Giroud v Davies, Pod v Wenger, Ozil v Fitness: Hull City Preview + Line Up

Hull City vs Arsenal Preview: Time to Cement 4th


KC Stadium

KC Stadium

This fixture lines up with another important fixture in the league, Everton vs Manchester United. We will have to hope United will beat Everton and we can extend our lead to 4 points. That will nearly lock up 4th place for us, as Everton still have to face Manchester City. People say this is an FA Cup final rehearsal, but I disagree. The FA Cup final will be a different stadium, a different atmosphere, a different competition, and different players (Jack will be back for us, Long and Jelavic will be cup tied for them). That being said, this is still a big game and a definite must win for us.

This fixture last time:

Last time this fixture was played, it ended up in a very comfortable 2-0 win at the Emirates. Bendtner scored early in the first half, and Ozil scored early in the second half. I don’t expect to see Bendtner play tomorrow (or ever again in an Arsenal jersey), but Ozil will return tomorrow and I hope he gets on the score sheet again.



I expect Flamini and Ozil to return to the lineup, and I reckon Santi and Kallstrom will be dropped. I believe Santi will be dropped due to his small physical stature, and Poldi will stay in due to his more physical presence being lined up against the fast and physical Elmohamady. Flamini will go up against the big presence of Huddlestone. I expect Verm to keep his spot after a fantastic performance against Carroll midweek, and due to Gibbs’ late fitness test.

Key Battles:

Giroud vs Davies: Davies is a talented, physical centre back who has really come into his own this season. Giroud will face a tiring and very physical battle, especially in the air. But if he wins it, then Giroud could be looking at a goal or two tomorrow.

Ozil vs fitness: Ozil has had a long rest and after that, he will be firing on all cylinders. Being an attacking midfielder is partially instinct, but a lot of it is like being an artist. Inspiration is key. Watching lots of football and seeing what other players do is important for a CAM because it gives one an idea of things to try in games. After so long out, Ozil will have lots of ideas, but he will have to be fit to produce his usual world class passing and assists.

Podolski vs Wenger: This is another chance for Podolski to show Wenger what he can do and grab his spot for next season. Two goals mid-week is a good start, but he needs to be more consistent and score more goals per minute to earn his spot, because scoring is pretty much all he is good at (relatively, he can do other things, but not so that other players in our squad can’t do these better).

Casualties of War:

WengerWincing (2)


Monreal and Gibbs face late tests, Diaby is back but not fit, and Walcott continues to be out with his ACL injury. Wilshere and Gnabry should be back soon, hopefully next weekend.

Hull City:

Hull doesn’t appear to have any injuries that I can find. Long and Jelavic will return after being ineligible for the FA Cup semi-final.


I predict a 3-0 to the Arsenal. Giroud, Ozil, and Sanogo will all score in a comfortable score line for the Arsenal.


1. What are your predictions for the game?

2. What is your preferred line-up?

3. Do you think Everton will drop points again

COYG! Let’s seal 4th place this weekend!

Thanks for reading! 😀

Written by: Dylan.

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399 Responses to Giroud v Davies, Pod v Wenger, Ozil v Fitness: Hull City Preview + Line Up

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Great match preview, Dylan the Predictor (wish I had put a tenner on your 2-1 and right goal scorers yesterday…. I would have been able to build a GLIC love shag!) 🙂

    I like the line up a lot and I hope we will go for it. I feel Arsene will not start Ozil but bring him in later, but maybe the German is ready. Much prefer him in the hole compared to Santi, but I reckon the Spaniard will there to start.

    There is a double bonus for winning today: three points and a psychological knock to our FA Cup final competitor. I will also bring us closer to the number two and three in the league. So I am hoping we will go all guns blazing and start winning in away games again…. We need a focussed, hungry and professional team today, but will we get it?


  2. Mintæ says:

    I want fabiansky in … To get use to hull.
    5-1 arse win
    i dont want them to loose they play good

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent argument for including Fabianski, Mintae. I am with you.

  4. Morning Arsesuckesquers !. 😆
    Thanks Young Dylanstein .

    To Hull and back with 3 points I say !….so probably a 2-1 loss !.
    I like your line up, but chuck in Gibbs and Santi, just so that 13 Vs 11 will probably get us a result !.
    I think Everton will win all their remaining games, so we have to win all of ours !.
    Now for a telling off for some of you Fuvvers Sanny Muckers who were getting excited by Mansour City dropping 2 points against Sunderland !. Lets hope that by the time they play Everton they are still in the title chase, as dropping by them points they might be in holiday mode versus the Toffees !.
    You are spot on about this not being a cup final rehearsal. A win today to keep up our momentum for a historic double of 4th trophy and FA Cup and to tell the truth, wouldn’t it be great to beat Hull 3 times in a season, lets face it, that would really put Steve Bruce`s nose out of joint !. Honestly, it comes so easy to me !. hahahaha

  5. marc says:

    Fab,BFG, KOS, VEMINATOR. BACARY. mid: FLAMINI, RAMBO, OX, SANTI and POLD. cf:GIROUD. subs. scz, monreal,jenkinson ,rosicky,ozil and sanogo. i think this line up is capable of getting us the 3 points in kc stadium and project’s 17th may finals!

  6. James Bond says:

    nice one , Dyls – always enjoy your write ups, it’s a shame you don’t do them more regularly as you have the potential like SCZNY to be a legend and world class – ok, not like Sczny but like JW 🙂

    onto business then .

    1: we score 6 goals.

    3: Fabianski is the way to go but other than that, I will go with your team , however , I suspect that the OX is carrying an injury so it wouldn’t surprise me to see Rosicky get the nod ahead of the OX ?

    5: Yes, Everton will drop points against both the MAncs , and possibly all 6 points as well.

    if you are going to give me the platform and ask for my predictions then I will go one further and do the full monty to speak.

    Liverpool will lose their next 2 games (including norwich today) and then draw one and then lose one – they will end the season on 78- points

    Chelsea, will win at Anfield and then lose the next 2 and draw – end up on 79- points

    Man city will be our closest title rivals though 😉

    anyway, we will win our next 4 games with a handsome goal difference and you never know, pigs may fly and all that sort of thing…it will look something like this…Arsenal 79 points and a GD of +51.

    back to the real world and I think we will be playing with a 4-5-1 today as Hull prefer playing a 3-5-2

  7. James Bond says:

    where are the following –

    Milo – Prince – Ozzieeeeeeeeeee – Alex- Henrychan- Gerry – JGC-Damus – both Alcide and AB are busy busy but both VCC and Terry need to get their act together !

    Happy Easter everyone !

  8. Dylan says:

    TA, I expect a relatively comfortable win today, even if the score line doesn’t necessarily reflect it.

    Mintae, fair point. But he’d be getting used to Long and Jelavic who won’t be playing in the final.

    Thanks TCM. Have faith! Results will go out way the next two weeks (except perhaps this Liverpool game…)

    Marc, only differences you have are Fab and Santi. I’d be surprised with Fab, not surprised if Santi came in.

    JB, thanks! Don’t think we’ll score 6 today but I’d love to see it! Also don’t know about those Liverpool results. Suarez just has too much joy against Norwich.

  9. I`m not watching the game, but from the looks of the line-up, the bindippers are only playing one CB today…Skrtel ! …….what`s that, an attacking 3-4-3 or 3-2-2-3 !……….a young manager much more tactically advanced than Wenger…….nothing new though, so is my local pubs team manager !. hahaha

  10. Looks like it`s justified as well, 2-0 to them already !.
    Wenger Out !
    Cockie In !

  11. That extra £1 has really come back to bite us !.

  12. Dylan says:

    TCM, 4 at the back for Liverpool. Johnson Skrtel Sakho Flannigan.

  13. James Bond says:

    you’re right @ Dyls – we might not be scoring 6, it could end up being 7 🙂

    did you manage to find out what Fozzie B does for a living then @ Glic’s ? did it involve something to do “cooking ” ala Breaking bad style, ha

  14. No JB !. I`m afraid that is one of Bergkampesques mystery`s, but it probably involves an asylum !. hahaha

  15. A question to you boy`s !.
    With a fit squad, what team and tactics do you think Brendon Rodgers would have selected had he been Arsenal manager ?. I ask this, because we know he did away with Liverpool`s most expensive player, Andy Carrol and was not interested in a holding player up front, so imo, he would have dropped Giroud and played ( bearing in mind SSS ) a forward line of Gnabry, Walcott and Oxlade, our most similar 3 compared to SSS !.

  16. Whilst it is still the fad, Rodgers, just like Guardiola, has his team pressing and playing energetic high tempo football !. Barca`s decline coincides with Gurdiola moving and not playing that style at the moment, they have not been pressing like previous…..Neymars not that kind of player !.
    It will take a manager of that calibre or tactical nous to get us playing the kind of football Liverpool and The Munchies play with the correct players to suit !.

  17. James Bond says:

    he would have played Poldi up front as a striker , if not then Theo .

    that was an excellent question and comparison – that is exactly what he did at liverpool got rid of their Giroud and stuck to his guns.

    you should write a post about it ahahahhahahahahahahaha


    I thought we established Fozzies day job was a check out boy at Asda and night shifts as a check out boy down Soho? I hear theres a lot of Conservitive MP’s shitting it he will go public.

    Nice one Dylan. Cant get my head round your correct prediction. Gerry and Vics have been trying to pull of something like that for years. Vics once won a million quid on the snooker but forgot he placed the bet. About a year later he had a flashback, but went into the wrong bookie demanding they pay out a million on the Golf.

    A nice win today will put Everton under pressure and I think Utd will turn them over. I can smell the ecstatic glory of the fourth place trophy already.

  19. Like you JB, I leave the post writing`s to the experts !. 😆
    Rodgers would not accept the Pod up front. his work rate would not be good enough and apart from his sledge hammer shot, he`s not skilful or tricky enough to fit Rodgers vision !.

  20. Dylan says:

    Haha thanks Terry. 😉

  21. Dylan says:

    One back for Norwich! Gift from Mignolet to Hooper. Come on canaries lets see this upset!

  22. Dylan says:

    Line ups:
    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski, Giroud.

    Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Flamini, Kallstrom, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Sanogo.

    Hull: Harper, Elmohamady, Rosenior, Huddlestone, Chester, Davies, Meyler, Livermore, Long, Jelavic, Boyd.

    Subs: Figueroa, Bruce, Koren, Fryatt, Jakupovic, Sagbo, Quinn.

  23. Take Monreal, Arteta and Podolski out of that line up and I will be happy !.
    Monreal not good enough for the pace of the EPL. Arteta is past his quality best and the Pod….well I did not get him when we bought him and I`m still mystified !.

  24. James Bond says:

    you may have to eat your words and some humble pie after today or by the end of the season on that Poldi one @ Glics


  25. Gerry says:

    Bit worried in the midield, as It looks like Ramsey will be doing a lot of defending?

    Presume Poldi remaining high up .. where he is most effective.

    Lack of midfield thrust if Ramsey i tied up defending.

    However, they should still edge it on recent form. I suspect Hull will be more cautious, as they will not want to lose. Try and hit us on the break?

    Clean sheet?

  26. As I`ve said before 007, nothing will give me greater pleasure than having to eat some delicious humble pie, but first things first….the Sofa !. hahaha

  27. AB says:

    Oz starts and no Ox. Hmmm. Hope to be found wrong, but again lack of pace a major worry. Let’s hope Oz hasn’t lost his edge and Rambo has his back. Nacho or Verm, I’m ok with either. Flam punished with the bench I suspect – will he get the sub call or KK?

  28. Highbury Harmony says:

    Arsenal look absolute rubbish right now.

    AB, I’m more concerned about what Ox’s future is with the club.

  29. AB says:

    HH – why so? I’ve not heard anything suggesting a move – do you not see a space for him?

  30. AB says:

    We should not underestimate Hull; if we get 3 points today we will have had to work for it

  31. AFC says:

    Hi HH 🙂

    I just read Arteta might be moving back to Everton in the summer. Gnabry could go out on loan next season to another EPL club so there could be more opportunities for Ox next season.

  32. Highbury Harmony says:

    AB, Ox was one of the most promising youngsters in the world. With that amount of skill, you have to wonder how much longer he’ll be willing to stay here with a manager who refuses to play him on a regular basis.

  33. James Bond says:

    OX is carrying an injury @ HH

    let’s not be harsh on AW on that one , it is down to his injuries that he’s not been getting as many games as you and I wanted.

    where is me amigo today ?

  34. Highbury Harmony says:

    Unless he is injured, there is no reason to not play Ox. He’ll be turning 21 this coming summer. Also, Ox should play over Santi, I don’t think the latter brings enough if Ozil is also starting.

  35. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, even when Ox is healthy, he doesn’t get the game time generally.

  36. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hi AFC, I would welcome both of those moves 🙂

  37. AB says:

    HH. He extended his contract earlier this season didn’t he? I can’t see how he won’t get time a) as his performances will demand it, and b) as players like Ros and perhaps Santi get less starting time. Of course if we buy a Draxler etc it only gets harder again; but I assume everyone here is happy if we have the ‘problem’ of quality competition! Ox looks top quality to me, and Wenger clearly does want to play him regularly; it would not surprise me if he is carrying a niggle.

  38. AFC says:

    I definitely think he should be starting today but who knows why AW did not start him.

  39. alcide says:

    What a goal!

