Arsenal Season Review: Four Improvements and Three Negatives

It has been a whirlwind of a season for Arsenal this year. The poor start to the league before the incredible run of form that saw us lead the league table for a mighty long time followed by the collapse in the league and finally the FA cup triumph that ended the trophy drought. For many observers, this seems like a typical Arsenal season and sure enough in some aspects that is the case, but I have seen real progress in this team this term. Of course the proverbial monkey is off our back now that we won the cup, the biggest testament to this growth.

Soccer - FA Cup - Arsenal Winners Parade

One of the biggest strides we have made this season (if not the biggest) is the assembly of the rock solid defensive unit of Szczesny, Koscielny and Mertesacker. For me Koscielny is the best defender in the league. Mertesacker is Mr. consistent and Szczesny’s golden glove prize says everything I need to. Bac has been phenomenal for us too, but i hesitate to dwell too much on him as his departure is all but rubber stamped. This defensive unit (barring the humiliation at the hands of Chelsea, Liverpool and city) was the best in the league. The aforementioned defeats are a result of our poor tactical nous at the middle of the park but I will get to that in a bit. Defense has been a major achilles heel for Arsenal since the pairing of Campbell and Keown but that is now a thing of the past. In Szczesny, we have a true heir to David Seaman’s throne.

Secondly, has been Arsenal’s ability to grind out wins, which is a testament to the brilliance of our defense. Before when Arsenal took an early lead you always felt nervous at 1-0 because we would eventually crumble and either draw or lose. This season however we have learned how to ‘win ugly’ as many would put it. Perfect examples are the wins against Spurs, Dortmund away and many more.

Thirdly, there is the coming of age of some of our players. Biggest of them all, Aaron Ramsey. I mean we all saw his potential before his leg break but nobody could have predicted what we saw this season. He has been nothing short of phenomenal. He has consistently put in match winning displays when fit, sometimes showing lashes of skill that the likes Ronaldinho and Zidane would be proud of. Another has been Theo Walcott. Though he has been injured for the most part, he has shown that he can be the 30 goal a season player we always thought him to be. It’s a shame we lost both at such crucial times of the season.

Last but not least, is the fact that Wenger has finally shown us that he is willing to spend money on world class talent. With the acquisition of Ozil, Wenger has proved that he is willing to spend big on the right players, something he will need to do more of if we are to build on our recent FA cup success. I find it hard to believe that our first trophy in years after we brought in a world class player is pure coincidence.

There have been a few negatives that saw us surrender the league title to Man City. They can all be summed up in one sentence; Wenger’s lack of tactical prowess. This comes out in a number of ways.

First and most frustrating of all is his inability to manage his squad effectively. Arsene Wenger simply does not know how to rotate his squad. He will play his best 11 week in week out until they either get injured or lose form due to fatigue. In my opinion apart from Theo Walcott, all the other injuries we got this season could have been avoided. Allow me to explain. When we started the season, we had Wilshere and Theo injured but were coming back. Wilshere’s had been long term and Theo’s short term. This meant that Ramsey got his chance to play, along with Gnabry. However, not long after Theo returned, regaining his place on the right meaning we had a midfield of Arteta, Ramsey, Ozil, Walcott and Santi (our best line up). So they played until Theo was injured again. But Wilshere soon returned. Note that with his well documented injury issues, he needed to be eased back in. Wenger would have none of it. He was played, even at times on the flank leaving a fit Ox and Gnabry on the bench. His worst performances came from the flank mind you. This team played on until both Ramsey and Wilshere (both of who thrive on the B2B role and would have shared the responsibility brilliantly) were injured due to the sheer amount of games they played. All this while, the Ox, Gnabry and Rosicky on the bench. Same to Mesut, a player who needed to be carefully introduced to the English game. He was played until he lost form and ultimately got injured yet Tomas sat on the bench unused. Look at players like Mertesacker and Bac who played almost every single game this year when TV5 was left unused. Podolski, one of our best players played a very small part in our league campaign despite being our best finisher. The examples go on and on. What is the point in having a big squad if the boss won’t use it?

