Norwich v Arsenal preview: Wilshere, Gibbs and Ramsey Back & Predicted Line-Up

Another season comes to an end, but Arsenal are ‘safe’ so there is no tension for today’s away game in Norwich. Luckily, we have a cup final to look forward to and this will make our game against the Canaries still somewhat relevant. It is important to keep up form and momentum, and we should treat this game as the perfect preparation for the cup final.

I cannot say it is a shame Norwich are going down. Sacking your manager with a handful of games left is at best a risky thing to do, and it comes as no surprise it did not work; as it also did not for Cardiff (there was no need at all) and Fulham’s (changed manager twice!) inevitable demise. Sunderland, West Brom and Crystal Palace changed their manager earlier in the season and especially Sunderland had the most impressive escape we saw in many years.

We should all be grateful, though, that Norwich stopped the Chavs chance to win anything this season, with what was only their second point from away games in 2014. I thought they bought well last summer and was convinced Van Wolfswinkel would be a success for the Canaries, but his first season was a big disappointment. I was at the home game earlier in the season and thought Norwich played well under Hughton: they looked organised with a good game plan, but just lacked a bit of creativity and finishing power in attack. Something Hughton could work on, I thought, but patience with him finally ran out, and the Board succumbed – weakly in my opinion – to the moans and groans of the supporters, when they should have held strong till the end.

I was offered a ticket for today’s game twice, but due to ongoing sadness after the sudden passing away of my brother in law I will not be going. I expect the home crowd to be subdued anyway and I reckon both teams will treat the game more or less as a friendly. I reckon Arsene will start with his strongest possible team but they are unlikely to play at the required tempo to win the game with some ease. Nobody wants to get injured so close to a cup final appearance and Norwich will not want to lose at home: so expect a 0-0 or 1-1 draw, I reckon.

Jack could be back apparently and it would be great to see him in action today, even for twenty minutes or so. I reckon he will not play in the final though, as we have now many midfielders available, who are all a lot fitter than him right now. It is also good to know that Gibbs and Ramsey are back and I reckon both will start today.

Predicted Line-Up:

Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski, Giroud.

Enjoy the game fine, fellow Gooners.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  1. Fozzie B says:

    Nice one Totes !! Thanks for the preview under such trying circumstances!
    Regards from all the Brethren again to the good lady!
    Hey bastardos, don’t forget to pony up Fozzie a link !!
    Cockmeister … you watching this as nothing to lose?
    I’ve got tablet in one hand, mosquito repellent in the other, with first potential lady boy
    signing for Cockies Tranny annex … shes a worldy and passed the adams apple test in flying colours!! Haha ! 🙂

  2. Gerry says:

    Hi all, Sorry to have deserted you lately, but the team have found the way to win now. I just hope that neither the Ox or Wilshere do not play any more than a token few minutes to be in the mix for next week.
    This will be a PTB game there, and we should not let them score first, as that will magnify the problem.
    The scarf will be on, as it was last week ..


  3. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Total…Thanks for the new thread and the thoughts about the club in the town where you’re living. I’m also looking forward to your thoughts on the season as a whole and the cup final and moving forward into the summer. Of course, first things first, and football is nothing–maybe a distraction at best, and (IMO) it’s best that you’re focused on family.

    In fact, I was gonna miss this one in favor of a family outing, but our Spring skiing and camping venture was a little “wintry” for everybody’s taste and we pulled up stakes for the warm beds and Mother’s day at home. Anyhow, they’ve got all 10 matches on the US telly so it could be fun seeing our run-out and swallowing the (bitter) pill of watching the trophy presentation up at (Prince) Man(sour) City…

    Looks like AW is putting out a strong team. That’ll freak out the “wrap em in wool,” group but our guys need to train hard ahead of the cup final and this one is a good chance to push forward towards that goal…

    Hey Fozzie, good to see you calling out the other fur-balls as well as keeping tabs on Terry and his, er, ilk…

  4. 17highburyterrace says:

    Lee Dixon is doing the color commentary for the City match and he’s been great every time I’ve seen him do a match this season–very humble about his own career but he brings an obviously methodical approach to the game and he always points out the players who are–or aren’t–living up to his standard…

    Hey Gerry, I should only speak for myself but I think we (all) miss you around here and would love to hear your thoughts…Hope all is well for you…

  5. 17highburyterrace says:

    Anybody watching? Awfully strong line-up…Santi and BFG and Szczesny are the only starters taking a rest day. Sagna, not TV5 in central defense alongside Kos with Jenks in his usual RB position. Fabianski in his final Arsenal match or getting some game action ahead of the cup final?…

    Not much going thus far…Jenks and Gibbs have had to put some dangerous looking Norwich forays into touch or behind for corners. Our offense very slow to get going with Sicky and Ramsey and Ozil not quite in sync…

  6. 17highburyterrace says:

    Fabianski called into action at his near post…We really look 2nd best in the first 20 mins…Super poor weather there in Norwich…

  7. 17highburyterrace says:

    24min…Did I just see Poldolski tracking back and successfully breaking up a Norwich attack? Still no shots on goal…This is looking like practice for a nil-nil cup final…Rambo back-heels are working in MF, not so much up in the box…

    Giroud and Pod work well and we get a shot on target…Lulu blocked at Ruddy’s near post…

    Pool down a goal vs Toon?…

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Seventeenho
    Yes it is quite beastly out here. We got caught walking Henry just an hour ago.

    Sounds like a boring game until now, but unlike you I cannot watch any of it.

    Nasri scores and Pool are behind, so no surprises until now.

  9. 17highburyterrace says:

    31st min…Giroud gives Ruddy a chance to look a real keeper by not choosing a post and going for power with his right foot… A better striker buries that one?…

    35th min.. Giroud does some good stuff w/possession and his passing but looks silly attempting a bicycle kick off a corner…Rambo does well but all in slo-motion and his shot is blocked at the line…

    Overall, our play is good but slow and the couple chances we have made have been stopped by a solid keeper…Ramsey, it must be said, exposes himself to challenges tracking down his own (heavy) touches. Poldolski, as dangerous as he appears when shooting in the box, looks a dead man further out…

    40th, Giroud left footer is better placed but not well enough to trouble Ruddy. Our issues up front are on full display…

    City now up a goal and looking very solid for the title…

    Hey TA…For me, it’s not that boring…Actually kinda interesting how we struggle against a the parked bus with the Giroud/Poldolski front combo…Plenty solid in defense with Bac in for BFG…Losing him means we need to buy quality in that area and I’m not quite sure we can…

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers 17, seeing the positive in everything. once again. 😉

    Really hope we can keep Sagna. He is a winner who offers so much to our team.