  40. 17highburyterrace says:


  41. Highbury Harmony says:


  42. AB says:

    and ethers the drive we’ve been missing!! COYG!!!!!

  43. James Bond says:

    killer pass from ozil to santiago to Ramsey – beautiful

    1-0 and 6 more to go, come on boys !!!

  44. Highbury Harmony says:

    AB, I disagree that if Ox were healthy AW would start him regularly. He would out of necessity right now but AW has been poor at giving youngsters consistent opportunities the last few years. He’ll give spot appearances here and there but nothing beyond that. Difficult to assess your youth without doing so.

  45. AFC says:

    I would as well HH. Arteta and Podolski to leave for a SQ DM and a top winger. Gnabry and Sanogo to go out on loan.

    We would then have Flamini, DM, Wilshere and Ramsey for the ‘2’. Ozil, Rosicky, Santi, Walcott, new winger, Ox for the three positions behind the ST. Giroud, ST to lead the line with Theo filling in when needed. We will get injuries so Ox will get game time next season.


  46. James Bond says:

    yes, but I can only defend AW for this season

    OX was injured approx 6 months this season and now is carrying a little bit of a niggle and is hence being shielded and protected a little bit (AW mode off).

  47. James Bond says:

    this game is crying for Rosicky and OX to come on for the 2nd half in place of Poldi and Santiago and we could score another 5 goals easy.

  48. 17highburyterrace says:

    Post saves us…Despite the goal, it seems like Hull are getting more position and territory…

  49. Highbury Harmony says:

    This is why we need Ozil back! Great run and one touch passes!

  50. AFC says:

    I worried about our entire squad for next season. Some our defenders seem not ready/not good enough, not enough ST options, GK situation, lack of traditional winger etc.

  51. 17highburyterrace says:

    ‘Morning boys… A little late to the party but I’ve been watching (and catching up on the comments)…Most of the match in our own half so far and very little possession or threat from us… beyond the goal and the earlier Pod right footer…

    This line-up = a lot of changes and Ramsey and Ozil weren’t successful in their combos until the goal. What happened to Verm, our expected LB? Doesn’t make the bench…

    Agreed HH about Ramsey this season, not so much about the Ox who seems to really be having trouble with his fitness…

  52. AB says:

    Not sure I agree HH. In recent years Wenger has placed clear in a number of youngsters, consistently playing Walcott, Gibbs, Ramsey and Wilshere – often in the face of loads of agro from Arsenal fans saying they are not good enough. I think we have seen this season that Wenger sees Ox in a similar vein, and its such a shame that he was injured so long at the start of the season. I thin we will also see Zel and possibly Akpom coming through next season – if Wenger stays.

  53. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hi 17ht, did you ever read my “big picture” comment a couple articles ago?

  54. 17highburyterrace says:

    Indeed, sooooo good to have Ozil back (Ramsey too)… Two got linked beautifully by Santi on the goal… C’mon fellas, let’s get another…

    Not as worried about the squad AFC and believe AW looks at it very differently than the needs you are seeing…

  55. AB says:

    clear faith

  56. AFC says:

    I think we had possession but have not done much with it apart from Ramsey getting the goal. Hull City have less possession but seem to making better use of it?

  57. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yes I did, HH, thanks…exactly what I was looking for…Seems like just about everybody is now tired of the manager (except me)…

  58. Highbury Harmony says:

    You just proved my point AB. Aside from Wilshere and Ramsey who have been with the squad for years, he hasn’t done sh*t. Gibbs has also been with the first team as a starter for ages and was played out of necessity.

    Zelalem, Gnabry, Ox etc don’t get more than spot appearances here and there at best. They get immediately replaced once normal starters are healthy again.

    AW’s lost his faith in youth and placed it in failed purchases. He has no tooth in the transfer market and not enough for the youth anymore.

  59. James Bond says:

    Verm – hamstring injury (typical, no ?

    not sure why he wants to leave arsenal considering he’s an injury prone player , maybe letting him go wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all @ 17HT

  60. AFC says:

    17, you and Terry will never get sick of AW. 😀

  61. AB says:

    That’s why we play Pob HH!

  62. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, I’ve just lost faith in AW to do anything more than 4th with his conservative moves in the transfer market and with trusting the youth.

  63. AFC says:

    Hull with yet another chance.

  64. 17highburyterrace says:


  65. James Bond says:

    what a fcuking goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal


    glic ??????????????????

  66. Highbury Harmony says:

    I didn’t say Pod should start…I said Santi

  67. AFC says:


  68. Highbury Harmony says:

    Pod shouldn’t start* never said that

  69. alcide says:

    0-2, nice… but that was a foul at the start of the action?

  70. AFC says:

    Hull fans angry, probably thought play should have been stopped. Top four is ours is Everton lose against Unites IMO.

  71. AFC says:

    if Everton*

  72. 17highburyterrace says:

    Arteta doesn’t touch him, shows the great replay…We broke with some real speed through Ozil…Pod took the ball away from Rambo who was gonna blast with his right foot?…

  73. Highbury Harmony says:

    I recently bookmarked a few articles on how Arsenal are going to review their training methods and injury prevention this summer. It’s been needed to be done for so long now, can’t believe they’re just realizing this now…

  74. AB says:

    I can’t believe you think Wenger has lost faith in youth HH!! This site, as most others, is full of people lambasting him for not buying more established SQ players. He invests deeply in those that he has real faith in – Fab and Walcott before, Jack/Ram recently, and I’m sure Ox will get likewise. But if we use our financial muscle to buy in more top players, then there will be fewer places for youth – we can’t have both at the same time! Personally, I think Wenger still trusts youth profoundly, and possibly to the extent that he resists buying established SQ elsewhere for the very reason that he does not wish to block the development of our young talent.

  75. 17highburyterrace says:

    I’m with AB here, HH, and just think the youth element in the club has suffered with more than usual injury issues this term… Marry that to the (extreme) pressure for results and there you go… Yaya got some interesting starts, for example.

    Fortunate to be up 2-nil in a match played quite a bit in our own half but the gulf in class showed when the opportunities came…

  76. Dylan says:

    Some fantastic play from the boys. My prediction of 3-0 looks on, but let’s push for more. We’re due a 5 or 6 to nil.

  77. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ramsey had a lot of weird early play (worst was a dummy with nobody bend him)…but then he (and Ozil and Santi) got it together and he’s part of both goals…Awesome, really…

  78. James Bond says:

    no, but what HH is saying does have some merit in saying that AW has had a shocker in the TW market and transfer window more recently – so on that one, I am with him

    he didn’t know about the OX situation hence wouldn’t be too critical of him there though.

  79. James Bond says:

    oh the great predictor – where is the email with the lottery numbers ? ? ?

  80. 17highburyterrace says:

    BTW, Szcz has been flawless and a real source of calm at the other end… Hull know they can’t swing the ball too close to him and that they must find the absolute corners or the goal to beat him. Seems a pretty good keeper (on today’s display) to me, esp. for one so young…

  81. AFC says:

    I think it is the lack of preparation before the season that annoys me. AW always seems to take gambles which do not pay off. He then takes the same gambles again and expects them to pay off when they previously have not.

  82. Dylan says:

    JB, TA has them! Has the sneaky Dutchman stolen the numbers?

  83. proudgooner says:

    Podolski again proves his worth with 3 goals in 5 days and counting, i really am surpised people questioned him lately with the form he is showing. It felt like only me and 007 really believed in him yesterday, most calling him a super-sub.??

  84. Highbury Harmony says:

    AB, it’s either that AW has become sh*t at developing youth or that he no longer has enough faith in giving them REAL opportunities mate. You’d be hard pressed to find any examples of him starting youth over the past few years. Wilshere, Ramsey and Walcott were started as regulars more than 4 years ago, but just had trouble with injuries. Gibbs only had an opportunity and kept it because it was out of necessity.

    I don’t want to believe that he’s lost his touch in developing youth, so I’m leaving it to a loss in faith. Different club mentalities, but look at how persistent Southampton has been with their youth and it’s worked out for them. Of course, Arsenal are challenging for titles and need immediate production, but you can’t have your foot in the door with youth and be buying players to win now. It’s one or the other or else you’ll be suffering on both fronts (which we have been).

    Even at Chelsea and City who consistently buy their top players, the youth hardly come through for them because of it, but at least they know this and sell those players, who end up becoming successful in some way elsewhere.

  85. James Bond says:

    Stolen you say ? no no, he’s a dutch master, what else would you expect from him, ha

    I guess , the only way to get the numbers be to hack BK and the BK email account 👿 I want those numbers bad !


    a lot of praise will be coming Sczny’s way (and it’s already begun) – however, is he a big match player ? is there really any pressure on us now that Everton are behind once more – has he really had a flawless game ?

    I’m not too sure but he’s having a decent game today , as he normally does – he has a decent game one in every 7, ha

    am I moaning ? no !

    Am I going to be sleeping plenty better after us winning at Hull today ? hell yeah !

  86. Highbury Harmony says:

    Perhaps I should say AW has lost faith in promoting this current crop of youth, not the former group. OR, it could be that the current quality is just not as good as in past years, in which case our academy/scouting needs some improvements.

  87. 17highburyterrace says:

    OMG I just pulled myself the most beautiful espresso and now I’m gonna sip it….Schweet…

    PG, Pod (IMO) looks like two different players a great one in and near the box…a real lumbering dog away from it. Pure quality with his goal and the right footer early, he’s keeping his spot with today’s showing, I’d say… Still, you can’t picture him participating in a team goal like our first today…

    2nd half on…

  88. James Bond says:

    yes, The Punter – he’s the really only big match player we have in this current team and we need him at Arsenal and around the training ground , his presence with the rest of the squad and youth is priceless .

    also, from a marketing point of view – he is the best Arsenal star out there at the moment – very active on twitter, always doing the right things and reaching out to the global support base of Arsenal and also helping us get more supporters and selling more Arsenal branded stuff

    in short, he is earning his pennies at ARsenal and deserves to stay for another 2 years at least – good for football, good for business – what’s not to like


  89. Dylan says:

    JB, I think Szcz is playing quite well. Seems to be judging the ball in the air well and made some good saves from Long and Jelavic shots. I think his drive makes him a big game pressure, and trust me this is a big game. Every game is a cup final now. Title is now not possible mathematically, so it’s all about CL football, and we’d prefer 3rd over 4th. So every win matters in a fight to over take City or Chelsea. Winning every single game from now until May 18th is the perfect ending to the season and will likely lead to 1-2 world class signings as well as a few promising young talents.

  90. AFC says:

    HH, the cream rises to the top. I do not believe we should avoid buying players who can take us to the next level because it might stop the development of promising youth. The youth will get their opportunities when the time comes. AW thinks differently…

  91. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, I would say Rambo has become a “big game player” as well.

  92. AFC says:

    And Walcott. He always turns up in the big games.

  93. AFC says:

    As does Sagna in my opinion.

  94. Highbury Harmony says:

    I don’t believe they should be just given opportunities either, but it’s problematic when they get replaced after one below average performance and never see the pitch again until needed out of necessity later in the season when we get hit by injuries.

    We either don’t pride ourselves on or academy and start actually buying in the TW or put more emphasis on scouting and developing youth. Can’t have both in this league with how competitive it is.

  95. Highbury Harmony says:

    ^ That comment was for AFC

  96. James Bond says:

    he’s coming off his lines a little bit too much for my liking @ Dyl’s .

    oh yes , Rambo has been the player of the season for us @ HH.

    and Walcott when not on the stretcher can be a big game player but not quite there yet @ AFC.

  97. AFC says:

    Agreed HH! I think there is room for one or two but that is it.

  98. AB says:

    HH. I think we both want the same thing. I will agree with you that the last crop of youth didn’t flourish as well as some before – has he lost his touch? I hope not. I don’t for a minute think he has changed his philosophy over youth though. And in buying Ox, as well as Gnab he looks to me to be still in tune. We tend to forget also how young Jack and Rambo still are – as well as how much time they have lost to serious injury. They are barely out of the youth set up in my mind!

  99. James Bond says:

    we need Rosicky and OX – come on AW for once be PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE

    take off OZil, Santiago or anyone else bring them 2 on !!!

  100. Highbury Harmony says:

    Giroud has been quite poor up front. Definitely in need of a ST with more pace

  101. AFC says:

    Reports are saying we could he in Smalling, so that could be another young player on our books. Are we falling asleep?

  102. Dylan says:


  103. 17highburyterrace says:

    This theme HH is worthy of a post…Now that you’ve gotten the promotion and the workload has eased, it could be time… (Teasing you here, but congrats, of course…)

    We had a little nice possession there with Santi as the fulcrum…Sagna slip stopped it…

    POLDI!!!! 3-0

  104. Highbury Harmony says:

    Poldi’s second!

  105. James Bond says:

    how the mighty have fallen – if we think playing HULL is a big game (they only just got promoted from the championship last year for crying out loud)

    am disappointed in our mentality



    stares @ GLICS

  106. AB says:

    The other thing today; its nice to look at the bench and find it looks reassuring again!

  107. 17highburyterrace says:

    Such nice work from Santi there…

  108. AFC says:


  109. AFC says:

    Now let’s hope United beat Everton.

  110. Highbury Harmony says:

    AB, I do agree that I think AW wants the youth the succeed, but he hasn’t shown enough faith in them recently. Whether or not that is because of less accumulated talent over the years or greater emphasis in the transfer market, something’s got to give.

