Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners! Predicted Line Up

Let’s make it Three out of Three NLD victories this season!

What it means in a nutshell:

A glorious Sunday morning carries the promise of a fine day of football. It is the NLD: a game outside of time and space – ninety plus minutes of pure here and now football. Yes, the despicable Chavs have just lost three very valuable points and had two players sent off (especially Ramires missing next week’s game is a real bonus); yes, Mansour City lost their best player for the next few games; and yes, Pool are likely to get beaten by the Mancs this afternoon. All interesting (potential) developments, but for us only one thing matters: do everything possible to win the game against the Spuddies today.

Let's make it three out of three today - Let's do it for Theo.
Let’s make it three out of three today – Let’s do it for Theo.

Much noise has been made about our injuries, but I reckon there is no such excuse for today’s game. Our back five will consist of: Szczesny, Mr Reliable, BFG, Kozzer and Nacho – maybe even Gibbs is fit again. At this stage of the season we are really lucky to have all our defenders available, and especially against the Spuds, who only scored on average a little bit more than one goal per home game this season (16 goals in 14 home games), this will be vital. The mean threat will be Adebarndoor but the BFG and Kozzer will be ready for him, whilst the former – our real captain – also likes to score against our North-London enemies and celebrate it in their faces.

Of course, it would be great to have the likes of Ozil, Rambo, Jack and Theo available for today’s derby game, but with Arteta, Santi, Ox and Rosicky available we have still good alternatives. It also looks like Kim Kallstrom might be available, and who knows, he might become an instant hero today… On top of that, Pod, Giroud and possibly Sanogogogo are available, and I really don’t see any reason to be worried about our ability to field a strong line-up today.

The Spuddies were outplayed by a very fit and impressive looking Benfica less than 72 hours ago. They played compact against them and never gave the ‘skinny chicken on a ball’ shirt wearers much time on the ball. That is exactly how we should play them: press them hard in midfield, keep it tight and give them no time to settle. I feel we need to take the initiative in this game rather than sit back and absorb their pressure initially, as this might give them time to settle into the game and play away some of their post-Benfica nerves and worries.

On the other hand, it might be better to sit back a bit and kill them off with counter attacking football/ quick switchovers, as Benfica – typical Portuguese football – were also able to do. I am not sure whether we have the right players available for this, though, and prefer us to take a 4-5-1 approach today.

So for me, the preferred line up is:

Arse v Spuds March 14

The five of Flamini (deepest), Ox, Arteta, Santi and Rosicky in midfield should allow us to dominate this crucial area and create plenty of opportunities. I am going with Sanogo upfront, as I felt Giroud looked knackered against Bayern throughout most of the game and things are clearly not right with him at the moment. He might be a bit of liability today, and I feel he might start on the bench.

The only doubt I have with this line-up is the lack of regular goal scorers. Ox has started to score and we know that Santi can be lethal, but Arteta, Rosicky and Sanogo cannot claim to have been prolific for the club. So maybe Pod will start instead of Sanogo or Rosicky, or he will be used as a super-sub – his best role in my opinion – later in the game.

I am really looking forward to this one: a great opportunity to make it three out of three against the Spuds this season and to create a nice, large gap between us and them, bringing the next St Totteringham’s celebration really close. 😉

So let’s focus on just this game, give our all and show them who the Kings of North London are.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners – Up The Arse! 🙂


159 thoughts on “Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners! Predicted Line Up

  • Oooooh yh its Super Sunday chelski lost and I’m excited hahaha
    We’ll murder the mancs. Good luck u lot. COYG

  • COYG
    Good pre-match and the importance of this match cannot be understated.
    Bragging rights against the team that is ‘Forever in our shadows”.
    Closing the gap on the top of the league and re-instating some of the lost confidence.
    We do have some absentees but if you cannot get up and motivate yourself for the NLD then you perhaps should not be wearing the shirt.

    We are in the business end of the season and we need to open the gap to the teams below us (Spuds, Everton, ManUre). We have too many players out at the moment and we have to make every game count OGAAT!!!!!


  • OGAAT indeed, Alexio! 🙂

    I reckon we field a strong team today, and yes, if they cannot get up for this one the shirt should no longer hang from their shoulders.


  • TA,
    As you noted, a strand back line to stop Adebawhore, we need Flamini to boss the midfield, Santi to step up and show what he is capable of. I’m hoping that Rosa will start and make those around him work harder. Call it a gut feeling but i see Pod being a crucial player tonight. He is not the fittest but he can turn a half chance into a goal with his lethal left foot. Just look at the goal against Bayern. To me he is under used

  • He is underused, alexio, yes. With Ox on the other wing, he can be very effective. But when we combine him with Santi on the wing and Giroud up-front we become very static, I feel.

    The goal against Neuer was beastly, and he can score against anybody. It is a shame we cannot play him in the Giroud role for some reason.

