Enough Gunners at World Cup to make a team, but who’ll make the finals?


Four years ago we had two Gunners competing in the World Cup finals. Both have left Arsenal a few years ago, but only one of them will hold the fondest of memories. Van Persie was not able to make a difference for the Dutch, but Fabregas immortalised himself with an extra-time assist for Iniesta that proofed to be enough to win the World Cup. In hindsight, it happened for the right guy, although at the time I felt quite differently about it.

Thinking back about that final, I started to wonder whether we will see any Gunners in this year’s final in about five weeks from now. The big favourites are the South-American giants of Brazil and Argentina. It appears hard for European countries to win in South-America, although the Dutch came very close in 1978 when Rob Rensenbrink hit the post in the very last minute of the game…. Pure agony for any Dutchman…

I go along with the favourites tag for those two countries, but I have a feeling that it will also suit the likes of Germany, Spain, France, Holland, and even England, a lot to be regarded as underdogs. We have Gunners in the German (Pod, Ozil, Mertesacker), Spanish (Cazorla) and French (Koscielny, Sagna[theoretically] and Giroud) teams, and of course Jack and Ox in the English team. There is also Tommy V in the Belgium squad and Joel Campbell at Costa Rica. I hope I have not forgotten anybody.

We have actually enough Gunners out there to make a team:

Arsenal at World Cup

Unfortunately, we do not have a goalie out there, but the Pod will do. 🙂

Now, of all these fine Gunners – and what a nice team it is! – who will get furthest, and who might make it to the final? Could it be Germany v France with six Gunners on display? Could it be Jack v Ozil, or Tommy V v Giroud?

Let’s do some predictions, just for a bit of fun:

  1. Which countries will make it to the semi-finals?
  2. Which teams will make it to the final?
  3. Who will win it?
  4. Who will be top scorer (all players)?
  5. Which Gunner(s) will make it furthest in the tournament?
  6. Which Gunner will score the most goals?
  7. Who will be picked in the tournament’s top eleven team?
  8. How will England do?
  9. Who will score most goals for England?
  10. And finally, not a prediction: Who would you like to win the World Cup and why?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

50 thoughts on “Enough Gunners at World Cup to make a team, but who’ll make the finals?

  • Will say this– Podolski at GK made me giggle.
    Though he does have a keeper’s one-off personality.


  • A little bit of history on WC finals, starting from year 1970 – 2010 (40 years time gap):

    Brazil (C: Carlos Alberto, DF/RWB) vs Italy (C: Giacinto Facchetti, DF)
    Brazil won 4-1

    Netherlands (C: Johan Cruyff, CF/AM) vs West Germany (C: Franz Beckenbauer, CB/SW)
    West Germany won 2-1

    Argentina (C: Daniel Passarella, CB) vs Netherlands (C: Ruud Krol, SW)
    Argentina won 3-1 (after extra time, full time 1-1)

    Italy (C: Dino Zoff, GK) vs West Germany (C: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, RW)
    Italy won 3-1

    Argentina (C: Diego Maradona, 2nd ST) vs West Germany (C: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CF)
    Argentina won 3-2

    West Germany (C: Lothar Matthäus, DM/CM) vs Argentina (C: Diego Maradona, 2nd ST)
    West Germany won 1-0

    Brazil (C: Dunga, DM/CM) vs Italy (C: Franco Baresi, CB)
    Brazil won 3-2 on penalties (full time 0-0)

    Brazil (C: Dunga, DM/CM) vs France (C: Didier Deschamps, DM)
    France won 3-0

    Germany (C: Oliver Kahn, GK) vs Brazil (C: Cafu, RWB)
    Brazil won 2-0

    Italy (C: Fabio Cannavaro, CB) vs France (C: Zinedine Zidane, AM)
    Italy won 5-3 on penalties (full time 1-1)

    Netherlands (C: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, LB) vs Spain (C: Iker Casillas)
    Spain won 1-0 after extra time (full time 0-0)

    – On 10 occasions (since 1970), the WC is won by a team captained by a defensive player (GK, CB, FBs, DM/CM)
    – On the odd final in 1986, Maradona (a second striker) led his Argentina team to victory against the West Germany team, led by Rummenigge (a centre forward). Maradona’s “mystical aura” seemed the stronger than Rummenigge’s on that occasion.