  111. Dylan says:

    Ozil off Rosicky on (to protect Ozil), and Arteta off Flamini on (to check out if his tooth really is missing).

  112. Dylan says:

    And perhaps Sanogo for Giroud?

  113. Highbury Harmony says:

    It’s amazing how much of a difference Ozil has in influence in our offense. It’s subtle and won’t show in statistics, but he just has the vision to unlock defenses and open up space for the likes of Ramsey and Poldi.

  114. 17highburyterrace says:

    Tooth missing?

    We’re soooo much better w/ Ozil and Ramsey back in the team…Hull has worried about them and left Santi far too open…and paid the price…

  115. AB says:

    More goals please – because I’m greedy, and because goal difference might still matter for us this season

  116. AFC says:

    Flamini coming on…

  117. Highbury Harmony says:

    Yes Dylan, good chance for Sanogo to bag his first and Giroud has been poor today

  118. AFC says:

    Agree you guys. Sanogo to come on.

  119. Dylan says:

    Level goal difference with Everton as it stands. Meaning when Everton lose today they’ll drop below us.

  120. alcide says:

    Wish granted,, Flamini for Özil…

  121. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ozil didn’t look too happy about being subbed off but it was definitely the right call.

  122. Highbury Harmony says:

    Giroud acting again?

  123. AFC says:

    Flamini on for Ozil. I would have liked to have seen a more attacking player come on.

  124. AFC says:

    Probably. I wish he would stay on his feet. The guy is 6 foot 4…

  125. Highbury Harmony says:

    LOL that would happen to OG

  126. Dylan says:

    HH, no Ollie caught a vicious elbow from Elmohammedy. Sanogo for Giroud, Kallstrom for Arteta. Oh so unlucky!

  127. Highbury Harmony says:

    There wasn’t much in that elbow at all. If you want to see vicious, take a look at the one Jackson took in the Toronto FC game against Dallas yesterday.

  128. AB says:

    I would get Mert off. Give him a rest and also avoid risk of second card. Jenks could do with a run out…?

  129. Highbury Harmony says:

    The passing display for the past 10-15 mins has been masterful

  130. Dylan says:

    Good point as well AB. Perhaps runs for Sanogo and Jenks would be good.

  131. AFC says:

    AB, Sagna moving in the middle with Jenks at RB could be an option but can’t see it happening.

  132. 17highburyterrace says:

    Indeed, looking pretty comfortable here…a (very) nice change from normal proceedings…

    Ooooh thought for sure that was #4…

  133. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ox coming on for Ramsey or Giroud?

  134. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ox stripping… I would think Yaya would be the logical sub…

    Thank Dennis we’ve got this wrapped up because I gotta make coffee for visitors…

  135. AFC says:

    Ox on for Giroud.

  136. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, Poldi going to ST 🙂

  137. AFC says:

    Podolski moving up front.

  138. 17highburyterrace says:

    What’d I miss?…

    Looks like we’re just playing this one out…

  139. AB says:

    couple of chances, but going quiet now. Would love a 4th – come on boys!

  140. Highbury Harmony says:

    If Ox is carrying a niggle, he definitely isn’t showing it

  141. Dylan says:

    Yeah Sanogo!

  142. AFC says:

    Podolski off for Sanogo.

  143. Highbury Harmony says:

    Yeah yeah Sanogo?

  144. 17highburyterrace says:

    I think his name is Yaya (not yeah), Dylan… 😉

    Yeah, Ox left out, it appears…after his 120 vs Wigan… IMO you can’t argue with that decision given how good Santi, Ozil and Ramsey appeared… All started with a defensive platform, however…

  145. 17highburyterrace says:

    Not a good touch there from Ox trying to break…

  146. 17highburyterrace says:

    Air shot from Yaya, but his other foot was taken out?…

  147. 17highburyterrace says:

    This game needs to end as some sort of bunny hid some chocolate around the house and I gotta get me some before my kid finds it all…

    Interesting debates today, led by HH and fueled by the comfortable scoreline…Thanks fellas…

  148. Dylan says:

    Correct score line from me again, wrong scorers this time though.

  149. Dylan says:

    Who’s staying for the encore? Hopefully a United win today and CL is all but sealed.

  150. alcide says:

    You’re slipping Dylan, but thaanks for the nice pre match anyway 🙂

    It’s Everton’s ball now.

  151. James Bond says:

    Dyls –

    give me 5 numbers – from 1 to 49

    and 2 numbers – from 1 to 11

    let’s do this in the open ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

  152. James Bond says:

    BBC Sport’s Simon Stone is reporting that Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck is considering leaving the club. The 23-year-old, who favours a central striking role, is frustrated at being used regularly in other positions. He has two years left on his contract but is debating whether to move rather than accept a new deal if one is offered in the summer. Read the full story on the BBC Sport website.

  153. alcide says:

    Dylan, I’ll keep you company, working and watching the game at the same time.

  154. James Bond says:

    by the well, well done to Skipper for getting the 4-4-2 spot on – we played a 4-4-2 today and TA spotted that one nice and early

    Everton vs Mancs

    did I just hear David Moyes say that they could still make the CL places and beat Arsenal to it ? ? ? ?

  155. James Bond says:

    The runs OX makes on the LW or RW with the ball are often the ones I make whilst playing FIFA 😉

    we need him fresh and firing for Newcastle and more importantly, we need Giroud to be back against a strong imposing Newcastle Def !

    still staring at Glics – Re Poldi one 👿

  156. Obviously Pod read my motivation comment !. hahahaha
    I like it that HH is back in full swing, I was getting lonely being the only doomer !. hahaha

  157. Highbury Harmony says:

    Admir is quite the doomer too haha.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a doomer per se, I definitely think we can still turn this season into a successful stepping stone to future years. However, my faith in AW to deliver a league title is definitely skeptical at best.

  158. Sorry HH, it is true you are not technically a doomer,……lets just say you don’t wear rose tints !…….oh…and good call on Admir !……..he lives in Doom Castle , Bosnia !. hahaha

  159. James Bond says:

    both you twos get a room in Admir’s Doom Castle, ha

  160. Do you sock cuckers realize !………Monday week could be St Totteringham`s day !……..actually, looking at the fixtures, if the Spuds lose at Stoke, it will be St Totteringham`s Day, although if they draw at Stoke, we would have to lose our final matches with a swing of about 20 goals conceded !.

  161. James Bond says:

    st.spuds day is upon us, indeed !

    where are all the Aussies ? come out come out where ever you are – we all miss you 🙂

  162. James Bond says:

    I think AFC mentioned the Smalling Rumour ? well he’s a London lad, isn’t he ?

    I wouldn’t mind him as a 4th choice CB at Arsenal…we haven’t really replaced DJ yet, have we ?

    and Miquel isn’t really EPL quality just yet.

    12 million be worth it on Smalling …he will come of age, in my opinion.

  163. So it`s all around Admir`s Doom Castle for some Lesbian Vampire Lover action !………please do not confuse my Lesbanians as Lesbians !….there is a difference !, my Lesbanians are bi-sexual !.

  164. Dylan says:

    JB, 34 23 16 31 27
    3 10

  165. Smalling is also a self-confessed Gooner !, but didn`t he turn down a move to us to glory hunt Manshafter ? and didn`t he stay at Fulham `till the end of the season, something that Wenger didn`t want !.

  166. Dylan says:

    JB, I rate Smalling in fifa, no so much in real life. 😉 £12m is too much. £5-7m is the max I’d pay for him.

  167. James Bond says:

    ahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahah – you are orgasmic with your words @ Glics 🙂 Everton all over the mancs –

    open question – think with a cool head , would you want RVP back at Arsenal if he wants to come back at Arsenal, says he is sorry and would like another chance at Arsenal – and of course, takes a wage cut !

    cheers , Dyls 🙂 much appreciated !

  168. James Bond says:

    UTD paid 11 million for him a few years ago, so 12 or 13 million is about just – considering he is an English player and all that, he has all the ingredients and under AW and Sagna he will propser, I reckon .

    I don’t mind spending 12 million on him as he will definitely be worth it – remember we have an aging squad and he is at a perfect age where he can come in , bed in and then 1 or 2 years later become a regular

    PEnalty to man utd !

  169. Dylan says:

    JB, I wouldn’t take RvP back. Burned his bridges too early and we can do better.

  170. alcide says:

    Penalty for a hand ball (yellow card,, should have been red) 1-0 Everton.

  171. alcide says:

    It was again Lukaku cutting in on his left foot…

  172. So who is not going to put £2 on them Dylan numbers ?. hahaha

    JB………only if I can start shagging his missus again whilst he`s at London Colney !……….I do miss her !……so does Mrs Sagna, in our regular threesomes !.

  173. Dylan says:

    JB, there are younger, cheaper, better CBs that we could get.

  174. James Bond says:

    but are they English/British @ Dyls

    I might have a change of heart if RVP apologizes and takes a massive pay cut to join in – more like, puts in a transfer request at Man utd to come to Arsenal, then why not ?

    Arteta’s missus is quite hot as well @ Glics 😉

    DYLAN – I hope you close your eyes when Glic posts and we talk about such things ahahahahahahhaahahhahahaahha

  175. AFC says:

    Dylan, name them. 😀

  176. Dylan says:

    JB, being an Englishmen makes you a worse CB I believe 😉 haha.

    AFC, I have my top secret scouting report I’ve been putting together all season. Watching various games from Ligue Un, Bundesliga, and La Liga to watch these players myself. I will not name names yet. There will be multiple lengthy posts in the summer detailing this season, however.

  177. alcide says:

    2-0… ManU with tootheless possession, , Everton is well in place defensively, transition to offense and back to defense rapidly and playing with directness and pace when attacking… it’s going to take a lot for ManU to come back.

  178. James Bond says:

    ahahahahhaahaha that’s not true , we have Terry the rat, Rio the warrior , Cahill the lion, Jagielka the tiger – they are all top notch in my opinion or have been at some point !

    and yes, they all belong in the zoo since they are not Arsenal ahahahhahahahahaha

    2-0 all too easy for Everton – Man utd, shame on you !

  179. Hahaga JB…..if them numbers come up, I will buy Dylan a season ticket at his local knocking shop !.

  180. James Bond says:

    Stones is another upcoming one and he’s not half bad either at 19/20 !

  181. How many times over the years have we ever wanted Manshafter to win ?……….probably none and when we do, they disappoint !.

  182. James Bond says:


    am gonna give Dyl’s 10% of the winnings 🙂

    it’s going to be a case of the pot getting divided into 2 , as both you and me are winning it aahahahahahah (might be even more depending on who else plays those numbers)

    and if the numbers don’t come up then am having a word with your mother and getting her to reimburse me for the tickets @ Dyls


  183. AFC says:

    Stones is another option but would need time to develop. Ledley King was pretty good as well JB?

  184. AFC says:

    United poor. Seems they will have to buy some serious quality in the summer.

  185. AFC says:

    Good to see you scouting Dylan. 🙂

  186. AFC says:

    I’d take Richards in flash though.

  187. alcide says:

    Yep, really poor. It’s not only quality, they probably need to renew more than half the team to be honest.

  188. AFC says:

    Definitely Alcide. A serious revamp is needed. I would only keep Rafael, Jones, Smalling, Evans, De Gea, Mata, Rooney, Januzzi and maybe RVP and Welbeck.

  189. AFC says:

    The rest can go to Glic land.

  190. James Bond says:

    oh yes, Micah Richards over anyone else at the moment, since he’s a gooner and an absolute beast , provided he remains fit and healthy – he can absolutely bully strikers and defenders – I rate him extremely highly

    but injuries a bit of a concern though – saying that Sagna hasn’t been injury free either , so you never know !

    but yep yep, I much rather us spend 10-15 million on Richards as opposed to Smalling, agreed @ AFC

    this has really been disappointing, show some fight ffs at mancs – I just hope they don’t lose by a big margin , if they were to lose

    a draw here would do us nicely !

  191. AFC says:

    Richards is available for under 10 mill I think.

  192. James Bond says:

    BBC 2 via Twitter: “Manchester United fans: We’re showing the snooker right now. You know, just in case there’s some reason you want to watch something else…”


  193. alcide says:

    And I heard Moyes was still thinking of making 4th place?

    AFC, I’m not evn sure about RvP, he gave them a season and a half, but injuries are back…

  194. AFC says:

    Alcide, Moyes has to say that. 😀

    I personally had no problem when RVP left. I do not think SAF signed him as a short term option and in the short term (1st season and a half) he has been successful but I think they should look to sell.

  195. alcide says:

    Well he’s setting himself for failure when his team will have to fight for Thursday night football.

  196. I`ve just ordered my Indian take-away !……guess what ?………20 minutes !. hahaha

  197. AFC says:

    think SAF signed him as a short term option*

    United are pretty pathetic these days.

  198. AB says:

    Funny old day. Whilst I can always enjoy seeing the manure losing, it doesn’t feel as good a day as I’d hoped. We got a convincing win, without being really convincing ourselves; but key players are finding form and fitness, which bodes well for the games ahead. The Everton result means we may well need to win everything – and I for one won’t relish having to get 3 points at Norwich, if they can avoid the drop with a result against us. I don’t see Everton slipping up at Southampton, so the city game will be the key one at their end. West Brom have some fight in them occasionally, and even Newcastle must end their dire run some time!? So less comfort at the end of today than I had hoped for.

