Preview – Arsenal Predicted Line-Up. The cannon will be loaded!

Just a quick one, as I have been busy over the last few days (and the regular match pre-viewers are all hiding ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Tomorrow we are going to beat the Chavs. Why? Because it’s Wenger’s special day and the team will show an incredible unity and hunger, and because karma has a date with the self-adoring one.

Forget about the statistics, the history, the Maureen-factor – tomorrow is Wenger-Day. We are going to fight for every ball and for each other, we are going to load the cannon and shoot the proverbial out of the Chavs.

It will not be nice, it will not be pretty, some players might get hurt, but we will win tomorrow. We will win it for Arsene.


Predicted Line-Up

This is the line-up that will do it:

ars v chavs march 14

Maybe Rosicky starts instead of Arteta or Flamini in the double DM-pivot; he could also start instead of Podolski. Is he fit? I reckon he is, but he would be a good game changer to come on in the second half.

It could be that Wenger goes for the unpredictability and uninhibited thrust of Sanogo instead of Giroud. But I reckon the man from the French Alps will start once again. Maybe KK starts in the hole and Santi moves into Pod’s position…. all possible. But whoever plays tomorrow, they will give their all: you can count on it!

Time to load the cannon. Time for battle.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victory for Arsene - Victory Through Harmony.

Victory for Arsene – Victory Through Harmony.


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360 Responses to Preview – Arsenal Predicted Line-Up. The cannon will be loaded!

  1. Nice post Totes. Hopefully Rosicky can play and we can have a similar line up to the one used at WHL as opposed to Flamteta which is not the best double pivot for helping attacking threat wise and making Chelsea think twice about pressing.

    Looking forward to this one, if we can contain Hazard and defend set pieces well we’ve got a good chance, esp. with Ramires and Willian suspended. COYG.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Ice-Ice Baby ๐Ÿ™‚

    I reckon Arsene will want to keep it tight and tell his players to remain patient and organised… the chances will come and we need to take them…

    But I agree on the FlamTeta analysis and that is why I reckon he might come in later to replace either Flam or Teta.

    You are so right re the set pieces: that is the biggest danger (remember Liverpool?).


  3. Nice vote of confidence TA,
    Wenger could do with you, as his side kick.

    Sorry… But,

    I’m feeling very pessimistic about tomorrow,
    The dirty chavs will be out to spoil the wenger party.
    And I’m sure that the jealous one will be giving them order’s in his team talk.

    The referee is bugging me too,
    Marriner must be a chav, He robbed WBA from a win there, not too long ago.

    We need a miracle against these cheating chavs,
    Hope we get one.

  4. Fozzie B says:

    Wenger Day!! I love it!! Happy Wenger Day everybody!! Let’s celebrate with a win to the good guys!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Very positive Totes and a fitting burst of sunshine on this day of days!! Would probably go for Rocky over Poldi for his pressing and defensive work but like the attacking threat of Poldi !! So if he does start then Rocky to come on early early!!
    Would love Sanogo to come in early for Ollie at the 70 min mark or vice versa as Ollie came on with a hard on last time he was used as impact sub!!
    COYRRG’s !!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. jgc says:


    I’m thinking 2-1, … Hopefully to the good guys. Tight and ugly… 1-1 perhaps more likely. Really depends on whether or not someone tries to actually win..

    Cheers — jgc

  6. geoffchase says:


    Ox and Poldi to use pace wide to make the difference… If there is one allowed to be made

    Cheers — jgc

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Fozzie, Wenger Banger Day!

    It’s my mum’s 75th birthday today and Wenger’s 1000th battle. It’s a landmark day, and all good things come in threes! ๐Ÿ™‚

    COY WenGunners!

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Ollie with a super sub hard on sounds good to, especially when Sanogo has warmed Terry up.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Fat boy, yes a little miracle is required ๐Ÿ™‚

    Geoff, tight and ugly. You could be right.

  10. alcide says:

    I’m not that optimistic (where is JB when you need him). Ramirez and Willian out would be an opportunity if we didn’t have Theo, Rambo, Mesut and Jack out… Leiden out would barely equalize things… We’re going against all odds, so tigh and ugly, with maybe a couple flashes of brilliance is what I’m hoping for to win the game, but I’d sign for a draw.


  11. VCC says:

    Morning Totes, fine post. Happy Birthday to your Mum and hope she and Arsenal have a wonderfully happy and successful day.

    We will have a difficult afternoon. Goal scoring has dried up a little. It’s a must NOT lose game today if we want to win the EPL.

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Vickers ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. VCC says:

    Totes……We need to send a posse out for 007. Send the boys round and kick his Arse, and tell him to start blogging again. We all miss him. ~Oh~ and while I’m at it, JB and GERRY need to enter their predictions on the UMF ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. henrychan says:

    If we want to win the midfielder than Flam-teta is not the answer.. I prefer Ox-teta or Ox-mini..
    But if we want to keep it cleansheet.. Than maybe it a good option..

    We can put Gnabry in the RW and Podolski in LW.. Sanogo will be an advantange if he is fit.. They know Giroud too well, so a different striker will make our attack more unpredictable.

    I agree that all the players will give their best tonight.. 100% or even more.. Hehe.. This 1000 Wenger’s games will give more energy for all..
    And I am quite sure that the absence of Mou will give a big effect to their play.. Hehe..

    1-0 or 2-1 is enough.. No matter how bad the game will be.. Winning is the best thing.. Hahaha..
    Go Gunners..

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Henry,

    I know what you mean re FlamTeta, but we must not fall into the Maureen trap and go and attack them the old Wengerball way, which you seem to want.

    We need to be compact and committed and defend AND attack collectively. It won’t be pretty, it won’t be smart but we’ll hit them hard! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Gerry says:

    Afternoon all. Yes a game to savour … if we get a good result.

    I am not sure one your team selections, but the real thing will be out shortly.

    Scarf will be out shortly too.

    No time to chat, as my day starts a 4.00am these days .. so am just up for a relaxing game of footie.

    VCC’s – I’m on it now!!!

  17. Fozzie B says:

    By the way I’m dam nervous for that dodgy wotsit Eto’o !!! That Wiley ok fox will try milk a pen and a sending off !! Get your voodoo dolls out gentleman!! Haha !! ๐Ÿ˜†

  18. Happy with the line up.

    It appears that Flamini may have fallen a little out of favour recently, may be discipline related. Since around January he’s not been quite the same player he was in the first few months of the season.

    Also, need a big performance from Santi, really want him to start making big impacts in matches such as these.
    First XI: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

    Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Jenkinson, Flamini, Kallstrom, Sanogo, Gnabry

  19. Dylan says:

    Good lineup. One of our best. This is a must win. Lose this game, and the title is 100% gone. Draw, and we’re still in it. Win, and we are title elects.

  20. Fozzie B says:

    Ol fox!! I like line up .. Made for more fluidity getting out from the back ๐Ÿ˜†

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    No Flamini again! But still good line up.


  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Back at the break.


  23. AFC says:

    2 nil What the fuck is going on?!?!?!

  24. Dylan says:

    Please take Sagna out of the starting line up from now until he wakes up.

  25. water says:


  26. AFC says:

    Dylan, this match could be lost already.

  27. Xavier says:

    Have we come from behind to win at any game this season yet??

  28. water says:

    Holy sh@t
    Not another accident.
    There’s still time.

  29. alexgunners says:

    Pitiful start, i was driving back from a wedding and nearly had 2 accidents driving home.
    Surely these players don’t need much more encouragement for todays game.

  30. Dylan says:

    Halftime: Sagna off, Sanogo on. 3 at the back. Nothing to lose.

  31. AFC says:

    Alex, that is the thing. If the players cannot do well in this kind of situation when can they. Still time to come back but I doubt we will unless they pull their socks up.

  32. AFC says:

    Let’s see if we can respond.

  33. AFC says:

    Gibbs sent off, pen for Chelsea.

  34. Dylan says:


  35. AFC says:

    Hazard scores match done.

  36. Dylan says:


  37. AFC says:

    I might switch off soon.

  38. alexgunners says:

    This is really poor on our behalf, we cannot win the league by conceding 3 in 16 minutes against the chavs and 4 against liverpool in 20 minutes.
    Absolutely hopeless.

    @AFC, unfortunately the fat woman has sung and sat on Wenger’s face

  39. AFC says:

    So it’s three at the back. Huge mistake from the ref, who has sent off the wrong player.

  40. Xavier says:

    Everything that can go wrong really is.

  41. AFC says:

    Podolaki playing LB.

  42. AFC says:

    Alex, do we deserve to win the league with performances like this?

  43. Dylan says:

    This is outrageous! How does a ref send off the wrong player? How in this day and age is that possible? 4 officials, and Ox telling the ref it was him, yet they still get it wrong.

  44. alexgunners says:

    most definitely not
    Do we need to replace Giroud for being so incompetent in front of goals???
    How different the game might have been if he was a more complete striker

  45. AFC says:

    Dylan, I do not get it either. The officials surely have to point out to the ref that he is sending of the wrong player.

  46. Dylan says:

    Should be Sagna off, Verm on. Gnabry and Sanogo to come on at halftime if it still looks hopeless. This game isn’t done yet.

  47. AFC says:

    Alex, this goes back to what I keep saying about the need for quality players. Top ST needed, top DM needed etc.

  48. water says:

    Oh God
    I honestly thought you lot would have a go but this is very disappointing. Oh well there’s always next year.
    I still hate the chavs being on top. If we lose or draw the Cardiff match they are going to win.
    Does anybody know what’s wrong with ARSENAL fc?

  49. alexgunners says:

    Dylan, I like your positivity but if we continue just to jog around with no urgency, there will be a similar scoreline to the liverpool game

  50. AFC says:

    Dylan, I think it is over. Chelsea will shut up shop and are one of the best teams when it comes to doing so.

  51. alexgunners says:

    AFC, I agree with your points but i still do not understand how 11 men do not turn up for an important game. That’s why I say that the FA Cup semi final is ours to lose and if we play like this Wigan will win it again.

  52. AFC says:

    Who got subbed off for us, left the room and did not see.

  53. water says:

    I understand u are not in the most positive of positions. But don’t attack me.

  54. Dylan says:

    Alex, I say Sagna off for Gnabry. Sanogo on for Rosicky. 3-2-2-2.
    RCB: Kos
    CB: Mert
    LCB: Verm
    RDM: Ox
    LDM: Arteta
    RAM: Gnabry
    LAM: Santi
    RS: Giroud
    LS: Sanogo

  55. Dylan says:

    AFC: I believe it was Poldi.

  56. AFC says:

    Alex, I think even a York City would have gave Chelsea a match on such a glorious occasion.

  57. alexgunners says:

    poldi off verm on

  58. alexgunners says:

    Dylan, we have nothing to lose, lets try something at least

  59. AFC says:

    Thanks guys but why bring on another defender. I would have went to three at the back and put Flamini on.

  60. AFC says:

    I think Wenger needs to go Fergie on the players at the break.

  61. Dylan says:

    Only one chance of getting anything and that’s the formation I put up.

  62. Xavier says:


  63. alexgunners says:

    Does anyone know what will happen with the Gibbs’ red card.
    To my understanding, Gibbs can appeal and will win since he didn’t handball and the OX will go unpenalised. Is this correct?

  64. AFC says:

    4 nil. This has gotta be a borderline disgrace?

  65. AFC says:

    4 nil, out of the title race. This has gotta be a (borderline) disgraceful performance?

  66. alexgunners says:

    AFC, it was a disgrace at 3-0 at the 16 minute mark

  67. AFC says:

    I think so Alex.

  68. alexgunners says:

    how the hell does the linesman give a corner. That is shit

  69. Dylan says:

    Good try Ollie. Switch to my formation at halftime and it’s not over. Short of that, it’s damage control. Chelsea clearly have paid the ref here. Perhaps time to ease out the elderly players. Arteta looks sluggish and disinterested. Sagna looks older and worse every game.

  70. AFC says:

    Who knows Alex.

  71. AFC says:

    Dylan, I think it is. I do not even think you could come back from being 4 nil down in FIFA.

  72. Dylan says:

    From Arseblog:
    Ref: Gibbs, you’re off.
    Ox: Ref it was me!
    Ref: Shut up Walcott!

  73. AFC says:

    I actually feel sorry for Wenger.

  74. Dylan says:

    AFC, I’ve done it on fifa with 10 men. Not against Chelsea, but still. ๐Ÿ˜‰ First time for everything.

  75. AFC says:

    Dylan, I know all three players are mixed race but they look nothing alike in turn of size, build etc, and the players have numbers and names on the back of their shirts!!!

  76. AFC says:

    Dylan, good to hear. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. alexgunners says:

    I would have to agree with you. It’s your managers 1000th game in charge and you play like you want to embarrass him. Time for AW to lay the boot into the team.
    Our away form is shocking against the other top 4 sides.
    Raped by Man$hitty
    Molested by Liverpool
    and being fingered by the Chavs

  78. AFC says:

    I think the decision by Wenger not to play Flamini has been a huge mistake but that is no excuse for the team to play as badly as they have.

  79. Dylan says:

    AFC, agreed they looked nothing alike. But it’s basically true. Accidentally racist ref.

  80. AFC says:

    Dylan, that’s like me not knowing the difference between Wilshere, Ramsey and Jenks.

  81. AFC says:

    Marriner has admitted he has made a mistake and sent off the wrong player.

  82. Admir says:

    Against other Top 4 sides we have conceded 15 goals away from home in three games. It’s embarrassing. Arsene Wenger can’t learn from his mistakes, Olivier Giroud can’t stop missing against top sides and it all looks like a f+++ing groundhog day all over again. I don’t know what Wenger was thinking when he sent Podolski on the pitch knowing how dangerous Schรผrrle is.

    We have been in Idiocy-competition against Spuds this season so I expect us to ship five goals against City next week.

  83. alexgunners says:

    Why is Flamini coming on now. IMO he should have started the game

  84. AFC says:

    Admir, we are fighting for top four now and only have the FA Cup left. Flamini has finally come on.

  85. alexgunners says:

    We should have taken Giroud off

  86. AFC says:

    The Ox will miss the City game next week and Gibbs suspension will be void.

  87. AFC says:

    Ox will miss the Swansea match and not the City game.

  88. Admir says:

    @alexgunners – if Wenger had replaced Giroud with a shit on the stick, it would have been more effective than Giroud today. I just hope we will ship him in the summer, I can’t stand the possibility of watching him in our shirt in big matches next season (and, hopefully, our first big match will be the Community Shield match).

    Someone will point at our injuries but I say it’s a lame excuse for this. Mourinho had been short with quality in the middle before he signed Matiฤ‡. Wenger had been short in the attack and in the midfield before he decided to take a 47-year-old Kallstrom on loan because he was cheap.

  89. AFC says:

    Admir, Giroud might be off to PSG due to his personal problems.

  90. Gino92 says:

    Fucking Giroud! He has been a useless piece of sheet these last few games. He is the direct root cause of all of this embarrassment. Had he taking that early glorious scoring chance, it would have been a totally different game, I am sure. He should not start any more games the rest of the season and be replaced by a quality striker next season. What a disgrace!
    Why the hell is Arteta starting ahead of Flamini exactly? Gosh, he is so so so slow…

  91. Gino92 says:

    ***piece of shit***

  92. AFC says:

    5 nil. I do not even know if this is embarrassing or disgraceful, but it is a fucking joke.

  93. alexgunners says:

    4 times we lose the ball between midfield and defence and 4 times we conceded goals,Utterly poor

  94. AFC says:

    I honestly think a team in the conference league would have done better than we are currently doing.

  95. Admir says:

    @AFC, if PSG are ready to sign him, they have personal problems as well. I understand them though – they can afford him due to fact they have Ibrahimoviฤ‡ in the attack. That would be one nosy attack!

    Chelsea-Arsenal 2:1 (last season): Giroud missed a sitter at 0:0.
    Spuds-Arsenal 2:1 (last season): Giroud missed a sitter at 0:0 (Vertonghen prevented him from scoring).
    Manchester City-Arsenal 6:3 (this season): Giroud missed a hat-trick of chances in space of five minutes at 4:2.
    Arsenal-Chelsea 0:0 (this season): Giroud missed two good chances at 0:0.
    Chelsea-Arsenal 4:0 (anc counting, this season): Giroud missed a sitter at 0:0.

    There is a certain pattern, I guess.

  96. Admir says:

    And this is the difference between the world-class manager and the one that used to be one.

  97. AFC says:

    I just do not think Giroud is good enough. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  98. AFC says:

    6 nil!!!!!!!!!

  99. AFC says:

    The team might as well just walk off the pitch!

  100. Admir says:

    If I were Wenger, I’d beat the crap out of all players and then repeat that scene from the toilet from “Liar, Liar”.

    If there is a pinch of honour in Wenger’s body, he’ll resign on the press-conference.

  101. AFC says:

    Not sure about AW resigning now Admir. We are still in the FA Cup and have a good chance of winning it. Wenger resigning could ruin our chance of winning the FA Cup.

