Van Gaal to Arsenal? Would he move us to the next level?

Dutch football media fully expect Louis van Gaal to go to England after the world cup, but they are still divided as to which club he will be managing. VI International, by far the best Dutch ‘voetbal’ magazine, reported that one part of football journalists expect Van Gaal to go to the Mancs, and the other part actually believe he will be managing our very own Arsenal next season.

The latter believe the  fact that the club have still not announced a new contract for our current manager, and the imminent arrival of three Dutchmen for coaching roles at Arsenal – most notably Andries Jonker, who has worked closely with Van Gaal a few times – could be strong signs that ‘belligerent Louis’ might end up – not at the theatre of nightmares – but at the very Home of Football.

I am a fan of Van Gaal and believe he would suit our club well, as long as he arrives with the blessing of Wenger. Over a year ago, I wrote a post about how Van Gaal would manage Arsenal; and rather than repeat myself, please see link below:

Now I am not after the sacking of Arsene Wenger; for that, I respect him too much. It is up to Arsene to decide whether he really can take our club to the next level and I trust he will make the right decision this summer.  I have incredible respect for him; especially, for sticking with the club during the financially barren years whilst being at the very peak of his career. He could have gone anywhere to win more (easy) silverware, but he stuck with us; and for this we should remain grateful.

However, I am now doubtful whether Arsene can take us to the next level; and although I don’t want him ever to be sacked, if I am totally honest, I am also not particularly looking forward to another season under his management. In the next few weeks, I will write a separate post about why I fear that Arsene will not take us to the next level (if HH does not beat me to it?!). But this post is about Van Gaal’s potential suitability for Arsenal.

If Van Gaal is indeed coming to England AND Arsene is thinking of moving upwards (or onwards), this would be the moment – the one chance – to approach the Dutchman and steel him away from the Mancs. Arsenal would suit him much better than Man United. We have a team full of young talent and experienced, yet mouldable players, and there is a culture and system of football which is close to Van Gaal’s interpretation of Totaal Voetbal. Arsenal resemble Ajax in more ways than one; whereas Man United have always looked more like PSV Eindhoven in terms of style of football. It would take a long time for Van Gaal to put his stamp on MU and for this he has not got the time or the patience, I reckon. His next job will be his last and he never stays long anywhere, so he is likely to prefer Arsenal to Man United, if he had the choice.

Van Gaal would bring a more disciplined approach to our (total) football and less dependency on the quality and form of individual players. He would use the whole squad and drill everyone into one or more positions: there would be less freedom for individuals to express themselves. The focus would be playing football in a systematic, machine-like way. For every position, there will a number of players who can play in it, but the expectations, or specific tasks, for the ‘roles’ will always be the same. Van Gaal will focus strong on tactics, but like Wenger, he will not adjust these for each and every game: it is all about perfecting the system of football that will eventually conquer all. He is a self-proclaimed relationship manager who will work very hard and close with each and every player to get them to play the way he wants them to. He is very stubborn, just like Wenger[ and he will cause upsets within the team and possible within the club hierarchy as well. But he is also a winner and very keen to manage a club in England….

So if Arsene has decided, or is close to deciding to call it a day, now might be the time to act.

But what do you think, fine fellow Gooners: Would Van Gaal suit our club? Would he be able to move us to the next level, if Arsene calls it a day?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

66 thoughts on “Van Gaal to Arsenal? Would he move us to the next level?

  • no, don’t want Van Gaal – he’s had a history of having difficulties with almost every club he has been at.

    I want AW to stay for another 2 years and then we can bring in Klopp or even Martinez, if not our very own Viera/Bergkamp.

    if, Van Gaal goes to Man utd then he will need and want total control of the club – something that he won’t be getting as long as SAF is still in the stands or a director.

    and AW could have left us at any time during those years, however, he may not have enjoyed as much control over everything as he is at liberty to do so at Arsenal.

    AW to stay for another 2 years and leave on a high like Jupp heynckes and letting his successor reap more benefits of his labour unlike SAF !

  • TA, you’ve got mail 🙂

    I will respond to this thought-provoking post later when I am off my flight and back home!

  • Yes is the answer because he is tactically astute something in which Arsene isnt.He still lets players express themselves and would be a good 2 year fix until Guardiola becomes available.I have to praise Wenger also because he has put the club at the top level and will hopefully leave the club with Champions league qualification plus FA cup winners.

  • JB, you will not be disappointed with my new post. It will certainly wet your palette hahaha!