Secondly I feel that our traditional beautiful game has been compromised. Our lack of pace makes what used to be scintillating displays in slow, labored, boring football. Our quick paced passing was seen in flashes like in that fantastic goal vs Norwich but majority of the time it was that slow passing that was at times difficult to watch. This made defences harder to break down, a major reason why we seldom won by big margins. We need some pace in that team.

Finally, Wenger’s lack of a midfield plan. Gary Neville said that at times it is like Wenger picks his midfield and asks them to play as they feel. For most parts I tend to agree with him. He has managed to assemble a very talented midfield but they are all too similar, especially when we lose the ball. There is no positional discipline, no tactical defensive shape, no coordinated pressing of the ball. This leaves the defense open and vulnerable to attacks. This explains the routs we received. Wenger, at the very least, needs to bring in a proper DM who shields the back for properly. Arteta’s lack of pace and aging legs have been exploited more than once this season.

Arsenal players celebrate with the FA Cu

All in all, it has been a good season. The lads have tasted victory and now it is up to Arsene to bring in 3-4 world class players ( a world class DM of the Javi Martinez mould, a pacy, goal getting left sided winger and a 30+ goal a season striker) to elevate us to title and UCL contenders. At this point, no Gooner is willing to go back to the trophy-less years – rather would see our glory days return.

 Written by: Marcus

62 thoughts on “Arsenal Season Review: Four Improvements and Three Negatives

  • Marcus,
    Good points and a good read.
    Though I think Wenger has shown some different tactics , but it’s fair to say he got them wrong at times as he himself admitted after the Chelsea game.
    1 big factor that you did not mention that thought really affected out title challenge was the fixture list.
    I think we unluckerly got the worst draw if the lot.
    That had to be very mentally sapping on the team , playing title rivals every 3 days at times.
    That is the way it was, it was a good season. It could have been even better.
    We are keeping our best players and adding some and have Wenger for 3 more seasons . I can’t wait til the new season starts

  • Agree, especially with the point on rotation (or lack of it). There is no reason why a player like Vermaelen should not have game time against certain teams, particularly those that come to ‘park the bus’. Wenger has to change in this regard. Rotation not only helps to keep the squad fresh, it also reduces player discontent.

  • Ogban,
    Great point about TV5
    On the other hand just to back Wenger though, no EPL game is easy and after building the best CB pairing in the league he maybe just wanted to field his best , every point was so important
    But I agree TV5 is a great player and it makes sense when nearly all are fit we have nearly or have enough to field 2 great teams, we are do nearly there.

  • Well thought out post…
    Good work…
    Hard to disagree with any of it…
    Rotation seems to be the No.1 subject among Gooners these days.
    Maybe a bit more imagination with substitutions could help?!!!

  • i congratulate the team and coach for theiracheivements this year i have followed arsenal since i was five i am now a pensioner from nz living in australia i was working my way up from a young age in nz football and came to australia to better myself when my career was cut down by a injry to see it end my playing career i hurt my back when i landed on top of the ball and damaged my spine through it i have had two hip replacements i hiphas a steel plate in it was working on going to england and having a trial with an english club preferably arsenal was watching ars win the fa cup and said to my mate if only i had the money would like to go there some day and meet all the boys and especially arsene wenger i am glad he stayed on i hope we can sign up all our recruits before our preseason starts and put a good squad up to the season my mate and i wish arsenal all the best for new season go lads win championship and everything going like invincables

  • I have to agree Marcus, that is a fine analytical post.

    On the face of it it is very hard to disagree with the points you have made.

    I would just like to add that we ‘assume’ all the other players were available, and not suffering from niggles that could flair up into bigger things? Only Arsene and the physio team know that, and to some extent, what the players say when wanting to play?