  • It is a shame, I feel that he is more effective for us coming on as a second half substitute and like Rosa, he can make things happen but not as a lone striker. He has a knack of playing a quick one-two and following that with a lethal strike.

  • Agreed, I also feel he is more effective in a 4-5-1 than in the 4-3-3 we play, which requires a lot running and defending for him.

  • We are all very well TA,
    Busier than I would like to be but that is life. Bella is very well, growing up too quick for my liking.
    I am setting up a website with photos of her and ill send the link when I’m done. She has more Arsenal clothing than I do, Even her first plate, bowl and spoon is from

    Loving life at the moment but i also miss my relaxing time blogging here.
    How are you and the family?

  • Looking fwd to the pictures, Alex. It’s hard to slow life down at times like these, and you need to take control as much as possible, like booking holidays to force yourself away from work etc

    You are missed on the blog but everyone understands, no doubt.

    We are well, thanks. 🙂

  • Good preview TA, but I can’t see Wenger switching formation for this one. I expect our normal 4-2-3-1 with some surprising line-up changes.
    GK: Szcz
    RB: Sagna
    RCB: Mert
    LCB: Kos
    LB: Nacho
    RDM: Flamini
    LDM: Kallstrom
    CAM: Rosicky
    LM: Santi
    ST: Sanogo

    I expect Sanogo to start because of all this speculation and secret meetings with agents, and Kallstrom to start because he will give us a deeper lying playmaker.

  • I have a gut feeling we will nick this derby, making it three over three. I want to shut adebarboon up, a most ungrateful ex gunner who nobody rates and who have never endeared himself to us Nigerian gunners with his big mouth and antics. We will equally close the mouth of the new losing man who was well and truly beaten by villa yesterday. The miserable look on his face at the end of the game was priceless, its now displayed in the family album. Lets show some guts you gunners and make us proud you wearers of shirt.

  • Hi Total, interesting post mate…

    Sanogo? Hmm, not sure, reckon AW will stick with Giroud.

    Feel a bit on edge about the game.

  • He could do, allezkev, but I reckon Sanogo brings more energy and mayhem to the Spuds defence than OG right now, whilst doing well at the hold up stuff as well.

    However, thinking about it again, I reckon that if Sanogo starts, Pod will too (instead of Rosicky or Santi).

    I am feeling good about this one, allezkev, not on edge at all.

  • TA – Nice pr-warm up post to get us in the mood. I think you line may be spot on. The only worry for me is Nacho with little support? In which case I hope he does not get too far forward early on?

    Support for Ox too is important, but he may find Sanogo a willing support. Throw in Rosicky, and they look good … on paper at least. The key will be as always, doing it collectively.

    I will be listening, complete with scarf …

  • Thanks for a fine Pre-Match Totes !.
    I would take a draw if it was on the table now !, why ?, because the thought of the pain of losing is stronger than the thought that we can beat them given our injury crisis !. I just don’t want to lose !. Draw and we will be 6 points ahead with a game in hand !. Lose and we will only be 3 points ahead with a game in hand , but with the likes of Chavski, Mansour City and Everton next up, we could possibly soon be behind the Spuds !. Of course, a win will have me fellatioing myself in Tesco`s fruit & veg aisle with a butternut squash shoved up my jacksie !, but please don’t lose as only a FAC trophy and at least a 4th place will make me feel better !.

    Come on Oh Oh Sevennn, do I really have to get Miss Moneypenny to shove exploding coins in your rear slot machine to get you back !. Actually, it will probably be better to re-cycle the butternut squash !.

  • Afternoon Tottenham Toasted Testicle Tasters and Tallywhackers!!
    Thank you Totes for a bright and uplifting preview to befit this lovely day!
    Also that’s AFC for your great article previous!!!
    Will be back laters and feeling very optimistic today!!
    We will do this!!
    COYRRG’s !!! 😀

  • Hey fellows, Big Sunday here…Glad to see busy guys (Alex and Total) having a bit of time for their their daughters, families and their football team. Nice preview, Totes you’ve got me well pumped up for this one. Where have you booked your holiday, Totes? We just bought tickets to Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico) with plans to drive out to the Pacific. I’ll be in the city for both the ManCity match and the Everton away game (possibly trying to watch the latter in the airport)… Fingers crossed they’re both huge ones for us (in the title race) and that I can find a place to watch them (on the larger screens)…There’s also talk about trying to get into the new stadium to see the Mexican Super-Clasico (Chivas-America) but I need to do more research. Tickets from the scalpers (touts) might be best for my codo (my elbow, or my cheap streak)…

    But that’s not for a couple of weeks… Oh-Gaat, of course, and everybody knows what today’s match means. The depth of the squad is impressive and we’re looking good for this one (and the Chavs match given their suspensions). I really don’t see Sanago starting and I’m not totally clear on the Rosicky injury. Given that injury news is really Wenger doing “public relations” (a nicer word than “lying”…) I see the signal being that Sicky (and Kallstrom) are attacking MF options from the bench and that we’ll be playing Lu-Lu, Santi and Ox as the more attacking group with Giroud. Flam-teta plus Bac-Nacho ahead of the strong, clean (sheet) central three (Szcz, BFG and Kos).

