Five Reasons for Keeping Bacary Sagna

Signing Sagna the Litmus test? Absolutely!

The ultimate warrior

The ultimate warrior

I don’t know the exact details with regards to the club’s attempts to signing up Sagna to a new contract. I also don’t know whether he is determined to leave or would love to stay if a good offer is made to him. All I know, is that we are a big club and Sagna is a super quality player who still has a lot to offer to Arsenal.


We are supposed to have moved into a new era now: one of financial security and strength and, as a result, more control over player movements. After letting our best bunch of players go in recent years, we finally had a year in which all our remaining talents were kept at the home of football; and a SQ player was even added. So the signs are good, but keeping hold of Sagna will be the first proper test of the BoD’s competence in keeping hold of our very best players in the new era.

Now is the time to realise that not being able to keep hold of Sagna will reinforce the perception that we remain inferior to the other top clubs; or in fact, it would underline that we are no longer a top, but sub-top club.

I am sure that some will adopt a pragmatist approach: if he goes, we will replace him and all will be well again. But for me this would be wrong in more than one way.

Five reasons for keeping Bacary Sagna:

  1. Mr Reliable personifies all that Arsenal should be about: he offers 100% passionate commitment to the cause and is the total professional. Bacary is one of my favourite Arsenal players ever. He brings so much more than being a reliable right back, with his drive up and down the flank, fighting spirit, winning mentality, leadership skills and love for the club. Letting him go would leave a very big gap in our team: what Sagna has to offer is impossible to replace, at least in the short term.
  2. It is now important to build a culture of loyalty at the club; and we all know that loyalty needs to work both ways. If we look after our players, our players are far more likely to look after the club. There will always be mercenaries; in fact, they can be very useful for the club, but we need to show to our up and coming talents that they can have a full career at the club and will be looked after till the end of their careers, if they give their all to us. Bacary is such a player and keeping him would give out a strong signal that Arsenal is a good club to remain loyal to.
  3. Our defence is becoming a strong unit and now is the time to keep it together for a few more seasons. Sagna and Mertesacker are a strong defensive duo on our right side, and the former compensates for one or two weaknesses the latter possesses. On top of that, Sagna can play as the BFG’s replacement as he possesses similar organisational skills as the German. Nobody else can do this and letting Bacary go will leave us with more than one hole in our already thinly covered back four.
  4. Strong signal to this summer’s transfer prospects. Quality players have a choice to go anywhere they like and, other than money, they will be looking at the strength of the current squad and the club’s ability and willingness to keep hold of their best players. Keeping hold of Sagna would send out a strong signal that we are serious about moving the club to the next level.
  5. Ludivine should never wear another club shirt than Arsenal’s. 😉


Written by: TotalArsenal.

Be Kind to Yourself. 😛

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100 Responses to Five Reasons for Keeping Bacary Sagna

  1. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers for the article TA! Especially love reason #5 hahahaha (cockie will definitely agree!).

    I think re-signing Sagna would be a nice statement by the club but not necessarily an essential one. I see defenders like Evra and Cole losing steps after they aged past 30 and definitely think that could happen to Bac. Football is becoming increasingly speed and attack oriented and Aurier would fit the bill incredible well as a replacement and the willingness is there to play for us. He’s also fairly reliable defensively, his wages would be cheaper and he’s a hell of a lot younger.

    However, losing Sagna would be a blow in other ways, especially if he went to a rival. Tough decision for sure.

  2. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, all the Schneiderlin talk from JB and JM seems to be coming to the forefront as he has declared he wants to play CL footy. While not as talented as or having the high potential of Javi Martinez or Lars Bender, he’ll be a cheaper, more realistic purchase and is PL proven.

    However, if AW buys him then it means he’ll be opting for the B2B partnership in the CM pivot. Schneiderlin will be more defensive than Ramsey though and likely sit back more frequently.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers HH. 🙂

    I dont know much about Aurier, but I reckon it would take at least a season for him to fully fit into our back four. If he is one for the future, he could be still join us with the aim to play Sagna both at RB and CB next season. Sorted.

    Re Cole. This seems a battle of egos to me. Still a very, very good player and maybe he can also be turned into a very good CB for a few years.Would you have him back

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    I am warming to the Schneiderlin option, although my favourite Kenyan remains my first choice.

    How is the new job going (congrats by the way)? 🙂

  5. Oguntuase Amos says:

    It does not also mean that Arsenal should be held into a ransom by any player that lead to a floodgate of discontent and ubnocious demands by other players.

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Oguntuase, who says he is doing that? I reckon he is trying to get a worthwhile contract and he knows his market value – wouldn’t you?

  7. Hello TA

    I find it hard to add to what you have said..but ‘reports’ suggest that Bac is on his way to the oilers in Manchester..sad if true but I find it hard to begrudge a player looking for his last paycheck

    full marks for #5 🙂

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers KG

    If he is off to the Oilers I would be very disappointed, but it is up to the club to do everything to keep him. It is about strategic intent in my view.

  9. JM says:

    Bacary Sagna – We want him to stay; AW himself seem resigned to losing both Sagna & Fabianski on free transfers this summer. If he is going to Man. City, I would expect him to partner Kompany in their CB. (Lescott has left, Demichellis could leave; Nastasic is recovering from long term injury; Boyata returns from loan and should be a back-up)

    Serge Aurier – I mentioned earlier, all the media sounding out his love to join Arsenal could be only agent talks. (His agent(s)/agency are his family members). Notice all the noises are generated by the player, there has been no word from his club, Toulouse FC.

    Morgan Schneiderlin – he qualifies as “Homegrown” in the PL too, which is always a plus.

  10. Wam says:

    1. Serge Aurier is an upgrade going forwards, Sagna’s not getting younger or faster, and his crosses aren’t improving – 1 in 10 is good. His misplaced passes have been punished time and again. Liverpools first goal was caused by Sagna being 30 yards out of position leaving Suarez vs Merts.

    2. Loyalty. So we pay him loyally through 2 broken legs in 2 years, and £80k isn’t enough? Combined with point 1, he’s not worth more or a 3 year deal to us.

    3. There are replacements who are equal to Bac’s skill level. He’s been a solid player for us mostly, but not irreplaceable.

    4. Sagna has no bearing on our ambition. We’re upgrading to another player, that shows more ambition.

    5. Unless you’re a pervy chauvinist pig, this has no bearing on anything.

  11. xavier says:

    LOOL. Wam needs to take a chill pill on the #5. Personally thats the only one that matters to me. If that makes me a Pervy chauv….. something, then sure. Its nothing. But Sign Ludvine to a contract where she doesnt have to take a picture in another Jersey and I’m good.