    Take the Wilshere case for example. You will have seen the headlines:

    ‘Wenger puts England ahead of Arsenal with Wilshere’

    Not only is that a bit of underhand interpretation to cause discontent in the Arsenal ranks, as it is simply not his way. But here you can speculate that he learned from ‘his mistake’ above, or that he was looking after Wilshere long term, and crucially over-ruled Wilshere’s desire to come back too soon. This implies that he could have listened to Wilshere against his better judgement before.
    Or, indeed, a bit of both?
    Arsene is clever enough to know that Wilshere will only get about 3 games this summer ( 😀 ), and his decision had ‘f’ all to do with England, but simply having him in good shape for next season?

    Not that that excuses him on all occasions, but let’s not hit him with a too big a stick, eh?

    Tactically again, when you mention the Neville quote. The idea that the team play as a free flowing unit, and it is left to them to play it as they see it, is both beautiful and amazing when it comes off, and a disaster when it doesn’t.
    One is ‘wengerball’, the other naivety.

    After the slump, which happened when a whole host of things combined to make it hard for us to win. Not least, mental fatigue that messes up the confidence to do the right thing? However, I said on a few occasions, that those last 4 games they had discovered how to work themselves into games before trying to win them. It was what was needed after such a confidence bashing they had had for the previous two months. It held sway in the Cup Final too. This I think you can credit Arsene with, as he tried to steady the ship with not always his ‘strongest’ side.

    It could be different next season if your last paragraph is followed through? I would have added a CB to the list to complete the revolution though. Apart from replacing departures, naturally.

    I think Arsene is natural ‘tweaker’ rather than going for wholesale changes, but with stronger voices in the squad he will be keen to maintain unity. That will be one of the biggest challenges this coming season, but an exciting one?

    Cheers Marcus, nice one.

  • Fine post Marcus……not much to disagree with. I too think Wenger overplays our players……He needs to rotate more often. That’s another reason I would get Cesc back. I know people are saying we have too many similar midfielders, but Cesc is simply world class and to let him go to another Premiership side would be sacrilege.

    How about a little flutter on either Ashley Williams/Curtis Davis and either Carlos Vela/Loic Remy. One of each would not break the bank and would give us plenty of rotational licence. Also, this would leave enough in the bank to acquire a SQ ST.

    Regarding Sagna, Wenger needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat for next season. As good as Jenkinson is, he is not ready yet.

    Nice comments Ogban….you should drop in more often.

  • I was trying to think of a striker that has not been mentioned on the site for at least a long while and i came up with this man.
    Now i am not going for him as our SQ striker, whilst i think he has potencial . He would be my suggestion to replace Park who well we never use, or NB52 , he was out injured all last season so that raises questions. But his absence was clear and the player is Michu.
    Is he Arsenal standard? I think at the price you could get him for he would be well worth a punt.

    To add to Marcus post, just think for years and years, every summer TW we have lost our best players now we are keeping them. The lift they must have got in the dressing room from signing Ozil must have been great.
    Now we have won the FA cup, looking to add more SQ, the future is looking very bright foe AFC.
    All of our rivals had that lift while we had the oppersite .
    Plus new kit deal and all the new doors Puma may open 🙂

  • Marcus’ points are all valid and we just have to realise that Wenger is good, at times even great, but also comes with some ‘weaknesses’. Would we do a better job? Of course not, although some of us like to think we would… Are there better managers for our club…. Possibly, but there are no guarantees.

    The best hope we can have under Wenger is that he can add one or two real quality players every season and not let his best ones go… Once there is a solid, experienced, quality core team on the pitch then they will fill the occasional tactical hole themselves, I reckon…. just as Vieira, Adams, Campbell, Bergkamp and others did.

    Fully agreed with others on rotation. It is an art, and especially difficult when results are needed and the team is still developing into a solid unit. It should become easier next season.

    PG, was keen for a while on Mitchu but not so sure any more…. seems to lack in energy/attitude at times.