    3/ BRAZIL





    8/ Beaten by Brazil in the quarters

    9/ LAMBERT

    10/ ENGLAND….because I’m patriotic and proud of my country (just about, but it’s waning)

  • 1) England, Spain, Brazil, Greece
    2) England V Greece
    3) England
    4) Neymar
    5) Jack
    6) Pod
    7) Jack
    8) Win it
    9) Jack
    10) I hope either Croatia or Bosnia win it. Countries with a recent war torn past so It would be great for the people.

  • Let me see … Do we have any South American players at Arsenal? No .. I thought not.

    What if we bought Neymar while he is out there, would that qualify?
    Thought not….

    If I have followed the draw potentials correctly, Spain look the most like team to get to the semis, if, and only IF, they top their group. Thus avoiding Brazil.But that also applies to Chile in the same group??

    All things considered, Brazil get through to the semis, and the Argentina/Uraguay should be able to meet each other in the other half. Thus an all S. American final?

    Answer therefore is none of them. However, Santi will be out there the longest, unless Chile top that group.

    Sorted! as JB would say 😀

  • Missed the questions, but for No10 – Chile

    Why because the will be the underdogs against Brazil in the final .. and I like their fast, energetic style, and they seem to be a team, rather than big name individuals.

  • TA, Thanks for the new post. I’m getting excited about the WC. Most of my reading around it has focused on the “issues” in Brazil and the protests from last years warm up tournament, however. I’m curious how that will be covered by the TV we get over here (both Spanish–Mexican and American) and what will actually happen in the streets (and the beaches). Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any BKesquers on the scene, even if some of them had plans at one time or the other… On that note, have a great tournament, 007 and Moneypenny, er, Jane…

    What’s the story on transfers during the tournament? Is there supposed to be a moratorium on business regarding players involved in the tournament? When does the window actually open and are clubs not supposed to “announce” anything until after players are out or until the whole thing is over? I don’t get it, but that’s the way I’m feeling about lots of stuff these days…

    So, I’m looking forward to the matches (the best European teams actually made it this time, which helps a bunch of the groups look more interesting) but I’m also wondering what the reffing will be like. Hopefully it’s at least somewhat consistent and not too indulgent of the diving…

    A year ago I thought the top 4 teams were set in stone–Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany, but as the tournament gets closer I think there could definitely be some upsets. I have special interest in France (due to Arsenal connections) and Mexico (my home team, since most of the people I talk to face to face re:football are Mexicanos). Germany w/Ozil, Poldolski and Mertesacker (and my own personal roots) are probably the team I will watch the closest and the one (w/Arsenal interest) I expect to go furthest. Our German players are all misfits and the backlash against (Turkish, Muslim) Ozil is the biggest thing I’d like to see reversed. I’m also curious about Spain. I really hope Santi gets some playing time as I think he’s the best of the Spaniards playing in England. Comparing his play to a dog (with eye issues, no matter how beloved…) doing his poop-dance, seems harsh, btw 🙂 … Obviously, I’m also interested in how Cesc does. Will he start or be a super-sub and where will he play? Will he gum up the works or do the conductor thing?…

    The same goes for England and I’m hoping the young Arsenal players get important game-time. The group is tough but they could also have a lot of possession and both Jack and Ox (who both know how to go to ground if the refs are tolerant of such things…) could play a role in holding the ball (and trying to orchestrate the attack) for the three lions. I worry more about England’s defense, truth be told, and think those matches could be cagey (i.e. boring as hell) for somebody like me who is neutral about the outcomes…

    Anyhow, that’s long enough and maybe some answers to the questions are in there… Looking forward to some in-match chat with others right here on the BK…Cheers!…

  • 1) Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Germany
    2) Brazil, Spain
    3) Brazil
    4) Diego Costa
    5) Cazorla
    6) Olly G
    7) Ozil, Giroud
    8) Qtr Final
    9) Sturridge
    10) Australia – I’m Australian!

  • This should please TA;

    Sky will open a new Sky Sports 5 channel for next season, to show European Championship qualifiers, Champions League action, Spain’s La Liga and the Copa del Rey and other European football shows such as Revista De La Liga and Champions League Weekly.

    But especially for Totes, it will also show exclusive coverage of the Eredivisie – Holland’s top division for the next 4 years.

    That will bring a smile to our man’s face! 🙂

  • Interesting Quiz, TA.

