KosSacker: the Impenetrable Rock! Spurs – Arsenal Review

So we made it three out of three with a gritted performance in which the back four, and especially our CB-pair KosSacker, earned us three points, after a thunderbolt by Rosicky had given us a very early lead. 1 – 0 to the Arsenal always sounds sweet, and nowhere more than at WHL.

A venomous bullet by Rosicky early on decided the game. What a goal! (thanking VI International for picture)

A venomous bullet by Rosicky early on decided the game. What a goal! (thanking VI International for picture)

I thought we played bad today but got away it, and I will of course not complain about us winning this very important game in the manner that we did. A win is a win is a win; and these three points, especially after the Mancs losing as well, have the beautiful double effect of more or less securing a top-four spot this season AND get us back in the title race. And winning away after a midweek CL game is seldom easy.

It was surprising to see how deep we sat throughout the entire game, although I wonder how much the early goal contributed to this. Spuds had to come after that and we were happy to absorb the pressure. I expected us to slowly take back initiative and start winning the midfield battle again, but we never did; and although the Spurs players deserve praise for this, I was disappointed in our midfielders today. They were all over the place and lacked cohesion and organisation between them. Our passing game was poor and inconsistent, and except for a few quick breaks through their lines by the thrusting Ox, we offered little in terms of going forward/ controlling the game.

I am at a loss why Wenger has not been starting Flamini in recent games. Maybe his ill-timed and unnecessary tackle in the Saints away game – leading to a red card and suspension for three games – is debit to this? As soon as he came on, albeit very late in the game, we instantly started to push up and relieve the pressure on the back four; and we had our shape back.

As we sat so deep, the one good thing our midfielders did is the protection of our back-four, and especially, our CBs. Nevertheless, the Spurs midfielders played some clever and quick balls over the top, from both the wings and centrally, towards the Togolese former Gunner, and it was during these attempts that KosSacker were at their most impressive. They both fought like lions and worked brilliantly as a team, and as a result the Spuds had very few proper chances throughout the game. Adebayor played well and behaved impeccably which is to his credit, but our CBs had him in their joint pocket.

It was so quiet for Szczesny that he decided to instigate some tension for himself not long after the start of the second half, by making a couple of characteristic mistakes. This is something Wojciech has been doing regularly this season, and he must iron it out if he wants to make it at Arsenal. Luckily, Koscielny acted swiftly and prevented what looked like a sure equaliser, and the drinks tonight should be on the Pole in Goal.

I was very unimpressed by Giroud today, as I was on Tuesday when his tired, insipid and blunt performance against Bayern was an insult to the eye. Regulars on Bergkampesque know that I am a big fan of OG. I don’t care too much about his alleged third leg activities and marital problems, but I have noticed a strong drop in his all round performance levels and it might be time to give him a break for a while. Today, he did very little right: second best in most of the duels and lacking energy and fight throughout the game.

But he was not alone in this. Many of our players were second best in the one to ones and it constantly looked like the Spuds players wanted it more; and as a result the ball ended up with them time and again… especially in midfield. And, if and when we had the ball, our midfielders did not hold on to it for long, as they were not able to pass themselves out of trouble on many occasions. A lot of work is required between now and Saturday to improve on this significantly before we square up against the Chavs: the next most important game of the season.

The Spuds played with a high line for most of the games and, disappointingly, we seldom were able to punish them for this. Podolski was launched a few times but to little effect. The much needed thrust in our team came mostly from Rosicky and Ox, but they were not used consistently enough. Luckily, Rosa took his first chance really well, but Ox should have added a second one in the first half. AOC had a fantastic game against Bayern and he did okay again today, but it is fair to say that he lacked composure when more than a few chances and half-chances came his way. This will come, though.

So thanks to a fantastic finish by Rosa and brilliant defending by Sagna, Gibbs and especially Koz and BFG, we made it three out of three NLD wins this season, and put a massive nine points gap between the Spuds and us (with still a game in hand).

Next up are the Southern Oilers. Let’s load the Cannon.


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  1. Alcide says:

    That’s a very nice recap master Totes, a bit too nice however, it is so close to my feelings about the game that i don’t know what to add… Indeed our early goal, like often in the first part of the season, had us drop deeper and play for the 1-nil. If I heard right, someone commented that we actually won the last 26th games where we were ahead at half-time (?), so as frustrating as this approach may be, it’s quite effective. I can’t help but feel however that we got lucky in a couple of occasions, and we owe some our win to bad finishing from sp*rs attackers as much as from the resilience of our defense.

    Our midfield disappointed as well, I was really expecting, just as you did, that we would gradually take over the game in the second half, having had 2 more days of rest, but it never happened and we stayed very disjointed. It’s not all gloom though, we could have scored one or 2 more in the first half, and had opportunities (or situations that should have developped into one) in the second, but passes went astray/offside traps were not beaten at the wrong time. Hopefully Santi finds his better passing groove, and Ox his scoring boots soon.

    Despite the disappointment of an average performance, and the worry around our thin valid crew, I am quite happy that we got the three points – first win in WHL for quite a long time, 3 wins over sp*rs this season, and a good start for the first of 4 “season defining fixtures” (as I would say if I was a sports editorialist)…

  2. alcide says:

    I also agree with OG, a bit disappointing lately, even the attitude – it’s alright to complain, but start fighting and win some battles first, then complain when you are fouled. Falling on his behind every contest and moaning is not going to earn him anything.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed, Alcide. 🙂

    ‘Four season defining fixtures’? Sure, but I am just thinking about Chavs game now. 😀

  4. alcide says:

    As for TR7’s goal, I can only quote the poster-formerly-known-as-Cockie:

    “Lloris wasn’t diving………..he was being sucked into the vacuum of the Warp speed acceleration of the shot !”

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Also agreed on not beating the offside trap, alcide. Both Pod and OG were poor at this yesterday, especially OG.

