Arguably the Greatest nr.10 Ever: Master of Balance.


Being a person who started watching football because of Dennis Bergkamp, I had been trying to get my hands on a copy of the new book by David Winner on Dennis Bergkamp, “Stillness and Speed”. My fiancé finally got it for me and I couldn’t wait to dig into it.

Stillness and Speed reads very much unlike what a typical football biography reads like; it is constructed of a simple structure that allows for a brilliant insight into the life and mind of the genius that is Bergkamp. Winner himself, in the preface, sights the book Puskas on Puskas as one of the inspirations behind the structure of Stillness and Speed. The book is made of chapters of questions and answers with the Dutch master, detailing his time as a child to the early years in Ajax, the lost years in Italy and finally the Arsenal years. This journey is punctuated by Dennis’ accounts of the tournaments he played with the Dutch national team, and of the in-fighting amongst arguably one of the most talented national teams in the world.

There are no headline grabbing assertions, no declarations that would propel the book to the tabloids must read list, rather Stillness and Speed reads in a vein similar to how Dennis himself would play. There is class and elegance, yet a simplicity of thought and action. Dennis comes across as a connoisseur of the game, a person who ‘serves the game’ as Arsene Wenger points out. A recurring theme in his story is that of balance. For Dennis, the most important thing is the balance, whether that is in how he controls the ball or how he controls his thoughts.

There are wonderful accounts of the goal against Argentina in ’98 and the goal against Newcastle. The ’98 goal remains his One Big Moment, the moment where he says all his life led him to. In a game where he was not at his best, he has three touches and a goal. It is incredible to read his account of the goal and how his fellow players saw the moment. There are also accounts of his FA Cup penalty miss (which, it is interestingly noted, was as close as we got to the double that year, instead Man U won the treble) and his fear of flying.

Another interesting thing that comes out is his love for the sublime with respect to playing with the football. As a kid growing up, Dennis tried to understand the nuances of ball control, and for him it was always about a challenging ball that he would control. He learnt about how the various positions of the foot hitting the ball, and the pace with which the ball would be hit would result in the flight of the ball. He said to his team mates, once he arrived in Arsenal, to never give him a simple ball. He asked them to challenge him, so he can challenge himself. It is also clear that he was a big influence on players like Pires and Henry, and the group of exquisite talent that Arsenal had in the early 2000s that went on to become the Invincibles were hugely inspired by Dennis.

It is also insightful to see how Dennis saw Arsene, considering the recent flak Arsene has taken on his lack of tactical nous. Dennis saw Arsene as a fellow lover of the game, a man with a philosophy who prepares the players to extend themselves and to play with his philosophy. At the same time, the impression I get is that for Dennis, Arsene’s style is a derivative mix of the Total Football style with pace and defensive strength (an English hallmark), rather than a simple attack-at-all-costs philosophy. It is interesting to try to reconcile this vision (which was quite evident in the Arsenal teams of the early 2000s) with the teams that have been going out in the last few seasons. On the same vein, there are passages highlighting the arguments the two of them had on football and on Dennis’ decreasing playing time as he grew older. Despite that, there is great mutual respect between the two of them.

There are colorful descriptions of Dennis as a joker in the team, playing pranks on the likes of Martin Keown; and his wonderfully coincidental meeting with Ian Wright at a petrol station when he had first arrived to sign on for Arsenal. Another very unique passage in the books details Dennis’ time in Italy, with the details coming from his teammates in Inter Milan. It is evident that the Inter team did not want to change their philosophy to Dennis’; and Dennis also did not want to change himself to the Italian way. It was a marriage that was destined to fail.

Dennis comes out as a man who believes in his vision of the game, who loves the nuances of the first and second touches to the ball, who believes in the value of a tough assist rather than an easy goal. He is a believer in coaching the Ajax youngsters in a similar philosophy, raising artists with their unique visions of the game rather than off-the-shelf developed youngsters who will play a position and are trained to do what the position demands. Dennis’ comparison between structure of a position, and structural training (Where the youngster playing on the wing for instance will always run up and down and cross, but never create using the balance of players on the pitch or the spaces on the pitch) vs. a more free expressive training in which the youngster can be a creative artist with a vision. Dennis’ love for spaces and on-pitch geometry comes out brilliantly.

All in all, it is a brilliant read; a must for lovers and students of the game and lovers of Dennis Bergkamp. My only gripe with the book is that whereas his early years and Italian years are described with detail, his time at Arsenal is more anecdotal, and the season by season transition and detail feels missing. Still, a fantastic book on arguably the greatest no 10 ever.

Written by: Umair Naeem

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  • Superb review, Mair. Your passion for the game and total admiration for our beloved DB10 come out very strong in your fine post. He was the best nr10 I have ever seen, especially in a 4-4-1-1 formation. What a player, what a professional, what an example to the game.

    Do we miss him? Bloody hell we do. I have a feeling that only once Arsene has left we will see him back at Arsenal….. call it gut feeling, but something tells me that not all has been great between the two of them in the last few years of Dennis’ Arsenal career. Maybe the apprentice tried to become the master…?

  • Thanks TA…. we so miss him. And funnily enough my impression (right or wrong) was always that he was underrated when he was there, possibly due to his decreasing playing time.
    I do agree, there seems to be something between the two of them, otherwise he should have been coaching here rather than at Ajax. I truly hope one day he can impart his learning to our players!
    Also, I don’t think we ever truly replaced him. Possibly with Cesc for a bit, but not in terms of the presence that he brought.

  • Umair – We have been treated to some great posts just recently, and yours sits very well among them.

    You can see why their might be friction between him and Arsene though, should they be on the same coaching staff?

    For Arsene it is a vision of how the ‘beautiful game’ can be played, and be successful. Alas, often let down by the players unable to interpret that vision.

    While Dennis, sharing a very similar vision, but views it from a player’s angle, rather than an observer. If Dennis can get the players inside the ‘vision’ they will, in his narrative, deliver.

    Such subtle differences that can create big battles?

    So we will have to wait three more years …?

  • Brilliant Umair

    Bergkamp was a professional master. Not only blessed with great ability, he was also the model pro, working and thinking about his game, Ironing out weaknesses etc.

    Yes, Dennis greatest asset was his brain. On his death, surely his brain should be placed in a jar for all future generations to marvel at its complexity. Its time to start a campaign “We want Dennis Brain in a Jar”

    The only thing that upsets me about the Bergkamp era is that he and all those other great players of that time could not win us the Champions League. They were good enough, but somehow did not make this history.

    Dennis is my fourth best ever Arsenal player. The greatest is Liam Brady

    I will probably start my own site to rival TA’s called “Bradyesque” It will be one were I do not do headline posts and nor will any one else make any comment. A site were nothing is said, a perfect tribute to the genius and good looks of the great Liam Brady.