    On the players. I can’t see the Smalling stuff going anywhere – he might claim to be a gooner, but he chose manure ahead of us, and won’t come cheap. I don’t see why we should pay top dollar to give him a second chance. And I’m squarely with Dylan about on the RVJ front – he insulted the club walking away to manure with the public comments he made; there is no way back for him, even less in my view than there would be for Adebayor. We need to build for the future, and RVJ is all in the past – for him as well as out club. Remember, we are a club built on certain qualities (its why we dropped a quality and successful manager like Graham); we should never forget them when some tart like VJ comes looking for an easy/better option. I hope he rots playing somewhere like Galatasaray.

    3 points, 3 goals to the good guys. Hope Glic enjoys some viewing tonight! And after a couple of whiskys I will endure manure getting sunk, even if it makes the run in that bit more anxious for us.

  199. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys 🙂

    Had Sunday lunch at the PILs and then watched the game. Once we got motoring we were unstoppable and we played some of the best football of the season today.

    Superb assists and goals but the highlights were the two pre-assists – by Ozil and Giroud – for the first two goals. Giroud was phenomenal today, but very few will agree with me! 🙂


    I agree TA. Giroud and Pod are completely differnt players when Ramsey and Ozil play.

    Ramsey and Ozils movement allows the other two, especialy Giroud, to pick up spaces around the pitch. How many times did Giroud pick the ball up wide right and left today? It was very good to watch.

    Theres a lot to play for this year, but going forward the basis is very strong. A good finish this year followed by a positive summer and we will be challanging for the title next season.

    2 years for Wenger? This time next year, you will all be begging for him to stay longer.

  201. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha Terry, forever looking forward. Another year and we will be happy!

    Spot on about the added movement and unpredictability from Ozil
    And Ramser, and that makes the others so much better.

    How is life treating you, MR Colgate?


    Pretty good thanks TA.

    My loft is getting there. Its bloody massive. Large bedroom with en suite, fairly big living room, and nice kitchen area.

    To make it really feel like home I need to pull as many women as possible so will be flashing those teeth plenty hahaha

    How you doing man? You seem to be doing a lot of contract work recently. Are the house husband days overs?

  203. TotalArsenal says:

    Haha Terry, I have this image of you standing on your loft balcony at night flashing your neon teeth at the women in the opposing apartments! 🙂

    Yes doing contract work constantly but mostly from home so able to do a lot house husband stuff as well. Unfortunately, there is far less time and energy for the blog at the moment.

  204. AB says:

    Evening TA and Terry. I’m pretty happy with the result, if slightly less so with the performance. We clearly had more drive and threat with the return of Oz and Ramsey seemingly fully recovered. But we still looked vulnerable in defence and, on another day would have paid for it – though on another day we would also have got a couple of penalties added to our tally! With some tough games ahead (physically at least) I would be a lot happier if we had our early season solidity back with us; we have no comfort margin, with Everton pressing on still. But so far so good.

    I’ve been mulling this evening following the discussion with HH about youth how many of our (assumed fit) squad make automatic selections for next year? I end up, taking a hard nosed choice, with the following: best back 4 no change, Ramsey as one of the DM pivot, Oz and Theo. So 4 spaces up for grabs, if we assume none of Schez, Jack, Ox, Santi or Giroud can command a place. If we buy in 2 SQ (or near) players – i.e. ones who would command 1st 11 selection, most people would say a DM and a striker (from my approximation of coverage on this site). That means that Schez or Fab take the goal, leaving us with ONE place left to fill from the above names….. And this is before we even mention Pod, Diaby, Gnabry or Sanogo.

    I know this is all a bit meaningless, both at this time of year and given we may not even get 1 SQ buy in the summer…..! But it is important context to the conflicting asks us fans make of this club and manager. Assuming our injury plague does not entirely disappear and we stay on some cups awhile, there would be plenty of space for Jack, Ox, Giroud and Santi to play regularly. But there’s not much chance for Pod in this set up, nor a lot for Sanogo or Campbell/Akpom, nor much space for any youngster to come through. So the question I ask folk on this site is – who are we going to leave out in the future to get a truly better team?

    Perhaps one for a post in the coming weeks, but the conversation earlier is fresh in my mind.

  205. jgc says:

    JB, TA, AB and all the rest,

    Saw some longer highlights and such. Some brief additions and thoughts:

    A. 4-1-3-2 — worked well today with Arteta and AR switching the DM side of things. Acceptable and able enough vs the Hulls of this world I think.. It also gives us lots more motion and freedom of movement, which in turn frees the talents of Ozil and AR and others.. Very potent when we have the right crowd in fitness as you can flexible and create the best match ups…

    B. Hockey of the ice variety has a “second assist” which recognizes the value of the person who released everyone and made it happen. It’s not always given and is a subjective call, but IMO guys like Ozil and OG would benefit hugely in having their full contributions recognized this way rather than “key passes” … So, TA, we agree…

    C. JB gets first kudos at least from me today. Why? Today’s loss of MU to Everton puts pressure on us but eliminated Europe of any form for MU next year. 12 points back of 5th with 4 games left they would have to win them all and hope Spurs and Everton lose their remaining three. No draws allowed. I’m willing to call it now, but JB called it around game 1 of the season in the predictions area… The jgc-damus totally never believed back the it would happen and bows to the new ‘damus’ … 🙂

    Cheers from down under land — jgc

  206. TotalArsenal says:

    Ab, great discussion comment which you should turn into small post. 🙂

    OG will start next season again, of that I am sure, but I will write a post about it at some point. 🙂

  207. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed, Geoff. 🙂

    And thanks for explaining ‘B’
    Night all.

  208. admir83 says:

    I think my comments ended in spam today. 😉

    Great victory today, finally a performance without too many nail-biting. 🙂



  209. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, it will be a really, really sad summer if we do not buy a top ST this summer or at least one that is more ready than Sanogo and has good potential to be better than Giroud. Look around the leagues in the world football and every club challenging at the top or winning the league owns a top notch striker: PSG – Ibrahimovic, Atletico – Diego, Liverpool – Suarez, Barcelona – Messi, Bayern – Mandzukic, Dortmund – Lewandowski, Real Madrid – Benzema (they have Ronaldo who is basically a striker). All of these players are miles better than Giroud; while I appreciate what he brings to this team in a honest 90 mins every time he’s out there, he simply lacks the skill, pace and finishing ability to propel us to new heights.

    I have read that we have been strongly linked to Jackson Martinez of FC Porto and he would be a top quality signing, albeit an expensive one (£34 million release clause). Still, that is the type of ST we need to be aiming for if we’re to be contenders in ALL competitions next year. He will help take this squad to the next level as his end product will help finish off the exquisite build up plays we frequently perform.

  210. Highbury Harmony says:

    Yes AB and that is the dilemma I currently see with the club. We’re neither here nor there and no longer have a defining club philosophy. Are we about buying young and developing within house? Or are we buying the best possible players we can at AW’s market valuations and neglecting the academy? I’m not saying that we abandon the academy altogether, but that we have somewhat shifted to managing this club like Chelsea and Man City in the past couple years.

    We’ve made two marquee signings in Ozil and Santi and really made volume purchases that have been decent but not good enough. On the other hand, our youth have continually gone out on trials to other clubs without much hope of making the current squad if we continue to buy. Players like Zelalem, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Akpom, Campbell, Bellerin etc. have the potential to be great but need more seasoning – however, there must be more of a contingency plan in their developments and a clear future for them at this club in order for this to make sense.

    We either need to suffer for a little bit longer and see what we have in our academy OR go all out in the transfer market and buy the players that will propel us to titles. Currently, we’re stuck in a vicious cycle where we too afraid to spend big and dive into the deep end with the big boys, yet good enough to qualify for CL/too tall to drown in the shallow end with the other clubs.

    Something has got to give or else we’ll never see true progress.

  211. Highbury Harmony says:


  212. Highbury Harmony says:

    When I mean suffer, I mean TRULY suffer and not be playing in even the CL but among the mid-table fodder like Liverpool were.

  213. AFC says:

    HH, all agreed on the ST front. There are clubs who have two, three STs on their books better than Giroud. We need a better ST to take us to the next level. Same at the DM position and even the LW position. AW has a lot of work to do in the summer.

  214. AFC says:

    And I want to see us get our business or most of it done nice and early so the players who have been signed can go on the pre-season tour with the other players and bed into the squad properly which is vital when you will be adding a couple of first team starters.

    God I wish that the window would close before the season starts.

  215. James Bond says:

    how very kind of you to acknowledge that @ JGC-Damus

    yes, we had plenty of discussions on that prior to the season and at the start of the season when I called man utd not making CL and guess what ? I will be back with some bold predictions after the end of the season 😉

    Man utd can still make Europa league though if we were to win the FA cup (7th place gets the nod , according to my understanding ).

    yes, Giroud played well in the first half – he needs to get out wide more often and I think Playing Poldi allows him to go out with Poldi moving in a more central role – me likey likey !

  216. AFC says:

    Just read countless stories of Cesc being on his way out of Barca. Some fans want him out and he seems unsettled? Could be all rubbish but if he was available I would take him back inn a flash.

  217. RA says:

    Jimmy Bond,

    So let me see; “I will be back with some bold predictions after the end of the season.” and I assume you will tell us if we won the FA Cup, and If the ‘Pool won the Premiership.

    That will take predicting up to a new level. 🙂

  218. James Bond says:

    ah, RA – you read me like an open book – no wonder you’re the one in charge of the taser with the laser, ha

    how you doing ? long time no sea sea nor ocean or a river !

    so am assuming you are letting the scouse be the champions of England then ? I still have man city down as the winners but we shall see.

  219. The Cockie Monster says:

    It was my Soothsaying Sausage which said Liverpool should win the league !. Actually, it was down to logic !. They had no CL…no Europa League…were eliminated early from both domestic cups and had, which all the top teams in Europe possess, ( as I have said previously and backed by HH )……a SSQS…a Super Super Quality Striker !. BK Bastardos on here said Suarez would get injured or get banned again !…..well they were wrong !.
    My logic brings me to the prediction that Manshafter Std will do the same next season, no CL or Europa League !, but not Arsenal if they fail CL, as I have my doubts that Wenger would do the logical thing and play our reserves in the Europa League and save our walking wounded for just the EPL !. It`s no wonder Liverpool are favourites having only played about 40 games in total by the end of the season !. It`s a “fatigue” specialists blue print of heaven !.

  220. James Bond says:

    yeah, taking Cesc back in a flash is all jolly good @ AFC

    but who would you let go in order to accommodate CESC ? with the likes of Santiago and Rosicky, do we really have a place for Cesc in this current team bearing in mind we also have Ozil, JW, Ramsey

    getting him in for Rosicky might work though as he is aging or we could maybe play a 4-6 with these peeps



    what this basically means is that we have 70 ball possession and a lot of fluid football.

    no target man and I would prefer that.

  221. James Bond says:

    yes, credit goes to the Glicster for tipping liverpool for the title many moons ago .

    however, they haven’t won didly dooby do yet.

  222. AFC says:

    JB, that was my thinking behind why I would take him back. He can play anywhere in our front six positions. Rosicky will be retiring at the end of last season and Podolski might be going. You could play him as a false 9 as well. You just don’t turn down SQ in my opinion.

  223. AFC says:

    Giroud might also go back to France? An upgrade might be signed, Cesc could rotate with the new ST up front. This is all speculation of course.

  224. James Bond says:

    all sounds honky dorey in theory @ AFC

    however, if given the choice of us getting 2 out of these 3 in the summer

    – Reus – Draxler and Cesc

    I can tell you that Cesc wouldn’t be on my list

    why ? Cesc lacks pace and presence over the first 2 of my preferences , considering we have already given santiago another 2 years extension – I’m not keen on Cesc anymore, but that’s just me

    we need to move on and move on with the likes of Reus / Draxler replacing Rosicky, players who can speed the play up and run like no tomorrow when we are on the counter

    that being said, stranger things have happened in football and I do not rule out both Cesc and RVP returning to ARsenal (AW mode off) ahahhahaahhahahahahah

    it’s interesting how the majority doesn’t want RVP back and perhaps rightfully so – I think people deserve a 2nd chance after they have well n truly repented and admitted that they made a mistake and so on , if he does that then maybe it might not be such a bad thing.

    I am open to his return (time is a healer, alright).

  225. AFC says:

    I don’t want RVPfor footballing reasons. Old, injury-prone and loss of pace to be quick and simple.

  226. AFC says:

    The Cesc thing would be a bit of an inconvenience though as we have more pressing needs. The last thing we want is AW only signing Cesc and when people complain about the lack of signings is AW saying ‘But I give you Cesc’. 😀

  227. AFC says:

    Not sure about Draxler. Di Maria or Reus for me.

  228. James Bond says:

    I don’t really think he’s injured – he scored 3 goals in the CL fixture to make sure man utd progress and in the dying minutes, without any contact he goes down – at that point , everyone thought he is wasting time, only for the stretcher to come on and take him away

    he just doesn’t want to be there anymore and he wanted to prove a point by scoring 3 goals , winning them the match and then faking an injury to be out and about.

    no, he didn’t have that much pace to begin with @ AFC – he has always been super intelligent and clever with his runs , he is that 1 in 4 striker that we need , pace for me in this case of RVP is no issue at all

    Pace in midfield or wings, yes but an intelligent striker will do

  229. James Bond says:

    one thing I will say in that Cesc thingy though is that if he were to come back to Arsenal then I would give him the armband – he’s a leader and a strong one at that

    I want AW to be decisive and give the Armband to Per. M nice and early for next season.

