The Pictures That Say It All – 17 May 2014: a Glorious Day

FA Cup Final Match Review: We Are The Champions!


** Please note: not Szczesny but Fabianski in goal

Arsenal vs Hull City at Wembley. The FA Cup final. It was for me, personally, the first final I have witnessed since becoming a Gooner, and I missed it! I was forced to go to a college graduation over an hour away from my house, taking place at the same time as the final! So naturally I went dark from the internet and my phone to avoid spoilers and waited until I got home. After getting home, my Arsenal loving mother and I watched the game on recording, with no knowledge of the result, the score, or anything.

The atmosphere looked incredible. There seemed to be far more Arsenal fans than Hull fans and I really thought we were going to win comfortably. However, it was just the 3rd minute when Hull scored the opener. A corner was swung into the box, volleyed towards goal by Huddlestone, and deflected in by Chester. Fabianski was wrong-footed and could only watch as the ball rolled agonizingly by his fingers and into the side netting. A shock-lead for the underdogs, early on.


After that goal, Arsenal looked a little shell-shocked, but the comeback still looked possible. However, just a few minutes later another cross was swung in. It was headed towards goal, Fabianski palmed it wide, but Davies was on hand to drive it home. Replays show that Davies looked offside, but the referee (who had a bit of a howler on the day) allowed the goal and, eight minutes into the FA Cup final, Arsenal were two goals down.


My mother and I sat there with tears in our eyes. But it was a unique experience as we were all alone. No internet to calm us down, no one on Bergkampesque to talk to. And I must admit, even though I am usually the most optimistic of Gooners, I turned to my mom and said that we were going to lose. I just had a terrible feeling, but after that we improved. And in the 17th minute, our miracle arrived. The Spanish magician Santi Cazorla stepped over a free kick and rifled it into the far corner, perfectly over McGregor’s head. It was an incredible free kick perfect for the occasion.


After that, we never looked like losing. Countless chances went begging and we had four penalty calls ignored. Two were debatable and I could’ve accepted they weren’t called if not for the referee’s horrible game, but two were clear and should have been called and it was embarrassing that they weren’t.


Surprisingly, in the 61st minute, Wenger did exactly what I wanted him to do, switch to a two striker system with Yaya Sanogo coming in. And he did it early! After that, the whole game changed. Sanogo’s physical presence and his pace brought new life into the game. He drove forward, made trouble for the Hull defenders, and swung the momentum strongly in our favour. He was definitely one of the best players on the field. From then on we fought and fought and finally the breakthrough came. The first three goals all came from set pieces and this one would be no different. A corner was swung in by Santi and deflected between a few players on both teams before falling to Koscielny, who hit the ball through McGregor’s legs and was then felled by the Hull goalie. The injury looked bad, but he was able to continue, and more importantly, we were level in the 72nd minute!


After that we looked like we might win it in the 90 minutes. We had many chances with the partnership of Yaya and Ollie getting many shots off. Finally with just a few minutes to go Sanogo picked out a free Gibbs at the far post seven yards from goal, but he blazed it over the bar! I worried for Gibbs after that, as I know from my own playing experience that a miss like that can really shake a player badly, but he seemed to pick himself up really well. We got on with the game and I thought we’d won it when Giroud volleyed the ball at goal, but McGregor pushed it wide and it went into extra time. It was very painful to watch, especially alone.


In extra time we were the only side that looked like scoring. We pushed forward the whole first period, missing just wide multiple times, with Rambo firing everywhere except the back of the net. After the first period of extra time Rosicky and Wilshere were introduced to put some pace back into our game, and it worked. In the 109th minute a wonderful interchange between Sanogo and Giroud left Giroud running away from goal with the ball, Ramsey ran into the space Giroud had opened up, Giroud flicked the ball behind him with his heel, and Ramsey coolly finished the ball into the near post with the outside of his foot before the Hull keeper could even react.


After that Hull had nothing to lose. They pushed far forward and we probably should have had one more on the break. At one point, we looked in trouble, as Per slipped and Fabianski made a horrid mistake by coming miles off his line to chase down the ball, and he slid right by Aluko who shot the ball  towards goal from a tight angle; Gibbs was on the line ready to clear it, but the ball rolled just wide anyway. After that we held on and when the whistle finally blew it was magical.


The players collapsed exhausted and unbelieving. It was wonderful to watch us win this major come back, and the first trophy I have ever seen. This team fully deserved to win and it was fantastic to watch my team run around the field in celebration. Ramsey was deservedly the hero after his amazing season. Finally, after an eternity, all our players had their medals and the trophy was ready to be lifted. It was great to watch as captain Verm and Wenger lifted the trophy.


The parade was also lovely to watch Sunday morning, and after winning a trophy and having this wonderful atmosphere around them, it will be interesting to see what happens with Fabianski and Sagna and their expiring contracts. Sagna gave an interview after the final saying that he will see if he can “find a solution” to this contract issue. I would love to see him stay. But on another note, it was an incredible feeling for us to win this trophy and this will be a spring board to future success. We now have a team full of trophy winners and the Emirates trophy curse is broken. Players will be even more attracted to us this summer and I can’t wait to see what next season brings.

Overall, the team played well after the Cazorla free kick and there were stand out performances from Koscielny, Sanogo, and of course Rambo.

So for the final review of the seasons, some questions:

  1. Who was your man of the match?
  2. What is your opinion of Sanogo?
  3. How does it feel to win a cup at last?
  4. Will this be a spring board for future trophies?

Thanks for reading and happy celebrations to you all! 😀

Written By: Dylan.

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95 Responses to The Pictures That Say It All – 17 May 2014: a Glorious Day

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow Dylan!

    A fantastic match report that captures the game and the fans’ perspective perfectly, both in words and images. You have done the site proud today and I am sure that all of us will revisit this review regularly for years to come. 🙂

    Who was your man of the match? Sanogo. He brought fight and energy and made the Hull buses shiver.
    What is your opinion of Sanogo? Raw talent with a great physique and bags of energy. There is something about this lad that makes me believe he’ll go far. A lot more work to be done, but this guy has got it all.
    How does it feel to win a cup at last? A relief, more than anything else. Something to potentially build on now, but whether it is a stepping stone remains to be seen. But winning something sows the seeds for wanting and believing in more trophies, and that can only be a good thing.
    Will this be a spring board for future trophies? Potentially yes, but the real springboard will be starting to beat the other top teams on a regular basis.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    All the selected pictures are great Dylan, but the Cazorla pen shout and the Gibbs miss are simply sublime.

  3. Dylan says:

    Thanks TA, and I agree. The pictures with the crowd reacting with the players in the background really sums up this club. The fans love it so much we feel like we are on the pitch and we empathize with the players.

  4. Dylan says:

    Oops just realized I have Szcz in goal when in fact Fabianski played!

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    I watched in a pub Dylan and the atmosphere was great. There were a few Hull supporters and the neutrals cheered the Hull goals as well, but as soon as Cazorla scored I knew how many Gooners were there. We lived through every moment and there was a real collective sense of relief, joy and victory at the end. That is what it is all about.

    It is great that you can watch the games together with your mum when you are that far away from England. I am still hoping she will write a maiden post for BK! 🙂

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    I have added a note, Dylan. Dont worry about it any more. 🙂

  7. Dylan says:

    Thanks TA! Perhaps one day she will write. 😉 I keep trying to convince her, but we’ll see. 😉

  8. Fozzie B says:

    Yabba Dabba Doo!!!!!! Still partying back laters when back in real world! 🙂

  9. geoffchase says:

    Dylan and TA,

    In answer to your queries, Dylan first:

    1. MotM = Cazorla, there when it counted! Honorable mention to our entire midfield who fought against a 2 deep stack of 6+ down the middle and constant, very physical harassment that the ref wasnt going to call. They made it all happen as well or better than Hull would let it and kept Hull running so that eventually fatigue told and more and more started to slip further and further through. It was a thankless day for midfielders, but they should be deservedly thanked.