    What are your thoughts on getting a new dog?

  11. 17highburyterrace says:

    What I mean, is that Sagna really is a fine, fine player who is currently covering two spots for us, and I’ll be supremely upset if he ends up at City. Such a move would tell me that England now has a club who can just offer salaries and show a depth (with veteran players) which has no relation to “fairness”…That they can use 25 million Jovetic–a player who might’ve been at the very heart of our attack–as a 4th or 5th choice forward, is pretty ridiculous… FFP would seem a joke, but I guess they’re making losses with their “youth academy” project…

    We’re gonna need to re-stock at the back (several players) while we clearly need more dynanism up front too…

    Anyhow, I wish we had some folks on here for the match, but it is just a run out…Maybe for the cup final?…

  12. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Total… A new dog would be the very best thing for my skiing and other local outings…Luna was such a great companion even if she couldn’t keep up with the skiing in her final years. She was still good for a mushroom hunt even last Spring at 17 years old…

    Yesterday we skied with an Australian sheep dog, which is a breed favored around here. For me they do a little too much barking and herding (until they get cut by a ski edge or two)… I dunno, Luna was just too good so it’s hard to think we can find a puppy to compare. We’re pushing more on the bird front. Laying hens (has been the plan) but we just read something saying the really cool hipsters favor ducks…

    2nd half on…and starts with a solid pair of left footed clearances from Sagna…

  13. alcide says:

    Hi guys, and what a goal from Rambo!!

  14. 17highburyterrace says:

    We really look poor but we almost score from a corner…Pod over after the first ball got touched on by Sagna. Bac is everywhere and it really points up the gap between him and Jenks, even if the latter won the corner getting deep into the Norwich box…

    Now, in the 52nd, Gibbs looks limited in his forward game touching the ball over the end-line…

    RAMBOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! What a volley, top corner and top drawer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. alcide says:

    And what a service from OG

  16. 17highburyterrace says:

    Great lob across from Giroud, too…

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, Sagna moving to Oil would be bad, and I hope he will go to Europe, if he has to go.

    Oil bought another cup and what a shame Pool could not hold out. There is hope though for those who want to do with vision and good (financial) management…

    Ramsey scored a beauty, apparently…. Bergkampesque??

  18. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Alcide…

    The confidence to watch that volley and pound it in was awesome from Ramsey… Forged maybe by enduring the boos from our home support?…

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Hens or Ducks (in a row) are good too, 17, but a dog brings so much joy… Not sure you should make the comparison with Luna, though, but I guess it is inevitable.

  20. Just back from Garden Centre and turned on link to see Rambo score…….yes a dead rubber, match so I`m watching !.

  21. 17highburyterrace says:

    The thing about Ramsey is some of his stuff looks soooo bad (about 4 or 5 misplaced back-heels today, for example)…When they comes off, however, it’s wowsa time…

    Ozil without much help there on the break… We’ll be a different (better) team if Theo can come back strong…

  22. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey TA, I agree about the dog… Luna was a terrible traveler–whenever we were on the freeway it was as if she was in a cage with doom all around (panting and shaking)…We had to give her a pill for long trips…

    Jenks!!! 2-nil…

  23. Not happy with the line up and I`m in ” abuse the plank mode ” ready to annihilate Wenger !. hahaha
    Jenks !!! obviously, I`m a lucky charm when I watch live !

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Jenkinson, he scores when he wants hahaha 🙂 Nice 2-0

  25. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wilshere coming on…Ramsey off… Our future in a nut-shell…

    Jenks shot toward the center of the goal (at the keeper) but got a deflection into the corner–I think…

    Let’s see what young Jack can add…Looks like he’s got a little bounce in his step…

    Jenks with a powerful shot-cross…He’s got a strong right foot (to go with the hair-cut), that’s for sure…

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    That is a shame, 17. Henry loves travelling in the car. He always looks disappointed if it turns out we only did a short drive.

    Hi Cock of Doom 🙂

    Hi Alcide, comment ca va?

  27. 17highburyterrace says:

    So, my point about getting a new dog, Total, is that I think we just need some time to honor our old girl and to think about it… The decision might come from the kid–if he starts doing more outdoor stuff where a companion might be a really fun thing…

    Heavy touch from Jack (with our attackers amassed) leads to a Norwich break…Cleaned up with style by Sagna…

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Keown has been laying into Mourinho (on BBC) saying he has totally underperformed this season, and he is now the ordinary one hahahaha.

  29. The Cockie Monster says:

    Hi Totes……hope you are getting back to some kind of normality !.

  30. 17highburyterrace says:

    Total, what’s the latest with Henry’s eyes? Hopefully all good…Haha, this is where we need Gerry’s wisdom… Nursing Luna along and then having the power to cut things short when she seemed so indomitable proved a pretty heavy burden… It is a little hard to recall just how great things were when she was in her prime…

    Abou Diaby and Yaya Sanogo coming on! Sicky and Giroud’s league seasons coming to an end…

  31. Commentator saying that…..Diaby and Sanogo are being prepared to come on !…….I take it that means Diaby has a mobile life support machine strapped to his body !.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    That would make sense, 17.
    I am fine Cockie, but my wife lost her only brother and she remains very sad. Everyone is focussed on the parents, and understandably so, but my darling has been rocked to the bone and I will need to support for at least a while to come…

    BBC reporter saying that Arsenal are playing better football since arrival of Jack…. what do you guys think?

