Five Reasons Why Arsenal are On the Rise

Victory Through Harmony.

Victory Through Harmony.

This season has been a bit of an anticlimax for the North London club. Arsenal led the Premier League on New Year’s Day, a feat usually reserved for the eventual champions. However, since then a string of unfortunate injuries to key players, including the likes of Theo Walcott, Mesut Özil, and Aaron Ramsey, amongst others, has dragged the Gunners into a fight for fourth place against Merseyside club, Everton. This lackluster end to the season has caused many Arsenal fans to turn against the players, manager, and board of Arsenal FC. To ease these fans’ worries, here are five reasons why Arsenal are actually on the rise.

      1.            The End of the Trophy Drought

It is a well-known and often discussed fact that Arsenal have not won a major trophy in almost nine years. However, on May 17th Arsenal will face Hull City in the FA Cup Final. Arsenal have faced Hull twice this season, including a recent 3-0 romp at the KC Stadium. The Gunners are expected to win this FA Cup and finally bring a trophy into the Emirates Stadium Trophy Room. This will create memories for the fans and players and help motivate players in the future. Winning a trophy will be a big attraction used to bring players to the Emirates this summer.

   2.            The War Chest

Speaking of attracting players this summer, Arsenal have just finished all of the major payments they’ve been making in recent years to cover the expenses of building the stadium. Arsene Wenger nearly tripled Arsenal’s record transfer fee last summer, by bringing in Mesut Özil from Real Madrid for £42.5 million. It looks likely that Arsenal will sign a lucrative kit sponsorship with Puma this summer. Depending on what sources you trust, this will add to the £70-150 million Arsene Wenger will be trusted to spend when the TW opens. Money like that will attract the top class of players this summer, and with many Gooners around the world clambering for a world class striker this summer, this is very promising news indeed. A world class striker would likely cost around £40-50 million pounds, but that still leaves us with plenty to spend on other positions that may need strengthening in the summer.

3. Top Quality Attracts Top Quality

On the subject of Özil’s transfer, let’s take a look at the players Arsenal will be boasting about next season: a refreshed Jack Wilshere, world class Mesut Özil, and lightning quick Theo Walcott, not to mention the stunning Aaron Ramsey, along with others. Top quality players, especially strikers, will jump at the chance to join an attacking lineup featuring those players over an aging Manchester United, struggling Tottenham, and an Everton squad that will look weak after its loan signings return to their parent clubs. Arsenal has been linked with many top quality players from top quality clubs, but Özil may now start a domino effect. Perhaps we go after a striker who desperately wants to play in front of a CAM of Özil’s quality. Then we go after a winger who wants to play with that striker. And then a defensive midfielder that wants to play through balls to that winger and so on.

4. Experience

In a recent interview with beIN Sports, Arsene Wenger confirmed he has given his word to the Arsenal hierarchy that he WILL sign a new contract with the club. His experience winning trophies in England, combined with experienced players such as Per Mertesacker, Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Flamini, and Lukas Podolski will be the opposite of the youthful sides Wenger has often been criticized for fielding in recent years. These experienced players, combined with the confidence of winning a trophy could lead to many titles sooner rather than later. Perhaps the addition of one to two more experienced players would give the club the world class youth combined with the steely experience needed to compete on all fronts.

5. The Deadwood Will Be Gone

Last summer Arsenal went through a major purge. Some players who never played were shifted out, including Squillaci, Chamakh, Arshavin, and more. This summer Bendtner’s contract will be expiring and he will be let go, Viviano will return to his parent club from loan, Djourou will be leaving to his now loan club permanently, and perhaps Diaby will be let go, along with countless of players out on loan that we will have to make decisions on. This will free up a lot of wages that we can use to add on to the wages of world class players looking for more money.

Let me know your thoughts on our current trajectory as a club. Thanks for reading! 😀

Written By: Dylan.

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199 Responses to Five Reasons Why Arsenal are On the Rise

  1. isaac says:

    One reason why Arsenal will be on a stand still. Wenger does not know how to park the bus.

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  3. well, although relising mesut ozil to barcelona is unfear because we need wolrd class players in arsenal that can make arsenal to win a trophy, a game without trophy is like an exam without certificate.

  4. NW says:

    I have that confidence but that should arrive earlier.

    One thing significant was the replacement of “youth” with experienced players. For a while Arsenal relied on up coming youth to fill the reserve. While the first team is promising, a lack of solid and calm reserve really hurt the team when injury and tight schedule kicks in.

    It happens this year too to a lesser extend and the New Ramsey (post-injury), Wilshere (post-injury), Ozil, Flamini (returning home) will all play their second season next year. Hopefully they will get things going evern further.

    Arsenal need a lone striker badly. Top RB is needed as Sagna wil leave. They also need a long term replacement of Arteta. These are the top issues.

    They might need to ship out Podolski for a winger. I like Podolski but he probably won’t like to sit on the bench. The fact shows he isn’t effective playing full game against bigger teams(he can be effective coming on as a sub though). If he agress to stay and play his current role, so be it or else they need another guy.

    Then a few new guys including the OX will join the rank making up a very good first and reserve team.

  5. proudgooner says:

    Sending my sympathy to you and your family

  6. omgarsenal says:

    We shouldn’t forget the talent we have out on loan. Campbell did very well at Olympiakos and desperately wants to play for Arsenal. Akpom and the rest of the top youth players are eager to get a go, plus Sanogo and Gnabry are now more mature and experienced. Our biggest hindrance is not the lack of a so-called ¨top-class¨ striker, as we haven’t relied on one since Henry, but rather our horrendous injury record each year. Once we overcome that, we will be top once again.

  7. VCC says:

    omgarsenal…….your right about our young players coming through, this will give us strength in depth.

    Our injury crisis every year has to be looked at,it is a big worry, but we still need 2-3 TQ players signed this summer to give the rest of the squad a lift. Imagine Wenger finding a TH14 and DB10…..our players would walk out of the tunnel feeling ten feet tall.

    Problem is, this would take a substantial outlay, and I fear Wenger will not have the nerve to loosen the purse strings.

    We will see this coming Summer.

  8. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, all the best mate. I’m very sorry to hear the sad news about your brother in law and wish you and your family all the best in this difficult time. Hope to be blogging again with you soon.

    Dylan, this is a wonderful article and one that has the promise that we’ve seen countless times after enduring tough years. I’ve tried to be a bit more realistic about expectations since last year was ALSO supposed to be our club “on the rise”.

    The bottom line is that Arsenal are not an attractive club to go to anymore. We don’t have the reputation to attract the world’s best in most cases and if we do, we are generally unwilling to outbid the other top clubs. Ozil and Santi seem to be an exceptions to this rule, so there is hope that we can potentially attract ONE top quality player this summer, which will hopefully be enough to push us over the top. Also, as history has shown, even when the transfer funds are available at AW’s disposal, he often does not spend the money. It remains to be seen what will happen this summer.

    We hear time and time again that the deadwood will be gone; however, we continuously add to that list of “deadwood” players and I’m no longer sure if that’s because of AW’s poor scouting or because he doesn’t give players enough opportunities to prove their worth. Just look at players like Gervinho and Vela that were once cast as deadwood now having very productive seasons elsewhere. At some point, the finger needs to be point at the manager (or maybe at the fact that he’s scouted players unfit to deal with the EPL, which is still his fault).

    There are no guarantees in cups. We cannot be counting our winnings before the game is even played. In a one-match game, anything can happen and we’ve often succumbed to pressure in these situations in the past so if we get down a goal early, we could easily lose.

  9. Thank you Dylan, I really enjoyed the post, but I think the post would have been better suited to after the season has finished !. As HH as said, we have not won anything yet, either the 4th place trophy or the FAC one, so # 1 is not worth commenting on, being as superstitious as I am !.
    # 2 & 3) I`ve no doubt whether we get CL or not, that there is a massive fund available….as to quote Gazidis……..”at least £70M every year “…..and we know he only spent £30M last season !, so there is a minimum of £100M and rumour was that we had £160M sitting in the bank before that !. Also and I don’t agree completely with HH on this about us not being able to attract SQ players anymore as we are a global name with a massive history !. Manshafter are not in CL, but do you think that will stop them getting some serious SQ players !. Our iconic brand speaks for it`s self, attracting players will only be a matter of fee and wages !.
    # 4&5) Not much to disagree with there, although I think Diaby will be given a chance if this and next seasons pre-season go well, by that I mean no injuries !.

    You have made it sound very uplifting, but the is one demon on the horizon you have failed to address or take into consideration……….injuries !. This is where we perennially lose out and can only be addressed by taking a serious look at the problem, which I understand is now going to happen, but imo only buying some serious SQ players to give us SQ depth will combat the problem !.

  10. Could this really happen ?…….and after having a statue erected !…….would Total be looking for a new name ?…… would you feel ?……….would a cock stuck on top of the ball in the statue be appropriate if it happened ?.

  11. proudgooner says:

    Evening Gooners,
    You know how Chelsea’s players seem to have magically recovered from injury.??
    Well i remember a Jose interview some time ago when he was talking about Chelseas when he was managing else where and i remember him saying if the player are injured the they call Dr.Needles to give them pain killing injections, just something i thought i would share with you.
    That is the extra mile they are willing to go to win.

  12. proudgooner says:

    Never . I don’t think DB10 would take it even if he was offered it.It would be a good job for him though to be fair a good warm up for the proper London team good lol

  13. Not that I`m watching, but looking at the Chav team tonight on BBC text, they have (not including the goalie) 6 defenders playing and Ramires as a DM !…..are they parking the bus at home ?.

  14. proudgooner says:

    They are Cockie yep, i am watching it, Madrid are all over them bit the bar easrly on.
    Should AFC have a dr. Needles, Wenger never would rush a player back, that is a differance

  15. proudgooner says:

    1 nil Chelsea Torres scores

  16. proudgooner says:

    game on chelsea 1- a, madrid 1

  17. proudgooner says:

    Chelseas getting a good hiding, 3-1 to Madrid. Chelsea getting punished for parking the bus and not attacking away from home

  18. proudgooner says:

    There a great team arn’t they Cockie, very impresive team, so quick and accurate.

  19. VCC says:

    Chelsea….Chelsea….Give us a wave…….Chelsea …give us a wave. LMFAO

  20. VCC says:

    Chelsea’s bus got well and truly crushed tonight.

  21. proudgooner says:

    lol totally VCC, that shut Jose up

  22. davydavy says:

    Good to see you looking to the positives Dylan! I believe you are right, we are on an upward spiral and on this season’s evidence we are genuine title contenders next season. Our young core of Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Theo, Gibbs, Szczesny and Oxlade-Chamberlain is developing very well and even without new signings we will come back stronger next season.

    Speaking of ‘deadwood’, which is a phrase I don’t like, if we look at players who have struggled with the club we had a big clear-out last summer and there’s not too many left. In fact I would only put Nik Bendtner in that category at the moment.

    Your five points are great – winning the FA Cup, having the money available, and having star players coming to the club will all have an effect in terms of attracting top players to join us. Mainly though it’s the money – look at how Man City attracted players such as Yaya Toure and Aguero, at a time when it would appear to be a much less attractive destination that it is now. We just have to be committed to spending it on the right quality of players, and be ready to move early in the window.

    I would add a sixth point to your list, which is that we should see a revitalisation in our coaching setup with the Dutch contingent coming in. If it works out we should see our top young players like Toral, Akpom, Bellerin, Zelalem, Crowley etc. accelerate to a level where they can challenge for a first team starting spot and contribute squad depth and in-game options to our campaigns next season.

    I’ve really enjoyed this season so far – we’ve sat at the top of the league for months, played some great football, and we have the FA Cup Final to look forward to. It’s a great time to be a Gooner!

  23. Nice article Dylan, a nice read and agree with virtually all of it. I still think we need someone with more sporting passion to drive transfer activity and ambition from within the boardroom, to fill the role previously performed by David Dein, but in general hopefully we can secure top 4 and the FA Cup, and then build on that this summer.

  24. Dylan says:

    Sorry I’ve not gotten a chance to respond yet guys! I will reply to everyone today after school!

  25. 17highburyterrace says:

    Quick one here, just to offer whatever I can to Total/Frank around the family tragedy. I’m so, so sorry…

  26. 17highburyterrace says:

    Dylan–Nice and optimistic post. Well done!