    2. Sanogo = raw talent and obviously caused them strife when they couldnt collapse on just Ollie. Per a prior comment, we once trialled a very similar Yaya at ST and let him go because he was a bit raw there, but now he does ok for City … So, option 2, as Sanogo comes of age should it be B2B or ST?? For next year, still pretty raw though he will see more action

    3. Great, need you ask?

    4. Yes, as well as a springboard to getting the right players this summer so we can show 1 and 2 strikers and even a 4-3-3 with confidence across teh park. We couldnt do that this year and that made scoring hard as were a touch more predictable… But, next year! ..

    TA questions:

    a. Sanogo = answered above

    b. Dylan’s mum = I am going to say you shouldnt be asking Dylan about his mum… Since CM hasnt butted in to say something worse yet..

    Final Note to Dylan = the ref was determined NOT to be controversial yesterday, I think. Hence, no pens etc.. And in doing so, became… yup… controversial… 🙂
    cheers — jgc

  10. proudgooner says:

    Nice piece Dylan,
    a- MOTM for me was KOS, he always scores important goals and he scored to put us 2-2 Rambo scored the winner and took the headlines. But Laurent put his body on the line got injured to make sure there was extra-time. It was his heart and battling warrior qualities that was needed in the final so for me le pitbull deserves it, great way to celebrate your new contract too.
    b- Sanogo is a great player i think, one Wenger has wanted for years that tells me something. I also think the likes of him ,Zaleem , Gnabry and Ozil will make Arsene even more keen to get back to work next season They will be his new rough diamonds he will shaping to sparkle.I think Sanogo can be every bit as good as Lukaku and Barkley as a great young player, its surprising he did not score but i am not worried about that i believe once he scores he will be on fire, like Rambo.
    c-More then anything i am happy for Wenger, the way he has been treated at times is disgusting. Jose M comment just the tip of the iceberg finally they can f*** off and leave him alone 🙂
    d-They are Champions and from a non-biased point i think non more deserving. It is defo a spring board . They should now believe totally . I might even put a bet on Arsenal to retain the FA cup and really push on and challenge in the premier league , possibly win it who knows.??

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Geoff 🙂

    So we are playing against a mediocre team who put up two rows of defensive minded players – surprise, surprise – and all we can do is tire them out, whilst conceding twice in the process? Where was our fight in the first half, our muscle, our passing, our dominance in front of their ‘D’?

    THIS is what needs to change next season, as it would have cost us very dearly against a better team IMO.

  12. geoffchase says:


    Easy answers:

    A. No good team barring Maureen would sit so far so we would have more space

    But, given that I’m psychic and can already tell before posting you won’t respond well to that

    B. We did get some presence, and it was needed forward more and that was Sanogo who despite his rawness bullied about a bit more and let OG do similar.


    C. We don’t have that Vieira-esque or Adams-esque take no prisoners Midfielder.. Yet


    D. I ventured a TV or Sanogo conversion if we cannot find a more serious SQ type in that role. And I think such are more rare than SQ strikers we all agree on, which is a subset of SQ strikers. We DO need that presence

    But also the fact that we missed:

    E. Pace and Theo out wide. What breaks a bus like that isn’t force, it’s width. Threat to not only go by BUT BY and AROUND , like Gibbs and others trying to cut back on occasion., is what forces that central bus to spread wider and open holes down the middle. Without that they can sit and let you cross all day

    Finally, for C-E, I’d note that they hammered us all day, pretty damn blatantly and got away with it, so that physicality was rewarded and is a disincentive and difficulty that is hard to overcome without C and E above.

    Thus all my calls for a B2B DM type and some pace. I’d take that over a striker we need but think a Reus type could fill the pace, wing and forward fill in roles across a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 … Ie it’d be worth extra for all that then he might be worth to others perhaps. DiMaria in a pinch?

    So, we lack the tools. We were incomplete this year in these situations without the tools to more effectively crack that ball

    And finally finally the last two

    F. Give Hull credit. They showed in a cup final and played well over their line. Similar to some Wigan team and a famous west ham team and many others. Cup finals and all bets are off.


    G. Equally, their first goal especially was more luck than art or desire. They got a corner and a relatively luck nudge on. Not design or plan but beautiful none the less.

    I remind all finally, that it is a game, and thus the other team is actually entitled to play well and, the philosophically inclined would say that they honor us and the cup final in doing so..!

    Now, leave Dylan’s Mum alone! 😛

    Cheers — jgc

  13. geoffchase says:


    A better team would never have tried the cross/corner to volley and a prayer play… 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    A lot of merit in there, Geoff, and thanks for cutting it all up for me! You clearly like to explain everything away and who am I to blow against that wind. 🙂

    Not sure about calling the first Hull goal lucky, though. It was a training ground corner and only the penultimate ball was lucky, but that’s football (our equaliser had a similar element).

    Finally, we all know that teams like to put their boot in us and the refs let this happen far too often… But we need to be equally as hard in those situations.

  15. geoffchase says:


    I are a perfesser so …. Splainin is what I does…

    The first goal was luck capitalized on by e finish. But, as I said somewhere yesterday I’m the first to say it does t really matter how it got there. It simply happened and so it goes… We may have flattened and let ourselves down a little leading to the second.

    As for presence or Presence! In midfield, bring back Adams or Vieira! We do need it but it’s harder than ever to find… We are pretty but not hard as is. At least not in front of BFG and Kos …

    My biggest worry is Theos knee. Pace is one thing that goes quickly and doesn’t rehab as well sometimes. Bad luck when it does…

    Cheers — jgc

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    The box to box man for me is Aaron Ramsey, so for me it is not a Yaya type but a Nigel de Jong, Wanyama who would make us play muchos Betteros footie. I can hear HH sighing…. 🙂


    Thanks Dylan, great stuff my young friend

    Man of the match was Arteta. I feel some may not agree on this choice. hahaha. But of course they know nothing about tactics, were as I am a trained observer. I have a very large telescope at home and could give you minute tactical details of all my female neighbours.

    Sanogo is a brilliant prospect. I watched it on record after and was very impressed with his immature antics. He is one of those guys that when a news reporter is standing outside court detailing a very heinous crime that has shocked the public, he will get into camera shot and pull off some funny face and weird youth hand gesture. I love him already.

    It was fantastic winning the Cup. I was so happy for Wenger. The man is an Arsenal legend.

    Yes, its a springboard. Once you pull a fit bird, confidence sky rockets, we all know this. I fully expect many more trophies and women next season.

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    You are the professor and master of analysis, applying your surgical scalpel with the lightest of ease, Geoff. This I love about you, and JM and JB have similar qualities: I would hire you all hahaha 🙂

    Agreed on pace and width and presence. We used to suffocate teams with our semi-ring of dominance, battering the busses from all angles and only letting them have a breather once we were well ahead…only then to take them on the counter…. Dammed if you do. Dammed if you don’t hahahaha

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    And there is Terry, master of anecdote who lives for just two F-words. 🙂

  20. geoffchase says:



    More than one way to skim that cat, re Wanyama et al!!

    Cheers — jgc


    hahaha, yes TA. Football and Ferret training are my two loves.

    I hate to disappoint, but I don’t think Arsenal will be buying a holding midfielder. We have enough bodies in there and to be honest, with the way we play the last thing we need is someone there who cant move the ball quickly and accurately enough.