    IMO we will have to win this one from the back first. Totts don’t really want the ball so the key will be breaking the pressure they’ll try to apply and giving passes into the spaces they will leave rather than at feet where saavy guys like Arteta and Cazorla might need to “work with” referee Mike Dean. 😯 Of course Dean is the ultimate in “play on” but he will call contact in the box and point to the spot. People might remember allowing Ade to play on (and score and then doing his “back to the center circle dance…) and then awarding the flying Welshman (Bale) a pen for a dive with not much in the way of a “degree of difficulty” multiplier. That day we had the skill and the spirit (and the squad) to respond with 5 unanswered goals. Today, I fear, we need to keep things tighter at the back (and with 12th man Dean…) I anticipate a low scoring match, but, as always, WTF do I know?… A couple of turn and runs by the Ox (or Rosicky) could be just the ticket for getting the scoreline into the red (column)…

    All told, it’s such a big match and a draw really suits neither team. It too have dispensed with the nerves and choose to feel confident here. It’s nice to see a couple of the regulars looking in but I can see why discussing the football (when, in truth, it just needs to be played..) might be unnecessary. Still, I’m missing the uber-optimists (007, Terry) and the mongers/keepers of the Gloom/Doom (Cockie) and other characters… Maybe afterwards when the result, in stone, will tell all… Springtime means big games but also tends to find people busier. Hopefully we can add a title shout to our (list of) happier activities. It all starts today (and if we can apply pain to those in our shadow, all the better)…

    Go on…

  • Haha, just as I miss them, my furry friends show up…(Hi Cockie/Fozzie… Best wishes in SofaCity… 😆 ) Let’s win this one for all three, including my girl in the avatar…

    Still nil-nil and people (more or less) keeping their feet in front of the greatest of the hair-weaves (Clattenburg…) Lotsa hair in MF for United (Mata and the Fro and, the finer–or less thick–weaving work of Rooney’s arse to scalp transplants…) but not much in the way of smooth ball control…Get it, smooth ball control?…Could it be a day for the baldy (Skrtl) from a set-piece? Are Pool missing Jonjo Shelvey?…

  • Rafael (The Brazilian Eboue?…) with an insane handball… Gerrard pen makes it nil-1…Match on, now, I think…

  • Hi Seventeenho !. 😀
    It`s a bastard being The Protector of The Chart of Doom !……….it`s normally reserved for evil people, sort of Mordor characters, Orcs etc`, not a happy go lucky guy like myself !.
    So you`re off to Mexico to tea bag Speedy Gonzales !…….some advise !……….gargle some WD40 before hand to stop his balls squeaking !.
    Right , off to do more gardening and back for the Sofa later !.

  • So, I start writing and all others stop? Perhaps, it’s I, who is the problem…Or is it me? 😆 😉 Hopefully everybody is merely off at the pub and doing better things…(watching football, drinking ale, etc.)…

    Thanks, uh, for the travel tip, oh wise one…Too bad you cannot join us for this one in the match day chat… 😦 Fozzie, perhaps?… 😀 😉

    AFC, thanks for the article on diving. Lots of interesting ideas. It’s gotta start with the yellows and if the refs won’t penalize players “forcing” a call, then I have little hope for the more drastic solutions. I do believe Arsenal are (far) less guilty than other teams on the diving issue and I’ve been accused of being too un-biased. Bottom line: the refs are rarely our friends, so the rewards are less for us than for other teams. Having said that it’s really nice when the refs err against our rivals. Those were some tough calls on Chelsea yesterday. Willian’s two yellows were A LOT mellower than the cynicism/clearness of the hook he administered on Theo (in the box) in our nil-nil 😆 In general, people are right that it’s FIFA that must set the tone re: simulation. Given that this World Cup is in South America and the next two were (clearly) bought (Russia, Qatar) I don’t have a lot of optimism. There’s too much corruption in the game and refs + diving + money are a potent three-way… 😦 It would only take several years (maybe a decade) to wipe it out, IMO, but I just don’t see that happening in my lifetime, at least… Maybe the next time England (or the US…) hosts a WC things could get going?… 🙄

    Nil-1 at halftime and a minute of woefulness from the remaining twin at United (Rafael) is the difference… (Now I have to pull for Rooney, RvP, etc., 👿 …)

  • Phil Jones clatters Joe Allen in the box with another stooooopid foul…and now it’s 2-nil, Gerrard (and Clattenburg) doing the rest…

    ManU season hanging by a(nother) thread and their young guys have killed them. Time for the ancients–Rooney, RvP, Mata–to try and turn this around…Or do their agents just get on the phone and get them off the sinking ship?

    Any team news yet?