  • Hey, Alcide, Fozzie, Milo, JGC, RA, OZ, PPP, Alex, Henry, Kenyan Gooner, Iceman10, HH, AFC, Admir, Cock of Doom, Gorgeous Terry, AB….. etc. etc…..COME OUT and PLAY on Bergkampesque! : 🙂 😀 😆 😈 🙄 😛 😕

  • Would love to TA… I hardly have time to read the posts, and barely skim over the comments – working late most days and no energy left… another week or so and I’ll be back 🙂

  • Top notch post Marcus,
    Just like everyone else here as pointed out earlier, there’s an urgent need for rotation in the side to keep everyone satisfied (though, its more of a big ask) and fresh to avoid loss of form and burnouts PG. As it is the practise of all big title winning sides.
    Another thing is the need to strengthen the DM position, as players like Arteta(can hardly last an hour these days considering the pace of English game, so i think a replacement should be signed as we all know he’s contract wont be renewed) and Flame, he’s too rough with his tackles and you can bet he’ll miss a handful of games through suspension as it was evident last season. If the links with Khedira and Martinez is anything to go by, then i’d say we are in for a big treat. I wont rule out the addition of a new RB, LW, SQ ST, GK and another CB. Then we can boldly say; “bring ’em on” to our rivals.

  • Nice of you to come on for a minute, Alcide. We like to know that you are okay! 🙂

    Dont work too hard and look after yourself and family, but I am sure you know that already. 🙂

  • Nice write up agree with nearly everything you say. Just a couple of points.

    1. Sad to Fab go, I think there was very little to choose between him and Szs

    2. Agree what a great player Kos has become. I have never seen comparisons, but he does seem to give a number of penalties away?

    3. Sad to see Sagna go, no one is better in the air than him. I do think that he didn’t add a lot to the attack, invariably he would put in flat crosses or play backwards. If we can find someone with better attacking qualities (Coleman?) I think it will be an improvement.

    4. No doubt we need 2 or 3 additions to the squad as you have alluded to. The one factor I think we are missing is a strong captain in the Vieira/ Adams mould. Whilst we may have been tactically inept in the big games, I did feel that we fell to pieces and lacked leadership.

  • Oh and if Cesc goes to Chelsea, he will join Ashley Cole in my list of hated ex Gunners. There are others on the list but Chelsea?????

  • Hi all.. Nice to be back.. hehehehe..
    Thanks TA..

    Marcus.. great job..
    I think what really happened wasn’t about Wenger can’t do the rotation.. It just his style.. hehehe.. He almost never change the winning team..
    I do agree with you about that.. And I also unhappy about the rotation-rule.. But it wasn’t easy to rotate players.. They have their own ‘ego’.. especially ‘stars’.. They get angry if Wenger bench them often. Fans also.. hehehe.. And we know that we only had some stars in our team.. hehehehe..
    Players also must play together more often to be able to understand each other.. So if every game Wenger change his team.. the balance will be a little bit distrubed.. Moreover if we lost in that game.. some players will start to complain to one and another.. It will be bad to the team..
    And there will be no good competition if players always playing in every two or three games.. They must really give all their best if they want to play as starting eleven..

    My most concern is which players will Wenger buy to be able to rotate more often.. hehehehe..
    And we must never forget.. We had a lot of youngsters..
    How many players will he bring this season..?? He said only 3 new players come.. but do we agree..?? And if we assume there only 3 more players.. Who will Wenger choose..??
    I myself want Fabregas, Vela and Song back.. but Sergei Aurier seem one done deal already.. So maybe only two left.. hehehehe..

    What do you think..??

  • Great write up, Marcus.

    I see you are just as interesting as always and your writing style is easy on the eye. Thank you. 🙂

    I too agree with your analysis, but with the exception of your view on Wenger’s supposed inability to rotate the squad.