    I share your hopefulness, but sometimes I wonder if that’s just my predisposition. In every match the underdog always has a chance. Typically, over time, the deeper, more structural powers assert themselves, however…

    While I’m rather down on the way football is heading (towards the big money clubs wielding all the power and hoovering up all best players along with the trophies…) it is also nice that a couple of clubs around the fringes have risen to the challenge. In England that would be Liverpool and in Spain (and Europe) it would be Atletico. I fear that both clubs may just miss out on the spoils, but even if Pool lose the league (on goal difference) and Atletico lose the CL and La Liga titles (giving Real Madrid the triple…) it will still show that a tight group of players, led by a confident and clear-headed manager can get there…

    Arsenal under Wenger, IMO, have these ingredients and are not that far off. The biggest problem our club faces, I think, is an existential issue of support and commitment. The failings of the manager and his approach to the stadium move (a move which split the board of directors and led to the current board and ownership) have led to a public relations disaster. Nowadays, the press have their stories already written before the matches are played. When we win it’s not enough and when we lose it’s because of the manager and what he has wrought, summed up in the phrase, “not good enough.” Unfortunately many “supporters,” have given in to this narrative and only chime in with the requisite, “I told you so” statements when the team fails. As such, the manager IF he stays and the players who stay (plus the usual ins and outs) face a very divided and skeptical group of supporters. Keep winning and everything is OK, come up short and (unlike Liverpool) they are walking alone…

    Therefore, on the 5 points, I think it’s not all so rosy.

    #1) Winning the trophy is really just a day out to show that the team can do what it should and it will be tortured (by the press and those who’ve lost faith in the manager) into a “no-win” scenario. Dennis forbid if we lose, but also the players (and supporters) will be chastised for actually celebrating it if we DO win. Players who would improve the team won’t be attracted by an FA cup victory. Who joined Wigan because they won the cup a year ago, for example?…

    #2) The money to spend is really a whipping point as well. If we spend we’ve spent it wrong. This past year we spent 50 million Euros (which is a lot) but our season died around Ozil’s failures vs Bayern, if not around the more subtle failures of (freebies) Sanogo being unable to score (after Giroud did his scoring in the hotels and the tabloids…) or Flamini scoring for the other team (OG vs Swansea and sending off at So’ton…) People questioning Ozil in the first leg of the Bayern tie led to his being rested for Sunderland at home (no problem) but also Stoke away (3 pts lost). Afterwards, 2 minutes in at Munich, a 25 million Euro hamstring snapped… My point: No matter how much Wenger spends it will both be too little AND too much… The illusion that money is all you need and all solutions lie in the transfer market, IMO, is just that…

    #3, #4 and #5) Here we’re talking about the make-up of the squad and I agree. We have a very solid young core group and a good bunch of veterans–all of whom need competition for places and some of whom may need replacing, sooner than later. Another way to look at is we’ve got a pretty good squad but one which suffers from aging and injury so we need more bodies in–guys who can take their chances and keep the old and the injured off the pitch. Wenger and Arsenal DO offer chances for up and coming players as well as maybe some solid veterans, if not the insane (double) wages of places like the Manchester clubs or real chances in Europe (the true showcase) which the Spanish Giants or Chelsea or Bayern might… (Finally, regarding the “deadwood,” I don’t think the amount of money in saved wages is really that much. Bendy’s 52k/week adds up to “only” a bit less than 3 million pounds per year, for example…)

    So, I agree that people *should* be optimistic (or at least hopeful) about Wenger’s Arsenal but I also think that we’ve been divided into camps from which folks cannot be moved. It’s a sad state of affairs, IMO, and people will see things differently, with the dominant narrative being (mostly) negative. It really has little to do with what happens on the pitch and even the “black and white” of results or trophies will be interpreted according to the whim (or ego) of the observer. I’d like us all on the same page, being part of something bigger than ourselves, etc., but (as one blogger I respect has suggested…) maybe I cannot tell my chocolate from my sh*t or am otherwise a part of the problem…

    As always, this is just my take on the situation and what the hell do I know? Opinions are like arse-holes (or so I’ve been told)…Everybody has one… 😀

  27. proudgooner says:

    listen to this interview when Jose was managing Inter.

  28. The Cockie Monster says:

    Squatchteenho !.
    I would never call Liverpool a “fringe” team !…..they`ve been in 2 CL finals since we lost one !……and spent more money than we have !……and the main reason for this seasons Top 2 finish ( which will it be ?….I don’t think I actually said they would win it, I said they SHOULD win it ! ) is one, having a SQ striker and two, playing just once a week !. Had they been in the CL or Europa League, I doubt they would have challenged as hard in the EPL !. Of course, as you say, just an opinion !. 😀

  29. proudgooner says:

    Liverpool had a great chance and a couple of weeks ago i thought they would win it. City should have won it and i think they will now, never know though they could still be twists .
    It is clear where we are going wrong now in the EPL, just falling short in the big games. Even though i believe in every player we put out. We can get better and need just a few SQ signings, who knows if just 1 in the winter window would have made a difference, it could well have. We defo needed more goals
    But even if there was a player we wanted in the winter, they is always a chance the player or more likely the club does not want to sell him to us. (ex.Suarez) I wish we had of got him, i don’t think any amount LFC would sell to us.
    I can’t help but be impressed by Ath.Madrid list of striker signings over the last 10 years , they seem to always find SQ strikers, by the way they is rumours they want Giroud.!

  30. proudgooner says:

    Who is on your with list now Cockie?

  31. proudgooner says:

    wish even

  32. Hi PG 😀
    Simples ( If you had read my Total P comment ! ) Pace everywhere !.
    I rarely watch other teams, but I had to watch RM and BM the other night !.
    RM made me think of The Invincibles !….Power, Pace, Presence….quick counter attacking !.
    When you look at Bale and Ronaldo, what do you see ?………..I see 2 players we should have had !….firstly, we had contact with Ronaldo before Manshafter……there was even a shirt with his name on it !……. but Wenger wanted to pay a lot less ( I think it was two thirds less ! ) than the £12M Manshafter paid !. Secondly, Arsene sent Liam Brady to look at Walcott and Brady came back praising Bale !…..we could have had Theo and Bale !.
    If we had Ronaldo and Bale, this is what would happen !……….Imagine a tailor measuring your inside leg for new trousers……or a doctor examining your todger at the STD clinic……or you`re are standing in front of a dwarf on a packed tube train………what would be the common occurrence in these situations if you heard we had bought Ronaldo and Bale in the next TW for £200M ?…… would come in all their faces !. hahahaha
    Yet we could have had both for less than £20M !.
    Off to watch some Sky plussed stuff !

  33. AB says:

    Frank. I’ve just caught up. I’m so sorry about your news; your poor wife must be distraught. Since having children my whole perspective on death has changed; I never understood what the fear was about. Now, the thought of missing out on my kids growing up and leaving them to an uncertain future, simply terrifies me. I don’t know you at all beyond what you write on the Arsenal, but if this gives any fair sense of you as a man I feel sure that your nephew will not be left wanting a male role model as he grows up. Good luck to you mate, and my best wishes to your family.

  34. proudgooner says:

    How much was the dwarf?
    I did come across both stories about us missing out on Ronaldo and Bale.
    A dwarf in the underground , you jammy git ! lol

  35. proudgooner says:

    Just to cheer you up i thought we also could have had Ibrahimavic , he to is on our missed out on list. That would be an awesome front 3 .
    Not to worry my sources tell me Nicky B will be offered a 4 year extension 🙂

  36. 17highburyterrace says:

    I agree with everybody…AB re: Total’s family tragedy, Cockie re: Liverpool and PG about all the players we could’ve gotten…

    When shopping, some people look at value for money which means some really good deals go missing because, well because you never know…

    Also, given the direction the market is going is it OK to be a team which cannot hold onto its best players (as we have most certainly been….Spurs losing Bale was to be expected, but even the mighty ManU couldn’t hold onto C-Ron… Will Liverpool be able to hold onto Suarez?…

    Wages will rise and we’re in a good spot if we get a player of the year. In the end it may be a good thing that none of ours even made the top 11. Next year…(though, of course, we’ve still got matches to play)…

  37. proudgooner says:

    True, i agree with everything you said. I think we are very lucky and have a great manager. The players we have had or the 1’s Wenger has signed, we have been blessed with some amazing players. The only thing is and its a very painful thing. The fact we could not keep hold of them. I think you are right the wages played a very big part in that.
    I trust Wenger to sign great players , known or not.
    I just want Arsene to go on a mad spending spree this summer, he owes it to himself and us, the club.

  38. True PG !………..Bignoseabitch was at Arsenal, but got pissed off because he was asked to play a trial game !. So there you have it BK AKB`s……Wenger is responsible for us not having a front 3 of …….Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Bale !…….which would have been (and not arguably ) our best ever forward line and arguably one of the best ever in the world !.
    These players would have been signed by me !…….Why I`m not the manager of Arsenal is beyond me !. hahaha
    It`s time to pleasure myself…… looking in the mirror !…..hahaha, Night all !.

  39. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockie, Didn’t Pep G have a Front 3 of Messi, Villa and Ibra, but it didn’t quite work out, or something… My only fear in making you manager is what would happen if we actually lost a match. Would you be able to watch it or would you dart down the tunnel before FT? Or maybe instead of a puffy coat, the cockster sits in shorts and a Gilet on a giant pink sofa which can be ducked behind if we’re losing (poaching a member or three of the Arsenal Cheerleaderbanians as he goes?)… 🙂

    PG, spending on transfers is the “old” frontier, now with the roster limits, it’s about bringing in quality players (by hook or by crook, in the case of Barca…) and then keeping them happy with wages, playing time and winning (in that order)…. Rooney, who is “leading” his team to a 7th place finish, was rewarded (in mid-season) with a new contract in the 250-300k/week range. Another who got away, Yaya Toure, makes about that much across town…

    We can rant and rave as much as we like about “spending some money,” but when a guy like Nasri gets an offer of 180-200k/week and our top guy at the time (Arshavin) is making half that, it sends shock waves through the squad. Should we have given Nasri 40 million in salary (over 4 years) and Arsh another 20 in a contract extension? Now, it appears we’re gonna lose one of our best players (and a personal favorite, Sagna…) because a Turkish club is somehow coming up with 15 million (and other clubs might go even higher)… I’d love to keep him and “reward” him but that means bumping up all the other players. This IS how we will have to use our money as time goes by. Not very exciting and when it’s put into pounds/week it angers the people who foot the bill–the ticket (and TV…) buying supporters…

    Boring (boring) it is, winning this war of attrition, (and we need that FFP to kick in, which might be happening…) but that’s what it is. People might do well to remember that football itself, if you only scratch the surface and note that matches are sometimes not even won or lost–and sometimes by a score of nil-nil–is pretty boring too… Staying patient and playing the long game isn’t for everyone (see, for example, all the managers fired in England this season or even the talk that Pep G. should be done at Bayern after winning the Bundesliga in March…) Who knows, maybe they’ll re-orgainize and make that breakaway European Super League where all the owners make money and there’s “real” parity and profit sharing (for the owners and the players) and all that stuff, like we have over here…i.e., unfortunately, it (probably) only gets *more* boring from here…

    Brace yourself (or maybe just try and enjoy the football ahead, WBA at our stadium, Sunday, I think)…

  40. Wow 17HT, you are so boring and off base. I could very easily stay quiet, but probably it is best to speak up in the interests of this site long term. Get back some edge, some real sporting passion, some useful insights (instead of fish and chips paper), and cut the tedious self preening boy scout essays.

    Totes/Frank, I wish you all the best, and for your family in dealing with the loss.

    Wish you all the best, I’m out of here for now. Sorry, but sometimes it is better to speak up as opposed to remaining silent. Cheers, Iceman10.


    Hi Frank

    Just popped in to endorse every one else’s comments about your Brother in Law.

    Stay strong for your wife and family my Dutch friend.

  42. alcide says:

    And sometimes, it is better to remain silent,


    alcide, hahahaha, exactly my sentiments.

    Keep it going 17, top comments.

  44. VCC says:

    17ht…….I enjoy every one of your posts. Maybe don’t always agree, but hey , the world would be a boring place if we all agreed.

    Keep up the good work Buddy.

  45. jgc says:


    Hmm, … Dylan’s entitled to your optimism… But mayhaps you should have some perspective around the same frustrations, given your, like me, advancing experience … IMO, we are one to two improvements and one less injury away…

    For example, did Ozil fail vs BM as much as others didn’t step up? Did Pool win with a SQ striker or all out attack over defense, or fail against top teams a touch less than us?.Did we fail to score enuff or not have the last players to get the most out of more different formations, thus failing to maximize the impact potential of Pod??