  102. alexgunners says:

    F#$king 6-0. We can’t beat a premiership side 6-0 , yet we can concede at least 5 goals 3 times this season.
    This series of score lines is not just a fluke but it is a culmination of years of protection which Arsene Wenger has given his players. He has always made excuses for them and blamed everything on anything else but the team.
    During project youth, he guarded his players and sheltered them from blame, this has made them soft. This continued over the years and we continually fail against the big teams.
    Would Fergusson or Maureen accept this, probably not!!! Unfortunately we are in a serious conundrum where we celebrate what AW has done for this great club and respect his position or do we not renew his contract and have a new manager come in?????
    I say this because it seems that our players cannot be motivated enough by him. I am not purely blaming him, what i am saying is that either he finds his magic that he had in the past or seriously give ultimatums to players and punish them for poor performances.
    We are lucky that we are still fighting for 4th spot. Where would we be if AVB did not kill off a spuds challenge or if Fergusson was still at ManUre????? Europa league or perhaps worse.

    This is my rant because a team like The Arsenal should not lose 5-1, 6-3 and currently 6-0.
    If we continue like this we are just kidding ourselves

  103. alexgunners says:

    Sorry for the mini post but like most of you fellow Bk’ers, I hate seeing our club being embarrassed

  104. Fozzie B says:

    Breaking silence during the game which is something I just don’t do to say
    “Mummmmyyyyyyyy …. I need a hug!!”

    And what’s making matters worse is you guys are battering us in the cricket!!

  105. AFC says:

    It’s fully understandable Alex.

  106. Admir says:

    @AFC – I think that every manager in the world should be able to beat Wigan and whoever in the FA Cup with players Arsene Wenger has on disposal. If not, then we should re-shape the whole team in the summer.

  107. Gino92 says:

    Giroud, you fucker! Stop falling down all the time at the slightest challenge… We badly need to invest in a few new players this summer.

  108. AFC says:

    Maybe Gibbs should have refused to go off.

  109. oz gunner says:

    Disgrace. If you cant get up for Arsene’s 1000th then you should pack your bags and play for another club. Soft as mud!!!! Once again there is two teams out there. The back 5 -> a massive hole -> the rest. No pressing, no teamwork, nothing.

    Have we learnt anything in the last 5 years….

    Poor poor decision to not start flamini away from home!!!! Does Arsene have a plan B ever. When we lose we fucking lose big!

  110. alexgunners says:

    Embarrassment on the pitch over, now lets see what everyone has to say

  111. alexgunners says:

    complete disgrace

  112. AFC says:

    Do you know what today has proved. All the pundits were right. Our squad was not large enough and we did not have enough quality to last the full season. A lot of fans thought they hating but maybe those fans were looking at things with their Arsenal glasses on.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until we do it. We need to sign a top DM and ST and defensive cover at the very least in the summer.

  113. AFC says:

    I really could not care less if Wenger does not believe in having a pure DM. A great manager like Wenger should admit his mistakes and change his beliefs and philosophy if required. I cannot see us winning the league until we get a top DM or someone who can perform that role effectively.

  114. Admir says:

    @AFC – he is not a great manager anymore. He is a good manager. Arsenal are great club.

  115. Alcide says:

    So Admir, if a striker misses chances, it’s ok for the defense and rest of the team to cencede 6? Sorry but blaming your striker for not scoring win clear chances is one thing, but blaming him for your team letting in 5, 6 and 6 is just silly. “If he had scored it would have been a different game”, etc. my foot,.. The team. was terrible and got what it deseved.
    Back later , want to avoid the brunt of negativity due to the disappointment (and I mean mine).

  116. Gino92 says:

    As horrible as this result is, I am glad that we have already put a little bit of distance between ourselves and Tottenham and Everton. Title Pretenders, we are. Title Contenders, we are not. Not with performances like this one, Liverpool away, and Man City away. We bended over and got fucked when it mattered most. Yet, we never seem to learn from our mistakes. Why is that??? Why start Giroud when his head and his heart is clearly not in playing football anymore this season, but rather saving his marriage? Why play Arteta instead of Flamini in the big games knowing that he is slower than a turtle especially when running back to defend? Fabianski has done so well the 2 games prior, I would have personally preferred him in goal. I truly believe he would have saved some of those goals due to his super quick reaction time. Why not take a different approach to starting games against the top teams full of quality players? You would think the players would give their all given the importance of this game (not only in terms of the title race but also because it is Wenger’s 1000th) but they didn’t bother. Our reserve team would have fared much better, I think. The whole team should be ashamed of itself.
    Amazingly, we are mathematically not out of the title race yet but we need to finally learn from our humiliations and do things differently over the last few remaining games, starting with benching both Giroud and Arteta, and if necessary, Szczesny.
    It certainly is going to be very interesting how the team respond to this embarrassment/humiliation…

  117. Admir says:

    Alcide, I agree with you that Giroud wasn’t the only one to blame. The thing is, it was his regular day in the office in big matches – the others simply had the bad one.

    I had a rough week and I hoped that this game would bring a bit of weekend pleasure. Unfortunately, eleven players that earn more money for one year than I will for my entire life despite being much more educated than they are betrayed me and every Gooner in this world.

  118. Alcide says:


    Pundits were not right – first collectively they covered all possible reasons a team could fail for (so something would stick at some point). Second our squad is large enough – Theo, Rambo, Jack, ร–zil all out at the moment makes it thin, so pundits would have been right if they had predicted an injury crisis (and some did).

    AFC, We know our defensive midfield is not good enough. It’s actually and interestingly good enough 90% of the time, and when it is we are cruising… but when it’s not, and this is particularly deceptive, it becomes 100% ineffective. We’re either airtight ร– r open house, and I think this is due to the style of play of our DM pivot, especially when Flam (but not only)’is not playing. It’s elegant, about intelligent positioning, awareness, experience etc… But when the plan goes wrong( typically vs top teams, playing at higher pace), we have no mitigating factors (speed, physicality…) and we’re simply and systematically overrun.

    I’d be surprised if we didn’t get a SQ DM this summer AFC, Arsene has praised Flam and the steel he added the team on several occasions this season, so he knows the position is important (and is not unaware of what quality Flamini represents – decent/good but not great). Retrospectively it’s easy to wish for Flam to have started, but quite frankly, I would have been disappointed with such a cautious approach, in a game we wanted/needed to win to be in for the first spot final run.

  119. Admir says:

    Funny thing: Cardiff-Liverpool 2:1!

    Not so funny thing: Everton-Swansea 1:0.

  120. I am the bearer of good news to you Broke Back BKers !…………………………………….due to our inability to beat Mansour City, Manshafter Std and Chavski since 2012……we are still +2 points like for like !. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh ! and by the way !……4th is not guaranteed !…..If Everton win today and win their game in hand, they will be 3 points behind us and have us to play at home !.
    For the first time in years, I would take the FAC at the expense of CL qualification !. However, don’t expect a FAC win as we have lost our last 3 finals 2-1 ( 2 League Cup and CL ), so as well as not being able to beat the 3 previously mentioned, we cant win a final either !.
    So glad I still have a boner from beating the Spuds !. hahaha

  121. AFC says:

    Alcide, that is thing though. They said we would have an injury crisis and would not have the quality to come in when needed.

    Agrees with the first point and the rest. I have said I will wait to see what Wenger does in the summer and I will stand by that. I want Wenger to stay at least until the end of the season and for many more seasons if he brings in the players we need.

  122. Alcide says:

    Aye Admir… I share the spoilt weekend feeling… I’m also afraid too Pool will catchup and win the game. Those three large defeats to the top three just confirm that while we (I think) have improved, the injuries kept us in the “fight for CL” spot… And once more we have to bounce back (boy I hate this expression) to avoid having a nervy end of season. Man I’m going to be quite stressed for the FA cup games as well…

  123. Admir says:

    The Protector of The Chart of Doom – no, they’ll be two points behind us as we will be massacred by City. And, we lost four trophy-worth matches with 2:1 score-line – Community Shield 2005 was the 1st one.

  124. Admir says:

    So far Wilfried Boner works for us!

  125. Be like that then Admir !……If you want to go on about The Community Shield, then I will bring on The Emirates Cup !….we haven’t won that for the last 2 years !.
    Darth Wenger Out !.

  126. Alcide says:

    AFC, Considering who was injured, I thought we had decent quality on the pitch – but I guess my point is that pundits just suck ๐Ÿ™‚

    The most infuriating, is that after the pool debacle, at 2-nil, I would have expected us to succeed in getting some composure and steel back, and start from there. I guess the red card killed the possibility but damn…

  127. Alcide says:

    Pool are level… Hoping for opponents to lose… Almost as pitiful as Andros Townsend rejoicing for our defeat :/

  128. Maybe we should pension the Sith Lord off and get Louis van Gaal before the Spuds get him, what do you think Totes !.

  129. Admir says:

    Has anyone pointed to that Spud that he shouldn’t laugh given that Chavs scored more goals today than he has had during whole career?

  130. I crave for the days when we had……..Vieira/Petit……Vieira/Gilberto………a couple of big muvver fcuker DM`s !.

  131. Ahh, but Admir !……..they didn`t score more goals than the times he has had sex with his mum !.

  132. AFC says:

    Admir, ๐Ÿ˜€

    Townsend I believe. Yet another massively overrated young English plater who will not amount to much.

    Alcide, the pundits do suck which is why I want AW and our team to prove them wrong. I am just so disappointed that the team could not play well on a landmark day for Wenger and English football.

  133. AFC says:


  134. Alcide says:

    Hahaha Admir

    TCM, Vieira/MyGrandmother would work too…

    AW not in a sharing mood:

    ‘This defeat is my fault, I take full responsibility for it. I don’ t think there’s too much need to talk about the mistakes we made. We got a good hiding today. It’s how we respond now on Tuesday night [against Swansea] and the best way is not to explain too much the mistakes. ”

    ‘Yes, of course it’s one of the worst days [in my career]. It’s over after 20 minutes and it’s a long game after that. You don’t prepare all week to experience that kind of experience.’

    That’s funny, the couple of times I’ve taken responsibility for mistakes due to my team at the office, I can tell you some of my team members got a good talking to, I wonder what will happen behind the scenes…

  135. Alcide says:

    Unless Arsene considers he did get it wrong

  136. proudgooner says:

    What a f****ing nightmare!
    A very painful result, i cant remember being so embarrassed by a result, on Wenger day of all days, worst still dealt to us by Jose and the Chavs.
    Well its clear now that the title was out of reach this season.
    Wenger needs to buy a few more Big PLAYERS, sUAREZ WAS PROBABLY THE 1 .
    Top 4 and FA cup i would take that happierly, still alot of work to do.

  137. AFC says:

    Alcide, I think Wenger will give the players a good hiding. Regardless of AW not starting Flamini the players out on the pitch should not have lost 6 nil. That result would even be a poor scoreline for a League 1 side.

  138. ” This defeat was my fault, I take full responsibility for it ! ”
    Fair enough, but why was it your fault…….care to run that by us !.

  139. proudgooner says:

    Also, what the hell is going on? Everytime we seem to have a BIG match, we seem to play with 10 men before vhalf time every time. This must stop.!!

  140. VCC says:

    How embarrassing was that ? Maureen totally mugging Wenger off ..AGAIN.
    I wonder what excuses our Manager will come out with now.

  141. Admir says:

    Wenger is a responsibility-swallower. He swallows it and nobody gets any consequences. It’s like when you ask your ill brother to go to your parents and ask something for two of you – they won’t say no to him. The Board won’t punish Wenger even if he accepted responsibility for Chernobyl.

  142. proudgooner says:

    You have got to hope Liverpool can win the league if we cant, .
    It was a freak result though, everything went for them, everything went against us.
    Jose smug face needs a slap. Glic make him suck your scotum!

  143. My take for what`s it`s worth and I`m only repeating what I have said in the past against the likes of Manshafter Std, Mansour City and Chavski !. We cant go in Gung-Ho against these teams, we need to defend first and foremost. Wenger has a delusional view that we are as strong as these teams and can just go out and attack them as if they are a lesser team !. Quality teams need different tactics !. The Chavs, even though at home and knowing of our depressing injury scenario still play 2 DM`s ( Matic and Luiz ) !. Mourinho beat`s Wenger hands down every time when it comes to tactics, apart from being stubborn , maybe “tactics” is his Achilles heel !…..Oh and being as tight as a gnats arsehole !. hahaha

  144. VCC says:

    TCM….because he continues to play a second rate Centre Forward…..because he continues to play a mid fielder who cannot run any more…….because he cannot motivate his players against the big boys….because he refuses to spend some of ARSENAL’S money…..because he is out of date and stubborn.

  145. proudgooner says:

    How does he do it? He is a pure turd! Wenger has to to his own back.

  146. proudgooner says:

    Your totally right, the team was more set up for attack then at any time this season and v Chelsea, we were to gun-ho for sure and he soon realised. Plusd the added pressure on the players to get the result for 1000th Wenger day. It was justa freak day. sickening.

  147. proudgooner says:

    We need goals, more goals, lots and lots of goals. Losing Theo is telling now, Rambo too..

  148. Admir……`s also plain to see that a regime under Kroenke is only interested in making money and with Wenger on ยฃ7M(?) per year, they have the best business manager in world football ( He has a degree in economics ! ) and are not going to sack him as long as the “company” is heading in the right direction !. All Kroenke`s sports teams are average and he is doing his best to make this one follow suit !. This isn`t an American sports team where there is no relegation and is run with a wage cap, draft system etc`, this is the biggest game in the world and what makes a team become a global success is trophies !. Take a look at Chavski, by buying trophies they are possibly as big as us whereas 10+ years ago they were no where !.
    I still stand by it, we will be below the likes of Chavski, Mansour City, Manshafter and not win the EPL or CL whilst Kroenke is in charge and FFP takes the piss !.

    UZZY IN ! ( or anyone richer ! )

  149. Admir says:

    TCM, any manager that comes to replace Arsene will have to make a list of players that are in the club and divide them into categories:

    -those who are on Arsenal level,

    -those who might reach Arsenal level,

    -those who are unlikely to reach Arsenal level,

    -those who are never going to reach Arsenal level.

    First two categories should stay, the other two should be sold, loaned out or simply released.

    Then, that new manager should think about which positions club must strengthen and act as quickly as possible to sign top-class players for our weak spots.

    But, it won’t happen anyway as we are stuck with Wenger and his cretinous experiments, austerity and lame excuses for years to come. Bloody Paul Lambert with Aston Villa has won more points against Top 4 sides than Arsene Wenger has this season.

  150. We currently lack pace in both ……as VCC quite rightly points out…..Attack and DM !.
    Big big big Summer TW coming up……don’t fcuk it up Arsene or time to go !.
    I`m afraid that just like old footballers, boxers, sportsmen……..may be it`s time for Arsene to go, how longer can the ” In Wenger we Trust ” brigade keep sticking up for him ?…….1 2 3 4 5 years more ?……….one more summer imo !.
    From the ridiculous injury fiasco to ridiculous signings , it`s becoming a joke, we may be +2 points better off like for like compared to last season, but I cant count on one hand the amount of games this season where we have be a lot better than average !.
    Something has to occur as next season, not only will the teams above us be stronger, but also Manshafter Std will be back in the mix !. Five teams into four CL spots doesn’t work out and if a global juggernaut like Manshafter can miss the boat this year, then we should be afraid….very afraid !.

  151. Admir says:

    TCM, I don’t think Wenger will accept these defeats as a failure, especially if we manage to win the cup. He will hide behind the cup, 4th-place-trophy (that constitutes a double, right?) and bad luck with injuries. Arsene’s “lawyers” will point at Manure and Curios Case of David Moyes to scare everyone who thinks Arsene should leave. And Diaby is going to be like a new signing!

    Let’s hope that we won’t screw things up against Wigan and/or Hull/Sheffield in the cup. Even when Arsene had better players on disposal we were capable of giving away trophies (Galatasaray, Birmingham City).

  152. Admir……I bet every team in the EPL has beaten one of the “3 big clubs” since we last beat them !.
    We are living on past glories and have been brainwashed into getting excited every year at a top 4 finish !. Money has taken over and I personally would rather see football back to the days of a European Cup, where only the Champions play in such a competition……it will never go back to those days and more and more of us are suckered into thinking 4th is a trophy !. Trouble is with out CL, we wont survive and that makes even the chances of an FAC or COC win even more unlikely !.
    I sometimes wish I had the courage to turn my back on football fullstop !. I am not happy in the knowledge of what these footballer are earning nowadays…example Rooney on ยฃ300K per week…I think it is a slap in the face to the working class people who have stood by it for years !….where will it end ?.
    I too have been suckered by wanting the likes of Usmanov , but with more than 50 years of support, I`m desperate for us to compete and would sell my soul to the devil for the success “the big 3” have been having of late !. Being humiliated by the Chavs could have only been worse had it been done by the Spuds !. It does not sit well .