    Cornwall, have you got the hump for Gerry pulling you up? You know the rule for comedy mate. At times you will offend, its part and parcel of the game. Get back on here and do what you do best, making us laugh, whilst simultaneously offending others. hahaha

  • Following on from my earlier comment, allow me to tell you a story about how a harmless comment can cause offence.

    About 15 years ago my great uncle Felix passed on. He was getting on in years and near the end he developed a nasty habit of fondling any one or thing who went near him. When sitting near the guy I would cusp my balls for protection.

    Weve all seen those old dogs who through age go round humping chairs etc. Well, once I walked in on Felix and he was dry humping the dog.

    Anyway, at his funeral its custom to walk past and kiss the cross on the coffin. I never done it and at the wake my cousin asked me why. I said “I was a bit worried he would get excited and go for my balls”.

    A harmless joke, but unfortunately overheard by his daughter. It all kicked off and I was asked to leave, but not before his son threatened to kick me in the goolies. I responded with “like father like son hey?” Again, just another harmless joke, but people were so angry I was lucky to escape sharing Felix’s coffin, and that box was no were big enough to move my hands into a shielding balls position. hahaha.

  • He was not underratedd, Mair. The English football press never stopped praising him. He brought something to this country that was greatly appreciated, even by non-Gooners.

    Hahaha Terry, very funny, my master of anecdotes! 🙂

    Good comment, Gerry, and interesting view on the ‘player’s angle’… you should eleborate.. 🙂

    Glicster come back buddy. 🙂

  • I loved the Post, Umair. 🙂

    The information you imparted and the skilful writing style had me at the end before I knew it and I had to go back for a more leisurely read. Thank you.

    It has occurred to me too that it would be an obvious choice to have Dennis at our club, but another thought also came to mind in that it takes two to tango, and perhaps the great man was invited by the Master but wanted to finish his coaching badges before he re-joined us. Who knows?

  • Terry,

    I simply cannot stop laughing at your stories, and the imagination and bravery you have in telling them.

    They are funny in their own right, although this one was making a good point to the GLIC man, and hopefully keeping him in darkest Cornwall — oops, no, you were trying to get him to return to have his bollix fondled, I am confused.

    What I can never work out is whether these anecdotal episodes are just the product of your fertile imagination delighting us with your wit, or whether they are based on true events, in which case my comment about bravery is valid. 🙂

    Come back and offend everyone Glicster, the world needs irreverent people like you — and although I have no clue what transpired between Gerry and You, but I am sure neither of you meant to be personally offensive.

    My own guess is that you have kidnapped one of Terry’s pigeons, without him knowing and have incarcerated it in your love shack until it gives in and lets you! It could be a long wait, as every pigeon in Trafalgar Square loves Terry, and cannot wait to land on his pate and poop with joy! 😀

  • Hi Ya Cockie……..I reiterate Terry’s plea……………Get back on here you lunatic. 😉

  • I am sure I can go along with the recall of glic/TCM on the basis he can offend everyone, RA.

    For the record, I would have been quite happy to let my first response go without reply. It was the justification that irked me into elaborating. After all, isn’t ‘ It’s only a joke’ that racist comedians say when they make their offensive remarks? Bernard Manning springs to mind

    But the point I was trying to get across was, that it is one thing to have comedy ‘without boundaries’ if you are talking to two or three people you know well enough down the pub. But even there, if the voices are raise so loud that they can be heard in the family dining area, then sure as eggs are eggs there would be complaints, and at the very least, told to tone it down. On a public website such as this, the wider audience is so much greater, world wide in fact. That carries with a responsibility to be more selective?

    On the face of it, I ‘pulled him up’ on one of least offensive things he has said .. on the surface at least. Take the comment about AW and sweets for example. When the Spurs fans sing songs on the same theme, we all (I think?) agree it ought not be tolerated. The Spurs fans find it funny. We do not. So where was the outcry against that might I ask?

    The other thing that irked me was the suggestion that we we need not read his comments?

    FFS! It is a FOOTBALL website, not a forum for filth.

    No, I am not trying to be the moral compass here, but I see no place for ‘Saville-esque’ jokes when most of us are here to discuss football? Sorry, but having seen the effect that the real incidents has on people, it is not a subject to joke about to an unknown audience. Surely most of you have seen people on TV reliving what happened to the 30, 40, or even 50 years ago, break down in tears?

    Ogling the under age school kids, may only be a short step to some much worse?

    What did this comment have, that others didn’t, to raise my protest? It is this, and I hope you read this down there in Cornwall …

    When both myself and the dogs were younger, I used to take them a second, short walk in the evening. Just a circular route around the gardens. One part of overlooks the lawned area where the kids have the ‘Bouncy Castles’ and such. I could almost guarantee that if I had not been seen as I came by there would be some unwashed loner gazing down at the kids at play. Quickly moving away as I approached. Equally quickly to return as I would find, as my circular route brought me back to view the scene from a distance. Occasionally there might be two of them, comparing notes no doubts? Now glic/TCM, I think I am right you became a Grandfather last year, so in the not too distant future the child will really enjoy a fun time on the bouncy castle?

    The question I will put to you is; Would you join one of those gazing down at the kids, including your grandchild, and sharing your jokes with the unwashed? Or stand back with me, and think ‘sick bastard’?

    Come back on site by all means, but try and be more mature, adult, even paternal, and sensitive with what you put into print, Eh?

    Totes – feel free to pull this any time, as it is a blot on an excellent post. Okay

  • Calm down Gerry, though we all share your concern for the welfare of children and the joke should not have been said, you are making a mountain out of a molehill.

    I know Cornwall personally. He originates from the same area of London as I do and would be one of the first to stamp on the “unwashed loner”

    To be asking the question in your third from last paragraph about were Cornwall stands is nothing short of an insult and as far as ime concerned should be retracted

  • Cesc to Liverpool…

    ? ? ?

    if, AW and the board allow Cesc to join a direct rival for next season – then this will be the final nail in the coffin, me thinks.

    you do not let a direct rival strengthen like that , especially when you are in the driving seat – prove me wrong and sabotage the move last minute – do what we used to do once upon a time (Petit ) or Chelsea did with Willian.

    as things are right now – I have it from the sauce that he is poised to return to the premier league but NOT to Arsenal.

    apologies Umair, am a bit shocked by the Cesc news, if it remains like this and comes to life, hence couldn’t appreciate or admire your brilliant piece the way it deserves, none the less a mighty fine post and yeah, I suspect there might be a part 2 of the book down the line considering the first one was a hit and which may cover more of Arsenal and so on.


  • JB, I heard Cesc to Chelsea is done. I would he shocked if we allowed Cesc to join Chelsea. I am sick of us helping other teams win leagues. We done it with City. We done it with United and now we are doing it with Chelsea.