    So, it goes, if it was easy it wasn’t worth having…

    Just my various diverse pence — jgc

  46. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hmmm, not sure how I offended anybody, except perhaps with my penchant to write a bit on the long winded side…Explain please, so I can do better… Most certainly I don’t want to step on anybody’s optimism–as I feel the same… Happy Friday, everybody…

  47. The Cockie Monster says:

    Evening Funt Bace Castards 😀

    Cheers Squatchteenho, I will make you my Protector of The Sofa Order, when I`m manager !. I`ve already started the …”Cockie In” movement ! and have also paid for a fly over the Emirates with a …..”Wenger Out …Cockie In ” banner for Sundays game !.
    Maybe I should do a news round up for the day !………OK !.
    To start…..Cornwall today was wet and moist…….it was also sunny, but I was doing my deliveries and the scantily clad women just cant get enough of me !.
    In other news ( which like you fcuktards also get on Arsenal newsnow )….5 rare monkeys were stolen from Blackpool Zoo !. Real Madrid where quick to give evidence and prove that they bought Gareth Bale and he is their property !.
    Twitter are trialling a mute button to silence those annoying tweeters…..pathetic !…….a mute button to silence women would be the greatest invention ever ….get your priorities right !…..I`m fed up with the surgically implanted zip I had put on my wife !….It`s too far to walk to the kitchen to zip the bitch up !.
    Also some Chinese boffins have revealed the best strategy for the game of…” Rock, Paper Scisssors” !. Now seeing this game is usually being used to determine who gets first go at something or to settle a dispute etc`… strategy is the best !…….whether they do a paper, a scissor or a rock, I just produce a base ball bat from behind my back and win comfortably !.
    My usual first port of call when I start the internet up is BBC`s football gossip column, straight away….Mansour City are going to pay £53M for Pogba….then blah blah blah Fabregas……then £20M for Fernando of Porto….then Blah blah blah Sagnas wages !…….this is a club along with PSG who are waiting to hear what their punishment will be from UEFA over their breaking of FFP rules… how the fcuk are they going to spend heavy in the Summer TW ?…..I`ll tell you how, because UEFA haven`t the balls to ban them from European competition ! ( I will bring up a link later, with Wenger saying they need to be stricter ! )….as I just said….no balls, because instead they have massive labia`s instead…..pussies !.
    What else ?……oh yeah…..I know one of Stretche`s hero`s other than Wenger is ….Liam Brady and to tell the truth it`s hard to make out Liam and Arsene`s faces in the photo`s on Strecthe`s bed side table due to the excessive spunk stains !..,…anyway, I shall put the link up, but basically Brady is saying we need some signing`s…at least 3 I think !, but I just wondered what would Stretch do if he was confronted on a rope bridge high above a deadly gorge by a naked Arsene at one end and a naked Liam at the other end. both walking towards Stretch in the middle and declaring their love for him !…..who would he choose to go to ?……or would it be so hard, that instead, he just tosses himself off !.

  48. Same story another link !. This where me and Arsene stand side by side together in a united front !…….although, I didn’t agree to him trying to molest my blue furry member !.

  49. Oh and the teams for this years Emirates Cup are ……..Valencia…..Benfica…..Monaco !.


    Cornwall, hahahaha.

    Brady was defeniatly my hero. As a Kid I used to drool and toss myself at his sublime skills.

    I told you that time about 15 years ago when i saw him at Winchmore Hill overground. I just stared at him and he looked at me and smiled. He started walking over to introduce himself but half way his expression changed, turned around and legged it. I was a bit shocked to be honest, but then realsied he must have looked at the groin and noticed my hugh Boner. hahahaha

  51. geoffchase says:

    CM and 17 et al,

    Glic, I think it’s one SQ around DM or defensive B2B of false CB, or whatever we will call it, and two VGQ, very good quality, at ST and a defender … But we will see.. Again it’s also about players wanting to come, and for every one who wishes to avoid less glamour Arsenal, there’s always an Ozil who likely left RM in part for exactly that change in reverse..

    17, text never conveys tone all that well, even with smileys. To me your post came off more towards the world has ended whether we win or not, than not… Remember, if you get that full of doom, you have to live behind Glics couch…. With Glic!! … Good luck to you!! 😛

    Jgc-damus thinks we have more reasons to be optimistic than not and have done better this year than the last three, regardless of position, in what is now a far harder and more competitive league top to bottom… Will write something after season on it perhaps ..

    Cheers — jgc

  52. Dylan says:

    Agh a day late but finally getting to responses!
    Isaac, parking the bus isn’t necessary for those who play beautiful football.
    Bawa Bashir O, Ozil will not go to Barcelona.
    NW, I don’t want to talk about transfers until the season is over. But as for the second season boys, I completely agree with you.
    OMGArsenal, can’t wait to see Campbell return. He’s a real talent.
    HH, I disagree. I think Arsenal is an extremely attractive club. And I think we will attract talent this summer and for relatively big money.

  53. Dylan says:

    Thanks TCM, I agree.
    Davydavy, I agree with your sixth point. Although I’ve used it in a few positivity posts in the past. Therefore I decided to leave it out of this one. 😉
    Thanks iceman! Wasn’t really a dedicated fan at the time of David Dein (too young), but from what I hear we may well need someone like him back.
    17, agreed, we’re not far off of a Liverpool or an Atheltico. As for your number one response, Wigan did get relegated so it’s not a great example. And for us it’d be more of a superstitious thing. Having a trophy in the stadium is attractive.

  54. Soooo….At the risk of being boring and off base (not to mention writing a preening boy scout essay, etc., etc…) I’m just wondering if anybody is around and maybe watching some of this 2nd to last Saturday football… (Spurs down 2 goals at half time at Upton Park…lol…) I’m keen to get back a little of my “sporting edge,” so if anybody can help me in that regard, I’d appreciate it…Iceman, my fellow California Gooner, I’m talking to you, of course. Instead of saving the site by telling me what an idiot I am (and running away…) why don’t you show me how it ought to be done…

    (Likewise, others whom I may have offended–PPP, for example?…should come back and contribute. Please tell me the error of my ways, or convince me of the wisdom of yours. It’s all just banter in the end, isn’t it, with potential to share fun and enjoyment around OUR team, right?…)

    JGC, Dylan (and anybody else who might care…) I AM optimistic about Arsenal moving forward, mostly because (IMO) nobody is truly stepping into the vacuum and asserting their superiority in English Football. We need to finish off this season in style and kick on from there, of course. I’d probably prefer Everton NOT helping us in the late match today, and it would be quite something if they could hand control of the title race back to the Red side of their town. After that, of course, we beat West Brom tomorrow to secure 4th, but then Palace beat Pool in South London to give the Sheiky side of Manchester ANOTHER reprieve. Someone’s got to win this PL title, but the more giving it away and backing into it, the better, I think…

    But who cares about other clubs and what they do? I think it’s a problem that our manager is always just a match away from a sacking (or at least supporters feeling he ought to step down…) but maybe that’s the nature of the game these days. People say Pep is done at Bayern and Moo will be trophy-free this season despite all the 19th Century football he’s tried to play. On the other hand he got his team furthest in Europe AND (unless Everton do the job for their arch-rivals) it will be HIS team which determines where the title goes…

    So, pressure on managers is part and parcel of being a team aiming for the top prizes. I guess the idea is that–at the top level–it’s all about buying the right players and motivating them to do the job. My question is whether or not that’s too much to ask? After all, WE may live with the belief that the transfer window is always open (and always the way forward…) but that doesn’t seem to jibe with reality. IMO, Arsene’s Arsenal are a good team with players who, if they can keep fit, seem to want to play for their manager. The potential is there but we’re gonna need some (serious) reinforcement at the defensive end–losing Sagna is like losing two players, after all, and it seems Vermaelen and Fabianski will be off as well…and then there are the DM issues, as well… Additionally, a little extra fire-power up front seems needed too. It all seems a bit much and Wenger is saying that doing business is even tougher in a World Cup Summer…Luckily (even if enrages much of the support…), Wenger lies… Still, I think we’re (much) better of with him in charge rather than switching horses in the middle of the river…

    But that’s just me (preening, I guess…) and merely repeating (clarifying…) my thoughts. Too much navel gazing I’m sure, but, since nobody else is writing today (which, I have to say, doesn’t seem so good for the “longterm interests of the site”…) there’s my two cents. Print it and wrap your greasy food in it, if you like…OR (maybe) make a contribution of your own… 👿
    Cheers, and thanks for reading…

  55. 17highburyterrace says:

    Would I appear to have more of a “sporting edge” or at least be less boring (or maybe get a response…) if I asked people what they think about the prospects of Arsenal buying a player or players–either Lars Bender or Julian Draxler or both–from Bayern Leverkusen? It seems to me that we’ve been tapping up these two for a long time now, and, if we stump up the funds and the player(s) want to come, they should be available. I only watched a bit of their matches as Real Madrid blew them out (much as they did another German team…) in the CL so I really don’t know much about the actual qualities of the players. (No Bundesliga on my telly package…) Have they shown enough to suggest that they might be long term replacements for the likes of Arteta or Poldolski? And, if so, what are these guys gonna cost us?…

    Is that better?… 😉

  56. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, how’s this…

    I think Giroud, with Sanogo as his back-up, is not the worst option against most of the English competition. Sure they need to score more goals (well, actually, Yaya simply needs to score A goal…) but the idea of a big guy up front, even if it is awfully retro, I think, has a lot of appeal in the run of the mill matches (against English competition) we believe we should win. Watching Andy Carroll beat up on Spurs suggests that physical presence is valuable in and of itself in a league which allows so much contact. Pace, I believe is more important (so hopefully Theo plus maybe an addition) can offer a plan B or something to freeze up the better teams.

    Maybe this is what AW had in mind when he brought in Adebayor and Bendtner, but, I gotta say, Giroud (limited as he is) has given more to the cause than either of those guys. Ballotelli, Benteke and Benzema are the 3 Bs I’ve always liked even if ALL of them are probably not even being considered by our manager for a variety of reasons. Pacy guys who can tuck in, help out in possession and get in behind defenses seem a lot more plentiful and, IF we try and buy at all in attack, that type would be my guess as to the sort of player we’re after. If they happen to be strong enough (in body and mind…) to do a little solo work up front, all the better… Does the Swiss-Croatian guy fit the bill? Draxler? Remy? Anybody under the radar or rotting on a (fancy, well padded…) bench?…

    Look at that, Chicharito and Nani get a start as ManU take on the little team that drew (should have won…) at City and won at Chelsea (Sunderland)…

  57. 17highburyterrace says:

    Is it me? Have I killed this site?

    There’s interesting footie being played given that NOBODY has been relegated with just 2 weekends to go…

    Nice finish from former Arsenal player, Seb Larsson… United nil – Sunderland 1 😆

  58. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, I guess it IS me…(Ice was right, it appears…)

    As such, I WILL feck off. Maybe I’ll try and kill Caray, Caray with their English re-caps of the Mexican Telenovelas. I only watch “Lo que la Vida me Robo” but I gotta start somewhere… I mean, puh-leeze, we just have to accept that it’s seven years later and Alejandro is in a coma (but gonna wake up) in Buenos Aires while Montserrat is gonna marry Jose Luis after he served the time Ale should’ve? And, the only guy who takes a video of blind Nadia playing the piano (to help pay for Ale’s hospital stay…) knows Pedro Medina (Nadia’s evil husband who blames Ale for the loss of his man-parts and from whom they were all trying to escape when their plane crashed).. Like I say, puh-leeze…

    L8TZ, Have Fun, etc.

    Also, Up the Arse, Go on you Gunners, etc., etc…

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    17, fantastic comments and please carry on being who you are. You are amongst my three favourite bloggers on BK and we need your contributions. 🙂

    Iceman, please come back buddy. Your sharp analyses are very much appreciated but just live and let live. 🙂

    Thanks for all the fine and warm comments guys, by email or as comments on the blog. Things are still tough, and they will continue to be so, but with a lot of love and togetherness we are getting somehow through it. Still a mountain to climb though, especially for my wife and her parents, and not to forget the little fellow.

    So we are guaranteed fourth and can relax now up until the cup final….. or should we keep going full force till the end? I know Cockie’s answer (play the Under-18s), but what do other fine fellow Gooners think?

  60. geoffchase says:


    Ain’t you, I was. Sleeping!!

    I myself don’t worry too much. I care a hell of a lot, but in an analogy I suspect you’ll understand, I’ve been a Raiders fan since I was 6, 44 years now, of at least 33 years of awesome, if not always trophy years (damn Steelers), but recently I’ve had to be patient.

    Thus, I am always in that optimist camp… And we have way more opportunity for optimism at Arsenal, where just like “duh Ray-duhs” I love the club and philosophy. However, the Raiders seem to have lost their way philosophically and with it their way to winning. IMO, it happened long ago with John Gruden as coach where despite his great success, the club acted like many others and got rid of him for small things. Against, AGAINST, it’s long held philosophy of holding their coaches right or wrong, among other things…

    10 years later we haven’t been over 0.500 since, and gotten more modern like the other teams.. IMO, being like everyone else when it hasn’t been your philosophy or way isn’t necessarily the cure, no matter how much it looks like it.

    There’s likely another moral to that story too.. And it ain’t necessarily in AW we trust…

    Cheers — jgc

  61. The Cockie Monster says:

    Keep hanging in there Totes !. If there is one wish in my life, it is not to out live my children !. I feel for you all, but especially the parents !. We all love our parents, but when my daughter had her first baby, I said to her…….” you will never understand how much I love you, until you have your own child ! “.

