Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine games for Arsene Wenger: Time to say Thank You!

Arsene Wenger: A Man in Full.
Arsene Wenger: A Man in Full.

To me it is incomprehensible that a modern day manager can last a thousand matches; and it remains to be seen whether anybody will ever do it again at a top club. It is a shame that Arsene’s 1000th game has to be away at Chelsea: the cauldron of disloyalty and classlessness. Of course, it would be very, very sweet if we were to beat them on Saturday, but given Maureen’s record at the Bridge, our current injuries and lack of attacking thrust in recent games, this is unlikely to happen, unfortunately.

But, whatever the result, nothing will take away the significance of managing our beloved club for 1000 games. Wenger has won 572 from his 999 in charge, a win percentage of 57.26. Alex Ferguson, who managed the Mancs for an unbelievable 1500 games, has a win percentage of 59.67. Given that the club has reached a new era now, with a strong financial basis and being fully able to both hold on to our players and buy quality additions, what is the bet that, if Arsene – eight years the junior to SAF – were to manage the club for another 500 games, he will equal or even improve the Scotsman’s win percentage?

Whether Arsene will stay for that long, or even beyond this season, remains to be seen. The secret of a long life is knowing when it is time to go; and I hope he will strongly consider his ongoing health status when deciding on the future. Bob Crow’s, RMT’s General Secretary, sudden death last week has made me realise again what demands are put on people who combine idealism and passion with high work demands and expectations by themselves and others. There are not many people left like Wenger, especially not in football, and, whether you are a Gooner or not, they need to be cherished and protected. Something that does not happen enough.

Even if Arsene was to stop at the end of the season, his legacy would easily be as big as Ferguson’s. He might not have won as much as the Scot, but he has introduced a style and quality of football that brought an enormous beauty to these shores, which is now copied by a number of PL clubs, most notably by Pool and the Northern Oilers. He was able to win heavy silverware with this style of football, which was all epitomised by the 49-games unbeaten run of the Invincibles. In twenty, forty, sixty years from now, true footie lovers – Gooners and non-Gooners alike – will still remember Arsenal under Wenger; you can bet on that.

He also stuck with the club when it would have been a lot easier to go somewhere else, where money is no object and life is a lot easier. He saw us through a very challenging period, which was made a lot, lot harder by the arrival of the Oil-For-Cups era. In stark contrast, Van Gaal left Ajax soon after the new stadium was completed, back in 1997; and although they have done okay domestically – which is not that hard – they appear to have lost the battle for European silverware for good (despite the odd peaks in performance).

Whether Arsene is still the right man to take us one step forward again is open to debate, but whatever lies in the future, we should be very thankful for what he has done for our club in the last 999 games, both on and off the pitch and in terms of laying the foundations for our long term position among the domestic and European elite. Everything is in place to make that step and let’s hope that Arsene makes the right decision, as it is up to him; this he has earned.

But from Saturday onwards it is one game at a time (OGAAT) again: for ninety plus minutes we’ll forget about our past and future and fight for every ball. Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners – Victoria Concordia Crescit!

“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”

Albert Camus



 Written by: TotalArsenal.

79 thoughts on “Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine games for Arsene Wenger: Time to say Thank You!

  • And 1000th game is probably the hardest, Players should step up for him and beat Chelsea but if the Blues are anywhere as good as they were yesternight against Galatasaray…then Arsenal can forget about winning

  • TA,
    Great article.
    Despite the fact that we all have our differing opinions on whether or not AW should continue as our manager, A big thank you is in order. He has somewhat single handedly transformed the way teams look into the well-being of players and the club itself. Others are emulating what he has done for us but the advantage (such as the case of the Oilers) is the amount of money behind some of these teams with no history.
    The scouting throughout Europe, Nutrition, A fluid passing game, the list goes on. We owe a lot to him and all the memories that we have. For that I say ‘Thank You’.
    It would be fitting to win his 1000th game against Maureens team.


