Forget Cesc – Ozil is the player Arsenal needs!



There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the future of Cesc Fabregas and how he is the missing piece of the puzzle for Arsenal to return to Wengerball – however, I disagree and believe a second season from Ozil will simply be all we need.

Aside from the fact that Cesc may be abandoning his promise to only ever play for Barcelona and Arsenal, and is apparently willing to go to Chelsea to reinvigorate his career, he should still not be a priority signing. We have an embarrassment of riches in the creative midfield area and he would simply block the progression of players like Wilshere, Ramsey, Zelalem, Eisfeld and even Ox (since one of Ozil, Santi or Jack would likely be pushed wide to accommodate Cesc in the starting 11). There’s a necessity for depth in any team’s lineup, but center attacking midfield is certainly not one where we are lacking options. Factor in a likely improved second season for Ozil and a rebound year for Santi, and we’re beyond set for creativity.

Ozil often receives misguided criticism for his lack of emotion, relatively carefree motion on the pitch, subpar finishing and inability to constantly influence a match. I challenge those that condemn our most expensive signing ever by highlighting that Ozil is simply more intelligent than the majority of footballers that play the game. His lack of emotion can be attributed to high composure and keeps him out of trouble with fouls; his relatively carefree motions on the pitch are a result of the grace he plays with and not needing to expend the extra energy to make his presence felt; his subpar finishing is an area he can obviously improve upon, but he did score a respectable 1 goal every 5 matches in the league last season; his inability to constantly influence a match is a testament to his understanding of the team game and that other players also need to be involved in the creative aspects of a match, in order to inspire unpredictability and true team unity.


Ozil can change the outcome of a game without a moment’s notice with one decisive, splitting through ball. He will be more familiar with both the league and his teammates and also have better outlets to pass to in Theo and hopefully a new striker capable of scoring at will. The catalyst in playing Wengerball is the ability to transition the ball quickly from defense to offense – this is often not the responsibility of a number 10. A number 10 is expected to be able to find his teammates in the final third and produce as many clear-cut scoring opportunities as possible. There are few, if any, better at this than Ozil.

The most shocking revelation is how little faith Gooners have shown Ozil after just one season. Fans continue to give Giroud the benefit of doubt, yet do not afford Ozil the same, even though he produced 5 goals and 9 assists in his Arsenal debut season. At the conclusion of next season, I have no doubt in my mind that Ozil will be one of the most influential and effective players in the EPL and those questioning his ability to be Arsenal’s number 10 will be regretting they ever did.

Written By: Highbury Harmony

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  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Super post, HH. 🙂

    Ozil is a great player and one that will always add value to a team, in whatever position he plays. You are right, he is so capable of producing that little bit special to open up a game. He is indeed likely to get better again next season and the return of Theo (and Ramsey in a way) will help him a lot to shine further.

    You know my stance on him being in the nr10 position. I reckon it has not worked and he would function better in a free role on the ‘wing’. However, I am hoping you are right that he will impose himself more in that position and will start bossing the midfield more regularly. If Cesc is available we have to get him as I am sure he, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Theo and OG will make us a very strong team, further strengthened by the Rosicky, Sanit, Ox and Pod. I would play Cesc in the hole, but I can also go for Gerry’s deeper role for Cesc with Ozil in the hole. It would be magic in my opinion, and I am more and more convinced it will go that way.

    But Ozil is a great player and we are lucky to have him.

  2. hassocksmatt says:

    At last someone talking sense about Ozil

  3. fiachra says:


  4. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers hassocksmatt! People forget that no matter how quality a player is, there is always the possibility that they take a season to fully adjust. Ozil came into a situation at the club, entirely different than that of Santi 2 seasons ago (not needing to be relied on as our sole creative outlet) and his 5 goals and 9 assists in 26 appearances is very respectable (he could have had even more if the finishing around him was better).

  5. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers for the kind words TA 🙂

    I definitely see your view on Ozil and appreciate it, but I still believe it’s too early to cast judgement on him after only one season at the club. When he was at Real, he pulled all the strings and consistently found Ronaldo (or any other of his teammates) in the final third.

    Keep in mind that we severely lacked goal scorers this season (especially once Theo went down) and his outlets became limited. Ozil has the pace and fluidity in his game to allow for a playing style with interchangeable parts and this is something you would never get with Cesc. While Cesc is an outstanding talent in his own right (better defensively, shows more passion, better at playing long balls over the top, natural goal scorer etc.), he definitely would force your formation to be more rigid (lack of pace, not very agile, holds onto the ball for too long etc.) and is not as adept as Ozil in other areas (vision, on the ground through balls, crossing, movement etc.).

    I reckon the German will cement his place as the number 10 next season, but it will be different than the “typical” number 10 you may have come to expect – I foresee over 15 assists, around 7 goals and a ton of clear cut scoring chances created. Just think back to his debut against Sunderland when Theo was in the line-up; he found him on three separate occasions to create magnificent scoring break aways, only for Theo to botch them. I expect more of the same and the club reaching even greater heights.

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Lets hope so, HH. I wish him all the possible success at Arsenal and it is a good point to give him at least a second season to shine more. I just dont see him as a conductor of our play, as for that he seems to disappear too much in a game; but again I could be wrong and the arrival of a new, fast left winger and return of Theo could give Ozil his wings. I would love that.

    I think we need more than 7 goals from him next season, but have little doubt he will achieve it. It is also fair to say that IF we get a very good DM, Ozil would get a lot of support from Ramsey or Wilshere, which help him a lot.

    Anyway, thanks for a fine post. It is a bit quiet right now, but that is not a reflection of the quality of the post (been like that for days).

    Of to bed now. Keep rockin and proper footie starts tomorrow again. And on Friday….. Holland – Espana: a tactics feast.

  7. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nice post HH and I agree…For me, Ozil in the squad is a huge technical boost married to a big addition of pace. I think he *could* play alongside Cesc, but that the latter isn’t necessarily the key element as Total maintains. Better play out of our own half (as TA also suggests…) would be the little extra that gets Ozil really humming, IMO. Stats would improve as well alongside better (or fitter) finishers, as you point out. Nonetheless, some of those assists, esp. those couple of balls with perfect placement and pace onto finishers’ heads, still amaze me…

    One thing we need to realize is that we’re already pretty strong when it comes to concentration and breaking down teams that start out to defend. Our real issue comes against the better teams. Being able to absorb pressure and play on the break seems important here. Also, bossing possession (simple keep away…) and creating more chances seems a key. I really expect better seasons from a host of our players especially the younger ones (Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Theo, Gibbs, Ox) as well as more coherence in the middle of the park, so I’m pretty upbeat about our chances. We need to win some of those tougher matches to get over the psychological hump, however. Just because Ozil is quiet on the pitch, my take is that he will morph into a real leader when it comes to demanding better technique (and effort) from the others. This will be a big element in beating the better teams, I think…

    The criticism (and general lack of appreciation) of Ozil is too much. I have to say that people who trot out the “lack of passion” narrative drop in my estimation. (I also believe there is an anti-Muslim element in some of the criticism, esp. with the German supporters…) MO runs and runs, is a near genius at inducing and avoiding desperate (and dangerous) tackles when he’s on the ball and doesn’t dive nor complain to the referees. He’s on his way at Arsenal (and in English Football) and just needs a little better from his mates (and the refs) to be at the very heart of our success. We’re a different team without him and I still believe we lost our shot at the title when Wenger decided to continue a rest period for him and held him out of the starting 11 at Stoke City. The drop off in the quality of the team was precipitous after his hamstring injury in Munich…

    So, great job, Mr. Harmony and we all might (IMO) do a bit more in terms of appreciating what we’ve got rather than longing for more and/or different. Cheers!

  8. Highbury Harmony says:

    You’re absolutely welcome 17! I figured you would enjoy this post because it was about the players we already have and not getting lost in the transfer madness 😉

    You raise some excellent points that further the arguments I have made in my article. I think the mentality of playing well against the top teams will improve next year with the confidence of attaining silverware now under our belts. Ozil will create chances regardless of the competition and as Arsenal continue to blossom and attract top talent, the players will surely gain better protection from the refs.

    With better defensive play, we’ll be able to transition the ball from defense to offense better and Ramsey can focus more on the B2B role. This will open up space for Ozil and allow him to avoid dropping deep to have to retrieve and move up field. I love that you have the same appreciation for the finer nuances of Ozil’s game – some of the other players in the squad could certainly benefit from following his example of just getting on with the game and being composed almost all the time.

    Finally, it is befuddling as to how anyone can write Ozil off as a number 10 so soon. There’s a reason why he was considered one of the best in the world and we’re yet to see the best from him. People need to beat in mind that Arsene would never throw out £42.5 million on one individual unless he believed he was getting top, top quality. Just need to continue on and appreciate the amazing players we already have at a time where everyone and their mothers are rumoured to be coming to the Gunners!

  9. Gerry says:

    HH – I am sorry to be the one to put a downer on your excellently written post, but I think so much of it is misplaced, at least from this quarter?

    For me, I have never been an ‘anti-Ozil’, but can the huge see the advantages of having Cesc in the squad.

    As far as blocking paths to younger guys, that was more or less done with the Ozil signing, except the Rambo, Chambo, and Jack have all had their part to play this past season, only some were more blighted by injury than others. I share TA’s doubt about Eisfeld breaking through, but to me he was always more a Poldi replacement than a ‘creative’ midfielder. But he has been squeezed out by the role Rambo plays, gliding into the box and scoring goals.

    Cesc is not only every bit as good at defence splitting passes as Musut, but has the quality to be a great teacher to the likes of Olsson, Toral, and Zelalem who are our future stars. Ox in the immediate future is slightly different, as he is a driver in the Rosicky mold , but is also a willing pupil so he too would benefit from having Cesc around.

    As for who makes way in the playing eleven? Well I have already said it would be Ozil if I were making the decision. OOOOOHHH!!! I hear you say, we have £70m+ plus talent for one position?

    Errr, yes. If you haven’t noticed, that is what League Champions tend to have. Top quality replacements in key positions so their team does not suffer when injuries occur. We suffered when Ozil was out, along with a few others. If we want to be a top team, then this is the way to go. £30m give or take, is not a lot to pay for such quality?

    However, I do share JM’s concern that having Fabregas back should not be at the detriment of the other key signings I outlined in my previous comments. I cannot see Chelsea be able to get a medical in whilst Spain are still in the WC, so I am hoping that AW & co will get at least two of the key signings we need done before any signature is even close to the paper required. The other thing is his agent. From the latest comments I have read, it is Barca that are leaking the story that ‘it is close to a done deal at Chelsea’, but with bigger money offered by Man U, and may be even bigger money offered by Man C, this could still run and run before we need to put our ‘foot in the door’.

    So for me, it is ‘Yes’ to a Cesc return, but keep his agent at arms length!

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Ozil love boys 🙂

    Love the positivity about our current squad and it is music to Arsene’s ears. 😉

    A nr 10 in our system needs to connect the back six with the front three, and that for 90 minutes. He needs to stay in the middle a lot and boss the area. For me he is not that type, but Jack and Cesc are. I am hoping Arsene can develop him more into it, but for now the jury remains out. In a free role on the left, with a licence to move close to centre of the box, I believe he would be most effective.


    Excellent post Harmonious

    Ozil reminds me of a Gazelle. Beautiful grace and class, but deceptively strong. How do I know this? Well, when my daughters were little I took them to a children’s zoo. Every thing was great until this Gazelle mistakenly thought I gave him a dirty look and offered me out.

    All the kids loved it as the beast chased me around the pen, to them it was a great game, and wrongly interpreted my cries of “call the police you little shits” as a jest.

    I completely agree with your view on Ozils talent. The guy is genuinely a world class player.

    I have one reservation. Ozil at Madrid was not the fulcrum and not expected to score an abundance of goals. At Arsenal, this is different.

    Can the guy step up to plate? I think he can, but the question is more an issue of mentality rather than undoubted ability.


    Gerry, I am surprised at your call over Cesc and Ozil.

    The signing of Ozil was a strategic one. We all know the Clubs policy on acquisitions is long term and Ozil was bought in for the now and future. Arsenes vision is to improve the guy and get the best out of him.

    This my friends, is another reason why I can not envisage the return of Cesc. Arsenes teams are like a painstaking work of art, always working on the piece. To throw the painting out and start again is not going to happen.

  13. JM says:

    We need Ozil; Ozil needs quality players around him.

    @ Gerry June 12, 2014 at 07:41
    “….. the other key signings…..”

    The candidates are on display in the world cup, which includes (but not limited to):
    a portiere, a außenverteidiger, a attaccante and a volante.

    The außenverteidiger candidate is important; he has BFG beside him and Theo in front of him; he needs to balance his defensive and offensive duties effectively.

  14. VCC says:

    Stretch et al…………..why can’t we facilitate Cesc?

    imo he can tackle, pass, got a football brain and still relatively young legs.


    Aurier Merts Kos Gibbs


    Walcott Ramsey Santi Ozil


    Subs :- Wilshere/Ox/Giroud/Pod/Jenks/Vermaelen.


  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry, how many famous German artists do you know. Cesc is Picasso, Miro, Velasquez,Dali and a bit of Guadi all in one. But I guess this is all Greek to you! 🙂

  16. VCC says:

    Totes…..Stretch is a connoisseur in salads and feta cheese……Kali Mara

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    And how to lure the pigeons


    hahaha, what about that El Greco geezer? And hes from Crete. Ime probably related to him.

    TA & Vics, I challenge you both to a painting contest. I warn you both now. At school I was known as “Bent”, because I had an artistic bent leaning.

    I was a master of expressionism. I once painted a stale looking banana that so caught the imagination that it got published in the local arts paper. Some art critic bloke, also with a bit of a bent leaning, commented, “This magnificent piece expresses a bleak future set in a world devoid of joy, reminding ones self of the futility of mortality”

    You two express yourselves? TA would probably paint a picture of Cesc, which upon conclusion have people commenting “Ahhh, how sweet. A twelve year old has painted a picture of an alien”. Whilst Vics version would win praise form the public for, “Its nice that they let these people out now again to do these kind of things”

  19. RA says:

    An excellent Post, Harmonica, and a well presented discussion of the relative merits of Cesc and Ozil.

    Technically, I do not think anyone can fault Cesc, and he is capable of doing everything that TA and others say. For me the same can be said of Ozil but if I had to choose, I would keep Oz and say no thanks to Cesc.

    Why? Well, there is no question that Cesc is one paced and our team has already got a number of players who are skilful but painfully slow. It also seems to have been forgotten that Cesc was continually hampered with injuries, especially hamstring problems.
    All that is a rational reason for not wanting him back, but there is another more basic reason that guides me, you see, I find it hard to forgive all that ‘DNA’ bollix we had to tolerate when he wanted to go to Barca, and as for the posed photos with Pique, Iniesta & co, they were humiliating and sick making, even if he was not the instigator, he went along with them.
    No – he made his choices, and if I had a girlfriend doing something similar I would say fcuk off and don’t come back.

    Anyway, I think the whole argument is moot, as Mourhino is crowing that the deal for Fabregas is almost done – and in a way that reinforces my view that if Fabregas has made that choice, and again hurt the fans who supported him, then I repeat my view – fcuk off and don’t ever again give us that crap about how much you love Arsenal. You are a liar, so get out of my face!

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Terry, I can well imagine you painted that banana and I hope the art critic survived the bleakness you brought upon him.

    My mum believes we have Rembrandt blood running through the family (Van Rijn was the name of one of my mum’s parents….. 🙂 ), so you would have no chance.

    If I were to paint you, I would depict you from the back on a massive red and white cloud; looking in the mirror and only seeing massive white teeth smiling histerically; around the mirror there would be pigeons everywhere, whilst Glic is hiding naked behind a gigantic sofa.

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    You are a stubborn, hard man, Redders. You should at least have one more fine night with her, no? 🙂

    On a serious note, if Arsene allows Cesc to go to another premier league club, I will close the blog down. I fully trust Cesc not to do that anyway, but if it happens I am done with Wenger.

  22. Gerry says:

    JM – I got it translated via google, but the ‘right back’ didn’t. GK did, as did ‘attacker’ but ‘volante’ came up as ‘steering wheel’ 🙂
    I will assume that is the DM, doing the steering from the back?

    I agree though, much of our desires and upgrade should be at the WC, as befits top players.

    For what it is worth, I think AW is caught between two players who he would like, and until he gets that settled, and it really is a choice because I cannot see us having both, then there is stagnation in other areas affected

    Morata seems his number one choice, but only at a price that he is happy to pay. £24m seems to be the stumbling block.

    Balotelli is a slightly different alternative, and at £20m would seem a bargain if he really has ‘grown up’ and puts the effort in and reaches his full potential?

    The former is not the finished article, but could be at Arsenal. The latter comes with experience, and caveats. I think it will only be one, but we shall see. The Remy, Vela, et al, will have to wait upon this outcome. Indeed, it will take some stellar performances from Joel Campbell to enter into his thinking as part of our front line, back up for Theo perhaps?

    But as you say, not all options are at the WC. But the ones that are are not all high end options.
    Indeed, it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. But we should be nearer to knowing by July 1st?

  23. Gerry says:

    Terry, at no point was I making a case for Cesc over Ozil. What I was saying is that it isn’t an either or, we need two top quality players for such a position if we are to compete with the money clubs.
    I think Ozil would probably start slightly more games because he is younger, but such are the demands of the EPL we need to be more adept at spreading the load?

  24. RA says:

    Hi TA,

    I hope you don’t carry out your threat to close down your blog if the Cesc deal to the Chavs goes through.

    Perhaps I should have made a caveat to my view on Cesc, that if he did rejoin us I would welcome him with open arms — but he had better not mess me about again. 🙂

    The other matter is that I am expecting a high quality player to come in if, as seems likely, Cesc does not figure on Mr Wenger’s radar. It is not acceptable to say no to Cesc, and not introduce someone else of at least similar quality, if in a different position.

    The idea of Cesc joining the Chavs is a sickener – and that is down to Fabregas and not Wenger – he could have joined Manure or another Spanish club, but he is intent on following the money it seems. 😦

  25. Gerry says:

    TA – Saved by the bell? If the latest NewsNow report is accurate. M has been overruled by Abram?

    Doesn’t that make you smile 😀

  26. RA says:


    I mentioned some time ago, when discussing Arsenal’s finances as a result of the new sponsorship deals and TV money, that it is also possible that Puma, as the club’s sponsors, might help to buy a player for the club. {It might not have been on BK} 😳

    Yesterday I read that Balotelli is also sponsored by Puma, and there was some suggestion that Puma might be open to helping Arsenal to buy him as it would increase their commercial exposure to the Premier League. Hope so. 🙂

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Redders, let’s see what happens re Cesc. It’s confusing me a bit.

    Balo would be some signing – not sure whether it would work out, but possibly worth the gamble?

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Me like, Gerry.

  29. JM says:

    @Gerry June 12, 2014 at 13:34

    The Außenverteidiger is our right candidate for the 1st team if he is able play on both flanks and fulfills the secondary role of a Innenverteidiger.

    The Volante is a Brazilian football term; the player is mainly a holding midfielder (though neither plainly a destroyer nor a regista).

    Most of our candidates are playing in the World Cup. 1st teamers, squad players and future prospects.

  30. 17highburyterrace says:

    Two statements, Total, make me very sad…

    “Love the positivity about our current squad and it is music to Arsene’s ears. 😉 ” and “On a serious note, if Arsene allows Cesc to go to another premier league club, I will close the blog down. I fully trust Cesc not to do that anyway, but if it happens I am done with Wenger.”