  153. Where`s Arsenal`s defence lawyer Stretch ?. hahaha
    I bet Totes has packed his bags and is on the first flight back to Holland to rekindle his love of Roda !. hahaha

  154. Admir says:

    We haven’t beaten Top 3 since that victory against Manchester Oilers. Arteta’s late strike, Song’s brilliant performance in the middle, fluent attacks that should have ended with more than just one goal. That was our best performance by miles in the last few years – we should have beaten City with at least four-goal-margin. But we had an aggressive defensive midfielder (Song) and a world-class striker (Rusty vain Penis) back then.

  155. Totes rated Song as a DM Beast, I was on the fence with him, but I was still baffled by his departure and still am !. I fear that as good as Arteta is at keeping the ball ticking over and Flamini`s aggression, I feel both lack pace, however as much as I would love a couple of DM beasts, it is a position which I think is one of the hardest to find real Super Quality in !.

  156. Admir says:

    I’ve just seen Luis Suarez’s statistics. He has scored 28 goals and created 11 more this season. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ 39 goals by himself. And we have a Stoke-level striker as our main and ONLY option.

    I agree regarding DM-beasts. There are not too many of those available. I still think that we missed on Fellaini even though he has been a useless crap for United – that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have done well at our place.

  157. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening FFG’s ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, I gave the pep talk and the right line up for And to Wenger, but it was to no avail. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Very disappointing tactical performance by the millennium matcher. It was so easy for the Chavs, so bloody easy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    But a win on Tuesday, a game I will be going to, will give us new impetus, and we have to keep going, however much this hurts.

  158. BK should kidnap Wenger so we could all shag him !. I`ve already made a banner to display at The Emirates………….” In Wenger We Thrust ! ” . Totes can take it to the Swansea !. hahaha

  159. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Cocker of Doom. ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. RA says:

    Hi Guys,

    Sometimes you just have to take it on the chin. We were embarrassing today, and got what we deserved.

    It’s boring to keep on repeating the same message, but here goes.

    Our players tho’ skillful, are too small and weedy, and when they come up against other skillful but bigger and more athletic players — they are overpowered. End of.

    Sorry, can’t stay — behave big Cockie!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good Post TA, read it a bit late and it made me sad at all the hope in there! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  161. I expect a win on Tuesday Totes !, as long as you can sneak into the changing room and put on a French accent and do the tactics .
    Actually, I`m over it now as I expected to get beat…….I just didn`t want to get humiliated……which was the case and just shows to me how far we have lapsed since the Invincibles !.
    I`m beginning to think that possibly 6 or 7 players who played today should be axed, but that cull will need a lot of money spent in replacements and we haven`t the manager or board to be brave enough to do it ……..sounds drastic !……not when you think that we have about 5 first choice players currently unavailable and more importantly….being missed for their quality !. These thrashings are becoming far to frequent imo and don’t think an FAC win will be enough unless there is drastic action in the Summer TW !.

  162. Hello and good bye Redders !. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Chuks Aneke is big and skilful and scored another 2 today !. A young Yaya ? ( Toure , not Sanago ! )

  163. Admir says:

    TCM, we were thrashed against City with Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere and ร–zil in the team. All four of them were in the starting line-up. We were thrashed against Liverpool – this time, Wilshere and Mesut were there on the pitch. The latter was the worst player on the pitch. Wenger (or his heir) should use the axe in the summer.

    Giroud – out, out, out.

    Podolski – sorry but out.

    Arteta – I’m very sorry but out.

    Vermaelen – I’m deeply sorry but out.

    Sagna – either accept new contract or I’m sorry but the exit is right over there.

    We need at least one goalkeeper as Szczesny’s back-up, a right full-back that bombs down the right side and can cope with the opponents’ wingers, a defensive midfielder with pace and strength, a world-class striker that won’t miss every f…ing opportunity against big teams and, above all, a new medical team/fitness coach as current ones are obviously crap.

  164. Admir says:

    Of course, we’d need a central defender too if Vermaelen leaves.

    That makes it five players that we need in the summer.

  165. Agree Admir and I know our fabulous four were in that thrashing but they`re not the ones to be axed !.
    Here`s my list to axe !.
    Sagna ( as he`s going anyway )
    Podolski ( a luxury, only decent if he can get near the goal with his thunderous shot ! )
    Arteta ( looks good when we are outplaying average teams, but too slow against the better teams ! )
    Flamini ( OK, but not SQ )
    Giroud ( I like as a squad player, but it seems his wife may have a say in his future and still not a Suarez type player )
    Bendtner ( he`s gone ! )
    Monreal ( Still not convinced )

    Seven to axe and replace with at least 6 !.
    2 FB`s
    2 DM`s
    1 “Suarez” type player
    1 Fast tricky winger .
    All to be SQ !.
    Sorted !.

  166. TotalArsenal says:

    The squad today was strong enough to get a result. For me it was poor tactics – pure suicide by Wenger. Next week he can make amends against the other Oilers.

  167. Admir says:

    TCM – I agree with you regarding our defence. It’s quite strange – we conceded 17 goals in three away games against the other Top 4 clubs and yet it’s hard to complaint on either Mert or Kos. They were let down by our midfielders – just take a look at the way we conceded goals against Top 3 (ร–zil himself created three goals for the opponents).

    I’d keep Monreal while Bendtner is already out. I’d add one goalkeeper to your list given that Fabianski and Viviano will leave.

    TA – my suggested line-up didn’t include Podolski as I considered that as a suicide against Schรผrrle’s pace. I would have gone for Ox on the wing, Rosicky behind the striker and Flamini-Arteta axis in the middle.
    Don’t expect amends against City – it is more likely we’ll suffer another drubbing.

  168. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir, agreed with that line up, as our best option. Ox in the ‘DM’ pivot was sooo wrong, whereas on the wing or behind the striker he is so effective. Rosicky in the hole with Flamteta behind him would have made such a difference today.

  169. Gino92 says:

    How I would have loved to have Suarez in our team this season. Love him or hate him, the guy is simply a fabulous super quality player. He was great once again for Liverpool today and unplayable. After watching fucking Giroud go “awol” in pretty much every game nowadays, I am only left to dream how many goals Luis Suarez would have scored for us, had Wenger/Kroenke just put up ยฃ50 million instead of the very stupid ยฃ40 mil + 1 bid. Oh well, we have the Summer TW to look forward to. I hope we can identify the players we want NOW and try to sign them as soon as the window is opened instead of waiting until the last week of the window. Please Wenger, buy us that strong super quality Striker and that “beast of a DM” we’ve all been talking about and crying for for the past 5-6 years. A big team like Arsenal deserves no less. No more trying to make do with average players please. I have tried my best to look at the attributes that Giroud brings to our team as a starting Striker, and I have tried to be supportive and not criticize him but I have had enough of him. What’s the point of a big team having a Striker who just cannot score? He missed putting Arsenal 1-nil up and Chelsea turned around and scored. I am so fucking pissed off about that. He used to hold-up the ball well and bring our midfielders into the plays, he also used to hustle/hassle a lot but lately, he has caught the “laziness” bug that runs through the team at various times. He must be benched in favor of Sanogo and shipped off in the Summer, if necessary. Arsenal needs and deserves more than he is providing right now or capable of ever providing in the future.

    Besides Paul Pogba and Lars Bender, which other super quality DM is out there, and might be willing to join us next season? We need somebody TALL (no more shorties), somebody STRONG (no more weak links), and somebody FAST (no more turtles like Arteta). Can someone please enlighten me on who the potential candidates might be? For my own sanity and to attempt to erase today ‘s result from my memory, I need to start dreaming big for next season already. I just hope we don’t gift Everton and Tottenham our 4th Place Trophy with only 8 games remaining. I also hope that Manchester United doesn’t do a. “Chelsea circa 2012” and win the UCL. That would just be too much for me to bear…

  170. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gino ๐Ÿ™‚

    I share your general disappointment. Not sure though why you are singling out OG. He had a good chance, hit the target and forced a save. Could he have done better? Yes, but it was not a sitter. Our defending for the first two goals was so bad, especially Schurlle should never have scored from there (second one), and Ox was naive and not tight enough for the third (pen) and first goals. Arteta and Cazorla were all over the place and so were the full backs.

    In my view, Giroud had little support today but unlike Podholeski, he kept working for the team this time.

    It was a shit performance, but we cannot focus on who to buy now… We got a game coming up on Tuesday. One season at a time OSAAT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. Alcide says:

    Well like TCM, I’m a bit over it, I was expecting a draw at best, and only hoping for circumstances to give us a better result.

    A third massive beating is however a big disappointment. A 17-4 aggregate in 3 away games against the top 3… That’s half the goals conceded in 30 games… The first time can be an accident, the second, then third tells you something. I will advance some explanations, more structural and strategic than tactical perhaps (or just plain crap, but if feel like writing something to calm down), but here’s my take on it.

    We try to play an ambitious football, based on technical ability, fast passing, building from the back. This implies a very even squad, with few weaknesses. We know however by no what we have some, not insignificant. Our DM pivot, especially, who needs to be (offensively and defensively) at the heart of any phase, is one. Josรฉ and other managers have mentioned how their tactics revolved around pressing the pivot, recovering the ball and attacking the space. Our pivot, and I mean most variations of it, is technically sound, has relatively good awareness, but lacks pace, and physicality (including Flam – yes he has grit, but is not exactly a beast). When our midfield and the pivot, is in control, things are fine. Not perfect (see later), but fine. And 85% of he time that is the case.

    When our midfield struggles however – against top teams who are as technical (or better) but also faster and more physical, we cannot find passes, fail to be more direct, we are just one second late, one meter behind. Where this hurts doubly hard however, is that when under pressure, our DM pivot has no mitigating factor… No pace/physicality to avoid ball loss, contest in-betweens, slow counter attackers, catch runners, make a last ditch tackle, none of the typical EPL teams’ tools to make life difficult for the other teams.

    This is also compounded by relative lack of pace of some of our front wings, and Per’s. As seen vs. spurs and many teams, we are excellent at defending when ahead, when the whole team is in its half, and waiting. But losing the ball at the DM pivot level, we’re just poor. I actually think Per/Kos are contenders for best CB pair in the league, but I do have a concern that Per restricts significantly our options (I.e. High defensive line to press opponents in their half).

    Anyway it is clear for me that comparing our permanent against all regular to that against the top teams ( who all have both technical and pacy front attacker), our performance goes straight from “well controlled” to “not playing in the same division”. We’re either in control, or completely overrun.

    Our 2 games vs. Napoli illustrates that well, it takes just a bit to get from one state to the other, and we don’t seem to be able to keep to a medium “game could go either way” contest.

    Unfortunately, and however much I like him, Arteta is one of the main issue here – his intelligent positioning/awareness can’t compensate his slow pace against top teams unless we’re waiting deep, and he gets under pressure too easily. Flamini, is however not that much better in those circumstances, but would be a good second choice still. Rambo is missed badly, with a strong DM, he would be a perfect pairing.

    Of course we are also missing pace up front, and again this does not help when we are being pressed at the back… No chance to play a more direct style to avoid systematic pressure (which becomes an easy to follow and apply tactic for the other team). And of course we’re missing a top striker (well and Theo). Not blaming OG, he’s a decent striker, and has decent stats this season (assists+goals), but we need a better conversion rate as well as capacity to create a bit. Look at Eto’o’s first goal – he may be old, but the skill is still there to have a perfect run, perfect dribble, perfect shot, our main ST should have such skills. On the left, we need better as well… Podolski is not enough to compete with top teams. We need a bit more pace (that would also be useful to help Gibbs when he pushes forward and we’re countered) and capacity to dribble/threaten.

    And as I write this, I can’t help to still insist that the DM pivot is the source of our troubles. Any variation. I could argue that FlamTeta would have done a better work today… But previous evidence was not always conclusive. Go to Chelsea, to contest for 1st spot, and play defensively, hoping for some divine intervention to score could have been an option, but frankly I was happy for the offensive setup. At some point you have to play your cards to win. Retrospectively, maybe a tactical mistake, but at some point you have to teach the team that they can win, that they can be/are better, more than being able to grind a result. Take a chance at getting to the next level. This was one opportunity.

    But it failed. We can’t ignore that the combined absence of Theo, Rambo, ร–zil and Jack – all first choices in the front 6, 3 of which the main threats this season, had a huge impact today, as did overall injuries this season and my conclusion so far is that we have improved this season, would have done better with less injuries, but still lack the DM quality to consistently compete vs. top teams, and in my mind, that means we are not that far off.

    Despite my silly ramblings, let’s win the next three games, starting Tuesday.

  172. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent observations, Alcide, and mostly agreed. The idea, though, that we can beat a Maureen site with attacking, high line football is wrong IMO. We should have played as we did at home in December, and wait for the few opportunities to kill them off. That, in my view, is the only way; unless you are a Bayern or Barca, and even then it is risky.

  173. Good points boys !. Definitely the wrong tactics !. How can you with 4/5 first choice players out through injury and lacking pace try to take on a multi talented team like the Chavs !. Totes is right and like I`ve said in the past, different horses for different courses, we`re playing Chavski away, the EPL leaders !…..park the fcuking bus and counter !. We cant Gung-Ho every team !.
    It would be interesting however to see how the other teams would fair had they lost their equivalents to Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil !.
    Manshafter Std without say…….Rooney, Rotten vile Prick, Mata and Kagawa
    Mansour City without say……..Toure, Silva, Nasri and Aguero
    Chavski without say……Oscar, Hazard, Willian and Ramirez…..yes I know two were missing, just shows how strong they really are and what money can buy !.
    Liverscum without say…….Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling and Gerard.

    From that lot, probably Liverscum would suffer the most and Chavski the least !. Just highlights what a miss our players are and how we are either unlucky with injuries or there`s a sports science reason for this perennial problem !.

    Night !.

  174. Alcide says:

    I can’t dismiss that opinion TA, especially the high line (as mentioned above). I thought however, and think Arsene probably was on the same line, that to win the EPL it was worth taking a higher risk and go for the needed three points, while playing it safe trying to beat them in a defensive game they are the master of would have given even less chances of a positive result. Not with the squad we had, against them, on heir turf. We would still have been pressured on the 50m line, could still have lost possession as we did on the first two goals, and would still have been exposed on e counter. Looking at the last games permutations, draws won’t work, and some risk was worth taking. Obviously, this didn’t pay of, and I think Arsene taking full responsibility relates to that risk.

    Agreed on your previous post… Eto’o had a perfect moment (while Ox overcommitted and slipped), second goal should have been blocked or saved, ox’s moment leading to the penalty… Idiotic. The rest I confess to not seeing, I would never walk out of a stadium before the end, but by myself in front of my laptop while I can do stuff we the kids is a different story… OGAAT, OSAAT, FA cup is ahead, and a fierce battle for 3rd. Who knows, Rambo, ร–zil may give us a much needed boost soon, let’s get some 3 pointers and see how things develop.

  175. TotalArsenal says:

    Alcide, there will be many twists and turns before the end of season. Win the next two and we are right in it again. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Bonne nuit.

  176. Alcide says:

    TCM, agreed on the injured would be… Even Chavs would not be where they are without Eden… He won them a LOT of games.

    Partial agreement on e “with 4/5 first choice out injured”… “Park the bus and counter” would give us very little chances for a win with the team we had (and playing like they did), and we would still be under threat of losing possession from the back (a little less but still). Of course that’s an argument I can’t win in light of the result! But we’re still ahead on the CoD, and can still improve vs City so all is good right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    JB, stop the silliness and come play, we miss your irrational positiveness!

    Gerry, 17ht, others looking forward for some smart post disappointment stuff…

  177. Alcide says:

    Yes TA, I wrote that (win next THREE games even) but you would have OGAATed me so I removed it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bonnie nuit!

