No Cesc, No Drax, No Rock and Roll


So Arsene snubbed Cesc and Drax snubbed us, and nothing appears to be happening in the Terror Window. We let Sagna and Fabianski slip through our powerless fingers, and now the Mancs are after Vermaelen, or are they? Even the Transfer Windows of Arsenal have become Déjà vu experiences…. How boring.

Of course, it is early days and the Red Tops keep linking us with an army of ‘new recruits’, but as always, most if not all of this is made up rubbish.

Ballotelli is no doubt this season’s Higuain. It will go on all summer and then in the end he will sign somewhere else. Whether Mad Mario would be a good addition to the team is highly doubtful, though. A great talent, but with disciplinary issues and a constant liability: he can make or break a team, depending on his mood. Some say Wenger can sort him out, but we only have to look at Adebarndoor, Prince Niklas, and Arse-shaven that this is not always the case. But then the idea of a front three of MB, Theo and Ollie is quite month-watering. Nah, let’s not go there.

The real problem with Mario is the ‘unbearable lightness of being’ problem he seems to suffer from. It does not look like he is focussed on his football with a real hunger to do well and win. In that respect, he is the opposite of a Ramsey or Koscielny, and I don’t think we could have a player in our team with such an approach to a game.

I remain shocked and disappointed Arsene did not take Cesc or, to a lesser extent, Vela back. I have said enough about Cesc, but Vela is another surprise to me. He has matured and scores goals regularly now, and he would have been a half-decent replacement of Gervinho, who has never been replaced.

So it remains quiet and yet the time is ticking, with less than two months till the next season. Would it not be nice for once if Arsenal signed their new players early on, and give them time to properly work themselves into the team?

Who knows how the cookie crumbles and the glass-half-full-Wenger-will-come-good brigade remains positive as ever and keeps cheering me up somehow.

So what will happen during this summer’s transfer window – let’s be having your predictions? Who will we sign? Who will we let go? Will Campbell now join us? And who will be promoted?

And what will Suarez have for tea tonight, Chiellini Con Carne? 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  1. AB says:

    Evening TA. I think you have your mojo back! Its good to see.

    I agree, most of the stuff written is complete bollocks – sadly I still find it compelling, and can’t stop myself from reading and wondering what if…?

    I have talked myself into being more relaxed about Fabski. I know I would have been overjoyed (irrationally) to see him back in our colours, and I will hate it (and him) when he comes to our home to play in blue. But, WTF! Let’s move on.

    I’m also relaxed about Vela, who didn’t want to come back – I’ve always had a very simple view about players who didn’t want to come to us, which is ‘why then should we bother’? He would have been a good value option in the squad, but only if he worked hard in training and wanted to perform here. I doubt he would have done either. And if JC does come to us for next season I will be just as happy.

    I’m not a fan of Balotelli – though I appreciate his true talent. I don’t think he would be a settling presence in the dressing room, nor give us the kind of consistent threat we need to have. The talk of Sanchez though does make my mouth water – searing pace, goals and assists; with him on the left, Walcott on the right and Ozil playing through balls against a defence pulled around by Giroud…… I like the sound of that. But I’m not getting my hopes up. JB’s analysis yesterday about Wenger going back for players (Cavani) looked quite sound to me. Like everyone else, I will start biting my nails though once the deals start flowing for other clubs, and our options get narrower accordingly…

    But, as you’ve no doubt guessed, I remain cup half full and hopeful that we will have a positive TW, even if its unlikely to fulfil all our various hopes and expectations.

  2. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Totes… Not a great day for football, I fear… Although, like us glass half full types, this Greece-Ivory Coast match is restoring something for me…Gerv did (very) well and it might be enough to get them through…

    Overall, I agree about your take on Balotelli. There’s just enough talent in the game to avoid the players who come with all the baggage. Of course, we would’ve won the quadruple if our lawyers had just done their jobs in reading Suarez contract..

    I jest of course and sometimes we need to remember it’s just a game. When we lose our focus and think only about prodigal sons (or wayward women?…) it’s because we know them and can see their better sides and remember the good times. Cesc, Gervinho and Vela are all good players but I wonder about them returning to England. Of course, a fondness for what we remember of them (or what we’ve actually watched while they’re away…) might grow, esp. compared to having to stare at the smirking and aging face of Arsene Wenger if you’ve tired of him…Again, I’d recommend my season recap post, if you haven’t looked at it lately…Some guys who are only resting right now are bound to have better seasons in 14-15. The heart of our squad is young and committed, a few back from injury, a few key additions–even if they don’t cost a mint–and we might be OK…

    Penalty!…Very late. Giorgio Samaras earns it and will try and take it…and scores…The tired old Toures/Drogbas and Kalous (and our young Aurier, the signing which will lift me quite a bit) are out…

  3. uwotm8 says:

    Not taking Fabregas is the best decision Wenger has ever made. Arsenal doesn’t need that poor fucker, not with Özil around. As far as Balotelli goes, he would be a tremendeous signing. Discipline is the least of the teams worries right now. I would much rather see Benzema on that position, but Balotelli would do perfectly. There has been a lot of talk about Sanchez as well, and that is also a great signing. The Ox spends more time in the hospital than a hipohondriac and Theo can’t be on the team every game, as he is injury prone too. Lavezzi has been mentioned a couple of times too and if Sanchez doesn’t work out, he’s the next man I would prefer on that position. I really hope Aurier is a done deal, and as far the defensive midfielders are concerned there have been lots of talks about Bender and Khedira, the latter one being the better choice in my opinion. With a 100m budget Balotelli (30m), Sanchez (25m) (or even Lavezzi for 20m) and Aurier (8m) are all possible, their wages included. A Khedira/Bender signing is also not ruled out, with Khedira’s price going around 15m. All of this is within the transfer budget and with these guys the team stands a real chance for the 1st place in the league and would present a real competition in the Champions League.

  4. AB says:

    I didn’t answer many of your questions there did i!?

    Who will go? From here I hope no one. Verm must be a risk, but I hope we give him a new contract and ask him to challenge for the first 11. Manure will be buying strongly; does he really think their bench would be any the warmer? Podolski could come into the equation if we bought strongly in his position; but I hope he stays come what may. And I hope he has a season without too much injury, as I’m sure he has a lot more to offer us. The one I would be really angry about were he to go is Santi. I can’t believe we would allow it, as all the questions about Fabski would come flooding back, but I wish he would just come out and put an end to the speculation.

    Who will we buy. A RB I must assume. Aurier seems to be the press favourite, and makes a lot of sense – young, attacking talent, and would keep Jenks interested, where an SQ would effectively shut him out. DM is the one I am watching and waiting for – I’d like Ozil’s mate from RM, but I’m only mildly hopeful as I suspect there would be a lot of competition. Up front, I’m expecting pace which we need more of – and which this WC is showing (as if it needed it) the true value. If we got a goal scoring wide player, with the options we already have in the squad up front, this would be enough for me.

    And final prediction for the year ahead, the heart wants this to be the year Diaby plays. Maybe the new physio will perform some magic on him? I’d love to see him get a decent run out.

    Its probably a year too early for Zel to show. Its now or never for Eisfeld – probably never I fear. And Akpom may come through too – although I expect Sanogo to make an impact this year if he stays fit.

    As before, I worry about cover at CB, and will worry even more if Verm goes. We are so light here at present it would be a huge gamble not to strengthen before next season.

    What do you think though TA – what are your hunches for the season??