  • am already looking forward to it @ HH 🙂

    yes, another 2 years @ Skipper

    why the hell not ? Ramsey is turning into one of the best players in the PL, JW won’t be that far behind next season – Theo Walcott will be the highest English goal scorer next season – The Ox to be one of the best Wingers and reaching new heights …. and then is also Sczny –

    those are 5 of his own players who’ll be maturing or stepping up to the plate – do you think he will want to step down and let someone else see them prosper ? He is a a very intelligent man, he knows this current group is very special and add the likes of Ozil with his 2nd season and better understanding with Theo , Ox , Santiago, JW, Ramsey and co – it promises to be mouth watering as long as we can get 3 decent signings done, he is set for a very rosy and promising 2 years which may see him win the CL , least one (something he wants to do with Arsenal and I believe, he will do it within the next 2 years).

    by the way, great post !

  • Interesting article TA, and the question of who should succeed AW (and when) is one that we as a club have to answer.

    However I must agree 100% with JB; Louis Van Gaal is far too divisive and has a history of leaving clubs after a few years due to personal conflicts with both his club and his best players. And I don’t thing his record over recent years is even that great.

    I think that we are in fact making progress compared with a few years ago and we play dynamic attacking football when we have our players fit. I think that it is very important to build on Arsene’s legacy of youthful attacking football rather than change direction and leave the club divided by a turbulent new manager.

    Totes, I totally buy into the link you make with the recent arrival of a contingent of Dutch coaching staff. Seeing that that’s the case, I am seriously hoping that this could mean the imminent arrival of Frank De Boer and of course Dennis Bergkamp from Ajax.

    They have just won their fourth successive Dutch title so what a good time to move on it would be for them. Marc Overmars is there too so we could potentially have a revitalised coaching team with a true Arsenal heritage.

  • Fair enough, JB, and good points. I just cannot see us making the next step under Wenger again, even with the signings; but of course I would love to be wrong on this. 🙂

  • Great post Totes !.
    It`s easy to forget what a great post the one on the link was and after reading both I have come to the conclusion of………..welcome to the Doomers Club !. hahaha
    I still think my Total P is the way forward, but Van Gaal is a good alternative !. Reading your link on the subject, I was immediately swayed by you saying he is more in the Guardiola, Rodgers and Klopp style of TF than the Cruijff, Rijkaard and Wenger style of TF !.
    I`m in your camp of more than appreciating what Wenger has done for us, but feel he cannot take us any further and as you say that Van Gaal will possibly go to Manshafter, I would rather we started negotiating for him now !. A strong statement yes, but the style of football that Guardiola, Rodgers and Klopp play is the style I crave for Arsenal and If you say he is the same tactically then make it so !. However, I see Wenger getting another 3 year contract, so it will all be in vain imo !. Shame, because if he is as good as you say ( and I`m relying on your judgment as I don’t know much about Van Gaal ) then we are missing a chance to move us up a notch, as I honestly believe and have said it numerous times, that one of Wenger`s weaknesses is his less than brilliant tactical mind, imo, he`s average in that department and relies more on his players on the pitch to get a result than by his ability to change a game with subs or changing tactics or formations and in recent years has been out thought by his rivals !.
    Off to the Valley of The Orcs tomorrow, so to bed early and will keep a look out for some Stoke TF mentors !. hahaha

  • Hi davydavy 🙂

    Good to have you back, and making good points again…

    I am not a fan of F de Boer, but DB to Arsenal would be a dream of course! 🙂

    Ajax got absolutely hammered in the Dutch Cup final by PEC Zwolle (5-1) over the weekend and I just don’t think De Boer is that good.

    Van Gaal causes conflict but the results are there as well. It is about accommodating him, but yes, it is not without risk (that is why I want Arsene’s blessing on it…..).

  • I should imagine SAF caused conflict, but winning all those trophies more than made up for it in regards to his players. Keep the trophies churning over and the players will stay, they don’t have to like the manager !.

  • If Wenger were to stay,it would mean a continuation of his flawed policies with regard to
    buying players and tactics.His focus on the future hampered the gunners who were top of the table in January.. A pragmatic manager would have at least bourht players who could have made a difference.Instead he went for crock.
    Tactically he has been outsmarted by the other top 4 managers.Indeed for I aint going to be
    surprised if Bruce were to lift the cup.
    As Moyes exit has shown soccer is about results and winning.