  178. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey there…I’m feeling frustrated, but I’ve decided to vent not at the club, the manager or the players, but rather at the people who comment on this site and feel so free to “let it all hang out.” Believe me, I’m none too happy with Today’s match (5:45 am kickoff for me) but it’s made worse by the folks who spew and spew (and spew) and feel like that’s the way to be a supporter. An additional issue is that I doubt many of those who behave this way actually read my comments any longer. Ah well… I have plenty of respect for people trying to “figure things out,” such as Total, Alcide and even our great doomer, the Cockster (and I think AFC did pretty well today in the heat of the moment). If, however, it’s all venting AND it’s all wrong (or mostly wrong) I find it awfully hard to take…

    I watched the whole match and read the comments as they came and as they kept coming… During the match there was NOT A SINGLE COMMENT from ANYBODY identifying the 20 year-old-kid whose ENTHUSIASM (or passion, desire, call it what you will…) cost us the match: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. That the manager is taking the blame (and protecting the kid, who will come at least moderately good, I think…) is the correct thing to do. Still, to MOAN (on and on and on) about Giroud (whose early chance had to be a single touch and was well saved) or about Arteta (or anybody except maybe Santi whose turnover caused the 2nd goal…) or about our LACK of spirit (the actual OPPOSITE problem) simply boggles my mind. After-match comments again lambasting Giroud or suggesting we should have bought Suarez (who was NEVER for sale, but is indeed a far better goal-keeper in the 90th minute of a World Cup quarter final-match than Ox was today in the 15th–on a ball that was GOING WIDE…) makes these comment writers look AT LEAST as silly as the referees who correctly called the pen and red card but then gave it to Kieran Gibbs… (Pardon the all caps, they’re meant for emphasis, I’m NOT shouting…)

    People who purport to have ideas about how to “manage” a team are saying (in hindsight, always in hindsight…) who’s to blame (but not actually naming the right people!) or who to buy (why not Ronaldo or Messi?)… or even just which positions (but not actual names plus prices plus salaries and whether the team will sell to us…), or they suggest youth players (even less experienced than the Ox…) who would’ve gotten us the result… Well, good on you… Or as I might say in a less charitable moment, “Brilliant, f*cking brilliant”…

    And then there are the (absurdly predictable) “Wenger Out” folks. Where were you before the match? I didn’t see a single comment saying “Wenger Out” as we celebrated his 999 games. Does ONE result REALLY change EVERYTHING? Yes, it was a humiliation,. but it was the same 3 pts as ANY loss. (And frankly, I think we’ll get a good response over our next few matches, much as we did after Liverpool away, which is the essence of ACTUAL management…) As Cockie points out, the manager serves at the pleasure of the board (ownership) and economics (profits) have been the focus. You can change the manager but you’d also better go a step higher if your “plan” is to buy your way out of the conundrum…

    Listen, frustration is fine and hoping for something good after a tough week is natural. I’m frustrated too and a humiliating scoreline certainly tastes a lot worse than my morning coffee or my evening cocktail–or the milkshake I made for my kid with whom I shared a great Spring ski day… However, if this site is going to tolerate and indulge PURE venting AND ridiculous ideas then I gotta say my interest is on the lower side… If you want to suggest that YOU know how to manage the team then YOU need to abide by the same constraints as the manager. Tell us AHEAD of the match (i.e., props to those, including Total, who thought the Ox-Teta rear of MF was the wrong approach…) and then we might have something to discuss… If not, I’d suggest changing the name from Berkampesque to “Venting And Preening Idiot Donkeys,” (acronym VAPID…) or something along those lines…

    And for Dennis’ sake, please don’t go celebrating that trophy (the FA Cup and/or 4th place…) IF we SUDDENLY turn out to have the quality and luck to pull it off AND somehow YOU’VE moved the goalposts…

    Wow, I feel better…G’night all… (Insert smiley of your choice…)

  179. 17highburyterrace says:

    It’s overnight for the Euros and I don’t want any readers of the above to take me too seriously… (More smileys…) So, if you like, read on…

    Today’s (yesterday’s) match was just like Spurs–the first goal was the key. They may have come back from a goal down but it sure would’ve been fun trying to defend a lead. We started brightly and made a decent first chance. That probably sparked the spirit of a guy like the Ox, but then he got too far forward, passed it to Schurlle and, boom, it was game over. Games turn on individual moments and that was it. Even in his attempt at recovery (on that goal and for the wide shot that led to #3…) he went at (both) too hard. Now it’s all about whether or not he learns and grows from it. He’s a dynamic player, but does he have the mental side which can only develop over time?…

    As such, I can understand that people pick on the guys who ARE fully developed, whose potential looks fulfilled and still look underwhelming. Arsene’s Arsenal are a work in progress–a collaboration of youth and retrofits. If that’s too much to bear, I’d suggest laying low for a bit if not choosing another, more ready-made, team to support…

    I agree with the many who suggest we need “generational” change at the rear of MF. (Funny how Ox looked good a week ago but not so much this time…) We will also need the same in defense sooner than later (even if it’s currently, most of the time…) the best part of our game and we’ve got nothing beyond Gerry’s fave, Issac Hayden, coming along. A bit of change is also necessary towards the front, but I’d say that was only our third area of trouble. If 007 was posting (and I’m angry that he isn’t) he’d also argue about the keeper spot. Was that the 4th or the 5th goal yesterday that was purely a keeper error?… Personally, I don’t think we’re that far off, so I’m excited. Please call me an idiot if you like as I (more or less) did likewise to many above… (more smileys)…

    Here’s one (which others should try…) I was WRONG about Ozil and his ability to avoid injury. This has been a true killer and I think we would have been in yesterday’s match (and won more comfortably at Spurs and in with a better shout vs Mansour City) but he, indeed, got himself hurt… We’re probably also missing Wilshere (slightly more experienced/mature) than the Ox along with Ramsey (not to mention TW14). Of course, blaming injuries is only for the weak… Wenger allows his midfielders to “do their thing,” but only experience teaches that the difference between a chance-making “killer pass” and a chance-making (the other direction…i.e., intercepted…) “killer pass” depends on the spot on the pitch and the positioning of (all the) other players… Big games mean tighter margins, but it’s a learning process, for the young players, at least…

    Ozil and Theo are 25, Ramsey is 23, Jack is 22, Ox is 20…If you guys would sell NONE of them, we’ve got a decent enough core of MF/attacking talent… Get behind the manager and the players and the club and good things will happen… Or sack ’em all, spend money (that the owner isn’t giving you…) and pretend it’s a computer game? As they say on the internet, your post is as good as mine… (More smileys and dinner time so I’ll check in tomorrow…)

    Game in hand on Tuesday? Can’t come soon enough, I’d say… Cheers…

  180. Milo says:

    17, this is where I take issue with you. You are always right and have a higher level of morality than any other person on this site, in your opinion, based on this and many previous comments.

    I actually think we wanted it too much and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a tear or two shed (the ox?) in that changing room at that hell hole of a stadium. I still don’t think we are mentally strong enough. Yes, we keep coming back from the depths, but why do we put ourselves there every time we actually have an opportunity to climb back to a level that would suitably match the talent that we have in this squad??? I don’t know the answer, and you don’t either.

    Don’t tell me you weren’t embarrassed, or at least a little perturbed,or EVEN just surprised with this result and the events that made it so drastic. Don’t give me that bullshit. Take whatever road you like, and let others do the same without labelling or making derogatory comments about people’s opinions, who are just as passionate about this club as you are and POSSIBLY just as knowledgeable too.

  181. Milo says:

    I was posting before I read your last comment 17. I am sorry.

  182. Admir says:

    17ht, I get it – it’s our fault that we can’t defend in big away games in Premiership, it’s our fault that Giroud can’t score against top teams even if his career depends on it, we are so to blame why our 7m-per-year manager can’t beat Mourinho in eleven attempts (not even with players who were Invincibles).

  183. Was Seventeenho throwing his little `Squatch out of the pram ?. hahaha
    Sounds like you showed more passion than our players on the pitch !.
    You will notice, I didn`t make any comments during the match…..the Sofa engulfed me !. ( insert any of my middle fingers of your choice ! hahaha )
    I will be brave and suggest before the next game that imo, even a FAC trophy should not be enough to keep Wenger at the club ! ( and it`s not because of yesterdays humiliation ). Thanks for the great service, but it`s time for change, not just for us, but yourself !. I`m sure you will win countless trophies at PSG .
    Bob Wilson said on talkSPORT that Wenger could quit Arsenal if they win the league again !……………that means we are stuck with him until he kicks the bucket !…….so you better disregard my previous comment, he aint going nowhere unless we kill him !. hahaha
    Oh and if GCHQ are tracking my comments, It was a joke, I don’t really want to kill Wenger………just a bit of torturing !.


    17, I am in your camp football wise and agree with nearly all you say, however I do not agree with your attack on fellow bloggers.

    What I personally object to is abuse aimed at the manager or players which takes the form of insults or plain out right disrespectful comments which should really be reserved for the likes of Daniel Levy or Hugh Grant

    In the past for example certain bloggers have crossed the line I do not like but have subsequently retracted by admitting it was “in the heat of the moment” usually straight after a defeat. I think both Milo and Admir have done this in the past, but as i said, have accepted that maybe it was over the top.

    I saw nothing of this yesterday. Supporters are allowed to question the direction that the club is heading and the Managers tenure.

    Arsene has two months left of his contract. Its a piviotal moment for the Club and different opinions, as long as they expressed in a respectful way, should be wellcome.

    From my own point of view, I have an opinion on Arsene Wengers future, but will not indulge the debate of wether he shauld stay or not. Why?, because My respect and admiration for the man is so great that I can not publicly berate him. Indeed, if Arsene were to get us relegated I would still still hold the same respect, so for that reason bow out of any such debate.

    But keep been you 17. Your a great blogger.

  185. TotalArsenal says:

    Always great to read 17’s tirades. There is a great flow to them. :passion:

    Terry is right: relatively, this blog responded very maturely and constructively. We just got FECKED over by six and not many can bring the inner philosopher after such humiliation. Yet most of us did to some extent.

    The argument that we should not play manager, or at least take into account Wenger’s constraints, has merit, but we might as well stop blogging alltogether then. This is the essence of blogging, or indeed of talking about football in general, through whichever means of comms. The same goes for judging on individual performances, however misguided this might be.

    But I can fully understand your frustration, 17, and I feel, from a different angle, that blogging, and especially managing a blog, comes with a lot of frustration and challenges. And we all have to consider whether we are getting enough out of it. The jury is out.

  186. TotalArsenal says:

    I also feel it is inappropriate to talk about Wenger’s future now. Clearly he is not going to go right now and it is a question for the end of the (almost over) season. I understand the criticism though, and it agree with a lot that has been said, for and against Wenger. But bring on the Jacks and fight for three points on Tuesday: that is all we can do right now.

  187. TotalArsenal says:

    Alcide, if we win the next three games, we’ll win the league; but yes, contemplating this is a serious crime against OGAATing (and common sense and humility)! ๐Ÿ™‚

  188. alexgunners says:

    We are all a passionate bunch and hate seeing these kind of results against our beloved Arsenal.
    My question earlier was whether the team responds to AW appropriately. If so, Why do we fail miserably against the bigger teams. I never said Wenger out but i do say that he needs to kick some ass and make the players accountable. Find out what we are doing wrong AS A TEAM and why we can’t bring it when we need it most.
    If the players have any respect for the shirt or for AW, why didn’t we turn up. Same thing against liverpool. Arsene’s 1000th game in charge and when the players do not turn up. This has to be questioned.

  189. I wanted a 100%, the players only gave me one tenth .
    Where was our desire and passion, the mental strength.
    Bouldie what`s wrong ?, The passes need to be finer .
    Tell me Steve, what the fcuk is it with the black eye liner ?.
    It`s a fcuking mess, it`s all over of my 12 inch length !.

  190. alexgunners says:

    Cockie!!! Priceless as usual

  191. I still think we should torture him until he tells us where he hid the extra ยฃ10M what would have bought Suarez !.

  192. alexgunners says:

    Unfortunately Cockie it just wasn’t meant to be. Suarez is worth more than 50 mil IMO. He makes things happen and players like him do not come around too often. He just has to change a couple of things in his game. The diving and the biting

  193. Hi alex ๐Ÿ˜€
    Don’t forget the used Arsene puffa jacket for whoever comes bottom of the UMF !…………that`ll be me !.
    Off to work the gardens in the sunshine !. ๐Ÿ˜€

  194. alexgunners says:

    Cockie, forget the puffa jacket, the zip never works.
    Have fun working in the garden

  195. proudgooner says:

    I agree with what you have said in general, i think it was a freak result. That said Chelsea were good, very strong and there pressing was as good and as pressuring as i have seen.
    I will dtand by Wenger til im a dead man, that said he got it wrong yesterday. I think Totals point is clear to be right now that we need a DMB. We lack options on that front plenty of offensive players not enough DM beasts. Even though Wenger overlooked that side to the game yeserday. I can’t help but think we should have been in for Matic before Chelsea got him back and Hazzard. We do have to stop letting Chelsea and City take the best players in the world, or we will full that little short. live and learn. that is the best thing to do.

  196. proudgooner says:

    We do have to sign Costa or a player of that standard . I have read today Chelsea anr after both Costa and Edinson. We can not let them have both, we need to do the business this summer mr Monster you are totally right, we cant fall short this one , no excusses .the cash is there.

  197. AFC says:

    So back after the aftermarh is you will.

    I can understand the #WengerOut guys even though I do not agree with them at the moment. He got it wrong yesterday tactically (?) as did he against Liverpool and Manchester City (?), that’s three times we have been battered. Or could it be that the players were not up for it all three times which then means the Wenger must be held accountable for not motivating them or preparing them with the right mentality for these games?

    I will wait to see what he does in the summer TW before making decision about him but how much longer can we stand by Wenger? This is a question to the likes of Terry and the other pro Wenger guys. If we bottle the FA Cup will you guys still support him? If he does not buy the players required to push us on to the next level or players who are still not good enough? I certainly will not as he has had enough chances. So when will youy guys stop supporting Wenger?

    Please remember I am not anti-Wenger.

  198. AFC says:

    PG, I think is the quality of our regista and the player who plays next to him, that allows our midfield to get over run in games against the top sides. Not having a DM beast can work provided the regista is of a Pirlo standard? So I see what Wenger is trying to do. So if you had a regista of Pirlo’s quality and played him next someone who tracks back, tackles and works hard like Ramsey it would work against the top sides or at least not leave us humiliated. But would it work with the likes of Ox I doubt it.

    However I do not agree with this style and do simply not have that player and never will which is why I would prefer us to get a destroyer who sits back and allows the attacking players to do their stuff. That would means less fluidity but sacrificing the fluidity would be worth it in my opinion.

  199. AFC says:

    as we do simply*

  200. Admir says:

    “He got it wrong yesterday tactically (?) as did he against Liverpool and Manchester City (?), thatโ€™s three times we have been battered. Or could it be that the players were not up for it all three times which then means the Wenger must be held accountable for not motivating them or preparing them with the right mentality for these games?”

    @AFC – it’s his duty to assemble players (first failure – we should have had players available as early as for Asian tour – both Flamini and ร–zil joined us after we had suffered first defeat of the season) who can operate on the highest level (second failure – Giroud hasn’t been the right guy for this level and I’ll split the responsibility with Wenger for that one given that I’d thought he would eventually become a reliable striker in big matches) and their replacements in case there is an injury or suspension crisis (third failure – January transfer window fiasco might haunt us till the end of the season). I can understand – to the certain point – why we were thrashed by City – we had one day less to prepare for the match after difficult match against Napoli (in which he made a mistake by not introducing Walcott at 0:0 to relieve the pressure from our right full-back) while City won at Munich without Kompany, Toure and Agรผero. Atkinson was pathetic and should have sent off Yaya Toure at 3:1, awarded a penalty to us at 3:1 and his assistant flagged two offside-situations incorrectly at the score-lines 1:1 and 2:1 respectively. What I didn’t understand was why Rosicky didn’t get a chance and why Gnabry was introduced and not Cazorla after we went all-out attack on City.

    I can’t understand how did we allow ourselves to concede four goals in 20 minutes against Liverpool and three goals in 17 minutes against Chavs. Our biggest victory in all competitions has been the one against Coventry (4:0). Our biggest defeat has been bigger that that one and there is a much bigger gap between us and Coventry than there is between Chavs and us.

    When it comes to criticism and apologies, I respect the fact that there are Arsenal fans who are actually deluded enough to compare Giroud and Henry with labeling Arsenal fans who think otherwise as traitors but even terms “Giroud’s erection” and “Henry’s erection” can’t be compared.

  201. water says:

    New day and New joy. The spuds r down by 1

  202. water says:

    Y isn’t arsenal going for this cavahlho kid from Lisbon. I mean he’d certainly pick wenger over moyes. And I doubt the money is an issue.

  203. AFC
    Stretch ( TMHT ) will never say…”enough is enough” with regards to Wenger !. I know for a fact that he has the details of where Wenger will be eventually buried and plans to dig him up, have him stuffed in the doggy position and has a super king sized bed awaiting !. hahaha

  204. Who knows H20, maybe he is interested, there`s still a lot of time `till the TW opens and historically Wenger will wait until the last knockings of it closing !.

  205. water says:

    And that lacazette guy he’s not terrible. He’s playing pretty good. Y not him too.
    And damiao rumors have gone cold. He was also pretty good. A year ago a lot of teams were supposedly in for him.

  206. Admir says:

    I’ve read that Carvalho already agreed terms with United – 37 million pounds.