    What this indicates (to me at least…) is that your blog is no longer about the football but actually about whether or not we are a “big club” who will compete (in extremely cynical) transfer sweepstakes, and worse, that one’s take on these matters depends on acceptance of current management, when (clear, again, to me, at least)…It comes down to the attitude of the owner. Ours wants his asset to increase in value (through smart management decisions which balance the product with the tolerance of the customer base to pay for it…) vs those who do not care if they make losses…

    I could go on and on (and I have, but I’ve refrained from posting…) but it’s just a sad state of affairs. If I’m gonna be mocked for appreciating Ozil or his manager (who, if you read closely, I believe lost us the league by benching him, perhaps in acquiescence to fans who demanded it)… then I do need to seek another place to post. I have to run the kid in to (his last day) of school right now, but consider me sad that BK has come to this…

    Hopefully we discuss this further upon my return…

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    The blog is about football and opinions, 17. Nothing more or less. First comment was a joke, so no reason to get sad. Second is nothing to do you with you. It’s my right to close the blog if I feel disenchanted with the manager or management. In hindsight I should not have posted it, but there you go.

  32. Gerry says:

    Well smile for at least 20 minutes?

    Sooooo, AW meant what he said?

    I will take the view that it has nothing to do with what has been published, but I bet that scheming little agent has been like Golum in Cesc’s ear.

    Alternatively, AW knows more than he is letting on, or it allows a bit of quid pro quo from Barca as they get more cash this way?


    When do we get your ‘Only joking’ message, TA?

  33. Gerry says:

    Ah! you beat me to the last part.

  34. AwayGunner says:


    Cesc Fàbregas (Twitter/Facebook)

    “Firstly I would like to thank everyone at FC Barcelona where I enjoyed 3 wonderful years. It was my childhood club and I will always be proud and honoured that I had a chance to play for such a great team.

    I do feel that I have unfinished business in the Premier League and now is the right time for me to return. Yes, everyone knows that Arsenal had the first option to sign me. They decided not to take this option and therefore it wasn’t meant to be. I wish them well in the future.

    I considered all the other offers very carefully and I firmly believe that Chelsea is the best choice. They match my footballing ambitions with their hunger and desire to win trophies. They have an amazing squad of players and an incredible manager. I am fully committed to this team and I can’t wait to start playing.

    It was extremely important to me that this transfer was completed before the World Cup so that my mind will only be focused on hopefully helping my country try to retain the trophy.”

  35. Dylan says:

    Well now both of my Arsenal heroes and reasons for choosing this club to support play for rival premier league clubs. I hate van Persie and Fabregas and I am extremely angry with Wenger for letting him go. This is horrible.

  36. AFC says:

    Cesc gone to Chelsea £26.6 million. We do not even get a penny from the deal if I am correct?

    Stupid decision by Wenger and the board. You do not turn down a world class midfielder for £26.6 million and you certainly do not let him go to a rival when you have the power to not let it happen. Cesc wanted to come back Arsenal did not want him.

    So we have strengthened City and Chelsea. Well done Arsenal football club.

  37. Frozen Gunner says:

    Loyalty is dead. My only wish now is that we acquire a midfield destroyer for the Chelsea games and give him one mission.. Only kidding, kind of.

    But really, this is a bit surreal. Not a great start to the window.
    I do hope, however, that Total does not feel so vindicated as to close down the blog. Bergkampesque is an absolute pleasure (addiction?) and it is simply SO arsenal. Us BKers need each other in times like these– misery loves company was it?

    But, like you say, it’s entirely your choice. Just hoping for the alternative!

  38. 17highburyterrace says:

    So, Cesc does an Ashley Cole (and Sagna’s doing a Nasri)… What are we to do now? Both as a Club, but, more significantly, here on BK? (It’s your blog, TA, but many of us feel we have a stake in it–due mostly to your fine, inclusive leadership)…

    I’m eager to hear your plans… (And sorry if I was a bit harsh up above…I’m feeling like the division into “camps” drives all the discussion, plus I’m feeling some emotion as my boy’s programa de inmersion comes to an end today. We fought hard and made some tough decisions to get him into that program. The dry windy weather today also contributes as all that stuff around his schooling was coincident with the big fire in our area…)

    In other news, the Mundial (WC) starts today, so hopefully some others might be around for the opening match… 😀

  39. AFC says:

    There us no way I hell Chelsea or Mourinho would let this happen if they were in a similar situation.

  40. Gerry says:

    Mmmmmmn – the more I read it, I think Fabby is a leeetle bit peeved? Why did he think it was a ‘given’ that we would? After all, it was him that buggared off to Barca and left us to struggle. Funny how this blog title has captured the reality.

    I must say, it does seem strangely out of character for Arsene to turn it down. I mean, when you think of all the ‘ex’s’ that have come back to train, and made very welcome to boot? Mind, dragging back Vela kicking and screaming is also strange.There must be something in the air?

    I would have been happy to have had a player of his quality back. But equally, I wanted our key signings in situ before that happened. So what was the mad rush to get this deal done now. Did the blue meanie M threaten to withdraw the £150k offer and go elsewhere?

    I somehow don’t see him being entirely suitable at Chelsea. Man U would have been his second best after us, but then he wanted to stay in London, so that only left QPR ha ha

    Oh, and I did not like his comment Judas-esque, ‘they match my footballing ambitions’ …
    and their money had nothing to do with it …..

  41. AFC says:

    17, Cesc did not do an Ashley Cole and Sagna is not doing a Nasri.

    Cesc said “Yes, everyone knows that Arsenal had the first option to sign me. They decided not to take this option and therefore it wasn’t meant to be.”

    He wanted to come back to Arsenal but Arsenal did not want him. If we had intervened he would have most likely have come back.

    Sagna wanted to be paid the going rate. AFC disrespected his loyalty and many years of service and refused to pay him the wages others were preparing to offer him.

    Sagna and Cesc cannot be blamed.

  42. Gerry says:

    New post please …

  43. AFC says:

    Gerry, he does not really fit Chelsea’s style but Mourinho might be willing to go more attacking next season. He has the players to do that now.

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    This is fucking unbelievable. I thought I’d seen it all, but now this. Cesc a Chav, Cesc the Chav! but he wanted to come back home. He wanted to play for Arsenal again, but Wenger closed his arms. Now he’ll play in blue and not in red and white. What sort of club have we become?

  45. AFC says:

    TA, totally agreed. So Arsenal and Wenger let Mourinho a classless manager who called Wenger a specialist in failure sign one of our greatest midfielders in recent years. Mourinho would not even loan us Ba.

  46. 17highburyterrace says:

    Regarding Cesc’s “decision” and the blame already being heaped on Wenger. What are the details of the contract? My guess is that Fabre-Judas is getting some big money at Chavs. Remember (please, if you’re able…) that management serves at the pleasure of the owner and management’s decision to not match whatever Chelsea have offered the player is very like the principle consideration.

    Obviously it’s a huge slap in the face from the Chavs across town. It’s also a calculation that our manager has made. If that seals the deal for you I would suggest that you switch club allegiance (rather than allegiance to a particularly management team) as the next manager (unless there’s a change in owner or owner policy…) will be under the same constraint…

    The villains here are #1) Kroenke, #2) Cesc (and his agent Darren Dein) and #3) Abramovich (and his “image over football” manager Mourinho) ALL superceded by the relentless power of money. Blame Wenger all you want but I’m (personally) glad we have a manager who (usually, I think…) values creating the best possible football and the long term interests of the club over short sighted pressures and bullsh*t emotional blackmail from badge-kissers…

    But don’t let me stop you…The press including blogs (including this one, I fear…) will do whatever they can to induce bitterness, rancor and hate. If that’s where you’re headed, have fun…

    So, Brazil to play with verve and freedom in the opener or nervous as hell against a Crotia team which (I think) could test them?…

  47. AFC says:

    It makes no sense. We did not get any money from the deal and he would have been better than a lot of the MF options out there. Javi Martinez and Bender are the only better DM options in my opinion and Di Maria and Reus are the only AMs/wingers who would be better options than Cesc. Are we getting any of those players. I doubt it. So why turn him down. Any players signed will not be as good as Cesc or justify letting Cesc go in my opinion.

  48. Gerry says:

    AFC – As was discussed above, he does lack pace. So a lot will depend on where he plays?

    However, I am not going to get into a discussion about who he displaces in a team I dislike, for a manager I dislike, under the ownership of a Putin favourite, and a player who will now never play for us ….EVER!

    Sorry, done and dusted. When AW pulls Balotelli and Di Maria out of his magic hat, all this will be yesterday’s news. Move on

  49. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, I think you’re wrong here (obviously) but you’re a (very) smart guy. This is about money, pure and simple. Wenger is constrained and thinks there are better ways to spend it. Full stop. The rest is manipulation and self-interest…

    Yes, emotions drive economic decisions (usually bad ones) but managers are paid to separate emotion from economics. We as fans don’t have to… Many fans lose interest in their local. more parochial, less economically powerful clubs for this very reason… Is it time to support Arsenal (as an underdog, when it comes to upsetting the money-down-a-hole clubs) and choose an oiler or a “national” team (a Spanish or Italian giant who get their money in dubious ways) as your principal club?… Everybody has to make their own choices…

  50. AFC says:

    17, you said:

    ‘The villains here are #1) Kroenke, #2) Cesc (and his agent Darren Dein) and #3) Abramovich (and his “image over football” manager Mourinho) ALL superceded by the relentless power of money. Blame Wenger all you want but I’m (personally) glad we have a manager who (usually, I think…) values creating the best possible football and the long term interests of the club over short sighted pressures and bullsh*t emotional blackmail from badge-kissers…’

    I really do not get your comment. How are Cesc and his agent villians. Cesc needs to football and his agent needs to get him the best deal possible. Why should they turn down a move to Chelsea to make Arsenal happy. The same Arsenal who did not want him. The Chelsea owner wants the best for his team and rightly so. Kroenke could possibly be to blame but to say Wenger is not to blame at all is just wrong in my opinion. However the board have said they are backing Wenger financially this summer.

    Not sure what you mean in your with your last sentence either.

  51. AFC says:

    17, a lot of people wanted Cesc back because he was world class not for sentimental reasons.

    Money plays a factor but when you say it is all about money I just can’t go along with that. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  52. AFC says:

    In your last sentence*

  53. AB says:

    Cant believe this happened so quickly. I don’t buy the Cesc wanted to come back line though – he has not publicly stated any such thing (as he did when pressing for the Barca move); doing so would have put a lot of pressure on Wenger if he had. And he still had a contract at Barca. The fact is he has chosen to move to Chelski and is now a Chav. One less ‘hero’ in my book, and one more Arsenal player who has turned into a journeyman pro when they should have stayed put and become and icon…..

  54. AFC says:

    AB, read his quote in my comment at 17:13pm.

  55. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, the economics work like this…Cesc’s salary (like Sagna’s) would drive up ALL salaries at the club. Yes, they are already going up, but add 50k/week x 15 per season–in perpetuity…and it (approx 75 million pounds/year) rather dwarfs any extra money we would’ve made from the transfer had we played the game and upped the stakes…

    Cesc and the badge kissing is just like Adebayor (and all the rest) with the same sort of stuff. It’s all crap…and it’s all self interest and it’s just the way it is… I don’t mean to be (so) cynical here and you seem to recognize all this…so, I think we’ve got some common ground… Plenty of respect all around for you AFC and I hope we can keep blogging together here on Total’s site…

    In the end then, it comes down to how much we’ve (all of us, including the club’s manager and scouts) have watched Cesc and how much we believe he would help our club. That he would come into our club on such a high (as the prodigal son, to get us to the next level by playing as we remember him)…also enters into the calculation. Wenger has rejected Cesc on ALL these levels but those are the types of tough decisions he is paid to make…

    Personally, I’m peeved, but not at Wenger nor even at Cesc, but just at the structures and undue influence of money on the game…

  56. AFC says:

    Thanks the explanation 17. You have your opinion on this whole Cesc situation and you have taken the time to explain your opinion and I respect you for doing that. 🙂

  57. Admir says:

    I’m sorry for an annoying comment I’m about to write but…is it really that surprising that Cesc is a Chav now?

    We are talking about the guy that has had “Barcelona DNA”. That didn’t stop him from becoming an Arsenal player at the age of 16.

    Then Arsene Wenger did everything to make Cesc a leader of the team – Wenger sold The Captain Invincible Vieira, changed our formation to give Cesc freedom, gave him the armband…

    …and Cesc suddenly felt “injured” and went on strike while his team was in the biggest mess in Wenger-era. Captain Four Feathers left his troops to join his DNA-club and to stay there forever.

    Three seasons later, he left DNA-club again to join Arsenal bitter rivals Chavs. Think whatever you want about Van Judas but Fabregas (I’ll stop giving him sweet-talk – no more Cesc) is one level of betrayal above him.

    Now, Wenger’s pass on Fabregas might come and bite our ass many, many times in forthcoming years but it also might be the best transfer move Wenger has made in years. What worries me more is that sentence I’ve read at Untold Arsenal that Gazidis had said something about Wenger shouldn’t sign Fabregas because he has a tight budget.

  58. AB says:

    AFC. The quote only says that Arsenal did not exercise their option to buy. It does not (of course) say, or imply, that he wished they had – but he could have made that apparent publicly before if he so wished. He did not. Nor does it indicate whether his wage demands had any bearing on the Arsenal decision. Nor whether if we had entered a bidding contest how far up Cheliski might have gone – further than us! And finally, he does not comment on why he is leaving Barca (the club he loved so much he felt he had to leave us remember) when he still has a contract. Unfinished business in the PL? Bollocks.

  59. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cheers AFC… Here’s another spin on it…(and I think my maths are a bit off up above… 😳 )

    Emotion aside, why are we so keen on these rejects from the big Spanish clubs? Ozil “failed” at RM (or at least was dispensable given the rise of Modric–who plays today in Brazil–and the purchase of Isco) and Cesc couldn’t make it at his home-town club… Are we that far below those clubs that our best players are guys who couldn’t cut it on the (bigger?) Spanish stage? We can argue (on and on) about their qualities, but we need players (perhaps in other positions) who are on the rise, rather than desperate to “make it” (or maybe just cash in…) on one final (massive) contract. Remember, if they fail, we’re stuck with that big contract AND there’s little sell-on value… (Ozil, btw, if you saw my comments on him above, was a worthwhile punt, I think…) Gerry (and plenty of others…) make fine points about the chilling effect these purchases have on our younger players coming up…

    Of course, on the other hand, football is nothing if not about emotions and wanting to feel good in the moment. This is another tough one for Gooners… 😦 and the last thing I want to do is keep people from venting… 😀

    I’ve gotta run (literally…) but back to watch Brazil-Croatia…

  60. AB says:

    Well said Admir. Though it pains me to agree.

  61. VCC says:

    I’m totally hacked off with Wenger……How the hell can he let a top player like Cesc go tothe Chavs while we could have signed him.

    Can’t understand people blaming Cesc…its all down to Wenger. He holds the keys, if he wanted him he could have got him.

    Fabregas will make us pay, just wait and see.

    Poor ..poor ….poor….managing imo.

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    Read the statement by Cesc. I have no doubt that he wanted to come back but Wenger chose not to. The Chavs will think they were not his first choice which won’t help him, yet he felt he had to explain that Arsenal rejected him. Nothing to do with money but if it makes you feel better, just believe it. Wenger passed him on and now he is a Chav. And we have three more years of Wenger to look forward to. The club is now smaller than him.

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    I know this blog has a lot of pro-Wenger Gooners, and I have been one for many, many years. I have defended him in many on and off line discussions, and given him the benefit of doubt year after year. But it is enough now.

  64. James Bond says:

    kinda hard to forget Cesc now considering he will play for a local team just on the other side of london now, no @ HH

    you kinda appreciate the likes of Stevie G that much more…he has my respect, BIG TIME !

    don’t blame AW for this – if anyone is to be blamed then it’s Cesc Fabregas – what a hypocrite.

    Milo was right about him all along.

    this is very tough to fathom.

  65. James Bond says:


    we needed Cesc when he left us for BARCA – AW let him go and made sure his dream came true.

    now when he wanted to come back, we didn’t need him – so to put his money where his mouth was , he could have stayed at Barca or gone to a different club or a different country – or he could have bought his own contract out , no ?

    loyalty works both ways, Cesc was the one making the big statements – he should have put his money where his mouth was.

    I usually don’t hesitate to criticize AW but not this time – out of all the teams out there, he chose bloody chelsea ? the coach he was always speaking against, the chelsea supporters absolutely hate him , I can tell you that right now yet for the £££ he has gone there – pathetic.

    to make that move to Barca, he stayed a further 12 months at Arsenal, to come to Arsenal, he could have stayed at Barca for another 6 months at least and we could have got him in january or next summer –

    there are so many scenerio’s here but blaming AW entirely for it, isn’t fair .

  66. AFC says:

    JB, where else could Cesc have gone? Chelsea was the best option for him.

    I’m with TA on this. Guys disagree with TA and they have every right to. They have explained themselves so we can’t ask for more. I will wait until the end of the TW before making a judgement on Wenger as other players he signs might justify letting Cesc go although I doubt this.

  67. James Bond says:

    exactly, he did what was best for him (£££) – you summed it up brilliantly @ AFC

    he could have gone anywhere @ AFC, absolutely anywhere (PSG) , any other country but he wanted to come back to London and play in the Premier league, so why not West ham ? : ) : ) : ) why not QPR, why not Fulham ?

    why Chelsea ? (£££)


  68. Admir says:

    TA, you know that you can’t find too many Gooners who have used stronger words to dispatch Wenger’s policy than I have done but I wouldn’t blame him for this one, especially if we get more important pieces of champions’ puzzle than our pathetic former captain would have been. Cheer up, mate!

  69. Admir says:

    @JB – Chavs play Champions’ League and Premiership. Fabregas has won Primera with Barcelona and failed to win Champions’ League in three attempts (three semifinals). Now he wants to win Premiership and Champions’ League. I just hope Terry will do “a Wayne Bridge” to him.

  70. The Cockie Monster says:

    Evening Fellow Diminishing Club Supporters !. 😀

    Well !….the conspiracy theory that we would nab him late in the window under the noses of the Chavs was total bollox !.
    Great result for me though as I can ( with a thumbs up from Totes ! ) go to town on Farcene Vanker if he doesn`t buy someone in this window who blows Fabregas out of the water !. hahaha

    Right bastards !….shy of Bale, Ronaldo and Messi !…..what SQ players bought in your opinions would make you forget about what has shocked us today ?

    Don’t bet on any WC results until you have listened to my advise, guys !. I have come across a Mystic Mollusc !….a Psychic Snail !, who I have called……..Madam Mertsnailer !.
    I have put a piece of lettuce under a Brazil Flag, a Croatia Flag and a Draw sign !. What ever piece of lettuce Madam Mertsnailer starts to eat will be the outcome !. I shall do this for every game played in the WC !. I know for a fact that this Mystic Mollusc is 100% Psychic as I put a piece of lettuce under A Chav badge and an Arsenal badge 2 weeks ago !….and this morning he finally took a bite under the Chav one, so I new before Cesc that he would sign for the Chavs !.
    ” OK Madam Mertsnailer, do the business ! “.

    I saw John Terry in Sports Direct today !. I think he was playing safe, as he bought 32 different country shirts with his name on the back, practicing already on lifting the WC trophy !.

  71. AFC says:

    JB, wouldn’t you want the best for your career if you was Fabregas. The EPL is best league in the world. Why would he want to go to League 1 or Serie A. Those leagues are dead and boring. Why would he go to United when they have no European football? Why would he stay at Barca if he is not going play? Why should he waste millions of pounds in savings to buy our his own contract?

    I would have gone to Chelsea as well as I pretty certain you would have as well.

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir, read the statement. It is unambiguous. If it was not Wenger’s decision he should come out and say so. But he won’t and Gazidis will tell us all it was for footballing reasons any time soon.

    Within 12 months we will sell Theo to Liverpool, and then we have strengthened all our rivals. I hate Maureen. He sold Mata and got Fabregas and Matic in return…. It is just unbelievable.

  73. AFC says:

    TA, if Walcott was not English he would have been sold already.

  74. James Bond says:


    we both know that it we could give a million justifications as to why he chose Chelsea but the bottom line is – money talks.

    good news though lads – watch Mourinho destroy Cesc the same way he did with Mata !

    oh whilst we are at it, Chelsea won’t be winning anything next season – wait and watch.

    try to remain calm, until at least the transfer window shuts – this way you will see what AW has up his sleeves

    AW is a clever man, he will know after what Cesc has revealed that AW didn’t sign him up hence in order to please the fans – he will and must bring someone of better or similar ilk in a different position.