  • A good timely article TA! Agree with all you say and would add that he has helped make Arsenal a truly global brand. It will also be interesting to see how MUFC fare over the next few years more from the standpoint of recognizing and acknowledging the value of Wenger’s “coming 4th is like winning a trophy” comment. I for one am hoping that he stays on for a few more years for him and us to see the efforts over the last decade come to fruition. 🙂

  • I have started studying Sports Science to follow my dream, which is working for Arsenal one day (ideally as a Performance Analyst).
    Arsene Wenger is my biggest idol in this world and the number one reason I have this dream.
    His understanding of football, his transformation of Arsenal Fc, his ongoing succes of getting Arsenal in the Champions League on a very limited budget and his development of youth players is nearly unmatched in this world. His philosophy is the reason why I support and love this club.
    Thank you for everything Arsene Wenger!

    PS: Hopefully he is going to stay another two or three years and talks Roberto Martinez into replacing him afterwards

  • Arsenal VCC, good point about MU providing additional evidence about the value Arsene brought to the club during the ‘hard years’.

  • Super Duper Post, Oh, Mighty Dutch Master. 🙂

    There is absolutely nothing to disagree with there, and I would have loved to have produced a Post of that quality!!

    It is a pity that the 1,000th game anniversary happens to fall on out visit to the rancid midden heap at Chelsea, but it will still be one hell of a milestone in Arsene’s Arsenal career, and I will certainly cheer him.

    The big difference between Wenger, and the ‘time of the month’ pouting tart, known as Maureen, is that Arsene has always built teams (on very little money, until now) whereas the Odious Shit has always bought teams of ready made international footballers with obscene amounts of Oilers’ money.

    Worryingly, if the haughty Tart put on a little lipstick, and flounced around in a pair of high heels and a skirt (OK, he probably does that in private) I think Terry and his thirty, thirsty goats would probably marry him. 🙂

  • I’m fine, thank you, TA.

    I hope you and the family are well too, not forgetting your hound, who must be a big guy by now! 🙂

    Thanks for the info re Wiggy, I thought he had given up due to pressure of work.
    I shall check in with him when I get a chance.

  • Good to hear it, Redders 🙂

    All is well and yes Henry is getting big now. He is full of life and crazy about the bitches he gets walked with…

  • TA,

    I have not been around for a while so I have not seen the ‘new’ blog set up, but I love the colour contrast and think it is the best yet!! 🙂

    I’m crazy about bitches too.

  • Thanks Totes !. 😀

    You know it`s my favourite radio station and you can call it by all the derogatory names as much as you like, but they give us enormous air time exposure ( good and bad ! ) considering we haven`t a trophy for 8 years and counting !. Plenty of Arsenal legends are on there regularly and here is a piece worth listening to if you have a spare 90 mins, plus it fits in with your post !.

  • Just imagine if Manshafter Std do a Chavski and win the CL and knock the 4th placed EPL team out of next years CL !. Look how much luck the Chavs had !. We better try and get 1st, 2nd or 3rd !.

  • Great article TA,
    One of your very best again. I can’t even put into words how much i love Wenger,and his style of football, the thought of him not being with us next season truely hurts. I hope he stays.
    The club clearly has new contracts on there minds with the latest deals being struck. I hope that they will announce Wengers new deal on the 1000th match.
    He is a world class manager!
    Beyond a doubt, he love Arsenal his loyalty has been proven.
    As i have said before, i think he should be knighted by the Queen for what he has done for English football.

  • As for the Chelsea game, we have nothing to lose. We are the chasing team and they will be nervous of us going there, if we get on the front foot even more so.
    When they came to us, i thought we were the better team on the night and they just defended .
    I expect the lads to give everything for Wenger on Saturday and so they should.
    We can do them 1

  • Oh it will be awesome, Jose must be dreading us turning up, after his disrespectful words .
    That record of his is so due to be broken as well and he knows it, he will be so nervous. Plus all the lads just signing new deals showing there love for the club, just sets it all up nicely.
    Lets hope the football Gods look to reward Wenger.
    Sanogo is due to get his first goal for the club, i expect him to start scoring soon and plenty 🙂

  • I want Arsenal to be like an unstoppable force in these last games of the season, the FA cup and the league, just win them all!

  • i feel like were as in the past few years, we have had a very young team. Now we have some very experienced players, more men v men now. If anything Chelsea’s team are now slightly to old. We need to play with plenty of energy and we can beat them.
    I clicked on your link its a great team, but i could not find anything to listen too.??