    On a more serious note though, as much as my gut feeling tells me sagna wont be leaving, i still cant help but resign myself to the fact that he actually will. And I actually trust Jenkinson to do a good job if sagna does go. Everyone keeps saying he’s not experienced enough but thats just BS to me. How old is this Aurier fellow and how much older is he older than Jenkinson by? Give Corporal Jenks a run of games and i believe we wont be missing sagna so much anymore.

    Anyways, I trust Wenger to make the right choice. Its not like i can influence it anyways.

    Good post TA. As always.

    Wenger Sign Ludvine Already!!!! COYG

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Nobody is an upgrade Wam: you have got to look at the bigger picture (as per post). Re 5…. I rest my case. 😕

  13. Great post Total Perv ! 😆
    I`ve been around all the “Award Winning” beauty spots in Cornwall today and ogled every woman who has decided to walk about half naked flaunting their bodies !…..does that make me a pervy chauvinist pig ?……..or just a fcuking horny bastard !. hahaha
    At one stage the wolf whistling was deafening !……..hey, but can you blame them, I`m one helluva handsome bastard !. hahaha
    I actually think Sagna is as good a central defender as BFG !…..just an opinion though !.

  14. I see our buddy Redders is in Manshafter !………fcuking glory hunter !……next he`ll be moving to Surrey !.


    Cheers TA

    Number 5. In my youth I had plenty of hot women like that. Now I get hold of there mums, but when ime making sweet love to them Ime fantasing about dirty sex with the daughter.

    Does that make me a terrible pervet? Of course it bloody does, and a top notch one at that.

    Do you wish me to do the sum based on “reported” figures TA? hahaha

    Sagna looks like he has been a made an offer he cant refuse. It seems Arsenal have pulled out all the stops to keep him but Citys offer is just to lucrative.

    Good luck to the guy. Hes been a great player, and now he will become incredibly rich

    i hear what your saying TA. Its a big loss. A top player, and one we dont have to many of. Can play full back and centre, is strong and good in the air, and bags of experince

    If he leaves, i will be gutted, but we have to move on.

  16. It still makes me giggle how gullible some of the women on my round are to my perving techniques !.
    I deliver the goods and make sure I find a woman to sign for them. I then put clip board on low counter/table, they then bend forward to sign and I get an eyeful !. so simple, but so effective !. hahaha

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Xavier, agreed: where is Sagna going to go when we signed up Ludivine?! 🙂

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Terry and CoD! 🙂

  19. Gerry says:

    Interesting alternative points of view TA, which in a mercenary are not without some validity.

    Some of us, as you say, take a look at the bigger picture.

    Of course Arsenal will survive this loss of a star man, but it puts a hell of a dent in our advancing forward next season, as whoever comes in from abroad will be much better by their second season. Always assuming they can hack it in the EPL anyway?

    I hope the fans will not resort to booing him should he return with his next club, assuming he accepts their terms, as no way is it the same as RVP, et al. He can leave with his head held high, and I wish him all the very best.

    I would prefer he stayed, and given a coaching role down the line as further incentive.

    What will be, will be.

    I am still mystified by your continued longing for the ‘Nigerian’. I can see no evidence to date that he has been able to make an impact since moving south. And a long term injury for someone in that position is a warning too? Not to mention that the AFCON always happens when you need your strongest team out, in January and February.

    Something I would be worried about the suggested replacement for Bacs, should he choose to go down the Ivory Coast line. Fortunately, I did hear he is going to the World Cup for France, so if he gets a game that will solve that problem.

  20. Serge Aurier has 7 caps for Ivory Coast, Gezzer !….the only way he`s going to the WC with France is as a mascot !.

  21. Highbury Harmony says:

    No offense to Sagna, but he is not worth £140,000/week. Unless of course, Arsene and the rest of management are getting some from Ludivine on the side!

  22. James Bond says:

    Need I say more ?

    PS: ooooooh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @ the 5th and most important reason ahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  23. James Bond says:

    I assumed Gerry was on about Wanyama and not Aurier ?

  24. Gerry says:

    Thanks Cockie, I misheard it last night. I caught the bit about he replaced some senior player, but did not register the team.

    He is a No! No! for me then.

    Bacary, we need you!

    JB – Of course I was talking about Wany. He doesn’t do it for me for similar reasons to the above. Plus I would like to see how he handles a full season first.

    There are some interesting alternatives for the DM spot, depending on the £ plus level they want to spend?

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gerry, yes Wnyama, the Kenyan!, is my man. But yes the Afcon absences are a nuisance. When he played regularly the Saints looked their strongest.

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    HH 🙂

    JB, love the picture 🙂

  27. geoffchase says:

    Hi TA

    Cant add to your 5 too much so let me tell the HR expert about his business instead! 🙂

    Assumption: As I understand it he can get very high wages elsewhere in some measurable part because with no transfer fee some of it can be put into signing bonus or wages (all the same really). This conflicts with our salary structure, which isnt so much rigid structure than not having players early/mid career all out of whack in salary to avoid dissent you find at other places. (In which I think weve been successful but with other costs)

    Add in: A playing career is short and retirement long. More money with family (see JBs picture) has to play a role. IMO, if WBA offered him 200k/week he might “have to go”. BTW, how do you think City got started? They werent top of the table before the sheiks. They paid over to get the players and I think people forget this bit.

    Your business: IMO, this “structure” could be broken a bit. Call it a loyalty bonus or whatever, but if a player has earned the right to get that offer, we could, for teh right player, and I think Sagna is *a* right player, offer the extra. That breaks the salary structure, but in telling you your business, I would add that it also offers incentive all the way down. Get towards the end having been here awhile and contributed, and still offering good contribution and we will invest in you further, perhaps beyond reason for your contentment. But, you have to meet the conditions.

    THAT, might draw players for longer term here. The opposite is Cole, regardless of opinion about him, he is or was a great back. Now that he’s perhaps a trifle older, he’s gone… We could, used prudently and rarely, attract some slightly more S (in SQ) players that way when they are 25 knowing that 30 they wouldnt be tossed aside if they still had it.

    Just a few thoughts there

    Re: Schneiderlin et al, I like him. Wanyama, I like him when fit, but dont like the AFCON disruption. If there is a bias against Africans by managers in Europe it’s AFCON, you lose the player a bit more it seems and it’s rough and thus risky.

    One hears a Yaya is disgruntled at City – see points above perhaps? 🙂 … Anyway, that would be interesting, as, in dreamland, we could get him and a youngster to apprentice… ?? Random dreamland thoughts to end your day with

    cheers — jgc

  28. James Bond says:

    you have similar sort of concerns to HH re- Wanyama @ Gerry and you’re probably right.

    but skipper loves the wanman and Jovetic – I can see the reasons behind it as well – both injury prone 😀 and a perfect fit at arsenal ahahahaahahhaahahahaha (only joking !