    Anyway, what`s all this Seventeenho being amongst your favourite three bloggers crapido !……I thought I was your favourite two bloggers and Glic was the other one !.
    You`re right about the U-18/21`s !. This is the thing, if we get any players injured and miss the final and then lose, there will be no beating about the bush, I will be calling Wenger all the cucking funts under the sun and demand his resignation for gross stupidity !. With our injury record, is it beyond Wengers comprehension that we could possibly lose any number of players ?.
    I know what people are going to say, but I am 100% against playing 1st teamers for dead rubbers, it`s just asking for trouble !. We keep saying about giving youngsters a chance, well it wont ever get any better than this opportunity !. The games/results do not matter to position or confidence as the team that plays the final would be completely different to any team made up using youngsters !.
    If not all the U18/21`s, then mix them up !…….What ever goalie is not going to play the final, Vermaelen, Jenk`s, Sanogo, Monreal, Kalstrom, Diaby, Bendtner and Wilshere for match fitness !….that’s possibly 9 players and some youth……don’t play any 1st choice players !.
    For once I am serious……I am the voice of reason and logic !… know it makes sense !.

    In Cockie We Trust !.

  62. Anyway, I don’t confirm likes or dislikes of other bloggers !…….I hate you all the same !. hahaha
    I can also understand why you all hate me !……….coming home and finding your wives/girlfriends pleasuring themselves over my avatar !…….it`s understandable !. hahaha

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Cocker, you are three greedy bastards! 🙂

  64. Tonight is going to be one of my favourite MOTD`s without Arsenal playing !……seeing Manshafter lose at home…..seeing us clinch a trophy watching Everton lose and best of all seeing the Spuds lose !.
    Will we get to do a lap of honour tomorrow with the 4th placed trophy ?.

  65. The Three Greedy Bastardildos !…..or is it Amigo`s ?……would make a good film and I can play all 3 parts !.
    Right some Sky + catching up !. Love a bit of Game of Thrones !…my favourite !. So I`m currently using some GoT cock puppets and re-enacting some of the scenes !. Tyrion Lannister is my favourite, plus I just get his normal clothes on my knob as he`s about the same size !. hahaha
    Game of Bones !.
    Happy 4th place day !.

  66. Good to hear from you, TA. Please keep hanging in there…It sounds like you’re doing about as well as could be expected…

    So, top 4 turned out to not be too much drama after all. The depth of the City squad was impressive today and Joe Hart actually played to the standard people expect from him. Interesting subs from Pellegrini bringing in defensive minded players while starting with a team leaning that direction to begin with…

    Moyes maybe wasn’t the problem so much at United or are Sunderland just that good? I guess Rooney proved his value with his absence?…

    In our 25 man squad we’ve still got 5 or 6 who are out injured or are simply done at the Club and don’t deserve a send-off(?) As such, we’ll be needing run outs for 1st 11 players no matter what. Does Fabianski play in one of these matches (maybe tomorrow for the farewell lap of honour?) while Szcz plays in the Cup final?…

    Anyhow, I only mention that to try and lure 007 back–I hope all is well with his family health situation, etc.

  67. geoffchase says:


    IMO, getting the basic training right, not the details but fitness and base, will prevent injuries. I am hopeful that the new Dutch coaches, while more with juniors will also be bringing that in. If, IF, there is a place AW is perhaps a touch dated, it is there in this era of more games and more intense games.

    What he does would work still in any other league as there are usually 2-3 dominant teams and the others are SO far off the pace it doesn’t matter. I.e. You can go easy and still win. This doesn’t work top to bottom in the EPL any more, witness Sunderland who beat many top teams and may also be relegated…

    That and perhaps 1-2 top players… To me, time will tell and that’s way more fun, or at least half of it.

    To draw back 007 I would add my thanks to him for his predictions including how Spurs would so consistently let me down in the UMF this year, allowing Everton a team I much prefer into the Europa places..

    Cheers — jgc

  68. Dylan says:

    Great feeling to be on the top European stage again. And Kos scoring the top 4 sealing goal 3 years running! (3rd goal against West Brom in a 3-2 two years ago, 1st and only goal in a 1-0 against Newcastle last year, and now the 1st goal in a 3-0 against Newcastle this year which was the last points we needed to seal it).

  69. VCC says:

    I’m with Cockie. We cannot risk any first team members for these last two games. Play a mixture of youngsters and fringe players.

    Happy fourth place day for yesterday.

  70. James Bond says:

    Iceman10 – one man’s boring is another’s voice of reason and 5 star poster.

    you don’t have to read everything what’s been posted by every blogger, you simply choose to “ignore” and move onto the next comment just like I do when most of the time , I have no idea what language the likes of Fozzie B (where art thou) and Glic’s are communicating in with each other 😀

    Dylan – nice one as usual and yes , it doesn’t feel so bad , yet, roll back to December and this may feel like injustice or like a robbery even, ha

    but as usual glass half full for me.

    17HT, JGC-Damus et el ; )

    no need to lure me back, I was always here just didn’t feel like posting comments due to a tragic loss of our skipper’s family member and a small matter of a bone marrow transplant .

    other than that life is good and football is the way to escape and release !

    did someone say we were going to be winning 7-0 today ? ? ? ? ?

    where is the Damus in JGC when we need him, ha

  71. James Bond says:

    Team News – Arsenal v West Brom (13:30 BST)
    Just the one change for Arsenal this afternoon, as Mathieu Flamini replaces Aaron Ramsey in midfield.

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski, Giroud

  72. Prince says:

    Im really sorry to read up on the tragic news and loss. From what i understand, your brother-in-law? Its always a shock, when learning that bad news has hit home, no matter what age or circumstance..
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your tribe, in these trying times… Head up, bud!

    Gday Bkrs, hope the rest of you ALL, are as well as can be..
    ‘Time’ or ‘lack of it’, is my enemy number uno, so blogging has had to take a back seat, although the Arsenal always rides shotgun in my life… wait….the Arsenal IS my life!!

    The other day, i was thinking back to some of the comments made by some gooners when they were creaming themselves over Hotspews 100mil shopping trolley. Thought it would funny to read back on, but truth is, i cant be arsed.
    Tell you what though, id be really pissed if we spunked 100mil in one go, (barring Errikson-for now) on absolute SHITE…

    Carry on…Be good y’all 🙂

  73. Prince says:

    Dylan, your a champion writer. Love your work mate..

    We got talent on BK !!

  74. James Bond says:

    hey hey hey @ Prince

    how you doing – long time no sea no ocean no river ; ) hope all is well and good to hear from you !

    no Ramsey in the starting 11 – me thinks, he’s being “rested” with the big one not so far off ?

  75. James Bond says:


    BENDER WHO ? 😀

  76. VCC says:

    Madness…….why are we playing so many first teamers???????

    Why not try out Bellerin…Gnabry……Akpom……Zelalem…….Hayden???????????

  77. James Bond says:

    maybe because it’s the last game of the season at home @ VCC

    and we want our fans and the players to have a jolly good time ?

    they can rest next week when we are away to Norwich.

  78. James Bond says:

    plus finishing 3rd is still a possibility in my opinion.

    so why the hell rest any one is what I ask and demand , ha

  79. AFC says:

    VCC, who knows. Why not play the likes of Zalalem, Gnabry, Akpom etc?

    Why not give Viviano a game? Probably the moat pointless signing of the season.

  80. AFC says:

    JB, 3rd is gone mate and I hope you have not wasted your tine placing a bet on us getting third as you will be disappointed.

    Just read rumours of Rio to Arsenal. That would be a good short term move. A veteran and a winner who is good on the ball and will be able to fill in whenever we need him to because of his experience.

  81. AFC says:

    And Jenks. He could do with a game.

  82. James Bond says:

    not KK @ AFC for you ?

    I thought the KK signing was rather erm, what’s going on 😯

    hi AFC !

    how you doing

    everyone keeps on banging on about how we didn’t win the title cause we didn’t beat any of the top 4 – I disagree

    we lost the title because we dropped 4 points to Everton, 2 to Swansea (Robbery that one ) and was it 3 to Stoke ?

    take me back to the start – that’s 9 points, add them on and you are looking at the champions.

  83. James Bond says:

    hold your horses @ AFC

    if Chelsea lose today then I reckon you won’t be saying that 😉

    RIO more likely to West Ham UTD as the sauce has reliably informed me, but we shall see.

  84. AFC says:

    Really JB. Can you see Rio going to West Ham? Surely he can aim higher?

    At least KK has actually played. I did say he would be of the quality of an average Prem midfielder so I can’t really say much.

    Can’t see Chelsea losing against Norwich although I could be wrong.

  85. AFC says:

    Only in theory JB. Top teams will always drop points against lower teams. That’s just the way football is. I think we did lose it against the top teams. Has any team who have won the Prem been as poor against the top teams like us? I would presume not.

  86. James Bond says:

    I never saw us lose against bradford, blackburn and so on – but this is football in england and not in any other country @ AFC.

    to be fair – KK has done well in the games he did get to play though.

  87. James Bond says:

    there was a female tennis player who was no.1 for a good season or maybe 2 years , she was sitting pretty at the top without winning a grand slam tournament , yet she was sat there at the top for so many weeks that she didn’t care since she was pretty bloody consistent at winning the other ATP’s or tours.

    the word there is “consistency and being flat track bullies” , ha

  88. AFC says:

    That is what I was trying to say JB. Källström has been solid when called upon so he hasn’t been totally pointless.

    My point is JB, if we had taken points off of the likes of City and Chelsea it would have been like taking six points as opposed to three by beating the lower teams.

  89. AFC says:

    Ahahahaha JB. Being top for most of the season means nothing if you are not top come the time the season ends.

  90. James Bond says:

    let’s put the inquest on hold for now,

    I am going for a 7-0 with one of Poldi or Giroud scoring their first ever hat-trick in Arsenal colours !

    where are the Aussies ?

    where is me amigo – the espresso is calling !

  91. AFC says:

    3-1 to Arsenal JB.

  92. James Bond says:

    so pleased to see Diaby back, all the best to him and ideally would love to see him on in the 2nd half for 20-30 minutes !

  93. James Bond says:

    yeah, you would have them score wouldn’t you @ AFC since it’s Sczny in goal, ha

  94. AFC says:

    JB, 😀

    It’s actually because Arteta and Flamini are the holders. 😀

  95. James Bond says:

    being politically correct is the way to go @ AFC – you have a very bright future ahead of you, ha

    this game is going to be an open game – me likes !

  96. James Bond says:


  97. AFC says:

    Giroud! loooooool

  98. AFC says:

    How many headers has Giroud scored this season?

  99. Giroud!!!

    Morning boys…

  100. James Bond says:

    not many @ AFC

    Afternoon @ 17HT

    how we doing !

  101. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey 007…

    Windy as hell here as day breaks…I’m supposed to be gearing up for a late season ski trip but I’m thinking about canceling… Maybe it’s because the timer on the espresso machine was mis-set this morning?…

    The team looks to be having a nice run out in the sun, however…

  102. AFC says:

    This match seems like an exhibition one.

  103. 17highburyterrace says:

    007, Sorry to hear about bone-marrow transplants and the like…

    Our guys are moving nicely out there…Santi looks good out here on the right…

    I’m quite glad we’ve got that Final to look forward to… Ooh that was a decent shot from distance with the guy both offside and knocking it over…

  104. James Bond says:

    cancelling might not be such a bad thing today !

    we need to score the 2nd goal and Santiago needs to be converting one of those chances !

  105. James Bond says:

    Giroud is rather selfish most of the time, isn’t he ?

    he easily have set up Poldi there instead chose to take an impossible shot on and Poldi gives him an earful with hands hands up in the air (rightfully so)

  106. James Bond says:

    from the Beeb and for Glic’s ; )

    Arsenal 1-0 West Brom
    I just saw a lady in the away end wearing a t-shirt which said ‘Keep Calm & Boing Boing.’

    That is surely not possible. If you are Boinging, you cannot be calm. Can you?

  107. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, e-mail sent cancelling the ski trip…Preferable to stay home w/family…

    Not a lot of boingage this half so far… Poldi’s had a few at his feet which might’ve been interesting…

  108. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha 007….I just the Keep Calm, Boing, Boing lady in the green t-shirt with the red cape.., down in one of the corners…

  109. James Bond says:

    yep yep ; )

    oh hello @ Loic remy in the crowd watching his next club play ? possibly

    would you like to see him at ARsenal @ 17HT

    oh no ozil

  110. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nacho off, TV5 on…Last game at the grove?…

    I’m not sure about, he seems to get in good positions but not create much on his own, which is something I think we could really use…In other words, if Theo is available, might he be somewhat duplicitous?…

    Ozil fouled outside the box…

  111. 17highburyterrace says:

    About Remy, I meant…FK at the near post on the weaker side from Messy…

    All 3 subs used? No Abou today, it seems…

  112. James Bond says:

    bitch twitchy time ? I think so…

  113. James Bond says:

    Theo and OX are the answer to most of our short comings for next season , agreed !