  33. 17highburyterrace says:

    Diaby looks older… (But so do we all, except Cockie, of course, who only gets better and keeps his all his excesses in a portrait of Fozzie…)

    Diaby running the middle of the pitch with authority…even if his touch is heavy…

    Fabianski with a good reaction to a powerful shot pretty much straight at him…

  34. 17highburyterrace says:

    Total, The away support is in full voice since the goals and Jenks is pumped up. Poldolski, getting the full 90 also seems to want his goal. Obviously, breaking the Yaya duck would also be a good thing. We’re pushing forward around Jack (and now Diaby) but allowing Norwich a lot more room on the break. If they had better finishers the score could be tied…

    Arteta FK deflected but easy in the end for Ruddy…

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    His eyes remain stable and he has adapted remarkably. He cannot do fetch the ball though, just does not see the ball.

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Happy Spursdays to our North London enemy 😛

  37. I`m sure you are a rock of support for your dear wife, Totes. It will be tough for her, I lost my brother ( one of my 4 brothers ) too early and 15 years later I still miss him !.

    Sagna should be kept, he`s winning everything and I would play him at CB !.

  38. 17highburyterrace says:

    Fabianski does well off his line…Again, a better finisher would’ve scored…

    Jack takes a blow to the head after Sagna clears the corner…and again he clears a cross w/his head. Awesome…Commentator says he’s only been offered a one year deal…Freaking lying arses…trotting out absolute BS…What about Rosicky, Arteta, BFG?… Of course, Sagna is in a different class and we would need a 3 year at Ozil’s wage to tempt him…

  39. It`s Diaby`s birthday today……probably something to do with him looking older, Seventeenho !.

  40. 17highburyterrace says:

    Jack…Too many touches and the shot ends up just a toe poke…

    Arteta breaks up the ensuing Norwich attack…and another one…and another one…Under-appreciated player, perhaps?

    Yaya shoots but right at a defender and the deflection is easy for Ruddy…

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Sorry to hear that Cockie. How is Mrs Cockie doing?

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Big brawl at the Northern Oilers – deduct them three points straigthtaway…

  43. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, Total, re: Henry and the fetching business…Luna (part Lab, we’re pretty sure) didn’t play that game–except in the water with absolutely giant pieces of wood, which she felt compelled to retrieve. It was pretty amusing…

    Sort of like Jenks trying another shot-cross, but putting it into Row Z instead…

  44. She`s knackered Totes !….from the biopsy !. Have to wait for her results to see where we go from here !. We have everything crossed !. 🙂

  45. 17highburyterrace says:

    How do we not score there…Diaby plays it well out of defense but it gets too crowded in the box…

    Full time…Season is over…79 pts, 4th place… Disappointing, but some promise for the cup final and the summer ahead?…

    Telly switches to celebrations at Middle Eastlands…

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Fingers crossed here as well, Cockie. When will you find out?

  47. 17highburyterrace says:

    Whoa, those are some pasty folks mobbing the big money City players and celebrating the title…

    Sounds like Pool came from a goal down at Anfield to win…

  48. Hahaha 17……..Middle Eastlands, I like that. I don’t normally use other peoples material, but I shall remember that one !.

  49. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey, best of luck re: the medical stuff, Cockster… Indeed, fingers crossed, etc.

    We had a worrying moment with my wife yesterday, but it involved a fall and a slide (above some rocks)…Self-induced stupidity on skis, but I saw a lot (of love and life…) flashing in that scary moment before she stopped herself…

  50. Should be a couple of week`s, Totes !.
    I wasn`t too pleased with some of these so called doctors !…..My wife complained about some pain to one of the specialists and the woman said….”that’s probably the gallstones ! “… wife sais …”what gallstones ? ” and the specialist said….” Didn`t they tell you when you had your scan ! “. Unbelievable !. No wonder I took up residency in one of their broom cupboards, I`m more knowledgeable when it comes to woman`s bodies !.

  51. 17highburyterrace says:

    “Middle Eastlands” is NOT an original–that’s a pretty big couch you’re crouching behind, Cockie…

    OK, gotta take a break and help out with the Mother’s day coffee and breakfast prep… Kisses to all the BKers wives and mums…

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    You know everything about the female body, Cockie. Just such a shame you cannot do anyting with it hahaha 🙂

    Make sure you stay on top of it for your wife and remain demanding/difficult as much as possible!

  53. Dangerous pas time skiing , 17 !. Glad you saw a flash of love and life in that moment !….which cant be said for some of the other BKers !….not to mention no names and it`s not a Stretch of the imagination to know who I mean……but some on here would have seen a flashing of insurance pay out in such a moment !. hahaha

  54. What a sweet goal !.

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha cockie 🙂

  56. TotalArsenal says:

    17, Henry wants to fetch the ball, but he just cannot follow it with his sight…

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    Lovely finish indeed, Van Pudsie eat your heart out!

  58. Anyone see that we are interested in signing RVP`s 7 year old son, Shaqueel ?…………..RVP leaves us because of the little boy inside of him and we could end up signing the little boy from inside his wife !. Ironic !


    Thats a really horrible and disgusting thing to say about me Cornwall.

    But very true. hahahaha

  60. Couple of bits of transfer ideas of mine, which are of a logical manner…….Carlos Vela is supposedly worth about £20M !…..we can buy him back for £3M !…….is that too simple or am I missing something here !.
    Also, if we are in the hunt for a player of potential !….Josip Drmic is the 3rd highest scorer in the Bundasliga, his team got relegated and now his fee is reportedly under 5M EUROS because of a clause involving relegation !.
    I like the rumour we are interested in Sanchez….a player I wanted before Barca got him…make it so Wenger !….the TW is basically open now !.

  61. Hahaha Stretch….oops !…….Terry !…….it`s weird really, that most of the stuff I right about you is horrible and disgusting…..yet strangely true !.
    Congrats on winning the Eurovision Song Contest !.

    Fozzie will shoot his lot when he get a hold of your gorgeousness self !.

  62. Gerry says:

    Yes, all went to plan re the game. Sensible subs. 79 points it is.

    Thanks for your message above, here’s why.

    I have been very distracted these last couple of weeks.

    1, A dog issue: My elderly one has had real problems. Stomach related. Pain after eating. On a low dose steroid, which seems to be working. Not a cure. Blood tests reveal no major organ issue- Big relief! – Only hopeful of body having time to reassess the situation.
    For now, just treading water.

    2, Chasing the £7.5m Scoop 6 Jackpot on the horses. 3 attempts so far, all went out in the first leg! However, my losses are only in single figures, unlike the big syndicates that must be running into hundreds of thousand £’s by now ..