    1) Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Germany
    2) Brazil and Germany
    3) Brazil
    4) Suarez
    5) Per
    6) Poldi
    7) No idea. 🙂
    8) Knocked out in group stage
    9) Welbeck
    10) Brazil (otherwise their fans will raze the place to the ground.) And they are wonderful footballers. 🙂

  • Afternoon World Cup Willies !.

    1) Brazil, France, England, Argentina .

    2) England and France.

    3) England

    4) Giroud

    5) Giroud , Koz, Jack and Ox

    6) Giroud

    7) Giroud

    8) World Champs

    9) Rooney

    10) England, as Lesbania could only field 1 male player in the qualifiers, which happened to be me and I went blind through too much mass debating with you lot !.

    England need to be disciplined and not as mad as me in my playing days !. I might be the most laid back gentle person on BK, but put me on a football pitch and the red mist appears….I just hate to lose and will do anything to win !.
    I was once sent off in a friendly game for attacking the referee at the toss up for asking the opposition Captain heads or tails before me !.
    I will win at all costs and once reported my 2 year old daughter to social services for being better at wax crayoning a Barbie Doll colouring in book than me !.
    If I`m not the banker in the game Monopoly, I`ve been known to kidnap my best friends family and hold them to ransom !, sending my mate the Banker a ransom note saying if he doesn`t slip me an extra £200 at pass and go, I will send him a piece of his wife`s minge in the post !.
    In fact, I will take any of you bastards on at anything with both hands tied behind my back and still type using my knob !.

    Sorry !…….I got a bit carried away, but just the thought of competition gets the red mist going !.

    But on a positive side, I`m the sort of person you would need on a desert island !…….imagine a BK cruise got washed up and we were stranded !. I`ve a high aptitude for learning and can turn my hand to anything once shown the technique , building houses etc`. Now I`m thinking who will come in handy to survive ?….it`s got to be Prince for his carpentry skills, Alex…another skilled craftsman !, 7eventeen for his tracking and hunting skills….squatchburgers etc` !….but that’s about it really as the rest of you poncey bastards have fcuking girlie jobs !…..what the fcuk will be all our BK accounts be good for ?…..and we wont be needing an H&R drug dealer !……you will be mine , 17`s, Alex`s and Prince`s bitches !.
    Oh…I suppose Oz will come in handy with his forensic skills as he will know how to tamper with the evidence of the bodies of those who don’t want to be our bitches and become BK Burgers instead !.
    Now who wants to come on a BK cruise I`ve been planning ?. hahaha

  • I bet there will be some BK interest in the opening game of Brazil Vs Croatia !……Prince and Alex !…..A dual !…..Prince with Nailgun in hand and Alex with 50,000 volt Taser gun in hand !.

  • Cocker,

    I suspect that I would not need to have a weapon, if I get my hands on your crepuscular, sac, I am sure you would apologise for saying I am 17’s and Prince’s bitch! 🙂

    Them’s very big hands — perhaps I will try yours and Terry’s in one go! Lesbo’s love them! 🙂

  • Hi Redders 😀
    With the size of your Dic….tionary !…..I`m not surprised you have big hands !.
    You will provide us for years on Bitch Burgers !. hahaha

  • Evening gents 🙂

    Thanks for the update on Sky, Redders. I do not have a connection at the moment, but might now get it. 🙂

    Cockie, you are bonkers but so funny! 🙂

    There are no points to be gained, so putting England as eventual winners is not necessary. 😉

    Hi Tapps, I am looking forward to seeing your boys in action: what should we expect in terms of style of footie?

  • I reckon at least one of Argentina and Brazil will bow out before the semis. Have a feeling that they might not get through to the last eight; either Holland, Chili or Spain might be too much. I also feel that France might do well: a lot of good players, a good manager and apparent harmony in the team. And then there is Germany, who might just play themselves into the tournament.

    I also feel that Robben-Judas-Sneijder, with back up from Huntelaar and Kuijt have a lot of goals in them, and a Van Gaal team tends to concede relatively few goals, with the odd exception though… If the Dutch can get a result against Spain, which is not inconceivable, they might go far. Agreed with Gezzer that Chili are a very good team, but we know that and will not underestimate them… and the Dutch have a good record against the South-American teams.