  • Umair, thanks for giving us some insight into the brilliant Bergkamp. 🙂

    If I ever get the chance to experience the book (even a few pages so I can get a feel for it) I will. Bergkamp is a bit before my time but a true club legend who should be remembered.

  • Gerry,

    you might be going a tad overboard with all that – ok, given that it’s a sensitive area sometimes with his humour but he means no harm nor is it his intention to be as such – you see, when he makes “such jokes” you hardly ever find anyone here laughing or admiring such jokes when he is touching the “sensitive ” areas – in other words , his humour may not have any limits but the readers on here are intelligent enough to know what to “ignore” and send a polite message across that it’s NOT ON instead of indulging and encouraging him.

    he’s a lunatic alright, but a lunatic most of us love – you gave him a slap on the wrist, fair enough – well done to you but there is really no need to go the extra mile with it – let the situation and tempers defuse as both of you are top notch posters and well respected .

    apologies if you didn’t like my direct engaging but I just felt that you had already done enough to make a point before to him and am sure, like me and most , you miss him calling you “Geezer” 😀

  • Also we are supposed to have had a bid of around £27 million for Hulk accepted by Zenit. Really not sure about this transfer.

  • Guys 🙂

    Gerry is a very sensible and intelligent blogger and he was right to point out that Cockie’s joke was offensive to him, and quite possibly to others. I am sure Cockie did not mean much with his joke, and of course making a joke like that does not mean he is a paedo, or that he agrees with paedophilia, but intentions are not the only thing that matter.

    We all have to consider the feelings of others when we blog and I would like to ask Cockie to come back and avoid making similar jokes in future. Let’s focus on the footie and Arsenal, the world is already fucked up enough.

  • Cesc to Chavs or Pool, and I will be livid… but lets not believe any of this until it is confirmed, if ever. I believe Cesc would not move to another PL club, but WTF do I know, as Seventeenho would say.

  • Hi Guys,

    Just got back and read the comments from when I was last on.

    It’s very sad if any humour causes offence, and that can happen even when the person making the comment does not mean to offend.

    Rather than go back and try and analyse the comments that led to the upset, I think a line should be drawn under it.

    We should all agree that where offence is likely to be caused to another blogger, we should all be sensitive to that and resist the temptation to tell it.

    Let’s face it, we all have different levels of tolerance for most things, and mistakes of judgement can happen, and it is also true that blogs are not immune to the laws of the land, and certain things are not acceptable.
    That can lead not only to the prosecution of the person committing the offence but also to the owner of the site, and care should be taken of TA’s position.

    Hope you are in agreement with that – especially Gerry and Glic?

    OK. Let’s draw the line guys, and start over.

    Glicster you are genuinely creatively funny and 99% of your stuff is fine – so knock the 1% on the head and all will be fine! 🙂

  • Sorry I did not see your comment at 14:12 TA before I posted my response to what I had read.
    Anyway, I agree with you, and that should be that.

    If Glic gets difficult we can send VCC around to his love shack and give him a thrashing with his zimmer frame! 🙂

  • It’s not my favourite city, TA, but the people are OK. I love their accents! 🙂

    Probably going back to NY soon, but my career prospects have been buggered up by continuing health issues. Still that is nothing compared with many people.

    How are things with you? Are you back in full time employment or are you still looking at starting up as self employed.

    Asking those questions makes me realise how much time has passed since I was on regularly.
    [My only excuse is that whenever I come on to BK to chat, you have all found other things to do.] 😀

  • I’m happy with the Hulk Acquisition, if true but like 99.99% stuff out there , it’s probably all a game played by the agents to use Arsenal as a bait in the name of more wages, a better deal for their clients.

    I have seen people called hulk “over weight piece of junk ” on the site, however, I see him as an asset well suited to our game who brings presence on the left side of the field , zest, power and a bully who can make it big in the premier league.

    £27 million is a bit too much though – £15 million with add-on’s and we are talking a solid deal.

    @ AFC

    sorry to hear about the health issues @ RA – I am gladly going to blame the UK weather for it : ) it’s been horrible from the last 10 days or so, where is the bloooooooooooody sun – it’s meant to be JUNE, argh.

  • Brilliant Redders. The voice of reason indeed.

  • *call

    also, on the Hulk thingy – do you know how Bale improved so much under AVB ? AVB used to manage Hulk and he showed videos of Hulk cutting in from the right and smashing them in or from the wings coming in and doing the business – in short, Hulk was the blueprint AVB, used to make Bale better.

    take a look for yourself @ AFC and anyone else interested.

  • Arsene are you reading? You could not find a better, football and Arsenal loving accountant than the one and only Redders? He is now in rainy Manchester and is even starting to like their accents…!!! 😕

    Save him, SAVE HIM!! 🙂

  • Other than the sad, sad loss of my brother in law, life is working out okay at the moment, Redders. I have been working for the same company on an interim/project basis for a year now, and have been able to find a good balance between: being a dad, blog owner and ‘additional earner’.

    Hope both your health and job prospects will improve soon.

  • Bond, Jimmy Bond, Bondie, (I have missed typing that) 🙂

    I am delighted with the news that we are interested, allegedly, in Hulk, as he is a left winger and we need a pacey guy out there to give us width. Even if it is not him, it seems AW is trying to address this situation.

    It may be true about Hulk, as I understand that Zenit have some problems with finances as their owner has been slow in making payments to the players and so on (allegedly).

    For myself I am disappointed that the Griezmann rumours are no longer being broadcast, because when I have seen him he has looked a typical neat and speedy player we could incorporate into the team very well.

  • Thanks TA, 🙂

    I am happy you are managing to juggle everything so well, although with your talents I am not surprised.

  • Redders, more than 90% of my time I can work from home which makes it all possible. The downside is the lack of human interaction other than conference call and emails etc, which makes me feel quite a bit detached from ‘reality’. And Glic and Terry add further to this experience of detachment hahaha 🙂

    I have not been on AA for a while (too busy more than anything else). How is blog life overthere?

  • we miss you every day @ RA – and we also miss your posts, insightful and well thought out financial analysis ( implications ), benefits and so on when it comes to transfers , FFP or Arsenal as a whole – no to mention the puns and wit’s in between, ha

    yes, Hulk news is a reason to be delighted and not be left confused or bemused like young AFC has been – you don’t play that many games for Brazil , if you are not a good footballer !

    Re- Griezmann , he is french, he scored a goal whilst playing in a 4-4-2 along side Giroud for France , what’s not to like ? I believe, we should (wishful thinking) be making an announcement of a signing before the world cup begins.

    but I want Glics to come out and tell us what he thinks of Hulk, Griezmann, Cesc and I hear Arsenal have like £250 million in cash sat in the bank ? Glics, do you want us to spend all of it on Messi 👿

  • I have to go out for a while, but before I do, can I say how much I enjoy reading your stuff, Terry, it is as delightfully zany as it gets, and don’t worry about Glic, he will bounce back, [it’s that rubber band he wears] and I am sure that he accepts that Gerry is a good guy too, and things will hopefully soon blow over.