    A right back, a back up goalkeeper, and a brilliant attacking talent (Alexis Sanchez for me) are the key targets.

    What I would say though is that Arsene may go for a freebie like Barry, or even more intriguingly, some one like Milner.

    I know people will laugh at the Milner suggestion, but he is a very good player. Could come inside and is a tough little f*ucker, could play wide and would defend properly there, and could even be used as an emergency right back.

  22. henrychan says:

    Hi all.. Nice to meet you all again.. Sorry for not contributed for so long..

    The matched was owsome.. we finally get back our pride as a Gunner..
    I fall asleep and missed the first half game.. lucky me not seeing the bad thing in the first 12 minutes.. I just saw how our team fight to win the trophy.. And we did it..
    When Koscielny score the goal.. I knew it we will win..

    And we know that winning FA Cup will bring back our glory like 10 years ago..
    It is just the beginning.. Next season there will be more trophies coming to Emirates.. hahaha..

    Cazorla, Koscielny and Ramsey all my motm.. hehehe..
    All of their goal are the same important..
    Without Cazorla’s Goal.. the players will stop their hope..
    without Koscielny’s goal.. We are finished..
    without Ramsey’s goal we will never be the winner.. hahahaha..

    I like Sanogo.. He got a lot energy there..
    But I don’t like his legs.. He must learn how to kick the ball properly..
    He had a great move.. a strong body.. just a bad kick..
    Maybe he must learn from Ramsey to change his un-lucky kick.. hahaha..

    And yes.. I am so happy for today is my birthday.. 43 yo..
    The FA Cup is the best gift for me..
    And I am very optimistic about our team.. We will win a lot next season.. more than just FA Cup..
    Theo and Diaby back from Injured.. Campbell back from loan..
    And Vela, Song and Fabregas back to their truly home.. hehehehe..
    We don’t need to buy anyone.. just bring back all the players.. they belong to Emirates.. hahaha..
    Go Gunners..

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry, that is okay buddy. My DMs can move the ball as well, but hey, I have settled for more of the same next season and I live in Cornwall now (and bought a sofa with a very high back and a fridge built into it). Yes, I have become a clogger of doom and my only solace is being surrounded by the most benign Lesbanians.

    …..yes master Glic, your beer is on its way…

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Happy birthday Henry hehehehe. Good to see you back with that overflowing glass of yours. 🙂

    How is Yoona da Goona?

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Prof, do I sense a post brewing in Kiwi-land? 😕

  26. Gerry says:

    Great post Dylan. I love the pictures and detail of key moments, as I too, missed some of the ‘live’ action, including the injury to Kos and goal, and all the post match celebration.

    I just hope your future studies do not restrict your writing for BK as much they did this season?

    As for your questions:
    1, the photos do indeed tell it all – The team, plus manager.

    2, I partly answered this in my earlier piece. He will be a great player if things fall into place.
    Key things; I said at the very beginning of the season, he is a project for next season. This is his first season in the EPL, and let’s not forget, from the French 2nd tier.
    New signings? One could be in his favour; A DM, allowing us to play with two up front, at least some of the time. He is not ready for the sole central striker, but as this game showed, he can be an amazing support?
    Game time? Tied a little with the above re new signing, but also the growth of Gnabry, or to a lessor degree, Akpom. But beyond that there is his own physical development. He put a lot of work in to become physically stronger, now he has to work on his coordination.
    Finally his head. Can he keep the same level headed approach that has brought him this far, and not slip back and think he’s made it because he has won a Cup Final winners medal?
    All will be revealed as he progresses next season.

    3, I am lucky enough to be old enough to remember being there, supporting a winning team, so I know just how great it feels. This time around, a bit of personal sadness has tainted the weekend, but that does not take away from the great pleasure I see in the players, manager, and fans alike.

    4, There is a part of me that thinks the board will think ‘Great Job Arsene, go and repeat it next season with a minimal spend!’
    Hopefully they will see the bigger picture?

    Cheers Dylan

  27. Superb Dylan !.
    Like you, I watched the game semi-live, although I did know that we won the cup, I just didn`t know the score !. Great to have your Gooner mum watching with you, just think of us BKers as your Gooner dads and then it wont be a shock for you to come home one day and discover one of us there going over tactics !. hahaha

    It`s now all about who we are going to spend the Wonga on !…..or are we going to spend it on anyone ?. Some BKers want SQ and some are quite happy to let Arsene bring in some Ligue 3 and loan players !. We are all individuals on here with varying ideas and thoughts on our Sith Lord.
    I actually accidently met a fellow BKer of different opinion, well let me just tell you the story and I will keep the Bkers name a secret, but just to give a bit more depth lets just pluck a totally random name out of the air and call him……VCC !.
    I was having some extra carnal knowledge with an Essex women when the door opened to the bedroom and her husband VCC popped his head around the door and……..well this is the transcript…..

    VCC : ” what`s happening here ? ”

    Cockie : “erm…..Hydraulic Fracturing !………I`m testing your wife for new energy sources ……here`s my card !.

    VCC : ” Interesting….so you`re Fracking my wife ! “……It says Shafting on your card, what`s that ? ”

    Cockie : ” Shaft Her Arse For Traceable Internal Natural Gas ! ”

    VCC : Oh right !…..I`m into the environmental stuff, I`m currently connecting my colostomy bag upto my aquaponics system in the green house !…..can I watch ?.

    Cockie : ” No probs , take a seat ! ”

    VCC : ” thanks, this should be educational, by the way, I see you have some technical equipment handy, what`s that sex toy looking thing for ? ”

    Cockie : ” oh that, it`s a DILDO……Direct Inside Labia Deep Operation ! ”

    VCC : “fantastic !. you really know your stuff…….you`re an Arsenal supporter, aren`t you ! ”

    Cockie : Yes, how did you know that ? ”

    VCC : I noticed whilst you were Fracking my wife, that you have Stevie Bould and Bertie Mee`s faces tattooed on to your testicles ! ” .

    Cockie : You a Gooner as well ?.

    VCC : Yes !. what do you think will happen in the Summer TW ? ”

    Cockie : I`ve heard from some close contacts at Arsenal that Arsene is going to spend at least £160M in the window ! ”

    VCC : ” Wenger spend £160M in the TW….hahaha……You must think I`m some kind of idiot !….listening to your bollox slapping onto my wife`s arse in search of new energy was ok, but, I`m not listening to that bollocks about Wenger spending £160M !… carry on Fracking my wife, I`m off !………Wenger spending £160M !…….he must think I was born yesterday !. “

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahwaaahahahahahaha 😛

    Cracking bonkers

  29. VCC says:

    Cockie…….£160 million….my arse. 😉 I definitely weren’t born yesterday……..lots of yesterdays in my life time.

    I hear Stretch is after two cracking players……!!!!!!! James Milner and Gareth Barry. Do you think he needs to become an in mate at your Launcestern mental institute?

  30. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockster, that was fracking brilliant… Unfortunately I will never be able to see Steve Bould (and his round, bald head, with those beady eyes enhanced by the guy-liner…) without thinking of other items…

    Cheers to the master…

  31. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey fellas…I really don’t want to bury the story of Great Gooners Cockie and VCCs first meet-up 😯 with more fish and chip wrapping, but here goes… On the other hand, Dylan’s beautiful match report deserves a response too… I was considering salacious photos of how I picture Dylan’s mum, but I guess I’ll stick with what I’ve already written… Apologies, apologies…

    First off, Dylan, it really is a GREAT match report w/excellent photos from (what turned out to be) a great day. I’m haunted by the image of you and your mom seeing those first two goals go in and the momentary loss of faith. It was pretty shocking in real time… Still, the fact that you stayed with it and didn’t throw in the towel (check the interweb for a final score…) shows a willingness to take what comes (i.e., suffer) which is what makes the triumph(s) all the better when it (they) finally arrive. WELL DONE!!