  • Whist I can empathize with your feeling of not wanting Arsene to get the sack – in the end it is the club that matters more than the man. Ideally he will choose to leave at the end of the season, reputation still intact amongst many supporters, but if he decides to ignore the realities of stagnation……………….

  • TA, he sounds like a good option but my on worry is his age. Is he too set in his ways and would he be willing to buy SQ players like Ozil to take us to the next level?

    I know nothing about him but he seems like one of those managers who ‘comes in and work with a squad’ rather than ‘change and build a squad’?

  • Hi Mystic, it was just so important that he stayed and kept us in there over the last few years, and for that I want to thank him and feel we owe loyalty back. It really has to be his decision, no?

  • AFC, every manager should work with our current squad and add as appropriate. Van Gaal will do just that but also add players where he sees fit. They might not be super quality in your eyes though, but what he believes will add value to the team….

  • But TA when do we draw the line. If he loses the FA Cup and finishes 5th surely he should be sacked?

  • I think you were dreaming it TA. I might be able to write a post in the next couple of week though. 🙂

  • I might write a post on whether Wengerball has reached it expiration date and whether football has moved on and become more tactical as opposed to being more technical

  • Total – as I said he deserves respect, but ultimately it is the club and not the man who takes priority. It can only be his decision as to when to leave, assuming if his intention to stay were not to be detrimental to the club.

    To be honest I believe he has past his best by date – in fairness, baring SAF (who I didn’t like, but had to respect), all managers reach a time when leaving is best for the club (and unfortunately maybe the decision sometimes needs to be taken out of their hands).

  • There are a number of reasons why VanGall would NOT fit AFC:
    a) He never stays in place very long, just enough to have won or to have screwed up, AFC don’t need a Mourinho, we need Wenger.

    b) He isn’t really superior to Wenger tactically nor is he a proven master personnel manager. He is in fact neither but rather an old style manager whose power is absolute…not Wenger’s style at all and NOT the players’ role model as well.

    c) Wenger has clearly stated that his project is not yet complete and imho, why change a winner for an unknown quantity who would take 2-3 years to adapt his style to AFC and adapt AFC to his way if he could? We don’t need a Moyes but rather a Wenger.

    d) TA, you may think Arsene has had his day and I respect that but there is NO conclusive proof that is the case and IF the team stay in the top 4 AND win the FA Cup (both firm possibilities) then this could be the beginning of a 2nd golden era for the team….WITH Wenger at the helm once again, a healthy squad and a few key additions.

    e) Wenger will leave management when he no longer physically or mentally feels he can continue. He is still relatively young and in form (better than most EPL managers) and has goals he believes will be met in the next few years. Had we not suffered such a horrendous injury record this season, we would have clearly challenged for the title….next year, barring disasters, we will!

    f) Would some top class players come to AFC if Wenger left, or worse still would key players stay at AFC if Arsene was gone? If there’s anything professional Footballers hate it is insecurity and a new manager is always insecure at first.

    g) There are names like Guardiola, Klopp and others bandied about by the pseudo-experts BUT if the Club bring in Van Gall or someone else as an interim manager, and things sour, who would want to come to replace him and who says these managers will be available 2-3 years down the road? Why not bring them in now, If they were interested?

    This idle speculation is pointless and useless conjecture. We have a great manager who contin ues to perform miracles….be careful what you wish for fanboys!

  • TA, since Wengerball is your creation could you sum it up for me in a few lines so I can add it in my post? 🙂

  • “Had we not suffered such a horrendous injury record this season, we would have clearly challenged for the title….next year, barring disasters, we will!”
    Come on be realistic, how many years can we blame injuries – granted the manager can’t foretell unexplained mysteries, but in January when he had a chance to address matters of injuries / predictable exhaustion he did nothing.

    Assuming that Wenger stays and the trophy drought continues, at some point even the most hardened Wenger supporter will need to concede that the club are simply treading water. There really is nothing wrong in admiring past glories and then admitting that maybe things aren’t so great at the moment, but to try and simply ignore deficiencies helps no one.

  • The same stale arguments as ever, OMG. Of course there is no conclusive proof but the idea that next year will be better under Wenger is getting boring now. How long have you been saying this now? Change the record.

  • Mystic, thanks for that comment.

    I am changing what I will write for my post. I will look to write a post questioning all the hope people have, why they make excuses for Wenger etc. It’ll cause controversy but I think it needs to be done because people can seem to be overly positive without being questioned but as soon as someone says something negative they are questioned to the point where they feel like they are on trial.