  • TA,

    You just caught me. AA is fine, but like all blogs does sometimes struggle to get Posts out, but always manages to do so.

    I am not sure if I told you previously about the death of poor DanDan which was quite a shock.

    Your name was mentioned, a while back, (by me) 🙂 when I was congratulating some guys for giving great accounts of their trips to watch Arsenal and I reminded AA of the report you had done when you went to watch Arsenal with Exile, and your separate reports were excellent.
    {had to be good, as I remembered it, even though it was quite a while ago.} 😀

  • Thank you for your kind words, Bondy, they are appreciated, though I do not deserve such praise! 🙂

  • Line drawn here – let’s talk football

    Griezmann would have probably been a good fit here, be he was not the one on my short list 😀

    Sounds like the £200k a week blew it for Cescy then? £33m fee we could have covered?

    Don’t some how see the Hulk fitting in though?

    On the WC chatter last night … I think you can hope as much as like that any team in Europe will get beyond the ‘quarters’, when things are stacked against them. The style of play, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow may not be the Samba beat, but they are better at it than us in cooler climes.

    For my each way tip to the final, it would have to be Chile. When they play their full strength side it will be something to behold. You heard it here first!

  • Hi guys. I don’t like the rumours going around today, will have to have a stiff Brandy tonight if it’s all true. Cesc and Hulk 😦

    Cesc coming back is a no brainer to me…….We have plenty of room for SQ players. Don’t forget Flamini and Arteta are slowing down and need replacing.

    What I’ve seen of the Hulk doesn’t impress me at all. Not sure he would settle into our play.

    Now onto more delicate stuff………Gerry and Glic.

    I’m not going to go over previous posts but what RA said “Both are good blokes”……I know Gerry meant well and wanted to pick GLIc up on certain comments, but I know Glic personally and what has been interpreted cannot be FURTHER from the truth.

    I agree with Gerry to a certain extent about being a football blog but hey, life in the outside world is far too messed up and crazy I for one enjoy a bit of humour sprinkled into the posts.

    Please guys, as many have said, draw the line and lets move on. Onwards and upwards.

    Got to go , I have to polish my Zimmer frame, I have an over 60’s bash to go to.

    I’m showing off my cucumber’s at the local church. I want to win first prize. This square foot gardening has taken over my life. 🙂

  • Just the name along Dennis Bergkamp, would make a team nervous of playing us back in the day i am sure. The man is a true legend and fully deserves his statue at the new stadium.
    I was not aware of any rift between him and Wenger and don’t know if there is much of it but i will take TA word on it.
    Our greatest number 10 so far?? Definatly IMO. It is a very very tough ask but i think a full of confidence Mesut Ozul can get very close to him, he is our best chance anyway at the moment.

    The Cesc to Chelsea is distressing ! If he has had a medical with them, then i would say it is as good as a done deal.
    But does Cesc really want to play there style of football??? No surly not.
    Torres says Chelsea need him and he has been trying to pursude him. LOL. Well it has really worked out for him there hasn’t it.?? Cesc would be making a massive mistake joining hem i feel, i would rather see him at Liverpool and that would still be horrid . Saying that maybe i would rather see at at Chelsea where he would not be used to his full potencial . If Wemger does not go for him it can ony be because we have player as good and plenty of already. You have to ask yourself why Barcelona are wanting to sell him when there other great midfield players are ageing and nearing the end of there playing days.
    I personally think Cazorla is as good as Cesc.. Rambo is better then Cesc at the moment and Ozil has everything in place to the next DB10. 🙂

    In Arsene we trust !

  • Vickers,
    Good luck in the cucumber comp, Make sure there get to try it and give it a good noshing .
    I feel your pain with the Chavs sniffing around our players and targets again.

  • Mind you if it is a winner i suppose you would not mind getting one of them little beer fridge freezers and putting it on the mantle piece with the cup.
    You will ahve to them them nosh and taste the second best 1. lol

  • I don’t know much about Hulk , i trust Wenger as always.
    But i was thinking about Robinho, formally of City. He would be good for us and is a great player, he has been picked for Brazil Hulk that is and Robinho has not which should tell us that Hulk is very good, but who knows?
    Liverpool are moving fast and have made 2 good signings already..
    I am also worried and gutted for the OX but i am pretty sure in 10 days he will be fine. Fingers crossed.

  • I cannot believe that VCC is bragging about going to church to show off his cucumber to the old girls there.

    Are you Cockie Monster in disguise, Vickers? 🙂

    You know what will happen they will want to get their hands on it to give a little squeeze to see if it is firm enough. They will want to know what that little bend in it is all about, and they will definitely be put off because it has gone green.

    I hope you do not come back too crestfallen zimmer man, those grabagran girls can be very hard, unlike your cucumber!

  • PG,

    I am not too sure about Hulk either, but he is a winger and we need to have someone in that role, so it does seem AW agrees with what I have been saying — and that boy always listens to me. 🙂

  • RA,
    I have just read that the guy who broke the Hulk story is a fraud.
    The guy who cliamed to work for NBC news does not even work for them. I have not seen any other source say the Hulk bid is true.

  • Also that Wenger is keeping close tabs on Columbia number 1 keeper, who is playing at the world cup. He is said to be waiting to se how he performs there before bidding

  • PG,

    At least VCC will be happy with that news, he already has enough problems in his hands with his dodgy cucumber, and Hulk would have finished him off! 🙂

  • Quick Glic, come back, I am morphing into you every minute you are away!

    And in your absence Terry has been driven to smoke weed — and now he can’t get a lift back! 🙂

  • lol RA
    VCC will be ok now he has waxed up the zimmer , ready to display his goods at church.
    We are going to be linked with every body i think, i have a feeling it could be worse then last summer and that was ridicules . Roll on the WC 🙂

  • No, I think you were right first time, PG, that Terry is at naughty smokes!! 🙂

  • Look, Glic, if you are hanging on to be bribed to come back — then forget it — I am NOT going to kiss you – unless you are going to turn back into a frog!

  • Thanks Gerry, Terry, RA and James Bond! Glad you guys enjoyed the post.
    @TA, I think my impression of him being underrated was perhaps because of lesser access to the British press than is the case now 🙂
    Cesc to Chelsea is something that I would hate to see happen, but I’m preparing myself for. If I were Arsene I’d take Cesc only so he doesn’t go anywhere else. He can play a multitude of roles. Him going to Chelsea would make them stronger no doubt. But let’s face facts, till we don’t get a winger, a striker and a DM, we will not be title contenders, Cesc or no Cesc. I hope Arsene has a good summer, otherwise all the goodwill generated from the FA Cup is going to vaporize.
    I’d be happy if we get Sanchez, Geizman and Shneiderlin.