    1. So last four: Argentina, France, Germany, Holland 😉

    2. Final: France v Germany

    3. Winners: France

    4. Messi topscorer

    5. Koscielny, Sagna and OG

    6. Ozil
    7. Koz and Ozil
    8. Last eight
    9. Gerrard
    10. De Kaaskoppen! 🙂 Football owes them, that’s why.

  • thanks for that JM – that was a very informative comment and brought back a lot of memories !

    for me, the 1994 world cup was the most rememberable – with Roberto Baggio e.t.c e.t.c was gutted that Italy didn’t win – it was all down to brilliance of one man and then he was the one who had actually missed the spot kick which had handed the world cup to Brazil !

    yep, unfortunately will be watching it at home but it’s not all doom and gloom, as Jane is coming back home tomorrow – there’s always a next time @17HT

    onto the questions then

    1: Argentina – England – Germany – Spain

    3: England vs Germany

    5: England (Germany Cough Cough Cough)

    7: Messi

    9: The gunners playing for Germany and England as it’s a England vs Germany final (lit’s up his cigar ) so that’s JW, OX and Poldi , Ozil and BFG = no less than 5 !

    11: Podolski

    13: Ozil

    15: going to the finals !!!

    17: Rooney

    19: England because we are the home of Football 😉

  • TA,

    If you notice there is no mention of the USA. Not even bothering with wishful thinking. 🙂

    You are right about the Cockie Man – so funny but totally doolally — except when he chooses to be serious, in which case he really is both sensible and astute — no surprise to me! 🙂

  • Just a point of order, James, you seem to be on a different Quiz to the rest of us. 🙂

    No answers to, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 — you live in a world of your own! 🙂

  • *memorable (not sure if rememberable is even a word, ahahahahahahahhahahahaha)

    thanks for pointing out the obvious @ RA not about the numbers but me living in a world of my own, ha

  • Thanks Totes…..you know I like to bring something different to the blog and being Bucking Fonkers, it comes easy !………mmmm….Bucking Fonkers !…sounds like a Dutch name…..did he not play for Roda JC Kerkrade ?.

  • Redders !…….Oh Oh Seven doesn`t do even numbers. He works an hour away from home, but only even numbered busses go to his home and he wont get on them, so he gets on a odd numbered bus which takes him 2 hours away from his home and then gets a taxi home !.

  • cheers for that Glics – but onto the real question now,

    how long would it take to break Fozzie with a B out of prison ? more importantly, what country was he caught in ? is he bubba’s bitch as grapevine has it or the other way around ?

  • So far that’s 3 of us who think England are going to win the World Cup !……and I was calling some of you…… deluded bastards for thinking Arsenal were going to win the EPL last season !.
    I`m on 3 weeks holiday from this Saturday and honestly didn`t do it with the World Cup in mind !. The missus thinks we`re going out places !…..yeah right !….only if there`s no game on !….otherwise she can fcuk off !. hahahaha……..hope she isn`t reading this ! hahaha

  • thanks for that link @ PG

    so we are getting Vela, Cesc, Song and Mannone back ?

    brilliant, so that’s 4 of our own back, does this mean we actually sign 4 players since 4 ex gooners don’t count as 4 , ha

    get in the Balotelli’s, the Reus’s, the Fellaini’s (12 million!!!) and Micah Richards – sorted !

    by the way, I have noticed how Gerry keeps hinting at his “Wishlist” – I reckon there is a post in there somewhere with his wishlist – so Gerry, when can have your wish list, if you may ? 🙂

  • Sorry JB, you will have to wait until 1st September for that one – re @20.07. : 😉

    I have to be very lucky to have my boxes ticked, and unlikely happen if I publicly announce them.

    Up until recently they were very much ‘under the radar’, AW style, but now I only have one surprise left. But most of that is down to the wide casting of the net by the media. But most of the names I have mentioned, have little chance of happening.

    I know a good many would like to see Reus, but he is off to Barca it seems. But he is the sort of player that can play wide, with pace, without being a traditional winger. Also a lot of you non-Giro fans would like to see Manzukic(sp?) come, despite the fact that AW wants a player to be a foil for Giro, not a full-time replacement? Carlos Vela is that type, but whether he comes and goes, maybe will be decided on his pre-season stuff? All that pre supposes that he is not the successful pawn to get the other guy?

    However, JM is quite right, there are a collection of very prominent blog sites, and newspapers, that do like to wind up Arsenal supporters.