  75. Bollox !…..I just wrote another comment which took me ages and It`s disappeared and not even in moderation as far as I can tell !. Cant be bothered to do it again even if this one gets through !. 😦

  76. Ahh !….just seen it @19:48 and it is indeed in moderation !. From now on I will come on first with a smiley to test the H20 ! .

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    Look up, Madame Mertesnailer

  78. Money talks !…….he went to Barca for less money !… it`s down to Wenger !….who for some reason didn`t want a SQ player he had first refusal on to come back !.

  79. James Bond says:

    erm – Stevie G didn’t go to the Chavs, why ? – LOYALTY.

    loyalty @ AFC – Loyalty

    I wouldn’t go anywhere other than Arsenal or Barca, if I was to come out in public and say only 2 clubs for me ever – and if I was no longer needed at both, I would find myself another club with ambitions (PSG), Bayern Munich, DORTMUND – (if I was as good as Cesc the Chav).

    the difference with me being is that I am not motivated by money, and I have won the world cup, the Euros twice, many many other trophies with Barca

    saying all this crap about winning the PL and CL with chelsea or where ever he is going to be sat on the bench is another way of “dressing” it all up.

    am disappointed in him, big time.

    sure, AW has disappointed me as well with his decision not to get him back but it takes 2 to tango.

  80. Off the top of my head and apart from the ones I have listed @ 19:48………I can only think of at this moment ….Reus and Gotze who would make me think……..fcuk Fabregas !.

  81. TotalArsenal says:

    The dog ate a dead rabbit yesterday and is stinking the house out now. But the smell goes with the crap this club lets us put up with, thus is strangely comforting.

  82. AFC says:

    But Liverpool would have wanted Gerrard to stay. Barca did not want him to. Bayern probably did not want him, Dortmund can’t afford him. PSG is explained in my answer above.

    Everyone is motivated by money and everyone has their price. Of course there are some things I would never do for money but not going to play for a rival of my former club who don’t want me for a lot money and are the best club in for me? No thanks.

    Fabregas needs to earn a living. His girlfriend lives on London so from a personal viewpoint is move to Chelsea makes sense.

  83. AFC says:

    Cockie, Di Maria.

  84. TotalArsenal says:

    It only took Wenger to tango, JB. I am surprised you cannot see that. Wenger passed him on and he needs to take responsibility for it.

  85. AFC says:

    JB, clubs are only loyal to player if they are good and benefit them. If Fabregas had the ability of Denilson would Arsenal have been loyal to him. No. They would have kicked him as soon as and not cared one bit about his career.

  86. Can you imagine the abuse Wenger would have got for this ( if it aint bad enough now ! ) if we had lost the FAC Final !.
    I personally have about a 100 various assortment Wenger effigy`s !……I`ve just stuck one of them in a mini bear trap……..cock first !. I don’t care how many jars of Sherbet Strawberries he has….he`s not bribing me !.

    Get a fcuking move on Mertesnailer !…..I need to know before kick off !.

  87. James Bond says:

    chelsea came in for Stevie G back in the day with a gigantic offer and a very good wage packet – he chose liverpool and won nothing all these years after that where as chelsea won almost everything – he stayed , where as he could have left easy.

    @ AFC

    then he shouldn’t have made such bold statements to begin with, no @ AFC – re, only barca or Arsenal ever for me and no one else, especially in England can’t imagine myself with anyone else other than Arsenal

    ahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahaha – yeah, every one has a price, not like he needed the £200 k per week to make a living, I reckon he is already a multimillionaire 🙂


    am also hurt and angry but I already said that as much as it’s AW’s fault, I can see why he chose not to do it but I don’t understand why Cesc would do that when he could have gone else where, easy.

    AW trusted his current players and didn’t want to disturb the progression of the current players he trusts and aims to wins things with – he needed and wanted his captain to stay when we were in dire need and he left us, now he is putting his faith in the youngsters and the current crop –

    let me remind everyone else and in particular AFC , I quote ” I will never play or join another English club”

    oh yes, you will, oh yes you will you hypocrite.

  88. James Bond says:

    good news for Glics though – the footy owner who would give him the most orgasms is about to do this :

  89. The bastards only 12 inches away from the lettuce !……….and has so far gone from 0 – 6mm in 29 mins !.

  90. AFC says:

    What I am trying to say is football is a business. Everyone is looking out for themselves.

    You would be stupid not think about no.1 and do what is best for you whether that be going to a bigger and better club or a club who offers you more money. Football is a job. Players are not fans of the clubs they play for in most cases and have no personal attachment to the clubs they play for just like we do not have a personal attachment for the employers we work for.

    I do not have any hard feelings against any players who have left Arsenal.

    RVP, Nasri etc, all left for more money, trophies etc, and I don’t blame them.

    Even as an Arsenal fan myself I probably would have left the club by now. Why? Because I am not going to ruin my career and not progress, win trophies and lose out on money for the sake and Wenger and the board and a club that is in Arsenal’s situation. Sounds cold I know but this is the reality of the real world. Arsenal can be just as cold when it suits them. You have to do what is best for you and your family.

    If another rival company offered us double pay to work for then we would all grab the chance.

  91. Any advance on Di Maria ?……..Aguero or Suarez, but they are in the Bale, Ronaldo, Messi out of reach category !.

  92. AFC says:

    JB, people change. As a kid sure you are loyal to your club and love them. But when you grow up and realize clubs do not care about you as Cesc found out with Barca you learn that football is a business with no room for sentimentality and just like clubs, managers are ruthless you have to be or you fall to the bottom.

    Again JB. Why should he turn down all that extra money. What us that like 50% extra in wages? Would you turn down a 50% increase in wages to go and play in Serie A or Ligue 1. Again I wouldn’t.

  93. James Bond says:

    we are going in circles here at AFC.

    I have said what needed to be said, without exhausting it – let’s leave it at agreeing to disagree 🙂

  94. Admir says:

    @TA – personally, I don’t believe this kind of statements are made by players (at least not in most of the cases). They have PR-departments working for them. Whole Fabregas’ story about Arsenal this summer was a PR-stunt: “Reject me, Arsene! Reject me hard so I don’t look like a slut to our friends when I take Jose’s millions!”

    This has to mean Wenger has something much, much better than Fabregas to comfort us. Di Maria? Reus? 40.000.002 pounds for Suarez?

  95. James Bond says:

    now you are talking @ Admir.


  96. Highbury Harmony says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments, praise and of course, criticisms thius far. I apologize for not being able to respond to each of you individually but hopefully I’ll have a chance at some point if things ever slow down at work!

    In response to the latest traitor revelation, it really doesn’t surprise me. Not so much in that he went against his word of only ever wanting to play for 2 clubs, but more so that Arsenal didn’t feel a need to being him back. I’m willing to wait and see what transpires on the transfer front for us (praying for a top quality striker and DM) before criticizing management for their lack of desire in bringing a world class player into a position where we already have plenty of top quality options.

  97. alcide says:

    Well he news felt like crap, but we (AW) chose to pass on him, and beyond the disappointment, I actually feel sorry for Arsene – seeing Cesc in that blue shirt is probably much tougher for him than it is for me, or any of us. We may never know why we didn’t exercise our option, but I see no reason to blame Cesc, other than for looking silly after talking big some years back, but things change, money often talks, and I’ll move on – it would like being pissed a former girlfriend found yet another boyfriend…

  98. Highbury Harmony says:

    Bring him back*

  99. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Fab Free F**kers…Glad to see the site is still up, Totes… 😀

    In truth, I continue to be pained far less by the FabreStab (in the back)…and far more by Total’s throwing in of the towel…I really do hope we can keep it “about the football” and not about our supposed status as a club or views about (current) management. On that note, I’m still waiting for a response to my last post… (winky, again) Are you still taking posts because I’ve been stashing a lot of writing that seemed either too long or two angry for posting?…

    We have just been slapped around and we have to suck it up…To me (and others it seems…) it’s the money talking and making lies out of earlier declarations. Roman A and his manager have put one over on Kroenke and his boy. Cesc, public statements (out of all sides of his mouth) notwithstanding, gets his payday. Depending mostly on your prejudices blame will get assigned, though some (Admir for example–more winky) seem flexible in this regard. In the end, all the clever clauses in the contract didn’t amount to much more than a(nother) beating stick (for management) given that Cesc failed to kick on back at the club which owns his heart.

    So, now Chavs own his contract. Am I worried? Not really. IMO, Diego Costa is an upgrade to Eto’o and Ba and Torres but still will leave them wanting. Cesc will find life easier at Chavs but I bet he plays a more limited role, esp in the bigger matches. Defend and break is what Moo-ball is all about. That said, and getting back to the topic.. they needed somebody to fill in for Finally leaving Frank (and Mata being bought while Moo was away and not so great after all, didn’t cut it)… LIke HH says, we have a LOT of options in that area so I remain upbeat…

    I’m far more worried about Total and this place. IMO the “football talk” is going away…and there’s a measure of seriousness in complaining about never getting a response on the last post. (I realize, it can all be summed up, as “not good enough,” but IMO, that’s not good enough, if you can follow that…) Another example: after JM’s comments, I’m very interested in watching Rakitic (and Modric with his new haircut…) today, even if he got well slagged for talking him up in comparison to Fabregas. My take is that a lot of the “footballing” observations are now dismissed out of hand–depending on predisposition. IMO, It speaks to a certain lack of respect…

    Respect, of course, is hard to come by here on the interweb, so my expectations are dropping with each passing day… I *thought* however that BK was a spot where it (at least most of the time) still lived…

    Gilberto Silva (Arsenal past) and Roberto Martinez (Arsenal future?) doing studio commentary for US ESPN coverage…

  100. 17highburyterrace says:

    Brazilians singing the extra words of their National Anthem–home field advantage seems like something in this tournament…

    Anybody else watching? Any Arsenal interest here? We didn’t buy Hulk it appears… 😆

  101. 17highburyterrace says:

    Geezus, a black, white and a kid with indian feather hat and war paint release three doves… Can’t we all get along, is the message, I guess…

    Kickoff, finally…

  102. Admir says:


    “it would like being pissed a former girlfriend found yet another boyfriend…”

    “…after she had sent signals about possible reunion.”

  103. 17highburyterrace says:

    Olic should’ve scored there…Terrible D from Alves, great build up work from little Luka…

  104. Prince says:


  105. proudgooner says:

    Fcuk Cesc,
    Mata, Torres, Shevchenco & Lukaku have all been flops at Chelsea. I don’t see Cesc fitting in to Jose football style at all.
    On top of that to go from Barcelona , to playing for Real Madrids ex manager Jose, will make Barcelona fans hate Cesc even more. He did not have to agree with the deal and could have stayed or played the world cup first.
    No one knows Cesc better the Wenger.
    I agree we have plenty of great midfielder’s already. Plus we have some great young players that need to play.
    Yesss get in Croaita

  106. 17highburyterrace says:

    Marcelo OG…oops… Nil-1

  107. proudgooner says:

    good news for our OZ friends

  108. Admir says:

    Naprijed, Hrvatska! 🙂

  109. alcide says:

    Hehe Admir, you have this Bosnian wicked sense of humor … Just as Croatia scores!

  110. Prince says:

    Takoder i Bosni i Hercegovini, brate!

  111. Gino92 says:

    What about Wenger saying that Cesc will one day return to Arsenal??? What about him saying only last season something along the lines of “we are monitoring” Cesc situation at Barca and will act if necessary??? Is that all nothing but pure bullshit? I just don’t know why Wenger never comes out and just tells us the truth. Why does he always have to tell us lies, no matter how white they are? We are all strong enough to handle the truth. It might hurt a lot but we can deal with it, Arsene.
    That “one day” Wenger was talking about certainly came sooner than we all thought and Wenger/Kroenke decided NOT to bring him back!!! I am sure Cesc would have come back to us for less money if we really wanted him. To me, he sounded pissed off that Arsenal (the only place where he felt truly loved by all) actually turned him down. I don’t think he was expecting that rejection. Yes, he would have loved to have gone to a different league but he wanted another shot at the best league in the world, his girlfriend wants to move back to London and raise their daughter there, plus there was probably not a whole lot of offers for him. Otherwise, Barca would have sold him for more than £40 millions, not a paltry £27M for such a world class player in his prime! Surely not…?
    The bottom line is, the prodigal son wanted to come back home, his father (Wenger) and family (Kroenke/Arsenal) said NO we don’t need you and don’t want you back, so he chose the best (and probably only) option available to him: Fucking Chelsea!!! The sad part is that I felt he really wanted to explain to Arsenal Fans why he chose Cheasea but he couldn’t, otherwise Chelsea and their fans would be very peeved that their brand new “girlfriend” is still very much in love with the hated neighbor (Arsenal).

    As much as we all want to spin this whole saga our own way, Cesc statement reveals a lot to me. Cesc was the only player I ever wanted to see come back to Arsenal, especially since he is now in his prime but that is never ever ever going to happen. As much as I would to wish him the best at Chelsea, I truly hope he SUCKS there big time, gets a lot of boos and gets in a spat with the “not so special career destroying, anti-football one”.
    That would make me very happy, haha. Seriously though, what is done is done. We must all move on. I wish Cesc the best at Chelsea, he will always have a special place in my footballing heart and I will always cherish all the wonderful memories he have me as an Arsenal player.

    Now, the only thing that can soften this massive disappointment is for Wenger to announce these signings before or right after the World Cup:

    1. Striker — Edinson Cavani
    2. Striker — Carlos Alberto Velo
    3. DM — Lars Bender or Sami Kedhira
    4. LW — Angel Di Maria or Marco Reus
    5. RB — Serge Aurier
    6. GK — Asmir Begovich or David Marshall

    That’s my wishlist anyway. That would most definitely make me say: “Cesc who?”

    World Cup update:

    Brazil – 0 Croatia – 1

  112. alcide says:

    1-1… Neymar is doing all the work, but not sure he can keep that up for 90′

  113. alcide says:

    Thanks for the untold arsenal link Admir, quite interesting.

  114. 17highburyterrace says:

    Brazil look pretty bad, IMO, Alcide, and Neymar’s daisycutter was well placed but a very soft goal, one a good keeper would stop…

    Nice post there, Gino… Seems like you were able to get out some anger… 😉 I think Wenger lies because you can’t keep everybody happy all the time and anything that gets said will get twisted (into a lie?…) no matter what. As such, we have “interest” in every player in the world and dropped players are carrying a little knock, etc., etc.

    Others (AB, I think) have noted that Chelsea could’ve kept bidding Cesc up but they also seemed a bit cagey in getting Arsenal involved. In the end, 27 (or is it 30) million pounds and a 5 year contract (terms?) was too much for the current manager. If we go by the trends on Twitter, he may not be around for long, however…

    Prince? Nothing on the Cesc-Capades?…

  115. Prince says:

    Not at the minute 17.
    i So wish that Mandzukic wasnt suspended. My fear is our legs will give us away…. Come on Cro. Tame the Samba!!!! 🙂

  116. Prince says:

    The Cesc and Ozil debate is interesting. But really in my view there is NO debate. Cheers Harmonious, will be glad to talk bout it, after we lose graciously to Brasil

  117. Prince says:

    Arsenal have had their eye on Mandzukic, Kovacic, S Vrsaljko via our assistant manager Boro Primorac. Id also like us to look at D Lovren as back up centre back.

    Mandzukic, Cesc and Ozil…..hmmm, start ingraving the silverware

  118. VCC says:

    Cant believe how pissed off I am at this moment with Wenger. If he FCUK’s up in this window I will never go to another game while he is manager.

    Thats how much I feel he has lost the plot.

    If he is prooved right I will be the first to apologise.

  119. Prince says:

    The Cesc deal WILL go to the last day. On our terms. Keep the faith

  120. Prince says:

    Softest penalty ever seen

  121. alcide says:

    First penalty on a dive… At least Fred would hand done something during he game :/

  122. 17highburyterrace says:

    I dunno Prince, I think Brazil are poor enough that Croatia could nick something here… Gotta stop trying these prayer shots and crosses, however… and then not get hit on the break…FK coming after the (former) Spud shows the studs… Oops, spoke too soon…Ref gives a pen on a dive from Fred.

    What exactly are you talking about re: the Cesc deal going to the last day?… No news early in the morning down there?…

    2-1, keeper (again) should’ve saved it…

  123. 17highburyterrace says:

    The Mexican team (no Vela…) is pretty weak so I would think Croatia can make the 2nd round. Can’t see this ref doing another match anytime soon…Unless some money changes hands, of course…

  124. alcide says:

    Goalie should have done better on the penalty…soft hands (and he should have stopped Neymar’s shot on the first goal). There’s still time to come back!

  125. Prince says:

    Just read the news 😦
    Both Wenger and Cesc need to take a long hard look at themselves…
    Im Disgusted…


    What a crap day man. This is like the day i found out my first way decided not to leave me.

    Looking forward so much to the glory of the worlld cup and the Brazilians get a penalty that conjurs up images of Blatter counting money and a Japanese referee enjoying a Carabean holiday with a women nine inches taller who I suspect is not his wife

    Load of bollox

  127. Prince says:

    A draw would be a fantastic result for us, but all we have left in the tank is Eduardo. Yes, keeper has been at fault on a few 🙄

  128. alcide says:

    Hmmm. That was a goal wasn’t it?

  129. Prince says:

    Wheres the yellow for the shirt grab ref??
    Brasil are way below par, but some of the calls have set up a happy mood in the hosting nation.

  130. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good stuff, Terry…Prince gets the news and needs to find a new club to support… (along with a fair few others, I fear)…

    On *that* issue…I’d really like to hear from folks who watched him (regularly) at Barca. When I was in Spain I talked to a lot of Cules who just couldn’t believe how poor he was. High standards there, of course, and most complaints revolved around his pace. Most essentially blamed Pep for buying him (and Alexis Sanchez) and bringing the club down… Of course, now they’ve got the (huge) problem of Neymar’s transfer and losing a president, not to mention a manager (to cancer)…

    Little Bernard (Dylan’s striker?) makes Brazil look a little better…and Julius Cesar gets fouled on a play where Croatia puts one in the net…

  131. Admir says:

    Referee is a c.nt! Japanese Mike Riley.

  132. 17highburyterrace says:

    Almost et tu Modric… Julius Caesar very slow getting down to a shot from the center circle…

  133. Prince says:

    17, you seem to have the blinkers on these days. Maybe you should go back and read back on some comments. Yes i watched La Liga and Barca alot last year and previously.

  134. 17highburyterrace says:

    Neymar off, Cesc’s MF mate, Ramires on…

    Geez, the Spuds mates should’ve hooked up there for a headed goal…


    Yeah, hes a cnut alright. Soon to be a sexually fullfilled one, though i doubt the tall hooker will be.

  136. Prince says:

    Off to work. Well done Brasil, well done Blatter. The ‘must win’ team won 😦

  137. alcide says:

    Croatian goalie not World Cup material :/ it’s a pity, they deserved muuuuch better.

  138. 17highburyterrace says:

    I’ve got the blinkers on? To what do you refer (exactly)? Of course, I’m glad you’re talking with me after our FA cup semis troubles… 🙂 You’re suggesting Cesc > Ozil, I’m guessing…

    Ooh strong shot, but straight at Cesar and Oscar adds gloss at the other end…

  139. 17highburyterrace says:

    That, of course, was for PPP, if there’s any confusion…Disappointing start to the WC, IMO…

  140. Prince says:

    No, your immature under the radar jibes at other supporters opinions.. and you contradict yourself in many ways.

    Must go, chat later.
    Enjoy your day Alexinho, bud 🙂

  141. 17highburyterrace says:

    Well, I’d love to hear more, Prince…When you’ve got time, eh…

  142. Madam Mertesnailer has finally eaten the lettuce beneath Brazil !, so put your money on them to win against Croatia !.

  143. Admir says:

    Congrats to Brazilian Gooners. Truth to be told, this is not Brazil that will earn affection from the neutrals like the one in 1982 had done.


    Admir, do you remember the 82 team? Didnt think you were old enough

    Best team to watch ever. The incredible thing about that side was that there striker, Serginio, was a complete donkey.