  • Ridiculous penalty against Jones. That’s just a little contact, no arms or legs extended for a push or trip.

  • Nice one TA

    Everything goes out of the window when we play this lot.

    Myself and Cornwall know all about climbing out of windows TA. I, to escape angry husbands and Cornwall to escape the Old Bill.

    Vics just likes staring out of windows. hahaha

    I fancy it today. We are a much better side and as long as we negate there expected fast start and the ref doesnt do us, then I expect to win. Probably 5-0.

  • United have identical penalty calls to the ones given for Liverpool. Johnson handball almost identical to Rafael’s and the foul on Rooney by Skrtel is very close to Jones’ on Allen, just opposite sides of the box. In my opinion neither handball was a penalty but if one is called the other must be. Same with the other fouls. Neither should be given, but if one is the other must be.

  • Hey Dylan, Terry…

    Indeed a soft (and very stupid) penalty…Fouls in the box, however, according to the (current) rules, lead to spot kicks…It’s called “pass interference” in American Football…

    Agreed Mr. Transplant…Weather the adrenaline storm early and the match is ours. First goal is key, of course… Evil Dr. Dean is a worry but we’re due a favorable call from the dancing man… Have you, with the hair and teeth ever lured a bird of Spur affiliation to do the cock on a ball thing with you? Or maybe that’s simply a line that one does not cross, even up in Bounds Green…

  • Sterling off, Coutinho (another diver) on, whereas Moyes will not bring in Wellbeck even if Januzaj, Rooney, RvP, Mata and the big guy with the fro are dead on their feet… This one’s over, I fear, so now we need to win to keep pace with ‘Pool…

    Re the calls…Plugs (Clattenburg) doesn’t go in for the embellishment (simulation, diving…) which United guys (esp. Rooney) were playing… Rafael, like Fabio before him, I think, won’t be at United next season and his handball seemed worse (to me, at least)…

  • I saw Sturridge make that run and said to my mom, he’ll dive for a penalty. 10 yards later he dove for a penalty. Shameful by Clattenburg. Perfect irony that Gerrard misses and misses out on a record.

  • 3rd pen and a 2nd yellow on Vidic…Now THAT’s a bad call (and a dive) even if Vidic misses the ball…

    Gerrard misses the hat trick from the spot trying to be too perfect 😆 …12 man Liverpool vs 10 man United?…

  • Vidic unfortunately wrongly sent off. Should be repealed and Sturridge had better be suspended for that after the fact.

  • Hi 17, hahaha. I have tried, but despite Mr Shahs best efforts just couldnt perform.

    Kept getting mental images of Garth Crooks and Steve Archibald. The effect was real bad and ime just glad I made a full recovery

  • Hey Dylan…Good call…Clattenburg at least will call them for away teams which makes him one of the “better” refs…Mike Dean will too, and we happen to be the away team (which, I think, bodes well, despite his outrageous record when reffing Arsenal)…

    Great save by TeenWolf…but match still over…

    We have team news…and we’re playing our best 11 (my opinion)

    Sp*rs: Lloris; Naughton, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Rose; Sandro; Townsend, Bentaleb, Eriksen, Chadli; Adebayor.

    Subs: Friedel, Walker, Lennon, Paulinho, Sigurdsson, Kane, Soldado.

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud

    Subs: Fabianski, Monreal, Vermaelen, Jenkinson, Flamini, Gnabry Sanogo

    Suarez, makes it nil-3…

  • Well, Terry, THAT’s a cautionary tale (of tail)…

    Tough times for United Supporters…

    Sandro passed fit (and plays ahead of Paulinho…) No Dembele at all. (Diver) Townsend chosen over Lennon and Vertonghen has to play in Central Defense… Overall I like it, but like Terry says, it all goes out the window…

  • Dylan, I think Ox plays central near(ish) Arteta and Rosicky further forward…In truth, I think all three will fill (front and back) for one another as needed… Front three of LuLu, Santi and Ollie…

  • DM is not a concept (I think) that Wenger uses…It’s a buzzing MF of 4 (Santi, Sicky with slightly more freedom going forward) and then (hopefully) Poldi and Giroud able to do more damage up top…

  • Like I said, this is our strongest 11 but only youngsters off the bench if we’re chasing the match. Still, Yaya and Gnabry are quality and the latter can force corners and the former might be able to score one…Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, however…

    Full time at Old Trafford…Gotta salute Sir Alex taking care of his fellow Scotsman (Moyes) by helping him get that 6 year deal… 😆

  • Yh yh we finally have a bit of luck now we’re cheats. Remember when evra dived annd they won last year cuz of rvp’s pen.
    We’ve outplayed them and we deserve everything that comes our way.

  • Dylan, if it’s just gonna be you and I watching the match maybe you should get your mom on…On that note, the lady of the house has awoken so I must do my barista best…

    Haha, our guy trolling from (the shallower end of the) Pool… Yeah, You lot are in the thick of things and that guy with the low brow takes a mean pen…The real battle was at FB and MF, Flanagan a better full-back than that Rafael fellow and Joe Allen more useful than former Spurs (Carrick) and Evertonians (the Fro)… So, Mr. H Two Oh, will you be hoping for Arsenal or Tottenham today?