    Of course, that’s the Arsenal in microcosm and maybe the whole business of being a Gooner (and a Gunner…) these days. The promise of the first half of AW’s years at the club combined with the sufferings of part 2 have been too much for many to bear. We’ve been too high but then too low (even if we might’ve gone a lot lower, IMO). The (structural) body blows of scrimping for the new stadium (and the premature dismantling of the great team of the early oughts), huge money tossed around (from every direction: Russia, America and the Persian Gulf…) while AW tried to reinvent with youth and re-treads and guys found deep in the French football…Well, it’s all been a *bit* much…Finally, a little light (and air) at the end of the tunnel…(!)…

    It’s *only* one trophy and (merely) a domestic cup, but look how Manchester City let it slip against (a relegation team) a year ago. For neutrals (although nobody, I think, is a neutral on the question of Arsenal…) it was brilliant, even if the bigger dog came out on top. Spotting Hull the two goals showed all the frailty of the team (nerves? lack of physical presence?…) but Gibbs’ stopping #3 on the line (the play without which it likely would have proved too much…) and then Santi’s goal and just the relentless *desire* to make things right, were the difference between an *assembled* team of big money players willing to let their manager (Mancini) twist in the wind vs a *cultivated* team doing what was needed to get theirs across the line (so that *their* manager would sign on the dotted one for a few more years)… I’m still rather pleased, two days on, I have to say… 😀

    Two things… I use the ** in lieu of italics, and speaking of dogs…I’m very sorry about yours, Gerry… 😦

    Onto the questions. If I must pick a MOTM for me it was Santi…He got the team out of the early shell shocked mode and moving forward. He used the ref to set up his goal (it was his foul too…) and his precision play in the box should’ve worked in that same manner to yield a pair of pens (to be converted by his countryman Arteta and earn a comfortable win in regular time). Of course the other goal scorers (and ALL the others) showed an unwillingness to give up which was the critical ingredient. Special props should go to the two French CFs, who did their very best and (after an early faking of injury by Giroud…) just kept working and working (knowing the ref wouldn’t come to their aid). Not always pretty, of course, but that sort of determination is priceless.

    Which leads to the question of Yaya. Defenses will fear having two big French work-horses in the squad and the up-side potential of the younger one seems undeniable. I fear for his skinny legs (too reminiscent of Diaby’s…) but he will develop. Decision making seems a work in progress but this is a 10-10 or 15-15 (goals and assists) guy if he can stay fit and continues to add muscle. Of course, he needs to get that first one, keep a level head and get the second and the third and so on, while keeping his eye for the pass. As Gerry suggests, it’s hard to know about the mental attributes once the success comes, but it’s good to have a striker (or two) who can impact the match w/o scoring. (Unfortunately, this points a finger at Poldolski, but Lulu at least looks good with a trophy lid for a hat…)

    #3) I feel better than expected finally getting this cup victory but that comes from the (desperate and unified) way it came about…

    #4) Kicking on seems the hardest part. It would be good if all the characters could appreciate the togetherness embodied in this effort (and result) but I fear we will revert all too quickly to the usual culture of “every man for himself.” Early reports suggest AW gets 3 years at 8 million each (to match Ozil’s top of the club salary?…) but that Sagna and Fabianski are both off for greener pastures. Silent (Stingy?) Stan attended the match but I wonder if he can stray from his usual script of extreme conservatism and biding his time. I do believe that there will be greater opportunity this Summer in the bargain bin end of the market. (Remy as a cheap guy to spell Theo, replace Lulu and fight with Yaya for a spot on the bench behind Ollie, for example…) It was a group win with no real leaders–the cup lifting captain didn’t even play!–but that means that anybody we lose will be tougher to replace. I fear we have a lot to do just to stay even and other leader types (BFG and Arteta…) might not have the qualities (as on-pitch participants) to take us to the next level. Meanwhile, a lot of the young (British) core didn’t even play (Theo, Chambo) or played only in cameo (Jack). At least they know how to gee up the fans with local hatreds… On the plus side, Aaron Ramsey made a famous kick (after multiple attempts), shouldn’t hurt himself over the Summer and seems well dedicated to the cause… Overall, despite the (great) collective victory, keeping the puzzle together and building upon it to take on the bigger challenges seems a monumental task. Luckily we’ve got a great manager at the helm (IMO)… If we can keep the team completely on task, get the support to ignore the press (and other more skeptical voices) and move forward… Well, you never know… 😀

    So there you go… One we shan’t soon forget, that’s for sure…


    hahaha, brilliant Cornwall.

    ive always been suspicious of this “Fracking” activity. What kind of geezer invents a drilling process and calls it Fracking?

    I get a feeling its a bit like “Awite mate, ive invented this new thingy to drill for oil and shit. There might be the odd earhquake, but you can claim from the insurance. Cost yer about a billion quid and once its done you will be truly fracked”

    Vics, i have done a calculation of Arsenals transfer spend taking into our recent accounts and estimated future income. Once wages are factored in, our possible net spend is £38 million.

    Hope this makes you feel better. hahaha

  33. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Terry, Fracking aside, is this FFP decision against City all the more motivation to plow (plough?) it all into (above market) wages on Bosman guys like our own Bacary Sagna? Seems to me like the FFP has plenty of loopholes, but I only look at the broad strokes… Knowing that you’re quite the master of ALL the strokes (broad, fine and from from behind…) perhaps you can enlighten us…


    Thats always been the case 17, but with the caveat that we have a wage structure that is on average way below the likes of Citys it would be hard to get the required quality unless the structure is broken. Something Arsene is against. If we then start offering signing on fees, we will probably be outbid.

    Honestly, i did do the math and came to £38 Million but used to many variables so could be well out but I reckon its around that mark.

    Really Its not rocket science. Our turnover with sponserships and extra tv money is about to take our turnover from 230m odd to 300m.

    70m extra, but when you factor in wages to keep the players we have and then the increase in wages in buying new players of top quality, we are looking at around £40m net spend.

  35. VCC says:

    Most of the financial aspect is all Greek to me Stretch. I always hear the drum being bnged about take into consideration their wages etc etc. BUT never hear the wage decrease when we off load several players……..which I’m sure will be the case this summer…..? No?

  36. VCC says:

    If your saying we only have £30 odd million to spend this summer then its ALL DOOOOOOM. 😉

  37. VCC says:

    Bring back Vela and Fabregas……promote Bellerin and Gnabry…..sorted.


    I reckon its closer to £40m Vics. Not bad.

    Our wage bill goes up every year. When you think of the new contracts given to our British core then others like Kos and Chesney, it makes sense.

    The first priority with our new wealth is to keep our players, that’s the basics.

    We are in a miles better position than 18 months ago. Losing all our big players and breaking even with transfers. £40M a season is not loose change, its a lot of money, even in the mad world of football

    To put the wages thing into perspective lets look at Sagnas “reported” choice.

    Two years at Arsenal at £90k per week = £9.360 million
    Three years at City £140k per week = 21.840 million

    In other words, Sagna (reported) will make 21.840 – 9.360 = 12.480 million more by moving there.

    That shows you why its hard for Arsenal and Wenger, and why the player desires the move.