  230. AFC says:

    Yes, Per for captain. Sagna and Flamini as vice captains if Arteta and Verm leave and if Sagna stays.

    Agreed about you on the ST thing but I just think we cam get someone who is younger and not near the end of his career at the top level.

  231. James Bond says:

    agreed with most except the bit with the VC and not VCC (Where art thou? : )

    vice captain = Ramsey or Jack Wilshere.

  232. AFC says:

    They are not ready yet in my opinion. Let’s let our younger players like Walcott, Ramsey and Wilshere become world class and then we can make a decision on which of our young players should take the armband. For now experienced heads will do.

  233. AFC says:

    The last thing we want one of our young gifted players following in Verm’s footsteps. Wasn’t it Ramsey who got stripped of the Welsh captaincy?

  234. James Bond says:

    who said about them being captains ? I said vice captain which means being groomed as the next leader after the BFG.

  235. AFC says:

    Just heard that Moyes might be sacked. United have given no comment on the current speculation. 😀

  236. Admir says:

    @007, my friend, are you sure Cesc is a strong leader?

    I mean, there are times when I adore him and there are times when I hate him. I would love to see him back at Arsenal as a player but not as a captain. I don’t think he deserves it.

    Imagine a general that is bitching about how he wants to go home while most of his soldiers are wounded or ineligible for battles for different reasons. The general says he is wounded too only to miraculously recover when he gets his transfer back home. Arsenal before Arteta, Mertesacker and Benayoun arrived had been a middle-table team. We lost to Liverpool at home and suffered a drubbing at Old Toilet only because we had so many players out (Sagna, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Frimpong, Gervinho…missed either or both games due to injuries and suspensions). Cesc was “injured”. Even f…ing Nasri put our shirt for the last time against Liverpool. Now, that sort of “leader” comes back and wants an armband? No way.

    But, even if put that aside… Cesc couldn’t prevent us from giving away a two-goal-lead against Spuds (twice) and a four-goal-lead against Newcastle. It’s up to captain to calm his team-mates and encourage them to protect the lead one way or another. That’s why van Prick and Arteta were much better captains than Cesc – we have rarely let victory to slip away after Cesc had left and there were a lot of matches in which we managed to complete a come-back in 2011-12 and 2012-13.

  237. AFC says:

    Sorry JB. I misread your comment. In that case then yes. Ramsey wouod be ky preference. 🙂

  238. AFC says:

    Admir offering great insight as usual.

    Moyes for the Spurs job. 😀

  239. Admir says:

    @Cockie et al – I’ve heard people tend to call Lesbian Vampires from my Doom Castle (address: Dick Law’s 69) Moyesettes. I was preparing to give a punch to one of those people but he explained to me that it’s a compliment: “Nobody has sucked like them before!”

  240. James Bond says:

    you are comparing a teenager or someone in his early 20’s to someone who went on scoring the winning penalty in the euro’s / world cup and so on @ Admir

    let’s be honest, he’ll still be better than most of our current crop minus the BFG in my opinion.

    we can argue about this all night long,but fact of the matter is that I am not keen on him returning back to Arsenal for now, let alone as a captain – that was just to highlight our own lack of leadership and the lack of decisiveness from AW.

  241. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey fellas, Monday morning here and I can’t eat or drink my coffee ahead of a blood draw so you can imagine the mood I’m in… At least the sky is not collapsing in on Arsenal… Not quite that way up in Manchester, on the United side at least…

    I admire you guys with the speculation re: the transfer window and who gets the armband and all that but first we need to win out, have a nice day at Wembley and all that and then see what the situation is with our manager. Of course, I’m inclined to keep him, along with our best players and build from there. Others might feel differently, of course…

    Regarding yesterday’s match–which I also got watching a bit on the groggy side. I was impressed with a couple of things–defensive stability to withstand their early push, our inability to control the match through possession but (instead) our ability to make it happen on the break. As much as I enjoyed watching Sir Chez command his area and keep things calm in the early going and then seeing the wise and pacy moves up the pitch from Ozil and Ramsey (not to mention the hammer of the Pod…), I particlularly enjoyed Santi doing his bit. He won’t get credit for an assist on the 3rd goal but that head up run and easy pass to Ramsey was a lot of what we’ve been missing since Cesc left. Give the little fella a little time and space and good things happen… (From all over the pitch, as well)…

    Anyhow, I just thought I’d give Santi a shout. Reading the comments, some note that since he and Rosicky have been signed on and we need to give time to up and comers (Ox, JW) there’s not much room in the team and everybody cannot play. Injuries, including Weng-juries (enforced rests or just being dropped…) tend to elevate the memories of good play amongst the support (hell, that’s why AW announces them, to keep the spirits high of players who are excess to immediate needs…) Santi, like his fellow countryman, Arteta… didn’t get the occasional rest (or the longer, enforced ones) as our season imploded BECAUSE he’s a good player. As our season imploded (again), people (again) search for scapegoats and these guys took it on the chin (or yesterday, on the tooth)… Nobody (I think) has had his own game more adversely affected by the loss of Ramsey, Ozil and (most of all) Theo Walcott. With nobody whom he could hit the long towards, a lot of his instinctive (and valuable) covering deeper on the pitch appeared just as a little guy flailing in defense, rather than as a gifted playmaker spinging us forward on the break…

    Ah well… I’ll be less cranky when I get back and get my coffee…

  242. James Bond says:

    I think I wasn’t able to put across my point of view as well as I could.

    The reason why I don’t want Cesc is because he wouldn’t be adding anything other than what we already have – in a nutshell, he’ll be a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist in this one dimensional midfield.

    having players with a decent technique is very good , however, having one with pace, technique and so on is even better !

    and don’t blame us for all this speculation talk – this is what happens when we go back to one game every week, God , I almost feel sorry for the liverpool supporters, ha

  243. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, AFC,you are looking for a Ferrari when the terrain requires a Land Rover, and Giroud is a fine one at that. 🙂

    17, sorry to hear about the enforced caffeine free period. 😦

    Cest back? Heaven!

    Wanyama – Ramsey
    Ozil – Jack – Cesc

    Pod/Santi/Ox/Flam to rotate.

  244. James Bond says:

    where’s the pace in that starting 11 @ skipper

    considering you have OG there as well as theo, which means theo is an option on his own up front.

    that’s a very one dimensional looking midfield for me, don’t mind Wanyama though ahahahahahahahahahahha

  245. James Bond says:

    Moyes about to get the sack – apparently.

    Van Gaal headed to OLD Toilet, I would have thought so.

  246. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, Giroud isn’t even a Land Rover. He’s more like an old chevy pick-up that’s struggling to start up at times. You can’t hope to win more than small-time domestic cups with a striker like him as your starter. He’s still a valuable asset for us but our attack will continually be slowed down and inconsistent with him in the line-up.

  247. Highbury Harmony says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of Southampton lately and Lallana is certainly a class player. He’s got some Spanish control and flair to his game that you don’t typically see from an English lad. If we’re looking for PL proven players to improve our squad then he’d be a great purchase.

    However, the lad is loyal as hell and stuck with Southampton when they were in Football League 1, so I hope he doesn’t leave the Saints and go to the Old Toilet.

  248. AFC says:

    TA, nice way of putting it. I would like him behind OG or Theo as you display it in your formation.

    The director at United (I think) has told talkSPORT ‘Moyes has definitely not BEEN sacked’. So it seems he will be sacked but hasn’t been. Who can come until the end of the season. Giggs or Garry Neville until the end of the season?

  249. AFC says:

    HH, 😀

  250. AFC says:

    hasn’t been yet*

  251. James Bond says:

    Lallana – again no pace, another solution to a problem that doesn’t exist at Arsenal


    Lallana will do well at man utd , Everton and Spuds, not at Arsenal, I reckon.

    Giggs it would appear @ AFC

  252. Highbury Harmony says:

    Lallana has the technical ability to do well anywhere. He does have pace but it’s more change of pace, acceleration. Not out and out pace like Theo or Ox, though you would only know that if you watched him play.

  253. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, he is not there to just focus on scoring; he is an enabler, who brings the three attacking midfield attackers and the b2b into play, whilst ALSO providing an attacking threat: create space, link up, assist, score, defend, battle. Give me A CF who does this better on a season long basis?

  254. James Bond says:

    assumptions assumption @ HH

    we are back to that assumptions road with you buddy, I have watched Adam Lallana more than you think I have.

    yes, Ozil has that burst and acceleration as do JW and Ramsey – but am guessing you already know that because you have watched the occasional Arsenal highlights over the last season due to your part time job 😉 and full time job (marriage) , ha

    but seriously, don’t mind Wanyama or schneiderlin or even Lovren though from the Saints.

  255. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, the three behind OG are free agents and can all play centrally, and we’d have Wanyama and Ramsey to control the middle as well, and width to come from the FB’s. Bliss. 🙂

  256. TotalArsenal says:

    Llalana is a fine player indeed,a bit like a young Lampard, but less fat! Hahaha

  257. AFC says:

    Imagine SAF had to come back to manage United either short term or long term, how sad would that be.

  258. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, the problem is he often does not even provide what you are claiming he does on a consistent basis. He has the occasional nice pass in a game that helps in our link up play, but often makes awful decisions when he receives the ball and his shots are generally WAY off the mark from anywhere past 10 yards out. When he drifts into space wide, he is completely lost and does not have the ability nor pace to do anything from such a position. His movements have also seemingly gotten worse as the year has progressed.

    The worst part is his constant diving and theatrics which I simply cannot stand. He is a complete p*ssy and we could really use less of those in our starting 11.

  259. James Bond says:

    it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if SAF came out of retirement to steady the ship, however, Van Gaal deserves to be a manager at a top club and not spuds, so man utd be fools not to hire him or even Michael. L the ex swansea boss.

    but do we really care what man utd do, as long as we can get them in the europa league by winning the FA cup, that’s going to be lovely jubely ahahahahahahhaha

  260. Highbury Harmony says:

    I wish “part-time jobs” didn’t require you to work 80 hours an week…You have not watched enough Lallana if you think he doesn’t have pace or would fit in at Arsenal. He’s quicker than Ramsey, maybe more akin to Rosa in terms of his forward runs. He’s just a top quality player and the Southampton style will allow him to slot in seamlessly here.

    However, he definitely doesn’t fill an area of need so any talk of buying him is a moot point.

  261. James Bond says:

    and has the complete P*ssy scored 20 goals for us this season ?:)

    and I thought i had a hate hate relationship with sczny, ha

  262. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, 20 goals, but how many has he missed and how many times has he not shown up in big games? With the amount of chances and delivery he gets, he should be bagging 30+.

  263. AFC says:

    But is 20 goals in all competitions enough for a CF who has played most of our games this season in his position? I would expect closer to 30 goals in all competitions from a CF who has played as many games as Giroud.

  264. AFC says:

    A bit of telepathy between me and HH. 🙂

  265. Highbury Harmony says:

    Thank you AFC, people seem to forget that he’s started nearly every game this year and yet has not produced at a rate that justifies it (he’s started out of necessity because AW is lacking in the transfer market). Yes, he’s currently the only option we have and our best ST of the current crop. But with a better ST, you would have scored WAY more goals and had a much bigger effect in big games.

    I would certainly keep him as a plan B and starting games that are more physical and require his aerial ability, but past that we need someone who fits the typical Arsenal style with more pace, better movement and is more prolific up front.

  266. AFC says:

    So Giroud has only scored around 66% of the goals you would have expected him to have scored this season.

  267. James Bond says:

    oh yes, a better finisher and striker could easily get 35 plus goals every season with the amount of service and so on.

    however, he’s doing a decent job as our plan B and in the absence of Plan A.

    you can not fault him for trying and playing within his limitations .

    there was a game where we had young Yaya play and I remember saying that Yaya has already done much more than Giroud has done for us in the last 10 games, it was based on Yaya’s movement, pace and link up play with Ox at the time.

    don’t get me wrong, I am with you on that one, it’s just that I won’t criticize OG or anyone else for the sake of it as we both know he’s going to be there until the end of the season as our number 1 striker,so what’s the point in getting annoyed or riled up over his limitations and antics.

  268. AFC says:

    I actually think Walcott could have done a better job up front had he been fit for the start of the season.

  269. James Bond says:

    ok, AFC – 20 goals and how many assists – hit me with a number

    and maybe you can surprise us all with the discovery ?

  270. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fair point JB, but I was talking about NEXT season mate! TA was saying that OG will be our main ST next year, which would be depressing as hell. He lacks the technically ability, pace, instilling of fear and world class finishing ability that is needed against top teams.

    You wonder why we have failed to score goals against the better sides? It all starts with who you have up front and whether or not they can help you win a game on their own. Top teams are always going to score; it’s a matter of keeping up the pace of scoring and trying to play solid defense at the same time.

  271. James Bond says:

    oh yes, am with you on that one and I hear ya – he needs to be our plan B next season, sure

    but plan A needs to be a 1 in 4 striker, or in words of Glic’s – a SQ striker or a worldie.

    am gone now, been a pleasure as always lads 🙂

    be safe !

  272. Highbury Harmony says:

    IT’s not just about pure statistics JB, he’s done adequately against mid and lower table sides. The real discrepancy comes against the top clubs, where he’s yet to register a single goal or assist or do anything of real value against those opponents. That’s what separates him from a world-class ST who can help you win the league.