  6. alcide says:

    Ooops, sorry TA, forgot OGAAT for a minute…

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Alcide, that was a brilliant description by the Cock of Doom. Nice to see him positive for once hahaaha 🙂

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    No worries alcide, Let’s cross the Bridge when we come to it, I am sure our quality will see us through! 🙂

  9. ” What`s that coming over the hill, is it a Monster ….a Cockie Monster….a Cockie Monsterrrrrrrrr ! “. 😆

    The smile will not go away, there is nothing better than beating the Spuds !. 😆
    And, I have to agree there Totes, you have not written this post with Roseicky Tinted glasses, yes, I have seen numerous hightlight`s and we were shit !. Although we had as many if not more clear cut chances than the Spuds and Nice but Dim Tim can throw his dolly out of the pram saying his side were the better team on the day, but because we were less than average, it makes it even sweeter as all the Spud fans will be feeling physically sick “being the better team !”, it`s easier for them to accept defeat if we whack them 5-2 and outplay them !. hahahaha
    So there we have it, we were shit, but won and I don’t fcuking care as with the shit luck we have had with injuries, we deserve a touch of luck !…….plus we are +2 points better off on……..The Chart of Doommmmmmmm !. hahaha
    4th place trophy is looking much better even though we have some tough nuts to crack in the coming weeks, so for me to say that, you can probably get the bubbly out !. hahaha

  10. Don’t forget Arse Bandits………tomorrow @ 21:15 on EUROSPORT…..Sky Ch`s 410 and 412 ( these are usually free ! )….Live !….Arsenal away to Barca in the quarter finals of UEFA Youth League !.

  11. alcide says:

    Tim’s post game interview is worth looking at… his development on the Arsenal “cracks” that have been exposed is hilarious. I also found hilarious Sagna’s behavior when Tim threw the ball at him, twice… his absolutely zen attitude was just brilliant, as if saying “What is it you’re trying to do Tim? You need to take a deep breath and relax, boy”.

  12. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂

    TA, whilst you are completely right that we were a bit poor yesterday when it comes to going forward, I think that Wenger did exactly what he wanted to do in order to get three points just like he had done against Bayern in Munich and will probably try to do against Chavs next week. We were without four top-drawer players and three of them would have given our midfield more pace and a lot of slick passing – Wilshere, Ramsey, Özil – while Walcott’s absence has been a major blow ever since that stupid injury had happened. 😦 Then, it should be said that we have had two more midfielders on the sidelines (Kallstrom and Diaby) that would have given something else to our team.

    Anyway, had Oxlade-Chamberlain scored his sitter in the first half, Spuds would have been massacred and nobody would have mentioned our poor display. 😉

    Giroud had very few good moves yesterday and all of them happened after Podolski had been replaced by Nacho. In our Stoke-like performance in the last 20 minutes Giroud earned a few fouls and did some time-wasting.

    Now, there is still one major threat to our 4th-place-trophy – Everton. There is a huge gap between us but they have a game in hand and if we don’t get anything against either or both Oilers, we might have another tight contest for Champions’ League-place.

    The biggest threat for us, however, is possibility that Tomas Rosicky might end up in jail for stealing Dorian Grey’s painting. 😮 Rosicky has been brilliant this season and major reason for our Chart of Doom-improvement – he actually did a pre-season with the rest of the team. I might sound a bit selfish but it’s good thing Czech Republic won’t play in Brazil this summer.

  13. Hahaha alcide….yes, Budhist Bacary was calm…….but only because he knew he had killed Nice but Dim Tim in another life !.

    Nice but Dim Tim looking like a Quim !. Needs to go on Anger Management !

  14. Prince says:

    ‘Lets load the cannon’…… love it!!

    Aaaaaahh Rosa.. Thank you…poetry in motion…

    How much would a young/fit Rosa cost in todays market? 20-30mil??
    and he is still going, still doing a job like any world class midfielder.

    Today, Rosa stood up, and set an example by which our troops would follow. His never say die attitude, constant drive and running, his genius through leadership eg When Ox missed a few (and they were bad) Rosa took to him with his genuine smile and support and got his mind back on the job and also ( i love this about him) – his connection with the supporters and his team mates when he scores. Hes in pure ecstacy, and lifts the passion levels of our faithfull, those few extra notches.. What do you pay for those qualities?….Rosa= Priceless

    Dont underestimate what gift he has given us with his bullet strike and the three points, which essentially is a ‘6 pointer’ and secures us Champions league football…We could be looking back at seasons end with the EPL Trophy in our hands, and the table reading a 3 point gap to second..

    Just cant get enough of that goal!


  15. Prince says:

    Sorry, also special mention to ‘the Boss’!
    Kozzer put his body on the line for the cause, literally!!
    Ive seen two of my many favourite players, actually shy away and turn their bodies away from the ball. In the past bothe Cesc and Jack have had brain explosions.
    Today, Kozzer defended those 3 points like his life depended on it… that should make every gooner feel special. From Ligue2, to the greatest team, and evolving into a trusted soldier…
    Kozzer = Priceless

  16. jnyc says:

    Admir, good points, but calm down with Everton being a threat. Do you really expect them to finish that strong? And I never take anything for granted.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Cocker of Doom, it worries me when you are getting a semi (positive). We need you to drag us down to your dark and doomy underworld hahaha 🙂

    Nice but Dim Tim is quite a character, isn’t he? 😛

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    alcide, yes Sagna handled it really well, making Tim Nice but Dim look a total twit! 😀

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Admir, Rosicky has made a difference this season. I am not, however, indulging on your ‘missing big stars so we had no other way to play’ theory. Our midfield and attack played below par and on another day it could have cost us two or three point.

    There is speed in Ox and Gnabry, and Rosicky and Sanogo can add thrust too. With Flame protecting and Arteta and Cazorla in front of him, we could have controlled the game a lot better and put the Spuds to the sword properly imo. But a win is a win is a win. 🙂

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Love the tribute to Rosicky, Princey Baby. 🙂

    Yes, he is great player in all aspects and resigning him was a big step forward. Now let’s do the same with Zen Sagna! 🙂

    I don’t really want to praise Koz without doing the same for BFG: together they were the rock of no penetration.

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    jnyc, Admir likes his quirky statistical analysing and he could be on to something….nah I am with you hahaha 🙂

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    For you Princey:

  23. Admir says:

    @jnyc, we have +11 points on Everton and they have a game in hand (if they win it, it’s +8). We have three matches before our visit to Goodison Park and two of them are against Oilers. I agree that the worst case scenario would require an incredible finish by The Toffees but they have been a really good team this season.

    Of course, I still hope for the top spot but like I’ve written ever since we had beaten Everton – I will consider this season as a successful one if we complete our treble against Spuds (check by the Czech!), win FA Cup (two steps away) and secure our Champions’ League place (we are on the right track but there are some hurdles left).