  207. Alcide says:

    Hi guys,

    Not sure who I’m responding too (maybe myself), or if I’m responding to anyone at all.. I’m getting too old (at least my eyes are) to blog on my iPhone…

    Chelsea pressed well, but if we’re honest, the first two goals are individual mistakes. Ox, Santi fell to individual rather than collective pressure in situations where there was room to maneuver and options available. This was not under a “gegenpress”, we were not caught being “gung-ho” up field, we were caught individually on the 50-60m line, at DM level, in a quite standard position (look at the overhead cams). Then blues did break well and fast – although Schurle should have never been able to score in that 4 vs 2 situation. Same thoughts on the action leading to Ox’s “save”, we were in a very standard situation and position, not caught upfield in a too aggressive position- but one blue manages to evade and blow in the wind 3 players (with some luck) right in the middle of the field – so in a split second, we go from a 6 vs 2 back cover to a 2 vs. 3 situation, attackers running at pace. Too many mistakes against a better team, not so convinced about the “tactical mistake”, although I acknowledge the risk taken in playing Ox alongside Arteta. His breaking press from deep can lead to great things (see previous games, see OG’s chance), but indeed, he lacks the experience in knowing when to keep it simple and patient.

    17ht, great posts as usual ๐Ÿ™‚

  208. AFC says:

    Thanks Admir and Cockie for the response. The summer TW is what I am hanging on for hope. If we can get the 3/4 players we need then we will be able to challenge in all competitions next season.

  209. AFC says:

    Seems United are ready to get back into the top four next season.

  210. water says:

    He’s agreed the same way Willian agreed with the spuds. U lot badly need his type of a player. U should also admit if u lot stole him from the mancs the feeling would be priceless.

  211. water says:

    I could argue Liverpool need his type 2 but 37 million is too rich for our blood.

  212. water says:

    The saints are a letdown. How can you throw away a lead twice. This pochetino guy is very tactically stubborn. Ur team is away the best thing when you have a lead away is to park the bus.
    Pochetino has a bit of wenger in him(without the trophies and ucl experience of course).

  213. proudgooner says:

    To be honest, the main thing that is sticking in my mind and will do for time to come about the Chav match is the pressing. If i am trying to be rational;about the game then you have to admire the way they pressed, it was so aggressive, fast strong in numbers too. I can’t highlight it enough.
    2 big sometimes 3 big strong players sticking the boot in on you split seconds after you take a pass would unsettle most that is for sure.
    Then after the 3rd goal and down to 10 men the game was easy and basically over as Jose said..
    It is something we should learn to try to do to good team, something we must learn to get passes and play quicker.
    Chelsea won the game after 20 mins doing that.
    You are totally right it works with a Rambo in the team so much better, his engine and skills make it function. I just feel we need Viera or Yaya sitting there. I rate Arteta but it is not even his natural position he only gained it there because he himself saw the holes we were leaving so he started plugging them.
    We are not far behind, even if the heavy defeats make it feel like it, for me a striker of super SQ a DMB would be greart we could do with 3/4 but them 2 a must.
    It also highlights the missing of Rambo and Theo.
    We did not score yesterday so a draw was all we were ever going to get.

  214. proudgooner says:

    i am surprised your hands had time to type, i thought they would still be wrapped around you tool thinking about Brendon and SaS and your favarite Skytle lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  215. water says:

    I just read u lot r in for Morgan schiderlin and Antoine griezeman. Do you guys rate them?

  216. proudgooner says:

    I know nothing about them.

  217. proudgooner says:

    i hear you lot are thinking about re-signing Andy Carrol and Robbie Keane for a bargin ยฃ140,00,000.

  218. water says:

    Hahaha that’s a joke. The Southampton French guy. He has some lungs on him.
    Griezeman is 23 has a lot of experience in the la liga. He has 15 goals and is more technically gifted than Og.

  219. proudgooner says:

    I am going for Barcelona tonight.

  220. Admir says:

    @Alcide, @proudgooner, it’s not the first time our midfielders lost the ball before the opponents’ goal. ร–zil’s poor pass led to Fernandinho’s first goal at Etihad, Gnabry lost the ball before Fernandinho’s second goal, ร–zil lost the ball twice against Liverpool, Santi’s poor pass led to Aston Villa’s goal at Villa Park…not to mention yesterday. Or, to check those goals we conceded against Southampton – Sagna wasn’t decisive enough before their second goal.

    Here is another thing – if you take a look at all aforementioned goals, they all happened away from home.

    What worries me is the fact that we have deteriorated in that aspect in comparison with our team from the last term. Sure, we have been more ruthless against small teams this season but last season no team managed to beat us with more than two-goal-margin (and, all those two-goal-margin defeats happened at the Emirates – Swansea, Schalke, Bayern, Manchester City) and only team managed to score more than three goals in one game against us (funny, it happened against Reading).

  221. proudgooner says:

    We need someone water, i am not going to hit the panic button to hard after 1 freak result. I am just so gutted for Wenger yesterday, that was a real shame, he did not deserve that.

  222. Admir says:

    @water – I’d sign Griezmann right now. I’m watching Lazio-Milan right now and Nigel De Jong might be a solution for our DM-worries. Milan are cash-strapped and De Jong is an ugly, dirty, you-don’t-want-to-meet-him-in-a-dark-alley-type that we have needed since Vieira had gone. We used to joke how it’s appropriate for De Jong and Van Bommel to wear orange like prisoners because they looked and acted like a pair of thugs at WC 2010. ๐Ÿ˜€

  223. proudgooner says:

    There is a few things to worry about, for me its a lack of goals now. We are not scoring anywhere enough. But i still feel we are not far away.
    Also when you think of Chelsea – City, the amount of money they have spent and the players all these big teams have got, these results can happen.
    It no coincidane that Wengers trophy winning stopped when the oil money got pumped in by Chelsea.

  224. proudgooner says:

    I like you De Jong shout its a good 1.

  225. Admir says:

    PG, yes, but what about Liverpool? How come they’ve managed to score five against us and they spent less money last summer then we did?

    I agree that a lot of things has gone against Wenger in the last nine years but Wenger has gone against himself too many times as well. Lack of desire to sign a goalkeeper, for instance, so we had to wait for Szczesny to grow up. Decisions to sell Gilberto Silva and to give captaincy to Gallas (who was, actually, our most successful captain in terms of league points in one season in post-Vieira age) were terrible. Decisions to sell Song and not to buy any replacement for him were horrendous.

    If there is a bright side, it’s the fact we lost 4:0 to Liverpool at Anfield and 6:1 to United at Old Toilet in 2000-01 only to destroy the league in 2001-02 and complete the double. But, we had enough brain and courage to sign (you’re my heart, you’re my) Sol from Spuds and experienced champion like Gio Van Bronckhorst (people mightn’t have seen him as a crucial member of our squad but I was sad when he left – he was a great player).

  226. Admir says:

    I’ve been saying for ages now that we don’t have players that you’d forbid your daughter to go out with him on Saturday night. I mean, Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta, Szczesny, Ox, Gibbs, Gnabry, Sagna, Mertesacker, Giroud, Podolski, Cazorla…they all have faces to do a milk-commercial. Once we had Vieira, Gilberto, Keown, Parlour and Jens “F**king Mad” Lehmann who would scare the shit out of you only with their looks, not to mention Dennis who has eyes of Terminator sent from the future to deliver perfect pass or score an impossible goal.

    We need ugliness.

  227. water says:

    There are rumors that Aw is gonna announce his retirement at the end of the season when Afc break radio silence. Would that be good or bad news?

  228. proudgooner says:

    I am not sure Liverpool have spent less then us, i would say more if anything. They also have 2 strikers 1 world class the other as good as OG, But i have no doubt in my mind that on another day with the same players in each team that we could beat them 5-0 .Ithink he covered Song with Flemini, but there the 2 positions for me striker DM.

  229. water says:

    I’m sorry but danny is better than og. Not as good but better.
    He’s scored 30+ goals since joining. That’s more than og has in two years. Not forgetting his record of 10 goals (from the wing) at Chelsea.

  230. Alcide says:

    Admir @7:49 – agreed.

    On Griezmann, I like him, has potential, but he may lack physical presence for the EPL. We want top shelf material, and to me he is in the same bracket as OG. I’d say the same thing about Remy who we are linked with. He offers pace, and more “beat your defender” ability than OG, but less of a long ball outlet/hold up play. He never was deemed superior to OG in France, and even if he may be better, he’s not in a different class. Let’s get someone in the next tier if we can.

  231. Alcide says:

    Liverpool spent more, and posted losses in recent years if I recall correctly from the Swiss ramble blog. Their player wages are slightly less than ours, but missing on CL money did not help their finances. They did hit the jackpot with Suarez…

  232. Alcide says:

    Rumors are spreading that Arsene told players after the game that he was out at the end of the season. Sounds very un-Arsene like to potentially upset players before a tough end of season and before the FA cup resolution… He allegedly told them to “play for me until the end of the season”, which looks like a motivational tactic worthy of a bad Hollywood movie. I don’t buy it…IMF he had made a decision he would not tell players, and certainly not abruptly after a 6-0 defeat, which would be akin to say “I’m giving up and it’s all your fault for playing like crap on my 1000th game”.

  233. Alcide says:

    *If, not IMF*

  234. water says:

    Don’t forget griezeman has pace . He’s usually is shunted on wing because that.
    15 goals in the la liga is no easy feat.

  235. Alcide says:

    Aye, and I like him, but he’s 1.76m/68kg and it can be difficult for a striker with this build in the EPL.

  236. Alcide says:

    Gerry, I hope you’re ok… I’m missing your typical wise words and insightful posts in these tough times ๐Ÿ™‚

    JB, you’re missed too!

    Night guys

  237. Milo says:

    I agree that we should be going after the best talent available, but we have to realize who we have as owner(s) and how crucial it is that we finish in at least 4th position with a guaranteed shot at qualifying for the Champions League. This means that potential big name targets won’t commit to coming here, behind the scenes, before the season ends because it will probably be a fight to the end to see where we finish in the league table. In most cases, it probably takes a tonne of time and planning to recruit the best talent out there (Cavani? Costa, for sure). Who knows all the events that took place before we signed Ozil??? Also, if you are the best, or one of the best players out there, why the hell would you want to come here??? We might be losing our long-time manager, we might be losing some top players in the summer as well, who knows??? I doubt we will be seen as a stable club, if that happens. The only top level club(s) in terms of player quality, that can seemingly get away with changing their managers from season to season are Barca, Bayern, Real, City and Chelsea at times. Manchester United accumulated so much recent success, that they will probably be able to recruit most of their desired targets. They are a bigger name and club than us, even without Fergie and if it is seen that progress can or has been made under Moyes, then players will gladly go to that club. They could even go on to win the whole thing (Champions League), who knows???

    The best things that can happen, or will happen to us is that we win the FA Cup, finish in 4th or higher, RETAIN OUR CURRENT MANAGER IN SOME CAPACITY, AS WELL AS OUR CORE PLAYERS and use the new sponsorship money to recruit players whom we have scouted EXTENSIVELY. In fact I would say the last four in particular, are most crucial.

    I don’t much care how much a player costs, or how much press they get, if they can do the job that is expected of them.

    What experienced player that Wenger has recently bought, has been a true success??? Sagna, Koscielny, not instant, Mertesacker and that wasn’t instant, and Rosicky and he hasn’t played nearly enough over the years. That’s it, as far as I can remember. Arshavin, Gervinho, Squillaci, Silvestre, Giroud, Chamakh and Podolski??? Not for me. Most if not all of those names were or are utter failures here. Arteta and Cazorla have been good but not horrible or great. Somewhere in between for me. It’s the younger ones he purchases that seem to be the ones he has hit the nail on the head with dating back to players like Vieira, Henry, Cesc, Toure, Flamini, Van Persie (first time I have actually written his proper name since he left) Wilshere, who was recruited through the academy, Ramsey, Walcott etc etc seem to be his forte. I don’t know the significance behind saying all this regarding his transfer successes and failures, but it must mean something.

  238. Admir says:

    @Alcide – I think that Primera strikers do well in the Premiership (unless they sign for Spuds, of course). Michu hadn’t been that efficient for Rayo like he has been at Swansea – I actually saw him for the first time when he made the biggest miss of the week in Primera. Negredo has been excellent for City (though he suffered a dip in form as well), Agรผero has been the best striker in the league from the first match he played (fantastic cameo against Swansea)… Cazorla has been really good for us despite being even lighter than Griezmann, Silva has been one of the best players for City this season and Deulofeu’s spell with Everton made me wish we sign him next summer.

    Griezmann has scored 15 goals in Primera this season and might be a natural solution for our left wing as I don’t see Podolski being good enough to stay with us next summer, especially after I’ve seen him smiling on his FB-page. I’m sorry but if you lose 6:0 at the hands of your bitterest rivals, screw up your manager’s big day and lose chances to win the league, you stay at home unless you have a match preparation training and even when you go at your training place, you wear something that will prevent people from recognizing you.

    Say, something like this next season:

    Szczesny-Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs-De Jong, Ramsey-Walcott, ร–zil, Griezmann-Cavani.

    Martinez-Bellerin, Miquel, Vermaelen, Monreal-Flamini, Wilshere-Gnabry, Chamberlain, Cazorla-Yaya Sanogo.

    I can’t imagine Arsenal would spend a lot of money on DM-position – remember how he gloated after Flamini’s decent display against Spuds and said: “Sorry because he didn’t cost 25 millions!”? He has his own view how much money he wants to spend for each position in the team – attacking midfielders are expensive, defensive midfielders are the best when they are signed for free, for small amount of money or from our youth team.

  239. AFC says:

    Admir, I’d look to bring in Song, Balotelli/Manzukic, Di Maria and a cheap GK. Maybe a young defender as well.

  240. Admir says:

    I don’t see Song coming back. I haven’t seen Wenger speaking anything nice about him unlike, say, Van Prick.

    Mandลพukiฤ‡ is more realistic option than Cavani though and I agree with you. Mandลพo is a very hard-working striker and has better technique and mobility than Giroud. Now, there might be a huge problem with his attitude – he made a salut last season that was very similar to the Nazi one and he has had issues with Guardiola for being on the bench. He can win big games on his own – he was a member of Dinamo Zagreb squad that knocked out Ajax (of Huntelaar, Suarez, Van der Wiel, Stekeelenburg…) out of Europa League. Ajax won in Zagreb 1:0 and Dinamo replied with 3:2 victory in Amsterdam – Mandลพukiฤ‡ scored twice in the extra-time after he had earned a penalty for Modriฤ‡’s opener.

    Di Maria showed a real class last night and would be a great addition to our team – he is a natural winger and can be deployed on both wings.

  241. Alcide says:


    Negredo, Michu, Aguero all have better physical attributes than Griezmann – he is a small shrimp. Silva has been great, but he is surrounded by teammates with tall/strong builds – we have a colelction of dwarves and some heigth and sturdiness would not harm.

    I would forget Cavani – he is reportedly very happy to be in PSG, and they would not let him leave anyway.


    Cazorla was our best player last season, and one of the best EPL players (the best according to some stat sites e.g. Squawka). I think AW did decently well with limited resources (I’m not saying it was all perfect), resulting in the present with long term signing of a young british core and other key personel, inlcuding ร–. And I am quite anxious for the third AW era to start…

  242. alcide says:


    Agreed on Song not being mentioned by AW, and how Mandลพukiฤ‡ is a direct upgrade to OG. Mario is mighty tempting, but not at his best since a few months… a bit of a risk.

  243. Admir says:

    @Alcide, I agree that Griezmann physical presence is not exactly the most impressive one. Still, I believe that we lack player of his abilities – pace and natural ability to play as a winger. We have Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gnabry for the right wing but neither of them is a natural choice that offers width on the left. Podolski is the closest thing to that but not on the level we require.

    When you say Mario, you mean Balotelli? ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know. He is a world-class talent but our medical staff can’t deal with current injuries well – I don’t know if they have enough knowledge to deal with Balotelli’s head.

  244. VCC says:

    AFC, please forgive me, but what makes you think Di-Maria would leave Madrid, and furthermore, why would he want to come to Arsenal. Also not forgetting Wenger would not pay the money and he is reluctant to buy an established player (Ozil, being the odd one?)

  245. VCC says:

    Admir…..your team includes Jenkinson at right back next year. IMO, he is far from ready to help us compete with the big boys next season.
    Our priorities are RB (if Sagna leaves) DM and ST (any one as long as it’s not OG in that position next season)

  246. alcide says:

    Admir, I see what you mean re: Griezmann on the wing – definitely an improvement on Podolski (he’s been disapointing I must say). And yes, I meant Balotelli. I can imagine press conferences – “Mario did his cortex again, he’ll be out for 6 to 8 weeks”.

  247. Admir says:

    VCC, I agree with you. My first line-up included Debuchy but I remembered that we have Jenko and Bellerin in case Sagna leaves.

    I don’t know what happened with Jenko. He was a raw material when he joined. He has literally learned everything about football at Arsenal. His performances at the start of last season were immense. He was our best player in matches his team-mates gave below-par performances (e.g. Chavs at home). He has been in decline since Sagna had returned. If he can reach level of performances from the start of 2012-13, we don’t need anyone else but him and Bellerin.

    There were reports that Arsene is ready to pay minimum fee release clause for Remy. I like Remy, he knows how to shoot the ball properly and has pace to exploit Mesut’s passes of genius.