  • more news-
    Kallstrom is fit to play.
    Diarby is fit again – or it was said by Wenger he will be fit in March and has not said anything has changed.

  • A fit Diaby would be a huge boost for the end of the season for sure. I am not counting on it though – not for the obvious reasons, but I would rather plan (hope) for him to be with us next season. What ifs are futile, but I can’t help imagining how our season might have been if we had been able to play him over the course of this season…

  • Evening Crazy Chelsea Codpiece Chompers!! 😆
    Nice one Totes and in particular I like the tone of your post! Understated and under the radar!! Good to any points from this as a miracle!!
    I feel we are pyschologically unable at this stage to conquer Chavs but if it were to happen now with their team without Ramires the Arteta killer and Bang Bang Willian and Darth Wenger having his 1000th game then there is no better time!!
    I just hope Wenger shows some threatening strategy because this really is the last throw of the dice for the challenge so he might as well roll them!
    A repeat of the Emirates game will not sit well with me and would not be befitting at all!! Hopefully Chavs will have some tiredness with 2 days less rest and there will be no need to motivate the boys … They will be pumped to beat the Chavs and pumped by Wenger (postmark reward?? Haha) ‘s 1000th game!!
    No better time to exorcise that Stamford bridge demon from Lord Wenger’s colon!!! 😆

  • Hi all.. Long time no see..
    Arsene = Arsenal.. I hope he will continue lead us for another 3 years or more..
    He can do what Ferguson did.. If we continue progressing.. that Wenger can have a better record that SAF.. He may become SAW.. hahahaha..

    For this weekend – 1000 Wenger’s game.. I hope all the players do all their best and pay him with glory.. Winning against Chelsea at Stamford bridge will lift the spirit up.. to win the EPL..
    And we can do that.. We have a lot more time to rest.. So we are more fresh than Chelsea..
    They will lose Ramires and Willian.. their two strong midfielder.. and also Mourinho.. But they still have Nemanja Matic.. I don’t know why he didn’t play against Villa and Galatasaray.. I hope he was injured and still.. hehehe..
    Pity.. we lost Walcott as well.. Walcott knew how to play with Terry and Cahill.. hehehehe..

  • Hey Total, an excellent piece…Sorry about being a day late, as has been my pattern lately…

    As some may know, my allegiance to Arsenal was a bit fateful, having been given free housing at my screen-name in 2006. Always “interested” in club football (I knew the Int’l game we were given every 4 years over here was lacking…) I attended matches on my travels but never “had” a team until that Autumn. In the midst of all that (“desire paths” being muddied across the Highbury Fields…) it didn’t take long to decipher that Arsene Wenger *was* Arsenal. Hell, the name even worked… Unfortunately, that was also the big divide in the Wenger years–between the winning times at Highbury and the trophy-less spell in the new stadium.

    The thing about AW is that he embodies progress, which is inevitable, but also sad. He’s got a vision, and, with the platform of his success in the first half of his tenure, he’s been able to continue to steer the club towards it (even if results might belie that fact). The new stadium (along, tellingly, with new, not so spend, spend, spend ownership…) may leave many long-time supporters flat and these have been barren years (whose biggest success has been the relentless qualifying for a tournament we’re probably not good enough to win…) but still, IMO, well worth following. People forget (or they just don’t know…) what football is all about: a backward, low-scoring game based on tradition; a grind, and a slow search for progress amidst (often brutal) ups and downs of constant striving. The dramas may dominate our thoughts and emotions (and the back page headlines…) but we’re committed to the long haul.