    I wonder if Mrs. Monster reads all the comments Glic posts ? by the way – how did the liver biopsy go…hope it’s not as bad as suspected.

  29. James Bond says:

    Hello Hello JGC-Damus

    just wanted to touch upon the Yaya Toure thingy – in a sentence or equation if you may

    UEFA Fair play sanctions and wage on salary cap =Yaya Toure ( highest earner at man city £220 k per week = get rid = buy 1 SQ for that money, if not 2 top notch players = be in a position to pay wages for 3 top notch quality player .

    do you see where I’m coming from ?

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    It is a wild guess, Geofski, but I don’t think Sagna is only motivated by money and security. If Arsene offers him the right incentives he should be able to keep hold of him. I can understand your initial points though, and the club has to act cleverly and sensibly to keep hold of players like Sagna.

    Fully agree with the latter part of your Sagna response bit.

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    JB 🙂

    Yes, they have both been injured this season, but I reckon it is just bad luck. If we were to sign Jovetic and Wanyama this summer I will walk all the way to the highlands. 😉

  32. Oh Oh Sevennn…..Mrs Monster is quite welcome to read my comments and often does !. She knows I will say almost anything to have a laugh and is more of the opinion that I`m Fracking Mad than a Fracking Technician !.
    Thanks for the concern…..11am tomorrow up hospital for results !.
    I know he`s going, but a few of you have often thought of Verm as a DM, where as I reckon Sagna would be more comfortable there, as a RB he has pace and stamina, reads the game well and for his size is the best header of a ball !.
    In that vid I put up, Aurier seems to get in more advanced positions than Sagna and defensively seems at home ( like Sagna ) in a central position as well, not bad for a 21 year old !. Shame he`s a African Nations Cup liability, but I`d gamble on him if he`s under £10M ( that’s nowadays LIDL prices ! ) !.
    Night Sweet FA Cuppers !.

    As I said previously, I wanted the FAC more than 4th and after watching the celebrations…250,000 fans out for the tour bus etc`, I wondered, would any of you lot ( if the scenario dictated so ) have preferred 4th over the FAC ?.

  33. davydavy says:

    Well TCM, I will still remember this FA Cup Final in twenty years time, but I probably won’t recall our league position. Same with 1979 – I remember smashing Man Utd 3-2 but could not care less where we finished in the league that year.

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Good luck to Mrs Glic today! 🙂

    Winning cup over fourth place for me too, Cockie.

  35. jgc says:

    TA, JB, CM/Glic,

    A. Good luck M. Monster with biopsies and health.. First and foremost..

    B. TA, I agree re Sagna and am hopeful but don’t know all the dynamics of the money so have some uncertainty. IMO, one could stay for slightly less and become legend, rather than a few year visitor elsewhere, but I’m often wrong when I assume legend and perhaps linger term opportunities have high-ish priority. Especially when adding in the agents cut in the now.. Sigh + sadness

    Isn’t an equation for

    C. JB — equations!!! Me like!!! 😀 … Agreed. I did say dreamland. But, if he truly unlocked it for us for a few years would it not be worth it? Truly busted it open? IMO, he could perhaps do so… And the mentoring added, not worth it? Just querying it!

    The FFP and City side makes sense totally and I read it as party time is over there and party responsibly time is coming in…

    D. CM – Sagna at DM would also be interesting in my world and harder nosed and more Wanyama-esque(?) than TV in that role if we consider conversions from within.. He’d get loads of playing time too!

    Cheers — jgc

  36. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey guys…I’m a day late here but I enjoyed the post and the comments. Unfortunately when it comes to re-signing BS-3, that’s what I am…resigned…resigned that we will be losing him to Man City… 😦

    Personally, it stings because his name and number are on my only Arsenal kit–the red and white from the 125th anniversary season. I won it in a fantasy contest on another site. On that note, congrats to this year’s winners: HH on the UMF–he’s no joker!–and David Body(?) in the “big” (Barclay’s) league. The reason Sagna is my favorite are all the qualities TA has laid out in the post–the extreme professionalism and quiet commitment to the cause. Also, I’m amazed at his personal fitness and athleticism. How can a guy listed at 5’9″ be a primary target for our route 1 game, saving the blushes of our young keeper not to mention the manager who–supposedly–wants to only play beautiful football? It’s a dirty job so it falls to Sagna. No complaints from him–as opposed to Giroud who has probably taught more French to Premier League refs in his two years at the club compared to Bacary in his 7…

    Call me cynical, but I believe a deal is already in place with City. There is likely a chance that we could match the deal (and that City could then raise their terms in these last days of his current contract to get their man…) but I’m pretty sure we’ve made our final offer and come up short. SOMETHING must be happening–contract wise–behind the scenes as it just seems too risky to run down one’s contract while playing (and risking injury) w/o some sort of safety net. Maybe there are some folks here who are closer to the game who can tell me about this… Personally, I don’t get it. How can a guy like Bac keep putting his head (and/or his legs) in harm’s way if he’s truly out of contract in a matter of weeks?…

    A 2nd reason for believing it’s a done deal are the FFP ideas swirling around ManCity suggesting that their Summer strategy must revolve around low fee/big salary deals. Shopping Yaya Toure *could* yield gains (for them) in both directions. Are Arsenal truly interested in the big (old) fella? Call me skeptical on this front as well… Both clubs, I would guess, aren’t all that interested in paying him his 220K/week in January as he goes off to Africa to represent Cote d’Ivoire…On the other hand, if you buy into this rhetoric about the need for Arsenal to make signings which show that we are now a “big” club, Yaya (Toure) would be the guy. There’s only ever been one “new Vieira” and such a signing would allow for losing either or both of Arteta and Flamini. If you examine their contracts, however, I don’t see either of them going anywhere… I also don’t believe management worries (at all) about making “statement” signings. Value for money is still the deal and while Ozil is (was) a “big name” we got him relatively cheap (esp. re: salary) and at least the money we splashed (on his fee) went out of the league…