    On the number of signings, AW said 3, but may be 5, depending on who is leaving. I will go along with that being 4 as it stands, but with now Cazorla added(???) to the Poldi/TV5 pair still to be decided it could go up a notch. Personally I do not see any improvement in the overall squad if any leave. The additions are to be putting more quality where we need it, which is somewhat lost if we let quality go? As it is, we will struggle to get a replacement for Sagna in the first year at least.

    I think the board made a bad call on that one, as it potentially leaves us vulnerable to counters on both flanks. The more I think about it, a big tempter of £125k for the first 2 years, with an option of a 3rd year, and if not taken up a big signing off bonus would have done it. I have the feeling that this decision by the board was borne out of the previous season form, while he was still getting back from that double injury. Which is why they did not press too hard and let him run down his contract. It backfired because he had a stellar season, and consequently had plenty of offers?
    I hope we are not made to pay for that short-sightedness?

    So, 4 key signings:

    1, Second striker – Remy looks a back up plan, with Bony an alternative?

    2, Right back – barring miracles.

    3, Defensive midfielder – Key choice here, if we are to plug the gaps alluded to above?

    4, Pace wide left, but if not combined with 1 above, then versatile elsewhere: The other guy?

    5, Goalkeeper for £5m or less – which is your worst nightmare JB : D – I have less worries on that.

    6, Centre back – Another key choice, but likely to be young, versatile, and not too expensive.

    So, 1, 3, and 6 are my essentials. 2, 4, and 5 are needed, and hopefully available.

    Total cost for all 6 (on my wish list)? Somewhere between £50 – £95m, plus a few £m for upgrading the academy.
    Go to it IG!

  • 1) Brazil vs France & Argentina vs Columbia
    2) Brazil vs Argentina
    3) Brazil
    4) Fred (Brazil)
    5) Koscielny, Giroud & Sagna
    6) Giroud
    7) Koscielny
    8) Knockout stage
    9) Cahill
    10) Belgium, the dark horse for this edition.

  • 1) (Again, spelling error earlier): Brazil vs France & Argentina vs Colombia

  • Cockie 20:07…….pop up to Bath for a couple of days, then on the way back call into Stone Henge, also have a peep at Chedder Gorge.

    Treat the missus……..she damn well needs treating having to put up with you,,,,,,,,you stupid old fald bucker. 🙂

    How about a post from you over the next three weeks holiday……..if you get in quick you’ll beat Stretch……he promised years ago.

  • Gday kidz, how are we all? 🙂

    Which countries will make it to the semi-finals? Brasil, Argentina, Germany, U-r-gay (i dont think a European team has ever won on South American soil??)
    Which teams will make it to the final? Argentina v U-r-gay
    Who will win it? Argentina
    Who will be top scorer (all players)? L Suarez
    Which Gunner(s) will make it furthest in the tournament? ZE German core
    Which Gunner will score the most goals? Ozil
    Who will be picked in the tournament’s top eleven team? Ozil.
    How will England do? Wont get out of their group
    Who will score most goals for England? Sturridge
    And finally, not a prediction: Who would you like to win the World Cup and why? Croatia.
    6 million- population world wide and constantly producing world class players going back to Boban and Suker through to Modric and Matteo Kovacic (my tip for best youngster of the tournament). Only just recently, it was a country ravaged by war, but has managed to rebuild both its country and spirit. Extremely patriotic country and people, where football is the number one sport, both played and watched. Many Croatians have plyed their trade in England, even a few Croatian gooners such as Davor Suker ( a world cup golden boot winner 98) and the unfortunate ‘Dudu’ E.da Silva

  • Which Gunner will score the most goals? *Correction- CESC FABREGAS not Ozil

  • Hahaha, Prince of Perception @12.35 – love it! 😛

    And yes Croatia (and the surrounding countries) is full of sporting talent; almost as good as the Dutch muhahahaha 😛

  • Great analytical comment, Gerry. You should work on it a bit more and turn it into a post…. would be good to see what fellow Gooners’ priority list is in terms of positions and who they would like to sign most of all…. if only one super talent is to be signed…. or something down that line…

    JM, yes Belgium are the dark horse. I guess that experience of playing in this sort of tournament is important and Belgium might struggle to deal with this aspect. That’s why I feel France, Holland, Spain, Germany and also Italy cannot be underestimated; when the going gets tough, they usually get going. Woud be very nice though to see Belgium do well.