    Theo turns two-five today… A birthday present with that (famous) scoreline would be a tasty treat…

    Wenger pre-match interview (talking about nerves…) is making me nervous… Hopefully his issues don’t translate to the lads… Sherwood, by contrast, is a zombie…

  • Water, great win and I am officially starting to get worries about your team now. Remember you are on an Arsenal side and if you want to blog here have to expect and respect that not everybody is pleased with Liverpool winning today

    Great comments guys. Will be watching game in pub, catch you later.

  • Water, Sturridge dove and Man U could’ve had similar penalties at the other end.

  • Haha 17, my mom is right here. She is currently sick and hoping for a win here to cure her cold. 😉

  • 17ht, thanks for your thought on diving. 🙂

    The corruption was something I pointed out to TA as being a possibility of the guys at the top not wanting to introduce and enforce harsher punishments for those who do dive.

    I really like the way that our players rarely dive and if they do AW makes sure they do not it again.

    As you say it will most likely be years before FIFA actually take further action when it comes to simulation.

  • Thanks the preview TA. 🙂

    Strong line up in which I can see Ox and Rosicky taking it in turns to drop deep.

  • Uh nil-1 to the Arsenal…Rosicky with a belter from a wide angle after tricky heels from Oxlade-Chamberlain…WOW!!!

  • Nice move there by Mike Dean to get himself nutmegged rather than deflecting to a Spud…The pass was to no one…

    Poldi offside against the Spur (suicide) line…

  • Seems I missed a really good goal. Let’s try and get a second.

    Our system seems like a 4-1-4-1 with Arteta holding on his own, when we lose the ball, it then goes to a 4-5-1 with all of our midfielders back defending when we lose the ball.

  • Ooooooohhhhh….Ox-Cham brilliant except for the final chipped effort…

  • Arteta needs to make the tackle or else stay home…

    Blocking shots at the point as needed, however…

    Santi holding the ball from a deeper position but overhits one on the lightning pitch…

  • Sagna given yellow is probably good for settling the match, even if I don’t like it since he got ball first…

    Two Spud corners defended well enough…

  • definitely not a yellow, the momentum carried the spuds mutt ass over head

  • Rose is gonna spend the rest of the match trying to get Bac sent off…Let’s get a 2nd…

    What a ball from Santi to Lu-Lu…Ox wide again…Deflected?

  • Ade just wide from Townsend…Let off, for sure…Gonna need that 2nd, I think…

    Lefty FK given…Sloppy work from Lu-Lu….

  • Chadli and Townshend starting to play…Lu-lu’s got booty-lock… My pick is for him to score one now that you’ve singled him out, Dylan 😀

    Santi and Sicky breaking but get held back, then Sandro does likewise with Mike Dean 😯

    Up and down match but our defense is up to it thus far…

  • Sweet play out of the back but LuLu only hits side netting…

    That’s Arsenal singing we’re hearing, correct?

    Ox Cham so close to making Spurs pay but just not quite… Sagna all ball there, despite more (Broadway) Danny Rose theatrics…

  • Maybe. Did you hear Sherwood yelling to target Sagna as he is on yellow card? I know Guardiola would have done that.

  • To me Giroud is playing really lazily. He is constantly offside, reminds me of Adebawhore

  • I don’t think so Admir…they had a “mature discussion” when the yellow was given…Rose will toast Jenks…

    Dean got the other Sagna-Rose clashes spot on…He knows what’s going on here…

    Just gotta get a better final ball from Ox–Or, he could try passing it…

  • Poor dive there by Rose…

    Gibbs now on a yellow…that’s the sub I would make (Nacho, if he’s fit…) Gibbs looked winded after his run forward where Naughton stripped him…


    Now it’s down to adjustments from Sherwood and AW… heheheh…

  • I agree that Gibbs should be the first to be substituted. He looked a bit rusty today.

    I just hope Ox’s miss won’t hurt us at the end. I’d sign any piece of paper that says there won’t be goals in the second half. 🙂

  • We need to be more clinical on the counters and put them away.
    Giroud needs an ass kicking IMO, Ox has been trying to make things happen but rushing too much on the shots and wrong options at times. Arteta is looking a bit slow at times and the spuds are exploiting it a bit
    What a goal by Rosa, worth seeing over and over again,

  • Yellows for diving just don’t happen these days (per AFC’s previous thread…), Alex. After 2010 WC they were giving them for awhile but the reffing has gone more “continental” in more recent years…And English teams are going out earlier and earlier in the CL with Chelsea’s run 2 years ago the lone exception…

    Agreed about Giroud looking leggy but our general lack of pace across the front is hurting us and allowing them to get away with the crazy high-line…Missing Theo, I think. Sanago for Poldolski after the hour?… Gnabry for Ox or Sicky later on?…Better yet, let’s get the 2nd from the kick-off and bring in the Nachos, Verms, Jenks or Flams to kill it…

  • Yh he went down under pressure. Suarez didn’t go down when he was clearly clipped from behind. What did he get for that?