  114. James Bond says:

    what a timely slip there by Berhino 😀

  115. James Bond says:

    and there you have it, only lost 1 game at home all season – well done lads !

    hard earned victory !

  116. 17highburyterrace says:

    Full time… 1-nil…Not much of a match in the end…

    Time for the lap of appreciation…then I’m headed back to bed, I think…

  117. 17highburyterrace says:

    We also lost to Bayern and Dortmund at home, 007, but I guess you were talking about PL games…

  118. James Bond says:

    oh yeah, we did indeed, but both those games were highly entertaining whilst we had 11 vs 11 –

    you know what – this season hasn’t been as bad as it may seem but of course as always, we could do better and we should do better next season.

    back to bed on a sunday sounds perfecto – I might do the same

    as always – been a pleasure

    laters and good to see Prince back – now don’t you go all AWOL on us again !

  119. Fellow Jedi`s ……May the 4th be with you !.
    Imo, that game was a total unnecessary risk for our players !. I didn`t even bother to hide behind the Sofa as I knew it was a nothing game !….lets hope no injury concerns and Wenger has one more chance next week to use some common sense, we cannot catch the Chavs now unless they lose their last game and we win at least 17-0 !.
    So don’t be a ( and no disrespect to me or Fozzie ! ) fcuking muppet Wenger and chance injury prone players !.
    With my common sense and Spock logicalness, I`m flabbergasted I`m not in Wenger`s job !. hahaha

  120. AFC says:

    Right on Cockie! 🙂

  121. VCC says:

    Totally agree Cockie. Absolute madness risking injury to key players so close to the FAC. God forbid, where would we be if say Kos, Ozil, Mertesacker or Sagna gets injured.

    It,s not going to be easy against Hull. They will give it a right go.

    Many Gooners I speak to think it’s going to be a walk in the park on cup final day.

    Remember, Birmingham, Swindon, Luton, West Ham, to name but a few.

  122. Highbury Harmony says:

    It’s getting late here, but my flight just got in and I wanted to say that it’s nice to see that we were still able to get the result today despite not playing our best. Despite his gaffe in our own end and missing a clear cut scoring chance, you can see how essential Ozil is to our attack. He just knows how to unlock defences and we really missed that when he was out injured. I was re-watching some old Arsenal goals from earlier this season and I noticed that Jack was a part of all of the nicest ones – say what you will about the lad not perfectly fitting into our side alongside Rambo, but he also knows how to break down defences and takes a direct approach at defenders that we often lack.

    Also, I think someone asked earlier if there was ever a team to win the EPL without beating the top sides, and I don’t have the answer, but it’s interesting to note that had we not lost to Stoke and Everton recently, in addition to drawing with Soton and Swansea, we would have easily been top of the table. We’ve been one of the most consistent sides all year, when others have dropped decisions against clubs battling for relegation! It’s unfortunate that we haven’t been able to get the results against those top clubs in recent years, but there’ll be a day 😉

  123. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, last year, we often spoke about copying the blueprint of the Barcelona way in terms of playing philosophy and formation. Of course, recently this has not worked as well in their favour, but coaching instability and injuries have also played a huge role in their lack of success imo.

    Now that we finally have our own Xavi and Iniesta in Santi and Ozil, is it time to switch to a 4-1-2-3? Put Ozil and Santi both in the centre of the pitch together as CAMs, Theo out wide in the Pedro position and buy a CF opposed to a ST. A CF will give us that extra technical ability, pace, agility to interchange fluidly in the front three and allow us to play true tiki taka football. A scoring LW will probably be needed with more pace and technical ability than Poldi as well in this sort of a set up.

    It’s an interesting idea and I think if we really committed to playing the Barcelona way in England, it would drive teams nuts and be as potent as it was years ago when Barca first started playing every game in that manner. You can park the bus all you’d like against it, but if we have more pace and technical ability up front, it allows us to be more direct in attack and create more scoring opportunities. In the event that we need to diversify if the tiki taka style isn’t working, we’ll have Giroud that can come in as a plan B, which is something Barca has lacked all these years since Ibra left.

  124. VCC says:

    HH. 06:34……..Good comments.

    BUT, if we want to challenge for trophies next year Wenger HAS to put his hand in his pocket and buy at least TWO maybe THREE SQ players who have charisma, pace and a pair.

  125. The Cockie Monster says:

    Thanks Vic`s, for being totally flabbergasted that I haven`t got Wengers job !. 😆

  126. VCC says:

    Cockie…I think you and I should make a take over at the Emirates.

  127. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi guys,

    Really enjoyed reading the game and post-game comments. HH’s comments were especially refreshing and close to my thoughts.

    Keep up the good work and please write a post if you feel up to it.

    Keep rocking,


    Arsenal Fourth-Ever! 😉

  128. 17highburyterrace says:

    Up early and have to concur with HH–despite a ton of criticism leveled their way (around not carrying the team all by themselves…) I think we’ve got a pair of real gems in Santi and Ozil. Of course you need others around them who bring both pace and possession skills if you want to emulate the Barca idea. Messi, Pedro, Villa, Henry and Eto’o ALL brought these elements (as does Dani Alves as the most attacking FB in football…) and Busquets (while lacking pace) also moves the ball very quickly. When I was in Spain the criticism leveled at Pep surrounded his buys–Ibra, Alexis and Cesc–which, when you think about it, is pretty insane given the talent of those three…

    As such, I think the idea of bringing in footballers–who maybe know how to score a goal or two–is the way to go. HH, I would love to see a list of(similar to your list of strikers from the earlier post) if you’ve got the time and inclination… Our younger guys (Rambo, Jack and the Ox) are the starting group (to augment Santi and our Messy) but they all need to up their game and avoid injury–mostly by increasing the quotient of keep away. It’s always tougher in England, I think, but it can be done. Of course, I also see us needing to buy to shore up defensively and I think we’ve got issues within the support that are toxic, but I don’t want to bore anybody in repeating those…

    However, on that final note, I have to disagree with those who want to beat the manager with a stick about playing our guys in these final league matches ahead of the FA Cup. Yes, it would be bad if they got hurt and, yes, Hull Tigers (or Hull City or whatever they’re called) will give us a match, but our boys need to play together. Yesterday and Norwich next Sunday allow the first team a chance to work on their combos. Yesterday was pretty slow-paced (IMO) and we weren’t really able to continue executing well as the pitch tightened in the final third. My hope is that the boys are working hard to improve this in training so that we don’t have to rely on defense and set-pieces in the cup final as we did yesterday. My concern re: injury will increase substantially once the cup final is over and the boys join up with their national teams. That’s just me, of course, but I see the need to get both a result AND a performance in the cup final to propel us into the Summer and the new season…

    TA, keep hanging in there and thanks for popping in. Agreed that a new post would be welcome…

  129. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha…Looks like I’ve killed it again…I guess top 3 (amongst TA’s favorites) isn’t good enough…


  130. ” Kills the post when he want`s……kills the post when he want`s…..17highburyterrace……kills the post when he want`s ! “. 😆

  131. Listen 17″ Squatchmember !.
    I`m sure Arsenal players can manage a break from now to FAC Final day without losing their connections/combos with each other etc` !……much better to have a rest than to risk injury in a “nothing game” !.
    Maybe some one could bring up some facts about…… in how many individual games this season did a player incur or suffer an injury which kept them out for at least a game !. It`s probably less than I think it is, but it sure feels like one per game !. I suppose the easiest way to judge it, is by how many times did Arsenal play an unchanged team !.

  132. Hey Cockie… Thanks for chiming in… Let me try again (to kill it)…

    I’m sorry my furry friend, but I think we’d have to lose several of our best players to seriously hurt our “chances” in a 120 match against Hull City. Indeed, there are nerves to conquer and any opponent will have a strong spell against this Arsenal team. I’d be worried if we were shorn of, let’s say, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Koscielny, Walcott and Flamini (or maybe one of them was just getting back to fitness…) and then maybe we had to go with our 2nd choice keeper (in his final match) and our guy leading the line (Giroud) was overworked (at home, in the hotels and on the pitch) so that we played a guy who’s never scored a goal for us … Well, I still think we’d be in with a pretty good shout. That’s the team we put out at Wembley last time and, arguably, Wigan (a winning team, albeit a league down, the cup-holders and also a team which had beaten City at the Middle Etihad-Lands…) are/were the more stout challenge. Trying to play out a draw and hoping for pens isn’t ideal, but that’s what Moooo would doooo…

    Regardless, a few guys (Giroud, Ozil, Mert or Kos?) will get a rest (as Ox and Ramsey did yesterday)… To me it seems silly to put out a youth team (11 or 14 guys who won’t play at Wembley) and take a beating at the hands of (already relegated?) Norwich. No thanks, but that’s just me (and AW– and, I think, any real world manager)…

    My hunch is that arguing in this vein is a good one if you’re seeking an untestable idea and something with which to lambaste the manager… IF someone gets hurt at Norwich AND (or) we go down to Hull City (Hull Tigers, our opponents in the brown and orange or yellow or whatever it is…) people will want the manager’s head on a platter. Why not just demand it now?… My thinking is that if the manager is always just a loss away from a sacking he should be sacked now. If that’s something the “supporters” desire, then (temporary) support for our opponents seems logical–Or at least I think that’s what Mr. Spock might suggest… Is that where you’re at?

    Just asking, really, and hoping you’ll be watching the match (if not attending…) and enjoying (what I hope will be) a good day for the Arsenal.

  133. Good idea 17……lets sack him now and install me !……I will give jobs for the boys ( BK )….except Stretch……. as I know he will be a secret agent for Wenger and try to destabilize my regime from within and try to release Wenger from his exile in my Lesbanian dungeons by posing as a buxomous female in an operation code named ” The Trannie has landed ! “.

    No tickets for me !. My neighbour with the friend in the FA has not come up trumps !.
    There are tickets available on the internet for well over £400 !. I`m not going to pay that amount out of protest !. Wembley holds 90,000 and Arsenal and Hull are getting 50,000 of those, so there`s 40,000 tickets floating about for someone to rip off the supporters !.
    I hope they put Arsenal`s name first on the TV coverage, so that it`s abbreviated to …..Ars Hull !.
    The first Ars Hull final !.
    Now for some bench pressing and curls !.

  134. 17highburyterrace says:

    Too bad Cockster re: attending the match…It should be a lovely day out and will they actually get an Arse-Hull in every seat? My thought is that prices might go down on the day and a gorgeous fellow like yourself should be able to find a willing tout to offer their wares for just a bit less…As for tonight… Go get yourself all buffed, but what about the waxing? Let the freak fur fly, I would imagine the (more modern) lesbanians saying…

    I might have to get Super-Sasquatch-alicious myself with a combo run and mushroom hunt. So far it’s been a tough season (too dry) but there’s a chance of rain/snow for tomorrow so maybe the fungus will be amongus (as we like to say)… On that note, how often does one need to wash ones running shorts?…

    Too much information probably (so maybe we should take this off-line), but so it goes… Happy pumping…

  135. Typing in between sets is hard !……trying to be gentle with the keyboard after lifting the weights !.
    I really miss my running !. It`s a bit like the football saying, “play as long as you can !”……run as long as you can providing you are fit enough to do so !. My problem is scar tissue somewhere in my calf`s. I could be ok for a few weeks, then all of a sudden without warning it goes and takes months to heal and get back, so it`s listening to music on the computer while I torture myself on the treadmill !….although a fine work out, it is a lot less demanding on the calf`s !. Out of all the exercise I have done, there`s nothing like running free in the country side and running with a mate and talking football and life in general, would have loved to had a run with you in your neck of the woods….I bet you really work up a pace and sweat when being chased by some unknown entity ! hahaha…..don’t ever give it up 17 !.

  136. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockster…Not nearly as fast as I used to be, but I agree about the running…For me at least, it’s the best. Around here most of the aging hipster doods ski in the winter and mountain bike in the summer. I’m quite the bottom feeder when it comes to ski stuff but I find myself too envious of the guys on the lightweight, shock-absorbing stuff on their bikes which cost 2 or 3x as much as I’ve ever paid for a car… And then they just sit in their garages when they’re back in their first homes and/or off at their jobs…

    Alas, my run isn’t happening today (but I might do a short one later–my boy is starting to get into it and is training for his school fitness test…) Instead it’s little construction projects and checking in with a little footie…Palace with two quick (and late) goals and now Pool, who were trying to work on the goal diff. are sweating on the points!