  5. JM says:

    World Cup 2014 bulletin (as of 24 June):

    Nike – 36 pts (Brazil /7, Netherlands /9, France /6, United States /4, South Korea /1, Croatia /3, Greece /4, Portugal /1, England /1)

    Adidas – 35 pts (Argentina /6, Colombia /9, Mexico /7, Germany /4, Nigeria /4, Russia /1, Japan /1, Spain /3)

    Puma – 25 pts (Côte d’Ivoire /3, Chile /6, Italy /3, Switzerland /3, Uruguay /6, Ghana /1, Algeria /3)

    Lotto – 7 pts (Costa Rica /7)

    Burrda – 6 pts (Belgium /6)

    Marathon – 3 pts (Ecuador /3)

    Uhlsport – 1 pt (Iran /1)


  6. 17highburyterrace says:

    So then Costa Rica against Greece in the round of 16. Campbell seems very good with the slower pace of this level of football and more, er, responsive, refs. (And he might be due a “big call” after not getting the one vs Italy…) I’m a little worried for him if he doesn’t keep his feet a bit better in England. The last thing we need is a little opening day Joey Barton up in his face…

    It seems to me that we could use an announcement about Luis Suarez, perhaps the best player in the world this past season. What a stain on our sport!

    Back to the article. Drax snubbed us? I haven’t followed that one…I thought AW balked at the price in January (for an injured, cup tied player)…What’s the latest on that one? Is he still such a hot property? Did he make the German team? I guess I need to do a little research…

  7. 17highburyterrace says:

    “These are just things that happen on the pitch. It was just the two of us inside the area and he bumped into me with his shoulder, and that’s how my eye got like this as well… There are things that happen on the pitch and you should not make such a big deal out of them.”

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey guys 🙂

    Thanks for responses and good to see AB back after a mini break. Will get back to you all later.

    The ita v Uruguay game should be replayed without the Muncher of course. He should be banned for a year and play with a muzzle from now on.

  9. OK Bastards !…..just a quickie from me because as you know I`m on 3 weeks holidays, but tonight I saw a player who would make all of us say ….” Cesc who ? “……..James Rodriguez of Columbia !….fcuk Cesc, fcuk Griezmann, fcuk Cuadrado, fcuk Draxler, fcuk all my list and fcuk fcuking mad fcuk Balotelli !……..and to tell the truth fcuk any of our current players compared to James Rodriguez !…..he`s worth twice as much as mad fcuk fcuking Balotelli and Wenger is a fad mucker if he isn’t going to buy him !.
    Lets face it, as I said the other day……..and Totes poured scorn on it because it was reported in the …..Metro !…….we are making big money from Cesc and Vela and they don`t even play for us !. We are fcuking drowning in money, it`s coming at us from every angle and if twattenstein Wenger starts to argue over the odd pound for serious SQ players then we are not going to get any SQ !. Don’t fcuk about fcuk face Arsene, get in there now with what ever it takes to buy this special player !.
    So there you have it Bastards !…..I want Rodriguez and I`m not going to listen to any of your Wenger knob sucking excuses as there are not any and even if you have any, then I`m in bed now and singing…… la la la la la la la …….I cant hear you ….la la la la la la la

    Night sad fcuks !.

    Nice post Bastard, I think Rodders would lift you out of yourself induced Cesc Pit of torture !. 😆

  10. Sam Bam Bam says:

    Yeah, it will be galling to see Cesc in a Chavs shirt – but Chelsea also need to know that Arsenal was his No.1 choice – and ManU was his No.2 – so they are his 3rd and only choice and he took it. His heart is not there and never will be.

    As for Vela – fantastic business to get the cash pay off. Bring him back would be ridiculous – a bit like saying let’s get Gervinho back ‘cos he’s quite good at Roma.

    And if Balotelli – Sanchez – Cuadrado isn’t rock n roll, I dont know what is!

    We are gonna ROCK next season!!!

  11. omgarsenal says:

    TA… loss with either Cesc,Vela or Draxler, None of these guys would add a great deal to our team right now and 2 of the 3 were definitely NOT interested in rejoining or joining AFC. Campbell however is another matter.I believe Wenger has been talking to Ochoa’s agent prior to the WC and most certainly is now. Balotelli is a ticking time bomb ready to get sent off in every EPL match he plays IF the likes of Stoke and Newcastle, QPR and Chelsea decide to target him by rotational fouling and the officials decide to do their usual EPL charade and ignore such fouling.
    I now seriously wonder if FIFA have the cojones to suspend Suarez for a year or so, or will it be another slap on the wrist for the vampire Footballer? I also wonder if Liverpool may actually decide to sell him to Real Mad for a reduced price or try and ¨rehabilitate¨ him at Anfield. The latter is my bet, One way or the other, he won’t come to AFC as we don’t have enough meat on our bones.

  12. davydavy says:

    I like your thinking omgarsenal … we don’t really need Cesc ,and Vela/Draxler do not want to join us it seems. I suspect that the whole Balotelli thing is a smokescreen, at least I hope that it is. Most likely we will get Joel Campbell and Loic Remy, and that will be it on the striker/winger front.

    We might also expect to see like-for-like replacements for departing players – a young central defender and a right-back to replace Sagna and possibly Vermaelen, a young or inexpensive keeper to replace Fabianski, and a defensive midfielder to inherit the role of Arteta/Flamini.

    So we might get something similar to; Campbell, Remy, Rodrigo Caio, Serge Aurier, Guillermo Ochoa, and Luis Gustavo or one of the Benders. Except for the first two of those players, the rest each have two or three decent alternatives and I guess we’re looking into those now.

    The only way I can see an SQ player coming in is if there is another Ozil-type situation, where one of Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern want to offload a previous Wenger target such as Karim Benzema or Javi Martinez. But I ain’t holding my breath on that one!

  13. Gerry says:

    TA – Nice to have you blogging again. 😀

    I am not sure you should repeat the ‘snub’ line though?

    Okay, I am Arsene Wenger for a few minutes, and I have a few players at the top of my short list.
    I go to the chairman of X club, who have a young centre-back I would be keen on bringing to
    Arsenal, and inquire ‘ Are you willing to sell X in this window?

    Chairman – ‘Sorry, No. He is the future of our Club’

    ‘You have not got a price in mind that might persuade you?

    Chairman – ‘Sorry, No. He is the future of our club, so at this moment we do not intend to sell’

    ‘Ah, quite so. But if that changes, you will keep me informed, as I think we can do business?

    Chairman – ‘Of course. We know you will respect our wishes, and we will of course keep this conversation strictly confidential. Should our manager wish to strengthen elsewhere, and feels we are strong enough in our defence to be able to sell, I will return this courtesy to you.’

    ‘That is all I can expect from you if I cannot persuade you to sell right now? We will of course be looking at alternatives, whereas now, we could offer you a very good deal …’

    Chairman ‘ I am sorry, but no. I will speak to our manager and tell him of your interest, and get back to you. We also have ongoing inquiries, so everything is a bit uncertain. I will let you know’

    ‘Thank you X, that will be very much appreciated.’

    That is the ‘nothing’ going on all the time. So whilst it may be boring because so many ‘X’s’ are not playing ball, but tough. That is the way it works. We are in agents playground, where they leak, deny, client is flattered, in fact anything that may get players moving, because that is where they get their pay day.

    However, real deals start with a similar conversation to the above. The Balotelli case for example. Not only do AC Milan want him out, Puma have no doubt told his agent that ‘they will do everything to assist the move’ – hence all the leaks.
    What Puma do not have is anything more than a cash injection into the bargaining equation. More importantly, what they do not have is the ability to TELL AW who he signs. It is up Ivan G to, politely, tell them that signings are the manager’s responsibility. 😀

    As for for MB being a good signing, I have stepped back from it being a good signing, to a position where I think there are better alternatives. He would be a marquee signing that panders to the worst element of supporters, that of narrow vision in only seeing the good bits?
    Much as I recognise he would be a serious ‘Presence!’ up front, from what I have seen, in what should have been an opportunity to show himself to the world, and more important, to his team mates, a committed team player… well he simply hasn’t?
    Yes he will score important goals for any side. But if you only want an impact player to come on for the last 20 minutes and turn things around, I’d rather not spend £35m of the transfer budget, and a disproportionate amount of money on wages, to do that. If Puma want to pay half his wages, and half his fee, then okay, that might be value? At the original ‘rumoured’ price of £20m for a misfit they wanted out, I thought it might work, but the current rate he gets a big thumbs down from me.