  39. 17highburyterrace says:

    Thanks Terry for some, er, hard numbers…. 🙂

    So, if clubs can pay as much as they like (there are no salary caps as in the US leagues…) and then hide their losses in youth academies or (family, above market…) sponsorship deals, they can assemble a group of (lottery) winners pretty much as they please… The only problem then is motivating the 11 (or 14) on match day who actually have to get off their arses and play…

    That’s the one saving grace as I can see it…You still actually have to play the matches and on the day anything can happen. Over time, however, the “money-down-a-hole” clubs really cannot lose…(anything except their owner’s money)… or am I missing something?

    I don’t mean to be doom and gloom here…Instead, appreciative of AW getting his team (or woefully underpaid misfits…) up for the occasion (maybe too much? so that they were nervous at the start?…) and doing the deed–Again, where City couldn’t a year ago (this year too, at home) vs Wigan…Let’s be clear, they backed into the title this season, Kompany’s screwed clearance to Coutinho should have sealed their fate at Cap One cup winners only…

    On the back of OUR Cup win we now need to keep building, accept the structural difficulties and invest with wisdom (not just spend for spending sake). Thus, my advice is to not shout, “buy, buy, buy” but “buy smart (invest smart and play smart)”… Personally, I don’t mind if we’re not the “best” team if we can be the *smartest* team. I know that in various moments our manager makes some mistakes but I’m OK with taking his tenure to 20+ seasons as he seems a pretty smart one…in my opinion… 🙂

  40. AFC says:

    Terry, for some reason I just don’t believe that.

    What about all of our cash reserves, Puma deal, FA Cup money, 4th place/CL money, money from our other sponsers etc? Now I was under the impression we had around £100-120 million in the bank with Arsene easily being able to spend around £80 million. I also heard that only the first year of players wages of any new players would he included within the budget(?), rather than the wages of the entire contract of any new players.

    How are the wages of our current players included in our transfer budget?

    Can you, RA, or any other financial guy please explain it to me with prove and evidence of figures etc? I just can’t believe that we only have £40 mill.

    I am no accountant but…

  41. AFC says:


  42. AFC says:

    Dylan, good post but I really can’t put how happy I am in words. Everything has been said and words can’t describe how happy I am. 🙂


    Proof AFC??? I could never give you that my dear boy. hahaha

    Firstly, always ignore the old “money in the bank” argument. This is a balance sheet item and is not related to profit & loss break even concept.Arsenals accounting period end coincides with the season ticket renewals so cash shown per the accounts is then used to pay wages and club running costs

    You are right about wages. Only the first year is factored in. My calculations added in the expected increase in yearly salaries of new contracts for existing players and and new players and overall a hike of around £18m on total yearly costs

    The other major components are deprecation of players length of contracts 6m, additional club running costs 8m, bringing a total increase in cost of 32m

    Expected increase in turnover averaged out over the life of the new TV deal and sponsorship income is near on £70m

    70m- 32m = 38M available for net spend

    I hope I am wrong and we have a Zillion available, but I suspect my figure is not to far from the reality.

    Perhaps we could spend £80 million. I have heard that some of the sponsorship income is front loaded i.e. we have received more in the first year than the following years, but all things been equal, to break even we are looking at roughly £40m.

    But hey, its only my opinion and a projection at that, so I could be well out.

  44. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, I’m no accountant…And I’ve got to run, but it’s a case of some owners being conservative (wanting to have things run in the black, i.e., make money year to year) and others who couldn’t give a f*ck…”Money to spend” is a completely relative thing when some choose to play with “pounds from heaven”… They’re all billionaires so half a billion here and there aren’t much (for a vanity project…) and at least our owner isn’t borrowing against the assets of the club (as at ManU) to balance his portfolio.

    Look at Stan’s hair-piece…No vanity projects for that fellow, I fear… 😉

  45. AFC says:

    Thanks Terry, I wasn’t trying to stick it on you or anything. I just needed it explaining a bit more and you did that. 🙂

    I hope we have a lot to spend but your an accountant so you must know what your talking about. In that case AW may have to sell the likes of Podolski, Verm, Arteta etc, to free up more funds. Replacing players will mean we have to worry less about the wages of incoming players as the wages we would be saving would help balance things out to an extent, leaving us to deal with the transfer fee?

    For instance selling Podolski and bringing someone in like Vela would mean we make a profit? That profit along with let’s say the sale of Arteta as an example and the saving in his wages will help pay for a new DM? That only leaves us struggling to buy a good ST. GK situation will take care for itself whereas the defenders situation will cost a lot to resolve.

    All my views of course, which could be wrong. We would still have to pay players we sell even when they are no longer with us as well.

  46. AFC says:

    Thanks 17, just looking for some answers to my questions which I got from Terry. I can just imagine JB and Cockie coming on and arguing against Terry on how much money we have to spend. 😀

  47. AFC says:

    Your point also holds weight 17ht. 🙂

  48. Gerry says:

    Hello all, It didn’t take long for the discussion to slip into TW talk, and how much we will spend, did it.
    Come on guys, enjoy the moment. Relive it.

    Too many variables Terry to make any sort of guess. Unless you are looking at the books, it is all an (educated) guess.

    On the Sagna bit for example. I worked on the figure with him staying here on a 3 year deal @ £100k, about £5m a year. Roughly £15m. JB suggest we get £16m for winning the Cup, which we did not have before Saturday?

    True, he might get £8m at City, less at United, But the sign on bonus could anything between £10-£15m, cheap for a world class player?

    Financially, there is only one winner. But, will he get to pay regularly at City? No. At United, probably, but would he win anything there? No. Does he want to leave London? No. Theseare the things he will be thinking of.

    We have until the 1st of June to persuade him otherwise …

  49. Gerry says:

    I’m struggling against WordPress here. My messages are not getting through, so I posted that without a check
    *’play’ not pay.
    ‘These are’ not as above.

    Reality, they cannot sign him until he is out of contract ,’e 1st of June I believe?

    That goes for us too. So a lot of the chatter is agents huffing and puffing.

  50. Gerry says:

    TA – I have found the key. Ignore their message and keep posting until it goes through …

  51. Gerry says:

    HT – Thanks for the thought earlier, re dogs. What the big downer was, it was the big 10yo Prince who has departed. Suspected cancer of the liver.

    The 15yo Flossie is still awaiting her turn, but is rallying well …

    Life, it just kicks where you least expect it …

  52. James Bond says:

    that was absolutely brilliant to read and view (pictures) @ young D

    well done mate and yes, I can imagine both you gooners being close to tears after we were 0-2 -at that exact moment of time, Glicster was thinking ” am gonna have a field day at BK with all my doom and gloom ready to conquer” and then it was Santiago – bang !

    who was my man of the match ? it was L.KOC – this guy never scores an unimportant goal , Giroud (FTB) take note ahahahahahahahhahahaahahahha

    yeah, he’s an absolute rock and a world class defender in my books already.

    since you gave us many delightful pictures – here is one for you and everyone else…

    take a look at this and tell me – can Sagna really be leaving ? hmmmm

  53. I don’t know Oh Oh Sevennn !………….that picture looks like Wenger has turned into The Sperminator and jizzed into Sagna`s hair !……..being narcissistic, it seems he likes the taste of his own jiz !.

  54. James Bond says:

    Happy birthday – Henry

    BK is not the same without you, don’t go AWOL on us for that long next time !

    Arsenal next game ? against king Henry – more than 2 months away, last week of July


    good thing we have the world cup warm up and matches to look forward to in the mean time –

    Van Gaal is the man utd coach and with that being said, both him and RVP will gang bang man utd together – much worse than Moyes- you wait and watch !