  • Hi Totes,

    Top four and FA Cup – AW gets a two year extension and then my ideal successor would be Klopp, who is more a natural continuation from AW on many levels as opposed to Van Gaal who for me is a risk with his huge ego.

  • AFC, OMG goes around the blogs and attacks anybody who dares to question the club or manager. It is actually something I only did indirectly (and I promised a post on this in the next few weeks), but he still felt he should state his same old crap.

    I think your original theme is a lot better. 🙂

  • Cheers Iceman. 🙂

    What makes you believe that Klopp would want to come here in two years time? He is happy at BM and there is fantastic potential….

    Do you really expect Arsene to move us to the next level in those two years, or is it just a matter of loyalty (nothing wrong with, of course)?

  • TA, it was more about invisible double standards that exist among the world of football supporters

    One example are football supporters who hate any sort of speculation about new players, failings of clubs as they do not know all the facts but then seem able to speculate about how Wenger will get it so right with no facts, sort of blind faith.

    Another example are the football supporters who get angry at people for being overly negative but do not seem to get angry at those who are overly positive. Why are fans looked down on for being negative but fans who are overly positive are lauded?

  • My thoughts are identical to JB. Wenger to stay and then Klopp, Martinez, Bergkamp, or possibly that Dragan guy in. Wenger will lead us to success this summer, I’m fairly sure.

    On the game tonight, Benzema showed his advantage over Giroud tonight, pace. That brig said, he’s still not my first choice. Not even on my list actually. 😉

  • Hi Totes, of course you just made a slight typo in terms of Klopp being manager of Dortmund, not BM. The thing with the Bundesliga is Bayern is basically ruining it and Klopp despite his best efforts keeps losing his best players. It’s an uphill struggle, and he has performed admirably to date.

    What I like with Klopp is that he has the magic touch AW showed earlier in terms of bringing in younger players and players that were not household names, and showing that he can realise their potential. It is a good seamless continuation, and moreover Klopp does have the modern day thinking wrt. tactical nous etc. on top of that. Furthermore his Dortmund team has always shown very good balance, and this season he really has not done that badly considering the injuries that Dortmund have had to absorb. I believe he is Arsene Wenger v2.0.

    Regarding AW, I think we all know that last summer was the first one where we genuinely had money to spend, with the Emirates deal, and this summer we will have the Puma deal also. However, if you look at net spend Chelsea and Man City have spent hundreds of millions of pounds since 2008 and our net spend has been close to zero. Of course that gap cannot be plugged immediately as the spending differential is cumulative season on season in terms of squad depth. Liverpool doing well has led to some being particularly upset because they say that Liverpool has jumped the queue, but even Liverpool’s spending in the John Henry era has dwarfed ours and Liverpool is a certain set of circumstances where they haven’t had European football this season.

    I still say if we win the FA Cup and gets top 4 we should give the benefit of the doubt that AW has made sacrifices over the last 8/9 seasons to get to this new paradigm of being a financial powerhouse. Of course if he still doesn’t spend, with any remaining excuses having disappearing into the ether, then we will have to find someone else that will spend (but spend wisely, not like Spuds last summer). Cash reserves sitting in the bank do not win trophies.

  • It’s a perspective thing I guess … for me, I have been watching the Arsenal since the 1970’s and I’ve seen some top managers at the club over that time. For me, Arsene Wenger has been the best of the lot. I wouldn’t want to go as far as sacking him unless things were really bad (and believe me they aren’t). I definitely fall into the camp of those who go to a game to support the team and I can’t stand people who boo our own players.

    The reality is that one day we’re going to have to take a leap into an unknown future with a new manager. I don’t know that it has to be this year, but it will surely be within the next three or four years. The absolute top managers do not change clubs frequently, so I would prefer the Arsenal to sound out their availability and plan Arsene’s succession in a classy way.

    I don’t know who I would choose, but like everybody else I like the way Dortmund are playing and also I like the success that Athletico has had against mega-rich opposition in recent years. Guardiola of course is one who does like a change of scenery every few years, and he could be an option perhaps?

    Is Van Gaal a possibility – maybe yes, but only for the short term given his age and character. He certainly seems to have a ruthless streak about him though, which could be a most welcome addition for us.

  • Great, sensible comments, Iceman.