    There is a contradiction in saying that AW allows players to carry on until they are injured and are unable to play. What you are implying is that we play poorly after a player has been injured and replaced by another.

    In effect you are saying that having rotation forced on the team (because of injury) they are not as good as they are when left alone. Let’s face it, rotation was never intended to compensate for possible injuries, that might never happen, but it was meant to ensure all players in the squad were given the opportunity to play to avoid them becoming unhappy. In addition, it was used to change the team to meet the special circumstance that opponents raised, and were more geared to tactics.

    Mourinho, for example, would rotate players to ensure a ‘park the bus’ strategy when he played a ‘big’ competitor, and wanted a draw as a minimum, however boring it makes the game, and to grab a possible win from a breakaway.

    Wenger will never allow his teams to play that way, and although many would see this as a weakness, it is part of his pure football vision, and I love him for it.

    Where I have my reservations with his concept, is that he has slowly lost the players he had because of a lack of funds and the drip drip drip of our top players going out to Man Citeh, and allowing them to win the league instead of us.

    The new sponsorship money will hopefully help him to but the pacey, classy players we need to once again become top contenders for the various trophies, and I am sure we will.

    Marcus, just take the foregoing as a compliment to you and your Post, as I have not felt the inclination to comment at such length for a long time.

    I look forward to your next Post, as it may help to further reawaken my interest in the blogging world. 🙂

  • Hi Henry, 🙂

    It is always difficult to interpret what Wenger means when he speaks of being in the market for three players. He also usually says his first task is the keep the squad together.

    So were the 3 players in addition to the squad. If so, does that mean when Sagna eventually said he was going, does that now make 4 more players, and if anyone else goes will that increase the number he needs to buy?

    Wenger has often said that he does not want to have too many changes in the team, so in answer to my own question, I think that regardless of who leaves, he will only bring in a maximum of 3 players, and if we do not bring in someone who is at least as good as Sagna, for example, that would mean the squad would be weaker and not stronger.

    As I said above, Mr Wenger is difficult to read when it comes to matters of transfer activity. 🙂

  • Thanks Marcus

    I cant agree with your criticism of Arsene Wenger. Redders explains the contradiction in your rotation argument, and I also feel that accusing one of the best coaches in world football of lacking tactical prowess is simply ridiculous.

    Arsenes philosophy is based on expression of both the individual and team. His way has been successful before. and will be again.

  • nice one , Marcus – long time no see ?

    agreed almost with everything minus – Sczny – numbers can be deceiving and quite flattering which turned out to be the case in this one (clean sheets and so on ) …he is not ready yet nor do I think will be ready for another 12 months to 24 months.

    this is all flattering to deceive when you look at the numbers, however, when you look at it realistically then here is how it goes , Re Sczny

    main reason why we exited the CL 2 years in a row.

    main reason why we hardly deliver the goods against big teams and mostly lose by silly score lines, not how he keeps on giving more (Man city vs Arsenal, Penalty, needless to buff up their scoreline even more).

    had it not been for Fabianski, then you can bet your bottom dollar that we would have had another season without any trophy – do I spot nonsense ? I’ll let the readers decide this but all am saying is that it’s not all rosy as far as our goal keeper is concerned and it’s even worse now considering we don’t really have an able no.2 to push him even more.

    also, the best teams in the world don’t really have to change their tactics, I know that king henry was rather critical of AW as well when we lost the 2006 final – let’s put it this way, would Barca or BM change their style of play, if they were playing each other or if they were playing the bigger teams or anyone else ? no they wouldn’t – it’s a philosophy, unfortunately, as you rightfully point out that we are missing a few pieces of the jigsaw to make it all click

    so who are the missing pieces ?