    Or maybe not. The loyalty of a town (or neighborhood) supporting its club (through thick and thin) probably IS an anachronism, though some of us still WANT that experience: the continuity of (mostly) suffering and (very) occasional moments of joy, but mostly something constant in our lives to (help) give it shape. It’s more than a town now (a global village?…), but you get my drift…

    Wenger has given us that and Arsenal are well poised to be a competitive club at the very top of English and European football for the foreseeable future. In other words, if “you’re Arsenal” there still is potential for joy with YOUR club. (How many have had to give up on their local club and “pick” a big club to support?…) I love and admire the man even if I understand how he drives others crazy. I think the next stage is figuring out how to delegate and move beyond his own iconography, and in this, there is a chance to exceed the inescapable comparison with Sir Alex Ferguson. It makes sense that aligning one’s personal success with one’s club IS the true path to glory even if such loyalty appears the biggest anachronism of them all. Wenger will not get the trophies (nor the additional 500 games) but he still has a chance to outdo Sir Alex by showing that he IS NOT essential to our on on pitch success. My hope is for one more three-year contract, a lot more success on the pitch, and then a (much) smoother transition (i.e., continued success…) than they’ve gotten up at United… (On that note, they came back on Olymipiakos yesterday and won themselves another pair of matches; they will not win the CL…)

    So, in my analysis, Wenger has led his club (and English football…) out of the last century and into a new one–from spotty coverage (TV and newspapers) of brutal matches in crumbling stadiums on muddy pitches to something much more modern and (globally, at least) appealing. Premier League clubs (including Arsenal) are now the most valuable sports brands IN THE WORLD. Nowadays, I can get every English match on my flat-screen and we’re talking about it in a global community of Gooners on something called the internet… It’s down to AW for trying to make it entertaining. He’s changed the stylistic demands of the marketplace… Mourinho (the Anti-Wenger?…) got driven out of Chelsea (and Madrid) for not playing football with enough entertainment value and smaller clubs only endure coaches like Pulis and Allardyce when all else fails…

    1000 matches. Wow. Let’s all do what we can to make this next one (against ugly money and preening management, in an antiquated stadium, on a less than ideal pitch…) a victory befitting the occasion. (And maybe, if it goes wrong, let’s also be able to see that it’s just one match and not the ACTUAL end of the world…)

    Thanks for reading, sorry for droning on, etc. 😀

  • ” [Football is] a backward, low-scoring game based on tradition; a grind, and a slow search for progress amidst (often brutal) ups and downs of constant striving.


    The loyalty of a town (or neighborhood) supporting its club (through thick and thin) probably IS an anachronism, though some of us still WANT that experience: the continuity of (mostly) suffering and (very) occasional moments of joy, but mostly something constant in our lives to (help) give it shape ”

    Beautifully said 17ht.

  • Hello, people! 🙂

    May I ask you all something:

    1.what’s your favourite Arsene-related memory?

    2.What’s your favourite match?

    3.Favourite goal?

    4.What three questions would you ask Arsene Wenger if you ever have a chance to do so?

    1.My friend claims that Arsene Wenger was in our home-town back in summer 1998. Someone from Arsenal was there and spoke English with the coach of our local team. We had a huge fight over whether it was true or false but neither of us had a firm evidence whether that actually happened or not. I’ll have to ask that coach next time I see him.

    2.Favourite match: it’s going to be a rather surprising one – our 1:0 victory at Old Toilet…in 2006. We totally dominated that game despite the fact Henry had been injured for a while. Gilberto Silva missed an early penalty but Adebayor’s late goal earned us three points. Jens Lehmann made a great save to deny Solskjaer three minutes before the end and William Gallas gave a wonderful performance. We out-classed United and showed how football should be played. They went to win the title though.

    3.It’s hard to pick. Dennis’ did a one-in-million-years-goal against Newcastle, Henry scored unforgettable goals on regular basis…but I’d go with another rare pick. Sagna’s header against Spuds in 5:2 victory after we had been two-goal-down. Sagna scored a goal and he was all “let’s-fack-them-hard-now!” after that goal. A unique goal, the one that changed everything in the last two years.

    1) “Hello, Mr Wenger. Firstly, I’d like to ask you this: do Arsenal have any chance of signing a world-class ball-winning midfielder that will allow talented creative department to reach full potential?”

    2) “Have you been reluctant to sign a Vieira-sque midfielder due to a) belief that Diaby would become one, b) desire to completely transform George Graham’s Arsenal to Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal or c) fact you haven’t found anyone who would fit the bill out there even though that has been the main reason why we haven’t won a single trophy since Vieira’s last penalty in Arsenal shirt?”