  • If we had a quicker striker than Giroud, it would have been an epic molestation of Spuds. Their defensive line is too high but we haven’t used it yet to put this one out of contest.

  • 17ht,
    Agreed, We are missing Theo and as i said earlier in this post, Pod does not have the fitness to last all 90 minutes so Sanogo would be an option and definitely give Gnabry a run, I can see him pinching us a win with his 1st NLD goal

  • Your match is over, Water…

    Agreed Admir about all you’ve written…1-nil scoreline works, it’s just nerve-wracking…Theo’s pace would be a tonic today, Ozil’s too…

    A little possession, allowing Santi to create from slightly further forward and good things will happen… He’s been helping a lot over there on the left… If Nacho is fit, maybe him in for Poldi is a decent call to free up his compatriot…

  • FFS, What the F@#K is Szczesny doing??? Two mistakes in one minute, not a great start to the 2nd half

  • WHOA….Chez, por for fucking vor… (Sorry, sometimes I watch in Spanish…)

    Defenders to the rescue!

    Sorry, Gibbs, but you gotta do better there at the center line…

  • Loser spurs are making it too easy for u lot. Ade looks like a lost puppy.
    Regardless of our match status. We at the pool don’t cheat and I won’t stand for does type of accusations.

  • Kos, in possession (but out of position) might do better giving the ball to a midfielder…

    Kaboul winning all outlet balls over Giroud….

    Living by our wits and forcing Townshend onto his right…Chadli probably should’ve scored there…

  • I agree with mou. Loserspurs are good on the ball but they don’t hurt people.
    Chances keep getting wasted.

  • You’re having a laugh Water… 12 man pool WERE better than 10 ManUnited today…Congrats…
    Feck off now, please… 😀

    Dylan, Don’t feed the troll and he’ll get bored…

    Giroud and Ox trying to run the break but we need more and fresher (and better) legs..

    Spurs going down awfully easy…Lulu gets away with one there?…

  • I’ll feck off as u say when you win a trophy.
    being an as$h÷le is easy when it comes to u lot.

  • Water, did you not see the 😀 ? Are there no good Liverpool blogs?… 😆

    Yeah, Rosicky off would suggest we’re gonna try to hold this 1-nil… Agreed about Giroud well handled by Totts CBs…Nacho for Lu-lu would seem the next sub as he fails to run onto Santi’s pass

    Kos is fantastic…Santi can’t beat the double team…Here comes Ignacio…

  • Mert and kos
    best center halve pair in the league.
    Defending for their lives.

  • That’s a good example of Santi “diving” to avoid injury…Correctly called by Dean…Vertonghen a bit “hands on” but Dean not as “by the book” today as Clattenburg…

  • Amazing to see, our best chance in the 2nd half falls to BFG, both our CB up forward

  • Better there from Ollie on the high ball…Sherwood looking like a priest…(Will need prayers if this result stands…)

    Kos and Lloris timewasting together after Mert almost puts the FK in…

  • Water, I asked about Liverpool blogs… Where else do you post, my fluid friend?…

    Praise for Admir, but so did I (re: Nacho for Poldi)…

  • thisisabfield. Empire of the kop. I use newsnow so blog sites are easy to find.

  • Admir,
    Spurs were rich for about a week until they spent the Bale money

  • TV5 in to mark Kaboul? Ox-Cham did well but the right foot didn’t quite do it’s thing today…his heels worked well for the assist, however… 😀

    Mert is EVERYWHERE!!!

  • I’ve heard of this Newsnow thing, too…Where else do you troll is what I meant, H-2-O…i.e., what are your other favorite Arsenal blogs… 😀

    Sir Chez saves a blooper from Ade… and now a corner…

    Boring, boring…1-nil to the Arsenal 2 of the 4 mins ET…Wish we could hold the ball just a bit…Giroud gets a whistle on Rose…

  • Last Chance Saloon here and me with only espresso… 😀

    Nacho fouled…

  • COYG
    1-0 to the Arsenal
    CL only a dream for the Spuds once again. Bring on St Totteringham day.