  • Pg 18:43…… that was me last Saturday night at my assistant’s (sunday league) Wedding.

    All the guys have just got over the stag do in Benidorm at the end of April. 🙂

  • I’ve been following the Germany Spain game, and it is good news, bad news. Spain lost, which is bad news for Bellerin. The good news for us is that he will now be available for all the pre-season stuff. 😀

    I read Jorge Bird’s piece earlier on, and he thinks as many as 12 of our academy players are in with a shout of getting some playing time, which could include the return of Frances Coquelin?
    Pity we let Yennaris go, as he could play a mean LB when asked, as can Le Coq. As it stands at the moment, we are one injury to Jenks away from needing anyone who put a half decent performance in?

    Shame about Chambo. It looked more like he had a kick on the achilles rather than knee trouble? He must have fallen awkwardly.

    PG the Columbian GK is available on a free, so it is only terms that need to be decided, and if he has a good WC, demand will rise too? I hope he fits the the bill though, because the alternatives mentioned have been from two clubs I ‘follow’ in France and Germany; St Etienne and Augsburg. The former’s GK is too good to be a second string at any club, and the latter can ill afford to replace their keeper – Hands Off! Arsene. 🙂

    I am just wonder how long before they snap up wish list? Last minute dot com, no doubt.

  • Gerry, I forgot all about Francis Coquelin. He looked so promising in his early career with us. Im pleased Bellerin will get a rest during the summer, I fear we will be calling on him a few times if Wenger doesnt replace Sagna with a new right back.

    Will you sign my patition for Wenger not to sign the Hulk please?

  • Hi all..
    Guys.. sorry for not replying your comment yesterday..
    TA.. RA.. JB.. thanks for your warm comments..

    Umair.. I am totally agree with you about DB-10..
    And I guess I don’t need to repeat my feeling about Bergkamp..
    Nobody is better than him.. hehehehe.. Not even Henry (Thierry) or Adam.. hahahaha..
    Maybe the one and only man who can be more than him as Arsenal legend is Wenger.. hehehe..

    SO.. I will jump to my most most concern about bringing back Fabregas and Vela.. hehehe..
    I wish they will return.. Especially Cesc after a long time waiting..
    Last season we want him badly.. but Wenger said that Fabregas will play another season at Barca.. So let it be.. Now is the right time to bring him back.. Barca want him out..
    I never really know about the buy-back clausal.. but bringing Cesc Fabregas for 35 millions pound is really a great deal.. Even better than Ozil for 42 millions pound..
    And he will not be a subsitution for Ozil or Ramsey.. he will for Arteta or Flamini.. but we know that Cesc is much better than two of them.. hehehehe..

    And Vela.. come on.. for 4 millions euro.. he is the best deal right now..
    Maybe he came to soon to Emirates.. at 17 yo. and his injury problem.. but after his long journey to some clubs.. he is a great players now..
    Even if we must pay for 15 millions.. I think it still a cheap deal.. a good deal.. hehehehe..
    I just can’t believe if Wenger waist his opportunity for this.. hahaha..

    And RA.. I wish we bring more players.. cause Fabregas, Vela, Song or Campbell can’t count as buying players.. they were our own players.. hehehehe..
    But at the same time we still have youngster to take their time..
    And as we all maybe already familiar the ‘Wenger-way’.. I believe what he said about 3 players..
    He will only bring more players in half season if he need too.. hehehehe..

    TA.. sure I still want a Dutch-man in our team.. but 3 players is a limited.. hehehe..
    As Aurier seem a done-deal.. If not maybe Van der Wiel or Janmaat will be great.. hahaha..
    I love Lens also.. but Vela for 4 millions.. hehehe..

  • VCC,
    Ha ha ha ha ha fair play.
    I too had forgot about Coquelin, he will be a very good player. Though he will not hit the hight’s that he would have done if he was still being taught by Wenger. LB is fine though we have Gibbs, Monreal and TV5..
    Wenger has put together an excellent defence , i would not be surprised if he found better then Sagna, his best years are probably behind him or will be in a season or so, Jenkinson is ready!
    In Master Jedi Wenger we trust!

  • Henry Chan,
    I like your points and agree with most.
    The only thing is Vela is not better the Giroud IMO, not even close yet….
    Cesc at 28 hmmm , put it this way i see the problems in bringing him back with our current midfield.
    We have a fit again Diarby who needs to play and we know Wenger wants some good for the man. we got Jack who needs to have a real break thought season Ramsey style , Rosicky who is a little gem and Zaleem who is going to be massive the OX all ned plenty of playing time
    That is not even mentioning he current starting 11 midfielder’s

    We have enough midfield player’s to field 2 teams.
    Eisfeld is ready to step up to the first team.
    The only reason i feel we really want him is so he does not go to a rival, Chelsea think this way the most , which is why they will probably nick him.

  • ProudG.. Yes.. I agree..
    Some of our youngster will find it difficult if Cesc back.. but they can also learn from the best.. And I love Diaby.. I wish this season he will free from any injury problem.. hehehe..

    About Vela.. For me.. He is not for Giroud.. he is a different players now.. He can play as a left-winger also.. the position which we need some addition.. even maybe not as fast as Gervinho or Miyaichi.. but he did have more skill than both of them.. He is more like Arshavin for me.. hehehe..
    I just think Podolski won’t be in our team for long.. maybe if not now then next season he will return to Germany.. hahahaha.. I just not his fans.. hehehe..

    and I don’t think Cesc will go to Chelsea.. He is an honest man.. He act what he said..
    And we knew that he is Gunners.. and he love Arsenal so much.. He already said that he will return to Arsenal if he must left Barcelona.. And as Wenger.. I always believe in him..

  • I think your right and Cesc would love to return to Arsenal, but we brought Ozil last summer, he will be better this season after a year in the EPL. if he had became avilable last summer then Wenger would have snapped him up, now it has a few problems.
    I hope he say to Barcelone i go to Arsenal or i se out my contract here. As we agreed.
    I can’t help but wonder why Barcelona want him gone.??? With Iniesta and Xavi and Mschrano all ageing, is there something wrong with him??
    If i was Cesc i would play the world cup first, then make a discision. Worst case senario he stays at Barcelona.
    Maybe Barcelona see Song as Iniesta replacement ha ha ha ha

  • Henry,
    Arsenal really is (was) the perfect club for Cesc and his football style.
    I really don’t see him liking Chelsea’s counter attacking Jose style.
    He would be dangerous at Liverpool.
    I can’t think about it anymore, it is too upsetting Henry, i am going to cry in to my cup of tea.

