continuing to punish Giroud 😉 if Giroud comes on as a super sub to score 2 goals, then I won’t be complaining, ha

    but yeah, when in Germany – Play the Germans !

  205. AB says:

    JB. I fully agree about the Gnab option if Ox plays central. But if Wenger had that level of confidence in him I can’t see why he hasn’t been playing him recently? Its odd, he had a great spell with us, and then nothing. I wonder if W is worried about him getting a bit full of himself – he certainly was at pains to stress how much more he had to learn when the press got interested in Gnab. I agree he would be up for it against BM – but hardly in the groove with playing time. Might be a late throw of the dice if needed instead?

  206. water says:

    Yh look how that turned out we got Suarez and we are good.
    When we sold Torres he wasn’t the best player in England.
    What’s the point. U are always playing in all these cups and never winning it.
    U lot have become the joke team of England.
    Even bigger than Neverwin.
    They just wanna survive.
    They don’t want to win anything.They’ve never been special. No one expects them to be.
    Like look at our shiny new stadium. Look at our brilliant finances.
    When will you say look at our TROPHIES.
    I can’t wait till Wigan knock u lot out and we finish above u. And don’t worry we will.

  207. James Bond says:

    Captain TV5 needs to play the best game of his career – agreed, he will get seriously tested tomorrow and I suspect at times we will be playing a 5-1-3-1.

  208. James Bond says:

    joke team of England @ Water – or did you MEAN THE ONLY TEAM IN ENGLAND WITH A GOLD TROPHY – courtesy going on to win the PL as undisputed and undefeated champions !

    you stand corrected.

    the point is and I quote – ” no one knows about Everton outside UK” yet, Everton have been a better team than Liverpool and have progressed much much further than liverpool recently.


  209. James Bond says:

    do you have a place where you blog with all your liverpool folks @ Water ? if you do then please do share the blog with us here – you know I am expecting you to disappear and do a runner after you lose to THE MOST SUCCESSFUL TEAM IN ENGLISH HISTORY NOT LIVERPOOL BUT MANCHESTER UTD.

    I don’t know where you are from or based but you clearly have no idea or knowledge about neither football or history of football in England – so next time when you like to make bold statements, try to ask someone with some knowledge about some actual facts.

    and the actual facts state that we have already beaten you convincingly TWICE and lost once due to the dodgy referee .



  210. AB says:

    TV will be up for it for sure JB. But when he is super fired up these days it seems to put more pressure on him, and he looks tense. A couple of years ago he was so relaxed by comparison, a real pedigree CB. I’m sure its still there in him of he could stay fit and got some game time. He would be worth a punt at DM (as per TA’s previous post) if we got some more CB cover; but we are so thin at present it would just be asking for trouble – mind you, there’s not long to go in the season, and its getting to the time for taking chances.

    I’d like to see Ros in pivot tomorrow (if its not Flamteta) with Ox out wide, but to give Gnab a chance later on. A goal for us in the first 20 minutes and they could well be rattled. We have to go at them hard, and give them the sort of challenge that they are unused to facing – a problem for them is that they are not used to having to dig in and fight. But if we ship a goal early it could get nasty. That’s why I can’t see W taking too many risks in front of our CBs.

  211. James Bond says:

    before I forget and you call us a joke of a team – then let me help you out.

    the 3rd most successful team in British history = Arsenal.

    how you like that, ehhhhh


  212. James Bond says:

    I sure as hell hope so @ AB — TV needs to be more calm and composed , it might not be a bad thing for him to play at LB to be honest.

    yep, you know Rosicky and OX can interchange and play very fluidly doing that as well – as long as both are in the starting 11 – both will move around with ease and change positions according to the situation , hence it was my preference you see

  213. AB says:

    Night all. Lets keep the faith tomorrow, whatever the result. COYG!!!!

    JB – I think water may really be a modern day Bo Peep; his sheep have got bored of his deranged bleatings and buggered off to talk to someone more interesting….

  214. water says:

    And the day u know everything about football ARSENAL will win a trophy.
    Biggest joke in world football ARSENAL fc’s joke fans like u.

  215. water says:

    All I have to say is 5. When u gonna get 1 again.

  216. water says:

    Less than ten minutes. JB oh don’t worry there’s always next year thats what deluded guys like u tell themselves after u get kicked out.

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