    I believe there ihas been enough money to buy players for a few years now, and I also feel it is not just down to getting even better players, or even injuries, however big their impact has been. Something else is missing that seems structural now: lack of believe against the big teams, naive tactics against the same teams, overplaying players until they get badly injured, not buying when we need strengthening (relying on Yaya in crunch matches etc), etc.

    Klopp looks like a very good alternative but if he wants to avoid to go to a club where his best players are not leaving then he is likely to go to RM, Barcelona, an Oiler, etc.

    Lets hope we win the FA Cup and finish in top four, as it will be good for the boys. 🙂

  • Totes, I suppose the elephant in the room in the subtext of this article should be confronted. If we win the FA Cup and finish top 4 that would not be sufficient progress for you? Bear in mind the injuries to Ramsey and Theo particularly, and the difference with the former in and out of our first XI exemplified over the last couple of weeks. Of course why we are always at the top of the injury league has to be thoroughly investigated.

  • No there is no subtext and I should not have indulged in criticising Arsene. The post is about Van Gaal.

    But to respond to your comment, Iceman, progress is not only measured in terms of whether we win something or where we finish. As per previous comment, I reckon we have not made any progress. But that is for another post.

  • I can see where you are coming from Totes, and it is also understandable when one can see a possible newer breed of managers such as Simeone able to punch above their weight.

    By the way there have been some references to Roberto Martinez, but he has benefited from Lukaku, Deloufeu, and Barry on loan this season, so anyone who wants to judge him on this season just as they possibly did with Laudrup last season should give pause for thought in my opinion and see what happens with Everton next season. The same goes for Simeone and Rodgers to an extent, that’s why I currently favour Klopp more (than Simeone and Martinez) as a potential successor. Potential pitfalls of LvG have been well covered by others above. It would be funny if LvG went to Man United and the Moyes-Rooney favouritism was followed by LvG-RvP favouritism – popcorn time 😀

    Let’s see if we make top 4 and win the FA Cup, and take it from there. We are basically on the same page I believe. I have seen rumours that AW himself is holding himself to that minimum standard, but tabloid tittle-tattle is not exactly credible nowadays.

  • Good additional comment, davydavy, especially about the booing and planning Wenger’s replacement carefully. Really good to have you commenting on here again. 🙂

  • I love what Simeone and even Rodgers and Martinez are achieving. For me football should be about playing the game beautifully, tactics and responsible financial management rather than buying success with £500m, and they are getting it right, right now.

  • Last comment was for Ice. Yes all current successes have to be evaluated over a longer term but Everton beating almost all the big guns with a limited budget – and lets face it those loan players are hardly established SQ stars – is something to appreciate.

  • TA

    Interesting… I’m more with JB on this one and not legally allowed to challenge his fortune telling since I was so off about ManU out of Europe in week 1… So, what can I add?

    How about this: great teams and eras, not just a few good years or one big championship, in almost every sport, have one thing in common … A consistent, long term coach. Consistent. Long term.

    Hence, per your comment, I’d prefer the next AW if he’s passed his date, than a stop gap. Haven’t we all disliked stop gap players and sales for a few years, why do it with a coach? No matter how good or appropriate the style.

    Hence, one could evaluate some knowns:

    A. Mourinho – successful coach but not a creator of an era. IMO he thus under performed with all that talent at RM.

    B. SAF – natch

    C. Klopp – seems so

    D. Pep – yes at Barca, jury out in year one at BM.

    So, the real question, this year or in 2-3, is who’s another AW or SAF? Is it an “unknown” like our own Dennis or one of these top Dutch coaches joining (to be groomed? That’d be smart IMO).

    Or is it a known, like Klopp or Pep, if they are free. The problem there is that success, big success isn’t just money, tho it helps, but all sorts of other things in the environment that allow you to succeed, BUT, crucially, may not be at that next job.

    Goes things, btw, may have changed “underneath” AW in the last few years (or not), but in my professorial field we see it heaps. The answer to any drop in prestige is hire a really big name prof for lots of dosh. Sadly, many fail to live up to the old standard, often because the intangibles (or less tangibles) for their success weren’t at the new job. Worse, they are often. It quite sure all of what made them successful in the last job, placing the blame, if you will, squarely on their genius and leadership rather than looking deeper. The end result is sadness.