  55. James Bond says:

    if anyone can persuade Sagna to stay on then it’s AW .

    but I do feel that moving TV5 might be paramount to that – sell TV5 abroad to Napoli (he’s injury prone anyway) , I think someone (AB ? ) said that it’s difficult for TV5 to stay on the bench and see other CB’s do that job and it would be hurting him as he deserves to be playing ? — well well well, he’s been out injured most of the season and when he is not injured then he is on the bench, I think out of 9 months, he was only available for 3 ? my way of saying – I much rather lose TV5 but keep Sagna and give him that 3rd CB spot, if that convinces him to stay on !

    and 😀 @ Glics

  56. James Bond says:

    actually let me re-phrase that one

    he’s been out injured most of his ARSENAL playing career – I think out of the last 3 seasons, we only got sort of 1 whole season out of him (And even that might be stretching it not TMHT stretch stretch but you know what I mean ? )

    he’s not playing, and he’s the captain – mostly injured on high wages – sounds like a no brainer to me – kill 2 birds with one stone and give the armband to the BFG.

    sorted !

  57. James Bond says:

    TMHT wrote :

    To put the wages thing into perspective lets look at Sagnas “reported” choice.

    Two years at Arsenal at £90k per week = £9.360 million
    Three years at City £140k per week = 21.840 million

    In other words, Sagna (reported) will make 21.840 – 9.360 = 12.480 million more by moving there.

    That shows you why its hard for Arsenal and Wenger, and why the player desires the move.

    erm no – because when Sagna agrees the contract extension with Arsenal then he get’s a whopping £5 million sweetener in the name of sign on fee – same as what Theo Walcott earned himself last year along with other bunch of loyalty payments and bonuses.

    and when you work out the net figures (deducting tax / N.i) and so on then it’s not really 12.5 million that he will be better off , perhaps 2 or 3 million net (12.5 million – loyalty sign on bonus and other sweeteners ) but certainly not more than that after you pay the taxman (you).


  58. My take on the money we have to spend !. First let me tell you that I don’t get the wool pulled over my eyes and this is due to a chemical imbalance in my brain that makes me detect bullshitters !.
    It came about when I was a boy of 14 !…England were in the WC in Mexico and I was collecting WC Panini stickers. I was so obsessed with them that I failed to realise that I was to become the victim of my mates 17 year old sister !. To cut it short, she told me she had some Panini stickers in her bedroom !. I was lured into her bedroom and made to look for the stickers that were hidden between her legs !.
    Do you remember that scene from “Alien”, when the thing was stuck on the Androids face !…..well her labia was wrapped around my face and suffocating me in similar fashion !.
    I was lucky to escape and ran out her bedroom with 5 packets of Panini stickers between my teeth and would have told the Police about being molested by a paedo, if it wasn`t for the fact they would have required the Panini stickers as evidence !…….plus, I had a World Cup Willy !. Anyway, that’s how I got the chemical imbalance !.
    The point of this story !………..AFC… weary of Transplant and his dodgy accountants talk !. This man is the sort who will look after your savings of £50K and tell you that it`s only £20K !. He then spends the money on new teeth, laser hair removal, a new face and then comes around your house and starts dating your mum and before you know it he`s your new dad and looking after your money again !.
    Now this is the logical way I see it !. Lets forget about the money in the bank thing if Stretch is right and move on to the facts we know !….1) Gazidis told us we will have at least £70M to spend every year and we know we only spent £30M last season, that`s £40M to add on to this season….= £110M !……2 ) we got £90+M this EPL season….Cardiff ( with TV money ) got over £60M…which was more than Manshafter Std got from winning the league last season !, so that means we must have a minimum £30M this season from the EPL than we did last season !. So that takes it up to £140M and that’s with out taking into consideration whether we have any money up front from PUMA and that we shaved £450k per week off the wage bill by losing dead wood this season !.
    Now who do you want to believe, AFC ?….your new dad posing as a dodgy accountant or a van driver !. hahaha


    hahaha, ok guys, to many variables, I know that. I do my estimate every year and get it horrendously wrong some times.

    The sagna thing is a guessing game but i just wanted to point out the basics. City may give him a signing on fee and use a lovely off shore company, create a trust, or pay him a loan he will never repay to avoid tax, who knows?

    The general point though is that City can offer a much better financial deal than us and our net transfer funds are not what the tabloids make out.

    By the way Gerry, i have no real interest in talking about transfers. The main reason I post my financial crap is to dampen expectation, nothing more.

  60. James Bond says:

    ah, and you forgot the ticket price increase by 3% – that’s 3% extra revenue.


  61. Gerry says:

    That is good to CM, as I need £135m for my wish list to be fulfilled.

    How much do you need?


    hahaha, as you can see from Cornwalls post, nothing can bring some people into the real world.


    JB, no i didnt. The cost of excutive seats has been frozen and there is also inflation to take into account. I see no reason to go into minute details. Rather than playing the clever git, try it yourself and see what you come back with

    Ive given my estimate and accept I could be way out, there are a lot of variables

  64. RA says:

    Hi Guys, and especially you TA, and I was sorry to learn of your loss!

    I have only got a minute, and I would not have time to give AFC chapter and verse, but I can perhaps put a slightly better light on the funds available to the manager for transfers.

    The way the transfer market has gone, it is possible that wages/salaries and the capital cost of a player is roughly on a par.

    In addition, these costs are written off over the contract of the player(s) involved, let’s say 4 years.

    The salary costs of outgoing players are already costed into the existing budgets, therefore these will be offset against the salary costs (or part thereof) and every budget has to factor in known or expected costs and also increased income.

    In essence a £100m budget could be represented by 4 players @ £20m each = (80m).
    The salaries will be partially offset by the outgoing players, so let’s add another £20m to the pot from the budgeted £100m, and say that each will be paid £5m each per annum * 4 years = £80m..

    Any player sales will also be used to offset purchases.

    It sounds simple but nothing in life quite works that way, so where has the £100m come from?

    The new Emirates sponsorship will give an annual income of £30m, the new Puma deal will add another £30m, the new TV deal will add £30m and the CL will add an additional £36m = £126m p.a.

    This is not all new money but it gives some idea of how we will fund future running of the club.

    Back to the 4 players at £20m capital each = £80m + their salaries; 4 players * £5m * 4years = £80m.
    The total ‘committed’ will be £160m written off over 4 years = (160 / 4) = £40m per year.

    None of the above is anything other than an estimate, to show how the figures could be juggled, and we may get 3 players not 4, but the capital costs and the salaries could be higher but the gross outlay could be the same.

    In my opinion depending on the variables of capital costs, salaries against increased sponsorship and player sales, means we could buy anywhere from 3 to 5 pretty decent players, without worrying too much about the ‘cash’ balance brought forward on the balance sheet – important though that might seem.

    No doubt that is as clear as mud – but remember those who tell you what is possible or not possible probably don’t know anymore than you do! 🙂

    Got to go!!

  65. James Bond says:

    that was for Glics @ Terry and not you 🙂 but AW will be given more than £40 million to spend, EASY – whether the chooses to spend it or not, is his decision.

    I already mentioned £100 million including wages a week ago – The planet Glic lives on revolves around a certain bald Uzbek, ha

    by the way, he no longer is the richest football owner/shareholder @ Glics – down two place to no.2 which means that he won’t be spending his own billions and millions into Arsenal as you wanted, ha

  66. James Bond says:


    *and no.3

    PS: nice to see you around @ RA – so we agree on the £100 million figure then ? that’s the general consensus ? which means Glic was right about Terry all along – he wants to pocket the remaining £60 million !!!!

  67. You better believe it Oh Oh Sevennn !…….you know about the high rise building in London called the ” Gherkin ! ” 30 St Mary Axe. Well Stretch will use that £60M to extend his loft in Bounds Green…..”The Dildo ” as locals now call it , is the biggest pop up landmark in London`s skyline !. It brings a vibrancy to the area like no other !. hahaha


    The net surplus of the new comercial deals is just under 50 million, we were already getting money for the old ones. The expected new prem deal is equivilent to £23 million per year more than the exsisting one.