    The lost to counter attacking Italy/Rossi was a tragedy. Fooball became more negative after that

  145. JM says:


    Is the blog still open for comments in the near future?

  146. davvydavy says:

    Ahhhh … the Brazil ’82 team, for me the most beautiful and skillful team I’ve ever seen.I agree with you about that loss to a Mourinhoesque Italy killing football for at least ten years after that.

    On Fabregas I’m not too bothered to be honest. He wanted to move to London and we turned him down, so where else could he go? His transfer would also have taken a good-sized bite out of our transfer funds for this summer that I would rather see spent on a right back, a defensive mid, a winger and a striker or two. We are already very well catered for in attacking midfield with Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gnabry and the Ox, and therefore adding Fabregas is surely more of a luxury than a necessity,is it not?

    With the money still available we can go for top quality targets and I for one would love to see Javi Martinez and little Bernard join us, for example. Top quality players in our positions of weakness are our priority, and I agree with the club’s decision to pass on Cesc’s return.

  147. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha absolute chaos on BK! People, people, people. Let’s be rational and see that it’s just a game. Transfer season often brings out the worst in most of us and there’s always more than that which is reported. Let’s keep an open mind and not let the tabloids pollute our line of thinking.

    Cesc was never a priority and was purely a luxury. Would he have been a great addition to our club? Yes, but I think it’s foolish to underestimate the value of money and naive of us to have believed in his “loyalty”.

    Let’s focus on the players we do have and what we will do this coming summer. We have to stop living in the past and killing ourselves on the players we could have had, should not have sold or should not have let walk. This is Arsenal and with stability in management, a beautiful stadium, a young core and a talented academy, there are always brighter days ahead.

    Onwards and upwards my fine, fellow Gooners!

  148. Gerry says:

    JM @1.00 – Master of the one liner! 😀 😀

    HH – I fully agree with the ‘let’s not pollute our thinking’.
    Much as I differed with your argument of your blog, I felt it was more about timing than anything else. I don’t think a player with Fabregas’s skills could ever be described as a luxury. Desirable at the right time, and now wasn’t it?
    We do need to get the deals done for the positions of absolute need first, as @davydavy has said above. In my wish list, not davydavy’s, I said it could go above the £100m mark, so to take out £30m right now could compromise our best choices?
    Bottom line is, Fab chose to sign now, no doubt with Golum taking a healthy cut, whether or not it is in his client’s best interest. Remember, he was the one that lured Song away, and a fat lot of good that did him? Golum of course, still pocketed ££££’s. Now the worm is in the Chavs camp, Watch him turn his attention to any disgruntled player he cay lay his hands on. For that I am grateful.

    TA and 17HT – Take a deep breath, and stop with the instant responding.

    From your latest comment TA, it is clear that your ‘joke’ was not entirely that? If you feel you need to pull the plug, at least wait until the end of the TW and see if your ‘fears’ can be justified?

    17 – I am with you on many things football, but do try and remember that this blog is not TA’s only pre-occupation, so individual replies will not always be responded to, especially if the answer is not to your liking? This instant rising up may be down to your caffeine levels, switch to cheap cappucino it might help you sleep better?

    But my overall call once more, is ‘Move on guys, what is done is done’. And for those of us with a little more faith in AW’s wisdom, I guess it will be another chapter in his autobiography … which may be out in 3 years time. Twitter not withstanding!

  149. oz gunner says:

    Cheers for the great read HH.

    Not sure how to feel about the Cesc situation to be honest. I’m leading towards RA’s side of things. I’m still pissed about the Grand Prix, “injuries”, DNA dribble and that whole fiasco in general. He is top quality that’s for sure and the best in the world at setting up team mates. But I still think other areas need to be strengthened first. I think he’ll flop at Chelsea (can’t believe he’s theirs now…especially after the Ballack incident).

    To being optimistic!!!! :stern look:

  150. Admir says:

    @Terry – no, I don’t recall it (I was born in 1983) but I did watch them on videos. My father has never forgiven Italians for beating that Brazil, that was a huge recommendation.

  151. AB says:

    Much to reflect on over the last 20 hours. I won’t try and cover it all.

    Football is about dreams. This is why it hurts when something like this happens. We each place significance on different things, but when a core plank of our beliefs is shaken or broken, its mighty tough. TA, I think you have seen Fab as the inheritor of Bergkamp and what he brought our team and game; something quite pure. The loss of this to the Chavs, whoever is to blame, is devastating. I’m not quite in the same place, but I do understand, and would have welcomed Cesc back to where I felt he belongs. Already I feel less for him. And whilst I don’t think he will ever come close to RVJ in my thinking, I won’t be wishing him well in his latest venture; indeed, I hope it turns into another salutary lesson on why players should think twice before they leave the Arsenal.

    But I am looking forward again. I won’t build my hopes around specific players for us to buy (or I will try not to). And I remain confident that we will make significant strengthening moves over the summer – though I fear it will be the usual down to the wire affair. Like Gerry, I am very glad that we don’t have Dein junior in our dressing room, spreading his poison around. And for now I would prefer to look at the strength and depth in key areas of our squad (the attacking midfield) and how they might come on over the next season.


  152. Highbury Harmony says:

    Good news gentlemen, our first new signing!!!!!

    Could be our most important one yet!

  153. Gerry says:

    Cor, you had me salivating there for a minute HH 🙂

    Like you say, could be a major signing if it show results. That and the Austrian training should shake things up a bit?

  154. Gerry says:

    Sad but true, JM. Only the future will decide whether it was a mistake?

  155. JM says:

    Did a quick check on the official Sagna transfer news online, and the order of where the report comes from firstly reads:

    (1) Arsenal official website
    (2) Man. City official website
    (3) Manchester Evening News
    (4) Daily Mail
    (5) ESPN
    (6) Sports Mole
    (7) Football 365
    (8) CaughtOffside
    (9) Daily Star
    (10) BBC
    (11) International Business Times
    (12) Daily and Sunday Express
    (13) Squawka
    (14) itv
    (15) Sporting Life
    (17) London 24
    (18) The Irish Independent

    ….. and counting

  156. JM says:

    @ Gerry June 13, 2014 at 14:05
    Aye, and remember well that the media loves “riling” Arsenal fans & supporters especially.
    They want the juices for tabloids & the latest exclusives; Arsenal FC doesn’t give away much; rumours get spanned in traditional and social media; negativity spreads exponentially; Arsenal FC, Arsenal players & manager, Arsenal fans & supporters deemed ” …. suckers & losers ….”

    Do not feed them

  157. JM says:

    Continued from June 13, 2014 at 14:10

    (20) RTE Sport
    (21) Belfast Telegraph
    (22) SB
    (23) Sportsvibe
    (24) Mirror
    (25) The Guardian
    (26) The Irish Times
    (27) Soccerway
    (28) The Washington Times
    (29) Setanta Sports
    (30) Metro
    (31) London Evening Standard

    … and so on..

  158. proudgooner says:

    Well Sagna signs for City on a 3 year deal.
    I wish him well , well sort of, i would properly if it was not for him joining ciy.
    Zabaletta is a better full back then Sagna and i expect him to play second in line to him.
    It feels like a double whammy in 2 days with Cesc as well. but i trust Wenger he is a cleaver man and must have good reason to let the 2 players sign else where.

  159. Gerry says:

    PG – As I said yesterday, last year was the time to sign him up to an extended contract. But keep your chin up, something will happen soon, the pieces just have to fall into place before we pounce.

    I’ll bet no matter who we sign, if Jim did another piece like that above, it would not be nearly so long?
    Good news for Arsenal is not nearly as good as bad news for them?

    One thing, despite this having been on the cards for about a month, it has wiped the Fabregas stuff off the headlines – and that is all I read JM.

    If the Vela non event is there to get the ‘other guy’, then Fab has just given us the deposit on Morata? They might just take £16m + plus the £5m that it seems they are going to pay us for the Chelsea deal. Throw in the Puma assisted one, and things will look a whole lot better?

  160. Gerry says:

    Sorry, JM not Jim …eeeks! 😳

  161. proudgooner says:

    Its clearly another tough day for Arsenal fans in the transfer world.
    Chelsea are Chelsea, they will be enjoying taking a swipe at Arsenal and even United as much as they will be enjoying signing a great player. I have big doubts he will be no where near as successful at CFC as he was at Arsenal. Sagna he will play second fiddle to Zabaletta.
    So for me after this comment i will be finally drawing a line under it.
    We all knew deep down both transfers were coming.

    The window opens on July the 1st, Wenger is at the world cup with now an even bigger spending war chest at his disposal . Some clubs jumping in early miss some rising stars that we will be well positioned to sign now.

    The most important signing has already been made this summer in Wenger.
    It feels a little harsh like we are still losing great players but 1 was , even both were being to greddy.
    In Arsene i trust.

  162. proudgooner says:

    I agree the extra money will hopefully become every important in the next couple of months.I also agree with HH that we have enough midfield players of that kind already.
    Ramsey is better the Cesc IMO

  163. proudgooner says:

    Gooner’s on Wednesday morning keep your fingers crossed for Arsenal.
    It is the day the EPL fixtures are drawn and announced. With a bit of luck and a lot better fixture list then last season we should stand an even better chance the the 2013/14 season 🙂

  164. Dylan says:

    Sagna to City. Two gone in two days and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

  165. proudgooner says:

    It is disappointing Dylan,
    I feel the same, but hopefully we sign better players in the positions needed.
    I have placed some bets, they are not tips just outside bets for high odds.
    Alex song to score first 85/1
    Mexico to win 2-1 16/1
    Holland v Spain 2-2 26/1
    The results i am quite confident on.. Song to score first is a big odds hoper.

  166. proudgooner says:

    Seeing Cesc and Sagna plaging in blue kits next season will be sickening. :/

  167. According to my sauces….Sagna will not actually sign for Mansour City until his contract at Arsenal DFS has run out, whenever that is, so he`s still officially an Arsenal DFS player and I should imagine that unofficially we are still one of the third party owners of Fabregas if Barca haven`t paid for him in full !.

    Remember when we used to sing………..” We`ve got Cesc Fabregas ! “……..Mingeinho will now sing that in Wenger`s face at the next game !.
    Sorry HH !, I was so dumfounded by the Cesc saga that I ignored the post !…..A post that divides our opinion on whether we needed him or not….I`m in the Total camp on this one and would love Arsenal/Arsene to be transparent for once and tell us why they had a clause set up for his return but failed to exercise that right !. As for Ozil, I can honestly say that personally I haven`t been one of the ones to criticise him and would have loved him and Cesc pulling the strings, he is top SQ and more is needed if we are going to compete with which is a already stronger Chavs and what will inevitably be a stronger…. Manshafter Std, Mansour City and Liverscum !.

  168. proudgooner says:

    I was one of the fans singing “we’ve got Cesc Fabregas” at the first game of the season, after the transfer window of the last season we had him.

  169. proudgooner says:

    That said if he had of became available last season in the summer before we signed Ozil, well it would have made a lot more sense

  170. proudgooner says:

    We still have Theo , Gnabry and Diarby coming back. They will be like new signings lol

  171. proudgooner says:

    I am also hoping that Wenger will follow up on the Draxlar possible signing. It has a better chance in this window

  172. Hi PG 😀
    Off on the treadmill !…. so only have time to say that it will take a lot more than a ” Draxler” to convince me that Wenger is not a cupid stunt in another TW that beggars belief !. Him or Gazidis could come out and let us fans know the reasoning behind such disregard for talent, but they wont as they don’t think us fans have the right to question them or be informed of their actions !…..this is not you average Joe type player, this is one half of the two players we lost when Wenger said …”we could not be taken seriously if we sold both Fabregas and Nasri ! “…or words to that effect !. The top brass at our club treat us diabolically !. Wenger and Gazidis are people we pay the wages of !…they are not supporters….Gazidis is a Mansour City fan ffs !….and Dennis knows who Wenger supported ?….different from us, we are fans, they are employees and have no connection with us, otherwise they would give us some reasons !.
    Do I sound pissed off for seeing Cesc pose in a Chav shirt after telling us he was not wanted by Arsenal DFS….you bet !. No blame on him imo !.


    hahaha come off it Cornwall. You blame Wenger and Gazidis yet treat Fabregas like a Saint.

    This is the guy who f*ucked off to Barca the same season Nasri left leaving us in disaray.

    When Wenger was at the height of his powers and winning titles he was offered big bucks by the likes of Real Madrid and Abramovitch to leave. Unlike dear old Cesc and many others he turned down the offer of more money, bigger transfer budgets, and greater chance of success, to stay at a Club he knew was about to move home thus making things twice as difficult.

    I dont blame Cesc, he, like 99% of all other players are busineses in there own right and look after there own interests

    Arsene and Arsenal canot be blamed for beleiving that they can now build a team in which Cesc is not part of there plans.


    Lets also look at the Sagna situation. A guy who looks like he is going to City. Again, I dont blame him. He is a business, and he, his lawyers/agents/accountants and cleaner are all about to get a pay rise.

    However, this reinforces my point about Wenger, and indeed all football managers. They operate in an envoirement of sharks, and to be honest, it is one were none of us would last two miniutes.

    If any one of us were managing the Club, we would have a mob of hundreds of enraged Arsenal fans outside our drum armed with pitchforks and ropes.

    Its time to forget this Cesc nonsense. Wenger and the Board put in a motion a plan to build a new side the moment he left. It might work, it might not, but its a plan.

    For Cesc, he got to play for his home town club, and now will become a very rich man curtousy of Abramovitches deep pocket

  175. proudgooner says:

    Hair Transplant,
    I am glad to hear your points of view and i agree, we should just forget about Cesc now, its over and done with. That is a good thing he became a big distraction again.
    Money grabbing pieces of s***. It is easy to understand why David Bentley came out with his statment today saying what he did about the money in football ruining it a bit.
    As for Wenger i won’t have a bad word said about him, if you want to know the definition of loyalty then look no further the Wenger, he is also the finest manager in the game at the moment since Fergie hung up his boots or kicked the at Beckhem.

  176. I was on the treadmill and all I could think of was …..was that comment enough to entice Stretch out of the loft !. You didn`t disappoint !. hahaha
    You are probably right as usual and your stuffed puppet on my shoulder acting as my conscience is wagging what looks like his finger……just put the glasses on and it`s not your finger……you bastard !. hahaha

  177. proudgooner says:

    I just want our fans to back Arsenal’s greatest manager of all time history!
    Weather you hink what he did was right or wrong, we have lost 1 ageing player, Cesc was no longer ours..
    He (Wenger) is looking for SQ players in the positions we need, with the money he raised himself.

  178. proudgooner says:

    You been partying with young ladies again?

  179. proudgooner says:

  180. Hard choice here between Spain and the Neverregions !. I love the beautiful game of Spain and they have Santi, but God is Dutch, so is my best mate Piet and so is Totes !. Trouble is, this looks imo the worst Holland team in years !….when they played Spain in the WC Final 2010, they went from Total Football to Total Karate and look like they have only one player who is with a top club….Robben !. I want a Dutch win though and hope Total Karate takes it to a new level and an Orange boy decapitates Cesc`s bollox !. Tango the bastard !.

  181. proudgooner says:

    I maust say Cockie the Dutch defence i don’t even reconise at all.
    That said i expect the to be very good and from midfield to attack they look very strong.
    Spain are clear favs to win this 1.
    I hope Holland can get a draw at least i have gone for 2-2
    This should be a great game.

  182. proudgooner says:

    Big waste by Wesley S.
    He should have scored that, poor effort he had time as well , he was much faster then there defenders.

  183. Admir says:

    I haven’t watched Yashin so I’d say Casillas is arguably the best goalkeeper of all times and the one with the biggest clutch ever.

  184. proudgooner says:

    Come on Holland score some goals.
    I have to ask BIG questions about the Dutch manager.??? He has not even put Dennis Bergkamp in the squad.

  185. Gino92 says:

    What an equalizer by the Dutch traiter!!! Beautiful!

  186. proudgooner says:

    its rare these days but i am happy rvj scored for a change
    my bet is looking good

  187. What a goal by Van Pussy !.
    I wonder how Totes felt about that one !. hahaha

  188. proudgooner says:


  189. proudgooner says:

    I got odds of 26/1 for 2-2 i can collect now or see what happens hmmmmm

  190. Frozen says:

    Bergkampesque touch and finish there by Robben… expect some comparisons of THAT goal vs Argentina in 98′

  191. proudgooner says:

    what do you reackon Cockie collect £14 quid now and defo win, or hope Spain score which is likely and the result to stand at 2-2 for £50

  192. proudgooner says:

    lol should have collected shit

  193. Frozen says:

    Impressive stuff by the Dutch. Can’t say i’m too surprised to see Spain concede again, they’ve appeared awful static this second half.

    (TA– disregard the double post, wrong email)

  194. proudgooner says:

    Holland attack is looking rampant . Fair play.
    Do i sense a happy Total Arsenal or what ? lol

  195. proudgooner says:

    Spain must be shell shocked.
    I hope they don’t make it out of the group stage, they have had there glory.
    Time for another nation to enjoy winning a cup.
    Like England
    Plus we don’t even want the possibility of meeting them in e next round or round after.
    5-1 ha ha ha ha

  196. James Bond says:

    what was it that skipper was saying or fearing ? not being able to get out of their group

    is it me or have the Dutch out classed the world champs and not only done that but given them a right pounding ( winks at Glics)

    5-1 😯

  197. Gino92 says:

    Secret Formula for defeating Tiki-Taka: “Pace”

    I guess Spain forgot that this Friday the 13th after all… They are getting killed out there! It looks they can’t wait for the final whistle. That will be quite a relief for them.

    Unbelievable stuff we are witnessing tonight…

  198. Gino92 says:

    *** this is Friday the 13th***

  199. Frozen says:

    Nice one there, Torres… L O L

  200. Gino92 says:

    How the fuck did Torres miss that??? I could have scored that sitter with my eyes closed!

  201. proudgooner says:

    It just shows how very high tempo pressing and super fast counter attacking football can be.

  202. Frozen says:

    Just wow. All around. Talk about a confident boost. Hate to see RVJ succeed but it is nice to see Cesc on the other end of things 🙄

  203. proudgooner says:

    That was 1 of the best international team performance i can remember seeing for years..
    Very impressive, you looked at the team sheets before the match and thought the Dutch achiles heel was there defence, but they did well and Spain just looked a shadow of there selves , there ageing team is show maybe.
    I think the Dutch even dominated possesion.

  204. proudgooner says:

    Casilas had a nightmare in the end Admir

  205. Gino92 says:

    Well, that was quite a beating. The Spaniards need to go take a very cold shower and regroup. They will probably progress to the next round in 2nd place and face Brazil. That’s my prediction anyway.

    I am not so worried anymore about Fabregas moving to Chelsea, seeing how awful both Diego Costa and Fernando Torres were, and how average or non-existing Cesc looked after being subed on for David Silva. All Arsenal need now is a WHOLE LOT OF PACE couple with QUALITY FINISHING (no, not you Giroud) and we will dominate the league next season.

  206. Great entertainment !.
    That was probably the best performance by a shit team I`ve seen !. hahaha
    Oi !….Oh Oh Seven….I did say I wanted the Spaniards to get Tango`d and they did !.
    Anyone still wanting Casillas instead of Sir Chesney is having a Giraffe !. hahaha
    Spot on Gino and backing up my Total Cockie theory of the 3 P`s….that’s Pace Pace and more Pace !.
    Like it that Spain had 3 Chavs finishing the game !…..Poncey fcuking bastards !.

  207. Oh !….they had Costa as well !…….more Poncier than I first thought !. Cnuts !.

  208. Gino92 says:


  209. proudgooner says:

    Spain might of won had they played there bast player, Lord Santi Cazorla

  210. James Bond says:

    yes, Casillas over Sczny, any time of the week, day or evening in goal for Arsenal – hands down.

    4 of the 5 goals the dutch scored were sheer class and 3 were world class goals, if not 4.

    wake up and give credit where it’s due – no keeper in the world was saving 3 out of 5, possibly.