    3) “Which world-class striker you will sign in the summer? I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”

  • I am guessing I would come across as a Wenger basher, but it’s not so. I guess I just get frustrated when I see a few flaws to his approach that if fixed, would make him PERFECT. Thing is, no one is perfect, and if I could look at my own weaknesses and iron them out, then I would be much better off. It’s always easier to see other’s weaknesses compared to acknowledging your own and going about putting them right.

    I think that Wenger is the best and is undervalued by most people outside Arsenal and even those who have allegiance to Arsenal Football Club. Myself included at times.

  • Hey Alcide, Cheers…

    Admir, You ask fine questions and in doing so make some great points…Also, that’s a wild story about AW being there in your home-town. I won’t answer the specific questions (nor ask AW any imaginary ones)…My thoughts, however, run along the lines of yours…It’s awesome when a long-time (loyal…) player makes a key goal in a match against a great rival. In recent years we’ve taken it on the chin against United, had some nice ones against Chelsea (RvP making John Terry fall over, or Theo playing to the whistle and scoring in that 5-3 match…) and Sagna’s goal which you cite goes right with Rosicky’s belter this past Sunday… Arteta’s late long goal vs Man City seemed to put them off the title, which was also a sweet one. We NEED more key important goals which lead to trophy lifting of our own… Of course, the beautiful goals are maybe a different category altogether…

    With the stadium move and the arrival of the Sheik-o-Garchs, Wenger the economist has maybe taken over from Wenger the strategist so his work with individual players has changed. Some of the guys he’s picked have proven fragile (i.e., Diaby, Wilshere, etc.) or they’ve failed in their loyalties and discipline (RvP, Nasri, Song, Arshavin, Bendtner, etc.) or they just haven’t been good enough (Denilson, etc.). Still, overall, he’s picked a LOT of good ones, even if, at times it’s been tough on the support to watch them “develop” when we crave (first) team results. (Ozil, I think, will come good, but it might be a 2nd season kinda deal…) Arseblog, this morning, notes that our net spend has been extremely low and yet we’re in the midst of a title race against the Sheik-o-garchs and one of the debt-financed American owned clubs. We need a little of that FFP stuff to kick in, I would say, for the degree in economics to truly pay off…

    In asking your hypothetical questions it’s clear what you’re suggesting. That we need a DM and a striker. I don’t believe AW works with such a mindset and likes smart players who can play multiple positions. As such, the performances of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in a central MF role is probably more exciting to AW than any scouting report (i.e., on heavily linked, current So’ton players, like Wanyama and Schneiderlin), just a getting Flamini in on a free was more fun (for him) than filling the coffers at Newcastle by buying Cabaye. I’m lamenting that we seem to have lost our Super-spy (James Bond). Are we finally helping out the butter-head, er, head-butter (Alan Pardew)? A late communique from 007 suggested that we would be activating the buy-out clause on Loic Remy…

    On that note, one of the frustrations of supporting Arsene-L is that the transfer windows are uber-frustrating because so many teams assume interest from Arsenal equates to quality. When Wenger shows interest in a player–out of pure respect for the man himself–his price shoots up. As such it’s all subterfuge (if not outright lies) and agony for us. We (like AW, I think) know we’ve got an improving squad, but one that’s not quite there…

    Finally, Milo, those are excellent observations about Wenger and yourself. We can only speak “in the moment” and venting is fine. It’s also possible that Wenger doesn’t deserve to be judged on his previous 999 matches but only on the next one… As such, if it doesn’t go well, then “Wenger Out” is just as reasonable (or not, depending on individual views… 😉 ) as if it were his 10th or his 100th or his 1500th… It’s all a question of the perspective (judgement over time…) YOU can muster… To me it seems wrong to throw the baby (who’s just pooped the tub) out with the bath-water, but that’s just me… 😀

  • Where’s Total and what have you done with the smileys? I’m gonna run a test to see what we’ve got…Here goes…

    :shakes head:
    :eats popcorn:
    :gives finger:

  • That probably doesn’t make much sense… Here’s a translation which might…

    🙂 = (:))
    😉 = (;))
    😀 = (:D)
    😯 = (:shock:)
    🙄 = (:roll:)
    😆 = (:lol:)
    😦 = (:()
    👿 = (:evil:)
    😕 = (:?)
    shakes head:, :eats popcorn:, :gives finger:, :8 (usually to indicate dark glasses) were just hopeful entries…
    😮 = same as (:shocked:) sometimes