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    (B)admir, thanks for taking over from the Cocker of Doom. You keep our feet firmly on the ground….the Toffees are coming and they are moving real fast! 😛

  25. Totes Totes Totes….If only I could have a Semi !……since hearing the result yesterday I have considered changing my name to….The Prince of Priapism !. I have been house bound since, mind you, it did have the desired effect when the Jehovah Witnesses knocked on the door !….I don’t expect to see them in a hurry !. hahaha

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    This one goes before the cannon fire:

  27. Admir says:

    @TA – I agree that we could have been punished but then again, I think Wenger has realized that sometimes he has to sacrifice beauty for greater good, especially when four out of five most important players from our creative department have been absent for a while. Hell, he has done it in both of our big victories in Germany as well.

    I agree with you on Gnabry but in those rare occasions the super-talented German has featured since he had ran Spuds ragged in the cup, he hasn’t been the sharpest guy out there. He had a few promising chances against Sunderland and Bayern but I had a feeling that his touch was too heavy and composure wasn’t there either. I’d like to see him on the right wing with The Ox as a false nine but I highly doubt Arsene is ready to make that sort of experiment at this stage of the season. He’ll do his best to be as pragmatic as one can be.

    In fact, expect similar performance to the one we watched yesterday against Chavs on Saturday. Chelsea have a lot of dangerous players on their disposal even without Willian and Ramires though I agree with you that especially Ramires’ sent off is a great thing for us.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Ouch Cocker, hope you have soft cushions on your couch! 🙂

    You better knock that one on the head.. 😛

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Good points Badmir, and I can see where you are coming from. And yes, against the Chavs we need to sit back and force them to come out and play….. and hopefully Ox, Pod and Rosicky are sharp as a cannon when the opportunity comes their way.

  30. Admir says:

    @The Cookie Monster – from the last post: we are all a bit Lesbanians, aren’t we? 😀 Few years ago, I was a member of Republic Clitoris. We even had our t-shirts printed and I was “a deputy of minister of perversion and tourism”. Unfortunately, things in our Republic didn’t go well – some of our citizens got aroused too easy so we had to shut it down. 😦

    @TA – if I were Icarus, Dedalus would have beaten my ass for NOT flying too close to the sun. 😀 All I’m saying is that mathematics can mess with us so we should appreciate every point from this March Madness that this preposterous fixture list gave us. 🙂


    Cheers TA

    I was left a bit flat if been honest. Great win, but weres the scintilating football and goals? I want more, and ime not even greedy.

    They were there for the taking so it should have been 5-0. If Ox had scored that sitter it would have been 5-0

    Anyway, the good news is that if we beat Chelsea we will go on and win this league. We can beat City at home and calm Admirs nerves by seeing of Everton. Everybody else will be trounced, probably 5-0.

    Tim from Boringwithoutwood should really sort himself. What makes me laugh, apart from his lack of wood, is that he was a crap player himself yet goes ape shit when his players make mistakes

    Thats like me threatening to murder Einstein for mucking up a formula

    I once saw Viera outclass Sherwood so badly that we was subbed to avoid further embaressment. I laughed at him then and I laugh at him now, especially when ive got wood.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Terry, yes dim Tim needs to sort himself out. His theatrics are hilarious – he’s like a underdeveloped baboon!

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Nah Admir, OGAAT for me. Chavs next, nothing else matters! 🙂

  34. geoffchase says:

    Hi TA, admir, alcide et al,

    A few free moments. So, saw some of the game actually. I think the following are true:

    a. We have one of the deepest midfields of talent in the league/world.

    b. Many of those are injured right now

    c. Excluding our DM pivots (Arteta, Flamini et al), what is really missing is the mix of youth and experience. Our best midfielders consistently are those who are young enough to be fast and aggressive (Ox, JW, AR, Ozil, Theo…) and experienced enough to take the **one** chance when it comes (TR, Santi, AR, Ozil and Theo (sometimes)). Without those guys in both categories we have been flatter than not.

    I.e. without Ozil and AR we lack that mix. Surround them with any of the others and you get “different teams” but you also get threatening teams. Add JW and TR and you get all mongrel and directness. Add Ox and Theo and there are flames on the paddock, and so on.. We all have our preferences….

    So, out on a limb here with Ozil and AR we had it all, with only Ozil, we are very good, preferably with a little pace (damn, Theo is gone) out wide…. without both, it’s 1-0 to the Arsenal type games where the carpet behind CMs couch gets worn out quicker..

    Thus, the big question.. when does AR return?????

    cheers — jgc

  35. geoffchase says:


    Fyi was 3 days in March or me, one is down… Chavs is next… I wonder what happens when both sides sit deep in their own half?!? :/

    cheers — jgc

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Geoff, good to hear from you. 🙂

    Good analysis and you could be right. I reckon with Ox, Tomas, Santi and Arteta and Flamini we still have all midfield qualities we need. But getting Ramsey back would add a big engine.

  37. geoffchase says:


    Was off giving a lecture. I reckon we have the deepest midfield etc. But the difference for me with TR, Santi Ox et al is we lack that last 1% somehow. Ox lacks the experience to *always* finish with quality, but has the aggression. Santi has the experience, but isnt so fleet, Arteta is more weighed down like Flamini covering the back and supporting…

    I.e. when we are all fit we have selection problems but with AR and Ozil in particular we have a gruop Presence! That mix of quality, pace, experience and aggression (controlled) that is so dangerous all in one spot and makes such players so valuable.

    Anyway, regardless of what might be missing, we, I think, lack that 1% and for Chavs and the run in, the more we can have it, the better off and more compettive we will be. IMO of course..

    cheers — jgc

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Geoff. Luckily Rosicky had the extra percent yesterday, but the more the merrier.

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    When are you due back in Luttich?

  40. AB says:

    Hi TA. Lots to agree with and a few bits to question – but who cares, its big smiles all round today!

    On the overall performance, I think you a tad harsh on the team. Yes, it wasn’t the flowing dominant ‘A’ game. But it was a performance that showed we could adapt to circumstances, and keep playing to our strengths. Our defence was towering yesterday – it makes me laugh at some of the blogs that didn’t think Kos would get into a combined 11! And whilst we didn’t show our best going forwards, grief, looking at the number of first choice players we were missing, is it any wonder!?