    This, in the end, is the real problem. If you reward older players (or those of lesser ability…I’m back to talking about Arteta and Flamini as our MF “enforcers,” not to mention Diaby or Song or Denilson before them…) with longer, relatively rich contracts, you’re stuck with them. Fewer and fewer clubs now have greater buying power (“financial might”) and this recent FFP ruling suggests that big fees on mediocre players may become a thing of the past. They’re still gonna make the headlines but fans will (eventually) allow the press (including us lowly bloggers) to lead them around to the idea that salaries (and players running down contracts…) are really the driver. Player power is on the rise and the small group of in-demand, “free agents,” will make the headlines simply because we know their names. Luckily, the fans of the clubs who are losing players (note, I said “losing” rather than “selling,” although fees can still play a role…) can find replacement ideas very quickly with a quick scan of news now and youtube (for the exciting video highlight reels)… IMO this agglomeration of proven talent at the silly money clubs (and on their benches…) seems an unstoppable force and one which isn’t good for the game. Do we really want to see a Club like City backing into their title but still being unable to mount a challenge in the CL (against weak versions of Barca or even, some might argue, Bayern…) Until the top leagues move towards North American ideas (salary caps, players organizing into unions to codify free agency and minimum salaries, among other items…), however, I don’t see these trends abating…

    But that’s just my opionion and WTF do I know? Sorry that it’s such a cynical view. I’ve been accused of lacking “sporting passion” (and writing drivel)…So on the passion note…I love Bac, I wish he and his lovely wife (and their very adorable little kid) would stay at the club. Personally, I believe we should reward him for his GREAT service to the club and be OK with a salary rise for him (and all the other good servants of the club according to their contribution) rather than drier, more actuarial calculations about his “future, potential contributions” and/or re-sale value. Do I see it actually happening? No, I do not… 😦

  37. 17highburyterrace says:

    On a more personal note…several things… 1) Thanks for reading… my opi-onions (I noticed I had misspelled the word as I hit the post button…) are too long AND they stink… but more importantly…

    …Greetings and salutations to older, less frequent, but highly valued comment writers like Henry (Happy Birthday) and DavyDavy and best of luck to the Cockster regarding his wife’s health issues…

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Good morning Seventeenho! 🙂

    All good points, and they are realistic rather than cynical/negative. I don’t think it’s a done deal yet, and my gut feeling is that Sagna would rather stay than go, as long as the money is reasonable given his market value. Let’s wait and see.

    Re Yaya, I cannot see it happen at all, but yes it would make sense from a sporting point of view.

    What’s the weather like in Lago di Tahoe?

  39. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey TA…The weather is woeful around here. We had a couple of inches of wet snow yesterday (bending over all the emerging stuff in the yard) and then rain which (at least) washed it away. There was a notion about a Mt. Shasta ski venture (ahead of the bank holiday weekend) but that’s a no-go at this point… At least it means I can watch the Madrid derby, er, CL Final, live from Lisboa (as well as the promotion final from Wembley)… How’s the weather in Norwich? I hope you guys (your wife esp.) are (somehow) OK… What’s up with you? (Any plans for a season re-cap sort of post? I’ve noted your silence on my volunteering to write one after the Cup final… 😉 …)

    A couple of other things about Sagna…Despite the reported “racial abuse” incident (from that nil-nil match a few years back at our stadium) I think he and Zabaleta would make a pretty ideal rotation at RB and he’d be a great fillip at CB if their younger players at that position falter or if Kompany continues to struggle with injury problems. It’s rather insane how City is able to buy up so many quality veteran players and rotate them. Clichy and Kolorov are a good pair on the left but Zabaleta and Sagna would be even better on the right. Getting a massive pay rise (we say “raise,” over here…) and not being under pressure to play every single match would surely extend Bac’s career. Part of the allure of City might actually be him thinking *beyond* this contract… Current paper talk is 150k/week for 3 years…The only players on equivalent money at Arsenal (according to my research) are Ozil and Poldolski(!)…

    Also, while I love and admire the BFG, I wonder if playing alongside a “natural” defender like Sagna (not to mention a great recovery player like Kos…) hasn’t made him appear better than he truly is. If Bac isn’t stranded forward he’s often playing with an eye for helping out his taller (but much slower) teammate. I have big (freaking) worries about BFG playing with Jenks or another young (and more offensive minded) RB alongside. Thoughts?… (And, as such, I would think in the economic consideration, are we really saving *that* much money if we have to buy a young RB AND a young CB…We probably are, given that the salaries would be low–to start–and there would be sell-on value… This is how cheapskate minds–mine and AWs or IGs–works…)

    Finally, a thought from the Cup Final…How could we be soooo bad early on at the set pieces? OK the first goal were two fortunate kicks, but we seemed (completely) dominated with the headers in the first 15 minutes. Maybe nobody wanted to get konked early in the match? Maybe Fabianski and Sagna, especially, didn’t want to risk injury being out of contract so shortly?… I can’t recall all the goals but surely some of those blowout losses (Pool for sure) involved some early headed set-piece goals…

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    17, I did not know you volunteered. Please go ahead, that would be great! 🙂

    Will get back to you later re other points as it is school run next.

    You say raise and we say rise, maybe we stick with more money hahaha 🙂

    The weather has been great. I have just been cycling up and down the gentle hills of Norfolk. Feel good now.

    Things are still tough for my wife…. She keeps saying it is all so hopeless….. not good but we will get there hopefully

    Back later.

  41. Thanks for the well wishes my BK Buddies !. 😀
    Biopsy shows no “Big C”, which was a worry for us as Mrs Monsters father passed away from it and was worried it was hereditary !. It all stems from her diabetes and touch wood things are under control, but will be constantly having scans and will possibly have bands fitted etc`!.
    Any way, that’s enough of the lovey dovey stuff and down to business…..what do you bucking fastards think about our lack of activity in the Torture Window ?. hahaha
    I was thinking about something the other day and forgot to post it, now I look on newsnow and someone is suggesting what I was thinking….bastard…I thought of it first !. WTF am I on about ?…….Vela and Griezmann !…….we can buy back Vela for £3m, something Vela has openly said would be a wise thing to do !…….now Griezmann imo is as good a catch, now surely we could either get Vela back for a steal or maybe opt out of our buy back clause and get Griezmann on the cheap !…..or get both !……what do you cupid stunts think ?.
    What Squatchteenho has just said about Sagna`s ability to read the game and come in and cover Mertsnailer etc`, ties in with my remark yesterday that them abilities amongst others would make Sagna a much better alternative as a DM than Verm !. I value you Arsene Arselickers opinions, so what do you think ?. 😆
    Hills in Norfolk !!!…………that`s a piece of chewing gum stuck to the pavement !.

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    It’s not quiteCornwall, cod. 🙂

    Great news re Mrs CoD. Give her a big hug from me!


    Cornwall, ive sent you an email.

    You might be disappointed, ive not added those “pictures” you asked for. hahaha

  44. proudgooner says:

    Hope Mrs Monster is feeling better and all goes well. Sorry to hear she is not well.