  211. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys. That was some game of football, from a Dutch perspective. And that is what Van Gaal can do. It was a tactical master class, topped off by sublime individual performances.

    But both feet on the ground. Next up are the Aussies.

  212. James Bond says:

    congratulations and well done @ Skipper

    both the Robin’s have a point to prove – being their last world cup and all that

    3-5-2 is something we should practice and try sometimes ourselves, we have got the players for it.

  213. TotalArsenal says:

    I won’t be issuing new posts for a while at least, but the blog will stay open for posting comments. I am heeding Gerry’s advice to wait and see what happens in the TW window, although I have low hopes.

    We could have had Van Gaal, Cesc and Sagna, instead we have Wenger and Kroenke, and that famous Sinatra song.

    I respect that many fellow BKers have far more positive feelings about Arsenal right now. But running a blog is a very time consuming thing to do. I don’t want to run a negative blog, but neither do I want to be untruthful to myself. Hence my decision to keep a low profile and just keep the blog open for regulars to have a chat etc.

    Hope you guys respect this, and if not it might be best to seek another blog or start one up yourself.

    Here is to a great World Cup in which football wins.

  214. TotalArsenal says:

    James, what did you make of De Jong’s performance?

  215. James Bond says:

    no worries @ skipper

    I respect your decision.

    I’ll try to set up a blog tomorrow and whenever you are ready, it will be ALL yours for the taking 🙂

  216. James Bond says:

    De Jong is exactly what we need, lean and mean fighting machine and also knows when to break up play by picking up a smart foul – something neither Flamini or Arteta know how to do – he might not be a beast but he can certainly do a decent job.

    also, very impressed by the right back Janmaat – do you fancy him at Arsenal as our no.1 ?

  217. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Janmaat looked strong, and so did Blind. The full backs were brilliant today.

    Big game for England tomorrow, hope Jack will play but it looks like Henderson will get the nod.

  218. proudgooner says:

    I have got a scorecast of Sancez to score first Chilli win 2-1. bet £2 returns £170

    I also did a 2-2 draw put £2 on returns £67.50

    Please stay the same result of let the Ozzie boys score if anyone .

  219. AB says:

    De Jong would do a job for us, but I can’t see Wenger going for him – he will always opt for technical skills in the mix.

    I have to say I enjoyed today’s result a lot more after yesterday’s developments, and hope to take similar pleasure over the next season.

    We all need time out TA, to refuel or rekindle the sense of excitement. Its strange though the summers, which used to be a time of relaxation and recovery, now seem to be the most stressful part of the whole (footballing) year. I hope we can get some moderately early encouragement this time around; though my hopes are far higher than my expectations.

    I hope you have a good world cup TA and the football lifts you again. Whatever happens now, next year will bring both highs and lows; and usually the highs make it all worth it. I’m sure you will find your faith again in time, and I hope we can give you something here to help along the way.

  220. James Bond says:

    Can’t see JW playing, unfortunately.

    Roy being an ex- Liverpool manager, will favour the scouse and also Stevie G will try to get as many liverpool players in at the expense of JW… saying that, Henderson is better than JW defensively and that is what the England set up will be keen on –

    no one in the england team is half as good as Jackie boy when it comes to the creative side of things.

    we are winning 3-0 against the ITalians tomorrow !

    I hope you get back to your normal positive self soon @ Skipper – am missing you already and I feel that a lot of people were unfairly having a go at you, in the end – we must all understand that we are all wanting what’s best for Arsenal and bleed Arsenal, having a go at each other helps no one.

  221. AB says:

    JB I agree. But I think JW will get a run out as a sub tomorrow. Barring injury at the back, we will need fresh legs across the midfield to cope with the conditions. I just hope he avoids reckless play, as his enthusiasm combined with Italian sly and dodgy refs, all adds up to a red card risk. Fingers crossed he gets a run out and shows what he can do on the big occasions.

  222. proudgooner says:

    My England team



    I agree with u guys on Jack, but the Ox i would give him Milner’s place if and when fit

  223. proudgooner says:

    I may have got that a bit wrong, maybe your right JB. Henderson maybe should come in, instaed of Milner to add a more defensive midfield

  224. proudgooner says:

    How do you see this match going now? the Chilli v Australia that is?


    TA, you have my Total respect my dear son. We go back a long way on the blogging front, starting on another site.

    Do what your heart tells you, but what ever you decide, you have my full support.

    P.s. If you decide to continue and start posting anti Wenger stuff I will be around to hound you, but in a nice way. hahaha

  226. proudgooner says:

    Hair transplant,
    The way i look at it, don’t make Arsene bit the pillow or the board.
    Instead its time to stop worshipping Cesc, he had his chance a he did a missive smelly turd on us twice, thats a fact.
    He should be the new Rafa Benitez of Chelsea but he won’t be until he puts in bad performances. I would love to nick Hazzard of them, he might leave Chelsea now you know, he must be questioning where he fits in now

  227. proudgooner says:

    bite, not bit lol


    PG, these Aussies are real fighters. On skill alone Chile should walk it, but the Ausies have great spirit

  229. proudgooner says:

    I love you Ozzie Wilkinson, well done son.
    Come on the Ozzies defend like Spartans !


    Forget about Cesc PG.

    Players come and go. Most of the times its the player who dictates but sometimes its the Club.

    At the end of the day, my feeling is we shoild invest our emotions and feelings towards the Club, not the players

    Hazard does know were his short term future lies PG. Battling it out with Cesc for the right back spot. hahaha

  231. proudgooner says:

    my bets are looking really good here.
    As long as Chilli don’t score i am in the money, and i expect Chilli to defend there lead now.

  232. proudgooner says:

    Come on you Ozzies, run like MO Farrar give everything ,
    come on Austraila

  233. proudgooner says:

    ohh these last 10 mins are always so nerve racking lol

  234. proudgooner says:

    9 mins

  235. proudgooner says:

    That will do now i want Chilli to time waste and i will win on the scorecast.
    it will be £110 for a £2 stake
    come on please

  236. proudgooner says:

    fuck sake

  237. proudgooner says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrrr that has really pissed me off
    ha ha ha ha
    cant believe it robbed with 2 mins left

  238. proudgooner says:

    i am absalutly disqusted


    hahaha, sorry PG, but your running commentry on how your bet went up in smoke was brilliantly funny. hahahaha

  240. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers guys 🙂

  241. proudgoonerp says:

    I also had to piss myself, it was either that or throw the laptop against the wall.
    Them lazy Barstaridos Ozzie’s il never forgive them.
    2 bloody mins of injury time. Where did the 4 mins come from i ask you?

    You can’t win them all, next time i will up the stakes, i will win, i was very close and i am still up on my scorecast bets by a long long way.
    Glad it made you laugh. You hear of these last minute big win bets lost in last min, its the first time its happened to me.

  242. proudgooner says:

    I have been reading disturbing news the Cazorla want to sign for Athletico this summer.
    Barcelona have told Alex Song he can leave this summer with united tracking him, but we have first refusal lol

    Arsenal to offer LFC £5,000,000 for pepa Riena.
    Arsenal to go after Bressan the Brazil youngster after missing out on Cesc

  243. JNYC says:

    I just popped in and read your comment about feeling negativity, all totally understandable. it’s been horrible this week. I wanted Cesc back, it would have been like a dream, I believed it could have worked, but only if we sold Santi, which I advocated. And honestly, Sagnas a great guy, but he is a defense only rb, and back up CB now. This is honestly a chance to upgrade the position slightly, if you take defense and attack into account. I wish him the best, like most of us, and anyone would have taken the deal he got from City.

    I am putting my faith in Wenger and Gazidis not to screw this up. this is THE MOST important transfer window we could face. I hope they haven’t misjudged their options completely, and I also have faith that we know what we really need, as many of us fans feel we do.

    Personally, I would prefer that you do regular, very Short posts (conversation starters) on 2 specific days per week, so I could know which days to check in, and not feel days behind when I come in. You have a great group of people here, and this way they’re more likely to stay in touch.

    And if you feel a bit negative about our situation, as I and my Gooner friends often do, it will come across in your writing and comments– you have to keep it real TA !! It’s not propaganda here, it’s just opinions. Even I am wrong on rare occasions.
    Whether negative or positive, you know I have a TON of respect for your views and knowledge. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years on this great blog and elsewhere.

    And I just have to remind myself, we have Ramsey(the real deal) , Ozil, Koscielny, —3 world class players, plus more exciting talent, and money to buy one or two more top players, which could put us right where we want to be. But, yes, Chelsea look formidable. I’m hoping it will come down to the good guys vs. the bad guys, and we will hopefully have a Hollywood ending.

  244. Gerry says:

    WHAT!!!??? – TA taking my advice? …. There was me thinking I was just being a ‘pompous git’ 🙂

    The thing is, I am only pompous when I am right …. 🙄

    Seriously, if your heart is not in it, then it is wise to step back. Negativity is not good for the heart or the mind.

    In the words of a very great rock band, Montrose:

    ‘Life ain’t easy as it seems,
    when you get older you’ll know what I mean.

    Whether I am twelve or sixty four,
    I live my life like there ain’t going to be no more.

    So now I live my life from day to day,
    and I now wouldn’t have it any other way.’

    In short. Tomorrow is another day.

    Take care …

  245. VCC says:

    Totes. 23:01……..Don’t worry Totes, your not alone, I too currently share your negativity towards Arsene Wenger and Gazidis.

    This is becoming a long playing record that doesn’t get turned over. You know what is coming all the time. I could list my predictions, but they have all been posted before.

    This period is slowly becoming the lowest I have felt during Wenger’s reign. I wish I could have some of Stretch’s positivity but I fear we will be seeing the same old mistakes from an aged Manager.

    Fingers crossed I’m totally wrong and have to eat humble pie.

    This Fabregas saga proves the accountants have been wrong all this time, as we could have competed….we have the money now, but we will have to settle for more cut price bargains.

    Thanks for the memories.

  246. AFC says:


    I would keep the blog open until the end of the TW. That way you can judge the TW as a whole and depending on what Wenger and co have done act accordingly. I am expecting three or four top quality signings now, anything less and I will not be happy. If you do decide to close down the blog after this TW has closed maybe you should write a farewell post explaining how you feel and allowing us to say our goodbyes. I respect you as a blogger and as a man and whatever you decide to do will not change that in the slightest. 🙂

    On a side note maybe you should put up a blank page for BK WC discussion.

  247. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi guys

    All good ideas and thanks for the understanding, kind words.

    AFC, yes a clean page is a good idea I will do it this weekend.

  248. James Bond says:

    so should I create a new blog or not ? @ Skipper 😀

    am looking at a 36 month new home for 🙂

    I will only go ahead with it, if your heart really isn’t into it and everyone else is ok, otherwise am too lazy to do all of this ahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

  249. oz gunner says:

    @ JNYC

    well said

  250. James Bond says:


    yes, we can compete , if we couldn’t compete then we wouldn’t be forking out £42.5 million on Ozil last season.

    we wouldn’t me making bid for £49 million for Suarez last July, we wouldn’t be making a bid for £35 million for Cavani in January last year –

    moving onto the actual point now which isn’t about us being able to compete financially with most clubs – the point being

    Did AW really want Cesc the Chav back ? I don’t care what AW tells the media to spin it on how much he rates and admires players like Cesc, RVP, or anyone other player who ABANDONED and LEFT the sinking ship aka AW’s project.

    here is one guy, who takes a punt on youth and invests heavily in them by showing utter faith…

    Adebayor, Nasri, Song, RVP, Cesc , Sagna to an extent as well – all of these players have one thing in common – AW protected them, stood by them and helped them get to where they are now in the hope of these ungrateful sons of guns would repay the faith by staying loyal to his vision, plan and ambitious instead of seeking ventures new else where , when AW stood by them through their injuries and what not.

    why should AW want CESC back ? give me one good reason considering he left him to pursue his own dream, not giving a flying F about AW or Arsenal – yes, clubs have little loyalty towards players but it works both ways and I feel, you can not question AW’s Loyalty towards his players, as long as you show some in return.

    I could write an entire post on this which would be ironic as I am not one of AW’s blind supporters and have questioned and showed my grievances with him on numerous occasions, however , I admire the man so much more now as he is telling all these greedy Fcukers to no more and sticking to his guns by showing faith in the likes of Ramsey, JW, OX, Gnabry – Ramsey is already coming good and when JW comes good , we will all look back at his decision on not getting a greedy and selfish player like CESC back to Arsenal only to sideline world class players in the making or even the ones we have in Ozil e.t.c .

    moral of the story ? if AW wanted CESC back, he would have had him but by not having him, he has send a strong message across and I support him – fully.

    truth be told, it does not bother me anymore whether Cesc plays for Chelsea, man city , man utd or anyone else because quite bluntly put, he left Arsenal 3 years ago and it makes no difference whether he is back in England – he still doesn’t play for Arsenal , so nothing has changed.

    I would also like to see Diaby make it big at arsenal, since I feel he is the only player loyalty wise wanting to repay all the faith shown to him by AW – he is not greedy and I wish he somehow manages to come back stronger than ever and helps Arsenal and AW win trophies with his place in the team. (wishful thinking but I have a strong feeling that Diaby will prevail, finally) and prove why AW decided to stick by him all these years, with the only difference being, he won’t do a Sagna on us when he is in his 30’s or a RVP e.t.c e.t.c.


  251. RA says:

    Hi TA,

    It is right that you should question yourself as to what you really want to do in all areas of your life, including the blog.

    It is also sensible not to make any far reaching decision when you are at a low point.

    Let things cool for a while, perhaps until the end of August, by which time either you will know it is time to call it a day, or maybe the natural bounce back from a ‘football’ low will have occurred and you will want to start the blog and the new season with renewed zest.

    Perhaps you have taken too much on for one person to cope with, in which case maybe you can recruit someone else to give you a hand.
    As you know, on the other site, where we first met, there are two main administrators, and a couple of others who lend a hand running the site – and when one is tied up for work or family reasons, there is always someone there to help.

    [At the moment nearly all Arsenal blogs are struggling to retain their enthusiasm, so you are not alone in this.]

    Nil desperandum, my friend — you have many bloggers on your side and want the best for you! 🙂

  252. RA says:

    A really excellent comment, James, Jimmy, Bondy.

    All three of you are correct in what you have written!

    We all invest a great deal of ourselves in our football club and even more so in the players.
    With respect, the more decent of us seem to proportionately invest far more of themselves and that is in my opinion not a mistake, but it is doomed to disappointment at some stage.

    Take Cesc, for example. The biggest factor in the decision that resulted in him ending up at Chelsea was represented by the following [ £150,000 per week ].

    That was it. He wanted a fortune to return to Arsenal, and credit to AW, he must have said ‘I don’t want to buy your love – fcuk off’.

    No one player is more important than Arsenal. No one player should trade on the love of the fans.
    But in the final analysis, they all do to some extent.
    Enjoy them while they are with us, respect them when they leave [and they all do – inevitably] but never, never invest in the false hope that professional players (that is all of them that play for money} will faithfully return that love.

    There will be another Cesc Fabregas, or RvP – that is professional football – that is lfe.

    We all know that fact of life really, and we can deal with that – none of us have survived the vagaries of life itself without knowing that.

    We are Gooners. We are a Band of Brothers.

  253. proudgooner says:

    007, RA
    I am agreeing with you.
    It is easy to understand fans getting pissed off at missing out on Cesc, but i think we have enough SQ in that position and again the £10,000,000 or so gained from Chavoil inc will come in very handy.
    Also the point about judging Wenger after the TW shuts rather then before it opens is a wise move.

  254. proudgooner says:

    Hair transplant,
    I am still annoyed about Chilli stealing my £110 Winning bet last night
    ha ha ha ha.
    My Columbia bet is looking good though 😉

  255. proudgooner says:

    How do you make the devil face. do a break down for me please.
    Why the devil face?

  256. proudgooner says:

    I am thinking about backing Rooney hair transplant, to be the first goal scorer tonight.

  257. Hey fellas, I’m on the run this weekend and barely able to get a glance at the WC games… Great posts in there by many, mostly about the future of this (great) blog… Sorry, 007 if you thought I was having a go at TA…IMO he’s doing EXACTLY the right thing and putting it on the collective…In other words, cheers for keeping an open thread and giving foks a place to discuss the football and the Arsenal…

    I don’t have much more to say about the Cesc-uation or the club (or the manager, or the finances or anything) at the moment. Like I said, plenty of good stuff (IMO) is being posted… I’ll try and catch up again on Monday. In the meantime, enjoy the football…

  258. RA says:


    I think the ‘devil’ face is done by typing : evil : all joined up – if I am right then it should appear here! 👿 🙂

  259. proudgooner says:

    Hello and here , here.

    Bergkamp posse,
    Have faith in Jedi Master Wenger
    The man that guided us to the Champions league final, brought in all these world class players, won the FA cup last season, made the invincables and last but not least is the most successful Arsenal manager of all time and the current longest serving manager in the EPL possiblly in the world? i don’t know but i cant think of a masnager that has served 1 club longer then master Wenger.

  260. proudgooner says:

    Ha ha ha ha thank you i was trying to work that out for half an hour last night.

  261. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi JB,

    There is no immediate need to set up another blog, as commenting will continue on BK. But I encourage you to set up your own blog if that is something you would love to do. I say ‘love’ as it is hard to get one off the ground and it’s 24/7×52. You’ll need daily posts and try to get onto newsnow to get a regular flow of readers, which is quite hard to achieve. There is lots of admin to do. If you are up to this, go for it, and I will advertise your blog and encourage the regulars to visit your blog. 🙂

  262. proudgooner says:


  263. jnyc says:

    Thanks Oz.
    and to those who suggested waiting to see how the transfer window goes,,,,, thats exactly what im doing myself.

    We will see the clubs intentions, or lack of intent .. one way or another..
    Its just the waiting and hoping is so difficult !

  264. proudgooner says:

    After doing 1 blog, i could really appreciate the work that goes in to this site.
    Its a great 1 TA

  265. proudgooner says:

    Chin up TA.
    I can sense your dissapointment regarding Cesc, Wenger must have faith in his team.

  266. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers PG 🙂

    Really looking fwd to eng – ita. What are the odds for a Rooney sending off?

  267. proudgooner says:

    lol i dont know probably about 2/1

  268. TotalArsenal says:

    PG, we are treating players like parts of a machine: utterly replaceable and okay to let go off. For me that is not how to run a club like our Arsenal. A return of Cesc would not just have given us a great ‘part’ but also believe in better, leadership and a return to proper football again. It was a no brainer, and he wanted to come….

    The idea that Wenger knows best is obviously important to you, and I respect that. But not for me. 🙂

  269. TotalArsenal says:

    I wonder what ‘bold granny shagger’ is in Italian 🙂

  270. proudgooner says:

    scorecast i went press rooney to score first win 3-1 but i pressed 3-0 by mistake, see what happens odds are 130/1 fingers crossed lol

  271. proudgooner says:

    has he been making love to moulds? first i have heard about it ha ha ha

  272. Embrace the Force Total !.
    As always, I will give you the respect you deserve, bastard !. hahaha
    We are not doomers, we are BK Jedi Knights !. It`s the likes of Stretch, 7eventeenho who are of the dark side !….they bow to Darth Wenger`s dark rectum !. hahaha
    Stretch is a Sith Lord….Darth Syphilis and 17, Count Wookiedooku !. Darth Wenger is all about the power and only answers to Darth Syrupidious .
    We are free thinking and can challenge the stubborn ways of Darth Wenger .
    I`m like Han Solo….Han Job and Vics is Daft Bastardious, you are like Obi-Wank Kenobi !.
    I was surprised and somehow happy that you had a rant about Wenger, it`s good to know that me , Vics and Admir are not alone in being able to praise Wenger when he is doing well, but also not blinded by the bullshit he sometimes comes out with !.