  • Full time, we suck, still looking up at Liverpool and all they’ve done to elevate the game… 🙄

    Adebayor showing his old mates the full time love…

    Might need a bit more offense for Chelsea in a week, but let’s see how their match in the CL goes…

    Thanks for the chat, boys…

  • See you 17ht, Admir, AFC
    time to get ready for work. Chat to you all soon

  • Nice one…Much needed…Real London Derby now in a week…Hopefully everybody fit and maybe a body or two extra coming back… AW did OK with the subs today, I thought, but somebody must be able to do better…

    Sir Chez had his moments, but also got a fist or two on balls shorter keepers might’ve missed…Kos and Mert awesome and Chadli and Ade not quite good enough…Tight margins all around but now in the rear-view…

    Hey, I was right…The first goal was (very) important…

    Admir, good call on Townshend = poor man’s (England’s?…) Arjen Robben… 😀

  • Anywhere really when its an interesting site and I have the time. Loserspurs have a loud bark but no bite. Congrats on the win though up next chelski and the mou

  • Water, I say with the kindest tone possible, learn to speak English before you comment again.
    TA, kindly ban him as he adds nothing to the blog. Then we can get JB back who’s done nothing wrong. Come back JB, I’m on your side. 😉

  • Oooh, off to work…Sorry about that Alex, but somebody’s got to do it… 😀 (Working…) I gave up a sunny ski morning, but mostly because my kid was at an overnight and couldn’t climb with me…

    Nice, H-2-O…So we’re the best Arsenal blog, eh?… Sorry that 007 has disappeared, hopefully it’s not due to anything but busy-ness. If you track back in our history you’ll find quite a story there…

    93 mins of great defense and a few things to work on during the week here…

    Can Totts take solace in keeping it to a draw for a full matches worth of time?… Whoa, footage of Sherwood throwing the ball at Sagna’s head being shown…

  • It gives me great pleasure to announce that we are +2 points better off in the like for like stakes !.

  • Mates, have a very, very pleasant evening! 🙂

    This was a hard-fought victory. The ugliest way possible but that’s how we had leapfrogged Spuds last season during run-in. This one remind me of our victory at Loftus Road – Walcott scored with virtually the first touch of the game, Townsend was dangerous down the right flank and caused a lot of problems to Monreal.

    Mertesacker and Koscielny should split the MoTM-award. Koscielny’s block after Szczesny’s blunder was the second most important moment of the game.

  • See you Dylan…If you want the good English you’ll only end up with old folks for friends… 😆 Of course, H-2-O ain’t looking for friends… :shakes head:

    Anyhow, if Arsenal folks are too nervous to discuss Arsenal (or waiting for us to stumble as some “gooners” do…) then with whom CAN we talk?… :shakes head: (Dig the use of “with whom”… 🙂 )

    1-nil in the Derby? Not good enough?… I guess Cockie will check in an hour or so… Thanks however, to the keeper of the chart… 😉

    OK then, (he says to emptiness…) into the sunshine I must go… 😦

  • See you Admir…Yes, the English Robben (like the real one…) requires multiple defenders and a ref with an eye for a cheat… As such he’ll probably be a good fillip for Theo in Brazil…

    L8RZ as the kids might say…

  • Fcuk me !……….does he hit that with some venom or what !……….nearly as hard as a Pod Rocket !.
    Lloris isn’t diving………..he`s being sucked into the vacuum of the Warp speed acceleration of the shot !. hahaha
    I`m so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
    A…….ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha from 007 would be nice !

  • Now, next week we play Chelsea who will have a mid-week CL-match against Galatasaray. They’ll be without Willian and Ramires. Like I wrote at last post’s comment section, last time we played Chelsea at Stamford Bridge after they had lost an away game and had had two red cards, we won 5:3. 😉 They had lost to QPR 1:0 in 2011, had Drogba and…someone else sent off before that one.

    If we beat Chelsea at SB or even take a single point, we will have a really good case for the rest of the season. At this moment, it’s a great thing that we are 9 points ahead of Spuds with a game in hand.

  • The Cookie Monster, 😀 😀 I think that Lloris was sucked into 1998 and he is currently watching our game at Old Toilet when Marc Overmars scored a winner. He also asks himself a question whether Emmanuel Petit dropped his porn-movie career for football due to his last name.

  • Bad English annoys me too Dylan. 😀

    This is a really good win, we fought hard and got the win which is the most important thing.

    The league is still in our grasp if we can keep it together however City’s three games in hand makes me worried. All upcoming matches will be hard but if we can play the way we played at the end of last season we could win the league.

    Arsenal to win the double anyone?

  • U can stuff your perfect English up your hmhm.
    I’m not here to read your digs about how I type.

  • What are you here for, then Mr. Fisherman? Is it for the ladies?…

    I’ve already admitted that Liverpool is the far better club, ahead of us in the table and elevating the game and showing the way with American ownership who have a bit of swagger. On the pitch, while we have to defend for our lives you are cleverly knocking balls into hands or out of play or inducing galoots to shoulder-check players in the box. Suarez, the one who put the ball in the net, has taught the others nicely and played a laid-back role today…Well done, well done indeed…

    Personally, I think a big reason that Pool are doing so well is the emergence of young Raheem Sterling. 1.5 – 2 years ago, as our young speedy one (Walcott) was testing the market by winding down his contract, Pool looked interested but held off on our (modest) price demands to let Sterling come of age. Again, well done. Out match today would’ve been FAR easier if we’d at least had the threat of Theo out there (IMO)…As it was, it was pretty gritty stuff. Finally Giroud won a couple a time-killers as the match wore on…but otherwise the less said about the front men, the better…