    Henrychan says 3 or was it AW who said 3 or 4 ?

    so here it goes,

    1: Reus

    3: Cesc

    5: Song

    7: Pepe Reina / any decent south american goalie

    sorted ? you betchya.

    last but not least, GLICS where art thou ? I miss you – bury the hatchet and come back please, let it be for the greater good of Arsenal football club – without you we don’t have many doomers on here :Evil:

  • oh and that’s Costa headed down south to Chelsea –

    Cavani next one down to the bridge, I Reckon

    will be great to have both Costa and Cavani at chelsea next season and have them be part of one of the 2 parked buses.

    no worries.

  • I know I know, there is no RB or Sagna replacement in there but that was intentional as I have “SONG” in my wish list.

    yep, I much rather play Song as the RB / DM , he is versatile, can do a mighty fine job for us there .

    perhaps, there is a post there to be written in there somewhere (winks at AFC).

    in Sagna we have lost a solid header of the ball and who better than Song to give us this option back ?

  • I have had to sacrifice a striker (Bony/Balotelli, Remy) in favour of Cesc, because if we can have Reus (SS) then I think we can deliver the goods with those 2 (Cesc and Reus).

    however , if no return of Cesc, then a striker is a MUST

    it’s because am assuming Giroud be there, as well as Theo Walcott (who wants to play as a striker), also Poldi, so it’s a bit of tweaking here n there and getting these 3 outfield players to get us back to playing sexy football and Wengerball.

    players like Reus and Draxler or even El-sharawey (italian) can be the next Henry, in my opinion under AW.

    does that make sense ?
    @ PG

  • If Chelsea were willing to sell him to us.?? Massive doubt.
    But if.??
    Would Torres be worth a £15,000,000 bid, i am pretty sure Chelseas would say no.
    But could Wenger get Torres back to his world class best. Big challenge, IMO if anyone could Wenger could.

  • I agree that our strikers if all fit and with improvements are nearly there. We are not so far away.

  • no, Torres is well past it now, sadly @ PG

    he has lost his sharpness for the english game and hunger as well, it seems.

    it will make sense for him to go back to spain (ATL-M) and be their David Villa for a season or 2.

    his £250 k per week wages are a massive turn off for me as well, we could have all 3 of Cesc (£100 k per week) , Reus ( 85 k per week) and Song (65 k per week) for that many wages every week.

  • I know that you are also keen on Michu ? well, he has been a one season wonder and we should be gunning for better options/players.

  • I think Torres is past his best, but he is a whole lot better then what he has shown at Chelsea.

    Michu, i don’t think he is a 1 season wonder, i think heloved playing for Micheal Luadrup and his losta bit of focus since he left or was sacked. For what reason i still do not know.??
    I think Michu could be a good member of the team, he would not be in front of Giroud but would take Parks place , if we wre to sign 2 strikers.
    Chelsea have stolen a lead on us by signing Costa. You could say any player is a 1 season wonder until there have time to prove otherwise,
    Then again, if we could sign Vela back for less then £4,000,000 he could take that place i have mentioned for Michu..
    Will Lukaku become available now Costa is nearly signed. H would be good for us.But same Question would the Chavs sell to us?? I doubt it.

  • Is that 1 slap in the chops from Chelsea to Lukaku to many?
    I would say he needs to get away from them. It was a big mistake by Jose loaning him out last season, He scored more goals then Eto, Torres and Ba combined in the league i believe
    He would be great with us,

  • Great goal Ecuardor! I am glad they scored this is the kind of test and pressure England need to be practising
    Come on the OX

  • Hey PG (and 007?)… I forgot about that match being on the telly…

    I don’t think Marcus answers comments which is why I’ve held off…I’m glad, however, that others have noted the chicken/egg problem with his analysis of the injury/rotation problem… Also, I have to agree with TMTH that it’s pretty bold to talk about Wenger in that sort of manner; a better post might be a critique of the Club’s decision to extend his contract. Surely he shouldn’t get paid at a level making him tied for top salary (with Ozil)…On the other hand, with the new narrative being that Ozil is a failure since his move to Arsenal, maybe Wenger (the specialist…) doesn’t have too much to worry about… 😉