    And whilst we all enjoy a laugh at the spuds (yes, they do have a purpose after all) though their performance was unimaginative and lacking edge, they put in a hell of an effort. After a sequence of losses, a bollocking from the coach, and in front of their home fans in a local derby – well you would have to expect an effort from them wouldn’t you. And they have been less affected by injury (in terms of first choice attacking players, rather than just numbers of injured) than we have; hence they were reasonably fresh, and able to use their subs to refresh further in the second half. Again, by contrast we had just about any player who could tackle (and still walk) out on the pitch by the end.

    Giroud was relatively poor again. Whether he is tired or distracted or both I don’t know, but we cannot have him in every game playing like that if we are to take our chances from here on. I wish we could see a goal from Sanogo, and get a sense of what he is like when relaxed and confident. He still looks ‘one for the future’ – but when and with which club is wide open to question. Shez is back to his wobbly self – and making Fabi’s contract look far more of an issue than Sagna’s.

    I can see why Flam is starting games on the bench – he has gone from steel and motivation into seeming to be a walking red card ticket, a reckless liability. I don’t know what has brought this on, but he needs to calm down, otherwise Wenger will not risk starting him in games which promise to have an edge about them; he will hurt himself and us in the process.

    The curious thing about OGAAT is that the next game always manages to assume huge proportions, as if it was always the biggest game in the calendar, except we have only just noticed it. Maureen started this season, in my eyes, as a bit of a twat, but clearly a quality manager. He has lowered himself steadily over the season, and what once passed for charm has now become surliness and malice; he will not be missed by many when he eventually gets kicked out of chelski and leaves the PL for good. After his behaviour this season and the cheap shots at Wenger it would be sweet indeed if we could be the team to break his home run. I can’t say it looks likely with our injury problems sadly, and I fear our CBs may find Hazard a different proposition to Ade; but I think the pleasure to be had from seeing chelski turned over could be the equal of beating spuds at the spud lane.

    A good gooner friend of mine is still ‘hoping’ for 4th place. But we are 4 points off the top with a game in hand; no way am I giving up hopes of the PL at this stage. OGAAT, and on to the next big one!

  41. AB says:

    Agree with jgc. Having Oz, Ram and Theo in our first 11 would have been terminal for the spuds

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers AB, very fine observations and agreed with most of it.

    Look, I am happy with the team performance and proud of our boys. But we did live very dangerously and gave away far too much possession and midfield dominance in the game. And there was no need for it.

    You know I disagree about Flam and I reckon we should have played him from the start. But Wenger wants to keep playing without a proper DM and he knows a lot more about football than me. 🙂

  43. AB says:

    TA. Yes, if Ox had buried his chance I think it would have been very different. I think we would still have given possession, but they would have been more cautious in attack, and we would have been waiting to really press the break. We gradually switched into playing for the draw, and Flam could have come on a bit earlier. I like him too TA – and like him back to how he was at the start of the season; still knew how to get stuck in and get a yellow card, but not looking odds on for 2 met games! Do you think he will start against Chelski or will we go in with the same 11?

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, good question.

    I reckon Wenger will want to sit back again and give the Chavs no other choice than to come and play football. He knows that the self-adoring one would love us to come out and attack his team, so they can beat us on the break.

    I am pretty sure it will be FlamTeta and the rest pick themselves at the moment…. Santi, Rosa, Ox and somebody up-front…. Sanogo??

    What do you think?

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    Maybe KK will get a start but I doubt it.

  46. geoffchase says:

    TA and et al,

    So, if we sit and Chavs sit, both looking to counter the other and not give up a goal, does the ball sit in midfield?!? 😀

    TA, back in Luttich in November this time I think as they were here recently and in August we meet elsewhere. Budapest for me in June and …Unlike many perhaps, I enjoy Liege/Luttich/Lidj/Luik!

    cheers — jgc

  47. AB says:

    I think this one is the time for Flamteta – esp with Ramires out. And I can see Pod getting squeezed out accordingly to keep Ox, Santi and Ros across the AM. Sanogo only if the off-field issues with Giroud are serious – if Giroud is fit and doesn’t start next week, then that looks bad for next season. He will have a week’s rest and its Wenger’s job to get him focused and motivated for a big performance – the team needs it from him, and if he is ever to be a big game player than it is time. I think he could really give the chelski defence a tough time if he turns up. Pod looks due a turn as impact sub. And it would be great to have Gnab and Rambo as other options on the bench – though the latter doesn’t sound likely sadly. Tough game for KK to make a debut – but certainly an opportunity to make it a memorable one!

    I can’t help getting my hopes up for this, despite all logic suggesting we won’t leave the bridge with a good feeling. You feeling optimistic?

  48. TotalArsenal says:


    Really good to hear you invested a part of your extra money in a holiday to Guadalajara…. how many ‘A’s’ can a name have! Let’s say they all stand for a couple of Arsenal wins between now and the end of the season. 😉

  49. AB says:

    It may be that Wenger simply wanted to find space for all his creatives, and trusted our defence, which meant Flam started on the bench. If so, then could happen again at the weekend. I don’t really believe Wenger’s selection is so simplistic though! Can’t see KK starting unless we have more injury woe, but would like to see him get a sub’s run out.

    I’ve not heard any news that we have any injury reactions from yesterday, so all being well we are full strength at the back at least!

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Geoff, like the December encounter it will become a bit of a Chess game and likely to be an insult to the eye. Unless, there is an early (fluke?) goal…

    Budapest should be nice – have you been before?

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed AB. A fit and focussed Giroud every time for me. I guess Sanogo brings that unpredictable element and I love his thrust. And Giroud off the bench is also not a bad weapon.

  52. AB says:

    Its not really the place of an Arsenal blog site, but can anyone believe the mess the manure are in now? They started the season looking like what they are – slightly over the hill in many places, but with a few talented players. They now look completely shot! I’m not sure I have ever seen a team fall apart so dramatically as this one. I quite like Moyes so almost feel for him a bit – I would enjoy it 10 times more if fergie were having to answer for it! But RVJ is looking so rubbish he may end up having to sign for some crappy side if he is to escape from the gloomy north; whatever I feel for Moyes the thought always brings a smile……

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    AB 🙂

    Gloating at Manure’s demise is definitely core stuff on Bergkampesque. Like you, I feel a bit for Moyes and actually worry about his health.