    Bit of a bugger it is still going on to next week though 😀

    Did I see a dog question above? I did a quick back-check to see what you ‘bad news’ was … well you know what I was thinking?
    Sorry to read it was your brother in law though. Not good. I hope you and the family are coping with it as best you can.
    Best wishes on that.

    Back to the question of a new dog. You already know my views on that, if it is for a companion for Henry?

    HT – First mistake is to think you are replacing Luna. The second, would be rushing to get another until you are ready, which I would say you have avoided quite well?
    However, if you want to keep your memories of Luna alive for longer, your next dog will help, okay.

    All dogs are different, but some share similar characteristics. It is those differences as much as the similarities that will stimulate the memory whenever go on routes you went with Luna. I guarantee, each one will bring a smile, even if tinged with a tear, every time. It will be those little things that can get forgotten otherwise if you rely on you just recalling them all.

    Believe me, I meet a lot of people who have recently lost their own dog, but come rushing over to see so many happy ones together. The message to them is the same as above every time.

    Perhaps I should discuss football from time to time?

    I have not missed the gossip from News Now, as some are so ridiculous. I see the paper news on the BBC Football page, and one suggested we were interested in Rio Ferdinand … What?????

    However, The Cup final is a big team dilemma. From GK’s onwards, somebody is going to miss out. Fab deserves to start, but Szcz will not qualify for a medal if he doesn’t play(unless they have changed the rules?), but with only 3 subs that makes 14 getting at least part of the game? Another four sitting it out, and many more not making the squad?

    I was sorry Ox did not make the bench today, hopefully he will next week.

    Who’d be a manager, rather than just playing at it?

    I just voted for Bacs as ‘Player Of The Season’, and penned a ‘p.s.’ to say he IS worth another £40k a week!

    Suggested you all do the same 😀 😀 😀

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Gerry, and agreed re the dog issues

  64. Well done to Arsene and Arsenal for achieving 4th !. I didn`t expect to get more than 5th or 6th !. So although imo not an improvement football wise, it was mathematically a better season than the previous one !. If not for the disgustingly bad luck of injuries, we may have well won the league !.
    Hopefully in the Summer TW ( which starts now as far as I`m concerned ), Arsene will add some SQ players to give us quality in depth to cope with our old age problem of injuries !.
    I think we can safely say that the loss of Theo and his pace was a major blow and to me, cries out, that pace up front is a must for players of Ozil`s ability to exploit !.
    Next season… long as we add quality depth !……..I expect to compete on a higher level and by that I mean to get the Mansour City, Chav and Manshafter Std monkey off our back and take some points off these bogey teams, that and the same like for like against the rest and it could be ours, but it will need the purchasers we all know are needed !.
    If Wenger is going to the WC as a pundit/commentator, then that is a bad start already, as I want him negotiating transfer deals !. Arsenal first and foremost !.

  65. Watching that game on a stream, I couldn`t get over how loud our away support was !…..not sure how far you are away from the ground, Totes, but I could hear it here in Lesbania….you must have heard it !.

  66. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Gerry…Thanks for the dog thoughts…Best of luck with yours, of course…

    Indeed a little fresh life (in the form of a new canine companion) would be good with my skiing and other outdoor activities. Certainly I feel lucky that I have the good life to share with a puppy and it would not be the typical US thing of 10 hours at home by themselves, Monday-Friday, at least…

    Today’s match: Gotta agree with Cockie that we need more speed in the team. Theo will be huge–if he can come back strong. Imagine if we could’ve gotten 20 goals from him… It would’ve opened up chances for everybody else, just with the threat. As much as we lacked true back-up for Giroud, the true back-up for Theo was maybe more important. That his injury happened in early January and that we didn’t take a gamble on a young speedster (think Salah to Chelsea, for example…) and left in on the Ox, coming back from his own ACL, seems a little too conservative, even for me…

    Sagna is awesome and likely deserves 3 years on top-of-the-team money (still less than some of City’s benchwarmers)… Still, you can see why he might believe that making that same money in less of a pressurized situation (and maybe not having to play in every single match) might be to his liking. Still, the issue really is that his wages would require a ripple upwards throughout the team and our owners (who refuse to make a loss…) can’t pass on *that* much of a rise in ticket prices… As such, Bacary probably goes to City to play with Zabaleta, a guy who (allegedly) called him negrito, or otherwise racially abused him… Sad…

    OK, enough said, City have the celebrations today but by tomorrow we’ll be back to cup final line-ups and transfer links…

  67. Gerry says:

    HT – I don’t think it is the upward pressure on the current squad, as they have all signed up new deals. Rather more on the incoming possiblities? Mind, I don’t think Bacs will get offered more than Koscielny, whatever that was?

    So,with that in mind, all of us wanting him to stay, are we prepared that one of our ‘must have buys’ will be of a lower quality, probably young, to accommodate it? I am.

    We need at least, a DM, a back up CB, pace up front, and a second striker, unless Sanogo fulfils his potential and gets his first hat trick in the Cup final?

    Where would you make the compromise? Question open to all

  68. Gerry says:

    Cockie – for the past few weeks I have been following the re-run of ‘Journey Into Space’ on the radio. The character in it called Lemmy is the down-to-earth, regular guy, and he reminds me of you this season.

    He is always the one to see danger where there isn’t any. Whether it be a moving shadow, or someone in a space suit.

    He did come good in the end. Can we hope for some positive views from you next season, perhaps?

  69. Now Gezzer, that all depends on Mr Wenger !. Is he going to buy some SQ and empty the Bank or act like a creosoted Plank ?. Hahaha
    Anyway, way back before it happened, I saw the danger of ” The Torturous Ten ” games when we buckled under the pressure and it was a justified danger as we dropped quicker than Suarez in a mine field penalty area !.
    The point of…..The Chart of Doom, was to say that it would take more than just beating our like for like results. we had to blast it out of the water !. Six points better, but still not good enough to get above 4th !. Had we had won against our 3 bogey teams ( Chavs, Mansour & Manshafter ), we would now be champs !.
    I am the wise man of BK !. Feet firmly on the ground !. No rose tints here !. hahaha

  70. I`ve got a comment in moderation and I think it`s because I used the word “H20” !.

  71. VCC says:

    TMHT. Was that your twin last night that won the Eurovision song contest? Fantastic likeness if it weren’t.