  • Thanks TA, although a post is not likely to happen right now. I thought Dylan had one lined up?

    One error pointed out in Arseblog today, Vela has to stay with us for at least one season. So no buy-back and then sell-on in this window. Although we do get 50% of any sell on by them, over our £3.5m I assume. Hence, by just sticking our foot in the door, we can halt any movement by anyone else? For a while at least. I would imagine a legal challenge might come in if Vela refuses to come back, using the Bosman argument of ‘freedom to ply ones trade within the EU’?

    I let that one work itself out. But there is little doubt the real target is not Vela, but the ‘other guy’? Given we could use that 50% to pay the inflated price, so they get their replacement on the cheap too?
    Similar scenario with Cesc, who I cannot think is best pleased with Chelsea i we believe what being said. They structure a deal in such a way that leaves us out of any cut, given it was that part that we sold only to Barca at a cheap price that enabled AW to get it past the board at the time?
    That too could have a legal challenge from us, providing we do stick our foot in the door?

    But what makes the big variation in my estimate is whether we pay high or low on the DM, High or medium or slightly lower on the striker, wages pro rata, and ditto the wide guy. I could easily be £20m short in real terms, But that top end would really take our wage bill to new heights?

    In short, one will be at the expense of the other, but not necessarily at the cost of quality.

    My real concern is getting those 3 elements right, as each has an impact on who fits in after the first signing? It also follows that the other 3 positions are equally affected/modified by both the cost and wages paid out to those. All will be revealed once the window is officially open, as some of these ‘done deals’ could fall apart at the last minute?

  • Hello, World Cuppers! 😀 I’ve heard that Fozzie left for Brazil as he misinterpreted words “Cup” and “Group F”. 😀

    Which countries will make it to the semi-finals?

    1.Spain (because they still have too many quality players), Brazil (because they have the best defence and a manager who has won World Cup once – being hosts is a minus to them IMHO), Germany (because they have BFG, Özil and Podolski) and Belgium (because they have enormous talents in their squad).

    Which teams will make it to the final?

    2.Germany and Spain.

    Who will win it?


    Who will be top scorer (all players)?

    4.Lionel Messi, I’m afraid.

    Which Gunner(s) will make it furthest in the tournament?

    5.Die Germans.

    Which Gunner will score the most goals?

    6.Giroud, because his group is shite. 😀

    Who will be picked in the tournament’s top eleven team?

    Neuer – Lahm, Mertesacker, Thiago Silva, Alba – Vidal, Schweinsteiger – Özil, Messi, Willian – Klose.

    How will England do?

    7.They will win their group, knock Ivory Coast in The First Knockout Round and lose to Spain in the quarterfinals. On penalties, of course.

    Who will score most goals for England?


    And finally, not a prediction: Who would you like to win the World Cup and why?

    9.Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have had every type of crap falling down on our heads in the last 20 years. Winning World Cup as the only debutant would be a fairy-tale never told before.

  • Gerry, it seems Vela coming back is a done deal, no? Wenger does not mess with players, so if he is to come back then surely he will play regularly now? What it will mean for Pod is another matter…

  • I’m not sure why the majority of people are fearing Sagna’s departure.

    truth be told, he is past his best – if you don’t believe me, then take a look at the french team of the last 18 months – it was another RB playing in the PL who was chosen ahead of Sagna in the big matches and goes by the name of “Debuchy”

    I wouldn’t mind us making a bid for him and securing his signature for about 6 to 9 million pounds and giving him a decent deal, same one that Sagna was on.

    he is better than Sagna going forward and not bad defensively also – injuries are a concern but it was the same with Sagna, he is only 28 I think or 29, can still give us 2 years at the top at full throttle and help the Jenk’s and Bellerin’s – mind you, his delivery and crosses are plenty better than Sagna as well.

    we must look to get him from newcastle, if not him then Richards from city (a gooner)

    while we are looking at newcastle, worth also looking at the likes of Hatem Ben Arfa.

    and Vela coming back would have no such effects on Poldi – we still haven’t managed to replace Gervinho and his place is still up for grabs – Gnabry is still going to be used in domestic cup competition for another year or 2 – with the likes of RYO, PARK, BENDTNER not being part of AW’s plans – I Think Vela, Ben Arfa can be cheaper alternatives.

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