    Expected turnover should rise by just over 70 million. After costs the club are looking at about 40 million to burn, and this is before selling anybody, so we do have a lot of money.

    Anyway, I will no longer repeat myself, this has obviously got tedious, so I shall depart.

  69. Gezzer !.
    First things first…..a no brainer…Vela £3M !.
    Mind you, if the rumour on newsnow was true about Iniesta !…..I would borrow some of Transplants £60M and have a penis enhancement procedure and suck myself off !. If funds are not available, I will visit his ex-wife instead !….a visit to the Thighs of Doom will result in my neck being extended and still lead to the same conclusion !. hahaha

  70. AFC says:

    Again, thanks to you guys (RA, Terry, JB, Cockie) for explaining Arsenal’s finances to me. 🙂

    Cockie, thanks for another story which shows everyone just how nuts you are. 😀

    We are all as nuts as each other and all we can do is estimate how much money Arsenal can spend which mean we will never know who is right unless all you accountants can get your hands on the books at Arsenal with all the details. I guess we will never know exactly how much money the club can spend on transfers. After all why would they tell us? We could have £300 million or £3 million to spend and the club will never tell us. They will only tell us the figure that benefits them? That way the club can always have that uncertainty flowing within the fanbase, keeping the fanbase guessing and divided, taking the heat of them.

    We’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

  71. Tedious !….a fine way of slipping away with £60M and coming back in a few weeks time as a new blogger by the name of Troy Mancini !………you cant pull the wool over my eye`s you bastard !. hahaha

  72. James Bond says:

    before you depart – Fozzie B – Check his pockets and don’t forget what he’s tucked into his socks !

    ahahahahahahahaahahhaahahahaha @ Glics

    I hope not to have offended you @ TMHT – that 3% revenue right was for Glics to add onto this £135 one (honest).

    but look, no sane man burns £40 million 😀 which reminds me – Oh Dylan Dylan Dylan

    give me the winning numbers for this weeks euro millions , please 😀

    on a more serious note – I did notice you starting work as early as 3 am or was it 4 am ? that’s what happens when you are going out with a fit new bird every week (have you turned your attention from Romanians to Polish women ? ) I hear, they are easy targets !

  73. James Bond says:

    there is no need to look at the books so extensively @ AFC

    just remember that we have more cash reserves at arsenal than all of the other clubs or most of them combined.

    hypothetically, if we have cash reserves of £100 million sat in the bank then that doesn’t mean we can spend all of it as we need to keep some of it to meet our short- term liabilities to meet our financial obligations which are about 20-25 million – this doesn’t take into account the revenue or income and profit we generated last year.

    also, TMHT is not that far off because you must realize something – we barely made a profit or got to break even in the last set of 6 months account , it was mainly due to the sale of RVP or player sales, take those out and we are operating at a loss.

    to put it bluntly and simply to you – where there is a will there’s a way – if Stan wants more success and wants to invest in us winning trophies then it’s him and not AW who needs to do things differently –

    Imagine stan telling AW – mate, you tell me what players you want and I will personally see to it that we get those players at any cost – do you feel or think that AW is going to say no ?

    AW isn’t the bad guy here, but that’s my own personal opinion.

  74. James Bond says:

    last but not least – never believe what the club (Gazidis) tells you – it’s his job to paint a rosy picture and frighten the entire world with the figures that come out of his mouth – that’s why he gets them big wages to paint everything rosy.

    also, you are not suppose to be calling your elders nuts even though they are true nutters ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahha

    gone now – reality awaits.

  75. AFC says:


    Dylan, to answer your questions quickly.

    1) Cazorla. He was all over the pitch. Came deep to help in the build up play. Scored a banger of a free kick even though the keeper should have saved it.

    2) Sanogo gets himself in good positions using his pace and power to do so but then makes the wrong decision and sort of messes his opportunities up. He will learn to make the right decisions in time. Too early to judge him but too early to say he will become world class, if you know what I mean.

    3) Relieved. Happy for the team and Wenger. Interested to see how we will build on this.

    4) Definitely. We will more trophies within the next few years with the right signings. We can first dominate the league and then maybe dominate Europe. We have a good young core (Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, Szez, Jenks, Ox) with the experience of the likes (Giroud, Kos, Mert, Sagna). Add two or three good young players and do the same the season after to replace the older guys when they leave and we will be dominant.


    No offence taken JB and hope none given. Bit edgy at the moment, have a lot going on in the background, but nothing compared to what you have been through. Apologise for calling you out for saying you were plaing the clever git. Though at the time I meant it……and it felt good saying it. hahaha

    Cornwall, I never find you tedious mate, you always make me laugh.

    By the way, Troy Mancini is only for the dating sites. Cant see myself using it on here. The closest thing weve got to a women on this site is when you post pictures of me on a tranny night. hahaha

  77. James Bond says:


  78. 17highburyterrace says:

    I enjoy this discussion but I can see how it’s awfully tedious for the accountants who are actually trying to dig up the true numbers and explain the details. IMO–and it’s just an opinion–it’s far easier to look at things in relative (financial) terms. If you do that, it’s plain as day that our position gets stronger over time. The problem is patience. As fans, why should we have any?… Still, like 007 suggests, you gotta look beyond the face of the club (AW), if it drives you bonkers…

    And it does drive me loco… Nobody has yet to convince me that FFP is anything but a joke–there are always ways for the owners to hide their losses–the powers that be seem to believe that outlandish sponsorship and massive youth projects are good for the sport (and they probably are)…while being quite a bit softer on the notion that hoarding players isn’t so bad… Our owners refuse to make losses, so there you go…THEY are choosing NOT to compete with those clubs who–by dumb luck–have the deeper pockets and are willing to dig into them to hoover up all the best players, young and old…

    The good news is that the deeper those losses become, the more owners give up on their vanity projects (or are warned off of them)… Fernandes at QPR is the Poster Child. It’s all fine and good to think of your team as another race car…until you get relegated. At the other end, however, City seem to want be willing to go the deepest (and they’re having success)… Abramovic is the last of the Soviet Oligarchs staying in the game (No more deep pockets in Dagestan and what will become of the Brazilians in Donetks?…) PSG and Monaco are newbies so it’s hard to say, while the teams based on local corruption, er, banking, and real estate (the Spanish and Northern Italian Giants and now, it appears the Istanbul teams…) are weaker all the time as they try to fit into more standardized Euro zone business norms. The big German team, and their league more generally, looks best set of all of them, but even they had quite a moment there–somewhat similar to the way they beat up on the Spanish teams in the CL a year ago…

    As such, Arsenal’s position, in relative terms, looks better and better…

    But that’s only if you take a long term perspective, which is tiresome. If you feel old (like me on my bad days…) you want success before you die and if you’re young (like me, on my good days…), impatience is even worse (!)… We wait and we argue, partly because so much is on the back of the ticket buying public as our TV money flows throughout the league…(Improved legit sponsorship deals like Puma help, but not all that much, in the overall scheme…)

    So, bottom line, everything is relative, the numbers are only put out there by the agents and the press to lure us in–The wage stuff, I think, is more real…and I think RA is supportive of this idea reading his stuff (and, of course, it’s always good to have him drop in…) Check out these numbers if you want to see why Poldolski might not be at the club (but won’t net much in any sort of a fee)…