    My fields can be seen in the distance from the main Launceston to Callington road and today was a day when I had to cut them on my ride-on mower…..I didn`t know whether to cut the words of ….”Fcuk -U- Wenger” into the hillside or….” Kroenke Out ! “, but in the end decided to do a mural of Wenger being shafted by Stan from behind !.
    It was so hot that I drove my John Deere around the land naked !………no, I`m not an idiot !……I did put some factor 100 sun cream on my knob !.
    Gazidis says that he is in deep conversations for players, so maybe we should wait and maybe they will give us some good news, however, I`m as sceptical as you and personally will only be happy if we get someone in who is widely recognised/regarded as better than Fabregas !.
    More rants please as it makes for better reading !. hahaha
    Also………finding you will in Norwich will be easy, as you will be the only non-inbred living there !.

  273. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Cockie, that is true you will me easily!

    What has been a real, fantastic plus is that my daughter is all of a sudden into Oranje and watches the games with me. It is her team in her school’s sweepstake so there is added interest.

  274. James Bond says:

    no skipper, I am not keen on it but if you are feeling deflated and out of love then I can do it as a dedication to you hence the name as well ; ) ideally, I would prefer that you bounce back like we know you can after a bit of time or when we announce our first signing of the season – however, I also understand and appreciate where you are coming from, so instead of all the BK family going else where and scattering to other blogs in the absence of our skipper – I much rather find us all a home where all of us could chill together.

    not sure if you know this but this is the only place where I blog and I am hoping to continue to do so (as I am still hoping that you will have a change of heart and this was only just the disappointment of cesc and anger at wenger doing the talking).

    let’s give you a little time to recover and hopefully you will, if not then you tell us how you are feeling and we take it from there 🙂

  275. James Bond says:

    Hola me Amigo 🙂

    you are a passionate guy and sometimes get too embroiled in the discussion so to speak, which is fair enough – but sometimes you know words get lost in translation, that’s all – I know, you mean’t well but clearly skipper feels betrayed by AW and was dead sure that CESC could/would never do such a thing but sadly, life is such and the reality of it is that one can never be so sure about such things until the last moment.

    you know I am the expert in making big bold statements, like the ones I did last season with Man utd not finishing top 4 or 6, Chelsea not winning anything and Arsenal winning the double (Which we did 😉

    so here is another bold statement – Chelsea not winning anything for another season and Jose. Getting the sack.

  276. TotalArsenal says:

    That sounds like a plan, JB. You are a great guy.

    How is Jane doing?

  277. TotalArsenal says:

    The Manure not in top four prediction was a great one,JB. I never saw that coming.

  278. proudgooner says:

    Also remember our dreadful fixture list, it was the worst 1 for Arsenal i can remember.
    The new fixture get drawn on Wednesday, a kinder list could see us go all the way, i believe that

  279. James Bond says:

    we will win either 2-0 or 3-0 against Italy @ PG

    you were mighty close last night though with the Chile won !

  280. Off out to get a “ruby” take-away and haven’t watched the Columbia / Greece game, so my question any who have watched is how did Martinez and Cuadrago do ?. They have been heavily linked in the recent past .

    Oh Oh Seven with a blog site !……..Bondagesque will probably get more female comments and Tarzanesque will undoubtedly bring out the “swingers” !. hahaha

  281. proudgooner says:

    I don’t believe for 1 minute that TA will abandon his baby Bergkampesque.
    He has lost a loved 1 and is very gutted about Cesc.
    If he wants time off then let him, its hard work commenting all the time.
    Give the man a break.

  282. James Bond says:

    Jane is coming home on monday after the bone marrow transplant…am getting the house ready (Squeaky clean) and all the things in place for her, as the first 100 days are vital for her…she is getting better and better every day, if everything goes to plan then she will be better and stronger than ever before , fingers crossed 🙂

    yeah, only a brave or silly man would make such a prediction after man utd won the premier league the season before with a 10 point gap or so – but there you go, I like putting my neck on the line when it comes to such things, ha

    @ Skipper


    I don’t believe in kinder draws and such likes, I believe in our manager being more street smart and planning accordingly, which means, not repeating the same mistakes over and over again and hopefully getting enough quality players together before the start of the season, so even if the fixture draw isn’t as kind – we have enough depth in the squad to cope

    we have a new German fitness coach, hopefully, it will solve one area of concern and take away an excuse of AW of sorts , which was again his own doing !

  283. James Bond says:

    ahahahahhahahahahahahahahha @ Glics

  284. James Bond says:

    Martinez didn’t get off the bench , but tell you what, their goal keeper was bloody brilliant (we have been linked with him more than Martinez)…so if we manage to get this Colombian goalie, then it’s a win win, me thinks @ GLICS.

  285. proudgooner says:

    Good news on Jane JB, pleased to hear it mate 🙂
    You are not alone on the man u prediction, i said they would not get top 4 as soon as fergie retired . 🙂

  286. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to hear it, JB. Your Jane has been through so much. Well done for being there for her. 🙂

  287. James Bond says:

    correction, he did get off the bench but by the time he had, I wasn’t watching .

  288. TotalArsenal says:

    RA 🙂

    Forgot to say thanks for some sensible recommendations.

  289. James Bond says:

    yes, this hasn’t been the best of years for us, certainly the first half of it, but hoping to turn it all around and still make it a good year – as soon as she is able to travel and doctors give us the permission, I will take her to maldives , you are right, she has been through loads and deserves only the best 🙂

    cheers skipper @ PG

    going back to the spain game yesterday, it’s a shame why the dutch abandoned their footballing philosophy 4 years ago for the final – had they stuck to their guns, who knows what could have happened – Van Gaal will have a great world cup and great first season at Man utd, me feels.

    it’s good to have him in the Premier league, he will easily out do Jose.Moron and Pellegrini.

  290. proudgooner says:

    Good luck Joel Campbell,
    This will be a really good chance to get a look at him on the world stage.
    I am going to watch him closely as will be Wenger.
    Speak after the match. Come on Costa Rica

  291. proudgooner says:

    Campbell starts 🙂

  292. proudgooner says:

    Cammpbell to score first and draw 2-2 is at 250/1 well worth a £2 bet returns £500 a good tip

  293. RA says:

    Jamie Baby,

    I had no idea that Jane (your wife?) had been so ill. Anyway, you and she have my best wishes for her continued recovery.

    TLC can be a great aid in affecting a cure and I am sure you will provide plenty of that!

  294. TotalArsenal says:

    Ah they got the final, JB, and played some good football on the way. Van Marwijk is not a TF manager, but lvG is…. He also prepares well tactically, and a few goals were clearly from the training sessions…

    Good luck to JC

  295. Always thinking about you and your lovely wife, JB !
    You both deserve a lot more luck than most and I`m rooting for both of you !.
    Come on Jane !.

  296. Prince says:


    “we are treating players like parts of a machine: utterly replaceable and okay to let go off. For me that is not how to run a club like our Arsenal. A return of Cesc would not just have given us a great ‘part’ but also believe in better, leadership and a return to proper football again. It was a no brainer, and he wanted to come….”

    So true, Totes. But that is just the tip of the iceberg…for me at least.
    Forget the romance and happy ending scenarios. It could’ve been a very clever tactical move. Cesc is considered “home grown”, we could have f*ked the chavs on that one. They are struggling in that dept. -as are shitty! (Milner, is worth more than the finest oil to them)

    Many people also viewed the possible signing of Fab as a stump to the development of others in the squad….whaaaat? Your havin’ a larf…
    All i ever saw, coming home (wishful thinking), was an abundance of skill, vision, leadership and most importantly ‘tactical flexibility’ for our team..
    If ‘those few’ supporters wanna talk about players blocking our youth progression (which many are not ready yet, anyway), ill just say that, whilst Diaby has his name penned down for a squad number, we had a kid banging em in for Olympiacos against Manure. Actually a striker would have been handy last term. 🙄 Actually, i have no ‘beef’ with Diaby or any other invalids that we look after whilst under contract, as bemoaning them would be treating them like parts of a machine…

    Maybe im too ‘old school’, but for me, the footballing landscape has changed so much that it feels like one big global factory. The TW reminds me of the pirahnnas who work closely with the stock exchange.
    Insider information, LIES, empty promises, semi content smiles and utter mayhem for the outsiders looking in and knowing nothing..

    The romance is GONE!!

  297. proudgooner says:

    Where is the blame for Cesc in all this????

  298. proudgooner says:

    Why not blame the players for a change instead of Wenger?

  299. Prince says:

    The cat (J Campbell) has been sent among the pidgeons. WOW!!

  300. jozefos2013 says:

    PG, I’m disappointed like (almost) everyone, but how can you blame Cesc? He didn’t leave to go straight to Chelsea, he left to go back to his boyhood club…say it was any one of us who played for Marseille before being courted by AFC. OM let us leave to go to Arsenal, it didn’t work out and we moved to PSG or Monaco instead when we left Arsenal. Because if you leave our subjective emotions out of it, that is more or less the parallel.

    I wasn’t around here when RVJ left but I for one wholely blame him for leaving, as I do Nasri, Clichy and any other flakes who I can’t think of right now.

    AW seems to think that he can keep on losing battles or keep surrendering ground he could keep if he really wanted to, and still win the war, which isn’t the way I see it working unless he pulls something stupendously, breathtakingly marvellous out of the hat, which I doubt he will.

    On the other hand, take our injuries out of the equation and we would have had a really good run at the title, at least for longer than we did, and having a new fitness coach could make more of a difference than we anticipate.

    I hope AFC is right that we’ll get 3 or 4 top signings, and who knows then?

    Joel Campbell will be like a new signing anyway….

  301. proudgooner says:

    He left plain and simple mate, at a time when we were losing our best players and needed him badly, he knew Nasri was also going.
    He said he would never play for Chelsea if he did then shot him.
    We don’t know the ins and outs of this new deal.
    We brought Ozil last season.
    Are we just suppose to jump when he says.
    Look at his return to Barcelona that did not work out.
    Also il say it again no manager in the world knows Cesc better then Wenger, i think we should trust his jugement and choice.
    How is Cesc blameless but Wenger is? All the time at that?

  302. Prince says:

    PG, bud.
    I am yet to really blame anybody. But everybody has played their own little wicked part, and i am disenchanted with a big chunk of my life (Arsenal is my life) and a few moral dilemmas that have unfolded in “my life”/ and Arsenaland.
    Characteristics such as patience, LOYALTY, family, friendship, trust, compassion, respect, honesty, and hard work are fading away in all walks of life.
    Its alarm bells everywhere, for me now. Society in general, has gone tits up and, ONLY because we see the new fashionable traits of Greed, Lust and Laziness, in the public eye (football world) that we have somewhere that we can point the finger.
    No one likes to talk about their own backyard, and im waiting for this supposed ‘Bigger Picture’ to become a little more clearer, until then EVERYONE is to blame, just a little bit 👿

    Hows that for -philosophy from the fu-man-chu flooring guy?
    My mates reckon i been listening to Wenger for way too long 😉

    Costa Rica is gunner disco tonight, whilst this Aussie boys bets are all now VOID


  303. James Bond says:

    skipper wants us to sign a pacey left winger ? how about we get one from Olym for say £20 million, who can play even as a CF on his own and do a decent job, do much more than Giroud as in run behind defenders and out run one of the best defenders in Europe on his own , take him on and give him all sorts of problems ? while we are at it – doesn’t shy away from scoring important goals as well…

    as luck would have it , he is already one of ours and you can keep the £20 million in the bank 😀

    Joel campbell is the answer, alright

    I suspect, PG is praying for a goal from the Uruguayans 😀

  304. proudgooner says:

    Cesc also could have stayed at Barcelona, he still had 2 years on his contract.
    He should have stayed and fought for his place and to win the fans over, by him leaving his boyhood club and giving up and not fighting for his position and signing for Chelsea again rubbing our faces in it. I lose respect for him and his word.

  305. James Bond says:

    thanks RA & GLICS – well appreciated, cheers 🙂

    seems like both Prince and TA have been hit pretty bad by the recent events and need a couple of SQ signings to cheer them up 🙂

  306. Prince says:

    Where art thou, BK Bastardildos??

  307. jozefos2013 says:

    No we don’t know the ins and outs, but ostensibly Wenger has turned down the opportunity to re-sign Fab, rather than Fab choosing Chelsea over Arsenal.

    I’m not saying don’t trust Wenger, but he hasn’t given us a lot to believe in for the future has he? Blustering Gazidis going on about how we can compete financially and commenting on the possibility of making a signing before the WC. The Club shouldn’t let him speak in public. A Cup win, whilst brilliant, isn’t a panacea that suddenly buys him two more years of me being happy with stagnation. It’s World Cup time now so no top class players at the WC will be signing until their nations exit, which will be late June at the earliest with pre-season training getting inexorably closer – we all know how ponderous AW is in the transfer market, so we’ll be scrambling at the end of August again and if we’re lucky we’ll get one last minute Ozil-esque signing.

    Who knows, maybe this fitness coach will make all the difference so failing to make an impact of note in the TW won’t matter. I hope it does – part of me thinks it will, but only a small part.

  308. James Bond says:

    boom – 3 for Costa Rica, unbelievable and what a pass from JOEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow

  309. James Bond says:

    AW sign JOEL UP ASAP aaahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

    hang in there @ Prince and keep your chin up, obviously, if you wanted to talk about anything other than Arsenal or football , then please feel free – we are all here for you.

  310. proudgooner says:

    I hear you loud and clear mate.
    But for me the 1 man who stands up to all the charecter questions you have of the players is Wenger. His loyaly is un-questionable.
    I am annoyed at Cesc for all this right now, fans bicering because of him.

    I believe in our team we were TOTL for 152 days last season.
    Let Wenger buy the players he wants, he has always found us great players including Cesc.

    Go on Costa and Joel . Well done lol

  311. proudgooner says:

    Suarez is clearly far from fit if he cant even come on as a sub when there 2-1 down 🙂

  312. Prince says:

    Rolls Rues would smooth it over.

    Maradona 2.0 (Suarez Luiz) would probably be the signing that would erase any ‘deep-cutting memories’

    and Dennis “be thy name” Bergkamp, would DEFINITELY be the ONLY signing that would have me walking in a wonderland……NO DOUBT

  313. proudgooner says:

    Everything was fine 2 weeks ago, we had won something. Things were looking up.
    We know we have plenty of money to spend on SQ.
    Now Cesc has put a bad taste in some mouths.
    I say let it go. He is now a Chav, plain and simple

  314. proudgooner says:

    This is exvactly what Jose Mourcockupmearse must be loving this more then the football.

  315. proudgooner says:

    Rambo is better the cesc

  316. jozefos2013 says:

    Yeah let it go. I agree. WC is fun. How can Pereira be surprised by that red card???????

  317. proudgooner says:

    Well done Joel son, 1 less player for England to worry about and helps us in the group 🙂

  318. James Bond says:


    to be fair to Prince , TA , Joze e.t.c e.t.c is the fact that it’s not only the CESC thingy though, it’s to do with Sagna as well

    people were pretty riled up about Sagna’s departure and then the whole Cesc to Chelsea affair came out.

    give it a little time, these wounds will not only be healed and cured by AW but bettered – for now am enjoying the Joel Campbell show 🙂

    by the way, one thing I have noticed and am sure most of you must have as well…

    any player gets linked to any club, say Chelsea or man city – they usually get that player, at some point but they do get him even if it’s a rumour mill

    now then moving onto Arsenal, any player that gets linked to us by media or the rumour mill – you can bet your bottom dollar that the player linked will NEVER join Arsenal .

    who else has noticed this trend ?:)

  319. proudgooner says:

    I forgot all about my bet and missed Joels goal
    I did not realise i nearly won £500

  320. jozefos2013 says:

    @JB traditionally the club have been pretty good at keeping transfers under wraps…Dennis and Overmars being two prime examples. Petit too. I remember us being linked with TH14 the season before he arrived, and RVJ.

    Certainly in recent years that’s a trend, but isn’t that more because we never sign ANYONE?

  321. proudgooner says:

    Fair comment JB.
    TBH i had forgot about Sagna, as i knew that was going to happen ages ago.

    I just dont like to see our fans arguing over players who’s greed is to blame.

    I also agree with Cockie that the club needs to explain to the fans why some of these deals dont go our way.

    Every great player we have had for the last 20 years Wenger has signed , and there are many.
    He will do it again, i hope they will be better, Sagna at 30 has another year at his best in the RB position his legs will go.

    Cesc 27, i am backing Zaleem to burst on the scene at a young age like Cesc he is 17 .
    We dont see the players in training every day, Wenger does.
    We need a keeper.
    They are the must haves
    I wont comment on Chav Cesc again, he is a waste of time and energy now i am afraid, like it or not :/

  322. jozefos2013 says:

    Speaking of treacherous Arsenal players, why did Dicko go to ITV? It makes their coverage a little bit more bearable, but I’d have preferred him to stay with the Beeb

  323. proudgooner says:

    We have just built nad paid of a world class stadium the oilers have not.

    The oilers have oil money we do not

    We are not the only 1’s mate, look at your man Salah, Liverpool bound . Chelsea stole him.

    IF it was not for oil money, it would have been Arsenal v man.u for the title every season for the last 10 years.

  324. James Bond says:

    Joze –

    how many those transfers were done under David Dein ? there lies your answer.

    all those 4 transfers you speak off, were done by David Dein, no ?

    since his departure, the media has been taking the mick out of Arsenal and Arsenal fans – whether it’s a doing of our own media department or the love the media has for us in general – who knows ?

    anyway, let’s move on – after night comes day and after the FA cup victory, will come the premiership title and champions league , am sure of that.

  325. proudgooner says:

    The oil money has also inflated the TW market,the players price and wages have gone up massively since, you know all this JB, but its good to remind myself sometimes

  326. proudgooner says:

    Exvactly , please Gooners, 3 lions bothers , lets move on from Cesc
    This is what the media wants Arsenal fans to do.
    You cant buy class. Right?

  327. proudgooner says:

    God save our Queen !

  328. James Bond says:


    you know that you and me are usually on the same page, right ?

    sadly, not this time though on the oil money front and had it not been for foreign investments, it being all about us and man utd in the last 10 years.

    teams have progressed, invested and bought titles or trophies – to hold a grudge against that regardless on how they have done it is rather touching “sour grapes” – sure it’s not right but had the same money come to us or if we had let our 2nd majority share holder do the same at Arsenal by injecting his own investments , then am sure you wouldn’t have been complaining.

    they have broken no rules at the time since there was no FFP in force and they are still doing the same even with the FFP in place, managing to get who they want at whatever price…

    it’s only a fault of own that we lag behind a heavily debt ridden club in man utd, or oil rich clubs with heavy debts with smaller stadiums who charge their fans far less than we do.

    that for me is a poor argument really – 7 out of 10 AW signings since David Dein have been not upto the mark or rather poor – and it’s not like we haven’t been spending money on buying players or wages, I can assure you that we have always been in the top 3 highest payers or 4 rather consistently and have also bought players after selling but not the right ones.

    sure, we couldn’t compete with the likes of chelsea and man city, but then again who is to be blamed for that ? The Arsenal suits, no ? considering we have the richest sports owner in the world as our 2nd majority shareholder – the board chose K – and K chose to run his company as he see’s fit .

    let’s always keep things in perspective here.

  329. AFC says:

    Anyone else watching England vs Italy? I only said I will watch England at the WC.
    Let’s see if Roy has changed and how good some of these English young players really are.

    I’ll also be keeping an eye out for my favourite ST in world football.

  330. proudgooner says:

    We are 9/10 on the same page.
    But building the stadium also comes in to play mate

  331. Prince says:

    There is a lot of truth in what you have just said about Wenger.
    About 2-3 yrs ago it started to bug me. The fact that i could no longer pin Arsene down on his next move or his next train of thought.
    Back then, i only just started blogging on Alcoholics Anonymous AA, and both Total and i were talking of Arsene unearthing another gem….or never signing on anybody over 30, unless it was a one-yr rolling contract….or never making deals with the fucking devils at old toilet…or trading in for better when the opportunity arises (ala world class Lauren was on his bike when our new soldier, ‘that was’ Sagna had his name echoed in London via Ligue Un)..