    Anyhow, I prefer the old smileys, (or maybe I just fear change..i.e., Wenger out…) but I can adjust, if need be… 🙂

  • A great blog and I would agree with all, Mr Wenger does need to watch his health and leave when he feels its time to go. Like Mr Ferguson of Manchester United he will be very difficult to replace. Long may he stay as manager. Mr Wenger ahs brought a lot to the club in more ways than one. Its ok for some to keep knocking but who would they have in his place? Never going to be easy and its not easy to win any silver ware in any of the competition, no matter what some supporters want. We all want to win but four main competition means four winners, out of many. Great Manager.

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    Cockie is an extracting a Buddha from “Cornwall Christine’s” rectum !! 😆

  • Reaction from news presenter seeing footage of afore mentioned Tranny Annex party!!


  • Dialogue before Rocket launch ! .

    Savile : ” How`s about that !….. Are you ready young Fozzie ? ”

    Fozzie : Yes, Uncle Jim !….have you fixed it for me ? ”

    Savile : ” Now then now then, young Fozzie !.”

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    Savile : ” Uranus, young Fozzie ! “.

  • Haha !! One last picture for you Cockie!!
    It’s you in drag and me with my dialect boner trying to lure JB back to the blog!!


  • Thanks for responding to the post, Fozzer, Hehehehenry, 17 and WR 🙂

    Some fine contributions as well.

    Have been travelling for work today. Good night. 🙂

  • TCM 20:06………I know, I’m consulting my Lawyers. It’s the first angry words my neighbours and I have had since 16th December, 1983. 😦
    Looks nice though. 🙂

  • VCC,
    If it helps your not alone in your problem, i have lived next to the same neighbours for over 10 years and we have got in to some strange rows lately police called a few times lol.. never had a single problem before, i dont want to go in to the whys and hows and whens. These things just happen, it is not nice though having trouble on your own doorstep. 😦 lol if you don’t laugh your probably well ha ha ha

  • mind you some people wont talk to you again over the not signing Draxlar deal ha ha ha ha even though it was said in jest but thats can be the problem in chatting in text.

  • The neighbours live in fear of me PG. They formed an action group, led by my wife, and enacted a petition to evict me.

    Luckily for me, my solicitor, “Mr Testicockiles” is a right shark and saw them off.

    To celebrate my victory I had sex with a couple of there wives.

    Fantastic TA

    Were do I begin in my admiration of Arsene?. Shall I tell you of my dreams were Arsene is on horseback riding towards the sunset and I chase on foot yelling “Come back Arsene, we can run off together”

    Or maybe the time I parked outside his house for two days waiting for my chance to talk to him, but ended up disappointed as the police led me away.

    The greatest manager Arsenal have had since Herbert Chapman. Long may his reign continue.

  • except the part about the street trying to evict me me, good to hear your still fighting for yourself and have shewd breaking bad style lawyer

  • you should be planning to park a zimmer in every house in the street;) you could be like a moormen

  • Arsene Wenger is expected to sign at least a 2-year contract extension to his current one. (i.e. till summer 2016). Along with most of his backroom & coaching staff (i.e. Primorac, Bould, Banfield, Peyton, Colbert, C.Lewin, O’Driscoll, Akers etc).

    Our club has been (and is still going to be) extending the contracts of many key players in our 1st team.

    This just about giving enough transition time and laying the continuous ground work for the next incumbent (e.g. Roberto Martínez, Jürgen Klopp etc) to step in seamlessly.

    There are strong links in respect to our could-be future summer signings: in relationship with the ongoing/new partnerships we have established with Fly Emirates, PUMA, and various player agencies/agents. I will not comment much on this as our season is still ongoing and we need all our current players, club staff, fans/supporters to be fully concentrating on our remaining battles in the PL and the FA Cup.

    PS: It has been a while since I commented in this blog, everyone.

  • Screw me it’s quiet in here !! 😆 You lot must have buggered off to the pub!! I’ll have to join you! 😀

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