    As to who we will sign … don’t be silly. We can guess. We can each have our wish list. Beyond that.the world of AW is a bit of a closed book?
    I will list a few players we will not be signing:
    Strikers: Cavani, Falcao, Mandzukic, J. Martinez, Balotelli, Higuain, Remy, and Benzema.
    Wide: Depends on the incoming striker. Not Nani.
    AM: Depends on the incoming striker, but not JD (this year?)
    DM: Not Lars Bender. Not Khediera unless timing and price coincide?
    CB(s): None that have been ‘linked’ already.
    RB: Not Milner. Not M. Richards(or for any other position!). Possibly not Aurier if there is a hidden alternative?
    GK – Any who cost more than £5m, and demand a wage above £60k.

    Who will leave?
    Sorry, but when a replacement(s) are signed, Thomas Vermaelin. Give the guy a break, he wants first team football. He DESERVES first team football. Let him get it wherever he can, because it is obvious he will not get it here. Not regularly at least.
    Santi Cazorla, mmmn? Perhaps. It depends on the striker, and the knock on as to who else is signed. Again he deserves regular first team action, and if a new signing is in that AM position, he will leave.
    Nacho Monreal? There have been plenty of good left backs on show at the WC to know we might look for a better 2nd option to Gibbs. Watch this space.
    Damien Martinez could be another if, as likely, a new No2 GK is signed, and 3rd choice is blocked by Macey. May be just another loan.

    Will Campbell join us?
    Well the club would be foolish not to bring him back into the fold. However, he will have to prove himself in the first month or so that he can cope with the rigours of the EPL. Which I think he will, and will dovetail with Walcott’s return, and neither need be used excessively. If all goes well, I suspect he can get a bumper pay rise and a 5 year deal in September to keep him happy for years to come.

    Who will be promoted?
    Tricky one, as most need another year or so. Certainly Gnabry will get more games, as I expect we can offer more time for youngsters off the bench. So apart from early Cup rounds and pre season stuff, I doubt we will see much from the likes of: Akpom(another loan?), Zelalem (needs to get his head down and really work at his game. His natural ability will only get him so far), Sanogo I hope gets a decent loan, as regular playing will improve his game more, now he has to compete with Campbell? The rest will be looking to impress: Toral, Maitland-Nyles, Bellerin, to name but a few, who may pick up the scraps that may get them a first team slot next year?
    Hayden is one that could come good in the DM slot, and helping shore up any game where we need to hold on to a lead.
    But for being promoted, Matt Macey will be the Number 3 GK, and will not let the first team down if injuries dictate that he gets a league game?

    And there you have it…

  14. Ahh !…a sigh of relief !…….Arsene said on beIN Sport last night that he is not interested in Mario McMadbastard !……..all we need now is for Arsene McTightcnut to just sort out my new favourite player ( I cant believe any of you cupid stunts have never mentioned him before ! )…..James Rodriguez…..Rodders !….as my knob likes to affectionately call him, although I am currently having Isco laser removed from my knob to make space for a ” Rod ” tattoo !.

    Laterz Spazzy McRetardos !…………where the fcuk is The Foz ?…….and what is it he actually does ?.

  15. VCC says:

    Nice headlines Totes.

    Wenger’s refusal to resign Cesc will come back and haunt him/us. Draxler and Ballotelli are blessings to me. I don’t want either player.

    Very little will happen in the transfer window, we will see one addition, a new FB. (?) and possibly one or two promoted youngsters (?)

    The old adage, we have players coming back from injury, they will feel like new signings, Walcott, Chamberlain, Diaby, Kallstrom ( no, I’m only joking on the last one 🙂 )

    Players to leave/left = Bendtner/Kallstrom/Miyaichi/Miquel/Sagna/Fabianski/Monreal (?) Vermaelen/Podolski/ and maybe Santi.

    Promoted players = Gnabry and Bellerin.

    Sanogo and Campbell will be bedded in together with Giroud. These three will form our strike force.

    That leaves a team selection of

    GK Szezney…..Viviano…..Iliev

    D Jenks….Merts…Kos….Gibbs…..Bellerin……New FB (?)

    DM Arteta…..Flamini…..Diaby

    M Wilshere…Ramsey….

    AM Ozil…..Walcott….Chamberlain…..Rosicky….Santi (?)

    F Giroud….Sanogo…..Campbell……

    State of depression still hangs over my household. 😦

  16. davydavy says:

    Cockie Many of us share your love and admiration of the talented Mr Rodriguez, but how are we going to prise him away from super-rich Monaco? I would sign him in a heartbeat!

  17. Double d, ahh !……an overlooked problem !…..damn, I`ve just had the tattoo done…….back to the drawing board !……any other players with ” Rod ” in their name who is SQ ?.
    Hey Vicky baby !…….If he doesn`t buy any SQ, just think of the enjoyment we will have in slagging off Arsene and no one without the taste of Arsene`s # 2 Rectum Odour will be able to disagree with us !. hahaha

  18. Sorry, I should have gave it`s proper name ……..The Smell of Arsene…..Chanel #2 Odour de Rectum. Available direct from Arsene`s Arse !.

  19. VCC says:

    Cockie……I don’t see Wenger splashing the cash this window, or in fact any window in the near future. If he does it will be out of character (Ozil aside).

    Same old Same old, in afraid.

    As for your todger being tattooed with ROD …….just insert in brackets R amseyO zilD iaby, I’m sure it’s big enough. 🙂

  20. Gerry says:

    I think AW was sending a message to Puma to ‘butt out’ – coming out less than 24 hours from when the aforementioned sponsor gave him a ‘deadline’ of July 10.

    Well Puma, you have your answer.

    I also think he must feel fairly confident of making a better signing, a name not on my list above?

    It is all about the big jig saw puzzle as to who moves where, and makes others available, and others needing cash to spring their targets?

    Arsene is in the right place at the moment, as agents will be only too pleased the bend his ear about their clients, and depending on his answer will decide well things fit together?

    VCC – I think I would be depressed if that was indeed our starting squad?

    Oh ye of little faith …
    err, not to mention, two of your three GK’s have left already I believe?

  21. Gerry says:

    Perhaps this squad will make you feel better?
    ‘X’s’ = Unnamed new signings.

    Sczcz, X, Macey, X, Jenks, Mert, Kos, X, X, Gibbs, X.

    Deep Midfielders:
    Arteta, Flam, X, Ramsey, Hayden, Wilshere,

    Advanced Midfielders
    Ozil, Chambo, Gnabry, Rosicky, X.

    Theo, JC, Giroud, Sanogo, Pod, X.

    Now the sharper ones will note I have named 28 players, but remember, we are blessed with a large number of ‘home grown’ players. There are many other names in this category that could find their way onto the list with a good pre-season, or make room for others not named.

    And the even sharper ones will count 8, yes EIGHT new signings!?!
    Not a great shock really. We have at least 4 positions where we need to strengthen. But I have allowed the extra departures of; TV5, Monreal, and possibly Santi, but the bottom two X’s may well be one player, and Santi stays.

    The cost you cry out !?!
    Well the back 4 will be around £40m, and three of the four’s wages will be covered by departures? And when we lost Sagna there was a need for a back up CB anyway?

    DM – Up to the £20-£25m, but probably a lot less for the X on my list 😀

    AM/SS/St – One, may be £25-£28m; two £45-£60m but realistically, around £40m

    So, top end total £125m. Bottom end, £75m.

    For that sort of money, we have a strong squad who will be able to give the strength in depth to challenge on all fronts, and without the wages spiralling out of control.
    We are very unlikely to get anywhere near that top end figure, But I reckon £85m is not out of the question if we do have five departures.