    Cockie……how about you and I gatecrashing Wenger’s office on Monday and putting Vela and Sanchez’ contracts on his desk. Hold a gun to his head until he signs them.

    Then we would only need another defender to be able to compete next year.

  72. VCC says:

    With Diaby and Wilshere back today, and the imminent return of Walcott, I fear Wenger will say it’s like three new signings.

    When have I heard that before.?

    I’m sure he has shares in Arsenal.

  73. VCC says:

    Hope all’s well with you Totes. Thinking of you and your family.

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Vickers. Hope you had a nice break in Spain?

  75. Gerry says:

    Cockie, your case was only aided by the appalling run of injuries. If you saw them coming then I will get you to fill in my lottery ticket!

  76. VCC says:

    Totes…….It was MANIC… say the least. A truly mad 4 nights. You can imagine 22 guys, most around the 30 year old on an all inclusive……………….What happened in Benidorm stays in Benidorm 😉

  77. VCC says:

    Gerry…I know where your coming from, but only Wenger seemed to think we were covered in January??????

    Every Gooner I spoke to said the same. We needed re-inforcements.

    Now we will here “Diaby, Wilshere and Walcott are back”………..just like a three man signing. Just wait and see.

    History repeating itself.

    Another fourth place to look forward to, if we’re lucky.

  78. 17highburyterrace says:

    Gerry, trying to get Cockie to be more positive just ain’t gonna happen…Even his buddy Fozzie can’t help him even with the aid of Marleykaze and his secret serum…

    Losing Sagna seems an inevitability but maybe because AW uses him to the point (almost) of abusing him. Yes, he’s the best header in the squad but at 5’8 or whatever he is, there aren’t enough blonde braided extensions in the world to protect one’s noggin when Szcz is kicking ’em your way all day (and twice a week)… What about Bellerin? FB is as much an offensive as a defensive position in our set-up…

    In today’s match there was not much in the way of our Route 1 game–and when we did go that route Giroud mostly fell over looking for the foul. Unfortunately we’re not very quick playing it out of our own half, but it was raining hard at times during the match. This is where a quick moving, quick thinking deep lying mid (not Total’s beasty beast of a beast…) seems the key. Arteta works hard and has been a great fillip in these tougher times but a younger guy who can take up the mantle seems essential. Again, what about Bellerin? One Spaniard for another? But of course I go only on reputation having not really seen more than clips of him playing…

    Speaking of total…Cockie, if a comment goes to moderation and you know the offending word, just copy (remove the word) and paste, no?…

  79. 17highburyterrace says:

    Vela and Alexis Sanchez? VCC you should know as well as anyone that the Spanish diving (i.e., like you probably experienced down in Benidorm…) doesn’t always translate to the more, er, Victorian, traditions in England… Great players, both of them, but I see them preferring to stay in Spain… (And all these rumors of Barca cutting players like Alexis or Cesc–or any of their main group–seem pretty much conversacion de papel, solamente…Vale?… Let’s see if we can keep TV5 or young Bellerin from their clutches, en primer lugar, eh?…)

  80. 17highburyterrace says:

    My point for my elders (who I respect immensely) is that if you’re gonna buy into the “paper talk” that Wenger won’t spend, you’ve got to place the blame up higher, with the guy at whose pleasure he serves–our main shareholder–Stingy Stan… On this account the Cockster is thinking with both the small and the large brain… If Wenger’s Billionaire was more like the Sheik (Mansour at City) or the Garch (Abramovich at Chavs) or even like the bank friendly ‘Mericans (at Pool or United) it’d be a different story. Stan is pushing a 3% increase in ticket prices which, along with the Puma money, plus the powder we’ve kept dry means we can spend a bit. Still, going hog-wild (as we say)…and offering these guys the (after tax) salaries required as well as the big transfer tags their current clubs would require is pretty much a case of the tail (the English press and hate-blogs) wagging the tail–of the supporters who just want it all now (and everytime they watch a match)… It’s a process, and, from my observations, we’re headed in the right direction despite “only” holding our spot in the league standings. Is being closer to the winners worse because it is more disappointing or is it better because it’s…uh, closer? Throwing out the manager is a popular way to go but even United gave Moyes a decent piece of rope with which to hang himself… Wenger may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the next guy (given the same constraints, which come from above…) might not be better. Of course, on the other hand, he might be…’Appy ‘Arry (who I also enjoy) might be a little freer with the pursestrings and he gives those great interviews from the driver’s seat…

    Just my opinion of course and one that should likely be tossed aside, seeing where it comes from… 😀

  81. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oops something went wrong there in the tail and dog wagging talk…Too much thinking about ski dogs or something. Or maybe just too much talking out of my own rear areas… Apologies…

  82. Gezzer !……..I didn`t have to see them coming ( the injuries ), historically, in the past 5 years, we have been in the top 2 of the injury league !. So unless Wenger can find out the reason why we suffer so many injuries or buy some SQ players to give our squad strength in depth to cover the impending injuries, you will be talking the same time next season about how I only was aided by an appalling run of injuries !. It could be a BK GroundHog Day !.
    As Vic`s said…..history repeating itself !. We seem to be all on the same wavelength regarding missing Theo, yet your Lord and Master failed to address the problem with a full month to buy someone and only got a boner from acquiring a lone deal of KK instead !.
    Wenger is already making excuses about possibly no signings until the WC ends, if that aint smoke and mirrors, then it`s pathetic !.
    As always in the tradition of 17……..just an opinion !….but as history tells us……a fcuking good one !. hahaha

  83. Lets start the day with a fantastic piece of skill, however, my award winning love making is for Lesbanian eyes only, so you will have to make do with this clip as second best !. hahaha

  84. VCC says:

    fantastic goal Cockie. Lets keep our fingers crossed we get more than enough this Saturday to win some silverware.

    Will you be watching from behind the sofa?