    Obviously we’re gonna need to do better against our direct rivals but there’s something to be said for our work on our home pitch (just the one loss on opening day…) and against the lower table teams. A cause for confidence (perhaps) but one which needs to be ratified with the cup final. Plenty of work to do over the Summer, but maybe things aren’t *totally* grim (?)…

    3-3 in the 88th minute in Croyden… 😀

  137. 17highburyterrace says:

    Scousenfraude, anyone?…

  138. 17highburyterrace says:

    Kolo comforts Luis el (Llorador) Suarez inconsolable as he leaves the pitch, head inside of the wrong shirt…

    Rodgers out?


  139. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, I’ll see if I can write a post about it some time buddy (just for you 😉 ).

    In reference to your comments, we would certainly need more scorers, however we have the pieces in place. Theo is our Pedro, in that we don’t really count on him to be a part of the build up play, but you need that sort of player to complement your side that can get behind defences and finish in a different manner. Just adds more variety to the attack.

    Say what you will about Kos and Mert, but they’re a very stable CB pairing – it’s out at RB where I’m most concerned since Sagna is apparently leaving. If Gibbs could stay healthy, we’d have a decent rotation there with Nacho that I’d be happy with. However, we could use a 4th CB, and a new 3rd if Vermaelen leaves.

    We definitely need a CF and LW if we are to play true tiki tala football and a proper holding midfielder with skill comparable to Busquets. I don’t know if such a player exists right now unfortunately. In terms of LW, the possibilities are endless with Muniain, Greizmann, Reus, Draxler etc. all being more than capable of filing the role.

    It’s funny how little foresight most fans have. They often expect immediate and permanent impacts from signings and give little time for players to settle in. I am guilty of this myself, but have taken more of a back seat lately to see if more time is needed to get true results. Look at how Pep’s signings have contributed to Barca this year. Without Alexis, Barca would likely be 3rd since Messi and Neymar have been injured for lengths of time and despite fans ragging on Cesc, he still has 8 goals and 13 assists this season!

  140. Highbury Harmony says:

    CF is a bit trickier, as the best options are already at Real or Barca or the players who are naturals there are either unproven, injury prone or likely not for sale. Names that come to mind are obviously Messi, Bale, Ronaldo, Rooney (maybe Benzema) etc., then there’s Adem Ljajic, Stevan Jovetic, Rodrigo Moreno, Jese Rodriguez, Paco Alcacer, Giuseppe Rossi, Max Kruse, Marco Reus, Julian Draxler etc.

    Of the list, the most attainable would likely be Max Kruse, whom JM mentioned a while back in my article, and would be a great fit. Still unproven but we’ll need to take a calculated gamble at some point if we’re to move up, since we don’t have the bulging budget or reputation to attract the top 4 I mentioned earlier.

  141. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers TA. I think if we moved to a 4-1-2-3, then we would need a proper holding midfielder (as per our discussion a week ago). However, I’m not sure a next Sergio Busquets/Andrea Pirlo exists! Marco Verratti comes to mind, but his defensive awareness is not on the level of the aforementioned two. Blaise Matuidi and Lars Bender are two other potential options for the holding position that excel in tackle efficiency and also have good ranges for their passing. However, much like what Busquets is responsible for in Barca’s set-up, they would need to be more positionally disciplined since we lose a lot of defensive prowess in playing Ozil and Santi together as CAMs.

    However, it does beg the question of what to do with Ramsey and Jack though. In effect, they become our next Santi/Ozil at CAM and our players will have to endure some level of rotation unfortunately. This may be the best way to avoid injuries though.

  142. 17highburyterrace says:

    HH, thanks for the reply… I don’t want to get into your bizness with Total around the proper sort of bestiality a deep-lying mid should possess but I’m pretty sure Total is looking for someone with a LOT more physicality than a Pirlo (or Busquets or Arteta or Alonso or all the ones I really rate…I think we need our own “Dirty Brazilian–a Fernandinho, Ramires or (even) a Sandro. These guys are footballers first although plenty cynical. Anybody (off radar) who might fit the bill?…

    I thought TV5 had a nice cameo yesterday. That one ball that just stayed in (to Ozil) with some spin was a real highlight of the match… He’s been mooted as a DM (by some) and has done well as a LB Defenders are at such a premium (almost like strikers…) these days, so it’s hard to see him staying. One of the several clubs which can pay the crazy salaries will surely stump up…Still, losing him, Fabianski AND Sagna would seem a pretty big backward step.

    Obviously, I’m very cynical these days about people’s expectations that A) we should win everything and B) we should spend (spend, spend) if we don’t. Like you say, a longer term view is key. We also have to accept there ARE some occasional backward steps that take time to heal. With the loss of Cesc, Nasri, RvP and Song, Wenger essentially blew out the team in favor of a younger core, with a British slant (with, hopefully, more potential for loyalty)… If that core comes good (maybe) we will be competing at a much higher level. Trying to do so instantaneously through big purchases, however, means ratcheting up the salary scale for everybody. We are very lucky to have gotten Ozil and his rather modest salary and having a guy like Ramsey suddenly make an impact. Both got injured, of course, as did Theo and JW and the Ox. It’s nice to say we *should* have cover for these guys but it’s like saying Barca are just fine if they lose many of the names we’ve been discussing above…

    So, without a giant influx of cash it will be slow growth, but growth nonetheless. One might ask, “Why are we not sponsored by Wal-Mart (Stan’s family money) & Gazprom (Usamanov’s billions)?” but the answer is that our owners want to watch their portfolios increase rather than go the other direction. Blame AW all you want, but he serves at their pleasure…

    As such the various ideas the press have and will float (i.e., Rooney) seem uber-riduculous to me. Young, ball-playing wingers who might be converted to CF seems the way to more goals for less money. First things first. A speedy skillful RB (but one who can actually get up for a header, i.e., not Jenkinson) seems essential. After that, prayers for the health and performance of the central 3 in D (Szcz, Kos, BFG) while we try for some young guys (in the market) to spell them if need be.

    Overall, I think we’re on the same page (but you should correct me if I’m wrong)…except, of course, over the question of who should be the manager… 😉

  143. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, I have no issues with AW being our manager; I’m just not convinced he has what it takes to bring us to that next level anymore. Players love playing for him which is great since he often shows unwavering faith in his favourites. However, all these recurring injuries are his fault, whether it be the staff he hires, the training he gives them or poor scouting. Either way, as JB pointed out, all players can get injured and the EPL schedule is more gruelling than most.

    That raises an interesting question though, should the EPL re-evaluate their schedule? Why have two domestic cups? Instead of doing that, eliminate the COC which is useless imo and replace it with a winter break to allow players to heal. Look at how many key players were injured for the top clubs this season and how poor results have been in European competition for the EPL. Chelsea was the only club to make it to the semis of the CL and Europa…pretty sad.

    A Fernandinho or Paulinho would be great, not sure about Sandro though. It’s rumoured that Paulinho wants to leave and I think he’d be a quality CDM. However, not sure he has the range of passing we’d be looking for but he certainly is the physical presence that we could be lacking. Ramires has been too undisciplined positionally this season to be in consideration – ask any Chavs fan and they’ll tell you that he’s been playing more like a CAM this season and has been below par. There are no other Sergio Busquets, he might just be one of the most irreplaceable players in the world right now! Javi Martinez may be the closest thing, minus the passing range but of course he’s at Bayern and out of our reach.

    I’m happy to buy a CF and see if it will allow us to play proper tiki taka football – I mentioned plenty of names that could fulfill the role (Kruse could be the most realistic). The ability to drop back deep to help in the build up play and rejoin the attack is essential, otherwise you are attacking with too few numbers and engage in the sideways passing/long balls to OG that we frequently see to allow the rest of our players to catch up. By then, defences can just crowd the middle and we lose our momentum going forward. Even Barca on their day can struggle to get around teams when at a standstill – it’s absolutely crucial to play tiki taka forward and directly as it causes defences to panic and scramble and that is when it is executed at its finest.

  144. Highbury Harmony says:

    There are a lot of up and coming German CDMs, but I’m not sure if any of the passing range we would like to see. Ginter, Rode and of course Lars Bender are three names of interest, but it’s difficult to lure Germans away from their homeland these days. AW could easily develop that range of passing as they are all talented, but for now they are better tacklers, runners and shorter passers.

  145. Highbury Harmony says:

    any have*

  146. Highbury Harmony says:

    There is nothing wrong with incremental improvements. I have no doubt in my mind that we will not win the title next year, mainly because I don’t expect Manure, City and Chelsea to be as poor as they were this year. I expect Liverpool to regress if they lose Suarez and the aforementioned clubs will have more stability in management after the carousel last summer. The league will only get tougher and unfortunately it looks like it’ll be a little longer until a club other than the big 3 will win the title.

    Of the remaining clubs, we have the best shot, but we need to capitalize on a down year like the opportunity we had this year. Failing that, we would need to have a special season like Atletico have had where almost everyone is healthy and playing above their weight consistently. We have the talent, just need that natural chemistry and familiarity to help push us through. If we can win the FA Cup, it should install a better winning mentality and hopefully allow us to grab points off the top clubs in the future.

  147. Highbury Harmony says:

    instil* damn autocorrect

  148. One for Oh Oh Sevennnnn !.
    If Szczesny plays and keeps a clean sheet at Norfuck Norwich, he will win the EPL Golden Glove award ! ( he`s tied with Cech at the moment, but Cech is injured ! ).
    I see Jeremy Clarkson is getting divorced !. His wife has been sleeping around with one of Clarkson`s mates !………some say that it was Richard Hammond !……….some say it was James May !………..but we know it to be …..The Stig !. ( A little bit of Satire there !….not sure if it translates to anyone other than British viewers though !. hahaha )
    Also, you would think that the amount of time I spend around shagging Arsenal`s WAG`s, that the players would be able to put on a fine performance…….no !.
    Not seen anything this shocking since Transplant went up the aisle to greet his to be wife in beautiful white wedding dress with a trail of red rose`s behind, lift up the veil only to reveal an inebriated Steve Archibald !.

  149. Not sure how sincere these Spuds are !.

  150. jgc says:

    All and Sundry

    Rooting for Sunderland tomorrow to win over the safe WBA, and put Norwich out of their misery. A draw will to if I’ve done the math right as Sunderland have the advantage in goal difference… That’d take pressure off Norwich to try to win this weekend.

    That’s all that matters unless you’ve got money on Pool… I find cash City more palatable myself than Pool, but that’s just me..

    Cheers — jgc

  151. Hey Professor… Agreed about the Sunderland great escape being a good thing which should be consolidated today with the home win today which puts Norwich down…

    I think City will be able to limp in for the title, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they take a draw in one of their final two and do it on goal difference. As such, ALL the top teams should take some solace in the season. Chelsea more or less controlled the destiny of the title (by beating both City and Pool away from home, even if they coughed it up at home, during the Sunderland “miracle”…) Arsenal played the best against the bottom dozen teams but obviously need to do better against the top clubs. Pool were by far the best story even if they came up short… Even United can find solace, maybe, in believing they can’t do worse than they did this season. There are still celebrations to act out (City with the title, us with the FA cup, we hope, fingers crossed, touch wood, etc.) but even those *shouldn’t* be celebrated because full dominance was not established…

    Is that too negative?…

    HH says we’ve missed our opportunity this season, and I agree, somewhat… Another way to look at it is that our core group of guys (many of whom were injured during critical stretches of the season) MUST be developing a certain level of hunger from the missed chance. IF that group can develop together AND we get the correct replacements/upgrades elsewhere, I think, we might have a little something for the season(s) ahead, with a combo of quality and togetherness that the other clubs might not match. Yes, they are more likely to bring in the marquee names at the big prices but they still have to put it together as a unified group. (As do we, with some actual wins against the money clubs…) IMO, Pool did best at this but they will suffer from having come up short and with the extra matches next season…

    Staying clear eyed (not overly grim like my furry friend…) but also hopeful (but not irrationally upbeat when the evidence against is too damning…) is what I like to do, but that’s just me. I’d say that people who can’t see how we’re improving or the inherent goodness in the stability, wisdom AND flexibility of the current manager (and his group of players) are spoilt (if not just plain wrong)… but that would seem heavy-handed… 😀

    Happy Wednesday. Back at match-time if anybody wants a little footie chat at that time…

  152. James Bond says:

    that will really be something ehh @ Glics

    a keeper who hardly ever performs against the “big boys” or big clubs, concedes 20 goals in 4 games which happen to be the biggest of our season ends up as the favourite to land the award of “safe hands and clean sheets”.

    lost for words really – if most of us criticize Giroud for being a flat track bully then why must we take it easy on Sczny ? someone who’s both been and played for Arsenal for more ?

    he may win the award but for me he’s not a big match keeper with a big match mentality and will continue to cost us in bigger game – I can sleep so much better knowing that Fabianski will most likely be starting in goal vs Hull or else the ghosts of Birminagham would not only have been stirring but ejaculating at full throttle !


    come on man city and and a draw for both sunderland vs WBA .