    See if anybody can improve on that?

    Note: It is not my wish that these players leave, but they themselves might feel it necessary.
    Nor have I included Diaby, as I think his introduction to the squad will be delayed. Personally I would be happy for him to have a 6 month loan in a less harsh league, and let him find out if his body can cope. If not, sadly I think it will be early retirement beckoning?

  22. VCC says:

    Hi Gerry. Sorry I am not up to speed with our going’s, I have lost most of my enthusiasm with football atm. I did not know Iliev and Viviano had already gone. 😦

    Are you taking something very strong? 😉

    EIGHT new signings, let me rephrase that ….you did say 8 (EIGHT) ?

    Arsene Wenger will not buy that amount of players in one window. We will be lucky if he buys more than two.

    My back line is almost as we had last season with the going of Sagna and the new FB I mentioned, so I don’t see that is much out of Wenger’s thoughts.

    Arteta (flogged almost to death) and Flamini were our DM. No change there.

    Wilshere (1/2 season) Ramsey (1/2 season)….same as last season.

    Ozil (1/2 season) Walcott (1/2 season) Chamberlain ( 1/2 season) Roscky (1/2 season) Santi….same as.

    Giroud (flogged to death) Sanogo (bit part) + Campbell……. one extra forward there,

    So, all in all, imo it’s not going to be far off the finishing squad we had last season. Just plus maybe two mediocre signings.

    All an opinion of course, but I really hope your line up is near the mark. I would suggest you do not hold your breath though. 😉

  23. Gerry says:

    Of course it is only my view from a half full glass, Vics.

    But most of these players are going to be introduced as the season progresses. Even at RB, I am not suggesting that he will slot straight into that position, but we do need a replacement.
    The GK will not make an appearance before the League Cup early rounds. Same too for the CB’s, unless our duo come back injured? So at least one will be instantly capable, and needed if TV5 leaves. The DM one would hope makes an early start, but even that is not a given if JW and AR are both fit? The AM will only be replacing Santi.
    So believe it or not, only the striker is a likely starter alongside Giroud for the Charity Shield?

    We are talking about building a squad here. Not a take over of SQ players, much to the dismay of some no doubt. But what they will be are players with pace and technical ability that will improve themselves and us over the coming season..

    You are right of course, to have all 8 players be available in one window is normally very unlikely. But with many clubs hampered by financial restriction, especially at the top end, so if they buy big, they either have to sell first, or only have one or two. Man Utd are having to spread themselves this time around, despite great need for quality players? AW is just being very canny in picking off quality players where needed, and going after unearthed gems elsewhere.

    He has had his taste for trophies revitalised, and these are his legacy years. But he is not bowing in the Fergie manner, of buying for a one hit wonder season.

    Restore the faith!

  24. geoffchase says:


    VCC is ready to jump from a high place and Gerry is so high his feet don’t touch the ground. Gerry, be a good fellow and catch hold of old Vics on the way down, would ya??

    So, let’s bring on Mr Middle (of the road), which in this case is me.

    My earlier predictions of needs:

    a. Trainer/Physio to manage recovery
    b. DM
    c. ST
    d. Defender

    With a hold TV unless someone of real value comes up. The difference from what we would get, especially now he’s injured.

    Current status = “a” done with hiring of American who manages recovery etc for German National Team. B, c, d remain. So, in reverse order of my priority…

    d. Aurier or similar seem the choice, and in this case like the Podolski bits longer ago, I think we get our guy. At a premium given his WC play of extra 1-2M perhaps(?)

    c. ST: I like most of those we have been associated with. Balotelli could be a threat or not. The big deal there is whether he can keep his cards more yellow than red. Reds kill you, yellows not so much. Sanchez is perhaps a better choice and I’d take another wide guy to let Theo play up front with Ozil as needed (eg Reus or DiMaria) in a pinch instead, especially if we keep JC who looks to have made a step forward, but we will see.

    b. DM: IMO, our real need, I would like a Khedira or similar but they are like hens teeth and thus… A solid addition to Arteta and Flamini is the minimum requirement. As Gerry put so well, it really depends on what is available and who is willing to sell (or has to!). Not so sure where we go from here. Schneiderlin would be good or similar. I am not so sold on Hayden from the little I personally saw in the Cup games..

    Who goes? Almost no one outside those outside the team anyway (Bendtner and bit role players). Most of the rest are on long term contracts. Keeping our players would be like a new signing! 🙂

    Passing on Cesc. Excellent player but not what we need as much now. Would you keep JW out or AR for him to play more? Equally, he could have gone to Italy or parts of France for equally big dosh, so it’s really about wanting to play in England and not respect from Arsenal. If he really bled Arsenal red he’d have gone elsewhere than the EPL…My opinion (and I am sad about it, but I see this in student recruitment all the time too (or similar)).

    My wish: Diaby, one healthy season. He deserves it and has had no ill will or negativity into the team despite his setbacks… Gotta like it and hope for the best…

    My thoughts anyway — cheers — jgc

  25. VCC says:

    SQ, Middle of the road, back up. I simply don’t see Wenger purchasing eight new players this summer window.

    I fear many Gooners will be disappointed at the start of the new season.

    We will still have Szez in goal. Jenkinson will be our first choice right back, Gibbs will be our first choice left back, that’s if he is still standing and not on the treatment table.

    Mertesacker and Koscielney will be our main Centre Backs.

    Arteta and Flamini, with perhaps fit again Diaby (lmao) will be our DM.

    Wilshere, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Rosicky, Gnabry, Ozil and perhaps Santi will be our Midfielders.

    Giroud, Sanogo and Campbell will be our Strike force.

    Wenger will probably buy two middle of the road players, a full back and maybe a back up CB.

    Full stop, that’s how I see it

    Kiss top four good bye.


  26. VCC says:

    Hi geoffchase…… have your wish = New American physio. Can’t see you getting all three b/c/d.

    Two of those maybe, and definitely not SQ additions. GLiC will be with me, hanging from that rope on the first day of the season.

  27. Gerry says:

    I see we are all doomed! VCC is even more ready to jump!


    Cheers TA

    Now listen here my dutch friend. We cant be cruel to chelsea. They need Cesc to solve there problem at right back

    Vela is a Weebles Wobbles. His arse is so large it defies gravity. Kenny Dalgleish also had a fat arse, but he played in an era were everybody ate fry ups and smoked sixty a day.

    Balotelli is a clown who still believes in Father Christmas. if Marios footballing skills were as big as his insanity he would be the worlds best player.

    I dont buy all this transfer moaning. Ime sure if it wasnt for the fact that we know Gerv shoots a football like it was a medicine ball, Vics and Cornwall would be calling him super quality.

    If Wenger dont buy Gerv, then we should all get drunk on whiskey, shoot a few pistols in the air (perhaps slaying a small dog), and have ourselves a good old fashioned lynching. hahaha

  29. Well, all I can say is that…… Planet Wenger`s cock is so big that it has it`s own gravitational pull !……well that`s the lame excuse why so many of BK`s Wengerites mouths are attracted to Arsene`s cock !. hahaha

  30. AB says:

    I’m still in the hopeful space around the TW – nowhere near Vic’s gloom! I don’t believe that Arsene is staying around for 3 more years just to be frugal and put up with loads of flak whilst struggling to make the top 4 every year. We’ve been there for a few years out of necessity, but we have cash now, as well as a very promising young squad to build on; why would he not strengthen? He won’t pay over the odds, we know that, so we may well miss out on some players for the want of a few quid. But I will be (genuinely) amazed if we don’t end the TW with a stronger squad than we had this time last year. I think Gerry is in the right direction, but may be teasing folk with his prediction of 8 signings – I don’t think Wenger would do this unless forced, simply because of the disruptive effect it would have on a tight squad. But I would predict 4 starting from where we are, plus another for each departure that is yet to come (though I hope none will).