  85. James Bond says:

    glad to see the trio of FB, TA and Gerry back.

    now here’s a question .

    should we be playing Jenks ahead of Sagna considering he’s on the way out ? as I suspect that Fabianski might be on the bench for the final as AW may play his favourite son to get him the medal ?

    in a way, I think both Sagna’s and Fabianski focal point are the same – both are heading out of Arsenal, so in essence Jenk’s want to play and stay as does Sczny – even though it’s tough but loyalty must be rewarded ? it’s harsh on Fabianski as he never made the same demands as Sagna however, he will be leaving one way or the other so the same criteria for both really

  86. James Bond says:

    hint and wink (will make for an interesting post).

  87. You know me Vic`s !. 😆
    I will be a minimum 2 hours behind you lot !. I will record the game and put myself in a cryogenic state for 2 hours behind the Sofa of Doom !. Then be carried to bath to acclimatise my body back to it`s gorgeous state and ask the wife whether we……and in this particular order !……lost, drew ( which means extra time behind the Sofa ) or won !.
    If we have lost, then I will be straight on site to kill Wenger !. If have won, I will have to watch the whole game, not knowing the score, but in a relaxed mood whilst defrosting my toes up my dogs rectum !.
    If something goes wrong with my cryogenic chamber and I`m frozen for 50 years, can someone else please kill Arsene if we lose !. In 50 years time I will be unfrozen and catch up with you guys….you can save me 50 years of vids of winning 50 X 4th place trophies !.

  88. Road to Wembley !.

  89. AFC says:

    Just saw the England squad. Pretty disappointed how Milner got in and Gibbs got left out. Yet more mistakes by Roy Hodgson. Apart from that the squad looks decent.

  90. AFC says:

    JB, Fabianski and Sagna should both start. Sagna because he is our best RB and Fabianski because he has got us to the final. To drop either would be stupid and wrong in my opinion.

    Good win yesterday for us and good to see City lift the title over Chelsea and Liverpool. I hate Mourinho and I hate Liverpool, Rodgers, Gerrard and Suarez.

  91. AFC

    I`m glad Gibbs is not in ., I`m glad Theo is not in !. Shame that Jack and Ox are imo !……between them 4 players, I bet they have had more injuries than Peter Shilton and Bobby Charlton has caps !.
    It`s probably out there somewhere !….how many times we have had players come back from international football with an injury !.
    I want England to win the WC, but without Arsenal players, it never does us any favours !. My loyalty will always be to Arsenal !…then all Arsenal reserve and youth teams, then Arsenal Ladies, then maybe England !.
    Vic`s is worst than me !…. same as mine, but add QPR`s lot after Arsenal Ladies !. hahaha

  92. James Bond says:

    am actually chuffed at Gibbs not being selected – he’s very injury prone to begin with both Theo and Gibbs were cut from the same cloth or glass, ha

    yes, I hear you @ AFC but do you see where I am coming from ?

    out of the last 6 years, Sagna has been injured for 3.5, if not 4 ? – we are offering him 80 k for another 3 years and a chance to play as a CB.
    even if we were to offer him £100 k per week – he would still be gone as I don’t think he wants to stay at Arsenal anymore, which is sad really considering what 17HT mentioned about him wanting to join City and how he was treated by Man city’s RB.

    dropping Fabianski would be sheer stupidity but I do expect such things from AW – note how Sczny came out a month before the final making noises about wanting to be the keeper at wembley and so on (the cheek).

  93. James Bond says:

    ah – great minds think alike

    and the team selected by the England manager is the best in ages – plenty of players picked on merit and not on reputation/name or experience.

    about bloody time as well, now let’s go and win the world cup and have all the players injured minus Arsenal players ahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaahha

  94. AFC says:

    JB, I actually think he would stay if we met his demands. All Sagna wants is to be paid the going rate (which we can offer him) and be rewarded by his loyalty. Loyalty works both ways and right now the club is not being loyal to Sagna.

    I definitely hear where you are coming from JB buy I will be disappointed if Wenger drops either. If Sagna does leave we need to replace him with an experienced RB like Richards, Abate etc.

    Cockie, Arsenal ladies before England. You must be taking the piss mate. 😀

  95. AFC says:

    JB, we won’t win the world cup. I am just waiting until after the WC where the likes Baines, Gerrard, Lampard, Jags, Cahill, Milner, Johnson will all no longer be able to play to England. We can then add the rest of our young players to the squad and properly challenge next WC.

  96. AFC says:

    And Roy will he gone. He needs to leave. He is too conservative, old-fashioned and really just an average prem manager with international experience. We need a better, younger modern manager to take us to the next level and work with our young players.

  97. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening AFC, JB and CoDoom 🙂

    Sagna and Fab to start FA cup final for me.

  98. James Bond says:

    yeah , I hear you and I also want Mrs.Sagna to stay at all costs.

    don’t be daft now @ AFC – we are going to win the world cup (the one we play on the ps3 😉

    I actually like the squad selected and it’s very youth oriented to be fair to the coaches and managers – so well done to them for doing that !

    yeah but don’t forget whose Roy’s Assistant – I reckon he’s the one doing most of the talking and getting the team to play (the sky pundit and ex manc 😉

    enough of the pessimism already, we drew 2-2 against Brazil for crying out loud – and Brazil beat spain, so there you go – we are so going to be winning the world cup (in my dreams) ahahahahahhahaahhaha

    shame both Theo and townsend are injured though – but it’s an opportunity for the OX alright or sterling.

  99. James Bond says:

    Good Evening @ Skipper

    how are you doing and how’s your wife holding up ?

    apologies , I haven’t been around much lately but I have had you and your family in my thoughts- sending you all the positive energy and so on.

    yep, in an ideal world – both should start but you never really know with AW… Gerry has raised a valid point – if Sczny doesn’t play then he doesn’t pick up that medal…and if you are building a team of winners and champions for next season then tasting that bit of blood be very important…

  100. James Bond says:

    Austin get in thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    wo000t wo000t

  101. TotalArsenal says:

    Hope mrs Bond has had a successful transplant, JB. Fingers crossed for her.

    Agreed re the winner’s experience for Szczesny.

  102. VCC says:

    Good old QPR. Now to beat Derby in the final.

  103. VCC says:

    James Bond…..the England Manager never selected Gibbs because he knows he is not good enough. Baines and Shaw are much better left backs.