    Defensive midfielders – in otherwise horrible match between Lazio and Milan, Lucas Biglia picked an assist with a flick-on. I know that we were linked with him but he opted for Lazio.

  248. AFC says:

    VCC, Real are unpredictable when it comes to their stars. Di Maria might be off so Real can get another star. Di Maria might want to get the boot and IF Wenger gives him the wages and is willing to pay around 30 mill he wants he could be tempted to link up with Ozil. Bayern and Barca would not need him. City and Chelsea would not either? United would be in for him though.

  249. AFC says:

    Which Real would want*

  250. AFC says:

    VCC, Wenger did and has said he will buy quality. I do not know if he will though.

  251. Admir says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention: Draxler is available given that Bayern won’t go for him – they won’t go for anyone from Borussia (D) or Schalke.

  252. VCC says:

    AFC, your spot on with Di-Maria. He is the sort of player Wenger should be looking at in the summer. I’m afraid his pockets are far too deep to go for him.

    Admir, I also agree with you regards to Jenkinson. I can remember all the Gooners in my local saying how well he was playing when Sagna was injured, he looked quality. You may be right, he has gone off the boil since Sagna has come back. Maybe worth giving him another try if Sagna is off in the summer.

    I would love Arsene to get Remy. He is pacey, and like an old Arsenal player (Malcolm McDonald) will shoot on sight. It’s so stupid to say this, but if you don’t shoot, you don’t score……and that’s what Arsenal players do not do. They try the tippy tappy stuff ALL the time. We need a player who takes chances and Remy would fit the bill IMO. So would Villa have been, but Wenger again declined to pay out, we could have got him too

    Many punters rave about this Draxler???? but I don’t see he is what we want, certainly at the price he would come at.

    I’m undecided about the beast DM. I do not see enough of World football to judge, but you would have thought with all Arsenals resources Wenger could find a half decent LARGE athletic enforcer.

  253. alcide says:

    A large half decent athletic enforcer will ‘kind of’ help but will not cut it with the way we play. We also need some level of technical and passing ability, if not simply top quality, and there are not that many out there.

  254. VCC says:

    alcide…..I agree TQ DM are hard to come by, but surely with Arsenals extensive scouting system, they can find some one worth taking a punt on.

    I disagree that a large enforcer will “kind of” help. I think it’s exactly what we want. A large presence in midfield who will NOT be bullied, unlike our present crop.

  255. alcide says:

    Agreed… but NOT a “half decent” one VCC ๐Ÿ™‚

  256. Vicky baby….you`re active this morning !……so you`re still peed off with the Chav performance !. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Always remember guys…..Arsene has always said he will only buy players which he thinks are better than the one`s he already has !……so here`s the problem there, we (fans) all know, 5, 6 or 7 players are not worthy, but does he ?, they don’t come more stubborn than Arsene !.

  257. Stewart Robson ( yes, I know he can be a twunt , but does talk good tactical sense if you can listen instead of wanting to slit his throat ) said on talksport that some sort of sports science chap was coming into the job and he said that Arsene was training the players too hard, he was immediately told by certain players not to give that opinion to Arsene as he would be out of a job !.

  258. Arturo Vidal can do it all…defend, assist and score !. Not heard his name ever mentioned !.

  259. alcide says:

    He is one of the best TCM, but 1. Juve would ask for insane amounts (contract until end 2017) 2. He may be quite happy where he is – they are a great club about to get back to the top.

  260. Admir says:

    TCM, Vidal would be a dream come true as he would tick every box but there is no way Juventus would sell him without a serious amount of money. Friend of mine who is a Juventino said after Juventus crashed Chavs last season that if Bale was worth 100 million euros than King Arturo was worth 250 millions. I think that they would ask at least 40-50 millions for him.

    Juventus… There is no European club that have screwed us more than they have. They picked Henry in January 1999 so we had to play Kaba Diawara against Leeds, lost to Bayer and Deportivo before beating us with their second string in 2001-02 and eliminated us, signed Vieira in 2005, weren’t appealing enough to Van Prick so he left us for Manure instead…

  261. VCC says:

    Hi TCM……yes I’m active, just about ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m still seriously pee’d off with that display on Saturday. Wenger never learns, NEVER NEVER NEVER.

    17ht said in one of his posts recently that no one comes on before a game and tells it as it is ?????? I’ve been banging this drum so much it’s got a fcuking hole in the middle.

    I’ve said look and see how the top teams press us on the ball half way or just inside their half and then break quickly whilst our full backs are marauding upfield acting like wingers all the time. Arteta is soo slow my Mum (86) could run faster and get back. Look back on my posts, what can’t talk can’t lie.

    We get caught with our pants down far too often, a blind man can see what is going on, apart from Wenger. Not sure about Mariner needing to go to Specsavers…I think Wenger needs to.

    Just read what Shurrle has to say about what Maureen told his side to do??????? EXACTLY that.

    I’ve also stated here and elsewhere (where I get slaughtered and mocked, you know where) that Wenger thinks he can do it ALL. In training he is Lord and Master, no one has a say, only him.

    And look at the debacle of the guy we signed last minute in the transfer window, it’s laughable and only ONE club would let their manager get away with it Yes, Arsenal. Every one is afraid to speak up to him. I’m afraid he has turned into a dictator. Yes he has been brilliant for the club, but he has rose tinted glasses on and buries his head in the sand.

    The same player even told Arsenal he had injured his back. Wenger says “It was late and some one is better than no one” WHATS all that about.

    WHY OH WHY do we have to wait until the last day of the window to make a move, You tell me please.

    Rant over. ๐Ÿ™‚

  262. Admir says:

    TCM – hahahahaha, twunt. ๐Ÿ˜€ What a perfect name for Robson. Actually, Stewart Robson is not a twunt – twunt is a Stewart Robson. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Wenger is staying lads, deal with it.

    Two years is not enough, a four year contract would be about right.

    After that, a place on the board as lifetime President, with power to “interfere” with the new manager.

  264. VCC says:

    TCM…I’ve sent AW one of your toys so he can amuse himself over lunch as he is not going to the Swansea press conference. ๐Ÿ™‚

  265. Admir says:

    TMHT – it’s such an AAA-proposal – Wenger shouldn’t sign it unless it includes a clause that says season ticket holders must have an “In Arsene we trust”-banner on their bedroom-wall and their first-born sons have to be named after Arsene, if not made by him personally!

  266. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon FFGs ๐Ÿ™‚

    Many of you are talking as if all is over, yet we are just four points behind the Chavs and are playing the NOilers this weekend. We also have a game tomorrow that could get us above the NOilers which would be a good psychological advantage over them. Next week, with two wins under our belt, we could be back in it again. Let’s focus on the game and this season whilst we are stil in it: OGAAT and OSAAT! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Admir, in a couple of years time you will look back and be grateful Arsene stayed.

    You guys should also forget all this fantasy football stuff to. Theres more players names be banded about than holes on Frank Riberys arse.

    Arsenal will continue the same policy of adding carefully and when necessary. We wont buy players which will impede the progress of younger ones we already have

    We are close to a “genuine” title chasing squad, and in a year or so will get there.

  268. alcide says:


    I’ve posted about this earlier, but I slightly disagree on the first 2 goals (and action resulting on the penalty) – it was not a tactical issue in the situations we were caught. Ox loses the ball to little pressure (plenty of space around him, he just tries the worst option to get the ball to Gibbs who is free and chooses to pass just in front of an opponent running towards our goal. Santi has an awful touch, and tries a tough move against an opponent running to intercept towards our goal, and again there was only expected individual pressure on him, not a full press. Similar stuff on the 3rd action – we lose a 3 vs. 1 and get exposed. In every occasion our positioning is quite reasonable, and there is no overcommitment. I do agree however that it was risky to play Ox – when he beats the pressing, we get opportunities behind (e.g. OG’s chance), but when he loses the ball…, as I agree that we lack steel/speed to prevent messes, or catch runners on the break.


  269. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm’


    It was shit on Saturday, as dark and smelly as it can get in footie world, but now is not the time to wallow in it, to talk about new players to come in or wether Wenger’s time is up. Let’s get behind the boys again and keep the faith.

    Lots of Love, Total ๐Ÿ˜€

    That is my preview post…. Next one will be a match review. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Fine comment TA. Could not agree more.

  271. If Mansour City and Chavski supporters can talk fantasy football and get it, then why shouldn`t we ?. Gazidis did brag that we can now compete with them financially and unlike them… a self sustainability model !.
    Here`s the crux of the matter imo………………………………..Stanley`s Syrup has a few American sports clubs which al do “average” !. I don’t know all the ins and outs etc`, but I know some are in leagues where there is no relegation and wage caps, he is a business man and apart fron=m possibly Basketball, has no “fanatical” interest in the rest !.
    AFC ( EPL ) are a complete different kettle of fish compared to the American sports clubs ( Franchises ? ) he has. Arsenal to him is a business to him, he has no “connection to us whatsoever and he will never get rid of Wenger in a million years as long as it is either making money and his shares are rising, whether we are top 4 or mid-table !.
    Only two things will ever get us competing again !……….Kroenke fcuks off and is replaced by someone like Usmanov ( a supporter with more money ) or FFP works !. The latter will have you drowned by pissing in the wind !.

  272. Admir says:

    TMHT, could be. Only, after ten years without title, nine years without trophy and eight years outside Top Two, promises: “We’re gonna win the title next year!” sound to me like Derek Trotter’s repeated line: “This time next year we’re gonna be millionaires!”

    All we can do is write about things that might or might not become truth. For instance, I’d been recommending Miroslav Klose (and thrift shop in Italy for that matter) for almost a year-and-half before Wenger sent a loan offer for Klose this January. It’s not like Wenger did it because he is a passionate reader of my work (it wouldn’t hurt him to do so though – if he had read my suggestion for Arsenal line-up against Chavs, we wouldn’t have lost 6:0) but it’s some sort of satisfaction to know someone who is in charge of Arsenal finds ideas similar to mine as acceptable ones.

    If I really made a fantasy-team, than it would have looked like this:

    Casillas (he’s been used in CL and Spanish Cup only)-Sagna (I rate him as a best right full-back in the world when he is 100 percent fit), Kompany (the best central defender in the world), Varane (apparently has a 30-million-euro-release clause), Gibbs (except I’d feed him with all minerals and vitamines in the world)-Gundogan (Arsene is a great admirer of him and so am I – Arteta with freshness and mobility), Ramsey-Reus (he won’t go to Bayern and Borussia are in decline), Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo (he is a great friend with Ozil)-Aguero (Suarez might be a better player but I don’t want someone who has been found guilty for racism in Arsenal).

    I intend to keep it realistic. If, however, signing a new striker, a new DM, a new back-up goalkeeper and a new winger are unrealistic for one of the richest clubs in the world, then f… it. We should simply say: “We fight for fourth place because we can’t afford to compete” before season starts.

  273. ” Blind faith from failure after failure will drown you from pissing in the wind ! ”

    The Book Of Cockies 1333 AD ( just after half past one After Dinner )

  274. TotalArsenal says:

    A beautiful death, Cocker of Doom ๐Ÿ™‚

  275. alcide says:

    TCM, he may also realize that if he wants to make money over the medium and long term, he will have to invest (or more exactly, will let internal proceeds be invested). There’s no money for him if we’re mid table. I am not sure how well FFP will work, but there are some encouraging signs – Chelsea alledgedly were careful spending last 2 windows. Even the fact that certain clubs have started to resort to fake/questionable sponsorship deals (basically overpaying ten-fold a commercial deal and basically covering anticipated losses – “sister” companies from oil countries are perfect for that) shows you that clubs are paying attention. Of course we’ll have to see if UEFA regulators rule/adapt their rules appropriately.


    hahaha, true Admir, we can only speculate as to what might happen

    Unlike Cornwall (TCM) who with one glance dooms us to a life of perpetual Des Oconner greatest hits. I do think we can compete.

    I have a feeling we will get two big name players this summer

  277. alcide says:

    Hmmm, still no Rambo on the training pictures. Does anyone know when he is expected back in training?

  278. Did you know….Des O`Connor was on the books at Northampton ?…… he probably has more tactical knowledge than Arsene !.
    Stretch being the illegitimate love child of Stans Syrup and Arsene will be happy with just 2 big name signings in the summer, whereas I, the illegitimate love child of Rachel Welch and Sophia Loren will only be happy with at least 5 !…because of sucking their 4 tits as a baby, I`ve turned into a greedy bastard !.

  279. VCC says:

    alcide……we must agree to disagree. “In every occasion our positioning is quite reasonable, and there is no overcommitment” Take a look at our defeats against Chavs/Pool/City. Once it breaks down the opposition attack at pace into space towards our back line.

    Schurrle quotes…”We knew their full-backs are very offensive and go forward a lot. And when they lose the ball you have the chance to take advantage of the transition because they leave a lot of space”. “We wanted to use it. We had a lot of very good transitions and we did it. That was our plan. We knew there would be a lot of space and I wanted to use that”.

  280. Fcuk me……he only pulled a muscle in his thigh !………I used to get dead-legged every day in school, but could still out run the bullies to my ample buxomous mothers for comfort !.

  281. VCC says:

    TMHT 13:56 …yes Stretch, like the last window…one will have a peg leg called Long John Silver and the other one a 4′ midget. He will get away with both saying ” Oh, it was the last day of the window and these two are better than nothing” “At least they might be able to carry the oranges out on a Saturday afternoon”

    AND we have a new signing in Walcott and Diaby they are both back from injuries.

    We must turn this record over, it’s getting worn out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  282. 17highburyterrace says:

    Happy Monday morning (quarterbacks). Glad to see most are back on the job…

    Also glad to see that most took my post match writings in the correct manner… Apology accepted, Milo (!)… Alcide, I have to give you highest marks for trying to keep things real. Here’s a question for Cockie, who, like I said, is right about Silent (stingy) Stan…Why are we not “sponsored” by Gazprom? Usmanov could pay us, say, half a billion pounds for the 5 mins/match on the hoardings and it would all be fine according to (what I know and Alcide suggests about) FFP. It sure seems to me that BOTH guys are holding back and making money on the backs of the ticket paying support…

    As such, until something along those lines give, the fantasy stuff leaves me flat. Watching el clasico, I thought Messi was strong, while Neymar looked like a superior version of the Ox (head down runner on the ball, but he won the key pen and sending off rather than the other way around…) but you can see why he rarely starts and is considered a work in progress… Cesc looked very good, I thought, and moves the ball so quickly, as do players like Iniesta, Xavi and Busquets. You guys all want that beast of a DM but if we had MFs who just could move and provide outlets for one another and not pass straight to defenders we’d be fine (in my opinion). If we’re gonna play the fantasy game, let’s just buy them all!! Arteta, Cazorla and the Ox failed miserably in this regard (moving and ball retention) on Saturday and I’m not sure Rosicky was any better either, though he made the nice chance for Giroud. Chelsea’s finishing was strong (had Kos already hurt himself?…) and the match was over… Still, however, it’s all about finding an upgrade to Ollie… OK, whatever…

    So, let’s be upfront, shall we? VCC and Admir want Wenger out. Who else? AFC seems to want him at least through the end of the season (for consistency to help get us the wins at Wembley?). Cockie wants him out, along with Stan, and trusts that will get Usmanov spending. When do the Oligarchs lose their visas and have to watch from Mother Russia? Only after Donetks is annexed? Personally, I want AW at the club but I would really like to see a measure of delegation and a wider brain-trust at the club. I’m not sure I see anything along those lines happening. The pressure is getting to be too much and winning a trophy (mostly through the luck of the draw) doesn’t seem like it will mean all that much (if we can actually do the deed). We need to win the matches against our rivals (not just Spurs…) and sometimes win them in style. Hahaha, yeah lets do that. Easier to say let’s buy the Barca MF (plus Messi) and Ronaldo and DiMaria and Varane (what about Mr. Bale, who really gets no better looking in close up…) but maybe skip guys like Ramos and Pepe and Pique in favor of some better defenders…

    We have a game tomorrow, thank (f*cking) Dennis…


    hahaha, Cornwall. I didnt know that about Oconner. Why didnt you tell me before. F*uck Wenger, they should give Des a 10 year contract

    “I let my arse fall into careless hands”

    “Careless hands brokebacked my arse in two”


    Come on Vics. We got Ozil for gawds sake. ยฃ50 million quid on one player.

    We will strengthen again

    By the way Vics, I still have 8 weeks before completion on the building. Raising the roof by a meter though has virtually created a third floor


    hahaha, Wenger and Stan are going nowhere 17.

    Like it or not, were all stuck with them.

  286. AFC says:

    17ht, I want Wenger to stay to the end of the season at the very least. If he does not buy quality players in the summer to take us to the next level then he has to go for me. Why? Because he has had enough chances. If he cannot realise our problems, how we need to address them and then actually address them in the market then we cannot progress and become an elite European club and we will most likely find ourselves in the same position next season and the seasons after that.