  31. AB says:

    I will feel very gloomy though if reports that the pool have signed Sanchez turn out to be true. They will have one hell of front line with him next season – especially now as I can’t see anyone paying a huge sum for Suarez after his latest incident.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening FFGs

    Thanks for the great replies. Have been busy as it is my daughter’s 10th birthday and and lots of work right now. Hope to blog a bit more towards end of week.

    Cockie 🙂 You have been in fine, fine form. Terry you are a dreamer but you are not the only one.

  33. proudgooner says:

    TA, Gooner’s ,
    The way i look at it Vela is a good player, but would he improve us?
    Is he better then Giroud? No!
    Better Then Theo? Hell No!
    Better then Sanogo? JC? PODOLSKI? HELLLL NOOOO1 Ha ha ha ha.
    That is just my opinon , but it seems Wenger thinks that way and that is all that matters and i trust his talent spotting skills. Plus it made us a few quid.

    Cesc well that is not so clear cut. But he has said we have Ozil and he is happy wit him, plus Ramdo, Cazorla the Ox etc ha ha ha ha
    Plus we made a few quid ha ha ha ha

    Sagna was a lose for me .
    Fab wanted to play regular, fair enough, he did us proud in the end and i wish him well.
    I think we can sign a much better keeper to replace him anyway.

    I am not expecting anyone else to leave us, which is great.
    I think we have a great team, i expect Sanogo and JC to really show there class next season. I really hope for and see great things coming from them.

    Who will we sign? I have not got a clue.
    But i expect abot 2 SQ signings and i think they will be awesome.

  34. proudgooner says:

    Happy Birthday baby TA girl. Best wishes PG x x 🙂

  35. proudgooner says:

    I believe Suarez bruised his own cheek after the game, the crazy man is a discrase

  36. proudgooner says:

    He has bite 3 players now.
    Racially abused Evra.
    Did that handball v Ghana last world cup.
    Defo we dodged a bullet last summer

  37. JM says:

    World Cup 2014 bulletin (as of 25 June):

    Adidas – 41 pts (Argentina /9, Colombia /9, Mexico /7, Germany /4, Nigeria /4, Russia /1, Japan /1, Spain /3, Bosnia and Herzegovina /3)

    Nike – 37 pts (Brazil /7, Netherlands /9, France /7, United States /4, South Korea /1, Croatia /3, Greece /4, Portugal /1, England /1)

    Puma – 28 pts (Côte d’Ivoire /3, Chile /6, Italy /3, Switzerland /6, Uruguay /6, Ghana /1, Algeria /3)

    Lotto – 7 pts (Costa Rica /7)

    Burrda – 6 pts (Belgium /6)

    Marathon – 4 pts (Ecuador /4)

    Uhlsport – 1 pt (Iran /1)


  38. JM says:

    “The Express Xtra: Arsene Wenger says no to Balotelli” – from beIN Sports

  39. Gerry says:

    Briefly on Suarez – The video evidence is damning. He is chasing Chiellini. He makes a lunge at Chiellini’s shoulder. Chiellini reacts instantly, and swing an elbow at Suarez which caught him on the side of the head. Chiellini is holding his shoulder, and then shows, for all intent and purposes(legal expression when there is a tiniest element of doubt), what look clearly like bite marks. Fresh ones at that, and quite deep, which could indicate the force behind it? The shape of the wound also show a row of small teeth marks on the right, and a larger one, down and to the left. Enough for any forensic scientist to match teeth to wound? The angle of the bite also corresponds to the angle of Suarez’s head as he made contact, and not one of accidental collision.

    Even without his previous history, every aspect of the various angles of video evidence points to his guilt.

    Uruguay have closed rank.

    Liverpool await the Fifa investigation.

    What will FIFA do?

  40. Gerry says:

    AB – Don’t read too much into what ‘Gimme Sport’ has to say. They have been among the forefront of the ‘rile Arsenal fans’ lately.

    HITC have a ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ routine. Dan Coombs is one of the ‘ good cops’.

    They tend to pick up on any scrap of info and turn it into a bad headline. Nothing is sealed unless the player signs a pre-agreement. Verbal agreements can be exaggerated so an acceptance that personal terms that are fine with player (and agent), and that is repeated as ‘player X has agreed to join’. Which is not always true, and when no money has changed hands to go with a signature, there is still wriggle room – See Chelsea and D. Costa for example?

  41. Gerry says:

    I have just read the latest on the Liverpool-Sanchez thing.

    It was Liverpool’s former player, Phil Thomson who briefed the press with this;

    ‘The deal is all but done’

    Break that down to … ‘but not yet completed’? Hence the interest from Man U as well. CL gives us the edge over them I think. But mainly it is our style of attacking football that should appeal to him as much as anything else, as well an assured first 11 place in the squad?

    It could of course be an agent thing to bump up the final fee, and his cut? What that final figure might be is a big question. I have said before that Man U are in need of a number of players, and despite their reported huge war chest, they too will have FFP at the back of their minds. Not being in the CL may mean a year of stability rather than instantly reborn?
    Liverpool are a different proposition. If they are looking(already) for a replacement for Suarez, and why wouldn’t they? They could bid very high for Sanchez, knowing that even at a cut price, they should get £35-£40m for Suarez?

    Watch this space …

    p.s. AS would knock out the guy on my wish list 😀

  42. jgc says:


    Be flying a lot later today and for 35 hours so will get my punts in now…

    Re: Suarez: he needs 1 year off with medical supervision. He’s mentally ill and to the point I don’t think he’s responsible for his actions. Watching the game even before the event, he’d foul and then hide his face like a very small child. His overall emotional outlook and behavior was waaaay off. Something decidedly more wrong than a dastardly person there I think. Sad, more than horrible, I think. Letting him play or serve a ban and play is thus I think almost criminal.

    Re: Dooooooom: well, I’m more hopeful than that. Not 8 players hopeful, but 2-3 not all SQ, but at least one, the others solid, and we will be fine. My opinion, but so it goes. VCC and Glics, remember stout rope and tree, you don’t want to paralyze yourself and have some non-Lesbanian wiping your rear for the rest of your life…

    Re: Sanchez: One possibility and likely all agents talking up the pressure and price. Rational thought is the enemy of selling agents. We will see.

    Re: Players: well I hope for Aurier and my other two, DM and ST, one of SQ…

    Re: TAs 10 year old: happy birthday and congrats to the parents!!

    Cheers from Budapest — jgc

  43. Gerry says:

    Safe journey home jgc …

  44. VCC says:


  45. VCC says:

    jgc….Not sure I will be performing self strangulation??????? but, if Wenger doesn’t get his finger out and spend some of ARSENAL’S money and acquire at least TWO SQ players it will be him on the receiving end. 😉

    Take care buddy.

  46. geoffchase says:

    Thanks VCC and Gerry

    VCC, yet you sound so down… I don’t disagree in some/many? ways, actually. Still, perhaps you need a good two fingers of whiskey. Get a big glass, spread your index and pinky fingers as far apart as possible, pour until distance matched… then drink… depression cured!

    Until the hangover… Best I got for ya…

    cheers — jgc

  47. Me, VCC, a tree and a rope !..,…… we’ve been there before !…..talking to our psychiatrist, VCC thought he was a hammock ! and I just thought he looked comfortable to lay on !. 😯
    No doubt you will have a safe journey Prof……I`m the pilot and VCC`s the engine !. hahaha`

  48. VCC says:

    jgc…thanks for the advice. I’m more a Remi Martin man. I don’t need encouragement to have a glass of brandy I can assure you 😉

    Yes I am down because I cannot see Wenger changing his stubborn ways. I have been banging this drum for the past few years I must bore you guys to death with it. We simply need to tweak our squad a little and hey presto.