  153. James Bond says:

    great mini discussion up there, well done lads !

    hope TA is recovering well along with his in laws and family… time is a great healer and a close knit family is a blessing !

    fortunately, the bk family isn’t half bad either 🙂

  154. 007, This won’t be a surprise, but I think your dismissal of our #1 is a little harsh…

    These big defeats are bad (really bad) but they’re only 3 points each and as much a symptom of suicidal tactics and poor team defending. IMO we’ve only got one truly class defender (Koscielny) in the middle of the pitch. Playing Arteta (as we must) dictates the tactics somewhat and once we get behind the only option is the double down… If we look at the 20 goals, how many can we lay directly at the feet of the keeper? On the other hand, if we look at the 20 clean sheets, they too were a collective effort, though I’m sure Szcz made a couple of saves or commanded his area at set pieces to help demoralize the (scoreless) opponents on those days…

    Sunderland already up a goal and City knocking at the door 25 mins in…

    One thing which gives me hope (but also concern) is my sense that we have a good, tight squad with most of the guys fighting hard for the manager. In many ways, IF the group (including AW…) got into the “collective belief” that they could beat the better teams, I think we’d have a chance to get over the (big, mental…) hump and claim some scalps. This team that’s gonna win the league has some good players but a lot of ours would fit right in. Are Santi and Ozil not at least as good a pair as David Silva and Nasri? Aren’t 2 or 3 of our English guys at least as good as Milner? I might even take Giroud over Dzeko or Szczesny over Hart. Obviously it’s a different level of size and power with guys like Yaya Toure and Javi Garcia (not to mention Kolorav and Kompany and even DiMichelis) out there AND they’ve got guys like el Kun and Fernandinho and Jovetic on the bench. Still, I think, all fit, and playing our own (different) game, we’re not that far off… After all, we won our matches against Sunderland rather easily, didn’t we… 🙂

    So, any talk with the sauce about off season moves? Probably not, it sounds like Jane’s health remains the focus (as it should)…

  155. Dylan says:

    Fantastic video:

  156. James Bond says:

    you’re missing the focal point there me Amigo – it’s not just 3 points though now, is it ?

    Capital one cup – 2011

    Champions league 2013

    champions league 2014

    PL 2014 – possibly.

    we can blame all the tactics in the world for this but fact remains, backed up by his big match performances – he’s not mentally right for the big games and AW should use him only in the EPL and let Fabianski be our no.1 for all the cups including CL , until he mentally grows up .

    maybe I am harsh but it is what it is –

    if you want to make a comparison of both him and Fabianski based on big game play – then we played liverpool and lost 5-1

    we played liverpool again a few weeks later, different goalie and we ended up winning 2-0, and on another day (with sczny) it could have easily been 2-5 to liverpool.

    you can watch both the games again if you want to compare both the performances and shots on goals.

    anyone who says that he is one for the future ? yeah, I have been listening to that ever since he cost us that 2011 final and we are nearing 2015 now.

    no transfer talk yet as I hardly have any time these days for reasons well known , unfortunately.

    speaking of taking one over the other- how about taking Javi Martinez over Fellaini ? 😯

    how are things with you ? still snowing in your part of the woods ?

  157. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nice vid Dylan, funny dig at Rooney there at the end, too…

    Yeah, it snowed yesterday but the skiing now is all driving and a bit of hiking…and the ground is dry to the point that the mushrooms aren’t happening…which leaves all the house projects I try to put off in the Spring…

    Indeed I saw a bit of that United game and it’s all about trot outs for their teenagers and honors (honours) for the old men…Nice Giggs pass to RvP, who was able to score after his blocked shot fell back nicely to him… Felliani wasn’t so lucky, his blocked shot, falling to the kid to knock in…

    I still think you’re too harsh on Sir Chez esp. re the Liverpool matches (Sz won his home match vs Pool 2-nil…) Fabianski sticks to his line too much for my taste and I really don’t think we could’ve kept the (staggering) quantity of clean sheets we did with him in goal. So, we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this one, I fear… Personally, I’d like to see us keep both of the PiGs, Fabianski is only an injury (or a Weng-jury) away from being our #1…

    Nasri wide right at the end of the half, so they remain ahead only on GD (lol)… Sunderland up 2-nil…

  158. James Bond says:

    the home game we won against them – it was still early days for liverpool and their greedy striker sturridge and so on .

    you are choosing Hart over Sczny but you are forgetting, Hart was dropped for plenty of games by his manager and another keeper was selected on merit – something which AW only does when it’s either too little too late or we are chasing the top 4 trophy.

    no worries, let’s agree to disagree until you Sczny let’s you down for another season, ha

    yes, in Wenger and Sczny I have come to trust – Always

    no thoughts of getting another pup to fill the void Luna left ? which reminds me, where is Gerry these days

    nice video @ Dylan and also that Video Glic’s posted was a good one

    where art though Fozzie with a B ? ? ?

  159. 17highburyterrace says:

    Well, City have run up the score… Talk about your flat-track bullies… Haha…

    Wenger dropped Szcz last season too, but the competition wasn’t so strong in those final matches when Fabianski was the #1–until he got hurt (again) or didn’t (Weng-jury?)…Yes, Fabianski is better than Pantilimon–who couldn’t get his team past Wigan as cup keeper, so, let’s try to keep him if we can…

    I wrote the match report for our 2-1 win over Pool in the Cup (check it out if you like…) and Fabianski made a very Szcz move late on, which, if Sturridge had chosen to go down, would’ve been a pen and a red card, esp. after Webb had waived off the (2nd) pen shout from Suarez after the Ox clattered him. I don’t think (even) the buffed and waxed (headed) policeman could’ve looked past that one, but Sturridge (to his credit) didn’t force the call…

    Sunderland complete the great escape, so good on them. With the leaders only giving the title back and forth (and failing to truly convince, glossy scorelines like tonight’s, notwithstanding…) winning against the bottom teams will be even more important next season, IMO… Norwich now is a dead rubber unless they beat us by 18 goals… or is it 19?

  160. James Bond says:

    what if it’s the other way around and we beat norwich by 18 or 19 goals and chelsea lose ?

    now there’s a thought indeed, ha

    it’s such a shame that Glic’s had to endure that leg injury or else we could have played him on the wing and he would have ran them ragged !

  161. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, I thought for sure I could lure at least one of our top 3 posters (Glic, Fozzie, or Cockie) by using the term “dead rubber.” Surely the leader of Lesbania won’t stand for a dead rubber or anything else lacking that bit of stoutness…

    I was hoping Villa could hold out tonight, but alas it wasn’t to be…

    As “great” as City “are,” I’ll never forget just how poor they were when I saw them lose (at Charlton) in 2006. I must say I admired the few tough young Citizens who sang their songs as they walked through the locals (and past all the addick shops –fish and chips, haddock, no?–pleased with their 1-nil, on the way to the train…

    Anyhow, this thread seems just about killed. HH? (Anyone else? 007?) I bet TA would at least publish something new if you sent it in…

  162. geoffchase says:

    17 and 007

    Well, I for one preferred City to Pool. Equally, the Sunderland strands Norwich, who may be down this weekend. A win for us and draw for City is my hope..that’d still likely mean fourth barring JBs scoring feat over Norwich, but only 5 off a title, which is way closer than usual.

    As for beating top teams well we beat Pool twice? And others, which is part of the reason Everton and Spurs are stii behind us. It’s the City/Chelsea hoodoo to beat IMO …

    Cheers — jgc

  163. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi guys,

    My brother in law’s funeral is tomorrow and then on Saturday we celebrate his life. I hope to be back to blogging soon after that. 🙂

  164. TotalArsenal says:

    Btw, thanks for the vids, they made me smile. 🙂

  165. James Bond says:

    yes, I wanted Man city to win as well @ JGC

    but does it really matter whether we lost the title by 1 point, 7 or 10 ? fact of the matter is we haven’t won it, so AW’s excuse of being only 7 points short or 700 in terms of progress is neither here nor there really – it doesn’t make it any easier for all of us to swallow – we barely managed to finish 4th last season and we scrapped through to 4th again this season.

    let’s leave the sugar coating out of it @ AW !

    an emotional and tough couple of days for you @ Skipper – thoughts with you in these testing and emotional times.

  166. Evening Hairy Minge Faces 😆

    I`ve been to the hospital today for the wife`s biopsy, the first time I`ve visited her in hospital since Monster Jnr was born !……..I shall never forget that day !……the wife was in labour and I was sitting next to her holding her hand, when she started to moan and groan whilst squeezing the life out of my hand !…..this had the bizarre pleasurable effect of giving me a boner for some unknown reason !. She still moans about it today…….albeit without the groans and hand squeezing !. hahaha
    Whilst waiting ( and still wearing my white van man white delivery coat ) I was reading ….The Sun !. Two marvellous pieces of journalism caught my eye….1st…the revelations by Abu Hamza that he was working for M15 and that he was also managing a London Strip Club !. I can believe the Strip Club as this is probably the reason he lost an eye !..,..the man has one arm with a hook on the end and after painfully knocking one out with the aid of some WD40 whilst watching the strippers, he ejaculated into one of his eyes and in the throws of passion forgot about his hook whilst rubbing his eye !.
    Now this bastard no way worked for M15, I mean he`s not exactly James Bond is he !…… The names Hamza…..Abu Hamza….00? . More likely MFI !……..that’s why they went bust !….imagine that cnut trying to put together an MFI wardrobe !.
    The 2nd article was refreshing !. A chap had done some extensive research into the average size of……Men`s Hampton`s !…..basically, around the world, the average size is 5 and a half inches long !….going from the average Korean of 3.7 inches to the average African of 7.1 inches long !. I did like it that the average Englishman was bigger down under than their Aussie counterparts !. Anyway, with my new found confidence of knowing I`m bigger than the average man on this planet, I went patrolling the corridors of Derriford Hospital, where I a came across an empty broom cupboard and decided to put a notice on the cupboard door that it was the temporary office of Dr Juan Hyedmonstuur, specialist in Female Non nil by mouth consultancy !. Luckily enough my first patient was a Korean woman !……….knock knock…..” Come in ! “……… is very dark in here doctor………..” yes , that will be NHS cutbacks !, just take your clothes off and open your mouth !”……………at first I thought the creaminess of your probe was strange and thought you might have stuck your cock in my mouth, but it`s to massive to be a cock !……………” ok, everything`s fine and on your way out can you inform the queue …….. Korean women only today ! “.
    In other news……I`m going to be fcuking rich beyond my wildest dreams !!!…… know how much I hate the castrated bastards running FFP !…….especially PSG and piss taking of FFP by being sponsored by The Qatar Tourist Authority to the tune of £165M per year !…….well, as you all know, I am a Genius….lets not beat about the bush….I`m handsome as fcuk and since reading The Sun today……am blessed with a more than average chopper, but it`s my Genius that has come up with………….listen, first lets paint the picture….Qatar Tourism !…..what`s to see ?…..3 thing`s fcuking sand !….fcuking sand and more fcuking sand !. So I have bought and stock piled all the sand paper on Earth….fcuk you B&Q and Wickes !……..I have cut every piece of sand paper into 4 sections and have won the contract to supply The Qatar Tourist Authority with billions of Qatar Holiday Picture Postcards !!!. Genius !!!.
    Did you hear about Helena Costa ?…..she`s going to be the first women professional manager of a mans football team !………..she should be OK, as long as she doesn`t try and reverse park the teams coach !.

  167. geoffchase says:

    JB and CM,

    IMO, the difference show that we are a) getting closer; and supports the notion of getting more pieces to the puzzle; and b) are more competitive..

    Ie. it indicates a right track. Being second or third this year but 15+ points back would have been worse for me. Place is better but ability to keep up is worse. We beat Liverpool 2 of 3 meetings this year in all formats. Saying one doesnt count because it was later FA cup doesnt matter. And City’s variable form may yet let them into the title.

    Do we need to do better against City and Chelsea, yes.. but else… not too disappointed really.

    IMO, where I also dont get upset and figure your logic holds better is on scorelines. No one likes a blowout, especially me, **but** when you win a single game you get 3 points. No matter the goal difference. So, it’s nice to win comfortably and if you have to lose, to lose close, but you get teh same points (or not) either way.

    However, at seasons end, the aggregation, regardless of who they came against, tells a different story of a whole season with all ups and downs that we all have.. In there, IMO again, I see improvement by being closer. Doesnt matter how that closer came about. City fans will say they should have won by miles by not losing to botom of table teams while beating more worthy opponents like us silly (at least once). But that too is misplaced, as it doesnt matter, you win or lose games and the total matters, not how you got there.