    On Sagna i hope he stays, but i am going to go with what TA said a while ago now and except that he is leaving. I am pretty sure Arsenal are offering a good deal.
    So for me i am going to start backing Jenkinson to take right back. I feel he is ready. Sagna himself said last season that Carl is going to be a great right back. He said he had it all and he will have learnt a lot from Sagna . So Carl it is for me ness Wenger signs a better one or a deal is struck with Sagna but i think the club and fans have let him know more hen enough thaty we want him to stay, a club like Arsenal should not need to beg, no player is bigger the Arsenal!

    Could Cesc Fabregas really be re-signing with Arsenal, i would love that, i have not fully worked out how i think our midfield line up with his return, but i would hate for him to sign for another English club.
    maybe a line up like this…?

    keeper and back 4 as normal except JENKINSON ha ha ha 🙂
    ——————–Sanogo or Giroud————————

    ness we buy another striker Remy could look pretty good as the spear tip.
    I would go for Sanogo, i think he will score loads of goal next season, once he starts he won’t be able to stop.
    That is an awesome midfield even if i do say so myself lol

  45. proudgooner says:

    I expect Giroud to improve further still next season and score ,more as well . I just looked at his stats and there are good, he scored more but played more games. 1 very good thing about Giroud though is he does not get injured very much. That is a very good thing for us.
    Giroud stats——–

    Prem Lge Europe FA Cup Lge Cup Total
    Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
    2012-2013 24 + 10 11 4 + 3 2 4 2 1 + 1 2 33 + 14 17
    2013-2014 36 16 9 3 1 + 4 3 0 + 1 0 46 + 5 22
    Total 60 + 10 27 13 + 3 5 5 + 4 5 1 + 2 2 79 + 19 39

  46. 17highburyterrace says:

    Total, I may have a little time to try and write something later today. More likely it will take a couple…

    Great news from the Cockster re: his missus, but even when there is good news it is hard to get past the hopelessness… We lose things and they don’t come back. All we can do is try and appreciate what we have and (somehow) let the (nagging) knowledge that we *will* lose it, inform that appreciation…

    Which brings me to Sagna…If he goes to City he’s a lottery winner and those winning tickets are getting harder and harder to buy all the time…Previous winners have included Lescott and Rodwell (from Everton) Milner and Barry (from Villa), and a bunch of guys who once wore red with white sleeves, including, Adebayor, Clichy, Kolo Toure, and Nasri (and Scott Sinclair). Is it better or worse that at least Arsenal made some money in selling on the latter names?… IMO, as much as I love Bacary Sagna, it’s still selling out. I guess that’s how the game is played and one measure of the value of a player is his salary. Also, (we have to admit…as we have recently learned…) winning trophies is fun…and the chance of winning more of them will be higher at the MiddleEtihadLands…

    So, innocence lost, but he still gave us a great 7 years…

    Separate topic…Switching players to DM… I really don’t see AW doing it with guys who’ve played as full-backs. It’s just a very different game when players are coming at you from all sides and you don’t have the “protection” of the touch line… Of course, there are “utility” players like Flamini. I still say, however, that if there was a single moment which turned our season in the wrong direction, it was when Ozil passed (deep in our right corner) with pace to Flamini who mis-controlled allowing Fernandinho to score #3 (I think) in the City away match… As such, I can see why AW likes truly skilled players in those deep-lying MF positions… Physicality is one thing (and Verm is the likely choice of playing there sometimes almost as a 3rd CB) but skill on the ball is more important. In truth, I think next year we’re looking at Jack, Arteta and Flamini (with maybe an occasional help out from guys like Ramsey and the Ox…) sharing minutes in that spot…in other words, the elusive beast, I would bet, will continue to elude those who wish him hunted down…

    Finally, shopping in Spain…Agreed with Cockie that it *makes sense* that Griezmann and the Vela buy-back could be linked in doing a deal… Also agreed with PG that I would love Cesc. I don’t see that one happening but it will ALWAYS be in the papers because Cesc never bad-mouthed Arsenal even as he (maybe?) went on strike to get his move back to Barca… Frankly, even if he’s not in the photos or getting (massive) stick from the Barca press (he’s too slow according to the Cules…) he’s a reliable player whereas guys like Pedro, Sanchez and (most critically) Neymar go missing all too often…

    OK, gotta strap on the apron (amongst other items…) and do my house chores… 😀

  47. Will do Totes ! . 😀

    Thanks Stretch for the email !. 😀

    Thanks PG !. 😀

  48. Thanks 7eventeen !. 😀

    A Strap-on apron !!!………is this used to make the holes in the doughnuts ?.

  49. proudgooner says:

    I am starting to think the protocol son Cesc Fabregas returning is becoming more possible myself. He loves Arsenal , players say he only ever says really good things about the club, he has re-signed for a club before (Barcelona) so his not afraid to return, only thing is it has not gone well. He captained our side and we know what he offers on the pitch and that he is loved and appreciated at Arsenal, he knows the language and area. He may also feel like Flemini , like he has unfinished business with Arsenal and he has really.
    Or am i just dreaming? Possibly .
    I really don’t see him joining United . I don’t see him doing that to us. In fact he is the 1 player that i can honestly say that he did not move for money or glory hunting. After all he paid part of the transfer fee to make the deal happen to Barcelona. I think it was about £4,000,000, that is the loyalty and commitment of the man, that is why he is the 1 transfer i can really respect
    The City players you mentioned, i am with you it was good business, i believe selling them paid for 1/3 of the stadium, thank you Oil City (by the way our stadium is bigger then yours). every player bar Nasri was replaced for like quality straight away and i am not sure he would get in our team now. In fact i am sure he would not start.

    I also think you are right about the DM’s , i think he will be pretty happy with Arteta-Flemini,. I think the are Wenger style DM’s. I am pretty happy with our midfield . Cesc yes. Strikers are the clear priority for me, we really missed Theo mind. We lost 20+ with out him, who knows what differance that may have made:/

    He will be shopping for a goal keeper as well i am sure. In fact possibly 2 Though our on-loan Italin did not play once, he is going back to his club and Fabis sadly probably of to get game time, i wish him well our FA hero. So that is 2 keepers off. Not many people have commented on the keeper situation and its an important 1 . We need 3 keeper, so who do we go after. Cesear from QPR should have been snapped up, we still could but if QPR get promoted then they will want to keep him.
    My choice is Begavic from Stoke , he is great, a world class keeper.

  50. proudgooner says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha, i have got visions of a chef thrusting away making dounut’s now, only you could have thought of that TCM
    How do they make the holes??

  51. proudgooner says:

    Love it Cockie -the away boyz–
    Podolski is a Gooner song. need to get the crowd sing these tunes, that would be the nuts.