    We’re up there but (worst of all…) as the air at the top becomes thinner, I would expect more and more smoke and less fire, so more torture than transfer with each successive window. A core group of 30 or 40 or 50 players will be competing for the mega-contracts (and playing time) at places like City, Chelsea, United, PSG, RM, Barca and Bayern (with a few getting some spots or being held to their contracts in Torino or Milan or Monaco). Arsenal can now afford to keep the next tier of players as can teams like Liverpool and Dortmund while many have to sell in order to get stronger (this year’s classic example being Atletico…or in England, Everton…Spurs were supposed to go that route, but it didn’t really pan out…) We’re players in the market, but not for the biggest of the big names, unless we get a bit of a “clearance special” right at the end, as we did with Ozil…

    My advice: Have fun with this stuff as the Summer gets going, but don’t let every headline lure you into a click and a false hope or a fury… Like Gerry suggests (sorry again about the dog stuff–pictures please, maybe?…) we at least have that FA Cup, come from behind, great spirit bit to enjoy (as well as those all too tense CL qualifiers and a new season not that far off–and before the torture ends)…no?… And maybe some interest in the stadiums, on the beaches (and in the streets with the protesters) in Brazil…

    Good times… 😀

  79. James Bond says:

    ” If you feel old (like me on my bad days…) you want success before you die and if you’re young (like me, on my good days…), impatience is even worse (!)… ”

    absolutely loved that – you have a way with words which is rather orgasmic sometimes , nice one !

  80. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cheers 007…I write too long…but thanks for reading…

    Cockie’s the one with the more orgasmic stuff (and he’s been in fine form today…) and Terry seems to have given many a bird many a fine moment down through the years, long neck and all…

    I’m just trying to keep my spirits up as I hunker down for the long wind-up season, er, torture, er transfer window ahead…

    Of course, you’re the king of optimism and new and exciting always beat tried and true. On the back of our great come-from-behind win we *maybe* have a little extra room to appreciate where we are (what and who we’ve got) rather than the lust which drives the pornweb, er, internet onwards… The Cup final should also remind us of some of our troubles. Still, if you can’t find some love in your heart for the current squad (and manager) I’d say you’re more Grinch than Doomer (or True Gooner)…

    Anyhow, I hope all is well and I assume you’ll be in England (not Brazil) and available for some in-match chat for the WC… How many days now until that one?…They always remind me on the Televisa (during my M-F telenovela watching–should be some Arsenal snippets to go with the La Liga climax tonight)…Just over a month probably. Time to start a pool, no?…

    Anyhow, gotta run…Cheers again…

  81. davydavy says:

    Dylan – thanks so much for an exciting match report. I’ve read it three times now, and each time I find myself reliving the match and enjoying all of its wonderful twists and turns. You could write the next Fever Pitch!

    I watched the game live on TV with my Arsenal-supporting boy who is young enough never to have seen Arsenal in a trophy. We loved it, although things seemed unreal when we were two goals down and then Gibbs headed a third off the line. But once the score was pegged back to 2-1, I was always confident that we would overcome Hull.

    Man of the match for me was Santi Cazorla, for his energy, skill, and of course that fantastic free kick. I also really admired Giroud who took battered the two Hull centre-backs to exhaustion with his sheer strength and determination. Poor Curtis Davies could hardly walk after an hour of it!

    Sanogo made the right difference at just the right time – the Hull defence was worn out, and he brought in energy and unpredictability. He’s a great lad and I think he has a bright future at the club. It’s early to say how far he will go but he’s already a great character and real handful for defenders. So great to see him play up front without ever flagging.

    I was pleased also to see a change in Wenger’s approach to games; a new found willingness (and courage) to change tactics during a match, and credit to him because I wouldn’t have thought of throwing Sanogo on the way he did. It worked out so well that maybe we’ll even get to see a return to the classic Arsenal 4-4-2 formation more often next year.

    Really impressed with the joy and unity after the game – we have a winning team now and we’ll only go from strength to strength. Of course we need to strengthen a few areas, but we also have many top quality young players who will be even better than they were this season. Our team, like Liverpool, is on an upward trajectory and I am not so sure that many of our rivals can say that.

  82. henrychan says:

    Thanks TA and mr Bond..
    Yoona grow healthy and pretty.. hope she will be the most prettiest Arsenal’s fan.. haha..

  83. Gerry says:

    Yes, the TW scramble has begun …

    Yaya T would be the answer to a few prayers I guess, but the key questions remain:
    Would they sell to us?
    Would he want to come, given the big pay cut and earlier rejection?

    In my list of accounting he would be a £+++ signing, where my scale is this:

    £+ = Low end, may be a gamble, but talented.
    £++ = In that £25-£35m bracket. Established as good, but yet to be top drawer.
    £+++ = High end, £40m+, SQ player.

    I think the balancing that AW & Co will be to try and get the right numbers of players needed by juggling in all three brackets.

    If he cares to e-mail me, I have a prospective DM in the £+ zone? Second choice in the £++ area, And of course the above.

    The midfield is here we are well stocked, but also seemed to have been short in terms of getting the right balance? A Cesc return, if his buy back clause still holds, would take away any need for further improvement in this area? I’m not sure if we only have first refusal we would necessarily go in that direction, as it would mean competing with all the big boys?

    Second Striker/wide player will always be in the £+++ bracket, although there are some at the top side of £++
    Purely wide players are very much £++ on my list, and have the attraction of keeping our developing youngsters some breathing room.

    Without a Cesc return, then some attention will be needed in midfield?

    With departures, more player in £++ would be required. So I sort of agree with AW that the number we need is 3-5 players, and no doubt keeping some back for promising youth players, and anything that pops up at the WC?

    Will it happen? Wait and see. I shall try and avoid all speculation whenever I can, and wait for the dotted line deals.

    Have a good day …

  84. RA says:

    Apologies, Dylan, in a brief visit last night I forgot to say how much I enjoyed reading your Post.

    Anyway, a belated thank you and well done, sir. 🙂

  85. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Redders 🙂

    Good to hear from you. How is life and health, and have you returned to the birthplace of football again?

  86. RA says:

    Was that our ever optimistic Terry Mankini getting stroppy earlier? 🙂

    It is difficult to explain the accounting concepts relating to cash accounting and accruals accounting, which Terry was trying to do — especially when the precise figures from Arsenal are not easily available and get lost in a sea of misunderstanding and rumour.

    I understood what you meant, Terry baby, but it also shows why I am reluctant to get involved in financial discussions.

    Incidentally, not for the first time, I have to give credit to the down to earth explanation of the transfer budget given by Cockie who is still Lost in Cornwall. 🙂

  87. RA says:

    Hi TA,

    I returned to Manchester a while back, in time for the finale to the Prem League and the wonderful FA Cup! 🙂

    I hope things are picking up for you, and the blog is as good as ever with some great regulars — although I would take a big stick to those two hooligans, GLIC and Terry!! 🙂

  88. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to hear it Henry. 🙂

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Manchester?! How are you coping with the constant rain, Redders? 🙂

    Good to hear you are back in the UK.

    Yes blog is doing okay and we are over 500 posts now. A big stick won’t do any good: it’s an aphrodisiac for both of them! 🙂


    hahaha, yes, I got into a terrible strop Redders. Quite ashamed of myself really.

    I swear this is true. I kind of forgot myself and thought I was talking to the wife. At one stage believing JB was going to attack me with a frying pan, and Cornwall was laughing at my todger. hahaha

  91. RA says:

    Perfectly understandable, Terry! 🙂

    TA, still not sure of what I am going to do — and amazingly, I am enjoying just loafing around!!

    See you guys later!

  92. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘Loafing around’ sounds great Redders. 🙂

  93. TotalArsenal says:

    Just make sure you keep it buttered.

  94. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    It should have been written by 17HT, but it is not! 😉

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