  104. James Bond says:

    Cheers Skipper 🙂

    Baines is better than Gibbs – yes, but is Shaw better than Gibbs ? not in my books he’s not –

    if Gibbs wasn’t as injury prone then he would be England’s no.2 – Shaw gets to play week in week out – let’s see how he does when he’s at Man utd next season.

    but look, am not complaining as to why he wasn’t selected, am happy that he wasn’t and very happy that both JW and OX have been selected as both need games @ VCC !

    Gibbs is one of the top 3 Left back in the EPL, and has the potential to be one of the best in the world, provided – he keeps fit and works on his crosses.

  105. James Bond says:

    QPR did well but I think the whole season, Steve had Arry in his back pocket – Harry needs to find a way and system that works to beat Derby – Charlie Austin – what a signing ehhh

    would love to see QPR back in the Premier league next season – Proper club with heritage and now investment and I also echo your sentiments re- Rednap – he’s an entertainer and one the game needs at the highest level @ VCC

  106. Xavier says:

    Hey everyone. JB and total hope everything’s okay with le fam?

    First off. I think mrs Sagna should be offered a new contract even if Sagna is going. She just might stay y’know. 😉
    Truthfully, I don’t know if I’d prefer fab over scz for the final. I guess wenger is going to do what he thinks is best. As for Sagna and Jenks, I think Sagna starting is kinda secured. Unless of course wenger switches things. Wouldn’t surprise any of us.
    If Sagna does leave, I don’t have an issue with jenkinson taking over. Personally, unless we’re getting Micah Richards, i don’t care bout who’s coming in. I really have faith in Jenks. Remember when Sagna was injured and Jenks did such a good job in his absence that when Sagna came back we kinda wanted Jenks to just keep playing regardless?? Well I think all he needs is a good run of games. That form can come back.

    I think that’s all for now.

    Yeah. I been around. Just observing mostly. Again TA sorry bout your in-law. Accept me condolences.

  107. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to see you back, Xavier, and thanks for the support, buddy.

    Good plan to sign up Mrs Sagna first hahaha 🙂

  108. VCC says:

    JB, we will have agree to disagree with Gibbs. But, hey what do I know. I am in the minority here as most like him. IMO he is far too injury prone, cannot cross a ball any better than my Nan, not particularly good in the air, useless positionally, and last but not least, his attention retention leaves much to be desired. One acquisition he has, is pace. “Has the potential to be one of the best in the world” !!!!!!!!!!! NOT in my book.

    As to JW, I would have preferred him not to go to Brazil. He has just come back from injury. I’m totally for Arsenal, so would have liked him to stay at home, have a nice relaxing holiday and then start training hard for the new season.

    OX, I think it will do him good to go. It may give us an idea weather he can cope on the big stage, providing he gets a start in Roy’s team (which I have doubt’s). I think Sterling will get the nod over OX. In my book he is much deadlier than our Alex.

    QPR…….they did well last night against a very committed and determined outfit in Wigan. We all know what a fine team the Latics are, just look at how they pushed us so hard in the FA Cup semi final, we only beat them on penalties.

    I too would love to see QPR back in the premiership, but they have a hard nut to crack in the play off final against Derby County. It will be a super game, one of which I am looking forward to immensely. Perhaps GLIC will become a closet Rangers fan and relax and watch them live 🙂

    They should be every Gooner’s second team 😉 as they are a good old homely London club with a fine supporter base, and coincidently, were founded the same year as our own Super Arsenal.

    I was a little disappointed with Junior Hoilett last night, he seemed to play well within himself and never got at the defence until he attacked them and went into the box for the first time in the second half, which is when he was taken out and awarded a penalty. He should do that more often.

    Arry…… a character all right…..we need more guys in the game that speak their mind and are not afraid of authority……..peoples people 🙂

  109. Xavier says:

    After watching that Fa cup highlight above, I’m inclined towards letting fabianski keep at the finals. X_x

  110. Have we bought any SQ yet ?………NO !!!………Wenger out !…..Cockie In !.

    Well all the tweets from Lothar Matthaus saying Josip Drmic was ours were way off the radar, he`s gone to Levekusen !. So that`s one off the list and we can count Costa off as he`s going to Chavs !. Right, give me some names bastards !. hahaha
    Talking of the Chavs !……I bet their players going to the World Cup are in a panic that their WAG`s wont be allowed to go !………….John Terry and Ashley Cole are being left behind to comfort them !.

  111. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂

    So, the league is over and now let’s see how FA Cup Final will pan out. Hull City will be without Long (the only striker I know which tap-ins can be labelled as Long shots!) and Jelavic (my surprising choice for Giroud’s back-up before he went to Hull instead) so we should be in charge of the match from the very beginning. They are type of team similar to West Ham and that means Cazorla should make a show – they are too slow to close him down and to deny him space to make something magical on his own. Podolski has also enjoyed playing West Ham and Hull City this season so he might score one of the biggest goals of his career on Saturday.

    When it comes to Sagna, I’m just afraid that his loss would be a set-back similar to losing Flamini in the summer 2008. Losing Bac means we need two bodies two replace him (no, it’s not a pun regarding his wife) because he is a quality right full-back and a quality central defender. It’s no wonder people have been mentioning names like Micah Richards (suffers from Diabytis), Chris Smalling (jack-of-two-trades-master-of-none) and Phil Jones (unlikely to happen).

  112. James Bond says:

    hey Xavier, long time no see – good to see you around and fully agree with your comments !

    your reservations are valid @ VCC – and also, your opinions carry a lot of weight and are backed up with substance re- Gibbs but you know, it’s only the first season where he’s really played these many games as he has done and hopefully from now on, he’ll only keep improving… being a LB is all about confidence and if he can stay fit for longer periods of time then who is to say that he won’t improve further ?