    I just dont get him anymore, PG? Its frustrating.
    Its frustrating when he persists with Bendtner on the flank. Denilson had never heard a samba beat in his life and, did you know that Squillacci wore two hearing aids. His excuse was Vertigo, imo he was plain shite, and drafted in a transfer window TOO LATE. That season when TommiV went down to injury, i think we were TOTL in January. Ring a bell?
    Same as last transfer window. We were TOTL and Feo and Ramsay go down in coincidental Arsenal fashion, and (Seriously, whats with our ‘state of the art’ medical centres and physios?) NOTHING, again we twiddled our thumbs and waved as our rivals did ‘just enough’ to overtake us. Its all SO Very frustrating PG, because i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Arsene Wenger, but he’s now got me saying WHY WHY WHY, and im really not sure that ALONE hes got all the answers 😦

    But what really grinds my gears, is that we NO Longer escape to the peaceful Austrian mountain-sides to practice Wenger-ball during pre-season, because its far more important to show off our ‘Park-choo-whoo’ shirts in timbucktoo…

    Alot of frustration PG, but i believe it also has alot to do with me too. I hate sitting in idle and at LEAST feel like im moving….somewhere….anywhere.. But im still prepared to patiently wait for this bigger picture to clear up, just a tad more….

    Sorry for the rant, im actually in a great mood, but i think the questions have bubbled under the surface for a while. Im in NO WAY calling for heads (or tails 😉 ) but “the Journey” is becoming increasingly painful and YESS, Cesc still friggin hurts

  332. James Bond says:

    and while we are at it , our own aka K isn’t exactly short of cash or spare cash either – he is comfortably in the top 10 richest sports owners in the world, if I am not mistaken – if you don’t believe me then ask 17HT – just remember to ask him about the “walmart guy” 😉

    point being – when you couldn’t beat them then JOIN them, who was stopping the board at the time ?

  333. AFC says:

    No Wilshere but Sterling starts. Still not sure about Welbeck on the wing.

  334. AFC says:

    Still gutted Walcott is not in the team. He really deserved to take part in this WC. He would have showed the world just how good he is.

  335. proudgooner says:

    There is nothing wrong with questioning Wenger.
    I am glad , really glad that your still a fan of his.
    He does operate differently to nearly all mangers, we cant change him. Nor would i want to, he has made mistakes though.
    His latest gems are Kos, Ramsey, Gibbs and Jack to a certain extent.
    Zaleem and Eisfeld are next. Oh add to above gems Gnabry.
    The Bendtner situation was a bit of a joke.
    But lest not forget he went after Suarez when nearly everyone had given up on him, he offered £42,000,000 he went on to score a shit load of goals and win golden boot.
    He also brought Ozil for 340,000,000
    So if we think positively the signs are good, in regards to Wenger spending heavy.

  336. Prince says:

    Im expecting the Engerrland brigade + barmy army to come out of the closet soon. Especially all those ones who swear ‘black and blue’ that they care little for the national team and only hope that our AFC players come home safe and unscathed.. Come on guys, dont be shy to show your mugs!! 😆

    Question.- How many England/ AFC supporters reading, would be willing to give up the Ox or Feo or lil’ Jack for a season, IF it was a straight trade for, that same said AFC player, scoring the decider in the world cup finals?? hahaha ………the silence is deafening 😉 as your brains chew through formations 😆

  337. proudgooner says:

    Wenger has also built up a massive war chest of cash!

    He is out in Brazil right now looking for the best talent that his war chest can buy.

    Patients will hopefully be rewarded
    I would argu that Wenger has as good an eye for talent as anyone in the world

  338. Prince says:

    *cup fina(L)

  339. jozefos2013 says:

    Ok Arsenal fun time………………….

    If Wenger pulls Benzema and Balotelli out of his magic hat would we be happy with that? I think I would.

  340. AB says:

    Evening folks. The common factor for Fabski and Sagna is that they both wanted £150k a week for their ‘loyalty’. Now some on this site view that as the ‘going rate’ – we should stump up as a sign of our ambition, regardless of the effect this has across the whole squad. Others, including me, regard this as plain ransom and a clear indication that the club matters little to the pair of them; there is no way we could offer Sagna £150k pw for 3 years. I am surprised by Cesc though, as I thought he held the club and his reputation with us in higher regard. But asking us to break our scale for him, or else he goes to Chelski, destroy my respect and affection for the man. He is a Chav, and the deserve each other. Wenger would have conceded I suspect if we had not bought Ozil last year (I remember thinking that day that we would never get Fab back), but he has done the right thing and put the club first, ahead of a greedy bastard. However, as others have said, he MUST now strengthen with proper quality. We have the cash; fingers crossed we have the nous.

  341. AFC says:

    AB, I’m pretty sure Sagna wanted £100 000 a week and Fab was leaving no matter how much we offered him?

  342. jozefos2013 says:

    @Prince, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Never. I would always choose the PL, then CL, WC, Euros, then FA Cup and League Cup. Every season is the reality, I don’t feel like an England fan the same way I feel like a Gooner. I’ll be happy if England win but my priority (as if I had any influence over it) is always getting our players home safely

  343. Prince says:

    Furry muff, PG..err, i mean ‘Fair enough’ 🙂
    Im prepared to be patient for a little while longer……at least we’re not stuck with Pardew and his eight year ‘how you doing,’ contract

  344. proudgooner says:

    Well said
    The greed of some of these men, who have everything a man could wish for already is sickening.
    When you think there is 7 year old kids working in mines in Africa for a £1 a day if there lucky, risking life and limb.
    They have more money sitting in there banks then they know what to do with.
    There greed even makes there whole family up sticks and move away from all friends and family.
    Selfish and greedy springs to mind

  345. I love it when Princey baby has a rant, he wears his heart on his sleave and talks a lot what I am thinking !. Nice !.
    To answer your question Princey…….I would rather Arsenal win the COC than England win the WC !. I`m Arsenal first and second and foremost !.
    I`d love England to win the WC as long as Arsenal players don’t get injured or play !. hahaha

  346. AFC says:

    PG, they are far from greedy. You cannot compare the job of being a footballer to a kid being exploited.

  347. AB says:

    AFC. We might have got Sagna signed up earlier for less, but do you think as of yesterday he would have stayed for £100k with us rather than take £150 at shitty? I think not. On Fabski I was talking about this week and his return to PL. Yes we declined to take up the buyback option – but how much of this was down to the pay on offer? Again, do you think he would have signed for us for less than was on the table at Chelski? It seems not – it was stump up or off I go. The club didn’t matter much in making his choice there. He’s a Chav proper.

  348. AFC says:

    AB, I thought you was talking about Fabianski and not Cesc. Fair enough.

  349. AFC says:

    Agreed re- Sagna as well.

  350. Prince says:

    Hi jozefos2013,

    Really? I get the whole tribalism and sense of belonging thing. But its not like England can brag of 3-4 World cups.
    I know for a fact that our leader, Total VanAngrystein, would chop off his right nut, for a World cup winners medal.\
    You sure you wouldnt sacrifice to see history in the making?
    From my angle, i cant see England winning the tin cup, so long as they shelter so many foreign talents and coaches in their domestic league.

    Anyway, good luck guys. Our neighbours (Cro) are the EYE-talians and we all know what to think of “noisy neighbours” 🙂

  351. TotalArsenal says:

    Come on AB! Ozil is on £150k, so why should Cesc not ask for the same? That is his PL market value and Arsenal can pay it.

  352. Prince says:

    the Cock-meister will now be known as ‘Pinocchio’

  353. Prince says:

    oops, forgot the 😉

  354. jozefos2013 says:

    Haha, the guy running the scoreboard at the top thought that was in! Updated the scoreline for a second!

  355. AB says:

    I had Oz down on 130 TA? Could be wrong?

  356. AFC says:

    I thought it was in as well.

  357. Look bastards !……We had a buy back clause !…….Cesc has said that we were not interested in activating it !……….He was on less money at Barca than at Arsenal !…….it`s obvious for some reason that Darth Wenger didn`t want him back !…… if any of you can keep saying it`s down to wages, then Darth Wenger can easily come out and say….” we wanted Cesc, but we couldn`t meet his wage demands ! ” ……..or he could just come out and say something else like…..” we have plenty of SQ players inthat position ! “, but the stubborn fcuk prefers to say fcuk all as we fans don’t mean fcuk all to him !.

    In the mean time Cesc signed for the Chavs as they showed some interest in him and didn`t ignore his blatant cries of ….” Please come and take me home Arsene !”.

  358. Shit !…. is that the time !……I should be behind the sofa !…… except my bed is more comfortable !.
    Come on England….minus the Arsenal players !. hahaha

  359. AB says:

    Nah TCM. Cesc took a pay cut to go to leave us for the ‘club he loved’, and having not made it there he has come back for the best cheque he can get; our clause only works with player agreeing terms. You are right though that the club would do better to tell fans what the decision was based around.

  360. Prince says:


  361. As Totes said….we could match that wage, we just off loaded Park, Bendtner, Fabainski and Sagna and not forgetting the £450k per week we saved by off loading a load of deadwood last summer !. Wage s are not the problem, AB…..our lack of transparency is the problem !.

  362. AFC says:

    Now I have a bit of a theory. Could it be that Cesc wanted to come back and Wenger wanted him back but the board were not willing to foot the transfer fee and wages. It would explain why AW was angry when asked about it in the press and why the club have not explained why we have turned down Cesc?

  363. AB says:

    We could afford it for open player, of course. But we would be shifting the scale for the whole squad. For a player who f**ked off and left us, when we needed him most, as the captain of our team. I think things cut both ways. If he wanted to come back then, perhaps it should have been more on our terms. I doubt Dein junior ever negotiates deals on a balance of terms though; he is there for the cash alone.

  364. AB says:

    open = one

  365. AFC says:

    Italy need to get their defence in order.

  366. James Bond says:

    oh no, what AW wants, the board APPROVE @ AFC

    AW wants and he gets, without opposition so your theory is just that am afraid .

    Come on England !!! we should have scored 2 goals by now, boo

    is Rooney even playing ? take him off and bring JW on, already, ha

  367. AFC says:

    Thought so JB however others will tell is AW answers to the board and has a lot less power than we think. I think they leave him to pretty much do what he wants.

  368. Prince says:

    S.a.S.a.S (Stevie Mee, Sterling and Sturridge) is very S (Sloppy) without S (Suarez)

    Its too difficult to measure national teams based on the domestic leagues….

    anyway, im offski. Need to S.a.S.a S (shite, shower, shave) before my deliciously kinky date of three. Laterz

  369. AFC says:

    Marchisio scores! England players too slow to close him down.

  370. AFC says:

    Sturridge levels.

  371. Prince says:

    Bet you bastards are dancing in the streets

  372. proudgooner says:

    I heard they was a media silence, in regards to some players and manager.
    Word from my jarnalist source is that Torres , Cesc and Jose were filmed all bumming each other in a train like motion wearing nothing but chelsea shirts.

    great response

  373. James Bond says:


    get in!!!

    wooooooooooo0t wo000000000000000000000000t

  374. AFC says:

    Italy’s fullbacks don’t seem up to this level.

  375. AFC says:

    I mean their RB.

  376. proudgooner says:

    Come on England

  377. James Bond says:

    forget others @ AFC – I am personally telling you – nothing happens at Arsenal at the ground level without AW’s approval or disapproval – the buck stops at AW and the board in fact sometimes encourage him to actually get down to it and do something , ha

    forget what you have been hearing or what other people have been telling you.

    the show is run by Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, even more so than it was at man utd by SAF.

  378. Prince says:

    Who and where, is this Insigne bloke that people are harping on about?

  379. AFC says:

    Forgot about him. Where is he? And where is Abate?

  380. AFC says:

    Balotelli nearly chips Hart. Lol

    Italy hit the post.

  381. James Bond says:

    our only weak link is Wellbeck…how I wish we had a fit OX right now on the right flank, arghhhh

    no worries, 1-1 ht

    we still winning 3-1 😉

  382. AFC says:

    JB, I would say it is Rooney at the moment. Welbeck is doing what he is in the team to do whereas Rooney isn’t?

  383. proudgooner says:

    i have gone for 3-1 JB

    I hope to see Jack or the Ox for 20 mins

  384. proudgooner says:

    Barkley too

  385. proudgooner says:

    Another Gooner breaks his leg, this time its the physio Gary
    you got to laugh ha ha ha ha ha

  386. James Bond says:

    that’s because rooney has been defending most of the time, but he breaks at a good speed and was the one feeding sturridge for the goal.

    I did say before that to take off Rooney for JW – move Sterling out to the right and Welbeck to the left – sorted.

    but knowing Roy, he would go for Milner as his first sub.

  387. AFC says:

    Haha true JB. I think Rooney is on the LW because Sterling is playing. Sterling has less defensive responsibilities in the no.10 role which is good for his inexperience.

  388. James Bond says:

    oh dear, an Arsenal player scores for Italy.

  389. AFC says:

    Balotelli! SIGN HIM UP AW!!!

  390. Prince says:

    Soft goal.
    I almost threw the remote at the t.v and quickly realised my two teams have already lost their openers.

  391. Prince says:

    My mums Bosnian. Still have a live rubber

  392. Prince says:

    have a costa-rican uncle

  393. Prince says:

    bought my puppy in San.Martin, Argentina.

    “dont cry for me argENTINAAAAA, the truth is, i NE-EVER Loved youuuu”…….good song

    Seriously, am off now, was hoping to catch up with me mate 17.

    Be good all

  394. proudgooner says:

    Jack for Henderson i would

  395. James Bond says:

    no wonder you are so feisty and hot headed @ Prince

    there’s a lot of nationalities in you, ha

  396. James Bond says:

    Aye, I would as well

    but Barkeley needs to come on first, I reckon – he has PRESENCE.

  397. James Bond says:

    and here he comes, cheers Roy.

    I like Roy, he is beginning to listen to me , ha

    JW next though, for sure.

  398. James Bond says:

    what a chance Roooooooney, oh nooooooo just wide

    should have scored there, dang

  399. James Bond says:

    bollox mate, hit the target at least

  400. Prince says:

    Bad form Rooney!
    I would fine you a weeks wages for that miss. 250,000pounds.

    Whaaat? im waiting for my taxi, and the whole cesc-uation has put me in a delirious mood…

  401. proudgooner says:

    Italy number 20 needs a hair transplant badly

  402. James Bond says:

    Enter JW !

  403. Prince says:

    The Aussie in me is all cool and laid back. The fire and passion comes from a warzone. You should see my old man, and my lovely mum go at it. (what cease-fire?) Imagine throwing in a Serbian mix?…..geez, id jump off Sydney harbour bridge 😯 hahahahahaha

    damn cabbies 🙄

  404. Prince says:

    One thing on Balotelli….he ALWAYS turns up in the big games

  405. James Bond says:

    ahahahahahahhahahaaahaha @ Prince

    this is bloody pathetic, does this lot get £300 k per week to fcuking cross like that ? that’s 3 crosses from the right finding their way to the crowd – 3 in a row by 3 different players ….

  406. AFC says:

    Thank you Prince. Balotelli always turns up. He won’t score you a ton of goals but he will score you important ones.

  407. oz gunner says:

    BJ with his own blog…

    I don’t want to visit:‘vegotfriendsontheinsidewithtransfergoss


  408. James Bond says:


    play nicely at OZ 🙂

    this piece written by Rob.S

    Cesc Fabregas say Arsenal didn’t want to take him back. But the Gunners, who had a first ‘option’, preferred a £6million ‘sell-on cut’ of the £27m that Chelsea paid to bring the midfielder back to the PL from Barcelona.
    Fabregas’s suggestion is not entirely true, he was never really going to go back to Arsenal, not least because one of his advisers Darren Dein, son of former Gunners vice chairman David, seems to adopt a policy of no longer ‘embracing’ the north London club.
    Most of the players Dein Jnr advises have seemingly in recent years parted company with the club.
    But by trying to explain to Arsenal fans why he has not returned, Fabregas has upset some sensitive Chelsea fans, who still recall some of his nasty dust ups when he was a Gooner.
    Cesc will probably not get the ‘Benitez treatment’ from true Blue Bridge loyalists, many of whom see him as a superb replacement for Frank Lampard.
    But now that you are trying to make it in Chelsea Cesc, why not embrace your new team rather than try to curry favour with Arsenal fans?
    Foot on the ball Fab: be honest and say you prefer the better wages Chelsea pay in comparison with Arsenal – just as Ashley Cole did.

    Source :

  409. Admir says:

    Hello, people.

    @TCM – Cuadrado was impressive as well as his link-up with overlapping Zuniga down the right flank was. I think we have been connected with both of them. Martinez, however, had to wait until the latter stages of the game to show his skills. He was in one situation that could have been a chance but his pass wasn’t good enough. I still don’t know whether we should go for the striker that has played for the worst Porto side in many years. He is not exactly the hot prospect – he is 27 – and I guess there is that third-party-ownership-issue.

    @PG – regarding Casillas: he had the worst night of his life and yet managed to save Spain from conceding at least three more goals. Pique and Ramos were terrible, they looked like Pique had caught Ramos watching “Hips don’t lie” video with his right hand in pants before the game (would that be caught “red-handed” or “white-handed”?).

    @TA – congratulations for the great Oranje victory over La Furia. 🙂 Blind was great and Indi is the guy I don’t want to meet in a dark alley. Ever. Too bad that equalizer can’t be shown at our television anymore as I reported that video to regulation committee for containing a 1,83-meters-long-flying c…

    Too bad for England last night. I hoped for a 1:0 victory but Pirlo was immense. Hodgson should have put Sterling (he would be called Antonio Di Natality if he was Italian) down the left flank and Rooney in the hole in order to put Italian right flank on their back foot and with Rooney dropping deeper Pirlo might have had a lot more trouble to find space for his magic.

  410. Admir says:

    Oh, and Joel Campbell was bloody great! Pace, composure, movement, shooting (boy, he has some left foot!) and pass – he has shown all of it last night.

  411. AFC says:

    I think this Cesc thing is getting too personal. Cesc at the end of the day is a footballer and not a supporter of AFC. So what is left us for Barca and went on strike. Yes he probably should not have went on strike as that is not how you get things done respectfully but his desire to go back to his boyhood club, agents influencing him (most likely telling him to go on strike) and his naivety let to him going about leaving the club in the wrong manner.

    I could not care less if he ‘buggered off’ and ‘left us in the lurch’. It is not his job to guide Arsenal through rough times and stay because the club needs him to stay. It is the job of Wenger and the board to do that.

    He is a paid professional and therefore is a mercenary. We are all mercenaries when it comes to work.

    Some guys are going on like Cesc was their friend, girlfriend or family member when he wasn’t
    He was a paid employee of Arsenal football club who left Arsenal to improve his career and did so. We could have signed him again as an employee and he would have been a good employee but we didn’t. End of story in my opinion.

    At the end of the day he would have been a good signing as he is a quality player

  412. AFC says:

    Ignore the last 2 lines.

  413. AFC says:

    There is no need to be sour towards him, abuse him etc, pretend he is now shit when he isn’t to make yourself feel better.

  414. Gerry says:

    Afternoon all, I’ll get to the football in a minute, but I want make these three observations first, regarding our latest departures.

    Bacary Sagna – He, unlike others, played his heart out until the last ‘nth minute of his contract. Fulfilled that contract. The fact that he was not offered another 3 year contract was not his fault. The fact that the new wage, from a very modest base(in relative football terms) of £60,000 pw? to a more comparable level of a top defender, was also not offered at a time before he entered his final year, again, not down to him. Having other offers to consider which, he was able to listen to since the January window let us not forget, he still hoped the stay with the club, and it was only the last month of the season or so, did he finally accept he was leaving. Upon agreeing a deal with his new club he did not go public and say how they were ‘the club that will fulfil my ambitions, and I hope to win the league and many trophies with them’ – a sort of ‘Up yours, Arsenal’, given by the real defectors. No. Instead, he wrote a heartfelt message to all associated with Arsenal, both staff and fans, to thank them for what they have done for him. Not a hint of ‘they rejected me’, or any other bitter comments …. So please, don’t park him in the same bus as others took when they left.

    As a man and a player, Bacary Sagna should always be remembered as one of Arsenal’s finest.