    Regarding buying players…I haven’t looked very deeply into it, but it sounds as if Mourinho isn’t as keen on Cesc as maybe his owner (Abramovich) might be. The desire to give a slap in the face to local rivals (like hijacking the Willian deal from Spurs last Summer) only gets you so far. Is Cesc the true heir to Lampard and worth the Mata money? Also, 007, I don’t think Cesc is looking to maintain his current wage rate. What are the current top tax rates in Spain vs England?…

    Great movement and Ox almost finishes from an impossible angle…He might’ve done better pulling back onto his left?…

  • Love AOC. He doesn’t seem to suffer from overhype either…probably as a result of Barkley. Great on the ball, great touch. A bit over exuberant at times but I love that he runs with the ball. I admit I was young when he was playing and there wasn’t a lot of footie to watch for a 10 year old to watch in a household of non-footie fans with a single TV but he reminds me of Limpar. Hope he does well at the WC.

  • I am with you Joze, i also think the OX can be our star player for England in the world cup.
    He is not burnt out, has bags full of talent, can perform in many positions and as you say is a very grounded and mature man for his age.
    Yep i am hoping for a great cup for our Gunner.
    Evening mate,
    I am with you on the Wenger tactics, i have nothing but huge respect for the man. I always want to jump to his defence and no one knows his players better then Le Prof.

  • 17,
    You are also probably wise in not getting to concerned in the transfers.
    Wenger is possibly the hardest manager to find out who his targets are, he very often comes up with un-known players.
    Great goal Rickie Lambert. Barkley really is a great player.
    England have a pretty strong midfield when you think about it.

  • TA,
    Who is Lens? Is he a player to watch i see he just came on for RVP then scored minutes later i have not heard of him and he came on in front of Huunterlarr…?

  • The halo effect of Arsene on Terry and 17 is frightening at times…. Marcus puts the finger on the sore spots and OUCH that hurts…. 🙂

  • TA ha ha ha ha ha.
    I told you the Bergkampesque Gooners won’t the the Lords name taken in Vain.
    We will have to say a few prayers for brother Marus lol

  • PG, Lens is a winger with a half decent finish. I like him but would not be an automatic first choice for Arsenal, I reckon.

  • TA,
    Ok thanks for the info.
    To be fair IMO very few players out there would be, we have a very strong team, it really is a tough job finding the players that you have a real chance of signing that would be a an improvement on what we have at the moment..
    It is a tough job for Wenger, one that i have every faith in Le Professor being able to do none the less.

  • ha ha ha ha ha aha Drench # Podolski = Gooner 🙂 or something like that that he does. 😉

  • De Jong or Hunterlaar for me.
    It is funny you said tha as i was just thinking Wenger has always had a Dutchman in his team except last 2 seasons i think.
    He likes Dutch Technigue as well.
    No way the OX is out injured, hope it is not to bad. Please football gods.

  • I was trying to copy the Podolski twitter thing he does thats all TA , lol

  • How did the Dutch orange army play? Impressed?
    I think Holland have a good chance.
    I am tempted to stay up late and watch Argentina v Trinadad and Tabago. kick off at 23:15

  • I had a feeling they might.
    Some young lads playing for there nation v a footballing giant.
    I think Wales have a better team then Scotland or Ireland these days if all there players are fit.
    I can never remember Wales getting in the world cup, i might tip them to make the next 1.

  • I watched the game with one eye on the England game. We are a bit fragile in defence and too dependent on Robben, I reckon, but I still have a good feeling about our chances.

  • De Jong is or would be an improvement on what we have . From Milan , i feel a decent chance of the move happening. At 29 he should be a reasonable price.
    He would add that bit of needed steel we could do with. Or go for the younger Frenchman who is a very good player.and very gettable , playing in the Russian league

  • Have you read Ballacks interview about Mesut Ozil?
    Also the fans twitter voting for there starting 11 at the world cup, Ozil not making the starting 11…

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