    Witness Moyes. Had all the makings of greatness at Everton, but somehow failed a well funded hospital pass at MU… Something was missing in what gave him success at Everton when he got to ManU. That Everton did better with Martinez, and a better squad possibly, is perhaps not a sign of Moyes failure as who knows how he’d have gone with them this year. We only can know one set of outcomes…

    Finally… Same thing with big name CEOs. Many don’t do as well in the next job when hired as the big name replacement/savior. In fact, over 65% of them “fail” or at least fail to live to the standard they set… Thus, the age old question.. Big name? With risk… Or fresh face? With different risk… It ain’t an easy game..

    Still, to my main point, no great era is ever made by short term coaches. IMO of course… No matter the resources …

    Cheers — jgc

  • jgc fine comment. 🙂

    Obviously, the ideal is to have a long term manager who brings in success for many years to come…. now who has such a coach? Most coaches want to move on and manage different clubs, so although ideal, it is very hard to establish.

    Van Gaal does not have to be a short term solution, even though he himself could just be at the club for three to five years. He left good platforms for success behind at Ajax (but they sold too many players), Bayern and AZ (and helped Barca back to winning ways after four barren years), and the strategic thing to do – which you allude to as well – is to mentor his successor from within the club. What we need is to make that step up now and then consolidate it, and a short term coach, as you call it, could well be the right thing now as long as it is part of a wider, long-term strategy. IMO, Van Gaal would be pretty ideal for this.

  • Thanks for the article (and the mention) TA 🙂

    A great read and I particularly enjoy that we share the sam view on Arsene at this club. It’s true that I’m not convinced he can take us to the next level, because whether you want to admit it or not, injuries and the determination to be prepared to beat other top clubs starts from him and the mentality and training he instills in his players.

    On Van Gaal, he’s definitely not the worst option out there. If Arsene were to leave, Van Gaal would likely be able to keep us in CL qualification, but it could definitely have a positive effect on some and an adverse effect on others. Players like Ozil speak of the outstanding experience of playing under Arsene because of the freedom he allows players in expressing themselves; does Ozil want to be playing under another Mourinho again (not that they’re the same, but mentality in following tactics and roes they are similar)? I do enjoy the discipline he instills in his players and it would certainly give us a level of structure that we have not seen for some time.

    That said, my top two choices would be Klopp or Simeone to replace Wenger. The next tier of candidates would probably be Van Gaal or Jens Keller, the latter who has done an outstanding job at Schalke this season.

  • To be honest, Totes !…….the worrying thing from you post is that you have written thoughts which you probably should have kept to yourself !. Thinking out loud that Wenger probably cannot take us any further, is posting suicide !.
    Somewhere lurking is…….Transplant !……a man who raids Arsene`s dustbins for the discarded remnants of his hair brush, which are instantly cryogenically frozen and taken to Dr Stranglecocks under ground Swiss laboratory for infusion into Transplants scalp whilst he listens to hypnotic Wenger accent tapes !.
    That’s why he hasn`t replied to your post !, the psychotic Wenger stalker is now somewhere in Norfolk planning your downfall !. A man whose teeth were forged by the sub-atomic particles from The Hadron Collider !. Even Bond cant save you !. hahaha

  • HH 🙂

    Ozil would still be able to use all his qualities and vision as per the role he is given… he could be Van Gaal new Litmanen or Ronald de Boer (but I am not sure whether this is way before your time)/. 🙂

  • HH will check mail in a bit.

    Cocky, yes, the teeth has been spotted and the centre of Norwich is full of women making funny cuckooing noices. And I am hiding at a dentist where he will never expect me to be. 😀

  • Hello, people!

    I’m really tired after an awful trip (12 hours of driving on Bosnian roads is something that should have been suggested to North-Korean government if they lack ideas about cruel and unusual punishments these days) so I’ll just say “Happy St. George’s Day” to Cockie – you Englishmen invented football, Doctor Who, my personal favourite The Black Adder, Only Fools & Horses, Fawlty Towers, Monthy Python, Page 3, Alan Moore…and that’s why I adore you but if you could just explain one tiny little thing to me:

    how the f**k you can drink tea with milk?! 😀

  • Adders…………that’s because we are weird bastards !. hahaha
    Although, I`m quite weird for an Englishman, in that I don’t drink tea !, but I keep the side up by eating Curry for breakfast followed by Ice cream !. 😀


    A source close to Sagna said: “He will leave the club 100 per cent – there is no way he will stay.

    “He feels very heartbroken, disgusted and disrespected by the board and the offers they are making, after being so loyal to the club for so many years.

    “Now his focus will be to help his team-mates and the fans by landing the FA Cup and a top four finish.”

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