    So, a Sunday full of penalties and defense. Not a dream for the neutrals but not bad for “our” teams…

    Now, with that said, please go and enjoy a chat with your own kind, eh? 😀

    PS, Dylan, trollers aren’t so easy to ban as they will come back in other forms, best to kill their hate with love. :peace: :heart: 😀 etc…

  • A great result today, very happy with he win. I am yet to see Rosicky’s goal;i hear it was a beauty .
    So Chelsea have never lost a league game at home under Jose, the rule of chnace tells me that this cant last much longer , rubbing my crystal balls! “they will lose at home soon, very soon to a team from London”

  • May I ask if it’s mandatory to write good English if we want to make a comment here.
    If that’s the case, we foreigner can forget it, right?

  • Here to pretty much exchange ideas with like minded gooners and perhaps convert some of u into kopites.

  • It wasn’t a dig water you simply can’t type. My 10 year old brother types better than that. I’ve no problem with you being here, so long as you add something productive to the conversation and don’t just brag. This is an Arsenal blog and is for football discussion relating to Arsenal.

  • Hi guys,

    I’m way late for the live chat… had to record the game and just saw it now. Extremely pleased by the result.

    On the performance… well if an early goal with minimum service to protect the lead without spending too much energy, was the objective, great job!

    More seriously, we owe the win to our defense as much as to bad finishing from poor spurs (and a bit of luck), and I thought with 2 days more rest we’d have ruled the second half, but oh well, those three point are of massive importance, and give us some comfort in not having to look in the rear view mirror for a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if Everton overtakes Sp*rs soon.

    Now, 5 days to prepare for the next massive game… we are so overdue a performance vs. Chelsea.

  • I’m back in from some tree trimming and now watching Match of the Day…

    Indeed, Dylan, if Mr Aquaman wants to be a Gooner then how can we fault him?… 😀 Hey Alcide, Not so easy on the nerves if one tends towards the bitch-twitchy, but I was never worried… 😆

    In addition to our victories we should also take some pleasure in ManU and Spurs sufferings. You’re right, It’s a strong three way battle for that Thursday night football In three weeks time we must do our part to Keep Everton from running away with it. For some reason I think we shouldn’t count United out just yet, today’s result notwithstanding…

    But why am I talking about the LOSERS?… There are some issues with our squad that should be addressed but it was still a great, committed team effort in a hostile environment… We should also be clear–Though it was a nervous 90 minutes–it could (and maybe should) have been over with Ox’s 1 v 1 (plus an option for a pass) at 15 mins in–a chance as good as any that Spurs had. Moreover, the defense today was committed but also clean. Vertonghen hauling down Koscielny in the box was the best penalty shout of the day.

    As such, I thought the referee work today from the hair loss boys–Plugs (Clattenburg) and Au Natural (Dean)–was good enough. Yes, the pens up North were on the softer side and the final one was probably dead wrong, but Pool were by far the better side. We were the better team in our game as well, even if defending a lead for 90+ minutes is hardly our meat and drink. It was a bit like some of those tough matches we gutted out in the run-in a year ago. We had a more than a few 1-nils (and other one goal results) where we mostly just held on…Both City and Chelsea have yet to play Pool (as they still must play us). It’s a 4-way battle now and keeping the focus and simply not giving up will be key. Have we got the mentality to do so? Maybe. Most certainly it’s all to play for, up for grabs, etc., etc.

    We’re still hurting for pace, esp. up front but Ox and Sicky brought a bit from further back and it was enough. If 007 were here he might give flack to Szcz and Giroud but the former survived his lapses and made a couple of key tall-guy punches while the latter finally started winning balls to kill the match at the close. (Please, Super-Spy, at least alert us that all is OK on the health front, eh…) Defensive issues, esp. down the left, suggest that keeping Sagna (on the right) seems really important. At least, Wenger, maybe going a bit ad-hoc, trusted his defenders and the three defensive subs will only be faulted by the truly churlish. It’s different and not the beautiful Arsenal (inspired by Dennis…) that people crave, but needs must, as they say… IMO, getting Ramsey and Ozil back can’t happen soon enough. Theo will be like a new signing and we might actually want a NEW signing (or two…) But that’s next year. In the meantime, let’s get that first goal for Yaya sooner(go) than later, maybe in the make-up match vs Swansea, which might also be a spot to see what super signing, Kim (the Killa?) Kallstrom, Kan Konjure…

    Anything else? Oh yeah, 1-nil, 2-nil, 1-nil See you next season, Tottenham…. 😀

  • Great comments guys, especially by the Espresso Gooner 🙂

    Have been working on a match analysis which I will publish at some point in the morning.

    Great result with a big consequences for the season.

    Catch you tomorrow.

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