    Much like goals, you get a goal if the ball crosses the line (legally). Not by how beautifully it got there…

    cheers — jgc

  168. geoffchase says:

    That all said,

    like the rest of you I too would like 2-3 games / moments back.. But, to be fair, so would City and Chelsea and Pool fans.. that’s what makes a season.. the moments, … good and (the other)…

    cheers — jgc

  169. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, how silly of me – I forgot about Carlos Vela as an option for CF! He’d be the most cost-effective option and I think he would do an outstanding job at Arsenal. He wasn’t ready when he previously came here and his technique, pace, vision and scoring has been very impressive in La Liga for Real Sociedad. AW’s shrewd inclusion of a 4 million exclusive release clause is just another reason why he was re-signed as manager.

    Imo, he has been a huge reason as to why Greizmann has enjoyed such a productive campaign this year. Vela makes those around him better and it would be scary to see the pace of both Theo and Vela up front. Vela has sort of turned into a poor man’s Messi and has matured since he was last at the Emirates.

  170. VCC says:

    TCM…..classic……….genius in all BK’ers eyes.

  171. 17highburyterrace says:

    Friday morning…Rainy here, and the last one of the season…And what a season it’s been…For me, with y’all here, it’s been my most “engaged” season as a Gooner. There was a lot of promise and a lot of disappointment. Personally, I think the club is making (undeniable) progress but it does feel as if an opportunity was missed. But we can get into that later… Cockie, that IS classic stuff and good to know that you can find entertainment *anywhere* even if it inevitably leads back into your pants. You don’t need a ruler to prove that you measure up. Of course, mostly, I hope the biopsy went well…

    On that note, I’d like to send out great sympathy to Total and his family as they try to both appreciate and (as we must…) move forward…

    Keeping that dual perspective is never easy (uh oh, here comes the boy scout essay, fish and chips paper, or at least the navel gazing)…even if all we’re talking about is a football season. For Arsenal supporters, I think, the big (existential) issue is that we’re as far as ever from the total dominance we believe we enjoyed with the unbeaten season–a decade ago now–even if we’re in the mix at the top–kind of. I agree that it’s easy to forget just how close things are when you win as the trophy (or have the pleasure of the victory–for example the three wins this season vs Spurs…) and that results, in the end, become set in concrete. That said, they’re sometimes based on the tiniest and most unfair little things and (this season…) if we just could’ve turned some of those draws into wins this match in Norwich might have a whole lot more importance…

    None of the English teams created anything close to dominance this season so (IMO) they should all celebrate what they have and keep looking forward. The teams which finish above us will have those home victories over us to savor–and Arsenal will have to rectify those days of being on the bottom of “dominant” scorelines. Still, City, Pool and Chavs must ALL note their failures (against each other and the lesser clubs) and how they passed the title back and forth like tired parents passing a crying baby… (maybe due to teething issues? i.e, kinda like a miniature Luis Suarez…)

    Come August it all starts again and we’ll be on top (alphabetically) and hopefully feeling upbeat (if not truly confident) with our core group and a few replacements and additions. Of course, nobody will give us a chance at next year’s title, either…Ah well, I still think we’ll be in with a chance and it will (again) be a worthwhile journey. Many will rue that we don’t have the other teams “already beaten” (with a clearly superior roster) on opening day or “in the tunnel,” as we might have 10 years ago. Things have changed (and they’re not ALL things you can lay on the manager, I believe…) but again it will be “all to play for,” (as the saying goes)… which is enough for me…

  172. 17highburyterrace says:

    HH, re: Carlos Vela… Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to get Vela back at Arsenal. And if we got both guys from Sociedad (i.e., Greizmann too) I think we would be “all set,” in attack at least…

    The Mexican connection would be huge. Mexico is the biggest of all the Spanish speaking countries so having a Mexican player (back again) would be huge for the Arsenal brand. Also, US football (soccer) watchers (like you and I) tend to “know” the Mexican scene a bit or at least understand the importance of it…Having Vela on the team is almost like having a US player…

    Of the golden generation of Mexican players (who won the U-17 world cup) Vela, I think, has the greatest potential. He can finish but he’s also a great passer and a head’s up player. All told, compared to Gio Dos Santos (Barca, Spurs, now with Villareal) and Chicarito, Vela is by far the best. That all three are on the fringes (if not completely out) of la seleccion is a very sad state of affairs. You never know what can happen in the World Cup but most Mexicanos are expecting 3 matches only in Brazil… (With Vela not playing because of “issues” which he will not address with the appropriate level of contrition…)

    The price would be right (for his Arsenal return) but there are still problems. Carlitos seems awfully diva-ish and the opposite of a hard-worker. You think Giroud goes to ground easy? Vela is far worse (as “good” as Suarez in this regard) even if he at least gets up quickly (and with a smile) rather than doing all the fake-injury stuff. It wouldn’t play in England because he’s a strong boy with a bit of muscle atop the (not-too-trim) belly. He’s actually a willing runner but those first few strides often look a bit Arshavin-esque, with a body language which says, “Do I really have to?…”

    Anyhow, I would love it and it would be good for the club on a bunch of levels. Do I think it might happen, even at the (ridiculously) low price? Not a chance… Too much water under that bridge, I fear and AW, (like me above) prefers to look forward…

  173. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey TA, Cheers (for taking my comment out of moderation, sorry about that…) You are Da Man (as we say)…Good luck with the family duties. My heart goes out to all…

    Sounds like we might get a bit of a run-out for the Brit-pack (Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Jenks?) even if Ox will still be rested… Why are these guys so tender? Is it just (callow) youth or something deeper? (Oh yeah, it’s our fitness team…Fire the lot of them… rolly eyes, etc.)

    Have we bought anybody yet? Who’s gonna write something about our transfers? Remember, if YOU say it, it’s a link… Don’t we at the BKesque collective need to be putting out more of these sorts of articles?…

    Happy Friday… 🙂

  174. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for the kind words, 17ho. 🙂

  175. proudgooner says:

    Laurent Koscielny signs a new long term contract with Arsenal.. Or as our skipper would say le pitbull. Him and the BFG are the sole to our defence, i hope Sagna sees sense and stays but really for me them 2 are the foundation.

  176. proudgooner says:

    Frank, hope you are ok, it is clearly a sad time for your family and you probably don’t feel like posting. I am thinking about drafting up a post to chip in. I will try and get a message to you as soon as i do.
    Very sorry to hear about the sad news for your family

  177. Actually, with all the money I`ve made from my Qatari Holiday Picture Post Card business, I`m thinking of buying either North or South Korea and becoming a porn star !. A good Korea choice don’t you think now that I`m rich and blessed with a massive above average Hampton !.
    Although, I think we should talk more Arsenal as you bastards are going on too much about my cock….you fcuking pervs ! . hahaha
    Sith Lord Wenger has said that Arsenal were top of the stamina league !………ludicrously based on that we were top for 145 days !…..what a plank !…..he`s such a plank for coming out with crap like that, that instead of going to Brazil to get a tan this WC……I will just creosote him and patch up my neighbours fence !.
    Took this from another site !.

    Arsenal 125 days top !.
    Chavs 64 days top !.
    Bin Dippers 59 days top !.
    Mansour City 11 days top !.

    Does anyone else see the pattern here ?……probably only our Aussie buddies unless you`re standing on your head !.
    To show I`m not just Arsene bashing. I do agree with one thing he has said this week !……..that clubs that break FFP laws should be banned from Europe !. I stand side by side with him on that issue, although I don’t like the way he is looking at my more than average bulge !. hahaha

    Some light relief !.

  178. proudgooner says:

    Mikel Arteta is a lucky bastard , he is clearly going for some mold sex with nanna Wilson in that video.

  179. proudgooner says:

    Do you think the R’s will beat Wigan or not? Your prediction?
    What do you make of Austin? He seems a big hit with the QPR fans all they seem to talk about is Charlie this Charlie that.

  180. Hahaha PG…..Mold sex !…..I would have thought that was more to 17`s liking, being he is always talking about looking for fungus !. Fungus must be a euphemism for pussy !. hahaha

    Sorry PG, I have no idea about Wigan and QPR !……….VCC`s your man for QPR as he`s a closet Ranger !.

  181. proudgooner says:

    lol old 17 the mold vag terrorist fairplay nothing wrong with an oldie but goody. 😉

    Is this true your a closet quarter pound of rubbish fan?

  182. proudgooner says:

    Have you got an email address for me? I put a little something together.

  183. proudgooner says:

    A week tomorrow Gooners and we will be getting ready for the FA cup final, i feel a little nervous already. Its good nerves though, hopefully we can get our first cup in the Emirates , then they will start flooding in 😉

  184. Milo says:

    Miss reading the articles and comments on here everyday…Up until this break, I read EVERYTHING. I didn’t bother to comment much, because with the time difference, most of what I wanted to say was already said, so I just enjoyed gathering other people’s opinions on Arsenal and football in general. I still check on here multiple times everyday, to see if things are up and running again. Please come back when you are ready TA!!!

  185. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Milo, and good to hear from you again.

  186. Biscuitbum says:

    Sounds good doesn`t it. Proper money spent on world class recruits, including at least one top class striker, and all the business done before the world cup can inflate the fees. Wonderful! If it were to happen. I was stupidly convinced we would do something similar last summer, and all we got was a last day sop. A mould-breaking signing, but still a sop. I fear that until the board tell Gazidis to get the deals done without any reference back to Wenger regarding price, indeed anything, nothing much is going to change.

  187. jgc says:

    Ok for 17, JB, HH, and CM especially and all you et als,

    Read this and my favorite bit:

    “Managers matter, too. Sir Alex Ferguson, who retired as manager of Manchester United last year after 26 years, won an average of 15 points more than might be expected given the amount the club spent on wages. Had he been just an average manager, he would have won just one Premier League championship in 17 seasons; instead he won 11. ”

    So the manager matters too! Wonder how many points per year AWs been worth (pow or neg) given the spending restrictions up til last year or so… Among other interesting questions this might raise

    Anyway as we await Norwich and the FA Cup final vs Hull, this might help inform all the transfer and summer musings..

    Just to shake things up!

    Cheers — jgc

  188. geoffchase says:

    I’ll add::

    Mouse over the clubs attaining 75+ points and it is interesting to note that those with the richest histories (Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle United) can nearly match those with the richest owners (Chelsea, Manchester City) for lower wage bills.

    Cheers — jgc

  189. VCC says:

    Hi proudgooner………yep, Queens Park Rangers are my second team alright. My dear old Dad’s team , and all of my Aunt’s, Uncles and cousins support them.

    I always look for their results every week, Junior Hoilett is my current favourite player along with Loic Remy, although he is out on loan to Newcastle United of course.

    I would love Arsenal to get Remy. The ideal ST we need. He has pace, and a proven goal scorer in the EPL.

  190. proudgooner says:

    Same here, my old man is a Queens Park Rangers fan, he goes to all the home games. I really want them to win the play-off. I have always liked Junior. I find it a bit strange that QPR loaned out Remy, they have plenty of money and the FFP rules would not matter to them. With Remy in the team he could easy of hit 30 goals this season and got promoted as champions.?? Barton to is a good player. Last night game was shit, i could not get in to it at all, i found the most entertaning parts to be watching Harry Rednapp twitching like a turkey on the side lines. ha ha ha a

  191. proudgooner says:

    I too am a Remy fan and think he is a perfect plan B or plan A . Or plan C with both of them, either way the man would be a great addition.

  192. Happy Birthday God !.

  193. VCC says:

    proudgooner…I think it’s more a case of cutting the wage bill. Julio Ceaser is also away on loan. These players are on huge salaries. Probably why Arsene doesnt sign them.

    My Uncle used to look after the away tunnel many years ago when QPR were in the old third division.

    Unlike most Gooners, I like Harry Redknapp. He is a character. The game needs many different types.

    I missed the game last night, as I was at a birthday party.

    0-0 away to Wigan was a good result, but it’s only half time. Fingers crossed they can get back into the EPL. It’s the game I most like to go to.

  194. Fozzie B says:

    Hello my Noble Narcissistic Norwich Nob Nashers!! 🙂
    Sorry I’ve been away for awhile!! I still am in fact away .. Flew out May the 4th as I’ve always wanted to celebrate the force this way!!
    Currently I’m in the back end of nowhere!!
    Great comments guys and sorry “Franky the Fiddle” Totes Clompendildo the second for your loss and hoping you can celebrate his life soon!
    I need to clarify that I am here in on a scouting trip for Cockster ahead of the up and coming Tranny window!!
    Cornish Van Bastard is looking to upgrade on his trannys in the annex with some SQ ladyboys!! 🙂
    I will return soon and read the rest of my brethrens comments !!
    Until then keep me in mind for a link for out last game!!
    That’s an order selfish bastardos!!
    COYRRGS !! 🙂

  195. TotalArsenal says:

    New post 🙂

    Short one, but better than nothing

  196. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Fozzer, hope you are feeling the force at the back end. 🙂

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