    I remember Ca$hley cole being an absolute handful when attacking , he literally took care of our left side of the field and hence we were never really reliant on our left wingers as such when he was playing (back in the day)…Gibbs might be able to surprise a few people, including you but if he doesn’t then it won’t be due to a lack of effort or trying – he just needs to play a season without injuries and possibly Poldi ahead of him ? I always think that combos are very underrated in footy – Nacho works well with Santiago and Gibbs works well with Poldi (believe it or not), ha

    but yes, your book has a lot more pages and chapters than mine , so if he is not going to be a world beater in your book then I respect that as well, no problemo.

    ah and I wanted him to be on the plane to Brazil, JW – he needs to be playing in the biggest events and matches – the more he plays, the more he matures and comes off age – you know as my amigo 17HT says – there are injuries and then there are WEN-JURIES – was it AW’s way of giving JW an extended rest ? possibly – see this is the thing, we never well n truly who is fully fit or who has a niggle or 2 .

    sure he had a fracture but he also needs games at this age, he won’t improve just by sitting on the bench or resting or relaxing on a nice holiday .

    yep, QPR have done well and I like their owner to be honest, he is exactly the kind of owner, most clubs would want to see – what the fans want, he gives them or tries to at least, even though he may have limitations – gonna keep fingers crossed for QPR

  113. James Bond says:

    Hi Admir 🙂

    how are you ?

    Re- Sagna leaving – well , allow me to quote your favourite manager and the manager you love the most aka Arsene Wenger and I quote ” If Sagna doesn’t sign it’s his right to do this but it is also our right to show intent and act accordingly with our actions ” –

    now then, AW hardly ever comes out like that saying, right, you wanna leave then leave and we will show you through our actions what we are capable off (yes, he will no doubt be buying a RB from ligue 2 or 3 from France) that’s what you and Glics are thinking, aren’t ya ?

    not this time, I reckon.

    there’s this fella who plays for Barca and happens to be Brazilian ? I hear he’s quite decent , goes by the name of Dani something 😉

  114. Admir says:

    Hi, 007. 🙂 I’m fine, thank you. How are you? I hope a health situation of your significant other is much better now.

    Re: Dani Alves – I’m not sure he is what we need, actually. He might have made a few excellent displays for Barcelona lately but he is not a player that he used to be (like most of Barcelona players since Guardiola left) and – to be honest – I’ve always rated Bac more because of his defensive qualities. It might sound like a surprise but a prospect of signing Aurier excites me much more than Alves’ rumour. 😉

  115. James Bond says:

    getting there, slowly yet surely – thanks !

    Alves Rumour ? who started such a rumour and where is it, let me read let me read ahahahahahahahahhaahha

    of course, in an ideal world – Sagna signs but since this world isn’t perfect, I’ll settle for AW’s sharp tongued response – we have replacements or players in mind.

    you know there are times when AW has my full sympathy (going off topic) but yes, not everything wrong at Arsenal is his fault , believe it or not !

    for instance, we have always been in for the best players but without having the financial resources to back it all up – take Hazard for Example

    AW ” I had his agent sat in my house as we discussed the deal and then boom, come in Chelsea”

    again, same story with Mata e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c

    What manager doesn’t want to sign the best if their club is backing them up ? which makes me wonder about the people who run the club and spout nonsense such as IA pinning everything on AW and letting him face the music .

    so really, what I’m trying to say here is that it shouldn’t be Wenger OUT but more like Stan out ? after all, he is the one who increases the ticket prices or makes such decisions which he could easily veto.

    love or hate man city and their rich sheikhs – not only do they win their fans trophy but they also don’t suck their fans blood dry by charging sky high prices ? I was reliably informed by a man city supporter, that their ticket or season ticket prices are the lowest in England ? quite remarkable for a team who on average spend 100 million almost every season .

  116. Not sure what Mansour City prices are, when they are cheating FFP to the tune of 100`s of Millions, they can subsidise their selves and give the impression they are the good guys !. Scumbags the lot of them from Manshafter Std to Bindippers, from Chavski to Totscum !……Mansour City were the less agonising scum on a scale of 1 to 10…….Totscum being the highest !.
    I`m sure bidding £35M to RM` £25M for Isco would have either got us the deal or at least got Malaga some more money !. It`s ok for Darth Wenger to say he had Hazard tied up in his house fiddling with him, but he should have paid the boy some rent !. We have been linked to many fine players, Some have been in the Hazard position, with names on shirts etc`, but Wenger failed to go the extra mile ( money ) in getting their services !. No excuse now !…we have the money, it`s just whether they meet Wenger`s own valuation against what they are really worth, which is usually more !. That’s where Dein is missed !.

  117. Alves looks a great player for Barca with all their possession, would he be as good when being constantly harassed and having less possession in the EPL ?.

    Night !.

  118. Nasri not selected for French WC squad !……he will go from bench warmer to sofa warmer in the summer !.

  119. James Bond says:

    they might be scums @ Glics – but they look after their supporters well.

    get real now, you are having us start a bidding war with RM when we couldn’t even entertain the likes of NAPOLI for HIGUAIN.

    get real ahahahahahahahhahaahahhaahahahahhahahahahahahaha

    us competing with Real madrid and getting Malaga more money, isn’t that what Real Madrid done to Napoli, to get more money for Higuain after using us as bait and in return giving us Ozil ? interesting none the less !

    yep, agreed – David Dein is missed plenty

    sleep well

  120. James Bond says:

    yep, no Nasri, no Tevez or Diaby even, for the world cup 😯

  121. Admir says:

    Cockie, you’re right about Alves. He was the main reason why Barcelona formation was considered to be 3-4-3. If there would be a good thing about his signing, it would be more final product for us from the full-back position. Jenkinson’s goal (second for Arsenal, the first one linesman didn’t see against Reading in COC) was the only goal we got from the open play from our full-backs in the league. That’s why I’d try to get Coleman.

    007, there were some rumours about him in the recent past. It’s nice to read about us getting Barcelona first-teamers and not vice versa for a change though!
    And, for some reason, I believe we will go after Vincent Aboubakar from Lorient. He’s so Wenger-esque signing that Lorient have already prepared a shiny paper in our colours to wrap him up with a note: “He’ll play more than Diaby and score more than Sanogo has scored so far!”

  122. jgc says:


    Isn’t the gap between City’s spending and it’s ticket prices the clear proof of FFP cheating? Stupid to be so open about it. Apparently offside as well on homegrown numbers for CL… Could be interesting for them next year…

    As for spending. There is also spending stupid. IMO, Bale didn’t pay off yet for RM but we will see as their debtors, the small Spanish Caja banks, get squeezed … IMO, same reason Barca is already selling..

    Time will tell, more important things this Saturday.

    Hope all goes well or better in more serious world events!

    Best to all — jgc

  123. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

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