    Look at how Chelsea are struggling this year. Without a top finisher, you will always struggle, no matter how good your midfield, defense and goalkeeping are.

  273. AFC says:

    Did Walcott not get 21 goals in all competitions and around 12-14 assists from the wing last season? With the service behind him Walcott and Podolski would have been lethal up front in my opinion.

  274. TotalArsenal says:

    Sorry HH, you are just not getting it. OG will be leading the line again as I cannot see anybody who can do what Arsene wants better than OG. Of course he has off games and even periods, as he is overplayed and needs others to be able to benefit from what he is offering…. Name me a better one for what Wenger wants of his ST.

  275. AFC says:

    I want someone like Drogba. A world class ST who can score important goals and and a lot of them when you need them most. I think the only ST who has been played over the course of a whole season (like Giroud has been) and led his team to a title has been Drogba.

  276. AFC says:

    Falcao? Balotelli? If given the chance. Lewandowski? Manzukic?

  277. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, chavs have many top finishers, but they are lacking a Giroud.

  278. Just as I have no doubt in my mind that we would have not been buying so many diapers for this 4th place trophy battle and been challenging for the title had we not have had 5/6 first choice players out for most of the season…….I have no doubt that Giroud would have scored more goals this season had we not had the fcuking injuries in the first place !. However, I still only see him as a plan B sub ( my thoughts are the same with Pod ! ) and my regret of the season is that piss taking extra £1 !. Oh what could have been !.

  279. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, Chavs do not have top finishers. Eto’o is past his prime, Ba is better suited to a mid-table club or plan B like Giroud.

    Mandzukic, Cavani, Ibrahimovic, Jackson Martinez, Rooney, Diego Costa, Falcao, Higuain, Balotelli, Dzeko, Lewandowski etc. all have the ability to link-up play and have good to decent aerial abilities but also offer more pace and finishing abilities against the best clubs. Lukaku and Benteke are much younger but will be better than OG too.

  280. Highbury Harmony says:

    Then there’s strikers like van Persie, Aguero, Suarez, Sturridge, Benzema etc. that are different types of strikers to OG but that are miles better and can help propel you to titles.

  281. AFC says:

    More telepathy HH. I would have mentioned Ibrahimovic but it just didn’t seem fair. 😀 Forgot about Dzeko and Cavani.

  282. TotalArsenal says:

    All good strikers, AFC, but other than Manzukic these are not available and unlikely to want to be transformed into a selfless enabler come finisher like Giroud. Manzukic would be a great addition for extra depth.

  283. TotalArsenal says:

    There is Torres and Schurlle too, HH.

  284. Highbury Harmony says:

    Mandzukic is miles better than Giroud…guy scores against any opposition but Pep has horrendously misused him this season due to his fascination with not playing with a traditional ST. Jackson Martinez is available and Dzeko will likely be available as well. Balotelli is rumoured to be sold this summer as well, but he’s definitely more selfish than OG

  285. I liked ABs comment @ 00:10. He makes a lot of sense, but I will have my gasted flabbered if we don’t buy a couple of SQ players in the Summer !. He make a reasonable point that most of us on here want as SQ striker and a DM beast !.
    When you look at the squad on paper without the injuries, it is quite a decent squad with some depth of experience and youth, but the problem as we all know is our perennial injury problem, one which has had us in the top 2 of the Injury League for the past 5 seasons and on that alone we need to buy some serious SQ back up as although Arsene has finally getting people in to try and diagnose this problem, we wont have a “Eureka” moment over night !.

  286. Highbury Harmony says:

    Torres is awful, really a shell of his former self. Schurrle is more of a winger/SS like Poldi/Draxler/Reus than a true ST.

  287. AFC says:

    HH and TA, but does it matter if a ST is selfish? If they can put away the chances presented to them by the likes of Ozil, Walcott etc, it shouldn’t matter?

  288. TotalArsenal says:

    Wenger will not go for another Van Judas and become too dependent on them. The goals need to come from the 4/5 attacking players, and that’s where we have failed in the second part of the season.

  289. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, it does not matter. Henry was selfish but he also helped out in link-up play too and Balo would do the same. The only thing letting Balo down is his antics on and off the field. If AW could channel that then he’d be world-class and consistent.

  290. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, it does in Wenger’s system, which is my point….

  291. Highbury Harmony says:

    If Wenger does not go for another van Judas, then he will not win another title. You need a top ST whether you want to admit it or not. A good but not great ST will not get you past the top clubs. We can’t hope that the other top clubs will continue to struggle against lower and mid table sides year after year. We often forget that the reasons the Manchesters and Chelsea are struggling this year are because of managing carousels and not being able to properly mould the team into their image. Next year, we’ll see more of a gap if AW does not find the right solutions in the TW.

  292. Highbury Harmony says:

    This idea of a “system” is completely useless. Your infatuation with this team system has not done anything for us. It’s not a real tactic, but simply an excuse because that’s the best we can do with what we have. You either win titles or you don’t. Again, I will say it again, Henry was selfish and not the same type of striker as OG, but we won titles with him in our side. Just because you are world class does not mean you can’t play a team game…

  293. AFC says:

    That is a serious problem. Liverpool will get SQ in, United will improve hugely, City and Chelsea will also improve as will Spurs. If we get one SQ player like last season I can see us finishing 4th again next season. We do need a top ST but we also need a top DM and maybe a traditional winger which I am not confident I Wenger getting.

  294. TotalArsenal says:

    I respect that point of view, HH, and perhaps you are right. In my view Wenger will play OG as the enabler next season and with Theo, Ozil, Pod(?), Reus(?), Rambo, Santi, Ox, Wilshere he will be aiming to score goals from all areas. He does need a number two who can challenge for OGs position though.

  295. AFC says:

    TA, I honestly do not see us winning the Prem with Giroud as our number one ST just like I do not see us winning the Prem with Arteta playing in the first eleven either.

  296. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, I see what you are saying. I know you want to preserve this “team system”, however, I think it’s shortsighted to believe that every world-class ST is selfish or can’t contribute to a team game. All I am trying to say is that there are ST better than OG that can perform for us in big games without being mercenaries. We can’t remain butthurt over the van Judas situation forever.

    I agree that Mandzukic would be the ideal man for our set-up and bring what OG does with more pace and a more proven track record of scoring big goals against anyone.

  297. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, it was nice debating with you and let’s agree to disagree. 🙂

  298. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA always a pleasure, it appears all we can do is agree to disagree!

  299. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, I think it is what Wenger wants and I can see merit in it, but it is not the be all and end all for me. Maybe the goal machine you are after can play on the left or right wing?

  300. TotalArsenal says:

    Fair enough, AFC, you might well be right.

  301. zulu gunner says:


  302. James Bond says:

    Zulu, pardon my french but what on earth was that for ahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha

    I’m reading a good debate with 2 against 1 and there comes Zulu gunner with his Coyg

    HH, you are better off writing a post with all your points and then presenting them to a wider audience, it will be worthy of one and will get gooners left right and center discussing it !

  303. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, I would rather let Ox have a go on the wing than buy a new one, but maybe that is personal preference. He was such a highly rated youngster that it’s criminal for him to not have received a fair chance. Also, Santi can double up on wing, as can Rosa and Jack so I’d rather us buy that goal machine at ST. Manzo is the right man if he’s available – fiercely aggressive and tracks back as well as any striker. He plays the game 110% constantly yet has more skill, pace and aerial ability than our own OG.

  304. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey boys, late to the party, but at least I’ve had my coffee…

    Good debate and great to have HH back at it…The big issue and a spot where 007 and HH might agree, I think, is that we’re weak at both ends of pitch. Szcz is a work in progress. I see him improving all the time and you cannot teach size. As such, among the bigger, younger keepers in the league (Hart, Begovic, De Gea) he’s the best. Additionally, with our weakness at DM we need to play a lot of Route 1 and OG is a big target up there even if Sagna is probably a better one. Again, we lost a lot this season w/o Theo as a guy to head the ball towards. It’s pretty pointless playing the Route 1 stuff if there’s no pace to make chances…On the other hand, it keeps the ball out of our half…at least for a few seconds…

    Yaya S. can probably do most of what Giroud does sooner than later and still let us play the long ball. As such, I’d like us to have a back-up to Theo (who was supposed to give us 20 goals this season as Total wrote at some point…) Draxler seemed like a good option but still a punt and maybe too costly (i.e., too big a punt…) at 37 million in January…

    Of course, I don’t want us playing long ball…We need better work at the rear of MF so that we don’t have to…JW and Ramsey are your guys in that area and *should* take over from Arteta and Flamini before too long. Wanyama, one match against Barca notwithstanding, might seem tayloy made for such a role, but he too struggled with injury. Those stress fractures, to me, seem really worrisome…

    Poaching those So’ton MFs (and their fullback Shaw) seems a fine idea but the prices will be high. I rate Lallana (pronounced Layana, if he’s actually got some Spanish in him…) Schneiderlin, while maybe not as full of potential as Wanyama, might be the better at keeping fit… Anyhow, pound for pound (which is a big deal to our current manager…) we would probably get more bang for our buck going after a deep-lying mid rather than a striker. As such, I have to agree with Total, that (if AW is our manager…) that’s our best hope for some savvy investment…

    So, I’m actually agreeing with everybody… In other words, carry on as if I’ve said nothing… 😀

  305. You Fcuktards can talk all you want about players, but the most important thing is……..Total Cockie !. hahaha
    Actually, I might call it Total P…..and I`m not taking the P !.
    I have spent an enormous amount of my spare time…..about ten minutes !… bring to you bastards first knowledge and come up with my revolutionary ground-breaking radical overhaul of ideas to make the Perfect team !.
    I could write an award winning masterpiece on this subject and make you all go blind salivating over your screens in a mass debating frenzy…..but I wont !.
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    So here, sock cucker`s, Total P in it`s raw state for you to cast your jizz blurred vision over !.

    In no particular order !. All these words make up the ingredients to the future of football……Total P !.

    and finally Pray !.
    The Perfect Team !.
    Total P !
    Wenger Out !
    Cockie In !.
    Viva La Cockie !.

  306. AFC says:

    Hahah Cockie. What about pussy? 😀

  307. I wondered how long it would be before someone made a rude gesture ! hahaha
    I was expecting a solitary one of the following ……and of course with a capital P……
    Prick !
    Prat !
    Pussy !
    Pissoff !
    So well done AFC for being the first !. hahaha

  308. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie 🙂


  309. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, Ox was injured for a long time and plays regularly now. But still a work in progress with lots to learn. If we play Reus – OG – Theo upfront next season we would do well in terms of goals IMO, so I prefer a LW of established quality to a new ST – AND a DM of course.

  310. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to hear you had your caffeine shots again, 17ho.

    Yaya has sooo much too learn still, but I do like the guy.

  311. VCC says:

    TCM 🙂

  312. AB says:

    Wow, what a fantastic day of exchanges! So many lines in here its hard to keep up with it all. The main issue though is do we see Wenger change his whole team model for the sake of one super player? I can’t see the answer as being anything other than ‘no’. The team is what he is all about. This summer I expect us to buy a top drawer DM. And probably a high quality ST or LW/SS – but this is by no means a given, however obvious it might seem.

    The issue that we are all wrestling with here is around whether this core squad is good enough and the basis for an assault on the PL ad CL over the next 3 or 4 years? With no more than a couple of additions – but allowing for development of the core talent we have within?

    My view is yes. But this means we need to be content with only a couple of additions in the summer – more only if we have significant outgoings. And we have to trust our current team, as well as the club to avoid the same injury story next year. The easy comfort is to try and buy 5 top players – but we won’t under Wenger, and I can only see it giving us the same problems as spuds if we did.

    Instead, we need to enjoy the quality we have – and how it is surfacing again with Ramsey and Ozil back. And look only at the critical squad strengthening we need in the summer, where we all hope real SQ may arrive. And then, for Gerry, there’s the question of where/when the next Jack/Ramsey will be coming through our own ranks…..

  313. TotalArsenal says:

    Good comment, AB, and almost all agreed. 🙂

    Who knows what’ll happen this summer but I wish the whole TW stuff was done in just a week. It bores the arse of me! 😀

  314. AB says:

    Hi TA! Almost! Its strange it bores me senseless once it starts – probably because there’s just too much speculation and general bollocks; but there’s an anticipation around it that brings excitement at this time of the year oddly! It’s about hope for the year ahead. I guess all fans feel the same way, but it does feel (to me at least) very much an Arsenal thing!

  315. AB says:

    Its strange too. I felt I disagreed with HH constantly yesterday, and yet i have the same high hopes of the Ox – perhaps he will come through next year like Ramsey has done this year? But others will fade. Ryo does not look like he will make it. And I wonder about Eisfeld too now – surely the competition looks too tough for him? But we have space for young talent at CB though all the papers focus on people who would expect to be first team players! I expect some unknowns in this space come the summer.

  316. AB says:

    Assuming Bendtner cannot be staying, Sanogo gets his year of development now, and Campbell I assume comes back. Both could be fine prospects next year. LW/SS does seem the obvious option in addition to DM. Bender still my hope. Cant see Wanyama coming, but Schneiderlin? Perhaps.