    Buy 2/3 SQ players and I’m convinced we could challenge the big boys. We have the money, so spend a little.

    Start winning things and players will be more interested in coming to play for us. Winning is infectious, just think of Cocker looking into the mirror, he wins every time 🙂

    We have a good enough goal keeper.

    Good Central defenders

    Full backs need attention

    Defensive midfield needs SQ

    Mid fielders aplenty, we are sorted in that department.

    One SQ ST……..BINGO……..

    That will not break the bank so shy not do it. JFDI Arsene 🙂

  49. VCC says:

    jgc,,,,,,,if Cocker is your pilot get ready to take a detour to Lesbania.

    If on the way you pass a nudist beach…….hold TIGHT, he will have a low fly past that’s for sure.

  50. geoffchase says:

    VCC and CM

    VCC: Will check the cockpit as I board! 🙂

    CM, about a precise amount of “a lot less + 1£” … Another quarter season missed for hunger. That’s gotta cost Pool… Gotta wonder if RM or Barca or anyone wants him now… Or why, if they do!

    In other news for all the ugly from both sides on show in the Italy – Uruguay game, and then the biting, how about Nigeria – Argentina .. Could restore ones faith. Played hard but with great spirit! Was just what the sport needed!

    Cheers — jgc

  51. VCC says:

    jgc…check it good and proppa…..he’s a devious scoundrel……..If the pilot vaguely resembles Frankenstein……take care and be aware…’s him……it’s his favourite disguise as he needs very little make up. 🙂

  52. Gerry says:

    I can see where you are coming from VCC …. Just don’t bother about back-ups?

    Let me see if I have it right;

    You are happy to have an inexperience GK have a run of games in case of injury to Szcz?

    The fullbacks need attention … Is that 1 or 2 signings then, or just a kick up the arse?

    CB’s? … We are down to two, plus TV5, is that okay?

    DM = SQ signing.

    Midfield okay? … except, bar 2, there is a lack of pace, and are gaining an unwanted reputation for being injury prone?

    Striker = SQ signing.

    So, if I remind you that Viviano is back with the Viola’s, you might want a cheap GK?

    I make that 5 signings? Or 3 signings and the defence to collapse with the first knee twist?

    Whereas, like AB, I think there are 4 essential signings, but if the SS is not a wide left pace man, then I would stretch to 5.
    I also allow for the possibility of 3 more players leaving – TV5, Monreal, and Cazorla. That would be my 8 signings. The combination of ready made, near future, and projects for development I am happy to leave to AW to balance.

    We are not that far apart except in AW ability to deliver. Given the transfer window does not open until next Tuesday, I think it is a bit early to complain of inactivity, don’t you?

  53. VCC says:

    Gerry, great retort.

    “just don’t bother with back ups”

    Last season Wenger played almost every league game with Szez and cup matches with Fabianski.
    We still have Szez and Macey as back up. OK Macey is a rookie but I see very little difference league wise?

    Szez started 37, played 37……Fab started 1 played 1 no change there then imo.

    Full backs = I think Wenger will go through with the purchase of Aurier, that replaces Sagna. In his opinion = like for like obviously or he would have kept Sagna.

    Sagna 35 appearances.
    Gibbs = 28 appearances
    Monreal = 13 starts
    Jenks = 7 starts

    CB, “We are down to two, plus TV5, is that ok?”

    No different from last season.

    Merts = 36 appearances
    Kos = 32 appearances
    Verm = 7 starts

    DM = Yes, I like many other Gooners would like to see an enforcer type, some one who stands up for his team mates and has a pair of balls.

    “Midfield ok?” apart from two we lack pace.

    In a word yes. Wenger does not do rotation, as you well know, he likes to get his pound of flesh out of players, hence the amount of appearances you can see his players perform. How many pacey players do you want in a side. I simply don’t see Wenger splashing out on another mid fielder, simples.

    Santi = 31
    Rosicky = 17
    Ozil = 25
    Wilshere = 19
    Ramsey = 20
    Podolski = 14
    Ox = 6
    Walcott = 9
    Gnabry = 5

    Thats enough in Wengers eyes.

    Strikers = Giroud + Campbell + Sanogo..

  54. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sorry, Gerry…It’s NEVER too early to complain, or so it seems… 😦

    Happy B-day and Congrats to Total for 10 years w/your girl…

    It seems to me that the (top) English team with the most issues, at the moment, would be Liverpool. Their group at the WC hasn’t fared too well… 3 Arsenal players playing this morning, but no interest…. Current Arsenal players = who cares… Other players = drool session… Ah well…

    I wouldn’t want to moralize, but somehow it all seems very depressing…Or is lusting after other people’s players just what *everybody* does…To me, it speaks of giving in to a culture which emphasizes “wanting” at the expense of “enjoying.” Also, it reminds me of this song, which I fear might date me…

    It’s a balance (no?) and standing pat is moving backwards. Still, we’ve got a lot of good assets who should get better. Also, let’s not forget, the bigger the name, the more that guy has been a disappointment elsewhere. If Cesc and Alexis Sanchez aren’t good enough for Barca why are they good enough for Arsenal?… Seems like people must be figuring that Arsenal are a “small” club if we’re wringing our hands over other clubs’ rejects…

    Germany putting a damper on all this USA, USA stuff, but,they’re still looking good to go through on the GD (and Ghana team/cash implosion)… All told, after a good start to this WC, money is starting to talk loudest, and when it talks, it swears…Even the Suarez ban, a good step for cynical FIFA, leaves just enough wiggle room for a “big” club to come in with a life line and save the day for Luis and the Scousers… Thank Dennis we’re not big enough, I say…

    Ooohhh… Two American footballers forgot that they don’t wear helmets in this version… But Portugal score meaning goal difference will be too much…

  55. proudgooner says:

    The trannie window does not even open til the 1st of July 2014

  56. proudgooner says:

    So i would argue its to early to complain that we have no trannies yet . 🙂

  57. proudgooner says:

    Also, i think the Suarez ban is about right. I am a bit gutted that the fixtures he misses does not have Arsenal on it, but still it is ok, it could have been more and i would have been happier but again its about right.

  58. Well done USofA ( there`s a sofa in there somewhere ). If they were to take the real football on board ( and I reckon it`s only a matter of years ) the biggest free country in the world would probably take it to a new level in TV and merchandise respect, so now is the time to get an Arsenal foothold in America !.
    If Suarez was in the American league (MLS), in some states they would count that biting as 3 and out !, he would be made to under US law to have all his teeth extracted, which would work in a number of ways . First, how embarrassing would it be if he was sent off in the future for sucking a player off on the pitch !. Secondly, he would probably give the best blo` jobs in the changing rooms afterwards and be even more popular than he is now .

  59. So in 17highburyterrorists thinking, if we were to get Bale instead of Ronaldo or Neymar because Messi is better, they would be cast offs not good enough for Arsenal !. Sanchez is SQ !….not as good as James Rodriguez imo, but I`d be more than happy !. Alex would look good tattooed on my chopper and may even get the real alex back blogging, although I think he would rather I had his name on the back of my shirt !. hahaha

  60. Anyway 7eventeenho !. Isn`t it better to be “wanting” other clubs players than be “wanting” other peoples wives ?. That`s the alternative to getting in trouble with the missus !. The compromise is to “want” other clubs players and to “wank” over other peoples wives !. Set the CCTV up looking into your neighbours bedroom and you can be “enjoying” it as well !. hahaha

  61. Admir says:

    “He has bite 3 players now.
    Racially abused Evra.
    Did that handball v Ghana last world cup.
    Defo we dodged a bullet last summer”

    @proud gooner – mate, I wouldn’t put that handball in the same bracket with Suarez’s other “activities”. That was the best possible move he could have done for his team – he didn’t offend anyone with that, he received a red card and accepted punishment for that professional foul.