    The players are not playing for him and it almost looks like they want him out through playing rubbish.

    Moyes had off and on seasons throughout his time at Everton, and I have little doubt that if they keep him he will have a far better season after this one. But will they have the patience and believe in him?

  54. AB says:

    If manure lose nerve and sack him, after giving him a 6 year contract, then they will be making fools of themselves as well as knocking off some of the prestige around their club. It will also make the relationship with fergie a tricky one. I don’t think they will do it.

    I agree that Moyes will come back stronger next year. But he will have a tough time attracting top talent to a team that is a) not in the CL, b) going through turmoil with key players leaving, c) there is uncertainty around the manager’s future, and d) the manager himself does not have a proven pedigree of developing world class talent or winning silverware.

    I don’t think the above means they won’t be able to attract talent – the club and their cash will ensure they do. But they won’t have their pick, and they may have to pay slightly over the odds. A bit more debt and some expensive players bought on spec – sounds good to me. And we have seen how hard it is to integrate a lot of new players at one time. Hopefully it means at least one more year if transition. And by then if we are not a top side, able to compete with the very best after the next 2 summer windows then something has gone wrong with the plans!

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    Good points AB.

    I reckon there is plenty of talent at Manure already and Moyes will slowly get that team to work. He will need to invest in the back four but he does not need big names for this.

    But yes, the appeal of the club and manager are not great right now and it could get worse.

  56. AB says:

    Not sure about the talent levels TA. There are a lot of so-so types – Ashley Young, Smalling, Cleverly etc. Only Januzai looks like truly exciting talent, though Phil Jones will be a good (if exceptionally ugly) CB in the future. De Gea probably sound too. But RVJ does not look to have his heart in it. I am delighted that they have paid a stadium mortgage for Rooney – who can now grow fat and old with assurance. And Mata looks lost – though I don’t doubt his talent; which, incidentally, would have been nurtured far more carefully if he had made a wiser choice when leaving Spain! The greatest joy is that they seem to have even less pace than us, and nowhere near the creativity! There could be stars in their youth set up of course, but the transition might be a few years if they have to build from there…… How I do love it!

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    I rate Valencia, Evra, Kagawa, Fletcher as well as some of the players you mentioned. Wenger would make a strong team of the current squad, no doubt about it.

    But long me the demise continue, AB. They had it easy far too long and now it is our turn. 🙂

  58. TotalArsenal says:

    Off to bed now, AB.

    Good blogging with you and Geoff, and catch you all tomorrow. 🙂

  59. AB says:

    Yes TA, Wenger would do a better job for sure. I would like to see what Kagawa can do. He looks like a summer sale to me, esp now they have bought Mata I can’t see him getting much play time. 2 years on the bench – he has to go this summer surely. Valencia, yes, strong and direct, but can be a liability in defence and not the highest quality I would have said – personally I’d take Pod on the left ahead of Valencia on the right? Evra and Fletcher – one on the way out, and the other, perhaps, but as big an injury doubt as Diaby only with less talent. I remember Fletcher being played off the pitch by a young Rambo in a Wales Scotland match.

    Their squad has some talent, but a lot of age too. City have the best squad, followed by chelski; but I think we are next. Spuds should be pretty close to us. I think pool and manure follow from there. The difference is pool have their small core of quality players all fit and playing together with a sense of joy. Manure’s talent just look pissed off with everything! I keep waiting for injury to knock the pool back, but they seem to have the knack of staying fit – our physios may have something to learn from them…..

  60. AB says:

    Cheers folks. Catch up soon!

  61. geoffchase says:

    AB and TA,

    What!! Its only lunch time here! 🙂

    Anyway, in short summary, let’s just say that I agree with you both and wont it be enjoyable to see ManU and its fans develop a very real appreciation for all that AW and Arsenal have accomplished over the last 7 years and hopefully this year.

    cheers — jgc

  62. mr bond says:

    Massive win, a must watch for the brave, a no no for the faint hearted. We won because we wanted it more and appreciated not only the three points but the pride of the Arsenal. The most telling was the absence of Theo. The ox showed that he’s still work in progress, but the ingredients of a great player are there to see. We missed Ozil. The spuds are done and dusted, we did the threesomes on them, thats no fluke.They couldn’t muster a goal in all, yet they dream of overtaking us and brag that they are at par with us, that self delusion at its zenith. Now for the next task which is quite massive, we have to be hungrier, want it more for its another derby and we contend with a more dangerous foe and even more is at stake. A win and we’re within a shouting distance to the the Epl, a loss and we be hearing your always in our shadow, also in the mix is that we’ve not beaten the chavs since the flapping one took over at the bridge. If we approach it like the spuds game, we won’t lose. We must be hungrier, tenacious and compact,the best reply to the ordinary one to his specialist in failure jibe. We’ve been written of several times and about time we make the Owens, Rednapps, Hansens of this world eat their words.

  63. alexgunners says:

    TA, Admir, Alcide, Cockie, AB, Jgc, JB, OZ, Prince, and all you fellow Bk’ers out there.
    It was a critical win for us. There is a lot to do between now and next season but for the time being I’m with TA on this one, OGAAT.
    We all would like to see off the chavs, beat ManShitty and have Lpool drop some points. We are in the midst of a title run in unlike any that we have seen in a while. 4 teams, 9 games to go for us.
    It is an exciting time and a very nervy time for us passionate Gooners. It’s been a while between drinks and we all get a feeling that this could be our year to break the hoodoo.
    It seems that the squad has started to find that passion that got us there in the first 6 months of the season and i hope it continues. We had our turn on top of the league, Lpool had their run and now the Chavs. It’s time to treat every game as a cup final (OGAAT) and leave nothing on the field.
    As fans we will not accept sub par performances and as a player have some pride to give it all you got and show the rest of the league that the team that has been written off so many times and picked to not even get into the CL next season is actually in with a chance to do the double.
    COYG, let’s make it happen this season
    IMO losing out to Bayern was a blessing and i hope that the chavs at least have a tough game and that they are tired for the game this weekend.

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice battle cries Alex and MR. bond (the non sulking one 🙂 ). It would be so sweet to beat the Chavs at the Bridge, and we cannot stop hoping for this on Arsene’s 1000th game in charge of class.