  • Thumbs up ‘Mair, RA, TA & JB. PG,Was it Terry in that clip? He’s got a young heart in a rather old body.
    @AFC, its the believe of every top club in Europe that if any player is linked to us, such is a good player or can be one someday. But these days, most players that are being linked to us to drive up their transfer fees. So don’t be surprised when you see us linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry. But mostly, most of Signings done by Wenger in the past were not heard or read in the tabloids until they have been confirmed. Lets just keep our fingers crossed and not raise our hopes cos you never can tell with Arsene and Arsenal.
    Nonetheless, JB, you the one with magic in your voice, wouldn’t you rather call Glic to come and play.

  • The way the Spain manager is talking. Cesc is joining Chelsea I think it is a done deal I am afraid.
    Brace yourself for the bad news, it is almost certain
    I understand Wenger passing on the deal, a lot of fans will not but Wenger really should (does) know best IMO

  • Another quiet day in blogdom — and still no sign of the Cornish Pastie, aka Glic. 🙂

    The same old bananas about this dodgy rumour or that – and Terry has been seen naked in the fountain at Trafalgar Square with the excuse that it is hot and sunny in the UK – hands up all those who think he is actually stalking that pretty little pigeon?

  • Happy Friday, fellas…

    A couple of things…Where’s Fozzie? Consider me on strike until that guy comes back! Drastic times call for drastic measures…

    Umair–Thanks for the GREAT review, I’m bound and determined to get my hands on a copy of the book (but I will not pay retail, after my hero AW… 😉 ) The stuff about Dennis controlling balls reminded me a bit of my golfing days…

    Finally, like others (I would guess) I’m suffering from a measure of Cesc(De)pression or maybe the ‘Gas-sy Blues or something… That is one f**ked up situation, but it is what it is. Ownership (which desires, like most owners, to see the value of their asset rise…) has hired a guy to try and make things better in the longer rather than shorter term, so we must absorb the manipulations of Cesc and his team (Darren Dein is his agent, no?) If Chelsea bite, Cesc wins the lottery (a 200k/week salary) and Mourin-o-vich get to slap around our serial loser. I guess if Barca can turn their back on Cesc, he can do likewise on the club and manager (Arsene-L) which brought him to where he is now… LIke the greatest agent of them all (Jerry Maguire) said, “We live in a cynical world…” This article (by a guy who briefly showed up here after my first post) tells the story at least as well as I might’ve. A cheaper solution (and we need back-up at CB…) might be to prise Shawcross away from Stoke City…Of course, I would never advocate violence, but a little “man-marking” on Mr. Fabregas with our new CB/DM, might be just the ticket…

    Enough said, gotta run, and it’s only getting warmer out…

  • 17
    That was a great artical thanks for sharing, that is how i feel about it and have been trying to say but the artical was written well and explained very well.
    Also to add to the cold hard business aspect of the deal, if Barcelona sell him to anyone and of course Chelsea, we get £5,000,000. That is not to be sniffed at. We hear of £85,000,000 transfers etc but £5,000,000 of Chelsea to add to the 3 even 4 positions that we really do have to buy players in will come in very handy, no doubt at all.
    That extra £5,000,000 may be the difference of us getting a SQ signing were Wenger is willing to splash out extra hard with that cash in mind.
    Just a little thought to add to it.

  • Ozil just hit the post for Germany, he was very unlucky.
    4 MINS later he assits Podolski, great pass and finish.

  • Podolski on fire for Germany, 5 asists and a goal in 2 games.
    He played some beautiful passes tonight.

  • Evening guys 🙂

    Nice to read your response Henry. Wenger has gone off Dutchmen, and this one has gone of him as well hahaha 🙂

    PG, Ozil and Pod made a big difference in the second half, but it is fair to say the Armenians started to get tired by then as well. Looks like Reus got a bad injury, so he will not be signed any time soon…. or will Arsene smell a bargain. 98 caps for Mertesacker…. 10th most capped German ever….. Your captain!

    I will keep schtum re Cesc for now; best to write a little post about it. Let’s just hope Arsene knows that Cesc will only come to Arsenal if he is to leave Barca and will negotiate the price down just as much as they did to us a few years ago. Anything else….. 😈

  • Cockie, I am hoping now that your continuous absence is indeed because you are sulking and not caused by an unexpected deterioration of your wife’s health… Give us a shout, buddy. 🙂

  • Great read TA. Not sure there is a better written in the blog world.
    I could watch DB10 highlights all day…do you know of any jobs where you get paid to do so? If so I am keen.

    RA is back…ah everything is right in the world. Hope all is well with you my american friend.

    @ Terry

    Jesus I love your stories. Girl ghosts, funerals, attacked at a bus stop…all brilliant and always have me laughing long after I’ve read them. I agree with your comments in regards to GLIC. The man is a comic genius, I can’t comment on his comments because I never read them but I think a ‘water off a ducks back’ approach is always best.

    I love coming on here and laughing so hard my eyes start to water. I once sat in an office with 6 people which made it awkward when I was reading BK. Laughing was frowned upon but I don’t care. After a month I was ‘rewarded’ with my own office…which is about the size of a broom closet (if I lean back in my chair I bang into a shelf. good for posture I suppose). So cheers GLIC and co for exiling me, I can now laugh with impunity!

  • Good to have you back commenting, OZ. The honour, however, goes to Umair, who is indeed a very fine blog writer. 🙂

    Have you finally moved now?

  • Hi TA, 🙂

    It seems to be quiet all over the footie world, except for those who relish having a moan about transfers, or the lack of them, or the meanness of Mr Wenger, or the miserliness of Gazidis counting the cash but not spending it — you know all the petulant childish crap — and the TW has not even opened yet, and in addition the WC means many players are not even available to talk to bidders, except through their dodgy agents. Pity.

  • Hiya, Oz, 😀

    The problem of time zones and the need to earn a crust gets in the way of all of us, when it comes to good blogging, so it was great to see your comment earlier.

    I have often wondered what had become of you, and it was great to see you seem to be your usual ‘bright as a button’ self. 🙂

  • @ TA

    No still haven’t move unfortunately. Had some delays in the building process. Now not supposed to be until August. Luckily enough the Mrs and I were able to extend our work contracts for a further 3 months. Quite frustrating when in January we were initially told it’d be all done by mid-april. If one more person in Oz says “welcome to the real world, these things happen” I may just send them through the nearest window. Last time someone said it my eye began to twitch. But on the plus side it has allowed us to save more $$$

    How’s everything in Norwich?

    @ RA

    it sure does. Just still floating in and out of the here (need to get back to studying so I can spend more time on BK). waiting to start my PhD and move on with the next step of my life. Been in limbo for a year. Also riding the roller coaster that is supporting Arsenal. I’m still optimistic though. First the FA Cup…then the WORLD!!!

  • Cor blimey VCC, they are dropping like flys. First Glic, then Fozzie went AWOL and now Cockie

    I see that Vela is not in the Mexico squad , is that because he is not good enough? Or that he is injured?