    Biting and racial abusing are reasons why I have never wanted him at Arsenal.

  62. Just an update on my Torture Window wank list….sorry want list !.

    Cuadrado and last but not least…….
    The Rod…James Rodriguez !

    So that’s 14 SQ players without listing any Goalies or Defenders, which I like to leave to you fuvver muckers to sort out !.
    Is it really unreasonable to expect us…..a massive club known as The Arsenal….to purchase 1 or 2 of the above mentioned ?. You can bet your bottom dollar that someone else will and we are fcuking rolling in it with no FFP threat hanging over us !.
    Any bastard can add to my list if they want, but please no fcuking mad fcuk face twats like Ballotelli please, as The Bank of Wenger has already dismissed him !. Only Boneresque players please, no Limpesque ones !. hahaha


    Just from a football point of view, its a real shame about Suarez

    The guys a brilliant player. I think what makes him special is he sees things one step ahead of others and acts on it. This usually involves movement of the ball. When we beat the scousers 2-0 at the Grove I have never seen Mertsacker and Kos so knackered. The guy is a nightmare for defenders.

    If his movement is unfairly restricted he gets pissed off and bites people. Just before taking a chunk of Ivanovitch and Colochini they were both man handling him. I feel Ivanovitch in particular was touching suarez cock. This is not right, especially if no money is exchanged.

    I am not excusing Suarez behaviour, and am fully aware he is a grand wizard of the local Uruguayan branch of the ku klax clan, but its a shame that a great player is out whilst a cock toucher goes unpunished

  64. Top reasoning Stretch, I feel you have a natural grasp for this in depth theory and it could induce further mass debates on the subject !.

  65. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockster…Sanchez seems to have all the raw materials (talent) to be a Superstar but seems to fail with the spotlight upon him. Big chance for him coming vs Brazil, of course, but I fear he will not get the same whistles a Neymar might in that one… Also, I fear Sanchez to Pool as a makeweight (or visa versa?) with Suarez going the other way… Liverpool are the true losers in this 3rd round of bitey bite, having gone out on a limb to protect their guy. Hey, they made a nice run at the title and got a year of CL football out of it, I guess…

    I’m NOT saying that we cannot make our own evaluations of players, moreso that we have a few gems of our own in guys like Theo or Jack or Rambo or even some of the “late bloomers” like Kos or Santi. (Even Giroud, if you took that Swiss match in isolation, *might* appear impressive…) So, if you tell me ROD is the new tattoo, then that gets me excited just to watch him, much as JM talking big about Rakatic was intriguing. That Barca seem to agree on this latter account (whilst they offload Cesc…) adds another twist… We have to watch the players ourselves (and truth be told I haven’t watched all that much Barca football), to properly evaluate them… Of course, with Cockie, it’s tougher as he cannot bring himself to actually watch some of the Arsenal matches… Are there any of our (current) players who stir the loins or must the appetite be aroused away from where one eats?…

    Terry, that’s funny stuff…Still, a little fist to the crotch (“Quid pro quo, Clarice, quid pro quo…”) seems better than using the choppers. Maybe a bit of dental work to “reduce the menace” might also be something to consider… Perhaps Suarez could get Pool and the Uraguayan Association to split the costs? 4 months and some vigorous cranking on the wires and they’d be less likely to take a stray elbow or shoulder… But now I’m suggesting I know more about these issues than Mr. Pearly Whites himself…


  66. James Bond says:

    nice one @ Skipper – good to see you back to your normal self and a very happy birthday to your 10 year old – best wishes to both her and you folks.

    a little bit early to do the predictions but yes, JC is coming up.

    don’t worry about the ones we didn’t get or decided against – be excited on the one’s we are going to be getting and when I say excited – I mean really excited ; )

    not sure who said that they hated Robben ? might be (PG ? ) – if so, then do you know that there was real interest in Robben last year from AW and things were looking promising until the new BM coach poured cold water to the potential deal happening – which means the diver and drama queen may have actually been an Arsenal player last season (I know , I know it never materialized but it just proves another thing – Arsene Wenger is no more in the business of buying Potential Prospects for the future and so on –

    he is looking for SQ players or finished articles, not WIP’s (unless we get them for free of course, cough Yaya cough cough Flamini) , ha

    it appears my analysis re- Balotelli was spot on with AW rubbishing it – kinda happy with that one as when given the choice of Balotelli or Cavani – I would always go for Cavani since he does a lot of dirty work for the team , almost like Wayne Rooney but more acceptable since my amigo 17HT doesn’t like Rooney, ha.

    Re- Suarez- I think he got a way with it lightly, should have been banned for at least 6 months and 12 matches.

  67. James Bond says:

    Copy paste alert as my comment is in moderation – let’s try to break it down :

    nice one @ Skipper – good to see you back to your normal self and a very happy birthday to your 10 year old – best wishes to both her and you folks.

    a little bit early to do the predictions but yes, JC is coming up.

    don’t worry about the ones we didn’t get or decided against – be excited on the one’s we are going to be getting and when I say excited – I mean really excited ; )

    not sure who said that they hated Robben ? might be (PG ? ) – if so, then do you know that there was real interest in Robben last year from AW and things were looking promising until the new BM coach poured cold water to the potential deal happening – which means the diver and drama queen may have actually been an Arsenal player last season (I know , I know it never materialized but it just proves another thing – Arsene Wenger is no more in the business of buying Potential Prospects for the future and so on –

  68. James Bond says:

    arghh comment in moderation – tried copy pasting it into 2 but still no joy –

    can’t be arsed into for the 3rd time, ha

    congratulations to all our American bloggers/supporters – the German’s have done you proud (no pun intended !

    I have joined forces with Gerry and am supporting Chile as my other finalists along with Germany !

  69. Jam-Rod is the next big thing imo, fair enough he is at Monaco, but surely it`s better to play at the Em`s in front of 60,000 than at Stade Louis 11 ( 18,000 capacity ) in front of a couple of thousand tourists because there`s probably more people looking at the yachts for celebrities in the harbour !.
    I watch a lot of Arsenal games if we win !. If the bank of Wenger was to buy some serious SQ and win more games , I would be able to watch more, so it`s Wengers fault I didn`t watch more in the past !. hahaha

  70. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for birthday wishes for my little big girl! 🙂

    I have been in trains between Norwich and Birmingham for 9 fricking hours today and now absolutely knackered. But it is nothing compared to what Geoffski is facing!

    Night all

  71. 17highburyterrace says:

    On the topic at hand….I’ve read a bit now about Draxler rejecting us, it seems that between the money Schalke was demanding AND the players we’ve got in the squad (and coming back from injury–namely Theo and Ox and now, it seems, Campbell) and the fact that it seemed we would likely be adding a body up front (even if it’s “just” a Remy…) the chance to join us might’ve actually hurt his progress. So, he (and the clubs…) choose to keep him “on loan” at his current club. The fact that he’s still rated behind another Arsenal player on his National team (Poldolski–in the same position…) maybe speaks a bit, too…

    Boring, boring, this Arsenal is–just like me… So to repeat myself, I say that if you truly can’t take it, pick an oiler or one of the state-supported teams (Bayern, RM, Barca… Milan maybe doesn’t do it since the fall of the Burlesque fellow)… We’re NOT like those clubs, able to dole out money to stockpile “name” player upon player upon player, so that our 2nd 11 are all on 80 or 100K or $150/week. Soon enough if our young players come good and we can add just a bit here and there. Wenger, at the behest of Stingy Stan, is taking some short cuts which will likely make truly competing tougher, but we (or Stan at least…) are not electing to be a retirement home for the lottery winners…

    IMO, we’d be a whole lot better served hanging together (lest we hang alone, as some American once said)… It’s one thing to say Wenger has made a poor signing or two (or a late sub or three…) but to carry on as if he’s not doing well with the orders from above again argues for finding a different form for your fun. Personally, I find it encouraging that our (fearful?…) leader is at least aware that knickers can get well twisted by the red tops and all the money men (agents–including those who work for Puma or have a last name of Dein…) “Red Tops” is a good one that we don’t use over here…”Yellow Journalism” is one, but that’s from a hundred plus years ago… Patience is a virtue, I would say, in the torture window and more generally. It’s the journey as much as the destination (no?) so if we ever get to the top of the mountain it might feel better than just jetting up there having our name picked by a prince. Again, competing on all those fronts we actually won a little cup and still finished 7 pts clear to give it another go. We were only that same # of points off (one of) the teams shoveling on the money just to keep the furnace burning. Sure, Liverpool (in the league only) “jumped the queue,” but they also have to pay the price for swimming with the shark… :sharky suarez teeth:

    Brahimi (who plays his club football in Granada…) delivers a set-piece which Flap-Akinfeev misses…and Algeria (if results hold) would be the German opponent. Round of 16 upsets? Americans over Belgium (no), Mexico over Holland (no), Chile over Brazil (no), Nigeria over France or Greece over Costa Rica?…Hmmm….