  287. VCC says:

    Nice one El Greco……We have three floors now too. Gone from three bed to four. Ours took 10 weeks in all. Stressful, but worth it in the end. Now skint though. Must try and sell my body I think. Is there any one down your Brentwood club that would be interested. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hear the cries of Ozil, and we probably wont hear the last of it. One swallow didnt make a Spring old boy.

  288. Admir says:

    @17ht – to be honest, I don’t want Wenger to go. I’d prefer him to stay AND learn from his mistakes. He is a club legend and deserves an erection that will be called 8th world miracle (yes, it’s lamest of all puns) but if he wants to stay to keep pushing square peg in round holes…no, thank you.


    hahaha, ive tried that selling body lark Vics.

    It didnt work out. I only wanted to pay a score but for all the extras the geezer wanted ยฃ50. hahaha

    Yeah, I was impressed with the photos. I guess if its a brand new build it should look good though.

  290. VCC says:

    17HT……..I’m with AFC. I want Wenger to show me he has learned over these past baron 9 years. Now we have money to spend, I want him to get the necessary armoury |(pun intended) to compete with the big boys. Has he the balls to go for it? I wonder?

    As I’ve also been saying for some time now, we are 3 players short (imo) of getting there. A DM/ST/D.

    That’s not a cull but well within our scope.


    I think its a question more of footballing philosophy as opposed to players when considering whether one would like Arsene to say or not.

    We have a good pool of players, and did spend ยฃ50 million on Ozil. As I said, I expect a couple of big signings this summer

    The question is what type of player? Arsene believes in an offensive game of pass ball. He has packed the midfield out with skilful lightweight players (no big man there) and as to act as a pivot to this midfield has employed a big man up front.

    We know Arsene doesn’t do tactics. He generally plays a similar system whether we be playing Barnet or Chelsea. The only subtle differences I see is when we play with the hand brake, slightly deeper and the fullbacks stay back,

    If you don’t think this approach will ever win the major prizes, then I can understand why you may want a change

  292. alcide says:

    VCC, I was talking about the Chavs game. Pool, and City, I wholly agree with the assesment. Saturday however, if you look a the actions I am referring to (especially on overhead cams), it is individual mistakes over mild individual pressure that do us in, we are not in “all attack” mode.

    Of course everybody knows what our weaknesses are, and ALL teams actually try to press the double pivot (hey, it’s not called pivot for nothing), and it’s ok. Most fail, and we control the game, but unfortunately top ones succeeded. Winning that battle is largely what wins us games.

    My argument is that while we were too aggressive vs. City and Pool and clearly exposed ourselves, that wasn’t as clear vs. Chelsea. Under very standard situations and positions, we made individual mistakes that have no place at top level (and not because we were in adventurous mode), and were punished for it. Again, I agree regarding our shortcomings – DM quality, overall pace, risk of playing Ox vs. Flam, how exposed we are when we lose the ball in midfield etc., but I didn’t see obvious signs of tactical debauchery.

    Short of parking the bus and hoofing it to OG everytime we have the ball, we still have to go through our pivot, and not lose it to silly mistakes under the mildest of pressure (one defender a few yards out), because that will cost you regardless what your tactics are.

  293. Admir says:

    Koscielny is out for tomorrow (calf problems) and is replaced by Bellerin in the squad.

    So, it’s Mertesacker-Vermaelen axis in the central defence against dangerous Bony.

  294. alcide says:

    Usmanov would do what you suggest – but only if he becomes a majority holder.

    Following my reading of Arsenal’s recent history, I’m all for Arsene to get three more years, and use our regained financial stature to initiate a third glorious era.

    If he doesn’t spend this summer however, I’ll live secluded from football and forever follow the principles of The Book Of Cockies.

  295. VCC says:

    alcide….I’m not sure what game we are talking about because the first goal on Saturday clearly showed Gibbs pressing into Chelsea half when the ball breaks down, then they attack at pace and he isn’t even in our box when the ball goes into the net.

    2nd Goal looks similar to me, again he isnt anywhere near our box when the ball goes in.

    That’s clearly gung ho early doors in my book.

  296. 17highburyterrace says:

    Alright…I gotta get out for my ski but I’m glad to see that NOBODY wants Wenger out, despite proclamations about announcing his retirement at his presser, etc… If this is true (that folks support the man) then maybe it shouldn’t be proclaimed with each (and every) poor result… :evil:angry:twisted:just saying:etc: …

    Terry is right, a change in ownership (and management) ain’t coming suggesting we will proceed along a conservative path, bringing in players who will improve the squad and have positional flexibility (so we can get by with fewer guys). Young players will get their chance at Arsenal which can be seen as a good thing or not (see, for example the Ox this past Saturday…) We’re still at a stage where (merely) KEEPING our players with greatest potential–even if they’ve got injury issues or they’ve failed to perform in big matches–is probably going to remain the focus of our economic “might.” We are thus NOT at the level of the big national clubs (Barca, RM, Juve, Milan, Bayern) nor the FFP flouters (Man City, Chavs, PSG, Monaco) nor the American owned clubs whose owners take on either debt or speculation (Liverpool, ManU). As such, if we can out-compete ANY of them we are actually overachieving. It CAN happen, however. As of this morning (9 matches to go) a selling club (Atletico Madrid) are leading La Liga…

    It all works for me, but maybe I’m more patient than some…

    Given that we ALL (at least today…) want Wenger at the club, I think it’s OK to suggest that he’s not perfect. As I’ve said, he’s *too* big a figure and (I think) guys actually want to play for him too much. Those were nervous mistakes (as Alcide points out…) but, additionally, we’re hampered by missing 3 of our most athletic midfielders (Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey) who maybe might’ve been able to ride the moderate pressure or simply not choke with stupid passes. Likewise, Theo’s pace might’ve made Chelsea a bit less primed to be thinking so much about breaking forward at every hint of a turnover. Hopefully we can use the end of this season to play more methodically, get more boys back to fitness, and win what we can to alleviate the massive pressure that comes with each and every match. Wins over Wigan and Hull or Sheffield United might help as would solid results (with solid performances) in the league matches that remain…

    Still, there are NO easy answers. People might want to dream about buying the guys to make a difference but that (IMO) is nutty. Again, read the list of clubs who WILL outspend us and realize that it will be a combination of developing our own guys (and keeping them fit or simply being more fortunate re: injuries…), adding quality in a spot or two, playing at our best, and getting the bounces to fall our way. IMO, if the fans could appreciate the difficulty of the task, it would go a LONG way towards creating a supportive environment for the lads. As it is, geed up by the media and a cultural of I-want-it-all-and-I-want-it-now, we (as a whole) create the EXACT opposite sort of air around the club. It’s perhaps appropriate if we’re getting priced out of the stadium, but maybe less so if we merely watch on (or from behind) the sofa…

    But that’s just me…Carry on as you see fit… :smiles:grins:hugs:etc:

  297. 17highburyterrace says:

    Gotta get outta here, but just want to say that I think VCC is correct about the Schurlle quote and our fullbacks pressing up but Alcide is also correct about the breaks coming from not overly pressurized situations. More continuity (Santi and Ox are attackers who want to dribble their way out of trouble rather than take the simple/boring pass) is a key, but that would suggest I’m blaming injuries…

    Also, agreed Alcide about Usmanov (MAYBE) spending his own money if he were majority shareholder. With money at that level, however, he could garner A LOT of fan support if he were to rig something NOW… Even if he couldn’t push Stan out, how satisfying (for him) would it be to see the signs in favor of the fat Uzbek rather than the blanket and syrup wearing ‘Merican?… To me, it seems like he’s quite content just letting Arsenal twist in the wind (and continue doing just fine in the attritional war of the club’s with zero patience)…

    OK, nice chatting with you folks, but the sun/snow combo will not wait any longer…

  298. TotalArsenal says:

    17 ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is not a given at all that ALL want Wenger at the club. But you don’t sack a pilot when he is about to start the descent of his aeroplane! So for me it is an irrelevant question right now.

  299. alcide says:

    We have the ball, we are not under any particular pressure, Gibbs (on the 50m line on 1st goal, not much further on second) and provides width (both he and Sagna are potential outlets on the first goal, Gibbs unmarked, Ox just chose the wrong pass). They are not behind or deeper than their counterparts. Ox/Santi lose the ball where and when they should not and are not expected to (not against top teams if we want to compete for the league). If our fullbacks have to be behind the DM pivot at all times when we have the ball in the opponent’s half, if we need to have 6 players in the back at all times, well we will invite more pressure even closer to our goal, and might as well target to finish 5th if we’re that unambitious.

    That being said VCC (or Admir), I will concede that I *am* playing devil’s advocate, and part of that is due to my frustration that we would have to play so conservatively and *hope* that Chelsea would give us an opportunity to score when they are the master of this cautious style, and we don’t have the players up front for it. The fact that our players failed technically (more than tactically, or before we did tactically in my opinion), explains the rest.

    Nice to see Kos is out, it’s been a while since we had a player sidelined ๐Ÿ˜‰

  300. Even though Mansour City have somehow managed the “smoke and mirrors” trick to fool UEFA`s FFP with money coming in from related companies for “Intellectual Property”, Uzzy will not do the same as he isn`t the owner of Arsenal or even the majority shareholder !.
    I again dont know the ins and outs ( maybe Stretch could give us a clue ! ), so this is just me trying to think on a simple level, but maybe if the Arsenal board had any fairness they might invite the second largest shareholder of 30% onto the board and then maybe he could get Gazprom to apply smoke and mirrors to loophole FFP !.

    So if we have such a great squad of players who are as good as any of the “BIG” clubs and it`s nothing to do with other teams players genetics of being big, strong and fast, then it`s must be down to tactics and Arsene must take the buck for this !.
    In the past, Arsene was the pace setter, but now plenty of others have caught him up, so then, is this where he is failing, in that on a level playing field, he isn`t as good as other managers and coaches at tactics ?. In the past he had the players, who he just let loose and strut their stuff, now he cant do that and is constantly ( in the case of Mourinho and previously SAF ) out thought by better tacticians !. We even have other teams players (Schurrle ) telling us how they targeted our weaknesses !.
    Like for like we may be better this season (so far ), but we have won games when we were not the better team and ground out some close victories and obviously got spanked when we were shit, I only see an improvement in points and not in our performances !…..although I will say that has been mostly down to incredible bad luck ( or management ) on the injury front.
    If my diagnosis is correct, then it will still be the same for years to come with either bad injury luck and inept tactics or a slice of both and only extreme money spent on SQ will get us competing ( as long as the injury curse is conquered ) !.
    The FAC will be a great relief for the fans, but it in no way suggests we are back as a competitor, otherwise we might as well say Birmingham and Wigan are competitors because they won a knock-out trophy !. A Squeaky Bum Sunday, not for 4th place, but for the title is what classes us as being competitive !.

    The Cockie of Wisdom has spoken !.

  301. The Cockie of Wisdom is now going on the treadmill for a while, so if you want a fight, you will have to wait !. The Cockie needs exercise !. hahaha

  302. alcide says:

    TCM, our double DM Pivot (any variation of it, and especially with current injuries) and ST are not as good as “any of the big clubs”, Rambo back+TQ DM would go a long way of bridging that gap, but in the meantime, the key part of our 4-2-3-1 is a very obvious weak link – whichever tactic you apply in my opinion.

  303. VCC says:

    alcide….my point was pressing too far upfield early doors. We always do it, and the top clubs know this and take advantage. I’m not at all saying we play with 6 defenders at all times. What I am saying is take it easy in the first half, consolidate and try and frustrate the home team a little then perhaps press in the second half when our fitness can come onto play.

    Regarding being unambitious, if we don’t speculate in the Summer we will not accumulate.

    Next season will be tough, we will have Chelsea/ManCity/ManUnited/Liverpool/Everton/Spurs and ourselves all plying for top four, with maybe a surprise packet. Wenger and his staff needs to be doing his/their homework NOW, and not the last day of the Summer transfer market.

  304. alcide says:

    I know VCC, I’m overstating my points, and have no fundamental issues with what you’re saying. I just feel we didn’t take that much risk, and players should have done better. Even taking it easy, losing possession as they did would have cost us.

    Agreed on the rest, it’s going to be a tough window as well with the World Cup. Witty our luck, if Arsene shops early, they will get injured in Brazil ๐Ÿ™‚ but let’s hope he only gets SQ and decides early enough – Ko previลกe bira โ€“ masturbira.

    Which part

  305. OK…….treadmill done……100`s of sit-ups and squats done… what bastard wants some !. hahahaha

    Agreed alcide and we…except Stretch, but especially our glorious leader Total……have been screaming for one ( DM Beast ) as long as I can remember !.
    Spot on Vics ( isn`t it nice that on this site people talk back to you ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) with your last paragraph !. This year we ( especially Wenger ! ) are lucky that only Manshafter Std are feeling the consequences of management upheaval, otherwise we would be 5th !. As I have also previously said ( and not as many as you have pointed out )…..there will be at least 5 teams trying to make top 4 !……actually, there will be 4 teams trying to win the EPL and us trying to get a 4th place trophy !. ๐Ÿ˜†
    If Wenger is as great as people believe, he will be self critical of his transfer dealings in the last few years and actually be negotiating now as you say !.

  306. alcide says:

    Hey Cockie, Swansea is a potential +3 on the chart of doom isn’t it?

  307. I`m now going to warm up yesterdays “ruby”!. The missus makes the best Chapatis I`ve ever tasted !. Mmmmmmm

  308. Correct, but even better alcide…….beat the sheep transgressors and we will be + 5 points on The Chart of Doom !. ๐Ÿ˜€

  309. Admir says:

    @Alcide “Ko previลกe bira – masturbira” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You know only the wisest things from our language. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m doing a match preview for and I’ve just noticed a bizarre fact about us and Swansea. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  310. alcide says:

    TCM, woohoo, better than a trophy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hehe Admir, I was hoping you’d catch that… Which part of ex-Yugoslavia are you from?

  311. Admir says:

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, NW.


    Whats the point of a beast of midfielder if your not going to employ him as a beast?

    Does anyone remember a guy called Alex Song? Now forgive me If I beat the drum about going to games were you get to see the whole pitch and complete shape of the side, but going to every home game, believe me Alex Song was a beast, but he wasnt employed as one

    Neither have Arsenal ever employed the Liverpool, Chelsea, and Utd tactics of two pressing central midfielders that they use against us. Why? because we dont need to since no one plays like we do. Chelsea, Utd, and Liverpools midfielders are direct, release the ball earlier and forward. Possesion is not king for them.

    Lets get real here. People go on about lists of players as if Arsene Wenger or his coaching staff do not know who these players are or think there not good enough.

    The reality is that Wenger has made a fundamental choice in terms of strategic form of play. He probably rates many of the players you guys mention highly, but will only select players that he feels will blend into his long term vision

    At present, if you do not buy into the current philosphy of play and the nurturing of players from within, you will be left frustrated and bewildered by lack of players you feel the team needs, and lack of transfer activity.

    Of course nothing is set in stone and Arsene, like all managers, will tinker with his approach and bring in some new faces This is normal.

    But if anyone thinks there will be a profound change of direction, they are sadly mistaken.

    Arsenal and the Board should be judged on there current philosophy, not on some silly notions that they dont know what there doing or are a bunch of misers.


    And whilst ime at it, why is it that FFP is often judged in black and white terms.

    If you have an understanding of tax law or law in general for that matter, the amount of grey area and complexity is vast.


    Cornwall, the City, and PSG deals are smoke and mirrrors, but there is one very important thing to consider.

    These deals, and other things such as bringing forward players salaries, is all about “front loading”

    What this essentialy means is that the strategy theses clubs are emplying to comply with FFP is based on showing increased income and expenses now, and then over the years increase there turnovers to compensate.

    in other words, clubs like Arsenal will, in theory, close the gap every year.

  315. Who needs beasts when you can watch Arsenal fanny !.

    If FFP is such a 50 shades of grey area, that just means to me that the rich bastards will always be on top and we will just languish until we join them, not imo them joining us at our level !. Just an opinion though, but as of now, one that is not currently working in our favour, so only time will tell, but how long do we wait for it to happen for us before we change tact ?.