  52. James Bond says:

    thought you might enjoy the equation @ Professor – however, I don’t really think he will be available for Arsenal , PSG or any other club since his agent (or him ) have been working their way out of man city for a good 18 months now – I suspect he wants to go back to Barca ? (which could work well for us with the domino effect ? ) or so I hope.


    that’s all jolly good but what’s causing it is the question ? is it a fatty liver,one of the H’s (virus) e.t.c e.t.c something has obviously caused the scarring so it would make sense to ask your GP or specialist to do further tests to diagnose the problem , if you haven’t already found out the root cause of it – once the root cause has been found then this could be treated and the scarring effect could slow down or even reverse – the aim should be to not let it get to the cirrhosis stage e.t.c e.t.c yes, I am not a Doctor but I know more than some doctors out there due to you know what – anyhow, am sure you must have done your research but if not, thought I would mention this just in case.

    but today is a good good day for the Monster family – loads of love and best wishes to both you of you !

    all this transfer talk from 17HT and PG is rather good – keep it going !

  53. Forgot to say…….England Vs Holland in the Final of the European U 17 Championship`s is on Eurosport Ch 410 now !. Currently 1-0 to England ,,,,,,Arsenal`s left back playing England !.

  54. Fatty Liver, 007 and it`s already been diagnosed as cirrhosis !. Thanks anyway !. 🙂

  55. James Bond says:

    sorry to hear that, thought it was just scarring – hope she has quit drinking altogether now !

    so let’s divert from reality to the land of Arsenal then.

    I am not so sure why we are fussing so much about a proper DM –

    surely, it’s a “Proper” striker we need to be hunting – it’s a no brainer, score more goals and win !
    even the one vs man city – we created more chances or shots on target, and could have easily won 5-7

    going forward my priorities go like this

    1: Striker

    3: Striker

    5: Striker

    not fussed about the DM or B2B because we have Diaby back 👿 *sarcam alert”

  56. 17highburyterrace says:

    007, the only comment I ever make on transfers is that just because there’s (a ton of) smoke there’s almost certainly no fire…Although I like the way you’re thinking–that we might be opportunists in a three way–as we were with the Ozil deal. Bottom line, everybody knows we’ve got money so everybody is showing us their wares, or otherwise trolling…Don’t let yourself get a punctured lip, eh… (Hopefully, that had sufficient double entendres to keep the Cockster innerested…) And speaking of smoke…remember these reporters all have to report something (anything…) right around 4:20 every afternoon… That one is for TA, and I’m curious if the term is used in Europe…

    Even with an extra team in the mix this season Spain still seems a good place to shop for players though they need a certain robustness and a willingness to put away the diving…Not sure if that describes our Carlitos or Griezmann…

    But back to three-ways. If (hahaha) City need to keep their net-spend down I can (maybe) see the potential for Yaya back to Barca… The new guy might try to offload the relatively young Cesc back to us (don’t they still owe us money on that deal?…) with extra money heading to City (to buy an upgrade amongst their attacking central MFs–Toure’s true position there…) Deadline day, however, is a LOOONNG way away…

    If it hasn’t already a similar thing *could* gain pace after Brazil amongst the Strikers. The England group is particularly interesting. Rooney (already on huge money) needs to get his team through and if England can do it (at the expense of either Uruguay or Italy) it could easily raise the stakes for Sturridge and/or Welbeck. If they don’t…Some of the Silly money teams might *have* to get their gr(eedy)easy hands on Ballotelli or Suarez or Cavani… Fun times and it *could* be a fun group to watch as a neutral (which, happily, I am)… Of course it could also be a Tom Daley/Greg Louganis spectacle… (Remember, you throw out the high and low, then multiply by the degree of difficulty…) Rooney doesn’t enjoy taking those pens as I recall. More wet undergarments for Stevie G, I fear… 😆

  57. 17highburyterrace says:

    007, It’s always seemed to me that players get better and better (on the interweb, at least…) the longer their out. As such, Diaby is *almost* as good as Vieira by now…Surely…

  58. James Bond says:

    oh my – did no one ever tell you not to be brutally honest about such things , especially on a wednesday – let us dream !!!! ahahahahahahahahhaa

    only joking – yeah, Diaby is like the 2nd coming of Vieira minus the attitude problems and tantrums 😀

    yes, where there is fire there is smoke and where there is smoke, there is Glic’s upto his old shenanigans !!!

    I quite like this idea of a threesome involving Man city – Barca and Arsenal , ha

    back to being serious – that agent and Yaya rant was rather pathetic – bloody spoiled or what ? as if, getting £220 k per week wasn’t enough they got to moan about not feeling wanted and loved – and then they say, it doesn’t come down to money after giving examples of an expensive car that was given to a player by the club president on his 37th or 38 birthday , sigh.

    am sure there is a script in there somewhere and in other words – I don’t expect to see Yaya at man city next season.

  59. 007…..sorry mate , but it`s nothing to do with her drinking as she doesn`t !. I`m only a Professor of Smutology and don’t know too much about it…..too many long Latin words !……but the shortened technical name is NAFLD… Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease ….with stage 4 Varices which lead to major portholes !. What ever that means !. She`s having scans galore and endoscopy stuff !. I`ll leave at that as I`m boring myself now !. hahaha
    In other news, if you watched our England babes, you`ll know we beat the Double Dutch Drug Dealers in Diapers on penalties and are now U 17 European Champs ! .

  60. James Bond says:

    crikey , that sounds nasty – hang in there both of you !

    hang on, did we win on Penalties ? ? ? ? ? are you sure it wasn’t on the PS3 or xbox 😀

  61. I`m disgusted that we haven`t bought any SQ yet, so I`m going to sulk and go and watch some Sky Plussed stuff !. ( I still have 2 hours of pre-game stuff to watch of Saturdays Final !….Leona Lewis… a gooner…singing abide with me etc` )

  62. davvydavy says:

    Yeah the situation with Yaya at Man City is strange. My first thought was that he was doing a Rooney to try to force a pay increase, but now I’m thinking that JB might be right and he is angling for a move away from Manchester. Where to though? Not Arsenal, that’s for sure looking at the money he’s on at City, so it’s really only a handful of teams he could move to. We still need a top quality DM though, but it’s not him.

    I think Sagna could work in the defensive mid position – Lahm is doing the same thing well at Bayern and I reckon Bac is a lot more solid and a better header of the ball than him. It would be great if it worked so we could spend our money on pace up front with a SQ striker and left winger.

    And wahey, so good to see my team (Bod’s Gooners United) finished top of the BK Boing fantasy league this year!

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Many congratulations, Davyx2! Not just a pretty face, hey?! 🙂

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    Take as long as you need, Seventeenho!