  317. Highbury Harmony says:

    What amazes me is how much the Arsenal academy has failed lately in producing its OWN talent. I’m talking about homegrown players and not young players we have bought from other clubs. Of course, we continue to develop the young players we do buy, but since Gibbs, Wilshere, Szczesny and Cole, I can’t think of any others that we grew on our own.

    It’s about time we focus more on developing the next Wilshere on our own. I know there’s a lot of pressure for AW to perform now and to buy in the TW, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be developing our own homegrown talent at the same time.

  318. Highbury Harmony says:

    My order of priorities is:

    1. DM

    Reasoning for 1st ranking: Arsenal’s greatest need since the departure of Vieira in July of 2005. A B2B mid to play alongside Ramsey and actually interchange between defense and attack is necessary to our transition offense, as well as pressing the opposition more.

    #1 choice: Lars Bender
    #2 choice: Maxime Gonalons
    PL option: Mohamed Diame

    2. ST

    Reasoning for 2nd ranking: While not as crucial as DM since we have fairly capable options in Giroud and Sanogo. However, they need competition and our strikers have failed to score in big games or against the top opposition. Neither are capable of leading the line to titles, but do contribute to a team game.

    #1 choice: Mario Mandzukic
    Back-up: Jackson Martinez
    PL option: Romelu Lukaku (Demba Ba as the poor man’s option)

    3. GK

    Reasoning for 3rd ranking: We need a veteran, established GK if Fabianski is leaving. One that could propel us to new heights and help us win big games. This GK could help to mentor Szczesny.

    #1 choice: Iker Casillas
    Back-up: Victor Valdes (on a free)
    PL option: Cech (if Chelsea decides Courtois is the man next season)

    4. LW

    Reasoning for 4th ranking: We currently have Podolski, Rosicky, Cazorla, Wilshere, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gnabry all capable of playing on the wing. If we sell Podolski, this position may become a bigger need, but I’d rather see what we have with the Ox and Gnabry before clogging up the wings/midfield anymore than it already is.

    #1 choice: Marco Reus
    Back-up: Julian Draxler
    PL option: Adam Lallana

  319. AB says:

    Hi HH. I like your first choices here – you won’t get many arguing against them. I’m less keen on your PL options – although I would take Ba as a back up/bench option for Giroud quite happily. GK I think we have the options in house already – the problem may be keeping both. ST is a really tough one to call – so many big names, but which would really fit us? Wenger will earn his money if he makes the right call here. The names that excite me though are the Germans – Bender, Reus and Draxler; one of those would be fantastic, two would be remarkable!

  320. Highbury Harmony says:

    AB, the choice of Ba is simply our poor man’s option/one that may be affordable. Could have easily been interchanged with Remy there, however the latter is more injury prone and we definitely don’t need that.

    While Bender, Reus and Draxler are the more exciting names, the most effective ones would likely be Casillas and Mandzukic. Proven winners who elevate their games when it matters most. Funny how the flash and dash always get the attention, but the effectiveness often comes from elsewhere ;).

  321. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, yes there is the hope thing, but it is the endless speculation and media lies that drives me bonkers.

  322. TotalArsenal says:

    I want to wait till end of season to determine my priorities, HH, but at nr 1,2, and 3 will a DM 🙂

  323. AB says:

    HH. The flash and dash will always get the headlines; that is their fate. Our team just needs the right blend of the flash and effective – just like the flair and the graft. The thing that excites about the flash is how just a small piece of it can transform a team, in the way that would not seem possible. I think our team is just nearly, tantalisingly close to being there. Its what saddens me about where the pool are this year – it could so easily have been us……

  324. AB says:

    TA. Yes the media, even the sympathetic folk, are just on a sales train; its hard to turn away from the spectacle, but it is almost all bollocks. The interest lies in playing Wenger – who would make the perfect addition to our team!? The dream, the possible alchemy, is what its all about – if it were a science, nobody would bother to watch. Next year is always hope-filled, however much this year has disappointed. There is a never ending list of reasons to feel optimism… ..

  325. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed AB 🙂

    Night all. We have to wait a whole week before we play, but maybe that is a good thing. Bring on the Barcodes! 🙂

  326. Ok strange cock stranglers, before I go to bed and ravish myself in front of the mirrored ceiling !, I will let you in on a secret I heard on ..”The Warm Up” on Saturdays talkSPORT…..first of all, let me say, this is my favourite show on talkSPORT and although Johnny Vaughan is a Chav, he does have The Woodman ( a Gooner ) as one of his aides and is a cunny funt for a Chav !, however this week he (Vaughan ) was on holiday and there were two Gooners on the show !. They had John Burridge ( 29 league clubs as a goalie and nucking futs ! ) who said Terry Venables was the one responsible for Arsenal`s great back 4 tactics under George Graham !.
    Venables called it the ” Squeeze “, a tactic of making (Squeezing )the wingers of any team to come inside and stopping the crosses coming in from the wings !. So GG nicked TV`s idea !.
    I don’t know whether Wenger lets Bouldie take all the defensive training as Wenger doesn`t normally delegate and likes to be involved himself, which if true, is a backward step imo, as in most top team sports ie American Football, Rugby etc`, they have offensive and defensive coaches !.
    A word about the academy, the Chavs played us off the pitch over the 2 legs of the FA Youth Cup, they have been in something like 5 of the last semi-finals ! and unlike their 1st team under Mourinho, they are taught to pas and move like the best !. Here is the point, if by some miracle FFP actually works and it seems only the Chavs of the rich clubs are trying to tow the line, they can spend as much as they like on their academy without any sanction or threat from UEFA`s FFP !.
    They might tow the line, but they will spend all their ( Abramobitches ) and more to get all the top young talent available, a sort of plan B if FFP works !. Mansour City are even more into the Academy stuff and will outspend the Chavs, who will outspend us and everyone else ( in the EPL ).
    So if by chance FFP works, then in a few years time, these two will reap what they sow from their nurseries !. They have all the angles covered, bet we haven`t !.

  327. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good stuff, AB and HH, Cockie’s stuff, I fear, might be all over the screen as he, in addition to being able to manage the Arsenal, knows what the interweb is truly all about… May the king of Lesbania rule forever, I say… 😀

    No one’s gonna give me any love on Santi (and Arteta) actually being decent, nor the idea that we play the big target man up front to ease the pressure on our up and coming keeper?…Ah well… Again, this being the internet, I guess I can write as much as I want but then y’all are free to ignore me…The classic double edged sword, or something…

    HH, I like your priorities even if I think some of those names would be quoted (to us, the Arsenal, who’ve gone about bragging about our finances…) at outrageous prices, leading to the dreaded Summer of no activity until the dying hours… Moreover, if Wenger is manager, those players would come to an extremely pressurized situation AND they’d have to out-compete decent players already here. You might be the only Gooner out there willing to take a few seasons in the (mid-table) wilderness as we develop a new generation of players… (a few more might accept such a fate, if they could lose the Alsatian…Or would they? My take is that most supporters just want to feel good RIGHT NOW, so the real priority is 1) winning and 2) blaming…) As such, if I were one of these bigger name younger players I’d think long and hard about the “opportunity” presented at Arsenal. If I were Reus, for example, I’d only even THINK about Arsenal if Klopp was taking me there with him… The stick the other Germans have taken from the “supporters” (“Drop Ozil, Drop Ozil,” this season, for example…) has been nigh on ridiculous…

    But maybe I’m just “over-reading” and everybody actually thinks about the implications of what they write… 😉

    Personally, I think AW has plenty of faith in his youth players but that he wants them to be “total” footballers. JW, Ramsey and the Ox ALL, IMO can play anywhere in MF so finding some good experienced guy just a hair better than Arteta and Flamini might be all that is needed so that we can start playing the ball out of our own half and doing so in ways that make opportunities in the final third. Ozil must play and Santi should too. (That’s 5 guys already and then there’s Theo…) Do we need a beast, a destroyer or a bully in there? Perhaps? Maybe we just need more guys to not get hurt and refs with some cajones when we play those big away matches. Seems to me there are endless (not-so-clean) Brazilian guys out there (Ramires, Fernandhinho–even the likes of Paulinho, Sandro, Lucas Leiva and Felipe Melo…) to replace what Gilberto Silva (if not Viera) gave us…Surely we can find one of them to play the (dirty) English game when we head to Stoke or Everton or ManUre…

    So, clearly (if anybody is still reading…) I think AB is right. The real question is whether this young core of players is good enough (and fit enough). The current manager seems to think so. What will the new guy feel?… 😀

  328. Highbury Harmony says:


    I didn’t realize you were one to seek approval for your observations 😉 . Santi’s skill is absolutely class and he combines that with top quality vision that makes him one of the best players in the world. However, I’m not quite sure where he fits in the starting 11 if Ozil is also healthy. Generally speaking, both Ozil and Santi are both durable players, so this season has been a bit of an aberration for both.

    Personally, I can’t see AW starting Santi over Ozil if both are healthy, mainly because the latter is Wenger’s golden boy transfer window purchase and because he’s better at unlocking defences. He’s also got more pace, but of course he’s missing those outlets to pass to in the final third. You’ll see an even more efficient Ozil when Theo is healthy next season, as his movements and pace are somewhat similar to Ronaldo’s. You can already see the effect that Ozil has had on Ramsey too as he’s opened up so much space for him and can pick him out whenever he’s making runs from behind to the opponent’s 18-yard box.

    As for Arteta, he does what he is capable of and you cannot fault him for that. However, much like how I feel about Giroud, he does not bring enough for me and the pace element is sorely lacking for such a physical league. We require a B2B mid that can interchange with Ramsey and help press the opposition when we lose possession. We are far too passive at times and it costs us, as other teams create opportunities by just running around Arteta (or he makes questionable tackles that create unnecessary free kicks that we aren’t good at defending either). We don’t need to have that fear element of a midfield destroyer that some seek – however, we do need a player that can alter the way teams play against us and one that complements our attack with another driving force.

    Finally, I agree that Arsenal is not an attractive destination for players already at top clubs right now. Dortmund, Real Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona, Atletico, Chelsea etc. are all accomplishing more than we could hope to right now and there is no reason for their players to join us. Our only hope for the time being is to recruit players who are undervalued at those top clubs or ones that have good potential and are looking for a chance at a bigger club. That is what Liverpool did and it has worked for them; that said, they will struggle next season because they will be playing in CL and the EPL, in addition to the cups and have little to no depth.

    I don’t understand the Ozil boos and it is just pathetic imo. It’s like some of our own fans want Arsenal to become an unattractive destination for top players! What a complete joke those fans are! Having Ozil gives us hope of attracting other top players and how some fans fail to comprehend that is beyond my understanding.

    I’m only ok with us struggling in mid-table for a while if it means that we choose a specific direction and stick with it. We need to escape this vicious cycle of challenging for our annual 4th place trophy and take the prerequisite steps forward as a club (or back first, then forwards depending on how you analyze the situation). If this is accomplished through focusing on the academy and developing the best young players in the world, WITHOUT selling them, then so be it. If it’s accomplished through actually showing intent in the transfer window now and not as much focus on the academy/youth, then I’d also be ok with that too. Either way, as it stands, the status quo is not working right now.

  329. AFC says:

    Moyes officially sacked by United…

  330. TotalArsenal says:

    Am amazed they did not give him a second year, given the length of contract and the way Moyes works. He usually follows a bad season with a really good one, but there is no patience anymore….

  331. VCC says:

    I’m gutted he has been sacked. He was doing a wonderful job for us. 😦

  332. TotalArsenal says:

    It will mean Manure will remain in turmoil. Who wants that job now? The top coaches are settled

  333. TotalArsenal says:

    The top coaches are settled at top clubs and anybody else is a gamble. Van Gaal would be big reputational risk and clash badly with Ferguson

  334. Dylan says:

    Moyes sacked. Absolutely crazy. Have to say, I thought they’d give him to January at least. Surprised he got less than a full season.

  335. AFC says:

    Giggs will step in until the end of the season as interim manager, I think.

    Am I the only who believes United were right to sack Moyes?

    United seemed to be getting worse and worse as the season went on, the players started to lose respect for him and his style of management and he seemed to have lost the dressing room. What world class players are going to want to go to United after seeking advice on whether it is a good move, from the current players and hearing how bad things are at United and how bad the manager is?

    Of course a manager should be given time and money but the manager has to prove and show signs of why he should be given time and have the opportunity to spend money just like a footballer has to show promise on a trial or while he is on loan. United are 13 points off the of four place which we currently occupy, which is just not good enough in my opinion when you look at the players that were at Moyes disposal. Maybe it us a tall order to expect Moyes to have United in a CL spot at the end of this season but surely he should not be that far off from getting into a CL spot.

    I think this time United should sign a top manager rather than a mediocre manager chosen by SAF. Moyes is not solely to blame for United’s poor season but he has contributed to it hugely.

  336. AFC says:

    Giggs will step in until the end of the season as interim manager, I think.

    Am I the only who believes United were right to sack Moyes?

    United seemed to be getting worse and worse as the season went on, the players started to lose respect for him and his style of management and he seemed to had lost the dressing room. What world class players are going to want to go to United after seeking advice on whether it is a good move, from the current players and hearing how bad things are at United and how bad the manager is?

    Of course a manager should be given time and money but the manager has to prove and show signs of why he should be given time and have the opportunity to spend money just like a footballer has to show promise on a trial or while he is on loan. United are 13 points off of fourth place which we currently occupy, which is just not good enough in my opinion when you look at the players that Moyes had at his disposal. A lot were ageing and poor but he still had enough quality to be fighting it out for fourth place with Everton and ourselves. Maybe it is a tall order to expect Moyes to have United in a CL spot at the end of this season but surely he should not be that far off from getting into a CL spot.