    Cesc Fabregas: Difficult to say too much on what we know, as opposed to what we have been told. But my view is that he has known for sometime that AW was not going to exercise the buy back clause. Are we forgetting that he has Arsene Wenger’s personal telephone number? Even before he came to the publicised visit to London, not to talk transfers we are assured, he would have known Arsenal is not a possibility. Clearly the later stories of his girlfriend/partner wanting them to be together in London was what they discussed while they were here. Given he has sold his soul to please her, you have to hope for his sake that it is a long lasting relationship, because his two other loves; his boyhood club Barcelona, where things did not work out; and Arsenal, where he developed into the great player he undoubtedly is, are now both are no-go areas. That is some sacrifice?
    The cynics will say, ‘yes, compensated by a multi million pound contract’, but I believe that came after he was ‘rejected’.
    Now we don’t know why he was not invited back. I don’t believe for one minute is was because he wanted a huge pay packet. That does not sit with his previous stance when going to Barca for instance? Now it may be because he was asked to ditch his agent? It may be because of the timing, in regards to other transfers? Or simply AW did not see the need because of the players we have? It does not matter really. He has gone. In fact, as JB pointed out above, he has been gone for 3 years. I suppose I cannot really understand all this gut wrenching over a player leaving because one of the first rules of life I discovered is, you can only worry about things that are within your control. Anything else, you have to accept. Accept how things are, not how we would wish them to be. Fine, be annoyed because things don’t fit ‘your plan’, but beyond that it is a waste of emotional energy.

    Finally, this naive idea that the club should explain as to why various signings are not made. As if Joe Public is going to take note and walk away quietly muttering to themselves?
    For example: ‘We are very sorry about not taking up our option on Cesc Fabregas, but actually we are in talks L. Messi and he is a bit worried how much game time he will get with the players we have already, and he doesn’t want to compete with Fabregas as well’ … ‘Err, what’s that Ivan? Messi says thanks a lot. Him moving to Arsenal was supposed to be confidential, so he won’t be coming’. Doh!

    You cannot conduct transfer business in public like you could if you were buying a second hand car. That includes telling the other car owner that you are not buying his car because the car is too slow. Which might be the thinking of AW? I am sure you all saw the comments said after the Netherlands beat Spain the other night …’ The way to beat ‘tiki taky’ football is with PACE!’ Most of the more credible, if that is not contradiction in terms? links seems to be the way we are heading? So it might be just that, but saying so just puts up the price of identifiable targets.

    We may never know, live with it …

  415. Gerry says:

    AFC – I think yours was the short version? 😀

  416. AFC says:

    Gerry, as I said above I have no personal grudge against him. I only wanted him back for footballing reasons. If Wenger goes out and gets players that show why he turned down Cesc/make up for Cesc not coming I will be happy. Only when the transfer window is closed then we will get a (slightly) better idea of what went on re-Cesc.

  417. AFC says:

    Might we get*

  418. RA says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I read your very good comment with mixed thoughts.

    Overall I agree with your assessment of the reaction to both players.

    On the other hand, I think you have made assumptions about both players that I do not altogether agree with.

    For example, as regards Sagna you have somewhat painted him as a saint in that none of his departure was his ‘fault’ and that is correct. However the implication that he was like a cork tossed about by the waves, and having no control over his fate or destination is probably wide of the mark.

    If we accept your reasons for his ultimately leaving for the moment, it does not account for the fact that when he realised he would not be happy with any of the offers made to him to renew his contract, he should have said so last summer, and made it clear that he would leave if he did not get a ‘double your salary’ offer.

    That would have allowed Arsenal to sell him to ManCiteh last year, and both club and player would have been well served. Instead, he gave the impression that a deal would be done eventually, and Wenger actually made a comment that he was sure that a deal was going to be agreed, while he was obviously allowing his contract to run down.

    Both Sagna and Wenger were at fault – the first for being duplicitous, and Wenger because this is not the first time he had his fingers burned in the same way, because he is too trusting.

    There is not much more to say on the Cesc business – it is all spilt milk.

    Like all the other professional players, he is at heart a mercenary, and there is nothing wrong with that. Put simply, there was a deal to be had. Fabregas wanted £xm, and Arsenal did not want to pay him that, perhaps because he had regressed at Barca, perhaps because Arsenal had moved on – whatever the reason, neither side wanted to do the deal. Time to move on – no fault to see here!

    Finally, I completely agree that it is just not realistic to expect any business, and football is a business, to make a public explanation as to why they did, or did not do something, especially involving transfer matters (sorry Glic) because whatever they said would inevitably upset someone – so why bother – and, like it or not, Arsenal is a public company and there are legal rules as to what they can say without first running it by the stock exchange and then their shareholders.
    It is just not on. Sorry. 🙂

  419. Gerry says:

    Football? I did say J Campbell would have to play a blinder to attract AW’s attention? Well I think he did that all right?

    Of course, only an incompetent idiot would pay £6m for a kid who doesn’t qualify for a work permit …. Now who was that?

    Yes, and the best of it is he wants to come and play for Arsenal. He has a lot advantages over the likes of Gnabry, and even Chambo, in that he has had a full season of first team football behind him, and it certainly looks to have paid off? Not only is he skilful, different, and pacy, he clearly has a brain. Look at the way he was ordering the defenders back when taking one of those late corners. I mean, at his age he had more sense than their captain. As for whether he could handle the EPL, he looked pretty good against their rugged defenders?

    I know you could criticise him late on for doing a great impression of Berbertov, ambling about in the Uraguayan half, leaving his team mates to do the defending, just waiting for the ball to be played to him. But if you want him to do what he did, a bit like the aforementioned, that is the price you may have to pay?

    Can you imagine leaving him just inside our half when we play the ball out of a defensive set piece? No disrespect against Theo, but I would say he poses a far greater threat? Can crack a shot from distance too. Takes a half decent corner too? What is not to like?
    Coud play with or without Giro, with or without Theo, with or without TBA?

    Yes, he has been added to my wish list, but I think those wanting the diminutive(third party ownership and all) Bernard, can stop dreaming. Our right-side pace angle is covered.

    The T Ba-lotelli did not have a great game, but did pop up at the right time. I missed big chunks of this game, but from what I saw, it did not look like they(the Italians) actually played the ball to him, at least in areas that he could show his stuff?

    As far as England went, it was a bit ‘Curates egg’, good in parts. I don’t think they can run Sterling into the ground in consecutive games so close together, but he certainly looked lively in the first half. It all seemed a bit one sided, that is, determined to go down the wing where Sterling was? Hopefully, the Ox will survive the determined defenders in the next game, but they may not thank Master Campbell for very much longer if he gives a repeat showing, and relegating England to bottom spot? Mind, he may miss the next game, that was a full-bloodied kick he took on the shin?
    In the league game that would qualify for more than a one game ban I think?

    We will have to see how Germany fare, but an average Italian side. a rubbish Spanish team, it only leaves them, and the Netherlands to hold up the European honour and prevent an all S. American quarter final … If Costa Rica qualify from our half of the draw?

    Plenty more to enjoy …

  420. AFC says:

    Gerry, you are right re- Balotelli. He did not get good service and support throughout the match and had to come deep to try and get involved. He was isolated up front and only really had a handful of chances. The one from distance outside the box which he actually did really well with. He then had the chance which led to him scoring his goal. His other chance was his cheeky lob from a narrow angle which was cleared off the line.

    But he scored his goal and won the match for Italy as you say.

  421. Gerry says:

    RA- Thanks for the response. And yes, I am making assumptions. But I think you swing too far the other way with yours to be able to call him(Bacs) duplicitous? Before entering his final year of contract, he could not know what Arsenal’s final offer would be. If I recall, they were only offering a two year contract at the SAME wage. He/his agent would have obviously set out what they would have wanted, which may or may not have been what he was expecting to get? There was a long period of stalemate where there seemed to be no movement?
    To wait until the January window when he could speak to clubs, especially as what they finally offered might have been taken the year before? Admittedly that was after he had looked like his former self, whereas previously it was on the back of a so-so season returning from his injury.

    If anybody was being disingenuous it was AW, playing emotional card, as it was common knowledge that Bacs loved the club and wanted to finish his career here? It was only when they raise the wage level did AW say he was hopeful, whilst Sagna was holding out for the 3 year contract. Now how much Sagna’s corner hardened when they knew what they could get elsewhere is anybody’s guess. Nor how much pressure AW put on the money men to go that bit further in this case. But that kiss on the head at the end of the Cup final, hardly suggests that Arsene felt manipulated by Sagna. Far from it?

  422. Admir says:

    Safet Sušić against Argentina in 1979 friendly match.

  423. AFC says:

    Cesc Fábregas has admitted that he did not join Arsenal from Barcelona because Arsène Wenger had no place for him.

    The Catalan midfielder, who signed for Chelsea for £27m, said that a clause in his contract gave Arsenal first refusal and that he spoke to Wenger but that in the end the manager decided not to proceed because Mesut Özil now occupies Fábregas’s position. It was then that José Mourinho convinced him to join Chelsea ahead of the “many” other options he had in the Premier League.

    “When I decided that my time at Barcelona had ended, I looked for the best option for me,” Fábregas explained. “Arsenal was the first option, for contractual reasons. There was a clause that gave them the right to decide. We spoke to Wenger and he said that the space was very well filled by Mesut Özil and it was hard to find a place for both of us in the team.

    ”Fábregas continued: “I wanted to go back to the Premier League and I had to think about what my options were then. I had many very good offers, the logical options. I spoke to José Mourinho and he told me that he wanted me there. He convinced me very, very quickly. He told me what I wanted to hear; he won me over and convinced me. It was very quick. I am very happy, very satisfied and I think it will all go phenomenally well.”

    The Guardian

    So it would seem Wenger turned him down?

  424. James Bond says:

    Hello AFC, where have you been the past 3/4 days ?


  425. RA says:


    Fair point, I was indeed expressing an adjectival opinion, in that my instinct led me to think that Sagna was being verbally ‘duplicitous’.
    I suppose I could have said that he was, in my opinion, ‘a nice guy’.

    Neither comment was a fact – it was simply an expression of an opinion.

    It was in response to you giving the impression, in your earlier comment, that what you were saying was incontrovertible ‘fact’ which I did not accept, whereas if it was just your opinion I would.

    To show what I mean — you then wrote a sentence full of the same sort of opinion which again you seemed to believe was accepted as fact, which of course it was not;
    — “If anybody was being disingenuous it was AW, playing emotional card, as it was common knowledge that Bacs loved the club and wanted to finish his career here? —

    For what it is worth, a definition of an ‘opinion’ is, ” a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge” whereas a ‘fact is, “a thing that is known or proved to be true.

    Naturally, if you do not agree — we are buggered — as I won’t know what is your opinion or what is a proven fact — and I am bound to inadvertently cause offence when responding. 🙂

  426. RA says:

    Sorry, Gerry, I seem to have somehow switched on’ bold’ — oooer

    That was not intentional. 😳

  427. James Bond says:


    do you think that AW perhaps wanted CESC back last season before signing Ozil ? asked him to return to which he said, not yet boss and then AW said to himself ” righty , Ozil it is , my biggest ever investment and he on form is one of the top 5 best footballers in the world” – let’s go for it.

    in doing so – the Cesc ship sailed after he wanted another season at Barca ?

    not sure if many of you remember this, but last year at the beginning of the summer – I was confident that CESC would return to Arsenal due to a tip, AW hadn’t signed anyone worth note and everyone was growing frustrated…yet, I was sure that CESC would return, so Confident that I had even placed a bet on it : ) does it all ring a bell ? didn’t come to fruition but maybe just maybe, AW waited until the very last moment to get him onboard to which he changed his mind and wanted a further 12 months – look at it from AW’s specs and take on board what I have said.

    Ozil, is younger, and has potential to be the next big thing at Arsenal…it’s good of AW to show him the love and make him feel wanted.

    let’s move on from the whole CESC and Sagna doom and gloom – and talk about football.

    it seems that AW will take Joel.C on pre-season , what are your thoughts on Joel.C ?

  428. RA says:


    My opinion on Cesc @ 14:48 to Gerry, was that he and Wenger could not agree on his required salary — and I was wrong.

    I also said, – “whatever the reason, neither side (AFC and Cesc) wanted to do the deal.”
    Well, reading Cesc’s statement, he seemed up for it — so, I was wrong about that too.

    Luckily I also expressed the opinion, -“Time to move on – no fault to see here!” – and that was right! 😀

  429. As I said yesterday, it wasn`t about the money, it was because Wenger didn`t want him !.
    So still no SQ players, but we are quids in from the Fabregas to Chavs deal !. It wasn`t about the money to Cesc, but it was about the money to Wenger……….he fcuking loves it !. He has enough of it to buy Willie Wonka`s Chocolate Factory !. hahaha

    Cesc comes out with the truth, maybe to possibly to get one over Wenger and also inform all the cupid stunt Arsenal fans who are giving him stick to let them know he`s not the bad guy in all of this . Wenger lets Cesc reveal the truth and in so he doesn`t have to come out and say anything !. Which is a relief to him as he wouldn`t have said anything anyway as he doesn`t give a shit about us fans !. I think we all guessed this was the reason and it`s nice of someone to have the decency to verify it !. Still think he would have made us a better team and at a guess, a price in the region of £20M !.
    I shall move on and hope we can buy some SQ which we drastically need if we are going to compete with the Big Boys instead of having our perennial fight with the spuds for 4th !.
    Good luck in life Cesc, but hope you fail miserably in football !.

    Campbell and Diaby will be like 2 new signings !…….Diaby has been like a new signing since we first signed him !.

  430. RA says:


    We are of one mind regarding moving on from the Cesc debacle.

    As regards Joel Campbell, I would be gob smacked if AW sold him (there have apparently been offers), and I think he will be a good option for us — but you know what my opinions are like? 🙂

  431. James Bond says:

    Joel has massive potential and the thing that impresses me the most is that he is a big match player, who doesn’t hide – Gerry (I think) mentioned how he was running the show and even telling players what to do or where he wanted the ball played…this is a kid who has mostly played on the flanks, from the right cutting in or the left drifting wider providing crosses to someone who was playing as a lone striker up front, anywhere for his country…..

    you are right – it’s a no brainer, he needs to come back and give this Arsenal team something we don’t have – even if he is sat on the bench, he can be our super-sub

    and opinions is all what we have – unfortunately for you, I rate your opinions rather highly ; )

    @ RA

    Glics – the only person who will make us a better team is our new German Dr or Fozzie with a B.

    oh Fozzie with a capital B – where art thou , we all miss you !

  432. RA says:

    Cocker, have you been out in the sun? 🙂

    We both know you are normally a very level headed character, and I am puzzled by you saying the Cesc statement was the ‘truth’ — that was a concoction run up by his Public Relations manager to keep both the Arsenal and the Chav fans quiet and it was the ‘truth’ in so far as it suited them.

    It’s over, let it go. Anyway, your pigeons are much more faithful!! 🙂

  433. Hi Redders 😀

    Cesc who ?.

  434. RA says:


    I think the Cocker has the hump because he has had a tiff with Fozzie.

    The ‘truth’ is the monster made a mistake when he wrote to Fozzie and mistakenly addressed him as Foxxie — and Fopzzie thought he was playing fast and loose with one of his lezzer’s and has not spoken to him since. 🙂 An easy mistake to make!

  435. Anyway, I`ve got the Swiss/Equador game on pause whilst I make some grub, I want to run my eye over Shakira……sorry Shaqiri…..who happens to be Shakira`s Transvestite brother !.

  436. RA says:


    Rumours about you, the pigeons, lezzers , Cesc and Fozzie have been put about by the Syrup Man and his accomplice the Zimmer Man.

    Disgraceful pair — and Syrup and Zimmer are not much better! 🙂

  437. RA says:


    Switzerland are winning 6:0 at half time, so you have a treat in store! 👿

  438. Gerry says:

    RA – I was fascinated by your ‘bold’ reply. It must be my style of writing that when I write things, I am not only expressing an opinion, but something, as you put it, ‘my instincts’ make me believe are more likely to be true. For example, the last line?

    Nice deflection from my counter comment though. Where I admitted I was ‘making assumptions’.
    Long stretch from incontrovertible fact, whatever you got from your impressions?

    I echo the thoughts on the Cesc statement btw, and I realised it was only your opinion, and not an incontrovertible fact 😀

  439. RA says:

    Don’t take any notice of me, Gerry, I just like a good natter, and you are someone that I like to chat to as you are very self confident, prepared to give as good as you get, and don’t take offence easily. 🙂

  440. VCC says:

    RA…I’d like to have a natter with you, but I don’t speak your language. 😉

    I speak gutter cockney 🙂

  441. Watching this France game and there is a player who I have admired for a long time and he is one who will make me forget about the Cesc debacle quite easy……..Pogba !……offer £60M as a starting point and get him before his value sky rockets !.

  442. Gerry says:

    RA, I don’t so much take offence, but irritated at the length of your reply was about the lack of ‘imo’s’. I was just letting you know that I spotted you avoiding answering my counter comment.

    I also loved the line where you said (about Sagna) ‘I could have said nice guy’
    No you couldn’t. You had just called him duplicitous

    It is not so much that I am confident in what I say, it is more a case of having thought of things to back up my subjective view before I write things down.

    The last line I was thinking of was ….. ‘the kiss on the head at the end of the Cup final’. I don’t know what you may have made of it, but to me it looked like a sad parting between two professionals. Both were sorry it was not going to continue, but really pleased for the other that they were able to share a big moment of triumph?

    If you make that your starting point and go right through to his farewell message, there is little to change my view that he did not deserve to be cast amongst the departees, and really is a ‘nice guy’.

    On the Cesc statement. I was amused that he said Arsene could not see him fitting in the team with Ozil, because it was the very same line I took in answer to HH’s post, way above. And as I also said, it would mean having £70m+ talent covering the one position. Clearly AW took the view that he could spend that money better elsewhere. He is paid to make those decisions. Only when we have the other positions filled can we start to assess whether he was right or not?

    p.s I did put the in the big smiley. I was just having a little dig back

    Off to watch the second half now…

  443. Oh, but I forgot, we are already strong in this position with Flamini and Arteta !. Dennis forbid we buy players in positions that we have players already in !…….even if the player in mind is top SQ and better than whats there already !. With that sort of thinking, it`s no wonder we didn`t up the Suarez offer as we had it covered already in Giroud !.
    Our small minded thinking and not willing to push the boat out is why the likes of BM, RM and Mansour City are Champions and we are not !.

  444. TotalArsenal says:

    Maybe Cesc daring to say publicly that Arsene does not do team tactical game preparations is the real reason the Frenchman ‘did not need him’. How anyone can believe we could not fit in Ozil and Cesc is beyond me.

    Honduras are disappointing in every aspect.

    Admir, yes that was a fabulous demonstration of what good tactical preparation can do. Once the tiki taka code was broken the Dutch were unstoppable.

    Hope your boys can spring a surprise as well tonight.

    Also agreed on Campbell… Simply awesome.


    Evening all

    Loving this world cup, and really looking forward to watching Messi a bit later.

    Shame about England. Played well, but same old result. The Italians are like foxes. Know how to win.

    I enjoy fox hunting. Not with dogs and horses like those posh wankers from the country side. My hunt involves driving round the back streets of London in my spruced up BMW, doing 70, and running down the f*uckers.

    The Greek result was a tradegy. But not for me. I won money by betting on the Columbians. Had a coffee with my cousin Telly yesterday and he was rabbiting on the injustice of it all

    “we woz robbed, wernt we Tel? Bloody hell, thats a lot of cash your counting there Tel, were duo get it?”

    “yeah, we were robbed Telly. This £748.42? I was very lucky to find it on the street”

    Thats alright then Tel. for a second I thought you might have turned tratiorous bastard and bet on the Columbians to turn as over”

    “Dont be silly Telly. Only a scumbag would bet against there own country. Anyway, who have Greece got next? Japan aint it?”

    “Yeah, were big favoutates Tel, think the Japs are 5-1 to win and 6-4 to invent a new I pod device”

    “Alright then Telly, got to dash mate. Got to meet a mate in that Bookie across the road”

  446. TotalArsenal says:

    Very Funny Terrenzo! 🙂

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