  316. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good stuff from some of the old timers here today…Very nice to see…

    Terry is spot on re: Song. He was a Central Defender who got a great opportunity to play in MF and then believed he could play like Messi (and show up late to practice…) Now at least he gets to watch little Leo at each and every match…

    People (in essence) declare Wenger Out with each bad result (or at least they seem happy to declare that he’s an idiot…), but the truth of the matter (as I see it…) is much as Terry and Alcide describe it: Wenger wants to play with aggressive FBs and with MFs who are constantly filling spaces (left and right, fore and aft) for one another. It’s a beautiful dream and he doesn’t indulge it all that often, choosing to play just as much route 1 as a Sam Allardyce team, i.e., for me, he has shown plenty of tactical flexibility. Without Ozil and (to a much lesser extent Ramsey and Wilshere) we were up against it going to Stamford Bridge. As such, I don’t particularly lament the starting of Ox in the middle on Saturday. It was a risk, but IF we could’ve gotten a lead (and we did start brightly…) we might’ve held it. As it was, it’s very tough for our team to come back from a goal down against a group like Chelsea, let alone two or three goals down (and with only 10 men)… The risky move backfired spectacularly…

    So what? The points total from the last two matches is better than a pair of draws…
    It worked vs Spurs, not so much vs Chavs… Humiliations happen; get over it; etc,.. Every dog has it’s day, a thought that makes me miss my avatar girl… :sad face:

    One of the most basic concepts in football is that a safe pass is EVERYTHING at the back and nothing (or not much) at the front. Risky–killer–passes in the final 3rd make chances which make goals. At the back they make them, but for the other team. It’s a technical issue as Alcide points out, but trying to get attack-minded (naturally confident) players like Ox and Santi to be thinking “avoid mistakes” or “no interceptions” is not an easy thing. It takes focus and it takes calmness but, ideally, it takes having players who are schooled in such matters. This is why AW wants to develop his own players and why he often will try and get games for future #10s like Ox and Jack alongside an old head like Arteta. Ozil, I think, naturally gets this concept, which makes him an ideal guy to build the team around…

    As Terry points out the financial elements are in place and all we can hope for is a slow building process mostly with players bought young who learn from their mistakes, i.e., the points they cost us. Holding onto these players is the key. Not very glamorous (glamourous?) compared to all the buy this guy, buy that guy, but also a fact. Cockie is right, if we win the FA cup–A prize which Wenger has clearly sacrificed in the past–it will show that we have the nerve and the talent to beat teams like Spurs, Pool, Everton and Coventry at home AND teams like Wigan and Hull/SheffU at Wembley. It’s a nice thing, it will please SOME fans (for a minute or two…), but it’s not where we want to be. Patience, I say…

    If you can’t take that, then let’s throw the old man out and get moving on change, BIG change, ASAP. (And from what I read on the internet, the average Arsenal fan thinks he CAN land the plane, Total…) Personally, I *would* like to see the groundwork for change set in motion (How about Dennis Bergkamp appointed 1st team manager, or something, and allow him to work the touchline in Cup Matches, or something, while AW sits higher up–and visa versa for far flung matches if DB still refuse to fly…

    Haha, now who’s coming up with the preposterous ideas?… :lol:kissmyarse:hugsallaround:

  317. VCC says:

    TCM 18:14……yes Cockie, I’m not in the inner circle ๐Ÿ˜ฆ put another one to the test today, same response ๐Ÿ™‚

  318. Vic`s…….tell them you`re Stretches mate and that will get you in !. hahaha

  319. Smiley`s would be so much better if you could do rude ones !. ๐Ÿ’ก

  320. With regards to Song………was he a DM Beast or a B2B player ?…….If he was a DM Beast, then maybe that’s why Wenger sold him as he was not disciplined enough to stick to his duties !.

  321. As for tomorrow nights game………I see only 3 outcomes !……Swansea get the backlash and are thrashed………..they copy all the better coaches and attack our weaknesses and humiliate us as well !……..or we draw !………….and that’s why I am the voice of reason !. hahaha

  322. VCC says:

    TCM, so you predict either a draw, home win or away win then?

  323. Correct Vics……I knew you would see through the extreme technical minefield of my logical comment !. hahaha

  324. VCC says:

    hope I can find a good stream tomorrow night. Fancy seeing for myself how Wenger sets the side up.

  325. TotalArsenal says:

    It is tactically naive to think we can play a high line and commit FBs forward willy-nilly with an inexperienced Ox (who cannot defend) and a slow Arteta (who is also not a DM natural) against a team like Chavs. I have said it many times: Maureen only knows one style of tactics and he masters this better than anybody else. They sit back a bit, so we commit men forward, they grab the ball of us and punish us on the break. That is Maureen/Portugueese footie for you. The Dutch have suffered from this so many times…. It is the antidote for total football.

    We obliged so naively and got slaughtered and for that I am livid with Wenger, absolutely fecking livid. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    The idea that Wenger does not want a Beast has merit, but there is now plenty of evidence that this does not work for us. And If we should play without a beast, then at least lets have fast, fit midfielders who can tackle and do not get bullied easily.

    Terry, I have always said letting Song go was a big mistake, and so was not turning him into a beast of a DM. These things, amongst other ones, piss me off about Wenger. But c’est la vie.

    See what happens tomorrow and then on Saturday.


    hahahahaha, Vics, try that for a laugh. Go on there and demand acknowledgment coz your mate. hahahha

    Dont think it will do any good. Ive gone days without getting responses on there. If only we could somehow use a loud speaker? i would drive them all nuts. hahaha

  327. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie, Song could do it all. He was asked to play box to box as Arteta was not very good at it and we needed creativity back then (no Fabregas and Wilshere), but had he been asked to play as a DM Beast he would have done it with verve.


    Yes TA, but Wenger didnt ask him

    If Arsene bought him back, he would probably play him up front. hahaha

  329. TotalArsenal says:

    So true, Terrenzo ๐Ÿ™‚

  330. water says:

    Wow man
    How do you guys deal with spuds fans.
    They sure are arrogant and for the life of me I can’t figure out what it is that they are proud of.
    They’re are a selling club who’s greatest achievement was a trip to the bernabau.
    They have nothing to look back on and an even bleaker future.

  331. TotalArsenal says:

    Nothing is easier than dealing with the Spuddies, Water. Just sing: you won the league in black and white! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Water, just tell them you only got into football becuase you found the sight of Steve Archibald strangly alluring.

    They get confused and leave you alone after that

  333. TotalArsenal says:

    Ox and Gibbser cleared. Good, two speedsters available.

  334. 17highburyterrace says:

    Gotta run (pick up the kid, get my hair done, etc.,) but please redefine this bestiality thing. Are we just talking about somebody big or somebody who really stays back or does it include guys who know when to rampage forward and when to get back. Does it also include playing “enforcer” and protecting our craftier guys by getting the occasional 3 match ban?… I think I’ve seen Ramires described as a beast and he’s not gonna win too much in the air but he does get up and down the pitch nicely and puts in some nasty tackles. Since Chavs are the team of the moment which of their MFs would qualify: Matic, Obi-Mikel? Would Makelele have been one? Just asking, in truth, because it seems like we might not all agree…


  335. water says:

    Brilliant guys.
    I mean I went over to read an article about how suarez is the difference between spurs and the pool according to vertrongen. I mean he forgets how woeful they’ve been even losing to norwich a team we can’t stop battering.
    We beat them the last two times we’ve played them abd they got mauled by even the hammers.
    I could not help noticing the fact that we’ve been acting “smug” cuz we’re having a good season.
    Really… doesn’t the past forever mean anything.
    When they got into the ucl the pool and arsenal had been in ucl finals in prior seasons.
    If spurs think they are a “big” club idk what a “big” club is anymore.

  336. Admir says:

    They are so small club that they had to pick such a long name as Tottenham Hotspur to sound bigger. Certain Mr Freud would have said something about that.

  337. TotalArsenal says:

    It is a defensive midfielders who is athletic, strong, hard but fair/professional (good tackler), good positioning and reading skills, and decent passer of the ball. Examples are Wanyama, De Jong, Matic possibly, Song, and Fellaini and Dembele COULD be turned into one. Flamini still has many of these skills, but we need a better version going fwd and make the Flame his stand in.

  338. 17highburyterrace says:

    Total, I’m back, my stylist was “all backed up,” so I had to rearrange my hair stuff… (winky face)

    Re: the beast…So, size isn’t too important, more athleticism, good strength and tackling and reading the game. How do we identify that latter quality? It seems difficult if we only get the television view. Song and Gilberto were both converted central defenders. Would that be a clue? Regarding yesterday’s clasico, guys like Xabi Alonzo or Sergio Busquets wouldn’t quality but Mascherano would? I keep thinking a really gutsy move would be pushing up Kos into MF as Vermaelen might be the better athlete/player over Arteta or Flamini (or Poldolski) To me LK6 moves the ball so nicely out of defense (better than Verms, even if we fondly remember TV bombing forward to score a few times) and his recovery pace is astounding. Also, being able to make those challenges outside the box (rather than in) would mean the (rare) ones he (or the ref) misses would be less painful. Rather moot for tomorrow, as he’s got a knock, right?… Maybe tomorrow we see a little KK (further forward for Rosicky or Poldolski)…Have you seen enough of this Hayden kid (also a CB/DM cross) to know if he’s a “beast in the making”?

    On that note, where’s Gerry?… Also, unless Bond is dead, consider me pissed (angry, as we gringos mean it, not drunk as you guys do…) that he’s stopped posting here and not given us at least a heads up that all is OK. That was quite a bit of personal business we absorbed on his behalf and I feel jilted or at least left (a bit) high and dry. Again, feel free to call me an idiot for expecting too much out of the interweb, but there you go…

    On a similar note (vagaries of the different meanings of terms in different parts of the English speaking world…) I think I may have misinterpreted people’s use of the term “didn’t show up,” or “didn’t turn up.” I always think of these as suggesting “lacking spirit, passion, enthusiasm, etc.,” but it might mean “not performing well–for whatever reason.” This seems the way AW was using it in his post-match comments… Anybody want to help out a poor old dood from California, where, like, we, like, don’t know much about, like, nuttin’…

    Cheers, smiley face, etc.

  339. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha, I thought you might have been enjoying a back, crack and sack hair removing session, seventino ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have always rated Alonso, who is pretty all round but yes Macherano is more like the type. Busquets has pretty much everything IMO. Great player. Converting Kos or TV is a good possibility too.

    I’d rather not discuss JB on the blog. He is free to return but has not done so for a while and we can only hope he and mrs JB are fine..

  340. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘Did not show up’ means a player had an off day, which can be a combination of lack of motivation and lack of impact/effectiveness. Of course, context is everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Don’t know Hayden well, so cannot judge. But experience is very important as a role like this is mastered over time I reckon.

  341. H20……..don’t even bother with the Spuds,. I meet a lot on my journeys, a finer bunch of deluded spastards you will never meet !.
    If you ever get a train into Shite Fart Pain, on entering you will be advised to set you watch back 53 years !.
    Soon to be The Sainsbury`s Stadium… has had to be stopped on numerous occasions with Tony Robinson and the Time Tunnel Team called in after discovering remnants of ancient rattles and rosettes from the last time they won a title !.

  342. So when VCC`s missus said “he didn`t show up”, it was nothing to do with him being stuck having a work-out in the revolving doors at the dementia clinic !.

  343. TotalArsenal says:

    CoD, you are in fine form today. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope Mrs Cockie is okay health wise?

  344. After yet another humiliation, I think Gezzer has sent himself back to Coventry and in a quirky twist of humiliation, an Arsenal player on loan at Coventry (Chuba Akpom) has been sent back to Arsenal !.

    PS…….He did manage a hattrick today against the `ammers !.

  345. A check up on Wednesday Totes !. Her heart rate has to be down to 50 before they will attempt a biopsy ……..don’t ask me why that is, as they are baffling to me !. Unbelievably slow if you ask me, but they are the experts and with the experts in Arsenal`s transfer negotiating team…..I`m not crazy about people who are so called experts !. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  346. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, now that it’s Spring I need to go from Squatchie to Smoofie (Norf/East London pronunciation there)… Why should my forehead be the only thing hair-free?… :shocked: Fanks for the explanation, I might’ve been a bit ‘ard on Alex (gunners not Oxlade-Chamberlain…) about getting down on the team for “not showing up.” IMO (as I’ve said) a bit too eager/nerves might’ve been the Ox’s issue…It was a big spot for him (a chance to impress Roy as well) and it went tit’s up (as they say)…In the end, the refs got the whole sending off thing completely wrong, it appears…

    Alonso and Masch are pretty strong players…That’s a bit of deeper lying MF talent England has lost–Even more if you rate Song… Personally, I rated Cabaye and think he might’ve been an astute purchase. Maybe our interest is what got PSG going… I like my DLMFs (how’s that) to have a booming single foot like Alonso and Cabaye have got… Arteta’s got one as well, but all I hear about him is that he’s ready for the glue-factory… Seems to me physicality is a big part of being a “beast.” Busquets wouldn’t last long in England, I don’t think…

    Hey, did you (TA) say there would be no match preview for Swansea?… I don’t like the sound of that… I’m feeling rather full of beans (if not completely enraged any longer…) so I could send a quick tirade, er, preview, your way, if you’d like…

  347. Admir says:

    Apparently Koscielny is out for at least three league matches and FA Cup semifinal. :/

  348. TotalArsenal says:

    Okay, how does she get her heartbeat that low with you around?

    Hope the biopsy will happen soon!

    Keep us posted please and give her a big hug from the BK broke backers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  349. TotalArsenal says:

    A good chance for TV5, Admir. ๐Ÿ™‚

  350. Dylan says:

    As far as I’m concerned the Swans lineup picks itself.
    Jenks Mert Verm Nacho (Gibbs if he’s still unavailable)
    Kallstrom Flam
    Gnabry Santi Poldi

  351. TotalArsenal says:

    That would be great seventeeno, a tirade from Tahoe! Leaving about 2pm tomorrow, can you finish it before then please?

    Still a role for Arteta but maybe not in the big games and he is missing Rambo a lot, I reckon.

    Time to hit the pillow.

    Alcide, I would like to stay three nights in La Suisse with family in August. Any tips re nice areas?

  352. Admir says:

    TCM, I send the best wishes for forthcoming period to you and your significant other.

  353. 17highburyterrace says:

    I’m on it, TA, should be in your mail-box when you wake up…

    Sorry Dylan, I can’t see that as the line-up…Given that neither Ox nor Gibbs should’ve been sent off and will be available they will both play. Only change will be Verm for Kos, I think…

    All the best Cockster, to you and the missus…

  354. Dylan says:

    17HT, I understand it’s not likely. But I firmly believe almost every player that started the Chelsea game should be dropped if possible.

  355. 17highburyterrace says:

    Dylan, punishment is one way to try to “manage” a team…I prefer instilling confidence, esp. for the players who are not suddenly shit(e) just because they blew a couple of passes or had a ball hit their hand…

    Dif’rent strokes, of course…

    Where’s AB?…Curious what he’s thinking…

  356. Milo says:

    By all accounts (from what I’ve read) Hayden has had quite a few disciplinary problems (bookings). Maybe not such a bad thing at times, but if he can cut down on those, he might be a good option in the future,meaning in 1 and a half to two year’s time. He will probably want or need a loan somewhere so that Arsene, or whoever is managing the club (hahahaha) can get a true read on his suitability and acclimation to first team football, if only in a lower division.
    The player I am most intruiged with, who is completely off the radar for most people, is Chuks Aneke. He has been scoring goals for fun at Crewe, and has been one of our most successful loans, in terms of raw statistics, in years. It is a lower league, but the hardest thing to do, at any level, in most sports, is produce offensively, on a relatively consistent basis. He is a very tall young man, but he doesn’t quite seem to have the stamina or raw strength to play in a deeper role in midfield. He IS only 20, so he could very easily develop that side of his play. it seems to be a bit easier to teach defensive play to a younger player, than to develop skill or finesse, at least that is what I have heard. He seems to have plenty of skill, if you go by his goal and assist output. I think he could be a Diaby type player, in the future. The problem is, his contract is running out at the end of the season and it’s sounds and seems that the odds are about 50-50 regarding his contract renewal. Maybe even less in favour of him signing here. It really would be something if either Hayden or Aneke could graduate from the academy and go on to have a meaningful career with our first team. Especially Aneke, as he has been with us since he was around 7 years old. Hayden came from another club at an older age, by a few years. I can’t remember which club it was right now though. I would be really happy if both or either of them could make it, especially in a deeper lying midfield position.

  357. TotalArsenal says:

    Good points and an interesting read, Milo. Why don’t you write a post about the three to five youngsters who will be regulars in Arsenal’s first team by 2018 (and why), or something like that….?

  358. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seventeenooh produced a fine preview.

  359. Admir says:

    Here is a bizarre fact about Swans’ visit to London: after we had been thrashed at Old Toilet 8:2 (= six-goal-margin), our next opponents in the league were…Swansea. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ We won 1:0 thanks to poor distribution from Vorm and clever finish from Arshavin but we gave a really poor performance and were lucky to escape with all three points (I think Sinclair hit the bar in the last minute).

    As always, Lady Fortune wears a strap-on and doesn’t use lubricant when she approaches our Arse in terms of injuries – both ours and opponents’. Koscielny is out but Michu is back (he has been given a 20-minute-cameo in two recent games). Lady Fortune has been really perverse to us in more ways than just massacring our squad – for instance, we played against City in best form and with all their best players available, against Manure when they had Rooney, Vane Penis and Mata available… Chavs played against City who were without Agรผero and Fernandinho, against Manure who were without Rooney, Vane Penis and Mata.

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