  65. alexgunners says:

    Nothing would be sweeter than beating Maureens team. What a wanker.
    The special one my ass

  66. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey fellas… I missed out yesterday–actually trying to get things done ahead of my holiday–but I’m gonna try and “scout” the Chavs later today. I’m sure it’ll be an eye-gouger as they can get through with a nil-nil…(Company here in the comments would be lovely…) I more or less spoke my piece (and then some 😀 ) on derby day, as it was…Excellent report, as always, Mr. McGoats…

    I’m not sure I concur about the whole “wanting it more” analysis (in the recent comments). To me, it always seems that we wanted it more if we win but (somehow) we wanted it less if the result is not to our liking. Yes, we have to believe and play with commitment, but we also need to execute–make and take our chances and stop the opposition. Luck plays a role as well. Is it (also) possible that you can “want it too much?” Is that what happened when Ox was 1 v 1 with only Lloris to chip but also maybe wanting to play Poldolski in? Did Chadli want it too much when he only had players who couldn’t use their hands and the rest of the goal at his mercy from 4 yds out? Maybe they both choked their efforts not from lack of desire, but from too much…

    That’s just me, of course, and people can choose to see things however they want. Luckily the players themselves don’t seem to inclined to worry about what outsiders think or say. Personally, I think we have a great opportunity to put the hurt to Chelsea (and their idiot coach–much as we did with Spurs and their different sort of foolish manager…) but we also need to break the hoodoo about those lunchtime matches. It appears as if we will at least have the same players available. One or two more would be a huge blessing but I expect no clear signals (and more lies…) from the manager. Didn’t he suggest that Rosicky was hurt coming out of the Bayern match?…

    It’s tempting to say that the dynamics of the two London derbies will be the same and I do think we’re looking at another low-scoring, first-goal-is-everything, kind of match. Chelsea won’t play the insane high-line, but they’re also going to be without the two very fast Brazilians to help run the break. As such (like others are saying) both teams will allow the other to have the ball and play a bit in the center of the pitch, so our MF is bound to look a bit better.

    That it didn’t look too good vs Spurs, I agree, is a function of choosing Poldolski over Flamini in that one. LuLu and Santi seemed to be helping out all day long over on that left side and Sagna was pinned pretty deep on the right. As such, the only longer outlet was for Giroud (normally, Szczesny and others have Sagna to also aim at…) and he had nobody to whom he might knock them down. It IS sort of pathetic when he only looks for fouls, but I think we’re a little harsh in judging Ollie’s performance if he’s got nobody up there to play the ball towards. If Poldolski does play he needs to stay further forward, though you can see why he drops to help on D once we’ve got a lead… Like I say, I don’t think this dynamic will be at play vs Chavs, so Giroud working to get the ball to the likes of Rosicky or Ox or Santi (or Poldolski, Sanago or Gnabry later in the match…) might be more likely AND more important. Personally, I’d make the change for this one (Poldolski out, Flamini in)… Given their result at Aston Villa, a point at Stamford Bridge is probably a fine result, but, like all Good Greedy Gooners, I want all three… 😆

    But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s see how they look (and United tomorrow vs Olympiakos 😯 if only for the talking/mocking points as per AB’s discussion…) and, in the meantime, we can talk about all the spending that will happen this summer and twist ourselves into knots about that sort of stuff. Do we look ahead to avoid the nerves that come with being in a super-tight title race with all the bounces and twists and turns (and other assorted agonies) which that implies?…

    Why yes, yes we do (I think)… 🙄 😉


    If only we didnt have this bloody injury crises. I know its a big ask but a win at the Bridge and we could go and win this league, but the attacking fluidity, evidenced by the win at Totnumb, seems to be shaken.

    Can we grind our way way to the title?

  68. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey TA, is 007 just sulking? Can you confirm these things via e-mail? I disappeared myself for a bit, but I responded as soon as people seemed worried…(It took you guys–and not everybody, I might add–a little while… 😆 ) Given his (family) health issues in the not-so-distant past, it sure would be a relief to hear what’s up with the Superspy–if it’s only a sulk. (Prayers that it’s nothing worse…) Maybe he’s mad at me for criticizing the quick turn from Wenger Out to at least we’re better than Liverpool (in the water-wars. post Stoke…) to which I objected?… If so, maybe I could promise to f**k of myself for awhile, if that makes others “more comfortable”… Like I say, I’ve got plenty I *should* be doing…

    Terry, why shouldn’t we grind? Mourinho will certainly be trying to do the same. City and Pool are playing the “better” football but they also have to play each other (I’m pretty sure…) We’re at the point that only results matter and (most) supports will abide whatever it takes to get them. Our defense, if not mistake free, did the job on Sunday. Bigger tests lie ahead but…why not? (I say…) In truth, of the next three matches, the only one we probably “need” 3 pts is vs Swansea…

  69. 17highburyterrace says:

    “supporters” I meant, not “supports”…


    Hi 17, no problem with a good grind (hahaha), but can we do it?

    Ok, we got the result against Totnumb, but even Sherwood knows there shit.

    Can we do the same at the Bridge and win?

  71. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Terry, yeah, it’s gonna be very, very (very) difficult, but maybe we’ll get a surprise or two (good news) re: the injuries…

    Recent results probably mean that draws against the Sheik-o-Garchs—as long as you win everything else (heheheheh… 🙄 ) might be enough. As Admir suggested, Everton (and our match against them at Goodison…) also looms large. Those next 4 (followed by the FA cup semi, another “must win” of course…) make this stretch (pun intended) super (hyper) monumental (critical) or even bigger… I’m not sure the average Gooner can take it. Ah well, the cockie-littles will tell us, it’ll be over soon enough… 😦 Stack them sofas high!!!

    Uh, oh, the wife’s up early. Gotta go grind (coffee beans…) myself…

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning 17, no need to email you re JB. I know as little as you do, and was just joking re the sulking. 🙂

    Good points about ‘wanting it more’. For me, it was obvious how many one to ones we lost and how often the 50/50 balls fell to the skinny chickens on Sunday. Our midfielders really struggled a lot but they can improve for Saturday’s match.

  73. alcide says:

    Good to hear from you jgc, you always provide a nice and slightly different perspective. Nice comments from 17 and AB too.

    JB, come back… we’re missing your eveil laugh! Water under the bridge and all (pun intended).

  74. The Cockie Monster says:

    Bastardildos !……….I made a mistake !………..Our UEFA youth quarter final against Barca is on @ 16:45 on EUROSPORT Sky Ch`s 410 & 412 and can also be found on internet streaming !.