  • Oz, yeah I hate those reality sucks sort of people. You will get there eventually and more cash in the bank is always handy when you move to a new area/place.

    Your boys against my boys soon: orange against yellow and green!

  • @ VCC

    I will fly all the way back to Cornwall and drag his arse to TA’s house, put some lead clogs on him and sit him in front of the computer so he’s forced to blog. I hope you’ve got spare room TA.

    @ TA

    Yeah its been good. Managed to put a 20% deposit down and we are sitting pretty in terms of furniture etc. Pfft my boys haha. I just hope they don’t embarrass themselves too much. I’ll only be watching games if an Arsenal player is present. I am looking forward to watching Germany and Belgium in action.

    @ PG

    he had a falling out with the National team and it hasn’t been sorted since. Disciplinary actions etc.
    I like the responses supporters have come up with in regards to Vela coming back to Arsenal. Especially:

    “Carlos Meh-la” haha

  • VCC :15.07 – I don’t believe it for one minute. The aka’s may be gone, but there will be a return in another guise …. ?

    Pity my OTT post did not bring out a response from him, as it was intended to do. Whilst I did not seriously think he would literally be standing alongside the ‘unwashed loner’, but apart from the two people who ‘know him personally’, VCC and Terry, the 99.9% of other reader’s of this blog who only have what he writes to go by ….
    Well I will leave that for each of to decide how much out of kilter from the norm he appeared be.

    Being out of kilter with the norm is not necessarily a bad thing, it is simply to what extent non-football related stuff, that are really acceptable? Several comments agreed with my initial observation, and all he was asked was to tone it down a bit.

    Is that so very hard to do glic/TCM?

  • Relax fellas,

    It is a little known fact that Glic has to hibernate occasionally, and during that time he rolls himself in Arsenal programmes and pupates for approximately a week, before waking, sloughing off his outer skin and the deep penetrating ink will stain through and leave him with the cannons imprinted on his todger.

    Refreshed from his torpor — he will be back to shock and amuse us anew in his new guise as Big Dong Guy! 😀

  • Morning RA……oh how Ive missed you. Hope the medical front is improving.

    I have a bone to pick with you young man…….I go and purchase a nice sparkling new dictionary, to decipher what you mean ( how you speak) and you clear off to Yankee land and stop blogging here….. Tut..tut…..don’t let it happen again, or I will set Terry’s pigeons on you…..and believe me, they can make an awful mess. 😉

    I prefer the BFG (GLiC’s alias). Big Floppy Guy…..

  • Hi VCC, 🙂

    I like your alternative Glicster avatar, Big Floppy Guy — with just a small amendment — Tiny Floppy Thing. Very similar! 🙂

    What’s the chances our man has just gone away on vacation?

  • I wish that was the case RA…….unfortunately, alas that’s not the case.

  • Blimey!!

    Give the geezers a pair of gloves and throw em in the ring for 5min…..afterwards, they can share a few frothies….Sorted!!

    I think we are all some how making it worse by drawing attention to it…but i also believe what Vickers says….which is worrying…. 😦

    @Bond: on three!……One, Twoooooooo, 3…. “Where art thou, Cock?”

    How is you, bud?

    i love this site, hope your all well…

    Total, hows it hanging mate?

  • 😆

    Oz, Is that merry terry on the violin @ 1.08 on the clip. Must be, his head is soo shiny! 🙂
    That must be how he serenades the pidgeons and draw em to his loft. Him on his violin….its like a mating call. 🙂

  • Im looking forward to watching Suarez vs Engerland…

    No shit, i had a dream, and all i saw was Maradona 2.0. He is that good that last world cup, he saved his country with the defensive hand of God against Ghana……Its tough tits when Gyan missed… I love that in Suarez, that arrogance, that flair and genius all mixed in.. I think you need that in your game, especially as a striker. It takes you from good to great to standout. Which is where Suarez sits at the minute. For me, he is the most exciting attacker on the planet at the minute.. 31 goals (no penalties) in a season, and the f*ckwits at FA headquarters took 9 games away from him whilst busy giving JTerry a captains armband. Suarez would have smashed all the records, including Christina Ronaldos and King Henrys’ and the game of football is only ever evolving, getting quicker and more technical.
    For me, if his buyout clause is 89mil, id pay it no questions asked AT ALL, and deal with the books later. That guy is the bomb. Now, are we still dithering on our special boy Cesc.
    WTF, Arsene? TO NOT, BRING HIM HOME, IS CRIMINAL!!!. He has far more presence on the pitch than Ozil.
    Thats all we need. Suarez and Cesc Fabulous!
    That combo, with Ozil playing the Bobby role, Ramsey with the engine and heart of Parlour, Walcott is our SLS AMG on the right flank and you could even get away with Ping Pong holding, thats how good this attack is!!!!!

    Arsene, spunk the 100mil on the ballerina in boots (Suarez) and the bullfighting artist (Francesc)….WELL, what are you waiting for???? 🙄

    #patiently waiting 🙂

  • I know my maths, is a little (maybe why most floors in sydney are out too 😉 ) but id shoot from the hip and sell a fair few fringe players to make up the difference…. This formula, my friends, would line the marble halls with enough silverware (including the elusive Big Ears) for every gooner to spunk over and a football style obn display that….well, in the words/lyrics of Justin Timberlake…Arsene can sing- “Im Bringing Sexy (Cescy) Back, yeAH!!”

    Four in a row……im offski… be good all 🙂

  • Agent Cockie could be in Brazil, scouting randomly for the next big thing. (Rumour has it that a primary target is a fella code-named “Koke”.)

  • Hey JM.
    I was thinking about you since the talk of Cesc snowballed, and your take on transfers and the role sponsors have to play.
    Do you think that, Cesc being sponsored personally by Puma, would play an Ace of hearts against Chelsea’ and adidas?

  • Afternoon BK Mass Debaters !