  72. Luke Shaw ( £30M +) to have medical soon at Manshafter Std and Ander Herrera signed for £29M already !.
    We`ve got rid of players and bizarrely made money in the region of up to £20M from other clubs players !.
    Yes, I know the TW doesn`t open officially until sometime in July, but that hasn`t stopped others from announcing their purchases, yet we are running our normal course, so that will be most likely someone most of us dont fcuking want on Deadline Day !.
    What`s the Son of Satan up to ?……impressing the natives in his froggy smuglers !. Mind you, if I was paid £8M per year, I`d wear a Mankini made from Stans Syrups, which are lovingly created from his wife`s Walmart minge!.
    Yes !, we can follow Arsenal and hope we compete with the best teams in the world by buying the best players or we can take great pride in our business model knowing that we make money hand over fist to the delight of Stan and anyone else who gets a boner from being the worlds greatest run self-sufficient club !.

    Ignore most of this if tomorrow I wake up and we have signed …..The Rod !……..or someone else on my wank list !……..or one of you bastards boring goalie/defenders !. hahaha

  73. JM says:

    World Cup 2014 bulletin (as of 26 June):

    Adidas – 45 pts (Argentina /9, Colombia /9, Mexico /7, Germany /7, Nigeria /4, Russia /2, Japan /1, Spain /3, Bosnia and Herzegovina /3)

    Nike – 40 pts (Brazil /7, Netherlands /9, France /7, United States /4, South Korea /1, Croatia /3, Greece /4, Portugal /4, England /1)

    Puma – 29 pts (Côte d’Ivoire /3, Chile /6, Italy /3, Switzerland /6, Uruguay /6, Ghana /1, Algeria /4)

    Burrda – 9 pts (Belgium /9)

    Lotto – 7 pts (Costa Rica /7)

    Marathon – 4 pts (Ecuador /4)

    Uhlsport – 1 pt (Iran /1)


    Overall Top goalscorers (active):

    Miroslav Klose (Germany) – 15 goals/21 games (0.71 avg)
    Thomas Müller (Germany) – 9 goals/9 games (1.00 avg)

    Overall No.1 goalscorer(s):
    Ronaldo (Brazil) – 15 goals/19 games (0.79 avg)
    Miroslav Klose (Germany) – 15 goals/21 games (0.71 avg)


    Number of qualified teams to knockout stages:

    South America (CONMEBOL) – 5
    North, Central America & Caribbeans (CONCACAF) – 3
    Europe (UEFA) – 6
    Africa (CAF) – 2


  74. Gerry says:

    JM – Here is a thought for clever marketing. Adidas, holding off the mighty Nike org, have none of their teams playing each other in this next round?

    If that could have remained true in the next round the conspiracy theorist would have had a field day? It is working out well for them as far as the semi finals, but then it will likely be a test between Brazil v Germany/France, and Netherlands v Argentina in the lower half. If that is followed through it could be an all Nike final, or one each, or a Germany v Argentina final, both Adidas …
    ….. given no major upsets?

    Sorry JB – you cannot have a Germany v Chile final, as they would clash in the semis.

    And yes, TA, my prediction of an all South American semi final was doomed with four of them drawn in the top half, and down to one in the semis. But strong in each half of the draw, so it could be an all South American final, or indeed, an all European one???

  75. JM says:

    @ Gerry, June 27, 2014 at 04:33

    A recap on the venues for the knockout stages (posted previously):

    Brazil (Nike) / Chile (Puma) to Winner QF to Winner SF (Belo Horizonte to Fortaleza to Belo Horizonte)
    Netherlands (Nike) / Mexico (Adidas) to Winner QF to Winner SF (Fortaleza to Salvador to São Paulo)
    Colombia (Adidas) / Uruguay (Puma) to Winner QF to Winner SF (Rio de Janeiro to Fortaleza to Belo Horizonte)
    Costa Rica (Lotto) / Greece (Nike) to Winner QF to Winner SF (Recife to Salvador to São Paulo)
    France (Nike) / Nigeria (Adidas) to Winner QF to Winner SF (Brasília to Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte)
    Argentina (Adidas) / Switzerland (Puma) to Winner QF to Winner SF (São Paulo to Brasília to São Paulo)
    Germany (Adidas) / Algeria (Puma) to Winner QF to Winner SF (Porto Alegre to Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte)
    Belgium (Burrda) / USA (Nike) to Winner QF to Winner SF (Salvador to Brasília to São Paulo)

    – Team(s) traveling mileage from city to city by transportation (internal flights, team buses etc).
    – Time taken to setup camp, logistics, pitch familiarity, match preparation, player(s) recovery etc
    – Weather differences to overcome, if any (northeast, southeast and south Brazil)

    Additional (Team training camps):

    Northeast Brazil (Germany, Greece, Switzerland) – Bahia(Salvador), Sergipe
    Southeast Brazil (the other 13 teams) – São Paulo, Minas Gerais(Belo Horizonte), Rio de Janeiro

    Read the map of Brazil and get hold of a travelog: Track the traveling distance between camps & venues, the accessibility of transport options, the weather climate difference at the locations during this summer.


    Brazil vs Chile
    Referee: Howard Webb (England)

    Colombia vs Uruguay
    Referee: Björn Kuipers (Netherlands)

  76. Gerry says:

    TA you will have mail shortly …

  77. VCC says:

    Good Morning Gerry…….No response to my 17:28? 🙂

  78. Gerry says:

    I’ll give you one quick one VCC – Of all those players you listed at the end, I think only Cazorla escaped the season without injury, some very lengthy ones.

    Will that do?

    For now at least?

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for email, Gerry. I am hoping to issue your post around lunch time.

    Good comments all round, which I enjoyed reading. My stance on it all can be summarised in a few words: a reluctant approach by Arsene and a couple of ‘make up the numbers signings’ (RB and GK) with perhaps one quality signing right at the end of the final TW day. Anything more is a bonus. I expect us to sell one of TV, Rosicky or Santi and to see more of Gnabry and (now) Campbell. So nothing to get excited about, at least for another six weeks or so. No Cesc, No Drax, No R&R!

    17, please refrain from advising fellow Gooners to pick another team if they do not like what they are seeing, or are critical of your hallowed hero. It is not the first time you have written such a naive comment and it does not suit the quality and general depth of your commenting on here. Gooners can be critical of the club and manager, and suggesting they should pick another team is a silly thing to say. Once a Gooner always a Gooner: at least this goes for Britain based ones.

    It is interesting that you say that Kroenke is the one who does not want to spend money rather than Wenger. Gazidis has come out many a time and say we have plenty of money to spend, so who is pulling the wool over our eyes: Kroenke, Gazidis or Wenger?

  80. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post 😉

    Gerry goes bold with high hopes for strengthening the team!

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