  75. 17highburyterrace says:

    No, TA, I meant, maybe you should contact 007 by e-mail, just to check that he’s OK…It takes an e-mail account to log in and comment, doesn’t it?…

    Yeah, the whole “pash-un” thing seems like the biggest cliche of them all–That Tim Sherwood sure shows a lot of it, for example, but I certainly wouldn’t want him coaching my club… 😆

    This run of matches are of the hold-your-breath, Oh-Gaat-in-the-extreme, but my take is that at least we’re in it and we should be thankful. At the beginning of the season that’s about as much hope as I could muster and to have it realized is fantastic. Going beyond that (and actually doing what’s necessary to pull off the double…) would be the stuff OF fantasy… There’s a long way to go, and luck will play a role, but (again) why not?…

    Given the, er, shall we say, compressed squad, I think the use of players and particularly the subbing will be critical. We may not like how we had to grind out the victory at WHL, but I cannot fault Wenger for going all defensive with his subs. With each one we got stronger and found more time between their (progressively weaker) attacks even if we had to bite our nails, squeak our arses, and manage the (bitch…) twitching…

    This may be a(nother) reason AW kept Flamini in reserve. IF we needed a goal as the match wore on he could’ve come in and pushed OX or Poldi towards a 2nd (or 3rd) striker role. That the match continued tight and he could “use his yellow” (give up a cynical foul–as he seems disposed to do…) is probably the main reason not to use him from the start, but his flexibility to play MF and FB makes him sort of a “super” sub, much as Vermaelen is, although in truth, I think Verms is a LOT more effective when he’s a left sided defender (CB or FB) so maybe there’s not quite as much flexibility there. As we get deeper into these tough matches little things like that can be the difference between points won and points dropped and reserving our more flexible players (in case of injuries or yellow cards) can make sense. This is also why we need either (or both) of Ozil or Ramsey back before too long, as each of them can take up spots all across the MF…

    Another worry is Sir (Szelfie) Chez-Ney. Chelsea will not be pumping the long balls forward as much as Spurs, but they will get set-pieces and our Pole in goal needs to get those he comes for. (Fabianski tends to be more rooted to his line so his mistakes are less spectacular.) My fear is that (due to our limits at the attacking end) we will live and die by our goal-keeping. Whoa, Check (yo-self…) needs to outperform the likes of Cech, Hart and Howard (and Vorm, if he’s back for Swansea) in this next run…

    OK, too punny (and not so funny)… Back later for the Galatasary match…

  76. 17highburyterrace says:

    Well, this is why I figure I shouldn’t post–I seem to drive everybody else away… 😳

    Chelsea score early but Galatasary were always gonna need a goal as it was…Now 1 goal for extra time, 2 to win….

  77. 17
    My take for what it`s worth on JB`s last comment, is that it was a “final” comment and nothing to do with his personnel family problems !.
    It all started with the episode with water and grew into something which can only be described as…..H20gate……how`s that for originality !.
    It`s a shame, because if he has had a disagreement with another BK blogger, then by leaving, he is cutting himself off from all his other BK buddies !. I hope the issue can be resolved by an email as he is missed and I`m sure he would like to celebrate a victory over Totscum with his BK Gooner mates !.

    We have all been behind you, JB, on your emotional rollercoaster ride and you of all people will know that a little spat on here is nothing in comparison to what you and Mrs Bond have been through !. Hope all is well at home !.
    Now get your arse back here !………but not in a Broke Back way !.

  78. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, Cockster, I will try and research the problem…Gotta try to stay awake while watching this match…

  79. 17
    Watch Arsenal youth against Barca…..on again at 21:15 on British EUROSPORT SKY Ch 410, that will keep you awake, a stonker of a game….shame about the result, but Barca can think theirselves lucky in the 1st half !……..I know it`s the youth, but I have never seen any Arsenal team press so high in a 45 min spell….most of the football was played in Barca`s penalty area !.

  80. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockie One, No Arsenal youth football on my telly listings so I’m stuck with Chavs-Turks or Scouting the Real Madrid reserves and Draxler…I dunno, I think we could be having a bit of fun with the young German (instead of the old one…) over on the left had we used our powder in January…

    Ah geez, no marking at all from a set piece and Chelsea will move into the quarters… 2 extra matches for them could be good for us in the league, I guess… 😕

    OK, I’ve seen the 007 sign off and you’re right. Normally I enjoy the superspy’s aggro approach with the trollers but aquaman clearly thrived on it…Note how we haven’t seen him since I tried to kill him with kindness on Sunday…Subtlety and humor (humour?) didn’t seem H-2-O’s longest suits…

    Nonetheless, my goal isn’t to drive folks from the site, but I don’t think Total was suggesting anything (of consequence…) towards James, himself, either (along those lines)… Entonces, Venté mi amigo, pues…Plus (as we wait for Saturday–and the next chance for the sky to fall…) don’t we need some news from the sauce about who we’re buying in the Summer? 😀 Por favor, Hijo…

  81. water says:



    Bondy, now listen to your Uncle Terry and get your backside back on here. You dont want me to send the boys round down you?? You wont like the “boys”. One of them is a particularly agressive homosexual.

    We all have falling outs. Not a lot of people know this but a few months back I fell out so badly with TA that he thretened to ban me. It was only after I reminded him of the “photograph” that he relented. If you notice, he has been very nice to me recently.

    Watching that under 18s I was really impressed with our team play. Serge stood out a bit, but the passing and pressing were top notch

  83. water says:

    Then what would those “suits” be if u care to speculate?

  84. water says:

    Hope u lot are doing some scouting tonight. They seem to be enjoying some liberties upfront.

  85. Admir says:

    “Not a lot of people know this but a few months back I fell out so badly with TA that he thretened to ban me. It was only after I reminded him of the “photograph” that he relented.”

    @TMHT, are you talking about photograph you sent me a few weeks ago that I accidentally left on Wojciech Szczesny’s Instagram comment section or there is another photo? 😮


    Water, have you ever experienced the firm but surprisingly tender touch of a fully mature women?

  87. water says:

    I’m always called on bad English. I don’t see any of you on tmht’s back.