    I think this time United should sign a top manager rather than a mediocre manager chosen by SAF. Moyes is not solely to blame for United’s poor season but he has contributed to it hugely.

  337. My sources have told me that Moyes was not only given the Manshafter job on Fergiescums say so, but the owners didn`t even interview him and had no idea who or what he looked like and only had a first glimpse of him on TV in his first game !.
    It`s taken nearly ten months to finally sack !….not because of the teams performances, but because he`s…..GINGER !.

  338. alcide says:

    Nice… is there any TV broadcast of the under 21 game?

  339. Only tweets, alcide !.
    Click on link for regular updates through the game !

  340. Highbury Harmony says:

    Thanks for the update Cockie! Here’s to hoping Diaby can stay healthy, his return to first-team action would be MASSIVE for us!

  341. alcide says:

    Well he played he first half, not enough comments so far to figure out how he did.

  342. proudgooner says:

    Great advert Cockie, then when they showed DB10 it become the best Advert of all time even if i am a Fosters man

  343. proudgooner says:

    Lol TCM, i hope Giggs has a good end of season so they give him the job full-time, then next season he can fuck it up massively like Moyes too. Damn i wanted them to keep him at least 1 more season, it has made the PL this season , watching United do shit, its been great. I am sure Giggs will be shit, They really should have let Moyes finish the season, why sack him just to give it to Giggs???

  344. TotalArsenal says:

    What a Fungus to football Mourinho is. It is all about killing off the opponents and not creating anything themselves. It is all legal but how much I hate this sort of football, I cannot tell you. 😦

  345. AFC says:

    He is like a virus TA but it pretty damn effective and it gets the job done. Something AW can learn from?

    Hahaha Terry is done. Now Luiz has to move to CB which will likely unsettle the team.

  346. proudgooner says:

    It is 1 of the worst games i have ever seen TA

  347. AFC says:

    Lampard and Mikel suspended for the second leg. Mourinho will certainly not be able to play a defensive formation come the second leg.

  348. TotalArsenal says:

    Nah there is nothing to learn, you only need to sell your football soul. Wenger can do this too but it goes against anything he is about.

  349. proudgooner says:

    What a result for Liverpool , not only do Chelsea play a very tough game before the play them , they also get Terry and Cezh

  350. proudgooner says:


  351. AFC says:

    Your probably right. Us English bastards will do anything to win. 😀 whereas the Dutch have more class.

  352. AFC says:

    PG, a Chelsea loss could benefit us. We are still in with a chance of getting third place in the league.

  353. proudgooner says:

    Its all Madrid , they will win, i think the chavs should be looking for an away goal. It is all about scoring goals
    Chelsea are crumbling ha ha ha ha they really are falling apart the last few weeks

  354. AFC says:

    PG, agreed. Chelsea should he attacking Madrid to get a vital away goal. A 0-0 will work in Madrid’s favour. Villa on for Garcia.

  355. proudgooner says:

    good point AFC, that is the way to be thinking

  356. AFC says:

    I actually think Mourinho sending Lukaku out on loan was worse than anything Wenger has done when it comes to our squad. He should have kept him and worked with him.

  357. TotalArsenal says:

    THe Dutch can do dirty and death to football as well, AFC, but you are right: it is in my DNA. 🙂

    PG, lets hope so!

  358. proudgooner says:

    What a disappointing game, the crowd must be gutted. I though it was going to be a good match . I should have known better, as the lads said he is a football virus, a bug in the system. We don’t want him in the PL, that saidMadrid must know all to well what he is like.

  359. alcide says:

    Wow, following Arsenal under 21s lose 2-1 on Twitter was more fun than watching Mou’s Chelsea at Madrid. What a bore. I swear if Asenal was playing like that and won 2 doubles and a CL, I’d be happy for the first year, but would probably support another team by the third year…

  360. alcide says:

    Remember the Van de Kerkhoff brothers TA? They could do dirty…

  361. AFC says:

    I do think you have to beat Mourinho at his game by not falling into his trap. He wants you to attack (like we do) so when your vulnerable he catch attack. You have to be careful and not commit too many bodies forward and take the few opportunities you get.

  362. alcide says:

    Yep AFC. Although Torres is pretty good at falling down and getting free kicks (sigh).

  363. alcide says:

    Athletico did that quite well AFC, unfortunately without success.

  364. AFC says:

    Alcide, I would only be happy if Wenger played like Mourinho from time to time in very important matches where it might be needed but other than that I want to see us play attacking football, with defensive stability of course.

  365. alcide says:

    Can’t disagree with that AFC, just saying I couldn’t bear us playing 90% of the time like that (and 100% against top teams). Thank god for them they have Hazard to spark things up a bit.

  366. TotalArsenal says:

    Alcide, yes they were tough but with flair as well. Jan Wouters was tough too, as was Van Bommel and is DeJong, and there are many more. But you need steel and engine to support the flair and beauty.

  367. alcide says:

    Not disputing that… they were part of one of my all time favorite national team… Haan, Neeskens, Rep…Rensenbrink, Rudi Krol (and a few years earlier they had this Johan something…)

  368. proudgooner says:

    So we need Liverpool and then hopefully Norwich to beat Chelsea then we can nick 3rd in the league. I can’t see Cardiff beating them so i think its down to good old Norwich 😉 TA

  369. proudgooner says:

    Or Liverpool beat Chelsea
    Norwich draw
    Cardiff draw
    Arsenal take max points we take 3rd, it is possible with both Norwich and Cardiff fighting for PL survival

  370. TotalArsenal says:

    The Chavs will beat Pool and still win the league. Dont want that to happen but I reckon its what will happen.

    Norwich look doomed, PG, but you’ll never know! 🙂

    Alcide, yes a nice group of players and the Dutch were on average the best in the seventies….. but being second is the fist loser as the Americans say…

  371. TotalArsenal says:

    I feel it is about time we’ll get another Milo rant! 🙂

  372. James Bond says:

    why on earth does AW not get in DEJONG – I think he would fit in like a glove at Arsenal and could do a proper proper job for us

    he’s still what 28 or 30 ? the right age for a DM, I reckon – he can boss it, no doubt

    we won’t get 3rd lads, 4th is fine as I kinda got used to us playing int he CL qualifiers, ha

    let’s be honest, playing once every week is a killer which means you have to watch dull and boring teams like Chelsea play, sigh

  373. The van de jerk off brothers were a couple of bishop bashers !. hahaha
    Lucky for me, I have loads of Sky plussers to watch as I don’t watch other teams in the EPL…..only Arsenal……and that’s if they win !. In fact, the last time I see Arsenal lose was when I went to the WBA game which was 2-3 !. Obviously you knobrotesquers have to endure much more pain than me, whilst I am being fed grapes by my Lesbanians behind my Sofa on match days !. hahaha

  374. TotalArsenal says:

    I believe he was interested in De Jong but he left for Milan… Wrong decision as Italian football is on its arse. De Jong cannot just defend but also pass (former Ajax school pupil). He would be great protection for Ramsey and Ozil/Jack.

  375. 17highburyterrace says:

    Not a thing written (in my) overnight? Looks like we need a new thread… I nominate HH to write one as it’s great that he’s back and writing…Also, he’s got some interesting ideas which, while being rather controversial, aren’t completely out of left field (as we say)… (Cheers also, for the direct response to my questions, up above…)

    Like others, I followed the return of the scars of the knee of Diaby and I watched Atletico vs Chelsea. Overall, it made me feel like I need some other projects. Of course, I would’ve been outside but there was still a mix of snow and wind to go with the sun (trying to melt the inch of snow which fell overnight). The forced walk later in the afternoon (hoping that it would be an early start to the mushroom season) resulted in a single morel. So, it’s on, earlier than ever, but now we need some heat…

    Just like with the football–and still 5 days until Arsenal’s next chance to stumble…

    The other business, of course, is the sacking up at United. If there’s anything which makes me feel good about our season it is that we can already celebrate St. Moyes day with the other (more local holiday) coming this next weekend… When was the last time we actually finished ahead of United? In the early days of AW’s tenure beating them meant something was gonna be lifted. Nowadays, we actually needed Swansea to beat them (at OT) to get them out of our path to something (or is it nothing?…) in that extra match, once the season is over… If, touch wood, it actually happens, does the Emirates Cup get rescheduled due to having to play in the Community Shield? Help a poor American guy out. Over here each sport plays for ONE trophy. These post and pre season things are just friendlies and designed to sell tickets and have a nice (warm) day out, correct? Or am I missing something?…

    But I’m getting ahead of myself. We still need to sack OUR guy (!!!) But, if his team can hold its nerve and win these remaining matches, that will probably go on hold for a couple of seasons. Ugh. No tearing down and rebuilding the team, nothing fresh, nothing new. Ground hog’s day and deja vu all over again… Anyone and everyone can see, I’ve been told, that this Wenger thing is going nowhere…

    So, what to do? Cryogenics haven’t been perfected so I cannot put myself in deep freeze and wait for the Bould era to begin. Dream about big name (or even just familiar name) transfers when I know nothing about Ligue Deux and the players we’re truly after? Check my twitter to see if we’ve got any updates from the guys about their injuries and/or vacation plans? Nope. I guess I’ll watch leg 1 of the CL final to see if Real Madrid can eke out a nil-nil as Chelsea did yesterday and then try to get their guys healthier and nick some goals in Munich. At least, in that one, Ancellotti, I think, (unlike Mourinho…) isn’t hoping for 210 minutes of scoreless football and then winning on pens… Now the virus (well put, Total) is talking about fielding a 2nd team (and doing his part) to hand the league title to ‘Pool…

    Or maybe today’s sun will warm the moist soil and the mushrooms will pop. (And, thank Dennis, I’ve got my coffee…) How will you guys be spending your day?…

    😀 😉 😯 🙄 👿

  376. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Seventeenho 🙂

    You are talking about snow, while we are running around in shorts and T-shirts! Hope your mushrooms will pop soon though. 😀

    It was PG who referred to Mushrinho as a virus, for me he is a fungus! 😛

    I was hoping you would write something for us, as in…. why I still love Arsene, and always will! 😆 😉

  377. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha… Sorry about the Virus/Fungus mix-up… Fungus (the morels) I like (sometimes) and Mourinho, I thought might be a nice bit of spice for the English league given the turnover at United. I was wrong about that one…

    Football, right now, seems awfully grim and that business in Manchester seems really bad. Why keep Moyes around until now? At least wait until the end of the season, I would think and be ready with a new guy…

    Anyhow, gotta get my people out of the house…And the sun is out so the ‘shrooms could go (the fungus could be among us, as we like to say)… Still, if anybody wants to chat, I could…Or are you (TA) asking for me to write a post?…

  378. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht and TA, I think I may have some time to write a post over the next couple days. However, as you have stated 17, it will likely be rather controversial and well supported by the realists, yet maybe not so much by the purists 😉

  379. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes please 17 and HH. We need input as I am both busy and lacking inspiration (which is linked to the former). Although, I post will come out shortly.

    Hit us with some raw realism, HH, so we can hit you back with some alternate realism hahaha 🙂

  380. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, good news… Something coming soon from TA(?) and then some hard facts, or hard to swallow facts (for the rose tinters…) or something (sure to be interesting) from HH… It sounds like we’re back on track… As such, I’ll hold off, make a little hay while the sun is shining, and maybe get back on during the Real-Bayern match…

    Overall, my impression is that you guys work too hard…Cheers (in advance) for taking some time to give something to the little people… 😀

  381. Happy St Georges Day everyone whether English or not !.
    The greatest country on Earth !…….why can I say that to you ?……..because we invented the great game of football ( soccer to you philistines ! ), the greatest game on Earth and to which you Broke Back Bastardos support the greatest football club on Earth……….That English Team ….Arsenal !.

    Now you cant argue with that !. hahaha

  382. TotalArsenal says:

    True Cockers: the birthplace of Football, although I know you prefer soccer! 😛

  383. TotalArsenal says:

    No no no Seventeenho – we need your post input too! It has been far too long…. 😉

  384. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, CL on… Anybody else watching?… We’ve got a couple of American voices (and their associated idiot statements) today…And I thought the anthem and the (hateful) Heineken drinking drummer guy was bad enough…

    1st corner to Bayern, but defended easily…

    I’ll try to write something… Maybe for Thursday or Friday, TA, if that works for you…

  385. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wowsa…Early RM goal should make this one more interesting…esp. if you appreciate a well parked bus…

    And Ronaldo should’ve made it two…

  386. TotalArsenal says:

    CHEERS 17ho

    Am not watching game as no access here and computer playing up.

    Catch you later.

  387. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, article is almost done! However, that cockie loving bastardildo better appreciate my work 😉

  388. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie will love it if you mention his chart of doom in your post. He is easily pleased, after all… 🙂

  389. 17highburyterrace says:

    CL match ends 1-nil…Howard Webb immune to a late penalty shout from Mueller. (That’s a pen if it happens in the Allianz, I fear…) Iker Casillas ain’t going anywhere after his reaction save from Goetze… Well poised for the 2nd leg and a far better match than yesterday’s…

  390. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to hear it was better, 17. Pep Guardiola has work to do…

  391. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

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