  65. geoffchase says:


    briefly in response from out of phase/time land..

    JB: Yeah, I am not banking on Yaya but interesting to consider. I think Barca or elsewhere for him. Only a few clubs could afford his wages (even reduced) and Barca may or may notbe one of them. RM and PSG are teh other two in my opinion

    17: Hmm, you seem down and cynical. As I believe and noted way back up, if he’s decided to go, he has and an athletes career is short and retirement long so $50k/week is worth it. Equally, if we are close and he likes the place that may trade off. The future benefits of being a club legend are often too intangible to these players to grasp and their agents dont prefer it (less cut and less now) so..

    JB and 17, and CM I think: I too want a ST of some type, but I think the strong Presence! defensive side of B2B whatever you want to call them is what would let us be more free in formations and shapes we could present. And thus more variable and less predictable. So, to me:

    a. those who say we need to score more and need SQ strikers to free the power of Ozil and others creativity — are exactly right


    b. one, if not the, key to that is freeing up a midfielder to be more forward and attacking rather than the double pivot approach now. To do that and still shield our back 4 requires that Presence!

    Thus, I think the DM unlocks more degrees of freedom to be different and attack differently – thus getting the most out of our players like Pod and a few others who seem less useful in the less flexible options that we could offer this year.It would thus make us a bit more robust to injuries in certain areas too!

    Thus, to me a top ST is needed, but the full otucomes of that striker wont be unleashed, along with the full potential of our squad until we can be more flexible in what we put out there … And to me that relies on the DM side

    CM: There is unfortunately a name for your wife’s condition. “Genetically firetrucked” or just plain unlucky. I have iit with respect to cholesterol levels.

    cheers — jgc

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Well said Geoff, priority is DM, DM, DM. And a Theo or indeed even Pod can be our new Striker signing. 😉

    But a Reus or Draxler on the left, mmmmmm…

  67. geoffchase says:


    Pace with finishing is second on my list!

    Cheers — jgc

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Steel with passing, Pace with finishing, Vision with defending…. Is that too much to ask, Arsene? 🙂

  69. xavier says:

    Wow. just saw a video showing all the goals scored by arsenal this season. Didnt notice that Giroud had that many headers. x_x. I didn’t count but they seem more than i originally thought.

  70. xavier says:

    TA hope its okay to post the link

  71. xavier says:

    Oh yeah, and i got a lil teary eyed as well. hehehehe

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Xavier 🙂

    the link is fine of course.

  73. James Bond says:


    I hear you loud and clear but the priority for me is a SQ striker and then a very good striker (Bony, Vela, Remy) so that’s 2 .

    saying that, we know that Arteta isn’t getting any younger and Flamini hasn’t managed to mature into what we all expected or wanted hence it’s a very safe bet to put your house on all your savings into Arsenal getting a DM/B2B (Sch/Song/Bender) – sorted.

    thanks for the video @ Xavier – nice to see you around !

  74. Gerry says:

    Hi all, I lost my broadband for a couple of days, so I have been catching up.

    As we haven’t signed anyone yet, I will not comment on the might be’s.

    I think it is June 1st when the various speculation on early deals will be tested, although no club will be able to register them until July. With the WC preparations underway, my guess is most will be of a minor headline value. So sit and suffer, September is a long way away?

  75. James Bond says:

    Muller’s a done deal for Man utd, no ?

    as is Luke Shaw ?

    Man utd are wasting no time they might not be able to register until july but they can certainly agree and sign pre-contracts ala Poldi style.

  76. James Bond says:

    Toni.Kroos and not Muller sorry – won’t be surprised if Muller leaves as well though

  77. Highbury Harmony says:

    Most of you have probably seen this, and granted it’s the Metro, but looks like Sagna’s gone.

  78. Highbury Harmony says:

    Reports are mixed on Kroos to Utd. Some claim the deal is done, while others claim he won’t leave Bayern this summer.

  79. James Bond says:

    Kroos is done.

  80. James Bond says:

    all this talk of Cesc back to London is insane …spooky and wicked – why ?

    if it were to happen then we would have the top 2 most assist providers in the world playing at Arsenal

    both Ozil and Cesc

    what be even more mad would be the fact that , if we were not to add a SQ striker then they could no longer be the top 2 assist providers for long 😀

    on a serious note, it would be frightening to have the top 2 play together , Cesc could play as a false no.9 as well.

  81. geoffchase says:

    JB, TA et al,

    JB, I like TAs last take on our notes “Steel with passing, pace with finishing and defending with vision” … I dont care what order! 🙂

    Re Cesc, well that’s sort of an American football thing in the TW. Do you take “by need”, best you can get at the position desired, or by “best available” which is the best available talent and I will figure out the formation etc to get the best out of them later. Of course you do some of both as no matter how SQ a striker is they likely wont fill in for Kos so well…

    But, Cesc reminds me of that. If I cannot get a SQ striker do I take Cesc and play false 9 and no real striker? At least sometimes..

    cheers — jgc

  82. Dylan says:

    Hi all! Now that my major exams are over, my AP classes do a lot of sitting around doing nothing. So today in Physics I sat down and for 85 minutes straight, wrote. I believe I have enough for at least 3-4 posts, if not more! Lots in terms of a squad report, youth promotion, and transfers. Finally my wish list will be revealed. So I issue a challenge. Can anyone guess my first choice striker to buy this summer? 😉

  83. Gerry says:

    Super Mario, D

  84. proudgooner says:

    On the SQ striker signing situation I just thought it would be wise to view the World Cup in full and get a good look at the worlds best strikers form. There is always a few stars that come though. The problem is of course there price rises but we have a big budget . But the main point of doing so I think could also be making sure the player is not injured on the World Cup,
    It would be terrible if we were to sign a Drazlar , Bony or who ever you fancy being our new hit man to be signed before only to be seriously injured during the cup.
    On that note I have just seen on sky sport Suarez in a wheel chair what a shame , 🙂 lol no Suarez v England , just goes to show why waiting may be a wise move.

  85. Dylan says:

    Gerry, nope. 😉

  86. jgc says:


    Jgc, after conversion from pivot DM and 25 year age reduction or Lukaku? Or Mandzukic?

    Cheers — option #1

  87. Dylan says:

    TA, nope. 😉

  88. Gerry says:

    I’ve just listened to the Arsecast – 318 – and there is a great quote in there …

    “Arsenal have won a trophy fro every 8 games that Yaya Sanogo has played”

    Doesn’t that make you smile? 😀 😀 😀

  89. xavier says:

    hahahahaha. @gerry Just listened to it too. And everyone’s suddenly on about the enigma that is Sanogo. I mean, the arsecast before this one, and arse2mouse’s i think tried to decipher what exactly he does on the pitch and we cant quite put our hands on it.