  88. water says:

    Infact my girlfriend’s on my hmmhmm as I’m watching the game. She’s in the mood cuz Chelsea are winning and she loves em. I love multitasking.


    hahaha, the one ime talking about Admir involves an exhausted and rather disheveled looking TA, and a rather smug fat looking Arabic bloke. hahaha

  90. AB says:

    i think you have your answer Terry……

  91. Fozzie B says:

    Evening Top Totty Testes Tantalisers and Tamers!!
    How far is st Tottenham day now?? It can’t be too far away!!
    Very lucky win and thank Dennis Rocky had his wheatbix that morning!!
    I have read all the comments and most things seem to be covered except I don’t see anyone saying the thing that stood a mile out for me ….
    We missed Ozil!!! We looked totally disjointed in the midfield and our interchanging went out the window. I hope Santi can get his focus back for chavski or we will be overrun in defense and static in attack.
    Still can’t pick a better time to play the Chavs!! With a fully fit Rambo and Ozil we might have a chance !! Without them we need another fluke rocket from Rocky !! 😆


    Waters alright AB, for a plastic scouser.

    Water, have you seen my back? Its so hairy that when topless by the pool fellow hollday makers use me as a towel. Germans love it

  93. Fozzie B says:

    No comprendre aqua!! 😆
    Hope that wasn’t Liverpudlian for…
    “Heeeeeeeelp !!!!! My moustache is suffocating me!! ” 😆

  94. AB says:

    Its ok Terry, anyone with an inflatable bird has my full support

  95. Fozzie B says:

    Careful Strertch !!! That’s Sasquatch porn right there!! 17 will have to hit those furry white poles on the Tahoe ski slopes!! 😆


    Fozzie, Water aint a scouser, hes one of those southern based liverpool fans that on his first tourist visit to Anfield got his wallet pick pocketed and when home couldnt figure out why he had a sore arse.

  97. AB says:

    Hey Foz. Its how our defence cope with Hazard that will be the key for me. With our injuries I suspect we are in the space of trying to nick a goal somewhere and keep a clean sheet at the same time. I can’t see it if Hazard is fit and on form. We have a week’s rest, and with the players we have available we should be good for a goal – the question is can we keep them out at the other end? On average, the answer is no. But will it be our day….., and our season…?


    I agree with that AB. I have to admit we are underdogs and it could be a long afternoon. Hazard is a very good player but his end product dosnt always match his ability

    Thats why I think we will win 5-0

  99. AB says:

    Terry. How old do you think water is, and when do you think he might lose his virginity? Not the rear one obviously….

  100. Fozzie B says:

    Yes Stretch … I know he is but I just can’t help myself!! Haha !! So are saying that when water breaks wind it sounds like a Steve G post match interview?? Haha !! The man has talent!! 😆
    Yes AB Hazard will be a handful but to I have faith in our back four , and especially on set pieces where Chavski are so good. But I fear we will not create enough chances. No nil nil draw for me will do this time!! 😀


    i reckon Waters about 58 AB

    And is still looking

  102. AB says:

    Very possible Terry. The alternative is he is about 16 – but for sure will be still looking when 58….


    Fozz, if we go by the Totnumb game, then we will find it really hard to create chances

    We did play with the handbrake on though. Our full backs hardly got forward at all.

    The injuries are hurting, but with a bit of luck we might pull off a big win


    AB hahaha, think your probably right there

  105. I think waters water broke when Stevie hit his G-spot !.

  106. I can see the Chav game being one of those where we both keep in our own halfs and keep the ball between ourselves !. So if we win the toss, we will have 100% possession for the 1st half and Chavs will have the same in the 2nd half !. hahaha
    Totscum played with a high line, but the chavs wont !.

  107. AB says:

    Cockie. I’m not so sure – they won’t want to defend deep against us at home; problem is we have limited capacity to hit them on the break

  108. Fozzie B says:

    Haha Cockster !! Thanks for the report on the young guns!! I get a semi thinking about pressing to the oppositions box!! Now if only the old timers could do the same !! Yeah it could be another yawn like the last game!! Time for Wenger to pull out his 1000 match old special edition light saber and come up with a game winning strategy and not a boring chess match!! 😀

  109. Fozzie B says:

    I have been known to press to Mrs P’s box from my half of the bed !! The problem is she can kick my balls to Kingdom come and the pressing goes out the window after that for some strange reason !! 😆

  110. Fozzie B says:

    Goodnight Brokeback Brethren … And come back JAaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! 😀

  111. Admir says:

    Don’t be too harsh on water. He actually won a silver medal on Scousers’ Math Competition. When someone asked him how did he got it, he said: “They asked all of us how much is seven times two. I answered: ’12!’ and that ended second!”

  112. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey, I agree with Admir…Aquaboy’s reasonably entertaining and now we might get the added pleasure of having his Chav GF chomp down hard if we were to score an early goal on during the Saturday munch, er, match…. Who knows, if we can defend as we did up the 7 Sisters maybe she’ll chew him clean… 😯

    Also gotta agree with the Foz re: missing Ozil. That being said, I can’t see the Chavs match being so much long-ball, nor up and down, nor pressing from the front, esp. with the Brazilians side-lined. The twin lock-down boys (Matic and Obi-Mikel) will likely be the replacements and uber-tough to break down but not as quick on the counter or eager to get forward. Maybe Curly Schurlle gets a run out in place of Willian? Unfortunately, they hardly broke a sweat tonight in dispensing the Turks but they shouldn’t take too much from it–Nobody (not even Arsenal…) are that poor at defending set-pieces…

    Anyhow, that’s not til Saturday…Plenty of soap operas to play out before then, I’m sure… (“Oh James, will you ever come back?” for example…) Does this Crimea business mean Roman (a Putin crony, for sure…) loses his London box privileges? Will mighty United/City/Chelsea/Liverpool buy up all our Summer targets? There must be others…

    Sleep well…

  113. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Re bloggers who support other teams. If they come on here to ‘throll’ I will not allow them to blog. If, however, they like to have meaningful discussions they are welcome. Water started off to be a bit of a throll but he then settled down and I figured he would be fun and decent enough to blog with. However, he was then provoked by a few regulars which was okay for a while, but then it started to get boring and I asked it to stop. I also asked water to behave acceptably on the blog.

    I expect BKers to allow other team football supporters to blog on BK and not provoke them unnecessarily, and leave it to me whether their blogging contributions are worthy for the site. JB remains welcome on BK as long as he respects the above.

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