    Just back from a soul searching, serenity and meditation pilgrimage in the Himalaya`s at the Temple of Saint James of Savile !……..bypassed the Temple of Saint Michael of the Jackson Five Apostles because you know he`s Bad, he`s Bad, you know it !.
    There was the famous “Watergate” and in BK terms, this will be known as ” SchoolGate” !.
    At least it has brought out our Down Under Boyz !…..the best compliment I can give to our Aussie Brothers, is that I another life they would be Cockneys !.
    Thanks for all the calls and vids, it`s quite humbling and has somehow strangely gave me a boner !.
    Surprised there wasn`t a warped vid of Rolf Harris and his noncey backing group….Paedo`s in Speedo`s….singing Two Little Boys !.
    I don’t regret any of my comments as they are pure and simply an act of having a laugh with my BK Buddies. If you can accept that my definition of BK of that it`s like being down at the Cyber Pub with my mates having a laugh and drink, then you will understand the way I blog !. Trouble is, when your down the Pub, there`s always some sad bastard sat in the corner reading a piss stained racing post !.
    Now our former Coventry fan wants me not only “tone it down” and stop making it a “forum of filth”, but it sounds like from his comments that he wants to tell me also what to say !…..may be I should run the punch lines through first before I comment, lets face he is the worlds leading authority on humour !. You also said….. ” you pulled me up on one of the least offensive things I`ve said, so that means all my other “filth” offends you as well !. hahaha
    “FFS it`s a football blog” !…….doesn`t stop him from talking about his Horse racing !…telling us his expert knowledge in spending hours of intricate research on how to pick the winners !….I bet ( nice pun ) it`s more like he dresses up in a pantomime horses outfit and sneaks up to a horse and whispers in it`s ear…,…” give us a tip on the 3:30 at Aintree and I`ll suck you off ! “. hahaha
    You know what Gezzer, I would pay good money to see you at a Jimmy Carr concert standing up and complaining whilst telling him you are a retired School Bus driver who walks his dog`s around Bouncey Castles and have an obsession with Arsenal young boys !. hahaha
    If anyone can be bothered, go back and look at my comment @ Oct` 31, 2013 at 18:00 !. It`s a Savilesque joke, but my mate Vickers sent me a text after it, laughing !…… by your standards, that must make him dodgy as well !.

    Redders say`s, I should stop the 1% !……trouble is, there`s just 0.5% between the DNA of a Chimpanzee and humans !…….1% would turn me into a Spud ! ( a totnumb fan ) and I would become a behind the sofa couch potato !.
    My favourite comedian…Frankie Boyle, looked the saddest fcuk you could see, when being on Mock the Week, was banned from doing any stand up material as one of his joke`s was about the Queen and along the lines of ….” My pussy is so old, it`s haunted ! “… I thought it was funny as fcuk, but you had the Gezzer types phone in and complain !. Frankie Boyle left the show because of being told to tone it down !. Now my mate Vickers knob is haunted by a poltergeist and if he was to shag the Queen, that would be some serious damage to her pussy !.
    Seems like I`m also to blame for the lack of female bloggers !….didn`t JB and 17 say that their wives liked mine and Fozzies comment the best as they were different ?.
    Now I will tell you something that is true and even though quite personnel, I feel is relevant and imo of all people gives me the right to make light of subjects !………when I was a young child, I was in …..what can only be described as typical stereotype moment !……walking through a park in East London, I was affronted by a man who asked me If I would like a bag of sherbet strawberries ?….being an innocent child without the education of todays children….I said… “yes please !” ….and the bastard commenced to open his flies and get his knob out !……I screamed and the bastard legged it !……Yes, Gezzer you are right !, over 50 years later, I am still tormented by this act !……..I will never forgive the bastard for running away with my promised sherbert strawberries !. hahaha OK !, the punch line was made up, but the rest is true !.
    I can either be left to blog as I have since BK`s birth or not at all, that means no change or change and that’s down to Total at the end of the day as it`s his site !.
    On a football front……….if all this crap about Fabregas is true…..that Wenger is not going to buy him if he is indeed available and he goes to the Chavs !…….well, I will be breaking into Wengers house and there wont be a sweet left in the dungeons….all mine !.

  • Cockster, me too… take out the word “w*ter” (where the star is an “a”), do a copy and paste, and let us all know what’s happening. Or maybe get Fozzie to do it for ya… 😀

  • @ Prince, June 8, 2014 at 13:41

    (1) The media “likes” riling Arsenal fans & supporters.
    (2) Jose Mourinho “plays to the media”.
    (3) That said, a key factor in Chelsea wanting Fabregas is his “home-grown” status. Currently, they will have John Terry, Gary Cahill, Ryan Bertrand, Victor Moses, Josh McEachran and Patrick van Aanholt to fill up the 8 “home-grown” slots in the list of 25 registered for new season. Likewise, they will be on a look-out for other available candidates with “home-grown” status.

  • Good stuff, JM… (I always appreciate your unique perspective, btw…)

    2nd espresso in hand, I’m hoping the Cockster (or TA) can get his post up, as it were…

    “Can’t we all just get along?”, as the late Rodney King once said…

    I salute Darren Dein for using Arsenal and “our money” for getting Cesc his big payday. If Ashley Cole can get an extra 5000 pounds per week moving across town (whilst not hitting anybody taking the message on his mobile…) surely Cesc and Dein should be saluted for garnering an extra 100K/week AND making Arsene Wenger out to be the bad guy in this scenario.

    What am I missing here?…

    OK, back to my coffee (and my popcorn) as I await Cockie’s post…

  • While I’m waiting…(“Oh please, oh please, oh please, don’t make me wait,” as you’ve probably been told my many a Lesbanian… 😀 ) …

    Might I say hello to Mr. PPP?…


    I know people are sharpening their sticks and dousing their torches regarding Cesc, but I gotta go with your idea about Suarez instead. What this Arsenal team needs is pace and this is just what Cesc lacks. Cesc cannot seem to replace (ancient) Xavi at Barca and then he moves forward but only ends up getting in everybody’s way. Messi and Iniesta like to start further back and so, it seems, do guys like Pedro and Neymar and Alexis Sanchez. Cesc is good, really good, but he needs to play deeper, IMO, to be truly effective. He would be a HUGE upgrade to the role Arteta is playing in our team, but is that what people want him to do? I don’t think so, and he certainly lacks the pace to get forward from that spot. I truly believe that we need some clarity from our fearless leader (Total) about his vision of our football if he’s gonna stump for players as different as Wanyama (on the one hand) and Cesc on the other. Add in the desire for a Suarez (or other speedy, tricky finisher type) and I’m truly lost… I guess, of course, there’s always the fallback position that you cannot have too many #10s, even if Cesc would be the 5th or 6th guy in that spot. (Ozil, Wilshere, Santi, Sicky, and maybe even Ox and Ramsey go there too, no?…)

    On the other hand, and trying to be a “hopeful” sort…the notion of some pace getting forward down the right in the form of Aurier and Theo Walcott (and the Ox) is pretty exciting… Am I the only one who would appreciate confirmation of that one in the exact moment we have to hear about Bac to Man City?…

    Oh, Cockie…Please…

  • Cockie Do Dah, 🙂

    This waiting is getting to me – where is TA when you need him?

    If it took you an hour to type, Glicster, is that becoz you used all 4 letter words? 🙂

  • Hahaha …..Not many 4 letter words, Redders and only about 60 lines !…..but what would take you 5 minutes to write has taken me an hour, but you try typing with your cock whilst throwing darts with both hands at a photo of Gezzer on a dart board !. hahaha
    In any case, don’t get too excited, it`s nothing over the top…..imo !.
    17, I know how to copy and paste vids etc`, but have no idea how you copy and paste a comment . So it`s up to Total whether he releases it !.

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