    I love it!!!

    @ Dylan Pato? Chicharito?

  90. Hahaha, Dylan, you are learning well the nature of the internet tease… On that note, where’s the Cockster?… (Not to mention the Superspy with recent reports from his saucy sauce…) Frankly I haven’t a clue who you (Dylan) might want at CF… (but I am curious…)

    Bac on this topic…

    The smoke is getting pretty red-hot re: Sagna to City, which, to me, says a couple of things… #1 being that there’s A LOT of opportunity in England and (maybe) some more good players will be coming to the top clubs–including Arsenal. Surely, big changes will happen at the two Manc clubs as well as in town at Chavs and northern Chavs (Spurs) who will want to move some of those guys who came in on the Bale money (and then didn’t do squat)… Given that the headlines lie, I’m not even sure what’s a done deal. Do Totts have a new manager yet? Total’s Dutch hero (Van Gaal) will be getting what’s left of the Dutch villain (van Persie), correct? And what’s up with some of the Vans being capital V and others using the small v? Is it OK to actually call them Dutch rather than Netherlanders or Hollandaise…which brings me back to people and their sauces…What will people be drinking here on this Friday evening? We’ve even got a bank holiday on Monday here in the States, so I’ll be having something or other when the time comes… At the moment, obviously, it’s just the coffee… 😀

    Looking bac at the (sub)title on this one, I’m afraid that we’ve failed on the litmus test. Are we not a “big club” because Sagna is marching to the play for the Prince of the bigger Emirate? That’s *one* way to look at it but I think it’s an overly negative perspective. Of course, I would love to keep him (and Ludivine and the kid…) but so it goes and I’m actually coming around to potential excitement around a different style of play on that side of the pitch. Nobody will be able to match his combination of professionalism, defensive rigor and (esp.) his heading ability. Still, I can see an opportunity for a small phalanx of players (well, 2 or 3 or 4, including Jenks and Bellerin…) taking on the right back spot and having it be an exciting part of the squad (esp. in attack). Unlike many, I don’t like change (for change’s sake) but when it comes, I try to see the upside…

    So, there you go..for now… I’m still working on my “season recap” post, TA…but it could be ready in a bit, if you’ve got nothing else in the hopper… In the meantime, Happy Friday…

  91. TotalArsenal says:

    That is funny, Gerry. 🙂

    Dylan, great to hear you are working on a post, or maybe even a few… Super stuff. 🙂

    Note to others: we could do with more post writing by the regulars, as I am still struggling with finding energy and inspiration to write them.

    Themes for consideration:

    1. Your player of the season and why
    2. Your take on the last season: stagnation or progress
    3. Three things that will make us win the league next year (or have a better go at it)
    4. Who to sacrifice if Cesc returns?
    5. Would continuous fitness or Ramsey and Theo have won us the title?
    6. Why did we lose so big against top teams in away games?
    7. What to do with Oliver Giroud?
    8.The Two SQ signings to go for the title next season?
    9.Which Arsenal players will reach the World Cup final this summer (last time it was Van Judas and Cesc).
    10. Who should be captain next season?

    If any of these titles is of interest to you, let us know and start writing! 🙂

    I am writing a post currently on the theme of getting our magical football back, and as you may know, 17HT is writing a season review…

    Cheers compadres. 🙂

  92. TotalArsenal says:

    And there he is! 🙂

    Good news 17ho. Yes we could do with a post as mine is not even half done.

    ‘Van’ in Dutch means ‘of’ and is usually used to refer to a location (Persie and Bommel are small places…. villages, hamlets etc). The rule is as follows: if you use the surname on its own ‘Van’ is written with a capital letter: Van Bommel, Van Judas, Van Wolkswinkel, Van Basten, Van Driver, etc. If, however, you use the full name – first and last name – the ‘v’ becomes small… Mark van Bommel, Rotten van Judas, Marco van Basten, etc.

  93. Frozen Gunner says:

    On another note– now we finally know what TA does with his freetime!

  94. Evening Van Cojones Chops !. 😆

    Before I talk about our disgusting lack of action in the procurement of Super Quality Soccer Individuals, let me report the terrible news that we have lost a SQ player already !……no I`m not talking about Sagna !……but Balloon on Door winner…..Bendtner !……he`s been released…..along with Park !, whose not been seen since I jokingly stuck a….” I`m an illegal North Korean Dog Kidnapper” ….on his back at Heathrow Airport !.
    So that`s £52k off the wage bill already !……….Park was paid in Puppy Love and Gazidis is currently being investigated by the RSPCA !.
    Surprised Aneke has been released, I thought he was going to be our future Ya Ya Toure !.
    A few interesting things I heard on talkSPORT today !. Darren Gough said he was speaking to an agent friend and he revealed that some Chelsea 17 year olds are on £10,000 per week !!! and haven`t played a 1st team game yet !!!.
    QPR`s wage bill is higher than Atletico Madrid`s !!!.
    Best was that ( and you can listen again on line ! ) Adrian Durham had to sing Arsenal Hot Stuff for losing a bet !, they also had a vote to whether they still did…”The Daily Arsenal ! “…and yes, it is still going on with a 70% majority vote !.
    Right !…..have we nought anyone yet ?.
    Van Gaal doesn`t want Kroos and Kroos has said he wants to stay at The MUnchies !.
    Van Gaal has his mind on The Tango Army, so has given Manshafters go getters a list of players he wants !………….any chance of Sith Lord Wenger doing that whilst he`s a WC pundit ?.

    I know Totes has put them ten up for posts to consider, but I`m going to answer them as questions !.

    1) Ramsey, because I said so ! .

    2) Progress…..only just !.

    3) Any combination 3 of Bale, Messi, Ronaldo and Suarez !

    4) If on an altar…..Wenger`s puffer jacket….if on a BBQ…..Girouds cock on a skewer !.

    5) Add Ozil to that and possibly yes !.

    6) Lack of Mental Strength and inept tactics !

    7) Keep for the BBQ and Plan B if we get SQ striker !.

    8) See # 3 !

    9) None

    10) Seeing as we have a habit of Captains being sold, I will go for Monreal !.

  95. Fcuk !!!………strong rumours that Side Show Bob is going to PSG for somewhere between £40/£50M !!!……..if he`s worth that much then a SQ player is going to cost us at least £150M !.

  96. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha Frozen, thanks for video. Yep, that’s me. 🙂

    Here is a nice video with SOME of the best Dutch goals…. a few scorers have also sported the mighty red and white…

  97. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Seventeenho takes us back with a fantastic, all-covering season’s review. Don’t miss it! 🙂

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